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Message from SaLuSa for 28 February 2011

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    SaLuSa 28-February-2011

    At present the picture in the Middle East is not pretty, and many souls are so eager to bring peace to their region that they risk their lives. Be assured that they are subconsciously aware that they agreed to do so, and their sacrifice will elevate them into the higher Light. Fortunately it will not be in vain and the dark Ones will be dispelled in one way or another. It has been apparent for some time that unrest would escalate and bring about their downfall. Once people power is recognised as able to achieve changes of great magnitude, no government will feel safe. The Light gathers momentum all of the time, and it is going to achieve the goals that people desire. There is therefore every reason to keep relentlessly aiming for total victory, because it will be yours to celebrate.

    We are tempted to tell you to expect one thing at the time, but a number of events are reaching completion together. So it is quite possible that there will be a whole string of happenings in a relatively short time. Things are turning in your way and it will certainly be a year of surprises, and they will more than compensate for the unwelcome ones. Of course there are upheavals to come, and that is the price of your freedom. Concentrate on the benefits of the changes, and accept that they cannot come without a major affect upon your lives. We watch over you and are active where we can help to ease situations for you.

    Remember that your thoughts and prayers are received, and your consciousness levels collectively recorded. It enables us to check your progress and respond to your petitions for help. We cannot always give you exactly what you want, as there is a greater plan that we work to and obey. However, together we are a force to be reckoned with, and yet our only weapon is that of Love and Light. It is the one thing the dark Ones have no answer to although they will try to take you off your focus, through fear and intimidation. By now you should have learnt enough about their methods to ignore them, and not in any way lose your energy to them. They are not yet a spent force, but time is running out for them very quickly. As always we are aware of their intentions, so they cannot pull any surprises on us. They might as well surrender now and allow the future to be moulded by the plans for your Ascension, as nothing can prevent it from taking place.

    The Forces of Light have never gathered together on Earth in such numbers for millennia of time. This is of course in accordance with the Divine Plan, and as you know by now many young people are here with quite advanced understanding and abilities. They are spiritually prepared and wise in many ways, and they will lead you out of the lower vibrations. They do not find it easy to fit in with the old ways, and in fact they are with you to help change them. Listen carefully to them as they have much to say and teach you.

    Nature is a victim of the upheaval on Earth, and over a long period many species have become extinct. However, there is no total loss as we can transfer them to other planets to continue their evolution. Genetic modification can be carried out if necessary to suit the new planetary conditions they are introduced into. In some cases animals have completed their cycle on Earth, and are released such as happened with the Dinosaurs. Although it is not often noticed, species come and go quite regularly according to needs of the Earth and Humankind. It is also the same for you who were only introduced to Earth as Homo Sapiens quite recently, and that was to accommodate a different type of Man. These matters will be explained in more detail as time passes, and you will learn of your true connection to us. It is far more involved than you might imagine, going back thousands of years.

    As you move into and through the higher dimensions, you will appreciate the beauty of creation that has been your potential all along. In some respects you have had visions of what has been possible, and attempted to introduce into your present dimension. You have experimented and achieved some success and the soul within has “felt” the idea, but been unable to fully express it. Yet when you rise up it will all become so much easier, and your creations will be of the Light. Nothing will be beyond your capabilities, and all will depict the absolute harmony that exists within the higher dimensions. Furthermore, everything is alive with levels of consciousness that will give you the experience of talking with not just animals, but also any living creation such as for example plants. On Earth they have consciousness, and do respond to the energies around them. It is not unknown for people to talk to their plants, and find that as a result they become more beautiful and healthy.

    Life will become entirely different to what it is now, and one continuously happy and joyful event. The demands made upon you now will cease and there will be no place for drudgery or boredom. Everything is exciting and continually filling you with Light and Love. Most importantly you are always totally energised, and do not experience the tiredness and fatigue that is a normal part of your day-to-day life at present. Because you replenish your energy as you go along, there is no need for long sleep periods as necessary on Earth. You may rest and relax but your body is of a higher vibration, and does not need long regular re-energising. So Dear Ones, you have so much to look forward to, which makes any efforts you need to make in readiness for Ascension so worthwhile.

    Allow for great changes to come with Ascension, clearly not all at once but as a process of evolution that is always taking place. Duality is simply the result of being in the lower vibrations, where matter is so solid and dense that it can attract what you might call the impurities. These are in the form of disease that cannot exist in the higher vibrations. The lower they become the greater the possibility exists of more deadly diseases. Conditions are not helped of course by Man’s insistence on introducing chemicals into agriculture, and into the food chain. Your body is very resilient and adaptable, but will eventually become poisoned as a result.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and hope you understand what a wonderful opportunity to rise up is coming with Ascension.

    Thank you SaLuSa.

    Mike Quinsey.

  1. #1 sassy123456
    February 28, 2011 am28 11:40 am

    Gunner, yes thanks for your emails. I did get them. Steffie, Admiral, Stick. I read your comments. Sorry to anyone else that I haven’t responded too also. My husband still doesn’t have a job. This is week 3. How long can you not pay your mortgage before they foreclose on you? Lovely message. Bring on ascension.

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  2. #2 Steffie
    February 28, 2011 am28 11:50 am

    Ah my Sassy girl… hang in there darling! Thinking of you all and sending so much love… beaming healing blessings of strength and love to you all Heart Heart Heart

    Try to think positive – visualise yourself happy and secure in your home, with everything you could possibly need around you – then MAKE it a reality!!

    Love you xxx Heart Rose Heart

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  3. #3 Robin.
    February 28, 2011 am28 11:55 am

    Thanks Sal & Mike..

    ‘..Conditions are not helped of course by Man’s insistence on introducing chemicals into agriculture, and into the food chain. Your body is very resilient and adaptable, but will eventually become poisoned as a result..’

    That’s ‘cheery’!
    Perhaps ‘MAY become poisoned as a result’ would be more accurate?

    So what’s the message here.. stop eating crap and also bring ‘Big Agri-chem’ and ‘Monsanto’ etc down?

    OK Sal.. would you care to add that to your GFL List, of things to be done S**N.. and in favour of Humanities’ very survival here then.. please??

    Thanks Mate!

    In Light!


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  4. #4 conscious
    February 28, 2011 am28 1:08 pm

    Sassy, Steffie couldnt have said it better ” Try to think positive – visualise yourself happy and secure in your home, with everything you could possibly need around you – then MAKE it a reality!!” Sending you lots of light and support! Smile Heart

    Montague Keen: Sunday, February 27, 2011
    Channeler: Veronica Montague Keen

    As you spread your wings more people come to assist us, each bringing their own particular expertise and specialised knowledge. They gathered in our home for 4 days of sharing and experiencing, the Energy in our home was Spectacular to say the least. You my love were given the Mer Ka Ba in 3 D with 8 Points just as I asked for shortly after my passing, you asked yourself “How did Gordon know I needed this.” Well my dear, we had a little word in his ear, his connection with our work has been established by us in the Network. The pieces of the great puzzle are coming together. The awakening is gathering speed, every Country is seeking Truth. As the Dark Cabal causes unrest and the masses to rise up to remove the Despots that the Cabal have kept in Power for years, they carefully chose other despots some of whom are even worse than those deposed. The object of the exercise is to create an excuse to invade Iran. For the Cabal to retain Power it requires the spilling of Blood, they care not whose blood it is, Armies are created for this sole purpose. You were told that there are very few Nuclear Weapons in existence, they pretend that many countries have them and are a threat to peace, and so must be contained, this is a myth created to cause FEAR. Their ability to create Fear about “Weapons of mass destruction” will not be accepted again, people are awake to such appalling lies, they will refuse to fall for it again.

    Be aware that when Religions speak of God, you need to ask yourselves is it the God of Love and Light or is it Lucifer who sees himself as a God of Vengeance, Hell Fire and Damnation, the one who is used to control the masses .??? The God of Love, the SUPREME BEING, he who inspires Love and Compassion in all Souls who seek Peace and Truth. The Rat Race which is aptly named will be seen as a ploy to keep you busy, to control you by making you constantly aspire to greater wealth and position, it does not make you happy and fulfilled, Love alone will do that. Re-access your values, look at your lives, where does Love come in your list of priorities?

    The New World Order have Plans to create such Holographic Images in the Sky when people will be led to believe that they are seeing the fulfillment of prophesies of old, they will show “UFO’S ” and ” Flying Saucers” that are NOT REAL. Enough Truth will be revealed to the unsuspecting world to hook them into their BIG LIE. They will pretend that it is the God of Love fulfilling promises of Old when in fact it is the New World Order, its Deception and Seduction on a massive scale, it will be convincing and lifelike, it will be the ANTI CHRIST. Star Wars, a combination of Electromagnetic Radiation and Hypnosis on a grand scale. They have thought of everything in their final attempt to take over your world. We will not stand by and watch this happen, we will guide and protect all who walk in the Light. My dear it may seem as if I preach Doom and Gloom, my only intention is to protect and forewarn of these Evil Deeds so that you will not be alarmed by the events described. I could write every Sunday about the wonders of the Afterlife while on Earth those I love are trying to cope with such terrible events as they struggle for their very survival in these Dark Times. You are almost at the end of time as you know it, the transition will make everything worthwhile, you will soon forget the bad moments, and will rejoice as you all come together in Love and Harmony. The Male Energy with Massive Ego’s will loose all that they strived for, for hundreds of years, it will fade before their eyes. The Feminine Energy will once more take control to create a Peaceful World where all will know Freedom and Peace, there will be food and assistance for those countries who never stood a chance in the other regime. Freedom, real Freedom will become the norm. This is the future you are now creating. Your friends from other Planets are ready to assist with their advanced knowledge in every sphere of life that you will need to improve, all will benefit from this. Planet Earth has been held back, information on other Planets and their Inhabitants has been kept secret lest you might investigate, they have always known that Beings from other Planets have visited Earth, they have left ample evidence of this through the ages. The Dark Cabal have shot down Craft from other Planets, its all been kept secret from you. They do not want you to know the Truth that the Universe is inhabited, they fear that they would loose control. Soon they will have to return to the Planet they originally came from Earth will no longer tolerate them. I have always said that the Truth will set you free, free to travel to parts of your World that you have never been allowed to know about and to other Planets, all restrictions will be lifted. Everything that the Cabal put in place to control you will go forever. Our Worlds will come together, Love will reign supreme and you, all of you who have worked hard, who have endured criticism and abuse to try to push you off your Path will see your dreams fulfilled.

    Yes, these are difficult times, they will not last. Know the importance of the work that you do. Create Love wherever you go, show love to all you meet. Thank you my love for all that you do to fulfil our dreams. I will always be your adoring, Monty



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  5. #5 Con
    February 28, 2011 am28 1:32 pm

    Great reminder on the junk we ingest daily I thank you for your message SaLuSa.
    Air, Water, smoke, pollution, electromagnetic pollution, and all the chemicals in the food chain are contributing in bringing the human race down.
    We have been the Slave Race by excellence for eons.
    We are what we eat.

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  6. #6 conscious
    February 28, 2011 am28 3:36 pm

    Invocation to the Universal Underworld ~ Day 1
    By Anrita Melchizedek http://www.pleiadianlight.net


    …for those who do not have acces to youtube, here’s the guided meditation text from vid.

    I call upon the Overlighting of Mother/Father God,
    the Ascended Masters, Christed ET’s, Ray Councils and Brotherhood of the Light,
    and all other Beings of Light from On High that I personally acknowledge,
    as I align with my I Am Presence, and ground myself into the crystal heart of Mother Earth.

    I now ask to be taken into the Crystalline City of Light above Table Mountain in South Africa,
    so I may undergo my initiation of Light to serve with empowerment, strength and wisdom,
    as a Keeper of Light to Mother Earth and all her Life.

    I am now taken in an external Merkaba Vehicle of Light to the doorway of this beautiful Crystal Temple of Light,
    where I am greeted by three High Priests to the Order of Melchizedek,
    and request permission to enter into this Crystalline City of Light.
    I am a seeker of Light, I seek the secrets of the Universe, the keys of enlightenment,
    I am in Service to Mother Earth and all her Life,
    and request permission to enter into this Crystal Temple of Light,
    so I may take on the keycodes of Light that will assist me to come into a deeper level of empowerment, Love and wisdom,
    so I may transmute all that is not of the Light,
    so I may take my Service work to another level of Light.

    The doors are now opened as I enter into this Temple of Light,
    walking up a beautiful crystal staircase into an Initiation Chamber of Light.
    I am greeted by my family and friends of the Light,
    by the Ascended Masters, Christed ET’s and Brotherhood of the Light,
    welcomed and embraced as a seeker of Light.

    I am now guided into an Ascension Flame of Light,
    where I will experience this initiation of empowerment and wisdom,
    Overlighted by the Ray Councils of Light, my I Am Presence and all the Beings of Light from On High.

    I am now surrounded in a beautiful red flame of Light,
    through the first ray of will and power, and through this initiation of Light, I now recite the following:
    I take back the power I may have given to others and to my sub-conscious mind,
    releasing any issues of abuse and misuse of power,
    releasing any addictions or frequencies that hold me back from truly experiencing my Higher Light, as this first wave Soul in human embodiment of the I Am Avatar Blueprint of Light.
    As I take on this mantle of leadership, I step into a deeper level of my own power, trusting and surrendering to the Divine,
    and being guided by my I Am Presence and the Company of Heaven.

    And now, I am surrounded in a beautiful yellow flame of Light,
    through the third ray of Divine Intelligence.
    Through this flame of Light, I expand my consciousness to receive the teachings of Light from On High,
    letting go of “lesser than and better than” consciousness issues,
    so I may receive the wisdom of Mother/Father God,
    so I may remember my initiations of Light,
    so I may assist in co-creating this Golden Age of Light.

    I now experience the parallel mergers of my Highest Potential through the streams of consciousness of the various times lines, merging into this Now,
    I now unlock the codes as this first wave human Soul in embodiment of the I Am Avatar Blueprint, coming into full remembrance of my preciousness, uniqueness and individual puzzle piece.

    I now merge with my I Am Presence and the 144 Soul rays of which I am one,
    amplifying myself in this energy of Light,
    receiving these downloads of Light,
    activating the dormant DNA and aligning me to my sacred contact in this Now.
    I now receive the appropriate key codes, fire letters and sacred geometries through my body, energy field and hologram.

    I now direct these higher frequencies of empowerment and wisdom through the Unity Grid of Light for all Life to experience these ray frequencies of Light.
    I now link through my heart to the Sun,
    and now to the Central Sun on Alcyone and to the Great Central Sun on Sirius, and from here, take on all the encodings of Light I need as this initiate of Light in this Golden Age of Light.

    I now find myself back in my sacred space,
    surrounded in beautiful red and yellow flames of Light,
    honoring my Self as this magical Master Being of Love and Light.

    Heart Heart Heart

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  7. #7 sassy123456
    February 28, 2011 am28 4:04 pm

    Steffie, thanks. Kind of hard to see the silver lining these days.
    The radio is playing one of my favorite songs. “Margaritaville” Sounds like a great idea!
    It’s 5 o’clock here.

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  8. #8 Stick
    February 28, 2011 am28 6:28 pm

    Happy to see you posting Sassy… sorry to hear you guys are going through some tuff financial times. I can completely relate to how debilitating that can be- and how it can amplify other stressful family issues. I would just say to remember that in Life, it is not so much the good times that define us, but rather our ability to persevere through the challenging times. That is when we truly get to touch base with our character… and just as important, the support and understanding of the ‘Ones we Love.’ Believe me when I say, there is ‘Light’ shining through the end of the tunnel that we ‘ALL’ ultimately find ourselves in. As far as I’m concerned, that’s not blind optimism… it’s a Spiritual law! Don’t let the ‘shitstem’ get you down; hang in there Sista! Lion

    ~Don’tGiveUp247———————- Clock Yin Yang Star

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  9. #9 Stick
    February 28, 2011 am28 6:37 pm

    Morning Blessing: 02.28.11
    **Internal Strength Growing** by Rev Angela Peregoff

    “Life is not a random occurrence; at the core, it is an experiential agreement between many beings from many realities for the purpose of exploration and discovery. Creative expression and supreme responsibility are key components for awakening and developing your spiritual intelligence. Self-empowerment is about examining yourself and knowing how and why you function as you do.”

    Have you noticed that change is occurring everywhere? Certainly we can say that this is a time of great chaos as old paradigms and societies fall and new order begins to flow from purified debris. We are living at what surely is the most pivotal moment of human history, a time of unrivaled potential change. We must not, therefore, glance carelessly at or ignore completely the ingredients that have gathered together to form this moment in time as they are forming us. In noting these ingredients and in appreciating their impact and power, we can appreciate all the more why ordinary thinking is now inadequate as a resource for decision-making and processing the demands of our individual lives.

    People are seeing through the conditioned illusion that steers them away from greater Self-reliance and personal empowerment. The great transformation of consciousness that was set into motion within the minds, and through the visions of those souls ready to heal the pain and separation stored within the human experience has now blanketed our current timeline. An understanding has rooted in this time; a consensus has generated a forward propulsion into a wondrous life experience that offers joy, safety, and harmony as the attributes that unfold us into our pure potential. A living pulse (in wave form) of spiritualized organization and order comes to us in the month of March causing our Soul roots to sink deeper and anchor even more favorable probabilities for the awakening of the mind within mankind.

    What that can mean is that as each comes into synchronization with the newest cosmic pulse perceptions become more enhanced, and many things will become much more apparent thus, letting go of old beliefs will be experienced as a freeing endeavor! Assisting each of us the heart of the Higher Self descends to make Its presence ever more noticeable to those open to receiving. Gaining insights about the how’s and why’s of situations and experiences we find ourselves attracting are no longer hard-to-decipher mysteries. By month’s end it is s-o-o-o much easier to ferret out long buried patterns and beliefs that hide like secrets and to get to the root of childhood or family problems. This is the time period for in-depth explorations and not skimming the surface or being content with superficial awareness. We are now spiritual entrepreneurs with a savvy understanding of the way things really come together on the highest, and lowest, performance levels to form reality.

    As with most forces that push us past our capacity to change don’t worry if anxiety and nervous tension seem to be tagging along in your life like a shadowy nemesis that just won’t relinquish its control, you are just grappling with a mutating miscreation in your psychic atmosphere. As the latest celestial dynamic congeals in 3D it appears to amplify those areas in our psyche that are dying to the Light. The brooding energies dispense what influence they can in an effort to engage you and perhaps resurrect their properties to a working manner once again in your life style. Remember, the fruits of embodiment, fullness, wisdom, and compassion do not come without a price. Spiritual dedication gives us no immunity from the difficulties of doubt, confusion, and chaos. Every spiritual master faces the complexities and vulnerabilities of being in human form. Every part of life is a fertile field for awakening to compassion and awareness in this human realm. The art and beauty of this time is to stay dedicated to the practice of opening to the Soul’s connection with life.

    On the positive front, to help skillfully fashion us as “energy beings” rather than “matter beings” we will now be testing the new multisensory “trusting” that is based on an interior assurance rather than a mental process derived from discerning external probabilities. There are many levels and sub-levels of multi-sensory existence and we are just beginning to operate as a culture that is primarily multisensory. Up to now we have commonly acted as a five-sensory being that depended on external information to guide and expand us. As of late though we have discovered that we can tap into an internal environment that is rich with guidance and information. How did we miss all this activity that was operating just below the surface? How come no one told us that in the midst of madness, drenched by noise, and deafened by the endless distractions of the sensory world was a stillpoint that held the wisdom of the Soul?

    Well, my friends many did, but you were taught that your five senses were in charge of your reality. We have known we were alive and in charge of our lives because we could see, hear, touch, move, control. pick up a phone, hold on to a laptop as if it were a life preserver, speak to another person, get reports on this and that, sell this, buy that, be with this person or that person , etc., etc., etc.. We stayed in this illusion until we recently discovered that our five senses cannot see the real changes that are happening within – changes we must cooperate with in order to resonate as Wholeness.

    And so we are now ready to detach from only using one gateway of sensory perception. We have matured and are able to honor the wisdom that grows from inside us as well as respect the symbology that dances before us in the physical world. This new trusting isn’t ordinary and it isn’t forced, rather it spirals up from the power of your faith to meet it. It lives in stillness, breathes in reflection, and moves within the mandala of heart intelligence. This new kind of trusting is essential to the well-being of so many here at this time. Many have lost their trust in themselves and this lack of trust has debilitated them from moving forward. With heightened internal sensing all can begin to choose wisely, recognizing and acknowledging every feeling and sensation of their innate built-in radar. Don’t forget to use March to channel this new energy accurately and successfully into the stream of your daily activities.

    No times more than these have ever called for a devotion to the practice of introspection as a way to keep your own inner balance, to maintain the health of not just your body, but also your conscience, your integrity, your decision-making process; in short, the whole of your interior self. In the midst of this phenomenal shift to multisensory and multidimensional living that affects your body, your mind, and your psyche continually you and I are going to have to discover the zillion channels of information that now function at a multi-sensory level. Connecting to or awakening our perceptual system to the more sophisticated body/mind/emotion/spirit template becomes a functioning apparatus of necessity if you are to remain centered and empowered when it seems that the world around you is caught up in a maelstrom of drama and chaos.

    We have never been better equipped to refine the complicated process of “evolution”. What is occurring at every level of existence is Divinity rebirthing Itself into a bounty of interconnectedness. That’s the truth and if you can improve the activity of each moment as a cocreator through this sojourn then you will earn the ability to access the highest planes of awareness while continually incorporating more and more of your fragmented God-Self which you left scattered throughout this universe as you wove your way deeper and deeper into the lower-dimensional worlds and vast array of experiences, both positive and negative.

    Sitting in the deep freedom of Spirit with an unquenchable thirst for adventure, -Rev Angela

    ~HoldingFirm777——————- Announce Announce Announce

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  10. #10 Kellia
    February 28, 2011 am28 6:50 pm
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  11. #11 Stick
    March 1, 2011 am28 1:41 am

    **Council of 12 Message – The Revolution You Came to Facilitate**
    by Selacia 2 27 11

    These are the times that you have been waiting for. There is a revolutionary awakening taking place. It may remind you of some earlier decades such as the 1960s, but those years were tame in comparison. There is a revolutionary spirit which naturally comes forward to address imbalances and oppression; it surfaces within the hearts and minds of people who begin to question the status quo. This occurred countless times over humanity’s history. During no earlier time, however, did humanity as a whole have the potential to radically transform the human experience on Earth.

    What is your role?-
    Over and over again as this cycle unfolds, you will be asking to understand your role. You will need to continue asking this question so that you can adapt to the ever-changing scene in front of you. On some days you will be certain that you know what your purpose is and how you are to fulfill it. On many other days you will need to update your view and to expand upon the role that has become familiar. Each time you update your reference point and connect with spirit’s view for your life, you are shown the need to love in a more expansive way.

    A Call to Love-
    The universe has sent your heart a call to love. This light-filled impulse has also been broadcast to humanity across the world. You are seeing some of the results of this call in the revolutionary actions unfolding in The Middle East and elsewhere.

    No one really knows the outcome of the current revolutionary shifting centered in The Middle East. Do not underestimate the potential of the uprisings to shift humanity’s thought forms from oppression to peace. Focus your thoughts and prayers on peace and constructive solutions.

    If you could do an energetic poll of humanity today, more would choose peace than violence. Keep that in mind the next time you watch the news. In today’s media-oriented society, there is a learned tendency to pay attention to the extremes, with special emphasis on those involving doom and gloom. On any given day, however, much occurs that is somewhere in the middle. This is true on an individual level as well as for humanity as a whole. The impulse to return to love is fueling changes of big and small magnitude daily. Every time a person learns to love him or herself more, a bridge is built allowing increased connection with spirit. Self-empowerment develops from this.

    Moving from Doubt to Trust-
    Look beyond the surface appearances to discover your own truth about the happenstance of your world. The conventional world teaches you to doubt everything including yourself. You learned from an early age to criticize yourself, others, and life events. You were taught to notice mistakes and failures.

    Become aware of times when you react with fear to the news of popular uprisings. Notice when you feel an unexplained sadness or hopelessness about the state of the world. When you feel blocked and nothing makes sense, remember that there is a global awakening under way.

    If you look for signs of awakening across the world, you will find them. You are not alone, not for one instant. People like you are becoming empowered to seek their own truth and to help create a more loving world.

    Remember that people are more the same than they are different. The divine spark inside each person is the uniting force. You are no different in spirit’s eyes than the people of Egypt and elsewhere who seek to be free. Ordinary citizens everywhere are becoming empowered to ask for a society that is fair and supportive of the people. You have the right to ask for this too.

    In this next cycle, it is vital to become clear about what you want. Sit in contemplation daily – preferably morning and evening – and envision your life. Imagine the world that you want to live in. Set specific intentions about how you will create your more light-filed future. Reflect on these throughout the day and just before sleep, inviting spirit to energize the good in your life.

    ~OneLoveRevolution1111—————- Handcuffs Thunder Peace

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  12. #12 Con
    March 1, 2011 am28 5:36 am

    Hi everybody here, I found this good video of a reptilian woman. They are everywhere, amongst us, we don’t even know who we are talking to most of the time:

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  13. #13 Matthew
    March 1, 2011 am28 5:57 am

    Hi all,

    Just had a week off so now back to work. Big Frown

    Sassy, thinking of you and your significant other during this difficult time. Tell him to just keep at it and dont lose faith, something will come up in the end. Stay positive!

    Robin, g’day sport! Heart

    Great message Salusa! You mentioned chemicals in food, what about the chemicals in drinking water, chemicals in cosmetics, chemicals in toiletries etc etc etc!

    Yes it would appear to any ET/UFO craft passing by Earth we certainly do love our chemicals! Sun Star

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  14. #14 Matthew
    March 1, 2011 am28 6:05 am


    I was not impressed by that video on #12 as it is clearly the womans hair which is making her look like a reptile. Hope you are not offended! Heart

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  15. #15 GateKeeper
    March 1, 2011 am28 7:07 am

    The situation is so serious that your financial collapse is directly linked to the national emergency that would lead to dismemberment of Greece. The U.S., with agents of the fifth phalanx preach the ‘New Order’, Turkey (favored by Obama) declares the theory of the living space of «Lebensraum». And The two new words are an old invention of Hitler.

    The U.S., with a mouthpiece and fellow agent, of the dream “World Government”, the old patent of the third International Stalin.

    Fascism the American Empire Racing and inspired by the fascism of the “Chosen race” of Hitler. The dirty history repeats itself. And you, Greeks, are you in the eye of the hurricane. The 5th Column Hitler has given his position on the 5th Column’s “New Order” of Lebensraum and the 4th International called now “World Government” that your Prime Minister “with American heart wants it …” quickly “! The flow of history today is infected with HIV (virus) of the stupidity of minimal “leaders” that the disease of morbid illnesses they see, fascist, visions enslavement of peoples. The Central Europe knows YOU TO SEE??

    For your first injection was made with the Memorandum to you sleep before the big surgery.

    Questions in the House because your copy of the Memorandum of you imposed not apply to any other country may have more debt than your country??


    It is now the cowards who want to shed weight for your destruction “in the previous government deserted. They think the Greek people stupid to believe that such a total collapse and burnout of a Nation can be implemented within two or three years.


    Should refer to the policy implemented by Andreas Papandreou and EMIMITHI the so-called “ETHNARCHIS” you. Why? Because the numbers speak for themselves. Namely:

    Greece has, since 1953 certainly went on to become a major economic power of.
    In a 20-year (1953-1973) annual GDP growth of 8%
    In a 20-year annual growth of private investment 10%

    This progress in Europe where everyone talked about the “Greek economic miracle” was worried the American government. Why? Because if Greece had become an economic power in the land, as was the sea, it would be impossible to unhealthy influence of various Piourifoi. (Or maybe you do not know that the deep state is now within the walls of the American Embassy?). The reasons for the age-old “Eastern Question” yet you charged. The economic development of Greece had to stop.

    The first movement began with the “Archbishop” who wanted to imitate the deep arranged by U.S. state slogans on America’s Andreas Papandreou. The prosecution of Andreadis and Niarchos, intimidation capital investors, § 3 of Article 106 of the Constitution Karamanlis, was the first event on the plans and purposes of the “New Order”. Immediate effect: the fall of GDP to 3.5% and Fall of an individual. INVESTMENT 0.6% (note the Greeks, from 10% to 0.6% !!!). In Europe first heard the slogan “neither penny more for investment in Greece.” Alongside the cries of Andreas Papandreou against the “Directorate of Brussels ‘and’ EEC and NATO itself Syndication” and “against large local and foreign capital. This means 0.6%! Who was the deep interest in politics was ordered by Andreas Papandreou. Certainly not the Greek worker. But of course, American politics – or perhaps, Greeks, not what we see in Europe? When PASOK came to power in 1981, a fall of GDP to 1.5% (!!), the individual. investment stagnated at 0.6%. And the demolition begins ANY INDUSTRIAL ACTIVITY. Greece has exported refrigerators in Germany left only produce yogurts (and those imported milk …). And follow the great invention of the great economist Andreas Papandreou immediately. Since 1981. What was it?? The triumphant success of “DOS-Tsobola everything. What “all”? Loans. The public debt of 700 million dollars left by the current junta came exponentially to 400 billion euros! Triumph of politikantismou. Lend and handing out beads and mirrors to the natives. This deal was the inspiration of genius economist Sultan who secured a position in the political life of your country. Systematic industrialization while demonizing the fund and parallel arbitrariness of ergatopateron you who think that “help” the worker while the ones who destroyed it. Those who can expel the equity created unemployment. War on Pesine, elimination of Pirelli (to Turkey), soy (in Malta), amok endynamoumeno by PASOK “against large local and foreign capital, facilities for shopping, voting with increasing debt.


    It’s all random or guided? WHO STARTED TO COLLAPSE? Who assassinates the national morale of the people? And now? Who benefits?


    The adjacent to the U.S. government journal Stratfor tell you your face: “Greece has no geo-strategic position on the West and therefore has no FRIENDS OR ally. So, you’re the only country that condemned the moratorium. The American Prime Minister, you did … “hard negotiating” FORCED ABOVE clear targets. He managed to apprentice magician, inexperienced and immature, Minister of Economy to impose your hat to the IMF. Now, says the Prime Minister, you ‘should not rush to the World Government. ” And go away after the great Greek investors running to find investors in Turkey …! Dream fascism disguised servitude and an idiot. This is the anatomy of the crime committed by the politicians against the Greek people.

    AND NOW: If as you say you do not have “neither friends nor allies in the West ‘, what should I do? I said Theodorakis: or’d Heroes or serfs.

    GREEKS: Europe wants you everything Heroes. If you have friends and allies in the West look for them where they are and we need it. Look for their history (for you) and north to the great rising power in Asia. But this audacity that wants your political leadership has not because they dare to get rid of the taboo of subordination. So?


    sorry for the length guys…

    We are Starting to change things

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  16. #16 CarlFromCanada
    March 1, 2011 am28 9:40 am

    Only 30 or 31 days max till disclosure according to Salusa! Just hang in there!

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  17. #17 Matthew
    March 1, 2011 am28 10:40 am

    Lady Ga Ga’s latest video released today.

    She talks of a government owned territory of aliens in space!


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  18. #18 Matthew
    March 1, 2011 am28 10:42 am

    #16 – Dont hold your breath!

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  19. #19 Jim
    March 1, 2011 am28 11:16 am

    awfully quiet around here lately

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  20. #20 CarlFromCanada
    March 1, 2011 am28 11:21 am

    #18. Lol nope, not holding my breath. Just so sick of “SOON”. I just will be upset if they “forget” about their earlier statement. This is all based on trust after all.

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  21. #21 Robin.
    March 1, 2011 am28 11:22 am

    Matthew #14.

    G’day Sport.. how’s tricks mate?

    Ha.. I agree about the hair.. and those ‘scales’ on her neck could just be a burn scar.. it appears to be fairly consistent throughout the clip?

    Y’know, I can’t help feeling that the recent ‘shake-up’ that was so very evident in Christchurch (NZ) could be a portent of a shake up of a similar scale, upon the ‘outer’ Churches of Christ.. no offense to the dude.. know what I mean?

    I’ll email you a couple of pix anyway!

    In Light!

    Smile Star Smile

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  22. #22 Jim
    March 1, 2011 am28 11:31 am

    #12 LMAO , i find it shockingly hilarious that so many fall for this crap, while im sure there have been a few “reptilians” making tv appearances, people seem to forget that 99.999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% of these “reptilian” slip ups are actually camera angles or shadows , like seriously they did a close up shot of her teeth

    so anyone with her type of teeth formation is now a reptile?

    get a grip people

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  23. #23 sassy123456
    March 1, 2011 am28 11:32 am
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  24. #24 sassy123456
    March 1, 2011 am28 11:35 am

    Thanks Stick and Matthew.

    Carl from Canada- where does it say 30 or so days until disclosure? I must have missed that part?

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  25. #25 Robin.
    March 1, 2011 am28 11:38 am
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  26. #26 Robin.
    March 1, 2011 am28 11:41 am

    Sassy #24.

    The 30 days stems from SaLuSa’s ‘reckoning’ weeks ago, that Disclosure would occur during or before the end of the ‘First Quarter’.. or words to that effect!

    I suppose it’s just a long-winded way of saying ‘S**N’!

    In Light!

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  27. #27 CarlFromCanada
    March 1, 2011 am28 11:44 am


    As it was stated in the december 29th,2010 message.

    “I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can assure you that the Galactic Federation is keen to open up an official first contact with you. Everything is in place for such an occasion, and we can adjust to any last minute requirements. The deadline for it is almost here, so in one way or another we will expect disclosure to become worldwide within the first quarter of this coming year. Go forward in full confidence, as we are fully with you in this final stage of your journey. ”

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  28. #28 Jim
    March 1, 2011 am28 11:47 am

    #27, well i can totally predict the future here carl

    message from salusa dated april 1st 2011

    well we said we “expected” disclosure to be by the first quater of this year but due to unforseen circumstances we had to abandon disclosure for the time being until the dark hats BS BS BS BS BS BS BS BS

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  29. #29 CarlFromCanada
    March 1, 2011 am28 11:57 am

    #28 ya that “expected” part bothers me too. As long as they make reference to their earlier statement and not just fly by the date without comment. How are we to believe anything otherwise? I am willing to take a lot on faith but ultimately I need evidence. Real evidence, not blurry videos of UFOs.

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  30. #30 Robin.
    March 1, 2011 am28 12:05 pm

    Well the ‘dark’ are clearly ‘keen’ to prevent any thing of the sort ‘opening up’ too!

    ‘Everthing is in place for such an occaision..’ except the Announcement itself of course!

    ‘And we can adjust to any last minute requirements..’ like permenantly remove a few thousand people from Earth altogther!

    ‘The Deadline for it is almost here..’ WHO’s bloody deadline? God’s.. or theirs?

    ‘So in one way or another we will expect disclosure to become worldwide..’ Plenty of ‘scope’ here! Perhaps Sal, we should ALL have NO ‘Expectations’!! Smile

    ‘Go forward in full confidence..’ that it will still be ‘S**N’.. ?.. Well.. sometime anyway.. maybe ? Frown

    Yeah well, we can read this anyway we like I suppose!

    In Light!


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  31. #31 CarlFromCanada
    March 1, 2011 am28 12:13 pm

    When they mention deadline I presume they mean the “divine” deadline. Not April 1. I do not believe the date of the divine deadline has ever been mentioned?

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  32. #32 Kellia
    March 1, 2011 am28 12:16 pm

    And soon(TM) in what time frame? In a “game” that has been played for 13 millenia 50-100 years is Soon(TM).

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  33. #33 Admiral2012here
    March 1, 2011 am28 12:20 pm

    …I wouldn’t worry about a date, it’s ganna happen sooner or later

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  34. #34 Robin.
    March 1, 2011 am28 12:21 pm

    CFC #31.

    That was Jim’s joke of a while back I think?


    God smirking and cracking up to himself no doubt!!


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  35. #35 Robin.
    March 1, 2011 am28 12:22 pm

    Addy #33.

    Well spotted mate!!



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  36. #36 CarlFromCanada
    March 1, 2011 am28 12:31 pm


    I admire your faith but those of us who need real evidence are just as deserving. It’s not like I am misquoting there. It also seems pretty plain to me what they are saying.

    How long are you willing to wait?

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  37. #37 CarlFromCanada
    March 1, 2011 am28 12:33 pm

    # 34

    Well April 1st seemed to include everyone’s definition of first quarter of this year. It is April fools day but that wasn’t intentional on my part

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  38. #38 Robin.
    March 1, 2011 am28 12:49 pm

    CFC #37.

    I think it WOULD be HILARIOUS if on April Fool’s Day 2011 OR 2012, the skies became filled with formations of dancing, flashing craft of all shapes and sizes!!

    Like WTF?

    NO ONE would know whom, or what, to ‘believe’!!

    And God would be cracking up at his own joke!
    And I wouldn’t blame ‘him’!

    In Light!


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  39. #39 Kellia
    March 1, 2011 am28 12:55 pm

    CFC #37

    April 1st is the start of the 2nd quarter.

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  40. #40 CarlFromCanada
    March 1, 2011 am28 12:59 pm


    Lol ya that would be caos! People would blame haarp, aliens, governments, who knows!

    April 1st is MAX date btw, not THE date.

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  41. #41 CarlFromCanada
    March 1, 2011 am28 1:01 pm

    #39 well Jim did math and it could be interpreted as being the first six hours of April first. I am wiling to give them the extra day.

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  42. #42 Kellia
    March 1, 2011 am28 1:05 pm

    Admiral # 33. Soon(TM) in their time frame or a human time frame? Soon(TM) for my generation (Baby Boomer) to experience or for the kids being born now? Is it realistic for me or for people in my age group generally to figure they will see it, or is it something for the 20 and under crowd? I’d like to at least know that. It’s a matter of expectations. And that Dec 29 message seemed rather precise. Now that the date is approaching, I wonder what excuse they will use to get out of it. What circumstance that these technologically superior beings not see that will force them to put it off yet again?

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  43. #43 Admiral2012here
    March 1, 2011 am28 1:13 pm

    …36, I will wait as long as it takes, and I’m not go’n to waste my time try’n to figure it out. It’s just a matter of Divine Timing…yes, I do have faith!…it’s all good in hood Grin

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  44. #44 Con
    March 1, 2011 am28 1:14 pm

    oh man!!! Talk about a message/2st contact forum!?
    You guys are saying that reptilians don’t exist!!!!?? and furthermore now you are implying that there will be no contact!!???! Perhaps you also mean to say that there is no such a thing as aliens???!! WTF is this place!!? talk about negativity and pessimism. Better for me to check out a main stream forum by the looks of it!

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  45. #45 Admiral2012here
    March 1, 2011 am28 1:17 pm

    …Con, that’s the impression I get too, don’t understand it myself

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  46. #46 conscious
    March 1, 2011 am28 1:28 pm

    1Sassy, my post had gone into moderation, seems to have appeared in back in #4. Question

    #4 “Sassy, Steffie couldnt have said it better ” Try to think positive – visualise yourself happy and secure in your home, with everything you could possibly need around you – then MAKE it a reality!!” Sending you lots of light and support! ” Smile Heart

    To all;

    Uranus in Aries: The Revolution of Consciousness

    The greatest revolution in human history begins March 11th, 2011 with the planet Uranus’ entrance into the constellation of Aries. This is a pinnacle moment in human history that will come to be known as the Revolution of Consciousness.

    Unlike revolutions of old, this revolution will be centered in the hearts and minds of the men, women, and children that inhabit the planet Earth. What is about to unfold is nothing less than the most brilliant period of not only our lifetimes, but of all lifetimes – and it starts in just a few short weeks!

    The first ‘shot’ of this revolution will be a metaphysical one, fired from a Divinely awakened quantum gateway in the heart of the Milky Way Galaxy. This gateway will unleash powerful, higher-dimensional energy that has never before been felt on Earth. This radical new energy will totally immerse the planet, affecting an instant evolution of consciousness in the spiritually awakened; a quantum leap of the mind that has never before been experienced on Earth.

    This new level of consciousness, sourced from God, is of course universal in nature. As such, it will provide the foundation for the acceptance of extraterrestrial life, which brings us to a major aspect of what the upcoming Uranus transit entails: mainstream acceptance of extraterrestrial life. Humanity will soon become intimately aware that not only does extraterrestrial life exist, but it has been influencing events on Earth for quite some time. This singular aspect of the coming Uranus transit alone is enough to exact an instant, global, paradigm shift, and that is exactly the nature of this transit’s energy: instant paradigm shift.

    Mainstream acceptance of extraterrestrial life will instantly shatter paradigms of the past and create a new way of thinking and feeling in us all. We will no longer accept the artificially-maintained status quo that we have for so long. Exotic new technologies will begin to go public as if a science fiction movie had become reality. Free energy technology will be a major part of this, as well as revolutionary advances in medicine, agriculture, communications, computer sciences, optics, magnetics, and terraforming. This technology will transform the way we live and interact with one another forever.

    The coming explosion in technology and innovation will spur levels of humanitarianism the world has never seen. A tremendous global movement to eradicate poverty, uplift the nations, and heal the ecosystems of the world will begin to manifest. Hundreds of millions of passionate, altruistic, like-minded souls will begin to connect, collaborate, and push projects to success that in years past would have never come to fruition. Imagine dormant neurons in a brain, flashing into life and connecting billions of times over until the entire mind is illuminated, totally beaming with light – that is where we are going as a civilization.

    I must warn that this astrological movement also signals the beginning of the greatest amount of political and economic turmoil the world has ever known. As a revolutionary spirit inflames the globe, we will experience wide-spread instability, manifesting in a variety of ways. The newly awakened society will begin to revolt in such massive ways that they will absolutely cripple ‘the system.’ First World nations will be swept with peaceful protests, sit-ins, and demonstrations while Third World nations will erupt with war-like violence. The world over, corrupt government agendas will come to a screeching halt by the will of the people.

    Within the first year of this transit as people begin to awaken, it will become understood that the extraterrestrial elements that have been embedded deep in human society haven’t been playing a positive role in our evolution as a civilization. This understanding will kindle a united, warrior-like attitude among global citizens that will serve as the most important driving factor in the coming revolution. Make no mistake that the power structure of Earth is currently ‘operating from the shadows’, but that the time of their authority has expired by Divine Decree and in perfect timing with Cosmic Order.

    Intervention has and will continue to happen in strategic, surgical strikes that will ultimately lead to their defeat. This battle will be most intense during the summer months of 2012 as the planet Uranus squares the planet Pluto. By winter of 2012, it will become clear that humanity is free, After December 21st, 2012, as many of the world’s most infamous prophecies come to a crossroads, mankind’s Golden Age will finally commence.

    An aspect of astrology that I find absolutely beautiful is that as events happen on a global or macrocosmic level, they also happen on a personal, microcosmic level – in exact synchronicity. This upcoming Uranus transit is no different, and soon we will all be going through our own personal revolutions, albeit in unique ways, all in accordance with God’s Divine Plan for each of us. This is where the Sacred Science of Astrology can enlighten so brilliantly; it can identify the source and the expression of the coming revolutions in our lives, with mind-boggling accuracy.

    On a cultural level people will start to openly embrace and seek out the profound wisdom of the Occult Sciences, which are rooted in the higher dimensional nature of existence. People will realize that there is a hidden, perfect order to creation. In times of great change, they will increasingly want to understand, at the deepest levels, exactly what their role is in this perfect symphony that they may navigate through the coming changes and manifest the highest outcomes. The best way to create personal security and abundance during the coming times will be identifying, accepting, and properly expressing one’s personal revolutionary energy.

    This personal revolution, which will manifest for many as the development of extraordinary, even Biblical-level spiritual and metaphysical gifts, will be the answer to all our present and future problems. It is up to each of us to totally embrace the shocking changes in order to fulfill our destinies in the coming global revolution. Those who succumb to fear and resist these changes will do so at their own peril. Those who embrace the changes will skyrocket to prominence and success. This can be a very frightening thought to entertain, which brings me to the significance of Uranus being in the constellation of Aries, the archetype of the warrior.

    Attunement to archetypal energies is an extremely important concept to understand and integrate. In simplistic terms, one must ‘vibe’ with the virtues of the sign to manifest the greatest outcomes of the transit or placement. With Uranus being in Aries, we can manifest magnificence in our lives by cultivating and expressing bravery, confidence, fearlessness, independence, and novelty in the area of our life (and natal chart) where Aries energy lies. This is a time where a warrior will be born in all of us, though it’s up to us to decide what to do with this new energy.

    As this fiery, Uranian energy blasts through the collective consciousness, the values of people will be changed and elevated in an instant. The lust for the trivial will be transmuted into the yearning for spiritual and metaphysical talents. Materialism will be replaced by spiritualism. The so-called celebrities of today will fade into obscurity as a new breed of celebrities, deriving their power from spiritual development and humanitarian passion will be catapulted into the limelight. These will be the heroes and heroines of the New Age that is being birthed before our eyes.

    Szuson Wong, Ph.D.

    Heart Heart Heart

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  47. #47 QuadHealer
    March 1, 2011 am28 3:01 pm


    You guys are saying that reptilians don’t exist!!!!??

    I have no idea where you get that idea from, but that not true.

    I haven’t been following the posts that closely. Which post gave you that idea? I myself find it not very credible when people post YouTube movies with bad codec errors and claim this is proof of aliens when all it proves is that the movie was encoded with a too low bandwidth – the thing is that anything moving will be subject to errors when using bad bandwidth, and e.g. eyes *will* look strange under those circumstances – when I see high bandwidth 720p movies I will start to believe in this “proof” – not before.

    I have no doubt that reptilians exists – to claim otherwise is ludicrous in my mind.
    In Peace

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  48. #48 Kellia
    March 1, 2011 am28 3:52 pm


    I agree with Quad. Life is profligate in its diversity, so there is no reason to disbelieve in the existence of reptilians somewhere in the galaxy or the universe as a whole. But I can’t follow David Icke down the “George W. Bush is a shape-shifting reptile” rabbit hole except metaphorically (and with apologies to honest reptiles), absent some clearer evidence than grainy, blurry videos of politicians, actors and news anchors and reporters that purportedly show reptilian eyes.

    As for the rest of what goes on here, the mathematical probabilities are too strongly in favor of ET life to deny it. And I have seen a UFO, though I have no proof that it was ET and not some gov’t black project. But I will remain skeptical of all this soon(TM) stuff about disclosure, first contact, free energy, abundance programs etc, until I’ve got something stronger to go on than channeled messages and stories in the National Enquirer.

    Goodness knows, I want them here yesterday. How much more blood must be spilled to prove to whomever is up there that most of the people of the world want change?

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  49. #49 Stick
    March 1, 2011 am28 7:18 pm

    ———————–RED ICE RADIO Listening to Music—————————-

    **Neil Hague – Control of the Art Industry,
    Secret Societies, Prophecy & The Old World Order**

    Artist Neil Hague is probably best known for creating the cover art and illustrations for David Icke’s books. Neil is also an author. In his books, “Through Ancient Eyes” and “Journeys in the Dreamtime”, he illustrates a personal and fascinating approach to art and image making. In his first graphic novel called, “Kokoro”, he encapsulates the story of creation with the ‘themes and signs’ unfolding in our reality, as we go through a major shift in consciousness at this time. Neil joins us to discuss art and secret societies control and promotion of certain artists, musicians and writers. We also talk about the Hopi, their prophecy, dreams and the propaganda people are subjected to through the media. More Topics Discussed: transitional time, Robert Green, collaboration with David Icke, Caravaggio, Knights of Malta, Order of the Garter, The Brotherhood of our Lady, De Medici, the art industry, viral marketing, Jay-Z & Lady Gaga, Jesuits, Kirschner, artists tapping into the unknown, Koyaanisqatsi, the media empire, Hopi Prophecy Rock, destruction, World War, the new world order is an old world order plan, beyond the veil, property, mortgage servitude, scarcity, environmental scam and more.

    Hour One:

    ~ApotheosisNow101——————— Handcuffs Bomb Yin Yang

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  50. #50 Stick
    March 1, 2011 am28 7:23 pm

    Break on through to the other side…

    **Alex Jones blasts the truth to The View’s audience of 30 Million (Video)**


    ~ChantDownBabylon247—————- AirplaneAirplaneThunder Question

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  51. #51 Stick
    March 1, 2011 am28 7:29 pm

    *Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation*
    4 Ahau, 18 Zac, 7 Ik

    Selamat Jarin! We return to continue our discussion with you. Gaia is now increasing her warning signs to humanity, which has hereby been put on notice that the time has come for the great transformation mandated by Heaven’s numerous decrees. Those still using their wiles to prolong their time in power are also being warned that Heaven desires that these great changes happen forthwith! Accordingly, we have instructed our liaison and diplomatic personnel to make it clear that any further delays are no longer advisable. Meanwhile, our Earth allies are working pedal to the metal to complete the remaining tasks, and we, for our part, have commissioned a series of events to push any remaining tasks through to completion. These operations are to converge at a point on our timeline that has been pinpointed by Heaven and her many hierarchies. We are committed to these changes and have alerted various governments that we will not tolerate the status quo once those dates have been reached. Our technological advantage has been demonstrated to these regimes sufficiently to prove that we mean business.

    The warnings to the recalcitrant regimes are being accompanied by more proof of our abilities in the form of the crippling of much of their secret technology, and we intend to widen the scope of these activities as the specified date approaches. We are further emphasizing our resolve by ‘taking’ many leaders of your major governments in order to impress upon them at first hand that certain requests made by us need immediate attending to. We are using very basic measures to emphasize these points, but we need to get across to the dark cabal the fact that it is up against capabilities that are far beyond their ken. Furthermore, this force has a divine objective and it cannot be stopped until the main objectives of this first contact mission are fully realized. To this end we have increased our degree of intervention and are focused on removing the dark and its coterie of minions from power. The run-up to your transition period is nearing full-throttle mode, and we trust that the dark cabal has now grasped the fact that the moment for its unconditional abdication is upon them.

    This dark cabal has run your world in one form or another for nearly twelve and a half millennia. It is no small matter for this assemblage to admit that its reign is truly over, which is why we saw fit initially to use velvet gloves in our dealings with them. Naturally, this approach took us only so far, at which point we went to the next stage by taking away some of their highly valued assets, and this action made them sit up and take notice. Yet even this tactic failed to budge them. This led to the abductions mentioned above, and this did indeed increase their willingness to take heed! These leaders where spirited away in plain view of their security details who were unable to stop our actions. We have promised more of the same and have impressed upon all and sundry that our powers go far beyond this. This escalated proof of our resolve sparked emergency meetings of the dark’s ruling councils, which nevertheless resulted in only minor concessions. This is why we have been compelled to arrange several sorties to render inoperable a wide range of secret-government technology. This finally, truly caught their attention!

    Our goal is to permit our Earth allies to oust these tyrants from power and allow you to taste the freedom, sovereignty, and prosperity you so rightfully deserve. Preparations on your world have reached the stage where these conditions can easily manifest, and indeed, your global populace is demonstrating clearly that your desire for these God-given rights burns ardently within all of you. Heaven fully supports your heartfelt desires, and our mission, accordingly, stipulates that these conditions be manifested prior to first contact. Thus we have steered our Earth allies down a path that can make this happen for everyone. We are aware of the enormous frustration and seemingly unending deferment that you have endured; we also respect those brave souls who have come together to demonstrate the inherent power that these desires can generate. Your global society is at a crossroads, and there is a palpable feeling out there that the moment has arrived for fundamental change. And indeed, this is now manifesting!

    As you move into this transition period the first thing you notice is the growing chaos across the planet and this naturally begets a proportionate increase in your frustrations, but this passion is actually driving much of the street-action that is toppling a number of governments. Although the dark can turn this to their advantage, it also opens up several opportunities for the Light! The shifting sands of recent global events herald the many changes that are ready to appear on your horizon. Our Earth allies are bent on making sure that the major regimes on your world have a short future, and ensuring this is also a prime requisite for us. We have given these dark cabal-affiliated governments many compelling motivations for exiting the scene, and we expect full and timely compliance on their part. To assist them on their way we have appointed our personnel to oversee the activities of these regimes as they go about their business of complying with this divinely decreed turn of events.

    The surface changes contemplated by Mother Earth are in their elementary stage. A major point of focus is the Pacific ring of fire, where the intent is to begin raising the Pacific seabed to reestablish Lemuria. This means that a number of lands near those major tectonic plates are now at risk, and earthquakes, like those in New Zealand and off the small island chains of the Christmas and Fuji isles, are to become more common. The entire Pacific basin is now in motion. This movement is unique, as it anticipates the raising of those lands that are eventually to unite with the coast of Australia, Indonesia, and numerous others. These new lands will redraw the map of the Pacific, and what will emerge is an ocean that once again contains the ancient, long-lost continent and a more even distribution of land and sea. A global phenomenon indeed!

    The return of Atlantis is another bone of contention for the cabalists as each ocean contains secrets they have long been at pains to keep under wraps. The Atlantic Ocean holds much undeniable evidence of the existence of Atlantis: man-made grids, large pyramids, and the presence of strange energy phenomena. The dark has had to be very diligent to keep this information secret; many expeditions of discovery have had to be interfered with or made to desist under threat from the ‘proper’ authorities. Now we intend to make it easier for explorers to uncover the truth. The fabled lands of Atlantis do exist, and a good spot to begin this discovery is off the southwestern tip of Cuba and in the sea between the Yucatan and Cuba. We ask those interested to begin their search there and follow our ships to further sites for their investigations.

    Our journey to your world is just the latest of many; we have been watching you for millennia, and our studies were made in cooperation with the Agarthans. Now the time has come for first contact and this necessitates the divinely mandated removal of your dark ruling cabal. Each of its governing bodies requires a firm boot to get them to resign. We are determined to assist you in claiming your rights and obtaining the prosperity that you are entitled to as sovereign and highly conscious citizens of Gaia! You have a divine destiny and Gaia knows the meaning this has for her and her most precious ecosystems. We come to facilitate all this and to ensure that this next step happens at the moment specified by Lord Surea and Heaven’s sacred decrees.

    Today, we talked about what is being done to bring events to a head and closer to first contact. We are ready to make a very important announcement that prepares the ground for our formal first contact with you. The time has arrived for some truly essential events to take place on your world. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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  52. #52 Maffy
    March 1, 2011 am28 9:37 pm

    You can’t be Sirius?! lol


    Have a look around. Find out who the Dark Cabal really are.

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  53. #53 Maffy
    March 1, 2011 am28 10:11 pm
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  54. #54 John
    March 2, 2011 am28 12:04 am

    We ask those interested to begin their search there and follow our ships to further sites for their investigations.

    Now that sounds to me like a positively verifiable statement. Anyone have connections with undersea explorers to pass this on to?

    The shift has hit the fan… AWESOME!

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  55. #55 Robin.
    March 2, 2011 am28 2:06 am

    Quad // Kellier // All..

    Yo.. of course Reptilians exist!
    Of course Aliens exist!
    Of course Extra Terrestrials exist!

    And of course there must be some sort of Divine Deadline upon when we gain hardcore, visible assistance from our Loving Space Brothers & Sisters! But I suspect that if the dark or us, knew exactly when that was.. it would negate the chances of it’s ‘success’ even further!

    Really I am just having a joke at God’s expense here!

    Let’s put out for April 1st 2011 as THE day when it ALL changed!! I reckon God would see the funny side to that too! Smile

    In Light!

    Star Star Star Star Star

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  56. #56 Robin.
    March 2, 2011 am28 2:12 am

    SaLuSa. 2-March-2011.

    With time continuing to speed up, the series of changes that face you will soon seem to pass by. As a result you will reach the point of major changes quite quickly, and you will find that they proceed at a fast pace because they have been well planned in advance. Whatever way you look at what the future holds for you, it must come regardless of any interference. Furthermore, as knowledge of what lays ahead spreads, the levels of consciousness will also rise quite rapidly. It means that in the main the people will be quite receptive to what is planned. Somewhere along the way disclosure will have been made, and that will give the green light to many more revelations. The truth cannot be hidden forever, and it is important that you understand what has taken place during duality, and the reason for it.

    Eventually you will understand how so many advanced souls have helped mankind overcome the lower vibrations. Whilst it has been a great challenge the Light has certain advantages, inasmuch it is an indestructible power that cannot be defeated by the dark Ones. Where in the past you have dropped even further into the lower vibrations, it has occurred because you forgot who you really were and became separated from your Higher Self. Fortunately the Light can never be fully suppressed and with support from the Lightworkers, has grown and in latter times become a grid of Light encircling the Earth. As like attracts like, so great Beings of Light have been able to approach Earth and hastened the process of Ascension. It has been so successful that it has fully vindicated the earlier decision, to extend the period before Ascension. Some of you will recall that there was an intent that Ascension should take place at the end of the last century. However as consciousness levels were speeding up, it was felt that many more souls could succeed if it were extended.

    Whatever accompanies Ascension is a natural progression that comes with a lifting up of the vibrations. It is welcome, but the most important aspect is your individual growth in consciousness which is a gift from the Creator. Your soul is meant to be expressing itself in the higher dimensions of Light, that are your natural home. In fact you are first and foremost Beings of Light and are now becoming Galactic Beings. What a wonderful future awaits you, and you will never tire of exploring the Galaxies that number in there millions. Life abounds everywhere in all different forms, but no matter what differences there are – all life has its origin from the Source of All That Is. Your physical Self can experience harm and death but the soul is indestructible, and goes on forever.

    Think about it Dear Ones, whatever you have experienced in the past and no matter how many lives you have had, you stand today without any apparent throwbacks to them. In fact you have grown stronger with each experience, and are the sum total of everything that you have learnt. No wonder that by and large you have passed the test of time, and have little or nothing left to learn from this cycle. It is why some of you feel tired and ready to leave duality that has been a very difficult adventure of intense emotional experiences. Calmness in the face of adversity is not always easy to achieve, but it is a lesson that you gradually learn and it serves you well in a period of time that is chaotic. Staying calm helps others around you who can learn from your example.

    You are part of the pyramid of life and through the natural order decided by your vibrational level, you will always find yourself exactly where you should be. The aim is to continually advance, and souls at a higher level will always help one who aspires to ascend. That is why there are so many higher souls with you right now, and some of them will make themselves known to you all very soon. Whereas there is a physical cleansing taking place, it is also necessary to cleanse the spirit by releasing anything of the lower energies. Those on the path will already know exactly what that means, and there will gradually come a time when you will find that the lower vibrations do not sit easy with you. Take for example the diet of violence, death and destruction that is served up as entertainment, that numbs your senses to such energies. Do not allow it to affect your ways of thinking, because it will pull you down and introduce darkness into your aura that you will carry around with you. Also remember that if you are not careful, you will attract even more to yourself. Live with the purity of thought and appreciate all that is of the higher vibrations. If successful, it will take you a long way forward on the path to Ascension, and if you can keep your focus there it will become much easier to maintain.

    While the Beings of Light move further forward and nearer to Ascension, so there are those who are sucked further down into the dark having lost their connection with the Light. They will not be forgotten and before the end time be given every chance find their true selves. Our objective is to bring you all together, by eliminating those often false divisions that have deliberately kept you apart. Once it is accepted that you are all One, those prejudices that exist now will disappear. We do however accept that some beliefs are going to hard to release, but hope to be able to show that they have no foundation in the truth. At our level of consciousness we can only deal with the truth, and will present it as such but not in a forceful way. It is still your freewill choice to believe as you wish, and we know that if you are in error you will eventually turn to the truth.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and wish to assure you that the Galactic Federation are well aware of the dangers in Space placed there in opposition to us. However, we are not desirous of starting a Space War, and in fact it would be out of the question. We can deal safely deal with all attempts to engage us, and we shall also ensure that weapons are not turned against you. We represent a peaceful mission by Divine decree, and it is carried out with a loving intent that shall release you from the dark Ones. It is well past the time that you were allowed to proceed to your future choice without hindrance. That is something we are pressing for, but the dark Ones can be very obstinate. However, victory is already yours and yet to be celebrated.

    Thank you SaLuSa.

    Mike Quinsey.


    In Light!

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  57. #57 Robin.
    March 2, 2011 am28 2:37 am

    ‘..Somewhere along the way disclosure will have been made..’

    Back to Slack..?
    This is NOT sounding like:
    ‘Sometime this month disclosure will have to be made..’

    Unfortunately perhaps! Frown

    ‘..Some of you will recall that there was an intent that Ascension should take place at the end of the last century..’

    Yes.. indeed, perhaps this is why we are feeling that everything is at LEAST ten years ‘late’!!

    However.. ‘the more the merrier’ I suppose! Good on Ya God!

    ‘..That is why there are so many higher souls with you right now, and some of them will make themselves known to you all very s**n..’

    April 1st perhaps? Yeah.. yeah..!

    ‘..It is well past the time that you were allowed to proceed to your future choice without hindrance. That is something we are pressing for, but the dark Ones can be very obstinate..’

    Yes.. yes.. Too right.. We already KNOW this!
    Perhaps as Humans, even more obstinate than you originally gave them ‘credit’ for?
    Please therefore just ‘press’ instead to remove them from the fraking Planet altogether.. and LET US together, just get ON with it now then?

    In Light!


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