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Message from Ashtar and Athena by Christos Gabbitas

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    Commanders Ashtar and Athena:
    A You’re Adorable, B You’re So Bountiful
    Received by Alec Christos Gabbitas

    Ashtar and Athena by you dear friend with much love and ever divine intent as we again merge our energies with yours and create this complementary force field of light. Many a day have we watched your collective processing and individual progress as the energies or winds of change gently caress each and every one in the universe, affording all souls with the opportunity to “go gently with the flow, or perhaps go a kicking and a yelling!” Which ever way that is decided upon is in divine order as the final result will surely be the same! As predicted by the many ‘seers’ of the day this particular calendar month of December is beset with ongoing opportunities and surges of power that have need to be harnessed through the commencement of the new year of 2009, a master number in it’s embryo stage.

    Many positive results have and are emerging out of the misappropriated energies around the Oct.14. ‘non event’ date and amongst the most amusing, yet hugely effectual, are the signs of several television advertisements and children’s programmes where the viewed commercial or school teacher are each effectively making meaningful conversations with, yes, the space folk and the elementals, who are ever near to hand! A small measure maybe but a sure and ‘light’ introduction into the general public’s familiarity and later eventual acceptance, in a matter of fact and casual level of ‘our’ existence, an integral part of life! As these varying adverts become more wide spread, the mass consciousness thinking will surely be influenced and receptive to we, their friendly and loving off planet friends!

    Credibility, feasibility, practicality and fear had been widely evident and not only within the masses yet also to some degree within he light-working ranks so this has been a great learning curve and releasing of old and outmoded fears and patterning that no longer serve any in highest good. The supposed timing of such a star-ship landing or materialising as intimated was not at the divine right time and it would have taken away far, far too much focus from the forthcoming critical USA elections – where the most desired result and destiny has been achieved by one and all – for the energy flow and it’s mighty momentum was duly allowed to carry forth the ‘rebirth of the world’ as the souls of nearly everyone on planet, and indeed the planetary oversoul, realised this momentous result.

    The downside of the non fulfilment caused some emotional fissures in our beloved planets latticework of collective energy fields which are now, at last, slowly beginning to regain a greater stability and reparation. Such an emotional and deflating downturn in the ‘energy of non occurrence’ is to be expected as it was bound to affect the then current prevalent mass consciousness, big time. These fissures are slowly being repaired and brought back to a more acceptable level and as the trend continues will all realignment be realised! It takes quite some power, purpose and positivity to again bounce back into full sway and to accept how truly bountiful you adorable light-workers and fellow travellers are!

    Remember always dear friends that you are the bountiful conduits, you are the adorable way-showers, you are they whom you have been waiting for, the ones who hold the whole wide world in so loving hands. You have risen up again to be counted, to be the stalwarts. I Am Ashtar and with my Lady Athena salute you for being whom you are! Selemet Ja.

    (c)2008-2009 Alec Christos Gabbitas for the Universal Mind.

  1. #1 KW
    February 9, 2009 pm31 9:06 am

    Why does Ashtar call some people “adorable way showers”??

    This sounds condescending and mocking.

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  2. #2 azu
    October 17, 2009 pm31 12:48 am

    Why do you interpret such simple, sweet words turning them in your mind to their opposites? Perhaps they trigger you in order to offer you an easy and golden opportunity to clear these emotions from your being. If it’s not inside you, it wouldn’t be arising. So though i know it’s easier said than done, I’d try my best to tough it out, say thank-you, and be grateful for this opportunity to get free! If you don’t, you will no doubt continue to find offense in every complement, never mind the insults! I envy you, for your troubles must be very slight if this calls out your indignation. For me, this term of endearment is rec’g & cherished with tremendous relief and gratitude as sweet nothings but much love from above.

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  3. #3 sue
    April 6, 2010 pm31 2:48 pm

    is ashta the dark eyed one or is that salusa

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