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Message from SaLuSa for 11 May 2011

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    SaLuSa 11-May-2011

    The Galactic Federation is becoming more active all around your world, but even if you were aware of it you would not necessarily know the reasons for it. There are certain issues that concern your safety, but we are not at liberty to give you much in the way of details. For a long time we have so to say, cleared up the mess left by the dark Forces, who set out to disrupt and cause the maximum amount of trouble. This has been particularly evident in the last few years when they stepped up their activities. The bigger problems are such that we have relied upon our allies to help tackle them, and they have centred around the money markets and the Petroleum Industry. We have had to break down the controls that have brought about exactly what the Illuminati have desired, to give them absolute command of the key markets. Through their manipulation and dictates over oil prices, they have grown immensely wealthy whilst what you often call the “ordinary people” have had to foot the bill. It has not been easy in response to refrain from overstepping our authority, but there have always been boundaries that we have had to maintain. It comes back to karma and experiencing your creations so that you learn the consequence of your actions. We cannot just step in and prevent them but we can often lessen the impact upon you.

    We find that the world is dividing into groups that have common interests, and in some ways that is the best approach to bring some degree of stability. Ultimately, when it is seen that you are One, there will be then be a strong desire to work as One having realised that it is the way forward. Competition such as you have now will be replaced by cooperation, and people’s energy will go towards positive functions in the interests of all people. On a spiritual level there will also be a coming together in understanding, as where strong beliefs were held these will be opened up to sensible discussion and changes if necessary. Eventually only that which is of the truth will remain, and by then Mankind will have learnt the lessons resulting from separateness. Your objective all along was to rise up out of it, and create harmony and balance through being able to adopt the principle of Unconditional Love. The sooner you can begin to live your life that way, the quicker you will reach the higher dimensions.

    After many lives and countless experiences you have grown in stature and spiritual awareness. So now you stand at the door of opportunity, as Ascension draws closer offering you the chance to leave duality behind. As the purpose of life becomes clear, you will find it much easier to cut your ties to the material world. In the higher levels there is nothing that you will want for, and your needs will be nowhere as big as when on Earth. Yet you will enjoy all of the comforts you could possibly think of, surrounded by absolute beauty and spectacular colours some of which are presently unseen on Earth. Your creative power will enable you to create for your own pleasure and also for the general benefit of all souls. Nothing is owned in the sense of ownership as you have now, and all is shared without exception.

    Time on Earth continues to fly by and you will be entering the final year of duality very soon. It promises to be most interesting and exciting as you will be working for a future that is assured, and one that can no longer be interfered with by the dark Ones. Yes, they will still be around, but exiled so that you can go speeding towards Ascension. We will have shown ourselves and all become involved in the need to prepare both yourselves and Mother Earth for it. To add to your joy and excitement your ancient ancestors will surface from the Inner Earth, as they too have a part to play in the end times. It will be hard to keep up with the rapid developments, but you will be well informed by our allies and us. The nightmare is ending and the dream is manifesting that will finally take you into the Golden Age.

    Keep a positive outlook and remain centred at all times, and you will be untouched by the outer events. Walk through them knowing that you are already a Starseed, and a strong Being of power and purpose working in the Light. You will help others by doing so and your own levels of consciousness will increase exponentially. Each of you is unique and together you are a formidable power for good. Allow others to follow their specific beliefs and if they are not in alignment with the truth, they will soon find their answers. We ourselves will be making sure that the truth is revealed regarding any matter that is important to your evolution. It should bring people together more quickly who can then help each other to understand it.

    The end of the cycle of duality must take place, and providing the Earth is protected and ascends it is not too important as to how it is achieved. However, there are many aspects that must reach a conclusion, and be cleared away to accommodate the new paradigm. The biggest change must fulfil the call for world peace, and removal of the Illuminati’s power and influence can only be established with our help. It shall happen and is not too far away from taking place. Already their removal is being negotiated and eventually there will be no other way out for them. They remain defiant but circumstances will seriously deplete their resources, including access to the enormous wealth they have acquired. They are like past dictators who have inevitably believed that they were invincible, and that is their Achilles Heel. They have fallen at the last hurdle and can no longer control matters as they would like. The people have for example awoken to what has been taking place, and their resistance to the dark Ones is helping stop their progress.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can inform you that you are getting closer to some major happenings, that will commence the final stage in the process of Ascension. Your long wait is soon to be rewarded, and if you are observant you may see the signs of it happening. Our presence in your skies continues to increase, but what is not so readily apparent is the progress we are making upon the Earth. We have controlled the outcome of the earthquake in Japan, and radiation from the damaged Reactors has been kept to lower levels that do not pose a major threat. We also continue to avoid confrontation with the dark Forces, who seek to cause an incident that can place us in a bad light. That shall not happen, and we shall reveal their plan if they try to engage us. Be assured that the Galactic Federation is on alert and acting on your behalf.

    Thank you SaLuSa.

    Mike Quinsey.

  1. #1 sassy123456
    May 11, 2011 am31 9:47 am

    1st again? yay!!!!! Smile
    Just wanted to say Happy Hump day. Only 2 more days until the freakin’ Weekend.
    I like Saturdays because I can sleep in.

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  2. #2 sassy123456
    May 11, 2011 am31 9:55 am

    DW- I went to a Healing fair over the weekend and they were selling gems there called Angels breath or Angels hair? They said that mother nature created them that way. It was like a clear rock with thread looking things running through it. It was cool looking. You could sell those down at the church. I had a friend who went to one of those pentacostle churches who said God was turning his teeth Gold and that when his little girl played the tambourine her hands had gold specs coming off of them. They watched a documentary where this is happening in churches all over the world. Also, Manna falling out of their Bibles. It’s called the Finger of God.

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  3. #3 Maffy
    May 11, 2011 am31 10:04 am


    Give it a break?

    A break from what? Honesty?

    Im not here to blow sunshine up your asses. I am a warrior of light. I don;t stand on the sidelines, never have.

    I have years of abuse and isolation to thank for that. My negative, harrowing experiences made me a stronger person. Im here to share strength, even if it means pulling down a few walls within others in the process.

    How else are your “beliefs” going to stand the test of time, if they are not humanely challenged?

    Embrace the opportunities i offer, and grow a pair too, give as good as you get, I welcome it!

    You want love, dove, roses, kisses and “feel good” messages from someone the world has NEVER seen, continue on..don;t let me stop you.

    But don’t ask me to get out of the way either, when its physical action and dtermination of will that REALLY gets things done, not channelled posts from “beyond”

    Im a doer, plain and simple. You should be thankful entities like us exist amoungst the oodles of ignavi amoungst us.

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  4. #4 dreamwalker
    May 11, 2011 am31 10:08 am

    #2 Angel’s hair is “rutilated quartz”.


    The “angel’s hair” are “impurities” in the quartz that mix with the quartz crystal as it’s forming, from rutile, which is an ore of titanium. They’re quite pretty.

    I remember watching parts of that documentary myself, but the gist of it was that the gold flakes were easily reproduced. I’ll just keep an open mind and put a blanket under the tambourine player to harvest all that gold… Grin

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  5. #5 SunRaymond
    May 11, 2011 am31 10:08 am

    @ Maffy,

    Oh no, this is getting out of hand. I don’t like how you talk to a few of the people here…they are wonderful people…
    So, I don’t care what you think about me. Crazy? What? What are you talkin’ about?
    So it is me you want to know more about?
    You know what Maffy…
    Alright, what is it exactly you want me to tell you? Because I’m not sure…what are you asking me?

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  6. #6 Admiral2012here
    May 11, 2011 am31 10:09 am

    …Laurinda, check your email

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  7. #7 Admiral2012here
    May 11, 2011 am31 10:11 am

    …I agree SunRay, Maffy needs to chill

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  8. #8 WeAreOne
    May 11, 2011 am31 10:20 am

    Maffy is Jim 2.0

    but I like his healthy skepticism Soldier

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  9. #9 Azzeylay
    May 11, 2011 am31 10:20 am

    and in the news:


    Utah is now going to accept silver and gold as legal tender! Kudlow report states!

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  10. #10 Maffy
    May 11, 2011 am31 10:21 am


    I know these are decent people! omg

    It’s true, people can’t handle honesty. They have lived in this “false ideal/ go with the flow/ don’t cause a fuss world for so long when they are exposed to light(truth) they freeze, they see it as some kind of attack. Can you not see?

    I don’t want you to Tell ME anything. I want you to share with everyone who you are and what ever it is you couldn’t put into words.

    Would you like me to do the same? Smile Cuz i will if you want me to in return, im about sharing ad growing amoungst ourselves, becoming the best we can be!

    it takes time to turn lead into gold, we have to start with ourselves and sharing wisdom, why is it so difficult to share with others in words?

    thats all im saying. your interaction with others SunRay, with animals, tell us more

    Share your divine beauty! Don’t find something like this difficult to do, PLEASE!

    Tough love, is still love. I do love you all, but i want you to grow! and not be overtaken by Federations in space.

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  11. #11 Azzeylay
    May 11, 2011 am31 10:23 am

    WeareOne, I thought the exact same thing! I left because of Jim; his engergy was not helpful; it was hurtful! I don’t know this Maffy, but I would love to give him the benefit of the doubt. SunRay; hold on and keep shining!

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  12. #12 dreamwalker
    May 11, 2011 am31 10:26 am

    #9 Azzey – I heard on Democracy Now! that Vermont was looking into single-payer healthcare, I think it’s just in bill form right now so who knows what will happen.

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  13. #13 Azzeylay
    May 11, 2011 am31 10:28 am

    Maffy, the moderator won’t let me delete my last comment; so allow me to apologize now for even placing a comment about you! I don’t know you; and therefore can’t form an opinion about you! So please don’t start with me; just popped in to share some of today’s headlines with the GM massive! Take care kind sir and again, sorry for sticking my two cents in where it most certainly does not belong! SunRay is a big boy and can take care of himself! Espcieally with Laurinda as his GM Momma!!! You go girl!

    In love!

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  14. #14 Azzeylay
    May 11, 2011 am31 10:29 am

    Dreamwalker; really! Sweet! Moving on up; the choice is always ours!!!!

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  15. #15 Azzeylay
    May 11, 2011 am31 10:35 am

    also in the news:

    Egypt to open Gaza border crossing

    Egypt’s foreign minister says Cairo will permanently open the Rafah border crossing to ease Israel’s blockade on Gaza


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  16. #16 Admiral2012here
    May 11, 2011 am31 10:36 am

    …Maffy, all I can say is everyone is on their own path and you are not here to “save” anyone or to try and convince anyone to see things your way. Some things I don’t agree with you about, but I don’t tell you that. I don’t hound you on each and everything you say that doesn’t resonate with me…Just Let It GO!!!

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  17. #17 Gunner
    May 11, 2011 am31 10:42 am

    i hear ya Maffy, most people shy away from the real truths if there actually is such a thing. I think why so many more dont become involved in societies problems is because they are so busy trying to survive themselves. I mean especially if you have kids. I go to work everyday( well almost everyday haha) and I am gone for 12 hours. I have 2 pitbulls at home that I give them the run of the whole house everyday. So when I get home I have to clean and scrub their bathroom, feed them, walk them and by the time I am done I just want to rest and sit and watch tv. Then 2 day weekends are shot because of all the things I have to do for the house and you know the rest.
    Then you have a lot of people who really dont care what is going on in the world only their immediate families. If it dont affect them then to hell with everyone else.
    I for one welcome all the help the galactics are offering and I really dont care when people say, oh we should not wait to be rescued. i for one welcome any rescue and assisstance from the galactics. In the future, maybe I can be a galactic and go and help other 3rd dimensional planets. So I hear ya Maffie, I just though everyone here was starting to on the attack mode against you and I hav eseen that here before and the person under attack usually winds up offing themselves from this site.

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  18. #18 Azzeylay
    May 11, 2011 am31 10:43 am

    Ok all, have a great rest of your day! I’m outta here! It has been fun and informative as always! I will try to check in later; but if not; know that I am always lurking around here somewhere; I will keep you all in my prayers as I hope you are doing for me and mine!

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  19. #19 Laurinda
    May 11, 2011 am31 10:46 am

    Oh Maffy, you would have raised eyebrows if you knew the history we all share on this Braveheart Soul Clan site, as I like to call it. Its been a tough road to get to where we all are now here on GM. We have had our share of folks who loved nothing better than to periodically or more stop in and take a huge dump on all of us, and all we hold dear. I wondered for about 30 seconds myself if you were ol caustic and yes, Canadian Jim….He actually got his ass banned from this site as he was so verbally abusive to folks here. People showed him kindness, then finally just got plain fed up with his mean-spiritedness…Then there was Malpie who suffered the same fate after HUGE abuse perpetrated on me and others….but the past is the past. I think I get where you are coming from. Yes, your warriorness is apparent, and I always recognize my own kind here at GM. I, like you, am entirely frustrated with the wake up calls that seem to go unheeded on a daily basis in society. These folks here at GM are my friends, they know me, know I call a spade a spade, and they also know that I defend their right to entirely disagree with me. So that is why you have ruffled a few feathers here, but this is basically a kick-ass bunch that I am honored to call my soul kin anyday! Welcome aboard!

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  20. #20 SunRaymond
    May 11, 2011 am31 10:59 am

    @ Maffy,

    You want me to share with everyone who I am? I can put that into words. However, I can’t put my perspective of All That Is into words. I can’t put my point of view and will into words. But I’ll share with you who I am just in case you missed out. Basically stuff that you can find about me simply by going back and reading though other/posts messages/posts.

    I am SunRaymond,

    Well, I’ve been sharing with the people of Galactic Messages who I am over the past 1-2 weeks since I first started posting here. I’m always speaking to them through my comments/posts of who I am. I’m Joy…I’m Happiness…I’m Love…Wise…and I’ve been expressing that through my conversations with these fellow people of Galactic Messages. Sure I may have interfered in your conversation with Dreamwalker about the children and maybe I should not have done that. I never do that in the way that I did; however, I defend children. Locally I mentor them, guide them, and inspire them while being inspired by them. So I felt the need to hop into your conversation and defend them. You say, you’ve made clear your real thoughts on children. Alright, so what? That’s Wonderful! Thank You! We appreciate your thoughts. I can be likened to a peaceful warrior and also to a sage in the mountains. I have ancient wisdom that I remember and integrate into my physical walk. I see beauty everywhere! In the so called “dark”, I find light and expose that light. Dreamwalker taught me that there is no such thing as the dark…but only dark light. You can’t transform what appears to be outside of you until you transform yourself. What’s outside of you is within you. To turn lead into gold you must turn yourself into gold. That is Alchemy. I play with animals. Dogs, Ants, Lizards, Beetles, Snakes, Spiders, etc. When I find them inside of home I don’t hit them with the shoe…I take them outside to a safe place. I took one of my reincarnated sons to the park just the other day and he killed a wasp after I promised him that it wouldn’t harm him. Afterwards, I blessed the wasp. I thanked the wasp for being here with us…I showed my gratitude. I harmonize with every age group because I am every age group on the physical and spiritual levels. I’m an elder, a middle aged, and a child all into one being. I have the wisdom of all three and the wisdom of All That Is within I. I make friends with homeless people and donate when I can. I do community work and volunteer work. I do for others without asking or expecting anything in return because it makes me happy to do that…and it makes them happy. I help the neighbors in my neighborhoods. I sing, I do art, I do comedy, I cook, I’m a gardener, a Martial Artist…I have many skills. I’m cool and calm 99% of the time. If I loose my way with someone I will almost immediately make it up by apologizing and/or hugging them. I send light and thoughts to people’s souls. I can guide my children (not biological) from a distance without talking to them. I have metaphysical abilities that I use/have when I need them. I can consciously alter time and events on a personal level. I do my best to bring out the best in people and to help them to see themselves as lovely as I see them if they don’t already. The physical name given to me was Frank Nicholas Raymond. I’ve transcended him. I apologize if I’ve somehow bothered you. I’m compassionate. I have my so called “difficult” moments in this incarnation but I Love them so much. I smile through them and don’t really see them as difficult but fun. I’m here to Amuse, To Inspire, and To Delight. I’m here to be here. My vibration effects All That Is on this planet along with the Sages and similar beings who are here just to Be here. Their vibrations alone changes the world as it is felt by many. They do so much by simply Being. I Am.

    Do I need to be more specific? Or does all that answer your question? I’ve shared me with you…all of you for that matter! Are you satisfied Maffy?

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  21. #21 dreamwalker
    May 11, 2011 am31 11:28 am

    #20 well said Sunraymond! I am very happy to know, and grateful I have made a difference to your perspective.

    These tests are a requirement for future gifts, which you will receive very soon. I’m not talking about Laurinda’s gift, although that may be a part of it. Maffy has unknowingly opened the door to this!

    Keep your eyes and ears open – something is about to happen. Maybe there is more to those rocks than meets the eye…

    Thunder Heart Sun

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  22. #22 SunRaymond
    May 11, 2011 am31 11:34 am

    Thank You Dreamwalker! Laurinda said the same thing. She said, “It looks like the universe is getting ready to reposition you”. I appreciate both of you! Rainbow Music Note

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  23. #23 dreamwalker
    May 11, 2011 am31 11:37 am

    Let me explain…

    Thunder – Thunder – the chaos event that destroys our perspective

    Heart – Heart – the love and gratitude that we feel for gaining a new perspective, and becoming enlightened

    Sun – Sun – the gift of light we receive through our perseverence (it is a real, tangible gift)

    Thunder Thunder Thunder Thunder Thunder Thunder

    All My Relations – We Are One!

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  24. #24 Admiral2012here
    May 11, 2011 am31 11:38 am


    At least four people were killed when a 5.3 magnitude earthquake hit the small town of Lorca in the southern Spanish region of Murcia Wednesday, the town’s mayor said in a radio interview.

    “Unfortunately, we can confirm four deaths due to cave-ins and falling debris,” the mayor of Lorca, Francisco Jodar, told radio station


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  25. #25 Gunner
    May 11, 2011 am31 11:39 am

    I just love the drama

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  26. #26 SunRaymond
    May 11, 2011 am31 11:41 am

    @ Dreamwalker, Indeed we are All One! Thank You!

    @ Gunner, LoL!!!! Where’s my holy oil!? Thinking

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  27. #27 SunRaymond
    May 11, 2011 am31 11:43 am

    Oh and…DogHouze!!!

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  28. #28 Gunner
    May 11, 2011 am31 11:43 am

    I see David Wilcock believes the osama story. I dont believe half of what he saids. But if it is true than that means matthew is not really suzys matthew at all then. wow that would be some big ass news there. there have been others who said that this was not the real matthew coming through. I never really was 100 percent sure of the matthew messages as most of his things donot come to fruition. He also backed the oct 14 prediciton of that 3 day ufo sighting. Makes you sonder.

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  29. #29 Gunner
    May 11, 2011 am31 11:46 am

    Sunray, I am kind of like you in I also like to make light and laugh at situations in life. I can laugh at a funeral.
    How is your move to Colorado going? It would be nice if you had a promise of employment somewhere there but I got a feeling that no matter what you will make the best of things as you always seem to do. going out for a break now, buy some lottery tickets,gonna win the big one. Ya see my goal in life is simple. I want to go from rags to riches without even trying. Now that for me would be a major accomplishment hahaha

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  30. #30 Gunner
    May 11, 2011 am31 11:49 am

    Wheres my holy oil ha, wheres my bomb shirt. i lways say that to my egyptian friend and we both LOAO. I got it from a cartoon in the paper. There were this arab man and his wife was doing the ironing. So the first part he asks his wife :honey, wheres my bomb shirt” In the next clip they show his wife iron ing his shirt however she is all blown up. I think you would have to see it to really laugh at it.

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  31. #31 SunRaymond
    May 11, 2011 am31 11:55 am


    LoL! Yea! You can do it Gunner! But you have to be just as excited about playing the lottery as you would be wining the lottery. That will increase your probability of winning. Or you could shift to a parallel reality where you won! LoL! My move to Colorado is still going as planned. June 8th! Can’t wait! Nope…no employment there but I’m sure something will pop up! I’m always supported. Plus, in the mountains during summer…I think living out of my truck would be fun! I’ll buy a mail box and screw it to the right fender. LoL!

    Funerals?! Really?!! I Laugh at them too! Last time I went to one I was holding in my laugh. This lady kept yelling at the preacher and it was funny. Plus, nobody dies! There’s no such thing as death. So that makes funerals funny also. I just Love what happens after funerals. Food!!! Everybody forgets about the “dead” person and get together for Food! I pass up all the meat but I’ll tear up all the Ice Cream, Cake, Pie, Macaroni, Sweet Potatoes…all the sugar stuff! I want it! LoL!

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  32. #32 SunRaymond
    May 11, 2011 am31 11:57 am

    Yea I have to see it! Sounds funny though!
    Speaking of bomb Gunner, I always wanted to get on an airplane and say, “My shoes are the bomb!”

    And see what they do to me. LoL!

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  33. #33 SunRaymond
    May 11, 2011 am31 12:03 pm

    I shall now go to sleep! I haven’t slept all day and night. My eyes burn. I do have a question first…
    I have a giant (kinda big) Rainbow Citrine crystal/stone. The other day I fell asleep with it and kept it near the charkra center right under my navel all night. I found that with the crystal…I slept less! I went to bed at like 11:30pm and woke up just before 6:30am and was not sleepy. That never happens! Usually if I went to sleep at that time…I’d sleep ’till 11 something the next day. Could the crystal have decreased my need for sleep?

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  34. #34 the honeybee
    May 11, 2011 am31 12:15 pm

    Hi people. I haven’t been here for a long time (partly because I only pop in once in awhile and had trouble keeping up). I came back a couple days ago and had trouble logging in, I used to be just honeybee, maybe someone else has that account now. This has been fascinating though, especially your device you’re making dreamwalker!

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  35. #35 Robin.
    May 11, 2011 am31 12:30 pm


    ‘Human 2.0 – Christed Edition’.

    “There is so much change taking place on the subtle levels that to speak of each one individually would be akin to searching for a stone cast to the ocean.” – Seven Sisters of Pleiades.


    If your head feels like lead, your heart is on fire, and your body is a mockery of a marshmallow…then welcome to the full integration of head-heart-body.

    If I may still indulge in polarity for a moment, I have what feels like very good news and very bad news. The good news is that I have been told that this month is the month that the frontrunners of new-human consciousness complete the upgrade to the new-human prototype, the final transformation into mind/body/soul integrated existence.

    The bad news is that I think its going to hurt like hell.

    I definitely hope I’m wrong here, but the pains of labor have been p-r-e-t-t-y intense since May began and it doesn’t feel as though it will let up anytime soon. The unseens say otherwise…that the middle of May will bring some reprieve…tho they also admit that this month will be a very “physically focused” one. This is what I heard: every single cell of your played-out bodies will continue, unremittingly, to throb in the writhing pain of cellular mutation. Until forever.

    Physical Integration

    “What we would like to bring forth out of all of this is the realization that those who are on the path to oneness have arrived at a deep place of physical integration, a crosspoint in all intersecting layers of perceptual reality that are now woven into the cellular tapestry of the new human form.” -Seven Sisters

    If April was a month of reassessing, redirecting and resetting, then May is a month of integrating, mutating and morphing. During the last several weeks, all those parts of ourselves that needed to be reclaimed were revealed to each of us (in mostly odious ways) during that never ending Mercury retrograde cycle. Mercury is finally leaving its shadow station, and we are coming out of a very long and productive inward phase where we released & cleared lifetimes of human/genetic karmic debris… however, with so much growth in such a short period of time, our cells still need the time/space to shift and align with our new level awareness.

    Because of all the inner-work we completed last month we are experiencing a profound deepening..an unmistakable soul recognition is taking place, a growing awareness of home that is filling every cell of our bodies. Literally.

    Right now we are adjusting and releasing another round of remaining density so as to align with the harmonious energies of the new-human form, and it does NOT feel good, but as we continue to come into alignment with the vibration of our complete, purified, core selves, our bodies will adjust and release, adjust and release, and the end result will be a perfected physical vessel…the physical representation of our divine-human blueprint.

    “Mid-May will provide you with forward moving momentum, the key will be in how well your body is able to assimilate these energies. If you are hanging on to unresolved issues from the past, forward movement will be halted to the extent that you are willing to let go. The physical symptoms of mutation may continue to plague you, but only until you are fully released from the past, firmly situated in the present, and focused on moving into the future. Trust in your body’s intelligence and it will show you the way home.” -Seven Sisters

    New-Human Health

    “If we had to define health in the new human form, we would say this: harmony. Rather, we would change the word health to harmony.” -Seven Sisters

    No doubt we are in a nasty funk…we have been knocked down for weeks with symptoms, and tired in ways that mimic the beginning of our journeys. This deep fatigue is present in every tissue, organ, muscle and bone of our bodies…even our blood is tired….but up until now, none of it has made any cognitive sense.

    The unseens say that all of this is because we are literally changing physical form and our bodies are using all of our vitality to morph…that we are emerging from our proverbial cocoons. Tho the butterfly analogy is relentlessly overused, it is also very poignant in the sense that we are actually changing from one physical expression to another, from the inside out….and just like the butterfly, our release from restriction is timed with the greater cycles of creation. (groovy butterfly metamorphosis vid HERE…should make you feel right at home)

    Whenever we go thru these intense periods of physical transformation, its important to remember the magnitude of change we are undergoing….that the transition we are morphing thru is not an incremental (linear) healing that is taking place as in old-paradigm holistic constructs where we “peel back the layers of the onion” to reveal our core. Contrary to that, biological ascension (reconnection) requires that we access our core selves first, in order to effectuate true and lasting change on every level of our being and in every area of our lives.

    This is also why, for those on the ascension path, no individual healing modality can take us to full symptom cure…not only because these modalities are external, but because true health is not established thru healing, but thru remembering…aligning with…our divine state of wellness. The difference is in the focus.

    In other words, the ascension process does not bring us from bad to better (linear), but from from limitation to freedom (quantum). The result is in the lasting effects, but the process is WAY more comprehensive…which is ultimately why the starseed warriors were designed to go first…so all you freakishly courageous souls could fully display the results of such self-inflicted torture.

    This fiercely independent group stepped up as the biological beta-testers for the new-human prototype and now these groups are finally (tho slowly) coming out of the beta (metamorphic) phase and are soon to be fully functional 2.0′s as we near the end of the massive inner-journey and embark upon the final phase of our physical transition to the “other side”. (NOTE**Keep in mind that tho we are emerging, our wings still need time to harden before we can take flight, so patience is still required.)

    The unseens have always said that physical health would be the last to arrive, but they are making it clear that this will not be health like we have ever known before. Health is such a broad topic that perspective matters here, but they really want us to “get it”, that this state of completeness is far superior to physical well being. They describe new human health as “an amalgamation of circular patterns of bliss…heightened, creative energies that flow uninterrupted and are interconnected, yet independent of each other…energies that transmit and communicate to each other in a harmonic and effortless way, free of the separation-based discordance that breaks the flow of vital life force in lower dimensional consciousness.”

    They also share that the human 2.0 christed-edition will be malleable, spontaneous, self-contained and light in its movement…they call this the “ultimate state of physical existence” and one that will require less maintenance than the older (3d) model. ohthankgawd.

    Because the new-human form works with crystalline magnetics in the fluid form fields, we will be tapping into a new circuitry board, one that is built into the new grid and contains the codes required for our physical participation with conscious co-creation.

    With the upgrades complete, our ability to adapt to energy will apparently be remarkable and our new-human vessel will enable us to not only feel good…novel concept…but to navigate ourselves strictly on the new earth (crystalline) grid, which exists all around us now, pulsating with pure potential and while waiting to express its infinite intelligence thru our shiny new stellar bods.

    From Service to Creation

    “One further point that we would like to make with regard to this life-changing transition is that each of you are fully in control of your destinies now. It is no longer a place of coming together to create for the good of mankind, to fix what’s broken, but a place of coming together to create from deep passion, from the unrelenting desire to make manifest your YOUnique contribution to the planet thru the pure reflection of your soulular self.”

    We are finally at a place of fully expressing our divinity in a way that expires our old (clearing) contracts and deeply embedded programming that we are here to “save the world”. There is no saving or service required any longer….we are simply here now to share the part of ourselves that will, by default, uplift others. The shift is important here because when work from a place of “saving”, we are holding on to the very paradigm that we are now breaking free from. NoCanDo.

    The unseens want us to deeply understand that the new-earth pioneers are shifting from service to creation, which is a completely different energy construct.

    Any need, desire or impulse to “save” the falling world comes from a polarized mind, lends energy to chaos, keeps us attached to the outworn and therefore restricted from our ability to create on the new timeline. Remember those words of one famous Albert Einstein…“Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them”? It applies here. As the outside world continues to spiral into chaos it is imperative that we push thru to a higher level of thinking by remembering that lasting change only comes when we transcend the energies that created it.

    We are here now to create a new way, to create a new world… to use inspiration as our weapon and love as our shield. And there is no turning back.

    “Know that your contribution to the world is nothing more or less than what sets you on fire…it is the reflective radiance of the sun’s creative potential within each of you, the core center of your embodied power to create, and for all to benefit from.” -Seven Sisters

    Dance with the Divine

    “Understand this…there is no longer a gap between who you are and who you want to be.” -Seven Sisters

    So the past and the future are merging and we are beginning to operate from still-point, where the universal elixir of creation resides. Its an odd sensation really, like we are no longer participating in our lives, but with them. And nothing outside of the moment can hold our attention for very long. Accessing anything outside of the present is growing in futility which means we are no longer operating from a place of what will be, but what is….and as well, we are shifting from the mental understanding of ascended living to the sensation-based experience of it. This has yet to sink into our full-body awareness, but it will.

    As a result of this merging, we are no longer those beings who are here to teach thru information alone…we are here now to teach thru the integrated, embodied understanding that can only be achieved thru first hand experience, and is wholly contingent upon our ability to create our inspired visions on the blank canvas that is now laid before us. When we do this effectively, the universal forces of creation come rushing to meet us…not because we have summonsed the force, but because we have become the force. As we merge with these forces of creation thru the sheer magnitude of our presence, we become one with the flow of divinity thru sacred union…and as these energies move us to act, to create, to speak, to dance, to sing, to love…all in perfect allowing…only then we will understand the true meaning of co-creation.

    This sacred dance works thru mathematics and geometry…which I will probably delve deeper into thru future writings… but for now, know that these sacred sciences are fully at play. In the past, separation-creation was a combination of sacred science mixed with human will and using universal hologram technology (3d matrix) specifically designed for this interplay. But now, in the fluid fields of morphic resonance, the power of these sacred sciences are pure and instantaneous.

    “Those in the collaborative cosmic dance with the divine will be presented with opportunities to take part in the creation of new earth. You are the builders, the planners, and the architects of an ascended earth. We wish for each of you to grasp the enormity of your contribution thus far and especially as you step forth to apply your creative, sculpted vision into the world at large. You hold dominion over the new earth…you are the fiercest of warriors, the pioneers, and therefore the guardians of Eden.”

    Bridge Portals

    The new-human (crystalline) prototype that the warrior brigade is beginning to embody is designed to work/communicate strictly with the intelligence of the new (crystalline) grid …without participating in the old world dynamics…which is why it is so essential that this group no longer attach to the falling world. This also means that the interconnecting points of old-world versus new world (sacred living) will be fully protected by vortices, or forcefields of energy so as to secure the portals to new earth dwelling spaces from those who are not yet fully reconnected and operating from a place of pure heart resonance.

    This is not a separation based tactic, per say, but rather a safeguarding of sacred creation as well as forces of protection for those who are not yet prepared to handle such high frequencies. These interconnected grid points will serve as the bridge portals for souls to walk over, both for souls who have ascended into triality consciousness to access duality, and for those ascending duality consciousness to access triality.

    These portals will serve as anchors of higher dimensional energy for the dismantling world and offer healing to those who feel called to serve. It will be up to those who have entered fully into triality (christ) consciousness to act as the gatekeepers and to work with these sacred portals in a way that will support the new-human and the new-earth.

    For those of you who are already participating with these sacred portals between dimensions you will be coming together with many more to broadcast these energies in physical locations that support the bio-energy dynamics required to uplift humanity to a sacred level of coexistence. More on this to come…

    World Without Limits

    One morning a couple weeks ago I heard these words ringing in my head…”Are you REALLY ready to be, do and have it all?”

    In the past when I heard those words, they scared me….it felt too far away and too overwhelming to grasp. But this time I remember thinking that I don’t even know what that means anymore…that I am so beat up far removed from any concept of wanting that there was suddenly no context for that question.

    Right after I formed that thought in my head, I heard…”Well then, congratulations is definitely in order.”

    Which inspired me share, with kind permission, this crystal clear analogy from an email I received from a reader:

    “I feel like Janus at the portal, with the ability to see into both worlds.

    The old world I feel so intensely because it feels more and more repulsive in the strictest sense of that word. I find myself looking at things and going, “I remember that” and yet it’s something that the masses are still up to and yet it feels like eons ago to me, like remembering something from childhood that went out of style and is no longer around but you might see in an antique store or something.

    And the new is so very exciting. It feels so appropriate that it is springtime now as that goes with this feeling, this anticipation of something wonderful unfolding, with little hints and evidence here and there. And yet what is so strangely prickly about the new that is coming is not knowing what to expect and not in the typical “can’t know the future” kind of way but in more of a ‘So, just what does one wish for when there are no limits?’ ”

    Don’t forget to nurture yourselves!




    In Light!

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  36. #36 Gunner
    May 11, 2011 am31 12:40 pm

    OMG Sunray , I was about to say did you sleep yet and it will almost be time for work again.
    Hey, after the funeral we usually eat and drink. It is fun and you get to see family member you have not seen in a long time. At my funeral, I would definetely want everyone to be happy and having a great time “dont cry for me Argentinia”
    If you say that on a plane they will kill you especially nowadays with peoplde walking around in total fear. They may throw you out of the plane without a parachute.
    BTW< I often wondered why planes didnot carry parachutes. Maybe it is not doable.
    You can ask the stewardess, "wheres my bomb shirt?"

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  37. #37 dreamwalker
    May 11, 2011 am31 12:42 pm

    @the honeybee – welcome to the site, you are more than welcome to participate in the free energy process!

    And please add your light to our discussions!

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  38. #38 the honeybee
    May 11, 2011 am31 12:56 pm

    #37 Thank you! The only thing I can add at this time is I was listening to an unrelated radio show and out of nowhere the person on it (Synthia Andrews, wife of crop circle Colin Andrews) said that crystals emit electricity when pressure is applied to them in pulses, and that’s how watches with crystals in them work. I haven’t looked into watches and checked, but perhaps this info can be useful for you in some way, (though I imagine you can get far better info from Tesla!). I am fascinated by this undertaking!

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  39. #39 dreamwalker
    May 11, 2011 am31 12:58 pm

    Discussion with Mikos from Telos
    Focused/Channeled by Dreamwalker
    May 11, 2011

    >Hello, Mikos how are you?

    I’m fine thanks Troy, how are you?

    >I’m doing fine, but I’m seeing spots today. I suppose this is a part of the process?

    Yes indeed.

    >Is there anything I can do to make this less apparent? It tends to conflict with my vision.

    At this time unfortunately no. It is correct that you can ask your guides to “tune it down” a little but you may not see much of a difference. This is light encoding waves that are being sent to you to attune, at a lower frequency, your progress with Mother Earth. “Attune” is also similar to “tune” as in an instrument. When you tune an instrument, you are hearing beats or waves that are slightly out of synch. You can then adjust the instrument to gradually raise or lower the frequency to get it “in tune”. This is a description of the process you are experiencing.

    >Is there something you wanted to talk about?

    I am never far away.

    >Laurinda was asking about her title “Igen” – can you tell me about this?

    This is a frequency reference regarding her teacher status. It is something that connects her soul-name to her current role on earth. There are many ties such as this between dimensions, but they are difficult for some people to pick up on in 3d.

    >So she is aligned to her soul-path, so to speak?

    Exactly. Others might have a title that reflects an alignment with their soul-path that is contrary to what they are doing now, discovering their soul-title will help to tell them what path they should be on. This can help people who feel directionless to shift their field or profession, although it is not necessary to know this. Deep down they already know what they need to do, and typically try to pursue this path even if it’s not what they are paid to do.

    A question is will this help fill gaps in employment areas – my answer is absolutely. As people raise their awareness, they will pick up on what it was they were meant to do more readily, and they will gravitate towards that job. Increases in technology will help make even boring or tedious jobs really fun, and they will be fulfilled in whatever role they take on, and not have to worry about compensation, since the compensation is that job they want to do!

    >Can you tell me anything about the near future, with regards to the economy? Is it necessary to invest in gold and silver, for example?

    You can if you like, although most currencies throughout the world will soon be tied to the gold standard, which will level off their value and make currency much more egalitarian between nations. So one dollar in each country will still be worth one dollar; you will not gain or lose anything in this transition. Money hawks may think that they can gain by investing in this, but they are simply gaining a complexity to their life rather than satisfying their need for greed.

    Abundance is just around the corner; you do not need to worry about starvation as this will be taken care of. It is a concern of ours that this could happen but we feel that everything will adequately even themselves out, and in fact for those who face starvation now, they will benefit from abundance in the very near future. Part of this is advancements in technology that will be gained without monetary investment; it will be available to all. I am seeing from you that there are those who are fueled by greed who will be confounded by this and want to prevent it. I can assure you that they will be confounded and this will be a very real part of their own spiritual progress. They need to understand that it is the hierarchy that is the thing that is to collapse, and they have much to lose regardless of what they do. Giving their money to charity now will at least give them a good feeling that they are helping others. As above, so below.

    >Laurinda was asking about some of her past lives, can you tell me anything about this?

    I think Selphia wanted to talk to you about this but she is currently engaged in other tasks.

    >Okay, thank you Mikos I will try to connect with Selphia another time. I am grateful for our connection today.

    Blessings, Troy – We Are One

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  40. #40 dreamwalker
    May 11, 2011 am31 1:08 pm

    #38 – I posted a couple of mockups I built with Lego here (a the bottom of the page):


    It’s not working yet but it’s a start.

    I also have some “arc reactor” photos on there, just for fun! It’s very similar to this idea.

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  41. #41 Kellia
    May 11, 2011 am31 1:24 pm

    Well, look what I found in my email today:

    Dear Kellia,

    The time is now to restore respect for the Constitution. Tell Congress that a blank check on war isn’t just unnecessary — it’s truly dangerous.
    They have to be kidding. Congress is about to vote on worldwide war authority. This was long on the Bush administration’s wish list. Now, a few top congressional insiders see an opportunity to sneak it in to a “must pass” piece of legislation: the Defense Authorization bill.

    This expanded war authority would give the president — any president — the power to use military force, whenever and however he or she sees fit. It would essentially declare a worldwide war without end.

    It is shocking that Congress is entertaining such legislation at a time when many are looking to see an end to escalating conflict and abuses of power in the name of fighting terrorism.

    Tell your representative to oppose any new and expanded war authority that would give the president unfettered powers to involve the United States in more military conflicts without any checks or balances.

    This new legislation could commit the United States to a worldwide war without clear enemies, without any geographical boundaries, and without any boundary relating to time or specific objective to be achieved.

    Unlike the legislation that authorized the Afghanistan War and the pursuit of Osama bin Laden, the proposed new and expanded authorization to go to war does not require a specific threat of harm to the United States.

    With the bill moving through the House this week and a potential vote later this month, we must make our opposition known today. Tell Congress that a blank check on war isn’t just unnecessary — it’s truly dangerous.

    This greater war authority first surfaced when George Bush was president. With your help, we opposed it then. And we’re opposing the more expansive version of it circulating in Congress right now — because no president should have the power to single-handedly commit America to war without any checks or balances.

    The time is now to restore respect for the Constitution. We must put an end to the notion that we can’t be safe without sacrificing our freedom.

    Don’t let Congress give the executive branch a virtual blank check when it comes to committing our country to armed conflict. Oppose the new worldwide war authority.

    Thank you for standing with us.


    Laura W. Murphy
    Director, ACLU Washington Legislative Office

    P.S. Without any opposition, this proposal could pass unnoticed. That’s why we need your help today.
    © ACLU, 125 Broad Street, 18th Floor, New York, NY 10004
    The Dark doesn’t quit!

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  42. #42 Gunner
    May 11, 2011 am31 1:28 pm

    Goodnight everyone, gotta check out american idol, mob wives and some other mindless tv shows. Keeps me entertained, DOGHOUSE!!!! WHAT!!!!
    Stick and Admiral, what do you think about my # 28 comment or anyone else that would care to comment. I ask them 2 because I know admiral is big on Matthew and stick on david.
    See yas tomorrow.

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  43. #43 QuadHealer
    May 11, 2011 am31 1:48 pm


    Nice work! I haven’t followed the posts closely lately, but I skimmed some of your posts about free energy and Tesla, because I find that fascinating. Tesla’s dream was to make a flying craft, but he didn’t initially think it was possible to power the craft on its own accord, so one of his patents are for a way to beam energy to remote locations.

    This is not free energy as it has to be beamed from somewhere, just as the radio wave circuit you showed only picks up the power from radio waves. It yields very little power – the voltage might be good but the amps are too low for it to be of use as a power source, and it relies on radio antennas sending out the energy.

    He did invent a free energy device, but I doubt you will find a patent on that.

    However, if you keep up the work and never let anyone tell you that it is “impossible” you will without a doubt find something fascinating – especially given your new found channeling abilities.

    I have a book called “Occult Ether Physics: Tesla’s hidden space propulsion system and the conspiracy to conceal it” by William Lyme (Occult=hidden, not black magic Smile Is talks about Tesla’s life work and patents and has some overall description of how anti-gravity works using the Ether (space is not empty and gravity waves are reflected back off the Ether as far as I remember).

    It is not a manual on how to build devices (unfortunately) but it might be interesting for you to read and it has some diagrams. If you like I could send it to you (just give me your postal address in an email: Go to http://scifi.dk/ – click “Contact”).

    You will get something working – utilizing Ether waves or whatever, but be careful announcing it to the world before you have had a chance to spread the technology so far and wide that it cannot be contained, as I’m afraid they would do just about anything to stop that technology if you get something that works very well (as it is now at least).

    In Light

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  44. #44 the honeybee
    May 11, 2011 am31 2:10 pm

    I’ve always liked Matthew, and sometimes (though not always) I feel some of David’s contacts may be trying to steer him wrong (but he is good with his intuition, so I don’t feel he ever goes far wrong if so). I feel that whenever Matthew has said what would happen in the future, if it changed, he said so before the time came for it to happen (like with Oct. 14, ’08 he said before that date that it wasn’t set in stone – I took that to mean it was probably unlikely that it would happen). So, for me, I have found Matthew very reliable. I would also imagine it would be impossible for anyone to fool his mother like it was him, but I haven’t channeled so I don’t know. It doesn’t really matter though, I don’t need you to believe what I believe, I only say because you asked. And I read both of them, so I don’t really view it as an either /or with believing so much. I’m disappointed that if bin Laden really was dead, that Obama let people sway him into telling the lie. Now if the truth comes out, he will be complicit in it, and this will make him less likely to seek disclosure. Maybe that was their plan to put Obama in this position, who knows. I keep a positive view though, anyway. No matter what happens, I think our future is bright.

    I remember years ago hearing a channel say that people would invent a free energy device that worked on magnetism and be based on rotation and the repulsion forces between the magnets. I envisioned that when I saw your photo of the 2 rings. Do your magnets repel each other strongly on the outside of the inner ring and the inside of the outer ring? If they don’t repel strongly enough, maybe stronger magnets would work, or bar magnets, or maybe the rings need to be very close together (but not touching). It looks good on the wheel, a well greased spoke can help the inner ring rotate freely. Sorry if anything I said has already been gone over, I missed the beginning of the discussion, but I did see your blog and drawing of it, and read what Tesla said. I have looked at a couple of his patents, but frankly didn’t understand much! Have you tried plugging a lamp to the outer lead and seeing if it lights it, (even a low watt LED)? Maybe once the charge gets going, it will rotate and keep rotating?

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  45. #45 Admiral2012here
    May 11, 2011 am31 2:10 pm



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  46. #46 Laurinda
    May 11, 2011 am31 2:15 pm

    Kellia: They don’t even need that legislation, as Obama takes us to war on his whims! No

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  47. #47 Gordon
    May 11, 2011 am31 2:21 pm

    Malfy, this one is for you. In this message I share my truth, and I invite you to consider it.

    Spiritual ethics. One of the things that is happening to human beings now is that we are maturing to recognize that we are spiritual beings. Part of becoming aware of oneself as a spiritual being is recognizing that we have energy and that this energy can affect others. One then finds that there is a system of spiritual ethics, where how we use our energy has appropriate and inappropriate depending on how it affects others.

    The laws of spiritual ethics are based on the mutual respect of each other’s free will. Proper and healthy boundaries are important, both to be aware of when one is being influenced or overpowered, and to deal with that, as well as to be aware of when one is overpowering another. As humans we have patterns of how we have historically used our energy, to overpower others and to get what we want from them. These are learned patterns that we learn from our parents and from others who influence us as children.

    The task now is to overcome these patterned behaviors and try to use our energy responsibly as a spiritual being that respects other spiritual beings.

    Respecting other spiritual beings means that you recognize that you can decide a thing for yourself, but not for someone else. It’s a violation of spiritual etiquette then to decide that another must learn any given spiritual lesson.

    Cult leaders demonstrate the essence of poor spiritual etiquette. They may abuse thier followers, but instead of recognizing this, they say that the followers must learn from any of their abuses to become better people. The followers agree to this because they don’t recognize the boundary violation.

    Maffy, you have demonstrated already a couple of violations of spiritual etiquette, that are characteristic of a cult leader personality. Of course, we all have these habits, since we are all learning. But there are warning signs to watch out for, and it is a good thing if we learn to recognize when we are overstepping our bounds, and make amends to apologize for the transgression. When a person decides that another must learn through negativity, that is a boundary violation. It is not up to you to decide when another must learn a spiritual lesson.

    Another violation of spiritual etiquette is claiming to have a truth that overrides another’s truth. It is not for you to say what is true for another. It is for the other to make this determination for themselves. Therefore say what your own truth is, but do not say that this is THE truth.

    This is why we invite others to consider our perspective and point of view, we do not compel them or force them “for their own good”. It is not for you to decide what is good for another, only for yourself.

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  48. #48 the honeybee
    May 11, 2011 am31 2:56 pm

    p.s. to #44, I hope I didn’t sound like I was trying to tell you what to do or anything, that wasn’t my intention. Those are the end of the ideas I had about it that I wanted to convey, so I guess I just spilled ‘em all out in case any of them could help. I really do hope you get something working!

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  49. #49 Admiral2012here
    May 11, 2011 am31 3:12 pm

    …hey Quad, how ya do’n man?…nice to hear from ya…you need to stick around more

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  50. #50 Admiral2012here
    May 11, 2011 am31 3:14 pm

    …hi honeybee, Welcome back! Sun

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  51. #51 the honeybee
    May 11, 2011 am31 3:21 pm

    Hi! Thank you!

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  52. #52 Admiral2012here
    May 11, 2011 am31 3:32 pm

    …Stick will be com’n around soon. Hey, stick Gunner wants your input on his 28 & 42. Well, he wants my input on Matthew…Matthew is my foundation on keep’n things in perspective…and the rumor that he was fake was just a dark hat hoax (disinformation)…Eeeks, please Gunner NO…I’m runn’n like Forrest Gump now

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  53. #53 spedman
    May 11, 2011 am31 3:39 pm

    S-ame O-ld O-bvious N-onsence Silly Silly Silly Silly Silly Silly Silly Silly Silly Silly Silly naaahhhhhh i don’t mean that. i was just makin a fun fun about it. neener neener neeener ROTFL ROTFL ROTFL

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  54. #54 Laurinda
    May 11, 2011 am31 3:40 pm

    Addie: I have followed the Matthew messages for years. I may not always agree, as is the case of Obama, but I have enjoyed his perspective on many topics. Callin’ him a fake is battle-speak in my opinion. Really Angry Really Angry

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  55. #55 Admiral2012here
    May 11, 2011 am31 3:41 pm

    …I see your S00N Sped, lol

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  56. #56 QuadHealer
    May 11, 2011 am31 3:52 pm

    Nice to hear from you too (and all others). I’m fine – just busy at work and getting ready to fence in my backyard to keep my cats in, because the neighbors across the street will kill my cats if I don’t (they have already have set up traps in their garden, so they mean business).

    Matthew being a planted misinformant? Ha ha, I’d like to see just a twinkle of evidence of that. They would love people not to pay any attention to what he says, and a smear campaign is a good old tactic to cast doubts and confusion, but it will have to be pretty good to be convincing.

    I’m not saying the Matthews messages are infallible or messages from him cannot be intercepted and twisted (he even says that himself), and there are a very few things I disagree with, but until I read something that does not ring right for me, then I don’t care what people say about Matthews.

    Gordon mentioned that the latest message seemed a bit off track, but I may have missed something, because I couldn’t see anything wrong with it (as I wrote in the “Matthew 8 May 2011″ thread), but as I said I probably just missed it.

    Loved your #47 post! Good food for thought on how to set boundaries for ourselves and others – something we all can use. Thank you!

    In Light

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  57. #57 Gordon
    May 11, 2011 am31 4:50 pm

    Thanks, Quad. Yes I have a concern about the latest couple of Matthew messages. I don’t know if it’s me, or the messages that is the cause. Good channels can have bad days, it’s just a very “noisy” medium, so to speak. But I am having a hard time believing that bin Laden did not get killed in the raid. There were many witnesses, and there is (we are told) DNA evidence, although no details have been released, that the person who was killed was bin Laden. It is a bit incredible that a hoax of this magnitude could have been pulled off. Also I have to differ with Matthew on the Japan earthquake being caused by energy weapons. But that is not out of any specific evidence to the contrary, just that it is hard for me to believe that they have that much power.

    I seem to be taking issue with quite of a few of the messages lately, including the latest from Sheldan Nidle that says that the prosperity funds are about to be distributed. Am I just getting a bit cynical? I think it is equally possible that during these heady times, the dark forces are desperately trying to sow seeds of confusion wherever they can, and may indeed have hijacked some channels that are usually “of the Light”…

    Perhaps time will tell, or perhaps in 10 years we will still not know whether bin Laden was killed in that raid. Sometimes life is ambiguous, I guess.

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  58. #58 dreamwalker
    May 11, 2011 am31 5:03 pm

    @honeybee great suggestions! I have a voltmeter but am just focusing on the magnets at this point, to get them working, then i will do the wire and crystal. There is a good reason tesla moved to etheric power- he was looking at a much larger scale. I really appreciate your input in this! I am using fairly strong neodymium magnets that keep threatenig to pinch off one of my fingers. They are very strong!

    @quadhealer thank you for your generous offer. I’ll pass for now on the book as i am interested in the how more than the history, although that is really interesting too. He does actually have a patent for the etheric energy device.

    I noticed the same thing as you, the voltage is minimal. I do not have high expectations; for me i gain much even with complete failure!


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  59. #59 Admiral2012here
    May 11, 2011 am31 5:10 pm

    …lol DW, I just don’t want to google earth you and see a crater…wiped off the map

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  60. #60 Admiral2012here
    May 11, 2011 am31 5:19 pm

    …Stick, you com’n around or are you pull’n a Gunner


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  61. #61 spedman
    May 11, 2011 am31 5:41 pm
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  62. #62 Stick
    May 11, 2011 am31 5:54 pm

    Gordon#47: Amazing post Brother…


    ~ApotheosisNow2011————————– Announce Announce Announce

    *will check in with you guys later Lion

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  63. #63 dreamwalker
    May 11, 2011 am31 6:02 pm

    #62 omg sped when i die promise me you will bury me at that warm fuzzy starwars site, right next to obi wan!

    The comments seem strangely… FAMILIAR. Grin

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  64. #64 dreamwalker
    May 11, 2011 am31 6:11 pm

    Gumboots by paul simon

    I was having this discussion in a taxi heading downtown
    Rearranging my position on this friend of mine who had a little bit of a breakdown
    I said, “Hey, no breakdown is called a breakdown if it goes, so
    What are you going to do about it that’s what I’d like to know?”
    You don’t feel you could love me but I feel you could

    It was in the early morning hours when I fell into a phone call
    Believing I had supernatural powers, I slammed into a brick wall
    I said, “Hey, is this my problem?
    Is this my fault?
    If that’s the way it’s going to be, I’m going to call the whole thing to a halt”
    You don’t feel you could love me but I feel you could (You don’t feel you could love me but I feel you could)
    You don’t feel you could love me but I feel you could (You don’t feel you could love me but I feel you could)

    I was walking down the street when I thought I heard this voice say
    “Say, ain’t we walking down the same street together on the very same day?”
    I said, “Hey Senorita that’s astute”
    I said, “Why don’t we get together and call ourselves an institute?”
    You don’t feel you could love me but I feel you could (You don’t feel you could love me but I feel you could)
    You don’t feel you could love me but I feel you could (You don’t feel you could love me but I feel you could)

    I was having this discussion in a taxi heading downtown

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  65. #65 John
    May 11, 2011 am31 6:17 pm

    Hi Folks….. just a note to say that I have no internet access at my home anymore. Have to go to starbucks…

    Not sure when or even if it is gonna be rectified.

    Have a great day Y’All… be on intermittently.

    Peace… and puppies,

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  66. #66 Kellia
    May 11, 2011 am31 6:46 pm

    Laurinda, the bill is completely unconstitutional on its face, but a way of telling us and the rest of the world that the cabal is literally going to go down fighting.

    The problem is how many innocents will it take down along the way?

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  67. #67 SunRaymond
    May 11, 2011 am31 6:49 pm

    @ Gunner #36, Yes I slept! LoL! About to try and squeeze in a little more sleep. Forget work…I’m gonna be late! I’ll just tell them I got thrown out of an airplane! DogHouze!!

    Good Night EveryBody!! ROTFL

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  68. #68 Kellia
    May 11, 2011 am31 6:52 pm

    Rawwanderer #15 Elusive # 40 Dreamwalker #41 of May 9th.

    My response to all of you is the #227 of May 9. The new SaluSa message went up while I was writing it and I did not know that you all had gone to the mew thread. I thought I had copied my comments to here, but they are not here. So if you or anyone else want to see them, please go back to May 9.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

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  69. #69 Laurinda
    May 11, 2011 am31 6:57 pm

    Kellia: I agree.

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  70. #70 Admiral2012here
    May 11, 2011 am31 6:59 pm

    THIS IS IT!…ABC attacked me when I told him I’m go’n to bed and YOU have to go outside…ABC is my homeless cat by the way…thank god I had peroxide for the wounds…I mean I had to pull each indvidual claw out of my skin…next time gonna tape pillows to my arms

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  71. #71 Maffy
    May 11, 2011 am31 7:13 pm

    Maffy, you have demonstrated already a couple of violations of spiritual etiquette, that are characteristic of a cult leader personality

    LOL dude. If you wanna call a class of 19 7 year old a cult, be my guest.

    HOw come you challenge what i have to say, but allow the bastards in government to run things the way they have?

    Why did no one stand up to them? Why do we need a galactic fed to do it for us?

    How did we even let it get this bad? These are questions i seek the answers too. Am i wrong? Does it not bother any of you that noone seems to care?

    I’m not apologizing for being myself or for displaying honesty. I have not been rude to anyone, i haven’t called people nasty names. If i ask that our kids reurn from illegal wars..how am i supposed to react to “kids coming home?” like they didn’t even consider what i meant?

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  72. #72 Maffy
    May 11, 2011 am31 7:14 pm

    I am no Cult leader, but i’m ready to lead if asked. I’ve been doing it for years. Passionately going against the grain within the education system and their boards of people who are paid way too much, for a poor job done.

    Im in the trenches buddy DOING THE WORK, and you wanna lecture ME on my ethics?

    If i throw a dog a bone, i don’t wanna know if it tastes good or not. I will never change, i will furiously ensure the kids in my “care” get the best chance. I am a leader!

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  73. #73 Maffy
    May 11, 2011 am31 7:15 pm

    Gimme a link please to the book you took all that from please, i wish to understand it for myself.

    I will never change, sorry!

    i’ll martyr myself before i let anyone get in the way of the future of Humanity(in my care)

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  74. #74 dreamwalker
    May 11, 2011 am31 7:46 pm

    #68 kellia, i am sorry you are having a rough time right now. I agree with everything you said, good intentions do not put food on the table.

    I can ask for suggestions from our agarthan friends but i need your permission to do so. You have to ask.

    The arts is a really hard path to follow, and you are a good writer.

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  75. #75 dreamwalker
    May 11, 2011 am31 7:47 pm

    So Maffy what’s up with those paintings? You never gave me your own impression of them.

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  76. #76 spedman
    May 11, 2011 am31 7:57 pm

    awwww let the poor feller stay in with you ad man. thems was love grips he was given ya Smile

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  77. #77 Maffy
    May 11, 2011 am31 8:05 pm


    Hi Dreamwalker.

    I will create a video post tomorrow, explaining it. Along with myself.

    I think it will be my final post here tbh.

    People can’t handle me. I must have asked about 20 questions so far in my posts, and none of them have been considered or answered.

    How can i learn when others don’t wanna think about the answers. But can i blame them? They already gave their will over to the GFOL , why SHOULD they care anymore?



    cu 2moro

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  78. #78 Laurinda
    May 11, 2011 am31 8:55 pm

    Maffy: I am saddened that you think the folks here have given their will over to the GFOL. I can only speak for myself, but I most certainly have not. Just because folks don’t resonate with you strongly, doesn’t mean we have given our will over to ANYTHING! You are judging us and making a generalization that is highly inaccurate in my opinion. Many of us care a great deal here! You state that people can’t handle you, well maybe it would prove fruitful for you to take a good long hard look at that statement, and ask yourself WHY?

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  79. #79 Maffy
    May 11, 2011 am31 9:37 pm

    Again, this is another case of trying to determine what i am really trying to say through a keyboard.

    It don’t cut it. I’m tired of people not questioning any of this, they blindly believe it. Maybe not you, but they are here. Cuz they think something is taking care of business, they ease back and relax, completely mis-understanding and neglecting the reason they are here. I know why im here, but it takes will and determination to find out.

    How many seriously meditate with their own higher selves with all the info posted on this site? How many?

    (is anyone gunna even answer this question?) lol

    If you have a mortgage, bank account, bills and don’t wanna break out of that control, you HAVE given your will to something other than yourself. They OWN you! and no one wants to physically change anyhting! ANYwhere! on this Earth!

    But dont worry, Jesus or the Gfol will save us!

    Its sickening!

    wheres your free will now?

    why is it people walk around in a daze around me, mindlessly following the rules, because they wanna have less stress or follow the path of least resistance?

    This gfol is no different to mohammed, jesus or the messiah.

    People will feel they they are powerless, and no matter how much i try to make people see THEY ARE CREATOR, they don;’t get it!

    Why is this world full of deception and falsehood?

    What do we do to try and change this? NOTHING! it just continues and goes further up its own ass! lol

    Im not here to want anyhting from people, i don;pt want them to “resonate” at all with me.

    Just simply find your own way, and question it and question it again, galvanize yourselves for petes sake! Smile

    BECOME CREATOR, not someone elses cattle

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  80. #80 spedman
    May 11, 2011 am31 10:02 pm

    haven’t been in this discussion …just been reading it. gonna put my two cents in though. soooooooo neener lol i follow the gfl… proud to do so… call it blindly if that’s what you feel i’m doing, your perspective is yours. i don’t need to question it because i can feel it. that’s the whole point of it. every message salusa has ever sent to mike explains that to us. when they come, and i know they will because i myself have been sent on several astral missions to ensure it. things will be as they say. you don’t have to believe me. that’s fine with me if you don’t. so ok i’m done that’s about two cents worth….. in fluff Smile

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  81. #81 Maffy
    May 11, 2011 am31 10:28 pm

    we are 6.5 Billion, they are close to 6.5 thousand in power..why can’t we do this ourselves?

    Am i wrong in feeling this way? Well am I!?

    We deserve everything the cleansing is gunna bring.

    Only then(and Salusa said this today) will we understand.

    shame, real shame

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  82. #82 spedman
    May 11, 2011 am31 10:45 pm

    because if we could have we would have. cutting of the head of a monster like that wont work. it will only grow a new one. history has proven that over and over again. thats why were getting help

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  83. #83 Stick
    May 11, 2011 am31 10:54 pm

    Maffy: How does ‘one’ give his/her will over to the GFL exactly? What and who are you talking about? Watching you wave the *I’m a Spiritual Warrior; and you’re all just slaves to New Agey dogma* flag all day, has been nothing less than predictable. The fact that ‘you’ worked yourself into such a frenzy over false projections and assumptions, and then ended the day with a declaration that you’re leaving the site is hilarious. No doubt when you reflect on your tantrum, you’ll see the humor for yourself. I mean come on Maffy, really? You forgot rule #62: Don’t take yourself so seriously! You wrote: “I’ll martyr myself before I let anyone get in the way of the future of Humanity.” A little grandiose don’t ya think? And you say SunRaymond is being “self-centered.” Question Don’t get me wrong, I can relate to your passion, and one way or another, we’re all learning how to harness our rage… for good. But acting as if you have ‘any’ real sense of what people on this site are doing, thinking, or contemplating in their daily lives, is just foolish. -Nonetheless, I have my doubts that this will be the last we hear from you… but that’s a good thing. The more voices willing to seriously wrestle with these types of ideas the better.Yes It’s an essential part of the paradigm shift. And hey, for someone who claims to be a ‘Spiritual Warrior,’ it didn’t take much for you to cut and run now did it? Shit, are you in the trenches or not soldier!?! ~That was a joke Maffy… lighten up. You’re amongst allies and you don’t even know it. ~TemetNosce247

    ~WhatAreYouDoing101————————– Question Shock Yin Yang

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  84. #84 babajij
    May 11, 2011 am31 10:59 pm

    …hello everyone…it would seem that 2011 has offered every 11th of the month a “mover & shaker” energy pulse…@ dreamwalker, i read up on the wikipedia Nikki info, J.P. Morgan stopped financing Nikki due to no profits to a metered wireless station…that stuck to me today…hello Maffy, once upon a time i regularly practiced TM, and then learnt kriya yoga medition…those were my young & da restless/reckless days..lol…i still have them in my back pocket tho…@ Admiral & SunRaymond, i like your comedic timings…(the cat scratch post)…(eating pickles from the broken jar)…

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  85. #85 Stick
    May 11, 2011 am31 11:37 pm

    **Why the Age of the Guru is Over**
    by Charles Eisenstein

    For a few decades now, it seems, humanity has been on the verge of a breakthrough in collective consciousness. Perhaps it was the Hippies in the 60s who saw it first. To them, it was crystal clear that the consciousness revolution would sweep all before it, that within a few years’ time such institutions as government, money, marriage, and school would become obsolete. Forty years later, their vision has not come to pass and, superficially at least, the defining institutions of our civilization are more powerful, more encompassing than ever. Nonetheless, to many of us much of the time, and to most of us at least once in a while, the breakthrough in consciousness the Hippies foretold seems imminent still.

    Perhaps it seems imminent because, in those peak experiences when we know the true potential of our humanity, the true vastness of our minds, and the love that is the default state of existence, it seems so obvious that we have returned to our birthright and recovered our original estate. It could be a near-death experience that brings us there, a psychedelic experience, a moment in nature, giving birth, making love; it could be a religious experience, or come through a dream, music, or meditation; it can also be awakened through psychological work, a transformational seminar, even a book. Usually, though, the high does not last.

    I’ve had many such experiences where I think, “Nothing will ever be the same again,” but after a few days or weeks, I notice that I must struggle to maintain the realized state I’d been in. What was once effortless and self-evident becomes the subject of reminders and practices. The “old normal” encroaches, until I am back where I started, and the state that had felt so true and obvious becomes a mere memory. I can try to repeat the experience, but as with a drug, the second high is a little less intense than the first, and the return to baseline more rapid. Eventually I come to doubt: maybe the experience was a drug, an excursion away from reality and not, as I’d believed, something more real than the world I’ve come to accept. For some people, that voice swells in volume until it becomes a deafening tumult of despair. Before the experience, there was at least hope, but having entered paradise and been ejected, what is there now to live for?

    So it was on a cultural level, that after the enlightenment and exuberant expectations of the sixties, much of the counterculture turned to the hedonism and consumption of the Me Decade. What a sense of betrayal we felt, as the psychedelic revolution gave way to the War on Drugs, as the Clean Air Act gave way to Ronald Reagan and James Watt (“Trees pollute more than people do.” )

    Happily, whether on a personal or collective level, the despair can never be complete, for the ember of the awakening experience lives on inextinguishable in our hearts. However deep the despair to which we may descend, we carry a first-hand knowledge written into our cells that there is more than Just This. Even if we know not how to return to that more beautiful world, we know it exists. This knowledge lives independently of beliefs, underneath the currents of reason and doubt and impervious to them. We cannot cultivate or practice that knowledge, but it cultivates and practices us. The first thing it does is to prevent us from whole-heartedly participating in the old normal. We can do our best to participate in the program, we can go through the motions, but deep down we know that it isn’t the real thing. The effort to direct life energy at goals unworthy of our knowledge is exhausting. Eventually, our reservoirs of health and luck depleted, we enter a state of crisis. Whether it is health, relationship, money, or work-related, the crisis is a birthing from the old normal. We cannot go back, yet neither do we know how to go forward. This is a special state, the threshold between worlds. Many of us are there right now, individually; the collective human body is approaching it as well.

    The purpose of this essay is to describe a paradigm of mutual care that can carry us across the threshold between worlds.

    We did glimpse a more beautiful world in the 1960s, but the old normal wasn’t finished yet. The story had not yet been told to its fullness. Therefore, we could not abide in the new reality; the pull of the old was too strong. To be sure, there were many individual exceptions; to this day there are unregenerate hippies living in the interstices of our realm, as invisible to us as the Taoist immortals of legend, holding the template of the next world until such time as we are ready for it. But for the most part, after the sixties people returned to the world they’d left behind, and followed it indeed to new extremes.

    Forty years later, that world is falling apart at an accelerating rate. The stories that undergird our civilization are crumbling. Two are primary: the story of the self, and the story of the people. The first is the discrete, separate self, a Cartesian mote of consciousness looking out onto an objective universe of soulless masses and impersonal, deterministic forces. In biology, the separate self manifests as the paradigm of the selfish gene seeking to maximize its reproductive self-interest; in economics, it is homo economicus, who seeks to maximize rational self-interest as measured by money. In psychology, it is the skin-encapsulated ego; in religion, the soul encased in flesh but separate from it. Such a self is naturally in opposition to all other beings, whose interests are indifferent to or at odds with its own. Spiritual teachings based on this story of self, then, tell us we must try very hard to rise above nature, to conquer our biological and economic drive to maximize self-interest at the expense of other beings.

    Externalized, this war against the self manifests as the second defining story of civilization, the story of the people that I call “ascent”, that says that humanity’s destiny is to overcome and transcend nature. It perfectly complements the story of self, elevating the mental over the physical, the ideal over the concrete, and spirit over the body.

    In describing these myths, I use the word “story” in a special sense, as an unconscious narrative that makes meaning of the world, that assigns roles to human beings, that explains the nature of life, the world, and the purpose of human existence, and that coordinates human activity. Stories have a beginning, a middle, and an end. We are approaching the end of ours, of the stories upon which our civilization is built. To the extent those stories are no longer true for you, you do not feel like a full participant in this civilization.

    They are becoming untrue for more and more of us, as the world built upon them falls apart. How can we believe in the conquest of nature, when because of our actions the ecological basis of civilization is threatened? How can we believe any more that the final triumph over disease is just around the corner, or an age of leisure, or space vacations, or a perfectly just society, if only we extend the realm of control just a bit further? And how can we believe any longer in the paradise of the separate self, independent of all, beholden to no one, financially secure, when we see first hand the alienation, the despair, the starvation for community that makes that paradise a hell? When depression, addiction, suicide, and family breakdown strike even the winners of the war of all against all?

    Whether on a personal or collective level, we are discovering that the stories of separation are untrue. What we do unto the other, inescapably visits ourselves as well in some form. As that becomes increasingly obvious, a new story of self and story of the people becomes accessible to us. I have written of these in other essays, among them Money and the Turning of the Age, Rituals for Lover Earth, Autoimmunity, Obesity, and the Ecology of Health, and in greater depth in The Ascent of Humanity. The new story of self is the connected self, the self of interbeingness. The new story of the people is one of cocreative partnership with Lover Earth. They ring true in our hearts, we see them on the horizon, but we do not yet live yet in these new stories. It is hard to, when the institutions and habits of the old world still surround us.

    Poised as we are at the transition between worlds, and traveling, many of us, back and forth between them, we need a way to enter the new one, learn to live in it, and be able to abide there. We need, in other words, a midwife. The birth metaphor is perhaps imperfect, since we are undergoing not a single, final expulsion, but a series of brief experiences of a more radiant world in which we have been unable to stay. How can we stay? How can we fully establish ourselves in a radically different way of thinking, relating, and being? Make no mistake: this revolution goes far beyond the acceptance of an idea. To know and embody as an experiential, lived, enacted reality the truth of interbeingness, to live in the spirit of the gift as appropriate to each relationship, to absolutely trust one’s divinity and that of others, to know in every fiber of one’s being, “I art Thou,” and to navigate this knowledge with appropriate boundaries, constitutes a fundamental revolution in human beingness. Moreover, though we have entered the new territory, we lack models and maps to live in it. We need guidance, we need sacred teachings. But who are to be our teachers, when all is new?

    To be sure, we have inherited teachings and models for the new world, both from visionaries who saw through the stories of separation centuries ago, and from tribes who avoided civilization long enough to transmit their knowledge to us. Much of this knowledge has been distorted through the lens of separation, but as the new stories come into focus, we can discern their original intent. For example, the usual formulation of the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” is a moral injunction that we hear as yet another version of the dictum, born of the separation of spirit and matter: “Try hard to be nice.” It is a standard of behavior, something we must overcome our natural selfishness to attain. From the perspective of the connected self, though, the Golden Rule changes form to become not a rule but a reminder: “As you do unto others, so you are doing unto yourself.” The intent of its original articulator is recovered.

    Similarly, the Boddhisatva Vow, “I will not enter Nirvana myself until all sentient beings have entered Nirvana,” lands on us as the ultimate self-sacrifice, a heroic and magnanimous vow beyond the reach of ordinary people. For the connected self of “I art Thou,” however, it is merely a distorted articulation of a simple fact that we might call the Boddhisatva Realization: “It is impossible to abide in Nirvana alone. If any sentient being is left out of it, then part of me is left out of it.” Only someone under the delusion that he is a discrete, separate soul would imagine otherwise.

    Enlightening as these teachings might be, mere information is not enough. As many spiritual traditions recognize, a living teacher, a guru, is necessary to bring the teachings to life in their unique application to each individual. We need something from beyond our old selves, someone to illuminate our blind spots, to humble our conceit, to show us the love we didn’t know we had within us. This presents a problem today, because the age of the guru is manifestly over.

    No human being can hold the guru energy in post-modern society. This is old news – the age of the guru has been over for at least thirty years. In the 1960s and 70s, any number of masters came to America from the East and, absent the cultural structures that traditionally kept them in an insulated realm, succumbed one after another to scandals involving money, sex, and power. The same thing happened as well to many of the gurus who remained in the East, as even their traditional structures crumbled under the onslaught of Western cultural warfare and the money economy. In the past, to even access a guru you had to make a journey and to some extent leave the old normal behind. Now, gurus were interfacing directly with the old normal. No journey was necessary to receive a mantra; soon all that was necessary was money. This interface was perilous to guru and seeker alike.

    The gurus that did not fall found ways to maintain their exclusion from a story of the world that would drag them into it. Some, like Neem Karoli Baba (died 1973), took the simple expedient of dying. Others retired or disappeared. After the 1970s, anyone who got into the guru business was quickly corrupted; the wiser ones stayed away, preferring to act as teachers, mentors, spiritual friends. Human consciousness was approaching, on a mass level, the template that had been prepared, in insulated, secret lineages and remote sanctuaries, for thousands of years. Millions were ready for what only a select few were prepared in the past. The gurus through the ages had finally succeeded: they had awoken an energy of a magnitude no single human being could contain. For those who tried, the uncontainable energy inevitably emerged in subterranean ways as shadow and scandal, and their followers learned not only the lessons of their teachings, but also the lessons of their failures.

    The difficulty, then, is that we are ready as never before for a guru, yet no single human being is capable of taking on that role. Whence are we to obtain that spiritual midwifery, “someone to illuminate our blind spots, to humble our conceit, to show us the love we didn’t know we had within us”? What can bring to the masses what hidden lineages and gurus once brought to a select few? To answer that question, let us follow the trajectory of spiritual teachings after the 1970s.

    What followed the demise of the guru was a new age of spiritual independence. Its motto might have been, “All that you need is within you.” People trusted their own inner guru, their guidance. The spiritual teachers of this period were just that, teachers not gurus, not accorded a different category of being, but a kind of spiritual friend, a more experienced colleague. It was a time of self-improvement and doing your own spiritual work. The goal was a kind of self-sufficiency. We sought to eradicate negativity from our minds and take full responsibility for our lives. We worked on forgiveness. We sought to “manifest” health, wealth, and romance through the power of positive thinking. We resonated with teachings like, “Change yourself, change your beliefs, and reality will change along with it. All the power is within you; each person is a self-sufficient creator of his or her own reality.” We sought to liberate ourselves from victim mentality, the belief that our happiness depends on the choices of others. Sure, we wanted to attract good relationships into our lives, but we didn’t need anyone.

    Though I am writing in the past tense, I don’t mean to denigrate the beliefs I describe, nor even to say they are not true. They were true, and there is truth in them still. They are not the whole truth though, as many people are now starting to realize. For having reached the pinnacle of spiritual independence, they want something more.

    A participant at one of my retreats put it like this: “I really do have it all. I run my own wellness center, I live in a beautiful house with a view of the mountains, I have manifested financial abundance, I have a fabulous relationship with my wife, who is my partner on the spiritual path. We’ve done the most amazing retreats, the most powerful transformational workshops, had deep experiences of altered consciousness, states of samadhi, experiences of kundalini… But this is no longer enough. There is something else, a next step, and I’m not sure what it is. It’s not that I’m unhappy – I have a lot of peace, joy, and contentment in my life – but I know there is a next step.”

    Spiritual self-sufficiency ignores the fundamental truth of our interbeingness. Without each other, we cannot make those peak experiences, those glimpses we have all had of a more vivid way of being, into anything more than glimpses. How can we make them into a new baseline for life? How can we enter into the world that they show us, how can we redeem their promise? How can we bring into living reality the knowledge that we have been shown something true and real? Each time, the old world drags us back. The inertia of our habits and beliefs, the expectations of the people surrounding us, the way we are seen, the media, the pressures of the money system all conspire to hold us where we were. Coming off a peak experience, we may try to insulate ourselves from all these things, to live in a bubble of positivity, but eventually we realize that is impossible. The negative influences find a way to creep back in.

    From the understanding of the connected self, this is entirely to be expected. Because you are not separate from me, you cannot be fully healed until I am fully healed. You cannot be enlightened until I am enlightened. This is the import of the Golden Reminder and the Boddhisatva Realization described above. Each one of us is pioneering a different aspect of the connected self in the age of reunion, and each one of us as well carries vestigial habits of the age of separation that are invisible to us or that, if visible, we are helpless to overcome on our own. Quite practically, to inhabit a more enlightened state we must be held there by a community of new habits, new ways of seeing each other, and new beliefs in action that redefine normal.

    In other words, in the age of the connected self our guru can be none other than a collective, a community – as Thich Nhat Hanh put it, “The next Buddha will be a sangha.” By a community, I don’t mean an amorphous “we are all one” mass devoid of structure, but rather a matrix of human beings united in a common story of the people and story of the self. Aligned with these defining stories, this community can hold us in the vision of what we are becoming.

    Until recently, such a community barely existed. Either we were alone, gasping for breath in an ocean of separation, or we nurtured the new ways in isolated and insulated bubbles that, with rare exceptions, quickly popped. Such bubbles cannot last very long alone; like soap bubbles, their substance evaporates unless replenished and sustained. Today it is different, because these bubbles, Ken Carey’s “islands of the future in an ocean of the past,” are appearing faster than they can pop, clumping together, strengthening each other, forming a connected matrix. We are reaching critical mass, a point where we can live so much surrounded by nascent institutions of the new world that we can stay there most of the time. No longer will we need to struggle to remember what those special experiences showed us was true.

    Health and spiritual well-being are maintained through relationships, not through self-sufficiency. No one is so enlightened that they don’t need help. Rather, they are enlightened because they receive the help they need. Enlightenment is a state of dependency. And to the extent that any other being is sick in any way, so is each of us. Every hurting person out there matches a hurting thing in here. It could be as subtle as a grain of sand in your sock: unnoticeable when major wounds are still hemorrhaging blood, but increasingly intolerable as the big wounds heal. As wholeness increases, these little things come into consciousness and become intolerable. We can no longer comfortably abide in our idyllic house with a view, eating health food, and thinking positive thoughts. Our self-sufficiency is no longer sufficient, when we feel the pain of the world echoing inside our selves.

    If we try to stay in the bubble of spiritual self-sufficiency, the hurting of the world sneaks in as various of the new diseases, forcing itself upon our consciousness. Consider, for example, two of the most significant of the new diseases, MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities) and electromagnetic sensitivity. Toxic chemicals and EMFs are the physicalization of our negativity, as well as the byproduct of our mindset of separation that sees nature as an indifferent reservoir for our wastes. For the chemically and electromagnetically sensitive, no amount of retreat is enough. Trying to avoid negativity, we have to retreat further and further, until the repeated intrusion of the world upon our serenity makes us realize we have to cleanse the whole world of toxic chemicals and all they represent, not just avoid them.

    The yogic teaching, “Don’t try to cover the world with leather, just wear shoes,” served us well in the age of spiritual self-sufficiency, but it serves no longer, especially if taken to mean, “Heal thyself; the world is not your responsibility.” That was true, for a time. It was medicine. It healed us of self-rejection and self-sacrifice. It was a necessary stage toward the next step, when we do seek to heal the world – not as an act of self-sacrifice, not at the cost of our own well-being, but as a necessary step in our own self-healing. Through our relationship to the other we heal ourselves. There is no other way.

    This realization often manifests as a desire to find one’s true purpose in life, one’s service to the world. Such a purpose is never just about the separate egoic self. It is always about service; it is about one’s gifts and how to give them. Purpose is about gift and relationship. The emerging state of vitality, joy, and love that humanity is entering is not a place where we can abide for long on our own. We need each other.

    It is not only in spiritual life that this is true; the same shift is manifesting in economic life and our ecological relationships. Indeed, because spiritual well-being can only proceed to the next level through our relationships to other people, other beings, and the planet, the very word “spirituality” as distinct from social, economic, and material life is losing its relevance. Built into the concept of spirituality is the idea that some areas of human life are not spiritual. That divide between spirit and matter, between the life of the soul and the life of the flesh, is crumbling. High time, too: look at the results of treating the planet as not sacred. Look at the results of treating part of our own selves as profane. The war against the self and the conquest of nature, each mirroring the other, are coming to an end in our time as the intuitions of the connected self wax stronger.

    Interdependency is something of a euphemism for what is really a form of dependency. The latter word is a trigger. Whether it is emotionally, financially, or spiritually, most people seek to avoid dependency. That, I am sorry to say, is a conceit. By our nature as ecological beings, we are helplessly dependent on other beings to survive, to thrive, even to exist. In the heyday of the age of science, we thought it human destiny to become independent of all other beings: we aspired to a wholly artificial world in which even food would be synthesized, the flesh transcended, and death overcome. No longer. We are learning, painfully, our utter dependency on the rest of nature. Interdependency is a sub-category of dependency in that it is mutual and multidirectional, but that doesn’t make us any less dependent. And that is OK! To be dependent is to be alive – it is to be enmeshed in the give and take of the world. And when we allow ourselves to enter it, to release the perceived safety of self-sufficiency, we access and can sustain an intensity of being and of love that we could only glimpse before. That is because we are encompassing more of our true connected being. We are being more fully ourselves.

    Humanity collectively, and many of us individually, are at a threshold between worlds. The world we are entering is both a new world for us, and a long-forgotten realm. As we step into it, we can be each other’s welcoming committee. We can do for each other what a guru does for a disciple: hold each other in the knowing of who we really are, and teach each other how to live there. Each of us, as we experience our own piece of the age of reunion, becomes a guide to a small part of that vast new territory.

    ~HardGround777————————– Clock Thunder Rain Sun

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  86. #86 Kellia
    May 12, 2011 am31 12:07 am

    Dreamwalker, Thank you. You have my permission to ask.

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  87. #87 Stick
    May 12, 2011 am31 1:10 am

    Gunner#28&42: I’m actually not a big fan of David Wilcock, but I do intuitively feel he may be correct on the Bin Laden issue. The bottom line though, is that recent global events (Fukushima Daiichi, Royal Wedding, birth-certificate b.s., bin Laden etc.) are all part of a multidimensional ‘mega-ritual’ that still hasn’t been completed. More will be revealed. So taking any given source as a sure fire link to ‘truth’ is, and always has been, a slippery slope in my opinion. In many ways that’s what makes these times so exciting. There are many voices that are ultimately adding to a greater understanding of the puzzle behind the veils. But it’s all just talk… until it isn’t. In the meantime, ‘active observation’ has proved to be a valuable tool. In the end, it is the ‘Intent’ of the channel, author, teacher etc. that is most relevant, NOT if they are 100% accurate. As it currently stands, ‘one truth’ is just a remaining shadow of duality. Nothing more, nothing less. Reality itself is malleable! That’s why there’s so many versions of the ‘story’. Shock

    ~FreedomCalling777—————————-Moon Yin Yang Moon

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  88. #88 Admiral2012here
    May 12, 2011 am31 4:37 am

    …hey Blossom has a new channeled message up can someone post it here cause her site is blocked here at my work. This is what Blossom said on her email

    A new channeling has just gone up for you to ponder on. I feel it may stir up some questions regarding ‘illusions and dimensions’. Do I hold the answers to these questions? NOPE! I am just the messenger. Please keep that in mind!

    To let you know also that a new blog post went up yesterday for your perusal. Its a great little community we have going there. Please feel free to become part of it and share your thoughts

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  89. #89 Gunner
    May 12, 2011 am31 4:59 am

    Good morning everyone and a big thank you to all who answered my inquiry.
    Honeybee, Hey I am not offended and I welcome all peoples own thoughts on these subjects and I welcome them without judgement from myself. It is just some channelled messages have major issues. How could Matthew say osama has been dead and then we hear from David saying, no they just killed him. To me this is no minor difference, it is major. I still love the Matthew messages and do have faith in them but the major issues puzzle me. Its ok, it makes my brain work harder, it is like exercise for the brain.
    Hi Quad , great to see you post again and like Admiral saids, come back more often. And go and save those dolphins in Denmark.
    Spedman, I just love the way you put things into perspective, keep riding that wave bro.
    Gordon, wow thanks a lot for 47, I really needed that reminder. Especially these days with all the ASS. For so many days I have felt so irritable and would send negativity in my thoughts to others. This is exactly the wisdon I needed at this point in my life and already it has made a difference. I really feel so good today and I feel like a new person.
    Admiral my friend, where are you running too??? LOL Oh man you had me LMAO this morning especially with your cat attack story. Man you could make a show, “when cats attack”.
    As a matter of fact you can compile so much footage with all your experiences with animals and I still didnot forget your grasshopper story or your mouse story. Still cracks me up.
    DW< Next time in the land of Agartha tell then gunner gives then much love, honor, respect and so much appreciation and if they ever want to stop in at the doghouse, my door is open.
    Maffy, the bottom line is people here do care and they are making a difference in our world, big time.
    Good morning sunray or should I say good evening. Now what did you eat off the shelves last night?haha. Like I said, get in good with the baker and the eating possibilities are limit less. Can I get some extra chees on that pizza, DOGHOUSE!!!! WHAT!!!! Stay away from the spam though.

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  90. #90 Gunner
    May 12, 2011 am31 5:00 am

    Here ya go Admiral

    Good morning! With each new day I can FEEL the energies of Light filtering through on a deeper level. I am blessed to FEEL so blessed! I know many FEEL the same and yet I KNOW also that many do not. As always we welcome your wisdom and TRUTH to assist us on our journey.

    Many blessings indeed are upon us all in these times. It would depend of course in which position you find yourselves in upon your planet … for there are many that have placed themselves in a spot that others would not have done. These souls are in perhaps ‘untoward’ places for many different reasons … depending too on their souls evolvement and how experiencing certain things may assist them on their journey this life time. It is perhaps difficult for many to understand that those living in squalor, or those in war zones … have actually placed themselves there. From an Earthly point of view, why indeed would one do so? Yet, from an ‘unEarthly’ point of view, there are exact situations within those placements that allow for souls to overcome blockages or indeed to redeem themselves from that which has hindered them in past times … and in order for them to be able to move on … it is greatly assisting their path to ‘be there’ during these times. Others … may simply have chosen to be of LIGHT in such places . Such souls are of great Spirit and are honoured for their sacrifice to assist the whole.

    Again may we say … as we have done so often … what may not be apparent to you because of Earthly restriction of knowledge (at this point) … when viewed from a place that is of LIGHT … can be made such sense of. The LIGHT switches on upon such matters! Therefore, may we suggest that whilst in the position you are in NOW … to accept that there is much greater meaning behind ALL that may abhor you … or make you FEEL ‘What is the point when this world is so full of such atrocities?’.


    We understand that this is difficult for you to grasp. For you BELIEVE yourselves to be deeply ensconced in it. And you are! You are deeply ensconced in THE ILLUSION of what you have chosen your LIFE TO BE.


    With respect,, all very well for you to say ! When you are actually experiencing living on an illusion everyday …. of what you consider to be ‘all that there is for you in this aspect of yourself’ … then it is quite easy to FEEL a bit confused about that statement. For if Earth is an illusion and we are living on it …. does that mean WE are an illusion also?

    NO. It means that you have chosen to experience a world that is in essence an illusion. The part of you that IS REAL is participating in an experiment … as we spoke of when we first began our communications with you. (1*) All that is actually REAL whilst you are in this experiment is your soul. The rest … as many of you are getting … is your own creation.

    Let us try and explain to make it a little easier to grasp.

    These days … one has become aware of incredible technology that can be drawn from your computerized systems. One can now replace ‘backgrounds’ with digital imprints, so in fact, a person is nowhere near the vicinity in which they may be presented … or how it seems to appear! One can literally place themselves ‘on a stage’ and by the press of a button, that soul can appear anywhere that the backdrop makes them out to be.

    Clearly you knew that I was sent a link to see all about that, only yesterday. (2*)

    We are always allowing for such things to assist us. So to continue … what is being presented to you is not actually the TRUTH.

    Sorry to interrupt again … but that statement goes very deep does it not?

    We do not choose to waste words dear lady. So too … through your own minds creation you are able to ‘make up/out’ that you are ‘somewhere’. You have created that somewhere … as a consciousness. The collaboration of many … through many years has assisted in making your world FEEL like a reality … when in fact … shall we say it is ‘superimposed’ . You have heard of certain evolved souls able to transport themselves purely by thought to another place … another dimension even. They are merely changing their back drop.

    Mmm! So … are you saying that EVERYWHERE is an illusion ?

    The only place that is not … is within side your soul. For everywhere has been created. Should one choose for it not to exist (as an experiment perhaps) then a mass consciousness could indeed eliminate a particular planet off the map of existence.

    So is it that the Golden Age we are Ascending into will also be an illusion?

    Of course. For you have all been made aware now that what you think … through TRUTH of FEELING … you will create. This is why we come to talk of this. To try and assist you in understanding that … YOU ARE CREATING YOUR NEW WORLD.

    Yet you have said not so long ago that it is already there waiting for us.

    It is … In your thoughts. Each one of you KNOWS of the GOLDEN AGE in your thoughts … for such thoughts of creation were shown to you way way back in the history of your soul. Therefore, it is already accomplished … this New World … it is just a matter of those who choose to remember … to bring it into the reality of its particular illusion. We wonder if this is making sense to you?

    Yes. It is. Somewhere, some part of me KNOWS this.

    This therefore, is why we continue to speak to you of LOVE. For it is through LOVE alone that such a place can present itself to you. You cannot walk into a NEW WORLD OF LOVE … if you are not purely of LOVE. How can you possibly live in your own creation of pure LOVE if you have not allowed yourself to become it? Each one of you has free choice. That which you choose to think becomes your way of life does it not?

    Yes … although it takes quite a lot of practice to remain in that KNOWING!

    None the less, would you agree this is so?

    Indeed. I can feel as if we are about to get into something a bit complicated regarding opportunities for everyone involved. I Feel the need to ask the question … ‘what about those who don’t quite come up to scratch on the pure LOVE thought?’ I mean , so many of us are doing our best … is our best good enough? And what about those who seem so lacking in understanding of LOVE for another?

    One soul can … within this illusion … only be placed where they believe is the right place to be … at any given time … and we mean that both geologically (?*) and mentally and emotionally. One can offer assistance, yet if a soul chooses not to accept it … then that is where they have chosen to be. This does not mean that when many are ready to walk into the NEW WORLD that they have ‘missed the boat’. Where would be the LOVE in that? It simply means that they shall remain in the world of their own creation. They may choose to have a backdrop of war and unrest … not only on the outside of their illusion, but also within side of themselves. It is only the self that can change anything about anything. It cannot be changed for you . Until one chooses a better way … they shall remain in a place that they believe is ‘the way it is’.

    Yet we say to you from the deepest place of LOVE … your world as it ‘appears’ now … will appear very differently very soon. There is so much change to come about … that your world will almost seem unrecognizable. We smile in LOVE … for we are aware that for those that choose to read that last statement in fear … they will imagine all kinds of disasters taking place and visualize a world of devastation … yet … on the other side of the coin … for those who choose to live in LOVE … they will visualize a world of such beauty … a world of peace … a world where there is respect for each other and only LOVE resides.

    Yep …I see what you are saying … yet … how do I put it into words … let us say one soul fears and the other LOVES … will those two worlds … because they would be very different … be on this SAME Earthly planet?

    You are confusing once again your planet with an actual reality. For how can both be happening at the same time? Yet we say to you .. it is!!! Which backdrop are you choosing to place yourself within? That is all it comes down to. Are you ready for a blaster??

    Bring it on!

    The actual planet is your empty backdrop. You have placed yourself upon it …. each as an individual … and yet remember you are ONE and the same … it is just that right NOW … you have chosen to have an experience that makes you FEEL that you are separate from one another. So, what we are trying to explain in the easiest way possible … is that YES … all scenarios take place within your Earthly experience on the same blank canvas. You, each one of you … decide what is going to be painted upon it. Some may create a scene of war some may create a scene of fields of flowers.

    Ok …. yet earlier you said that some souls have placed themselves in certain places for different reasons , so they haven’t actually ‘created’ that place … they have chosen to be in it.

    Yet you see … they have chosen to be in that creation … that particular creation … for themselves … for the whole . We did not say that they have to stay in it.

    We will go back to talking of souls who may not ‘move into’ the backdrop of The Golden Age at a time when many do. This does not mean as we have said that they may never reside there. That thought pattern to us seems slightly absurd. The GOLDEN AGE … the NEW WORLD is there for all who choose to enter in. Yet it cannot be there until its soul is in a place that can accept the pure vibration of that ..


    Yes. Remembering that even illusions have ‘rules’!

    I hadn’t actually remembered that …. no! Those rules meaning?

    That although the illusion created is exactly that … an illusion … within ‘laws’ of illusional creation … there has to be certain ‘standards’ to be upheld within each experience of that particular illusion. This again is something for a later date. As we are aware that with each topic we are addressing, there comes with it many a conundrum of thought process and we do not wish to overload and therefore, confuse.

    As White Cloud always says … take one square of chocolate at a time … let it digest fully and you will know when you are hungry and ready for the next bite. If we ate the whole bar all at once … we would feel most uncomfortable and out of sorts!

    Well, I FEEL this today has given us much food for thought. I am keen to sign off as I know it is time , so that I can read it back and try to sort it out in my head as well as having a good laugh about it all! I am learning that instead of trying to work out what is actually going to take place … to just enjoy the ride … and when I get there … I will KNOW.

    Thanks so much for this info! The time whizzed by. In Love and thanks always … enjoy your day.

    We enjoy it all the more as we see energies expanding in Light … Such Joy. Such Joy. In LOVE to ALL … to ALL in LOVE.

    NB. I would just like to remind one and all that I am just the messenger. I do not have the answers to questions that might arise from this communication. I am sure when they are ready to explain more … when they KNOW we are ready to digest another few squares … they will surely let us KNOW.

    1* THE BRIDGE.

    2* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ot4jgEID7oU

    ?* I wondered when I read it back if they meant geographically? but it is unlike them to give the wrong wording. Therfore I am to assume that they mean geologically … The study of Earth.

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  91. #91 kathy
    May 12, 2011 am31 5:19 am


    May 11, 2011 am31 9:37 pm
    Again, this is another case of trying to determine what i am really trying to say through a keyboard.

    It don’t cut it. I’m tired of people not questioning any of this, they blindly believe it. Maybe not you, but they are here. Cuz they think something is taking care of business, they ease back and relax, completely mis-understanding and neglecting the reason they are here. I know why im here, but it takes will and determination to find out. EVERYONE IS RAISING THEIR VIBRATIONS AT THEIR OWN SPEED SOME MAY NEVER AND THAT IS CALLED 3D REALITY CHOICE

    How many seriously meditate with their own higher selves with all the info posted on this site? How many? I MEDITATE WHILE I AM READY TO WAKE UP IN THE MORNING

    (is anyone gunna even answer this question?) lol

    If you have a mortgage, bank account, bills and don’t wanna break out of that control, you HAVE given your will to something other than yourself. They OWN you! and no one wants to physically change anyhting! ANYwhere! on this Earth! I HAVE NO MORTGAGE AND PAID OFF MY SONS AND ALMOST PAID OFF ANOTHER SO WE ALL COULD BE FREE . IF YOU CAN NOT PAY FOR IT DO NOT BUY IT SAVE THEN BUY


    Its sickening!

    wheres your free will now?

    why is it people walk around in a daze around me, mindlessly following the rules, because they wanna have less stress or follow the path of least resistance? THEY HAVE NOT AWAKENED YET. ALL WE CAN DO IS BE AN EXAMPLE AND GUIDE THEM TO HOPE AND CAUSE

    This gfol is no different to mohammed, jesus or the messiah.

    People will feel they they are powerless, and no matter how much i try to make people see THEY ARE CREATOR, they don;’t get it! THOSE HERE DO AND LIKE ME WE JUST CHECK IN TO SEE HOW THINGS ARE GOING AND LURK TILL THERE IS A REASON TO REPLY



    Im not here to want anyhting from people, i don;pt want them to “resonate” at all with me.

    Just simply find your own way, and question it and question it again, galvanize yourselves for petes sake!


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  92. #92 SunRaymond
    May 12, 2011 am31 5:38 am

    Good Morning Everybody!
    How are yall?
    I just got off from work! Stopped at the Doughnut shop and got some nice glazey doughnuts for me and my boys. Of course they take theirs on the school bus. So far that is my day! Lots of posts since I been away!

    @ Laurinda #78, Yea! Tell’em…Speak the Truth Mama!

    @ Spedman #80, You’ve turned 2 cents into $200!

    @ Stick #83, Man I was beatboxing to that! The spirit just moved through me for real this time!

    @ Babajij #84, Thank You! We Love to crack yall up! Are you laughing at this post? LoL!

    @ Gunner, DogHouze!!! Good Morning! Last night I had regular Gummy worms and sugary Gummy worms from aisle 12!! They was the bomb!! LoL! I even smile at the cameras while I eat them! They gon’ fire me!! And if they do…hopefully they fire me over the phone before I waste gas going to get fired in person next time I show up! ‘Cause you know gas is like $52 a gallon! LoL! Grin

    -Well…I may not need that heathen beater after all. Dreamwalker, umm…I have my receipt…can I bring it back? LoL! Silly

    It’s a Party!!
    Alright…mybad yall I just feel actin’ silly today!

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  93. #93 Laurinda
    May 12, 2011 am31 5:42 am

    Bravehearts: As I type this, the neighbor’s house two doors down is on fire and will probably be a total loss! We were woken up at 4 this morning by our landlady’s phone call, someoneone knocking on our door, and MANY lights flashing out in the neighborhood. The next thing I know, Bill is up, dressed, down there and helping with the big fire hose. (On the naval carrier he was part of the ship’s nucleus fire party). People can sure kick it up a notch when they need to help others!!! The young woman/homeowner and her two children were not there and out of state. The police called her—what horrible news to receive when you are far away! Frown This got me to thinking that at any given moment, something really unexpected CAN happen, and we had better know what to do FAST!!!! All of this makes me especially thankful for our firefighters, EMTs, police, utility workers,—ALL of our first responders!!! Yes

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  94. #94 SunRaymond
    May 12, 2011 am31 5:52 am

    Good Morning Laurinda! Sun
    That’s a nice story! And nobody was hurt!

    “In the face of the unexpected, we never know what’s gonna happen tomorrow; but I’m gonna live with an open Heart”

    That was really nice of Bill! and the firefighters, and the EMTs, and the popo’s, and the unity workers, and first responders!!

    All Living with an Open Heart!
    …I think.

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  95. #95 Laurinda
    May 12, 2011 am31 5:52 am

    SonRaymond: check your email lovey! In Love

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  96. #96 Gunner
    May 12, 2011 am31 5:57 am

    LMAO Sumray especially I could picture you eating those gummy bears and smiling at the camera. Hey man you do them a good service and a few gummy bears wont hurt anyone.
    Laurinda, wow I cant imagine. Go bill, as he got right into action. I know when they return you and bill will be there for them, and they could not have asked for better4 people than yourselves.

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  97. #97 Gunner
    May 12, 2011 am31 6:02 am

    Sunray, you ever take the kids to the water park? I say this because I seen a special on water parks and there is one somewhere in Texas was rated the best in the US. I would go to texas, if I had money and the time, just to go to that water park. I love water parks especially on those hot days. Man that would be a great trip, we would get the Admiral, Sassy and you with your kids Ads kids and sassies grandkids. What a ball we would hav e. If I hit the big one the trip is on me.

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  98. #98 dreamwalker
    May 12, 2011 am31 6:15 am


    Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow

    Ok guys (I’m looking at you SUNRAYMOND) I probably started it but you’re going to have to stop being so funny. If you don’t I’m going to pee myself laughing at work and that will get me fired.

    Now I’m going to go buy myself a math textbook, the wall street journal, and a bag a veggie chips and check myself into the Ministry of Insults and Petty Abuse. If that doesn’t work… well, maybe some Mark Trail comix and a bag of SPAM will do the trick…


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  99. #99 SunRaymond
    May 12, 2011 am31 6:22 am

    @ Gunner, On you!? Oh Snap!! DogHouze!! That’s WusSup! I can’t wait ’till you hit the big one! LoL! If not then I’d still Love to plan the trip with yall!!

    Yeah I Love water parks! I think the one you are talking about is Schlitterbahn Water Park! Island I would take the boys before I leave…but I gotta save up for this move to Colorado. However, I do plan on taking them to Idaho with me for some fun mountaineering and to visit Laurinda in 2012! Laugh

    @ Laurinda, I checked it! Thank You!! Rosex12 Party

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  100. #100 SunRaymond
    May 12, 2011 am31 6:25 am

    @ Dreamwalker, LoL! “Laugh last…Laugh Longest!” Rainbow Party

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  101. #101 SunRaymond
    May 12, 2011 am31 6:31 am

    @ Dreamwalker again,

    That’s funny because while I’m at work…I laugh at the bosses while they are talking! Especially when they get mad at something! They be so serious! And it’s just funny to watch them run around trippin’ over nothin’! LoL! Your boss will not fire you!! If he does….well…you better whip out that heathen beater!! Don’t forget to throw some holy oil on him! That’ll make him reconsider. Dun dun duuunnnn…May 21st is upon him. Shock

    …and don’t pee yourself…you don’t wanna mess up the people’s chairs! That’s gonna come out of your paycheck!

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  102. #102 dreamwalker
    May 12, 2011 am31 6:51 am

    @Maffy – You DO realize those GFL messages are designed to piss you off, don’t you?

    You’re right though – we have to save ourselves, but we have to be open to saving ourselves, too (and I’m not saying you’re not).

    As we raise our frequency, we become more aware of the real world around us. For some of us that is really hard to deal with, because everything we’ve been told, and everything we have seen, is counter to that.

    You may want to read through this to understand more of what I’m referring to:


    @Babajij – JP Morgan wasn’t the only problem there – his other major backer, Astor, passed away, and as you say JP Morgan wasn’t willing to invest MORE to keep it going.

    It’s clear to me that Tesla was thinking along the lines of socialism and benefiting society – helping others rather than helping himself. So this is why Thomas Edison is so much more famous than Tesla, even though Edison was a businessman rather than an inventor (history only paints Edison as an inventor but this is not the case).

    Tesla was the real deal, and we owe many of our modern comforts to him! But he understood “oneness”, I think, and recognized that he owed his understanding to many others who came before him. This is why he has been obscured by history, because he had a higher “frequency”. I also noticed that he is now being celebrated a lot more in the mainstream media. Hmmm.

    @Laurinda – holy cow that’s freaky! That’s awesome of Bill to help out – he must have enjoyed getting in there and working his magic!

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  103. #103 dreamwalker
    May 12, 2011 am31 6:55 am

    @Babajij, interesting observation about the 11th; this was mentioned by Serenshitha on Intuitivechoice.blogspot.com. Sorry I don’t have a direct link for you to that post ATM. I always assumed that what he was saying about the 11th was referring to earthquakes – but I think you’re spot on about the energy. Good for you!

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  104. #104 dreamwalker
    May 12, 2011 am31 7:04 am

    @SunRaymond you’da man!!!!

    ROTFL Silly ROTFL Silly ROTFL Silly

    Thunder Thunder Thunder Thunder Thunder

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  105. #105 Bill
    May 12, 2011 am31 7:08 am

    Hi everybody, well it’s been a busy morning. The fire two doors down started just before 4am and burned for at least two hours. It looks like it is out now, the street is still full of fire trucks and EMS, they are putting away their gear but still have charged hoses as the clean off equipment and probably still sitting reflash watch. I pretty much stayed out of the way, but helped the EMS guy move hoses twice, to feed more to the firefighters inside. Me and another neighbor stayed outside with the lady who lives in the house between ours and the one that was on fire. Anyway, just an update for you guys. Thanks for all of your comments!

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  106. #106 SunRaymond
    May 12, 2011 am31 7:09 am


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  107. #107 the honeybee
    May 12, 2011 am31 7:14 am

    Morning everyone!

    #58 dreamwalker – I’m happy to offer thoughts anytime you need them, for what that’s worth, since I know very little. I know a couple of scientists I could also ask, but they are not physicists and they are hardcore “realistic” scientists who would never believe this would work, so Tesla is certainly the best person to ask instead….still that is an option if you have any questions. If you are getting a small charge, maybe the trick is a massive number of magnets and bigger size of the thing. I’ve been wondering if the movement of it “through the ether” when you spin it is what causes a greater charge… I don’t know, just my brain wandering again….

    #89 Gunner – Matthew is living in the ethers and is channeled, so he may have a more accurate view on what is really going on (again, just my own view, its cool with me if you don’t agree). David gets most of his information from human whistleblowers. Some of them are probably sent to him for the purpose of misleading him (thus, all of us readers), some may be accurate. He also gets clues from his dreams about the future. If you are a good dream interpreter, (which he is), this can give you big clues about what’s coming, but still is not infallible. Dreams do come in symbols and interpreting exactly what they mean about the future can still be very difficult (I do my own so I’m familiar). He can also channel, but most of his articles don’t seem to come from his channeling in any case, they come from his whistleblowers, dreams, and corroborations of those that he searches for in the news. So, in my view, these 2 sources, both of which I do like and read, come from 2 different places and perspectives. Thus, its not surprising to me that they don’t agree.

    I’m just as confused as anybody. I don’t know when bin laden died. This veering off from consistency may seem new to anybody that woke up in 2008 or later (I don’t know when you woke up, so I’m not saying that’s you specifically or anything). In 2008, a surprising number of channels all started saying the same things…but let me tell you, that was new at that point. Before that, nobody’s channelings agreed very much on what was coming, what was human history, or what the truth of things was. I use my feelers when I read messages, looking for the intent and energy behind it. I feel David has a good heart, and so does Matthew. So, I read them both (along with Lauren C., Mark Kimmel and Blossom…you guys read all the exact same stuff I love!) And again, I’m not trying to get you to agree with me, that’s the whole thing of having your own path – believing a different source than I do may be what puts you on the path you’re supposed to be on which is most beneficial for you. Its all good.

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  108. #108 Laurinda
    May 12, 2011 am31 7:15 am

    dreamwalker: Bill is the only man who ever offered me shelter in this lifetime, and that was long before he even came here to meet me. What I just said to you, is coming from a woman who’s theme song for this lifetime was a song by the Rolling Stones “Gimme Shelter”. I do not mean any of this in a co-dependent way either, so let me be clear there! lol I saw him standing in the rainy darkness keeping our elderly neighbor lady company, who lives right next door to the house that was on fire…..that is offering kindess, and sheltering with his beautiful open heart. I am so blessed to have this fine man in my life. He is my gift from the Goddess Herself! Heart

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  109. #109 SunRaymond
    May 12, 2011 am31 7:22 am


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  110. #110 dreamwalker
    May 12, 2011 am31 7:37 am

    @Laurinda – that is awesome – I understand what you mean by shelter; it’s the shelter and tranquility of a tree in a rainstorm.

    @Bill – GO BILL!!!

    On another topic, for the first time in my life I’ve seen a reptillian woman. She was driving a black BMW (of course). It was a very strange illusion – I could see a blonde woman’s face, but she had this humorless “permanent” smile – and as she turned her head, I could just barely make out the reptillian face underneath.

    The nose kind of “blended” into the face – the mouth matched the other mouth. The human illusion was still strong, but it was like looking at a video-game version of a person where the features are “mapped” onto a frame that is slightly wrong.

    What an odd experience!

    Some could say “oh this is just plastic surgery!” But I don’t think it is when the features CHANGE.

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  111. #111 dreamwalker
    May 12, 2011 am31 7:44 am

    Interesting – on google news there’s a headline “mississipi delta residents brace for flooding – others cleaning up”

    This is accompanied by a picture of a SNAKE in the water, which forms the NUMBER 3 with its body.

    I’m sure this is JUST a coincidence. Grin

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  112. #112 Laurinda
    May 12, 2011 am31 7:46 am

    dreamwalker: hmmm, wonder if I know her? Question Beauty lol

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  113. #113 Bill
    May 12, 2011 am31 7:47 am

    Laurinda asked me to post this link from Alex Jones Infowars about the “bleeding” of the American economy.


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  114. #114 Laurinda
    May 12, 2011 am31 7:50 am

    dreamwalker: Well then I see that I am in good company, in that when I lived in Eugene, Oregon, I drove a gorgeous copper BMW, and one of my favorite things to do was to roll into the Waldorf School with my James Brown CD playin’. Yeah, they probably wondered what the hell kinda Waldorf teacher I would become! hehehehehe Cool

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  115. #115 Laurinda
    May 12, 2011 am31 7:56 am

    Hey wait a minute, where the heck is our Admiral this morning?—-and we are talking about his favorite subject—sexy R women!!! lol Female Female tee hee

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  116. #116 the honeybee
    May 12, 2011 am31 8:02 am

    #110, wow, that’s crazy man! They must have woke up more in you than channeling. I wish somebody would wake me up like that.

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  117. #117 Laurinda
    May 12, 2011 am31 8:08 am

    the honeybee: Sounds like it is time to stop wishing for a greater awakening, and time to start INTENDING!!!!

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  118. #118 Steffie
    May 12, 2011 am31 8:15 am

    May Is A Very Powerful Month
    by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
    May 11, 2011

    Some very exciting things are happening this month that will greatly enhance our ability to improve our lives. Saint Germain and the Legions of the Violet Flame are intensifying the frequencies of the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection beyond anything Humanity has ever been able to experience. This will help us to quickly transmute the chaos of our human miscreations, which are being pushed to the surface in all of our lives. At the same time, Mother Mary and the Legions of Light from her Temple of the Immaculate Heart are assisting the I AM Presence within each of us to balance and expand the Threefold Flame in our heart. Our Heart Flame will now envelope our physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies. We have not experienced this intensity of Light from our Threefold Flame since our fall from Grace aeons ago. This is truly an unprecedented Gift of Divine Intervention and it is helping to prepare all of us, at an atomic cellular level, to be able to withstand the influx of our NEW Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love, which will be secured in the physical plane of Earth August 13-18, 2011.

    The intent of Mother Mary’s and Saint Germain’s increased Divine Intervention this month is twofold. It is designed to prepare our bodies to withstand the influx of our NEW Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love and it will also help Humanity transmute into Light the devastating effects of our fall from Grace which took place aeons ago. The tragic event of our “fall” corrupted the Divine Plan and hurled the Children of God, and all Life on this planet, into the quagmire of pain and suffering that we have been wallowing in for millennia. Now it is time for us to reverse those negative effects and to anchor a NEW Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love which will enhance the life of every person on Earth.

    The global activity of Light that will occur August 13-18, 2011, will involve the unified efforts of Lightworkers around the world and the entire Company of Heaven. During that Cosmic Moment, our NEW Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love will be anchored in the physical world of form through the Divinity in every person’s Heart Flame. KNOW that if you are adding to the Light of the world in any way, shape, or form, which every single person on the planet is at one time or another, YOU ARE A LIGHTWORKER!!

    Precious Heart, I would like to briefly describe how this activity of Light will unfold in August.

    Our Father-Mother God and the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth have sent forth a Clarion Call to all embodied Lightworkers, this includes YOU. We are being asked to gather within the portal of the most powerful 5th-Dimensional frequencies of God’s Transfiguring Divine Love on Earth. Together we will form a mighty transformer through which the Love of God will flow to secure our NEW Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love in the physical plane. This activity of Light will be done on behalf of ALL Humanity.

    We are in the midst of the greatest shift of consciousness ever to occur in the history of time. When our NEW Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love is securely anchored in the physical world of effects, the Company of Heaven has assured us that it will catapult ALL Humanity into a new level of awareness. This shift of consciousness will intensify the Unity Consciousness that is now gently expanding through the hearts and minds of every person on Earth. It will reveal the Oneness of Life and expose the lie of separation, which has perpetuated the pain and suffering we have experienced for aeons of time while floundering in the illusion of fear and duality. The end result of this activity of Light will be the transformation of this Earth into a planet of Divine Love, Peace, Abundance, and Joy. In other words, Heaven on Earth.

    Our NEW Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love will reunite us with our own Divinity, and heal our self-inflicted separation from our I AM Presence, and each other. Once our NEW Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love has been fully integrated into the conscious mind and the feeling worlds of Humanity, every soul will realize we can no longer rely on our mental perceptions or our logical thinking alone. Each person will clearly understand that we must now reach into the wisdom of our hearts and tap into the Divine Potential that holds the vision of who we are and why we are on Earth during this Cosmic Moment of Transfiguration.

    Never has a planet that has fallen this far into the depths of fear and separation been given an opportunity to ascend in consciousness at such an accelerated pace. It is critical that Lightworkers from around the world be physically present for this facet of the unfolding Divine Plan. Together we will form the transformer that will magnetize our NEW Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love into the physical world of form. All of the Lightworkers who have been prepared to serve in this wondrous way on behalf of Humanity and all Life on this sweet Earth will know who they are through the inner promptings of their heart. Listen to your heart, and Trust your inner guidance. Your Light is urgently needed!

    We must ALL Trust and KNOW that if we are being guided to be physically present within the Portal of Transfiguring Divine Love in Tucson, Arizona, then our I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven will assist us in paving the way. This is true whether we need assistance with time, energy, better health, or money to accomplish this facet of our Divine Mission.

    In addition to those who are inspired to be physically present, there will be Lightworkers who will join in consciousness from points of Light around the world. These Lightworkers will project the Light flowing through their Heart Flames into the Portal of Light where the Lightworkers are physically gathered in Tucson, Arizona. Thus our unified efforts will expand a thousand times a thousandfold.

    Every Lightworker will be in his or her right and perfect place. No facet of this Divine Plan is any more important than another. What IS important, is that we respond to whatever our I AM Presence is guiding us to do. The vehicle that will be used for this gathering of Lightworkers is the 25th Annual World Congress on Illumination. This event will take place August 13-18, 2011, during the 25th Celebration of Harmonic Convergence. We will gather at the beautiful Loews Ventana Canyon Resort in Tucson, Arizona. This exquisite resort exists within the heart of the Portal of Transfiguring Divine Love. All of the information you will need to participate in this unprecedented opportunity is available on our website http://www.eraofpeace.org . Just go to our Home Page and click on the box on the right-hand side that says 25th Annual World Congress on Illumination.

    God Bless YOU, on behalf of ALL Life evolving on this planet, for your willingness to be the Open Door that will secure our planetary CAUSE of Transfiguring Divine Love in the physical plane of Earth. Now let’s continue with the Divine Intervention being given to Humanity by Saint Germain and Mother Mary during this powerful month of May.

    As you invoke the Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection day-by-day, know that Light is infinitely more powerful than fear. ONE Lightworker focusing effectively on the Light can release enough positive energy to counteract the fragmented, fear-based, hate-filled thoughts and feelings of literally hundreds of thousands of people. In addition to that blessing, our Father-Mother God have given the Beings of Light a Cosmic Dispensation. The Beings of Light have been granted permission to amplify our unified efforts a thousand times a thousandfold. Consequently, the critical mass of Heaven on Earth is much, much closer than it appears.

    Many years ago Saint Germain gave us a simple yet incredibly powerful mantra for the Violet Flame. All we have to do is affirm that we are One with our I AM Presence, and the I AM Presence of ALL Humanity, before beginning to chant the Violet Flame Mantra. This is easily accomplished by simply saying:

    “I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of ALL Humanity.”

    Then say the Violet Flame Mantra with deep feeling as many times as your I AM Presence guides you to.

    “Transmute, transmute by Violet Fire all causes and cores not of God’s desire. I AM a Being of cause alone; that CAUSE is Love, the Sacred Tone.”

    Now let’s turn our attention to Beloved Mother Mary and her Legions of the Immaculate Heart Temple. Every year during the month of May, Mother Mary’s Temple of The Immaculate Heart is opened in the Inner Realms. This May our I AM Presence will escort us into Mother Mary’s Temple in our finer bodies while we sleep at night. Once we are there, she will help us to balance and expand the Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame in our heart. The Divine Intent of this intervention is for our Threefold Flame to once again envelope our physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies, as it did in the beginning prior to our fall from Grace.

    During this sacred time, our Mother God will assist Mother Mary by giving each of us a special blessing. These exponents of the Divine Feminine will lift Humanity into higher frequencies of our Mother God’s Transfiguring Divine Love than we have ever experienced. This Gift of Divine Intervention will help strengthen Humanity’s physical bodies at a cellular level, so that we will be able to withstand the power of our NEW Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love, which will be secured in the physical plane in August. This merciful act of Divine Grace will recalibrate our DNA and release pre-encoded patterns that will help us become the powerful forces of Divine Love we were always destined to be. This unprecedented Gift of Transfiguring Divine Love will help all of us to handle the adversity that is now surfacing in our lives to be transmuted into Light. It will also help us to move through the difficult, but very necessary, cleansing process that is currently happening all over the world.

    When we enter the Temple of the Immaculate Heart, Beloved Mother Mary will embrace each of us in her loving arms. With her embrace, she will awaken within us the remembrance of our sojourn with her when we were in her sacred temple prior to this embodiment. We will remember that we came to Earth during this Cosmic Moment with but one desire, to victoriously accomplish our facet of the unfolding Divine Plan by doing God’s Will. We will remember that we volunteered to be powerful Instruments of God during this critical time and that we have been training for millennia for this mission. We will also remember that we promised to be the full manifestation of Divine Love while serving the Light in this embodiment. Our Mother God’s Gift of Transfiguring Divine Love this month will greatly empower our ability to fulfill this Divine Mission.

    With our Mother God’s and Mother Mary’s assistance this month, we will realize that we chose to bring a portion of the Divine Plan through the veil of physical birth in order to help every facet of precious Life energy evolving on this planet Ascend into the 5th-Dimensional frequencies of God’s Infinite Perfection. This profound Truth is encoded within our Heart Flames. Mother Mary will remind us that she is with us now, because she vowed to come and assist us when it was time for us to fulfill our missions. That time is NOW! This month, Mother Mary will help us to remember the capacity we have within our Lifestreams to fulfill our Divine Purpose with dignity, honor, and victory.

    During this holy month of May, Mother Mary and the Feminine Aspects of Deity serving the Earth will assist our I AM Presence to expand the Chalice within our Immaculate Heart. This Chalice of Light serves as the brazier for our Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame. With this expansion, our balanced Heart Flame will blaze forth as the powerful force of Divinity it was always intended to be. Then we will tangibly experience the Presence of God in every cell and atom of our Beings. This will pave the way for the transformation of our carbon-based 3rd- and 4th-Dimensional bodies into our crystalline-based 5th-Dimensional Solar Light Bodies. This is a miraculous process that has been unfolding for a time now, but during this Mystical Month of May, it will move forward a quantum leap.

    Once we are functioning within the frequencies of our Solar Light Bodies, we will be able to consciously magnify the Divinity within ourselves and all Life as our up-reaching consciousness conducts our NEW planetary CAUSE of Divine Love into the world of form.

    Through our I AM Presence, we are a source of God’s Blessings united with every other person’s I AM Presence. As One Breath, One Heartbeat, One Voice, One Energy, Vibration, and Consciousness of pure Divine Love, we are magnetizing more and more of the patterns of perfection from the Causal Body of God into the physical plane. Through our unified efforts, our Mother God has reclaimed Her rightful place within the Divinity of our Heart Flames. In August, our NEW Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love will be secured on Earth and the balance of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine will become a manifest reality in all of our Earthly experiences.

    Now, as One unified Family of Light we affirm:

    I AM a Force of God moving on this planet.

    I AM an upward rushing force of energy, vibration, and consciousness which is my perfectly balanced Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame—the true center of my Being.

    My balanced Threefold Flame is my electronic aura spiraling around me.

    The Power, Love, and Wisdom of my Father-Mother God and my I AM Presence continually flow through my physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies.

    I AM a Being of very powerful Light. I AM One with ALL Life.

    I AM One with my Father-Mother God, the Cosmic I AM, All That Is.
    I AM that I AM.

    Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
    New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose
    a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization
    FAX: 520-751-2981;
    Phone: 520-885-7909
    New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose
    PO Box 41883,
    Tucson, Arizona 85717

    This article is copyrighted, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as it is not altered and the proper credit line is included.

    ©2011 Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
    The information in this monthly sharing is being given to Humanity by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. The Divine Intent of these celestial sharings is to encourage, empower, uplift, and inspire Humanity by allowing us to see the bigger picture during these wondrous but often challenging times.

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  119. #119 the honeybee
    May 12, 2011 am31 8:21 am

    Laurinda – So true! I guess its time to start the creating.

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  120. #120 Maffy
    May 12, 2011 am31 8:22 am


    I appreciate your post, thank you

    How does ‘one’ give his/her will over to the GFL exactly? What and who are you talking


    Ok, I want to you to picture/imagine the following:

    Say, there isn’t a gfol, there is no ascension process but we are still under the

    control of the Orion Empire(Dark Cabal) What are HUMANITY going to do themselves about

    it? Humanity will do nothing, because they are waiting on something outside of

    themselves to change things/save us etc.
    If Humanity are waiting around from things from the sky to do the job, where has

    humanities OWN WILL gone?
    Am i being clear here? Do you see what i see concerning this concept?
    THis is what i mean, THIS is what im talking about. Smile

    *I’m a Spiritual Warrior; and you’re all just slaves to New Agey dogma* flag all day,

    has been nothing less than predictable. The fact that ‘you’ worked yourself into such a

    frenzy over false projections and assumptions, and then ended the day with a

    declaration that you’re leaving the site is hilarious.

    I don’t see all people here for who they truly are here, because im reading text, so my

    assumptions are somewhat blind here, yes. Not my fault.
    But im an Action/Doing what it takes guy. When i refer to being a warrior, i mean this

    through my own physical existance here(that you don’t see, admittingly)
    I constantly see how to better the circumstances, for the children i teach(who i miss

    dearly right now, my current leave for personal reasons, sucks) but i am constantly

    resisted by Political Correctness/Rules (that i don’t entirely agree with) because i

    see the spark in all these kids, and it really does feel like im the only one who cares

    at the school i work at. You should see me being brutally honest with colleages when

    they don’t understand their roles lol. I don’t talk about people behind their backs EVER, I tell them to their faces(to their amazement) lol Some people don;t know what hit em, but i see them begin to care more once they hear TRUTH!
    …thats when im a warrior, thats why i see myself

    as a warrior, I wasn’t really directing that comment at anyome here, im just wandering

    when someone is going to at least attempt to change their physical reality/circumstance

    for the better, rather than just well wishes and loving “visions” of the future they

    are not yet in.
    my martyr comment, its why im here. If any new system that comes into place to replace

    the current one, without considering the best for the kids in my care, I will violently

    oppose it, with my life if i have too. Martyrdom is the mission of many here on Earth,

    believe it or not. Do i want too? Not really..will i if it means protecting those in my

    care…you better believe it. The only downside to this, is i will no longer be around for them, but i guarantee the (replacement) system that is also “broken” won’t be implemented, but according to the gfol, none of us will be here anyway lol
    Im a little cynical at the idea of moving to a new reality, when people have turned

    their backs on this one, kinda selfish if you ask me(but thats just me)

    On a more personal note, and i guess the reason for my so called tantrum, i didn’t

    appreciate the term “cult personality”
    It was a cult that scarred me when i was a kid. I was powerless, this IS a wicked world

    and at the time i was victim to it. I understand Gordon didn’t have all the facts, why

    would he..i havent shared them, but Gordon my friend, Being part of a cult is not

    something i plan on..all things considering.
    Like i said, i have to make do with the experience that was dealt to me, sub-conscously

    I am aware this is why i react the way i do to things i have no control over, as i

    didn’t have any control over “them” when i was a boy, and why i will “fight to the

    death” for the ones in my “care”

    I hope this clears up my “fieryness” tendancies Smile And errr…im not gunna change btw


    I will stick around, I understand Gordon didn’t have all the info. My claim of it being

    the last post was in haste. But does anyone not contemplate the many questions i had

    asked? I was beginning to wander if anyone had eyes to see them lol

    #83 part 2

    But acting as if you have ‘any’ real sense of what people on this site are doing,

    thinking, or contemplating in their daily lives, is just foolish. -Nonetheless, I have

    my doubts that this will be the last we hear from you… but that’s a good thing. The

    more voices willing to seriously wrestle with these types of ideas the better.

    Thank you Stick, i needed that.

    You are correct, It’s tough trying to get a genuine feel for others here from just a

    small caption of text. I don;t like how society is becoming totally dependant on “tech”

    like phones and message boards as genuine forms of communication, i also dont really

    like the idea of the older kids within my school who already have and are using phones

    to text…THEY’RE 10! for gods sake!

    (Mad at stupid parents rant over) lol

    But these kids brains are STILL growing, where are the inter-persoanl relationships if

    they use phones, internet and nothing more?

    This will breed laziness and lack of emotion.. i dunno maybe thats what the

    “puppetmasters” want…what do you think? do you think? lol j/k Razz

    I do wince at times with regards to technology, but this is my own bias, I know that.

    But where will inter-personal relationships be in 30-40 years? Can anyone intuitively

    see the future this could become, and how (un-human) it could be?

    is anyone doing anything to monitor this? NO! like everything else, its just lazyly

    lets to develop into another” monster”

    Does anyone see what I see here? Am I crazy? please let me know, I want your input

    (real input, nothing about vibrations ok, please)

    Am i wrong in going against the grain, within this system because i see the human

    “existance” being overrun(by whoever “they” are) ?

    #83 pt 3

    for someone who claims to be a ‘Spiritual Warrior,’ it didn’t take much for you to cut

    and run now did it?

    Well, all i have had in response up to that point, was requests to chill, give it a

    break , im on some kind of mission to “change” peoples ideas here etc etc.
    I figured i wasn’t helping at the end of it all, so that’s why i figured it was best i

    didn’t continue here, I know when to stand down, and if all im doing is alienating

    people(which i am sorry for if i have) i will leave.

    - i will return to my ship and fly out of here, as it were LOL j/k Smile
    I just say it as i see it. If we where all together in a room, all of us here( not a

    bad idea btw, lets CREATE that possibilty!) you’d Know who i was! lmao
    I am the guy that will go down kicking and screaming for what i believe in, but what i

    believe in is “real” so to speak. Its there in front of me! My life, my career, my

    This gfol, I’ll believe it when i see it, ok? And when i do, and i believe in what they

    stand for and are trying to achieve, look out! lol
    Am i not the kind of person you want on your side? Smile To Doer, the maker, The CREATOR!?
    I will lighten up, but i will take all i do seriously, i don’t know any other way,



    Thank you Kathy!

    um, everyone is “raising their vibration”? The choice in 3D is either service-to-others or service-to-self, these are archytypes and cannot be overidden. There are many who have yet to consciously choose, and ACT on their decision. It has nothing to do with vibrations Kathy, sorry.
    That’s a lot of mortgages! lol Im not going to question your own financial circumstances here, but you surely must be aware, that most folks cannot achieve this?

    They are paying, interest to a bank, for the right to “live” here on Earth…its sick!
    But what do we do abou this greed-mongering injustice? NOTHING! Do you see why i get frustrated at humanities “incompitence” to change what they KNOW is criminal? Smile

    Thank you for the remainder of your humbling answers Kathy.

    And Finally SunRay

    THANK YOU! for doing that, wasn’t too hard to do at the end of it was it? Smile

    As a result, your the one i “know” more about on here and can relate too. It would be nice if each of us did the same at some point. There should be an “introduce yourself” area on this site. It would help immensly im sure.

    I didn’t mean to put you in a corner, i am sorry if thats how it felt, especially now you have shared and i understand more about you, I am now humbled by my behaviour. I appreciate that you recognised that maybe your comment about my stance about kids was a cold one, and that maybe you should have left it alone. Please don;t feel bad about that, you didn’t have the facts. Truth is, as you may now realise is that i have lots of kids, and ones i care about. But me as a person needs downtime and “up” time with my own higher self, who is just as passioonate as i am. At the end of my days, it is nice to simply come home to my fiance, dog and cat. Smile I would have gone crazy by now had i not had “peace” when i get home.

    Besides, I don;t know what the next 2-3 years brings with regards to Earth, I don;t want flesh and blood to be used against me, These “maniacs” in power use the mind to hurt you. Its always “The best for you and your family” yada yada yada..brainwashing you into guilt and submission because of your kids.

    pretty harrowing i know, but its what i see.

    I’m gunna take some time out, i will post the video about the painting. Has anyone “challenged” themselevs yet, trying to figure it out? Smile

    Homework kids! hahah j/k

    Give it a go though, put it into words here, share! I will reveal the answers soon.

    In Love( and i do love ) violently at times, i know. But at least theres something

    there within me, unlike many of the zombies we see around us, who can;t find something

    to stand for in their lives. (not saying its any of you) im talking about my physical

    reality, which im sure is somewhat similar to yours right?

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  121. #121 Gunner
    May 12, 2011 am31 8:27 am

    What is this I hear about the Admiral liking sexy r-women. DOGHOUSE!!!! WHAT!!!! You better stay away from those female gators Admiral, they might just bite off your you know what haha.

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  122. #122 Admiral2012here
    May 12, 2011 am31 8:33 am

    …man Maffy, you’ve got some real issues to deal with, lol…once you stop wallowing in dispair and creating more of it, these issues will ease up on you. But please don’t try and drag us down with you

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  123. #123 dreamwalker
    May 12, 2011 am31 8:34 am

    #114 – Laurinda, do Rs who “project” know who they are?

    I know that not all R women (and men) incarnated as human would remember, and they do not project in the same way, as far as I understand it – although their physical shell may definitely manifest aspects of that. But the way I understand it these are two different things. Is that correct?

    #116 Honeybee – It’s all happening a little too quickly for me to be honest, but it is what it is, and I accept it with gratitude. Laurinda has already gone through much of this process and she has been able to see our “bigfoot” brothers and sisters for some time. All I can say is, “ask and ye shall receive”. And fasten your seatbelt – it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

    Also know that our purpose is not to get “there” ourselves – it is to get “you” there – one way or another! (and by “you” I mean the plural)

    It sounds like you’re already a fair way along, and this guide may help you further:


    We are here to help, in love and gratitude!

    Thunder Heart Sun

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  124. #124 Admiral2012here
    May 12, 2011 am31 8:34 am

    …Eeeks! 121

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  125. #125 Laurinda
    May 12, 2011 am31 8:38 am

    Maffie: First of all I want to state that I AM from the Orion system of Star Nations, so I DO in fact, understand what it means to be a warrior-of light, and otherwise. Everything is about vibration and energetics. When you stand up to speak out and defend young people, that is manifesting a certain vibration. When we talk to children about standing in their own power, that is another level of vibration—the level of empowerment. When I spent morning recess laughing and shooting hoops with a boy who is NOT loved by his classmates—THAT was yet another vibration–LOVE. So Maffy, you do in fact vibrate at many different frequencies 24/7!!! Rainbow

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  126. #126 Gunner
    May 12, 2011 am31 8:43 am

    Honeybee, in no way am I offended by your comments. It dont matter if people have a difference of opinion. I am way past that stage in my evolution. I do get frustrated though at people who are totally asleep and believe everything the media or government tells them. Its all good in the hood. I still have faith in Matthews messages but here is another one I dont understand. I read a book by Nick Bunick in which he got hypnotized to a past life when he walked with Jesus. He is the re-incarnation of paul the apostle. So he got hypnotized to go back to the Jesus days. When it came to the crusifixtion, he verified it really did occur. Then he went back to recall meeting with Jesus after he died on the road to Damascus.
    Now I read in a past matthew message that matthew said there was no crusifiction at all and jesus went on to live a long life married with children. Now this would also be to me another major major difference in these messages. Also, this would tell me , either Matthew is not the Matthew that died or Nick is not Paul from a past life.
    Speaking of Paul, did anyone see that movie “paul” yet. It is a comedy about an ET, looks so funny. One part in the trailer, the 2 guys with paul see a dead bird. So Paul picks up the dead bird and the bird comes back to life. The 2 dudes with him are like DOGHOUSE!!!! WHAT!!!! Then paul immediately eats the bird. The 2 guys ask him what did you do that for? He answered, what do you expect me to do, eat a dead bird.

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  127. #127 Maffy
    May 12, 2011 am31 8:46 am

    “…man Maffy, you’ve got some real issues to deal with, lol”

    you find my circumstances funny?

    YOu dont know me! Who are you to me! Honestly?

    Keep posting your nonsense links buddy

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  128. #128 Gunner
    May 12, 2011 am31 8:46 am

    LOL Admiral, it is Laurinds who said sexy female r’s are your favorite subject. And here I thought Spam was your favorite subject.
    Well off to lunch now, so beautiful outside 70′s and sunny.

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  129. #129 Laurinda
    May 12, 2011 am31 8:52 am

    dreamwalker: Yes, some are very aware of their own morphing process. Some are here to fully learn humanness as is my case. Yes, it is strongly in my bloodline and yes I remember accurately how I appear in other dimensions. People who I have known who are psychic, and this of course includes Bill, are able to see my R form rather plainly. I think we all have what I call a certain level of “bleed-through”… I am also easily able to recognize my own kind, even here on this site. I think some folks would be surprised at their own history, but that is not for me to reveal to them. Why spoil all their fun I say?! Self-discovery is a very private soul matter indeed…

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  130. #130 Laurinda
    May 12, 2011 am31 8:55 am

    Admiral: I was just having a bit of fun at your expense….ssssssssssssssssss! Love you, ah, but you already know that now, don’t you?! Heart I hope that you also know that I am only kidding you about the “expense” part…. Rose

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  131. #131 dreamwalker
    May 12, 2011 am31 9:04 am

    #120 – Maffy epic post, bro – thanks for speaking from the heart.

    I provided to you a way to deal with this. I can post it again if you missed it.

    When you feel you are ready, you may also share your difficult experience on the forum. We are all adults here (most of the time…). We have all in our own way had many difficult experiences, both in this lifetime and in others. Your post may help others remember a bit about themselves.

    You have said you do not wish to post this, but everything ELSE you have said, says that you do.

    Not trying to pressure you either – this is just my observation. This is a very personal thing, and I respect your privacy and your journey.

    All My Relations

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  132. #132 dreamwalker
    May 12, 2011 am31 9:08 am


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  133. #133 Admiral2012here
    May 12, 2011 am31 9:17 am

    …Gunner and Laurinda, I know you guys are kidd’n; it’s called hav’n fun and laughter; keep the vibs High! ROTFL

    …I just need to find a way to get yaw back, lol

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  134. #134 Kevlar
    May 12, 2011 am31 9:19 am

    Maffy! omg, your right. ive been trying to figure out how to get ppl to stop waiting and get off there arses and start a freakin revolution! im a warrior myself, but i dono where to start… maybe its twitter hahaha. but i would like to hear more of what you have to say. make moves man

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  135. #135 Kevlar
    May 12, 2011 am31 9:21 am

    maffy, i understand you man. i know your not trying to put anyone down. your just speakin truth. you may be commin off a little too strong but oh well. you say your 19… im 20. the older ppl have their way of doing things.. but its up to us to start this damn revolution, but how!?!?!?

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  136. #136 the honeybee
    May 12, 2011 am31 9:27 am

    Dreamwalker #123, thanks for the link, I shall peruse!

    Gunner #126 – Gunner, I’d agree, one of those must be mistaken. Which one, I can’t say either. I guess I’ve seen so many things that don’t agree in the channeling department, I have pretty much decided I just won’t know such answers like what really happened to Jesus until I’m in 4d. On the other hand, my entire world view has flipped drastically several times in this lifetime, so that did make it a more interesting thought provoking journey of a lifetime in my view.

    Laurinda #129 – If you ever sense anything about my past, R or not, you are welcome to tell me, as I’d be incredibly curious, even though it is a public forum. Honestly I’ve been at this for years, and the little I’ve figured out is little indeed. I have intended to find all this kind of stuff out many times.

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  137. #137 Laurinda
    May 12, 2011 am31 9:28 am

    Kevlar: Maffy only 19? Are you thinkin’ of SunRaymond, he is 19?!

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  138. #138 Kevlar
    May 12, 2011 am31 9:33 am

    maybe, i thought he said he was 19 lol. regardless, he is 100% right. we need not be waiting around. we need to figure out how to take hold of our individual communities and do… something!

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  139. #139 Maffy
    May 12, 2011 am31 9:40 am

    lol bless ya Kevlar im a little older than 19 bud. Wish i was 19 again. Smile

    I have a idea that, if indeed this gfol lay out all of the truth of how we have been manipulated, the revolution will happen by itself. You can be SURE, people who are ubruptly awaked liked this(which IS breaking the law of free will btw)

    will react, your all blind if you think otherwise!

    We will experience the “fruits” of our sub concious thoughts within our creation, a revolution will be a part of it.

    its funny you mention “twitter” and the amazing effect it had in the middle east, and there i am contradicting it with my dis-taste for “too much” tech lol

    Truth is in the US, where the top negative “cheese” resides, you cannot do anyhting for them(the citizens) other than raise an awareness.

    There are however and equal amount of “Earth Allies” who are here and are ready for the moment to “strike” as it were. Problem is people have been wrongfully propagandized to believing their “name” represents all they are fighting against, they couldn;t be more mis-informed.

    When they discover the true ID of the “Earth allies” there will be lots of confusion. But confusion is what we has humanity breed sub-consiously and have done for thousands of years..we will experience our creation before we “move” on.

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  140. #140 Laurinda
    May 12, 2011 am31 9:44 am

    the honeybee: I would only talk privately with folks about any info I received or felt. And then, I would wholeheartedly encourage them to take that info into their own guidance in a quiet moment. It would not be okay for me to say who is from where on this worldwide forum. I only mentioned it in the first place, because some folks have pointed fingers, when I could clearly see they shared a similar heritage as me. I have learned the hard way that too much emphasis on my past lives has actually gotten in the way of living this lifetime. And I couldn’t begin to describe how painful it is when I have recognized someone CLEARLY from a past life NOW, and they don’t remember me….Or they vehemently say they don’t even believe in reincarnation… Let me tell you, you will not find peace within, while you are busy distracting yourself with the past….I have been a living example of that…well this is my experience at any rate…

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  141. #141 Kevlar
    May 12, 2011 am31 9:49 am

    i like the messages, but i dont like waiting. i want to start something. i already spread love and light wherever i go, but i wanna do more. plus i dont care about free will rules, there are to many. i have my will and i bring whatever happens to me to myself.

    well i can understand your distaste in tech, but many prophecies say that a web of communication with be streched across our world. we have achived this through the internet. so lets use this amazing peice of tech and spread the word of freedom, just like what happened in egypt. except hopefully not as destructive.

    well the earth allies are many different kinds of ppl, actors, inventors, polititions. atleast thats how i see it.

    i also know that i know nothing.. but all that tells me is to spread light, and that tells me to get up and do something big. i just dono where to start. im sure it will come to me in time.

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  142. #142 Laurinda
    May 12, 2011 am31 9:53 am

    Well Kevlar, you ought to like my own personal motto: “Wake Up! Wise Up! Rise Up!” US Flag Peace US Flag

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  143. #143 the honeybee
    May 12, 2011 am31 9:53 am

    #140 Laurinda – I could understand that – this makes very good sense.

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  144. #144 Kevlar
    May 12, 2011 am31 9:55 am

    laurinda, what kinda starseed are you?

    im an orion but not from mintaka. i would figure from rigel. b ut thats just a guess. damn orion wars amnesia

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  145. #145 Kevlar
    May 12, 2011 am31 9:57 am

    and yes thats a wonderful motto. ill quote u on that

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  146. #146 dreamwalker
    May 12, 2011 am31 10:05 am

    #119 Maffy “we are all blind” – Yes we are! And I would just as soon it stay that way, but God unfortunately has other plans for me…

    Dangit, I used to love bacon cheeseburgers. NOW I can’t stand them. IT’S JUST NOT FAIR!!!!!!

    But I’ll also offer advice – learning is always a 2-way street. Expect to learn as much from them as they do from you. You are in no way superior or inferior to them, and the best way to proceed is to let THEM be the teachers.

    THAT is how a revolution is started.

    And by THEM I am not talking only about your students, although they fit this category too.

    Also, “warrior” in our context does not necessarily mean “combative”. It means focusing energy (sometimes aggression) towards a favorable outcome. This can mean stealth, this can mean strategy, this can mean brute force, this can mean love, this can mean calculated inaction. All are valid paths to the Way of the Warrior.

    All My Relations

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  147. #147 Laurinda
    May 12, 2011 am31 10:06 am

    Kevlar: The name of my homeworld would be impossible to pronounce, but it is part of the Dark Star Nations. In ancient Gaian history, I was part of a team of Geneticists. But I have also had lifetimes in ancient healing temples. For me, its been all about balance, self forgiveness, and finding inner peace…most of which I am only achieving now, in this current incarnation….

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  148. #148 QuadHealer
    May 12, 2011 am31 10:07 am


    I scanned some random pages from the Tesla book I talked about. Might help, might not, but give it a peek if you wish:

    In Light

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  149. #149 Laurinda
    May 12, 2011 am31 10:09 am

    Kevlar: Many R warriors are from the Alpha Draconis star system. You must also realize that there are certainly more highly evolved Reptilian Star Nations. Three of my Spirit Guides are such examples!

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  150. #150 dreamwalker
    May 12, 2011 am31 10:15 am

    #140 I understand what you mean about the pain of past-life recognition Laurinda, it has gotten me into trouble too. On the flipside, I am so happy that we connected! It is tangible evidence to me that what I know is the truth, and to me that is worth its weight in gold!


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  151. #151 Kevlar
    May 12, 2011 am31 10:16 am

    Laurinda: thats pretty kool to know your past. i wish i knew mine better, even though i should focus in the future which i do, but all i know is i was in a famous psychedelic band in the sixties with a group of friends im currently sharing this lifetime with.
    i know nothing of my light being past, except i was a warrior in the orion wars, and that i get along extremly well with polarians (the big dipper).

    i get a major emptiness inside my head when i try to think about my life on orion or whatever.

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  152. #152 dreamwalker
    May 12, 2011 am31 10:18 am

    #148 – got it, Quad – many, many thanks!

    Interesting material – not at all what I was expecting from the descriptions on Amazon. I guess people tend to criticize what they do not understand. Good find.

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  153. #153 Kevlar
    May 12, 2011 am31 10:19 am

    i thought about being reptilian or grey but i dono. it doesnt matter if i am, thad be badass. the discription on united starseeds for orion ( not mintaken) was exactaly 150% me. but i can no longer find this discription because you have to pay to get on unitedstarseeds now

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  154. #154 dreamwalker
    May 12, 2011 am31 10:34 am

    Cellphones Cause Bees to Swarm to Their Death, Says a New Study

    Kelly Hodgkins — Oh no. A Swiss Research team conducted 83 experiments and found that mobile phone calls cause bees to leave their hive, become disoriented and die.

    The researchers measured the reaction of a bee hive to a mobile phone when it was actively in a call, in standby mode and turned off. According to the article published in the bee journal Apidologie, the bees responded violently to a mobile phone when it was in a call. The hive began to make a noise called the working piping signal which caused the bees to swarm. Disoriented by the noise, the colony fled their hive, flew erratically and suddenly died. This response was not observed when the phone was off or in an idle state.

    Earlier studies blamed the Israeli acute paralysis virus for the massive bee colony deaths reported around the world. Besides protecting their hives from this virus, this Swiss study suggests beekeepers should probably stop yakking on their phone when tending to their hive.

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  155. #155 Gunner
    May 12, 2011 am31 10:40 am

    You can start by taking it to the streets Kevlar. I mean go and print some info of what is happening in our world, info on 2012 and also contact with highly evolved ET’s. Most people will laugh at you but there will be some who are about to awaken who just needed what you could bring to them. Once you make up a booklet of info, you can make many copies. Leave your info there for replies and then take it to the streets and start handing out these booklets. Then, when you get replies, you can start your own communtiy group for meetings and discussions on what you all can do as a group to help with the needed changes on our planet. It will start as a seed and blossom into something really big and beautiful.
    wow, typing this comment i felt like someone else was doing it for me , maybe guidance from out on high.

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  156. #156 Maffy
    May 12, 2011 am31 10:41 am


    I agree, but Humanity itself could have achieved so much more had greed not taken over.

    Now, your just cattle(to them) and they won;t let you go find new and inspiring pastures, because they control you with money. Did WE (you and I) create this?

    Why are we afraid to face it, and demand change? for ourselves?


    why on earth would you want to remain “blind”?

    do you mean ignorance to the obvious? Smile

    Im not being blunt here, im trying to understand the wisdom within your statement.

    “God” has other plans for you? what do you mean?

    why is that unfortunate, if true? Are you special?(not saying your not) but as opposed to others?

    Past life regression is dangerous and can have a profound effect on the life you are indeed supposed to be living now, i hear you there. But the life we live now IS now, not focused entirely on “future” ones, ascension or no ascension.

    I can say to you that as a result of 1st hand experiencing our sub concsious world, consciously..(Earth cleansing)

    we will move ahead no longer wishing for all that divide, hate, poverty, war, bondage, torture etc etc in our futures.

    Thats why we must go through what’s ahead of us, and why they cannot interfere, it is part of our growth. The only way you no longer want those bad experiences, is to experience them to their fullest expression first. You “hear” of abuse Wink but unless you experience it first hand, how badly do you no longer want it to happen?

    Orange/Yellow(2nd & 3rd) to Green(4th) will be “bumpy”

    If mr Nidle talks about 5D Earth any more i will scream! lol

    this IS falsehood, NO ONE (except starseeds/wanderers & walk ins) will skip a density.

    They will simply return to their own

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  157. #157 Gunner
    May 12, 2011 am31 10:42 am

    Kevlar, united starseeds banned me about a year ago foir posting Salusa’s messages . I’ve been exiled oh no!!!!!!

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  158. #158 Kevlar
    May 12, 2011 am31 10:50 am

    gunner: hahaha, i never liked that site to much. but that damn description from orion almost brought me to tears.

    also gunner, thats a fantastic idea! i just need to make time! and with it speeding up its hard lol, but now you leave me one step away making an explosion of Light in DFW texas. btw it felt good reading that Wink

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  159. #159 Kellia
    May 12, 2011 am31 10:52 am


    Someone on my Facebook page The End Of Money, asked how we can make this a reality.

    My answer, which has a lot to do with changing the way we think is on my web site at http://endmoney.info/?p=567

    There is also an older article I reprinted that had to do with third world trash pickers. You will find it by putting the word “trash” in the web site search engine. It has a comment attached by one Kate Bennett that I think people here would disagree with. Feel free to register such disagreement, I have decided to use her comment as a jumping off point for another article/chapter of the book I am writing on ending money.

    I felt it was too long to print here, but you are welcome to go to the site to read it. And if you are on Facebook, I invite you to “like” the page The End Of Money. Just put The or End on the search engine there and it will come up on the list. Click and go!

    Have fun!

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  160. #160 Laurinda
    May 12, 2011 am31 10:53 am

    Gunner: YOU were banned for THAT??? F*** them, the idiots! We love you over here at GM Braveheart!!! Honey, I am in exile from my home world, where no one will even say my name out loud. All because I switched sides to become a Warrior of Light for the Federation. I have a REAL surprise in store for THEM, in the very near future! Clock lol

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  161. #161 Maffy
    May 12, 2011 am31 10:58 am

    Great advice gunner. Problem is there is a lot of mis-info out there about 2012, we have to be careful we aren;t making that worse.

    Personally i would raise awareness in what we can proove. Fat Cats, the elite, how they decieve us etc. Hit home where people think/believe “life” effects them…money and the lack of it.

    Show these people the REAL reason wars exist, the only way to break down a system amoungst its people is show them how much is is broken.

    Leave the 2012 “prophecies” out of it (if you can)

    1. It causes people to think, why bother changing the world if its gunna end.

    2. They will just dismiss you and go on with their days, contributing(unknowinglly) to the REAL problem of the global elite.

    don;t set yourself up for a fall before you’ve begun, by talking about ET. You arent going to raise any kind of awareness of what matters by doing that, no matter how good your intentions are.

    Good luck! and THANK YOU for ACTING!

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  162. #162 Maffy
    May 12, 2011 am31 11:05 am


    And if they don’t wanna hear it, please don’t force it.

    The rules/laws of free will are indeed real and valid. I only know this because i test them myself all the time lol

    aint that right folks? LOL

    it will come back to bite you, its designed that way. You only learn things like this as truth BY testing them, people should TEST more, about what they think they already know or have figured out.

    Its called discernment, its what keeps it real, blind faith is for those who cannot handle their existance and want another.

    (sorry if this offends some of you, but its truth..and you know it. Or at least you should)

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  163. #163 Maffy
    May 12, 2011 am31 11:14 am


    Are you one of those who errr, realised you have to do a 180 on your previous not so illuminated path? Wink

    I know they are amoungst us on Earth, do i have the honor of meeting one? Smile

    Im real curious, care to divulge?

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  164. #164 Gunner
    May 12, 2011 am31 11:21 am

    I hear ya Maffy. When I talk to people I try not to overload their systems. I start off by telling them they have to understand 2 basic facts to understand what is going down now.
    One is that we are all spiritual beings having a physical experience and so are the ET’s.
    Two, I tell them that the Earth, Lady Gaia, is a living sentment being with a soul who has chosen to ascend. I see their reaction and go from there. I also ask the angels, my guide my higher self to guide me in talking to others in respect and humiliation. Sometimes I feel they are speaking through me. It is so cool and when you see the light shining a little brighter in someone, I just want to fly high and dive into the ocean and swim with all the marine life. Dont lose faith as I have asked God to send me people who need a reminder as to who they are. You would not believe the miracles that occurred or the people who actually are coming to me for more info, I mean people you would have never thought of coming with more and more inquiries. My e-mail contact list is getting bigger all the time.
    Kevlar, that is what really sucks, finding the time. Man and you are right, time is going faster now than ever before.
    I am going to find the time to make up a small package that is not too overwhelming, with my info and I will hand them out on broadway in my hometown. I will take it to the streets as is my motto of late. For me I dont have a home computer so I would have to sneak it at work but I am usually pretty good at being a sneak at work LOL. BTW, come to thkink about it , I am going to sneak me a quick cig right now.

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  165. #165 babajij
    May 12, 2011 am31 11:24 am

    …good friday da 13th afternoon…i used to be superstitous, but it is so Old World Energy…cobwebs!!!…the snake shaped like a 3, sounds to me is a catalyst for change…the water(female) energy is moving right along…@ Bill= Light in Action… Yes

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  166. #166 BlueCube
    May 12, 2011 am31 11:45 am

    Admiral–here’s the Blossom message. . .

    May 12, 2011

    Good morning! With each new day I can FEEL the energies of Light filtering through on a deeper level. I am blessed to FEEL so blessed! I know many FEEL the same and yet I KNOW also that many do not. As always we welcome your wisdom and TRUTH to assist us on our journey.

    Many blessings indeed are upon us all in these times. It would depend of course in which position you find yourselves in upon your planet … for there are many that have placed themselves in a spot that others would not have done. These souls are in perhaps ‘untoward’ places for many different reasons … depending too on their souls evolvement and how experiencing certain things may assist them on their journey this life time. It is perhaps difficult for many to understand that those living in squalor, or those in war zones … have actually placed themselves there. From an Earthly point of view, why indeed would one do so? Yet, from an ‘unEarthly’ point of view, there are exact situations within those placements that allow for souls to overcome blockages or indeed to redeem themselves from that which has hindered them in past times … and in order for them to be able to move on … it is greatly assisting their path to ‘be there’ during these times. Others … may simply have chosen to be of LIGHT in such places . Such souls are of great Spirit and are honoured for their sacrifice to assist the whole.

    Again may we say … as we have done so often … what may not be apparent to you because of Earthly restriction of knowledge (at this point) … when viewed from a place that is of LIGHT … can be made such sense of. The LIGHT switches on upon such matters! Therefore, may we suggest that whilst in the position you are in NOW … to accept that there is much greater meaning behind ALL that may abhor you … or make you FEEL ‘What is the point when this world is so full of such atrocities?’.


    We understand that this is difficult for you to grasp. For you BELIEVE yourselves to be deeply ensconced in it. And you are! You are deeply ensconced in THE ILLUSION of what you have chosen your LIFE TO BE.


    With respect,, all very well for you to say ! When you are actually experiencing living on an illusion everyday …. of what you consider to be ‘all that there is for you in this aspect of yourself’ … then it is quite easy to FEEL a bit confused about that statement. For if Earth is an illusion and we are living on it …. does that mean WE are an illusion also?

    NO. It means that you have chosen to experience a world that is in essence an illusion. The part of you that IS REAL is participating in an experiment … as we spoke of when we first began our communications with you. (1*) All that is actually REAL whilst you are in this experiment is your soul. The rest … as many of you are getting … is your own creation.

    Let us try and explain to make it a little easier to grasp.

    These days … one has become aware of incredible technology that can be drawn from your computerized systems. One can now replace ‘backgrounds’ with digital imprints, so in fact, a person is nowhere near the vicinity in which they may be presented … or how it seems to appear! One can literally place themselves ‘on a stage’ and by the press of a button, that soul can appear anywhere that the backdrop makes them out to be.

    Clearly you knew that I was sent a link to see all about that, only yesterday. (2*)

    We are always allowing for such things to assist us. So to continue … what is being presented to you is not actually the TRUTH.

    Sorry to interrupt again … but that statement goes very deep does it not?

    We do not choose to waste words dear lady. So too … through your own minds creation you are able to ‘make up/out’ that you are ‘somewhere’. You have created that somewhere … as a consciousness. The collaboration of many … through many years has assisted in making your world FEEL like a reality … when in fact … shall we say it is ‘superimposed’ . You have heard of certain evolved souls able to transport themselves purely by thought to another place … another dimension even. They are merely changing their back drop.

    Mmm! So … are you saying that EVERYWHERE is an illusion ?

    The only place that is not … is within side your soul. For everywhere has been created. Should one choose for it not to exist (as an experiment perhaps) then a mass consciousness could indeed eliminate a particular planet off the map of existence.

    So is it that the Golden Age we are Ascending into will also be an illusion?

    Of course. For you have all been made aware now that what you think … through TRUTH of FEELING … you will create. This is why we come to talk of this. To try and assist you in understanding that … YOU ARE CREATING YOUR NEW WORLD.

    Yet you have said not so long ago that it is already there waiting for us.

    It is … In your thoughts. Each one of you KNOWS of the GOLDEN AGE in your thoughts … for such thoughts of creation were shown to you way way back in the history of your soul. Therefore, it is already accomplished … this New World … it is just a matter of those who choose to remember … to bring it into the reality of its particular illusion. We wonder if this is making sense to you?

    Yes. It is. Somewhere, some part of me KNOWS this.

    This therefore, is why we continue to speak to you of LOVE. For it is through LOVE alone that such a place can present itself to you. You cannot walk into a NEW WORLD OF LOVE … if you are not purely of LOVE. How can you possibly live in your own creation of pure LOVE if you have not allowed yourself to become it? Each one of you has free choice. That which you choose to think becomes your way of life does it not?

    Yes … although it takes quite a lot of practice to remain in that KNOWING!

    None the less, would you agree this is so?

    Indeed. I can feel as if we are about to get into something a bit complicated regarding opportunities for everyone involved. I Feel the need to ask the question … ‘what about those who don’t quite come up to scratch on the pure LOVE thought?’ I mean , so many of us are doing our best … is our best good enough? And what about those who seem so lacking in understanding of LOVE for another?

    One soul can … within this illusion … only be placed where they believe is the right place to be … at any given time … and we mean that both geologically (?*) and mentally and emotionally. One can offer assistance, yet if a soul chooses not to accept it … then that is where they have chosen to be. This does not mean that when many are ready to walk into the NEW WORLD that they have ‘missed the boat’. Where would be the LOVE in that? It simply means that they shall remain in the world of their own creation. They may choose to have a backdrop of war and unrest … not only on the outside of their illusion, but also within side of themselves. It is only the self that can change anything about anything. It cannot be changed for you . Until one chooses a better way … they shall remain in a place that they believe is ‘the way it is’.

    Yet we say to you from the deepest place of LOVE … your world as it ‘appears’ now … will appear very differently very soon. There is so much change to come about … that your world will almost seem unrecognizable. We smile in LOVE … for we are aware that for those that choose to read that last statement in fear … they will imagine all kinds of disasters taking place and visualize a world of devastation … yet … on the other side of the coin … for those who choose to live in LOVE … they will visualize a world of such beauty … a world of peace … a world where there is respect for each other and only LOVE resides.

    Yep …I see what you are saying … yet … how do I put it into words … let us say one soul fears and the other LOVES … will those two worlds … because they would be very different … be on this SAME Earthly planet?

    You are confusing once again your planet with an actual reality. For how can both be happening at the same time? Yet we say to you .. it is!!! Which backdrop are you choosing to place yourself within? That is all it comes down to. Are you ready for a blaster??

    Bring it on!

    The actual planet is your empty backdrop. You have placed yourself upon it …. each as an individual … and yet remember you are ONE and the same … it is just that right NOW … you have chosen to have an experience that makes you FEEL that you are separate from one another. So, what we are trying to explain in the easiest way possible … is that YES … all scenarios take place within your Earthly experience on the same blank canvas. You, each one of you … decide what is going to be painted upon it. Some may create a scene of war some may create a scene of fields of flowers.

    Ok …. yet earlier you said that some souls have placed themselves in certain places for different reasons , so they haven’t actually ‘created’ that place … they have chosen to be in it.

    Yet you see … they have chosen to be in that creation … that particular creation … for themselves … for the whole . We did not say that they have to stay in it.

    We will go back to talking of souls who may not ‘move into’ the backdrop of The Golden Age at a time when many do. This does not mean as we have said that they may never reside there. That thought pattern to us seems slightly absurd. The GOLDEN AGE … the NEW WORLD is there for all who choose to enter in. Yet it cannot be there until its soul is in a place that can accept the pure vibration of that ..


    Yes. Remembering that even illusions have ‘rules’!

    I hadn’t actually remembered that …. no! Those rules meaning?

    That although the illusion created is exactly that … an illusion … within ‘laws’ of illusional creation … there has to be certain ‘standards’ to be upheld within each experience of that particular illusion. This again is something for a later date. As we are aware that with each topic we are addressing, there comes with it many a conundrum of thought process and we do not wish to overload and therefore, confuse.

    As White Cloud always says … take one square of chocolate at a time … let it digest fully and you will know when you are hungry and ready for the next bite. If we ate the whole bar all at once … we would feel most uncomfortable and out of sorts!

    Well, I FEEL this today has given us much food for thought. I am keen to sign off as I know it is time , so that I can read it back and try to sort it out in my head as well as having a good laugh about it all! I am learning that instead of trying to work out what is actually going to take place … to just enjoy the ride … and when I get there … I will KNOW.

    Thanks so much for this info! The time whizzed by. In Love and thanks always … enjoy your day.

    We enjoy it all the more as we see energies expanding in Light … Such Joy. Such Joy. In LOVE to ALL … to ALL in LOVE.

    NB. I would just like to remind one and all that I am just the messenger. I do not have the answers to questions that might arise from this communication. I am sure when they are ready to explain more … when they KNOW we are ready to digest another few squares … they will surely let us KNOW.

    1* THE BRIDGE.

    2* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ot4jgEID7oU&feature=player_embedded#at=118 (make sure it starts at the beginning as for some reason it jumps to half way through to begin. )

    ?* I wondered when I read it back if they meant geographically? but it is unlike them to give the wrong wording. Therefore I am to assume that they mean geologically … The study of Earth.

    Website: Blossom Goodchild

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  167. #167 dreamwalker
    May 12, 2011 am31 12:09 pm

    @babajij – snakes feature prominently in the Tayos Caves gold library, kept for a long time by Father Crespi.


    This is supposedly artifacts left over from Atlantis. 2 snakes figure prominently in many of the plates. Many of the metal plates/sheets are quite large.

    I ran across a site where a guy was translating the tablets but I can’t find the site now.

    The caves themselves have several strange construction features, including rooms with 90 degree angle corners, and ribbed areas carved in the floor (presumably for better grip).

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  168. #168 Gordon
    May 12, 2011 am31 12:10 pm

    “It don’t cut it. I’m tired of people not questioning any of this, they blindly believe it. Maybe not you, but they are here. Cuz they think something is taking care of business, they ease back and relax, completely mis-understanding and neglecting the reason they are here. I know why im here, but it takes will and determination to find out.”

    I think it’s pretty clear that people question the channelings all the time. Did you miss the discussion about the latest Matthew message. Some people agree, others find it hard to believe. Instead of blind faith, I see people grappling with conflicting information, trying to determine which one to give more credence to. It’s the process of discernment, in action.

    “How many seriously meditate with their own higher selves with all the info posted on this site? How many?
    (is anyone gunna even answer this question?) lol”

    Maffy, your question implies a kind of competitive attitude that is problematic in spiritual circles. Are we now to compete with each other to see who is the most spiritual? There are plenty of spiritual groups that fall into the trap of competition. Followers of these traditions try to be more righteous, more holy, more diligent, than the other. It’s ego. Beware of spiritual competition. A spiritual path that is corrupted by ego is worse than no spiritual path at all, because the path to the dark misuse of energy is the swelling up of the ego to think one is spiritually superior to others.

    “If you have a mortgage, bank account, bills and don’t wanna break out of that control, you HAVE given your will to something other than yourself. They OWN you! and no one wants to physically change anyhting! ANYwhere! on this Earth!”

    I have one mortgage. Why? Because it serves me. It’s not about whether or not one has a mortgage. Freedom is a state of mind. If I feel trapped, I am trapped. I have a mortgage because this is what I am freely choosing.

    “But dont worry, Jesus or the Gfol will save us! Its sickening! wheres your free will now? “

    Well, you know, the Galactic Federation is also conscious of the problem with the savior dynamic. I agree that the savior dynamic is not a healthy one. Those in the Christian faith who put everything on Jesus as savior are, in my view, a bit misguided. However I think it’s pretty clear by now that the Galactic Federation really is more inclined to act behind the scenes. I don’t see a lot of activity that could be called “jumping in and saving us.” That said, some amount of help from friends isn’t necessarily a bad thing. For example, after an earthquake, are you going to berate people for wanting someone to come in and “save” them? It only becomes dysfunctional when the saving means that people aren’t expected to work for their own “salvation”. I think it’s pretty clear that we are not being given a free lunch. If that were the case, they would already be here “interfering” in a more overt way.

    “why is it people walk around in a daze around me, mindlessly following the rules, because they wanna have less stress or follow the path of least resistance?”

    I agree with Kathy’s answer to this: they have not yet awakened. Have compassion, for every soul is on their own path. There is no good in judging and belittling them for it. Do you belittle the flower that has not yet bloomed? No, you simply observe that it is on an earlier part of the journey.

    “This gfol is no different to mohammed, jesus or the messiah.”

    What do you think about Mohammed and Jesus? I believe they attempted to show humanity a better way. Perhaps they were sent by God to help humanity awaken.

    “People will feel they they are powerless, and no matter how much i try to make people see THEY ARE CREATOR, they don;’t get it!”

    What does it mean to you be “THE CREATOR”? I have my own understanding of this. To me, it means that everything that I experience I am responsible for. If I don’t like what I see, I need to look within myself to address it.

    “Why is this world full of deception and falsehood?”

    Because Earth is a place of learning. We are here to awaken from the illusion (deception and falsehood). Souls learn through adversity.

    “What do we do to try and change this? NOTHING! it just continues and goes further up its own ass! Lol”

    Every day we interact with many people, we communicate, we influence, we lead. Every day we progress a few steps forward. Together, we are all working to improve the world.

    “Im not here to want anyhting from people, i don;pt want them to “resonate” at all with me.”

    A healthy human in community with others experiences resonance. Resonance between human beings is an affirmation of their oneness. Part of spiritual evolution is connecting and joining together, so that humanity becomes more “one”.

    “Just simply find your own way, and question it and question it again, galvanize yourselves for petes sake! BECOME CREATOR, not someone elses cattle. “

    Again, I ask, what does “BECOME CREATOR” mean to you? We have just been speaking of resonance, the joining together of separated souls who begin to remember that they are part of the One Being (Creator). There are many aspects to the path to realizing self as creator. Your version is just one way. It is helpful to the rest of us when each one of us recognizes that others may have a different way.

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  169. #169 dreamwalker
    May 12, 2011 am31 12:17 pm

    Better photos of the Crespi Collection here:


    Awesome reptillian shield on this thread:


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  170. #170 Kevlar
    May 12, 2011 am31 12:20 pm

    Maffy: trust me i know all about going to far, ive learned my lessons. ive talked to loads of ppl about this, and to my suprise im only finding the ones that tend to be open minded twords this stuff, some ridecule but i dont mind i still talk to them about things they can grasp spiritually instead. like how the war makes them feel and stuff.

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  171. #171 Kevlar
    May 12, 2011 am31 12:22 pm

    Gunner. well that motivates me to try harder to do that. i hope you do well in your info booklets lol =D

    your a cool dude man

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  172. #172 Kevlar
    May 12, 2011 am31 12:23 pm

    hahaha i looked at my phone and it said 2:22 (keep going!)

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  173. #173 Maffy
    May 12, 2011 am31 12:26 pm


    Awesome Gunner!

    it’s funny, once upon a time i saw 3 men walking up and down the main street in my downtown area with the classic “The end of the world is here” etc boards over their heads, being a kid i thought “how odd”

    Now i see, who and what they are trying to do. But i had to age and come to self-discover my past to see. I love sharing positive relations, believe me, im not always a “hard-ass” I just can’t stand falsness/lies or people who pretend, i see it, as if it was light. dark light? i dunno, but..

    I see so many, that need awakening and its always the same things preventing it in others. Because i noticed this, i researched why! I always had the idea, if i new the game and how its played by those holding the cards(global elite/organised religion) i could “hack” and beat them. I tackle everything with all i have, some admire it, some don’t, but i always see their light, and as hard as it is for me to remember, their actions(or lack of action) is not what makes them, they are just lost, and its not their fault

    but it hurts me just the same, cuz i know their potential, regardless of their “light”

    if the entire planet was full of people striving to their fullest potential without reserve or doubt, EVERYONE will make the very existance this Earth once was.

    its such a push-and-pull existance, the one im in. But, the only ones with the imagination to see this future, are the 7 year olds i teach, they are what keeps me going.

    Its amazing when i hint(as i have to be careful what ideas these kids leave with about all this) but, they light up when i try to tell them about their true selves.

    Its the grown ups that get me down lol

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  174. #174 Maffy
    May 12, 2011 am31 12:47 pm

    I’m all for a “spiritual” look/feeling response about the wars, but i see it as a “band aid” if you understand what i mean.

    I would like to help create more of anawareness, and awareness the ones responsable for illegal wars will listen too.

    People need it (forced if needs be) in their faces that their money funds killing & destruction in other countries, im confident more souls will awaken to their true possibilites of change if they are made aware of it.

    Thing is, a lot of Americans deep down, know they are doing this. These are the people (who pretend they don’t know, cuz they believe in an “american dream”) that i loathe.

    Sorry, (My reaction meter is pinging here, but you all had the chance to excersize any will you have remaining to end this as a “republic” did you not? )


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  175. #175 Gunner
    May 12, 2011 am31 1:04 pm

    You know maffy, i like the way gordon put it on awakening above post. He mentioned comparing someone not awake to that of a flower that didnot bloom, but inside we already know the flower is about to bloom soon.
    You’re a cool dude too kevlar. It is so greaat seeing young people who are awake and willling to do what it takes to make changes in or worldd. Like Obama saids :Yes we can” I try to stay young. i am 50 nd my 2 best friends are 21 Ashley and 25 Chris. Age difference does not even come up between us as it seems we are really the same age. It does come up when they want o throw a joke at me but it is usually funny.
    One more thing Kevlar, with any help you use from the spirit world, I guarrentee you miracles will happen on a regular basis.
    Hey I got to leave soon and you dont see me posting at night because I dont have a home computer. Have a great night everyone and chat with you all tomorrow.

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  176. #176 Gunner
    May 12, 2011 am31 1:16 pm

    Oh one more thing, my friend Ashley is in New york city to catch a bus and she said on her way to the station, there are people with signs saying the end of the world is on may 21st. Only 9 days left. OMG WTF are we going to do. I’m scared!!!! I will do somethingin dedication to the Admiral. I will go home and eat a can of Spam before the end comes, and this way on the other side Admiral, you cant say I never tried it. Spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam lovely spam wonderful spam. have a great one everyone.

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  177. #177 Laurinda
    May 12, 2011 am31 1:26 pm

    Maffy: Previously, I mentioned coming here from off-world as a R geneticist. Even now, when psychics give me a reading (actually he was one of my Reiki Masters)they mention my specialty is working with DNA. He told me this on two different occasions approximately 16 years apart. The first time he told me this it meant nothing, and the second time, I knew exactly what I had done in the past, as I finally remembered….Also dreamwalker verified this, and I was horrified at some of the details he brought thru….that is where the self-forgiveness can be quite dicey….I have finally managed it within the last few weeks. You see, I never did have an evil intent. Science was my gift, where my brilliance shined best….but not shine as the HU-MANS know it here….I was greatly curious, but as you can well imagine to do this type of research, one would need to be shut down emotionally and have a fully shielded and closed heart….This is necessary when one comes in as an R warrior also. I have many memories of that. Remember the movie Predator? I related to the Predator!!!! No, I did not make trophies of other beings, but I lived for war, and spent many lifetimes on the big battle transports in “hot” areas of different galaxies. In this lifetime I could see my battle armor, and weapons. One day I decided enough was enough and offered it up onto an altar of the Goddess. I simply walked away. But as I did so, I knew there would be no reclaiming my old ways. My life as a Templar Knight was my last as a human warrior. That is how I know dreamwalker…. In this lifetime I am very feminine, but able to tap into my warrior energy whenever needed. It has served me well, and kept me alive for eons. I also have many memories of service to others in healing temples of Atlantis and Egypt. My current life has been dedicated to children, raising my own four, and other children in Waldorf and public schools. I know SunRaymond from a past lifetime and from working with AA Michael and his legion in the astral realm. I am “called up” whenever needed, and it is my great honor to serve the Light of the Most Radiant One in this capacity. What I share with you now, is my truth, as I remember it. Namaste.

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  178. #178 Laurinda
    May 12, 2011 am31 1:38 pm

    Kevlar: Interesting what you said about your last life being in a psychedelic band….I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area back then. I grew up in Pleasanton, about 50 miles East of SF. I was not a hippie however, but I loved the music! Wow, if you had continued on with that lifetime, you would be my age or older now, you young whipper-snapper! I will be 61 in July.

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  179. #179 dreamwalker
    May 12, 2011 am31 1:43 pm

    Cool little mystery here on ATS. I’m finding that things on the surface that sound “bad” actually end up being “good”. I think I’m an O neg.

    Extraterrestrial Threat to those with negative blood types?


    A further communication with the mysterious stranger offered some clarification to the blood type enigma. He claimed that it wasnt really comet Elenin that was bringing the change, but something of ET origin, and that this thing bringing “change” would affect those who had negative blood types, but not those who had positive blood types.

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  180. #180 babajij
    May 12, 2011 am31 1:54 pm

    …Wow..!!!…@ dreamwalker, i just watched the 5 minute video of Padre Crespi and the treasure trove of artifacts…kinda like Amazing what he had there…he seemed to like to yell alot for a Father…lol…

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  181. #181 Laurinda
    May 12, 2011 am31 1:55 pm

    dreamwalker: Wonder what is in store for us AB positives.

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  182. #182 Kevlar
    May 12, 2011 am31 2:01 pm

    gunner: in my group of friends we play music and do random stuff. but they are amazing, ones arcturian, one polarian, my gf mintaken, and the other i havnt a clue, and my best friend is peleidian. we all met in this life time for another go around with music, cause in the sixties the govt destroyed the flower children with heroin. sigh.

    laurinda: thad be awesome if you heard my pastlife melodies in your current life.
    plus i have a strong connection to that area, even though i havnt been there before. so i would say thats where my last life took place mostly.

    theres a lot of young starseeds here in DFW. i wonder whats so important to have such a conglomeration of rainbow warriors here

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  183. #183 Maffy
    May 12, 2011 am31 2:03 pm

    Wow, c’mon guys..you don’t buy this blood stuff do you? wow, what next? The color of your hair?

    I appreciate that Reptilian Discouse link, but im sorry it doesn’t feel right to me. “She” was very arrogant and said “too much”

    one single questions leading to 3 or 4 paragraphs of explanation, and answers to questions that where not asked.

    My journey has taught me to avoid such occurances, only questions that are totally asked, should be answered..not “spilling guts” of info.

    I believe in free will and a persons right NOT to know answers, this discourse broke a lot of rules(in my book)

    But thank you

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  184. #184 Admiral2012here
    May 12, 2011 am31 2:27 pm

    …hey Laurinda, I’m AB Positive also

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  185. #185 Laurinda
    May 12, 2011 am31 2:42 pm

    Maffy: Did you read my long answer to the question you asked me? And no I don’t believe the blood type stuff, I am just having fun with the folks here.

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  186. #186 Laurinda
    May 12, 2011 am31 2:45 pm

    Kevlar: So you have not been to the SF Bay Area in this lifetime? It has dramatically changed since I lived there. We left in 1984. Where are you located now?

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  187. #187 Laurinda
    May 12, 2011 am31 3:37 pm

    Addie: Do you know if Maffy is referring to the link for The Lacerta Files I and II? Yeah, she was pretty arrogant and cold, true to form baby, true to form. If HU-MANS are expecting warm fuzzies from the Reptilian Races, then they gotta another thought comin’. lol

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  188. #188 dreamwalker
    May 12, 2011 am31 3:38 pm

    I dont think the grays are still active but i could be wrong. I have heard the blood thing from other sources but like you guys i think this message is a plant. Its just meant to spread fear.

    @babajij tayos caves are pretty cool eh? Its what lead me to this site originally. I believe these caves are proof that Agartha actually exists. Neil Armstrong went to the caves in 1978 on this massive military expedition. The caves date to 10,000 years ago.

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  189. #189 babajij
    May 12, 2011 am31 3:40 pm

    …oops…i was in a time warp all day 2day, thought it was Friday…i was trying to figure out why my recycable bin was not picked up…oh well,one day @ a time, i guess…

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  190. #190 dreamwalker
    May 12, 2011 am31 3:46 pm

    #183 Maffy with regard to answers with no questions, i can tell you that this is because the question was telepathically received. She is only writing the questions she is verbally asking. You don’t have to believe this, i am just telling you from my own personal limited experience. Occasionally the telepathically received question is repeated. This is what is going on. I can provide examples if you need to see the difference.

    And you’re welcome!

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  191. #191 Laurinda
    May 12, 2011 am31 3:49 pm

    Maffy: You might enjoy the “interview” between Matthew’s Mother Suzy Ward and a Reptilian being named Horiss or Horisssssssssssssssss as I like to call him. I adore how he refers to her as “Madam”. OMG I can’t be the only female here on this planet that thinks Horisssssssssss is hot!!!

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  192. #192 Admiral2012here
    May 12, 2011 am31 3:49 pm

    …funny baba, when you posted it was Friday the 13th, I thought you must be on the other side of the Earth, lol

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  193. #193 dreamwalker
    May 12, 2011 am31 3:56 pm

    Seems relevant to post this, fom jay blands blog.

    I recommend for those who have fear, turn that fear into rageful beneficience and start building your imagination, your eye in your mind, start taking action to building something better, something interconnected to one-another… what you dream will become. Take those seeds and plant the future. If you take your seeds of pain and strife and meditate on them you are hurting more than your own will to live – do not do it. It will be far easier in your very early future. Remember to be One!

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  194. #194 Admiral2012here
    May 12, 2011 am31 3:57 pm


    S: Matthew, hello dear! Am I right or am I imagining that a reptilian commander (in the light!) will be giving a message for the book? That was my waking thought.

    MATTHEW: You are right, Mother, and I am pleased to introduce Horiss, one of the commanders I met several years ago at a conference in Nirvana. He has been given permission by the Council to give a message for the book. That double “s” in his name indicates the best English sound, which does have a long soft “s” sound at the end, but please don’t associate this with the hiss of a snake! In the language of his people, the various sounds of the names have a quality that is pleasing to hear. Now, please welcome Horiss.

    S: Greetings, Horiss.

    HORISS: My very warm greetings to you, Madam. I have been told that I may address you informally, but if you will, please grant me the favor to address you more formally as I will be more comfortable speaking that way.

    S: I want you to be completely comfortable, and Madam is fine.

    HORISS: Thank you. It is known by some of your people that certain of my civilization are fearsome creatures that have been causing all manner of evil upon your world for endless time. We are not proud of that truth, and I have been requested to speak on behalf of our greater numbers who equally oppose the influence of those dark members. We, too, think of them as dark because of their actions, and we are in combat with them to rid their influence on your planet and all the rest of this part of the universe.

    It is possible that of all who oppose their darkness, we are the most vehement because their actions reflect upon us as a total civilization. Those members are not in the majority and are not representative of the rest of us and it is not how we wish to be portrayed. Please let me advertise to your world the nature of the rest of us. Thank you.

    Without intending to sound vane, I tell you that our intelligence level exceeds that of many other civilizations that also are advanced intellectually and technologically beyond you. We are less advanced spiritually than many civilizations that have not progressed to our stage of mental development. We are endeavoring to bring more enlightenment throughout our civilization and one pursuit of attainment in this respect is joining with others in light forces to subdue and then eliminate the dark reptilian influence.

    All souls in this universe derive from the same One Source, Creator, which makes all of us inseparable aspects of Creator and each other. God has told you that He is the amalgamation of all souls in this universe and loves all in equal amount. I say God to you, Madam, because that is your name for the ruler of this universe. That equality of love is true from our experience, as we first petitioned to God to eliminate these most foul of our brothers from this universe. He has no authority to do this and likewise, no desire, because all subsequent soul aspects of those original ones are indeed elements of God.

    The darkest souls of my civilization entered this universe from another in an energy blending of the two universes that was meant to be mutually advantageous by a sharing of light to advance spiritual clarity. Some souls resisted this opportunity and now in this universe, they have become God’s responsibility to bring light into them. That makes it our responsibility to fight against their continuance in darkness.

    Madam, am I going too quickly for you?

    S: No, Horiss. All that red is typing mistakes and I’ll correct them later. But I’d like to ask a question. Were the dark souls that entered this universe the original reptilians or did your civilization exist here and they chose to enter it?

    HORISS: I like your question, Madam! What entered was the soul energy with dark thought forms attached. It is not only the reptilian civilization in this universe that this kind of soul energy entered, but it is primarily this one. They were attracted to it through the universal law of like attracts like, and the attraction on this end was our civilization’s inclination to see strength in maintaining powerful defense forces of great military might. The souls with darkness that are influencing Earth humans are the reptilians that have made clear to other belligerent souls that Earth is solely their territory in this conquest.

    I see that your mind is satisfied and ready for me to continue.

    The most effective way of eliminating the dark reptilians is by creating more light in this universe to the extent that their souls either will be infiltrated with it or they will leave here to flee from that possibility. No, I do not know where they would go as I do not know about conditions in other universes or if they can enter any without permission. That is why we are endeavoring to bring light to them here and now. Light is missing from those souls and they believe it will destroy them if they are in contact with it. It is their fear of that which motivates them to fight the light everywhere they see it. The light would fill them with the en-LIGHT-enment they lack, not destroy them, but they do not believe this and so they continue their battle against it.

    I would like to describe to you the light ones of the reptilians. Because you associate that name with your animal reptiles and have little affection for those, it is easy for you to picture us in those forms. We are not in those forms unless we desire to make them, which we don’t, because those forms would be too confining for the movement and functioning we desire. We are at a level of intelligence where we can make any forms we design.

    You have been told that the dark reptilians on your planet look just like any other human, so you know that all of us have that capability. It may be either pleasant or unpleasant for you to know that some of us with lighted souls also are there, and quite a number of you are genetically crossbred human and reptilian. This is neither to your advantage nor disadvantage, as this is DNA inheritance only and has no effects whatsoever upon your soul evolution.

    Madam, your jolting energy leads me to ask if you would like to comment.

    S: No, thank you, Horiss. Well—yes. Obviously you saw my monitor with all the red lines. Are you here in spirit or maybe even etheric body?

    HORISS: Neither, Madam. I am able to see you distinctly from my homeland. At this moment I am in my “office,” as a comparative term for your business management place. However, I do like your asking as it gives me this opportunity to mention that this ability to see at a vast distance is enabled by the likeness of energy bonding, which also facilitates your clearly hearing my words. I shall add that if I wished to be present in your office, I could be there in a twinkling either in spirit only or in a body that I would materialize. I would not choose to do this as I believe that a solid form abruptly appearing in any style configuration, even one familiar to you, would not be a comfortable experience for you.

    S: I think you are right, Horiss—I wouldn’t be prepared for that. Please continue.

    HORISS: Very well. Matthew has told you that we respect military power and do not hold much respect for a civilization that differs with that. He told you that some years back in linear time. In the universal “time,” some of us are in higher stages of spiritual alignment and that higher evolved contingency of the “future” is helping us “in the present” to abandon that outlook. What our “present” members have believed is that the power of large forces is necessary to prevent invasions of dark-minded souls whose method of conquest is with military force. My people in majority nature are not invaders, but defenders. Now we are seeing that the greater light being generated throughout the universe is diminishing the areas under dark control, and this enables us to reduce our defense outlook accordingly.

    You ask other civilizations’ representatives about their people and I am eager to have you know more about my people. When I say “my people,” I do not mean that we are representative of all reptilian populations any more than Earth humans are representative of all human populations in the universe. I am speaking now only of the people residing in my world.

    We reside on a planet in this galaxy that is as near my solar system’s sun as Earth is near Sol. We use the energy of our sun much more efficiently than you use the energy of Sol. Instead of your various forms of power generation, all of ours derive from our sun. Yours also can, and as you progress in awareness of this, that will come about. Also, there is no pollution from any source anywhere on the planet, not on the landmasses nor in the seas, due to our technology that prevents such contamination rather than makes an effort to clean it up.

    Our home planet is called Lacone [lah-cone’, with the accent on the second syllable and a soft “nnn” sound]. It is as large as Uranus, to make a comparison that still is beyond your perception, but that tells you it is much larger than Earth, and it is about the same density of Earth in form and substance. We do not have the variety of natural beauty as does Earth, and which Earth itself no longer has as formerly due to destruction in many areas. Our cities are larger than your largest. That is the temperament and choice of most of us, and the union of ideas and desires focused upon the same goal manifested large, then larger population centers. Our cities are immaculate, as are outlying inhabited areas throughout the planet. We can travel to any point on the planet almost instantaneously by thought or leisurely in vehicles.

    The appearance my people has chosen when we are at home or visiting other advanced civilizations is as I appeared in Nirvana, when I met Matthew. Male and female forms and features are much alike and with little variation in any. We do not have a mixture of races as you do and which creates the great variety in your appearances, but that is not the reason we are so similar in ours. Our collective choice is to look alike. Long ago we learned that differences in appearances can lead to prejudices and discriminations, and with our inclination to be a defensive people, we chose to eliminate elements over which we had control so that civil conflicts would not arise to weaken us.

    To describe us, we are of a height not dissimilar to your average height, but we are uniformly slender except our females who are bearing children. The skin tone is pale blue-gray, which is pleasing to us although it is unlikely that you would find it so. Our most distinctive features are our eyes, which are large and dark. I know Matthew told you that they are so dark that you cannot see into our souls, but now he knows that is not so as he has evolved greatly since our first meeting several years back. To be more accurate, he is a highly evolved soul and through self-discovery has eliminated the layers of non-understanding that come with indoctrination of erroneous information and subsequent opinions or beliefs.

    Our education is in line with our advanced intelligence and every soul is in the learning system from birth until the move onward, what you call death, or transition. It is our intense desire for learning that has allowed us to give a back seat to spiritual development, and that is changing. Emphasis upon learning is as great, but now the mental is more balanced with the increased desire for spiritual, which is another kind of learning. It is the self-discovery I mentioned that removes layers of indoctrination and allows the opening of the truth of this universe and of Creator’s laws that govern here along with God’s laws about the order of celestial bodies and other such activity that is unique to this universe.

    Our children are conceived and born in the same manner as yours, but their intelligence at birth permits speaking soon afterwards and fine motor skills to develop immediately. So at a very young age, about five years in your time calculation but with maturity commensurate with your adults, they no longer are dependent upon parents for protective attention and guidance. It is the love of family that bonds us and results in our children staying close to home long after they are self-sufficient.

    Madam, what else may I tell you?

    S: Anything else that describes your life and your world!

    HORISS: My! I welcome this! Very well, to describe the planet further, there are many similarities to Earth, such as great differences in elevation, large seas, many forests and plants, barren areas of rocks and sand. Earth is more vibrant in its unspoiled places than our planet and has a greater variety of colors. Nevertheless, this is completely satisfying or we would make changes to more greatly please us.

    You have in your mind structures, so I will tell you that our buildings could be considered sterile in comparison with the many styles and shapes you have built. Our preference is what you would call ultramodern, I believe, with little variation in style overall but of course, considerable variation in sizes in accordance with usage. Homes are decorated simply in keeping with the austerity of surroundings, and our choice of attire also is plain.

    Perhaps from my skeleton outline, I am giving the impression that we are an austere, harsh people in feelings. This is the sensation I am picking up from you, Madam. While it is true that we are serious-minded and are not given to “frills,” we are not without warm feelings. Our children are as precious to us as yours are to you, and our mates are the same. We are a monogamous people. Mates are judiciously selected and know each other very well before aligning as partners, thus separations rarely happen except by the death of one. We enjoy levity and many forms of entertainment in which a whole family is participating, so you know that the sources of amusement are suitable for even the youngest minds. Music is important to my people, and none of it is blaring and discordant noise.

    We are well informed on events in many civilizations besides our own. Earth is of special interest to us, just as it is to many other civilizations of individuals and of collective souls, but it is by no means a self-serving interest. My people want the banishment of the dark influence on Earth to be replaced by peaceful means of living among all of Earth’s inhabitants, and not to bring to you another source of troublemaking. Our military might in numbers and technology could subdue yours in a day, as a description of our capability. However, ours is solely a defense force, and its purpose to defend rather than invade is the vital element of difference between our two worlds. This is further proof of our warm feelings, which extend to civilizations beyond our own.

    I see “government” in your thought. Our planetary form of government could be compared with Greek city states of your history. Not the warring with each other, but the equitable and benevolent rule within each state is the basis of our planetary ruling body. We have the advantage of one language and telepathy, which provides clarity of expression and promotes honest communication among all the population. Smaller bodies govern large districts as this is more orderly and efficient in a world this size with a population of more than 20 billion.

    Madam, do you have a question?

    S: Would you like to mention the kinds of industries and other employment?

    HORISS: Yes, thank you. For our strong defense force, we need industries to provide weaponry and space vehicles and all supporting services, so we have what I will call factories even though you would not recognize them as such because of the technology of their production equipment. As my people ease from the stance of maintaining military might, there will be a transition from this type of production to others. This is in the planning stages.

    Our emphasis upon education makes that one of the largest fields of employment. We have computerized education along with tutorial forms to present opportunities for our children to specialize in areas of their greatest interest and aptitude. This is equally available to our adults who wish to change from one specialty field to another. Studies are of our homeland history as well as the history of many other civilizations, and of course, all branches of science as it is in its authentic universal form. What you call “the arts” are of great importance to us, and I feel your surprise, Madam, although already I have mentioned fine music. Painting, sculpture, dance and poetry have significant meaning to us as an entire civilization. Parts of your own are threadbare in these necessities of soul expression.

    Construction of buildings is by solid materials rather than manifestation by focusing on images. Although we could do that, and sometimes for expediency do so, my people find greater satisfaction in using their hands to form materials into desired structures and objects. This kind of productivity is a good balance to the concentration upon academic learning that everyone pursues. We respect the need for balance in our lives.

    We have many employed in making and maintaining computer systems. I could boast of our advanced systems but boastfulness is not in our nature. It need not be as the condition of our world speaks for itself. However, I can tell you that our systems are at a development level that a word, even a thought, starts and stops operations and desired input or outflow are accurate and complete.

    S: That is an advanced system! Horiss, you mentioned “death,” so I would like to ask about the ordinary longevity of your people, and do you have a sanctuary realm that would be similar to our Nirvana?

    HORISS: I did say “death” and only as a term of ease. The physical shell of us gets used up by deterioration of cells or by combat wounds, but we know there is no death—the soul has lived from the Beginning. But longevity in the physical shell when not cut short by combat is about 200 years. That is our “present” DNA programming, and it will change as we reach higher spirituality levels where physical shells can live much longer with full functioning abilities.

    I do not intend debasement of our bodies by the reference to “physical shell.” It is important that we have robust health to maintain combat fitness, and we do that, but I meant to make a clear delineation between the far lesser importance of our bodies as compared to our respect for our souls.

    In keeping with that respect, we do have a sanctuary realm that is commensurate with our planetary population’s advancement intellectually. That realm also is rising in emphasis upon spiritual understanding and attunement. I discussed this with Matthew at the time we met in Nirvana, and his sound suggestions for treating our most psychically damaged souls have been implemented with great success.

    Madam, may I answer anything else?

    S: Horris, is there anything else you would like to say to the people of Earth?

    HORISS: Yes, thank you. As a summary of the intentions of my people, it is this: We do not often speak of our convictions and our nature, we live by them. At heart we are warm, peaceful, respectful and helpful, and that is what we look forward to showing you one of these days, when you are ready to welcome “strangers.”

    S: I think that is a perfect way to end your message. Thank you for coming today and giving such interesting information about your people. I look forward to welcoming you, Horiss!

    HORISS: And I you, Madam. I believe I will comfortably call you Suzy then. And for this time, I bid you good-day.


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  195. #195 Laurinda
    May 12, 2011 am31 4:02 pm

    Maffie: I will continue my one-way conversation with you my deario. Sped who posts here sometimes, may be willing to give more insight into Reptilian males. I will email him and encourage him to do so. We need all the good press that we can get, as the asshole Reps get all the attention on this planet. Those of us working hard for the Light need to speak up LOUDER!!!

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  196. #196 spedman
    May 12, 2011 am31 4:06 pm
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  197. #197 Admiral2012here
    May 12, 2011 am31 4:11 pm

    …speek’n of the devil, lol

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  198. #198 Laurinda
    May 12, 2011 am31 4:11 pm

    Sir Spedington: Got anything a little more personal up your sleeve, as I am sure we all SO appreciate the nice wikipedia map you just provided! hehehehehe

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  199. #199 Laurinda
    May 12, 2011 am31 4:15 pm

    Addie: Isn’t he hilarious?!? I email the dude, ask him to share and what does he give us but a map of Orion off of wikipedia. Man, I must be losing my female R touch, if he won’t do this favor of sharing for ME!!!!! Wink lol

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  200. #200 Admiral2012here
    May 12, 2011 am31 4:18 pm

    …that’s hilarious!!!

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  201. #201 Admiral2012here
    May 12, 2011 am31 4:20 pm

    …Sped you crack me up dude!

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  202. #202 spedman
    May 12, 2011 am31 4:24 pm

    http://merlintm.zxq.net/anunnaki.html i knew dracula was an alien Silly ROTFL Question Alien

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  203. #203 Laurinda
    May 12, 2011 am31 4:24 pm

    Addie: Cracks you up? You should see the shenanigans he pulls on our ship—but this is a public site now isn’t it?!

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  204. #204 Admiral2012here
    May 12, 2011 am31 4:25 pm


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  205. #205 Laurinda
    May 12, 2011 am31 4:28 pm

    Addie: Good Goddess, now he is gonna get all upitty and get on the Reptilian History bandwagon with his last post!

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  206. #206 Laurinda
    May 12, 2011 am31 4:31 pm

    Oh Professor Spedington: Time to climb down off the lecture pulpit and give us the good dirt on being a R male in human society, at this most auspicious time in Gaian History!!! lol So what’s it like? Huh? Huh? Inquiring minds want to know….. hehehehehehe

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  207. #207 Admiral2012here
    May 12, 2011 am31 4:33 pm


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  208. #208 Admiral2012here
    May 12, 2011 am31 4:36 pm

    …Sped what’s your blood type?

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  209. #209 Stick
    May 12, 2011 am31 4:36 pm

    Goooooooooooooooood Afterrrrrrrnoooooooooooonnnnnnn GM Massive!!! Lion
    (I know I stole that from Sped) Looks like it’s been another lively day of discussion.

    ~Glad to see you’re still in the mix Maffy. Was wondering if you had a chance to check out the Allan Watts link I posted at the bottom of #83. I think he sheds some Light on many of your concerns about the current state of affairs -all four parts are well worth the Clock-. Trying to rally the masses for good has proved to be quite a challenge, even for the greatest of Teachers. Being able to articulate the problem and suggest meaningful solutions is also no easy task. But it’s the trying… the open discussion about ideas that still seem quite radical, that will create the tipping point we all crave. I foresee a 12th Monkey, full DNA activated, mass Kundalini/Spiritual domino effect, the likes of which this Galaxy has never seen!!! The ensuing Wave Signature will be of such magnitude that it will be felt throughout the Omniverse!!! And don’t think for a second this has anything to do with passivity… far from it Brother. We are going to be ‘activated’ on such a profound level, that everything we are talking about will seem like pure folly in comparison! We stand on the cusp of a Return to Our Belonging, and in the blink of an eye, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, will change!!! Humanity will finally stand together, as biophysical extensions of the Gaian Mind, arm in arm, eye to eye, in our rightful place, as Co-Creators of all that is and will ever be!!! The Eschaton approaches… there’s no turning back!
    ~In Light Lion

    ~TemetNosce247—————————– Bomb Thunder Yin Yang Star

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  210. #210 Laurinda
    May 12, 2011 am31 4:37 pm

    Speders: Too much cagey-ness injected into the ol DNA have we? Sooner or later you’re just gonna have to spill your guts young lizard!!!!!

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  211. #211 Laurinda
    May 12, 2011 am31 4:39 pm

    Addie: I’m waitin’ for your famous one-liner…

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  212. #212 Stick
    May 12, 2011 am31 4:44 pm

    Eeeeks Shock Hug Left Alien

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  213. #213 Admiral2012here
    May 12, 2011 am31 4:44 pm


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  214. #214 Admiral2012here
    May 12, 2011 am31 4:45 pm

    …lol Stick Shock

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  215. #215 Laurinda
    May 12, 2011 am31 4:47 pm

    OMG!!!! You gents are ALL HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! I dearly love and appreciate you ALL up here at GM… Yes

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  216. #216 Admiral2012here
    May 12, 2011 am31 4:47 pm

    …holy crap Stick we posted Eeeks at the same time 4:44…that’s Gunner’s angel numbers

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  217. #217 spedman
    May 12, 2011 am31 4:50 pm

    well i tell ya i have lots of memories of being an R in fact i share a deep connection on this with our great friend laurainda as some of you know. she was my mother in one of those times and bred me as a hybrid…. being a geneticist i reckon she should couldn’t help but to tweak me out. lolol anyways revealing these things to myself although very exciting on one hand on another it was in some vision memories extremely heart breaking… to what we consider the right way to treat each other now. the real truth to me though is this.. it was just another school uniform to wear for the education of my soul. also even if your 3d body has reptile dna or you have past memories of being an R. it’s not who you were or the shoes you walked in with,,,, it’s who you are NOW that matters. in fluff Heart Heart Heart

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  218. #218 spedman
    May 12, 2011 am31 4:54 pm

    ad man my blood type is R SSSSSSSssssssssssssss + Silly ROTFL Silly ROTFL Silly ROTFL Silly ROTFL Silly ROTFL

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  219. #219 Stick
    May 12, 2011 am31 4:57 pm

    #216: Holy Poop indeed…

    ~444————————— Silly Pain Shock

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  220. #220 Laurinda
    May 12, 2011 am31 4:58 pm

    Sped: Beautifully said, and the NOW IS what matters, truly. Thanks for sharing that dearheart. You have my deepest love and respect…always….so there we have it, and there it is……Sped you make me truly proud, and I have always been in awe of your open heart and the kind way you have with everyone…

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  221. #221 Maffy
    May 12, 2011 am31 5:00 pm

    Hi all, err, I will read all, too many links to check out here! lol

    Im currently trying to complete my vid about that painting i promised. Sit tight, the convo isn’t one sided! Smile

    i’ll check in when i have digested all thats being suggested.

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  222. #222 Admiral2012here
    May 12, 2011 am31 5:02 pm

    …LMAO…Laurinda did you see sticks 219 vid

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  223. #223 Laurinda
    May 12, 2011 am31 5:03 pm

    Stick #219: Good one! We are WAAAAY more beautiful than THAT though! Oh, and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay taller too!

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  224. #224 Stick
    May 12, 2011 am31 5:10 pm

    Hey, come on, they didn’t have any CGI back in the day Cyclops

    ~HellsToTheYeah2011————————Wink Silly Razz

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  225. #225 Admiral2012here
    May 12, 2011 am31 5:12 pm

    …my youngest son text me >>> note to self: never EVER slide down a tree like it is a fire pole

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  226. #226 Laurinda
    May 12, 2011 am31 5:16 pm

    Stick: I don’t think that Sped will mind if I tell you this much: He was the most beautiful creation of mine EVER. By our measurement he was 8ft. tall, sleek, muscular, very fast, extremely intelligent, so intelligent that he decided his own destiny. He was a warrior that had great psi abilities, one of a kind….because of all his qualities shall we say, he was feared, so we had to make a rather hasty retreat, and his precious sister sacrificed herself as a distraction, so we could make a fast getaway….history was made that day, as he was the first of his kind to begin to open his heart.

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  227. #227 Laurinda
    May 12, 2011 am31 5:31 pm

    Stick #224: Those movie clips were great and I like the Alligator people the best!!!! Thanks my brother for another good laugh… Sun

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  228. #228 Laurinda
    May 12, 2011 am31 5:32 pm

    Addie: Is your son okay, poor fellow????!!!

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  229. #229 Admiral2012here
    May 12, 2011 am31 5:36 pm

    …yeah, he’s fine…glad he took notes…don’t want to loose offspring

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  230. #230 Admiral2012here
    May 12, 2011 am31 5:42 pm

    …I’m curious as to what SaLuSa has to say this time

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  231. #231 babajij
    May 12, 2011 am31 5:47 pm

    …as i begun reading the Suzy & Horiss post, my ears had a anti-pop…instead of popping the energy came in…odd, i never had that happen before…there’s a sublime buzzing within my head, around my forehead…from just reading the words from Horiss…it feels okay,tho…@ dreamwalker, i checked out the 2nd site also…there,the mammoths/elephants stood out the most…i have over 30 images of elephants in my bathroom…i like the pyramid carving with the one elephant on top…this GM site is really expanding my mind these days… Chic

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  232. #232 dreamwalker
    May 12, 2011 am31 6:04 pm

    #226 Frankenlaurinda’s monster

    Sorry, fronken Steen


    But seriously I found your account very touching, Madam.

    #202 that annunaki description matches up nicely with the tayos gold library i posted earlier. Bingo.

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  233. #233 dreamwalker
    May 12, 2011 am31 6:06 pm

    Babajij I JUST went through that! Esp. The forehead thing.

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  234. #234 Admiral2012here
    May 12, 2011 am31 6:06 pm

    …awh Sassy came to mind


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  235. #235 kathy
    May 12, 2011 am31 6:39 pm

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiK_RF3ioRw more on Monsanto and how they need to be stopped. Namaste In Love

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  236. #236 Laurinda
    May 12, 2011 am31 6:40 pm

    Sweet Admiral #194: I was scrolling back over this evening’s conversations and just now noticed that you posted the Horisssss interview—THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH dear one!!! I was hoping Maffie would read it and Babajig had a curious reaction to it!!!

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  237. #237 Admiral2012here
    May 12, 2011 am31 6:59 pm

    …I’m lucky tonight…ABC darted off to nightly adventures, so I don’t have to tape pillows to my arms to get him out of the house

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  238. #238 Admiral2012here
    May 12, 2011 am31 7:08 pm

    “ABC” CAT = “Annoy’n Black Cat” – THUMBS UP!


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  239. #239 Laurinda
    May 12, 2011 am31 7:08 pm

    Addie: Does he get to stay in at night in bad weather, like thunderstorms?

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  240. #240 Admiral2012here
    May 12, 2011 am31 7:18 pm

    …hey SunRay must be gett’n ready for work…I can see him now, in the isle, eating pickles and gummy bears smiling at the survailance camera…FIRE ME!

    …holy shit! ABC is back…where’s the pillows and tape

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  241. #241 dreamwalker
    May 12, 2011 am31 7:20 pm

    #235 Kathy those people are weird lookin’ Silly

    Monsanto is evil though – they’re part of the economic hitman chain, who are backed by the jackals. Detailed in “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” (which admittedly was something of a dry read)

    lol Frikin monsanto seeds

    I don’t take kindly to throwing the Nazi word around though – it’s just not applicable to Obama. I would be fine with it if they also called the Bushes Nazis, but they didn’t. So to me it’s being used out of context. I have no love for American politics, but get your metaphors straight people.

    Let me demonstrate:

    Nazi = Jew Killer
    Nazi = Fascist
    Nazi = “Communist” (many Americans say “Socialist” when they really mean “communist”. The Nazi’s were not communist or socialist, they just used this platform to get voted in, but were backed by the wealthy elite who owed their shirts to the Jewish bankers)

    To be truly anti-socialist you would have to be an anarchist, since this means, by definition, being anti-government/anti-society.

    I’m sure many of us romantically think we’re anarchists, but deep down we know those social programs, policemen, and government regulations are needed to keep society running. It keeps us from being the wild west.

    So which of these 3 are they referring to?

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  242. #242 Admiral2012here
    May 12, 2011 am31 7:21 pm

    …yes Laurdina, I provide for him in bad times, but geez, what do I get in return…a shredded arm?

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  243. #243 Laurinda
    May 12, 2011 am31 7:33 pm

    Jeez Addie, look how you just typed my name! lol hey, I kinda like “Laurdina” afterall! Aw Addie, he is just giving you little love scratchies!!!! MEOW!!! Cat Cat 2

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  244. #244 dreamwalker
    May 12, 2011 am31 7:39 pm

    Sorry if this was already posted… contains a lot of what we talked about today.

    The Vortex of the Golden Law of One

    Greetings! I am Metatron, Lord of Light! We encompass each of you in a vector and field of Unconditional Love within coded light. We nurture you, we honor each of you. We know you by heart, by tone, by name. It has always been so !

    Every life is a sacred opportunity to explore and discover what dwells within. Upon the earth, the expanded dimensional overlays of the Crystalline Transition fulfills this promise by the hallowed movement into Mer-Ka-Na.

    Awareness evolves therein into wisdom, and wisdom into Conscious Mastery….and beckons the return home into the honored crystalline light of Divinity.

    And so we speak of the Crystalline Transition and its anchoring in the Crystalline Vortex of the sacred ARK. It involves so many of you from the Golden Age of harmonic, peaceful Atlantis, the era of the forgotten ‘Law of One’.
    Reemergence of The Golden Law of One

    Many do not realize that within a Golden Phase that endured over 20,000 years, Atlantis was a highly spiritual matriarchal society that existed in beautiful harmony.

    This advanced, peaceful society was termed the ‘The Law of One’. Edgar Cayce readings referred many times to the beauty and benevolence of this ‘Law of One’ society in what he termed the Golden-Age of Atlantis.

    The Atlanteans of the Law of One were extremely tall, often exceeding 12 feet in stature. There skin was a translucent golden bronze color. They were of Pleiadean Star-Seed with full 12-strand DNA and extremely high levels of consciousness, exuding pure love. Their physical form was very light, at times they pulsed a very visible aura of yellow gold that extended over 20 meters from their 12 chakra system.

    This Golden Law of One society in Atlantis represented what humanity will in time regain. The Golden Era of Atlantis in the society of the Law of One was the most evolved, the highest frequency ever achieved by humanity in duality, more elevated in spirituality than LeMuria.

    Many of you were part of the Law of One. Your hearts were broken when the greedy militaristic Aryian faction cunningly took over Atlantis , misused the crystals and led to the sad demise.

    But the Law of One are now re-emerging, and it begins with the promise that will indeed be kept. The Temple Crystals will never again be misused.

    They are reawakening in Arkansas and Brazil. The Crystal Vortex of Arkansas completes on the 11-11-11. It is why many of you are drawn to this energy, for it is a long awaited, deeply cherished completion.

    The Vortex is Completing

    The activity of the Crystal Vortex is quickening. We have told you in previous channels that the vortexial portal of Arkansas is emerging to be one of the most important and powerful energies on the planet. It has grown logarithmically over the past 3 years, and many unusual phenomenon are beginning to be noticed in the Crystal Vortex.

    We tell you Masters, this is just the beginning, for the crystalline energy is amazingly robust and effusively dynamic. This benevolent energy is indeed a force of omnipotent ubiquity that has not been seen on the planet in many millennia. It is a powerful combination of telluric, hyper-dimensional and cosmic forces that are capable of shaking the earth and opening dimensions. It is also capable of up shifting your frequency. All of these are in fact occurring, and exponentially so, as there are dynamics of crysto-magnetic physics at play that are beyond your current scientific comprehension.

    Arkansas is the largest deposit of natural quartz crystal in the northern hemisphere, and the second largest deposit in the world, second only to Brazil. But it is the largest unsegmented, continuous deposit on the planet, and contains the most resonant crystals, indeed programmed and coded crystals from the Law of One. The quartz deposits in Arkansas begin in the area of Little Rock and extend in a massive western curve for over 170 miles, with a width of 35-40 miles.

    Arkansas also contains unique combinations of magnetic minerals, radium charged aquifers and a diamond deposit, which work synergistically with the quartz. Because of this blend of energies, the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas is the most powerful in terms of the potency and utility of its vortexial-portal field. This is why the Atlanteans were especially attracted to the area, and why the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance still retain underground bases in the area. It is rapidly completing, and is on path to soon become the Trigger of the Ascension.

    Crystal Caves

    Masters, beneath the surface of the central region of Arkansas rest enormous beds of exquisite crystals the size and beauty of which are visually stunning. Some of these quartz points are over 40 meters in length, seeded by the early Atlanteans. There are crystal caves beneath Arkansas that are esthetically mesmerizing exuding symmetry and inner light that is sublime.

    These ‘Master Crystals’ are beyond the reach of your mining concerns, and that is purposed. These crystal entities are very ancient and have been in a dormant mode for millennia. They were programmed with specialized attributes by the Sirians & Atlanteans, and are now in joyous modes of re-activation. These awakenings are releasing efficacious dynamics and energies that spawn unusual phenomena as they reboot, none of which will be malevolent, quite the contrary. Indeed they are a gift of immaculate proportion and intricate value.

    Question to Metatron: On the 1-1-11 (Jan 1, 2011) 5,000 birds apparently fell from the sky in Arkansas, and on the same day 100,000 fish died in the Arkansas River. Can you explain what happened, and is it related in any way to the Crystal Activation?

    Metatron: It was indeed an occurrence that raised quite a lot of attention. The demise of the blackbirds was in truth an aspect of the crystalline energies of Arkansas, the death of the fish was not. And although initially reported as occurring the same day, the fish began dying several days earlier. The fish died as a result of a bacterium in the river waters, which occurred as the result of residual traces of an agricultural pollutant that drained into the river far upstream.

    The referenced occurrence took place when an enormous flock of red-winged blackbirds, hundreds of thousands of which nest in this area, flew into a piezo-electrical pulse of crystalline energy in that portion of the Crystal Vortex. The birds flew into an electrical vortexial emission that sadly temporarily stunned them and approximately 4500 of a flock of more than 15,000 experienced a loss of equilibrium. They died as a result of blunt trauma from the crash to the ground. Now we will add that this particular type of flocking bird operates in group-thought pattern, somewhat similar to a school of fish. This type of life form is actually a unified concentric beingness and one ‘mind’ pattern regulates their awareness. This is how they manage to make such beautiful aerobatic swirls in mass, as if precisely choreographed. In a manner of speaking these flocks are one entity with many units composing one awareness . They are not individual beings, per se, in the usual sense. As such, their composite beingness is still quite alive.

    Now, let us add that what happened in Arkansas was not a result of HAARP or any covert military, secret government activity, despite the conspiracy theorists speculations. It was a natural occurrence that has taken place before in this area, albeit from different tension source. All quartz is piezoelectric. This is a mineralogical property of quartz well known to your science. Quartz is capable under certain pressurized conditions of emitting an electrical charge. However, in this case the charge was triggered from the quickening pulses of the enormous Atlantean Temple Crystals in Arkansas. The pulsing activations of the Temple Crystals created a surface charge across the face of the massive quartz deposits and this released a crysto-electrical charge. The piezoelectric shock wave occurred briefly and at an elevation 2000 feet above the ground.

    Now, we tell you that other ‘unusual’ incidents of quartz properties have been occurring as a result of the crystals activating and such events will continue to manifest. Quartzitic energies have myriad properties when combined with magnetics that are as yet unknown to your scientists. Magnetite is widespread and abundant on earth, but magnetic minerals with properties exhibiting intrinsic polarity are quite rare. One of the most potent concentrations of intrinsic polar lodestone is in the quartz bearing center of the Crystal Vortex at Magnet Cove, Arkansas near Hot Springs.

    Crystalline quartz when blended with certain magnetic properties are capable of opening dimensional apertures to create what you term stargates and wormholes in space. These are intermittently occurring, appearing and disappearing in random apertures above the earth’s surface in the crystal vortex at present. This activity will be regulated after the alignment and recoding of the Crysto-Sun disc on the 11-11-11.
    Ionic Fog & Non-Faulted Earthquakes

    Among the crystalline phenomenon that has recently been noted is the green magnetic fog that permeated the area of Mount Magazine on the 9-9-9 and briefly shorted the electrical grid. While the ‘green’ fog was reported by local media in Arkansas , it was not a water vapor, but rather an ionic emission that occurs typically within worm holes. We tell you that it was visible for a brief period on your satellite screenings and baffled scientists. It was the result of the activation of the Emerald Crystal opening multidimensional corridor frequencies.

    On the 10-10-10 earthquakes occurred in areas of Arkansas that are not known fault zones. These quakes were very unusual in other ways as well. They were not preceded by the typical frequencial shift of the Schumann resonance and the high pitched sonance that alerts animals and birds to the coming earthquake. Rather a tranquilizing ‘white-noise wave’ was emitted, and the birds continued singing, and the animals were unafraid. The quake was not a result of tectonic fault line pressure in the usual sense. Rather it was a direct result of the crystalline surge pulse creating a dimensional integrational expansion and a brief aperture in the membranes that define such parameters.

    Crystals were indeed used inappropriately in military applications by the Aryans’ in Atlantis to trigger earthquakes. What took place on the 10-10-10 was a random incident of their ability to manipulate light into hyper velocities that result in an aftershock. Just as sound waves can create ‘sonic booms’ when exceeding certain velocities of Mach speed, so can crystalline light create a velocity induced reverse wave when it exceeds the ‘normal’ speed of light.
    An Omnipotent & Benevolent Power Source

    Dear Ones, we again tell you that Crystalline Energy is an omnipotent power source that has implications far beyond humanities current understanding. Crystalline structure is formed by an essence of frequencial light resonance that is multidimensional and coherent, existing in matter and antimatter. It is the Metatronic divine template that sources all creation manifestation, and forms the very matrixial composition of every plane of existence. It is the enzyme of reality transduction and the vitality spring of the Divine Thought that forms the Cosmos itself.

    Crystals are great receivers and transmitters and a strong communication network occurs between Master Crystals and indeed Crystal Vortex-Portals. The two most powerful Crystal Vortexes on the planet are indeed Arkansas and Brazil. As such the connection of the Arkansas vortexial portal to the Brazil vortexial portal is extremely important in the Ascension and global crystal network. Two Master Temple Crystals are located in Brazil, in Bahia and Minas Gerais. The former is Atlantean seed, the latter LeMurian seed crystal. The energies of both are maintained and reactivated in Brazil and connected to the ‘Law of One’ Crystals in Arkansas.

    Keep in mind that while LeMuria is acknowledged as a civilization of great spirituality, there were thousands of years in which Atlantis harbored far greater frequency and enhanced levels of spiritual mastery that greatly exceeded that of LeMuria. Atlantis fractured into a polarized society before its demise, but many of the most important crystals were protected, uncontaminated and stored before they fell into misuse and destruction. The greater of these are stored in Arkansas and Brazil.
    The Platinum Crystal & the Golden Sun-Disc

    The intricate rebooting of the Crystal Vortex is nearing consummate integration, but will not be fully completed, fully networked in a global aspect until the 12-12-12. What has taken place over the past 3 years and what will occur on the 11-11-11 will bring the Crystal Vortex-Portal of Arkansas in its final processes of regional insular integrated function.

    On the 11-11-11 the Platinum Crystal will be activated, it will set forth an enormous crysto-wave pulse that will in intertwine with the energies of the Blue Crystal of Knowledge and the Emerald Crystal of Healing. These energies will then trigger the Crysto-Golden Sun Disc located beneath sacred Pinnacle Mountain near Little Rock.

    The Sun Disc activation is a significant event that will be felt across the Earth and Indeed the Cosmos. The Crysto Golden Sun Disc was put in place by the Sirians in alignment with 11 other locations across the planet. It originally weaved the energies of the areas of the Arkansas Crystal Vortex, the crystalline, the magnetic and the radioactive living waters. In addition to the Sun-Disc, there were Pyramidal Structures used to refine the energies of the vortex. The complexes of the Toltec Pyramidal Mounds were the last constructs of these and still remain visible today. The end result was a complex energy generator stream capable of myriad benevolent function. The capabilities varied from energy feeds to the Atlantean hyper tunnel system, the Crystalline Satellite (Second Moon of Atlantis) as well as feeding refined energies to the crystal poser system that powered Atlantis. The vortex was essentially de-energized in its true function after the demise of Atlantis.

    It has in the past decade been prepared for its activation, or rather re-activation. The sacred codes for the reprogramming are within the Akashic Field, the Crystalline Paradigm, within the sacred conscious library of MAX, the 13th Crystal Skull of the Pleiadean-Sirian Alliance. MAX will indeed be in the Crystal Vortex for the re-programming on the 11-11-11.

    The final completions of the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas are extremely important to the Crystalline Transition of the Earth. And the crystalline transition is key to the Ascension.

    That is one of several reasons why so many of you are drawn to Arkansas for the Triple Date Portal gatherings, and why many are choosing to relocate their residence to Arkansas. This will gain in momentum over the next few years. Many ‘Crystal Children’ are incarnating into this special energy.
    Spiritual Emergence in Crysto-Magnetics

    The new emerging Crystal Vortex of Arkansas will be far more powerful and serve a different function than it did in the Atlantean era. This is because the Atlanteans placed the aforementioned three Temple-Crystals in Arkansas before the tsunamis inundated Poseida. The purpose and potency of these Temple-Crystals have created resonance that is far more ‘spiritual’ in aspect and effect. The addition of these three to the huge natural crystals will add their succinctly specialized conscious programming’s of knowledge, wisdom, healing and multidimensional awareness. And while their sheer natural attributes are quite capable of shaking the grounds and bending the space- time continuum far more powerfully than the famed Fire Crystal beneath the Sargasso Sea in the area of Bimini, their regulation into refinement via the Sun Disc and Pyramidal controls will insure that they are kept in optimal benevolent purpose and balance.

    It is the magnetics of this location in Arkansas, in fact, that has held these crystal energies in balance. That is why the Atla-Ra specifically selected this area in Arkansas for their storage, and seeding. You have no idea of the energy these are capable of generating. You see it is the use of magnetic energies along with etheric light, light above and below the visible spectrum, light you refer to as ultra violet & gamma that is used to both subdue and amplify crystals. An etheric gateway has existed over this area for the past 20,000 years, and a gateway of high frequency light is able to be focused into this area. This capability is sharpening.
    Tunnels & Electrum Gold

    A vast network of hyper dimensional tunnels networks the areas below central and NW Arkansas. These lead to enormous chasms and crystal caves. Some of these are still in dynamic utility. The ability to detect these tunnels & chasms will not be within your scientific capabilities for many more decades. And that is because they exist in what may be termed intra-space within a frequency of parallel hyper-dimensionality. Yet those humans of sufficient light quotient indeed can sense them, and indeed their energies do intermingle with and code the natural beds of quartz in Arkansas.

    But there is still more to the energy. A very rare form of the noble metal gold is present at deeper levels within the beds of quartz crystals below Arkansas. It is a form of unique, crystalline electrum. Much of this rare form of gold electrum was mined and exported from your earth. The deposits in Arkansas were not. These have been purposely guarded and protected in order to serve a great and greater purpose in the unique properties of the Crystal Vortex. Your geologists are well aware that gold often occurs in crystallized quartz, but have not as yet explored the unique fields, uses and energy that octahedronal crystalline gold electrum provides.

    The Great Atlantean Temple Crystals placed below the lands of Arkansas are actually an alloy conglomerate of quartz, silver and gold. These were manifested through Arcturian technology. The frequency of crystalline electrum gold is capable of combining with specific types of high frequency quartz to enable the ‘bending & molding’ of dimensional fields through an electro-alchemical process that transforms atomic structure. Dimensional access tunnels were often created in this methodology by the Atlanteans to create wormholes or dimensional tunnels within the Earth’s mantle that could be accessed at a higher frequency.

    Many of these hyper dimensional tunnels were laid into place along the flows of existing leylines of natural telluric currents that flow on the Earth. Tectonic shifts have damaged many, but not all of these. Some of these were simply deactivated. There are higher dimensional beings, from the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance and the benevolent Ashtar Command Legion that have been given the task of protecting, repairing & recoding many of these currents, dimensional tunnels and crystals over the past three decades. Some of you such as the channel, work with them, and is why you are heavily drawn to be in this energy

    Ley lines and great crystals were de-energized at periods when the people of Earth went into the periods of consciousness decline, in the sad wake of Atlantis. This was done without damage to the crystals. The reactivation process of portals, crystals and hyper dimensional matrixes has been taking place since 1987, and will continue over the next two years through 2012, when it will be completed.
    The Law of One

    You’re very atomic structures are composed of perfectly aligned geometrics, crystalline geometrics, knitted into place with the thread of electro-magnetics. Electricity and magnetics are components of light. Your spectrum of visible light is but a candle in comparison to the magnificent geometric light of the higher spectrum. The crystalline aspect of Arkansas is not limited to the quartz. The energy of Arkansas is on higher dimension that of a multidimensional octahedron that has formed itself to the levels of the ninth through the twelfth dimensional fields. The energy is transformed from the hexagonal of quartz to the octahedron of gold quartz and diamond. Diamonds project both an octahedronal and dodecahedronal geometry, and the kimberlitic volcanic pipes in Arkansas that yield the energy of diamond, transform the cube to the octahedron. The hexahedron cubic is enclosed in the octahedron. The quartz Crystals of Arkansas are imbedded with the energy and wisdom of what is referred to as the Atlantean Law of One.

    The Master Crystals placed there have frequencially transferred this vibration to the quartz indigenous to the area, and as we have explained, the Masters Crystals contained a higher dimensional alloy of gold conglomerate that has been received energetically by some of the natural occurring beds. The crystals from the McEarl mine carry this unique harmonic. These are especially potent. All crystals are alive, in a real sense, and have an ordered consciousness, and self-awareness, but each carries unique and specific blueprint patterns. This pattern is greatly varied according to the geology and astrological energies of the vector. Therefore seemingly identical gems and crystals can be quite different in their energetic projections according to the location in which they occur.
    Tri-Helix Vortex

    The Arkansas vortex is quite unusual in its movement. Most vortexes in the northern hemisphere of your planet spin in either ovaline or circular counter-clockwise flows. The crystal vortex of Arkansas has a very unique, very specialized ‘ to and fro’ vortexial motion. Moving approximately one-third of its circumference counterclockwise, and then rapidly reversing back in clockwise motion. This occurs in 3 separate arcs of 120 degrees. The forward and backward shift of this vortex is most unique, and is purposed in generating greater upward thrust of the crysto-magno-hydro energies. The energy of Arkansas has three succinct telluric forces that contribute to its tri-helixed field. These are the magnetic, centered in Talimena Ridge, Crystalline apexed in Mount Ida and the radium Hydro- energy centered in Eureka Springs. These make up the 3 discreet arc- gyros, which are regulated and tri-helixed through the Pyramids below Toltec Mounds and coded in the Sun Disc below Pinnacle Mountain in Little Rock. The unique pattern of the vortex generates the energy into incredible thrusts with both a receiving and transmitting manifold.

    The geology of the area is extremely unique, more so than even your geologists recognize, and is precisely why the Atlanteans colonized and developed the area. It is why there are underground bases of the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance in the area. The area is a rare mineralogical collation of natural quartz crystals, diamonds and magnetic lode stone. Pyramids to coordinate the natural projections of these energies and intricately intertwine their energies have existed in Arkansas for over 25,000 years. Remnants of the last ‘surface’ pyramid still exist in Toltec Mounds (State Park) just south of Little Rock. The Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance have maintained an enormous sub terranean Pyramid below the Toltec Mounds since Atlantean times. It is among the reasons so many crafts are sensed over the Crystal Vortex. Three such bases are in the Arkansas area.

    On the Triple-Date-Portal of the 11-11-11 the last of the thee Atlantean Temple Crystals, the Platinum Crystal of Interdimensional Communication will be activated from its long dormancy and join with the Emerald Crystal and Blue Crystal of Knowledge to finalize the combined components of the NEW ARK Crystal Vortex. The three Atlantean Wisdom & Healing Crystals that once beamed magnificent light and celestial energy in the Temple of Healing, the Temple of One and the Temple of Knowledge on Poseida were placed in dimensional lock in the Atlantean Crystal Fields of Arkansas. The first of these was awakened in 2008, the second in 2009. In 2011 these further activate and align with the awakened Temple Crystals held in Brazil, Mount Shasta, and Lake Titicaca.

    We will speak in more detail about the Platinum Crystal in a future assay. But we will tell you it is a nurturing (feminine) energy of the Platinum Ray and facilitates balance between dimensions and energy sources. It provides an optimal communicative reception between what may be termed inter and intra consciousness planes. It also serves to form a cohesive interface between the duality planes and the integral planes. It lessens the arc of duality.
    Final Transition Process

    The Platinum Crystal will be thrust into activation from long dormancy at precisely 11:11 a.m. on the 11-11-11 from its dimensional lock, in a chasm below Magnetic Mountain in NW Arkansas. It will be triggered by a Cosmic Force generated through the 144-Grid, initiating an activating pulse from the Emerald Crystal. The Platinum Crystal will then instantaneously reboot into flow with the 3 telluric energies and the two other Master Temple Crystals. This will immediately send a communicative wave pulse to the Golden Crysto-Sun Disc and a recoding will occur that will be fed to the Toltec Pyramid regulators. For the first time in 20,000 years, the vortex will be regionally complete. Masters, truly all that remains in 2012 is the Globalization of the Crystal Network with the 12-12-12 activations of the Bimini Fire Crystal, and the Crystal of Thoth below Lake Titicaca. This will incur the final rebooting of the 144-Crystalline Grid and the 12 Golden Sun Discs. The trigger will be the 12-12-12, the rebooting will finalize on the 12-21-12.

    The graduation of your planet, that termed the Ascension, is in effect the critical-mass that will allow for the conversion of this Earths receival capacity template from, in your vernacular, analog to digital, from black & white to color. An incredible transformation is only a breath away, literally. The Crystalline Conversion through the antennae of the 144-Crystalline Grid is about to vastly increase the earth’s dimensional reception from 3d to 12d and beyond. It is akin to your television changing from the archaic antennae to satellite reception. It is the Crystalline Age, the wind beneath the wings of the Ascension. The fulcrum apexial points are the Cosmic Triggers and the Triple Date Portals.

    But release the fear Dear Ones, this time of the Ascension, in this New Crystalline Era, the mega power crystals will not be taken from you and misused as occurred in the sad demise of Atlantis. Indeed they will never again be used for any purpose other than the highest good. Be assured of this! It is a sacred oath that will indeed be kept. For you are the family of the Law of One returning to keep this promise. It is why so many of you are drawn to the completion in the Crystal Vortex, for indeed many of you feeling the call were among the revered Scientist Priest of the Law of One, the Atla-Ra, that relocated the Temple Crystals .

    While many of you have carried guilt for the loss of control of the crystals, it was indeed the deceptions of the Sons of Belial, the militaristic Aryans of Atlantis that schemed and took the controls from Poseida that led to the destructive forces and deluge. The guilt some of you carried for millennia, and yet carry today indeed is misaligned. It is time to release this. The clarion call is beckoning.

    You of the ‘Law of One’ took an oath that the Master Crystals would never again be misused, that you would not allow them to fall into the wrong hands. Dear Ones, it is a promise kept. Their sacredness and benevolent purpose has manifested. You have waited a long, very long time for this completion. It is a contract nearing fulfillment, and you are to be commended. Indeed you made this happen! The Crystalline Transition, the heralded Ascension will occur. It is happening now!

    I am Metatron, and I share with you these Truths. You are beloved!

    And So It Is…

    This channel is copyrighted to http://www.Earth-Keeper.com – Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered and credit of authorship and website is included. It may not be published in journals, magazines or print without expressed permission from Earth-Keeper.

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  245. #245 dreamwalker
    May 12, 2011 am31 7:44 pm

    I’m also going to repost this for Babjij’s benefit…
    I am Metatron. I have been asked to serve by dictating information that will
    assist you in moving through the transitions that are ahead for the planet and
    all life on the planet during the ascension.

    This planet, and all species of life on the planet are in the process of
    ascension. Ascension means that all first and second dimensional lifeforms will
    “move up” to third dimensional lifeforms.

    Humans, or third dimensional lifeforms, will graduate to either fourth
    dimensional worlds or fifth dimensional oneness depending on their level of
    evolution and their intent.

    The ascension is occurring now as a step by step progression, and will continue
    one way or another, for

    that is the will of all.

    Normally, planets and the species of life incarnate on the planet are ascended
    via cataclysmic disasters that usher in a death-resurrection cycle.

    In this cycle, as was demonstrated by Christ, disasters create planetary death.
    Because this is the way ascension usually occurs, it is known and understood
    very well at the level of the Universal Mind.

    That is why, since ancient times, there have been prophecies of terrible
    destruction to occur at end times.

    The resurrection cycle is the ascension, where all life begins anew, at a new
    level of consciousness in a higher dimensional world. This does not mean
    reincarnation, for that carries the concept of Karma with it, and

    before ascension can become a probability, all Karma must be cleared.

    It does not mean existence only as a spirit in celestial worlds, ascension is
    also physical.

    As a process, it changes the physical body while merging the body and the spirit
    into one being. This being is a perfected being of light, in a physical body of

    This ascension progression actually began thousands of years ago, with the
    Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt.

    The story of Moses leading his people out of bondage is a metaphor for the
    ascension progression. The incarnation of Jesus was a major turning point for
    the process because as an Avatar, Jesus was capable of taking on the “sins” or
    Karma of all humans and transmuting that energy to light.

    Because of his redemption, a gentle ascension became
    possible. This ascension, evolves through a series of steps, until a state as a
    light being becomes possible. The redemption of Christ was the beginning step of
    the Light Body progression.

    This first step took nearly two thousand years to complete.

    Light Body was introduced as an experiment in 1988, only seven months after
    Harmonic Convergence.

    It is an experiment because an ascension has never been attempted this way. This
    method, both a graduated increase of light within the physical bodies of all
    lifeforms and the planet and an increase in the vibratory level, has never been
    attempted before in ANY ascending universe. There are theories within the
    Universal Mind about how that process will work out, but at times the results
    have differed from the anticipated.

    In these cases revisions are made. As a foundation for the information I will
    give later, I must explain the Light Body progression to you.

    You must understand this process first at a personal level. This personal level
    is how Light Body will affect you physically, emotionally and mentally. Then I
    will give information on how Light Body will affect the planet and how it will
    affect the structures of your society.

    I consider the most important and exciting aspect of Light Body to be that this
    experiment transforms your physical shell into an appropriate vehicle to merge
    completely with your higher self, and happens concurrently with the physical

    This merging is created by a series of descensions of spirit, which are timed by
    the amount of light you are holding within your cells.

    The amount of light held by the physical cells is keyed to the level of Light
    Body, and the higher the level, the less dense the body.

    The more light you hold in your physical body, the greater the level of spirit
    you can contain within the body. Toward the end of the Light Body process, just
    proceeding the shift into ascension, you will merge completely with

    your Higher Self. The descensions of spirit are the mechanisms used to bring in,
    or turn on, the spiritual gifts of the masters.

    Light Body has twelve levels or steps, and as each step is completed the changes
    that have occurred physically must be integrated in all areas of the life and
    the spirit.

    Light Body is designed to bring up all your human issues as you progress, and
    each higher level brings up a deeper layer to the issues than the layer before
    it. This is to assist you in becoming clear mentally, emotionally, physically,
    and spiritually.

    As the issues emerge, you have the choice to allow Christ’s redemption to
    transmute it for you – or to clear it using the light technologies that have
    become available over the past two decades (N.L.P., bodywork, rebirthing, body
    electronics, etc.).

    There is a void space at the end of each Light Body level that we call ego
    death, and it may manifest as depression or a sense of nothingness. This void is
    to be used as a

    rest stop before you continue your journey. This void is an energetic place
    where nothing exists, and you are able to build a new picture of yourself and
    your life before you move to the next step.

    The void is an integration chamber, or perhaps I could describe it as a cocoon,
    where you can rest and form the beautiful butterfly you are to become in your
    next step.

    The first six steps of Light Body were structured for gradual change at all
    levels with regular spiritual awakenings interspersed with the physical, mental
    and emotional changes. From seventh level through

    tenth level Light Body the progress changes and is focused on one area of your
    experience at a time.

    For example, in seventh level most of you experienced your first descension of
    spirit, and a noticeable spiritual awakening with it.

    You may have manifested clairvoyance, clairaudience, or a kinesthetic awareness
    of energy with the awakening. I am discussing this level in the past tense,
    because currently the planet is shifting into the beginning of ninth level. It
    is a very painful experience to be at a lower vibratory rate than the planet you
    exist on, which is the case

    for those who are below eighth level.

    Because you are reading this
    article, I am certain you would be somewhere between the void of late eighth
    level, to eleventh level in the Light Body progression.

    You would not have an interest in spiritually oriented literature if you were in
    the lower levels.

    Eighth level Light Body creates body changes in some extreme ways.

    Physical symptoms similar to viral syndromes are very common. During this level,
    you may have noticed that you caught a cold once a month.

    Other symptoms are headaches (behind the eyes) as the optic nerve pathways for
    light are turned on and the pineal gland becomes activated. You may have
    earaches as your hearing structures are rewired to decode light transmissions,
    and excessive perspiration or diarrhea as you drop density from the cells of
    your body.

    One perspective on these changes is that you are adding a third physical strand
    to your D.N.A. For some, the body may resist the density drop because of the
    descensions of spirit. A symptom of that resistance is weight gain.

    Human bodies have a tendency to try to cope with descensions by becoming bigger
    to contain the spiritual mass coming into it.

    The only effective way to stop the weight gain once it has started, is physical
    I mean very hard exercise such as weight lifting,
    bicycling, running, or swimming. The exercise must be sufficient to begin
    building muscle mass. Creating muscle mass will protect your nervous system, for
    the energies coming in with each descension is much stronger than your nervous
    system is accustomed to. Adipose tissue

    cannot protect the nervous system as muscle does by accepting the overflow from
    the nervous system. Adipose tissue will “fry” as these energies overflow, and
    the result is damage to the insulin receptors

    within the cells.

    This throws the metabolism out of balance, and the result is weight gain. The
    muscle mass created by exercise will take the overload from the nervous system,
    and will convince the body consciousness that it is “big enough” to hold the
    spirit. You may begin to notice flashing

    colors on your inner screen, geometric equations moving through your mind, or
    hear a hum. This is the beginning of the translation facility, and will allow
    you to turn light code into cognitive understanding and comprehension.

    The grids around the planet constantly transmit messages to the lifeforms
    incarnate on the planet. These messages come through in a form called light
    packets, and are coded. I call it “light code”.

    This information must be “decoded” or converted to conscious thought, so you can
    understand it and use it in your life. These messages are designed to give
    instruction, and to explain what is occurring energetically at the higher
    dimensional frequencies.

    If you are a sensitive who can hear the hum, please acknowledge this to your
    guides. They are trying to assist you to get the light code transmissions, but
    they cannot verify that you hear it unless you respond.

    Your guides will try to assist you by turning up the volume and frequency of the
    audible light code until they see a response from you. The light code as a hum,
    can become very annoying and even physically uncomfortable. If you are
    experiencing this symptom, “ask”

    your guides to turn down the volume and calibrate the frequency so it will not
    be irritating or debilitating for you.

    These eighth level changes can take up to two years for a human. It has taken
    three years

    for the planet.

    Ninth level is about integrating the spiritual changes from seventh level and
    the physical changes of eighth into your physical life. In ninth level,
    relationships are your focus, for it is through relationships that you test
    yourself and the changes that have been wrought within you. You may find that
    any relationship based on

    control or manipulation becomes intolerable, and many relationships end during
    this phase. You may also find that your work in the world changes as you
    integrate your new identity. The void of ninth level Light Body can be very
    painful, for after so much focus on relationships, this void requires you to
    ultimately be alone with


    After all, the relationship you have with yourself is the
    most important relationship you have, is it not? Ninth level ends (and sometimes
    begins) with fairly massive descensions, giving you yet another relationship to
    integrate as a part of your process.

    At the beginning of tenth level, life feels new, and you may feel
    newly born and very tender. Tenth level is the beginning of the
    spiritual awakening that will lead to your mastery of the abilities
    that mark the spiritual masters and adepts. These abilities, or gifts of the
    spirit, will become stronger as you become energetically clearer. In tenth level
    the focus will be on manifesting these spiritual gifts, and then integrating the
    gifts fully so they are usable in your physical, everyday life. Your greatest

    spiritual gift will be the first to manifest in tenth level, and your other
    gifts of the spirit will open later in a gradual way.

    You will be required to live by your spiritual gifts. If you are clairvoyant,
    for example, you must make decisions by what you perceive clairvoyantly – not by
    what you perceive physically.

    Your clairvoyance will literally overtake your physical sight during tenth
    level. You may notice one day that you are very clearly seeing three curbs and

    Deciding where to place your foot may be very confusing. You will be seeing the
    physical curb and sidewalk,

    the etheric curb and sidewalk, and the fourth dimensional curb and sidewalk. If
    you rely completely on your clairvoyance, not the

    physical sense of sight, you will know where to step. If you use the physical
    sense of sight you may trip a few times in a public place.

    Eventually you will learn how to process this type of vision. The process of
    becoming clear is one of releasing stored energy from the emotional body and the
    mental body, and relocating that energy to the spiritual body where it becomes
    usable, through which miracles are created.

    The only difference between an avatar and an ordinary man is the location of the
    energy held within the energy bodies. An ordinary man has all his energy
    “locked-up” in stored emotions and memories in the emotional body, and beliefs
    and thoughts in the mental body.

    The ordinary man has a flat spiritual body, for there is no energy to spare from
    the demands of the emotions and thoughts. An avatar has clear emotional and
    mental bodies. All the energy held within an Avatar’s subtle bodies, is stored
    in the spiritual body.

    For a master, the energy associated with emotion flows into the emotional body
    from the spiritual body IN THE MOMENT, and is released to the spiritual body
    once the emotional stimulus has ended.

    The energy associated with a thought flows from the spiritual body to
    the mental body, and then is released to the spiritual body as the
    thought is completed. This leaves an Avatar’s energy free, to use
    according to his will. The spiritual energy is available to an avatar
    because it is not consumed by thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and
    memories. This is the energetic structure each of you must create in
    your energy bodies, during tenth and eleventh level Light Body. This
    will allow each of you to perform miracles such as manifesting
    into physical reality.

    Eleventh level of Light Body is a natural progression from tenth, and
    many times the transition is so easy, the shift isn’t noticed. The
    spiritual abilities continue to grow, and the physical body begins to
    change in appearance. Your physical body becomes luminous, glowing,
    and appears very beautiful. You might have friends and acquaintances
    suddenly remarking that you look younger, or that you have changed in
    some way that is indefinable. Eleventh level brings deeper levels of
    processing on your emotional issues. At this level you must deal with
    all your beliefs and thought forms around death and loss.

    You might create disillusionment, or even find you are creating your
    deepest fears within your physical life so you can clear them
    completely by experiencing them. Any stored energy held in the
    emotional or mental body after tenth level is completed must be
    released to the spiritual body in eleventh level. If you do not deal
    with those issues while you are in tenth level, you will manifest
    in your lives within the eleventh. But, you truly have nothing to
    but fear itself when you are at eleventh level Light Body.

    Twelfth level Light Body is the ascension. It is marked by the
    movement of the Merkabah into the heart center of your body. The
    Merkabah can most easily be described as a golden ball of light. It
    the vehicle of your ascension, and a major initiation for you when it
    happens. That event is the beginning of your personal ascension into
    fifth dimensional world of oneness. The ascension can occur at an
    individual level, it can occur within a group, or it will occur as a
    part of the collective experience. You will ascend when you are
    whether you do it alone, as a part of a group, or as a part of the
    planetary shift yet to come. There is not a period for the ascension
    in any way. At an individual level there are ascensions occurring

    This year, 1995, is the first year since Harmonic Convergence where
    the energy has been available for the shift into a fifth dimensional
    consciousness while in a physical body. There are many beings, who
    incarnate because they have volunteered to serve by testing the Light
    Body experiment. They are the first ones to move into ascension. For
    the rest of you, the Light Body program will continue until you are
    ready, and then you will shift. Ascension is a very simple thing. It
    is a change that occurs in an instant, but you are still here. The
    will still shine and the stars will still twinkle. The difference is
    Joy, your ability to live joy and to feel joy.

    The easiest way to verify that ascension has happened is to note the
    quality of joy in a person’s life. The beginning of the ascension is
    when a person begins living life by creating their fantasies as their
    reality. I, Metatron can define JOY as samadi, ecstasy, or rapture.
    is that state of oneness with God. It can also be defined as your
    center or being on your center. That clear space you can achieve in
    meditation where energy is flowing and you feel that absolute cosmic
    oneness with all. Whatever brings you pleasure or feelings of
    lightness, and whatever you would define as joy, is a pathway to that

    If you are working as a part of a spiritual group, you will
    a series of faster shifts in your processing. When one member of your
    group notices the embodiment of the Merkabah, you all will have
    received it, and will soon become aware of it also. The individual
    members may not have noticed this occurring at first, but at least
    member of the group was ready for it, and as a result the entire
    will get the benefit. A group working on ascension has a tremendous
    advantage because fifth dimensional consciousness is a consciousness
    of “oneness” or in other words, the group is one. Working with a
    creates enormous synergistic energy, where each of you is far more
    powerful than you would be if you were alone. It also gives each
    member a chance to learn to relate both as individuals, and from
    oneness within the group. This is an essential fifth dimensional
    consciousness shift that everyone must make.

    As individuals and groups focus on ascension, they should focus on
    beginning to recreate their lives as absolute masterpieces of joy. As
    they do so, they will begin to live from joy, and later, they will
    become joy. As each of you does this, you will begin to shift
    you come into contact with in your daily life, broadcasting the
    of joy to them and waking them up to that frequency. The mass
    ascension will occur when the majority of ascending humans on the
    planet are existing in this state of joy, and not until. The reason
    for this fact, is that this planetary experience is one of free
    agency. In this dimensional universe, free agency is divine law.

    When the majority of you are living from joy, the planetary
    will have moved into a world of love and oneness. When the majority
    you have given up the game of polarity because you have learned all
    you could, and have by your own choices moved into joy and oneness,
    the mass ascension will occur. Until that time comes, and it will,
    Light Body progression will continue. The ascension will take as long
    as it takes, and humanity as a collective group, in the end, decides
    the timing of the great event. Free agency cannot be tampered with,
    not even for the highest of purposes, not even to create the

    The point I wish to make with this information is that the greatest
    way each of you can serve God, serve all mankind, serve the planet,
    and to serve yourselves is to create your lives as masterpieces of
    joy. Be ruthless in evaluating your lives, and clear everything that
    does not bring you joy. Let go of old emotions and old issues, for
    they are consuming the energy you could be feeling joy with. If you
    focus on this as the entire process, and focus on learning to live
    from joy as your path of initiation, you will become the adept or
    spiritual master you desire to be. You will assist everyone you meet,
    by your very presence, and you will be anchoring the energies of joy
    for the planet as well, to assist her in birthing a new level of
    manifestation for all. This ecstatic state of union with God is a
    of the potential that is open for all. This path of joy makes the
    ascension so very simple, for all that is required is for each
    individual to begin focusing on, and taking full responsibility for
    his life. Live life as a masterpiece of JOY.

    The planetary changes that have been prophesied for these times you
    are living in are frightening for many. Since you have nothing to
    but fear, I will bring forth information about how the Light Body
    process has changed the probable future for the planet. I have
    described the process for you as it affects your physical self and
    your personal life. I will now explain how Light Body impacts the
    planet, for the planet is physical, and the entire basis for
    sustenance of your physical life. As you become a being of light the
    planet also changes. The planet is becoming a sphere of crystal and
    light. When the Light Body experiment began in 1988, the planet was
    shifted into third level Light Body.

    The planet shifted into a higher level each year after; fourth level
    in 1989, fifth level in 1990, and sixth level in 1991. The planet
    entered seventh level on Jan. 11, 1992 with the 11:11 gateway, and
    remained there until the next gateway opening which was 5/5/92. This
    gateway initiated the beginning of eighth level Light Body for the
    planetary process, and with that level of Light Body, earth changes
    were most probable. Planetary shifts have always been ushered in by a
    series of technologies I call gateways. Gateways are energetic
    conduits opened from a higher dimensional universe to this one. These
    conduits bring through the energies necessary to pattern mass
    consciousness, change planetary vibrations, and to change dimensional
    frequencies. A gateway requires the assistance of the space brothers
    and many beings on higher dimensional frequencies to create it and to
    refine the energies for the specified purpose.

    The purpose of a gateway, and its timing is the domain of the Light
    Councils, or Karmic Board, and the Great White Brotherhood. These
    councils oversee the progress, and assist when needed. The 5/5/92
    gateway purposes were to forestall probabilities around cataclysmic
    disasters, which were most likely as the planet began losing density.
    The greatest probable disaster was a pole shift. The 5/5/92 gateway
    began the shift between the inbreath of God and the outbreath of God.
    The shift between an expanding Universe and a contracting Universe.
    This gateway, 5/5/92, signaled the still time between the two
    directions. This still time continues until 2012 when the exhalation
    begins. This physical Universe has been expanding, fragmenting out
    into individuation. When the contraction begins it is the merging of
    the fragments into oneness.

    As this gateway signaled a change in energetic direction, it was an
    appropriate gateway to use in shifting the grid structure around the
    planet. The etheric grid around the planet creates a blueprint for
    ley lines, or energy rivers, within the planet. The grid is an energy
    organ of the planet, and can be compared to the nervous system inside
    and outside your body. The grids are structured and programmed for
    specific purposes at specific times, and they are changed regularly.
    Since the time of Atlantis, the grids for economic power were located
    over the Western Hemisphere, and the grids for spiritual power were
    located over the Eastern Hemisphere, but were dormant. These grids
    were turned on with the beginning of colonization of the New World.
    These grids were “flipped” or shifted, from East to West.

    This means that since May 5, 1992 the grids for spiritual power have
    been located over the western hemisphere. The grid shift represents
    energetic reversal and it is equivalent to a pole shift, but without
    the physical shift. This was an absolutely necessary change, because
    the planet and every form of life on the planet had to change
    directions energetically, because the universal flow of energies
    changed. The shift in energetic direction would have created the pole
    shift on Earth (within the physical) within a three month period if
    the grid shift hadn’t been accomplished. The grid shift created the
    same energetic structure as a pole shift, but on an energetic level
    rather than a physical level. The window when cataclysmic disasters
    were probable was within the nine month period of time after the grid
    shift. The grid shift was so massive that it took the concerted
    efforts of many beings to accomplish, incarnate, discarnate, and
    ascended. The assistance of the ships and space brothers was also
    required to forestall the potential disasters that were possible at
    this time.

    Since the grid shift, the planetary changes were “managed” by these
    beings to either prevent the disasters, or to time them to prevent as
    much loss of life as possible. Because the planet has completed
    level, the possibility for cataclysmic disasters is far less. The
    fears held by many of you around creating the ascension by a
    death-resurrection cycle can be let go of, for the probability is
    the Light Body progression will continue while the planet remains
    fairly stable. Is it not easiest to perceive this as the potential,
    rather than the disasters that have been foretold? This grid shift
    also sets into motion the last twenty year cycle before other
    celestial events occur, to mark the contraction of the dimensional
    universe. This twenty year cycle is one of “do or die” for the Light
    Body progression as an ascension plan.

    This grid shift was engineered to aid those who are known as
    lightworkers at this time of change, for the grid shift allowed the
    planetary frequencies to shift upward into what is known as the lower
    fourth dimensional frequencies. This brought the planetary vibration
    into what is known as the astral worlds. These worlds are still
    of polarity and illusion, but they are far less physical. It makes it
    possible for each of you to begin opening potentials of joy for
    yourselves, and as you do, the disasters become less probable. Those
    who are aware and those who are learning to use spiritual power to
    create in the physical can use the energies from the new grid
    alignment to create their personal version of “heaven on earth”.
    were many of you requesting this assistance, for many lightworkers
    wanted to be able to precipitate thought into matter.

    They wanted to be able to levitate objects or themselves. They wanted
    to have a purse that would never be empty. The heavens have
    accommodated you in having those abilities in your lives via the
    dimensional shift created at the grid shift. It brings into potential
    the possibility, for the grid shift decreased density of matter by at
    least one third and that makes it much easier for those of you who
    would use energy or power to create with in the physical. Those who
    are able, will have an option of not only ascending into fourth
    dimensional worlds, which you are vibrating at now, but of moving
    the fifth dimensional world. The only requirement is that you are
    capable of reaching that level of vibration, and that quality of joy
    in your lives.

    Each of you has a left brain and a right brain, and each half of your
    brain functions according to its defined purpose. In each of you one
    sphere of the brain is dominant. As above, so below – the same holds
    true for the planet. As spiritual awakening progresses in a human,
    functioning of the spheres of the brain balance and become equal, the
    same situation must occur for the planet. The left brain of the
    or the West, and the right brain of the planet or the East must reach
    a new balance. The East and the West must become equalized in
    life in order for the ascension to progress. One possibility created
    by this grid shift is to bring the opportunity for spiritual mastery
    and power to the Western mind, and the bring a new balance of
    and Political power to the East. The grid shift brings in the
    probability for complete spiritual empowerment within the western
    world in this lifetime.

    There has never been a good model of how to practice spirituality
    within the Western world. This is why so many of you have adopted
    Eastern religions – or have immediately shifted into the monastic
    when you pursued the spiritual path. This grid will bring about a new
    kind of spirituality, one that is appropriate for the Western mind
    culture. It is important for each of you to know that following the
    path of the monastic, withdrawing from everyday life, or living the
    life of the ascetic is no longer appropriate. You must be within the
    world, and this new spiritual path will bring a balance and a merging
    between the various areas of your life. You will walk the spiritual
    path while you live in the world, maintain family life, maintain
    and conduct business. All aspects of your daily life will become
    spiritual. It brings in balance for all those living and working in
    Eastern hemisphere countries to experience political power and
    economic well being within this lifetime. That new balance will bring
    about the Karmic balance necessary to eliminate the polarity that is
    inherent within third and fourth dimensional worlds.

    The grid shift affects your body physically by reversing the polarity
    in your entire body. Most individuals have had time since 1992 to
    become completely acclimated to the energetic shift. It has fostered
    speeding up of the Light Body progression, and of course there are
    physical side effects of this speed up. It has also literally
    the electromagnetic field of the planet.

    This grid shift brought a merging of physical and spiritual within
    seven cities of light, which shifted from the Eastern hemisphere to
    the West. The cities of light each have a master resident within the
    city, and they are now feeding energy to the localities in the North
    American continent near their physical location. This is to feed the
    energies of the masters to the people and waking up the masses. The
    cities of light are at Mount Rainier, Salt Lake City, Denver, near
    Stone Mountain Georgia, on the seacoast at Hilton Head, slightly
    and West of Detroit on the border of the United States and Canada,
    Buffalo New York. As an additional anchor Shamballa has shifted from
    the East to an area near Baja, and Avalon has shifted to Southern

    The seven cities of Gold have been reawakened in the Southwest United
    States and Northern Mexico, and the gates to the Garden of Eden are
    now opened in the state of Missouri. In this still space between the
    inbreath and the outbreath, it is quiet. Because of the quiet of the
    energy it is possible for each of you to each create for yourselves
    whatever you wish. The assistance of the energy produced by the
    of light, and the energy transmitted from the masters in those cities
    it yours. Use it as you will. Quite literally, the lightworkers have
    the option to become as ascended masters and to create the change for
    themselves that is known as translation. The rest of the ascending
    human lifeforms will shift from third dimensional awareness to fourth
    dimensional awareness.

    Many have chosen to fear the government, fear the possibility of
    war, or fear losing their freedoms instead of geophysical disasters
    this time. I wish to address these fears, and assist you in shifting
    them with information. Perhaps the best illustration of how this
    process affects the political structures in your world because of the
    grid shift is to discourse on what I call the “silent revolution”.
    silent revolution has been created because of the grid shift, and the
    silent revolution is just what it sounds like. A revolution which
    change the government, political structures, and resolve differences
    between factions of people once and for all, but it is occurring
    silently. Silently, without a word spoken, without much debate or
    disagreement, silently without a war or one shot fired! When the
    for political and economic power were located over the Western
    hemisphere, most of the energy produced by those grids was “gobbled
    up” by the United States.

    There were great technologies in use, at high levels to direct all
    energy produced by these grids into United States governmental power.
    This supported the evolution of a super government. With this grid
    shift things have changed. The high level technologies used to direct
    the energy into government power still exists, except the grids have
    changed in purpose. These spiritual power grids are bringing a great
    spiritual awakening and full spiritual empowerment to the people.
    will initially begin at governmental levels. Any of you who have
    awakened the ability to channel energy or to manifest from thought,
    are the leaders of the silent revolution. Wherever you direct the
    energy, or thought, is where the changes will first occur. This
    revolution is going to restructure the government of the United
    States, releasing most of its control to the individual states. The
    silent revolution will bring about equality for all, restructure
    taxes, welfare, health care, and bring about a reinterpretation and
    new understanding of the constitution of the United States.

    It will realign the government to more clearly reflect the will of
    people. Remember the government of the United States is only a
    manifestation of the collective consciousness of its citizens. The
    kind and quality of government manifested, is a clear picture of the
    mass consciousness in this society. That mass consciousness is
    changing drastically as the silent revolution progresses. As it
    changes, the government will have no choice but to change as well,
    it only reflects what the will of the people truly is. The Silent
    Revolution is a shift from one set of values to another, by the
    people. The values of power and winning at all costs are shifting to
    values of community and joy. Higher levels of consciousness which are
    necessary to manifest the ascension, either personally or for the
    collective, will be brought through as a product of the silent

    Other changes due to occur as a result of this revolution, will be
    changes in the way the legal system is administered, changes in
    economic policy, and changes in other governing decisions, such as
    those regulating alternative medicine. Policies such as those
    decisions resulting in secrecy about government projects and
    will be altered, moving toward full disclosure. The greatest changes
    should be occurring at the 5/5/96 gateway. The energies to support
    this have been coming in very strongly from the ship, The New
    Jerusalem, since the 5/5/95 gateway, and will be complete with the
    14, 1996 celebration date. The policy making and governmental changes
    may not be realigned for some time after. Expect this to be an

    It is time for all Americans to understand that their government and
    their society are clear reflections of how they, as a collective,
    thinks and what the collective values are. As the inner – so the
    outer. If each individual makes an effort to clear his energies and
    begin living his lives as a masterpiece of joy, very rapidly the
    government will shift to reflect that consciousness. This is called
    the silent revolution because it is silent, and it is a revolution.
    is achieved with energy, not the machinery of war. This affects each
    of your lives in very personal ways, for the government is a part of
    your lives every day.

    For example, issues around taxes deal with your economic well being.
    Products and services that are available are also at issue. The
    revolution enters your day to day lives because, as a lightworker you
    are empowered. Much responsibility rests on the shoulders of
    lightworkers to focus the energy from the grids, and to shift this
    situation to more adequately reflect a higher consciousness. There
    many groups of lightworkers working with energy to direct the silent
    revolution, especially those groups that are physically located near
    the cities of light.

    Since the Harmonic Convergence there have been many political changes
    on this planet. Some of them have been for the purposes of bringing
    about peace – you have experienced the fall of the Berlin wall, the
    fall of the Soviet Union, and international nuclear disarmament, to
    name a few events. That is because this is the dawning of the 1,000
    years of peace. This society is disarming from without, and it must
    also disarm from within. As the inner – so the outer. Traditionally,
    Americans have created stress within the mass consciousness, and
    individually by creating a “bogey man” in their lives. Throughout
    war, the bogey man from without was the Soviet Union. That bogey man
    justified the buildup of arms.

    This “locked up” tremendous amounts of resources of all kinds, not
    just money, but energy as well. This kept the resources of the world
    firmly in the control of those who could be called the warlords. This
    disarmament is necessary, for it redistributes all those resources
    into other hands and other programs. If there is peace, there is no
    need for arms. Those resources that went into the arms buildup are
    available for other purposes, whether it be education, health,
    housing, research into alternative energy, it is now available. The
    American consciousness has not shifted yet, from that of fearing the
    bogey man. Now, because the outside bogey man has collapsed, and
    really is no other that is a match for this country in its great
    might, the American public has created another bogey man to continue
    the stress. That is what the collective is used to. It is what the
    collective has become addicted to, this warlike attitude. That comes
    because of political and economic power, and the desire to hold that
    position of supremacy.

    Also it keeps the economic policy and structures in place that were
    created with the arrival of the cold war and the arms buildup. There
    is a great economic incentive to do this, for that is money in the
    pockets of many who are employed in war related industries. To
    continue the old agenda of fearing the bogey man, the American public
    has become convinced that the bogey man they have to fight against is
    their own government. The difficulty with this is that your
    is you! This is a disarming society, and disarming is necessary for
    peace. The constitution may be reinterpreted, but the rights as
    granted by the various amendments will not be trampled on, even the
    second amendment rights will not be modified. Americans will always
    have the right to own or bear arms. The only question is why would
    they want to? This is the coming of the millennium, the 1,000 years
    peace. Welcome it with open arms! Do not hang on to the old beliefs
    and structures which were based on fear!

    Some political events within this country that have stirred up
    concerns about the loss of these rights such as the events at Waco,
    and now the events at Oklahoma City are to bring into the
    consciousness an evaluation, of what is right or wrong and where is
    violence justified in society. There does appear to be abuse by
    government agents, and there also appears to be abuses by those on
    other side of the issue as well. In these situations, if you could
    view these events as a mirroring to everyone of what is within the
    mass consciousness at the level known as the United States, there is
    no right or wrong. These events are best used as an illustration of
    how much violence is in the mass consciousness, and how much enemy
    patterning is held in the mass consciousness.

    For that enemy patterning must be processed and released, and that
    releasing begins individually. The greatest way to release enemy
    patterning is to move yourself into a space where you believe there
    are no enemies. Move yourself into a space where there is no question
    about the need to protect your rights. Move yourself into the
    that, yes, you have the absolute right to possess and bear arms, but
    where would the necessity to use those weapons ever come from? This
    a world at peace! This is one of the things that will be shifting
    drastically in approximately one year as a result of the Silent
    Revolution. With the shifting in energy the illusion of having
    will become less and less real, until it no longer exists. Become
    clear within each of yourselves about how you interpret these violent
    events, and what they are mirroring for you. Become clear within
    yourself about how you perceive the need to have arms, and what your
    values are. Work through these issues on your own level, in your own
    life, until you can create a perception of an absolutely safe, stable

    For other people in your life, who have concerns and fears about
    political issues, assist them by your ability to bring through
    Facilitate their efforts to process their beliefs, until they can
    arrive at a place where they are secure and without fear, and have
    attitudes that this is the time of peace, let us welcome it. If you
    can do these things it will be of great assistance in shifting the
    mass consciousness on these issues. It is of interest that on the
    macro, people are willing to do away with nuclear arms. Destroy them,
    dismantle them, make their use illegal. But on a personal level, they
    will cling so tightly to their own firearms. Divine law is – as the
    inner, so the outer. It must happen at the personal level first, then
    it will manifest internationally. If you truly want to outlaw nuclear
    arms, begin within your own lives. Normally, before the energy
    realigns itself in a balanced way, the pendulum will swing very far
    from side to side. The hope is that this issue is just a pendulum
    swing before the attitudes balance themselves.

    Other movements you are seeing politically are to create reforms in
    the Welfare system. These shifts are the result of the gateway that
    opened one year ago on 6/6/94. That gateway was one of
    self-empowerment. But along with self-empowerment comes the
    requirement of self-reliance. This gateway brought through a new
    for a self empowered-female. The archetype of the goddess Athena is
    something each female carries within her consciousness. An activated
    model of this archetype of an empowered female was beamed through the
    gateway from the ship Athena. This opened up a remedy for many social
    ills in the Western world, for how can you have an ascending planet
    species, if over one half of the population is in a “less than”
    position? Many females are treated as less than, earning less than,
    less opportunity, less education, relegated to welfare, relegated to
    poor circumstances and unequal opportunities. To change that, females
    must also step into their power.

    The energy to support the female is available, and has been since the
    reawakening of the forces of nature at the 12/21/91 gateway. The
    changes that are coming into the welfare system, and the revising of
    it are to enforce the theme of full self-reliance. These changes will
    be ongoing over the next six years. The females who are a part of the
    welfare system are those who have contracts with the collective for
    dependency and support. Those contracts will be completely fulfilled
    by early 1997, and this completion will mean that these individuals
    MUST move into their work in the world and full self-empowerment.
    Their dependency status will no longer be appropriate. Largely, as
    majority consciousness shifts in accepting these new ideas and
    programs everyone will shift. It is similar to the changes in mass
    consciousness that eradicated polio. Polio was not eliminated by the
    vaccine, for in reality the vaccine is either ineffective or it will
    create illness. It was the mass consciousness belief in the vaccine
    that did away with polio. Because the majority of the population
    believed they could not get polio, they didn’t. Welfare is a similar

    The “system” that has become the Federal Government has begun
    down, and will continue to do so. It has peaked as far as structure,
    and size, and its foundation can no longer support its size. This
    breaking up process of the government at the Federal level is
    positively supported by the silent revolution. It is also being
    created by the individuals looking for a new bogey man. All attitudes
    eventually work for the highest good of all. That restoration of
    to the states is for the highest good of all, and it creates more of
    an advantage to the individual. There will continue to be shifts with
    many services being terminated at the Federal level, and
    responsibility for those services coming from the state level
    The councils in the higher dimensions view these changes as

    The grid shift no longer energetically supports a large, all-powerful
    Federal entity. Breaking up that power into smaller chunks, and
    it back to the people at the level of state and local government is
    appropriate. Of course it reinforces the requirement for
    self-reliance, and self-empowerment, for there won’t be a government
    program to take care of everything any longer. This breaking up of
    Federal entity will reduce government costs, and allow for massive
    restructuring. You may find in the future, that political parties
    become a thing of the past, as the polarity of opposing ideas
    disappears into oneness. How soon this will come into physical being
    is not predictable, but it is a strong probability.

    Changes in the health care field will be similar to the issues around
    the arms build up and welfare reform. For this area, has also locked
    up tremendous resources making the energy unavailable for research
    into alternative fields, or energy available to eliminate disease.
    health care field has reached a peak in what it can provide. It has,
    of course, priced itself out of the market. The economy can no longer
    support this expense, and of course the health care system will
    experience a reversal. You will see drastic revisions coming because
    of the silent revolution, and yes, these changes will be similar to
    socialized medicine.

    The changes supported by the silent revolution will be the changes
    involved in living from wellness, and the point of view will be that
    there is no more illness, suffering, or disease. This point of view
    will be due to the ascension progression. The mass consciousness has
    already created an attitude change. The mass consciousness perceives
    traditional medical care as expensive, invasive, and ineffective.
    Things that were not mentioned except in a metaphysical group seven
    years ago, are now being broadcast all over the media and are
    by nearly everyone, even physicians. This is an example of how the
    process of shifting the mass consciousness can occur quickly.

    This planetary process is so vast, so all encompassing, and would not
    be possible if there was not a United States of America. The founding
    fathers with their occult knowledge and adeptship, knew exactly what
    they were creating when this nation was founded on occult emblems and
    symbols of power. Later, when the constitution evolved, the same type
    of individual worked to create the constitution. There are no
    accidents. What is occurring now, is a shift, from one level of being
    to a higher one, for all these structures. This is all being
    orchestrated by the Light Body progression. The founding fathers made
    accommodations in their use of spiritual power for this time, for it
    was clear to them this time was coming. These times have been
    predicted by every prophet, seer, and oracle since ancient times.
    prophesied about it. You are living it!

    The major gateway for this year will be 9/9/95. This gateway will
    bring through the energies of completion. This is the ending cycle
    many forms that have evolved within the American life, whether those
    forms are governmental, economic, or even spiritual. This gateway
    begin the dismantling cycle and the ending phase on the personal
    as well. There will be a void, where the old have not completely
    disappeared, and the new have not yet come into being. As a result of
    this void, things may be difficult during the three-month phase after
    the gateway. Each of you who are aware and empowered must focus on
    filling the void with joy, and shifting the forms of your lives
    quickly and easily. As you do this, the transitions from the old
    to the new will be traversed quickly and easily by the majority as
    well. For those of you who are working actively on your own
    you are carrying a great burden. That burden is in living impeccably.

    You cannot create something on the level of the macro (collective)
    without first bringing it into the micro (personal). As above, so
    below – that is divine law. You must first create within your own
    what you desire in your society, social structure, and country. There
    are many of you incarnate, with the divine mission to realign the law
    to more closely resemble divine law. You are here to shift the entire
    collective around the issues of politics, economics, government, and
    law. You must use and live by the principles of divine law in your
    lives first, before you can bring them through at the mass
    consciousness level. Create a life without a need for defense or
    violence, without a need for political polarity, without the need for
    welfare programs, and without the need for treatment of disease.
    Create your lives as a world of peace, joy, security, and equality.
    The outer world will follow your lead.

    This world you are living in is now a fourth dimensional world – an
    astral world. It is still a world of polarity, but there is a
    difference. That polarity is just an illusion! There are stories from
    every path of initiation about “The Guardian of the Threshold,” and
    most often the Guardian is a terrible monster. When an initiate is
    developed enough to travel to the astral worlds, the first thing the
    initiate will encounter is the Guardian. The initiate must defeat the
    Guardian to make further progress on their spiritual path. This is
    considered a test, and the test must be passed, or the instruction of
    the master stops. Every Esoteric tradition has it’s method of how to
    deal with the Guardian, and overcome it. The one universal truth
    this test, is that the Guardian is you. That terrible demon is an
    astral apparition of your worst fears. A monster yes, but it is
    nothing more than an illusion.

    In every tradition the solution is for the initiate to release their
    fears and personal demons and then they will overcome the Guardian.
    will just disappear. That is why each spiritual tradition, or path of
    initiation, has always had a focus on developing clarity, and
    qualities such as humility, forgiveness, and love. These qualities
    the only way you can pierce the illusions of the astral worlds. As in
    the traditions of old, and in the ascension progression today, the
    upper dimensional frequencies are not opened to the initiate until
    this test has been passed. In an initiation, there is no failure. If
    the test is not passed, the lesson is merely repeated until the
    initiate gets it. This is the best metaphor I can give you to
    the experiences you are having in this dimensional frequency.
    Remember, the Guardian is just an illusion, and polarity is just an
    illusion. If you release those illusions and beliefs, release those
    fears, the Guardian disappears! The world you experience will
    itself around your new reality perceptions.

    The assistance of all the hosts of heaven is available to each of
    but you must ask. We cannot violate your free agency, even to assist
    you. All the assistance you need to walk through these changes
    peacefully and joyfully is available to each of you. This information
    is given to you to assure you that all is well. My role is to shift
    your fears, to assure you of divine love, and to awaken you to
    potentials you may have to assist the collective. Each of you has
    one responsibility in this lifetime, and that responsibility is for
    YOUR OWN LIFE. Divine law is As Above – So Below; As the Inner – So
    the Outer. When you perceive difficulties, enemies, or bogey men, in
    the outside world around you, look to your inner life for they will
    exist there as well. If you clear these perceptions from your inner
    life you will find that magically, your outer life, your experience,
    and perceptions shift. It is divine law.

    You can bring about the elimination of polarity very simply – by
    working on your own life, and that is all each of you are required to
    do. Go forward and create of your life an absolute masterpiece of
    The tools are given to you, the power is given to you, and all the
    assistance and guidance that you could possibly need is available.
    Each of you must actually DO IT, and as you do it you will transform
    your world and the larger world as well. You have nothing left to
    but fear itself – for fear is the last great evil that remains in the
    world. Work on your fear, and eliminate it from your mental body and
    emotional body, and as you do so you will eliminate it from your
    Fear is the only enemy left, and that enemy is only located within
    each of you.

    Blessings to all, for we love you, we honor you, and we only seek to
    serve each of you. Truly, the great ones are those who are incarnate
    at this time of change. Your initiation is nearly complete. All that
    remains is for each of you to pass the tests of Joy.

    - End of Channeling -

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  246. #246 SunRaymond
    May 12, 2011 am31 8:17 pm

    All is Well!
    Good Night Everybody…off to work!

    @ Maffy #120, Great Thank You and You’re Welcome! You were confusing me. I didn’t even know that that was what you were asking of me…or else I would have answered long ago. Wink

    @ Admiral #240, I wish they would! I got a heathen beater and I ain’t scared to use it! Matter fact, I got 2 in my truck! Dreamwalker gave me the Galactic discount. I’ll beat them and leave with the candy…and the pickles!!! TaDow!

    Peace! ROTFL

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  247. #247 Laurinda
    May 12, 2011 am31 8:26 pm

    THAT’S MY SONRAYMOND!!!!!! What a great blessing to be reunited with him once again in THIS life! He is coming up here to North Idaho in 2012!!!! I am so excited and gonna give that angelic son of mine the biggest hug any mama could EVER give her beloved son!!!!!! Heart Heart

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  248. #248 Maffy
    May 12, 2011 am31 9:10 pm


    Yeah i just read it. And Im not afraid of the idea of reptilian beings at all. Im
    astute enough to understand Dinosaurs are real, so reptile DNA and origins where here before we were. They get an unessecery bad wrap because of propaganda, i will give another example of this bad wrap in my responses.


    Our education is in line with our advanced intelligence and every soul is in the
    learning system from birth until the move onward, what you call death, or transition. It is our intense desire for learning that has allowed us to give a back seat to spiritual development, and that is changing. Emphasis upon learning is as great, but now the mental is more balanced with the increased desire for spiritual, which is another kind of learning. It is the self-discovery I mentioned that removes layers of indoctrination and allows the opening of the truth of this universe and of Creator’s laws that govern here along with God’s laws about the order of celestial bodies and other such activity that is unique to this universe.


    This is key illuminati understanding, its what they “preach” . Its what they are
    driving for. It’s the ones(dark cabal/ Old world order) who oppose this vision, that demonize this vision by bring up their “name” and stating that anything the TRUE secret society of the illuminati want, is evil and not in our interests. Propaganda is a hell of a weapon, so many have been duped into thinking these are the bad guys, just like “terrorists” or “al quada” people believe these are the “bad” ones because they have been told enough by the old world order, who want to conquor the “enemy” in the name of “freedom” Frown

    Words that are drummed into the consciousness have an overwhelming effect on the “vision” each word portrays within each individual. I wish everyone would understand this. The ones in place DONT WANT a “NWO” they wanna keep the one they have, so they demonize the new one using the methods of fear you are all aware of.

    Are you able to pull yourselves out of this malicious myth about the REAL illuminati? or is that word already burned in so deep through mind-control on YouTube or Alex Jones that you cannot see through the deception?


    All souls in this universe derive from the same One Source, Creator, which makes all of us inseparable aspects of Creator and each other. God has told you that He is the amalgamation of all souls in this universe and loves all in equal amount. I say God to you, Madam, because that is your name for the ruler of this universe.


    True, but “god” doesn’t rule over anything, it creates, its potential for either

    “direction” is allowed to simply become. ” The magnetic nature of the universe has 2 poles, from the smallest atom to the largest edges of a universe, ALWAYS. Positive/negative, one allowing the other to “work” to “become”, a connection…a charge.

    You can’t have one without the other, in 3d density anyway, any other star nation or galaxy we can “see” or if possible visit, is possibly also in 3rd density, this sounds like another further advanced 3rd density world, just like the Sirius Star system,(the Lamb) the one that’s censored by Google LOL


    THIS “evidence” is the only reason i stick around here with these messages from someone from Sirius. why would google censor a star if it doesn’t have meaning i ask myself. Its only when you search to proove or disprove claims or statements and your prooved otherwise either way does this have any meaning for me. Smile

    I can’t just blindly accept everything as truth without questioning stuff, Id be crazy not too lol

    Besides galvenizing your convictions within and asking for confirmation from my higher self will always be my approach, i know how to receive yes/no , right/wrong and how it “feels” and i trust my own “voice”

    There is lots within this Matthewbooks post that has been mentioned in some form or another in many other texts, whilst its very utopian and a positive ideal for a future of ours, there talk of acceptance of military and keeping a body “combat-ready” didn’t make me feel too good, i’ll be honest. This completely reflects the opposite of what i wish to create, as creator in my creation.

    You’d better all be ready to pull up your sleeves folks if this opportunity presents itself here on Earth! It’s going to take PHYSICAL WILL and DETERMINATION to create, not just love from the “sidelines” ok? Smile

    I say this with love ok? you all know my style of love by now right? lol Smile

    If any of you have an idea to help humanity, you better be ready to make it happen and not just leave it on the “drawing board” of your imagination! If your not ready to see it through yourselves as CREATORS, don’t share the idea, please don’t waste others time, i want to see and be around doers in our future Earth, not “drones” who don’t know what they want, capiche? Wink

    Video still in production, Anyone wanna give their 2 cents on its possible meaning? i was wandering if more of a voluntary participation was possible here? Razz if not..no problem.

    I will have it posted by the weekend

    wow, its late..im going bed.

    Love you all


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  249. #249 dreamwalker
    May 12, 2011 am31 9:12 pm

    That post #224 was amazing – all the crystals and everything… wow.

    So Laurinda – do you think THIS is what you’ll be involved in activating?

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  250. #250 dreamwalker
    May 12, 2011 am31 9:16 pm

    @Maffy – I told you before, I think it relates to Lemuria or Agartha.

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  251. #251 Maffy
    May 12, 2011 am31 9:24 pm


    What does? Reptilians?

    sorry i believe i missed it, i do apologise.

    Edit: lol oh nvm hahha

    im tired. No the painting isnt about that.

    ok im going bed now…my mind is fuzzy

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  252. #252 dreamwalker
    May 12, 2011 am31 9:30 pm

    After the Flood

    Focused/Channeled by Dreamwalker
    12 May 2011

    >Hi Selphia, are you there? Mikos said you wanted to chat.

    >One of my colleagues wanted me to relay a message:

    gunner gives the Agarthans much love, honor, respect and so much appreciation and if they ever want to stop in at the doghouse, my door is open.

    >I also have a question from Kellia, who is experiencing financial difficulty at the moment

    Hello Troy how are you?

    >I’m fine thank you! How have you been? It seems it’s been hard to get hold of you

    It is hard managing those tectonic plates – this is a collective effort of many people here in Agartha

    >What do you mean by “managing tectonic plates?”

    We are all working hard to minimize the impact to the surface as much as possible. It is not completely preventable but we do have the ability to have some effect on the outcome. We love you all very much and we look forward to joining our brothers and sisters very soon, you know!

    >We are really looking forward to meeting everyone there as well, Selphia! You’re actually able to move tectonic plates with your mind?

    Yes it isn’t easy, and a single person cannot have much of an impact. But together we can move mountains if we so choose! We are one!

    I need to say that it isn’t easy, it’s very much like a tug-of-war where there’s a whole bunch of little guys against one big monster guy. It’s kind of fun in a way but we know there are serious consequences to losing this important game!

    >I feel that you and your Agarthan friends take this task very seriously; I am glad you can see the lighter side of it too!

    With regards to your friend Kellia, she and her husband are trying hard to maintain their lifestyle and they have very strong moral values. This can be actually getting in the way of their employment but they feel fear in relaxing these values. At times I feel it is more important to take smaller jobs and put food on the table and still keep those values shining bright. It is in fact a nature of your current existence that you be placed at odds with those values, to both learn a part of yourself, and to teach your client a bit about themselves (but do it nicely). Just by being there, without saying anything, your intent and your thoughts have a huge impact on that person. All I can say is, that in times of adversity, the spiritual warrior wades into the fray.

    >Do you have any specific suggestions, directions, or leads she can follow?

    I see a fast food chain in need of some marketing assistance. She will not need to move to obtain this job. I see a few minor contracts she can pick up right now by way of the web, but she may not be interested in these because they are fairly minor. She will have more work rolling in between the 21st and 25th. Her husband will have an opportunity on the 28th, although he will need to “hit the bricks” to get this. This will not be an optimal fit for him but it is something. Your friend John/Gunner and Kellia share the messenger trait – I think they can learn much from each other.

    >Thank you Selphia, I think she will appreciate your help and advice!

    >Laurinda was asking about her past lives with her friend “sped” also known as “Ian”

    Before I get into that I would like to address your other comment. I appreciate Gunner’s (John’s [I also heard "Joseph"]) words and the work that he is doing for Mother Earth is very important. He is well aware of the angels and is also playing an important role as a messenger. He could very well have strong ties to Mercury!

    About Laurinda and Ian, they were both at those chariot races you know, on the same team. His uniform had blue accent, if you remember. I think you should tell that dream – I really enjoyed watching it. He was a very loyal teammember and friend to Laurinda.

    >Can you relay that to me again in dreamtime?

    That’s a little difficult, my apparatus doesn’t really work that way. Once you are here you will be able to relive it.

    I will tell you about another episode of their lives – it is about the great flood. They were stranded on the Azores after the flood, as survivors, and tried to piece back together the grand civilization that was Atlantis but they knew it was hopeless. They did have a fairly happy lifetime together but it was mostly about survival. There was volcanoes, and fishing, and children. They started a new tribe there and tried to pass down as much knowledge as they could, but it was very fragmented. Their man/woman roles were reversed. There was this one incident where Laurinda (Chay?) tried to build a canoe but ended up burning a hole right through the log. I think she felt kind of silly but learned much about boat building that day.

    It would be the same kind of thing if you were stranded on an island with plenty of resources. You’d still have to figure out how to harvest those resources, build some kind of accommodation, and just live on the island with reduced standard of living.

    It was a fairly beautiful existence – they had beauty all around them yet most of their time was spent fretting over what they had lost. There were around 40 other colleagues with them; they lost a few to the process of survival.

    >There is a lot going around about the 21st of May – anything we should be concerned about?

    I think Mikos relayed some information about the 15th and that is still a concern. The 21st is a date chosen by your followers of the Christian faith and unfortunately they will not realize they too have the ability to manifest their thoughts. However nothing troublesome will come of this; they simply don’t know what they’re doing yet. Some will in time find their way to you, and I know you are looking forward to helping them as well.

    >I look forward to the challenge, Selphia!

    Indeed – I especially enjoyed your “heathen beater” idea – get right on that! I had a good laugh out of that – it is one of your gifts to make others laugh! I also enjoyed the album you mentioned, although I’d like to point out that there’s potential for falsely misleading others about the future. The future is only about your frame of mind and reference today, you know. If you fear something, it will be. If you love something, it will be as well! You were correct in saying what sounds bad usually turns out being good, because collectively you are all now supporting each other and encouraging positive intent. It is really great to see. You are a living experiment, so to speak, but you have all risen to the challenge admirably!

    Your friend Babajij (name starts with K?) is on an important path and is a soul-kin. You both have much to learn from each other! It’s actually kind of funny because of what you have to learn, but you will also have to learn that for yourself, my dear!

    >I look forward to it, Selphia – I am so very grateful for all the help and support you have given.

    I am happy to help, Troy – and we are so very proud of all of you!

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  253. #253 babajij
    May 12, 2011 am31 11:16 pm

    …Wowie Zowie Dreamwalker…!!!…great posts…Selphia was close with the “K”…my name is John Paul…the buzzing of the ears, i sometimes have…and now i just stop whatever i am doing and actively inner listen for any message…yet, today was different, it was like earplugs were placed into both ears and no buzzing…it was something more deeper…like a change…in a good way…thank you for your friendship and to EveryOne here…Admiral cracks me Up…a True Leader…

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  254. #254 Stick
    May 12, 2011 am31 11:54 pm

    SaLuSa 13-May-2011

    It is commendable to take on the burdens of other people, but you must give sufficient time for your own development. It is vitally important that you continue to hold your focus on this final run in, as to the whole purpose of what you are experiencing. There is not one soul that can fail to learn lessons from the transition of all that has become familiar to you, and allow for the new to come in and replace it. If there are regrets at the prospect of some of the changes, even if you cannot see the outcome be aware that they are making way for all that resonates with the higher vibrations. You yourself are experiencing subtle changes within your body and consciousness levels, and out of it will eventually arise the new you, the Galactic Being. Let go of that which is clearly going to be out of place in the New Age, and know that it will exist in a suitable form in the higher dimensions.

    Take for example the various resources of Earth that are used daily to sustain your world and its demands. In the higher levels that will become almost unnecessary as you will have little need to take from the Earth, when you can create what you want through the power of thought. In the same way as you dispose of your creations when there use has expired, there is no waste or pollution as all is returned to the unmanifest to be used again. When you reach such levels you will have the knowledge and ability to handle such matters, as your consciousness will be consistent with that expected of a Galactic Being. If you cannot fully comprehend the changes, simply accept what is happening is to elevate you to a level where all is in harmony and balance. At a subconscious level it is all familiar to you, because it is your natural home.

    We have often mentioned that you will be well informed as to what is ahead of you. However, we cannot expect to do very much until we can be openly amongst you. The stage is set for these events, and whilst we do not expect everyone to immediately accept what we will have to say, we have to prevent any outright attempts to prevent them taking place. You will certainly be aware when matters are nearing such a point, as no secret will be made of our actions to remove the dark Ones. These are the ones who plan large-scale disruption, even to the extent that they will kill and maim people without any hesitation. That is not meant to make you fearful, but quite the opposite, as you will know that their activities are being curtailed and will eventually cease.

    There has to be a period of peace, and the unnecessary controls and restrictions removed so that your sovereignty is gradually restored. We of the Galactic Federation respect you and want you to have the freedom you are entitled to. Draconian laws and anything that unfairly restricts your actions will be removed. That of course will be the duty of the new government which will soon be appointed. For that to happen naturally there will be vast changes, and no representative will survive who has been guilty of breaking his/her oath. Clearly you can look forward to an earth-shaking end to this year.

    Those of you who follow messages that you have found reliable and carrying the energy of Love and Light, will have foreknowledge of what is occurring. You will then be in a position to help others who may be confused and shocked by what they hear. It will take time for the truth to sink in and even then there will still be uncertainty as to the future. This is where you can be of great personal assistance, but be assured that as soon as possible we desire to set up system of good communications. We want everyone to know exactly why we are here and what the future holds for you. The age of secrecy will no longer operate and the truth will be openly discussed. We come not to dictate or dominate you, but to share the good news we bring and work together towards the end times. We are after all One on the great journey through the various dimensions, as we head towards the Source and re-unification with the Supreme Creator.

    You are a giant when it comes to experience and hundreds of lives have taken you to the four quarters of the Earth. You have like any other soul left your mark upon your civilisation, and collectively you have brought yourselves to these final days as you created them. That is why as with any experience you set up it is not our place to interfere; otherwise there would be no point to it. What is important is that you have learnt how to conduct yourself, and treat other souls as yourself. For those who have not, the lessons continue and will do so until they are ready for upliftment. Since in reality there is no such thing as time, you have all the “time” you need to progress at your own speed.

    The urge to press ever onwards is quite natural, and your evolution will continue even if you are not conscious of it doing so. Yes, you can go backwards or forwards as you choose, but the net result with few exceptions will always be in some form of progress. It is possible for a soul to deny their source and Light, until it is best that they return to the Source and start all over again. However, we address our remarks to you who are not only aware of your Light, but have already chosen to ascend. Your feet are firmly upon the path forward and many are aware of the changes within Self, particularly those that are bringing in the higher vibrations that are changing their body cells. We see so many of you that can now walk around without being affected by the negative energies, and indeed you are able to diminish their affect through the power of your Light.

    We are well pleased with the progress made over the years to bring the truth out. To be well informed and intuitive has enabled you to rise up above the lower energies. They cannot cause fear or threaten you unless you allow it to be so. Stay calm and as we so often say, keep focussed upon the wonderful future that beckons. You will soon become aware that everything you have been promised is near to coming your way, and your patience has been admirable in view of the time taken to reach this point.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can tell you that the Spiritual Hierarchy also draws near to witness and participate in the end times. You are receiving immense love and assistance from them even if you are unaware of it.

    Thank you SaLuSa.
    Mike Quinsey.

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  255. #255 Kellia
    May 13, 2011 am31 12:46 am


    Thanks for your efforts but what Selphia said should give you pause as to whether you are channeling a light being or one of the dark aliens. I deliberately did not give more details about my life and work background than you already know through my past postings because these ETs claim to know each of our situations. Well, the only thing she got right are our strong moral values. But Jeff and I are not trying to maintain our *lifestyle*. That phrase sounds like we are suburbanites with two cars, too much house and a sudden layoff from a big corporate job. We have been poor most of our adult lives and are currently squeezed into a 280 sq ft studio that I have lived in since mid-1988. That’s not a lifestyle. That is mere survival.

    All we have had are little jobs to put food on the table. We have no car. My clothes are in shreds and my eyeglasses are a very outdated prescription. That is not a lifestyle; that is mere survival.

    I have been making less than $15,000/yr for almost 20 years. Jeff has a resume full of companies that laid him off or went out of business all together. He has been here nearly two years and it has been a few months of survival jobs and no work in between. We thought he finally caught something good with this last one but it turned out not to be the case.

    Selphia sounds like the typical unimaginative sheeple who react to my writing with the Life is what it is, life is unfair, we all have to put up with crap, we have to compete, etc garbage that has keep the human race in slavery and at odds with one another for millennia. That is not advanced thought at all.

    But what was most appalling to me was her suggestion that I get a job marketing for a fast food chain!!!! If she really knew anything about me she would know that 1) I have no interest in marketing, 2) I have no exoerience or qualifications in marketing because of 1), 3) A local CEO for whom I have done a little writing called me a marketing vendor and I was confused–I answered his Craigslist ad for a writer–and downright insulted. And I told him pointblank that I “don’t know a blasted thing about marketing.” and 4) Even if I were interested in marketing, it would not be for fast food. Don’t you think it a little odd that an ET would tout marketing for a FAST FOOD chain as the way to go? Yeah, like that’s a really great fit for someone who is trying to improve her own eating habits and hasn’t walked into a McDonalds, Burger King, or KFC in years, right? Fast food chains are part of the Big Food conglomerates that are poisoning us with their nutritionless, genetically modified trash and she thinks I should market for one?

    She sounds like a Republican. You can tell her I said that.

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  256. #256 Kellia
    May 13, 2011 am31 1:03 am

    “There has to be a period of peace, and the unnecessary controls and restrictions removed so that your sovereignty is gradually restored.”

    WHY gradually? HOW gradually?

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  257. #257 Kevlar
    May 13, 2011 am31 3:43 am

    laurinda: i live in texas now, dfw area, ive been creeping closer to cali, cause i was born on the east coast.

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  258. #258 Admiral2012here
    May 13, 2011 am31 5:12 am


    We humans are a superstitious lot, believing that Friday the 13th is bad luck and finding a penny is good luck.

    Many superstitions stem from the same human trait that causes us to believe in monsters and ghosts: When our brains can’t explain something, we make stuff up. In fact, a study last year found that superstitions can sometimes work, because believing in something can improve performance on a task.

    Here, then, are 13 of the most common superstitions

    13. Beginner’s luck

    Usually grumbled by an expert who just lost a game to a novice, “beginner’s luck” is the idea that newbies are unusually likely to win when they try out a sport, game or activity for the first time.

    Beginners might come out ahead in some cases because the novice is less stressed out about winning. Too much anxiety, after all, can hamper performance. Or it could just be a statistical fluke, especially in chance-based gambling games.

    Or, like many superstitions, a belief in beginner’s luck might arise because of confirmation bias. Confirmation bias is a psychological phenomenon in which people are more likely to remember events that fit their worldview. If you believe you’re going to win because you’re a beginner, you’re more likely to remember all the times you were right — and forget the times you ended up in last place.

    12. Find a penny, pick it up …

    …And all day long, you’ll have good luck. This little ditty may arise because finding money is lucky in and of itself. But it might also be a spin-off of another old rhyme, “See a pin, pick it up/ and all day long you’ll have good luck/ See a pin, let it lay/ and your luck will pass away.”

    11. Don’t walk under that ladder!

    Frankly, this superstition is pretty practical. Who wants to be responsible for stumbling and knocking a carpenter off his perch? But one theory holds that this superstition arises from a Christian belief in the Holy Trinity: Since a ladder leaning against a wall forms a triangle, “breaking” that triangle was blasphemous.

    Then again, another popular theory is that a fear of walking under a ladder has to do with its resemblance to a medieval gallows. We’re sticking with the safety-first explanation for this one.

    10. Black cats crossing your path

    As companion animals for humans for thousands of years, cats play all sorts of mythological roles. In ancient Egypt, cats were revered; today, Americans collectively keep more than 81 million cats as pets.

    So why keep a black cat out of your path? Most likely, this superstition arises from old beliefs in witches and their animal familiars, which were often said to take the form of domestic animals like cats.

    9. A rabbit’s foot will bring you luck

    Talismans and amulets are a time-honored way of fending off evil; consider the crosses and garlic that are supposed to keep vampires at bay. Rabbit feet as talismans may hark back to early Celtic tribes in Britain. They may also arise from hoodoo, a form of African-American folk magic and superstition that blends Native American, European and African tradition. [Rumor or Reality: The Creatures of Cryptozoology]

    8. Bad luck comes in threes

    Remember confirmation bias? The belief that bad luck comes in threes is a classic example. A couple things go wrong, and believers may start to look for the next bit of bad luck. A lost shoe might be forgotten one day, but seen as the third in a series of bad breaks the next.

    7. Careful with that mirror

    According to folklore, breaking a mirror is a surefire way to doom yourself to seven years of bad luck. The superstition seems to arise from the belief that mirrors don’t just reflect your image; they hold bits of your soul. That belief led people in the old days of the American South to cover mirrors in a house when someone died, lest their soul be trapped inside.

    Like the number three, the number seven is often associated with luck. Seven years is a long time to be unlucky, which may be why people have come up with counter-measures to free themselves after breaking a mirror. These include touching a piece of the broken mirror to a tombstone or grinding the mirror shards into powder.

    6. 66

    Three sixes in a row give some people the chills. It’s a superstition that harks back to the Bible. In the Book of Revelation, 666 is given as the number of the “beast,” and is often interpreted as the mark of Satan and a sign of the end times.

    According to State University of New York at Buffalo anthropologist Philips Stevens, the writer of Revelation was writing to persecuted Christians in code, so the numbers and names in the book are contemporary references. Three sixes in a row is probably the numeric equivalent of the Hebrew letters for the first-century Roman Emperor Nero.

    5. Knock on wood

    This phrase is almost like a verbal talisman, designed to ward off bad luck after tempting fate: “Breaking that mirror didn’t bring me any trouble, knock on wood”

    The fixation on wood may come from old myths about good spirits in trees or from an association with the Christian cross. Similar phrases abound in multiple languages, suggesting that the desire not to upset a spiteful universe is very common.

    4. Make a wish on a wishbone

    The tradition of turkey bone tug-of-war goes back a long way. Legend has it that first-century Romans used to fight over dried wishbones — which they believed were good luck — and would accidentally break them, ushering in the idea that whoever has the largest bit of bone gets their wish. Bird bones have also been used in divination throughout history, with a supposed soothsayer throwing the bones and reading their patterns to predict the future.

    3. Cross your fingers

    Those wishing for luck will often cross one finger over another, a gesture that’s said to date back to early Christianity. The story goes that two people used to cross index fingers when making a wish, a symbol of support from a friend to the person making the wish. (Anything associated with the shape of the Christian cross was thought to be good luck.) The tradition gradually became something people could do on their own; these days, just saying “fingers crossed” is enough to get the message, well, across.

    2. No umbrellas inside

    … And not just because you’ll poke someone’s eye out. Opening an umbrella indoors is supposed to bring bad luck, though the origins of this belief are murky. Legends abound, from a story of an ancient Roman woman who happened to have opened her umbrella moments before her house collapsed, to the tale of a British prince who accepted two umbrellas from a visiting king and died within months. Like the “don’t walk under a ladder” superstition, this seems to be a case of a myth arising to keep people from doing something that is slightly dangerous in the first place.

    1. Friday the 13th

    If you’re not scared of Friday the 13th, you should be scared of the word used to describe those who are: friggatriskaidekaphobics. (An alternative, though just as tongue-twisty, word for the fear is “paraskevidekatriaphobia”)

    For a superstition, the fear of Friday the 13th seems fairly new, dating back to the late 1800s. Friday has long been considered an unlucky day (according to Christian tradition, Jesus died on a Friday), and 13 has a long history as an unlucky number.

    According to the Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute in North Carolina, about 17 million people fear Friday the 13th. Many may fall prey to the human mind’s desire to associate thoughts and symbols with events.

    “If anything bad happens to you on Friday the 13th, the two will be forever associated in your mind,” said Thomas Gilovich, a psychologist at Cornell University. “All those uneventful days in which the 13th fell on a Friday will be ignored”


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  259. #259 Gunner
    May 13, 2011 am31 5:16 am

    Good morning everyone and a happy TGIF to you all. Friday the 13th,for me it is good luck and today is payday now how can that be bad.
    Kevlar, I have been thinking there are many people here that lived in the 60′s and 70′s. It just seems the people I know that are age 20 to 25 now they like a lot of the 60′s and 70′s culture and music. My friend Chris is 25 and he loves music from that era and he cant get enough of Jethro Tull. I have a dvd of a concert and him and I have already watched it over 20 times.
    Baba today is friday, not saturday. LOL
    Have you ever seen the video of the elephant that paints? So amazing.
    Laurinda, you so crazy LOL. BTW Bill, you better not take Laurinda to any of those reptile farms, you may be leaving all by yourself.
    Stick, Admiral 444 miracles abound no doubt.
    Admiral you had me cracking up, with ABC and then reminding me of Sunray. You called it big time. As a matter of fact I was lmao this morning reading all the comments here from eneryone last night. Great way to start the day with good old laughter.
    Maffy, I dont buy into that blood thing and as a matter of fact I dont buy into any of the messages that are based on fear. I may read them but I kind of laugh at them.
    DW, pretty wild with the Agarthan channelings. How did you know my first name was John? Also, I do healing everyday for Gaia and I also invoke the agarthans to join me in anchoring love and light unto gaia. One more thing, the angels play a big part in my life. One more thing struck me is when mikos saids you can re-live a past event. He means in the libary of portogolios. It is a holographic libary and you can re-live any event in the earths history. What a movie that will be.
    Well off to do some work now, check in later. Great energy in the air today.

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  260. #260 Gunner
    May 13, 2011 am31 5:36 am
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  261. #261 Admiral2012here
    May 13, 2011 am31 5:49 am

    …wow Gunner, that’s some crazy look’n lightning Thunder

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  262. #262 Laurinda
    May 13, 2011 am31 5:56 am

    Gunner: Reptile farms, you are tooooo funnnnny sweetheart! This site is so blessed that you bring your angelic (yes, ANGELIC!) light here often. You are a bright and shining light to us all up here at GM!!! I’m a big fan, but I guess you have noticed that already about me! lol Heart Heart Heart

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  263. #263 Admiral2012here
    May 13, 2011 am31 5:58 am


    Robert Fitzpatrick is so convinced the end is near he’s betting his life savings on it.

    The retired MTA employee has pumped $140,000 into a NYC Transit ad campaign to warn everyone the world will end next Saturday.

    “Global Earthquake! The Greatest Ever – Judgment Day: May 21,” the ad declares above a placid picture of night over Jerusalem with a clock that’s about to strike midnight.

    “I’m trying to warn people about what’s coming,” the 60-year-old Staten Island resident said. “People who have an understanding [of end times] have an obligation to warn everyone”

    His doomsday warning has appeared on 1,000 placards on subway cars, at a cost of $90,000, and at bus shelters around the city, for $50,000 more.

    Fitzpatrick’s millenial mania began after he retired in 2006 and began listening to California evangelist Harold Camping’s “end of days” predictions.

    Using head-spinning numerological calculations, Camping has determined that the world will end on Saturday, May 21. He’s used similar biblical math to pinpoint when Abraham was circumcised (2068 B.C.) and when earth was created (11,083 B.C.).

    Camping has predicted the end of world once before – on Sept. 6, 1994. When the sun rose on Sept. 7, Camping admitted he might have had that one wrong.

    Still, Fitzpatrick remains convinced the beginning of the end is coming next week.

    “It’ll start just before midnight, Jerusalem time: It’ll be instantaneous and global,” he said. “There are too many scriptures talking about ‘sudden destruction.’”

    While Jesus Christ returns to Earth and all non-believers burn in eternal hellfire, Fitzpatrick says he and all those in the know will be saved in the rapture.

    Similarly convinced followers around the city have taken it upon themselves to spread Camping’s doomsday prediction to anyone who will listen.

    “We’re just heeding the warning God gives in Ezekiel 33 that God has appointed true believers as watchmen,” said Esteban Ramsey, 19, of Harrison, N.J., as he handed out literature with fellow believers in Union Square this week.

    Most dismissed the warning as the ranting of lunatics.

    “I’m curious to see what they’re going to say in a week when nothing happens,” said Mollie Kotzen, 23, of Prospect Heights, rolling her eyes as she passed the group in Union Square.

    Camping’s group bought billboards in other parts of the country around Christmas time, but Fitzgerald is financing the New York ad campaign on his own, saying he wants to take as many people with him as he can.

    The MTA says they have no problem with it.

    “It’s an individual’s prerogative to spend their money as they see fit,” said MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz.

    Anti-religion groups say the MTA should never have allowed the ad blitz.

    “Doomsday cults are money-making enterprises,” said David Silverman, of the American Atheists group, which ran counter-ads to Camping’s earlier billboard campaign.

    “I wonder what is going to happen on May 22 when people no longer have their possessions or their savings and we are all still here and they don’t have their rapture,” he said.

    Fitzgerald said there’s no chance that will happen and he has had no doubt about plunking down his retirement.

    “It is the date,” he insisted.

    Not that he’s been able to convince everyone.

    “My sister doesn’t believe it,” he admitted. “I’ve tried to tell her. But that’s pretty much the story with most people”


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  264. #264 dreamwalker
    May 13, 2011 am31 6:09 am

    @Kellia, we shall see… I agree with you, that was really weird. I’m sorry if you took offense. I would not wish fast food chains on anyone!

    I can tell you that I can feel a great deal of love coming from Selphia; she is definitely not “of the dark”. I’m just writing what flows onto the page – if it’s not what you wanted to hear, I’m sorry.

    I do know you’re in dire straits so I’m not sure why she said that. I don’t think it was meant to hurt you. Perhaps look at it from another perspective; you are trying to maintain your lifestyle of survival.

    WTF, right?

    I noticed that they are reluctant to connect when there’s something “bad” they want to share. This happened with Laurinda too. So I dunno, maybe that’s what it was.

    Kellia, you have my deepest respect and admiration – I am very sorry that I caused you unnecessary pain.

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  265. #265 Laurinda
    May 13, 2011 am31 6:11 am

    Maffie: You mentioned that we all should be pulling up our sleeves and you said it with “love” of course. Are you putting me on? I have been doing this for MANY years on differernt levels, a prime example is parenthood, not to mention, teaching in public school, teaching Reiki for over a decade, doing activist work with the Grey Panthers in California, attenting political protests, delivering meals to shut-ins, other volunteer work, donating what little I coud to help others, and no doubt needing to ramp this all up in the very near future. Good God man, you are preaching to the choir, haven’t you noticed that YET???

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  266. #266 Admiral2012here
    May 13, 2011 am31 6:16 am


    It’s a mystery because the hotspots must be produced within about 0.03 light years of Earth. Further out, galactic magnetic fields should deflect the particles so much that the hotspots would be smeared out across the sky. But no such sources are known to exist


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  267. #267 dreamwalker
    May 13, 2011 am31 6:21 am

    #255 – to clarify, the Agarthans are not ETs. They are human just like us.

    Also, I think this sounded to me like a huge compliment:

    All I can say is, that in times of adversity, the spiritual warrior wades into the fray.

    So to me this sounds like she does understand your situation.

    @Babajij – I was experiencing the “ear popping” too! I have allergies, so I thought it was related to that… but I found out that it is part of the process.

    The metatron post I added for you because it talks about this process.

    @Gunner – what’s up with “Joseph”?

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  268. #268 Laurinda
    May 13, 2011 am31 6:21 am

    dreamwalker: Yes, I was appalled at my actions in that genetics lab, but that is with my current consciousness now. I am NOT who I was THEN—MY SOUL HAS LEARNED AND EVOLVED AND MY HEART HAS OPENED THANKS TO Robin. here on this very site. So PLEASE NEVER hold back on my account okay. I was so horrified at what you brought through, that it gave me a powerful jolt. I prayed to Mother Mary who I see as a Mother Goddess, Divine Feminine Being. I said to her, “How can I ever forgive myself for THIS? How can I ever make up for this? Help me!” Then pictures of thousands of years of serving others, not myself, came into view, and I realized just how much I have given to others, and now needed to give myself forgiveness, like I have so many others. It pushed me squarely over the edge Troy, and in so doing, I finally realized that I was working with a different consciousness then, and NOW is NOW!!!! Thank you Troy!!!! I owe you one…… dearheart… Heart Rose Heart

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  269. #269 Laurinda
    May 13, 2011 am31 6:27 am

    Dearest Admiral: Please check your email at your earliest convenience…

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  270. #270 Gunner
    May 13, 2011 am31 6:27 am

    Yeah they are pretty wid lightning pictures. i love to see them live and the most wild strikes I have seen in my life were in Florida.
    Last night I went down to the basement (aka, home for homeless rich) and he had another homeless guy named cos with him. They both looked so ragged and looks like they have not showered for a long time. They were just sitting there in the dark on the mattress talking and drinking. The smell was bad and I dont know why because we do have a shower in the basement that they can use. I guess they would rather use their energy to drink. Then Rich asks if they could come upstairs and I was like DOGHOUSE!!!! WHAT!!!! I just told him I was busy (in which i really was ) cleaning. He said I help you and i said no I got it under4 control. It is just if i let them in they would not leave and my couch would be smelling bad for weeks. I do live in bizzarro world.
    Laurinda, I just love the stories yoiu tell of the repatlians and expecially your days in Atlantis. Myself, I feel more of a lemurian connection for some reason. BTW I am going to somehow get the word out to Horisssssssssss that you got the hots for him LOL

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  271. #271 Gunner
    May 13, 2011 am31 6:31 am

    I dont know about the joseph thing there DW. i was surprised by the recognition of my first name which if john. Maybe I was a Joseph in a past life , I did play Joseph, father of Jesus in a grammar school play once. BTW When you channell are you doing the automatic writing technique? My brother once had an episode of ths with angels and on the paper was the word love and also the numbers 444. Cool times we are living in.

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  272. #272 Laurinda
    May 13, 2011 am31 6:32 am

    dreamwalker: I would also like to add that the knowledge that was given to me spoke of past life memories interfering with this lifetime. One cannot find peace within, dragging the past around….I focused too much on it. I was sad when others didn’t even remember me, etc… and that is not even important to this incarnation either! So I thank you once again my friend! Heart

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  273. #273 Gunner
    May 13, 2011 am31 6:34 am

    Admiral , Staten Island is right across the bridge from Bayonne, I should go talk to this guy and I might have to buy him dinner as I seen he blew his life savings for his cause. he must really believe it and god bless him. Ashley said there were a lot of people in NYC yesterday holding his signs and marching.

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  274. #274 sassy123456
    May 13, 2011 am31 6:35 am

    I am AB- What does that mean? I read that encryption but didn’t get it.

    Admiral- thanks for thinking of me. What is it? 8 more days till Doomsday?

    Kevlar-Please watch this video entitled FT Worth TX EMP -you said you were from there right? I just to live off Brentwood stair rd when I was little, now I am in Austin.

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  275. #275 dreamwalker
    May 13, 2011 am31 6:35 am

    From Writer’s Almanac this morning:


    It was on this day in 1373 that the mystic Julian of Norwich received the last of her divine visions. Julian is not technically a saint, and no one even knows her given name. She was called “Julian” because she was an anchoress in a cell adjoining the Church of St. Julian in Norwich, England. An anchoress renounces society for solitary religious practice (similar to a hermit) instead of living in a community as a nun.

    Julian was born in England, probably in 1342, just before the worst outbreak of the Black Death in Europe. During that time, the Late Middle Ages, England was fighting the Hundred Years’ War with France, the Black Death killed at least a third of England’s population, there had been widespread famine and crop failures, and peasants were in revolt. In addition to all that, the Catholic Church was falling apart. The Church was leading up to a major schism — the pope had defected to Avignon in France since the early 14th century, which didn’t sit well with Rome. In 1351, Pope Clement VI himself railed against his own highest-ranking clergy: “What can you preach to the people? If on humility, you yourselves are the proudest of the world, puffed up, pompous and sumptuous in luxuries. If on poverty, you are so covetous that all the benefices in the world are not enough for you. If on chastity — but we will be silent on this, for God knoweth what each man does and how many of you satisfy your lusts.”

    This was the context in which Julian of Norwich, whoever she might have been, decided to withdraw from society for a life of religious solitude. She spent her days in contemplative prayer, and when she was 30 years old she became seriously ill. She was so near death that the priest was called to administer the last rites, when suddenly she began experiencing visions. She had 16 visions of God, and was healed. She wrote: “All this blessed teaching of our Lord was shown to me in three parts, that is by bodily vision and by words formed in my understanding and by spiritual vision.” Shortly after her visions occurred, she wrote them down into a work she called Short Text, which was 25 chapters long. And although she described herself as a “simple creature unlettered,” she kept thinking about the visions and revising her account of them, and 20 years later she completed all 86 chapters of her Long Text. Eventually, these became Revelations of Divine Love, one of the first books written by a woman in English.

    Julian of Norwich wrote: “So I understood our sensuality is founded in nature, in mercy and in grace, and this foundation enables us to receive gifts which lead us to endless life. For I saw very surely that our substance is in God, and I also saw that God is in our sensuality, for in the same instant and place in which our soul is made sensual, in that same instant and place exists the city of God, ordained from him without beginning. He comes into this city and will never depart from it, for God is never out of the soul, in which he will dwell blessedly without end.”

    Here’s the text of the book:


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  276. #276 Laurinda
    May 13, 2011 am31 6:40 am

    Gunner: ah, Reptilian males…I have married 3 in this lifetime with strong R tendencies. It is their strength of character, personal power, and vision that I am so greatly attracted to! This power has been passed down to my 2 sons and my 2 daughters also. And now I see it in my granddaughter and grandson, with a new grandchild due in late November….I guess you need to have strong R tendencies to find them attractive, as they are repulsive to most HU-MANS as we call them! lol Oh Gunner, I have told Federation members to hold off on the R’s disembarking the ships, until a little later, and that goes for the insectoid races too!!! lol Ah HU-MANS— a rather skittery bunch, but I have grown to love them ALL!!!!—and THAT my friend, has made ALL the difference…

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  277. #277 Gunner
    May 13, 2011 am31 6:46 am

    Laurinda, I love looking at praying mantis up close. It is like I am mesmerized by them and they look like ET’s to me, so cool. Is bill an R?

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  278. #278 Laurinda
    May 13, 2011 am31 6:46 am

    Robin.: If you are reading this, I would not be who I am today without your loving guidance and patience…You are responsible for opening my heart, when no one else dared. I love you, Laurinda Heart Rose Heart

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  279. #279 Gunner
    May 13, 2011 am31 6:47 am

    Oh No, the Doghous may turn into the homeless hotel if chris has his way. This is what he just e-mailed to me.

    Yeah I went to seven eleven last night, its across the street from school in the square. So there was some bum sitting outside, I was gonna give em ur address being that the homeless just keep swarming ur basement lol. Imagine u have a whole bunch of people down there it will be a hotel!!!! And thats the problem with richie he is prob more worried about drinking than anything else. Lol. Dawghouse I am laughing so hard right now just thinking about that. Hotel homeless we will call it. And the thing about time is when ur constantly looking at a clock it goes by so dam slowwwwwww. But I try to stay on my phone and read stuff on ESPN to settle time to go by faster…u should bet a four pack of wine instead of vodka At least try to cut the alcohol intake down a little. And just slowly stop…

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  280. #280 Laurinda
    May 13, 2011 am31 6:55 am

    Gunner: All three of my husbands had strong R tendencies, yes. My first husband who was killed in a car accident at age 34 was of a Royal R bloodline. My second husband was of a warrior class, and he taught me much about the misuse of personal power. He was one of my most powerful teachers in this life, and I thank him. But enough was enough and we divorced. Karma finally caught up with him, and he is now in long-term care back East. Bill, he is Andromedan with only minor R tendencies….heart chakra majorly evolved. He is a “Galactic Oberserver”, sent here to see humanity we will blow itself up no less!!!! If it wasn’t for Robin. talking sense to my stupid self that day, I would have never realized that in fact a major warrior was NOT what I needed again in my life!!!!! Bill is strong, but IS great gentleness embodied….I have been blessed in this life, truly!

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  281. #281 Maffy
    May 13, 2011 am31 7:01 am


    awesome Laurinda! thats the “spirit” Wink

    now if only a larger percentage of humanity, was as forth coming, sacrificing more of their own time to do the same for others. My original statement was very general, as i don’t know any of your personal circumstances, except your now, and of course Sunraymonds.

    i know the ones who do the work, and know what it takes to create are here, somewhere.
    this is a difficult thing to relay back and forth on a message board. But my comment is based on what i do see around me in my physical world. Lazy idle people who dare not have any vision, because they are so accustomed to the “lives” they are in. Mindlessly accepting the control structure, put in place by those who CREATED it.

    You are an example of what this world needs more of.

    Some people need to hear it, to snap themselves into it

    jst like your comment about me preaching to the choir, I NEEDED to hear it, did i not? Smile

    and thank you btw. it isn’t the first time ive heard it. But in a world of people who aren;t honest enough with each other, any kind of statement like the one i made, always seems like an attack to those not able to embrace the challenge of creating for themselves, they just accept whats created. Ie: Banks, Media, Financial corporations, shareholders at the “top” constant “bad” news on the media machine the global elites power over them etc

    they just submit to it and don’t want to create an alternative. Fear plays a big part i know, but submitting to the control is the same as running away from it.

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  282. #282 dreamwalker
    May 13, 2011 am31 7:06 am

    #274 Sassy – I wouldn’t give that blood test thing another thought if I were you – I think it’s just a plant to spread fear. Not worth our time IMHO. I posted it because the thread was this massive whodunnit thing, cloak and dagger type stuff. Fun if you like detective stories, but a distraction from the main event!

    @Laurinda – Thank you for sharing that – you brought tears of Joy to me to know that I could help you with this. It is difficult for me because in a way I have to live through some of this with you, and some of these things are not pleasant issues. I have to trust that the end result will be something “good” even if it doesn’t seem that way at the time…

    @Gunner – Can you tell us about your Joseph role? That sounds interesting!

    Automatic writing is exactly what it is like.

    Here’s what I do. First I do the centering thing, which for me is just thinking about a blank piece of paper. I wait for a few seconds until that’s clear in my head. I think about something I’m grateful for, for example being able to talk to them. Then it kind of “switches” to seeing the white ball of light above my head – the “I am” self. Then I say in my head “I call only beings of the highest vibrations and intent to my I AM self. Selphia, I am here if you want to chat.” (or whoever I want to talk to)

    From that point, when I connect, each of them has a different “feeling” or personality and that comes across when I connect with them. I also feel this huge amount of love coming from them – it’s kind of like a southern summer heat wave.

    And from there I just write whatever comes into my head.

    I do not have to worry about connections from “Dark” beings because I am not having open-ended communications – I am only connecting to beings I have been introduced to. Also occasionally they’ll start bugging me during the day that THEY want to talk – I’ll just keep hearing their name in my head, for example. If I don’t do something they tend to bug me until I do.

    For example, when I connected to Tesla I kept hearing the word “Tesla” in my head before that, so I just said, okay, he’s supposed to be dead, but let’s give it a try! Adama beforehand had said that he would try to find someone to help me with my project, so I knew to expect something shortly after I talked to him.

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  283. #283 the honeybee
    May 13, 2011 am31 7:07 am

    Laurinda, I’ve been fascinated reading your stories. Since it is somewhat related, I will share a little of what little I got of my own past. (I knew I felt right here, now I’m starting to understand why). Before I get started, I just want to say that you should not be sad when people don’t recognize you – the very fact that they and you wound up in the same place in this life must mean they agreed to be around you in this life, whether they agreed to remember anything or not, their soul wanted to be around you.

    I remember nothing. One instance is from a dream where I asked my dreams to tell me the answer to a certain question. I remembered being in the military during a time I’m pretty sure was Atlantis. I remember a little about my job, and the base where I was living and working, then some nuclear missiles came in and that destroyed my dna. I think the radiation probably also killed me, but I didn’t dream that part. I still carry the damage in this body today though, if it was true. I didn’t know they were coming, so apparently I didn’t know we were at war.

    The other thing I remember is related to Rs. I had a mark on me in the end of 2009 and I asked my dreams to show me what this mark was – the second question I asked was who put it there. Then I was face to face with an R. I ran screaming out of that dream, because I had read stuff about them that was scary. He came to visit in a few other dreams after that, and I got used to him. At first it seemed like he was friendly, but later he was messing with me, so maybe not, I’m not sure. I mention all this because around this time I was having a lot of other dreams that were pointing to me being an R, of the negative variety, of me running things. A walk-in told me that about them, and said these dreams were to help me remember this and forgive it. One of the things my R friend told me in one of those dreams was something pretty awful I did, (destroying a planet). So, I understand how it can be hard to deal with that kind of thing in this life. Although for me, I don’t remember anything, so I don’t even know if I should believe what I’ve been told. I feel there is a system for forgiveness of such deeds, and you don’t get this opportunity we have here on this planet now unless you’ve moved on and atoned however you needed to already. I think the atonement was done long ago and way before this incarnation, so no point in suffering now. I have learned to forgive myself because of that, even if I did that unthinkable thing I don’t remember. (By the way, after I worked through this my R friend stopped coming, so he may have just been a dream projection of my own self, despite how real he seemed).

    So, I guess my wish to remember things is mostly to know if these little tidbits are even true. I am looking into studying the akashic record now, maybe I’ll figure out how to do that.

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  284. #284 Admiral2012here
    May 13, 2011 am31 7:12 am

    …lol, there’s a guy here at work who is go’n on a cruise next week, so I emailed this to him



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  285. #285 Laurinda
    May 13, 2011 am31 7:13 am

    Maffie: Care to reveal your first name? Calling you Maffie is too close to Daffy Duck in my reckoning…hard to do with a straight face if ya catch my drift… At this stage of the game, I have absolutely NO interest in the sleeping ones who are perfectly content to ride out the wave of tyranny. I AM HOWEVER, VERY interested in the folks who ARE, in fact waking up—they are a better use of my energy and attention. I came to serve THEM!!! THEY are worth it all in my opinion. Yes

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  286. #286 Laurinda
    May 13, 2011 am31 7:21 am

    the honeybee #283: I think you are dead-on correct in your interpretations that you are sharing with us today. It feels 100% correct to me, and you have overcome that past life. What a shining example of soul evolvement you are to many now. I wholeheartedly encourage you to continue to use your voice whenever and wherever possible!!! Yes I am so thankful that you are a regular contributor to the GM site now too!!!!

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  287. #287 dreamwalker
    May 13, 2011 am31 7:21 am

    @Maffy – as Laurinda says, you are preaching to the choir. We may not always sing in tune but we have a hell of a tamborine section…

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  288. #288 Laurinda
    May 13, 2011 am31 7:27 am

    Maffie: As I have stated before, I am a HUGE admirer of Alex Jones down in Austin, Texas. His radio show is awesome, and becoming even more popular now that folks are waking up to the fact that mainstream media is a control mechanism of the Global Elite. Well, I ordered these car bumper stickers that say “You are the Resistance” infowars.com printed over a large red letter “V”. This design was inspired by the French Resistance in WWII. I will send you one if you like…let me know if you are interested….my email address is gemstonegoddess22@yahoo.com

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  289. #289 the honeybee
    May 13, 2011 am31 7:28 am

    #286 Awwww, for an R you do give me the warm fuzzies!!!

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  290. #290 Maffy
    May 13, 2011 am31 7:30 am


    and good for you!

    Correct me if im wrong, but are you angered by my presence and “blunt honest” approach?

    This is my way, i am as passionate about it as you are yours, you understand this right? Smile

    I dearly wish all of us were in each others presence, physically so you can SEE for yourself, how genuine i am trying to be. A message board of text doesn’t cut it, like i already said. This way isn;t “human” enough.

    People visualize who they think is typing these comments, because of how they(the reader) personally interprets them. this can cause unwanted mis-understanding, which if has occured with you all, i am sorry for.

    I think if i am going to create a message that has some substance and meaning, im going to video it so my sincerity for all can indeed be seen in what im trying to share.

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  291. #291 Laurinda
    May 13, 2011 am31 7:32 am

    the honeybee: Are you located near me in North Idaho,USA per chance? Question

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  292. #292 spedman
    May 13, 2011 am31 7:32 am

    coooooool…. so i wore a blue uniform,,,,,my fav color btw Smile and was on a chariot team woo hoo. light the fires and kick the tires baby lolololol. and then i was laurindas wife? OMG no wonder i love to cook so much. the chicken population had to be low in those days. Chicken 2 Chicken 2 Chicken 2 Silly Silly Silly Silly Silly Silly Silly Silly Silly Silly Silly

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  293. #293 the honeybee
    May 13, 2011 am31 7:34 am

    Nope, in the USA, but not in Idaho. And thanks for confirming for me what I said, that is important to me.

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  294. #294 Laurinda
    May 13, 2011 am31 7:36 am

    Spedikins: Yeah, but did ya get the part that you were also female in the chariot races? So are you now my girlie-Man friend? lol

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  295. #295 Admiral2012here
    May 13, 2011 am31 7:40 am

    …lol, and Laurinda you burnt a hole in your canoe

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  296. #296 Laurinda
    May 13, 2011 am31 7:40 am

    Maffie: If you create that video, I will gladly watch it!

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  297. #297 Laurinda
    May 13, 2011 am31 7:43 am

    Addie: Yup, I sure did! —Just goes to show that I have been a bad-ass AND a dumb-ass!!!!! hehehehehe Snicker Heh

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  298. #298 spedman
    May 13, 2011 am31 7:48 am

    are you sure? i didn’t see that in it. i just saw it said i was female in the ozarks. hmmmm maybe i read it wrong? either way i hope i was at least a hottie lol. and HELLLL TO THE NOOOOOOOOOO i aint no girlie-man friend!!!! lolololololol. Silly ROTFL Silly ROTFL Silly ROTFL i hope that statement doesn’t come across as anti gay…. i mean i have nothing “against” homosexuals….. and i hope i never do. lolololololololol

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  299. #299 Gunner
    May 13, 2011 am31 7:48 am

    DW It was just a part in a play in the 3rd grade. I mean my father would always say, “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph” and that is when you knew to keep clear of him.
    Spedman and Laurinda, you two are too much LOL
    BTW Has anyone heard from Matthew lately. He has not been on this site for months now. He just comes and then he goes.

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  300. #300 Maffy
    May 13, 2011 am31 7:50 am


    so am i in-correct about how i think your feeling?

    I would like it if people would be honest back with the questions i seek answers too. Be blunt! lol

    Its the only way i know!

    help me understand, im trying to learn about myself here by asking questions, that don’t seem to be easily answered. I’m happy you would watch it hun, but do you undertand my blunt approach?

    Are you annoyed?

    not saying i want you to be, im just trying to be as informed as i can be about you all, and its tough to do with just text on a screen.

    Do any of you understand this situation? (please answer!) lol Smile

    Edit: Just noticed this POST IS SPARTA!!! hahahah

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  301. #301 Admiral2012here
    May 13, 2011 am31 7:56 am

    …Maffy 290, what Matthew are you talk’n to Question

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  302. #302 Admiral2012here
    May 13, 2011 am31 7:57 am

    …I’m starting to have JIM Nightmares

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  303. #303 Laurinda
    May 13, 2011 am31 7:57 am

    Maffie: I am not annoyed with you—I meant what I said, that if you make the vid, I would GLADLY watch it! And, I just publically gave you my email address…Did you see it? AND I said that I would send you one of those bumper stickers if you like. Did you see that?

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  304. #304 Laurinda
    May 13, 2011 am31 7:59 am

    Gunner: As far as I know, Matthew in England is having employment issues and has a real full plate right now! He has been well though. I just love him and Dave and Maxie!!!

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  305. #305 Maffy
    May 13, 2011 am31 8:04 am


    No bud, Laur asked my real name, it’s Matthew Smile

    and If i was to ask you Admiral , even though you feel not sharing your disagreement with some of the things i have talked about, becuase you think your showing respect for my path..i would honestly rather you tell me. I don’t have the answers, im here to learn about myself too, even if it means hearing replies that (you) yourself my feel uncomfortable about giving, because you “respect” my feelings. Which i do appreciate. But in all honesty i welcome blunt honesty in return. Im a big lad, with thick skin, and i would respect you more if you were honest with me. ok? Smile

    tough love is still love

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  306. #306 Laurinda
    May 13, 2011 am31 8:06 am

    Maffie: I relate to you, because of your frustration with the sleeping masses. My friend, let them sleep away their path if they so choose. Why not focus your intent and attention on those who are awakening, those who have the eyes to see, and the ears to hear??????!!!!! Why spin your wheels and be so frustrated with those that give a shit in the first place???!!! At this rate you’re gonna burn out prematurely, and we need you here on the front line with the rest of us. I am in no way critisizing you, okay?! I “feel” for you, just know that….

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  307. #307 Laurinda
    May 13, 2011 am31 8:11 am

    Matthew, thank you for revealing your name today! Yes

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  308. #308 Laurinda
    May 13, 2011 am31 8:24 am

    Matthew: I wrote my posting #177 because you asked me if I cared to share. I don’t want it getting lost in the shuffle when the new message is posted today. So, I will ask you again, did you see it?????

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  309. #309 Maffy
    May 13, 2011 am31 8:26 am

    yes, i saw the email address, i have taken note. Thank you. I don’t own a car to put the bumper sticker on! LOL

    I literally live “against the grain” I walk or cycle to work, its free! and good for me! Smile

    Cars are for “sucker”s who accept the prices at the pump lol (sorry, but its true!)

    I live in a trailer thats paid for. I don;t own credit cards, the only reason i deal with a bank, well a credit union is for my salary, and i love my “job”

    internet, propane & basic foodstuffs and pet food are all i purchase. I resist the global elite all i can, even if it means living a simple, HONEST(with myself and others) life, without TV or fear of loosing it all because banks gambled with my money or mortgage, left me with nothing and expected me and my tax dollars to bail “them” out. GRRRRRR!

    i dunno whats worse, the banks or the people who accept getting shafted up their asses!

    do you mean those that (dont) give a shit in the first place?

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  310. #310 Laurinda
    May 13, 2011 am31 8:29 am

    Matthew: Last night Stick posted the new SaLuSa message #254. I just read it, and I think that you will find the first long paragraph of interest…take a look at it. It backs-up what I have been encouraging you to do… Yes

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  311. #311 Maffy
    May 13, 2011 am31 8:32 am

    @ #177 comment/share


    Are you the ones responsible for the veil?

    “My life as a Templar Knight was my last as a human warrior.”

    You too were a part of the illuminati? SWEET! Noble defenders of the holy grail?

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  312. #312 Laurinda
    May 13, 2011 am31 8:33 am

    Matthew: Yup, I do mean those who don’t give a shit in the first place. And you could put that bumper sticker in a strategic place where many would see it if you had a mind to do so….but I won’t mention it again, as it was just a suggestion in the first place…ain’t gonna nag ya.

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  313. #313 Laurinda
    May 13, 2011 am31 8:38 am

    Matthew: Many Templars were servers of the Light. Please do not confuse me with those that were not. I am NOT part of the Illuminati, nor was I ever! If you research the Holy Grail Legends you will see that Mary Magdelan was the keeper of the Grail, as she carried Jesus’ seed/offspring.

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  314. #314 Admiral2012here
    May 13, 2011 am31 8:38 am

    …Maffy, your comments are irritating

    >>> You too were a part of the illuminati? SWEET! Noble defenders of the holy grail?

    …was it necessary for you to say that…what purpose did you have to say that, seriously

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  315. #315 Laurinda
    May 13, 2011 am31 8:47 am


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  316. #316 Maffy
    May 13, 2011 am31 8:51 am


    So you saying i should let my apparent anguish dissolve?

    Do you think there might be a chance my honesty will prevent my acsension? Frown

    What about those in my past, why can i not forgive them? Am i experiencing backed up anguish, as a result of that? what do you think? How do i heal? do i need to heal, i get the feeling i won’t care after ascension, or

    I hate fake people! Im surrounded by them!

    These messages are “too good to be true” at times, i’ll be honest. people are just waiting.. expecting it to materialize, just like many of them do HERE!

    some people don’t wanna fight or do whats needed to get what they want in life!

    i gotta let this part of me go huh? yeah i see it..

    only as a result of being here, but i need personal interaction with people like us, not a message board, this method is VERY un-human and frustrating.


    Thanks Laur, i’ll work on this

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  317. #317 Maffy
    May 13, 2011 am31 8:55 am


    The knights Templar where created by the REAL illuminati bud. Research it. They are responsable for zeitgeist and the venus project. They are NOT the cabal you hear of.

    The holy grail is the knowledge of light/spirit within, truth.

    Ancient royalty and the church wanted to keep this secret from the people, so they can control us today like they do…the templars refused and formed a rebellion.

    Research is a beautiful thing admiral, you should try it

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  318. #318 dreamwalker
    May 13, 2011 am31 9:08 am

    Guess it’s about time I put this on the page…

    This is a dream I had many years ago, back when I was in High School.

    The dream started with trumpets blaring. It was a Roman coliseum. The size of the arena was a little less wide than a football stadium, but square, so it’s a pretty big space. There was a hollywood production of chariot races from the 60′s, if you saw this, it is pretty close to the real thing. (Here’s a link to that segment http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpoKdPNM10M the big difference is that the coliseum in my dream was open in the middle, and they’re driving 4 horses rather than 2)

    I remember that things were not announced in the coliseum as they are today; the audience knew what was happening by what the trumpets did. So there would be different tunes for different parts of the event. There was an entrance tune and an exit tune, for example, and the performers in the arena would be synchronized to these.

    There were both willing and unwilling participants in the arena. Some were prisoners, others were performers. The Arena was an opportunity for slaves and prisoners to earn a better life for themselves.

    In my case I was a voluntary performer, and performed in chariot races with a group of women (I was a woman in this incarnation, with light brown hair). Each chariot had 2 horses. At the start of it, we would have a routine where we showed off for the crowd. Something I did was to get the chariot going, and then jump onto the bindings that tied the 2 horses together. Then I would jump onto one of the horse’s backs, stand on the horse’s back, and then jump back into the chariot. Another would drive the chariot by balancing on top of the front part of the chariot. Yet another would get the chariot going, turn the horses, cleat the reins, then jump out of the chariot, then jump back in when the horses came back around.

    There were 3 teams competing that day, and each team had 2 chariots (for a total of 6 chariots), so you had a team member competing as well. The outfit would coordinate in some way, and you always competed with that team member. I recall red as my team color. I remember two of the team members were good friends – a woman from the black team with black hair, and a woman from the blue team with light-brown hair.

    After doing our various stunts, the races started. The trumpets sounded and we were off! The woman from the black team was very competitive – even when she was first place she would try to do anything she could to stay in first place. If she wasn’t in first place, she would do everything she could to knock over the other chariots. The woman from the blue team was more about winning the race and was amiable, but was loyal to the woman on the black team. We were all around 24-27 years old.

    On this particular day, the woman in black decided she was going to pick on me. She focused all her wrath on my chariot – she’d knock my chariot, run her chariot in front of my horses, and just harass the hell out of me. A few times around the corners I remember my chariot spinning out on one wheel, but I was able to kick the platform next to the elevated wheel to get it level again. When she came close to me, she’d hit me every chance she got to try and distract me. She did these things a few times to the other competitors, but the majority of it was focused on me.

    Near the end of the race, despite her harassment, I managed to pull out in front. And then on the 2nd to last lap she managed to drive her chariot on the inside corner, causing my chariot to ride on one wheel – and then she hit the bottom of my chariot with her hand, causing it to flip over! The race ended, and she won. The trumpets sounded that the race was over. The girl in black got off her chariot and strutted out in the arena with her arms held high in victory. And as she did so, she gave me this big smirk and a glare that said, I’m the winner and you’re the loser! I BEAT you!!! The girl in blue was supportive of the girl in black, and gave her a pat on the back. I had nothing against this girl, but was wondering why she could support such a ruthless person. And I was thinking to myself about the woman on the black team – Jeeze, you won – why do you have to rub it in?

    I was pretty pissed – like “WTF????” I remember limping so I must have broken my leg.

    The postscript is that a few weeks ago, Laurinda sent me a photo of her, and I immediately recognized her eyes as the eyes of the girl in the black uniform. I looked at her eyes in the photo, and the whole face of the girl in Roman times popped into view. Even parts of the face were the same, but the girl in the dream had more angular features – a sharper chin, for example.

    Initially it triggered my memory of all the intense, searing anger I felt, and then I realized – wow! This is really wonderful – I had that dream all those years ago so I could remember my past life knowing Laurinda! And having this experience confirmed that this past life dream was real – it was not just another dream!

    And knowing this is worth its weight in gold.

    I consider Laurinda to be a good friend in this lifetime, and it is all “water under the bridge” since we had our experience in Roman times for the specific purpose of remembering who we were in THIS lifetime. She did this back then so that I could REMEMBER.

    Thank you, Laurinda – it is real a blessing to know you (and glad you’re on my team now!)!

    Thunder Heart Sun

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