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Message from SaLuSa for 27 June 2011

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    SaLuSa 27-June-2011

    We have mentioned certain restrictions that apply to our activities where you are concerned. There is always what you would call the “higher authorities” which in our case are Beings of Light that oversee the whole Universe. We know that some of you wonder why the dark Ones, seem to be allowed a far greater scope to interfere with your lives. That is because duality is a battle between the dark and Light for supremacy of your planet. However, there are restraints and we can for example refer to the divine edict, that no military power will be allowed to use nuclear weapons, or start World War Three.

    Furthermore, as a result of you having attained a higher level of consciousness, you have earnt the right to proceed to Ascension without being prevented. The dark Ones have already been prevented from destroying the Earth, which was the result of another divine edict that came direct from the God of your Universe. They could well have caused events that would have led to such destruction in comparatively recent times, and indeed it was not the only occasion that such a threat was averted.

    So Dear Ones you can see that the battle is far from being one sided, and the balance has moved to the Light that has become the dominant power. It is only a matter of time before it will transmute the lower energies, and it will become total with the advent of Ascension. You need not therefore be too concerned about the rumours of earth shattering happenings or disasters. We see your continuing efforts to bring more Light to Earth, which is your guarantee of a successful and safe pathway to the end of the cycle. Sure there will be physical changes that must result from Mother Earth’s own cleansing, but these will be moderated by us where possible.

    What we would now like to see is a further rapid rise in consciousness levels, that would bring forward the opportunity to bring peace to the planet. You can achieve such targets, if you would only focus on the future and do not give your energy to negative possibilities that may not in any event happen. You can effectively disempower the dark Ones by denying them the lower energies that they feed upon. As we so often mention so as to get the message through to you, fear is what the dark Ones seek to create. You can deny them success, by staying centred and calm, and not letting others upset your ability to be at One with All That Is. That is indeed what you are aiming for as you evolve, and prepare yourselves for a wonderful life in the higher dimensions. No one can do that for you, so apply yourself to the task and know you are getting tremendous help.

    Some of you who are enlightened find it tough going, when you are a lone voice within your family and possibly also friends. Because of your beliefs you can even be shunned by those who should link with you in love. Yet you hold fast in the strength of them, with that inner knowing that comes from the heart. It can be a lonely life and leave you yearning for someone to share your knowledge with. Have you therefore considered that it is no coincidence that you find yourself in that position, as it is certain that you are meant to be a catalyst to help those immediately around you.

    You will be needed very soon, as when disclosure has taken place it will lead to people questioning what to believe, particularly as the undeniable presence of Space Craft is going to lead to questions about the occupants. When it reaches the point where the connection between them and the Human Race is proven, there will be many diehards who will still reject the idea. Lightworkers and others who have open minds will come into their own, as gentle yet firm answers must be given in response. You will have work to do but having been well prepared for such an occasion, you should be able to cope with ease.

    We have always indicated that part of disclosure would be the increasing presence in your skies, and we would make ourselves known by flying over major cities. We see this as putting people’s minds at ease, as it will show that we come to allow you to familiarise yourselves with our craft. Hitherto we have been careful to ensure that sightings are not overpowering, and that the numbers of craft present were not seen as some threat to you. Now however, there seems to be quite a lot of excitement when many craft are seen at the same time.

    The conditions on Earth are getting worse on a number of levels, and in spite of your own findings as to the serious damage caused to your ecology by deforestation, it continues to grow. Man seems to disregard the needs of Nature and the many species that are reliant on a good habitat to survive. In consequence Nature is unbalanced and some species are about to disappear for good. Is therefore as well that with our coming, an end can be put to such destructive action. We do understand that some people have turned to undesirable practices because poverty has driven them to it. Those problems will be eradicated quite quickly, when abundance requires that the wealth of the world be fairly redistributed. Such plans are already in place and have been advanced sufficiently, that they have started to be implemented.

    We have the advantage of fully understanding the causes of your problems, and some are the result of the policies of the Illuminati. Keeping you in a state of need also keeps you in a state of control, and that will change because each person will ultimately need for nothing at all. Life will suddenly be shorn of the disabling reasons for your unhappiness and misery that so many are in. It is all in the plan, and of necessity once we start to put these matters right, you will be pleasantly surprised at the speed of operations. We do have millions of craft at our disposal, and also the personnel to go with them so no task is too large for us. The fact is that our technologically advanced equipment is so superior to anything you have seen, although some of your scientists have the right ideas even if they cannot yet prove they work.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and our messages can get a bit intense, as you are so near to the revelations that will automatically lead to disclosure. We wait with anticipation and look forward to our first open contacts with you.

    Thank you SaLuSa.

    Mike Quinsey.

  1. #1 LauraTyco
    June 27, 2011 am30 7:13 am

    Thank you Sped!!! I will have 2 get credit card out! lol

    Your dream has inspired an answer 2 me about the on line chat..

    could it be that all we do, think, say, feel here and now is also seen by our friends from higher realms, also felt, thought and experienced?

    Could it be that indeed our conversations here are doing an amazing work for many we don’t even know?

    Could it be that this is not only a chat room, not just a computer.. ??

    I am off doing some more work now, and also trying to be in the here and now.. and at peace.

    Rainbow Good morning Laurinda!

    Rainbow DW: good 2 see your post! Wanted 2 say I have felt Selphia on many occasions thanks to you. Please send her my love and best regards! She is just incredible lady 2 be around!! Heart Heart Heart Heart

    Rainbow Hello Scroll Keeper!! Miss u lady!

    Rainbow To all the cabal reading our words: give it up !
    Sending love and light your way lads

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  2. #2 spedman
    June 27, 2011 am30 7:36 am

    goood answer malps ty…. i like it better than i spend to much time on the computer lolol.

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  3. #3 spedman
    June 27, 2011 am30 7:37 am

    ty Salusa for this mornings message Smile

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  4. #4 dreamwalker
    June 27, 2011 am30 7:53 am

    @GM – thank you for all your kindness, words of wisdom, and insightful posts. I still haven’t totally dug myself out yesterday from all the posts, but I will get there! Grin

    SunRaymond, your post regarding talking to Aten was especially interesting as I have had the word “Aten” repeatedly in my head for a few days. He’s been hammering at me and I’ve been ignoring him.

    Maybe I need to just swallow my pride and have a chat with him, eh?


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  5. #5 Steffie
    June 27, 2011 am30 8:14 am

    Laura #1 … I think the answer to all your questions is YES… this is so much more than any of us “think” it is! you know they say that our thoughts, and even our feelings, have an effect on the mass consciousness? well, here we are expressing those things in writing – OF COURSE it is all transmitted! just not verbatim, as we see/read it Star Heart Star

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  6. #6 Laurinda
    June 27, 2011 am30 8:16 am

    Bravehearts: Hey, what’s say we set the channeling issues aside, cuz anyone on this planet is capable of doing it for themselves anyhow, and focus on the issues going on all over the planet now. Channeling and the issue of 3D pride always walk hand and hand and serve only as yet another distraction…—good to remember! Sun

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  7. #7 Laurinda
    June 27, 2011 am30 8:27 am

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDIF-ZwJbF0&feature=re Check this UfO footage over London on Fri–watch clear to the end of the vid—this is from project camelot I have NEVER seen better—she says it is for disclosure—but who’s craft, OURS or THEIRS?????? You be the judge Bravehearts!

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  8. #8 Laurinda
    June 27, 2011 am30 8:33 am

    This UFO vid IS a perfect example of what I am saying to you all today. ALOT is going on and things are definitely ramping up on the world stage of events—and the GM Massive is talking about channeling, as if it really matters—well it does, but only to 3D HU-MAN egos…

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  9. #9 dreamwalker
    June 27, 2011 am30 8:38 am

    #512 Stick, you’re going to find this interesting.

    I saw references to your post, but I kept not being able to see your message. I would just scroll right past it, I was searching, etc. I had to ask Steffie (thanks Steffie!) what number it was. A very strange experience.

    Everything you said was spot on. Thank you!

    I do feel I need a break but I’ll be around… these lessons can be exhausting!


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  10. #10 Steffie
    June 27, 2011 am30 8:42 am

    On that point, Laurinda #8, we will have to agree to disagree! If channelling is only relevant to human egos, then what exactly are we all doing here?? we are constantly sharing channelled information. That’s what Mike and Sheldan do every time there is a message – as well as all the others, like John Smallman (Saul), the Angel messages, the Arcturians, etc… ya see what I mean?

    I also believe that, if we are truly among “family” here, then the little misunderstandings or disagreements can be worked through and resolved. This should be a safe space for any one of our members to post their own experiences, thoughts and feelings – and for others to offer input and support, in a constructive way.

    Isn’t that what it’s always been about??

    Yes, the UFO vids are interesting and exciting, I’m sure – for those who are able to view them! and any info on sightings, disclosure, first contact, etc, are more than welcome!

    Unless I am misunderstanding your message??

    Heart Rose Heart

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  11. #11 Admiral2012here
    June 27, 2011 am30 8:56 am

    …yeah Laurinda, I had seen that vid over the weekend…it’s awesome to watch the big UFO dart back and forth in and out of the clouds as if say’n…ya see me, now you don’t, ya see me, now you don’t. Also, all the people watching them were all so calm Smile

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  12. #12 Laurinda
    June 27, 2011 am30 8:56 am

    Steffie: I am talking about the constant focus of channeling when there is so much else going on in the world right now. I will hold the space for more Bravehearts to join us here who might possibly be interested in other things going on all around us—and personally, I have learned not to get involved in political discussions, as it touches way too many sensitive nerves in others! lol

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  13. #13 Deneb
    June 27, 2011 am30 8:59 am

    Bateleur (#398 in the previous post),

    Wow… I went to the forum and read the whole discussion. It is very intriguing. On one hand, it sounds like a missing piece in the puzzle and it is probably the piece that succeeds the most
    to portray duality as the illusion it is.

    However, I have always considered the dark cabal (illuminati, nwo, or whatever) as some “troubled” souls who are lost and struggle to find their way back to the source. But this “material”
    suggests something completely different and I honestly have a lot of difficulty to accept it. After reading the whole thread I even surprise myself wishing them good luck with their “negative harvest”! The sense of “good and evil” is still strong within me so I find it difficult to accept that all the negativity that this “group soul” produces is only a “catalyst” to help us evolve.

    A part of me thinks that this whole thing could be a very clever disinfo trick to confuse people. An other part of me wants to remain open to all possibilities.

    All in all, a very thought provoking discussion!

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  14. #14 LauraTyco
    June 27, 2011 am30 9:06 am

    Rainbow I have to agree with Steffie here Laurinda

    Besides I too have posted that video on Friday actually, here on GM. You obviously have ignored it.
    I posted it when only about 300 people in total had seen it, and when Kerry Cassidy had no idea about it. lol
    In fact, for those who noticed that the cars are going the wrong way for London, it is because: “A car is seen driving on the lefthand side of the street but it’s doing so because the righthand side is blocked by a truck. The traffic directions painted on the street are British, not American.”

    So you see GM Massive is indeed well informed. Airplane Airplane Airplane

    Also of interest on the same day, UFOs over Tower Bridge, London, on the same day.

    As SaLuSa says in his message of today, for those who read it, the GFL is indeed doing non- threatening fly-bys over major cities.

    So thanks for the advice Laurinda, but if it is all the same to you, talking of our growing experiences is an important part of raising global awareness and as SaLuSa says in his message of today it is the work that needs to be done now.

    If you chose to no longer read SaLuSa or any messages, perhaps EGO would allow you to accept that for some of us First Contact HAS ALREADY taken place. No need to read it on the News.

    I for one do appreciate reading what our brothers and sisters have to say about the things they could not share with family and friends perhaps, and I know I am not the only one from emails.

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  15. #15 manta12
    June 27, 2011 am30 9:20 am


    I have’nt read any posts here for the last week or so, but I did see some of the recent videos of ufo sightings and I just wanted to share my excitement. The new video of light ships over London are really cool! IT’S HAPPENING!!!!! I can feel it, it really is happening.

    Love to you all!
    Take care

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  16. #16 Admiral2012here
    June 27, 2011 am30 9:21 am

    …lol manta12

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  17. #17 Laurinda
    June 27, 2011 am30 9:24 am

    Steffie: It all boils down to each their own! Smile

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  18. #18 Admiral2012here
    June 27, 2011 am30 9:25 am


    …it gets better towards the end


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  19. #19 CarlFromCanada
    June 27, 2011 am30 9:25 am

    It’s funny. I have seen that video and it just reeks of being fake to me. The bystanders seem to be acting to me, and the images are just too good of the UFOs.

    I guess that is the issue with video now. It’s all fakable at this point.

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  20. #20 CarlFromCanada
    June 27, 2011 am30 9:27 am

    London video I mean.

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  21. #21 Laurinda
    June 27, 2011 am30 9:33 am

    Clint: A very good morning to you! How nice to see you here today In Love

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  22. #22 Steffie
    June 27, 2011 am30 9:44 am

    Laurinda #12 and 17 – I couldn’t agree MORE!! it is very much each to his own, and that’s why the scroll button can be so useful I had obviously misunderstood your original post, as I thought you were saying that people should no longer post their channellings, or talk about them, here!! Confused blame it on old age and a very tired body!!! Yawn

    When you look at the variety of topics that get discussed here – some of them chewed to death – it’s a very interesting mix, but there are sooo many of us here and so many diverse interests, opinions, thoughts AND, possibly most importantly, frames of reference. Which is also why stuff get so easily misinterpreted.

    This site is a safe haven for me, and I know it’s the same for many others – I would just never like to feel that I need to “be careful” what I say, or the topics I may bring up. Although we do need to be very mindful of HOW we say things and try to ensure that our words actually convey our thoughts/feelings – bloody difficult sometimes! Foot-In-Mouth

    I think that, if we can all just understand that we are here for basically the same reason, if we don’t want to read something, or are not interested in the topic, just scroll past it… no need for any of us, ever, to be critical or judgmental of anyone else.

    Yeah… I guess it’s so like a family, really… these things happen, and then we learn from it and move on.

    I can’t TELL you how much I’d love to view all the vids that get posted here (INCLUDING all the magical MJ ones from Addy) Teeth and I often feel I’m missing out on a lot, but that’s just the way it is and I have to accept that.

    We are living in magical, but confusing, times… and we are all exceptionally blessed to have this little GM family to turn to. Love you guys Heart Heart Heart Rainbow Heart Heart Heart

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  23. #23 Laurinda
    June 27, 2011 am30 9:48 am

    Yes Steffie: I think this lovely GM site/oasis is well worth protecting indeed! In Love

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  24. #24 Laurinda
    June 27, 2011 am30 9:58 am

    Steffie: It is difficult to read someone’s words, and not have an actual face to face conversation with them. Misunderstandings can happen. I will say though, that some postings are quite obvious and transparent.

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  25. #25 spedman
    June 27, 2011 am30 9:58 am

    for me those are lightships in the london vid…how do i know? well they look exactly like the ones i called down to take out that military base i saw in a vision i had…. and that was last year. Yes

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  26. #26 Admiral2012here
    June 27, 2011 am30 10:03 am

    …awh man, Steffie, you don’t like my MJ vids, I get that impression because of the “Teeth” smiley face. Oh, well, I know some peeps don’t like Michael, but that’s okay

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  27. #27 Steffie
    June 27, 2011 am30 10:04 am

    yeah, Laurinda, you’re right #24. But something else that I always have to keep re-minding myself of (what can I say? I’m a slow learner!!) is that, very often, we need to read between the lines. So often, something that comes across as aggressive or critical, can be a cry for help or recognition in some way. I don’t know if I’m making any sense here – I know what I want to say, but not sure it’s coming out right Laugh Also, we will often find that the comment or reaction says more about the person writing it, than it does about their intended target… if you catch my drift?

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  28. #28 Steffie
    June 27, 2011 am30 10:07 am

    Addy #26 …. I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ya see how easy it is to misinterpret? DAMN!! sorry Addy, the teeth was because I’m frustrated that I can’t watch them! I absolutely adore MJ – to me he was one of the most advanced and beautiful Souls to have ever walked this planet – light years ahead of his time. And he made the ultimate sacrifice – he literally gave up his own, personal, life so that he could share his messages with the world……. it’s so damn sad that so few people actually really GET what he was about Heart Heart Heart RIP MJ Heart Heart Heart

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  29. #29 BlueCube
    June 27, 2011 am30 10:09 am

    Well said & I heartily agree Deneb #13! & thanx Bateleur for posting the first 2 segments of this thought-provoking material. I’m having doubts & questions while at the same time revelling in this new information presented from the dark POV. Am heading over to ATS for the rest of the story.

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  30. #30 Steffie
    June 27, 2011 am30 10:10 am

    Laura #14 and Sped #25 – as I can’t watch the damn thing, this is driving me crazy … are people saying this was real, or was the vid doctored?? what is the confusion about the direction of the vehicles on the road? are they saying it’s not London??? aaaaaaaaaaargh Pissed Off wish I could answer these questions myself!!

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  31. #31 Laurinda
    June 27, 2011 am30 10:11 am

    Steffie: I couldn’t agree with you more that when people attack others it shows imbalance and it may not at all be about the person they are attacking, BUT their own issues needing inner healing— simply surfacing for all to see. For me, I choose the higher road of not taking their bait, and just allowing their words to just BE.

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  32. #32 John
    June 27, 2011 am30 10:17 am


    I really like Mooji… what a powerful soul.

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  33. #33 LauraTyco
    June 27, 2011 am30 10:19 am

    Steffie and Laurinda: I must say I also misinterpreted Laurinda as asking us to no longer talk about channelings.
    Odd indeed!

    I understand now what she meant all right. She must be hinting about yesterday’s discussions. Sorry, I did not read all posts on the matter yet and the hint was a little too subtle for me!

    So I will join you in apologizing to Laurinda for misinterpreting her words as well.

    I am not one for censorship either Broken Heart Broken Heart Broken Heart

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  34. #34 Steffie
    June 27, 2011 am30 10:21 am

    Some of you may like to watch the video of this: http://www.conspoetry.com/


    Please Help Me

    I am thommo and I am a human being. I write this open request for help to all other human beings on this beautiful planet we share. The world that I am currently living in appears to be broken. It’s not irreparable, but it is not far off. That’s why I need every one to help me.

    In my world, all the resources are used for the financial gain of big corporations and a greedy few that control them. They hold power over the governments in my world and none of them are interested in the needs of their people, in fact, many of them are actively trying to get rid of us. Also in my world, the people are very sick. Unfortunately all our scientists are trained by and have their research paid for by the big corporations. They no longer strive to make life better for us all, merely to make more money. They create cures and then invent the illness. They no longer look to prevent disease, they look to ‘treat’ it, prolonging the suffering and maximising the revenue stream. They tamper with the genetics of our crops ‘for the good of mankind’ as if mankind and nature didn’t have it pretty well sorted already! Soon all our food will be genetically modified and so will we. Our scientists keep quiet when harmful chemicals and drugs are added to our food and water because if they spoke out they would lose their funding. Our power needs are based on dangerous nuclear power and resource wasting fossil fuels. We have the technology in my world to produce all our power through renewable resources such as solar and geothermal. There is little money in free energy so the corporations block the scientists from finding ways to utilise it for the good of us all. I need your help to set the scientists in my world free so that they can do what they are supposed to.

    Many of the people in my world are controlled by belief systems that they have been brainwashed into believing. Deep down in their hearts they know they are controlled, but they are unable to escape. They are bombarded day in and day out by rules and regulations that they must follow. Their religions indoctrinate them with one set of rules they must follow, the corporations indoctrinate them with another which often causes conflict. Television programmes are exactly that, programmes subconsciously altering our state of mind and entering new beliefs without our knowledge. Our music now indoctrinates our children with perverse messages designed to corrupt and entrap them in a sub human existence. The people have been divided and view each other by the colour of their skin, their wealth and social standing and the part of the planet they were born on. They are divided by the politics that is forced on them by the corrupt governments and corporations. They no longer see each as equal human beings, and I need your help to wake them up.

    Fear is the emotion most people in my world feel every day. Fear of what they will ‘lose’ if they don’t keep up their mortgage payments or pay the loans and credit cards bills. Fear that they won’t earn enough money to pay for their children’s state controlled education. Fear that they will ‘lose’ their jobs if they don’t perform better and put the company before their own families. They are the lucky ones! People in my world also experience hunger, not knowing if they will eat from day to day. They fear that their children will die of preventable diseases, caught from contaminated dirty water. They fear that in times of drought there will be no help that reaches them from their brother human beings no matter how much we give to charity. Fear that they will be killed in a war against an imaginary enemy, that could ‘appear’ anywhere in the world. Fear that soldiers from another land that don’t speak the same language will see them as an enemy because they have been programmed to believe that they are. Fear that their whole families will be instantly destroyed by an unseen attacker as they sleep in their beds, whilst a teenage soldier thinks he is playing a video game as he pulls the trigger that creates the fear. There is also the fear of dying. The way the governments and corporations treat the human beings in my world, for many that will be the end of their working life. Fear is a very negative emotion when it used as a control mechanism and it stops the people in my world from making positive change. Can you help the people in my world dispel the fear?

    In my world the people have been lead to believe that money is the most important thing in their lives. That without it we could not function. This is an illusion that has been created by the wealthy corporations and the governments they control. If the people in my world knew that it was all a massive deception to keep them operating as slaves for the benefit of their masters, they would break free and restore the world back to its natural balance of peace and harmony. They would very quickly learn that we can all work together for the benefit of all mankind without the need for money and the slavery it creates. They would soon learn that money is the barrier to progress, not the result of it and would so learn to cooperate to maintain society the way it should be. The money control mechanism is rooted so deeply into the subconscious that people in my world say they would not bother working if there was no money in it. But there is still hope! I need your help to make the people of my world understand that they are better than that. To understand that they can achieve amazing outcomes just by the power of thought.

    As I mentioned previously, my world is currently ravaged by wars. In the last 60 years in my world roughly 20 million people have died as a result of war, however, no politicians or ‘rulers’ have died in these wars. Only the poor that join up as a last resort die, not to mention the poor people that are invaded. Please help me to end the wars in my world. Violence is not the route to peace and love, it is the route to anger, hate and mistrust.

    All I ask from you is that you imagine my world the way it should be. Imagine that it is peaceful, no wars at all. Imagine that it is balanced and only what is really needed is taken from nature as we learn to live in harmony with the world. Please imagine my world with no hunger. Imagine that no human being goes without the love that they need. Imagine that money does not exist and that the wealthy have no mechanism to divide and rule my world. Imagine that all human beings in my world work together to create paradise for all to enjoy. Please spend a few minutes a day imagining what I ask and my world will surely change for the better. You may even notice that there are things in your world that are not right and need changing. If you change what is wrong in your world, my world will also be changed for the better. There are nearly 7 billion people in my world and we are all equal. I believe that my world will change for the better, and I thank those of you that chose to help me change my world. All it takes is a little bit of empathy and compassion. Maybe that will be the reason that you pass my letter on to all the human beings that you know, so that they may decide whether or not to help me change my world and yours in the process.

    Thank you,
    Peace Love & Respect.

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  35. #35 LauraTyco
    June 27, 2011 am30 10:23 am

    Steffie: yes, the cars are going the wrong direction for London. There was a discussion in various places about that, saying that the video may be a fake as it is obviously not London, judging by the direction of the cars.

    Sped: I fully agree with you: GFL all the way!! Very friendly crafts, just as SaLuSa is saying today in his message.

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  36. #36 Laurinda
    June 27, 2011 am30 10:31 am

    Blue Cube: Have you re-located to the Seattle area yet? Question

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  37. #37 Admiral2012here
    June 27, 2011 am30 10:40 am

    …hey, Gunner, where are ya man! Oh, and I just realized next weekend being 4th of July YES!!! Three day weekend ROTFL

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  38. #38 spedman
    June 27, 2011 am30 10:46 am

    steff i cant speak for others on the vids… if there fake to them then so be it… to me there the real deal when i first saw them and the vision i had click in my soul at the same time. i knew it was our gfl friends. everything we are told is ..to “feel” it…. so that plus them looking exactly the same is all i need. Yes

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  39. #39 Admiral2012here
    June 27, 2011 am30 10:47 am


    Japan is investing 8 trillion yen in new energy technology; oil and nuclear power will be phased out.

    The Fukushima nuclear crisis is turning out to have a silver lining because it has convinced the Japanese political and business establishment to phase out nuclear power and oil as energy sources. In particular, Japanese tycoon Masayoshi Son has teamed up with Prime Minister Naoto Kan to invest 8 trillion yen or about $100 billion to develop alternative energy technologies, according to Japanese government sources. Also, in yet another sign the old world order is ending, the US and European governments are having to dip into emergency oil stocks because their fiat currencies are no longer being accepted as payment for oil


    WASHINGTON (Ayesha Rascoe, Roberta Rampton, Tom Doggett, Timothy Gardner, Jeff Mason, Tabassum Zakaria, Matt Spetalnick, and Joshua Schneyer) – Concerns about the impact of high oil prices on the fragile world economy prompted President Barack Obama to agree to release oil from U.S. emergency stockpiles, a senior administration official said on Thursday


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  40. #40 Laurinda
    June 27, 2011 am30 10:53 am

    See you all a little later this afternoon. Off for a picnic with our granddaughter Taty to the Pend Oreille River over in the little town of Dover. Hey Spedikins, remember: Paradise awaits….. Cool

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  41. #41 LauraTyco
    June 27, 2011 am30 10:53 am

    Yes Sped, I fully agree. I am also very familiar with these light ship as being GFL I have to say.
    Did you also check this one:

    It is on the same day, as they fly over the London Tower Yes

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  42. #42 spedman
    June 27, 2011 am30 11:00 am

    have a wonderful picnic laurinda SmileSmileSmile

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  43. #43 spedman
    June 27, 2011 am30 11:02 am

    yesssssss malps i saw that one two!!!! another confirmation for me that there real. Smile i about busted a gut though when they showed it at half speed and the voices were all draggy sounding lolololol

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  44. #44 Steffie
    June 27, 2011 am30 11:10 am

    Enjoy the picnic, Laurinda Cake Pizza Rainbow Pizza Cake

    Thanks Laura and Sped – yeah, I agree, it’s almost impossible for non-techies to discern whether or not there has been manipulation of any of the vids – the ONLY thing is, again, as you said, to use our own intuition and inner guidance. Heart

    Addy, I was thinking of Gunner too – no ways he can do invoices with all the catching up he’ll have to do here!! maybe he took a 3 day weekend for this one too?? the real one is next weekend Laugh Laugh Laugh

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  45. #45 LauraTyco
    June 27, 2011 am30 11:10 am

    Sped: yes! Me too Spedman!! I was.. what is going on here! total shock at the voices!! Smile

    Manta: So happy you are feeling the vibrations rise dear friend!! <3<3<3
    I sure feel it too !!!

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  46. #46 dreamwalker
    June 27, 2011 am30 11:31 am

    @Admiral, I can help you with ABC, when you are ready. Cat

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  47. #47 bateleur
    June 27, 2011 am30 11:32 am

    “Hidden Hand” Section 3

    ATS: Im wondering if you can help me. My name is Shelby David, and I am here for the
    coming trials and tribulations. I am a part of Quetzalcoatl, or the rebirth of it, as far as I
    know. I know many of your words to be true because I had already re-discovered these
    truths through finding that which resonated most with me through the various belief
    structures of this planet.
    HH: Good evening Shelby. It is good to ‘see’ you again. It has been a while old friend. Would it surprise you to know that we were ‘expecting’ you? Quetzalcoatl is also a Sixth Density Group Soul (Social Memory Complex). Some refer to Quetzalcoatl as an “Ascended Master”, although he would be most amused by
    that title, knowing as he does, that ‘Mastery’ is still some way off at this point for him, as
    well as it is for ourselves (as Group Soul Lucifer). One can be accurately described as
    having ‘Mastered’ a particular Density, though Mastery of the entire Creational
    incarnation Cycle does not occur until one has once again attained submergeance back
    into the One Infinite Creator. We may choose to do so once attaining 8th Density
    ascension, or, once may choose instead to progress up to the next Octave of Densities,
    and begin a new cycle of Creational incarnation challenges.
    ATS: This is my first time on earth in a long time, possibly ever. I have known for quite
    some time and been told by another from one of the bloodlines in your group that I do not
    truly exist here.
    HH: You are correct in that you have not been here for a substantial period of “Earth-
    Time”, though not that you have never been here before. The Group Soul Quetzalcoatl
    enjoyed many 3rd Density incarnational cycles here back in the Classic Aztec period. He
    struggled at first with perfecting Love love for others, which held back his progression
    for some time. However once he had came to the realization of our inherant Unity, he was
    able to see himself in others, and his (your) progression was rapid from there on in. Your
    Quetzalcoatl Soul Group attained Positive Harvest with a very impressive 76%, at the
    time of the subsequent Harvest. Naturally, when a Group Soul is undergoing an
    incarnational cycle in 3rd Density, It’s individualized Soul portions (ie, you) are the ones
    who are doing the actual physical incarnations, with the “OverSoul” (the “Higher Self”)
    of your individuated Souls acting as the Energy anchor in which the individual Soul
    sparks are “stepped down” from.
    You spent a long while working your way through the 5th Density, the Density of Wisdom, or Light. This was due in the main part to an over abundance of Compassion (which is not a bad thing, as Compassion is one of the main things you work on at 4th Density). However, to Graduate from 5th to 6th Density (the Density of Unity), one must learn the balance between Compassion, and Wisdom. The 6th Density is hence
    sometimes known as the the Density of Compassionate Wisdom, due to one having learnt
    the balance between the two. This required many incarnational cycles for you, which is
    why you correctly feel that you have not visited 3rd Density Earth for a long time.
    ATS: I was not expected to show up, I originally had other previous engagements but I managed to get here at the last minute. One of the things I have remembered is that I am too under contract. I am a walk-in, if that makes sense to you, so my human family is not like me. I have spent a long time traveling to various densities and helping in the various revolutions there. HH: Your insight serves you well Shelby. This not only applies to you, but your entire Soul Group. Quetzalcoatl (the Macrocosm of yourself) has been busy for the last two cycles working with a 5th Density group on Alpha Centuri, who were experiencing similar
    problems with an overabundance of Compassion, at the cost [of] personal Wisdom. You
    recently completed your assignment there, and were eager not to miss out on the glorious
    opportunity to be a part of this Great Harvest. Whilst your Group as I said, did eventually
    learn to balance Love / Light to Graduate into the 6th Density Unity vibration, you still
    are very much prone to extreme compassion, and rather than take the usual period of
    time/space (anti-matter universe, where we rest between incarnations) you were keen
    to jump aboard this 3rd Density space/time whirlwind at this point, to be of assistance to
    your fellow Beings here.
    ATS: My problem is that my memory has malfunctioned, and some of the things that I
    have remembered from my previous existences do not correspond with your words. I
    have met Lucifer and his generals, on more than one occasion. I would appreciate any
    information you may know of that could clear up my confusion as to why my thoughts
    are so jumbled, because I know what my path is clearly and I am awaiting the starting
    point, but I am not completely clear on what truly is happening here. Thank you for your
    HH: You have indeed ‘met’ with us (Lucifer) before, on many occasions. We have worked
    together on various Council and Confederation assignments. Use the gift of your
    ‘Dreamtime’ communications (which are important communications from your OverSoul,
    and many other Sources whereby information is “downloaded”) to ‘plug in’ to your inner
    data-bank. Begin recording everything you recall upon awaking, and do not give up on
    the process, even though it is hard at first. You will begin to slowly make sense of the
    information which is being “downloaded” into your subconscious mind. When you
    become proficient at this, and can use your ‘Dreamtime’ as a method of inner
    communication, ask our Infinte Creator to remind you of your time in the Zeta Reticuli
    system. You will remember then our last period of Service together, I would hope with
    much fondness.
    Sadly, my time here is only permitted until Friday, therefore we will not likely
    communicate again after this message. So I wish you the very best with your Assignment
    here my friend, both your individual one, and that of your Group Soul. I ask that our
    Infinte Creator bless and guide your path. We look forward to seeing you on ‘the other
    side’ when this grand ride is over.
    Our Love, Wisdom and Peace be with you.
    ATS: You mention Alcyone … it’s interesting there’s a celestial map of it at Hoover Dam. There’s also a compass, framed by signs of the zodiac. HH: Indeed. Just like in Hollywood productions. We hide the Truth right out in the wide open. What humanity is offered as “Science Fiction”, more often than not, is actually Science Fact. ATS: What do the winged statues, commissioned by the U.S govt, guarding the entrance at the dam really represent? Is any of this collection of celestial symbolism found there connected to your luciferian/alien/equinox/transformation agenda? HH: That is actually very simple. You’ll note that the feet point directly downward to the
    earth, and the hands and wingtips point directly up to the sky. The Life-Force Energy flows into the human mind/body/soul complex from the earth up through the feet. The Intelligent Energy from the Infinite Creator flows down from above and in through the crown chakra. The wings represent our (Lucifer’s) inherent Divinity. You’ll also note that the figure is seated. “The seat of our (Lucifer’s) Power connects Heaven and Earth, and all things must pass through us”.
    ATS: Other questions I have, and sorry if you explained this. Are these bloodlines the wealthy, as most assume, or seemingly ordinary people (including celebrities and
    politicians, etc), blending in with society, going relatively unnoticed, but yet contributing
    to your cause in the grander scheme of things?
    HH: The names you know, have no real power. Sure, they “appear” to have lots of power, in the way earthbound souls perceive power. Our wealth makes the million and billionaire
    “celebs” and corporate bigwigs look like a child’s pocket money. Our wealth is Family wealth, which has passed down through the generations over thousands of years. True
    wealth however, is knowing deep in your heart, that you and your Infinite Creator, are One. “Seek ye first the Kingdom of ‘God’ (Infinite Creator), and all these things shall be
    added unto you”.
    ATS: So part of this question could also be, are all of them aware they are part of this bloodline, or are some members oblivious to this connection they have? Are they
    informed of this at a particular age? For example, how and at what age were you told you belonged?
    HH: Yes. If you are Bloodline (Family), you are born into it, and you are raised this way, from birth. There is no other way. I want to be clear on this Bloodline issue. The ones you know, they are of earthly lineage. Yes, they have their place in the Family, but the Real Power lines, do not originate from this planet.

    ATS: I have probably found this the single most insightful thing so far. It helps me to understand the answers to some of the questions I’ve asked.
    HH: I am glad. It is the probably the singlemost important thing that I have shared.
    ATS: Unfortunately, its connotations also alleviate the ‘NWO’ [def] of most accusations.
    HH: That depends upon your perspective. Does it alleviate the Negativity we have perpetuated? No. Does it alleviate the pain and suffering we have caused, and are causing upon the planet? No. Does it alleviate that we are closing our End Game scenario, and soon to openly come out
    and offer publically to “save” the failing political and financial institutions with our esteemed Leadership? No.
    Does that mean that you should give into and feed the Negativity? No. Does it alleviate that we will have to spend a Cycle in Karmic restitution, to balance this lifetime of overt Negativity? No. Does it mean that you should use the Negativity as the tool that it is, to show you that which you are not? Yes. Remember, always, that this is a beautiful Game that we are playing here and co-creating together, with our Infinite Creator. And that “off stage” (between lives) we are the very best of friends, and that no one really “dies” and no one really “suffers”, except in the Game. The Game is not Reality. Reality is Reality, and you have the Power to Express your Reality within the Game, once you have learnt how to do so. ATS: You are essentially saying that a soul can only choose positivity in a world where negativity also exists. If there were no protagonist in this world, there’d be no opportunity for a human soul to choose ‘good’ or ‘evil’ and thus prove on a spiritual level that they deserve one afterlife fate over another. If we only had positivity to choose from, we’d learn nothing and our souls would manage to prove nothing.
    HH: Exactly. That is the reason why we came. It was a great Sacrifice for us. Hard as it is to comprehend from within the mental confines of 3rd Density life experience, we do it, because we Love you.
    ATS: An extremely basic concept but one I’d so far managed to overlook. Unfortunately, for those of us who love our Earthly existence (or rather, the potential it has), it’s rather difficult to come to terms with a concept whereby suffering and slavery are as natural as love and happiness and that only after this Earthly existence can we ever be free.
    HH: I understand. Our job is to provide the Catalyst. Your’s is to use it. Can you look beyond what your eyes are showing you, to find and express Love and Happiness in a
    world of Fear and Distress? If you can, you will be as a Beacon of Light into the Darkness. Will you succumb to the Darkness, or will you stand and shine your
    Divine Inner Light? Only you can make that decision for yourself. Think about this: If the One Infinite Creator, is Infinite, and has created everything that Is (which It is, and It has), then does the Infinite Creator not reside within all things? When you can see the Divine spark of the Infinite Creator, even within those who would mean you harm, the strong grip of the illusion will begin to lose it’s power over you. “Love your ‘enemies’, and pray for those who persecute you”.
    ATS: Thank you Hidden_Hand. Whether you’re genuine or not, you’ve certainly got me thinking and learning.
    HH: You are very welcome. I am genuine, but, would it matter even if I were not?
    Remember, it is not who the messenger is that is of the greatest import, but rather, it is the nature of the Message itself. I wish you well on your journey Home. We will see you on the other side, and we’ll all have a good old laugh about the parts we have played in this grand drama.
    ATS: Is there any way to cancel this restriction? Because i could be just very lazy or under this kind of spell and want to know wich one it is. Does sleep paralysis have anything to do with it because i get that from time to time with or without shadow figures.
    HH: There is. Research and employ Psychic Shielding techniques. There is much information on the internet, so I need not spend the little time we have left going into
    that. Read many sites, and listen to your Inner Voice. Your Soul will guide you if you ask it. It speaks in the language of Feelings. When it “just feels right”, usually, it is.
    No, sleep paralysis is unrelated. That occurs when your brain “awakes” from the dream state before your body. Whilst going through REM deep sleep, it is natural for your body
    to become paralyzed during the REM cycle, so as to prevent possible injury whilst dreaming. Sometimes when you awake too quickly from a dream, your body just thinks
    you are still dreaming, and thus the REM paralysis continues for a while, usually until you “shake” yourself awake, often due to the difficulty to breathe.
    ATS: And another question. Is it possible that our essence can be destroyed in the coming times or is that just another scare-tactic?
    HH: No. Your essence can never be destroyed. You are a unique part of the One Infinite Creator. You are an Eternal Soul, currently residing in a physical shell that you could call an “earth-suit”. Your earth-suit will perish, but YOU cannot die. Nothing can destroy the Infinite Creator, and you and the Infinite Creator, are One. ATS: I go to work to pay my bills, I live a good life with friends, loved ones, people I care about. I am essentially a good person but I do have the full range of emotions as a ‘real’ human, ie, jealousy, hate etc. I guess I would describe myself as ‘luke-warm’ to use your phrase. How can I as an individual take what you say as the ‘truth’?
    HH: No one is asking you to. Never take what another says to you as “Truth”.Yo u r purpose here, is to find your own Truth. Sometimes, others can help you to do so by offering guidance, but for their Truth to become your Truth, it must pass through the test of your discernment. Sit quietly in meditation, and ask the Infinite Creator to guide your path. Meditate upon that which I have shared, and listen to your inner feelings. They are the language of your Soul. Use all your Negative emotions as they arise, as the tools that they truly are. Train yourself to notice when Negativity arises in you. When you catch yourself projecting a Negative thought, remember that all thought is creative, and ask yourself if that is really what you want to create?
    It takes a while to become proficient, but do not give up. Just keep noticing your Negative thought patterns as they arise, and in so doing, simply choose again, and
    select a response that is more Positive. It is called ‘working on yourself’, and is the main reason you have chosen to be here right now. To work upon yourself. I wish you well in your transformation process.
    ATS: I also read through the above link from one calling themselves ‘The Insider’, although his / her posts were less sophisticated than yours. Was he your predecessor? One
    of your ilk charged with this ‘disclosure’?
    HH: A good question. I have just read through that material. It was very interesting. No, not a ‘predecessor of mine’, and not a disclosure I was previously aware of, which had it
    come from my Family, would be highly strange. Though, I note that he himself stated that he is “from a minority”, and certain clues within his writing gives me a very good idea
    which one. I would say his material is around 60% accurate. The feelings I get from reading him, are not that he intentionally included inaccurate information, but that he was just not in possession of the “bigger picture”. Were he to be from the “minority” group I believe him to be from, that would make perfect sense.
    ATS: So when the Harvest comes, my time here is over and this conscious shell I live in is no more, what then? What happens to me? What happens to my friends and
    loved ones? Are we, and by we, I mean the vast vast majority of us who possess this planet, this dimension, this density, by and large going to be ignorant of the events you foretell?
    HH: This is a good question. I like questions that come from the heart. It depends upon the circumstances surrounds your final moments of this particular Lifetime. For example, let us say that the physical aspect of you was to do the thing called “die” during the coming earth changes, you will immediately return to that wondrous realm in which we reside in between incarnations, that which we call time/space or ‘anti-matter’. This is the place that humans refer to as “Heaven”. There you shall meet with all those you love who have also “died” during this life experience, and enjoy a wonderful and emotional reunion. You will meet up with your Soul Group, and your Spiritual Teachers. We all store a portion of our Soul Energy on ‘the other side’ when we come here. Depending upon the difficulty level of the life-experience we’ve chosen, we take more or less of our Energy with us. For an average “Lifetime”, we typically bring between 60-80% of our Soul Energy into incarnation with us. Therefore, even if ones you love who are already back in the world of Spirit have incarnated again on another adventure, there will still be a part of their Energy there to meet with you, and welcome you Home. You will then evaluate your life- experience with your Teachers, and learn the lessons of your successes and your mistakes. You will then spend time in learning and resting, before begining to plan your
    next incarnation.
    For those who do not physically “die” before the Great Harvest arrives, there will be a moment of “zero-point time”, where you will enjoy an ecstatic merging with the Infinite Creator, giving you a wonderful reminder and reassurance of who and what you really are, before the veil of forgetfulness once again descends upon you, and you will be transported to the place that awaits you, depending upon whether you join us in 4th Density Negative (unlikely), Graduate to 4th Density Positive (possible), or go to
    another similar 3rd Density planet (for the “luke-warms”) to continue in your learning for however many Cycles it takes you to Graduate to 4th Density Positive. Those in this category will not remember anything at the time of your transition, it will be just like nothing has changed, except you will retain the memory of your “zero-point”
    experience to encourage you. You will not remember the recent experiences of the Harvest in this life here. It just be as though you all had some mystical experience, and
    life will continue as ‘normal’ for you.
    ATS: I find you difficult to believe and yet you respond and inform in a very sophisticated manner, it is quite intriguing…..
    HH: That is good. I do not want for you to blindly believe me. Too many on this planet spend their entire lifetime doing and thinking things because others say that they are true.
    What I want, is that my words become a Catalyst for you. That is what we came here to do. If my words cause you, even if for just a short time, to stop for a moment, and evaluate that which you ‘think’ you already know about the nature of Life, and take for granted as being true (because “everyone else believes it”), then my time will have been well spent. My desire is that you become an Authentic Human Being, thinking, and
    feeling, and deciding for yourself what “feels” like Truth for you. I wish you well in your endeavors.
    ATS: You can’t provide 1 shred of proof that this isn’t a hoax even though it would be incredibly easy to do so, were you who you claim you were.
    HH: Won’t. Not can’t. Big difference.
    This is not intended to be an object lesson prophesy fulfillment. If you think I thought that I would be blindly believed, or even wanted for that to happen,
    you are very much mistaken. I would be disappointed if that were to be the case, for you will have learned nothing from my time here. (Not you personally, I mean ‘you’ as in
    people in general).
    My task here, as has been my task incarnating here for thousands of years, is to provide a Catalyst. To make you think. (Again, not ‘you’ personally, I mean in general). If I were to give you the “proof” that you are looking for, if I were to predict things and tomorrow they all happen before your very eyes, people would likely take everything I’ve
    said here as “gospel”. That would be disasterous were that to occur, because you will have learned nothing for yourselves. It’s not about me. I’m just a messenger. It’s all about you (again, generally speaking), and
    what you do in relation to the Catalyst. Question what you “think” you know about reality. Seek the Infinite Creator within you, and ask for It’s guidance.
    “Ask, and you will receive. Search, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened for you”. ATS: I am a 32nd degree Mason, although if you were really a royal bloodline person you would know that it means nothing. HH: If you have Genuinely attained the level of “Sublime Prince of The Royal Secret” through the Scottish Rite, or that of the “Order of the Knight’s Templar” through the York
    Rite, and have not been taught of the Truths of Creation, then I would be very interested indeed to know which area Lodge you attend, as I would very much like to speak with
    your current Worshipful Master.
    Naturally I completely understand and respect if you do not wish to make such personal details known publicly though.
    Of course. what you said in another post about there only being three degrees is true, for those attending the Blue or Craft Lodges, though as you’ve stated that you are 32nd
    degree, I’m presuming you are either Scottish Rite, or the York Rite’s equivalent.
    I hope to be able to be present personally in the event that you are ever invited to progress beyond the 33rd Degree. I would like to be the one tasked with introducing you to
    Lucifer. I expect you will likely come back and say how there is no further progression beyond 33rd. Well, if you’re lucky, there will be a nice surprise in store for you,
    somewhere down the line. I sincerely hope that make it that far.
    ATS: That your repeating debunked conspiracy theory shows your just here to hoax.
    HH: That word “debunked” always brings me a hearty laugh. Some people seem to think that throwing the word “debunked” around means that it really has been. The vast
    majority of “debunking” has more holes in it that the “conspiracy theories” it’s meant to be silencing. Just enough of a “shell” to help those who really don’t want the Truth to be True, to carry on believing that it’s not, so they can replace their heads back into the sand for a while longer. Anyway, I must press on with questions from those with open minds, I leave you with my regards, keep up your good work. . . .
    ATS: Over the course of my life I have occasionally resorted top raye r, some formal & some not with truly astounding & nearly instant physical results. I’ve taken these results
    to heart as personal evidence that some higher force or forces can respond in a meaningful manner to at least me & perhaps to anyone; Still, I don’t rule out the
    possibility of coincidence. From your vantage point, would you please be gracious enough to shed light on this phenomena.
    HH: There is no such thing as coincidence. Nothing happens by chance. Life is in a constant process of communication with us. Only mostly, people are too busy to notice. Our Infinite Creator longs to be close to us. In truth, he is closer than most would believe,
    they just don’t notice him. As they pass him by on the street every day, when he gives
    them their change at the shop, when you tuck her into bed and give her a kiss goodnight,
    when you squash him as he’s running up your bathroom wall toward his web. When
    there’s no-one else in the room but ‘you’.
    The main reason people don’t have their “prayers” answered, is because they do not really believe that they will. Don’t have “faith” in our Infinite Creator, have Trust in him.The most Powerful form of “prayer”, is Thanksgiving. “For even before you ask, I have already given it unto you”. Thanksgiving, is knowing that our Infinite Creator has provided for you as he promised, and being thankful for that, even before you see the results. The more we trust in our Creator, the more results we get. Life gives us what we expect we’ll receive. (Because all thought is Creative). If we get up, and expect to have a bad day, more often than not, that’s exactly what we’ll get.
    But remember, that it works both ways.
    ATS: And this one would be the hoaxer’s sock puppet (new name, all posts in this thread, acting as the coach for the OP), created to give him/her the aura of credibility.
    HH: Oh dear. You really are desperately clutching at straws. Any Admin can have the
    power to see if I’m using multiple accounts. I would be more than happy for an Admin to say if I am. Because I am not. Two accounts will show for me. “Hidden-Hand”, my first
    one that I never got the confirmation email for, and this one, “Hidden_Hand”, the one I did get the confirmation for.
    My Infinite Creator gives me the only “credibility” that I need, or that I want, for that matter.
    ATS: Hidden_Hand, I’ve enjoyed reading your posts if for nothing then the unusual ( for ATS “whistleblowers” anyway ) fact that it isn’t bullet holed with bad writing, grammer
    and typos. May I respectfully recomend that you choose another venue next time? ( I like ProjectCamelot myself ). In anycase I’m still reading with an open mind but sceptical
    HH: Thank you. We are aware of Project Camelot. They are doing some remarkable work. Though I was not aware they also have a forum, if that’s what you are suggesting?
    Not really my area usually, dealing with the internet. In fact I rarely have time to even venture onto it. I have quite enjoyed this time of relating to others over “cyber-space”.
    Well, if you’re game for an “assignment”, or maybe someone else if you haven’t the time, I would be happy for someone to collate this topic (minus the “interruptions”) so that the message appears with just the actual flow of questions and answers, and post it there in one piece, if you so desire. As I mentioned before, I chose ATS as I was reliably informed that it is one of the forums with a higher rate of intelligence and reasoning amongst it’s members. On the whole, from my experience here, I would tend to agree. Though if you think it would be of value to Camelot, by all means you are most welcome to spread this message. The more people it can reach, the better.
    ATS: I have very few dreams now a days, but I had one last night, and it urged me to pose a question to you. I find it amazing that out of all the topics the universe has to offer, it offers me this.
    HH: Nothing by chance sir, nothing by chance. Dreams are a key method our Souls use to speak with us. The conscious mind is too busy and distracted most of the time, to hear what Spirit has to say. So It tends to use the subconscious instead.
    ATS: Hidden_Hand, I have, for my whole life searched near and far for answers to questions. When I read your words I am compelled from within to explore their complete meanings
    and truthfulness. I am forced to examine them to the fullest. And I am charged with comparing them to the truth within me.
    HH: That is precisely that way it should be. Again, I would encourage you NOT to just blindly accept what I say as “the truth”. It never was my intention that anyone should
    make such an error in judgment. That is not to say that my words are not True, but that one must weigh them up, meditate upon them, and decide for yourself in the light of your intuition and inner feelings, whether or not these words “feel” True for you.
    ATS: Hidden Hand, my question I pose to you, with the greatest respect and humility, Who will you stand before when we are all called home?
    HH: We shall stand as all shall, before our One Infinite Creator. We already know that which awaits us, in our coming 4th Density Negative Polarity world. We shall have to experience the Negativity of our own creation, and know what it feels like. We shall have to work off the Karmic effect of our actions. But at the same time, knowing that this is a beautiful and intricate game that we are all co-
    creating here together, we also know that we shall be rewarded with a hearty “thank you” and “job well done”, for the Sacrifice we have made, in bringing this Negative Polarity into your Game for you, that you may use it wisely, to see that which you are not.
    Thank you for your questions, we wish you all the very best, and ask our Infinite Creator to bless your path.
    ATS: As you will be leaving us this Friday I would be interested in finding verification for other possible sources of information for this knowledge. You have mentioned the “RA” chanelings, but I also see similarities in three other sources which have been discussed in this and other forums on the internet. I would appreciate your evaluation of the information coming from these sources in the light of your messages. They are ACIM (A course in Miracles, alledgedled channeled by the Christos), The Edgar Cayce Material(In which the RA entity may have played a part), and the “Terra Papers”. Can those of us seeking to continue our understanding of these matters find anything of use from these sources?

    HH: ACIM has some core truths within it, mainly along the lines of the Law of Radiation and Attraction, but it is also littered with inaccuracies. I am not aware of “the Terra Papers”. Edgar Cayce’s work is significant. There are many distortions within it, but for ones who are of a discerning mind, there is much strong meat to be ingested from it’s reading. Keep an open mind, but weigh it all up (as you should any philosophy that you allow to enter into the sacred space of your mind) and take the Truths that resonate with you. ATS: Also you mentioned 2 prior contacts (1999 and 2003) can you shed some more light and specifics on those sources as I assume they are not to be considered privileged to those who ask?
    HH: Unfortunately that is beyond my remit. The 2003 material was removed by the Admins of the site it was shared at as they felt it was “causing too much controversy”,
    and the 1999 material was not released for the same reasons as that which I am sharing here. There was much Truth within it, but our goals have changed in many ways since
    that time, and it would be misleading for me to point you in it’s direction now, in fact I have been specifically instructed by my own upline not to do so. I am sorry.
    ATS: Thank you for your assistance, Namasté
    HH: You are welcome. That is a wonderful word to have ended your communication with. If one would genuinely live by it’s essence, “to recognize and honour the divine spark within each of us” we would be in for a massively Positive Harvest. Namasté to you too. We ask that our One Infinite Creator blesses you, and guides your path.
    ATS: I wonder if Hidden_Hand has read something called The Law of One. I’ve only picked through it (having just stumbled on it after reading these posts)…but it reads
    remarkably similar to H_H’s responses here.
    http://www.lawofone.info... So is this the hoax source, or is that book instead the “truth?” Maybe H_H could respond…?
    HH: I have already made reference to this (The Ra material) earlier in the topic.
    As I stated then, yes, it is the most accurate public information available in this world currently, and I strongly recommend it’s reading, to anyone with an enquiring mind. I read some, but not all of the books when they first came out, some 25 years or so ago, and it is very similar to the knowledge my Family has, and have passed down for many many generations. It is approximately 85-90% accurate. The inaccuracies occurred when the channel was weak, and were not intentional. We know Ra (the entity) very well, and are happy that they are even now still working here on this planet “behind the scenes” to prepare for the Great Harvest. I think I’m up to date with your questions now, if I have missed any (that are not unimportant ones, such as what car I drive for example), then please let me know. We have two sessions left together, and then I must take my leave. Will look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

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  48. #48 rawanderer
    June 27, 2011 am30 12:31 pm

    “You can deny them success, by staying centred and calm, and not letting others upset your ability to be at One with All That Is.”

    THIS is what I love about our divine brothers and sisters! They don’t single anyone out, or take sides, but hold us ALL responsible! This was such a wonderful and inspiring message, I can feel the anticipation in dear Salusa’s words. We should all take a minute to thank Salusa, Quincy, and every other being working for the light to speed up our earth changes!

    “We do understand that some people have turned to undesirable practices because poverty has driven them to it. Those problems will be eradicated quite quickly, when abundance requires that the wealth of the world be fairly redistributed”

    I consider myself one of those who has turned to “undesirable pratices” such as having trash cans that will send all of my pollution to landfills. I was just thinking how much I would love to get a recycling bin, just to try to do what I can with what I have to help the earth. I know Salusa said these problems will be no more once they’re here, but I would still like to do something in the NOW, to help our planet, ya know?

    I love you all! Grin

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  49. #49 bateleur
    June 27, 2011 am30 12:48 pm

    Laura # 35: re UFO video in London. There seem to be at least two recent UFO postings on Utube. One at Tower bridge and one in the city, where the camera occasionally points down to the traffic and the people pointing at the UFO’s. The footage looks real to me, beautiful mothership by the way,
    nothing wrong with the traffic – it is a one-way street.

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  50. #50 LauraTyco
    June 27, 2011 am30 1:13 pm

    Rainbow Wonderful message Rawanderer! I am becoming your greatest fan at the speed of light ! In Love In Love In Love
    Sending all my love to our brothers and sisters in their mission. I feel them eager to be among us too and to help Mother Earth. Much love and light to all, in all dimensions, on all planets and ships.

    Rainbow Thank you Bateleur for noticing it is a one way street !! Ha ! Love to South Africa !!

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  51. #51 LauraTyco
    June 27, 2011 am30 1:14 pm

    Oh, I just finished my work with the Message video.

    I hope those who love SaLuSa out there will enjoy this !!


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  52. #52 Laurinda
    June 27, 2011 am30 1:45 pm

    We were standing on a little wooden bridge with a lagoon full of Canadian Geese and their goslings all swimming in a row behind their parents, and I thought to myself how nice it would be if everyone at GM could share this golden moment…It was sunny, around 70 degrees with “Ship Clouds” all over in the skies! Holy Cats, talk about obvious!!! SmileAfter a very busy school year, these are the blessed experiences that feed the soul and re-fill the well of one’s being….I am so thankful to have experienced it with Bill and Taty, merrily walking along and picking wild daisies. Oh, and believe it or not, I found a $5 bill on the pathway—ah abundance where you least expect to find it! Cool

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  53. #53 Admiral2012here
    June 27, 2011 am30 1:51 pm

    …awh! Yeah Laurinda, the Universe Provides! Grin

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  54. #54 Admiral2012here
    June 27, 2011 am30 1:54 pm


    Military helicopters are conducting night time operations near ground level at the peaceful and secluded ECETI Ranch in south central Washington. A new video, recorded in the early morning hours of Friday, June 24, 2011 demonstrates the use of industrial noise pollution in psychological warfare attempts to dissuade both local residents and international observers from participating in historic contact with entities from advanced civilizations. The night vision video shows a UFO interacting with a beam of light on the western face of Mt. Adams in a recorded sighting that lasted over 20 minutes duration, an event that occurred two hours after a pair of Chinook-type helicopters reportedly hovered over the ranch close to tree-top level while at least one was captured on camera

    Mountain Portal

    The location on Mt. Adams where the light appears in the video is well known to ECETI residents who have witnessed and recorded hundreds of similar and related incidents involving lights that reportedly lit up the western face of Mt. Adams “like a Christmas tree”. Such events provide evidence for the existence of a portal leading into the dormant volcano to what witnesses have described as a “UFO base” located deep under the earth’s surface. Although access to the portal by physical means is exceptionally difficult (climbers on the mountain state there is nothing at the site but ice sheets and rock), it is said that human visitors to the base have achieved entry via astral travel and other “out of body” type methods.

    UFO Underground

    One witness describes how “I was standing in a facility with numerous hangers and saw massive flying saucers manoeuvring slowly behind them. It was like an airship storage and maintenance complex featuring enormous “Pleiadian” flying saucers in place of gas-filled ballons. While becoming aware of my surroundings I saw with my inner vision an image of an eye in a pyramid surrounded by a golden glowing corona. This image absorbed my consciousness and I became aware that I was ascending quickly along a golden tunnel of light, moving towards the pyramid. I awoke in my bed at the ECETI Ranch and realized that my consciousness had entered the underground UFO base below Mt. Adams while my body was asleep. The sense of scale and advanced technology imparted to me during the experience was profound and unforgettable.”


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  55. #55 Laurinda
    June 27, 2011 am30 2:02 pm

    Addie: Oh and Bill and Taty were all bummed out THEY didn’t find the $5 bill. What sillies!!!! In Love

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  56. #56 babajij
    June 27, 2011 am30 2:12 pm

    Heart …to dreamwalker…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vHXO5k4-nYAlien

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  57. #57 SunRaymond
    June 27, 2011 am30 2:27 pm

    Dreamwalker!!!! What the what?!!! You hear the man callin’ you!! Channel Aten today!!!! Shout Yeah do it. Do…it. LoL!!! Laugh I’m not gon’ trip. I’m glad he wants to speak with you ’cause he sure don’t bother me all day. LoL!!

    Laurinda #6, You probably wasn’t speaking to me. But there’s no issue mom. We’ve turned this channeling conversation into a positive one. My last post was true but I was just playin’ around. I like to talk crazy sometimes…’cuz I’m crazy like that. Smile We want to be excited about channeling for just a little while longer. Wink It is necessary…and it’s Fun for me…as I am aware of All That Is I need to be aware of. I don’t like political discussions either. Not politics…not war stuff…not medical stuff…and all that. Side Frown

    Laura!!!! Yeah Laura!! You are having telepathic communication with SaLuSa!! Many of us are now starting to more fully open up to 5D abilities. That’s the bomb huh?! LoL!

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  58. #58 LauraTyco
    June 27, 2011 am30 2:37 pm

    Sunray !!! loove you!!

    check out my new video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKj2y-fK78o&feature=channel_video_title

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  59. #59 SunRaymond
    June 27, 2011 am30 2:43 pm

    Your video was tight Laura! I commented!! Love you Too Heart

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  60. #60 LauraTyco
    June 27, 2011 am30 2:52 pm

    SunRay: Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart

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  61. #61 SunRaymond
    June 27, 2011 am30 2:59 pm

    Laura: Rose Rose Rose Rose Rose Rose Rose Rose Rose Rose Rose Rose Rose Rose Rose Rose Rose Rose Rose Rose

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  62. #62 rawanderer
    June 27, 2011 am30 3:35 pm

    The energy is fantastic here today! Thank you for your compliment Laura, and I subscribed and sent you a friend request on youtube. Smile

    I wish to share with you all an experience I had yesterday while hanging out at my father in laws. To better explain this experience I need to give a little backstory:

    One day as I saw chemtrails in the sky I communicated to the galactics that I was dissapointed they were still letting the dark do this to us. To make a long story short, I eventually saw in the sky a white foggy ray that looked enough like clouds that the sleepers would believe that’s what they were, destroying the chemtrails. I now know from that experience the galactics aren’t letting chemtrails fly anymore, and everytime I see one it is accompanied by that ray.

    Now, yesterday it was a little cloudy out, and as we all sat out on the patio my mind began drifting to ufos and our friends in the sky. I began communicating through mental channels with some of our friends who told me they were in craft in the sky all around me, and they were invisible. After a lengthy mental conversation with them, they told me that staying invisible isn’t the only way they “hide” from the sleepers. They informed me that they also make their ships look like regular airplanes and even helicopters, purely because that is their sense of humor!

    I communicated to them how I wished it wasn’t cloudy out (keep in mind this is all while having a physical conversation with family) and they told me to send out my love and they would use it to help break up the clouds and expose the sun, so I did. Staying casual, I began “beaming” my love straight to dear Gaia’s core with the intent of breaking up these clouds.

    Gradually the dark clouds began to drift away and make way for the beautiful blue sky. Since I noticed what I was doing was obviously working, I began “beaming” more love. After a few minutes of watching these clouds break up I saw a normal looking airplane flying seemingly right through what was still left of the clouds. As I was watching this I felt them communicating that this was them, helping me to break up the clouds while remaining anonymous to the sleepers in their own funny way (I love the galactics!)

    Now, I normally trust my mental channels but I have to admit that I was weary of believing a regular looking airplane was actually the galactics in disguise. I was doubitng the reality of this when after the airplane passed, right where it went through not only were the clouds almost fully broken up, but the sky was filled with the chemtrail-breaking cloud looking energy! I almost let my jaw drop. I was simply stunned. Our brothers and sisters of the stars really know how to impress!

    This is one experience I will never forget, and I thought you would all enjoy reading about it. In love! Heart

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  63. #63 babajij
    June 27, 2011 am30 3:52 pm

    Island ty,Admiral Cat for posting a workable link to the horseshoe blinkin’ Craft… Alien

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  64. #64 Stick
    June 27, 2011 am30 3:56 pm

    dreamwalker#4: Yes! Continue the work… your ‘Intent/Heart’ has always been in the right place.
    If there weren’t bumps in the road, the journey wouldn’t be nearly as fun now would it? Lion

    **There is a Universe Inside of You** by Lord Melchizedek
    Channelled through Natalie Glasson 06/26/11

    A warm welcome extends to you now from my soul; I am Lord Melchizedek and invite you to sit in my Universal Ashram on the inner planes with the Melchizedek Disciples. Hold the intention of connecting with our energy and know that as you read this you are being transported to my ashram so that we may speak and communicate in comfort and divine energies. Let us feed your body, soul and auric field with light of a high vibration and unconditional love. Let us shower you in the Creator’s rainbow of light which activates all positive and pure intentions and energies from within your being. It is truly a great honour to communicate with you now and to feel your presence within my ashram of universal golden light vibrations.

    I have come forward to speak with you about the energies within your being, I am aware that there are many channels concerning and describing the soul, its purpose and abilities but I wish to expand your mind even more. The more expansion we can gain in our thinking and openness in our perceptions, the easier it is for us to accept the truth of the Creator.

    I wish to share with you that within your being, within your physical body and encased in your auric field there is an entire universe. Let us contemplate this with an expansive mind for a moment. A universe is a vast and unrestrained energy and existence, how can it fit inside the tiny body of a human? Maybe a human’s body is much larger than you think and the Earth is magnificent in size therefore a universe may fit inside a human body. Or maybe a universe is actually quite small but it is your mind’s inability to comprehend a universe that encourages you to perceive it as expansive. It could be that it is only the very core energy of the universe that exists within a human body and this acts as tool of connection to an energy that is far greater. It is also possible that the size of a human body compared to a universe is irrelevant, or that maybe they hold the same importance and energy as each other in the existence of the Creator. It is my mission to assist you in thinking beyond boundaries and limitations, to explore the truth rather than taking what you see as the ultimate understanding. You cannot truly trust everything that you see, feel and experience on the Earth because everything is manufactured from your thoughts and the understandings of others as well as from your universe. Trusting in yourself and the intuition given through you is always appropriate as again it is connected to the universe within you, coming from a point within you where a larger picture is visible.

    This is an interesting concept to explore, that maybe the deeper we connect with the energies inside of us the larger our picture of ourselves and our realities become. Therefore, the more we connect with our own energies the larger the universe inside of us expands, opening our eyes to the truth and existence of the Creator, as well as our place in this grand universe. We have already established that our place is to hold the core of the universe within our being. Does this mean that we are the core of the universe, if everything is interlinked and connected as one? Is it our place and purpose to carry the core of the universe within us and to become the core of the Creator’s universe? These are interesting questions, it is my belief that the answer to these questions would be positive, that this is our purpose.

    How does this make you feel?

    By connecting within you, you may expand the universe within creating a larger picture but you also link into your purpose of becoming one with the universe of the Creator. These are thoughts that can expand your mind to its current limits and then beyond.

    With the universe inside of your body you hold the energy and consciousness of everything, everyone, every droplet of light, every vibration of wisdom, every pathway past, present and future. Such vast information is held within the universe of the Creator for you to access and comprehend. This means that you are the same as everyone else, you are one with all, you are all incarnations, all energies ever discovered, you become everything in the entire world of Earth and the universe as well.

    How does this make you feel?

    It is difficult I know to truly comprehend. Does this make you a mere dot in the ocean that is the Creator? Or does it make you the Creator in manifestation? This is for you to decide through exploration but it is my belief that you are both.

    So you have a universe inside of you, how beautiful it is and how beautiful you are. You are aware of how the Earth appears from the heavens; let yourself look at the universe inside of you from outside of your being. It is akin to the Earth but it is much larger, more vibrant, more colourful and far quicker in vibration. Imagine, sense or acknowledge that you can see the universe within you, watch and observe it as if you were watching a bubble hovering in the air. When you stop for a moment to acknowledge and observe the energies within you they automatically begin to connect with your energies, flowing like rivers of light into your body and aura, spreading their wealth of information and consciousness, to expand the universe more fully. Insights, illumination and enlightenment fill your heart and mind. The rivers sharing the Creator’s universe, its light and energy, expand to ripple into your reality, thus the universe of the Creator becomes your reality and the universe of the Creator magnifies in size. If each person practices this then the universe of the Creator becomes truly active and grows to become truly magnificent. All levels and speeds of energy merge to become one, all truth is available, anything is possible, you are holding the universe of the Creator within you and projecting this energy and wisdom through your mind into your reality. Does this give you a lot of power? Does it place much responsibility on your shoulders? Let us expand our minds even further to analyse this situation. You hold the universe within you, connecting with the universe you become the universe, connecting further your reality becomes the universe of the Creator, you are at the very core of this energy, you are creating the universe of the Creator.

    How does this make you feel?

    Other people are doing this also, you are all linking into the core energy of the Creator’s universe and manifesting it as double, triple or maybe even a thousand times of its original size. Imagine this for a moment, you perceived the universe of the Creator as beyond limitations and extremely expansive and yet it is within you and you are magnifying it into your reality thus increasing its size and presence. Maybe the universe of the Creator is even larger than you thought? Or maybe you are just seeing the larger picture of the Creator’s universe because of your enhanced connection? These are all possibilities. I am throwing questions into your mind to expand the thought process of your mind and open your mind to your existence on the Earth.

    Through my communication I also wish for you to understand that you have all that you desire within you and can anchor it into your reality. Qualities, memories, information, it can all be accessed from the Creator’s universe and manifested into your reality with a simple intention. Many people do not trust their intuition because they think they are mere human beings but with my explanation I hope that I have encouraged you to connect with and trust in your own intuition, this will open up the rivers of wisdom allowing them to flow with greater power into your being and reality.

    I also wish for you to be aware that you hold the responsibility of not just creating the world but creating the Creator’s universe, you are a great and wonderful part of the greater picture, the divine plane, you are needed and loved at this very moment. So maybe you are not a mere human being going about a mere human life, maybe you are something so much more than this, with responsibilities that are far greater than you previously though.

    It is not my wish to bring fear to your energy but to assist you in viewing your own magnificent, your own truth and how you are at the core of all the changes that are occurring on the Earth at this time and within the Creator’s universe.

    You may sit within my ashram and contemplate my words if you wish but then we will anchor you back down into your reality once more. It has been a great joy for me to connect with your energies, I am always here to assist and guide you. -With love always, Lord Melchizedek

    Star OneAway…MelchizedekWay Star

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  65. #65 Admiral2012here
    June 27, 2011 am30 4:12 pm


    So, what governments are researching these types of websites? Most of them. There are think tanks, secret governments behind the governments, scientists and others that are dedicated to this task alone. They do it in an effort to find any weak spots, any information being revealed to the public that is in direct contradiction to what the governments want the people to believe. When governments first started researching these websites years ago there was an air of arrogance, an air of impunity about their browsing the websites, almost as if it was a bad joke. Today there is a distinct air of desperation that permeates these men and women while they are intent in their quest of scrutinizing these information sites. They have discovered that they cannot hurl false accusations against these peoples’ websites; they cannot ridicule, badger or destroy these peoples’ truths because the people just keep going and going and refuse to give up. In a Spiritual sense, these same Souls who have been reincarnating here over and over again trying to make a difference are no longer standing alone. It is a cumulative effort that is part of the collective consciousness that is defeating the beast at its own game.

    Governments also are aware of the plethora of ships in the air, especially those ships that are intentionally allowing themselves to be seen. World leaders are more afraid than ever before about what will happen to they, themselves, once the ships actually land and begin the process of reformatting a new infrastructure on this planet with the true people of the planet. At that time there will be no room left, no place to hide, where the dark rulers will not be found. So the governments keep on reading and researching. There is irony here though, so many men and women assigned to this investigation are in turn realizing the truth and sharing what they know. At this time they are doing so in secret; only speaking with others who will listen. Many of these people we are speaking about who are learning the truth in their investigations are now fighting the battle from the inside.

    All governments keep stats on people who are aware, who are ready and willing to break the backbone of deceit. So who are the clear channels of information? The governments? Religious leaders? No. Most of those in politics and religion are as deluded today as the original progenitors of the Illuminati wanted them to be. In attempts to continue debunking air ship sightings etc., they scan websites to learn more about public sentiment concerning these events, because their tried and true methodology is to seek out the people who follow the path of least resistance. These people have always been the easiest marks for governmental bodies to control. This will not last much longer; the people are coming to their senses.

    The incongruity here is that those who were peering out through the looking glass at the people are now having the tables turned on them. The people are looking back.

    Salude… Celest and David


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  66. #66 Stick
    June 27, 2011 am30 4:14 pm

    Seems timely…

    **New Energies: Expanded Consciousness and Higher Light Quotient**
    June 27 2011 ~ Channeler: Jill Renee

    Greetings and blessings. We are a collective consciousness of Guardians of the Golden Ray sharing wisdom at this time to assist you in reaching the next expansion of consciousness. Our energetic translator is one of us, choosing to serve her role from within the bodysuit at this magical time on your planet. These messages are accessed from the higher realms relative to Earth’s vibrational frequency. Let us begin with this sharing session.

    Many are feeling a building of energy, from within. Another expansion is on the horizon for each of you in your journeys and these continue in waves going forward. You can sense this, wondering what’s next and what you can be “doing”.

    We wish to remind you that activated God-frequencies lead to experiences well beyond your mind’s ability to understand or even comprehend. Each of you are capable of trusting yourself and this Earthly experience enough to allow, know and be your multidimensionality without reliance on additional evidence and proof. A firm level of Trust and Experience avoids the necessity of explaining it, understanding it and proving it in order for the situation to be real to you.

    Trusting and then Experiencing a higher dimensional reality, without Proof or perhaps even Understanding is an updated approach for raising your vibration amidst the New Energies now in your reach. The 3D reality often is based on studying, learning, understanding and then doing. This mentally-oriented approach works well for anything requiring training, for tasks that do not come naturally. As a Divine Soul experiencing humanity your goal is to allow and be the real you, as a Soul. From our perspective that doesn’t require training and it is not easily achieved through the mental body. Experiencing your God-self through your human body suit is truly the most natural way for you to be.

    Training, and a well-written resume are not necessary to experience your multidimensionality. There is no placement test to take or to pass. It is also not necessary that you know “who you are” at a soul-level before you can fully experience your multidimensionality. Many are be-ing their higher dimensional expressions without even beginning to access their soul’s resume. It is irrelevant to experiencing it. You don’t need the resume or the training. You already have the job. You are already a recognized member of God’s family. You are given permission to experience your God-self without classes, certifications or years of studying and testing your understanding. None of that is necessary for your be-ing who you really are as a Soul who volunteered to experience humanity at one of the most wondrous moments in Earth’s timeline. Your volunteering is already a sign of your courage, your love and your hope and it emanates from your core. It is who you are, not who you are trying to be-come. When you can trust this, you can free yourself from all the programs, beliefs and “truths” that are in conflict with the Greatness that is within each of you.

    Trusting and then experiencing is how the beings you know as the Ascended Masters and many others in body suits at this time are able to embrace and be the highest energetic frequencies now within the Earthly dimensions. My friends, the frequencies planned for Earth are even farther beyond what the Masters experienced. That is the plan being carried out, by you, right now. This is why we are offering new perspectives in experiencing and integrating the highest frequencies.

    We offer a path of expansion that begins by holding a loose vision of what is possible. Second, ask for assistance from your spiritual support teams, your Higher Self and the Universe in experiencing this vision as your expanded reality. Third, Trust. Fourth, Allow. Fifth, Experience. Finally, the new experiences provide sufficient firsthand “proof” for your consciousness to expand, broadening your range of multidimensional realities.

    Vision. Create and hold a Loose and dynamic vision of what is possible. Please friends, dream big here. Allow yourself to consider the most beautiful dream for you, for humanity, for Earth, for all who reside on the Earthly plane. Dream big because the developing blueprints are quite remarkable on all these fronts. And it is you who brings these blueprints into reality. Starting with you. You discovering your inner light, experientially. You playing with and experiencing your inner light and all the love, joy, peace and abundance that naturally resides therein. You can then expand your sense of Self by broadening your light-filled experiences, in all places, in all your roles, in all that you are. You will become a glowing, beaming ball of light that changes everything about who you are. Sharing your light, yourself in any way that comes from your God-self, will expand your light quotient. Please be cautious of your ego-ic voice’s instructions to wait until you are “ready” to share your higher vibrational abilities. You were born ready — they are a natural part of who you are as a Soul. Please don’t wait a moment longer to be the You that you came here to be. Each of you are a complex mosaic of beautiful, pieces of Divine material. You brought with you many, many facets to play with and experience. Start somewhere with this beautiful Soul-ful part of you. Start anywhere, it does not matter where. Play with your multidimensional abilities. Practice them with yourself and others. Play with them. Allow them to be a natural part of you, expanding into all the roles you play in your journey. This approach allows you to experience your inner light in all facets of your life, thereby raising your vibration. By raising your vibration you are expanding your multidimensionality. From this wider set of vibrational realities, you access the true freedom of the Divine being you are, experiencing humanity, as a volunteer on Earth during this present evolutionary Ascension phase.

    Ask. Ask your spiritual support team for assistance. We are here for you. We always have been. We honor you for your role and it is our pleasure to assist you in re-membering your Divinity, your Power, your Mission. Anything that separates you from your own Divine within is a distraction, many intentionally provided to distract you. Ask for our assistance as you discern who you really are, as the loving, joy-filled, playful light being we know you to be. That is your Center. That is at your Core. It is not outside of you, waiting to be discovered along a windy, obstacle-filled path. It always was you and always will be you. Ask.

    Allow. Allow the experiences into your reality, into your truths, into your belief systems, into your consciousness. Allow yourself to be the purest expression of your God-self you have been in this entire journey or in any journey. The Energies on Earth at this time are continuing to be materialized, providing tremendously rapid and profound experiences, allowing you to Be your light. Allow.

    Experience. Experience the higher dimensional aspects of you that are simply waiting for you. These other layers of you hold the limitless love, joy and inner peace. Your multidimensional self knows that all inner peace, self-love and limitless joy are not held in the third dimensional reality. These are attributes of the higher frequencies and your higher dimensional realities are an ever thinning membrane away from where some of you are right now. Through experiencing your inner Light, you re-connect with your heart-center, expanding into your multidimensional layers of Self.

    This approach may not make sense to many. We witness many initiating their expansion through study, seminars, mental learning, hoping that the more their mind is filled with spiritual and multidimensional knowledge the more they will experience their God-self. Thinking about things first is a common approach to learning. The path we are sharing is very different, helping you re-member who you really are and why you chose to experience humanity on Earth at this magical time.

    Let’s share an example of how this process works.

    Imagine you are asked by a dear loved one to close your eyes and taste something. Would you proceed with the blind tasting? Do you choose to experience it, evaluating whether you liked it before learning (thinking) what it is? If you insist to see what your dear friend is asking you to taste, to know what it is before you taste it, you are putting mental evaluation before experience. You are deciding to not trust yourself or the other being enough to simply experience it followed by knowing what it is. Lack of trust stems from fear. Fear is the opposite of love. It is love that is at your Core. It is fear that you wear like a suit of clothes, part of the Earthly experience. But that experience is changing. The time is right for a new set of clothes, when you are willing to trust…yourself, the Core of you, not this fear-based set of programs you’ve been pretending to be.

    Envisioning what is possible, trusting, asking, allowing, experiencing and then expanding your consciousness is an approach for raising your vibration that is available with the New Energies now present on Earth. The Universe is inviting you to experience your higher dimensional states of being in every moment, without an instruction manual. Demanding the instruction manual, allowing your mental body to persist in the hows and whys is akin to slamming on the brakes of your Ascension. Until the consciousness is sufficiently expanded to truly grasp what is possible in your higher dimensional state of being, the mental analyzer cannot decipher, interpret nor understand higher vibrational experiences. Inability of your mental body to understand does not make these experiences any less real.

    Similar to being able to taste the mystery item, you are capable of experiencing the higher dimensions without fully understanding them or even knowing what you may experience. It is the Universe, coordinated by your Higher Self, offering you this blind tasting. You actually can enjoy the new taste of food without fully analyzing it’s origin, the chef, the collection of ingredients, how they were assembled and in what order, etc. Sometimes we need to prove to our mental body what is possible by actually experiencing the magic firsthand. All of the analytical rigor stems from the ego-ic mind. This is not good or bad. It just is. Understanding isn’t part of this recommended approach to raising your vibration and expanding your multidimensionality. Understanding is not necessary for experiencing who You really are. How it works is much, much less relevant than that it is working, that you are experiencing and be-ing your multidimensionality. This is true in spite of your ego-ic mind’s tantrums demanding to understand and slow things down so that it can think them over.

    Get in the Game You aren’t experiencing humanity with front row seats to witness Ascension. You are not in the stadium seats, my friends. We know this because you are the Soul wearing the body suit. Everyone of you in physical form is a member of the on-field team. And you are not rookies. You are the Pros. We do not look down on you in any regard. You are equal partners in the current jump in evolution of the human race, choosing to play your part from within a human form. The sooner you identify yourself as the Specialist you Are, actively participating in your own God-self expression, the sooner the magic you’ve been waiting for can be personally experienced. Consider this a formal invitation to join your fellow humans who are already on the field.

    You may feel lost. This is a new way to Be. That is Ok. They didn’t know what they were doing at first either. Trust. You don’t need the playbook. It is encoded within you. Trust. You are not a reject of “heaven”. You are capable of holding more light in this journey than in any Earthly journey before. That is the plan and many are already bringing this plan into reality, starting with themselves. When you are ready, this amazing level of light will also be beaming out from within you.

    Do you see the misalignment you can feel by viewing yourself as a perpetual student, as a bystander to your own Divinity?

    Already feel like you’ve accessed your multidimensionality? Wonderful! We’d like to share that there is more waiting, for everyone. No one is ever “done” with their expansion. We notice your current vibrational frequency by your level of joy. Some of you feel joy in almost all things, all experiences, all of your roles and it is both a cause and an effect of your higher vibrational level. Feeling like you can still handle more joy? Great, we invite you to re-read this message, personally attributing it to you this time, as opposed to the friend or loved one you felt needed to hear this. You are reading this for you, dear friend. It all starts with you. This Earth-bound experience is all about you and all about All That Is, simultaneously.

    The higher frequencies now with you are a very different dynamic than even what you experienced as recently as two years ago. All have equal access to the highest frequencies; young and old, experienced lightworkers and “newbies”, all starseed lineages, all astrological signs, all body types, all cultures, all belief systems, all genders… all in physical form on Earth in this timeline have equal access to their multidimensionality. Everyone is a VIP in this Ascension timeline as soon as you choose to identify yourself as such.

    We share our love, gratitude and great appreciation for the unique frequency each of you bring to the Earthly plane by your be-ing. We hope this message assists you to access more and more of your God-frequencies, increasing your light quotient higher than you ever dreamed was possible. Dream large, friends. We feel you may surpass even that. ~Namaste, The Guardian Council of the Golden Ray

    ~LiftUpYourConscience555——————– Question Shock Star Lion

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  67. #67 babajij
    June 27, 2011 am30 4:18 pm

    Rainbow LauraTyco Rainbow ,indeed…!…taking care of Mother Earth’s chrystals and stones brings me much joy and enLightenment…i beleive i began “collecting” earthstones since the mid-80′s…currently, in my apartment there are array of EarthEnergies: clear Quartz~~citrine~~howlite~~amazonite~~amethyst~~Brazilian agates~~emeralds~~turquoise~~opalite~~boji stones~~red jasper~~sunstone…and many Others… Smile …my latest “find” of Celestial Aqua is a Great addition… Yes

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  68. #68 Stick
    June 27, 2011 am30 4:32 pm

    ——– Announce LOVE, LIGHT & RESPECT TO ‘ALL’ GM MASSIVE!!! Announce ——–

    ~AscensionCalling777———————-(((( Yin Yang Peace Sun )))

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  69. #69 BlueCube
    June 27, 2011 am30 5:01 pm

    Laurinda 36 – not yet; actually I just got back from spending a month over there–it was fabulous! Now I’m getting the house here ready to go on the market: painting, cleaning, giving stuff away, etc. The energy of what you need to go thru to sell a house is so 3-D; I mean, why can’t we just move out, leave the key & let the house be available for the next person who needs a place to live? Will be so very glad when $$$ is no longer an issue in our world!

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  70. #70 Admiral2012here
    June 27, 2011 am30 5:02 pm

    …here’s a comment from Richard Doland on the London UFO vid >>> Been looking at the London UFO video. I have to say it’s very interesting to me. I haven’t seen them all, but will be going through them. I am intrigued by how many comments beneath that scream “Fake!” The event does need witnesses to come forward to support it. Anyone know if this has happened?

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  71. #71 Admiral2012here
    June 27, 2011 am30 5:11 pm


    Richard Dolan explains some of the high points of the on-going UFO cover-up, but it’s not your average lecture


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  72. #72 Admiral2012here
    June 27, 2011 am30 5:24 pm

    …hey BC, I feel the same way you do. I could easily walk out of my apartment door, look back and say, thank you for providing for me…now’s it’s time I move along…and leave it for the next person

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  73. #73 Admiral2012here
    June 27, 2011 am30 5:53 pm

    …the next person would love my place…because I put my heart into making it efficient, functional and no clutter for a small place and very presentable and sweet to the eyes

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  74. #74 rawanderer
    June 27, 2011 am30 6:17 pm

    Sure is quiet ’round here today.

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  75. #75 spedman
    June 27, 2011 am30 6:20 pm

    ooooh it’s because admiral is lining up for a birdie putt rawanderer lololol shhhhhh this could be the winning shot. Waiting Waiting Waiting Waiting Waiting

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  76. #76 Gordon
    June 27, 2011 am30 6:20 pm

    Channels disagree about some of the basics of this question of Earth’s ascension.

    Matthew says that Earth is moving through fourth density and on up into fifth.

    Most channels say that anyone who doesn’t ascend will die in their Earth bodies and continue existence on another third density world. Some say that third density Earth will continue in a parallel reality. Those who experience third density Earth may well experience those who choose to experience a higher vibration as disappearing in a rapture-like way.

    Another version has Earth moving into fourth density for an extended period of time, while some souls move into fifth density and either remain near Earth or travel the universe.

    As a soul, I know that I have a future to create and that all of these scenarios are theoretically possible, but that some have more energy than others for us now.

    I like the scenario of Earth moving into fourth density, a physical world like this one, but one populated by beings of higher consciousness, with understood connections and communications to highly envolved beings in the larger universe, and a fully understood spiritual science that acknowledges the central role of spirit in the world and the true nature of the soul.

    SaLuSa often refers to the higher dimensions, plural. Other channels are more specific, referring variously to fourth, fifth and sixth density worlds and beings.

    One thing is clear to me now, although not obvious at first, there are two distinct notions: the vibrational level of the planet, and the vibrational level of the being. It is possible, although difficult and painful, to be at a lower vibration than the planetary reality. It is also possible to be a higher vibration than the planetary reality. Vibrational levels are said to overlap also, so nearby density levels may certainly communicate with each other and see each other, although a higher dimension being might appear as a shimmering light form, rather than a physical form.

    I think the future scenario that makes the most sense to me is an Earth that supports fourth and fifth density entities. In other words an Earth that has an active fourth density physical world as well as a higher level etheric world, both of which are available to various extents to Earth souls.

    What do you think? This idea has been presented in various forms, for example by Metatron and by the Founders through Sal Rachele.

    If you are offered the choice of ascending up with the physical body into the ascended Earth’s fourth density physical world, or into a fifth dimensional light body, would it even be a choice? Or would some people reject the etheric world in favor of continuing the familiar physical experience, except at a higher, more enlightened level?

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  77. #77 spedman
    June 27, 2011 am30 6:23 pm
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  78. #78 rawanderer
    June 27, 2011 am30 6:25 pm

    Well did he make it?!?! Shock Shock Shock

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  79. #79 rawanderer
    June 27, 2011 am30 6:29 pm

    Gordon- As you said, every scenario is possible. I think the future manifests based on what we think is gonna happen, we are the wayshowers! Grin

    I have heard that dear Gaia’s soul has always been in fifth density, and is in fact there now. Her body and all of us just gotta catch up. Grin For those who are unawakened, either way they will go on to experience third density, whether it is actually on earth or a planet just like earth. We are left to fill in the details. Heart

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  80. #80 Admiral2012here
    June 27, 2011 am30 6:31 pm



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  81. #81 rawanderer
    June 27, 2011 am30 6:35 pm

    Love Bill Murray Grin Grin


    Low quality and NSFW, but still so hilarious.

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  82. #82 Admiral2012here
    June 27, 2011 am30 6:44 pm

    …YEP!…ZOMBIES are com’n out of the woodwords…and I’m not one of them

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  83. #83 Admiral2012here
    June 27, 2011 am30 6:47 pm

    …I meant “woodworks”…a typo…please don’t hit me Struggle

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  84. #84 Admiral2012here
    June 27, 2011 am30 6:54 pm

    …Yeah! it was an enlightening day today Smile

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  85. #85 babajij
    June 27, 2011 am30 6:58 pm


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  86. #86 Laurinda
    June 27, 2011 am30 7:06 pm

    Addie#82: YUP! Yes

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  87. #87 rawanderer
    June 27, 2011 am30 7:12 pm

    Lol I hope nobody would hit you for that admiral Razz

    Bill Murray is the only good thing about that movie, “Have any regrets?”

    “…Maybe Garfield” LOL Grin

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  88. #88 rawanderer
    June 27, 2011 am30 7:14 pm

    The nighttime air is so peaceful tonight, I can feel the vibes of joy and love without even trying. How is everybody doing tonight?

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  89. #89 rawanderer
    June 27, 2011 am30 7:23 pm


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  90. #90 Admiral2012here
    June 27, 2011 am30 7:26 pm

    …rawanderer, I’m do’n great! tonight…I’m out on my patio, enjoy’n the evening…ABC hasn’t showed up Cat 2 , but food is in the bowl…there is another cat that shows up…he’s Orange, so we call him OJ. Yeah, he gets on ABC’s nerves sometimess. OJ sits there in front of ABC, think’n he’s in charge and mak’n all those howling noises…and ABC sits there look’n at OJ…get your shit together!…Seriously!!!

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  91. #91 rawanderer
    June 27, 2011 am30 7:30 pm

    Admiral- Lol that’s hilarious! You are very wonderful to feed those cats, and they really make great companions! OJ sounds like a real character, i’m sure the two of them will learn to get along! Grin

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  92. #92 Laurinda
    June 27, 2011 am30 7:33 pm

    Okay Addie: Why don’t you just get it over with, and adopt Mr. ABC kitty?! You know he loves you—and gives you little love bites and shreds at the end of each evening. Then he could just stay in and snuggle with you on your kitty-proof air mattress!!! Meow! Cat

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  93. #93 Admiral2012here
    June 27, 2011 am30 7:44 pm

    …Laurinda, ABC has been adopted by me…I think he’s been with me for 3 years thru all the winter storms…he has a comfortable place amoungst our lifestyle…yeah, there are times he just does’t want to leave and I have to tape pillows to my arms…so be it!…Then he does the zig zag thing in front of my legs when I need to leave to work…Like he’s say’n…DON’T GO TO WORK, stay here with me

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  94. #94 CarlFromCanada
    June 27, 2011 am30 7:47 pm

    I watched that video again. If I was video taping a UFO the last thing I would do is pull away to video tapevthe people watching. one guy even stops watching to look back at the camera.

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  95. #95 Laurinda
    June 27, 2011 am30 7:52 pm

    Addie: Heart Cat 2 Heart You are the BEST! In Love

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  96. #96 Admiral2012here
    June 27, 2011 am30 8:09 pm

    …well, Laurinda…I’m just be’n REAL

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  97. #97 spedman
    June 27, 2011 am30 8:12 pm

    Ad Man you had to be an egyptian king in a past life the way cats worship you lol. rawAnderer i think…..YES YES YES IT’S IN THE HOLE WOOOO HOOO ad man wins the masters championship…..LOL congrats ad man you win a years supply of rice a roni and of course your fav SPAM LOL

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  98. #98 Admiral2012here
    June 27, 2011 am30 8:18 pm

    …well Sped, kind of reminds me of this


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  99. #99 Admiral2012here
    June 27, 2011 am30 8:40 pm

    …hey, Sped, don’t forget about the doves that hang out on my patio…cat food, they’re a Symbol of love and brave enough to share a patio with me…hey, I don’t think I’m do’n too much wrong

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  100. #100 babajij
    June 27, 2011 am30 8:45 pm

    …U r Splendid…da Way U r Island Admiral Cat

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  101. #101 spedman
    June 27, 2011 am30 8:50 pm

    ugghhhh vevo is my nemesis.. takes forever to load those vids but i bared with it Smile been a long time since i saw that one. micheal is the magic man. hmmm doves too???? well maybe your dr doolittle too or ace ventura i could see you at your apartment doing this lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=td0nB8JrIWs

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  102. #102 Admiral2012here
    June 27, 2011 am30 8:52 pm

    …do the right things and the Universe Provides!

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  103. #103 babajij
    June 27, 2011 am30 8:58 pm

    …indeed, Cat 2 Admiral Island

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  104. #104 Admiral2012here
    June 27, 2011 am30 9:00 pm

    …Seriously! You’re Choice…you’re destination!

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  105. #105 Admiral2012here
    June 27, 2011 am30 9:02 pm

    …need we say more?

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  106. #106 babajij
    June 27, 2011 am30 9:05 pm

    …i was only agreeing with U…

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  107. #107 Admiral2012here
    June 27, 2011 am30 9:08 pm

    …good night everyone. It has been rough, but I’ll get over it…I’ve been bullied before

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  108. #108 Admiral2012here
    June 27, 2011 am30 9:22 pm

    ..not that I’m a Geek…far from it…All I’m
    say’n is…figure it out for yourself…it will make life much easier

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  109. #109 spedman
    June 27, 2011 am30 9:22 pm

    good night ad man Smile headin off to dreamland myself. everyone sleep well and wake up tomorrow with happy shinny faces.

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  110. #110 dreamwalker
    June 27, 2011 am30 9:57 pm


    I wanted to drop in to say thanks to Stick and Babajij. It is an honor to call you my brothers.

    Laura, I love your creativity. This is pure God-spark – never let anyone tell you otherwise! Some people may not understand but that truly is not the point.

    And now many of you may feel that this is ill-advised given the circumstances but I am in physical pain until I post this. My headache actually started yesterday afternoon as brief sharp stabs every 30 minutes (want to bet it was 33 minutes?), and it has gotten increasingly worse. The pain was accompanied by the word “Aten” in my head as I mentioned earlier. I did not mention the pain earlier because I thought the two were unrelated.

    As I mentioned back when all this began (it has been 2 months already?) please take this information with a grain of salt. I do not expect you to believe any of this, truth lies in your own path.


    >Aten, I hear you…

    Hello Troy it is Aten.

    You have much to do. Please do not stop.

    >Can you please stop the headache? Is it related to the fact that you were trying to contact me?

    It was, it will subside. I wanted to congratulate you on your progress. We have noticed strong light coming from your group, in different ways you [plural] light up the planet like a Christmas tree. You [plural] all have your own skills and of course strengths and weaknesses but these are altogether greater than the sum of parts.

    Given the time things are right on schedule.

    You [Troy] have pyramids in your history, as you have surmised. In the future you will join your Telosian/Agarthan family for a time.

    It is good the path you are on. Please stand strong.

    There is a need to fast track at this time, your head may spin and wobble but it is necessary. A greater effect has been achieved, and the many bamboo together held fast.

    Do not be concerned with this being too soon. We are always here, always watching.

    Give people light and they will shine.

    Thank you.

    Do not fear sharing this message.

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  111. #111 rawanderer
    June 27, 2011 am30 10:17 pm

    DW- I am glad you post your messages, don’t ever stop Heart Indeed sharing a message of love should not be feared! If the message is of love, why should anything else matter?

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  112. #112 rawanderer
    June 27, 2011 am30 10:30 pm


    I just want to say that if there is anybody on here I have hurt or made angry in any way, I sincerely apologize. I came to this place looking for like minded souls whom I could discuss my awakening and that of the planet with, but lately that seems to have changed a bit.. I only try to be kind, respectful and nice, and sure I can and have let my emotions get in the way posting here, i’m still human..isn’t it understandable?

    Again, i’m very sorry to anybody I may have upset.Thinking As I’m sure dreamwalker can agree with, it really is not easy at all to post things like channeled messages on here for everybody’s review and criticism, and feelings can get hurt easily.

    I’m sure I will be criticized for this post, but despite whatever has been going on here lately, I truly love you all.

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  113. #113 Stick
    June 27, 2011 am30 10:31 pm

    You all gotta check this out. Two interesting aspects of the ‘male’ perspective. They’ve actually created a great deal of controversy, but definitely serve as a good conversation-piece in these shifting times. What do you guys think?

    Video 1- ‘Dear Woman’: http://youtu.be/K_uRIMUBnvw

    Video 2- Will Ferrell’s version: http://jondaly.tumblr.com/post/6797602869/dear-woman-from-fod-starring-will-ferrell-and

    ~OneLoveRevolution888——————– Question Yin Yang Shock Peace

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  114. #114 dreamwalker
    June 27, 2011 am30 10:35 pm

    THANK YOU again, rawanderer.


    111 – Monitor your thoughts carefully, and be sure to only think about what you want, not what you don’t want. This sequence is a sign that there is a gate of opportunity opening up, and your thoughts are manifesting into form at record speeds. The 111 is like the bright light of a flash bulb. It means the universe has just taken a snapshot of your thoughts and is manifesting them into form. Are you pleased with what thoughts the universe has captured? If not, correct your thoughts (ask your angels to help you with this if you have difficulty controlling or monitoring your thoughts).

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  115. #115 rawanderer
    June 27, 2011 am30 10:41 pm

    Thank you as well dreamwalker for listening..

    Intersting you posted that about the number sequences, that was one of the first sites I encountered when researching the deeper meaning behind synchronocities.

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  116. #116 Stick
    June 27, 2011 am30 10:43 pm

    Much Respect dreamwalker & rawanderer. You are valued members of the tribe.
    Just never forget rule #62: ‘Don’t take yourselves too seriously’ ~In Light Lion


    *check the length of Clock on the ‘You Tube’ video.

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  117. #117 rawanderer
    June 27, 2011 am30 10:46 pm

    Stick- Lol! Thank you brother I needed that Smile Heart

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  118. #118 babajij
    June 27, 2011 am30 10:50 pm

    Rainbow …hi, dreamwalker & rawanderer… Heart

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  119. #119 rawanderer
    June 27, 2011 am30 10:53 pm

    Hello babajij, how are you doing tonight?

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  120. #120 babajij
    June 27, 2011 am30 11:03 pm

    Smile …hey Rawanderer…!…ima bit zen…did some sungazing at sundown and finally saw the violet flame in my third eye… Cyclops …!!!…it was connected to the Sun sphere Sun …and then i was able to guide it from my top chakra to my root…afterwards, i am zenned… Big Smile

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  121. #121 rawanderer
    June 27, 2011 am30 11:10 pm

    Beautiful babajij, I would love to get interested in sungazing. One of the ways I give love to Gaia is by receiving it from the sun and anchoring it, I can relate to the wonderously zen feeling that accompanies and sticks around for a while. It is truly the power of Heart

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  122. #122 babajij
    June 27, 2011 am30 11:11 pm

    …oh, btw,where did ya get the name rawanderer…?…i sometimes spell it wrong…and then have to correct myself…lol..

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  123. #123 rawanderer
    June 27, 2011 am30 11:24 pm

    Babajij, I got my name from reading the law of one series, which is a series of channeled communications with an ascended social memory complex known as RA. In the law of one RA terms the word wanderer, which is an advanced spirit who incarnated in the lower dimensions at this time for the purpose of being in service to the earth and her citizens during ascension. It could be said that everybody here is a wanderer, because we all have awakened ahead of the majority of earth’s citizens. I thought the combination of the two words sounded good…lol.

    I highly recommend you check out the law of one series, it is a huge and revealing body of information. I could post the link if you would like. Smile

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  124. #124 babajij
    June 27, 2011 am30 11:29 pm

    …about the sungazing Sun …i came across a rather detailed post/note on fb…so i read it…this was about a month ago,i understood that the Best times to sungaze was at sunrise and sundown…fortunately,my back door has a window and has a view of the setting Sun …so ’round 8:25p.m. & wen da Sun is out i sungaze for a bit…i began very gradually…like 10 seconds at first…and then steadily increased my time… SunBig Smile

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  125. #125 rawanderer
    June 27, 2011 am30 11:32 pm

    Thank you for the info, I think I may try to make it a point to sungaze in the morn&eve, what a great meditation that probably is! Smile

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  126. #126 SunRaymond
    June 27, 2011 am30 11:36 pm

    Sun Ha! I Sungaze in the middle of the day…anytime. No matter how bright the sun is. -Kids…don’t try that at home. LoL! What the problem is?

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  127. #127 babajij
    June 27, 2011 am30 11:40 pm

    …Ra is phenomenal…!!!…i read Book 1 & have started Book 2…extraordinary messages…!!!…i had to read Book 1 twice to fully grasp the material…and even then my mind couldn’t absorb it it’s Totally…mind you,i read Book 1 about 4 years ago…my understanding of such matters have improved…lol…

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  128. #128 SunRaymond
    June 27, 2011 am30 11:43 pm

    Dreamwalker!!! Well well, Remember Aten has mentioned you in my first channeling of him? And now he speaks through you as he do me. WoW! There are no coincidences. I will most definitely make sure that I answer to Aten’s calls. Because I hate headaches!!!!! LoL!!!!! ROTFL

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  129. #129 SunRaymond
    June 27, 2011 am30 11:44 pm

    But Dreamwalker, Aten’s nicer to you. No fair! Cry

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  130. #130 babajij
    June 27, 2011 am30 11:47 pm

    …well…!!…lol…You,my extra-ordinary friend,SunRaymond Sun have 5D connections that are Supreme…!!! Yes …we still catchin’ Up… Cool

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  131. #131 SunRaymond
    June 27, 2011 am30 11:50 pm

    Babajij!!! Smile Have you seen my latest status update on FaceBook?

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  132. #132 rawanderer
    June 27, 2011 am30 11:56 pm

    I still can not fully grasp that material, it will take a longg time for me to, there is so much to take in! I also carry a bit of a belief that I may have came from the social memory complex that is RA, as well as my family.

    I strongly admire Dreamwalker posting his message in spite of the criticism, as many do enjoy reading them. Soon I will also be posting a recent message I channeled on here, because I truly love channeling and also feel that what I am doing is legitimate. It is time for all of us to stop letting those voices in our head tell us we cant, for we are infinitely divine beings and channeling is teeny compared to what we’re capable of. Grin

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  133. #133 babajij
    June 28, 2011 am30 12:00 am

    …was it the status ya posted several hours ago…i read it and you you had your son’s name on it…

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  134. #134 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 12:01 am

    Yea Rawanderer!!! I’m a so caller, “new channeler”. Sure people don’t want us to channel, or to post our messages on here, or doesn’t believe they are real…so what. Forget all that. If you like what you do and wanna post your channeled messages then by all means as I would say in person, “Do yo thang!” ‘Cause I know I will!!! Cool

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  135. #135 rawanderer
    June 28, 2011 am30 12:07 am

    Indeed Sunraymond, it should be encouraged! Grin I look forward to the next channeled message you post, was thinking of doing something along the lines of setting up a blog for my channeled messages, like dreamwalker did. I just would have to figure out how.

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  136. #136 babajij
    June 28, 2011 am30 12:07 am

    …indeed,rawanderer…each day brings Us a step towards our Totality…a re-connection to our True Selves has really settled down amoung the Earth Plane…there is Something really Happening… Rainbow

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  137. #137 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 12:07 am

    Babajij…Nope. It’s the new status update.

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  138. #138 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 12:10 am

    Rawanderer, I also have a blog/website. Just click my name above. Aten’s messages are in the “Aten” section. My (SunRaymond’s) messages are in the “Messages (from SunRaymond)” section. Laugh

    Yea!! Set up your blog!! I will add your link to my site!!!

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  139. #139 rawanderer
    June 28, 2011 am30 12:12 am

    Thank you dearly Sunraymond, I had no idea you also had a blog, that is wonderful! >>Going to check it right now Grin

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  140. #140 rawanderer
    June 28, 2011 am30 12:14 am

    SR, the area you live in is so beautiful!

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  141. #141 babajij
    June 28, 2011 am30 12:19 am

    …oh,i haven’t read it yet…i am sure your decision is for Highest good for All Concerned… SunStar …U inspire Me… YesSmile

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  142. #142 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 12:25 am

    Thank You Babajij…and Thank You Rawanderer.
    Sun You both inspire Me Sun

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  143. #143 bateleur
    June 28, 2011 am30 12:25 am

    # 66- Stick – I truly liked that post. It speaks to me. Thank You.

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  144. #144 babajij
    June 28, 2011 am30 12:37 am

    …hi,bateleur…i’ve been reading every Hidden_Hand posts thta ya put Up…will U post more 2morrow…interesting reads… Yes

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  145. #145 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 12:41 am

    Rawanderer #140, Oh those pictures on my website are old. I don’t live there anymore. That is Spring, Texas. I now live Glenwood Springs, Colorado and will be updating the pictures soon. LoL!

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  146. #146 bateleur
    June 28, 2011 am30 12:58 am

    # 29 – BlueCube – Sure I feel similar. I tell you my heart feels great, my mind is doubting. Hidden Hand mentions at least 3 or 4 times that we should not take his information at face value, but use discernment (just like with any other channelled messages). He does come across rather genuine though, and one can notice that this info is coming straight from a high dimension (6) source, albeit stepped down to 4th, without the filters of a channel.
    To me it feels like at the beginning of a soccer match, when we shake hands with the opponents; so right now the game is on, they are on the other side, spreading as much negativity as they can; and here are we, bringing as much light as we can to this world, and when the game is over, we sit together, have beer and a good laugh.

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  147. #147 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 12:59 am

    Thank You Babajij for posting on my site; however, Aten still frowns at you for waving at him. LoL!!!!!!!!!! ROTFL

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  148. #148 babajij
    June 28, 2011 am30 1:08 am

    …oh my… Shock …lol…

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  149. #149 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 1:38 am


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  150. #150 LauraTyco
    June 28, 2011 am30 3:23 am

    Here is an excellent video on how the world functions in less than 7 minutes!

    Amazing and positive

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  151. #151 LauraTyco
    June 28, 2011 am30 4:19 am

    SaLuSa Responds to Allegations Against President Obama
    2011 JUNE 28
    by Steve Beckow

    This is very unusual. Russ Michael was also distressed to see the allegations that James Rinks put out against President Obama. (1) Russ has taken a number of steps to discover what the situation is.

    Here he reports on writing Mike Quinsey and asking him to ask SaLuSa about the matter. Mike generally doesn’t ask SaLuSa questions so this is unusual, as far as I’m concerned. But on this occasion, SaLuSa did respond and his answer is that the Rinks charges are disinformation. Russ’s letter and Mike’s response are attached below.

    The more general matter is this. The cabal wants President Obama emasculated. They are doing everything in their power to tear him down and defeat every plank of his legislative program. That’s too bad, because part of that is denying Americans the blessings of universal medicare. What a shame.

    We as lightworkers can sometimes act, on a level below consciousness, on the premise that where there’s smoke there’s fire. All the criticism of President Obama must mean something, we conclude. But it does not.

    In my opinion, lightworkers are being manipulated and I oppose it. Yes, President Obama may have chosen an unwise course by going along with the “bin Laden is dead” subterfuge, but overall he represents the Light and is here, along with others, to lead us into the New Age. I personally am not joining the wave of criticism against the President, no matter who it comes from. In my opinion, it originates with the dark.

    Some people have accused me of censoring the news thereby. Give me a break. Disinformation is not news. Disinformation destroys the credibility of news. I’m interested in the truth and the slanders against Obama are not that.

    Last rant: Disinformation has never been more rampant than it is now. Fukushima stories are being churned out while the galactics say that they are containing the damage. Stories circulate that a nuclear bomb was used to destroy Japan while the galactics say that no nuclear bombs can be exploded (except some test bombs apparently) on the planet or in space.

    (1) This site will not be posting disinformational articles or articles intended to create fear. (2) This site accepts as credible the testimony of sources like Matthew Ward, Archangel Michael, SaLuSa, the Arcturian Group, etc. They are an integral part of our informational process and are in fact the major contribution this site makes to contemporary discussion. If they do not seem credible to you, why read this site?

    So to repeat: The allegations that President Obama tried to steal $400 billion and other charges made by James Rinks in the third part of his series entitled “Change is on the Horizon” are not accurate. Please do not allow them to make an impact on you.

    Thanks to Russ for digging into this and Mike for asking SaLuSa.

    Michael Quinsey wrote:

    Hi Russ,

    I have put out a mental request to SaLuSa, and asked the question for a response to the criticism of Obama. I have given below what I received.

    Mike Quinsey.

    SaluSa says:

    “If you find that you cannot trust a source of information, then set it aside and trust in those that you have faith in. Most messages of disinformation also include some truths, which makes them more difficult to understand [I imagine SaLuSa means "recognize as disinformation."]

    “You have been informed from a number sources already that President Obama is the one chosen to lead you through the coming period.

    “His work cannot fully commence until the restraints upon him are removed so bear in mind that he is under much pressure to follow the advice he is being given.

    “You will see the real man and exalted soul that he is come to the fore when he is able to fully express himself as a Being of Light.”


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  152. #152 Admiral2012here
    June 28, 2011 am30 4:24 am

    …pretty obvious, on what’s go’n on here Cool

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  153. #153 LauraTyco
    June 28, 2011 am30 4:37 am

    Indeed Admiral! Cool Big Smile Heart Rose Cool

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  154. #154 Admiral2012here
    June 28, 2011 am30 4:43 am

    …I Love Universal Laws as you can’t hide from them Cool

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  155. #155 LauraTyco
    June 28, 2011 am30 5:04 am


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  156. #156 LauraTyco
    June 28, 2011 am30 5:06 am

    Admiral 154: Nice !!!! Cool Cool Cool

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  157. #157 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 5:21 am

    Something’s gonna happen…it’s written in the air.
    Something’s gonna happen…revolution is everywhere.
    I really can’t wait until balances is once again restored on this planet. I really can’t wait until more people learn what Love and Friendship is. I really can’t wait to be physically surrounded by people who is of Love…people who Love me just as I Love them. Herald the Day.

    I like this song:

    I hope,

    That we Learn what it means to really Love ourselves,
    That we can Love our neighbors as we Love ourselves,
    That we can Live in Harmony, see ourselves as a Family,
    This is my Prayer for Humanity

    That we respect our women and protect our girls,
    That they feel safe in every corner of the World,
    That we can Live in Harmony, see ourselves as a Family,
    This is my Prayer for Humanity

    That every man would be a Father to someone,
    by Loving every boy as if it were his Son,
    That we can Live in Harmony, see ourselves as a Family,
    This is my Prayer for Humanity

    That every man, woman, boy, and girl would hear these words all across the world,
    This is my Prayer For Humanity

    That we learn to take our Elders off the shelves,
    put the on a pedestal when they need our help,
    That we can Live in Harmony, see ourselves as a Family,
    This is my Prayer for Humanity

    That we learn that no one really wins a war,
    and every leader knows what power is for,
    That we can Live in Harmony, see ourselves as a Family,
    This is my Prayer for Humanity

    That every man, woman, boy, and girl would hear these words all across the world,
    This is my Prayer For Humanity

    -One of my favorite songs by India.Arie

    I really want this to manifest today.

    Oh my…I haven’t slept all night. I’m tiered.

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  158. #158 LauraTyco
    June 28, 2011 am30 5:26 am

    Woo Hoo SunRay: Count me on!! <3
    It is in the air all right !! Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart

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  159. #159 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 5:32 am

    Here Laura: Rose Heart Rose

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  160. #160 Admiral2012here
    June 28, 2011 am30 5:38 am

    …SunRay, I thought you were better than that

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  161. #161 LauraTyco
    June 28, 2011 am30 5:43 am

    Hey SunRay!! I Looove your blog! It is a fine site and so relaxing and chill out !!!

    Just spread love and light please, you are doing a super job!! Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun

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  162. #162 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 5:44 am

    LoL! Admiral I’m just extra tiered right now. I’m not thinkin’ straight. But when I tried to go to sleep. I couldn’t so I stayed up. That messes with me.

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  163. #163 Admiral2012here
    June 28, 2011 am30 5:45 am

    …there are no excuses SunRay

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  164. #164 LauraTyco
    June 28, 2011 am30 5:48 am

    Rainbow Dreamwalker: Loved Aten’s message!

    Reminds me of Sped’s question about his dream yesterday

    Also had a head ache yest. for some time.. BAD VIBS DO Hurt! lol

    I guess it is the time for the splitting of the waters right now…

    Rainbow Rawanderer: loved your cloud story. Had a very similar expericence Sunday while walking with my boyfriend. We were in a filed and there was an armada of cloud flat ships: a lot lower and darker than the rest of the clouds. there was 5 lines of them going for miles behind my house!! lol

    So we started asking the ships 2 decloak, they did not, but when we did not look at them for 1 minutes they would make a totally different formation and would disappear and re-appear..
    It was an amazing interaction!1

    Oh, there was no wind at all!!! and none of the other clouds have moved.. then we asked them to clear and let us get the sunshine and they vanished right in front of our eyes for 20 minutes and came back when we were on our way back 2 d house !! <3

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  165. #165 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 5:49 am

    Wait hold up…see what I mean. Forget all that. Admiral what are you talkin’ about? Elaborate…

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  166. #166 Admiral2012here
    June 28, 2011 am30 5:49 am

    …Laura, you are only hurting yourself, and I’m sitting back watch’n it happen, pretty sad site to see indeed

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  167. #167 Admiral2012here
    June 28, 2011 am30 5:50 am

    …go get some sleep SunRay, you can’t think straight, that’s why

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  168. #168 LauraTyco
    June 28, 2011 am30 6:07 am

    SunRay: Feel free 2 post my video and my channel on your blog too!

    Admiral: No idea what u are talking bout’ Question

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  169. #169 Admiral2012here
    June 28, 2011 am30 6:09 am

    …lol, Laura, you know exactly what I am talk’n about Smile

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  170. #170 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 6:09 am

    Admiral please hush. Don’t fix your fingers to type nothin’ stupid about me or my site. And don’t tell me what to do. I sleep when I’m ready to sleep. Talkin’ to me like you crazy.

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  171. #171 Laurinda
    June 28, 2011 am30 6:10 am

    Good morning Addie! I woke up, made coffee, and there you are. Don’t know if you drink coffee or not, but I’d sure offer you a cup now. OBTW, you’ve got mail. In Love

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  172. #172 LauraTyco
    June 28, 2011 am30 6:20 am

    Rainbow SunRay: Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart

    Rainbow not sure what is going on around here with Admiral and others?

    Now I am the target after DreamWalker?, Rawanderer? Now SunRay too! Enough of that negativity for me! Thank you very much!

    I think I will join Conscious and Dreamwalker in a leave of absence from GM for a while.

    Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow Robin: she is all yours! Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow

    I have seen enough negaivity and accusations thrown at light workers for the past few days around here.

    I will see you on facebook (Indy Infos) and on my blog then! http://2012indyinfo.wordpress.com/

    Also here is my email for those who want 2 stay in touch tyco@y7mail.com

    Love and light always! Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun

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  173. #173 Laurinda
    June 28, 2011 am30 6:28 am

    Interesting facebook was just mentioned, as I don’t trust it myself. Folks leave themselves wide open to be hacked and infiltrated by shall we say lower energies…Its a tool of the powers that be, and those powers are NOT the service to others crowd, but service to SELF!!! Sad, but true.

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  174. #174 Admiral2012here
    June 28, 2011 am30 6:32 am

    …Laura, you know exactly what’s go’n on and I’m sure it’s very apparent to others too, except of course the members of your pack as they play the same game you do

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  175. #175 dreamwalker
    June 28, 2011 am30 6:34 am



    Sacred Pipe To all my brothers and sister, once again the Phoenix rises and I try to write something that the people can use in life, both spiritualy and physically through PIPE DREAMS.

    Who am I. A man on an appointed path by Creator. My name is Wolf who Walks Alone at Night Through the Desert, (Desert Wolf). I was told to give the knowledge of the pipe to those who are on their walk and are ready for the pipe. To give it freely as it was given to me by Spirit. To teach is the best part of my path. I was told to teach after my vision task. I have seen many beautiful pipes over the years, many good people received the knowledge of the pipe. May they all walk a good walk.

    The difference between having a pipe and being a Pipe Carrier is:

    To care for a pipe is a committment to honor Creator, Grandmother Earth, all the directions and in between, Grandmothers and Grandfathers, self, and all your relations. Use your pipe to pray and to talk to them, to let them talk to you.

    To be a Pipe Carrier is a responsibility of the committment to the pipe. To be ready to use the pipe anytime anywhere to give and receive prayers when asked. Being humble with Honor to do so. To do this from your heart, this is a Pipe Carriers way. To know the ceremony in your heart and spirit, to say the prayers aloud, and to let all hear. To know fully the way of the pipe. To be a Pipe Carrier another Pipe Carrier must see in them the heart and committment that is necessary to be a carrier, keeper of this sacred path of the pipe, and tell them they are a Pipe Carrier.

    I am Desert Wolf, Pipe Creator, Pipe Carrier and Chief of the Florida Wolf Clan. The Wolf Clan is small locally, with members all over the U.S. We teach tradional ways, learn from Spirit and walkers of the Red Road who know the way of the Old Ones.

    As Free Cherokees we are all family. We all have some to teach and some to learn. There are many different versions of a specific ceremony, just as there are many different people who use them. If Creator says it’s good, it’s good. The way of the Old Ones is given to us when Creator sees we are ready, through Spirit or walker of the Red Road, we get what we need on our walk.

    The Buffalo Calfwoman said to me “This is what you will do, this is your path, the way of the pipe.”

    Wado Creator, Grandmother Earth, Buffalo Calfwoman, Spirits of all the directions.
    Wado in the name of all my relations.
    Homentokweosa, waho

    Wado, Osta
    Desert Wolf

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  176. #176 Admiral2012here
    June 28, 2011 am30 6:34 am

    …Good Morn’n Laurinda

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  177. #177 dreamwalker
    June 28, 2011 am30 6:36 am

    Babajij, I became a Pipe Carrier when I was 21. It is a sacred responsibility we take for life. Could you please describe what this means with regards to the truth? Our friends will not hear it from me, but they may hear it from you.


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  178. #178 Laurinda
    June 28, 2011 am30 6:48 am

    I was thinking of the term “lightworkers”. I wonder who came up with that originally anyhow. I know many folks who have dedicated this life to helping others, and they have never referred to themselves even once using that particular term. That term implies some folks think they are, and the rest of us, who are we then? Yup, just another 3D egoic statement floating around…Makes me wonder when folks will say they have had enough of this nonsense of separation….

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  179. #179 dreamwalker
    June 28, 2011 am30 6:55 am

    Great Spirit,

    I ask for your blessing, protection and guidance as we fulfill our sacred path. We are grateful to you for your gifts and abundance, for your wisdom and for your mercy.

    Today is the day for change.

    My people will no longer be poor, or be sick, or go hungry, or die. My people will no longer fight or be fought.

    My people will accept the light in their hearts, and will become as a massive aura around the planet. My people will become one with you, the Creator of all things, and they will rejoice in their heart at this knowledge. They will remember, and they will receive your blessing and abundance.

    Watch over the man who calls himself Admiral2012, protect him and show him love and mercy. WE as a people owe him much, as we move towards ascension.

    Grandmother Maquabeak White Spirit Bear Dorothy Francis, you who watch over the north, I did not meet you in this lifetime but I look forward to meeting you soon. Protect us with your wisdom as we move forward.

    Grandfather Wolf, you who watch over the east, teach us to look within ourselves. Help us along our path so that our trials may be short and painless.

    Grandfather Buffalo, James Rupert Tibachimu Norquay, I am grateful for your guidance in this lifetime, and I look forward to seeing you again soon. You outlived the whole cluckin’ flock of them, my friend!

    Grandfather Raven, watcher of the West, you are my I AM self. Fly with me to the void so that we may create this new world together. Help guide me in these times, that we may create paradise here on Earth.

    Grandmother Earth, from whom we have come and to whom we shall return, bless us with your abundance and grace, for soon you be alight with the fires of 7 million souls.

    All My Relations

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  180. #180 dreamwalker
    June 28, 2011 am30 7:00 am

    I need someone who has an account on ATS to send a message to hidden_hand. I don’t have an account there. I think by now he has stopped posting, but he will get the message.

    I will write the message, I just need someone to transmit it to him. No harm will come to you in this role.

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  181. #181 LauraTyco
    June 28, 2011 am30 7:02 am

    Laurinda 173:

    Facebook can be used against those who have unpure desires. It is just a tool, Like Judo use their ennemy’s force against him.
    But if you don’t like facebook, no worries. I also gave my email address and my blog for people who wish to keep in touch, to do so Smile

    Laurinda 178:

    Agreed! Enough of the separation, please make sure you email Admiral about it… Yes Yes Yes Yes

    He seems to have went off in a witch hunt of some kind!

    However all of us will have 2 chose between 3D and 5D weather you remember it from messages you may or may not have read… lol Smile
    Free will my deario!

    Love and light

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  182. #182 LauraTyco
    June 28, 2011 am30 7:02 am

    Very interesting developpment:

    UFOs seen in London skies: viral video spotlight

    Relaxnews – 3 hrs ago

    UFO Mothership & Fleet Over London UK 24th June 2011 (Credit alymc01) [HD]
    A video purportedly showing a “UFO mothership” and a “fleet” of alien spacecraft has gone viral on YouTube on June 28, two days after it was uploaded.
    UFO Mothership & Fleet Over London UK 24th June 2011 (credit alymc01) [HD] has as of 9:30GMT June 28 been viewed 710,431 times after being uploaded on June 26 and is ranked second on YouTube’s “most watched today charts.”
    The video begins with shaky footage caused by what can be assumed to be the person behind the camera running down the street to where a group of people stand filming the sky on their mobiles. The camera then turns upwards, where three shining dots can be seen passing through the sky.

    The circular dots then return several times before a similar larger shape appears, hovers for a short while then disappears at speed. In the background a man can be heard saying “There’s a UFO up there.”

    The video was first uploaded June 24 by YouTube user alymc01, who despite being a member since 2007 appears to only have this video and a duplicate of it on his or her channel; the video that has gone viral is a re-post of that footage by user EllasVirgo.

    The video has received some mainstream press coverage in addition to mentions on blogs specializing in UFOs. While no marketing company has yet come forward to claim responsibility for the footage, a number of similar videos have appeared on YouTube over the past few days, including
    UFOs Over London Friday 2011 – UFO fleet over Tower Bridge London 6/24/2011 and UFO June 2011, leading some to question if the videos are part of a viral promotional campaign.
    UFO Mothership & Fleet Over London: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AouX-nWvv4
    UFOs Tower Bridge – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQmut0XtD3s
    UFO June 2011 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fD7Ok9By6AM

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  183. #183 Laurinda
    June 28, 2011 am30 7:39 am

    I was talking to a good friend a few days ago, and she mentioned that the intense solar energies bombarding HU-MANS now will have a myriad of effects….some folks will go mental and just freak out, some will succumb to diseases more rapidly, and some will consciously integrate these very powerful energies, and move on so to speak. Food for thought here!

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  184. #184 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 7:46 am

    Admiral I am quite confused about GM as of lately. I do have clues as of what you are referring to. But I’m a member of no ones pack…and I play no games. The only game I play on GM is the little smiley face game with Babajij on the mini chat. LoL! It’s fun. I threw Babajij’s creation into the Asteroid Belt. LoL! Anyways, I do apologize for speaking to you that way. I thought I was next on the “to be attached” list. So when you said, “…SunRay, I thought you were better than that”, followed by, “…Laura, you are only hurting yourself, and I’m sitting back watch’n it happen, pretty sad site to see indeed”, I thought that was…mean? Why don’t you just tell me what’s wrong with my site? I won’t bite. You know I have a human form. I have those moments when I miss “home” very much. I know what it is like in higher densities and I’m just starting to miss it so much. That may cause me to act unlike myself….but rarely! However, I am as you call it, “better than that”. And also I may not realize what is happening around here because I’m pure minded and pure hearted. I have the mind of a child and the wisdom of the trees and old spiritual sages. Because I am a Sage. Oh and my website. Can you please inform me on what’s wrong with it? I can’t figure that one out? Why is it a sad place? I put the nicest things on it. Question

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  185. #185 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 7:54 am

    (Note: Most times I come here I don’t read everyone’s posts and comments. I mostly tune into my favorite people’s posts/comments and I use the search to find my name where someone posted something for me…that may be why I’m unaware of what is happening here…however, I’ve been noticing stuff. I’d read some of it and ignore the rest. Maybe that’s why I don’t fully know what’s happening here…but sometimes I’d answer if I feel it’s relevant to me.)

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  186. #186 Laurinda
    June 28, 2011 am30 7:59 am

    That’s a good policy SunRaymond: Use the ol scroll button when need be! lol Grin

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  187. #187 Gunner
    June 28, 2011 am30 8:00 am

    Good mourning everyone. Wow just got through over 500 comments from fridays message and I didnot read any off of this message yet. My head is apinning. I need to go out for a quick smoke, check in later and here is a message from Adama.The message from Adama …..

    “Greetings! I am Adama from Telos, your lost city beneath the Earth, which many on the surface still have no inkling of.
    We wish to spread the magnificence of our existence to all on the surface, so that all humanity will re-think their ideas and beliefs about existence on this planet. We feel that it’s time for all to hear about us, and for all to connect with us in their thoughts.
    For our purpose of re-emerging at this time is to awaken all to the Glory of God, and to the glorified plan that our Creator has in store for us.
    We are all brothers and sisters, wherever we live – whether in the oceans, on the land, or in the inner earth and Subterranean Cities. We all come from the same source, breathe the same air and dream the same dreams.
    You can literally change your reality by the dreams you envision and the thoughts you think. For it is the dreams and thoughts that create your future. So dream on, our brothers and sisters, and in your dreams see only an Earth glorified in love and light, peopled by Light Beings of great beauty and purity of heart. It all starts with your thoughts and ends with your manifestations.
    Yes, you do manifest the conditions of your lives. You manifest your reality daily, by the thoughts you go to sleep with the night before. So as you lie in bed dreaming of days to come, surround each thought with light so that only the magnificence of each idea blooms into the purity of light.
    Enrich your dreams, and make them as grand as you can, for in the Infinite Universe all is possible – and the more grand the idea, the more possible it can be. For God only wishes the grandest and most majestic of worlds. Anything less is not of God, but of man.
    So dream your dream, and see yourself as the majestic Beings you are, fully in control of your thoughts and fully aware of the purity of your intentions before you send them out to our Universe. That way, all will be returned to you in the glory and bliss of your dreams being manifested into your reality.
    This is how we, in the Subterranean Cities, created our home of Bliss. We are very aware and tuned into our thoughts, and hold them in check to be released only when they are pure light and love. This way, only love and light returns to us, in the form we created.
    This is a Universal Law – one so basic that we wonder how it has eluded you for so long. It is now time to return to God, and to re-acquaint yourselves with the Eternal Laws of the Universe. For you know these laws. These laws are a part of all life. And as you move up the scale of consciousness you will become more and more aware of the existence of Universal Law and you will wonder how it was that you could have ever forgotten.
    This is Adama, your brother, bringing you back to the LAW of ONE. Adonai, my brothers and sisters of Light.”

    Sending you Love and Blessings on your Journey, Dianne
    © Copyright Dianne Robbins
    June 25, 2011
    Dianne Robbins – TELOS
    Subscribe to my channelings: http://DianneRobbins.com/subscribe.htm
    (585) 802-4530

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  188. #188 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 8:08 am


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  189. #189 Admiral2012here
    June 28, 2011 am30 8:09 am

    …thanks Adama for reminding us of the universal laws

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  190. #190 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 8:15 am

    Admiral!!! I get it! In post #166 you meant pretty sad “sight” to see…not “site”. LoL! Aw man I’m sorry. I’ll never speak to you like that again. That was…mean? You’re kool Admiral! Mybad brotha. I understand it had nothing to do with my website. LoL! Man I really needed that sunlight. It woke me up. Ha! I’m so dumb sometimes it’s so funny.

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  191. #191 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 8:23 am
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  192. #192 Laurinda
    June 28, 2011 am30 8:24 am

    GateKeeper: I would sure like to hear your take on things heating up in Greece, in that they are saying it is “patriotic to accept the new austerity program”!!! EEKS!

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  193. #193 Admiral2012here
    June 28, 2011 am30 8:43 am


    Meditation Video using the Xcalibur Magnetic Field Generator with a Age Reversal Subliminal. The Xcalibur machine is based on the Dotto Ring a suppressed Anti Aging device from the 1980′s. Dotto after studying the Hunza valley believed it was the enhanced gravity field of the area that caused the life extension anomalies found in the people in that particular area. Reports of individuals living over 150 years of age.

    This machine replicates the Dotto frequencies of 1.9-2.1Mhz with a magnetic field over 120 gauss. Dotto claimed that his device will extend the telomeres, the aging clock of the cells


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  194. #194 Gunner
    June 28, 2011 am30 8:47 am

    Wow, in the words of the great one Rodney King “cant we all just get along”LOL No I am sure the people here will find a way to mend their fights with each other. I mean if you guys cant do it then who can.
    BTW i got a glimpse of a ghost at the doghouse yesterday. No, I was not drinking. I got a one maybe 2 second glimpse. It seemed to be a lady and she was hovering over my kitchen table. It was such a short glimpse though but here is what I did immediately. Oh man this would have been hilarious in a movie. I raised both of my arms and shouted that only beings of the highest christed cosciousness may enter my Aura. Wow, I then felt my whole body tingle and vibrate highly but not with a bad or negative energy. I then called in AA Michael to cleanse and bless the entire house. I mean I could feel his presence big time. It felt like I was in one of those old Moses movies where he raised his arms to the skies and the river opened. maybe that entity was a postive force but I dont mess around when it comes to dealing with spirit beings. I know they can be tricky and deceiving sometimes. After blessing the house it felt so much more peaceful. I have been seeing these type of things for a while now. Sometimes I see a short glimpse of a dog in my house. Maybe my dogs guides or dogs angels as I always thenk them for looking out after Athena and Devo.
    Admiral, yesterday you had the number 444 comment. Man I have still not read above comments yet, so many to catch up on. I was having that nervous feeling this mourning but a bit better now after I did the violet flame of St. Germaine clearing.
    Some days, like today, it feels as if the world is standing still. Kind of weird.
    I was off on monday and yes Admiral another 3 dayer coming. I screwed up as I only have one and a half days for the rest of the year to take.
    I just loved the above message from Salusa and it felt great for him to tell us we have work to do sown here on earth in helping others stay clear of their feart of the galactics. Well, let me read the comments over here now, check in after lunch.
    BTW Admiral, I just love your stories of ABC. I was cracking up thining of ABC going nuts in your house because he didnot want to go outside. How are your Arms?????
    Man with all of the crazy and funny stories over on this site, I can sure make one hell of a funny movie. We sould all be stars even though we already are.

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  195. #195 Gunner
    June 28, 2011 am30 8:51 am

    Reading laurinda 31 comment this comes to mind in the conversation with god books “all attack is a cry for help”

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  196. #196 Laurinda
    June 28, 2011 am30 8:53 am

    Gunner: Sometimes forces come into play that not everyone notices both here and out in the greater world. So my friend, keep your eyes and ears open—cuz its gonna get REAL interesting sooner than later!

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  197. #197 Gunner
    June 28, 2011 am30 8:53 am

    Oh yeah and another thing from the Angels comes to mine, “the world is at peace, what you cast out of your egoistic mind is what creates the negative instances in your life”
    Wow 8 minutes to lunch and I did not do any work. Too many comments and I am still like 150 behind. Oh well all in a days pay.

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  198. #198 Laurinda
    June 28, 2011 am30 8:55 am

    Yes, and Gunner this website is an oasis for many, and we need to keep it that way! Like I said, stay on top of things here at GM! Yes

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  199. #199 Admiral2012here
    June 28, 2011 am30 8:57 am

    …Gunner, maybe with the increase in energies and higher vibrations the veil is thinning so seeing spirits might become easier. Talk’n about the world standing still…I feel that too, very weird. Yeah, Gunner, that ABC cat is someth’n else, but I still love him, he must be with me for a reason…my arms are fine for now, lol

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  200. #200 dreamwalker
    June 28, 2011 am30 9:04 am

    Yeah, the thing about cats (especially wild ones) is they lash out when they’re cornered. Have you tried dragging a stick or a sock in front of him Admiral? Just lead him out to the balcony and close the door.

    Thought I might help save your arms (and your pillows…).

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  201. #201 manta12
    June 28, 2011 am30 9:10 am

    yeah Greece is heating up….it was the first thing on the news this morning….two day general strike.

    What’s annoying is that they made it sound like the protesters were silly and that they should suck it up!!! I kinda wanted to reach through the radio and strangle to reporter!!lol Grin …..kinda like an old tweety bird or road runner cartoon, now they definetly had some cool super powers in those cartoons!!lol

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  202. #202 Laurinda
    June 28, 2011 am30 9:18 am

    Hi Clint! Yup, as soon as an “austerity” program is brought in by the Globalists, if that country accepts it, they are royally f***ed! No The Greeks are being as they have always been—fearless!!! Yes

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  203. #203 Admiral2012here
    June 28, 2011 am30 9:34 am


    A 48-hour general strike has begun in Greece, as parliament prepares for a key vote on tough austerity measures.

    Thousands of protesters have gathered outside the parliament in Athens and public transport in the capital has largely ground to a halt.

    PM George Papandreou said Monday only his 28bn-euro (£25bn) austerity plan would get Greece back on its feet.

    If the government loses, the EU and IMF could withhold 12bn euros of loans and Greece could run out of money in weeks.

    The general strike has halted most public services, with doctors, ambulance drivers, journalists and even state-funded actors taking part. Banks are closed and hospitals are operating on skeleton staff.

    Airports are shutting for hours at a time, with air traffic controllers walking out between 0800 and 1200 (0500-0900 GMT) and 1800 and 2200 (1500-1900 GMT). Athens international airport displayed a number of flights being cancelled from 0730


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  204. #204 manta12
    June 28, 2011 am30 9:38 am

    Yeah and the disgusting thing is that the markets are starting to rally on hopes that screwing the greek population will be successful. What a twisted, disgusting, demented world. Neutral I cant believe I even spent time to read about it, the news is talking about it like it’s a good thing! unbelievable.

    So….now I have to do something to get my mind off of it..mmmmm, Oh I know. I have to go get some work done for this sphycopath company I work for. Silly That’ll work!!

    Sorry….just venting. Hello Laurinda Good to hear from you this morning Heart . I am totally in the mood to hang out here today and talk about the shit that matters, but my counterpart here at work has retired and I have been asked to cover both jobs and train a new guy at the same time…..so I geusse I’de better drag my ass out there.

    Gunner, I used to be able to feel the angels around and ask for support but things have slipped lately, back on the cigarettes, and workin lot’s, kinda tired all the time. I kinda forgot to keep it going, and I tried to connect yesterday and got nothing. I’ll keep trying to get back to where I was I geusse, I suppose that’s the way it goes eh, Ebbs and Flows, ups and Downs, I must be in a little down here…

    Hahah just read what I typed and it sounds a bit dooooowwwwn, Sorry dont mean to bumm y’all out. it’s not really that bad, I think I just need my morning Coffee .

    I’ll pick it up and smarten up, rock on Y’all! gotta get out there and make sure our customers are happy!!!! GO TEAM!!

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  205. #205 manta12
    June 28, 2011 am30 9:42 am

    Good Video Admiral, that brought my spirits up, thanks.

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  206. #206 rawanderer
    June 28, 2011 am30 9:55 am

    Admirial- I see you attacking me and everyone that talks or agrees with me about anything, and I can only send you love Heart Clearly I did or said something that struck a nerve, and I apologize for whatever that is, but enough with it already brother! Grin Let it go! These times are too wonderful and miraculous to be so down, and trying to spread it to everyone else!

    Let these illusions of seperation fall away dear brother, know there are no sides, we are all one!

    Now i’ll leave you to respond in your usual sarcastic/cloaking negative feelings way you have been lately, than watch as Laurinda agrees with you Grin

    In love!

    (Edit- posted time is 9:55, I love the angels! Grin)

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  207. #207 Admiral2012here
    June 28, 2011 am30 10:11 am

    …Manta, glad I brought your spirits up Smile

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  208. #208 rawanderer
    June 28, 2011 am30 10:12 am

    Gunner 198- YES!! This was a difficult lesson I had to learn recently. I kept blaming everything but the person responsible, ME, for the physical problems I had been going through. This world is changing, and with it the realisation that this is OUR reality, we create it second by second! Much love brother, I bet your eyes are tired after going through all those comments!

    Heart Heart

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  209. #209 Admiral2012here
    June 28, 2011 am30 10:20 am


    A wedding reception in a small town in Newfoundland was going as planned when suddenly one of the guests screamed last Thursday and began running. It was one of the couples’ friends and she had just caught something on film that left them all with quite a few questions.

    It appeared, on first inspection, to be a man in a white coat hovering to the right of the reception. With the guests curious as to where he could have come from, and what else was watching the nuptuals in the Newmann Wine Cellar, quickly a line to the area where the photo had been taken started to form. Guests tried with their own cameras and even the one originally taking the photo to reproduce the effects that resulted in that strange picture


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  210. #210 rawanderer
    June 28, 2011 am30 10:27 am


    Sheldan Nidle talking about the inner earth. Oh how I can’t wait to return! Then we can all talk with Mikos and Adama in person Smile

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  211. #211 rawanderer
    June 28, 2011 am30 10:42 am
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  212. #212 LauraTyco
    June 28, 2011 am30 10:49 am

    Wow RaWanderer so well spoken !!
    You sure are a true lightworker indeed!! I have to agree with you fully!! At the risk of it being a “Deja Vu” Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart

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  213. #213 LauraTyco
    June 28, 2011 am30 10:49 am

    International Efforts in Making UFO Information Viral
    JUNE 28, 2011
    by TycoMalps
    Rate This

    My friend Maarten Horst, from BBS Radio just sent me a message.

    Here is a link to his radio show, every Monday at 7pm GMT: http://www.bbsradio.com/etfirstcontactradio/

    He is emailing News Agencies with information regarding Disclosure of Benevolent Extraterrestrials willing to have Contact and help our civilization.

    I am going to join him with supplying all the information I have concerning UFOs, decloaking, and the Disclosure Project. All reliable, solid, trustworthy type of information concerning the Galactic Federation of Light and all Human / Galactic Beings contact.

    I will ask them to make these public, so that the entire world can know the Truth about the fact that we are not alone in the Universe. The Universe is filled with beings full of love and light, willing to help us throughout this difficult time for Humanity as well as for the entire Planet.

    Here are a few email addresses, and I invite all the readers to join Maarten and me in sending information around Disclosure to these News Agencies. I will do this everyday, untill Disclosure has taken place !!

    Love and Light









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  214. #214 rawanderer
    June 28, 2011 am30 11:01 am

    Thank you Laura, much love! Heart

    Just know if you get attacked for agreeing with me, to send as much love as you can, for it is the cure for all ails!
    How are you doing today?

    In Love for all Smile Big Smile Grin Yin Yang Yin Yang Heart Heart Heart

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  215. #215 bateleur
    June 28, 2011 am30 11:04 am

    Dreamwalker – Not sure if you can reach “Hidden Hand” as this conversation took place about 2 years ago and somewhere in there HH said that he normally does not follow any websites, as he busies himself with other stuff.
    Maybe ask ATS admin if they have or can establish contact.
    Just a thought……….

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  216. #216 Gunner
    June 28, 2011 am30 11:08 am

    Man I just spent 20 minutes commenting and hit a delete button by mistake.
    Well lets see.
    Manta, great to hear from you over here. I have some advice with the angels , dont try too hard. Over a year ago on some days I would not feel the energy come into my crown to anchor unto Gaia. A voice just simply told me that I was trying too hard, that love is natural and being I am a being of love, it is not hard to do. Just then the energy hit me big time and my whole body vibrated highly. Now it is so easy for me, I just let it flow. BTW it is canada day on friday. I guess you got a 3 dayer. I think you guys need to change the national athem there. I also think America as well as I really cant stand the national anthem, only one version I like and that is the Jimi Hendrix version.
    Admiral, 54, The military copters have been harrassing eceti for year nos. One made me laugh when James wrote that he usually give them the middle finger.
    Also, you are right, ass time goes by, the veils are lifting more and more. I mean when I read todays salusa message, I sent out mental thoughts to him and instantly could feel his loving energy.
    I still say there is a movie in the making called ABC is as essy as 123. The stories are so funny.
    Laurinda great picnic. That got me as i never see people going out for a picnic that often anymore. love the geese but the problem with them in Jersey is the wastes. I wonder in our future world how the waste is going to be cleaned if the animals are to run wild with man.
    Stick How the heck can I say the name MELCHIZEDEK< oh man I just want to tell some of the masters to simplify your names and make them pronounceable like AA Michael, now that was easy LOL BTW Thanks for the channelled posts. Just greeeeate
    Steffie, always great to feel your positive energy here. You always brighten up the site just like sunshine.
    rawanderer, I also see those dhemtrail buting clouds when they spray all the time. I usually also send out energy to neutralize them.
    I got dfederal express mail downstairs and that will give me time to sneak in a smoke.

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  217. #217 LauraTyco
    June 28, 2011 am30 11:10 am

    He Rawanderer: Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart

    You are so so right young, brave soul!
    Being attacked is the life of a Lightworker I guess!! lol
    Trying to stop us from speaking the Truth! The usual intimidation and fear tactics I guess… very common tactics on many forums indeed!!

    We are doing an International campaign for Disclosure:

    Here is a link 2 my blog, as post stuck in moderation as multiple email addresses: Please do join in!!


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  218. #218 Steffie
    June 28, 2011 am30 11:20 am

    Interesting info from Michael Tellinger, who is now in Vancouver:

    John Stuart Reid delivers an entertaining and informative speech on the true shape of sound. This is an excerpt from his talk at the 2006 International Sound Healing Conference in Santa Fe.

    Since I show that the ancients were using sound as a source of energy, here is some more fascinating info on the shape of sound – the spherical nature of sound – this is an important clue as to the fundamentals of sacred geometry and the spherical nature of it – also how the WORD of GOD or the Hindu Primordial OM is responsible for the greation of matter out of the mysterious SOUND. My next presentation is in Vancouver

    Here are Michael’s remaining tour dates / venues, in case any of you are able to get there: WA- 6/29 Vancouver, BC- 7/1 Nanaimo, BC- 7/6 Minneapolis, MN- 7/8 Chicago, Il- 7/10 Toledo, OH- 7/12 Syracuse, NY- 7/14 Montreal QB- 7/15 Burlington, VT

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  219. #219 rawanderer
    June 28, 2011 am30 11:22 am

    Laura, I would love to join in! And yes that can be the life of a lightworker, but it will not be so here on GM! We all entered a dark period, some are still reeling from it, but I know with our combined efforts love will return to this wonderful site and with it, all who haven’t been posting because of the in-fighting Grin

    I am also working on creating a blog, we can link to eachother’s blogs when I do! Much love Heart

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  220. #220 rawanderer
    June 28, 2011 am30 11:23 am

    Steffie, I was just thinking of you Smile How are you today dear soul?

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  221. #221 Gunner
    June 28, 2011 am30 11:33 am

    I’ll just say this about all the drama. Remember you cant take these emotions on into the 5th dimension. That is what the latest series of messages have been repeating. The drama is mostly from the lower vibrations and simply cannot exist on a 5th dimesnional planet. It is just a simple law of nature. It is like 2 tops spinning on a table with one of the tops spinning wuicker than the other,. Then when they collide , the top spinning slower gets thrown off of the table. It is very elementary my dear Watson LOL
    These days, anyone or thing in your life really eating at your nerves, it would be wise to pay attention to that because it is now coming up for healing. I could see why people are losing it because of all these energies but it is each individuals job to heal from these engagements.

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  222. #222 LauraTyco
    June 28, 2011 am30 11:33 am

    Rainbow Spot on Rawanderer again!

    Yes, we will link our blogs of course!! Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart

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  223. #223 Gunner
    June 28, 2011 am30 11:35 am

    Also Manta, I have experienced the ebbs and flow of what you are experiencing. dont worry too much because no matter what you feel, you know the angels hear your every word. Keep an eye out because I know how they work and most likely they will send you a sign.

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  224. #224 rawanderer
    June 28, 2011 am30 11:37 am

    So true Gunner, negativity is best left to this third dimension we are all leaving behind Heart

    Laura, I did what you did and created a blog through wordpress. It’s funny how my avatar shows up on there and on gravatar but still refuses to show up on here. It’s ok though, all is good! I’ve never done anything like creating a blog before, this is quite exciting!

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  225. #225 dreamwalker
    June 28, 2011 am30 11:42 am

    #214 thank you for the ideas, Bataleur. The task needs a messenger, it is what they understand.

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  226. #226 bateleur
    June 28, 2011 am30 11:42 am

    “Hidden Hand” Session 4

    HH: Ok, as I stated, unfortunately my remaining time is shorter than planned. This was unforeseen and unavoidable. I will not have sufficient time to answer all of your
    questions, so I will for the most part, focus my remaining time with you, upon responding to those questions that I feel to be from the heart, ones asked by those who are genuinely looking to take something away with them of import from our discourse here together.
    My second focus will be upon answering other intelligent or insightful questions that can be used to further develop our discourse. I desire to impart as much as I am able with
    you, in the short time we have left. I will also, as far as possible, answer other questions
    that I feel are important in the grand scheme of things, meaning that even if the question seems to be from someone more intent on finding things to “debunk”, if that question
    ultimately still serves a greater purpose, I will do my best to reply.
    Please bear in mind, that in light of the above, many of my answers will need to exercise more brevity that I would ideally like, though this is necessary, to respond to as many of you as I can.. Without further delay, I shall continue with our discourse:
    ATS: Do you know me? Do you know who i’m? What part do i play in all this? When will i awake? Will i awake? Should i awake? I feel it in me, but i’m afraid to let it out? Help me!
    HH: Do I “know” you, as the individuated human expression typing to me over cyberspace? No, I do not. What part do you play in all this?
    What part do you want to play? The choice, as always, is entirely yours. Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, you are co-creating the storyline on this planet. My advice, would be to do so consciously. When will you awake? When do you want to awake? Do you want to awake at all? If your answer to this question is “yes”, then use the Catalyst and tools we have provided for you. I have made many subtle, not so subtle, and even overtly blatant statements within this topic, as to how you may choose to do this.
    “I feel it in me, but i’m afraid to let it out? Help me!” Why are you afraid? Do not reply to that question, but rather, ask it to yourself, during your quiet time, where you work upon yourself. You do work upon yourself, don’t you? If not, now would be a good time to start. Sit in silence. Switch off all non essential
    electrical appliances. Eg; leaving the refrigerator on, would probably be a good idea.
    (The electromagnetic field they create disturbs your brainwave patterns, and makes it difficult for your mind to achieve the deeper alpha and theta states conducive with
    relaxing deeply and hearing your inner voice).
    Ask your Infinite Creator to help you. Thank her, because you know that he will. Be honest with yourself. Why are you afraid? Remember that this is a Game that you are playing, and that it is not Reality. When you find, and come to know your Creator living within you, you will know that there is nothing to fear. Be the strong and courageous Soul that deep down, you know yourself to be. Do not hide your Inner Light. Trust yourself, and shine your light into the darkness.
    We ask our One Infinite Creator to guide you, and illuminate your path.
    ATS: Are the PTB [Powers That Be, Wes Penre's comment] focusing on creating a negative point in the universe to upset the balance of our universe?
    HH: No.
    ATS: Was the 911 ritual the creation of a star gate?
    HH: No, it was a Ritual Human Sacrifice. That, and the obvious catalyst for the so called “War on Terror”.
    ATS: So could the predictions of federation of light’s “Goodchild” could have been true in a sense instead of a UFO or our understanding of a UFO could be light bearers
    influencing mankind ascend / descend to a higher/lower vibration status?
    HH: She has a good heart. She just tuned into the “wrong channel” and listened to the wrong programme. I mentioned before, that if one does not exercise the appropriate
    protection, and discernment, what was initially a positive channel can very easily become unknowingly corrupted by a negative one. When they start giving you dates and times,
    you know that something is amiss. Giving dates and times that are not going to come to pass, succeeds in putting out the Light of the ‘channeller’s message, by destroying the credibility of the messenger.
    ATS: Is the creation of fear, terror, horror and suffering by your kind to create loosh emotions for feeding at the time of harvest?
    HH: No.
    ATS: Are the bloodlines that have been infused with the ancient wisdoms trying to become god’s themselves?
    HH: There is no need to try. Humanity needs to grow beyond the stagnating concept of “gods”. The idea of “god” takes the Power out of your own hands, and places it upon
    some shadowy unknown figure, somewhere “out there”. In other words, outside of yourself. Instead of “god”, see “Creator”.
    So, there is no need to “try”. We already are Creators. And so are you. The only question is, will you Create Consciously, or sub-consciously?
    ATS: What is 11.11?
    HH: Think of it as an alarm clock. What are alarm clocks for?
    ATS: Please explain how new born babies are infused with spirits after birth.
    HH: They are not. A Soul enters into It’s physical container usually long before the birthing process, sometimes later, but still before the actual birth..
    ATS: Does a website like this serve the purpose of negative generating?
    HH: That depends upon how you use it. It has the potential to be either negative or positive. It is up to you how you use the potential.
    ATS: What is wrong with having an ego and why do the new age religions try to suppress the ego? Without an ego is seems as though one can’t ponder his own existence. Or in fact
    learn from the wealth of knowledge that we are searching for in making mistakes and correcting those mistakes.
    HH: There is nothing “wrong” with having an ego. Your ego is an excellent and invaluable tool. Yet, as with any tool, if you do not have it under control, it carries the potential to become dangerous, and do you and others much harm.
    ATS: H.H., strangely, my concern is that I will be recycled back onto the wheel of life and be reborn with a new brain and lose everything I have so arduously learned in this life time.
    HH: Your Soul remembers everything you’ve ever experienced. The only reason you don’t remember it all now, is due to what we term the “veil of forgetfulness”. If you came into each new incarnation with access to your Soul memory, there’s no point in your coming into space/time. It would be like playing a computer game with all the cheats. You wouldn’t learn anything, and it takes the fun out of playing the game. Remember that this current physical body you carry around with you, is not who you are. It’s just the
    vessel for your essence. Who you are, is Real, and cannot be destroyed. You will retain all your memories of this life experience once you pass onto the realm of time/space, or that which some call “Heaven”. space/time is illusion, time/space is Real. That Infinite Being living within and around your “body”, namely your Soul, is who you really are.
    The part of you that thinks, and feels, and loves. It will always be a part of you.
    ATS: My dream is to be a master such as yourself.
    HH: I am not a Master. I am a growing and evolving Soul, just as you are. We’re just at different stages of our development. You will get to where you desire to be. It takes time and patience. Be sure to make time to enjoy the journey.
    ATS: I endeavor each day to master myself and change. To develop a mind that has mastery over my body. I feel I have come so far in this life time and yet not far enough.
    HH: You are on the right path, in that you are consciously choosing to work upon yourself. Many there are in this world, who are not even aware of such a concept.
    Remember though, that it is not only the mind you must develop, but also your Soul. Work with your feelings as well as your thoughts. Cultivate Compassion (as that is the
    main thing you will begin working with in 4th Density). See yourself within all “others”, and treat “others” as you would like to be treated yourself. Then remember this one crucial thing:There are no “others”.
    ATS: My dream is to one day personally meet great masters like yourself and learn what you know.
    HH: Then here is what you must do:
    Go and find yourself a mirror. Gaze deeply into it, and then say this magic word: “Hello”.
    And you will indeed meet with us, back stage, once the game is over. When you see us “out of costume” you will recognize us as your age old friends.
    ATS: Thank you for coming here and sharing your vast knowledge of the universe. I have much to ponder.
    HH: You are welcome. Thank you for your questions. I feel the desire within you to progress. You have it Within yourSelf, to be all that you wish to become, and much more
    that you cannot yet even imagine.
    We look forward to sitting down for a good old reminisce with you on the other side. In the meantime, keep Trusting in, and working upon yourself, and live each moment in Thanksgiving, to our One Infinite Creator.
    May our Infinite Creator bless and guide your path.
    ATS: Honored sir (or madam)
    I wish to be the one to bring a new planetary energy system to the world. As it is assumed that the “families” have great knowledge, I humbly request access to this small bit of needed information. A U2U message to set up a more secure route of communication would be splendid, I presume.
    I am aware I can never be a “member”, but “acolyte” would suffice. I am also aware a trade off would be in the offing, and discussions of such would be held with respect, though not with guaranteed acceptance. I await your reply.
    HH: I am sorry, that this is not possible. One is Born into the Family, and raised in a very specific and rigorous way, which engenders unwavering Loyalty. No matter how keen
    and sincere one may be to “join” us, we can only place our trust in those raised in our ways. I would not wish the conditioning process we go through on anyone, it can be
    grueling at times, and it is too late to begin the process once childhood has passed. As for further communication, unfortunately this is also not possible or allowable for me. I have given as much information as is permissible for me, during this discourse. There are many informational “gems” within these pages, for those who truly seek to develop
    themselves. Some are obvious, others are more subtle and multi-layered. Take them “within”, and ask your Infinite Creator to bring you insight. We wish you well upon your journey, and look forward to seeing you at the “aftershow” party.
    ATS: I’m still not clear on what this harvest is. A “harvest” means to reap what has been sown – by you!
    HH: Not by us. We did not sow, our Infinite Creator did. We do not reap, our Infinite Creator does. We help to prepare the Harvest, by separating the wheat from the chaff, for want of a more eloquent metaphor.
    ATS: Will it be an instantaneous change, of which there will no longer exist the physical realm as we currently know it to be and are experiencing as an “illusion”?
    HH: I have already covered this elsewhere in the topic. I would encourage you to read through again, and find the information I have already presented on how the Harvest will
    occur, and what the different variations of experience will be.
    ATS: Thank you for answering my previous questions. I have some more, if that’s ok? 1. How can karma be overcome, if at all? Is there an end to the karmic cycle?
    2. Is time really as we perceive it, or is it another 3D illusion?
    3. Are your family members born with the knowledge of what they are and where they’re
    from? If not, and it’s all taught and passed down, have you ever doubted or questioned
    any of it?
    HH: You are welcome.
    1). No, Karma cannot be ‘overcome’, it must be ‘worked off’. In other words, if you’ve hurt someone, be it physically, emotionally, or however else, you will have to, at some future point, experience what that felt like for them. The Law of Karmic Effect is not a ‘punishment’, it is a tool of learning, which is set in place to promote personal growth and development. If you have to feel the consequences of your actions, there is a higher likelihood of your choosing a different course, the next time around. It is also important to hold in mind that it works both ways. Seek therefore to ensure that the effect of your presence upon those ‘others’ whom you encounter upon your journey, are positive and beneficial. 1b). A Karmic Cycle is brought to completion once you have learned the lessons intended for you from it. If you keep repeating the same mistakes, you’ll keep cycling until such a time as you get the message, and break the cycle. But yes,
    ultimately, all of us will learn that which we need to learn, and all of us will find our
    way Home. For some, it just takes longer than others.
    2). Linear time is more accurately described as an intentional fabrication. Thetrue nature of time, is cyclical. Though, remember also, that even cyclical time, is part of Creation, and Creation, beautiful as it may be, is also an Illusion, or more accurately, a Thought-Form of our Infinite Creator. Creation is not Real, but the Creator and Co-Creators of it, are.
    3). This is an excellent question. I will devote some time to it: Firstly, there is a distinction to be made. When I speak of Family in this particular reply, I am referring to the Power lines, ie; those that do not originate from this planet. The bloodlines that you know of, whilst they are a part of our extended Family, are not born with the same extent of (Spiritual/Esoteric) Power that we are, and in this response, I am referring to our True and Pure Family. We are not born with the same veil of forgetfulness as you are. The veil is still in place, but would be most accurately described as being somewhat “thinner”. We see the “invisible” connections of life which are hidden from you, because we retain access to more than just the 3rd Density
    perspective. Not dissimilar to the manner in which some people can see what you call auras. This is because you are working your way up, whereas we have chosen to step down, in order to help you. We could not do this as successfully if we had to forget all that we have learned. In other words, to you, everything “appears” as being “separate”. We see that this is not the case. We do not have ‘direct’ Soul Memory, as in the manner that you remember what you did yesterday, but we may access any portion of our Soul memory we so chose when we focus upon it, often in a meditative state. Personally, my experiences are different again, in other ways, due to my specialty in the Spiritual disciplines. But I will go into that in more detail later, in response to another question.
    Yes, information is indeed passed down, though unlike for yourselves, any one of us may, with some effort, check the validity of that information from our Personal and Group
    Soul Memory. basically, where you see yourselves as “separate” human beings, we see and Know, that we are One.
    ATS: Then I am glad I picked up on that particular point. I found it to be a real ray of light. Though, I’m unsure what to do with it. This information feels as though it should
    comfort me, and yet it’s difficult to feel comfortable knowing that ‘evil’, in part, makes us who we are. But thank you nonetheless.
    HH: “Evil” is Not who you are. It is part of the complex series of illusions, that you use in 3rd Density, to show you who you are not. The further up through the Densities you work, the less Polarity plays an important part in the game. The Sixth Density, the Density of Unity, is the last level that Polarity is a factor, but even then, it factors in a very different way. Instead of balancing Positive / Negative, you will be balancing Love / Light, Compassion / Wisdom.
    ATS: True, and I’m glad you pointed that out to me. I think what I really meant when I said you are “alleviated” is that your very essence is not ‘evil’ or corrupt. And this
    alleviates you from my perspective because I’d forged an idea of the ruling elite as being comprised of terminally corrupted souls.
    HH: No Soul is terminally corrupted. Every Soul is a beautiful individuated portion of our One Infinite Creator. Souls play characters in the Game of Incarnation. Souls can play some really mean and nasty characters, but underneath the disguise, they will always be beautiful. Remember this, everytime one of these beautiful Souls ‘mistreats’ you as a part of their storyline. They’re just playing their part, like any good actor does whilst on stage.
    Be thankful to them for their Sacrifice, and learn the lessons they are bringing to you.
    ATS: You say we all mingle between incarnations but I suspect the nature of our perception and interaction in that realm is not comparable to our Earthly methods of
    interaction and therefore, as a united entity there’ll be no independent ‘laughter’ . I have a few (what I feel are probably final) questions for you:
    HH: Not so. Think in terms of individuated Souls, who can see and understand that they are not separate, but interconnected. It is an illusion, that “space” is “empty”. You will still interact as an individual, yet at the same time, you will see how we are all One. It is difficult to explain in a way that makes 3rd Density sense. We just do not have the words or concepts to describe it. We no longer need words where we are going.
    ATS: 1) How do you know all this? And I really mean KNOW. Clearly you have been taught in great depth about the nature of existence. But how do you know this first hand?
    How is it more than faith for you? Have you been able to avoid ‘forgetting’ upon reincarnation?
    HH: I have made reference to this, in my answer to the previous poster.
    ATS: 2) You seem to be suggesting that your methods of physical enslavement are intended to force us into spiritual awakening. But if that is so, why are methods of
    spiritual suppression used against the general populace (chemicals, organised religion, sociological)? I understand why you obstruct our material lives but not why you obstruct
    our spiritual development.
    HH: Think of it as a “test”. Have you ever noticed, how just when you ‘think’ you’ve found something that really
    “feels” like Truth for you, something will come along to make you doubt it? To make you doubt the truth, and in so doing, to also doubt yourself in believing it?
    It happens all the time, in fact, almost every time you have some new revelation that gets you all excited. And it happens, quite by design. You cannot see this however, as it’s happening beyond 3rd Density comprehension, in a realm where everything can be seen as adjoining and relating to everything else. Syncronicity. All a magical part of our
    Infinite Creator’s ingenously Creative mind, and excellent sense of humour and irony.
    Can you see how the “test” works? Just when you find something that you’ve weighed up and dissected with your
    discernment, and decided to integrate it into your concept of “Truth”, along comes the challenge to your newfound beliefs. Usually in the form of an event, or something that ‘others’ may say to disuede you.
    Your Spiritual development, like all other aspects of your progression, is something that you have to work for. How do you know if your newly discovered ‘truth’ is really True, if you’re never tested on it.
    The test, is this:
    In the face of a challenge, who do you trust?
    Do you trust what the “outside world” is showing you?
    Or, do you hold fast to that which “feels” like Truth, deep within you?
    That is something you can only answer for yourself. I am sorry I do not have the time left to respond to all of your questions, so I selected the ones I felt to be the most important. I have enjoyed our communication Cythraul, and am happy to have made your aquaintance. Well, I must press on with more questions. I ask that our Infinite Creator bless and guide you on your path, and give you the Courage of your convictions.
    Be well friend, I look forward to meeting up with you when we’ve completed the game.
    ATS: I have one more question for you if i may.
    What question has not been asked as of yet that is most important for us to know if any?
    And if there is any would you consider it asked now? Not sure if this one does any good but it stuck in my mind last night.
    HH: An excellent, and incisive question to ask.
    I think what I shall do, is to save this question, for the very end of our discourse.It will be an effective way to bring our time together to a close.
    ATS: Hidden_Hand, I know you’re trying to focus on spiritual questions and questions about the density shift. But if you could detract for a moment to answer my questions about shape shifting I’d appreciate it.
    HH: I will, but must be very brief, I am sorry. Shapeshifting is not a “natural” phenomenon. “Shapeshifting” creatures / races do not exist, at least certainly not in any realm, Galaxy or Density we have ever experienced.
    However, there are certain Rituals that when engaged in, enables this to take place. It has to do with the fact that the body, as is true of all physical things, is not really solid. Sure, it looks and feels as if it is, but in actuality, all matter is composed of atomic and sub-atomic particles of Light, within molecules and compounds. As I say, I’m being brief through necessity, and don’t have time to go into the science.
    There are certain Rituals which when undertaken, allow for a range of ‘manipulations’ of the so-called ‘solid’ bodily mass to take place. I have seen some grotesque images in my time, which I really prefer not to dwell upon.
    I trust that even if in some small way, this will have answered your query. And this next question, I will have to finish on for tonight. I have somewhere I must be.
    ATS: H_H, I wish to thank you for your enlightening words. It has been an utmost pleasure of mine to read what you have spoken.
    I do however have a couple of questions..
    As I look into myself, I see (feel) as though I am an old soul who has learned many things and possibilities, how are we to know how far along we have come in regards to obtaining a higher spiritual being during the coming Harvest?
    HH: You are most welcome. Appreciation is always appreciated. I am unsure whether your question refers to now, or once the Great Harvest is accomplished, I’ve already touched on what happens after in a few replies. so I’ll go with the former.
    As for now, there is a simple method to check upon your progress. Despite what “appears” to being going on in “the world at large”, how loving and harmonious are your personal relationships? Remember that the world, is your mirror. Casting back at you the reflection, of that which you have projected into it. How many arguments do you find yourself
    engaging in? Is there bitterness and acrimony within the ranks? Do you look at others, and think about how you would like to change them? Or, do you love them, and accept them as they are?
    Loving and accepting someone, for who they are, is known as Unconditional Love. That is something you will spend much time working upon, when Graduating into 4th Density Positive. It’s a good idea to get a headstart. Now, loving and accepting someone as they are, does not mean accepting abusive behavior. But, it does mean loving and accepting the person (Soul), not the Soul’s behavior. The behavior is not “who they are”, the Soul within, is who they are. The quality of your relationships, is an excellent mirror, from which to gauge the quality of your output. Or, in other words, that which you are Creating. Do you look at a person, and concentrate to a greater or lesser extent, upon the things that you dislike about them and wish would change, or the qualities that you like and admire in them?
    Remember that we have said, that all thought, word, and deed, is Creative. You get back Exactly what you send out.
    So, when you send out the thought “Why is she so hard to live with? Why is he always behaving like this?
    Ask yourself, what exactly are you doing?
    Now focus here, as this is so obvious, you could miss it. And in fact, most do.
    Take away the “question” from your sentence, and essentially, you are saying:
    “She is so hard to live with”. “He is always behaving like this”.
    Do you see what you are doing?
    Remember, All thought is creative..
    You have just created the very behaviour in that person, that you wish to change. Simply because you do not understand the Law of Radiation and Attraction.

    Now, try an experiment: Take someone in your life, that you love, but sometimes have trouble getting along with. Think, about the thoughts you have projected about that person. The Negative thoughts. Ask yourself, does the behavior that you do not like in that person, in any way correspond to the thoughts you have been having about them? If you’re honest
    with yourself, it’s a strong bet that it does.
    Sure, they must have behaved that way in the first place, to make you notice that you didn’t like it, but, we all have off days sometimes. The more you focus on that behavior, the more you are going to see of it. It’s just Life, doing what it does, and conforming to your expectations about the way it will be for you. Now, having recognized this, what will you do about it? Simply notice your Negative thoughts as they arise, literally, “catch yourself” as you
    are having them. And then, simply change your perspective. Focus instead, about the things you like about this person. How you love their smile, the sound of their happy laughter; the way they do such and such nice thing, how helpful and loving they can be. Keep putting those positive thoughts out. Persevere, as you may have a bit of negative work to undo first, but just keep catching yourself, and focusing on
    the positive..
    Then prepare yourself for an “almost magical” transformation of your circumstances. Always monitor your thoughts, and pay attention to their Quality; because what you think about, is directly related to what you will see around you, and what Life will show you. It is the difference between conscious, and subconscious Creation.
    ATS: And what of our Loved Ones, or more appropriately, my soul mate who I Love dearly. Will I be able to take this new Journey of the Harvest alongside my Loved ones?
    HH: That will depend upon whether or not you both Graduate, or have to repeat the cycle. Though rest assured, even if for one lifetime you were to be apart, you will always
    be together in time/space (between incarnations) and you will be able to plan many future ‘lives’ (incarnations) together.
    ATS: And one more thing as I know there are others who are longing for questions answered.. Why do we Dream in Metaphors which make no sense?
    HH: I do not have time left tonight to respond sufficiently, but the short version is that the Universal Mind speaks in Archetypal Imagery. In a similar way that the writing in some of our Oriental languages uses a system whereby a collection of words or meanings are contained within what is essentially a ‘symbol’, so the Universal Mind uses Archetypes to communicate in Dreamtime. Just like understanding any new dialect, you just need to learn the language.
    ATS: Thank you so very much H_H, I strongly wish I may meet you someday and have a good talk.
    HH: You are very welcome, and it will happen as you wish.
    Not now, in this lifetime, but soon, when we have finished playing this game together. No
    rush though friend, we’ve got all the time/space in the world. All the time/space in Creation actually. I must go now for tonight. I shall do my best to reply to as many of you as I possibly can do tomorrow, before I must take my leave. Goodnight to you all. I ask that our Infinite Creator bless and watch over you.

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  227. #227 Steffie
    June 28, 2011 am30 11:44 am

    Rawanderer Heart Seeing that you so sweetly ask, not great at all!!! feeling as if my body is fighting off some kind of virus – everyone around me is down with severe flu and other related delights. I’m determined not to get it, but my body is fighting me on that!! I WILL BEAT THIS THING!!!!! so I’m taking myself off to bed right now – fuzzy brain, no co-ords… best I don’t try to communicate when i’m like this! Laugh

    Love and rainbows and hugs to everyone Heart Rainbow Heart Rainbow Heart

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  228. #228 bateleur
    June 28, 2011 am30 11:51 am

    Dreamwalker – HH refers in this post re his “availability”

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  229. #229 rawanderer
    June 28, 2011 am30 11:52 am

    Steffie- I am sending you love dear soul for all you are going through. The best kind of healing is light and sound, have you ever looked up solfeggio frequencies? Put on some headphones, meditate and let the sound waves of the frequencies envelop your entire being in love. Cannabis can also sometimes be of help for bodily sicknesses, but it is purely third dimensional whereas the frequencies are of a such higher nature, also cannabis may not be your cup of tea. I truly hope you get to feeling better, we need your voice of love on this site! In love Heart

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  230. #230 rawanderer
    June 28, 2011 am30 11:55 am

    Well, I have my blog up and posted the first entry! Here is the link,


    As I learn more about how to use wordpress I will link the sites and blogs of my dear friends on here such as Laura, DW and SunRaymond!

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  231. #231 Laurinda
    June 28, 2011 am30 12:01 pm

    Steffie: Here’s hoping you are back at the top of your game real soon, and I don’t mean “GF Soon” lol

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  232. #232 Admiral2012here
    June 28, 2011 am30 12:02 pm



    …here’s the transcript, read other stuff they do…I read a part where they have insects they use to destroy crops


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  233. #233 Admiral2012here
    June 28, 2011 am30 12:15 pm


    Australia’s Darling river is running with water again after a drought in the middle of the decade reduced it to a trickle. But the rains feeding the continent’s fourth-longest river are not the undiluted good news you might expect. For the cloudbursts also create ideal conditions for an unwelcome pest – the Australian plague locust.

    The warm, wet weather that prevailed last summer meant that three generations of locusts were born, each one up to 150 times larger than the previous generation. After over-wintering beneath the ground, the first generation of 2010 is already hatching. And following the wettest August in seven years, the climate is again perfect. The juveniles will spend 20 to 25 days eating and growing, shedding their exoskeletons five times before emerging as adults, when population pressure will force them to swarm.

    It is impossible to say how many billions of bugs will take wing, but many experts fear this year’s infestation could be the worst since records began – 75 years ago. All that one locust expert, Greg Sword, an associate professor at the University of Sydney, would say was: “South Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria are all going to get hammered.”



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  234. #234 dreamwalker
    June 28, 2011 am30 12:21 pm

    Awesome, rawanderer – keep the light shining strong! Sun

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  235. #235 Gunner
    June 28, 2011 am30 12:27 pm

    ManAdmiral, I remember when I was like 20 years old and up in northern New Jersey there were millions of locusts. My friends house we were staying at was completely covered with them. They didnot get into her house. You know the dark hats had to introduce these into our system along with mosquitoes, ticks, fly’s and all thos other nasty little pain in the ass insects. i like some of them especiallly the praying mantis. Look up close at one of their heads and you would swear it is an extraterrestrial. They are so cool and i think they are still on the endangered species listing so to kill one you would face many fines.
    Grasshoppers are different and as a kid they just wanted to crap on your hands when you picked them up. LCB’S Little crappy bastards.

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  236. #236 Gunner
    June 28, 2011 am30 12:28 pm

    what does SMH stand for? I see it in the comments of the daily news here frequently.

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  237. #237 Admiral2012here
    June 28, 2011 am30 12:37 pm

    …yeah Gunner, I like those praying mantis’ too…and yeah, they do look alien…funny when they kinda wobble side to side

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  238. #238 Gunner
    June 28, 2011 am30 12:48 pm

    Man dying once a lifetime sucks but this lady had to die twice and the second one was at her own funeral.

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  239. #239 Admiral2012here
    June 28, 2011 am30 12:54 pm

    …man Gunner, now that is crazy…Eeeks! Can you imagine? Shock

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  240. #240 LauraTyco
    June 28, 2011 am30 12:54 pm

    Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow
    Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun
    Sending love and light to Steffie !!

    Koala Thank Rawanderer!! You are just awesome !! Will link Blogs indeed and With SunRay too!

    Love and light dearest friend Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart

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  241. #241 bateleur
    June 28, 2011 am30 1:03 pm

    #228- Rawanderer – Hey man, I learned about Solfeggio tones from Steffie, downloaded them and listened to them for about 3 months. Didn’t know though that you can use them for headaches or other pains.
    That cannabis – I got some “medicinal” variety growing (they are still small), can I use them like a tea? I would not want to smoke them. Still way better than Aspirin, they are hard on the stomach, bloody Illuminati crap.
    I get about once a week a migrane with nausea, which I attribute to ASS.

    STEFFIE- I wish you a good rest and a speedy recovery.

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  242. #242 Gunner
    June 28, 2011 am30 1:06 pm

    I guess they dont do embalming in Russia. I hear it happens a lot in Russia where people are mis-diagnosed as hving died but are still alive. sounds like some zombie movie.

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  243. #243 spedman
    June 28, 2011 am30 1:10 pm
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  244. #244 Gunner
    June 28, 2011 am30 1:25 pm

    Well suffice to say, I didnot get much work done at all. Only some e-mails.6 minutes to go and out of here. Interesting comments though but I am sure all will be good. Have a great night everyone.

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  245. #245 Laurinda
    June 28, 2011 am30 1:29 pm

    Talking about Light and Being Light are two distinctly different things indeed! Sun

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  246. #246 spedman
    June 28, 2011 am30 1:32 pm
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  247. #247 dreamwalker
    June 28, 2011 am30 1:58 pm

    @Spedman, man I have been ROFL at your posts the last few days. You must have a connection to Coyote, he has the same sense of humor.

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  248. #248 rawanderer
    June 28, 2011 am30 2:12 pm

    Bateleur- I’m not entirely sure about cannabis tea, but I know you can make what is termed “cannabutter” and spread that butter onto whatever you want. Cookies, browinies, anything! That is how many people who use medicinal cannabis for lung cancer use it. I’ve never made cannabutter and am not entirely sure how I think you need about an ounce of it to make enough. IMO smoking it would definetely not help headaches, but eating it might.

    Laurinda- We are all light! Every one of us! Our bodies, souls and the physical reality all around us is made of light! Even the “dark” ones are of light! There is no seperation or distinction, everything is light and love! (Oh rawanderer is full of it and full of himself for saying that) Grin In Love! Heart

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  249. #249 Galactic Messages
    June 28, 2011 am30 2:13 pm

    Who is a lightworker?

    The Golden Heart means to simply fill yourself with love…. then carry that love into your life. – Sri Harold Klemp from “The Golden Heart”

    “Light” is the expression of love. “Worker” is a servant.
    A lightworker serves in the spirit of love.
    That is my passion.

    I first heard of this term in an article of Philippine Star columnist Jeannie Javelosa entitled “Are you a lightworker?” (October 2006). My good friend Mary J. clipped it and gave it to me. I found the descriptions of a lightworker fascinating. For example:

    Lightworkers are balanced and have found their centers. They do not judge or make fun of anyone because everyone is where they ought to be.
    Lightworkers have no drama about them and yet you feel their inner joy.
    Lightworkers are slow to anger and are able to see the duality in our world and learn to navigate their souls through the dark.
    Lightworkers are sure of themselves but never full of themselves. When they look at you with eyes of understanding and compassion, it is about you, no matter what you are, what you own, or where you are coming or going.

    “I am that I am, and the divinity in me is going is going to make a difference in this planet. I feel the truth when I hear it and when I read it. Even my small efforts will create an energy that is larger than I can imagine, combined with others, to create peace on Earth.”

    I adhere to the ideals of a lightworker. It is our journey, sama ka (will you join me)?


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  250. #250 rawanderer
    June 28, 2011 am30 2:16 pm

    GM- Such a wonderful description! Lightworker can certainly be used to describe EVERYBODY here, those posting and those just reading comments!

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  251. #251 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 2:17 pm

    So much has recently been brought back into my perspective. My issue was me losing control of my ability to consciously create due to emotions that resulted from a circumstance that I unconsciously created. As Laurinda would say, “Hot Damn!!”

    I unconsciously created that circumstance because…well I don’t know why. But it taught me. As of now I can say, “All is Well”. The new and intense frequencies has been coming in more harder and faster than ever over the past week or two. For me everything became slippery. Time became slippery. Shifting between parallel realities became very slippery. My thoughts started manifesting almost instantly over the past week or two…and I wasn’t ready for that. Too much of a sudden acceleration. I’m getting used to it though. In fact, I’ve just gotten used to it. Well I have work to do. Now I’m going experiment with these heightened manifestation abilities of mine. And this time I won’t lose my guard.

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  252. #252 rawanderer
    June 28, 2011 am30 2:30 pm

    Sunraymond, you are teaching me so much! It’s comforting to know I wasn’t the only person going through that, it seems like most of us have! It’s been a rough period but we are all seeing our respective ways out of it, and we are to shortly be rewarded beyond our wildest dreams. Smile

    In Love Heart Heart Peace Peace Yin Yang Yin Yang

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  253. #253 rawanderer
    June 28, 2011 am30 2:39 pm

    Dear souls of GM, these are two messages I channeled today and last night. The branch of the GFL I communicate with were channeled last night at around 1 (the morning hours are the best for enhanced psychic abilities!) and Mikos was channeled a few hours ago. Smile


    Me: My dear friend Mikos, how are you on this fine day? I can deeply feel your energy, and I know you wish to communicate. How are you?

    Mikos: Hello dear wesley, I am doing so good! Watching you and your friends enter such a dark period and come out of it all seemingly unscathed, yet again, is so heartwarming! The energies coming down have had negative and positive effects, make way for the change they bring! Everybody needs to become aware of the universe that is their soul. Inside you is the same life you see outside of you! it is difficult for you to comprehend at the moment, but it will become more clear. The times of change have arrived, and you all should be preparing yourselves, for this is the time you dreamed about when you entered duality so long ago. Every painful or difficult experience you can draw on presently you have experienced in duality, and now is the time of reward, of your hard work paying off! We know earthly problems can get in the way of some seeing the big picture, just dont let them! It is simple, but breaking away from the confines of ego is the difficult part as for so many of you ego has been your comfort zone. I and so many others tell you now, don’t feed that comfort zone! You will find the light and the higher dimensions so much more comfortable, you will see Grin

    Me: Thank you for the uplifing message Mikos, I truly enjoy connecting with your energy and love.


    Me: Hello my friends of the GFL, I wish dearly to connect with your energy and channel you. Even as I am typing I can feel your loving presence. These times have not been easy, but we lightworkers refuse to let ourselves be defeated.

    GFL: Hello dear wesley, we are so happy to again be talking with you! Let your troubles all melt away whilst in our loving presence. As we told you before, to get a clearer message it takes feeling our love and our presence in a much deeper sense than you previously have, if the channeling is too shallow than ego can fliter messages to a degree. We know you are learning this, and soon you will be channeling much clearer messages than you even are now. We sense you wanting to edit parts of our message out and censor yourself, and we wish you to know that this is completely unnecessary. No matter what for the time being one will always have critics, as they are a catalyst for getting past ones own doubts and frustrations about what they are doing. Know you are completely on the right track, and that goes for everyone!

    GFL: We wish to speak of the energies that are sending so many out of whack. Know you are all going through something profound, and are dealing with so many shifts at one time that can sometimes bring your emotions out of center. Know that this will soon pass as you all integrate these energies more fully into yourselves, and harmonize with this spirit of change that is taking so many out of their comfort zones. People will begin to generally get along more as we all join together and become one. All of the present problems and frustrations you experience still day to day will so quickly become no more, and you wont miss them one bit!

    GFL: We are so excited for our coming together, it will be the most victorous time for all of us that have been involved in this game for so long. This universe will become a shining new beacon of light!

    In love for all dear souls—END

    I highly encourage all to get involved in not only channeling messages, but channeling as much pure love as possibe straight to the core of Gaia, she deserves it. Smile

    In love Smile Heart

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  254. #254 Laurinda
    June 28, 2011 am30 2:55 pm

    Wesley: It sounds like you are channeling yourself here.

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  255. #255 Admiral2012here
    June 28, 2011 am30 3:01 pm


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  256. #256 rawanderer
    June 28, 2011 am30 3:05 pm

    Ah laurinda and addy, gangin’ up as usual. I love you two so much Heart

    I believe there was a recent interview with Sheldan Nidle, and in it he discusses how when channeling, it can sometimes seem that the voice coming through is your own, you just have to have faith that what you are doing is real and right! I fully have that faith, and nothing you say will change that Smile I will always be posting my channeled messages on here, this is just the beginning. If they don’t resonate with you, move along! Grin Heart

    I look forward to your response. In love!

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  257. #257 rawanderer
    June 28, 2011 am30 3:11 pm

    Laura- I posted links to your blog, dreamwalker’s blog and sunraymond’s website on my blog. It is so wonderful how we are all coming together! I can’t wait for the first channeled message I post on there, and I will be sure to post them here as well, so I can have dear laurinda tell me how fake they are!! Grin Grin

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  258. #258 Galactic Messages
    June 28, 2011 am30 3:14 pm

    ok. this is about ENOUGH.

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  259. #259 rawanderer
    June 28, 2011 am30 3:15 pm

    Admiral and Laurinda, thank you both so dearly for being my catalyst:

    ATS: [...] I understand why you obstruct our material lives but not why you obstruct
    our spiritual development.

    HH: Think of it as a “test”. Have you ever noticed, how just when you ‘think’ you’ve found something that really
    “feels” like Truth for you, something will come along to make you doubt it? To make you doubt the truth, and in so doing, to also doubt yourself in believing it?
    It happens all the time, in fact, almost every time you have some new revelation that gets you all excited. And it happens, quite by design. You cannot see this however, as it’s happening beyond 3rd Density comprehension, in a realm where everything can be seen as adjoining and relating to everything else. Syncronicity. All a magical part of our
    Infinite Creator’s ingenously Creative mind, and excellent sense of humour and irony.
    Can you see how the “test” works? Just when you find something that you’ve weighed up and dissected with your
    discernment, and decided to integrate it into your concept of “Truth”, along comes the challenge to your newfound beliefs. Usually in the form of an event, or something that ‘others’ may say to dissuade you.
    Your Spiritual development, like all other aspects of your progression, is something that you have to work for. How do you know if your newly discovered ‘truth’ is really True, if you’re never tested on it.
    The test, is this:
    In the face of a challenge, who do you trust?
    Do you trust what the “outside world” is showing you?
    Or, do you hold fast to that which “feels” like Truth, deep within you?
    That is something you can only answer for yourself.

    Again, thank you both so much. I am sending you both love!! Heart Grin

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  260. #260 Galactic Messages
    June 28, 2011 am30 3:18 pm

    then PLEASE ACT like this is Love you are sending. somehow continual, nasty, snide remarks don’t FEEL like Love.

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  261. #261 rawanderer
    June 28, 2011 am30 3:21 pm

    Thank you so dearly for coming to my defense GM, I sincerely appreciate it Smile Addy and Laurinda are simply playing a role, and I appreciate them dearly for it. See the message I posted from ATS regarding having your newfound beliefs picked at.

    Still, you have no idea how much I appreciate you coming to my defense, as their words do sting. In love Heart

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  262. #262 Galactic Messages
    June 28, 2011 am30 3:23 pm

    please make no mistake. this was not at anyone in particular, but as a general request to everyone who is tempted to continue on and on and on with snide remarks thinly veiled with not so sincere “i love yous”.

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  263. #263 Admiral2012here
    June 28, 2011 am30 3:23 pm


    So, what governments are researching these types of websites? Most of them. There are think tanks, secret governments behind the governments, scientists and others that are dedicated to this task alone. They do it in an effort to find any weak spots, any information being revealed to the public that is in direct contradiction to what the governments want the people to believe. When governments first started researching these websites years ago there was an air of arrogance, an air of impunity about their browsing the websites, almost as if it was a bad joke. Today there is a distinct air of desperation that permeates these men and women while they are intent in their quest of scrutinizing these information sites. They have discovered that they cannot hurl false accusations against these peoples’ websites; they cannot ridicule, badger or destroy these peoples’ truths because the people just keep going and going and refuse to give up. In a Spiritual sense, these same Souls who have been reincarnating here over and over again trying to make a difference are no longer standing alone. It is a cumulative effort that is part of the collective consciousness that is defeating the beast at its own game.

    Governments also are aware of the plethora of ships in the air, especially those ships that are intentionally allowing themselves to be seen. World leaders are more afraid than ever before about what will happen to they, themselves, once the ships actually land and begin the process of reformatting a new infrastructure on this planet with the true people of the planet. At that time there will be no room left, no place to hide, where the dark rulers will not be found. So the governments keep on reading and researching. There is irony here though, so many men and women assigned to this investigation are in turn realizing the truth and sharing what they know. At this time they are doing so in secret; only speaking with others who will listen. Many of these people we are speaking about who are learning the truth in their investigations are now fighting the battle from the inside.

    All governments keep stats on people who are aware, who are ready and willing to break the backbone of deceit. So who are the clear channels of information? The governments? Religious leaders? No. Most of those in politics and religion are as deluded today as the original progenitors of the Illuminati wanted them to be. In attempts to continue debunking air ship sightings etc., they scan websites to learn more about public sentiment concerning these events, because their tried and true methodology is to seek out the people who follow the path of least resistance. These people have always been the easiest marks for governmental bodies to control. This will not last much longer; the people are coming to their senses.

    The incongruity here is that those who were peering out through the looking glass at the people are now having the tables turned on them. The people are looking back.

    Salude… Celest and David


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  264. #264 rawanderer
    June 28, 2011 am30 3:24 pm

    You don’t think I said any snide remarks do you?

    ..because i’ve been getting critisized, as well has everyone who talks to me or agrees with me in any way…

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  265. #265 Galactic Messages
    June 28, 2011 am30 3:26 pm

    this was a general statement. if you question whether it is aimed at you, then perhaps you should ruminate on that.

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  266. #266 rawanderer
    June 28, 2011 am30 3:28 pm

    Really? I truly have been sending them love every time they hurt my feelings..it’s not just something i’m saying.

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  267. #267 rawanderer
    June 28, 2011 am30 3:29 pm

    gm 265- now watch as admiral and laurinda jump on me for you saying that…

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  268. #268 rawanderer
    June 28, 2011 am30 3:31 pm

    Please go back and read some of their posts to me..you will find the exact definition of what you are saying can’t fly here.

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  269. #269 jacob
    June 28, 2011 am30 3:43 pm

    um iv read all the posts here and the 500 posts and im still confused what you guys are fighting about.i dont see you guys fighting at all.could someone please bring me up to speed on these events? seriously im copmpletely dumbfounded whats happening. the only thing i know is that admiral is mad or something and he repeats his posts thats all iv found so far.

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  270. #270 Galactic Messages
    June 28, 2011 am30 3:46 pm

    ~Sarah here~

    This goes out to EVERYONE.

    We have all, as a community and as a family, come together once more to make GM a loving, accepting, warm place to be. I cannot stand censoring people, but at the same time, I will not sit by and idly watch while events take place that ruin this for everyone. That said, everyone please keep the following in mind:
    No matter how you sugar coat it, your true self shows to those who need to see it.
    No matter how you disguise it, your true intentions are seen by those you most wish to fool.
    The more you cause argument and chaos, the more you’re helping the Dark.

    Lastly, while I am happy to post links to our readers’ sites in the sidebar, please refrain from advertising said sites, as we have enough spam coming in already and do not wish to encourage them.

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  271. #271 rawanderer
    June 28, 2011 am30 3:51 pm

    I agree sarah of gm, and I have been trying so hard to stop this cycle. The majority of my posts have been in complete and total love! It just seems that if I post something that a couple others don’t want posted (I.E- channeled messages) I get attacked for it. I try to show the attackers love, to stop this cycle!

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  272. #272 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 3:55 pm

    @ Jacob, You are funny. Hey man don’t even worry about it. This will be over soon. Just stay kool. Cool

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  273. #273 rawanderer
    June 28, 2011 am30 4:07 pm

    Look, can we all just forget about this bickering? Can we please just all coexist? Without making others feel less than yourself (because that is what has been happening), and if somebody posts something you don’t agree with, just let it go and move to the next post? Please? I find it hard to grow with the collective help of others on here when i’m getting ridiculed, and made feel like I am somehow not of light because a couple people on here with seniority act like it.

    I will just go out and say it: Amiral and Laurinda, you two have been immensly hurting my feelings these past few days. I try to get past it but you two dont stop. What is it you want from me? I am not attacking or anything like that, I just wish to know why you two are teaming up to slander me. It has really been hurting me and has reduced me to tears almost every time you have done so. Please just let your hateful feelings against me go, because despite what has happened I love you two dearly and always will.

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  274. #274 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 4:07 pm

    Yall don’ brought out GM!!! LoL! WusSup GM!!

    Sun At everybody else,

    “Behold how Good and Pleasant it is for Brother and Sister in Unity”
    I said that the other day.

    Yes I made my crazy statement today but I apologized as I wasn’t myself.

    There is a big misunderstanding happening here on many different levels due to conflicting vibrations of the various souls here.

    Many of you are putting each other on blast. In an attempt to make someone else look bad…you make yourself look bad. However, I’m not concerned with good and bad here. That’s just two different sides of the same coin. Flip it…did it land on good or did it land on bad. Doesn’t matter. Something bigger needs to be acknowledge. Do…it.

    Some people on GM are of the Light. Some are of darkness but thinks they
    are of Light. Some are of Light but acting as if they are of dark. Some
    don’t know what they want. We have dark fighting dark, and dark fighting Light too.
    On the bright side we have Light fighting dark with Light which is nice…but we also have Light fighting dark with dark. And I almost got myself shot into that while
    imbalanced. Well I’ve taken my power back.

    I am the dancer. I wrote the steps and I know how it goes. I know where I stand. I am of the Light. Sun

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  275. #275 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 4:12 pm

    Here is the lesson to be learned here and now. It’s about our perspectives. We create the versions of the people that we want to experience. Something I well understand…even though a similar concept is mentioned in one of the channelings here. If you have a problem with someone here then close your mouth. Forgive others. Forgive yourself.
    Change yourself and watch the so called “problem” cease to exist.

    Sun Behold how good and Pleasant it is for Brother and Sister in Unity Sun

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  276. #276 rawanderer
    June 28, 2011 am30 4:13 pm

    Laurinda, when I first came here you were a motherly voice of love that made me feel so welcomed..now you are attacking me, seemingly out of nowhere..I guess I just want to know what I did that made both of you suddenly resent me..

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  277. #277 rawanderer
    June 28, 2011 am30 4:17 pm

    Sunraymond, if you would point me in the direction of that channeling I would appreciate it..I would like to read it. Thank you

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  278. #278 jacob
    June 28, 2011 am30 4:18 pm

    so waot this is about 2 people attacking you? why? this whole thing is about this?or am i not getting the bigger picture?

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  279. #279 rawanderer
    June 28, 2011 am30 4:21 pm

    Jacob, this issue goes back very far, and there is hurt on both sides of the conflict, it’s not just about me. I just wish I could get Laurinda or Admiral to actually talk with me about the whole thing and tell me what it is about me that is bothering them…but so far nothing.

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  280. #280 jacob
    June 28, 2011 am30 4:25 pm

    so if i got this straight you started channling about the time i asked you for personaol questions then they didnt like that for whatevewr reason and they wont tell you why and they laugh or be mean to you behind your back talking about you together? excuse my language but thats being a asshole just ignore them and let them be dumb @sses your a great guy(girl?) so i dont know what their upset about.

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  281. #281 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 4:26 pm


    You attack each other.
    Laurinda Loves you…just as you Love her.
    Now I don’t care who started it. Just acknowledge what I just said.

    That channeling is on post #226 from Bateleur.

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  282. #282 rawanderer
    June 28, 2011 am30 4:32 pm

    Admiral was also trying to help me one day when I was extremely down, and I was responding to his help in a negative way. When I seemed to bounce back so quick, which was nothing less than a miracle, than an opinion began to form with admiral and I guess laurinda that I was “fake”, and maybe that I was just trying to get attention. I know that this is not the case, and I just wish I could communicate how sorry I am for the whole thing and how hurt I’ve been the last few days.

    But I have to agree that the way they have both been treating me is awful. I try to show them love, and they respond by making little comments back and forth to eachother, that you can tell who the comments are about. I experienced this kind of “bullying” all throughout school and these past few days have been forcing me to revisit those soul-destroying memories. I have broken down and cried many times, and they have literally made me feel that I am just “fake”, none of what i’m doing is real, and that I am just doing all of this for attention. It has been devastating.

    As said before, I really wish I could talk with Laurinda and Admiral about this situation, but besides telling me my channeled messages are fake they don’t want to talk to me.

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  283. #283 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 4:33 pm

    Be careful Jacob. #280 is more misunderstanding.

    One of the main problems here is a lack of communication. Situations are being fueled by both spoken word…and even by the unspoken words.
    The things that should not be said…are said. And the things that need to be said…are not said.

    See the God, Great Spirit of All That Is, in all of yourselves.
    Communicate better.

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  284. #284 rawanderer
    June 28, 2011 am30 4:35 pm

    Sunrayomnd, I love you brother, but please show me one of my postings where I have attacked admiral or laurinda and undermined their credibility the way they have been doing me. Besides telling them I wont let what they’re saying about me get me down, I really don’t think I’ve been attacking either one of them, in fact I’ve been trying to show them both love that they don’t seem to respond to.

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  285. #285 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 4:50 pm

    It’s alright Rawander…
    The discussions about channeling held here had me in disbelief of my own changelings. I was about to not channel anymore. Until I witnessed proof that I really was channeling Aten. However, I didn’t get too involved in that discussion as I don’t need to channel. I just like it. So I dealt with it on my own. And I blamed it on nobody. Because people here know not what they do. So what? It’s okay.

    I recently said something negative to Admiral. But I wasn’t myself. All of us…we haven’t really been ourselves lately. And no one is acknowledging that. It’s now about perception and forgiveness. If you don’t forgive others then they have power over you. If you don’t fogive yourself…then that’s just messed up. Forgive yourself…forgive others. Be free. What other people say about you is none of your business.

    Now don’t get it twisted…I’m not taking anyones side. I’m simply mediating.

    They called you fake?
    Well observe yourself. Are you fake? From my perspective you are clearly real. You walk, talk, and you have a soul. You seem real to me. Acknowledge that you are real. This is not Pinokio.

    Are you sorry? Then say sorry. Apologize. If not immediately, they’ll except your apology when they feel like it. There is simply a big misunderstanding happening here. It will not last very long. It will be over soon…and by soon I mean “GM soon”. Grin

    I’ve been bullied before in 4th Grade. And today I Love the people who bullied me so much. I’d share my gummy bears with them if I saw them today…because I see them for who they are. Even that was just a misunderstanding. If I can go back to that day knowing what I know now…then surely I would not have been bullied. They bullied me but they were wonderful kids…and they didn’t even know it. So what? It’s alright.

    After you have worked on yourself, speak your mind to Laurinda and Admiral…but do it in a way that is positive. A low vibrational situation can only be healed with a higher vibrational response.

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  286. #286 rawanderer
    June 28, 2011 am30 4:54 pm

    Listen all, I don’t think I can return to this site. This place just clearly isn’t what I thought it would be. I expected to find likeminded souls that would support any kind of spiritual endeavors I undertook, because I have nobody else. Instead I find a place where seniority rules, where moderators go against the abused and where people like to gang up on one other person and make them feel like complete hell. I am going to miss posting here, be that channeled messages or just talking to people.

    Admiral and Laurinda: You win. Perhaps you are both right. Perhaps I am just fake and trying to get attention, and perhaps all of this is just fake. Don’t worry, you don’t have to endeavor my posts anymore, for I am done here. I just hope your ego’s don’t get so big that you force everybody on this site out besides yourselves, as you will find it lonely with just two people here.

    Goodbye everybody. Dreamwalker, LauraTyco and Sunraymond, you three have been my greatest friends here and I look forward to further communicating with you, as I have all of your blogs in my favorites. Jacob, keep up the good work and continue excelling, and if you begin channelling messages for the love of god dont post them here, you may find yourself driven out.

    I say this one last time, in love.

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  287. #287 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 5:07 pm

    Well, you say unnecessary things like:

    “Admiral and Laurinda, thank you both so dearly for being my catalyst…”


    “Ah laurinda and addy, gangin’ up as usual. I love you two so much…”

    That’s not nice. Or is it? Consider people’s perception. If you want to say nice things then say nice things. But you didn’t need to say all that. All you needed to say was, “I Love you two so much…”
    Notice I always capitalize Love because I don’t believe in love…but i do believe in Love.

    I’ll continue…you said,

    “I will always be posting my channeled messages on here, this is just the beginning. If they don’t resonate with you, move along!”

    That’s not nice. You also said,

    “gm 265- now watch as admiral and laurinda jump on me for you saying that…”

    So what? That’s none of your business; therefore, you did not need to say that.

    You didn’t need to say,

    “Addy and Laurinda are simply playing a role, and I appreciate them dearly for it.”

    You know not what you do. People will take what you say the wrong way. Or are they taking it the right way? I don’t know.

    I Love you too by the way.

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  288. #288 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 5:11 pm

    Rawanderer you honor me. Thank You very much.
    Bye Bye, return if you wish.
    But remember, “It’s Alright”.
    In Light, Sun Sun Sun

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  289. #289 Galactic Messages
    June 28, 2011 am30 5:22 pm

    Alright, I’ve had enough. At what point did Leann or I go against you, as you say? We have done our best to stay neutral on everything, because we feel as though there will ALWAYS be disagreement, and that people must learn to love each other through even the tough times. That being said, I draw the line, here and now. Sad really, as I was about to give you a chance to have your own category for your channelings, so that those who do choose to read your channelings can find them easily, and those who do not can avoid them easily… But not if you’re going to come on here and toss around accusations with no backing. LeAnn and I made it quite clear we were talking to everyone involved. Go in love, and return back when you feel so called.

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  290. #290 Stick
    June 28, 2011 am30 6:12 pm

    ————- AS ABOVE —————–

    (((( Yin Yang http://youtu.be/x5m1A7zoIcc Star ))))

    ————- SO BELOW —————

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  291. #291 Wendy
    June 28, 2011 am30 6:12 pm

    The Neighbors have a kitty cat, we have a doggy, the kitty cat(shiskabob) killed one of my baby blue jays today. Not happy. I still like him, but not happy with him right now

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  292. #292 Galactic Messages
    June 28, 2011 am30 6:16 pm

    You’re on thin ice with personal attacks, Jacob. Feel free to say the same things, but without the hatred and whatnot. I won’t stop you from sharing you’re feelings, but I’m already about out of patience today, ok?Like I said – if you don’t care for them or won’t forgive them, that’s your choice, and you’re welcome to post so in a different way. -Sarah

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  293. #293 Stick
    June 28, 2011 am30 6:16 pm

    **Let Feeling Be The Tool You Use To Discern Truth**
    28 June 2011 ~ Channeler: Faye Rouchi

    Dear Ones, there are so many words already, so many concepts already, that I hesitate to offer any more, and so what I choose to do is to offer a replay of sorts, reminders for you to connect to Truth, for each of you that connects to these words, these concepts, to look within your Heart for their Truth, your own Truth.

    Seeking Truth from anywhere other than your Heart is one of the surest ways to lead you away from Truth. Information abounds, but information seldom, if ever, constitutes Truth. Truth is always simplicity. It is Truth. Truth is felt, Known, not understood. Only your mind seeks to understand and while your mind is a marvelous tool, it is not the tool you wish to discern Truth. Your Heart is.

    Your outer reality is nothing but a dream and a dream you create for yourself. Within your dream your mind has placed much information. While intellectually stimulating, much of this information can keep you cycling within a dream, recreating it over and over. Your Heart, my Beloveds, seeks new creations and new experiences, unprecedented experiences. These will not be found in the information you have applied in your dream reality.

    Does the information impart love? The mental world is of logic, and logic is a tool, but not a tool for discernment. Your Heart feels. Let feeling be the tool you use for discernment, rather than logic. Logic can only keep you in a state of confusion as to what is real and what is the dream, for the dream is its birthplace and its domicile, and logic cannot relate to any other reality in which logic does not dominate.

    Time and space are illusion, Dear Ones, part of the dream of logic. Be wary of any so called Truth that perpetuates the idea of time and space, for to be your true, authentic,expansive Self is available NOW, WITHIN. Now and within requires no time and no space. They are timeless and spaceless and this IS where your Truth can be found. It is within that your connection to all wisdom and expression of your Truth are to be found, for there you will find YOU. You will never locate You in your outer reality, your dream. You can come to Know this as a dream and then you can walk within it and no longer be mistaken as to its reality, for it is KNOWN only as a dream. Reality exists within your inner resources.

    There is much you can EXPERIENCE in your outer reality, your projected dream, but know it is not You, but you that You have projected. All outer realities are projections, learning schools, if you will, whose SOUL purpose is for you to learn your creative powers. You possess the power to create ANY reality you choose to experience. You can choose to experience time and space or timelessness and spacelessness. And once this choice has been made and mastered as a human, you are free to create whatever you so desire to experience. Until this is accomplished, by use of your free will, you will teeter totter between time and space realties and realties of timelessness and spacelessness. To master the latter does seem to require of you to move to the inner world, the world within, free from the illusion of your body and the body’s senses. Time in mediation, time in spacelessness becomes the norm and creation takes place there. In effect you recreate yourself, going beyond your limiting beliefs of physical manifestation.

    Remember, dates, clocks, TIME is not real; you have made this all up.

    Remember, places, planets, universes, SPACE is not real; you have created this as part of your dream for experience.

    The experience is unprecedented. But, know experience is not Truth. It can be a way to Truth and it can be a way out of falsity, illusion. Come to Know your experience intimately. Come to know your Heart, Dear Ones, for there you are face to face with Truth. There you face the God that You ARE and the You that IS God. For this is the way, this is the light. In darkness is much light. Close the eyes, and see yourself enveloped by darkness. Yet I tell you this darkness is in fact light. Always seek to find the light in all darkness, for it is there and it is the Master of Self that sees it always and in ALL WAYS.

    You are the Master of seeing light in darkness. Open the ‘eyes’ of your Heart and see light always and Know this light is eternal. The light is YOU. Seeing the light within darkness is seeing the You within God. Seeing the You within God is the same as being God. BE-ing God is SEE-ing light. See light always, especially in perceived darkness. This is how darkness will cease to exist, by seeing only light. Until then darkness and light will exist and be experienced, for to see it is to experience it. Be aware of what you see, what you witness. For within and without are mirrors of each other. Be a mirror of God, of light, of the love within Your Heart. In this way you experience the love that you are.

    Go in peace and walk in light, until walking is no longer and soaring becomes the norm.

    I leave you now as the flow of these words come to a close. Integrate these words. Digest them with your Heart for your discernment to discover the Truth they hold for you.

    We are One. I am Jeshua, known to you as Jesus, but in Truth I am you, for you are Christ, in Oneness we are Christ Consciousness.

    ~HoldingFirm777—————————Thunder Lion Thunder

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  294. #294 Wendy
    June 28, 2011 am30 6:17 pm

    going to beddie bye, way tooo much to read, when I gotta go to work tommorro morn. Will be back Thursday,will read everything then. Gotta job, but only part time. Thank you all again.

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  295. #295 Admiral2012here
    June 28, 2011 am30 6:19 pm

    …wow, it get’s interesting by the day Cool

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  296. #296 jacob
    June 28, 2011 am30 6:26 pm

    i can see that you dont want me to un-sugarcoat my messages so i will gm i understand that approach is acceptable everywhere so ill be more….the word for it is less harsh.for a littlke bit please let me attack admiral because well i have alot of anger and he has alot of splaining to do before i look at him the same way again.

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  297. #297 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 6:27 pm

    LoL!! Admiral…
    It’s always interesting here!!!!

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  298. #298 jacob
    June 28, 2011 am30 6:27 pm

    by the way please shut your mouth admiral you caused a very dis heartneing event that you look at with amusement rather than concern thats bs

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  299. #299 Galactic Messages
    June 28, 2011 am30 6:29 pm
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  300. #300 Galactic Messages
    June 28, 2011 am30 6:30 pm
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  301. #301 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 6:34 pm

    Oh snap…Side Frown

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  302. #302 Admiral2012here
    June 28, 2011 am30 6:36 pm

    …guess, you can call me “Street” Smart Cool

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  303. #303 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 6:40 pm

    LoL!! Galactic Messages…I like your videos. Funny.
    LoL!! Admiral..street smart.

    Jacob you said,

    “please let me attack admiral because well i have alot of anger and he has alot of splaining to do before i look at him the same way again.”

    It would be wise to release that anger. Forgive…
    …not for Admiral but for you! Whatever Admiral has done to you, forgive him for your own good. Or else he has power over you. He’s probably laughing at you right now. LoL!! It’s alright Brother. Be kool.

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  304. #304 Stick
    June 28, 2011 am30 6:42 pm

    **Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation**
    6 Cauac, 17 Kayab, 7 Ik

    Dratzo! We return! Our Earth allies have issued many orders to begin the final implementation of the transformation of your reality. The major governments of your world are busily putting together ‘quick fixes’ with which they hope to continue delaying what is now underway. However, a series of legal decisions has recently been handed down by several international courts which permit a rapid change of government, but these major governments’ legal counselors are pursuing a quick appeal process, as a way of doing their part in staving off the inevitable. This flurry of sudden activity is another indication of how close you are to the changes long promised you by our Earth allies. The last dark cabal is in full panic mode. It has seen its once formidable empire whittled away by court decisions, which now threaten its very existence. Those who, in the past, were able to use their power to hammer all opposition are in full retreat, bringing disclosure ever nearer. Our liaison teams and those of the Agarthans are meeting to discuss in detail how best to announce our presence and help the new governments.

    Disclosure, for us, is the cornerstone of why we are here. The time has come for your societies to put aside their childish behavior and accept the broad mantle of maturity. This one act banishes wars and distrust from your inventory and replaces them with Love and cooperation. Societies in limited consciousness often make the mistake of following models that are either dysfunctional or that were foisted on them by a supposedly superior and wiser group of individuals. In your case, you were literally drowned in the ‘advice’ of the Anunnaki and led astray by the ill-advised decisions of those minions placed in power long ago. You now have the opportunity for a major global course correction, which not only reverses the misfortunes of war and avarice but also heads you into prosperity and a joyous reunion with your spiritual and space families. We have watched, over the millennia, as you blundered into one misfortune after another, most of which were craftily arranged by a handful of beings who were given power over you by the Anunnaki.

    The transformations you are now passing through will enable you to get a truer picture of the reality you reside in. This information becomes the basis for collective decisions that can quickly resolve any problems that come up. We have known these things for what seems like forever to us. Think about the wisdom you are about to acquire as a huge resource that is easily accessed whenever you need it. Our task is simply to assist you in taking up the wondrous garb called full consciousness and mentor you judiciously in the use of the ‘user manual’. Then your natural capabilities will kick in, providing you with the insights that characterize and illuminate this most amazing tool which was given to us in such Loving grace by the Creator. You are destined to be a most beloved member of this Galactic Federation of Light. We look forward to your advice and the coming skill of your Science and Exploration teams. Your Agarthan kin is keen to meet you and teach you the history and wisdom that was lost in the fog of your amnesia.

    Over the millennia, the Anunnaki and their minions literally sold you a ‘bill of goods’, and the Agarthans’ primary task is to set the record straight by relating to you your true off-world origins and your long history as a member of this Galactic Federation. The Anunnaki’s perfidy has burdened you with half-baked fallacies concerning your origins and the birth of your numerous societies. You would also benefit from a complete study of how life functions and survives in your realm. Much of what you are taught is based on principles that are only partially true. The Agarthans would like to remedy this and offer you a life science that can prepare you for what lies ahead: full consciousness. This end game you are going through needs a quick primer on physical life and information of how the energy of your soul enters and maintains your beingness. The new connections that are almost ready to manifest are to change how you are presently put together, which is why it is essential to give you the understanding that can easily banish the remaining uneasiness about your transformation into full-conscious Beings of Light.

    Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! Everywhere, this reality, forged long ago by the dark and its Earth minions, is collapsing. The greed, hatred, and general discord are no longer able to keep the world’s population at bay. We are seeing defiance, aided by a growing virtual network of support, take the offensive and demonstrating to the dark that the guidelines used to rule you no longer hold. The initial answers proposed by many governments to counter this growing insubordination are proving to be ineffective, and the dark is stunned by the strength of your desire for freedom, sovereignty, and prosperity. This shows how strong the need within you is to regain full consciousness. Within this energy lie the means by which you can finally throw off the yoke that you were saddled with some 13 millennia ago. The dark sees what is happening yet remains in a sort of prophylactic shock, unable to accept the inevitable.

    Your work to bring in your Soul Force is succeeding. You are a remarkable group of Beings! The energy you have put into this effort has helped to fuel others to keep moving forward with their demands to transform the governance of this world. As this pressure continues, the programs set in motion by our associates are ready to manifest. We are instructing them to use the various divine time decrees of Heaven as the instrument for final implementation of their agenda. New governments are prepared to issue a series of announcements that are to change forever how your world operates, and we stand at the ready to help our comrades carry out a full disclosure that leads to your grand reunion with your Inner Earth brethren as well as your spiritual and space families. These celebrations are really imminent!

    As the time comes for your ascension into full consciousness, you need to look at this world in a new light. The realm of the dark has held you in check ever since your fall just before the last days of Atlantis. Now, you are preparing yourselves to transform this world into Light and assume positions of grace and wisdom. You have survived! This feat comes with a knowing that your Inner Earth brethren are prepared to welcome you to an array of spectacular crystal cities and other wonders you can scarcely imagine. We also reside in these cities of Light and know at first hand what awaits you. In these final days, see the dark cabal as Beings who are to undergo a great fall, and forgive them their ghastly trespasses. Soon, you are all to be one again, and the horrible events these ones created are to fade into history. Be gentle and above all, wise in how you carry out your affairs!

    Today, we continued our talks with you. Much is about to happen. We can feel how close your new reality really is! We are in joy that first contact is the element that finally turns the tables on the dark and its horrendous plans. You are to receive many positive surprises! Be ready to celebrate with us! And to be morphed into a great joy! The time for this great joy to become your eternal now has come! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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  305. #305 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 6:43 pm

    Oh…I posted my last comment after I saw post #302. Then I edited my #303.

    See Jacob? I told you he was laughing at you. LoL!!!!

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  306. #306 Admiral2012here
    June 28, 2011 am30 6:48 pm

    …anybody interested in reading Sheldan’s new post, instead of…well, you know

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  307. #307 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 6:56 pm

    I Am

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  308. #308 jacob
    June 28, 2011 am30 6:59 pm

    hes laughing at this sutiuation or my anger?if its my anger then thatsd ok since i woulf find someone getting steamed funny to if my beliefs ditated so.but if its the situation then thats just wrong one of our own leaves in tears because of him and he laughs at it!!! maby i should leave then if its soooooo funny.that would be just harlirous wouldnt it?

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  309. #309 Laurinda
    June 28, 2011 am30 7:18 pm

    GM Duddettes: Those Jack Nicholson scenes were hilarious! Thanks!!! Does anyone in Hollywood know how to freak out better than him??? Question

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  310. #310 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 7:18 pm


    Not to me…but maybe to someone else. If you can’t keep the peace with those you don’t like…then just put your focus on the people that you do like here.

    Laughing at the situation?
    Wrong? Right? I don’t know.
    It depends on the person who laughs and why they do it.
    But it’s Alright…

    Calm your acclamation points. LoL!!! <—-Those are happy acclamation points. Smile

    But you may want to stick around Jacob. Sure it is "The Crazy House" at times; however, there are many surprises here. And you may find someone that you know…spiritually.
    Now if you get attacked, it is because you've attracted that experience to yourself by creating your version of that person. I post on here a Lot and I've only been attacked once. Just bring fourth to GM the vibration that you want to receive from it and you'll be alright.

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  311. #311 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 7:24 pm

    And another thing Jacob, I don’t know what’s up with people and channeling…but I’ve never been attacked about my channeled messages. I channel Aten and I only did it twice so far but still…I was congratulated. So not everyone who channels get crapped on. If you feel excited about channeling then get into that…because you can ask your own questions. It’ll work out. But as I said in your birthday message from me, if you channel…make sure you learn to channel your higher self first. Wink

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  312. #312 jacob
    June 28, 2011 am30 7:25 pm

    whatever just dont talk to me for awhile admiral. if we dont talk to each to each other so fine. uess the NEW MESSAGE THATS UP will cheer me up.lets all go there.

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  313. #313 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 7:26 pm


    I do!!!! LoL!!!! Kiss

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  314. #314 Admiral2012here
    June 28, 2011 am30 7:27 pm

    …just like Carol Rosin said in her vid…you can be fooled by who your friends are…just listen


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  315. #315 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 7:30 pm

    Jacob NOBODY posts on Sheldan Nidle’s messages. We all stay right on SaLuSa’s message until SaLuSa returns with a new message. Then we Fly over to that one. LoL!

    But if you wanna go hit up Sheldan then kool. LoL! I’ll be over here.

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  316. #316 Laurinda
    June 28, 2011 am30 7:38 pm

    SonRaymond: Taty had Bill print out your email to her. She proudly calls it, “My first email!” We have been dancin’ to Soulja’s Crank That quite a bit around here! In Love

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  317. #317 Admiral2012here
    June 28, 2011 am30 7:52 pm



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  318. #318 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 7:59 pm


    LoL!!!! Crank That!!!!!! Bye Hug Left Bye Hug Left Bye Hug Left Bye Hug Left


    Aw I’m glad she Loves it!! That makes me feel even more happier. Heart

    But Laurinda????? It is printed out in color right? It has to be because I made it big and Orange! My favorite Color Sun

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  319. #319 Admiral2012here
    June 28, 2011 am30 7:59 pm

    …GOOD NITE EVERYONE…hope your thoughts and intentions are projected in coordinance with Universal Law…the “Mind” is a powerful thing

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  320. #320 Laurinda
    June 28, 2011 am30 8:04 pm

    Yes Sugar Pie—-its in color indeed!!!! In Love

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  321. #321 Laurinda
    June 28, 2011 am30 8:06 pm

    She is such a lovely little soul sister! I am introducing her to lovely and inspiring women of color who are in the public eye! Oh, and she saw Tina Turner rockin’ out with Mick Jagger on youtube last night too!

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  322. #322 Admiral2012here
    June 28, 2011 am30 8:09 pm

    …OMG…who knew, well, we just sit back and learn

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  323. #323 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 8:25 pm

    LoL! That’s really kool!!
    Yea just introduce her to random women of color. That’s how I met one of my good friends…

    It was my first time ever in Glenwood Springs, Colorado just over a year ago. I Loved it but there were no brown people in sight. LoL!

    So I’m just walking up the street touring the town and I see this brown skin girl…

    I was so excited but we just walked right past each other and as we walked by…I turned my head but she was walking. So I turned back around and kept walking.

    As soon as I turned back around I hear behind me, “Hey!”


    I turn around and she says, “WusSup man…you’re Black!!”

    I widen my eyes, smile big and yell, “You Black!!!!”

    …and we’ve been good friends ever since. LoL!!!

    Something else that’s amazing. When I returned to Colorado a few weeks ago it had been months since I’ve spoken to her as her phone got cut off. I thought I wouldn’t see her anymore. Well, the second day I got here I began my 7 mile up hill walk to pick up my Truck which has been sitting for 6 months. After walking about a mile I heard a shout out of nowhere, “Frank!!”. I turned sideways and walked straight across the highway not even looking for the cars. LoL! Turns out I was walking right past her job. I was excited. Anyways, she gave me a ride to get my Truck. And she visits me at the Hostel every few days. We go to Birthday Parties….and of course all I wanna do at a Birthday Party is eat Ice Cream and Cake. LoL!!!!

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  324. #324 Laurinda
    June 28, 2011 am30 8:31 pm

    Sounds like a meant to be friendship– orchestrated by some sweet angelics if ya ask me!

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  325. #325 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 8:39 pm

    LoL!! Yup! She’s kool. Smile

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  326. #326 Galactic Messages
    June 28, 2011 am30 9:02 pm

    Goodnight ALL.
    Love and Light prevails ALWAYS…
    Hug Left Heart Heart Heart Heart Sun Sun Sun Sun Peace Peace Peace Peace Hug Right
    XXXOOO ~Dudette LeAnn


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  327. #327 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 9:20 pm

    Sun Star Sun Star Sun All The Time Galactic Messages!!!!! Sun Star Sun Star Sun

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  328. #328 Gordon
    June 28, 2011 am30 9:22 pm

    Another thing I learned in my psychic training is about validation. In this world, we are trained to look outside ourselves for validation. In school, we submit our tests and our essays to the teacher for evaluation. The teacher does not tell us that only we can judge our own work.

    In psychic work, this does not work. Of course when we do a reading, or a channelling, the ego wants to hear everyone say “Oh, how brilliant you are, that is exactly right.”

    They may so so, or they may not. Either way, it cannot matter. You must validate yourself.

    Meditate on this, rawanderer or anyone who channels or reads. Meditate on validation, just sit there and validate yourself.

    You are, in the deepest sense, a part of God, creator of your reality, and the final arbiter of your truth. Others are likewise so in their universes (their space). In your universe, you are the truth. Validate that.

    The problem is thinking so small that there is not room for my truth and your truth.

    If they laugh at your channel, so be it. If they say you are a fake, oh well. There are in a totally different universe, and if that is their truth, then you can allow them that without losing your truth.

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  329. #329 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 9:39 pm

    Right Gordon! Well put…but noooo….
    SunRaymond is not about to sit and meditate. Side Frown
    Ain’t gon’ happen.

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  330. #330 Gordon
    June 28, 2011 am30 9:43 pm

    Ok SunRaymond, it sounds like you already have your truth! Big Smile

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  331. #331 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 9:50 pm

    LoL!!! Thanks Gordon! Sun

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  332. #332 SunRaymond
    June 28, 2011 am30 10:26 pm

    Yawn Sleepy Heads Razz

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  333. #333 manta12
    June 28, 2011 am30 11:09 pm

    wow Sarah 270

    “No matter how you sugar coat it, your true self shows to those who need to see it.
    No matter how you disguise it, your true intentions are seen by those you most wish to fool.”

    Those are powerful words, I need to remember that myself at times, I’m sure. Thanks

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  334. #334 Stick
    June 28, 2011 am30 11:10 pm

    Admiral & Laurinda: Despite the Clock you both spent off site today co-signing each others feelings; please don’t make the foolish assumption that they reflect the views of all the elder-statesmen of this tribe. Simply not the case. But hey, if you guys feel ‘good’ about the ‘Spiritual One-Upmanship’ game that played out… So Be It. ~It’s funny how easy it is to forget how the masses are controlled. All I saw today was a micro version of ‘Problem-Reaction-Solution.’ Nothing more… nothing less. You throw enough judgement, doubt and fear into ‘any’ mix, and guess what? The Cabal no longer needs to ‘police’ us, we police each-other. Wait a second… why am I writing this? You guys already know that.

    ~OneLoveRevolution888———————- Handcuffs Thunder Star

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  335. #335 Stick
    June 28, 2011 am30 11:13 pm

    **The final move towards your ‘Awakening’ has begun**
    06/29/2011 by John Smallman

    All are One. Many have said that and are still saying it, and it is the truth. But, encased in human form, it is very hard for you to understand or believe this. Being human is as though you were enclosed in an unlit lead-lined room – no sensations coming in and no sensations going out. Your body has seemingly cut you off from Reality, leaving you only with the illusions that your mind provides. Not your real divine Mind, but the small mind that controls your body. It makes you seem cut off, separate, individual, and it provides you with sensations to convince you that this is true.

    Nevertheless, intimations of Reality do seep through the barrier, stimulating your thought processes and bringing oxygen to the divine Flame within you. As I have told you, it is inextinguishable, but those intimations of Reality enable it to burn more brightly so that you cannot fail to notice it. That is the work of your guides and angels – the seepage into your sealed container brightening the Flame and encouraging you to pay attention to it so that it can lead you Home. That is, it wishes to help you to awaken so that you can realize and be aware that you are at Home.

    Your unawareness of this divine truth is due to the almost incessant distractions to which your bodies are constantly attempting to draw your attention. And, enclosed in that dark room devoid of real sensations, those distractions are extremely alluring. In fact, you find it very difficult not to give them your full attention, and thus you support and maintain the illusion, making it more convincing.

    You have been seeking your way out of it for a long time, sometimes more determinedly than others, and you have made tremendous efforts which have brought you to this present state of eager readiness to move forward into eternal day, that state of divine Reality into which your Father created you. The final move towards your awakening has begun, and all over the planet evidence of this is on display, often in seemingly most unlikely places, as love and cooperation among you starts to resolve issues that have divided you or remained unaddressed for eons.

    Sometimes it seems to you that new and unexpected issues and problems come into being at the very moment that some older ones were finally about to be dealt with, causing anxiety and disappointment. But truly they are not new, because all the issues and problems that you find so divisive are simply caused by a lack of love. Action is taken that is good only for a few, or maybe for many, but the result is that the good of some has been ignored, and this is discriminatory, not loving, behavior. And dissent is born. This is again the egoic need to be right, and to make others wrong, displaying itself.

    Problems can only be resolved when the solutions work for everyone involved. In the illusion, up until now, this has rarely happened because the powerful have overruled the powerless, or hidden agendas and dissemblance prevent all the appropriate information required to truly resolve the problem from being fully shared. This is now changing. Many groups are working together and sharing all the relevant information so that all may benefit, and this is as a result of the Love that is enveloping the planet being warmly and enthusiastically accepted by so many of you, and then being channeled through you to precisely where it is required by your Father’s divine Intent, assisted by your strong desire to see His Light shining brightly all over the planet. His Will is being done as you open your hearts to let Him in and heal you all into awakening. -With so very much love, Saul.

    ~OneBlood2011———————–Thunder Heart Thunder

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  336. #336 manta12
    June 28, 2011 am30 11:31 pm

    Good twelve minute speech from the mexican presidents son on TED


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  337. #337 Stick
    June 28, 2011 am30 11:41 pm

    *Federation of Light*
    June 29th. 2011 ~ through Blossom Goodchild

    Blossom: Another week has flown by! Could I go back to the key you spoke of last week? Is it valuable to repeat the procedures or should it only be done the once?

    Federation of Light: Welcome to you. Regarding this matter we would induce thoughts of continuation of the process. One therefore is allowing the enactment to modify all workings so that after a certain time the ‘correct installation’ arises and the benefits will not only be sensed , they will materialize.

    Blossom: Ok . Thank you. As I am asking questions … These Pillars of Light that you have talked about … when you presented them to me in my mind when you first spoke of them … well, I saw what I saw … huge structures of Light in the sky , and you said we would see them move, they would give of an immense energy and there would be NO denying as to what they were.

    FOL: Indeed. And we have not changed our course regarding this.

    Blossom: Ok. Only some FEEL that WE are the Pillars of Light .

    FOL: We would say that is in a manner of speaking. Yes, how your Light shines. Far more than you realize. Yet that which we have spoken of is as we said it would be.

    Blossom: And you said that is before the year is out?

    FOL: This is so .

    Blossom: Ok. Just clarifying.

    FOL: Your concern is of us not presenting them. We are aware of this. And we can accept your despondency regarding this and the reasons for it. There is so very much that will take you all by surprise once the cork has been popped. Once the unleashing of all that has had to remain curtailed is set into its energetic programming. You cannot deny these days of vast changes and yet with respect one is always awaiting something more. If you were to REALLY take note of what has changed in just your last few years and the acceptance that has grown widely of ‘things unidentified’ in your skies … let alone the increase in activity on a large scale of your networking for the good. You need only to tune in to discover the vast allegiance that has grown beyond measure toward the greater good of yourselves and the planet. Know the progress is part of the plan … and how well the plan is falling into place now.

    Blossom: I know this may seem ridiculous … but lf this was to be the last time we were to communicate … what would you consider to be the most important words that you would leave us with?

    FOL: Why do you ask us of this ? We have no plans to dismiss you from the case.

    Blossom: And I have no plans to leave. I suppose I am looking for something that is ‘new and different’. Please know I do not mean this detrimentally . Regarding all the wisdom you have given us about Love, it is a matter of us practicing what YOU preach and I FEEL this is your aim .. to help us raise our vibration. Yet considering who you are … ‘The overseers of the overseers’ … there must be so much you could teach us … or enlighten us with. With all respect, sometimes I feel we are covering the same ground.

    FOL: And with respect to you … we cannot speak with you of things that are above and beyond that which you are capable of understanding. Take a patch of sand … one that you could walk for maybe half an hour of your time in the same direction … and then turn and walk half an hour back again. Have you grown to KNOW every grain of sand with in the area in which you walk … all that you see in that walk? Indeed not so, and yet you FEEL you know that ‘patch’ so well. You recognize particular trees and certain rivulets along the way … yet in all Truth … how much is there that you have no idea of? So much exists upon that walk that you have not yet discovered, for your eyes have only focused on that which you are already aware of … that which you recognize … that which you FEEL is commonplace to you.
    Think for a minute … think of all you have not yet discovered in that place … let alone KNOWING the placement of every grain of sand and why it is in that place. Think of all the flowers along the edge of the sand … every blade of grass. Think of the nests in the trees, think of the life underground. You walk along this patch of sand and think of yourselves as walking along a beach and yet … there is so much more to a beach than just the water and the sand.
    We cannot move you on to the understanding of greater things until dearest ones, you have considered all that you already have and the greatness of that. With much respect we would say that what is already within your grasp … the beauty … the wonder … the magnificence at your fingertips … still goes by unnoticed … for one is always looking for more wonderment from elsewhere … instead of TRULY looking at what is right in front of your eyes.
    Yes, we understand that your human kind can FEEL in a place of LOVE and take note of a beautiful rainbow. This ‘LOOKING’ allows the heart to recognize a small portion of the soulself . Yet we say to you … all the wonderment that you are seeking and searching for is within you … it is not outside of you. When it is discovered … as each layer is awakened … it is then that a rainbow shall look entirely different. It is then as each layer reveals itself … as you allow YOURSELF to unfold that you see that the opening up of a paper bag has far more excitement to it than at this stage you care to consider.

    Blossom: Funny! I thought you were going to say ‘opening up of a flower’ … A paper bag doesn’t really have the same ‘ring’ to it!

    FOL: We would tend to disagree and as you know we do not speak of things without deep reason. This is our point entirely. One would expect when one sees a flower open to experience a FEELING of awe and wonder … to be able to automatically give Love and thanks for the beauty of your planet . Yet we are now asking of you to start considering finding the awe and wonder within that which you wouldn’t expect to find such inspiring upliftment,

    Blossom: A paper bag? Truly?

    FOL: TRULY! You accept the paper bag for what it is. Have you ever opened a paper bag and given your thanks to the tree that gave of it’s life … to become that paper bag? Would you consider the tree felt honoured to become a paper bag that carried something within it … and then was discarded in the waste? Or do you think that particular tree would FEEL more appreciated … more in honour of itself if it had been allowed to do what it came here to do?
    A tree as you know gives out oxygen. A vital part to play. It stands mightily in the place it was seeded for hundreds of years. It has seen and FELT peace and war tick by … it has nurtured winged souls and allowed them to make homes within its branches . It has sheltered untold trillions of insect life .. it has stood it’s ground and never weakened though all weathers that have battered and beaten it in order to sustain your planet. You tell us Blossom … the energy which that paper bag carries … is it just a paper bag? And more to the point … did putting your purchase in that bag … which then goes within another bag …. enhance your life? Would you surmise that it enhanced the tree’s life at all?
    We KNOW your answers and we are not aiming to offend. We are simply trying to explain that there is so much of each one of YOU … that still needs to be awakened before we could possibly consider experimenting with words to try and explain that which would ‘excite’ you. Do you see?

    Blossom: My friends I see very clearly. And I have to say at this point I FEEL rather ashamed .

    FOL: This was not our intent.

    Blossom: I know! Yet I do . I will accept with thanks the lesson learned.

    FOL: That which we are trying to assist you with … is very simple. Give thanks for all that you have NOW and all that you are NOW. Do not take for granted everything that simply ‘is’. Consider perhaps that which has been sacrificed in order to allow you the benefits of your comforts. All that is needed is the gratitude of/for.
    We say to you that the energy of that tree still resides within that paper bag. For all that it offered in Love for the all … do you not think that a proposal of blessings to that bag and all it has been through in order to simply be useful for five minutes and then disposed of … would not be appreciated? Many instruments are happy to sacrifice themselves for the wholeness of others … when there is purpose . Consider matters of neglect regarding that which is necessary and that which is simply useful. You would find yourselves behaving differently altogether if you adapted the story of the tree to all things within your daily events.
    So much has been abused over your time to convenience the human being … and so little thanks given in return. This NEW WORLD which you are creating in this very moment … with every NEW BREATH you inhale and exhale … has to be carefully considered if you wish to reform the status quo.
    Harmony amongst all that lives is the key to the world you are seeking. There cannot be ‘ranks’ of power. There cannot be one that considers themself to be above another human,plant, animal, insect . All that ever was/ is and shall be is just an aspect of LOVE. It may present itself very differently from something else … yet that is all it is … the same as everything else. LOVE.

    Blossom: Here endeth today’s lesson! A very powerful one at that. For me anyway. In Love, thanks and respect. Sometimes we think we KNOW better … but we don’t! A new day awaits me … and I will consider it in a different Light. Was there something else you wanted to say … I am now feeling there is.

    FOL: It means simply … learn to live from the heart at all times.

    Blossom: Working on the transference/transformation. Cheer ho for now!

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  338. #338 manta12
    June 28, 2011 am30 11:45 pm

    Lotta love in those Saul messages Eh! Very calming and Supportive.

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  339. #339 manta12
    June 28, 2011 am30 11:54 pm


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  340. #340 Stick
    June 29, 2011 am30 12:20 am

    ((( Star Star Star )))
    SaLuSa 29-June-2011

    By now you will have a good idea of what to expect as you pass through the final days of duality. Out of the chaos and uncertainty will come changes that will set the scene for what follows after Ascension. All will eventually be lifted up to a higher dimension, where you will have a degree of perfection not presently found on Earth. Indeed anything that is not of the same vibration will be unable to enter it, and will be attracted to its appropriate level. Now you will understand why there is so much emphasis on your individual development. It is up to you whether you ascend or not, but if you do there is not that much required from you to reach the higher level. It is largely a matter of intent and living your understanding of what it is to be at One with All That Is. It is love in action and it will take you all the way to and beyond Ascension. You do not have to belong to any sect or particular group, as it is something that is very personal and within your capabilities.

    There is no experience quite like finding your true Self, and living out your beliefs in the face of many distractions and attempts to divert you off your path. Your power lies within your ability to stand fast, when others around you are failing to overcome the challenge from the dark Ones that is always present. Love is the gentle energy that is the supreme energy, that cannot be destroyed and remains all-powerful. It is the energy of what you call miracles, and can be applied even now and achieve results. It is God given and never taken away from you.

    We have previously mentioned that those souls who have departed the Earth, will have exactly the same opportunity to ascend as those of you still on it. What you may not be aware of is that those who are of the higher vibration, will at some stage be able to meet you again when the Earth raises its vibration. The veil between the dimensions will no longer exist, and there will be some amazing re-unions with those who never thought they would see each other again. However, you will not be permanently together until the Ascension process has fully taken place. We do know that some of you visit the higher dimensions when out of the body, whether by chance or intent. There are in fact laws that govern entry into the Astral regions, and not every one would be allowed to go into them. For example souls leaving their physical body in near-death-experiences are usually met before they can enter such realms. The result is that most of them return to their physical bodies, when they understand that their time on Earth has not finished.

    There is so much to learn about your future lives, and it is all beautiful, happy and most harmonious. In your wildest dreams you have been unable to capture the feeling of Oneness that exists in the higher dimensions. It is truly a heavenly existence where you want for nothing, because you have your own creative powers. How do you like the idea of being where no money changes hands, where there is no need for a health service or doctors for that matter? Where your lives are not run by how much time you have, where travelling is no longer a chore, and you can live in your dream house? This really gives you something to aim for, and makes the effort you put in to succeed so worthwhile.

    Understand that all souls in your Universe are progressing through the same levels and onto the Source. For you Ascension is the first major step that will lift you up to levels, where you can meet with extraordinary numbers of different souls. Distance is of little consequence as you will move by thought, and could if necessary negotiate wormholes into other Universes. You will of course be given the necessary tuition so that you can safely travel around. When you reflect on what we have told you to expect in your future experiences, you will understand they are perfectly normal. It is your present life experiences that are peculiar to the third dimension and duality, and were never intended to be permanent. That is why the solar cycle was planned to complete in 2012, thus giving every soul the opportunity rise up out of it.

    Since you do not carry long-term memories of your previous lives, you have no feeling of having been in the lower realms for such a long time. If you did, to be present now would be so much more exciting as like any long trek, it is a great feeling when you reach the end of the journey. However, as you begin to learn about your true past and how you came to be in existence, a whole new picture emerges. We are all in it together and a wonderful union of souls will take place, that will see us travelling the wide beyond in one adventure after another. We of the Galactic Federation are made up of units of Beings that often stay together for thousands of years. That is why we can speak from experience where you past history is concerned. Bear in mind that we do not age such as you do, and changing from one body to another is by choice and like you putting on a new suit of clothes.

    Dear Ones can you see now how important the power of thought is, which is why you should try to develop it at the same time as learning to control its use. Have no fears however, as there will be much help available to you as you acquire such skills. It is why even in your dimension thoughts are considered to carry the same responsibility as actions. The reason is that both carry energy with them, which can be misused if care is not taken. We create by the power of thought, sometimes individually or in groups depending on what is in mind. Where you are concerned we can heal you by thought alone, read your mind and transfer our thoughts to you. That is something you do, although you are not necessarily aware that you are doing it. So you can see Dear Ones that you are a much more complicated Being than you probably imagined, and have a huge potential that you can now start to develop.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and it is wonderful to be with you at a time when you are so much more receptive to the truth. Hitherto, your minds have been infiltrated by false beliefs and information intended to mislead you. The dark Ones still use the media to poison your minds, and cause fear amongst you. However, you are becoming wise to their methods, and they do not have the same power over you anymore. Stay in your love centre and live from the heart, and you will be doing a service to other souls by sharing it with them.

    Thank you SaLuSa.
    Mike Quinsey.

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  341. #341 LauraTyco
    June 29, 2011 am30 2:17 am

    Matthew Ward on the Recent Allegations Against the President
    2011 JUNE 28
    by Steve Beckow
    Matthew Ward has also given his opinion on the Rinks’ video that alleges that the President stole $400 billion and committed other crimes. Matthew’s opinion is most welcome.

    “Repeatedly I have described Obama’s highly-evolved soul status, spiritual and moral integrity, purpose and intention to help create a peaceful world, and both Hatonn and I have spoken about the powerful and relentless forces Obama has been up against all along.

    “With the light intensity in this energy plane Earth has reached, people who are light-receptive know which information about him is the truth and which isn’t; people who have not responded to the light will believe the lies and won’t be convinced otherwise by any additional comments from either Hatonn or me.” (Matthew Ward through Suzy Ward to Russ Michael, June 28, 2011.

    A lot of people have written and said they are flagging in supporting the President. Some have written and said that they don’t trust him a bit. But notice that neither the galactics as represented by SaLuSa and Hatonn nor the spirit side as represented by Matthew have retreated an inch from their support of the President.

    They have at their command resources for knowing that are unavailable to us and I trust their opinion. So please realize that the dark are working as hard as they can to undo the President’s work and the greatest contribution we can make is to discount the fantastic rumors that are circulating, from people like Rinks.

    If next week, you hear that the President presided at a Satanic ritual at the White House or consumed a baby’s blood, will you believe it? I heard you answer “no.” Good. I can relax on the matter.


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  342. #342 SunRaymond
    June 29, 2011 am30 3:59 am


    Thank You for being straight forward with your #334 post. My perspective of what went on today is quite similar to yours. In honor of everyone here, I didn’t say what I wanted to say like you did. Which is weird because normally I say what I want to say. However, there is someone on this site (a few people actually) who I really like…and I don’t want to be disliked by that person. Something has happened to where my abilities are incredibly heightened. Especially my ability to remotely tune into people energy fields. With that ability among others, I’ve become quite aware in a very short time of what is happening here…and was has been happening.

    My favorite poet, Maya Angelou says, “If someone shows you who they are…believe them.”

    Oh my, have I been witnessing. However, even I allowed myself just for a second…to briefly slip into the dark hole…but it was too deep. I had to climb back out, see the Light, and advise from the top without judgment of course. Not of others and not of myself.

    I’m familiar with the term ‘Problem-Reaction-Solution’.

    But here there is not really a solution…unless the person being controlled becomes awakened. Then he must create his own solution. Or else there will just be constant reaction…and the controllers nor the reactors know not what they do.

    It’s alright…

    As a result of all of this. I must speak…

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  343. #343 SunRaymond
    June 29, 2011 am30 4:01 am

    Sun I am SunRaymond…

    Brother and Sister here at Galactic Messages,

    Is this what we came for?

    What we have here at Galactic Messages is a great Family Reunion. Family reunions are about uniting the Family. Here on this site, we bring together the young and the elder. Family reunions such as this one should be about thanking the Great Spirit for this unity. But instead what we see through these messages is Brother and Sister fighting, attacking, and accusing all over the place…

    …On this site!

    Scattered souls…those who have been apart from each other in and out…IN and OUT of time has been rejoined here…
    …On this site…on this day…and in this way.

    What happened to us?

    We souls are apart of the same Great Spirit.
    That is the energy that gives us the choice to Love.
    Sweet Love…the supersonic energy that flows though our bodies.
    Invisible but undeniable…God is Love.
    That is the stock that we are made of.
    That is the base…the foundation that keeps us going!
    That is the force that is lifting the veils…so that we may remember.

    That is what we came for!

    All Brothers here,
    Honor, respect, take care of your Sisters!
    All Sisters here,
    Honor, respect, take care of your Brothers!

    Starting Today! Starting Now!

    Who are you? Do you know who you are?

    Lets summon the Love, Dignity, Pride, and Respect that we should have for one another.

    Brother and Sister…take your place.
    Yes our planet has been enslaved for quite a long time. So what?
    They are leaving…we are staying.
    Take your place!
    You are not your human egos. You are not your body personality constructs.
    You are the soul that lives within. Be…it.

    Now! Starting right Now!

    Take your place!

    You all are Strong, you are Loved, and you are Honored.
    You have Everything you need.
    Take your Place!

    This…is what we came for.

    …I am SunRaymond Sun


    (This post will also be going on the next SaLuSa message as I took my precious time writing it…LoL!!!!)

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  344. #344 kathy
    June 29, 2011 am30 5:11 am

    Stick and Sun you took the words right out of my mouth, better than I could have stated. Thank you kathy

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  345. #345 LauraTyco
    June 29, 2011 am30 5:34 am

    Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow
    Respect to GM Massives Sarah and LeAnn!! Heart
    Respect to Stick for fine analysis as usual!! Heart
    Respect to Rawanderer, Dreamwalker, SunRaymond, Jacob and kathy for standing for the light and speaking their truth !!! Heart
    Respect for Admiral and Laurinda for helping us see ourselves Heart
    Respect to all posters and readers in these trying times Heart
    Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow

    Heart Sun Love and light will prevail Always!! Heart Sun

    I wish us all peace at heart, love, light.
    We need balance and calm.
    So can we all have our voices to speak and be allowed to express ourselves without accusations or attacks please ?
    We all deserve love and respect. Tolerance is also part of the Ascension process I feel.
    I would love Rawanderer to keep posting his channelings and I am not happy on him hurting right now I MUST SAY.

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  346. #346 Willow
    June 29, 2011 am30 6:09 am

    Good morning/afternoon, see you all are still having differences in opinion Smile. Won’t it me nice when we can all raise our energy level high enough that we can respect each others opinons. Maybe then, our sisters and brothers will be able to come and tolerate our world. Love & still waiting.

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  347. #347 Willow
    June 29, 2011 am30 6:10 am

    Centaurians will be chanelling this Friday and want questions. Anyone have any?

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  348. #348 LauraTyco
    June 29, 2011 am30 6:14 am

    Great post Willow!! I could not agree more with your post in 346.
    If we cannot achieve peace among ourselves, how are we all going to react to the Galactics… ?

    Would you ask for me if possible what exactly does need 2 be done before they can initiate global first contact?

    Love and light be with you sister Sun Sun Sun Sun

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  349. #349 Gunner
    June 29, 2011 am30 6:19 am

    laura, I am not into politics at all but I am also not blindly led by the media and our politicians. I really cant believe how many people fell for all the negative propaganda thrown towards Obama. It is so obvious and I even read where the Republican party has spent millions and millions of dollars (probably our money) just to dis-credit Obama. I guess they were right as you can see it surely has worked well for them. I was and always have been a big time supporter of Obama and will continue to send him much love and light as i think with all the negativity thrown his way he really needs the help. I mean he goes on vacation and people complain. well WTF you are also going on vacation so does not the Obama family have that same right. When he is on vacation, he is also working. He cant have a stinking beer without people getting all upset. Total mind control and like I said I am pretty surprised bo some of the people who were strung into this.

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  350. #350 jacob
    June 29, 2011 am30 6:19 am

    yes willow i would very much like to ask a few questions to horse people lol. 1.when i was little i lived in a house where i usd to hear wispering is some unique language that sounded backwards what was this? 2.also when i was little i was staring at my blinds trying to make them move.after awhile i swear they moved but right after that i heard a weird and errie noise that sounded like something landing in the field next to us.i look out but just see it leaving with lights. what was it? and the most important question 3.tell them that first contact and dsiclosure should happen now during this summer since people are off school being bored and attentive to things a little more and everyone is ready(mostly.)tell them that nothing is perfect and neither will the readyniess of this situation so now would be a good time than ever just get on with it. thanks if you ask these questions Smile i dont know where to go to see the channling so just heads me up later

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  351. #351 dreamwalker
    June 29, 2011 am30 6:33 am

    Well I for one will be jumping for joy and doing cartwheels when the 29th message gets posted! Grin

    And for me, that’s saying something… doing cartwheels would probably put me in the hospital!

    Thunder Heart Sun

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  352. #352 LauraTyco
    June 29, 2011 am30 7:16 am

    2011 JUNE 29
    by Steve Beckow

    President Eisenhower rolled out the welcome wagon

    I cannot import the video but you can watch it here.


    Exopolitics: ET Contact video from AZTECA TV

    Voiceover: Human beings have tried to live amicably in society since time immemorial. We’ve attempted to make contact and relate with other beings where we can learn something and in this manner attain progress quickly. But it is these same relations between people, or societies, that have given origin to problems on a grand scale. That’s the reason for electing leaders capable of solving problems for the masses.

    Ulises Hernandez/Licensed expert in political science and government: I think that all of us need or are restless to govern ourselves or to be well represented.

    Voiceover: Through representatives we’ve been able to improve relations between people from different countries and also with our natural environment. Politicians are in charge of finding peace agreements and making progress between people and nations.

    But remember– human civilization is only one among thousands believed to exist in this enormous universe. Politicians are in charge of many issues between the people who live on Earth. However, the moment that we human beings have contact with Extraterrestrials, then Exopolitics will be in charge of dealing with these “external”/”outside” issues.

    Fernando J. Tellez/Ufologist: EXOPOLITICS is the term being used or being created to mean Exos= Outside/Politics towards the “outside.” Outside of where? Outside our planet.

    Ulises Hernandez: Exopolitics deals directly with what pertains to anything outside of politics, outside of Earth, outside of Earth’s orbit.

    Eduardo Pujol/UFO Investigation AC: (Exopolitics) It’s the study of political processes in interactions between extraterrestrial civilizations and human civilization on Earth.

    Voiceover: In hundreds of books and movies we’ve read and seen realized the possibility of establishing contact with representatives from other planets. Even a few years ago that theme was only used by science fiction writers and screenwriters. Nowadays any serious person who is educated and prepared needs to admit the possibility that there may be life forms outside of planet Earth. Perhaps these life forms have better organized societies than ours.

    Ulises Hernandez: They could even be better organized than our own societies because we’ve seen that our “Earthling” society is horribly disorganized in the areas where we live. Too many wars occur. Too many social problems arise from the abuse and excess of human beings’ missions. We can see in movies how we can transform the life on other planets. Those planets would be either more or less advanced than ours. However, if they (ETs) have the ability to come to Earth that means they must be more advanced.

    Voiceover: The existence of advanced interplanetary relations is mere speculation at the moment. But logic indicates there are societies co-existing in an organized manner at the same time as ours but at extranormal distances.

    Eduardo Pujol: The universe is very well organized. For a civilization to have the ability to travel and conquer space, they would have to have reached a highly spiritual and mental development that would allow them to study other civilizations.

    Voiceover: Perhaps you are not aware but many sources said that in 1954 then President Dwight Eisenhower may have had political agreements with leaders from outer space.

    Eduardo Pujol: In the 1950s, President Eisenhower already had contact with two ETs whom we know as Nordics. These beings proposed to Eisenhower that the United States to dismantle its weapons of mass destruction in exchange for advanced technology.

    Voiceover: Apparently the first treaties between humans and these beings were not respected. The United States did not get rid of its weapons of mass destruction and this may have caused the number of abducted people to drastically increase. (1)

    Fernando J. Tellez/Ufologist: In the case to use Exopolitics, there are some interesting movements around the world, I don’t know, to try to create protocols and methods in case there is an encounter and what we need to do.

    Voiceover: They say that due to the previous unsuccessful attempts of the First Exopolitical agreements, the United States’ FEMA agency trains firefighters with a manual that includes in its Cabalistic Chapter 13 all the information dealing with UFOs. The so-called “UFO chapter” of this manual includes material that teaches officials the classification, precautions and even first aid that should be given to beings from outer space. Evidently, the content of this manual follows rules that are Exopolitical in nature.

    Many have dreamed of being able to establish contact with far-away civilizations that arrive on Earth. But have you thought about what would happen if ETs wanted to start diplomatic relations with us?

    To watch the video:

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  353. #353 LauraTyco
    June 29, 2011 am30 7:24 am

    Wanderer of the Skies – June 29, 2011
    2011 JUNE 29
    by Steve Beckow

    Wanderer acknowledges our “doubts about this process moving forward.” He also corroborates what Archangel Michael told me in my recent reading through Linda Dillon that “our representatives are already among you and are taking their places for the announcement.” AA Michael called these “transition teams” who are on the ground to handle any signs of general anxiety.

    He confirms that the divine deadline has passed in his comment that “time has now run out” and that the galactics can now handle any hostilities that the dark launches. This is a great shift in the situation. He reminds us that our time of service begins now and suggests that we focus on quelling fears. Thanks to Luisa and Yvonne.

    Wanderer of the Skies – June 29, 2011

    Greetings from the Federation:

    There is much happening on your world right now despite the fact that so many of you have doubts about this process moving forward. We can assure you that it is indeed on track and all things are happening as we have planned.

    There are many looking for answers to questions about what is happening now and many more who are totally overwhelmed by the process. We will not address these issues with you. We ask only that you keep focused on the task at hand. We ask that you direct your love, in its purest and most intense form possible, to your leaders as they discuss the final steps towards Disclosure. This will inspire a great movement forward as the power of your intention can create your reality.

    In the time leading up to disclosure, we ask that you spread the word as diplomatically, and as articulately, as you know how so that the greatest number of people will have an idea of what is to happen. In the days following Disclosure, we ask that you triple those efforts, as the act of Disclosure itself will be your rallying cry and you will have been “vindicated” in all your actions leading up to this moment.

    It is here and upon you. You will know it most definitely when it occurs. There will be no mistaking this. Our representatives are already among you and are taking their places for the announcement. The “cracks in the dam” are coming from every side now in ever increasing numbers and quality of information.

    We know how difficult the ups and downs of this disclosure process has been over the years. But time has now run out and we are quite confident that any outbreaks of hostility to the announcement, which we are becoming more and more convinced will not happen, can be contained by us. The true “test” will be your abilities as Light workers to calm the fears of those who have no idea that this process was underway for so long.

    Information and knowledge are the keys to obliterating fear. It is the torch of truth that eliminates fear from the minds of the human being. When Disclosure occurs, you need not stand on the soapbox to preach about us. They will already know. You simply have to point those who are uncertain or fearful to the same sources you have been following these long years so that they may drink from the pools of knowledge and information that have allowed you to become assured of our benevolence.

    After that, we will test, ever so diplomatically, the waters of Disclosure ourselves by becoming apparent in more than obvious ways. In the weeks and months following, we will begin the process of mutual understanding, mutual respect, mutual kindness and love. Those acts alone will bring the torch of Truth to those who are uncertain. Until then, you are charged with the responsibility for the knowledge you have. Begin by intending your result with Love and Kindness for all.

    Be at peace.

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  354. #354 LauraTyco
    June 29, 2011 am30 7:26 am

    Feeling Knocked Over? Lauren Gorgo Comments
    2011 JUNE 29
    by Steve Beckow

    In the comments section of her last newsletter, Lauren C. Gorgo wrote a note that may explain why so many of us are feeling knocked over. Thanks to Beth.


    Lauren C. Gorgo said…
    Hi all…wanted to share with you that (out of absolute frustration) I just got a heads up from the unseens that the reason we are so played-out right now is because we are at the tail end of integrating a high voltage of energy from the recent C-7 class CME that exploded off the sun on the solstice and reached earth on the 23-24th. It made for a [expletive deee-leted] weekend and the effects are still lingering, but supposedly we will have totally integrated the energy in our bodies by the solar eclipse on Friday…just in time for the next wave of pain. yay.
    The symptoms come in phases and differ for everyone, but you may have noticed the usual coked-up/cracked-out feeling of wild and unstable/ungrounded energies as the CME first hit the atmosphere and then by the weekend we were punched right between the eyes…literally…and now we are incorporating the energies in our cells.

    The pineal/pituitary glands got blasted with some serious fire to form another layer of the brain fusion that results from the merging of sacred energies. And this was no elementary blast…we were thrown off our axis in a very real sense and we are still balancing our wobble…so if you were spinning like a top during the weekend and/or knocked out from fatigue, muscle aches and soreness, go with it. We are being asked to really nurse ourselves back to balance for the next few days while our vitality is low….to coddle our cells thru the physical integration of every system, tissue, muscle, organ, etc. Sea salt/epsom baths & light stretching will help release trapped energy and discomfort, as well as lots of rest and real world reruns.

    On a positive note, I am hearing that this particular electrocution was the re-calibration required for resonance creation on the unity timeline…ie, those who are moving into triality consciousness will no longer have access to the electromagnetic polarity grid and so we needed this auric/physical upgrade to reconnect (upload/download) to/from the new server.

    hope this helps, even if in a small way…

    June 28, 2011 12:00 PM

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  355. #355 LauraTyco
    June 29, 2011 am30 7:28 am

    I hear you Gunner !

    I live in Ireland, so I have no political power regarding USA politics.
    But I feel for the man for being attacked and targetted constantly!!
    He has even grown grey hair!

    Sending him much love and light and to everybody on Earth, off Earth and from all dimensions!

    Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart

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  356. #356 Willow
    June 29, 2011 am30 7:58 am

    Jacob, I will do my best to ask your questions & Laura. The Centaurians have discribed themselves as very tall like basketball players, humanoid, and more transparent then we are. They are from the ninth dimension.They say that there are also Centaurians they look more repitallian. They are social workers. Though they have said that there are beings that do have horse like heads and that we will be surprised at all the varities of people. A lot like the bar sean it Star Wars. Excuse my spelling. They also say that there what we call ships are alive and that a lot of ships that you see and think are UFO are Government flown. Though the Sireans will be being seen much more now. You can tell a manmade ship from one of there by the fact theirs do not have any seams, manmade ones do. The meeting is in Fort Wayne, IN wish you could come. Donna has just finished updating her web site at centaurianmessages.com. she is putting up her Friday night channeling to be downloaded. They want to let as many people as possible know about. They also say by Oct. we will be thinking wow a lot has happen in a short time. (They tell the truth as it is right now, and it does change, so I am not holding my breath)

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  357. #357 Gunner
    June 29, 2011 am30 8:05 am

    Willow, new post is up, see ya over there.

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