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Message from SaLuSa for 28 March 2011

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    SaLuSa 28-March-2011

    For a long time you have asked to see action and although we cannot allow you insight to everything we have done, you are becoming more aware of our part in what is happening worldwide. Along with our allies we are pushing hard to get really started on bringing some matters to completion. We know that once things start there will be no stopping the onward surge. As you can see and as was predicted, your ever-increasing levels of consciousness are bringing results as evidenced in the changes taking place in the Middle East. It will not stop there, and you will see other countries subject to pressure from their inhabitants. Freedom is the flag that everyone flies, and it is such a powerful energy that it will carry all before it. With it will come truth and a great reconciliation will occur between both people and their countries, where previously they have been set apart.

    Separation was played upon by the Illuminati and everything done to foment the differences, whether they were true or false. The hatred and anger caused has gone deep into the earth, and there will never be true peace until such energies are cleared away. That is why Mother Earth is anxious to get going and why her activities will be more frequent. However much you see a threat where your safety is concerned, bear in mind that you agreed to take your place on Earth for this particular period. Whatever happens you will find yourself exactly where you were meant to be. It may be difficult to contemplate, but some souls have planned to leave before Ascension and are directly involved with the changes. We of the Galactic Federation already do much more than you are aware of, and the results of the earthquake in Japan are one example. Be assured they could have been so much more serious without our intervention, and you will not necessarily know exactly what we have done.

    Sometimes it is intentional that you see our craft are become aware of our activities, as for example where we have openly disabled nuclear weapons on their missile sites. We made it clear to all governments that nuclear weapons would not be allowed to be used, and it is quite pointless in having them primed ready to launch. In the course of time we shall call a halt to all war activities, and if that is ignored we shall disable all types of weapons so that none can be raised in anger. Peace is coming and our role is to ensure that it is achieved well before Ascension. This is why you must have the right people leading you governments, and those at present representing you will by and large be replaced. For you at present a politician that speaks the total truth is a rare specimen, but there are souls who are with you who come especially for that purpose. Some you already know by their work to bring changes about for the benefit of the people.

    There is no turning back to the old ways and whilst some aspects may survive you are taking a great step up, and will make good the period of time that you have been held back. The upliftment you will experience will far outweigh any difficulties you go through, and many of you have still not grasped the immense importance of the time you are in. We have told you previously that it is a unique occasion, but just as important is the fact that mass ascension only occurs at long intervals. It is an opportunity that will not come your way for many thousands of years, so take it with both hands and do not worry yourselves with what is necessary to achieve it. With great love for you all God planned the end times of this cycle, so that every soul would have an equal chance to ascend. It is not forced upon anyone and neither will you be coerced into doing so, but nevertheless you will be given every encouragement. Many feel the pull of wanting to “go home” as they know that the lower dimensions are not their real home. Set your sights firmly on Ascension, because it is your pathway back to where you originally came from.

    We will be with you when circumstances permit, and then we shall have a wonderful period of getting to fully know each other. In many instances we are old friends of yours and your true family from the stars. The Greys have been on Earth for a long time, and have been working with many Earth representatives of their family to help save their civilisation. These are in the minority but in gaining permission to have bases on Earth, were responsible for the early exchange of advanced technologies, Regretfully the Illuminati never intended that it should be used to everyone’s advantage, although some of it did make into the commercial markets. There have been other Space visitors but none in recent times have stayed upon Earth, but have carried out exploratory missions. The Universe is full of intelligent life, and it is the way of things that when a civilisation reaches the point of being able to Space travel, they travel their Universe in search of knowledge.

    Clearly you are rapidly approaching the time when you should trust your intuition, and see beyond your eyes, and outside of your mind. All that is happening now or due to happen is in your best interests. The planet is being swept clean on many levels, so that it is in a rejuvenated state in readiness for Ascension. You too will be registering changes within yourselves, as you cannot really go through this period of upliftment without being aware of it. Get plenty of rest and do not give your energies to any articles or individuals preaching the fear factor. There is still disinformation being given out and it can be confusing, but by now you should be able to discern the difference. There are some recognised sources of truthful information, so stick with them and do not be distracted by others.

    Week by week there will be startling bits of information, as slowly but surely the truth is coming out. The world has come alive with the realisation that people power is real and can after all “move mountains”. Hitherto as happened many years ago in Hungary, any demonstrations against the authorities would have been totally crushed without any consideration to loss of life. Now that approach will be stemmed, as the people’s demand for change has resulted in a powerful surge of energy that is carrying it onwards.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and on the one hand happy to see the outward showing of your success, but tinged with sadness at the cost in human lives.

    Thank you SaLuSa.

    Mike Quinsey.

  1. #1 JBiZ
    March 28, 2011 am31 10:46 am

    I know many of us have expressed frustration in regards to this latest message.

    Isn’t there an almost paradoxical element in the message?

    We get all bent outta shape while being told not to judge.

    I go back to the Council of 12 message.

    By speaking out against, the Universe only hears us saying “MORE!”

    Might our frustrations only work to make “soon” an infinite waiting on our part?

    Kinda hard for me to explain. I am certain some of you pick up what it is I’m dropping.

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  2. #2 Elusive2
    March 28, 2011 am31 11:26 am

    JBiZ, I think you nailed it. We’re getting what we focus on.

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  3. #3 Robin.
    March 28, 2011 am31 11:55 am

    SaLuSa.. (NOT Mike! )..

    “HOW long is a ‘long time’?”

    HOW long have the Greys been here?

    50 years?
    500 years?
    500,000 years?
    An even LONGER ‘Time’?


    It’s PAST..

    I speak out FOR our History.. FOR OUR Knowledge.. it’s OUR Truth I speak out FOR here!

    PAST can’t be s**n!

    Please check in @ previous board for my further valid rants re. this!



    We deserve to Know what we already ‘know’ via THIS source! Smile

    In Light!

    Star Star Star

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  4. #4 JBiZ
    March 28, 2011 am31 12:00 pm

    Elusive2 -


    I’ve accepted the fact that Full Open Contact is the only action that can verify, validate, and substantiate any and ALL claims concerning UFOs and an ET presence.

    Outside of that, it does me nor anyone else any “Good” to perpetuate frustrations felt over ‘flimsy’ evidence.

    Our Thoughts (Energies) are “Better” spent on, or directed toward the Future we wish to see.

    I no longer feel the need to go outside for validation. The Mind can be deceived, but the Heart knows only Truth.

    If we all depend on our senses and, to some degree, our minds to decipher and/or attempt to find truth in what our senses perceive, we WILL forever be awaiting the infinitely unattainable SOON.

    Instead, KNOW that what our Senses await has already come to pass.

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  5. #5 dreamwalker
    March 28, 2011 am31 12:32 pm

    @blue cube thank you for your kind words

    To those wrestling with soon-

    I think disclosure is a fairly 3-d concept. We want physical proof of non-physical entities?


    I’ll follow up on a question I posted earlier.

    AshtAr tribute, he.says there are two possible outcomes. We All learn to love the planet, which will help to cleanse it of negative energy. Option 2 is cleansing by fire. Which would you prefer?

    The fact that some things on their end are delayed is to me a really good thing. It buys us more time to realize option 1.

    Better get on that, don’cha think?

    So what else can we do to make this happen?

    It is not up to THEM, it is up to US.

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  6. #6 drawn
    March 28, 2011 am31 12:33 pm

    JBIZ and gunner, I posted on the previous thread (I think #213) about energy healing for you…

    I agree with you JBIZ. Last October I was anticipating yet another hint of contact, as were many of us. It just happened to coincide with a family member who was having hallucinations due to some medication problems. He came to me in the middle of the night and said there were a bunch of people out on my lawn. I remember thinking…. THIS IS IT! I was totally wrong, of course. What he was seeing only existed in his own mind, but it made me realize that I had to get off of the ‘contact train’.

    I no longer obsess about who or what is coming when or where. I just know that I have to keep myself in a certain ‘zone’ of light and love to allow light and love to manifest.

    I didn’t even read the post from today because I don’t feel I need to do it anymore. When it happens, it will happen. I’ve decided to focus my energies on other things besides contact for the exact reason you are all talking about above. We’re expending so much energy SPECULATING about beings with completely different concepts of time. NONE of the contact predictions have come about. NONE of them. And I’m fine with that.

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  7. #7 dreamwalker
    March 28, 2011 am31 12:41 pm

    #5 didn’t mean to sound like you guys arent doing lots already. I know that you are! We are a force to be reckoned with! I guess that I am just as impatient, I want everyone on board NOW dangit!

    Jbiz you are right on the money.

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  8. #8 JBiZ
    March 28, 2011 am31 12:49 pm

    drawn -

    I am open to a broad realm of possibility. As part of the Collective, we are all at the whims of our shared, shifting Conscious.

    How many of us GLOBALLY can truly hold a single thought in our minds?

    The Dark Cabal (if there even IS one) makes things even harder through its use of the media.

    My intent when joining this forum was to participate in my own wishful thinking. I never expected to ACTUALLY grow through my involvement with you all.

    I think by NOT having an expectation, I was more open to HAVING an experience.

    We are ALL caught in EXPECTATIONS right now. Expectations of timelines, disclosure dates, Full Open Contact, etc.

    And I agree >>drawn<<, our experience of space/time is simply that: OUR experience of space/time.

    Contact IS happening right now, but you're gonna miss the Ship if you keep looking out the window. Climb aboard your personal vessels and Ascend from within.

    This is the message I receive. Just thought I'd share.

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  9. #9 Elusive2
    March 28, 2011 am31 1:10 pm

    #4 JBiZ,

    “I’ve accepted the fact that Full Open Contact is the only action that can verify, validate, and substantiate any and ALL claims concerning UFOs and an ET presence.

    Outside of that, it does me nor anyone else any “Good” to perpetuate frustrations felt over ‘flimsy’ evidence.

    Our Thoughts (Energies) are “Better” spent on, or directed toward the Future we wish to see.”
    I am totally in alignment with what you are saying here. We need to live into existence, the life we want for ourselves and our planet. Do what we can do Here and Now. Keep our thoughts and actions based on what we want to see manifest in our lives, not on what we don’t want.

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  10. #10 Elusive2
    March 28, 2011 am31 1:17 pm

    #3 Robin,

    For as long as I’ve been lurking here, which is about 2 months, I have enjoyed reading your rants. You’re not afraid to spell out what you are feeling and I find that refreshing. I recently left a forum that I was a member of for 8 years because it got stale and boring, and people were infighting and bickering all the time.

    I see you getting frustrated about the word “soon” and I have a visual of you standing on the earth, looking at the heavens above you, and shaking your fists at basically the air because no one is answering you.

    Maybe you could put yourself above yourself as the One you are shaking your fist at, and give yourself the answer you seek? Just a thought. Smile

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  11. #11 JBiZ
    March 28, 2011 am31 1:20 pm

    Elusive – #10

    I’m TOTALLY gonna keep this in mind. I know today I’ve got my Higher Self on, but that doesn’t mean I am immune to my lower me.

    If you see me start shaking my fist, remind me who it is I’m shaking it at.

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  12. #12 jacob
    March 28, 2011 am31 3:00 pm

    you guys are finally realising what i had.theres no point reading these anymore because its a loop. soon,almost there,were close,un seen troubles ,soon ,almost there, un seen troubles.i cant wait to here their excuse for not doing anything for 100s of thousands of years as we suffered.

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  13. #13 jaymes
    March 28, 2011 am31 3:19 pm

    jbiz #1
    I believe your point to be of great truth…a reliable, predictable truth. I have noticed for me in the last several years, as what was mentioned above, ‘what I focus on is what I get,’ has been quicker to manifest. I have known this for years, but the last several years, my manifestations have been so quick( i.e., whatever I focus on; mentally project; invest energy into). And either consciously or unconsciously, ‘what I resist…persists’ is usually for me a particularly negative focus. I have yet to fully comprehend, to the core, how I live out, play out these fallacies in my usual stream of consciousness/thinking, negative ego, etc.
    Yes, the focus on ‘waiting’ and negative emotion created from that, I believe does nothing but blocks me from having more Light; freedom; peace. The action part for me is in appreciation, gratitude, and yes, some measure of harmonious humility; embodying more Light.
    I was listening today about the Japanese Shinto concept of Wa–the principle of preserving harmony in relationships is more effective, preferable, and more important than direct confrontation. The converse is acculturated in America for example.
    Blessings to the Japanese…at this time, their Great Humility in the face of such disaster, hardship, teaches me much.

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  14. #14 kathy
    March 28, 2011 am31 3:28 pm

    I guess it depends on where you are on the ladder of ascension what you will see, think, feel, etc. and what you are looking for to change. I see things everyday changing. I drive down the road and everywhere is being filled in with trees and bushes making things beautiful. People are coming in and buying fruit trees and other edible plants and starting their own gardens for food, that is healthy and poison free. They are doing something to change their own lives and not waiting for someone to come in and help. I do believe they are here already in our minds as I feel I get messages as what to do next, which way to go. The more we do for ourselves the more that changes. Many messages tell you what to do, like the Japan problem. Get out there and stop the building of new generators, stop the old ones that are running now before another explodes. It is raining right now in Florida and I feel it is their way of flushing the pollution out of the atmosphere as the problem in Japan still has not been fixed. People are banding together and fighting for their rights and making the political people know we mean business. The earth quakes and the floods, etc. we have been told about and they are happening. Every now and then something is said that may not but even that could be happening in a way we do not understand yet. Just thinking. Namaste In Love

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  15. #15 Admiral2012here
    March 28, 2011 am31 3:28 pm

    …this vid helps to put things in perspective


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  16. #16 Elusive2
    March 28, 2011 am31 3:33 pm

    jacob #12,

    “you guys are finally realising what i had.theres no point reading these anymore because its a loop. soon,almost there,were close,un seen troubles ,soon ,almost there, un seen troubles.i cant wait to here their excuse for not doing anything for 100s of thousands of years as we suffered.”

    I agree it’s a loop, but it is a self-created, self-perpetuating loop. Instead of hanging on words of someone else, we need to use our own words and create our own lives. Yes we’ve suffered, but it has been at our own hand. We are in charge of this earth show, not the ETs or anyone else.

    It is within our power to stop suffering, but I think we get quite a pay-off out of it, really.

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  17. #17 jaymes
    March 28, 2011 am31 3:46 pm

    Good reminder for me Kathy #14. Where am I today on the ladder of ascension? Am I more Heart-Mind, Love, a vibrational match toward Ascension? I think the real waiting is the waiting for me to step into, step up, Be Light, today, now, as best I can, out of choice. Thanks.

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  18. #18 spedman
    March 28, 2011 am31 3:47 pm

    HAPPPY BIRF DAY DREAMWALKER wooooo hooooo. Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake Cake

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  19. #19 jaymes
    March 28, 2011 am31 3:49 pm

    Elusive2 #16
    THAT IS THE TRUTH!! Refreshing, clear, clean truth.

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  20. #20 spedman
    March 28, 2011 am31 3:51 pm

    @robin….rant away bro. Yes Yes Yes oh and how does one get real in an illusion ROTFL Silly ROTFL Silly ROTFL Silly ROTFL Silly http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeZ9HhHU86o still my fav lol love ya gran… i mean bro Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart

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  21. #21 Admiral2012here
    March 28, 2011 am31 3:57 pm

    …hey Sped, how was work today…I get the feel’n it went GREAT! Smile

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  22. #22 nepowl
    March 28, 2011 am31 3:57 pm

    Get plenty of rest and do not give your energies to any articles or individuals preaching the fear factor.
    NEWS FLASH!!!!!!! It Raises their vibration and takes them out of fear. So again they are promoting you do do nothing wait good sheep . For the love of the eternal father Send light to them and rest I never felt better…
    Send Light and Love Riki style And it welcome back 100 Fold to you. TO you all see what I am talking about???
    Don’t believe me please ask God for clarity about sending love and getting it back 100 fold….

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  23. #23 spedman
    March 28, 2011 am31 4:03 pm

    work was great ad man. i’m a little tired but i reckon that’s to be expected. one thing too is we had to use oil paint…… ughhhhhh….. that sheet can give a feller such a headache. oooh oooh oooh i here the theme song for my fav soap opera “the young and the useless” lol

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  24. #24 Admiral2012here
    March 28, 2011 am31 4:07 pm

    …do we really want to hang out with 3D


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  25. #25 Admiral2012here
    March 28, 2011 am31 4:09 pm

    …lol Sped too funny. Awh!…the oil paint, I know whatcha talk’n about

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  26. #26 Admiral2012here
    March 28, 2011 am31 4:30 pm

    …hey Sped, remember the Love Police


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  27. #27 Laurinda
    March 28, 2011 am31 4:32 pm

    dreamwalker: Sending Happy Birthday blessings out your way. Ah, you precious Aries you—My son Chris/Sage shares your birthday!!! Heart Rose Cake Rainbow

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  28. #28 Admiral2012here
    March 28, 2011 am31 4:48 pm

    …Laurinda, I think Gunner played hooky today, lol, or he was piled up to his eyeballs with invoices

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  29. #29 Laurinda
    March 28, 2011 am31 5:24 pm

    Admiral: He’s takin’ alot of 3 day weekends lately! Next he’ll be havin’ Banker’s Hours too! lol How are you today Addie??? I had a great day at school today. I was talkin’ to some 5th graders about Black Holes, and they were tellin’ me their theories of what they are…So I SAID,”What if Black Holes are like, you know, Stargates?” Then they asked me what those were. I told them, “you know, like portals! What if something entering a Black Hole doesn’ get all squished and is transported out into another area of the universe?!” Addie, ya shoulda seen all their eyes light up! Oh, and I get paid to have these conversations lol!!!!! Those 5th graders made my day!!! Yes Cool

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  30. #30 dreamwalker
    March 28, 2011 am31 5:26 pm

    #18, #28, Thanks much guys! Smile

    Laurinda no kidding? What a funny coincidence! Please wish him a happy birthday for me! Cake

    He is blessed to have the God of War at his side! Grin

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  31. #31 spedman
    March 28, 2011 am31 5:31 pm

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajsYPTaboKQ im just a lub machine wooo hooo Silly Silly Silly Silly Silly Silly Silly Silly Silly Silly Silly

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  32. #32 spedman
    March 28, 2011 am31 5:36 pm
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  33. #33 Admiral2012here
    March 28, 2011 am31 5:38 pm

    …lol, Sped…we’ll join the “Love Train”


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  34. #34 dreamwalker
    March 28, 2011 am31 5:42 pm

    From ashTar tribute

    “Lester (Marian’s Spiritual Guide) has repeatedly told you to practice concentration upon a single point. This is our way of trying to get you to hold the Christ-Light vibration. You all do well in surrounding yourselves and your homes with this Light, but you do not hold it long enough; so that it dissipates from lack of concentrated thought.

    “You must at all times feel and radiate LIGHT, Christ-Light, to protect yourselves fully. Have it become such a strong part of your make-up that it is instantaneous at all times. Practice, practice, practice. It may mean the difference between life and death to one you love or are trying to help protect.

    “Remember, this is your job and we can only do so much. Our help is directly balanced with your own effort – past that we cannot step; so don’t be found asleep at the switch.

    “This is a warning to all whom this message may contact. I speak with urgency to all who stand with the Christ Forces in this greatest of all wars.”

    And from an earlier message:

    “The lower levels of the Astral plane have been swept clean. This cleansing will cause a sharp upswing in crime and perversion of all nature. Confusion and fear shall rule Man of Earth for being freed from the hold of the lower forces – the mass of Humanity shall have to rearrange its energy, and it does not by nature know how to or even that a re-balance must take place. Your position in the Light is as secure as your desire is to remain there; so cling to the Light, and remember that we here are beside you on whatever path you may find yourself tomorrow, or a year from tomorrow, as long as your goal is Spiritual Understanding, and an awareness of the Higher Self. I am Ashtar. “

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  35. #35 Stick
    March 28, 2011 am31 5:48 pm

    JBiZ#4: The passion and authority behind your declarations is undeniable:

    “I’ve accepted the fact that Full Open Contact is the only action that can verify, validate, and substantiate any and ALL claims concerning UFOs and an ET presence… Outside of that, it does me nor *anyone else* any “Good” to perpetuate frustrations felt over ‘flimsy’ evidence.”

    But the bottom line is these statements are simply another ‘belief’ system, that from my perspective, can actually limit ‘ones’ ability to actually ‘know’ what’s going on. The idea that ‘Full Open Contact’ is the only event that will ‘substantiate any and ALL claims’ about our Intergalactic Brethren and Sistren just isn’t true. And to suggest that discussing frustrations about the subject- as somehow being a waste of time because of ‘flimsy’ evidence, is absurd. Using that logic, many of Humanities greatest achievements and discoveries would have never made it beyond the sketch pad. ‘Hey Tesla… stop working on that polyphase system of electrical distribution thingy… there’s not ANY empirical evidence that what you’re doing is even real.’ I mean come on! The ‘fact’ that many who work in the UFO field have passed the phase of ‘knowing’ Extraterrestrials exist, is a horse sized pill most skeptics need to swallow; or just accept. Talk about an argument that has kept the potential for countless levels of meaningful dialogue at bay. ~Again, using this type of logic, where does Philosophy, Spiritual work, etc. fit into the picture? You go on to say that: “I no longer feel the need to go outside for validation. The Mind can be deceived, but the Heart knows only Truth.” I hear you Brother. For I & I, the constant backbeat of need for ‘empirical evidence’ as a salve that will somehow quench the thirst for ‘knowing’ by the masses, is ultimately just another roadblock for the intellect. A Human construct the can actually hinder ‘ones’ ability to truly connect with Heart. Do Extraterrestrials exist? Yes! You either ‘know’ this in your Heart, or you don’t. You say you need hard evidence? Seek and You shall find Brother. The writings been on the wall since the Ancient World.

    ~ApotheosisNow333——————— Question Shock Alien

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  36. #36 Admiral2012here
    March 28, 2011 am31 5:48 pm

    …Ashtar in all his Sweetness Big Smile

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  37. #37 Admiral2012here
    March 28, 2011 am31 5:52 pm

    …this guy knows what’s go’n on


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  38. #38 Stick
    March 28, 2011 am31 5:52 pm

    ————— Yin Yang HAPPY B-DAY DREAMWALKER Present —————–

    ~Ascension Clock Calling247——————- Announce Announce Announce

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  39. #39 dreamwalker
    March 28, 2011 am31 6:01 pm

    Heehee thanx stick, sped

    You guys all ROCK! Feelin all wrm n fuzzie!

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  40. #40 Elusive2
    March 28, 2011 am31 7:36 pm

    #19 jaymes, thank you. That was nice to hear. Grin

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  41. #41 nepowl
    March 28, 2011 am31 8:05 pm

    thanks ashTar tribute !!!!



    So SaLuSa lol Going out on a umm limb hear mind thinking out loud rather then ranting and bitching at the messages I give you advice ..

    After posting the last I found this. Had company and I just wanted to watch it on nexflix and call it intuition. Funny though this reminds me allot like earth today you the grays is Zardoz . I read allot Grey are Us in the future that remain hear and don’t ascend and Stuck hear do to greed not knowing no details I bet I am right.

    So much is B.s. the smoking gun is not heal the evil in the last post far as i am concerned is a big whoops. So I pray For you as a fellow god to the Divine father to give you peace for a smarter choice and send you love Riki energy style take it or leave it. And ask other to do so As well..The choice is yours I wont Impose myself on you nor judge you ether and Forgive you . You can send love still the choice is yours to accept it or not. Since when is sending love wrong or telling us this for 2000 + years whats wrong or right imposing yourself.

    The divine father is setting things wright as I see it. This time line you have the choice yet the help a us ascend and get the the Divine plan and ascend with us or stay but leave this time line as is since it a mater of choice to stay and end like Zardoz.

    Ether way we leave this rock and you still might remain lol
    Or This is a 1974 movie mind you and it manifested you and your not real and just some one manifestation which I am going with lol.
    Now back to Manifesting Beer again Grin

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  42. #42 dreamwalker
    March 28, 2011 am31 8:22 pm

    Tesla’s earthquake machine on Netflix – myth busters collection 2

    Interesting that this thread also says this is used for oil and mineral exploration.


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  43. #43 Admiral2012here
    March 28, 2011 am31 8:35 pm

    …oh man, it’s already time to hit the air mattris…I hate when time goes so fast and you’re hav’n fun but ya have to call it a day…See ya in the the morn’n Gunner

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  44. #44 Robin.
    March 28, 2011 am31 10:44 pm

    Elusive2 #10 and others..

    Actually it’s not the ‘soon’ factor that frustrates me here at all.. I’m finally ‘over’ that one! Smile It is instead the ‘HOW long’ (ago) is the ‘long time’ that the Greys have been here factor?

    You see, that isn’t anything to do with ‘soon’, but everything to do with conflicting reports and what SaLuSa considers a ‘long time’!

    Even if you travelled backwards in time, ‘a long time’ isn’t ‘soon’! It is further ‘back’ than that!

    Here and now is great, verification by mass sighting/landing/contact is great.. but IF as Sal here suggests, this has ALREADY HAPPENED.. WHEN did it happen? In our lifetimes? (as Alex Collier’s contact inplies).. or thousands of years ago as the Aboriginal Cave Paintings here imply?

    I simply wish the GF to be more specific particularly when it comes to referencing PAST events time-wise!

    Sure, in Quantum time we can probably access ANY ‘now’.. past, present OR future.. but we are not ‘in’ Quantum time yet, clearly!

    Did I just punch myself in the mouth? I’ll re-wind and check later.. soon.. before it becomes a long time ago! Smile

    Sped #20.. Re-wind.. ‘getting real’ whilst still within the Illusion is what we are all trying to do isn’t it! So, assuming that I am talking to Mike, who is also ‘in the illusion’ is much less ‘real’ than ‘real’-ising I am addressing SaLuSa, who presumably is NOT ‘in the Illusion’.. although sometimes I do wonder! Smile Hey Man.. those paint fumes ‘suck’ man! Take good care of your Neurones! Union Rules! Fast-Forward! Quick!

    In Light!


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  45. #45 Sunylocust
    March 28, 2011 am31 11:42 pm

    Is the saying about Nibiru’s coming correct? If not, how will the earth has so big changes?

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  46. #46 Robin.
    March 29, 2011 am31 12:18 am

    Oh.. Sped,

    Speaking of channelling oneself (or others) as you were.. I anyhow yesterday took on my position as a Sentient Soveriegn Citizen of Earth, to Command ‘SaLuSa’ to detail for us, a decorative ‘Flight’ of up to 30 Scout Ships to be visible over Melbourne on April 1st!
    ..Simply as an experimental ‘Arts Project’ you understand!


    The ‘response’ I felt, was that this ‘Command’ could not be ‘Authorised’ directly by him, but could instead be used to ‘Petition’ the Higher Non-Physical Spiritual Beings (Blossom’s Guys perhaps?) who also oversee our affairs here.. and that this Petition WOULD be put forward to them on our behalf.

    If it is up to US what happens happens here and when.. Let’s GO for it.. ‘Now’!

    I’ll therefore keep my eyes peeled here on Friday April 1st, at least.. and anyhow!

    I promise not to shake my fist at them, should they actually choose to oblige by visibly showing up!



    In Light!

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  47. #47 Reefer
    March 29, 2011 am31 2:39 am

    Hey Robin,

    Regarding the greys, I heard someone once saying, I believe it was Alex Collier but I’m not sure, that the greys came here for the first time in the 30′s or 50′s or something, but traveled back in time in order to interfere in something prior to their arrival. I really don’t remember details.

    This also shows that some things are complicated for us to understand. Our perception is limited to linear time while theirs is not.


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  48. #48 kathy
    March 29, 2011 am31 3:26 am

    More progress….


    From: Dennis Prager , principal at a high school in Redding, California, on the first day of classes in 2010: To the students and faculty of our high school: I am your new principal, and honored to be so. There is no greater calling than to teach young people.

    I would like to apprise you of some important changes coming to our school.

    I am making these changes because I am convinced that most of the ideas that have dominated public education in America have worked against you, against your teachers, against your parents, and against our country. Therefore: First, this school will no longer honor race or ethnicity. I could not care less if your racial makeup is black, brown, red, yellow, or white. I could not care less if your origins are African, Latin American, Asian, or European, or if your ancestors arrived here on the Mayflower or on slave ships. The only identity I care about, the only one this school will recognize, is your individual identity — your character, your scholarship, your humanity. And the only national identity this school will care about is American. This is an American public school, and American public schools were created to make better Americans.

    If you wish to affirm an ethnic, racial, or religious identity through your school, you will have to go elsewhere. We will end all ethnicity-, race- and non-American-nationality-based celebrations They undermine the motto of America , one of its three central values — E Pluribus Unum — “from many, one.”

    And this school will be guided by America ‘s values. That includes all after-school clubs. I will not authorize clubs that divide students based on any identities. This includes race, language, religion, sexual orientation, or whatever else may become in vogue in a society divided by political correctness. Your clubs will be based on interests and passions — not blood, ethnic, racial or other physically defined ties. Those clubs just cultivate narcissism — an unhealthy preoccupation with the self — while the purpose of education is to get you to think beyond yourself. So, we will have clubs that transport you to the wonders and glories of art, music, astronomy, languages you do not already speak, math, carpentry, and more. If the only extracurricular activities you can imagine being interested in are those based on ethnic or racial or sexual identity, that means that little outside of yourself really interests you.

    Second, I am not interested in whether or not English is your native language. My only interest in terms of language is that you leave this school speaking and writing English as fluently as possible. The English language has united America ‘s citizens for more than 200 years, and it will unite us at this school. It is one of the indispensable reasons this country of immigrants has always come to be one country. And if you leave this school without excellent English-language skills, I will have been remiss in my duty to ensure that you are prepared to compete successfully in the American job market. We will learn other languages here — it is deplorable that most Americans only speak English . But if you want classes taught in your native language rather than in English, this is not your school.

    Third, because I regard learning as a sacred endeavor, everything in this school will reflect learning’s elevated status. This means, among other things, that you and your teachers will dress accordingly. Many people in our society dress more formally for a meal at a nice restaurant than they do for church or school. Those people have their priorities backwards. Therefore, there will be a formal dress code at this school.

    Fourth, no obscene language will be tolerated anywhere on this school’s property — whether in class, in the hallways or at athletic events. If you can’t speak without using the “F-word,” you can’t speak. By obscene language I mean the words banned by the Federal Communications Commission plus epithets such as the “N-word,” even when used by one black student to address another, or “bitch,” even when addressed by a girl to a girlfriend. It is my intent that by the time you leave this school, you will be among the few of your age to distinguish instinctively between the elevated and the degraded, the holy and the obscene.

    Fifth, we will end all self-esteem programs. In this school, self-esteem will be attained in only one way — the way people attained it until the state of California decided otherwise a generation ago — by earning it. One immediate consequence of this is that there will be only one class valedictorian, not eight.

    Sixth, and last, I am reorienting the school toward academics and away from politics and propaganda. No more time will be devoted to scaring you about smoking and caffeine, or terrifying you about sexual harassment or global warming. No more semesters will be devoted to condom-wearing and teaching you to regard sexual relations as only or primarily a health issue. There will be no more attempts to convince you that you are a victim because you are not white, or not male, or not heterosexual, or not Christian. We will have failed, if any one of you graduates from this school and does not consider himself or herself inordinately lucky — to be alive and to be an American.

    Now, please stand and join me in the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America . As many of you do not know the words, your teachers will hand them out to you.



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  49. #49 spedman
    March 29, 2011 am31 4:41 am

    @robin 46 i’ll sign that petition myself woo hoo. please if ya got a vid cam or know someone with one set the thing up preferably with a tripod as those shaky vids mess with my eyeballs Yes Yes Yes

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  50. #50 spedman
    March 29, 2011 am31 4:54 am

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vT2dB0l5Og wake up, rock out, and go love the s**t outta the world today Smile as a member of the GFL ground crew i can say contact with your heart is the key to us appearing in mass. it’s all about frequency friends Smile Heart = Alien / Angel

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  51. #51 Laurinda
    March 29, 2011 am31 5:21 am

    Spedie: It always was about frequency darlin’… When more folks catch on to that little fact, you will see ascension kick-in like never before!!! Heart Star Sun

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  52. #52 Laurinda
    March 29, 2011 am31 5:32 am

    Kathy #48: Very interesting change of attitude indeed! I agree with that brave principal on many points. Now almost at the end of this academic year later, I wonder how he is doing, or how the school board is handling all of this—cuz it takes real courage to stand up in public school. I would also be interested in knowing if there are “forces” that oppose him, and if/how they are moving to try to force him back into the “box”. I applaud the man for taking such a strong stand deep within the belly of the beast… Thanks for posting this Kathy, it gives me hope. Yes Yes Yes

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  53. #53 dreamwalker
    March 29, 2011 am31 6:13 am

    #44 Robin this is an intelligent question – if you haven’t done so already I’d recommend you pose your question to Jay Bland over at http://intuitivechoice.blogspot.com . He seems to be getting some answers.

    #50 you said it bro – sending ma Earth lots of warm fuzzies!

    Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart

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  54. #54 kathy
    March 29, 2011 am31 6:14 am

    Hi Laurinda…thought you would find it interesting..maybe a follow up somewhere..

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  55. #55 kathy
    March 29, 2011 am31 6:14 am

    Dear NaturalNews readers,
    As the dreadful truth about the Fukushima catastrophe slowly unfolds, it turns out this disaster is far worse than we were ever told.
    For starters, the total radiation ultimately released from Fukushima may soon surpass that of Chernobyl. Reactors No. 2 and 3 are still out of control, with pumps not working and radiation levels too high to allow workers to even function there. (So how are they supposed to repair the coolant pumps, anyway?)
    Here’s the breakdown of the latest news from Fukushima, including a summary of the status of all six reactors:

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  56. #56 dreamwalker
    March 29, 2011 am31 6:20 am

    #41 omg Nepowl that was too funny!!!!! I guess Sean Connery went through some tough times after his James Bond films! Grin

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  57. #57 Fergie
    March 29, 2011 am31 7:25 am

    Hey Everybody,

    So, unfortunately I have some bad news. It looks like the Ascension is cancelled. Salusa rang me up last night and he said it really sucks but he is gonna have to bail on the whole Ascension thing. Yeah, I know. I can’t believe it either!

    I guess he’s got to get back to Sirius because he found out his Mom is sick in the hospital, his kids are having a lot of problems at school, and it looks like his wife is about to lose her job!

    He wanted me to tell you all that he is really sorry he can’t stick around but he swears he’ll be here for the next galactic alignment in 26,000 years. Pinky swear.

    He also said that he would make a few calls and see if anybody else could help us out but all the reputable fifth dimensional beings he knows are “booked solid” for the next few millenia.

    Well, it looks like we are on our own for this one folks! Salusa said to, “Hang tough, remember who we are, and stay positive”! Finally, he mentioned that even if we don’t “make it” this time, it won’t be VERY LONG until we get another chance, and another galactic alignment be here SOON.

    Wow. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news…this really sucks bigtime Frown

    P.S. He did say that he would “blast a few more beams of positive light energy” our way before he heads out and if we really need to get in touch with him his email is: salthestarman@sirius.com

    P.P.S Although, he did say that he would not be checking that email box regularly so response time might be a little spotty…but he would try to check it at least every other week.

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  58. #58 Admiral2012here
    March 29, 2011 am31 7:32 am

    …well Fergie, guess I’m go’n to have to kill myself

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  59. #59 manta12
    March 29, 2011 am31 8:02 am
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  60. #60 Robin.
    March 29, 2011 am31 8:15 am

    Reefer #47.

    Yes.. now you mention it I do recall mention of some such ‘time-antics’ on behalf of the ‘Little Greys’! This is in fact what I alluded to when I said that they had actually apparently ‘gone to a great deal of trouble’ to make it LOOK as if they had ‘been here’ for a ‘long time’.. when in fact they may NOT have been!

    Yes, it is ‘complex’ but surely AS We become ‘Muldi-dimensional’, which is what we are so often told is out True potential, we also evolve to more easily ‘understanding’ and taking on board as ‘real’, the perceptions that start to move our consciousness out side and away from, the more limiting concept of ‘Linear Time’.. and lead us instead toward a fuller understanding of Quantum ‘Now’ Time Models?

    This is the (Quantum) Field in which I believe both the Greys and the Mayan Indians, both had ample enough knowledge, to allow themselves to ‘move’ back and forth between relative ‘time-tracks’.. thus giving them the option and ability to facilite their (or Our) own future, consciously!

    To an extent we ourselves have, less ‘consciously’ perhaps, but none the less ALREADY ensured, that An All-out Nuclear War for example, is in fact a physical ‘impossibility’ in the Timeline that we have instead chosen to ‘inhabit’. This was probably done through our ‘collective conciousness’.. but let us start to explore the potentials of the individual to also ‘play’ in this game too!

    Yeah.. I wouldn’t mind learning more about enacting THAT little trick!! Smile

    In Light!

    Star Smile Star

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  61. #61 Fergie
    March 29, 2011 am31 8:16 am

    Don’t despair Admiral. I think someone posted this video here yesterday? But i have watched it about 20 times. This music has always inspired me

    The Impossible Dream!


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  62. #62 dreamwalker
    March 29, 2011 am31 8:16 am

    #57 lol fergie. Interesting timing considering most of us have just reached the conclusion that Salusa and the GFL are bit players in the process now. Who cares if they exist or not? We are the major players. We are the billion points of light blanketing the planet. We choose how this will all play out. It’s up to us.

    If you want to wait around for a spaceship to come and rescue you from some imagined hell, I can tell you the hell is real and the spaceship will never come!

    It’s time for a change, my friend. Get light or get off the pot!


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  63. #63 JBiZ
    March 29, 2011 am31 8:18 am

    Stick – #35

    >JBiZ#4: The passion and authority behind your >declarations are undeniable:

    >“I’ve accepted the fact that Full Open Contact is the >only action that can verify, validate, and substantiate >any and ALL claims concerning UFOs and an ET presence… >Outside of that, it does me nor *anyone else* any “Good” >to perpetuate frustrations felt over ‘flimsy’ evidence.”

    >But the bottom line is these statements are simply >another ‘belief’ system, that from my perspective, can >actually limit ‘ones’ ability to actually ‘know’ what’s >going on.

    Well then Stick, what IS going on pray tell? Empirical evidence must be provided in order for your statements to hold merit. Otherwise, you’re just channeling SaLuSa.

    >The idea that ‘Full Open Contact’ is the only event that >will ‘substantiate any and ALL claims’ about our >Intergalactic Brethren and Sistren just isn’t true.

    This event is the only way for ALL of Humanity to experience empirical evidence through the senses. We are not 5th dimensional, extra dimensional, or alien (as far as we can prove). While some of us may have had subjective experiences that can verify, validate, and substantiate UFO and ET claims on a personal level, a widely accepted experience shared GLOBALLY is the ONLY way for the Human Collective to “actually ‘know’ whats going on.

    >And to suggest that discussing frustrations about the >subject- as somehow being a waste of time because of >‘flimsy’ evidence, is absurd. Using that logic, many of >Humanities greatest achievements and discoveries would >have never made it beyond the sketch pad. ‘Hey Tesla… >stop working on that polyphase system of electrical >distribution thingy… there’s not ANY empirical evidence >that what you’re doing is even real.’

    Tesla’s experiments were the foundation FOR empirical evidence. Much like the Wright Bros. research and the Round Earth promoters’ claims. Eventually, Humans were able to test these theories in the Physical Realm. Humans need proof through the senses. Full Open Contact provides this on a GLOBAL level.

    >I mean come on! The ‘fact’ that many who work in the UFO >field have passed the phase of ‘knowing’ >Extraterrestrials exist, is a horse sized pill most >skeptics need to swallow, or just accept. Talk about an >argument that has kept the potential for countless levels >of meaningful dialogue at bay. ~Again, using this type of >logic, where does Philosophy, Spiritual work, etc. fit >into the picture? You go on to say that: “I no longer >feel the need to go outside for validation. The Mind can >be deceived, but the Heart knows only Truth.” I hear you >Brother. For I & I, the constant backbeat of need for >‘empirical evidence’ as a salve that will somehow quench >the thirst for ‘knowing’ by the masses, is ultimately >just another roadblock for the intellect. A Human >construct the can actually hinder ‘ones’ ability to truly >connect with Heart. Do Extraterrestrials exist? Yes! You >either ‘know’ this in your Heart, or you don’t. You say >you need hard evidence? Seek and You shall find Brother. >The writings been on the wall since the Ancient World.

    Point taken. But many Catholics Know in their Heart that their Faith is Real. Such is the Power of the Mind. If the Mind is Deceived, it can silence the Heart.

    In my Heart, I believe ETs exist. This is without any Empirical Evidence I have experienced through the senses. Many of us on this Forum would say the same. My brain/Mind is still Human though. It still wants to experience empirical evidence through the senses, and as I remember who I AM, I’m certain some extrasensory perceptions will reawaken. This is not the case for everyone though.

    Full Open Contact is the only way for empirical evidence to be experienced by the Collective Mind of Humanity through the senses. I did NOT say that an individual CANNOT have a valid personal experience. While THAT experience may provide THAT individual with the empirical evidence THEY need, it does little else for the rest of the Collective.

    No matter where each of us is individually, Full Open GLOBAL Contact would essentially put the Collective on the same page.

    As far as focusing on our frustrations, the Council of 12 message, while channeled, was the most Logical I’ve read to date. The dots seemed to connect along that line of thought, so I shared.

    Furthermore, never am I to be taken as THE beckon of Light and Love, but I would certainly like to view myself as A beckon of Light and Love.

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  64. #64 Robin.
    March 29, 2011 am31 8:30 am

    Sped #49.

    Sure, sign yourself on! Smile

    I’ll have a point-and-shoot digital stills camera on me.. but hey, if the show is anywhere near half decent, then there should be no shortage of steady-cam clips available afterwards too!

    Yeah.. it’s like ‘get a tripod guys’.. (Human eyeballs aren’t designed to move that fast).. they are 5 inches long and fit in the golve-box of your car REAL easy!!

    Hasta la Vista!

    In light!


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  65. #65 Robin.
    March 29, 2011 am31 8:33 am

    Dreamwalker #53.

    Yeah.. you ‘got it’ now!
    I have not yet, but will s**n visit Jay’s Place!


    In Light!


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  66. #66 Admiral2012here
    March 29, 2011 am31 8:37 am

    …this is funny



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  67. #67 Gunner
    March 29, 2011 am31 8:40 am

    Admiral, dont do it, now come down off of that ledge. I know the people are telling you to jump but think of the kids OMG!!!!haha
    Drawn, so glad to see you posting again and yes I did see your last comment to me. I dont have a home computer and can only post in work, that is when i decide to come to work.
    Laurinda, yes a lot of 3 dayers. I only worked one monday so far this year. All weekends should be 3 to 4 days so I am creating this enviroment for the golden age. YES!!!!!
    A big happy birthday to you dreamwalker. May you shine on you crazy diamond. I am sending you the gift of love. I know I know you want something material. I dont blame ya because I love to recieve presents. I hope your day was special.
    Also, on the daily anchoring of love unto Gaia, sometimes(Very little) I donot feel the energy at that point but it does come my way later in the day. Most times, 99 percent, i feel it enter my head right away. Then I increase it and as I send it to the core of gaia , I pick up more love from the love crystals , the atlantean crystals and the Agartha network. Then I loop this love back into me, staying connected with the core and then back to the central sun and I create a bond of love and I anchor it on a daily basis.I mean I feel so honored doing this and I could actually feel this love in my physical body. It is like I am shining so bright and I tell god, hey look at me I am shining so brightly down here God. Makes me feel like flying.Also, when I pick up love from the Argarthisan network, it is almost like I could feel children with their moms or dads saying, wow look at the light coming from earth and going into the core of gaia and I do feel their love as they send more light with mine. Now, in the past this didnot always come easy until I changed my mind ab out one simple thing. I just said love is who we are naturally, so it should be no struggle at all for me to tap into this emotion. Love is natural. The more I do it the more i feel god, goddess and Lady Gaia. After I did this in the morning today, I aid hello to all the galactics here on our behalf. Well just then I see this tiny white dot in the sky that stayed in my view for about 3 seconds. Then I felt an energy coming from this and started to send them much love honor respect and appreciation.
    And Kathy,14 and 48 your words here today made me want to jump. Thank you, I see you are recognizing all the changes going down right before our eyes.This is why the word soon does not really bother me because to me, soon is already over and the changes are going down on a daily basis . I do however understand others frustrations . I mean, look at the changes in our world, people revolting against their oppressive governments, physical changes and the list goes on and on. Ya gotta enjoy the ride.
    BTW Dranw, you are the second person to tell me I am a healer in a week. I dont know where this is coming from as i cant even heal myself. I am trying though. I did once do healing on my dogs and it did in fact work. Once I did a healing on myself with the help of lord Arcturus and I had results overnight but i nev er considered myself a healer however I do consider myself an Anthropoligist. haha I hope Ashley reads that as it sometimes pisses her off by me saying i am an antropoligist. One day her reply to me was no you are not you are an asshole hahaah.
    Admiral, OMG That strange message you got on saturday comment were from chrises phone. We were both wasted ( and I mean totally blacked out wasted and I kept telling him to go on the gm site. i seen your answer was HUH? All confused but i dont really remember what happened after that. I must have fell a few times because I woke up with my leg hurting and bruised and also my arm. The angels look out after me when I get that drunk and they minimize the damage.
    Spedman, try putting in some music while painting. I could imagine you playing heave metal in the church and the priest thinking you are the anti-christ haha.
    Well almost lunchtime and again I cant decide what to eat. To hell with it I am getting pizza. To hell with that I am getting some Spam. My brother is going to see spamalot, the play for his 25 anniversary.

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  68. #68 JBiZ
    March 29, 2011 am31 8:54 am

    Fergie – #57

    But I just got word from Metatron that we are ‘almost’ there. We can expect to see proof ‘very soon’. This proof will pave the way for an ‘eventual’ Open Contact initiative.

    Loved your post!!!

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  69. #69 Robin.
    March 29, 2011 am31 9:07 am

    Fergie #57.

    Hey.. thanks so much for being the one brave enough to share this devastating news with us!

    I guess he must have just got plain pissed off with it all!

    Ah Well.. I also guess he hung in there for a few years at least.. is that a ‘long time’?

    Do you think he has a good case to apply for some Sirian ‘Benefit’ Scheme or other? I dunno.. some sort of Ascension ‘unempoyment’ compensation or something? That’s tuff about his Mrs. too!

    Well.. I guess he must of known it was all a big ‘gamble’ down here, right from the start.. Eh?

    We’ll manage!

    Shit.. well I guess it may also at least be ‘polite’ to drop him an email, just to let him know how we are doing every so often?

    Cheers anyway!

    In Light!


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  70. #70 manta12
    March 29, 2011 am31 9:14 am

    I wanted to know a bit more about the New Bretton Woods conference and this is one article that I found……

    Good info for keeping hope alive!


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  71. #71 Robin.
    March 29, 2011 am31 9:18 am

    Hey.. ‘off topic’ but a ‘Geek’ friend dragged me off to watch the new ‘TRON’ Legacy Movie, in ‘Imax’, in 3D, on a 7 storey-high screen, with Quad Surround-Sound, the other day!



    It’s GOOOOD.. if Ya aint seen it yet!

    In Light Cycles!


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  72. #72 Steffie
    March 29, 2011 am31 9:20 am

    From someone I have a whole load of respect for… (I can’t view it Side Frown )

    This is one of the most important interviews I have seen to date – regarding secret societies and the supression on knowledge by global control groups – calm and collected – amazing interview with Stan DEYO ex. FBI – from 1977.


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  73. #73 dreamwalker
    March 29, 2011 am31 9:21 am

    #67 Thanks Gunner actually I received so many birthday wishes I’m feeling REAL OLD now!!! But seriously what you gave is all I want. And wow, it was a powerful beam of light indeed!

    Gunner, like Drawn said you are already 100% able to do the healing – it’s the same process you go through with your light beam going down into the center of the earth and out into the universe. This is the same thing Reiki folks do. And you have a really clear picture of it, too! What you’re doing is “centering” – it’s collecting that energy so you can make use of it.

    You can use your hands to direct the energy, if you need a physical point of reference (but like Drawn says it’s not necessary). Just cup your hands and imagine that light coming out of your palms. Keep focusing on the centering process as well – that’s where the energy comes from. You need to maintain it I recall my Reiki teacher saying that you have to imagine a purple light, but I’ve always personally “seen” it as white. Maybe there’s 2 different things going on there for me.

    But there are lots of other things you can do with that light as well. Drawn or Laurinda may be able to give more advice here (help me out, guys!).

    One example is that you can use that light to cover your body in a protective shield. My Reiki teacher told me she had light bulbs blow out on her a few times because she was using it to protect herself against someone she didn’t like.

    Actually the term “warm fuzzies” is pretty much what it feels like. Kind of like pins and needles, but it’s not painful. It can “feel” warm, as well. As you do this your hands will start to feel like this – you may already have experienced it.

    Alcohol and other substances will get in the way of this so you’ll need to have a “clean” system or you may not see any results. 48 hrs. I think is recommended (sorry dude!).

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  74. #74 Fergie
    March 29, 2011 am31 9:37 am

    Thanks, I thought I would just have a little fun here this morning. I am sure our good buddy, Sal, doesn’t mind!

    On another note: Here is Northeastern PA we have had three totally clear days (just a few random puffy clouds if anything). A rarity at this time of year. Although, what really caught my attention was the total lack of any CHEMTRAILS.

    I have been looking for planes making CHEMTRAILS and I haven’t seen a single one in three whole days. Weird.

    Curious if you folks out there are still seeing them where you live?

    Peace Wink

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  75. #75 dreamwalker
    March 29, 2011 am31 9:56 am

    Okay, I’ll ask a dumb question. What’s the difference between a chemtrail and a vapor trail? I’ve ridden in several jets and sometimes/ usually can see vapor trails forming on the wingtips. I’m pretty sure those jets don’t have nozzles on them to spray some kind of nasty substance. I’m mot saying it’s not happening though, I just don’t think commercial jets are responsible.

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  76. #76 Admiral2012here
    March 29, 2011 am31 10:01 am

    …DW…here are some chemtrails


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  77. #77 Admiral2012here
    March 29, 2011 am31 10:05 am

    …better yet here’s a perfect example



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  78. #78 Admiral2012here
    March 29, 2011 am31 10:10 am

    …here’s a vid that shows a chemtrail plane inside and out


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  79. #79 Gunner
    March 29, 2011 am31 10:35 am

    Thanks a lot DW73. I do know of the energy feeling you are talking about and reciev this very often. when it comes to negative energy protection from the physical or spiritual world, I have my good buddy AA Michael helping me with this. He suggested I imagine him sending this big blue ball, and the I step into this ball and I am protected from any negative energies. This is so important more so now than ever. The reason is everyone, on some level is feeling and being affected by ASS. Most people dont know why they feel this way and could lash out violently at others without any notice3. I tell people it is best to avoid confrontations in this stage of the plan. (thats right matthew, we did make a plan)
    Fergie, i live in Bayonne New Jersey and they have been spraying here all winter long. I thought it was strange as last summer I didnot notice any spraying at all but this winter, they have been relentless. Well gotta get some work done here today. I mean that is the reason I come to work, isnt it????

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  80. #80 Kellia
    March 29, 2011 am31 10:44 am

    #57 Fergie –

    lol! Thank you. You drew a funny scenario, but I believe that they are not coming. If they expect us to love the earth and each other before they land just look an any newspaper or internet news site. It ain’t gonna happen any time soon(tm).

    I have better things to think of now. I got engaged over the weekend so there’s a wedding to plan plus I am still settling into my new part-time job. If they come they come. If we blow our selves up instead, Oh well, we’ve all got to go sometime!

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  81. #81 Steffie
    March 29, 2011 am31 10:46 am

    some truly AWESOME posts on here today… sheesh, you guys are on a roll… keep going, this is beautiful!!! Heart Heart Heart

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  82. #82 Steffie
    March 29, 2011 am31 10:47 am

    Amazing UFO Fleet Over Fukushima Japan March 26, 2011 Real Or Fake


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  83. #83 Steffie
    March 29, 2011 am31 10:48 am

    CONGRATULATIONS KELLIA !!! Heart Heart Heart
    May you have a long and happy life together Heart

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  84. #84 Gunner
    March 29, 2011 am31 11:33 am

    Congratulations Kellia. Wow, what will it be like to be married in the golden age? Sounds cool to me. And just maybe in the golden age, parents can actually raise their own children, unlike it is now with both parents being forced to work just to survive.

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  85. #85 Gunner
    March 29, 2011 am31 11:40 am

    BTW, What does it mean to have a Gnome in your dream. Are they evil? OK, Dana, the owner of my house, asked me to watch her baby. She has 2 kids but this was a different one and about one year old. So the baby goes into this large walk-in closet and sitting on a chair was this old gnome with long grey hair and a long grey beard. He didnot seem threatening at all to me and didnot even look at me. He was facing the baby and the baby was smiling and I was like oh man that is so cool the gnome and the baby getting along like that. Then I went to a different part of the closet and the gnome and the baby went somewhere. I was freaking and so worried and just thinking about that baby and his parents. So anyway a little more into the dream, I was near a bed and I was on the floor for some odd reason. Then I felt a pulling on my leg and lo and behold it was that little baby. I was so relieved and also ben made an appearance.
    You know those rolls of duck tape, well one of them started to move across the floor and I heard someone scream. When I checked it out there was Ben the mouse in the middle of the tape and flyong across the floor. I was like oh doghouse that is only ben. It is wierd though as ben seems to show up in my dreams a lot lately.

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  86. #86 dreamwalker
    March 29, 2011 am31 11:55 am

    #77 Sorry Admirals all you’ve shown me are two different forms of water vapor. At lower levels it forms clouds that stick around, at higher levels it doesn’t stick around because it’s colder and crystallizes. It all depends on the amount of water in the air and the ambient temperature.

    I have a small amount of aviation background, and aviation in my family; those aircraft are built to spec. The pilots have to know every inch of those aircraft. So it’s not coming from commercial aircraft. I don’t think every trail you see is a chemtrail. This is statistically impossible.

    Having said that, I’ll pay closer attention to those trails from now on, and I’ll start carrying around my binoculars. To control the spraying they have to fly fairly low otherwise the chemical would rapidly dissipate and become diluted.

    To me this seems more like a fear campain. They don’t actually have to spend money on anything, they just have to actively deny it exists. It’s like me telling you not to scratch your neck. Guess what you REALLY want to do right now?

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  87. #87 BlueCube
    March 29, 2011 am31 11:55 am

    Congrats Kellia–blessings to you both.

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  88. #88 dreamwalker
    March 29, 2011 am31 12:00 pm

    Congrats Kellia – wonderful news! Sun

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  89. #89 dreamwalker
    March 29, 2011 am31 12:16 pm


    So your dogs are helper spirits and Ben is a helper spirit too. There’s a violent element to that dream (the scream) which is accompanies your helper spirit. Not really a bad thing – it’s just telling you to pay attention to something.

    Some generic info on gnomes. Maybe it will help? Gnomes are also known as some of the first spirit people on the planet.


    Spiritual Meaning:
    The name ‘gnome’ was given by the medieval scholar Paracelsus to describe the most important of the earth spirits. Goblins are a different, more grotesque, malicious variety of gnome. Visible to some who have developed clairvoyance, they are manifestations of nature’s power.

    Psychological / Emotional Perspective:
    Gnomes are said to guard the treasures of the earth, living underground, whereas goblins have no real home. In dreams, therefore, the former will signify contentment but the latter stands for discontent.

    Everyday Material Aspects:
    When gnomes or goblins appear in dreams we are linking with the inherent powers of nature and perhaps the personalization of parts of our own psyche. The hidden instinctive aspect is seen in the gnome and the well-buried malicious persona in the goblin. We perhaps should look at how our actions are affecting others.

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  90. #90 BlueCube
    March 29, 2011 am31 12:21 pm

    re: con- vs. chemtrails

    There is a difference between the 2. Agree that contrails are water vapor+jet exhaust that flow from passenger jets. Trails may be long or short depending on high atmosphere temp+humidity.

    Chemtrails appear to come from passenger-like jets that leave long, ‘bumpy’ trails that do not dissapate but instead flatten out & create a dingy sky. They’re usually laid down in equi-distant ‘stripes’, ‘X’s or criss-cross grids; within a short time the entire sky turns a uniform grey. Tests have shown residue from these jets contain strontium, barium, aluminum, human white blood cells (?!?WTF???) & other strange combinations that shouldn’t be in regular jet exhaust.

    I’ve had trees on my property produce odd brown-purple coloring on the top side of their leaves overnight after spraying the day prior. The news last summer had several articles from all over USA where organic farmers were losing entire crops d/t some airborne anomaly which wiped out fruits/veggies with amazing speed. Crazy sh!t.

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  91. #91 Gunner
    March 29, 2011 am31 12:29 pm

    Wow DW awesome dream interpetation. I really do a lot of communicating with Nature any chance I get and i could feel the spirits of Nature so your explanation makes sense to me.I communicate with bruce the spruce tree in my yard and I have an angel bush that sprouts white flowers in the summer. I call it an angel bush because the leaves remind me of angel wings. And yes I know angels dont really have wings. I used to see big wings on angels and ask myself how they get around with those huge wings. I am not letting those goblins in though. Homey dont play that game.
    Also I dont know where the scream came from as it could have been one of the dogs or a person but at the time I got a bit scared as I thought it was some sort of ghost they had seen
    Did anyone read the message from Sheldan posted today. It was a personal message from him. I loved it. Great to hear directly from him.

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  92. #92 Gunner
    March 29, 2011 am31 12:38 pm

    BC I also heard of tests done on the ground that had chemtrails being sprayed. They all came back with all the cancer causing substances you mentioned. One big proponent of these is James Gilliand and he has a lot on his site of the pictures and the tests that were performed. I have seen a picture of athe inside of an airplane. what they do is remove all the seats and replace them with steel rounded containers filled with chemicals.
    The government will tell you they need this for the radar testing or to increase rain but we know the governments word these days mean nothing at all to us.

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  93. #93 Admiral2012here
    March 29, 2011 am31 12:40 pm

    Dear Friends of Sheldan Nidle (PAO)

    I am experiencing a spiritual renaissance – a rebirth of my original dedication to the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy that will free me to successfully take the PAO, its friends and family to the next level in our preparation for first contact and the arrival of our Spiritual Hierarchies.

    With this will come the great changes and prosperity to which we all have looked forward for so long. The next milestones for PAO will mark the beginning of renewed commitments and another step forward in our consciousness awakening.

    For the past week, I have been undergoing an intense spiritual, mental, emotional and physical integration that has taken its toll on my eyes and energy levels and made it virtually impossible for me to work on a computer. As a result, I have had to miss a couple of updates and reschedule my latest Webinar 16 to early April. During that Webinar, I will bring you up to date on Earth changes, such as the recent series of earthquakes and the Japanese nuclear plant catastrophe, as well as the political upheavals in the Middle East and North Africa.

    First Contact is a spiritual contact – an awakening to a new consciousness. It is a time for us to see ourselves with new eyes. It is a time for us to come together in unity as one people. It is a time for us to commit ourselves to sustain and uphold each other, always.

    PAO is committed to the re-dedication of our role in this unprecedented spiritual event. We can do this by re-emphasizing our inter-connection through Planetary Activation Groups (PAGs). PAGs need to become PAO’s critical center. PAO seeks to encourage the formation of PAGs and their interaction within the Planetary Activation family. I will be dedicating a future Webinar to the role of PAGs and how they operate. A good information source for everyone is my book, Selamat Ja! A Guide for Galactic Humans.

    I look forward to resuming the updates as soon as I can, and to serving you even more completely by means of my newly acquired understandings.

    Selamat Kasi Da! Selamat Gajun!
    (Sirian for “In Loving Service~Be One!”)

    Sheldan Nidle
    Founder, PAO


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  94. #94 Gunner
    March 29, 2011 am31 12:43 pm

    To All People Around the World

    Please send your prayers of love and gratitude to water at the nuclear plants in Fukushima, Japan!

    By the massive earthquakes of Magnitude 9 and surreal massive tsunamis, more than 10,000 people are still missing…even now… It has been 16 days already since the disaster happened. What makes it worse is that water at the reactors of Fukushima Nuclear Plants started to leak, and it’s contaminating the ocean, air and water molecule of surrounding areas.

    Human wisdom has not been able to do much to solve the problem, but we are only trying to cool down the anger of radioactive materials in the reactors by discharging water to them.

    Is there really nothing else to do?

    I think there is. During over twenty year research of hado measuring and water crystal photographic technology, I have been witnessing that water can turn positive when it receives pure vibration of human prayer no matter how far away it is.

    Energy formula of Albert Einstein, E=MC2 really means that Energy = number of people and the square of people’s consciousness.

    Now is the time to understand the true meaning. Let us all join the prayer ceremony as fellow citizens of the planet earth. I would like to ask all people, not just in Japan, but all around the world to please help us to find a way out the crisis of this planet!!
    The prayer procedure is as follows.

    Name of ceremony:
    “Let’s send our thoughts of love and gratitude to all water in the nuclear plants in Fukushima”

    Day and Time:
    March 31st, 2011 (Thursday)
    12:00 noon in each time zone

    Please say the following phrase:
    “The water of Fukushima Nuclear Plant, we are sorry to make you suffer. Please forgive us. We thank you, and we love you.”

    Please say it aloud or in your mind. Repeat it three times as you put your hands together in a prayer position.

    Please offer your sincere prayer.

    Thank you very much from my heart.

    With love and gratitude,
    Masaru Emoto
    Messenger of Water


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  95. #95 Gunner
    March 29, 2011 am31 12:47 pm

    Lab tests are in are their any questions now?

    This came to my e-mail via james gilliand who has mucho knowledge on the whole chemtrail activities.

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  96. #96 BlueCube
    March 29, 2011 am31 12:57 pm

    Holy crap gunner–I hadn’t seen that site. Sometimes it’s so hard to wrap ones brain around the fact that humans are doing this to other humans. What kind of brain thinks up this stuff?

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  97. #97 dreamwalker
    March 29, 2011 am31 1:01 pm

    @gunner the scream is just sort of a visual cue, in the general category of violence. It’s just your spirit helper saying “there’s something here you need to pay attention to”. It’s an exclamation point at the end of a sentence. Like the violence in Jacob’s dream – the knife wounds were actually his spiders saying “pay attention here bud!”

    The violence thing itself doesn’t usually have too much significance when your spirit helper is also involved. It’s just their way of communicating.

    Fun, huh?

    For example, my salamander helpers became tattoos (even though I don’t have any tattoos), my mouse helpers ate my cereal, my bear helper gouged my face, my zulu shaman helper decapitated a bunny. It’s nothing more than communication. The level of violence seems to coincide a little with the amount of power they have.

    Also your spirit helpers can manifest in different ways in this world, as well.

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  98. #98 JBiZ
    March 29, 2011 am31 1:02 pm

    Admiral – #93

    From your post:

    “First contact is SPIRITUAL contact..”


    Something we can NEVER qualify or quantify with empirical evidence. My earlier post suggested that we jump on board our personal vessels and ascend from within. It would appear that Sheldon’s letter points in a similar direction.

    Contact IS happening. Just not the kind our senses can perceive.

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  99. #99 dreamwalker
    March 29, 2011 am31 1:07 pm

    #95 from your link Gunner – guess I’ll have to stop taking my multivitamins!

    cadmium is 126x the toxic limit,
    chromium is 282x the toxic limit and
    nickel is 169x the toxic limit.
    aluminum is a stagg 6,400x the toxic limit,
    iron is 28,000x the toxic limit,
    magnesium is 5.3x the toxic limit,
    potassium is 793x the toxic limit and
    sodium is 15.9x the toxic limit
    barium is 278x the toxic limit,
    copper is 98x the toxic limit,
    manganese is a staggering
    5,820x the toxic limit
    zinc is 593x the toxic limit

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  100. #100 Gunner
    March 29, 2011 am31 1:15 pm

    Interesting DW. i have also been having many dreams with tigers. Now most of the dreams the tigers are friendly and some of them , they seem to attack me. I get this with dog dreams also. Sometimes in a dream, if I get bitten by a dog, I could actually feel the pressure of the bite while dreaming. Maybe it is my 2 dogs biting me at night. They crowd me in and on my futon. The thing is I have their own futon 5 feet away but they crowd me in every night. I know that they do this in a pack mentality though it still sucks sometimes as they are 2 big dogs. They are pitbulls and must weigh at least 50 lbs each. The sucky part is they have to sleep right next to me. If they would move one foot to the right everything would be alright but no they have to be up against me and then they will put their heads on me sometimes making it so uncomfortable. well anyway they are worth the extrasw I have to go through most definetly.

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  101. #101 rawanderer
    March 29, 2011 am31 1:15 pm

    Jbiz 98-

    Contact IS happening. Just not the kind our senses can perceive.

    Absolutely right. When one gets into a deep meditation and clears the mind enough, contact can and usually is made with higher dimensional beings through thoughtform, which is the standard way they communicate. This is why in most messages we are told to call upon angels to help us in our daily lives. They are ever at the ready and all we must do is concentrate upon them and ask them to be with us. The contact really does come from within.

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  102. #102 dreamwalker
    March 29, 2011 am31 1:25 pm

    #100 you’ll be able to control yourself in your dreams, gunner. It’s weird when you first do it because you feel this kind of “shearing” of reality happen. I usually don’t like to do this because it requires effort on my part and it’s more fun just to tag along for the ride.

    But sometimes it’s necessary to take the bull by the horns, so to speak. You’ll find stuff in your dreams will be subservient to your actions, because you’re establishing yourself as the “pack leader”.

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  103. #103 Gunner
    March 29, 2011 am31 1:32 pm

    My contact will be riding on the ships and snorkeling in Agartha. I am talking physical contact.
    wow another fast day and I gotta catch the train. man everything we do in life it seems we are always in a rush. Have a great night everone and thanks a lot for the dream intepetaions DW they have been very insightful

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  104. #104 Elusive2
    March 29, 2011 am31 2:26 pm

    Just a reminder that focusing on what we want is the way to begin the process of bringing it into existence. If we allow ourselves to get sidetracked by focusing on what we don’t want, that’s what we’re going to create, even though it’s not really what we want.

    I read on the Lightworker.com website that we’re not in control of all the thoughts that flit through our minds throughout the day, but we are in control of the ones that stay there.

    What a tricky process this raising your awareness thing is.

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  105. #105 Elusive2
    March 29, 2011 am31 2:42 pm

    Here’s another tidbit. I used to form ‘intentions’ like all the metaphysical books and literature talked about, but all the while in the back of my mind, it seemed to me such a hollow word. I mean, so what if I intend to do something? Doesn’t mean I am going to do it.

    I came across information from a channeling I read, don’t remember where, and the advice was not to form intentions, but to ‘resolve’ to do something. I don’t know if that means something different from ‘intention’ but it seems to have more punch and more power behind it.

    “I intend to hug a tree today.”

    “I resolve to hug a tree today.”

    What do you think? Is there a difference?

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  106. #106 Admiral2012here
    March 29, 2011 am31 3:26 pm

    …wow, I had no idea, but I checked in on Nespoli, the guy up in the space station. He had posted this…sweet!


    These are our extraterrestrial cranes, a symbol of hope, put into HTV for all Japanese people. We are with you!


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  107. #107 Admiral2012here
    March 29, 2011 am31 3:33 pm

    …awh! here’s another one from Nespoli


    The cranes will fly back to Earth with HTV and magically become shooting stars. Hope is our future!


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  108. #108 Laurinda
    March 29, 2011 am31 3:39 pm

    Bravehearts: I do rather believe that THESE are the new “GLORY DAYS” of the Galactic Messages website! Bravo! Yes Yes Yes Star Star Star

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  109. #109 spedman
    March 29, 2011 am31 4:32 pm

    @ robin i really hope you get some. would be nice to see something from a trusted source Smile

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  110. #110 Kellia
    March 29, 2011 am31 4:51 pm

    Folks ==

    Thanks for all the congratulations. I am beyond child bearing years and have no idea what raising children will be like in the Golden Age.

    About that principal. I am glad to see he he wants to get rid of Identity Politics. But to say they won’t teach about nutrition, safe sex or global warning, or sexual harassment is shortsighted. And his nationalism can be done without.

    Chem trails–saw some being made over Oakland today.

    Resolve SOUNDS stronger than intend, but then think of New Year’s resolutions. Better to say I am hugging a tree today.

    Re: Sheldan Nidle. I think that is the last nail in the coffin of hopes that we will have disclosure. Yeah, we know ETs are around and have been here for millenia. but THEY also know what disclosure means when you say it to most people and it doesn’t mean a spiritual experience, it means what JBIZ and I are looking for. My fiance is having contact in his dreams, but that is not disclosure to either one of us.

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  111. #111 dreamwalker
    March 29, 2011 am31 6:04 pm

    Resolve is a personal contract and so it manifests your desire to do something. Intend seems lower energy, you mean well but you are letting yourself off the hook.

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  112. #112 spedman
    March 29, 2011 am31 6:08 pm

    https://www.rr.com/news/topic/article/rr/9000/37930233/US_sending_robots_to_Japan_to_help_nuclear_plant well some help is on the way to japan.. hopefully it will do some good Smile

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  113. #113 spedman
    March 29, 2011 am31 6:13 pm

    @ kellia congrats on the engagement. Yes be thankful he asked you and not his truck lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yE2qN7A7Fk0

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  114. #114 dreamwalker
    March 29, 2011 am31 6:17 pm

    I hate to drag through this but is disclosure something we are expecting of our government, or of the gfl?

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  115. #115 Admiral2012here
    March 29, 2011 am31 6:29 pm

    …Sped, accord’n to Dr. Carol Rosin, we need 9 leaders to sign the Treaty…that includes the GF


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  116. #116 dreamwalker
    March 29, 2011 am31 6:57 pm

    Going to mammoth caves, ky shortly. Does anyone know exactly WHERE in the park the entrance is supposed to exist?

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  117. #117 Kellia
    March 29, 2011 am31 7:04 pm


    He’s got family in the South. But he’s California/New York at heart. No trucks for him. (He has seen UFOs).

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  118. #118 Kellia
    March 29, 2011 am31 7:08 pm

    Dreamwalker #114

    As I have understood it, Government is to get the first crack at it. But if they don’t do it be some unstated divinely-decreed deadline, the ET’s do it.

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  119. #119 spedman
    March 29, 2011 am31 7:16 pm

    dreamwalker….actually the gfl is expecting our governments to disclose to us about their existence. i could ramble on about the whys and what fors of it but what’s the point… just about every message will explain that to you or anyone else that reads them. they might not like the reasons or agree with them but well…. it is what it is. Smile

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  120. #120 spedman
    March 29, 2011 am31 7:20 pm

    awesome kellia.. would like to hear his story of what he saw sometime Smile @ad man ughh thats like 30 minutes… you know my attention span doesn’t last more than uhh… more than uhhh… more than….. what were we talking about Question Question Question Silly Silly Silly ROTFL ROTFL ROTFL

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  121. #121 dreamwalker
    March 29, 2011 am31 7:35 pm

    Interesting article:


    Congress once voted on a bill to send an expedition to the center of the earth. Although the bill was defeated, it did receive 25 favorable votes.
    It was in 1823 that Kentucky Congressman Richard Johnson (later Vice President under Martin Van Buren) tried to get funding for the expedition into the earth’s interior. Johnson was one of thousands of Americans who believed in the popular “hollow earth theory” advocated by Capt. John Cleves Symmes.

    Anchorage Daily News, Aug. 1, 1981

    Also, Sheldan Nidle talking about Agartha (posted Jan. 2010):

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  122. #122 Admiral2012here
    March 29, 2011 am31 7:49 pm

    …lol Sped, I can relate to the attention span, I like it short and sweet…but Rosin reveals alot

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  123. #123 Laurinda
    March 29, 2011 am31 7:52 pm

    Kellia: Heartiest congratulations on your engagement. May you have many years of happiness! Heart Heart Rose

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  124. #124 Former Assassin
    March 29, 2011 am31 7:54 pm



    Forgive me however it would seem that you’ve defined resolve and intend as different qualities of the same thing. I’m not sure that’s entirely accurate. I would say that resolve is the strength behind one’s intent to become a reality and not simply a fairer or a more beneficial quality of the same action. Intent isn’t a lesser anything. It is a tool. What would happen in life without first the intent for it to be existed? Only consciousness (whatever that is exactly) can formulate intent. The degree to which that intent would be implemented to final resolution is where the measure of resolve resides. They’re just different devices in the tool box. Yin Yang Thinking Yin Yang

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  125. #125 Stick
    March 29, 2011 am31 7:57 pm

    JBiZ: The funny thing I’ve found about this thing we call Life, that often gets overlooked in this Age of ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, black’ or white’, is our ability to hold seemingly conflicting ideas as ‘true’ at the same time. Perhaps this is one of the central lessons of Duality… it has been for me anyway. What am I trying to say here? -There is a part of me that completely agrees with your ‘skepticism’ about the ‘reality’ of channeled material, UFO’s etc. -On the other hand, there is also a part of me, deeply rooted in what I would call ‘Spiritual Navigation’… a practice reliant on Intuition & Heart, not the intellect. These dual aspects of I & I coexist… while at the same time, reaching upward to reconnect with my Higher Self. Owning that all three of these aspects of ‘self’ are ‘true’, is what reattaining ‘Unity-Consciousness’ or ‘Ascension’ is about. After all, we are actually ‘Spiritual Beings having a Human experience.’ While I suppose this can’t be proven… for me, the ongoing challenge, is to be “in this world, but not of this world.” Your statement that: “…many Catholics Know in their Heart that their Faith is Real. Such is the Power of the Mind. If the Mind is Deceived, it can silence the Heart.” seems like a perfect example of what I’m trying to explain. Is it not possible for what I see as the authentic Faith of many Catholics, to coexist with the ultimately evil transgressions of the Church itself? I’ve always found this to be quite a profound paradox. -I was also struck by Sheldan’s words that: “First Contact is a Spiritual Contact – an awakening to a new Consciousness. It is a time for us to see ourselves with new eyes.” For me, this is a direct pointer to reconnecting with our true Birthrights… Spiritual Experience as a Living Manifestation of the Now! NOT an ethereal projection of wishful thinking or fantasy . ~Thanks for your insight and wisdom JBiZ. ~In Lakesh Ala’Kin

    ~AsAboveSoBelow777—————— Clock Yin Yang Star

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  126. #126 dreamwalker
    March 29, 2011 am31 8:02 pm

    Here’s the Hollywood version of disclosure from 2009:


    I really wish it came with 3D glasses…

    Chic Chic Chic Cool Cool Cool

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  127. #127 dreamwalker
    March 29, 2011 am31 8:13 pm

    #124 FA, Ya man – I agree it’s part of a process. I was looking at what seems to have the greater probability to lead me to manifest the idea. What word is closer to the actual event taking place. Why not just skip intent and head right on over to Resolve? Grin

    Malcom X went through the same process of analyzing words to understand what they really meant. In his time (not so long ago), the words had meaning that reflected his time.

    In our time I believe we are being encouraged to use our thoughts to bring about reality. Our thoughts also shape our words (or is it vice-versa?), so it’s important to understand what impact those words have on our environment.

    I guess the GFL never watched Monty Python:


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  128. #128 Former Assassin
    March 29, 2011 am31 8:40 pm

    “Why not just skip intent and head right on over to Resolve?”

    This is logic I can agree with! I do believe however you might still be muddying the boundaries of the definitions just a smidge. Words can be so inadequate though. Heh

    “Resolve is a personal contract and so it manifests your desire to do something.”

    Actually wouldn’t it be that the desire to do something would determine/manifest the weight of the implemented resolve? It seems that this process would follow this order rather than the reverse as you’ve suggested. Thinking

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  129. #129 Former Assassin
    March 29, 2011 am31 8:57 pm



    “Our thoughts also shape our words (or is it vice-versa?”

    Well it is a recursive feedback loop. Thoughts create words, words create more thoughts, more thoughts create new ways to disminate porn then comes the internet, wait…forgive me I digress…WTF Drunken Razz WTF

    It is funny though how the hologram is always finding new ways to feed itself greater novelty in experience. Big Smile

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  130. #130 dreamwalker
    March 29, 2011 am31 9:07 pm

    Hm, yes you are right FA. Poor choice of words. I think I intended manifest to mean actually creating through thought. I think therefore it is!

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  131. #131 dreamwalker
    March 29, 2011 am31 9:09 pm

    FA you are on fire my friend, bravo!


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  132. #132 Former Assassin
    March 29, 2011 am31 9:10 pm


    Monty Python…yeah…too funny, either you like them or your don’t! Dazed

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  133. #133 AjZ
    March 29, 2011 am31 9:34 pm

    why do they keep talking about freewill?
    free will doenst exist in this planet anymore, only for the elite, and right now, the GFol only seem to care more about a group of bastards instead of the bunch of souls trapped in the money system.

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  134. #134 drawn
    March 29, 2011 am31 9:47 pm


    “… dont know where this is coming from as i cant even heal myself.”

    Your ‘methods’ are just fine. Traditional things are taught and some adhere to them clinically, but you and I both know that non-traditional is the most fun!

    You don’t need to abide by any ‘rules’ other than making sure you protect yourself. Protection is key, especially if you are energy sensitive. Many people can take on the pain/problems of their subjects very easily. When you invoke spirit guides, healers, or any other sort of entity, specify that they be only of the highest consciousness. Your protection thing with the purple ball is great – and I think it’s so sweet that you have such a great relationship with AAM! I do a set of breathing exercises. As I breathe in, I visualize white light entering thru my head (crown chakra), going down into my lungs (heart chakra) and then exhaling this light to form an egg-shaped sphere of protection around me. The deep breathing also calms and centers me so I can let go of anything I have going on and allow the energy to flow.

    There are many methods to send healing. One of my favs is to imagine that the recipient is your thumb. Wrap your other hand around your thumb to simulate the energy wrapping around the subject. Your subject could be the earth, a person or animal, or a situation. I’ve even sent energy to mechanical machinery with fantastic results to my husband’s amazement!

    Any colors you invoke or see are right for you.

    Sending healing energy and light does not necessarily mean that you’ll heal everything that is wrong. Firstly, you need to release yourself from attachment to the subject (including YOURSELF!) Once the energy starts to flow you are merely a vessel. Your empathy is appreciated and one of the reasons you do what you do and are who you are. Don’t feel like you’ve failed if the outcome still isn’t 100%. You are planting seeds. Some may see immediate improvement and some may not, but the energy you send does what it needs to do for that subject at that time. Trust that it is.

    Healing light and energy allows the recipient to clear blocked channels to begin their own healing journey. You can dry out an alcoholic but that’s no guarantee that tomorrow they won’t start drinking again. Stagnant energy, old patterns of behavior and chronic physical problems continue to cause trouble. Ask that your healing energies be to the subject’s highest good.

    I’ve seen and used a variety of hand positions:

    – Holding the hands straight out or cupped like a swimmer
    – Making a ‘diamond’ shaped hole for energy to pass thru by holding the hands out flat and touching the tips of the thumbs and pointer fingers
    – Raising arms/hands above the head to bring energy down thru your crown

    Be interested in everything and try everything until you find the one you ‘know’ is right for you. Get a reiki book from the library (or read about it online if you can) and just take from it what you want. Also, another good one is “Hands of Light” by Barbara Brennan. I became aware of my spirit guides after I studied Barbara’s book and it’s really a neat experience to have the guides work directly thru you. I don’t use traditional reiki hand positions at all anymore because the guides move my hands where they need to go.

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  135. #135 Robin.
    March 29, 2011 am31 11:24 pm

    ‘The Fast Track To Self-Mastery’:

    Archangel Michael.

    29 March 2011.

    Channeler: Ronna Herman.

    My beloved champions of Light, it is not a time for the faint-hearted, and it is time to stop dabbling in Spirituality. Many of you have been half-hearted in you endeavors to awaken to the wisdom of the Soul and your Higher Self. It is time to set your heart afire with an intense desire to claim Self-mastery and become a Soul-Seeker instead of a pleasure-seeker. The secrets of how to traverse the dramatic changes and the chaos of transformation are constantly being revealed to you. However, you must make the effort and actively strive to incorporate the fail-safe methods available to you if you are to successfully ride the crest of the waves of change during the turbulent years ahead. It is a time of LETTING GO OF THE OLD – MAKING WAY FOR THE NEW. An upgrading and refinement of every facet / Spark of God-consciousness, as well as of every dimension, is gaining momentum as the rarified Light of the Supreme Creator beams forth to the very edge of manifested creation within this Sub-universe.

    It is time for you and other Light workers to understand where you fit into this great cosmic event of expansion and evolution. Now is the time you have been preparing for in this and many past lifetimes. You, the faithful ones, who are striving to attain Self-mastery so that you may become World Servers of the Light, are needed now more than ever. It is now the time to declare, “I will strive to become a BOLD BEARER of LIGHT so that I may magnetize to me and radiate from me the maximum amount of Creator Light out into the world and to all humanity.”

    In doing so, you will create a column of harmonious, higher-dimensional Light frequencies of safety around yourself, your home and your loved ones. As you gain the ability to magnetize to you greater and greater amounts of Divine Light substance, your sphere of influence will grow and spread to embrace an ever-expanding area. Eventually, your Light will join with the frequency patterns of your spiritual brothers and sisters who are also committed to becoming Bearers of Light. There are many of you who have already achieved this God-given ability and you are making a difference.

    Unrest and turmoil are rampant on your planet, and as you are aware, it is accelerating so that no country or race of people is immune. We sense your concern and rightly so, for it is a critical time for the Earth, humankind and all living things residing on the planet. Therefore, once again, allow me to remind you of what is and what is not appropriate for you as a Self-master of cocreation. We know it is your greatest heart’s desire to assist those who are suffering and in distress, and this is as it should be. There are those whose mission it is to be directly involved, whether it is defending, nurturing, healing or helping to relieve the misery of those displaced or in need. There are those who will be called into the midst of the turmoil, and there are those who must make critical decisions as to what is the best course of action to take in various situations and dramas that are being played out on an ongoing basis. Others will give support by sharing their wealth, and that too is appropriate. However, the majority of you, especially those of you who have claimed the frequencies of the higher dimensions as your reality, are somewhat removed from these stressful dramas. Therefore, it is more important than ever that you stay heart-centered and Soul-focused so that you can spread the maximum amount of Light, hope and harmony from your SOLAR POWER CENTER outward into the chaotic astral planes of consciousness and down into the heart core of your mother Earth. You, the Star Seed, are capable of assisting the Earth to release herself from a prison of negativity as she strives to Lighten her load and harmonize her auric field in order to claim her new designated position within the solar system.

    Thanks to you, the brave Souls who are called the wayshowers or the vanguard of Light workers, the golden path has been clearly created and defined. You are also in the process of opening the lines of communication between us so that we may convey to you all the information you will need to quickly move through the process of ascension into the next level of consciousness. By doing so, you will leave behind and will not be affected by the drastic changes, negativity and chaos of the lower, imbalanced dimensions from which the masses are now struggling to emerge. The time has come when each of you is being asked to bring forth and share your own particular wisdom garnered from your vast experiences on Earth, and to also tap into the jewels of wisdom stored within your Sacred Mind, which you brought with you from the far reaches of the universe.

    Those of you who have faithfully followed our teachings are being offered what we might call a fast track to Self-mastery. Our beloved messenger, Ronna Herman, graciously agreed to assume the task of bringing forth and making available to you the appropriate, expanded universal wisdom teachings, which were originally reserved for only the most advanced initiates in the retreats and secret wisdom schools. All of you are in the midst of an initiation process–at one stage or another. It is a school of learning and initiation that is taking place each and every day while you go about your daily tasks and meet your daily challenges. All that has been hidden in the past is now being brought into the Light of awareness, either to be corrected, eliminated or, in some cases, magnified.

    It is also time for those of you who are firmly on the path to begin to build a more intimate relationship with your guardians and angelic teachers of the higher realms. The many facets of your Higher Self are waiting for you to integrate these advanced teachings, along with the higher frequencies of Light that are now available to you. Telepathic communication with the Beings of Light from the higher realms is a part of your original physical, sensory gifts. It is time to reclaim those talents and gifts, beloveds. We ask you to study and meditate on the advanced wisdom teachings we are offering to those of you firmly on the Path until they are engraved upon your mind and become a part of your higher consciousness. The wondrous gifts and abilities you have awaiting you far outweigh the effort you will put forth to attain them.

    More and more precious Souls are just stepping onto the path of awareness as they begin to heed the nudgings of their Soul-self. Often, this initiates an intense dark night of the Soul process as they face the distortions in consciousness they have created, and the full measure of the Law of the Circle, or Karma, is brought to bear. As you are aware, it is not a punishment even though it may seem so in the beginning. It is an opportunity for each person to turn and bravely face him/her Self and to rectify and harmonize the discordant frequency patterns he/she has created.

    Higher and more refined frequencies are constantly bombarding you and the Earth. As a result, many of you are in the midst of the emotional intensity and distortions of the astral plane, which consists of the seven sub-planes of the fourth dimension. These are emotional planes of consciousness which must be brought under control and returned to an accepted level of polarity. These are some of the most difficult tasks you will ever experience while on your journey of ascension into the fifth dimension of balance and tranquility. It is a time of clearing the deep, residual core energy patterns that you must release in order to accommodate the higher frequencies of Light.

    Know this, beloveds, it is a golden opportunity for you to release, once and for all, those impacted energies that you have carried with you as excess baggage for many thousands of years. Face them, process them and see them transmuted into pure Light substance, and in the process you will feel LIGHTER AND BRIGHTER, as you traverse the pathway to higher consciousness into the realms of wondrous possibilities.

    There is a plethora of information available to you on every facet of spiritual awareness and advancement as the brave ones ahead of you are able to access the higher and more refined levels of the great Halls of Wisdom and also receive advanced teachings from the Beings of Light. Much of the information brought forth is helpful and love-filled, but some of it is confusing and distorted. Therefore, we ask you to use your discernment as to what you accept as your truth. Some of the information stretches the imagination, and you wonder how you will ever attain the multiple levels of consciousness which are described. After being shut off from your Source for so long, you are eager and desirous of knowing all there is to know so that you may attain the heights of illumination as quickly as possible. However, please remember, my precious friends, you must make the journey one step at a time, learning each lesson fully as you release that which no longer serves you. You will then be led through the next open door of glowing radiance, and you will be offered ever-expanding levels of God-consciousness. It is a never-ending journey. There will always be new tests, new opportunities and amazing new adventures to experience.

    These are most critical times for the Earth and humanity as all that no longer serves the highest good is gradually being eliminated or transformed. You are building / reconnecting with the Rainbow Bridge which will lead to a bright new future for you and your Earth, as well as this solar system and galaxy. It is up to each of you as to how easy or difficult the journey will be. Dear hearts, please keep in mind, that your success is assured; however, it is your choice as to how long you will take to reach the next destination.

    We know it is easier to rise above a disaster or negative situation when it is occurring half-way around the world. But it is not so easy when it is in your homeland, your neighborhood or when it personally affects you, your family and your home. Then come the true tests of mastership. Can you stay centered within your Sacred Heart and trust in your friends from the higher realms to assist you through the dark nights of chaos into the sunlight of a bright, new future, no matter what happens to you or around you?

    Many are asking. “What can we do to help?” First, become an example and radiate your Light for all to see and bask in. Join in group meditations and also spend as much time as possible in the celestial World Pyramid in the fifth dimension, adding your unique energies and your Love/Light to be used for the greatest good. Strive to draw forth the maximum cosmic Light substance to you, as you become anchors for the Adamantine Particles of Divine Light in the area where you live. Envision great crystal pyramids of Light being formed in the fifth dimension by the many groups of Light workers, where you all join together in your meditations with the intention of building the greatest cosmic Light waves possible. These waves, designed for the highest good of all, will sweep across each country as times goes by, awakening the masses—cleansing and clearing the negative energies that have a stranglehold on each country and its people. Know that each country and race is unique, for they were created with distinct attributes, desires, opportunities and challenges. Each of you has been strategically placed in the area where you can be of the greatest service and do the most good. You have vibrational Seed Crystals within your brain/Soul structure which will assist you, your country and your country- men/-women to access the Light of Truth, Wisdom and Protection.

    My beloved warriors of Light, we are asking you to not close down your heart centers. Do not move into fear and a sense of hopelessness. There are great happenings taking place on Earth and in the higher realms that are beyond your understanding. Remember how often we have told you, “out of chaos, new creation emerges?” We do not ask you to minimize the monumental tragedy that has just taken place or the suffering which will be experienced by many. But it serves no one if you get caught up in the negativity, fear and pandemonium of the third-/fourth-dimensional illusion. Do not allow your powerful thought forms and energy to move into lower vibrational patterns which add more negative energy to the cloud of darkness. Instead, send your powerful Love/Light winging its way into the midst of the chaos and into the hearts of those who spread chaos, and then watch as slowly the darkness is overcome by the Light.

    We promise to lift and support you with our loving energy and to assist you through even the darkest of times. The Light and Love of all Creation, along with your bold, steadfast endeavors will prevail. I am forever your loving friend and protector.

    I AM Archangel Michael.


    In Light!

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  136. #136 Robin.
    March 30, 2011 am31 12:00 am

    AjZ #133.

    You sound despondent?

    In fact we DO have freewill.. ALWAYS!
    The freewill to choose lower or higher ‘frequency’ thoughts, feelings or reponses!

    It’s roller-coaster of a ride we are on at the moment I agree.. and one day we may be feeling lost and small and yet on another day we may be feeling great and confident in our own future!

    You see, really the ‘Elite’ are NOT succeeding in manifesting the object of their freewill decisions (mostly negative and dark ones!) because the choices of many MORE of ‘us’ to hold Light and Unconditional Love as primary principles, is ‘over-riding’ this option!

    The ‘group of bastards’ you refer to are trying to control a COLLAPSING monetary system.. one which is essentailly already on ‘life support’ as we speak.. and which can not stay afloat for very much longer, I believe!

    Choose to hang on in.. the choice is yours!

    In Light!


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  137. #137 Stick
    March 30, 2011 am31 12:08 am

    SaLuSa 30- March-2011

    By now you should be getting a feel for what is taking place in your world. If ever you wanted proof that the mass consciousness is a powerful tool, you only have to register how many countries are under pressure for change. It seems to make no difference as to how powerful the rulers are; eventually the people get their way. Sometimes it is not achieved without violence, but even although they are often ill equipped the people still succeed. Materialism cannot continue, as it is unable to move forward with the higher vibrations of Ascension. Therefore financial changes are most likely to be the most far reaching. In a future time money will no longer be used because it will become unnecessary. Creating wealth will not be the focal point as it is now, because sharing will become normal, and no one will seek more than they need. There will be an entirely new mindset that puts others first, until everyone has a fair share of the benefits of all labours. Work will not in fact occupy you to the extent it does now, and more than ample time will be available to follow more leisurely pursuits. You were never meant to be the slaves of those corporations that demand so much from their workers.

    When you re-unite with your Higher Self you will have become a Galactic Being, with full creative powers. With it you will also have developed those necessary powers of control, and also carry such responsibilities with an outlook that seeks the best for all souls. Your high level of consciousness will heighten your sense of Oneness, and the grouping of souls with similar vibrations will occur. At such a high stage of evolution, you will have free choice as to which path to follow, although Ascension will continue to be an ongoing process. Families will still come together, and birth will always be planned and never happen accidentally. However, in the higher dimension, birth is quite different to your experience on Earth. A soul will join its family by arrangement in a semi-adult state, which is a holy event that is treated with great reverence and thanks. Parents are chosen for what they can give the newly arrived soul, who will have a clear life plan that the family will all know about in advance.

    There is so much that will change and your lifestyle will be much more rewarding, enjoyable and exceptionally pleasant. Coming out of your present cycle of duality you will not carry karma forward, which is why it must be cleared before you can ascend. The conditions are therefore in part necessary for souls to have the opportunity to do so. If in your calm moments you think carefully about the present period in your life, you will almost certainly begin to sense the reasons why you are here. You should intuitively pick up on your weaknesses, and that will help you clear them a lot more easily. Do not be afraid to admit to yourself what they are, as that is the first towards forgiving yourself. Thoughts are a very good clue, as they will suddenly enter your mind without any direct intent on your part. As you become able to take in more of the Light energies, so your strength increases and you will experience the lower vibrations without falling into them. Indeed, when you become adept at centring yourself your Light becomes your protection.

    As we have often informed you, once you express the intent to ascend you will achieve it. You will become motivated and attract the higher energies to yourself, and your decisions will be spiritually inspired and your knowledge will grow quite quickly. Also well before the end of the cycle we will have arrived on Earth, and you will have every assistance to help you succeed. Regardless of any other aspects in your life, the achievement of Ascension is after all the main object of your many lives on Earth. You have come a long way and experienced so much about human life. About its power and the weaknesses of the flesh, and the strength of the soul with its infinite life and journey from the stars. You truly have tried and tested yourself to the limit.

    Now the time approaches when you can put everything behind you, and enjoy the reward of so much hard work. Your endurance has been so great that even when you panned the depths, you never lost complete sight of who you truly were. You will need reminding of how great you are and we will do so not to feed anyone’s ego, but ensure they know that they are so much more than a mere physical body. There are even now so many souls who have not yet fully awakened, who have no idea that they are sparks of God with all the potential to become gods themselves. Again there will be ample teachings passed to you so that you understand the truth about all life forms. All have degrees of consciousness, and all have their being within the Universal energy that is God.

    We know that some people will still scoff at the ideas expressed about your true origins. However we do know that given time they will open up to them, although the changes to their understanding are too much at present to contemplate and absorb. It is for this very same reason, that introducing ourselves to you has been a rather long exercise. Slow but sure is far preferable to be seen to force the truth upon you. People shock very easily when the learn that their cherished beliefs have been held in error, and it is too much to admit to themselves. We believe that by the time we openly show ourselves the truth about us and our relationship to you will have been discussed, and people will generally show more acceptance of us. There is certainly nothing at all to be frightened about, as we have consistently shown you that we come in peace.

    Our actions are now more frequent on your behalf, although you would not necessarily be aware of them. But soon they will become more evident, as we have work to do that will take place before your very eyes. It is all bringing our open contact with so much nearer, but we will still approach it through your diplomatic channels. All along we have followed your protocol, but we reserve the right to act as necessary if any attempt is made to endanger our presence. Nevertheless ours is the way of peaceful negotiations, and we will never be the aggressors.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and have become so familiar with the ways of Earth people who are admired and immensely loved by all of your Space Families.

    Thank you SaLuSa.
    Mike Quinsey.

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  138. #138 Robin.
    March 30, 2011 am31 1:07 am

    Thanks Mike & Sal!

    ‘..Our actions are now more frequent on your behalf, although you would not necessarily be aware of them. But soon they will become more evident, as we have work to do that will take place before your very eyes..’

    But When? Oh yes.. of course!

    Anyhow, s**n or not, this is interesting.. the ‘Job’ in hand must (visibly if necessary!) go on..
    Like Giant Motherships working to openly ‘Beam UP’ and safely dispose of, all remaining and/or dysfunctional Nuclear Power Stations on Earth, perhaps?


    That’d certainly help our ‘behalf’ somewhat.. right NOW actually! Smile

    Thanks! Smile

    Star Smile Star

    PS. Article:

    ‘Japan to Scrap Stricken Nuclear Reactors’.

    Damage to the reactors has been extensive.

    Japan is to decommission four stricken reactors at the quake-hit Fukushima nuclear plant, the operator says.

    Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco) made the announcement three weeks after failing to bring reactors 1 – 4 under control.

    Locals would be consulted on reactors 5 and 6 which were shut down safely.

    Harmful levels of radioactivity have been detected in the area.

    More than 11,000 people are known to have been killed by the devastating 11 March Earthquake and Tsunami.

    Tepco chairman Tsunehisa Katsumata said it was inevitable reactors 1 – 4 would be scrapped.

    The earthquake and tsunami damaged the nuclear plant’s power supply, leading to a failure of the cooling systems.

    Since then engineers have been battling to cool down the core of the reactors using seawater – but the operation has failed to stop radioactive leaks.

    Japan’s Prime Minister Naoto Kan has said the country is on “maximum alert”.

    Tepco has been accused of a lack of transparency and failing to provide information promptly.




    Uummm.. GFL.. You got a SAFE way of ‘decommissioning’ & ‘scrapping’ this shit?
    Cos I’m pretty sure WE don’t!!
    Not while Pl*tonium carries a Radio Active half-life of 240,000 years anyway!

    Wait.. maybe we could just BURY it in Concrete and try to pretend that it isn’t there anymore.. Hhmm.. ‘Good thinking Batman!’


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  139. #139 Robin.
    March 30, 2011 am31 1:34 am

    In Light Anyway!


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  140. #140 Admiral2012here
    March 30, 2011 am31 4:58 am


    During the NASA Apollo missions the lunar module crashed into the moon and NASA says that the moon rang like a bell for hours

    Some craters have no bottom…..Could the the moon be a spaceship?


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  141. #141 Laurinda
    March 30, 2011 am31 5:25 am

    AjZ: You have always had free will here. If you truly think that only the elite/Cabal/globalists have free will here, then they have you right where they want you. They will have then sold you their favorite bill of goods called “victim consciousness”. Don’t buy it Braveheart, it is a lie, always was, always will be.

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  142. #142 Admiral2012here
    March 30, 2011 am31 5:26 am


    15-year-old Tyler Tubbs had been filming a hail storm in Pennsylvania when he spotted a funnel cloud which was approaching.But it’s what he did next which made the teenager and his footage go viral

    He started screaming hysterically about what he was seeing. “We got a twister, do you see that twister,” he shouted. Speaking to he mom on the phone he then added, “It’s right above us, Mom. It is HU-mongous. It’s hailing golf balls”

    The video then ends with the lad screaming “It landed! Oh my God — tornado, tornado!” — Luckily he wasn’t hurt, but there was much structural damage in the area… not all of it was caused by his high-pitched screaming


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  143. #143 dreamwalker
    March 30, 2011 am31 6:26 am

    FA – Let’s have another go at that.

    Even though intent is nine tenths of the law, if I intend to do something, I may never get around to it (this is just ME, mind you – your mileage may vary) . Smile

    For me, that intent has to make it onto a list, which represents my resolve to do it. Once it gets on the list, it has a much better chance of getting done.

    Now the flipside of that is “healing by intent”. To me though this is not an accurate use of the language, since intent doesn’t actually represent the act of doing something. Conducting healing in the way that Drawn describes is really that you actually are doing the healing with your mind.

    It’s similar to how they’ll get athletes to run through the game in their minds before they play, and visualize winning the game. Research shows it has a direct impact on their game. Is this intent, resolve, or something else? You haven’t actually physically played the game, but you’ve done more than just deciding you’re going to do it. And research shows that the brain is just as active as if you’re actually doing the thing you’re visualizing.

    Maybe the expression “healing by intent” is a catchphrase designed to take power away from what it describes?

    The monty python links were just an illustration of how other folks considered the idea of simple ideas or words having an impact in the real world. True it’s just a comedy sketch, but this also seems to illustrate the notion our GFL friends express that in the 5d world, words really CAN kill. The second link is a really bizarre sketch, it’s like it’s from a place where the rules are slightly different. Absolutely these sketches alienate people – our world just doesn’t work that way! Smile

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  144. #144 dreamwalker
    March 30, 2011 am31 6:30 am

    #142 lol Admirals that’s pretty funny –

    there was much structural damage in the area… not all of it was caused by his high-pitched screaming

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  145. #145 kathy
    March 30, 2011 am31 6:32 am



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  146. #146 JBiZ
    March 30, 2011 am31 6:55 am

    Stick – #125

    I DO enjoy refining my points with you. What at first comes across clear as crystal to me becomes muddled and murky when taken in.

    After your last post (#125), I’ve realized our ‘beliefs’ are not too far apart.

    All matter is energy condensed, vibrating at a low frequency. We are nothing less than One Consciousness subjectively experiencing Itself collectively. Life is a dream and we are individual manifestations and imaginations of Self.

    Something along those lines. I borrow a bit from Bill Hicks because he just says it so well. But you get the idea.

    What I truly appreciate is how you are able to challenge, not so much my perspective, but the words that I choose to convey that perspective. At the end of the day, Semantics is a bitch, but words and the associated meanings can be powerful.

    If you haven’t been to


    you should go. I think you’ll get a kick out of it. Especially after your mention of Ideas in conflict, but both being held as True.

    And just so you know, I’m not in the habit of reading every post, but I DO read ALL of yours. Thank you for your Wisdom and the time you take to share it.

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  147. #147 Laurinda
    March 30, 2011 am31 7:07 am

    Kathy #145: This is just not okay with me. What happened to having to be born in the US to be a President? I guess they threw that part out, along with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights….When I read that he knew he would be a US president 20 years ago, because of the his connections to the Bilderberger group (that is where US presidents are selected, not elected, I knew we were basically F****d! Today I heard that Obama is “out-Bushing Bush”…yep, and I see clear evidence everyday, Libya being the most recent example, or how about being busy golfing when Japan was in such dire straits….Or heading down to Brazil? Once a globalist tool, always a globalist tool…sad but true…Frown

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  148. #148 Melissa
    March 30, 2011 am31 7:28 am

    I don’t often get time to post with my crazy work schedule, but wanted to share this. Anyone else out there having crazy dreams Monday night into Tuesday, or any other night this week? The only reason I am asking is because I certainly did, as did my husband (he was away on a business trip about 3oo miles from our home). In addition, I work in higher ed. and many of my students are also posting this on their facebook pages. Just find it interesting in the scheme of all things.
    Quote for the day?? “Be the fruit loop in a boring bowl of cheerios!”. Adios, Melissa

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  149. #149 dreamwalker
    March 30, 2011 am31 7:36 am

    #145 Kathy, Laurinda. I hear the Dalai Lama is looking for a new gig. I’d vote for him!

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  150. #150 dreamwalker
    March 30, 2011 am31 7:40 am

    #148 hey Melissa, can you be more specific? What would classify as a “crazy dream”? Or are you talking about the frequency?

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  151. #151 Reefer
    March 30, 2011 am31 8:07 am

    #148 Hi Melissa,

    To be honest I never really remember my dreams. Although I do sometimes when they really vivid, but those are rare with me.

    However, speaking about dreams, I did have a weird dream in january this year of a giant tsunami. I immediately woke up and it was already time to get up any way. The dream was quick and scary, like a giant wave swallowing everything and then I was back. The instant I got up I realized I was really thirsty so my reaction, since I never really had any premonitions or anything even close to that, was to think that the dream was just me telling myself that I was almost dehydrating or something and I needed to drink some water.

    Some time later around mid february I had another similar dream that lasted much longer but this time was some sort of event that gave me a “feeling” of being an earthquake, but what I saw and experienced was more landslides like the floor really disappearing under your feet, entire buildings being going under in mud, that sort of thing.
    All I know is that a couple of days later the quake hit Christchurch. I immediately thought about my dream but again I’ve dismissed it. I figured that what I saw wasn’t a quake etc.

    Soon after, I came across some youtube videos mentioning liquefaction, something I wasn’t aware before, and that the Christchurch quake was very dangerous because of that. See:


    So ok I admit this got me thinking. Still, I didn’t dream anything special about Japan for example.

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  152. #152 Laurinda
    March 30, 2011 am31 8:20 am

    dreamwalker: Well, my dream team would be Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones! But I prefer the light warrior types, unlike who is in office now… As for the Dalai Lama, I love him, but even he isn’t crazy enough to want to run the good ol US of A!!! lol

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  153. #153 Admiral2012here
    March 30, 2011 am31 8:20 am


    Terence McKenna teaches us to think for ourselves and to enjoy every moment of our lives. He makes us realized how we can enjoy our lives at it’s full capacity by enjoying every little thing that happens through our every day life

    Do what you feel, not what your told.

    Think for yourself


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  154. #154 Steffie
    March 30, 2011 am31 8:37 am

    DW #99 – check the ingredients on “PURE” BOTTLED WATER… it is astounding how many of them find it necessary to ADD aluminium!!!

    Melissa #148 – yes, I’ve had some really strange dreams the last few nights as well. LOVE your quote

    Be the fruit loop in a boring bowl of cheerios!

    I honestly think that all of us on this site qualify hands down!!!!!!!!!!!! certainly, that’s what the majority of our friends and family think anyway… it’s so much more FUN, dontcha think? ROTFL ROTFL ROTFL

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  155. #155 Admiral2012here
    March 30, 2011 am31 8:42 am


    Marijuana’s fibrous cousin hemp has a long history with auto makers. in 1941 Henry Ford unveiled a car body made primarily out of organic fibers, hemp included. seventy years later, the world’s first production-ready biocomposite electric car—with hemp as the “bio”—will finally hit the streets. The Kestrel, a three-door hatchback, is made of a “hemp composite as strong as the fiberglass in boats, yet incredibly lightweight”


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  156. #156 dreamwalker
    March 30, 2011 am31 8:49 am

    This Is the First Image Ever Obtained from Mercury Orbit


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  157. #157 Robin.
    March 30, 2011 am31 8:56 am

    Saul: God Created You to be Blissful

    johnsmallman.wordpress.com, March 30, 2011

    As you continue to stride forward towards your awakening from the illusion, do not fail to remember that you are constantly embraced by the ever-intensifying divine energy surrounding and enveloping Planet Earth at this most exciting time. You are Gods beloved children, infinitely loved and cared for in every moment of your eternal existence, and consequently you will awaken as divinely intended.

    The light you are bearing, as you make your way Homewards, is stunningly brilliant, and affects everyone with whom you interact, causing their interactions with others to grow brighter. This enlightening of humanity is proceeding apace because it is your will, along with the divine Will, that it should do so. Your task is to become enlightened, as is indeed happening, and to assist others to do the same. And you are succeeding magnificently because no other outcome is even remotely possible for the children of God.

    Becoming truly aware that you are God’s children is, of course, another aspect of the awakening process is one which is presently being addressed. As you start to realize and understand this, it becomes blatantly obvious that the only way to treat others is with love, compassion, and the utmost respect. How else could you possibly treat a perfect child of your divine Creator?

    As you can see, more and more of you are doing this, and it has a ripple effect, spreading outwards in increasingly large circles of influence from those who lovingly accept all with whom they come in contact, and then mingling and melding with all the ripples flowing out from others who behave in the same manner. This display of brilliantly shimmering fields of love rippling out amongst humanity is quite glorious to behold.

    Not one person on the planet can avoid being caught up in and strongly influenced by the ripple effect as it washes so gently and yet so powerfully and inevitably over everyone in its path. And everyone is in its path; there is nowhere on earth where it can be avoided, because it can and will penetrate every area of the planet with the most wonderful consequences for all of you.

    Humanitys joy and happiness is divinely assured because your awakening is inevitable. And to be awake in the glorious brilliance of Gods divine Light is ecstatically enlivening and creatively enthralling. You are to experience existence in a form that is way beyond your abilities to imagine or comprehend. It is the form of existence God created you to experience and enjoy eternally, because He created you to be blissful and your bliss delights Him.

    Release your doubts and your fears about eternal heavenly existence, as they slow down your awakening process, which is pointless and just causes you unnecessary suffering of which you have already had far too much. Rejoice in the certainty that you are divine beings returning Home to your Fathers heavenly domains where doubt, anxiety, fear, or suffering of any kind is eternally impossible. Continuously remind yourselves that a divine welcome awaits you.

    With so very much love, Saul.


    In Light!

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  158. #158 Robin.
    March 30, 2011 am31 9:12 am

    Steffie #154.

    “OH Yummy! Who’s for fizzy Auminium Pop, Kiddies!”


    Simply just mix with 3000 parts of Radioactive IODINE water.. for the most refreshing, long lasting, ‘quencher’ you could ever Dream of!

    So easy.. so cheap.. and SO healthly for you, AND your children’s, children’s, children’s ..MUTANTS!


    I’d rather be a Fruit Loop I reckon!

    Smile :0 Smile

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  159. #159 Laurinda
    March 30, 2011 am31 9:22 am


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  160. #160 Admiral2012here
    March 30, 2011 am31 9:24 am


    EL SALVADOR – At El Salvador a Council of mayan priests belive that the visit of the president Barak Obama is not a fortuity event. Obama arrives to the country on the epoch of an mystic anual ritual. Then, the priests will use the opportunity to ask their ancient ancestors enlightment for Obama in his decisions

    The coordinator of the Council of priests, Ernesto Campos, speaking to a small crowd, explained that the prayers are for that world leaders can take good decisions, especially Obama. The wish of the priests is that the inspiration of gods reach the mind and heart of the great leaders for they take wise decisions, with spiritual meaning (noetic perception), with respect and harmony sense with the whole mankind

    In the agenda for U.S. president on his visit to El Salvador is scheduled a visit to a Mayan ceremonial center called Pan-Tec, at San Andrés, 32 miles west of the capital (San Salvador), department (state) of La Liberdad.. The place is an archaeological site dated around 900 BC. There are located four pyramids and a museum

    For the priest, Mr. Campos, Obama’s visit takes place at the spring equinox, …when the energy of Sun that comes from the center of the galaxy goes down to mother earth… Campos says: This is a good sign, a president with such power of decision in the world be here, at these lands in this time. Obama, who arrives in El Salvador on Tuesday, April 22 (March 2011) the center on Wednesday, 23


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  161. #161 Elusive2
    March 30, 2011 am31 9:24 am

    dreamwalker and Former Assassign,

    Thank you very much for the discussion on “intent” vs “resolve.” I was the one who originally threw that out there for debate, and I could not have asked for a more perfect discussion on the two concepts.

    Thank you (and also the others who contributed) very much for adding such clarity to the subject. Smile

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  162. #162 Robin.
    March 30, 2011 am31 9:25 am


    WOT.. even the RADIOACTIVE ONES? Smile

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  163. #163 Laurinda
    March 30, 2011 am31 9:49 am

    Admiral #160: Oh brother!

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  164. #164 Admiral2012here
    March 30, 2011 am31 9:51 am

    …I knew you would like that Laurinda, lol

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  165. #165 Laurinda
    March 30, 2011 am31 9:56 am

    Addie, you definitely “got my number”!!! Peace

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  166. #166 JBiZ
    March 30, 2011 am31 10:04 am

    Just thought you should all know whats REALLY happening in Libya.


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  167. #167 Elusive2
    March 30, 2011 am31 10:04 am

    I’d like to share something that I did this morning. I thought it would be a creative way to do some good in the world.

    Before getting out of bed, I decided to consciously do my Lightworker ‘thing’ and spread some love and light around the world, so in my mind I visualized myself flying over each continent, flying over specific parts of the world and over specific countries, and while I was over each destination, I sent down millions of droplets of love and light. The love droplets were brilliant red in color and the light droplets were brilliant sparkling white.

    I flew around the destination country or region in an outline form, I hovered over it, I went around and around in circles and whatever other patterns I could think of…sending down all these droplets of love and light, literally covering the area.

    Then I would go to the next country or region or continent and do the same. I noticed that when I hovered over South America, the energy I felt coming from there was quite different than the energy I felt coming from Africa when I was hovering over that continent.

    And the Middle East felt quite hot and chaotic. Europe felt benign, Australia felt benign, and even Russia felt benign. Other areas like Indonesia felt “hot” because of the physicality of their location. I even went to Siberia, Mongolia and Tibet.

    And the more that I think about this, I can do this with Gaia, with leaders of countries, with those who have embraced the darkness….hmmmm

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  168. #168 Elusive2
    March 30, 2011 am31 10:19 am

    Robin #135,

    Thank you very much for posting that channeling. I think that is very important information. I went to Ronna’s website and am going to check her out further.

    That’s what I like about this forum, people post such interesting information and I am learning so much!

    Big Smile

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  169. #169 Laurinda
    March 30, 2011 am31 10:22 am

    Bravehearts: See ya all over on the new message board today!

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  170. #170 Robin.
    March 30, 2011 am31 10:58 am


    Good stuff! I do similar, but just ‘fly’ there with my Consciousness and ‘focus’ Golden Light where it is required.

    Aus is ‘Cool’ OK!

    In Light!

    PS. Yes.. that Channelling is a ‘goody’ alright. I am happy that you also resonated with it!


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  171. #171 dreamwalker
    March 30, 2011 am31 11:09 am

    @Laurinda – Obama is just a man. I’ve learned (just recently, in fact) that directing negative energy towards a man is a mistake; it is the system in which the person is involved with that I think we should focus our attention on.

    I feel the whole “birther” debate is just a way to divide and conquer. It is a republican strategy to win the next election, and that’s all it is. Like gun control, gay marriage, abortion, and “socialism”, these things don’t impact you personally, they’re just a way to get votes.

    The key is actually in Admiral’s post:

    The coordinator of the Council of priests, Ernesto Campos, speaking to a small crowd, explained that the prayers are for that world leaders can take good decisions, especially Obama

    Positive thinking brings about positive change! IMHO “Impeach the president” really isn’t an answer to the problem. What you would do differently is.

    I respect your opinion and I am not trying to tell you how to think. I just see an area that you could consider a different approach on. Please don’t take it as an attack on your political views – I don’t vote and don’t have much faith in either (any) political party.

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  172. #172 nepowl
    March 30, 2011 am31 7:38 pm

    Federation Of Light Archangel Michael

    He mentions the Spark of God-consciousness…

    You, the faithful ones, who are striving to attain Self-mastery so that you may become World Servers of the Light, are needed now more than ever. It is now the time to declare, “I will strive to become a BOLD BEARER of LIGHT so that I may magnetize to me and radiate from me the maximum amount of Creator Light out into the world and to all humanity.”

    In doing so, you will create a column of harmonious, higher-dimensional Light frequencies of safety around yourself, your home and your loved ones. As you gain the ability to magnetize to you greater and greater amounts of Divine Light substance, your sphere of influence will grow and spread to embrace an ever-expanding area. Eventually, your Light will join with the frequency patterns of your spiritual brothers and sisters who are also committed to becoming Bearers of Light. There are many of you who have already achieved this God-given ability and you are making a difference.

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  173. #173 Robin.
    March 31, 2011 am31 12:11 am

    Yo.. I believe a vast number of us succeeded in creating a Crystaline Consciousness Grid around Earth on 11:11:10.

    We essentially ‘held hands’ in Light for the first time.. there is now much building to do upon this ‘foundation’!

    We have already Won the ‘battle’ therefore.. and together we now can real-eyes this for all others too.. should they choose to ‘see’ it!


    In Light!

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