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What changes when I decide to make the move to sowing instead of selling?

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    Never having lived in a society that serves instead of competes with itself I was not sure what to expect when I took the plunge to not charge for anything any longer and what would change in my life. I compiled a list of things that I discovered in my journey to the light of giving and leaving the dark cabals prison of fear. These may not apply to everyone but in my case they did. Nameste

    1. You cannot look at the future, as it will frighten you. You must learn to live in the moment and know that you will have enough for the moment at any given time.

    2. When you learn to be set free from the world of men and return to where we came from in our youth, the way of love, then things will not be the same. Everything will change, you will probably have to move from where you are and change some of the things that you do. This is because money and “making it” distorts our true path in life and will serve to take us way off course. When you quit using “plunder” then your true path becomes made clear to you.

    3. You must never put a value on what you give either by your time, talent, or things. These are all just seeds to your future, not things that you “gave away” and will never see again. You must give freely without even thinking that you are owed for anything. If you do not then you will see things go array for you. This is based on the law of attraction, you will attract what you give off. You will find that life will come into your body and spirit as you give and death comes to you as you charge or make anyone your debtor. As you give life you will find yourself getting younger and not older as the body reproduces itself very seven years, it just duplicates what it has become.

    4.YOU WILL BE TESTED AND TEMPTED when you first start out for at least the first year. I know this all to well and it will determine where your true conviction comes from. If this is something that you want to “try” to see if it works then you WILL FAIL as it must be a decision based on conviction and not desire. The first year or two is always 11:59 (comes in at the last second).

    5. You cannot out guess where it will come from………..I have given up on that entirely now as I have learned I am wrong so often and it is a waste of mental energy. Also you cannot hint or manipulate people to give you what you think you should have. DON’T EVEN TRY IT OR GO THERE! If you do you will humbled and embarrassed, you will see what I mean. It is not fun and you will wish you never went there, I did it twice with the above results.

    6. As you sow you will see some amazing things come to you. It will make you very grateful and humble as you see the law of love come into effect in your life. You will find conflict slowly leave your life and those that contend with you will go there own ways as they will not like being around you. Guilt comes to others as they know what you are doing is right and they know they should. You will be talked about and disdained by some. Everyone dances around this issue and plays games trying to do a modified version of giving but in the end it is all or nothing. This is kind of like loosing weight you can kid yourself and try fad diets etc. but in the end it takes getting rid of the carbs ( we burn them or store them) and being more active, end of story. The good news is when you do it you will be filled with joy because you have overcome your flesh, greed, and fears. You get to the point where less and less seems to bother you when you know that no matter what happens you will be OK.

    7. The making of money enables you to run your life the way you seem to want it, it is a weapon to enforce your desires and will on others. The problem is the most of us are motivated by fear and we go in all the wrongs directions. Most men want to fight to have control and when you give up working for money you WILL LOOSE CONTROL! You will become like a child again and accept the directions that open up to you when you have little to no power to manipulate them. You will learn to flow instead of charge forward. People around you will notice a peace about you that they so yearn for.

    8. Everyone wants free energy, free food, and free from corrupt government. No one will be free from anything that binds us until you are free to others. It matters not who is elected or what is invented or what is grown better, nothing will change in your life until you change. We cannot point the finger at anyone else (politicians, bankers, or mother in-laws) for what is wrong in the world or our lives. You can only change you and your future by what YOU DO……….not by what you want others to do. Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me?

    9. You cannot deal in debt or credit. Having credit will get you into trouble because when you are up against a wall with no visible way out then you will resort to credit or debt. Then once again you are going down a path that was not intended for you, a path of debt or death. It is a slow and painful death. Leave the world of the dying and come into life and the light.

    10. When you work for free you will have no competition ever again. You can work on the jobs you know you should do instead of the ones you hate……but they “pay” good. You will work when you should and where you should instead of when it is demanded of you so you can keep your paycheck. Prostitution is selling your body for money…………it has nothing to do with sex. Your cannot be laid off. You will always have plenty of work where others will fighting over the few jobs there are and undercut each other to get them. Hell on earth.

    11. 1/3 of the people you work for will give you nothing, 1/3 will give you something, and the other 1/3 will bless your socks off of you.

    12. You must stop looking at people as the something to meet your needs and look at them as a field to sow your seed so you might enjoy a harvest in the future.

    13. The universe operates on the law of love. Anything else is ego/fear made. This way will truly expose what is in your heart or conversely what is not in your heart. Give and it will be given good measure pressed down running over will men give into your bosom. Give to the one that asks of you and do not expect anything in return for even the WICKED EXPECT TO BE PAID.

    14. Now the good news is if you trust commerce and man’s way of me only or me first then your fate is indeed sealed. Your money will continue to devalue, the economy will continue to go down, jobs will become more and more scarce, laws of income will become more and more restrictive, taxes will continue to go up on income, competition will continue to be more and more harsh, scams will continue to become even harder to detect, and in the end you will work one day for an omer of wheat…………..choose life. When the music stops you will not have a chair. Prosperity comes by what we give………not by what we sell.

    15. I had to learn that when I say I love you to anyone and then take more from them then we give (profit) and then expect others to love us brings hurt and confusion, it is still the golden rule.

    16. We have beings coming here soon to teach us a higher way, lets surprise them and make the switch to the light and leave the dark ones arena and say I am not going to be a gladiator any longer for your profit and amusement!

    17. This has been the been my greatest adventure, that has changed my whole life, being, and outlook. I have yearned to be free and all it took was me saying no to the fear!

    Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me…….
    Nicholas Grachanin

  1. #1 Steffie
    September 5, 2010 pm30 10:11 am

    Thanks Nicholas – another powerful lesson!
    I’m just interested to know if you ever enter into a barter situation or agreement with anyone, or do you just give/do, and TRUST…??
    Namaste Heart

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  2. #2 Nicholas Grachanin
    September 5, 2010 pm30 10:49 am

    Hi Steffie, to answer your question in a word NEVER. As I said in one of the first posts that I do not sell, trade, barter, or exchange. If we do then we have moved from the light of love to the demand of fear. Perfect love gives without demanding anything in return. But that is the principal of sowing and reaping. My time and talent was given to me at no cost to me and those talents I have do not serve me too much because how often do I have to fly myself somewhere or fix my computer. Not often but on the other hand how often do others need to fly somewhere or need their computer fixed, very often so it is obvious to me that those talents were meant for others. We all need each other and if I serve you today the universe will bring back to me what I need when I need it. I am then not a needy person but I have all I need when I need it. Telling someone they cannot have my __________ unless they give me their ________ puts us all back in the commercial hell we are in now because we are using extortion or blackmail to get what we want/need. It has to end sometime Steffie or the wars do not quit because when you use a contract/profit to make sure you get yours then there is always someone that is not happy because they believe they got the short end of the stick and now we need courts to bring the matter to, judges to decide the matter, and police to enforce the matter. Lets throw off our programing that the dark cabal has put in us so we can stand against the fear (false evidence appearing real), trust we are creators, and move from fear to love and live in the world that everybody wants. There is wonderful film on the Internet called, The Green Beautiful”, a French film that was banned by the EU that shows this very well. Download it and enjoy what is shown, you will LOVE it!
    looking forward to that day, Nicholas Grachanin

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  3. #3 Steffie
    September 6, 2010 pm30 8:44 am

    Thanks so much for such a detailed response, Nicholas!
    Funny, as I clicked on Submit, I realised it was a stupid question, and I knew the answer you were going to give Smile

    yeah, this programming runs deep… then you have the habit issues as well… I honestly have monumental respect for you and what you are doing / achieving. Please keep writing about it, because each time we read it, something else makes sense and gets into the subconscious… maybe one day!!! Heart

    Have you read the Anastasia books – The Ringing Cedars series??

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  4. #4 Nicholas Grachanin
    September 6, 2010 pm30 11:44 am

    Steffie I can’t thank you enough for the kind and encouraging comments you give me. You keep me going when it comes to posting these blogs I put up as I was not sure if anyone wanted to even hear this kind of thing as it is not very popular and I just don’t see it written about anywhere. I know of other people that write about it but they certainly do not live it. It seems they will if everyone else does first. That can never be because I can only change me no matter what I say to others. Besides it matters not what anyone else does what I do creates my world good or bad and it does not matter that others charge me for their things/services since they create their world. In the end I cannot blame, wait, demand, or force anyone else to do what I want to be. We all simply create the world we live in by how we live in either the high frequency of love or the lower frequency of fear. So it is so wonderful that we cannot blame or praise anyone else except ourselves for the world we are in. It is not the “bankers”, nor the politicians, not even our mother in laws that make my life good or bad it is us individually and the problem or solution is in the mirror. Pogo said it best we have found the enemy and the enemy are us! I read about the Children of the Winter and how they had so much power being raised in a world untouched by the programming of the outside world. That is all I have read of that. Again thanks Steffie you and SG1 empower me to keep posts coming.
    Nicholas Grachanin

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  5. #5 Stick
    September 7, 2010 pm30 12:48 am

    I’m intrigued by your story Nicholas, although I must say that without more detail about your overall lifestyle, it’s a bit difficult for me to truly understand your perspective. What do I mean by ‘lifestyle?’ Well, even after reading your piece “So if you work for free how do you pay your bills” I still found myself with more questions than meaningful answers. -As a side note I should say that I have several friends who live ‘off the grid’ for lack of better words. Examples of their ‘lifestyle’ would include: Rural living, growing their own food, no TV, no bank accounts/credit cards etc. -While similar in some ways, I don’t get the impression this is what you are really talking about. So again, out of curiosity, what is your lifestyle? Do you support a family? Are you a home or car owner? If so, are they paid off? Do you live in an urban area? Did you already have a sufficient nest-egg before your ‘transformation?’ What are the type of skills and abilities that you offer for free? Beyond the means and ways you ultimately ‘earn’ money, do you consider yourself a member of mainstream society? I think you see the direction I’m going in here. Without more depth and weight pertaining to your daily grind, I’m having a hard time separating your posts, from say a ‘salesman’ like Wayne Dyer. Perhaps the reason you are not encountering many people who write about this type of thing, is because those who are truly ‘living it’ as you say, don’t feel the need to promote it. -Please don’t mistake my confusion for disrespect, your path is your path. Just trying to get a clearer picture. ~In Lak’ech


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  6. #6 Nicholas Grachanin
    September 7, 2010 pm30 6:13 pm

    Hello Stick very good to hear from you and thank you very much for your reply. In my previous posts I discussed my life and home but since these kind of questions are relevant I will go into them. I live seven miles out of the town of Kooskia, Idaho on a little less than five acres. We have a five bedroom home that I have been building since 2003. I have the usual bills that most people have; electric, phone, gas, Internet, property taxes, gasoline, food, and family things, boating, skiing, traveling, and all of that. I share joint custody half of the time with four children of which my oldest living at home just started college this fall pre-med. Her goal is to be a natural path doctor. I have two vehicles a Ford Taurus Wagon and a 4×4 Dodge Dakota extended cab pickup truck. I go to work every day like everybody else and drop the kids off at school then go to the airport. We are going through a big facelift at the airport right now which has taken a lot of my time while I am there. I also fly with students learning to fly along with fixing computers and/or upgrading them to Linux, my favorite OS. I also help man our fuel truck for sales for the airport and maintain the grounds. The days go by very fast and not too much time to do much other. At home we do the usual like everyone else, get movies and watch them, jump on the trampoline, race the go-kart, swim in the river, surf the internet as everyone in the family has their own laptop.
    Now to address what I am promoting. I hope I am not promoting anything but rather encouraging others that share the same convictions about how we deal with each other as all being one. I used to make a good amount of money which put me in the upper 3-5 percent of the income in the U.S. I played the business game of competition for eighteen years and finally saw through the whole thing as what it did to us and each other. I figured that if we were all under the law of one and that love was the highest force in the universe, and we had higher selves that really were taking care of us that I did not have to demand anything from my family of mankind but could simply offer what I have to give and what time and talent that I have to give at no charge believing that I would be provided for. So far five years later all the bills are paid and we have all we need and enjoy a good life. Now of course it is not the same life I used to have where we would fly to NYC and stay at La Plaza, see Broadway and off Broadway shows, buy the latest cars, computers, toys, and etc. I do not own the motor homes, airplane, or have two homes anymore. I found all of those things were nothing but trophy’s and business tools to build my empire at the expense of others that I competed with and beat. In commerce, like a gambling casino, you have to have many losers to have one big winner. I realized I was part of the problem and had nobody to blame but me. Hence the change and life is good.
    I don’t have any credit cards since I will not go into debt like the load I used to carry but have a bank account. If I don’t have the money that is a clear indication to me that I am not supposed to do it. People that give to me give things, cash, or checks. That is entirely up to them to decide what they want to give, if anything. As I said before I find about 1/3 give nothing, 1/3 give something, and 1/3 give big. I never know who, when, or how it just comes when I need it and it is just enough.
    I appreciate the questions as I am sure many others had the same ones. I think I will make this a post and put it up since I am not sure how many read the comments. If you have anymore questions I am happy to answer them and I deeply hope I have been an encouragement to you that we have nothing to fear by choosing to serve instead of sell ourselves to each other.
    Nicholas Grachanin

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  7. #7 Nicholas Grachanin
    September 7, 2010 pm30 8:12 pm

    Stick you got me thinking when I was creating another post based on your question so I added much more to this on a post I just put up. You might like some of the extra things I added.
    Thanks again for the comment,
    Nicholas Grachanin

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