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Message from SaLuSa for 13 July 2011

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    SaLuSa 13-July-2011

    There are many conflicting ideas as to how the final months will proceed through to Ascension. Our answer to that is to suggest that you do not hold too rigidly to your present views. Be ever ready to move according to what you learn as new, and be assured that much will be happening very soon. The entire picture is not held by any one individual, and many contribute to your knowledge. Intuitively you should know what to believe. In time there will be no doubts at all, as we will be able to be more open by contacting the public through television and the mass media. Also the Masters who are revered and whose word is respected, will walk amongst you once more. Be sure that by the time choices will have to be made, and people will know exactly what is at stake. Each soul will go within and become aware of their life plan, and if choosing not to ascend will have made a reasoned choice.

    Once people can grasp the importance of each soul exercising its freewill and making its own path, they will realise that relationships for the purpose of earthly experiences are often only of a temporary nature. Therefore be prepared for friends or even family members to choose differently to you. Just imagine how many relationships you have experienced through several hundred lives on Earth. Wherever you travel you will find that many souls will recognise each other for that reason. The love vibration is the strong energy that keeps the link alive between you. When you meet your true family amongst your Space friends, it will certainly be a wonderful reunion and you will immediately recognise them. Some of you will meet before Ascension when you are invited aboard their craft, but that will not apply to everyone. When you consider these more personal aspects, you will realise what a wonderful time lays ahead.

    The Chaos on Earth is actually increasing as the dark powers try to ignore the eventual outcome. Doing so will not make their problems go away, but will ensure their downfall, and it will also result in the changes becoming more urgent, and the people will clearly see that nothing short of a complete change will provide the answers. You are nearly at the half way house, where you have to decide whether you want to remain in duality or go forward and ascend. We know some of you wonder how that can apply to children or babes, and we will tell you that their decision was made before they incarnated. You might also question what the point is of them being on Earth for such a short period. The answer Dear Ones, is that they wish to link with their Earth family and it most likely means that they will go forward together.

    The Plan for this Universe is immaculate and your little Earth is so important to the final outcome. You have an affect on everything that is far greater than you could possibly imagine. Your vibrations are not helpful to the other Suns and planets and that bears little relevance to your size. It is the low vibration that can unsettle things such as their orbits, although it has to be said that the Light is at present the dominant force. We are doing all we can to keep it that way, and can assure you that we will succeed. When you come down to basics, you will understand that everything around you is energy in some form or another.

    The outpouring of energies that are being sent to Earth is achieving its goal of lifting you up. Many souls are noticing that they have slowly become much calmer, particularly when faced by circumstances that could easily have upset them. That is a sign that you are attracting the higher energies to yourself, and so it shall continue. As beacons of Light you are helping to transmute the lower energies, and hastening the time when they will have lost their power to dictate what takes place on Earth. Already it is declining and their frustration is showing as they hit out as a last desperate attempt to hold on to it. The Light grows faster and time is still speeding up, and that tells you how well you are doing in combating the attempts to deflect you from your path to Ascension.

    As individuals you find it hard to access how the changes are progressing, but know that we of the Galactic Federation are always engaged in some activities in connection with Ascension. Most of them are carried out beyond your sight or are so subtle that you would not notice them anyway. That is possible because of our advanced technology, and our ability to secretly monitor everything that is going in. One area that would interest you is where Chemtrails are concerned as we have been clearing them away, as we have done in the past to keep your skies free from nuclear fall out. That much we are allowed to do, as the dark Ones do not have it all their own way. Pollution in general is something that we have kept down, in both your interests and that of Mother Earth. When we can work openly and the actions of the dark Ones are brought to a halt, we will complete the cleansing and that will take next to no time.

    So you can see from the way we operate that you have little to worry about, as we are on top of the problems that beset you. We not only operate directly from our Spacecraft above your Earth, but also have some bases underground and on the seabed. Many have been in existence for millennia of time, and records of them exist in your ancient history. It is only in comparatively recent times that you have understood the meaning of such reports. Your flying shields, chariots, fiery balls and even Gods have been reference to the activity of Space Beings and their craft. In truth we have always been with you, and helped you out of problems that might have had serious consequences.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and we continue with our enlightenment of you, and you have come so far in a relatively short time. You have a good understanding of our place in your lives, and the ability to question what you are given. That we encourage as you should satisfy yourself that what you accept is in line with your conclusions. We never enforce our words upon you, but simply ask that you carefully consider what we pass on to you. You must know by now that eventually only the truth will remain, and every soul will eventually reach that level of understanding through raising their consciousness. Keep going and the pathway will gradually become much clearer and free from obstacles.

    Thank you SaLuSa

    Mike Quinsey.

  1. #1 Son of Light
    July 13, 2011 am31 8:43 am

    Hello Family of Light. I,ve been reading messages and comments for about 14 months now. Thank you for those of you who stuck to your beliefs and shared them with those who struck down upon your beliefs. Thank you for those who encourage one another and send information that may help each one of us get closer to God. What yall have going on here is amazing, so I decided to create an account. Smile I will shortly share my stories and such that relate to this amazing New Age Of Aquarious. First I have to treck back to the past. Thats a toughy lol

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  2. #2 dreamwalker
    July 13, 2011 am31 8:51 am

    @Laurinda sorry I’m having a brain fart day today. I totally missed the fact that the bohemian grove logo is an OWL – LOL DUHHHH

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  3. #3 dreamwalker
    July 13, 2011 am31 8:53 am

    @Son of Light welcome – enjoy your trip! Smile

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  4. #4 Laurinda
    July 13, 2011 am31 8:56 am

    I align myself with Divine Will, to express love,

    to choose the path of light and to elevate my purpose

    to that of the Divine Mind. Through my will, acting as

    an instrument of Thy Peace, I am a teacher,

    I am a healer, I am a leader, and I create the Beauty Way.

    And so it is.

    Amen. Rev. Angela Peregoff—worth posting again!

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  5. #5 Laurinda
    July 13, 2011 am31 8:57 am


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  6. #6 Gunner
    July 13, 2011 am31 8:58 am

    Lunch time , got a lot to post afterwards, great energy day.

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  7. #7 dreamwalker
    July 13, 2011 am31 9:14 am

    #4 Angela Peregoff’s messages have been going gangbusters lately IMHO – thanks for posting that blessing Laurinda.

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  8. #8 dreamwalker
    July 13, 2011 am31 9:20 am
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  9. #9 Robin.
    July 13, 2011 am31 9:23 am

    Thanks Sal & Mike.
    Welcome to ‘Son of Light’! Smile

    ‘..be assured that much will be happening very soon.’

    Despite the number of times we have been informed of this, over many years, I suppose the logics dictate that the longer the ‘delay’.. the MORE must then happen within a smaller and more compressed ‘time’ period?

    ‘..we will be able to be more open by contacting the public through television and the mass media..’

    Great, this has also been spoken of for many years, but does this imply that contact via our Media Channels is likely to now be the chosen form of FIRST mass-’contact’.. ie. is it to PREcede physical contact by mass-landings etc? Is this what is meant by: ‘..do not hold too rigidly to your present views. Be ever ready to move according to what you learn as new..’?


    ‘..Some of you will meet before Ascension when you are invited aboard their craft, but that will not apply to everyone. When you consider these more personal aspects, you will realise what a wonderful time lays ahead..’

    OK, but is this ‘not applying to everyone’ simply because 7 Billion people is just too many, or that those who choose not to Ascend this time around, will just have to await this treat until later?

    Overall it seems like things are moving along but CHANGING continuously to suit what ever glitches get thrown down by the dark.. and our own rate of consciousness development?

    Other messages refer to a present questioning as to whether to just enact a ‘Big Surprise’ mass sighting ‘show’ s**n(TM) too!

    That’s my personal preference.. ‘Just (bloody well) DO it’ as Nike used to say! Stop faffing around!
    I feel that Humanity is far more ‘adaptable’ than we are in a sense being given ‘credit’ for! Sure.. ‘read’ energy from a 5D level and make decisions by it.. but I’d be willing to bet. that if there were a ‘Big Surprise Sky-Show’ TOMORROW.. that our Light Levels would ROCKET far beyond their present ‘projections’ from a purely ‘statistical’ 5D approach!

    YaY!! Smile

    In Light!


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  10. #10 dreamwalker
    July 13, 2011 am31 9:37 am

    #9 What you mean they can’t fit all 7 billion of us in a tiny beamship by some trick warp of the space/time continuum?

    I’m so disappointed!!!! Grin

    But yeah my greater concern is that he’s saying something is happening when in fact it’s NOT! So where does that leave us, eh?

    C’mon, Sal old buddy – just DO IT already!

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  11. #11 Caveman
    July 13, 2011 am31 9:46 am

    Hey guys. There would nothing I’d like more than if this all started yesterday. However I hate to play devil’s advocate but these guys have been around for millenia as they have stated. So when they say ‘soon’ soon to them could mean a decade from now.

    Also I just gave myself a reality check and checked out some of the language in messages that are a year or older. A lot of them I think, express the same degree of urgency. Frown

    I think it will happen, my guess now is sometime in the next 5 years or so, sigh

    I hope I’m wrong though

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  12. #12 Robin.
    July 13, 2011 am31 9:47 am

    DW #10. Ha! The ‘Tardis’ Effect!! Smile

    Well, I’m sure SOMETHING is happening.. it’s just that we aint SEEing (or HEARing) of it yet!

    Who’s up for a World ‘Just DO it Day?’

    CM #11. Let’s make that 5 MONTHS Bro!

    Maybe ’11:11:11′ is when ‘The Boss’ has moved it all to??

    If we’ve been in 3D for Aeons.. ‘they’ have NOT been in 3D for Aeons.. maybe they’ve forgotten how long it takes to get from ‘now’ to ‘now’ s**n down here!! Smile

    In Light!


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  13. #13 Steffie
    July 13, 2011 am31 10:00 am

    from Michael Tellinger

    This is a good little intro for the sceptics and great additional information about the mysterious Asian/Vedic civilisations of the ancient past. They play an important role in all of human history – just like many other parts of the world that have been ignored by the mainstream history books.




    For our Canadian family – Michael’s tour is just about over – Montreal is next 14 July and finally Burlington VT 15 July. If you can possible get there, you won’t regret it! Heart

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  14. #14 Steffie
    July 13, 2011 am31 10:02 am

    WELCOME Son of Light #1 Heart Rose Heart great to have you join our family here!

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  15. #15 Robin.
    July 13, 2011 am31 10:02 am

    Gold Advances to Record on Debt Crisis.

    Gold climbed to a record as concern about Europe’s debt woes and a lower dollar boosted demand. Gold futures surged to a record $1,588.90 an ounce as the dollar’s slump and the European debt crisis spurred demand for precious metals as alternative assets. Silver surged the most since March 2009.

    The greenback fell as much as much as 1 percent against a six-currency basket after Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke told Congress that the central bank is prepared to provide additional stimulus to bolster the economy. Yesterday, Ireland became the third nation in the European Union to have its credit rating cut below investment grade.

    “The Fed is talking about more liquidity, not less,” said Frank Lesh, a trader at FuturePath Trading LLC in Chicago. “That’s more money for the markets, and gold is enthused. Investors are running away from currency volatility.”

    Gold futures for August delivery climbed $24, or 1.5 percent, to $1,586.30 at 12:32 p.m. on the Comex in New York, heading for the seventh straight gain. The previous intraday record of $1,577.40 was on May 2. The spot price of the metal priced in euros and pounds also rose to all-time highs today.

    Since Dec. 1, 2008, gold has doubled as the Fed kept interest rates at a record low and governments spent trillions of dollars to spur global growth. The Fed’s second round of so- called quantitative easing, known as QE2 among investors, ended in June.

    Yesterday, tonnage holdings in exchange-traded products backed by gold jumped 1 percent, the most in a year.

    ‘Currency Exhaustion’

    “People are getting currency exhaustion,” said Adam Klopfenstein, a senior market strategist at Lind-Waldock in Chicago. “With the Fed mulling over a possible QE3, which will dilute the dollar, gold is the main beneficiary.”

    The Thomson Reuters/Jefferies CRB Index of 19 raw materials rose to a four-week high, led by precious metals and grains.

    Gold for immediate delivery rose as much as 1.3 percent to a record $1,587.85. This year, the price has advanced 12 percent, heading for an 11th straight annual gain, the longest rally since at least 1920.

    Before today, the MSCI All-Country World Index of equities rose 1.5 percent in 2011, and Treasuries returned 3.6 percent, according to a Bank of America Merrill Lynch index. The dollar had dropped 4.1 percent against the six-currency basket.

    ‘Shock Waves’
    Bernanke said today that a failure by Congress to raise the nation’s $14.3 trillion debt limit would lead to a “major crisis” and throw “shock waves” through the financial system.

    “We’re in a very difficult financial period in the world,” Martin Murenbeeld, the chief economist at Toronto-based DundeeWealth Inc., which manages more than $50 billion, said on July 11. “The faith in paper currency is rapidly ebbing.”

    Investor holdings of ETPs backed by gold, silver, platinum and palladium has climbed to more than $126 billion.

    Silver futures for September delivery rose $2.446, or 6.9 percent, to $38.08 an ounce on the Comex. A close at that level would mark the biggest gain since March 19, 2009.

    Platinum futures for October delivery gained $28.30, or 1.6 percent, to $1,764.60 an ounce on the New York Mercantile Exchange. Palladium futures for September delivery advanced $15.40, or 2 percent, to $782.85 an ounce.




    ‘Currency Exhaustion!’ Thats hilarious..

    “Oh Darling.. all this useless Currency it’s just SO exhausting! Can’t we just buy some GOLD!”

    In Light!

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  16. #16 rawanderer
    July 13, 2011 am31 10:07 am

    I wish you all to understand that first contact is already underway, while many may think the galacitcs are dragging their feet (and for good reason) there are actually a plethora of factors involved that make this job a long one. Please know that at any given second our friends are doing absolutely everything they can for us, but remember that they are simply here to help, it is not their job as much to get us out of our own funks, but they seem to be doing that for us anyway. Smile

    The urgency you all feel is more than likely a mirror of the urgency the Galactics feel, they wish as dearly to be with us as we wish. The collective consciousness has to reach a certain ‘height’ before they are able to come here, and something lately has been telling me that we have reached that height. I think the disclosure announcements are going to plummet our collective consciousness upwards, as so many of us Lightworkers have been awaiting said announcements. Until all of this happens the best thing we can do is keep our spirits up, which I know sometimes isn’t easy, but the happier we stay at all times the more of an influence we have on our collective consciousness.

    We are all bringing these changes into being, and whether first contact happens now or never it does not change the fact that we are currently ascending from the third dimension right on into the fifth. That is the important thing to remember and be excited about!! Ascension can’t be stopped!!!

    Son Of Light, Welcome dear soul!! Grin This is one of the best spiritual communities to be apart of, you will find so many kind friends here. I look forward to your future postings Smile

    In Love! Heart Heart Peace Peace Yin Yang

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  17. #17 rawanderer
    July 13, 2011 am31 10:10 am


    Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Grin

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  18. #18 Robin.
    July 13, 2011 am31 10:19 am

    RW ##16.

    Sure.. I’m into the WHY’s and WHEREFORE’s of all this.. and all is absolutely cool..

    ..Except down here on Earth things tend not to ‘plummet’ UP-wards!

    Yet anyway!


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  19. #19 Gunner
    July 13, 2011 am31 10:27 am

    Awesome, I feel like I am living in the lap of luxury in there haha.
    Did you read the galactic federation message. They are so excited and I love the
    end of the first paragraph where they say “and this is just the
    beginning” DOGHOUSE!!!! WHAT!!!! I also think the part that said a major annoucement would come in a matter of days was mis chanelled by Nidle. I think it maybe said in a matter of months. I think the reason why I am back in
    Bayonne is to anchor the light in this area and now I have been thinking,
    since I have some experience and knowledge as to what is going down,
    maybe i could be part of the transitional government in Bayonne. I do
    have ties to the mayors brother and he is always amazed at my
    knowledge on ET affairs. I also had a dream where I was going out to
    lunch, and in the dream I felt like I was on some sort of ET committee
    in Bayonne and the mayor was there at my table asking me some
    questions. If I can be part of this transitional government the
    galactics always mention, then you would have someone there you could
    fully trust that would be working 100 percent for the benefit of all.
    Yes I can DOGHOUSE!!!! WHAT!!!! I am so souped up for this great

    - Show quoted text -

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  20. #20 Gunner
    July 13, 2011 am31 10:33 am

    Welcom son of Light and from your Nidle comment, you got to tell us of your lucid dreams of our new world. I know we are still creating it but I would be interested in hearing of your dreams. I also knew my whole life of this but it was somewhere hidden inside of me. Long before I even got into angels and galactics and others I used to think to my self. I would say I think heaven is a planet where all is well and there is no hate and everyone live in love peace and Joy. Now here is the good part. I also used to think that in order to go there you have to come from a point of pure love firstly. Bingo, all these years later I realized I was thinking about the earth in the 5th dimension. And to get there we all have to drop our negative emotions to vibrate at a level of the 5th dimension. Lately, a lot of the pieces of my puzzle have been falling into place but i am far from finished.

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  21. #21 Lux Aeterna
    July 13, 2011 am31 10:46 am

    I think something will happen on 11/11/11. Because in several crop circle you can find an 11 11. Plus many of us see 11:11 a little to often. Just my opinion.

    btw, could anyone guess what my nickname means in Latin?

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  22. #22 Gunner
    July 13, 2011 am31 10:47 am

    OK Here is my short dream from last night. It is funny because we were talking yesterday how they come to us in our dreams.
    So I am in a city, probably Bayonne as the houses were the traditional 2 family homes of bayonne. My brother Michael was with me and I kept looking up just knowing they would give us a sighting. There in the far distance was a ship but something inside of me said watch , they will come a lot closer. Then this round ship with a white bottom, not too big, and some blue on top came zooming right over the house in front of us. It zoomed by and then just to give us another look, came zooming over the houses on the other side of the street. No sound and it seemed to fly so naturally. It then circled and off it went. Then at that point i found my self down the park. This probe ship that was like aluminum color and very small came and hovered right over my head. Now this was very small and maybe only 3 feet by 3 feet and round and with this upside down L shaped tubing coming out of the bottom. Other people stepped away but didnot seem too afraid just watching it. It then began to pulsate lights around its perimenter and these lights were coming from a crystal base. I felt my whole body tingle as this thing was right next to me and I could have sworn, I was touched by the l shaped tube coming out the bottom. Then just as fast as it begun I woke up. Now going to work today and doing the daily anchoring of light, the energy felt 2 to 3 times stronger than ever and that is saying a lot because the energy the last 6 months coming into me has been so strong. I think that probe ship may have activated either my chakras or my RNA/DNA
    I feel so good today and hyper but calm. I am starting to get back that feeling of always being so souped up for life in which I had not had since I was 30.
    I thanked the galactics for that experience and instantly i could feel their presence and love. Well they did say 2011 would be special and so far I am not disappointed at all and the best part is “This is just the Beginning”

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  23. #23 Gunner
    July 13, 2011 am31 10:49 am

    NO and welcome to the site Lux. I cant even guess so you gotta give us the answer. My first answer that came would be Love eternal. And that is my final answer LOL.

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  24. #24 Lux Aeterna
    July 13, 2011 am31 10:55 am

    Haha good try. Lux Aeterna means “The Eternal Light”

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  25. #25 Gunner
    July 13, 2011 am31 10:58 am

    Hey Lux I did get eternal right so can i go on the the next round.

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  26. #26 Gunner
    July 13, 2011 am31 11:00 am

    Wait a minute wait a minute, i now think i got the whole thing right because love and light are the same thing. That was really the first thought that came into my mind. Now i gotta think about the first number to come into my head so I could win a few hundred in the pick 3 lottery tonight. 721 DOGHOUSE!!!! WHAT!!!!

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  27. #27 Lux Aeterna
    July 13, 2011 am31 11:03 am

    thats the only round i have lol

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  28. #28 Lux Aeterna
    July 13, 2011 am31 11:05 am

    LOL That is true! I never thought of it that way.

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  29. #29 Gunner
    July 13, 2011 am31 11:15 am

    Son of Light, I ask you to share your lucid dreams because around 10 years ago I had the most lucid and my all time favorite dream.
    I was walking on this mountain with 4 others. Now it was so bright but not squinty bright. My body felt so light and so alive with energy and love. I was really living in the now. We came upon a store with some decorative goods but there were no clerks. It was, I just knew inside, we could go in there and take whatever we wanted because that was just the way things were, so free and easy we looked around in the store but no one wanted anything so off we went. I then looked down the mountain and noticed a clear spring at the bottom. Now I also had eagle, binocular vision, and as I looked my eyes automatically zoomed in and it was as if I was standing on the shore of the spring. Then this real quiet and mellow lady came to me and said, BTW you could snorkel in that spring. OMG I immediately freaked out as I love to snorkel. I grabbed both of her arms and exclaimed, Just the word snorkeling drives me crazy. The thing that got me about her is I was so hyper and she was 100 percent the opposite. Now what really got me is she just smiled and didnot judge me at all when I was being so hyper like people do on 3d earth. She had the warmest smile with love in her eyes and went about on her way. i was so phyched I told my friends i am going to go get my snorkel equipment and would be right back. It was like I astral travelled because I was home in an instant and getting my gear together. the bummer of it was then I wake up. Thinking of that dream, I have never felt so content, energetic, peaceful, and happy in my entire life so it was Nirvana for me. I now know that is a little glimpse of what life will be like in the 5th dimension. To this day I often talk to God or galactics or masters and angels and tell them they have permission to go to my akashic records to see that dream. I call it the snorkeling dream and I try to one day feel that joy again. Not even as a child did I feel that much joy and so comfortable with my 4 friends with me like I could do or say anything to them and also i just loved being with them. I am all souped up right now just thinking about it. Eagle eyes, lighter body astral travelling and so much more. I just wish I could have stayed long enough to go snorkeling but one day in the future I will go back in the 5th dimension.

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  30. #30 Robin.
    July 13, 2011 am31 11:19 am

    I guess ‘Matthew’ explains any ongoing ‘delays’ in a logical way at least:

    ‘..peak members of the Illuminati who are not yet willing to accept that their power has eroded beyond any possibility of recovery still wield enough influence to slow but never halt the progress of the light forces..’

    In Light!


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  31. #31 Gunner
    July 13, 2011 am31 11:26 am

    Lux and Son of Light
    Can you give us your city, state and country you are from.We have a geographical listing of the regulars here and it is great to know where you all come from.
    Now, I mean on planet earth in this lifetime so no answers saying from a far away galaxy LOL.

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  32. #32 Robin.
    July 13, 2011 am31 11:36 am

    “Compassion is a most intelligent and effective frequency within the love spectrum. As we unconditionally express compassion, it intuitively chooses its own way to administer its care based on a sensitive attunement to the higher need of the whole. When pure compassion is not tethered to our agendas, it weaves its magic, sometimes visibly yet often unseen, but never wasted as it nurtures all within its radiance. As our human intelligence spirals to the next station of enlightenment, then collective compassion will become the baseline for the new authentic expression of ‘who we really are’. Compassion is love and care manifesting in the most ripened state of effectiveness for the whole.” – Doc.


    In Light!


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  33. #33 Lux Aeterna
    July 13, 2011 am31 11:36 am

    Houma Louisiana, United States

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  34. #34 dreamwalker
    July 13, 2011 am31 11:43 am

    Is This the Beginning of the End of the House of Murdoch?

    Read more: http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,2082885,00.html#ixzz1S0olKZQw

    Another one bites the dust Cool

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  35. #35 dreamwalker
    July 13, 2011 am31 11:54 am

    1 MILLION pounds of Food on 3 acres. 10,000 fish 500 yards compost


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  36. #36 Laurinda
    July 13, 2011 am31 12:04 pm
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  37. #37 Laurinda
    July 13, 2011 am31 12:23 pm

    My money is on the Andromedan representatives here now!

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  38. #38 Laurinda
    July 13, 2011 am31 12:28 pm

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E83y8URqTpk&NR=1 more for your consideration Bravehearts!!!

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  39. #39 dreamwalker
    July 13, 2011 am31 12:46 pm

    From the Arcturian group (posted in community contributions):

    The criteria for ascension is having evolved through time into a consciousness of oneness. There are many who have no interest in what is taking place on the planet, or even in spiritual matters but who have attained a consciousness of oneness. These are the ones who will be very confused by coming events that they have not prepared for. These souls you will guide and protect with your awareness.

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  40. #40 Gunner
    July 13, 2011 am31 12:51 pm

    Steffie, can you add lux to the list.
    Houma, Louisiana U.S.A.

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  41. #41 Gunner
    July 13, 2011 am31 1:00 pm

    DW I just love the Arcturians.
    One day while walking my dog in the park I called out to the Arcturians. I immediately felt their energy and I told them, hey I am human, if anyone from your planet has any questions about us humans feel free to ask. Just then I felt the Arcturian presence go into one of their schools with children. now ,dont get me wrong, I cant do this type of things on a regular basis as it just pops up here and there but when it does I know I am in communication with them.
    Anyway, now I am in this class with these kids so i ask them if anyone would like to ask me a question. Immediately, one of their children asked what is what like to experience fear on our planet. Well I told them you asked the right person because all my life has been spent in mostly a state of fear. So I give them this lecture and it lasted around 15 minutes. The park was empty and no one was around or they would have thought i was nuts concentrating and just standing there with my head up. It was actually late at night. So after I was done, the children were so pleased that they all stood up and gave me a standing ovation. I mean I could feel their claps and it felt like so much love was coming through and so much appreciation for that 15 minute class, I mean it is hard to explain it felt so genuine. I also felt so blessed and not through my ego but through the love I got to share with them all. Another one of those moments in my life I will never forget.

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  42. #42 dreamwalker
    July 13, 2011 am31 1:11 pm

    #38 I found the robovoice a little distracting, here’s the transcript:

    PART I
    0:00 Our Moon’s Forbidden History:
    0:02 We live in interesting times. We all share a common interest in our countries and our
    0:07 world. We show a temporary interest in space as new and unseen information and discoveries
    0:13 are shared, then that interest is incorporated into day to day survival. I would like to
    0:18 share with you information regarding the Moon and our Solar System. This information was
    0:24 shared with me by Andromedan Cosmonauts.
    0:26 It is my hope that I can only add to the information and hidden revelations. As I have been reminded
    0:33 by my friends from Andromeda, we all have a piece of the puzzle. I offer this perspective
    0:38 as a piece of that puzzle. It is not my wish to detract or prove anyone incorrect. I myself
    0:45 have taken this information with the understanding that it is just a small part of a larger drama
    0:50 playing itself out in our backyard and on our home, Earth. This information was given
    0:56 over a period of contacts, both physical and telepathic. The following is the Andromedan
    1:01 perspective of our moon.
    1:04 Our Moon has an atmosphere comparable in many places to that of Earth. In many of the large
    1:09 craters on the visible and the hidden side, the atmosphere is said to be denser than sea
    1:14 level on Earth. Our Moon has a small egress at its north pole, and the crust is thinly
    1:19 shelled in places. It is only twenty-one miles thick in some places, and thirty-five miles
    1:26 in others.
    1:27 We’ve been told that our moon is dry. A million times dryer than the Gobi Desert. According
    1:33 to the Andromedans it all depends on where you are. They say the hidden side has many
    1:39 large underground lakes, huge in size. The irrigation and terra forming is occurring
    1:44 on the hidden side on the surface, but is occurring underground on the visible side
    1:49 to hide the agenda.
    1:51 Apollo 15 discovered and took pictures of water vapor clouds that appeared from the
    1:55 hidden side. This would be most odd and unusual if the moon really didn’t have much of an
    2:01 atmosphere, as we’ve been told. Because clouds would be impossible.
    2:06 The age of the Moon soil is 6.2 billion years old, and has compound and chemicals not found
    2:12 on Earth. In fact, there are many chemical compounds that were discovered, but withheld
    2:17 from the public. There are many more we’ve yet to discover because our science is not
    2:22 advanced enough yet. The lunar soil did not come from the rock that makes up its mountains
    2:28 and craters. This is known to some lunar scientists. However, its not spoken about, but in whispers.
    2:36 So, where did the soil come from?
    2:39 The Andromedans say the soil and many of the rocks come from Ursa Minor. The location is
    2:45 a solar system named in the Orion tongue: “Chowta”. This is a binary sun system. We
    2:50 have many similarities in our system as well. “Chowta” is a very large system, holding 21
    2:57 planets and 47 moons. Our moon is said to have been made around the 17th planet in this
    3:03 system.
    3:04 Portions of the moons crust is radioactive. Apollo 15 discovered this. Especially near
    3:10 the Apennine mountains. Why were the readings so hot? The Andromedans have said it’s because

    0:00 Anti-gravity anomalies on Earth were used to send equipment and hardware to the Moon.
    0:05 Pine Gap, Australia and Diego Garcia Island in the Indian Ocean were the primary launching
    0:11 areas. Also, Siberia in Russia is another location.
    0:16 There is an atmosphere on the far side of the Moon being created on the surface for
    0:20 extended habitation. There is also water, lakes, and vegetation. They are literally
    0:26 turning it into a habitable colony. From there, the World Government decided to go to Mars
    0:32 in March of 1959. This ultra secret space program was developed and launched largely
    0:38 from the Soviet Union, simply because of its natural resources and size.
    0:42 They could virtually do everything in secret. Upon first arriving on the moon, the World
    0:49 Order astronauts, with help from the Grays, reopened the ancient underground facility.
    0:55 We’ve had a working colony on the moon since 1961 according to the Andromedans.
    1:00 When the Apollo astronauts landed on the moon, the World Order had been there for some time.
    1:06 This knowledge and technology was withheld from the lower levels of NASA and our military.
    1:11 NASA has been used as a blind to keep the people from truly knowing what was going on
    1:16 over there. The astronauts were silenced under threats and they remain so today.
    1:20 I would like at this point to share some old history or events that the Andromedans say
    1:25 is important. I have not been able to find any information about these events, however,
    1:31 because the Andromedans specifically brought it up, I am going to share it. In 1953 Earth
    1:37 satellites and radar showed large objects coming towards Earth.
    1:42 These were Gray motherships. These time-traveling spacecraft were the same craft seen near Venus
    1:48 in 1787, 1788, and 1789. In the year 1645 a large moon seen near Venus, was seen coming
    1:57 and going four times. This was a mothership from Sirius B. In November of 1844, the large
    2:03 craft seen illuminating part of Mars was an Orion mothership. The same craft illuminated
    2:09 Mercury in 1799. The same craft, which is spherical, crossed the Sun on March 26, 1859.
    2:18 On the eclipse of July 29, 1878, the two large glowing bodies seen between Mercury and Venus,
    2:24 were Pleaidian and Andromedan motherships, moving through our part of the galaxy.
    2:29 In 1783 and 1787, the large bright lights that were seen on the moon were not volcanoes.
    2:35 They were Pleaidian motherships the creation of a self-rule government. The first on Earth;
    2:42 America. In the month of February, in the year 1894, the object photographed striking
    2:48 a huge black object was a carrier craft from Alpha Draconis. On April 4, 1892, the craft
    2:55 that crossed the surface of the moon was not a large bird, it was a craft that looked like
    3:00 it had wings. It was a craft from Alpha Draconis. This same ship was last in this solar system
    3:07 on January 27, 1912.
    3:10 Ladies and Gentlemen, this time in which we now live is and will be known in our future
    3:15 as the end of the innocence. We, as a planetary race, must commit ourselves to the idea that
    3:21 truth must survive. We have major challenges to face, and what ever is the truth, we must
    3:27 do all that is necessary to stick together. We have been torn and tattered, we have been
    3:32 betrayed. But please, let’s not give up on each other. We are capable of being heroes.
    3:40 We can save the world, and our freedom. We must believe in each other, and in ourselves…

    For more good videos, stories, news updates visit: http://www.hidden-truth.org

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  43. #43 Gunner
    July 13, 2011 am31 1:18 pm

    I cant view this but I thought you all might like it. It was titled amazing gardening system. damn, I wish I could get youtube but then again I would probably never get my work done.can someone tell me what this system is titled then I can google it and get some texts on it.

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  44. #44 Laurinda
    July 13, 2011 am31 1:25 pm

    dreamwalker: computer voice or not, it is still interesting information to consider!

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  45. #45 dreamwalker
    July 13, 2011 am31 1:29 pm

    @Gunner: “Aquaponics”


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  46. #46 dreamwalker
    July 13, 2011 am31 1:36 pm

    @Gunner hey I just had a great idea you could have different aquaponics flats for different occasions:

    > Here we have the salmon barbecue flat, complete with Pacific Salmon, corn and coleslaw

    > Here we have the thanksgiving flat, with cranberries, yams, and simulated veggie turkey meat (is there any fish that taste like turkey???)

    > Here we have the octoberfest flat, with potatoes, hops, and whitefish (soy sausages optional)


    Plate Plate Plate Plate

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  47. #47 Laurinda
    July 13, 2011 am31 2:37 pm

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vqGRFTmANI this is a good one, for those of you who enjoy Alex Collier.

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  48. #48 Laurinda
    July 13, 2011 am31 2:47 pm

    “In service to each other we will remain free” Alex Collier

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  49. #49 Son of Light
    July 13, 2011 am31 3:49 pm

    Thanks for the welcome family!! Gunner its not that my dreams are lucid. (Still working on that) Its my reality is becoming more lucid. I can feel myself just be so in the now and then everything starts to feel so wavy and fluid. Especially my thoughts. But when I go out to public or when Im with someone I bring my vribrations to match theirs so I can react better to their emotions and words. Now I will tell you about this one dream I had when I was 7 years old.

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  50. #50 Son of Light
    July 13, 2011 am31 4:01 pm

    I AM standing on the sands of Egypt feeling as if time ceases to exist. The sensation of love and Inner tranquility takes over my whole being. The illusion of being separated from the ALL, The Creator, GOD was not an illusion anymore. I walk up to the great pyramid and stare at its magnificence in complete humbleness. I look behind me and millions upon millions of people from all nations, from all colors were holding hands wearing the same white clothing. All of the sudden an intense luminous light surrounds all the people, the Pyramid, and the most beautiful sound ( Most definatly 432 hz) that words can’t even elucidate fill our hearts and souls with complete Oneness… Then I wake up, fall to my knees and cry from pure ecstasy. Last year I awakened and this dream that I forgot and by miracle remembered made me realize even more that Ascension is going to happen. I’D bet my life on it.

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  51. #51 Son of Light
    July 13, 2011 am31 4:03 pm

    Im from Frisco, Texas. Kevlar is my brother/ Bestfriend.

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  52. #52 Admiral2012here
    July 13, 2011 am31 5:37 pm


    Must people do not know Tesla, therefore do not know His work…His movie: The Secrets of Nikola Tesla had disappeared from all DVD Market-Stores…¿Why?

    Because He invented how we could have Free Energy for All OUR Planet, over a hundred years ago…However the Greed and Ambition from the Devil himself, JP Morgan, took our dreams off in order to keep Us all slaves of OIL…

    Spread this as much as You All could!!
    Join Us in Face book Group Tesla´s Ambassadors


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  53. #53 Stick
    July 13, 2011 am31 6:03 pm

    Son of Light & Lux Aeterna… Welcome to the Tribe! Here’s the list if you want to add your info-

    UPDATED 25 June 2011

    Admiral – M – Houston, TX – 7 March
    Azzeylay F – Arkansas
    BlueCube – F -Spokane Valley, WA
    drawn – F – Houston, TX
    dreamwalker – M –
    Dudette LeAnn – F – Prescott, AZ -
    Dudette Sarah – F –
    Elusive22 – San Diego, CA
    emazing enigmaz – M – Beaver Dam, WI – 12 Dec
    Fergie – M – Scranton, PA
    Gordon – M – Duvall, WA
    Jacob – M – Corpus Christi – 25 June
    JBiz – M – TX
    Jeff – South Pasadena, FL
    John Gunner – M – Bayonne, NJ
    Kathy – F – Sarasota, FL
    Kellia – F – Oakland
    Kevlar – M – Texas
    Laurinda & Bill – Sandpoint, ID – L 22July / B 4Nov
    Lindiana – F – Milford, IA
    Longtime Lurker – M
    Love Reborn – F – Dauphin Island, AL – 18 Dec
    Moonchild – F – Carlsbad, CA – 8 July
    Sassy 123456 – F – Austin, TX – 24 Jan
    Sonnia – F – Kansas City, MO
    Spedman – M – Denton, NC – 22 Sept
    Starbeing – South Pasadena, FL
    Stick – M – Los Angeles, CA
    SunRaymond – Glenwood Springs, Colorado – M

    CarlFromCanada – M – Ottawa, Ontario
    Deneb – Trois-Rivieres, QC
    John Anderson – M – Chilliwack, BC
    Manta12 – M – Terrace BC

    Bateleur – M – Cape Town
    Steffie – F – Durban – 2 June

    Conscious – F – Netherlands
    GateKeeper – Greece / ?????
    LauraTyco – County Cork, Ireland
    Matthew – M – UK, Weston Super Mare – 23 July
    QuadHealer – M – DENMARK, Gistrup
    Reefer – M – Brussels, Belgium
    Scrolkeeper – UK

    Danny Chau – Hong Kong
    cydonia154 – F – Warracknabeal
    Robin – M – Melbourne, VIC – 10 Nov

    Former Assassin
    Iris Ascending
    rawanderer – 27 May
    the honeybee

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  54. #54 Stick
    July 13, 2011 am31 6:11 pm

    **Divine Discontent Leads to a New Reality Structure and a New Human Race**
    by Drekx Omega on July 13, 2011

    Dearly beloved souls (“dratzo” in the Sirian language,)

    The signs of change are everywhere and in spite of the chaos, there is also much beauty to behold in these natural and biological changes…
    And as the people of Earth change their genetic structures, in response to incoming cosmic rays, they will notice, more and more, a divine discontent for the matrix that surrounds them and become increasingly aware of the need to change the world, so that it correctly reflects the spiritual and technological needs and purposes of the coming race….
    That coming race I have defined in detail within many articles and you will know them as “Novamen;” the sixth sub-race of the Aryan root race…

    The biology defining this new race are markers being activated within the DNA/RNA 3rd strand, the so-called biological “junk DNA,” which will lead to a transformation of our species, back to full consciousness and interdimensionally vectoring 12-stranded DNA.

    The Novaman evolution is cosmically impulsed from both the Galactic Core (via the Photon Belt,) as well as the constellation of Aquarius and the Human DNA light-encoded fillaments, at cell level, respond by metamorphosis. Remember that cosmic Light has intelligence and works to a Divine Plan.
    Those evolving souls who seek to experience these changes are incarnating during Earth’s end-time evolutionary expansion, at the cessation of the energies of Pisces, entering more fully into the Aquarian ray…

    Thus, the incoming race, very much reflects the incoming 7th ray, that of Aquarius and so the waning age of Pisces, with it’s 6th ray influences will become less and less potent over the Novaman Human….
    A decline in all the old institutions that fail the people, results…and as Darwin suggested, anything that cannot adapt will cease to survive and this rule (albeit imperfect) applies to ages (2160-year cycles.)
    So ideologies, beliefs and faiths in the old forms of governance and old outworn structures within churches, the military, corporations, governments and banks, will increasingly be avoided and in their place, THE PEOPLE will turn to grass roots movements, active groups and new age concepts of esotericism…including a revised interest in our space kin, a revised interest in true freedoms and collective and individual abundance, sharing of resources and clean technologies, at one with the Earth…
    This process will lead to ASCENSION.

    I have been asked by objective minded people on occasions to demonstrate these defined changes in Humanity, and have said that much of the biological information is classified by the frightened rulers of Humanity. But, we can demonstrate the changes in behaviour and method, by showing that a new and diverse MASS MOVEMENT is springing up all over the world, in response to the new dispensation, which is unlike any time before, in Earth history. For the first time in 2000 years, the ideology of these movements has been placed out of authority, there is no “leader” figure and the driving purpose is peace, freedom, justice, environmental harmony, unity, understading, abundance, and cultural synthesis.
    Yet neither christianity, capitalism, nor socialism guide these movements. Isms are less important than actions, for Novamen.
    These are all being impulsed by the incoming 7th ray, the ray of the MAGICIAN…the violet ray.
    So, there will be less emphasis on blind faith and obediance to authority, and more emphasis on fluid group dynamics, freedom and self-empowerment…
    I would like to place some evidence before you which demonstrates the reality of these global mass movements, spontaneously manifesting throughout this planet..
    I’ll add a video link presentation below, by Paul Hawken, called “Blessed Unrest,” for your esoteric and objective consideration. It demonstates the effects of the causes I covered above..
    Selamat gajun akanowai dajoie….!!
    Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew

    Video: http://youtu.be/N1fiubmOqH4

    ~OneLoveRevolution555———————- Clock Thunder Yin Yang Peace

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  55. #55 Stick
    July 13, 2011 am31 6:20 pm

    Hey Sassy- Hopefully your bus training is going well Yes I’ve also done many crazy driving gigs over the years. Right now I’m working in the Art Department for a new Danny Glover Sci-Fi movie. I have to drive a five-ton truck in super chaotic L.A. traffic… fun Pain And don’t worry GM Massive, not all of us working for the film industry are tied to the Dark Cabal… although I will not deny the movie I am working on plays into fear-based propaganda Shock

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  56. #56 Robin.
    July 13, 2011 am31 6:21 pm

    #52. Re. Tesla.

    May be worth just repeating here that Nikola Tesla did NOT invent FREE energy.. he instead invented a way of transporting electricity and elecrical information without using wires.. (this is after he had invented Alternators which produce Alternating Current which was transported down wires at high voltage and then transformed down to a useable low voltage ‘on site’).
    The use of the Terrestrial Stationary Wave (which he surmised and confirmed the existance of) allowed him to build a system that had two ‘poles’.. one in the Earth’s Atmosphere and the other via the ‘ground’ of the Planet itself. From the Transmitting Staion at Wardencliffe on Long Island (funded by Morgan) it was envisaged enacting the Wireless Transmission of Electricity to the (New) World.

    All you needed in your home was a good copper Ground and simple spherical Areal Antenna system. You would then be able to run a Fluorescent lamp (which Tesla also invented) between the two. Tesla kept this fairly quiet.. but when Morgan actually found out that there was in fact no way of METERING this (and thereby selling and charging customers for ‘units’ of this electricity.. and THUS the ‘premise’ that it was ‘FREE’) he, as a Monopolist, immediately withdrew ALL funding to Tesla, dynamited the transmitting Tower and continued with the metered, hard-wired transmission system, that ‘they’ are still ripping us off with today!

    But the electricity which Telsa hoped to thus give away free of charge to all, was still initially produced by his massive multi pole high frequency Alternators running under and powered by The Niagara Falls.

    At one point earlier in his career Morgan came to Tesla and said: “Nikola we have a contract together where you continue to recieve $1 for every horsepower of electricity transmitted through your (wired HV) system.. well it has now proved so efficient and is transmitting so many horsepower per hour to Buffalo City etc that I can no longer afford to pay You AND build the rest of the system! What should we do?”

    Tesla walked over to his desk, pulled out his signed contract with Morgan and tore it up in front of him saying: “What is important to me is that the system is built.. go ahead and do it!”.

    Sad then that Morgan was so tight-arsed that he never even repaid Nikola anything, eventually withdrew the rest of his funding and.. as we know, Tesla died, lonely and broke in a New York hotel room.. under very suspicious circumstances.. but that’s another Story…

    Clearer now I hope!

    In Light!


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  57. #57 Stick
    July 13, 2011 am31 6:44 pm


    **Three Choices**
    July 13 2011 ~ by Steve Beckow

    I’m saddened by some of the things I’m seeing around me and I feel the need to share about it.

    I recall that, when I and three friends began a discussion group several years ago, I was filled with hope.

    That group was going to be a training ground for those destined to be leaders in the New Age fast approaching. It would be a “safe and sacred” space in which people could speak their truth and emerge from their cocoon of suppression, hesitancy, and ambivalence.

    And we did. Some spoke their truth so compellingly that we all sizzled. And we did emerge. And we found our strength.

    Other discussion groups have since sprung up and I’ve said to myself that lightworkers were coming together and we’d take the torch and stand as a beacon to the newly-awakening. We’d heard the message that Disclosure, Accountability, Abundance, and Ascension were coming and we were shouldering our tools and beginning the work required to lay the foundation and erect the structure.

    But I have to say that in terms of us forming a cohesive whole, reflecting the very unity that would so typify life in the Fifth Dimension of the future, we seem to have yielded to fractiousness and doubt.

    I used to be fond of watching one of my all-time favorite movies, The Ten Commandments, several times a year. In that highly-didactic movie, the audience is shown three choices: the choice of Moses, the choice of Aaron, and the choice of Dathan.

    The choice of Moses was to follow the word of the Lord. The choice of Aaron was to follow the word of the strongest voice of the moment. And the choice of Dathan was to follow the voice of his own self-interest.

    The film’s makers then spun the tale of what happened to each. I remember watching the scene when Moses came down from the mountain and had the Light of God in his eyes, over and over again, and crying like a baby. I wanted to see the Light of God as well.

    And I remember cringing when Aaron abandoned the cause of the Lord in the face of Dathan’s rebellion. Aaron fashioned the Golden Calf though he knew he was turning away from the Lord because he thought Moses was dead and did not have the courage to stand on his own two feet.

    Dathan played everyone off against everyone else to win power for himself and follow any course of action that promised him wealth and all that went with it.

    We too here face a choice. We’ve been told on a regular basis by spirits like Matthew Ward and Saul and galactics like Hatonn, SaLuSa, the Arcturian Group, and others that Disclosure, Abundance and Ascension are coming. We’ve heard them explain to us what’s happening around us – from the Haitian earthquake to the Japanese tsunami to the recent Phoenix sandstorm. We’ve listened to them explain what the factors are that govern Disclosure, why they cannot simply sweep the Illuminati off the board, and many other matters. We know they cannot tell us all because that would tip off their adversaries. But they tell us as much as they can.

    They told us their spiritual philosophies and these accord with the spiritual philosophies of the wisest among us on Earth. They’ve explained the natural law to us and their explanations make many matters comprehensible. Yet no matter how much they tell us, we reject the choice of Moses and take up either the choice of Aaron or the choice of Dathan.

    For a time I troubled myself. I listened to my various doubts: You listen to spirits? Have you ever seen a galactic? How many times have your sources said Disclosure was near and yet it never happened? How are you going to feel if none of this comes off? Where will you hide then? Your reputation will be shot and no one will want to even speak to you.

    Since I was seventeen I’ve resolved to test out the lines from the Sermon on the Mount that said to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and worry not about what ye shall eat and wear.

    I’ve spent my whole life seeking the Kingdom of God and I don’t intend now to waver from the path I chose. I made the choice of Moses and I don’t choose to abandon it for the choice of Aaron or Dathan. It only remains to find out what that choice dictates. If it dictates going to the left, I’ll go to the left; to the right, I’ll go to the right. But I will not accept myself making the choice of Aaron or the choice of Dathan.

    In the end, all boils down to the choice you want to make. I’m convinced that the 2012 scenario that we’ve heard described by a range of celestials, ascended masters, enlightened galactics, and lightworkers is a true scenario. I intend to follow it to the end.

    Doubts arise in my mind and when they do I intend to put them behind me.

    Do I do that because I know all the answers? No, I do that in the absence of knowing all the answers. I will never know all the answers, but I’ll always have to choose.

    I don’t wish to make the choice of Aaron or Dathan. I and my house, as Joshua said, will serve the Lord, whether I’m ridiculed for it or debunked, chastised or ostracized. I accept the 2012 scenario as the Divine Plan for this age and I accept the sources that I’ve determined for myself to be credible in my eyes as the guides I’ll follow.

    I choose to be unwavering in spite of not having all the answers. I choose to be unwavering though things don’t work out the way I expect them to. I choose to be unwavering because I choose to be unwavering. My choice is my strength and the ground I stand on.

    So goodbye to being right, looking good, and having all the answers. Goodbye to listening to the detractors and the faint of heart. I listen to my own Inner Voice and that Voice tells me to go onward and not waver.

    I’m no longer waiting for companions on the journey. I’ll walk the road even if I’m the only one on it. I’ve made my decision. I need no agreement or affirmation, other than that from within myself.

    ~ApotheosisRising777———————- Cloudy Star Cloudy

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  58. #58 Robin.
    July 13, 2011 am31 6:47 pm

    Stick.. or whoever is ‘working’ the GM ‘list’ atm.. better pull ‘Tyco’ off it again now? Might be slightly more ‘diplomatic’ to any others also ‘banned’ and not on it?

    Sorry to have to bring that one up again here! Smile


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  59. #59 dreamwalker
    July 13, 2011 am31 7:25 pm

    #57 Steve’s essay was really a good one. But… service to self or service to others?

    Steve is certainly a selfless example of service to others, so I find this essay from him a little surprising to be honest. Seeing some of his other recent messages, perhaps he’s just getting a little overwhelmed by the reality he’s created for himself.

    As I see it there are two distinct and equal challenges here:

    1. Move yourself from point A to point B, whatever those two points may be. Point A is where you are now; point B is a range of attainable goals, based on your own creativity and abilities (past, present, and future). A primary criteria here is to be open to change and to be aware of external and internal influencing factors whenever possible.

    2. Service to others, without infringing on their right to choose. This involves helping others with #1 without trying to “save” or “limit” in any way. Creativity in problem-solving is your biggest ally in this process.

    Perhaps there is a third goal to attain group unity/consciousness/oneness but I think this could just be a part of #1. We do this without realizing it, although if you know what to look for it is observable.

    Anyone want to chime in here?

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  60. #60 Caveman
    July 13, 2011 am31 8:19 pm

    Stick you can add my location

    Caveman: Ellicott City, Maryland

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  61. #61 Robin.
    July 13, 2011 am31 8:21 pm

    DW #59.

    Well I posted a ‘Steve’ piece on the last board I think.. and yes, he seems unusually ‘overwhelmed’ in some senses.. maybe this sort of sh*t is actually why:

    By Steve:

    Two days ago I commented on a member’s posts over time. I suggested that
    the member was asking for the group’s deference, baiting the leader, and
    introducing conflict into the group.

    I said at that time that it’s the moderators’ job to prevent attempts to
    take over the group and disrupt its flow.

    I haven’t mentioned the name of the member and I’d rather not. That
    isn’t to create a mystery which people then go and solve but to keep
    these kinds of flame wars to a minimum. And also to give the individual
    an opportunity to rethink his approach and emerge from the incident with
    the minimum of embarrassment.

    I’ve since received an email from the individual involved. It confirms
    my worry that the person was building up to a not very pleasant climax.
    I quote excerpts from it:

    “On June 22 I launched an attack against the belief in Disclosure. …

    “I am here to challenge your beliefs…

    “I am ready to attack again, and if you or others don’t like it, you
    are free to throw me out, or find your inner truth and defend yourself.
    Verbal martial arts if (you) like.

    “Over to you Steve! Defend yourself!”

    “Lots of Love.”

    Folks, this is not what the 2012 Scenario site, the 2012 Scenario
    discussion group, or, I would imagine, any blog or discussion group
    connected to Ascension is about.

    Respect for another’s point of view, the absence of attack, sharing,
    hearing, feeding back – yes. Attack, challenge, verbal martial arts
    – I’m afraid not.

    I’m not sure what motivates this kind of approach, but, in my view, it
    would reduce this discussion group to two warring sides within a day. I
    can’t see how anyone here would want that.

    I’ve removed the individual from the group and won’t permit him to join
    again. He may join the group under a different name and continue his
    attack; maybe not. But if he does, I ask you please to just ignore his
    post. We will remove it and him again if it occurs.

    I don’t like conflict, personally. I feel affected by it when it
    happens. But I’m convinced that the work we have to do here, and our
    support for each other, is all but impossible when the modality chosen
    is attack.

    I apologize again for intruding on the space with this matter and hope
    that this post does not interrupt your flow.




    All well and good putting up the dream and the vision.. but I guess if you also assume a position of ‘leader’.. then you also have to be prepared to deal with the likely consequences of ‘dark’ Moths being attracted to the Bright Lights of your flaming visions! If you then choose to think that your ‘staff’ don’t deal effectively with it.. then ‘you’ instead have to ‘do it’.. and this can indeed probably then become exhausting and overwhelming?

    Chime chime..

    In Light!


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  62. #62 dreamwalker
    July 13, 2011 am31 9:03 pm

    Yes Robin you make a very good point and if I sounded critical of him that wasn’t my intent. I am in fact trying to walk a mile in his shoes, as the saying goes. It is indeed a fine line but I do notice contrast between dark and light sites. I can feel it. This is not to say that both flavors do not seek truth, they just do so in different ways.

    For example I notice ATS members regularly cut each other down. It’s just a part of their culture. But…

    I can’t help think that those opportunities are presenting themselves for him and his staff to deal with. Until they do the opportunities keep presenting themselves. And once they have, other opportunities may arise to address other areas.

    This is an observation as well as a concept that has been expressed in several other places.

    And I totally agree that it is completely exhausting.

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  63. #63 photonmedic
    July 13, 2011 am31 9:13 pm

    All you folks impatient to see evidence of the coming changes, I hear you and raise you one in the impatience department. But you might be interested to read one of Steve’s most recent posts: http://stevebeckow.com/2011/07/explosions-in-mumbai-could-the-same-group-be-responsible-as-in-2008-you-bet/. I think this may be the lead-in to the changes we’ve all been waiting for. If the public picks up on the CIA being the source of all the “terrorism” perpetrated to get us all to let go of our freedoms in exchange for “governmental protection”, they won’t fall for that particular ruse anymore. Steve does a beautiful job of connecting the dots in this post. Enjoy! Smile

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  64. #64 Gordon
    July 13, 2011 am31 9:44 pm

    @Stick #55, is that “Age of Dragons”?

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  65. #65 Robin.
    July 13, 2011 am31 10:33 pm

    Channeler: Karen Doonan. Update:

    July 13th 2011.

    Beloved brothers and sisters, we come to guide and support you as the changes that flux all around you may push you well outside your comfort zone and allow the illusion to pull you back down. We guide that if you are beginning to start to question the truth that is found in your heart then you are lowering your vibration. It is a time of vast change and the energies leading up to the full moon are pushing many of you further than you feel at times comfortable with.

    We guide that you chose this journey of awakening and many chose to awaken rapidly. We guide you strongly to work with the energy of the moon and to allow all that no longer serves to go. By this we mean jobs, people, situations, allow it to BE and watch it all transform. Dear ones much of the frustrations that grip you are down to the not letting go, of trying to maintain your will over the will of the universe. Know that when frustration rises within you it is illusion teaching that YOU know best and in reality dear ones you do not have enough sight to realise what is best. The human race has a narrow field of what the universe is, many cannot accept there is a universe that contains other races and yet these same humans will try to maintain that they know best and know what is the best outcome. Illusion teaches there is only ONE way to have things happen and we guide strongly to detach from these teachings.

    Many humans who now live from a heart centred life experience are realising the flow of the universe, the cycles that are within their human life experiences. Dear ones many will be aware of the cycles of the moon, cycles of the reproductive organs in the female but many are in the dark when it comes to the cycles of energy that are within every human BEing. At any one point in your life journey dear ones you are in a cycle. Many of you try to push through the absorption and processing stage, this is the stage of the cycle in which much information is being digested at various levels and the human body needs more sleep and relaxation to allow the energies to settle. We note that many humans will push through this tiredness, this need for sleep and fall back into the illusion that teaches that human BEings continually work and do. We guide you to look at this scenario carefully and note who it serves dear one. How can you process and absorb new energies and new information into your very BEing if you do not take time?

    There is a part in the cycle dear ones where you spend a lot of time and energy dreaming and we draw your attention to this part of the cycle. It follows the absorption of the energies where you will have felt very tired and sleepy. The dreaming is important because before you can CREATE you must DREAM your CREATION. It is in many indigenous cultures across the planet dear ones, where those in the tribe dream and create the dream to be brought through into creation. All is created in the etheric before it is brought into the reality that you are in. This is part of the process dear ones and we guide you to be aware of it. Many who push past the stage of absorption and processing will also rush the dreamtime. What may happen dear ones is that you will not have absorbed the knowledge and energies at the deepest part of your BEing, as a result the dreaming wouldn’t have had the energy that it needed to be brought into the reality. Do you understand our analogy dear ones? Do you see how being aware of which part of the cycle you are in can help you use your energies to create your experience?

    The next part of the cycle dear ones is the growth and expansion, this is where you are doing things, this is where you have ideas that draw your dream closer to you. Can you see how important it is to dream the dream fully? The universe will then send you synchronicities for you to follow to bring you dream into creation. All of this is a cycle dear one. Do you know which part of the cycle you are in at the moment? Not all humans are in the same part of the cycle as another human at the same time. We caution as to trying to move through the cycles at a faster and faster speed, the universe just IS dear ones and you cannot hurry what IS.

    We note that many humans at this point in their life journey are experiencing frustrations and exchanges with those closest to them and we guide that this is due to the increase in the energy sweeping across the planet. We guide you strongly to go within and to find the silence that is there, access this silence and ask to be shown what the lessons are. It may be that as your vibration is heightening you are triggering those around you. This is not done on a conscious level but it is something to be aware of. To keep your vibration high and not let it waver and fall is done by BEing dear ones. This involves seeing your loved one for who they are and how deep in illusion they may be at this time. It is not your life journey to awaken anyone around you dear ones. The responsibility for awakening rests with each individual human.

    We acknowledge that many find this hard to juggle and we guide you to let it go. It will cause more frustration to rise within your BEing to try to make the human at the lower vibration understand your life experience. It will be impossible for them to relate to this as they have not undergone the life experience that you have undergone. Do you see our analogy? Do you understand our guidance?
    It is vital at this time of increasing energies across the planet that you detach from the illusion of separation and competition. We note how easy many humans fall into this illusion and we guide you to be aware of this. When you find your heart racing, your energy rising sharply and you find yourself at odds with another human you are both in ILLUSION. We guide you strongly to detach from these teachings.

    We are not as our channel expected and has just realised through the differing use of language the high council of orion. They have agreed to allow us this communication through this channel at this time to help to highlight the need to detach from the illusions teachings at this time. Many humans are engaging in competition and this must stop. The energies are rising at this time and the moon energy is one of releasing. The universe supports this releasing dear ones and we wish to help guide and support how this releasing can be done.

    We are the Arcturians, we have made contact with this channel on previous occasions but up until this point have not channelled directly through her to the rest of planet earth. We will use other channels as they are needed and can hold the vibration. It is vital at this rapid change of energies that human BEings begin to live from heart centredness and detach from the mind centred life experience. There will be vast changes coming into creation and to be able to realise what they signify entails being in your hearts.

    We accept that this channelling may be confusing for many but we guide once more that it is vital that human BEings begin to process through their hearts. If you read our words dear ones then please question them with your heart. NOTHING that is channelled or written or spoken should ever be accepted as your truth without YOU processing it as such. Many may find our words do not resonate and we accept this. Our usual way of channelling is through a dedicated channel. We send much love and blessings to our star brothers and sisters and to our channel for agreeing to this channelling.

    We are also trying to highlight the UNITY of consciousness dear ones. WE ARE ONE. We ask that you process and absorb what this means on all levels dear ones. EACH one of you is able to access ANY star group that you wish to by holding the necessary vibration and reach out through your hearts. We wish to show this via this channel. Many may have already connected her energy and her words with the high council of orion. This is NOT the only star system that this channel has access to and we guide this applies to ALL. Once more we highlight the need not to define as to define is to contain.

    As the human consciousness heightens then more and more humans will have access to more and more information and new levels of vibration. We guide strongly not to allow another to define you. The UNITY is just that dear ones, allow your vibration to guide you, open your heart and process your life experience through how YOU FEEL. This is the new age dear ones and the new age brings much information and changes to the way humans think, act and BE. Embrace the new energies dear ones for it is your key to freedom. Embrace the freedom that is your birthright.

    Do not allow the illusion to contain your energies. Allow all to flow and take time to process and DREAM. YOU can be all you want to BE dear ones.

    We step back now and once more send love and blessings to all, we wish to thank this channel for her openness and trust in bringing through our words. We also give much love and blessings to our star brothers and sisters from ORION. Once more dear ones we guide that WE ARE ONE. We welcome you to the universe dear ones.



    In Light!

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  66. #66 Stick
    July 13, 2011 am31 10:58 pm

    #64: Not “Age of Dragons” Gordon… still untitled Question

    #58: I think Steff can do the best update of GM info list. Maybe there’s a way to make it a new section of the site where people can add themselves if they so choose?

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  67. #67 Gunner
    July 14, 2011 am31 4:00 am

    Thanks for the list Stick, I added lux and SOL

    UPDATED 25 June 2011

    Admiral – M – Houston, TX – 7 March
    Azzeylay F – Arkansas
    BlueCube – F -Spokane Valley, WA
    Caveman–M– Ellicott, Maryland
    drawn – F – Houston, TX
    dreamwalker – M – Washington, D.C.
    Dudette LeAnn – F – Prescott, AZ -
    Dudette Sarah – F –
    Elusive22 – San Diego, CA
    emazing enigmaz – M – Beaver Dam, WI – 12 Dec
    Fergie – M – Scranton, PA
    Gordon – M – Duvall, WA
    Jacob – M – Corpus Christi – 25 June
    JBiz – M – TX
    Jeff – South Pasadena, FL
    John Gunner – M – Bayonne, NJ
    Kathy – F – Sarasota, FL
    Kellia – F – Oakland
    Kevlar – M – Texas
    Laurinda & Bill – Sandpoint, ID – L 22July / B 4Nov
    Lindiana – F – Milford, IA
    Longtime Lurker – M
    Love Reborn – F – Dauphin Island, AL – 18 Dec
    Lux Aeterna- M- Houma, Louisiana
    Mellisa–F– Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Moonchild – F – Carlsbad, CA – 8 July
    Sassy 123456 – F – Austin, TX – 24 Jan
    Sonnia – F – Kansas City, MO
    Son of Light–M Frisco, Texas
    Spedman – M – Denton, NC – 22 Sept
    Starbeing – South Pasadena, FL
    Stick – M – Los Angeles, CA
    SunRaymond – Glenwood Springs, Colorado – M

    CarlFromCanada – M – Ottawa, Ontario
    Deneb – Trois-Rivieres, QC
    John Anderson – M – Chilliwack, BC
    Manta12 – M – Terrace BC

    Bateleur – M – Cape Town
    Steffie – F – Durban – 2 June

    Conscious – F – Netherlands
    GateKeeper – Greece / ?????
    LauraTyco – County Cork, Ireland
    Matthew – M – UK, Weston Super Mare – 23 July
    QuadHealer – M – DENMARK, Gistrup
    Reefer – M – Brussels, Belgium
    Scrolkeeper – UK

    Danny Chau – Hong Kong
    cydonia154 – F – Warracknabeal
    Robin – M – Melbourne, VIC – 10 Nov

    Former Assassin
    Iris Ascending
    rawanderer – 27 May
    the honeybee

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  68. #68 Gunner
    July 14, 2011 am31 4:09 am

    I added caveman to the list
    D.W i put dc for you

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  69. #69 Gunner
    July 14, 2011 am31 4:20 am

    Good mourning everyone, woke up so tired but the energy is again very strong today. Gotta tap into that, tap tap.
    DW Thanks for the Aquaponics info. I got a space for some canibis flats.
    SOL- Awesome dream, dont it just suck when you wake up from those type of dreams.
    Hey, we got a lot of Texans on the site. Also, I notice there are so many around now that lived during the Egyptian times. I dont think I did and if I did it had to be as a slave but my ex did and I see a lot of people on this site also did.
    Well, time for a cig and to my work.
    Stick, in your job , you ever get a chance to meet the actors? I know it maybe could get you fired but I would somehow bring the galactics and ascension into the conversation. You just have to do it slyly but knowing you from this site I know you know how to put the subject out there. I just think someone popular in the media needs to start speaking out about these things, not just on the internet or tweeting but in the mainstream media.

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  70. #70 Admiral2012here
    July 14, 2011 am31 4:46 am


    Officials in Britain and the United States are preparing to make controlled power cuts to their national electricity supplies in response to a warning of a possible powerful solar storm hitting the Earth. In an interview with The Independent, Thomas Bogdan, director of the US Space Weather Prediction Centre, said that controlled power “outages” will protect the National Electricity Grids against damage which could take months or even years to repair should a large solar storm collide with the Earth without any precautions being taken


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  71. #71 Gunner
    July 14, 2011 am31 4:49 am

    Message from the Pleiadians 7/10/11
    As Channeled through Greg Giles

    All the years and all the dreams have still been preserved for you as if you never left. You are welcome back as always when you are ready to say goodbye to your more recent memories of your past. Today is a new day, the summer blossoms shining new light on a new day and a new way of discovery. Your friends and family await with open arms and hearts, breathing the air of joyful reunion. Skies have cleared, paths have been laid. A new day beckons you.

    Message from the Pleiadians 7/11/11
    You are a master now of time and space. You have traveled in many directions and have seen many wonderful things. You are called to come home where you are loved and appreciated. Unlock yourself from the emotions that bind you to 3D Earth. Together we can change what has brought you here, and together we can bring you home. Unrealized potential is the biggest waste, and you have lived up to your potential. Call it a day and return home to your kingdom in the skies. We await you there.
    Your family from afar, the Pleiadians

    Like 3 members like this Share Twitter Facebook

    Tags: Ashtar, Command, Federation, Galactic, Pleiadians

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  72. #72 Willow
    July 14, 2011 am31 5:55 am

    Hi, just checking to see if I was kicked off. lol

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  73. #73 dreamwalker
    July 14, 2011 am31 6:11 am

    Hey Willow what’s new with you?

    @gunner – thanks for adding my info to the list. Much appreciated.

    The aquaponics have fish as a part of the system so you may want to have something that is compatible with the plant you’re growing. hmmm… Jellyfish? Blowfish? Electric eels? hehe Or hey maybe you’ll just have really relaxed fish!

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  74. #74 dreamwalker
    July 14, 2011 am31 6:41 am

    #63 That was an interesting article from Steve Beckow. I think Haiti was the beginning of the end – it wasn’t enough to get people angry but it was enough to wake a few people up so they can start asking questions. I’m referring to the US-backed coup that happened about 7 years ago.

    I’m not sure why they would use HAARP on Haiti but perhaps that was just a proof of concept, to threaten others “in the know” that this is possible and they could be the next target.

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  75. #75 dreamwalker
    July 14, 2011 am31 7:10 am

    @Robin I received some information this morning regarding Steve’s situation. I think this may be helpful to others as well, so I’ll post it here.

    Steve has a garden that he’s planted with seeds, and he needs to step back and let the garden grow. The garden can be watered and weeded; if you water too little or too often the plants will die. Weeding is a necessary process but understand that some weeds can be beneficial, others can be harmful (such as invasive species). Beneficial weeds can contribute to the diversity of the garden, so long as they do not detract from the primary seeds you planted.

    A gardener must have patience and diligence to let the plants grow. When it is time to harvest, do not forget to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Celebrate what you have accomplished! And then, a winter will come (a void) after which you may plant some new seeds and the cycle continues.

    Planting too many seeds at one time can make harvest more difficult. Planting seeds in the wild is more difficult because there are more competitors for water and light. There is value in sowing a few seeds in fertile ground, but there is also value in learning how those seeds will grow in less than optimal conditions. You may find that some seeds, surprisingly, will do well regardless of where you plant them.

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  76. #76 Willow
    July 14, 2011 am31 7:16 am

    Hi dreamwalker Smile. Not much new, I feel like I am just waiting, watching people around me, and wanting to YELL
    wake up! Life here just doesn’t seem real to me anymore, every one get soo upset over the dumbest things. Though I do find that I feel I am just watching more than participating. I feel like I should be doing something, yet, there is nothing to be done, but, of course, meditate.
    I am doing alot of lurking latly. I heard that there is suppose to be a big earth quake in the New Madrid fault any time “NOW” in the St Louis area, but, I don’t think I believe that either. They haven’t had a big quake since 1811.Well that is probably more than I have said in Months. lol. Hope all is OK where you are. I like reading everyones comments! Love Heart

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  77. #77 Gunner
    July 14, 2011 am31 7:24 am

    Hi Willow great th hear from you. Dont worry too much about the sleepers as one day all will awaken,it is not a question of if but of when. Work on your own soul for now and when the time comes they will seek you out for answers. I ask God and the Angels to send me anyone seeking answers and man do I get those prayers answered big time.

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  78. #78 Gunner
    July 14, 2011 am31 7:25 am

    Does your family think you are crazy when you talk about ET’s????

    Someone wrote this on a site and I gave her my thoughts on her inquiries

    What do I do I feel they are lost they say where are the space beings
    and ships and that I’m too into this I tell them its only a matter of
    time my mom really thinks I’m crazy and that bothers me she wants me
    to leave the site alone I cant do that I want to be ready for full
    Ascension when it is time I believe they dont they get bothered and
    even want to argue about it I say I will be right just wait you will
    see Like 2 members like this Share Twitter Facebook


    When the time comes, I think a lot in your family will be coming to
    you for answer’s. The best thing is not to go to the grounds of “I
    told you so” Just be loving and humble.
    I start out by explaining to people that you must understand 2 basic
    facts if you want to understand the galactics and the ascension.
    1- we are all spiritual beings having a physical experience and we all
    all linked together as individuations of God.
    2- You have to understand the Earth is a live sentiment being with a
    soul (Lady Gaia) >
    I tell them the ET’s are here for more of a spiritual mission than
    just a technological mission. Some feel they will come here to clean
    everything up pay our bills and give us technology and then we go back
    to our normal lives. Well, let them know exactly what is going down on
    the ascension wheel and that in order to ascend you have to bring the
    vibrations of your soul to the 5th dimension also .
    Drop all hate, jealousy, anger, judgment and all that comes from the
    emotions of fear. They will feel so much lighter and happy when they
    do and their soul will also be jumping for joy.
    Remember, not everyone will choose to ascend and either choice is not
    better then the other, it is just some souls feel they still want to
    experience a 3d world for the evolution of their soul and that is
    fine. Our victory is guaranteed, it is just what road you choose
    towards your triumph . >

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  79. #79 Admiral2012here
    July 14, 2011 am31 7:49 am


    Who, exactly, coined that memorable image that claimed that a butterfly, flapping its wings in one part of the world, could affect the weather on the other side of the globe? Edward Lorenz is credited with using this image as the title of talk he gave in 1972 to the American Academy for the Advancement of Science. The idea has passed in and out of thousands of minds, but the actual geographic locations seem to vary wildly. In the interests of calming the public, we have attempted to record recent reports of butterfly-induced weather catastrophes. We remind you, though, that even if your locality is not listed here, that is no guarantee that you are safe!

    (Naturally, I can’t divulge the efforts of a certain secret agency to station a network of undercover butterflies across the globe, exquisitely tuned and interconnected, prepared at any moment to flutter their wings, causing unknown destruction in untold places…)


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  80. #80 Admiral2012here
    July 14, 2011 am31 7:57 am


    July 30, 2011…Join us. Expect Us


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  81. #81 dreamwalker
    July 14, 2011 am31 7:58 am

    #76 I understand how you feel, Willow, and as Gunner said perhaps at the moment you are simply incubating and storing your energy for a time when it is needed. If there is a direction you feel attracted to, simply expressing your intent will make it happen.

    I have found that unrelated experiences I had when I was younger are now fitting together in other ways NOW, so perhaps you are currently going through the same process. Your role is to experience the world around you, and for now that is enough, and is in fact critical to, experiences you will have later in life.

    I am always amazed by an insect we have here in DC. It’s the 17-year Cicada. The last emergence of this insect was in 2004. Most cicadas are bright green; the 17-year cicada is brown and black. They only emerge every 17 years, most of their time is spent as grubs underground. And then when they emerge, they all emerge at once to mate, and then they lay their eggs and die. And then the 17-year cycle begins again.


    How does the ENTIRE population of 17-year cicada KNOW to emerge all at once?

    Pretty amazing stuff.

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  82. #82 Melissa
    July 14, 2011 am31 8:05 am

    @ Post # 53. Please keep me in the loop of all those on here. I am from Philadelphia, PA.

    Also- I am so sad and bewildered by the events that took place in New York with that little boy, Leiby. So sad, and we need to send as much positive energy as possible to his family right now. As a mother, I just cannot imagine what they are going through. It’s unfortunate that the freedom of childhood has disappeared, at least the childhood that I knew where you didn’t have to be watched over 24 hours a day.

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  83. #83 Gunner
    July 14, 2011 am31 8:15 am

    Meliisa, I added you on to the #67 comment.
    Anyone else? I can add you on simply by editing my post.

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  84. #84 Laurinda
    July 14, 2011 am31 8:53 am

    Stick: Last night you mentioned a current job of yours working behind the scenes on a Danny Glover movie. I was struck how your beautiful (and very powerful I might add), inner Light is being used in the belly of the beast! Everywhere you go, and everyone you meet is uplifted by this light. Who knows where all of this WILL lead you?! It seems your path is accelerating! More power to you my brother! Sun Film Sun Film Peace Film Sun Star

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  85. #85 dreamwalker
    July 14, 2011 am31 9:02 am

    The human genome contains a million years worth of population data


    Alasdair Wilkins — Our genes don’t just help determine who we are — they also preserve an incredibly ancient record of who our ancestors were. Our genomes can actually reveal human population sizes dating all the way back to before humans even existed.

    Richard Durbin of the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and Heng Li of the Broad Institute examined the handful of complete human genome sequences. Specifically, they examined how the differences between how particular genes from mothers and fathers were expressed — many differences in gene expression would suggest the family lines diverged a long time ago, while relatively few differences would indicate the two were closely related in the recent past.

    Li goes further into just how this all works:

    “This elegant tool provides opportunities for further research to enable us to learn more about population history,” says co-author Heng Li, from the Sanger Institute. “Each human genome contains information from the mother and the father, and the differences between these at any place in the genome carry information about its history. Since the genome sequence is so large, we can combine the information from tens of thousands of different places in the genome to build up a composite history of the ancestral contributions to the particular individual who was sequenced.”

    Durbin explains some of the more remarkable findings of this genomic archaeology:

    “Using this algorithm, we were able to provide new insights into our human history. First, we see an apparent increase in effective human population numbers around the time that modern humans arose in Africa over 100,000 years ago. Second, when we look at non-African individuals from Europe and East Asia, we see a shared history of a dramatic reduction in population, or bottleneck, starting about 60,000 years ago, as others have also observed. But unlike previous studies we also see evidence for continuing genetic exchange with African populations for tens of thousands of years after the initial out-of-Africa bottleneck until 20,000 to 40,000 years ago.

    “Previous methods to explore these questions using genetic data have looked at a subset of the human genome. Our new approach uses the whole sequence of single individuals, and relies on fewer assumptions. Using such techniques we will be able to capitalize on the revolution in genome sequencing and analysis from projects such as The 1000 Genomes Project, and, as more people are sequenced, build a progressively finer detail picture of human genetic history.”

    Amazingly, the team reconstructed a million years worth of population history from just four male genomes, which came from China, Korea, Europe, and West Africa respectively. It appears that humans remained more or less a single global population until about 60,000 years ago, at which point our numbers in Europe and East Asia crashed to only a tenth of their previous amount.

    While versions of this method have been used before, reconstructing populations on this sort of scale using genomics have never before been attempted. Ryan Gutenkunst of the University of Arizona explains why this is such an impressive result:

    “The method is really spectacular. Previous methods have taken averages across the genome, but here they are looking at variation from one location to another location and getting good results from even a single individual.”

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  86. #86 dreamwalker
    July 14, 2011 am31 9:05 am

    Disney’s John Carter

    I noticed a glimpse of an R warrior in this preview.

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  87. #87 Laurinda
    July 14, 2011 am31 10:00 am

    http://www.infowars.com/rumsfeld-gets-his-junk-touched/ yeah, its no big deal, in fact Rummie enjoys it! The powers that be are really stoopin’ low with this publicity stunt! Folks like Rummie fly on private jets….This helps to prove that they think we are a band of idiots…and that we would fall for this…..Wake up Amerika, they’re “clownin’ ya”! Clown Clown Clown Clown Clown Clown lol

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  88. #88 Laurinda
    July 14, 2011 am31 10:09 am

    dreamwalker: Bill and I checked out the John Carter Disney movie trailer. That warrior is green, but does not resemble any R warriors I have ever seen (and loved-hehehehe)! lol I like their ships that look like giant lobsters with feathers. Well Disney films have certainly come a long way since Old Yeller and Bambi! lol Film

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  89. #89 rawanderer
    July 14, 2011 am31 10:21 am

    Gunner 71- I am so glad so many people are channeling Pleiadian messages!! They are such a knowledgable and spiritual race, and I always love hearing or reading their words. Thank you for posting Grin Heart Peace

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  90. #90 Steffie
    July 14, 2011 am31 10:22 am

    UPDATED LISTING, specially for Gunner… Laugh Laugh Laugh

    To those who are wondering why we do this – it’s just so we have a vague idea of everyone’s geographical location – always interesting to know which country people are from – as well as gender and, if you want, your birthday and email address. Just for curiosity’s sake, and fun,

    UPDATED 14 July 2011
    if you are not on the list, PLEASE let us know your details so we can add you!

    Admiral – M – Houston, TX – 7 March
    Azzeylay F – Arkansas
    BlueCube – F -Spokane Valley, WA
    Caveman – Ellicott City, Maryland
    drawn – F – Houston, TX
    dreamwalker – M – Washington DC
    Dudette LeAnn – F – Prescott, AZ
    Dudette Sarah – F
    Elusive22 – San Diego, CA
    emazing enigmaz – M – Beaver Dam, WI – 12 Dec
    Fergie – M – Scranton, PA
    Gordon – M – Duvall, WA
    Jacob – M – Corpus Christi – 25 June
    JBiz – M – TX
    Jeff – M – South Pasadena, FL
    John Gunner – M – Bayonne, NJ
    Kathy – F – Sarasota, FL
    Kellia – F – Oakland
    Kevlar – M – Texas
    Laurinda & Bill – Sandpoint, ID – L 22July/B 4Nov
    Lindiana – F – Milford, IA
    Longtime Lurker – M
    Love Reborn – F – Dauphin Island, AL – 18 Dec
    Lux Aeterna – Houma, Louisiana
    Melissa – Philadelphia, PA
    Moonchild – F – Carlsbad, CA – 8 July
    Sassy 123456 – F – Austin, TX – 24 Jan
    Son of Light – Frisco, TX
    Sonnia – F – Kansas City, MO
    Spedman – M – Denton, NC – 22 Sept
    Starbeing – F – South Pasadena, FL
    Stick – M – Los Angeles, CA
    SunRaymond – M – Glenwood Springs, Colorado

    CarlFromCanada – M – Ottawa, Ontario
    Deneb – Trois-Rivieres, QC
    John Anderson – M – Chilliwack, BC
    Manta12 – M – Terrace BC

    Bateleur – M – Cape Town
    Steffie – F – Durban – 2 June

    Conscious – F – Netherlands
    GateKeeper – Greece / ΕΛΛΑΣ
    Matthew – M – UK, Weston Super Mare – 23 July
    QuadHealer – M – DENMARK, Gistrup
    Reefer – M – Brussels, Belgium
    Scrolkeeper – UK

    Danny Chau – Hong Kong

    cydonia154 – F – Warracknabeal
    Robin – M – Melbourne, VIC – 10 Nov

    Former Assassin
    Iris Ascending
    rawanderer – 27 May
    the honeybee

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  91. #91 Laurinda
    July 14, 2011 am31 10:31 am

    I saw a powerful Rysa5 video a few years ago, that reminds me of the goings-on today. This vid concerned the Indigo systems buster souls. I see them at work today, most especially in the infowars. Those same infowars that Hillary Clinton refers to when she said the powers that be “were losing!” I am continually inspired by these young infowarrior men and women, who step up,and fly all over the world to expose the dark agenda of the globalists. (Bohemian Grove being the most current). They do this without concern for their own safety. How about folks here at GM sending THEM some LIGHT, as they are out there in the streets putting it ALL on the line for US!!!!! Yes Sun TV Cell Airplane Peace Yes

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  92. #92 Steffie
    July 14, 2011 am31 10:33 am

    I think (hope!) I’ve posted this link here before – it’s to George Filer’s website. I get his newsletter emails about sightings around the world (Filer’s Files) – very interesting: http://www.nationalufocenter.com/

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  93. #93 Caveman
    July 14, 2011 am31 10:40 am

    Hey Bateleur and Steffie! I haven’t done as much traveling as I would like but one of the places I have been to is South Africa back in 2004!!!! WHAT AN AMAZING COUNTRY you have there!

    I miss the biltong and the braais (s.african cookout=braai). My friend was dating a girl from Pretoria. That was quite a long distance relationship I must say. Anyway I must say the South Africans are amazingly hospitable. We were there and one of her friends stopped by, he is an accountant who has his own business. He saw us 3 Americans, had just met us and decided to take off the next 4 days to take us out in the bush! IT WAS AMAZING, am am friends with him today. In fact he came and stayed with me and we showed him the east coast of the states the next year. It was his first time to the states.

    Anyway Kruger park is absolutely amazing. We also went to the beach for a couple of days just north of Durban in a little town called Ballito? (not sure i’m spelling it right) We got an ocean front room on the second floor with 3 bathrooms, a jacuzzi in one, 3 bedrooms and a huge party balcony for just 120 USD per night!

    I must say the people and country are amazing. I must go back sometime. We rented a car and put about 1400 miles on it in 10 days. The only thing I regret is not seeing Capetown. We mainly hung around the eastern side of the country.

    I did see table mountain however on a stop over from capetown to jo’berg through the plane window.

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  94. #94 Laurinda
    July 14, 2011 am31 10:45 am

    Bravehearts: Some of you out there may or may not of heard of Rysa5 and Magenta Pixie—they are EXCELLENT channels. Check them out on youtube!

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  95. #95 Gunner
    July 14, 2011 am31 11:26 am

    OMG Steffie, that looks a bit like the ship I seen in my trance/meditation (although I cant really meditate, i got some of that add going and cant concentrate for too long. and it was sometime in June. South Kearny is very close to bayonne. The ship had the same shape and all of a sudden a multitude of colors came out from the ship.
    I had asked Lord Arcturus for some healing and seen this gold shiny ship first. I was not alsleep but had my eyes closed and these were the visions i HAD. then that first ship went off into space and then this ship in your picture showed up and gave out the most beautiful of colors you could imagine. My heart just went zoom when I clicked onto that site and seeing this was taken not far from my jpouse and also the same time I had my vision. I should go check out my comments from June as I posted about my experience and ssee if it was on exactly the same day. Mine was a night time experience and like I said I definetely was not sleeping and not under the influence. haha

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  96. #96 Gunner
    July 14, 2011 am31 11:27 am

    Thanks Laurinds, going to go google those 2 chanells.

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  97. #97 Gunner
    July 14, 2011 am31 11:31 am

    Steffie, they also have great pictures and my favorite is the one in holland that is partially materialized.

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  98. #98 Admiral2012here
    July 14, 2011 am31 11:37 am


    If alien disclosure were to happen, immediately the government would face an administrative nightmare as millions of scientists would find their specialized skill sets suddenly economically unavailable due to lack of need. And so as a result a number of steps may be taken ahead of time to soften the blow. One of these steps is being undertaken right now within NASA, raising some questions about whether disclosure might be around the corner.

    It was a sad day in Cape Canaveral when the final space shuttle went up and the lights went out on a two decade long tradition of manned space flight in the United States. The same nation that had been the second to send a man into orbit and the first to send a man to the moon was finally ending what seemed to be mankind’s best last hope to reach another planet in the near future. But the closing of the space program may have been the opening of another doorway. If government officials were making the last few changes necessary to herald in a new space program as quickly as possible once the announcement was made, they would first have to close the old space program and free up as many personnel as possible.

    It is pure speculation, and it may be mere fantasy, but something about seeing the launch pads empty with no plans in the future for the first time in a long rich history of spaceflight has left some questions about whether there may be a secondary reason for the sudden closing of the program. While US astronauts will still be able to piggyback on rockets launched by the space programs of other nations, the United States – a nation that has invested countless man hours and even more resources in the promise of manned space flight and a future where humans set foot on different worlds – will not be sending people up itself any longer.

    And while some say it’s just business as usual, and pure politics with a nation whose budget is under serious strain, others are wondering whether it’s because the space shuttle may no longer be needed when something incredible happens. And that’s not the only strange preparation that seems to suggest a sudden world shift might be in the works in the next year. One of the most wildly successful scientific facilities of the past century, the Tevatron is scheduled to shut down in September. Once again this may be simply budget concerns, or there could be a different cause, like a sudden influx of superior technology.

    If official alien contact were made, it would mean thousands of jobs lost overnight if these programs had not allowed a grace period for some of the top scientific minds ahead of time. Similarly it would mean a massive waste in administrative fees until the programs did finally end their runs. Instead, if a government were to shut these programs down just prior to disclosure, they would be saving money and time, giving them more resources freed up to use when addressing alien technologies.


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  99. #99 Gunner
    July 14, 2011 am31 11:42 am

    Dear john,
    Today is Wednesday, 13 July 2011, and Carolyn and I are here to take the messages for this coming July Full Moon, which will be on the 15th of this month, and today it is Gaia who wishes to come forth to speak to us about this; and so let us see what she has to say. And she is here, and she is saying;
    My dear friends, you are aware that this time that awaits you, from that December 2012 solstice and beyond, is a time of tremendous change for humanity, but also for planet Earth and everything which resides upon it, and I as you know have the role as the Guardian you might say, of the planet, although there are other guardians. My role is one of overall responsibility for the state and the progression of the planet, and as you have heard from many other messages, we are entering the time, indeed we have entered the time when the Earth changes that are required to prepare the planet for what is unfolding have begun to come forth; and you might say they began in earnest with that Boxing Day earthquake in Indonesia a few years ago, which was the first shift that began to adjust the axis of the planet back to its alignment with Cosmic Centre; and I have come forth with this full moon, because it is the final piece of the puzzle you might say, which will see the greater array of Earth changes begin to come forth.

    These have indeed been building up for some time, as you have seen greater earthquake activity, greater volcanic activity and also changes in weather such as fires and floods and so on, but these changes will accelerate. For some, these changes will be frightening because they don’t understand what is happening; and they are coming forth at the same time as the changes in the financial and economic systems of the world begin to come forth, and also at the same time as that path forwards through the Karmic Clearing and Rejuvenation commands, which will soon be available through the Rejuvenation Workshops that have been planned, this process for the preparation of humanity will also come forth in parallel. And so this period of great, great change is about to unfold after so many promises and so much gathering of energy that has preceded it. The energies of this full moon are the final energies, the final triggers that are required to bring all of this forth into the conscious awareness of humanity.

    All of these pieces of the puzzle are coming forth together, and so I wished to come forth as the one who oversees these changes for the planet, because in a sense all that is unfolding reflects the same agenda, the same changes if you will, and so I not only oversee these changes for the planet, but also these changes for humanity, which in a sense will begin with the coming forth of that rejuvenation process that has been discussed for so long. And so with this context, I ask that you pass the banner, so to speak to Carolyn, because I have a further message that I wish to give to her.

    Carolyn – Thank you, Gaia. She wants me to describe how she looks to those who read and hear this, because the purpose of it is for you to connect with her, to visit her so to speak. There are many images of her, she says and she enjoys all of them, as she also the respect that humanity has for her.
    There are many who love this planet, who walk upon the planet disturbing very little. We won’t discuss those who do not respect where they live. The time will come when they truly will respect the gifts that have been given them, especially when they feel that they will be taken from them. Enjoy every moment of peace that you experience now. There will be great upheavals as you have been told, but I want you to see me as I truly am.

    And so she’s asking me to show you how she appears; and yes, she has the appearance of a young maiden, a beautiful young maiden, and because she is of the Earth and because you might say, she is of the animals and the flowers and the insects, the minerals; they are all part of her. And as I look upon her face, I see this beauty in her eyes. It is appreciation of the Earth’s beauty, and in her hair it is like shadows. Not real flowers and real creatures, but like a shadow forming flowers, insects, animals, and they change periodically. I see a bunny in her hair. It’s not a real bunny, but it is the shape and the spirit of a bunny, and it turns into a lioness; and I see a polar bear, all manner of creatures coming and going. It is like a reminder of what this Earth is all about. It is home for us, but it is also home for all of these beautiful creatures, every life form. And she says,
    Sometimes it is easy for people to forget that it is their home also. Land many times is cleared without any thought of the animals or the ecology in general. Mounds of Earth are cut. Where there was once a mountain, many times it is levelled to build homes or at least rearranged in some fashion, and there is little thought about how this disrupts all of the many forms of life that is found upon the planet; and everything that you do has an effect.
    I look down upon her dress, this beautiful; there is a sheerness to the fabric, almost like a chiffon. There’s a breeze, a gentle breeze blowing through it, and you feel this sense of serenity; and the same thing is in the dress that is in her hair. There is this mountain stream is the best way that I can describe it. It’s not really a mountain stream, but it is the colours change and sparkle as it represents the stream that’s going down the front of her dress; and the trees and flowers along the edge of it. And there is a babbling or gurgling sound as it moves around the rocks, and it is like the stones and the rocks and the sand piled up at her feet, and the water swooshes by, and you hear that beautiful sound of water as it mixes and turns and churns around stones. And at her feet is this beautiful meadow, and there’s all kinds of creatures cavorting in the meadow, and bees pollinating flowers and butterflies, and in the distance I see the strength of geysers, as she shows me one of her favourite haunts, so to speak, in Yellowstone. And the geysers are allowing the steam to move on, exploding in its wonder. And beyond, I see inside the Earth itself, the magma as it moves, those circular tunnels between the continents, underneath of the ocean, joining them. And she moves her robe aside and I can see out into space, and she tells me she is but a part of all of this Creation, and this Creation I see goes all the way back to Prime Creator in the centre of the Cosmos.
    We are all part of that, she says, you and I.
    And as I come back to Earth, I see the ocean. She shows me the ocean and the dolphins and the whales singing, and the pods of humpback whales, birthing their babies in the warm water. And she says,
    There is the peace and serenity that the creative forces brought here. Such beauty. So much of this has been disturbed by human beings, but there is a path back to that again, where there will be the peace and the beauty and the serenity, and it will be wrapped up in waves of love, in waves of oneness, when humanity is reminded again and accept the fact that all are one, all hold the key to this beauty. It is within your heart. It is how and why you were created, and it will be so again. And so it is.

    To listen to this message, go to the bottom of http://goo.gl/xX5j7

    Blessings, Joy, Love and Peace.
    Richard Presser

    Check out our Right Brain Magic Sessions at http://www.RightBrainMagic.com
    And Carolyn’s extraordinary Key Past Life Sessions at http://www.the2012countdown.com/Connect_to_a_past_life.html

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  100. #100 Gunner
    July 14, 2011 am31 11:50 am

    Admiral 98 great post. Makes me really wonder and got me real excited. i remember I think it was last week Obama saying the space program needed something spectacular or something to that liking. I heard that and my ears went up and instantly thought he was talking about new technology from the Galactics. that post makes total sense to me.
    Kakanistan was supposedly building a ET welcome station with ET landing pads, I wonder whatever happened with that project.

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  101. #101 Son of Light
    July 14, 2011 am31 11:50 am

    Gunner- It sucks, but it really makes my day!! Like reality shifts in a way bc of that dream and I cant help but to talk about it. Smile

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  102. #102 Gunner
    July 14, 2011 am31 11:55 am

    Wow i got goosebumps reading from Carolyn the description of Lady Gaia. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  103. #103 Robin.
    July 14, 2011 am31 12:18 pm

    DW #75.

    Nice perspective.. and yes, I think sometimes Dear Steve has trouble just standing back a little further and ALLOWING his ‘gardens’ to grow!

    A ‘weed’ is after all an entirely man-made concept! A field of Corn planted by man considers the Poppy as a weed.. the field of Poppys planted by man, considers a Corn plant the weed! Gaia doesn’t discern such a difference between her plants.. though I am sure there is a natural and ‘permaculture’ style balance that pervades ultimately!
    It is our preferance for ‘Monoculture’ that essentially creates the Agricultural ‘weed’ anyway!

    To be a Warrior or a Gardener.. or both.. this is the question!


    Steffie #90.

    ‘Tidy’.. Thanks!! Wink
    I’ll save it too.

    In Light!


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  104. #104 dreamwalker
    July 14, 2011 am31 12:20 pm

    LOL I guess infowars hit a little close to home:

    Jennifer Jones: AZ Police Chief Declares Martial Law After Being Exposed on Infowars.com


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  105. #105 dreamwalker
    July 14, 2011 am31 1:32 pm

    #103 Most warriors eventually become gardeners don’t they? At least in Roman times they did…

    I’m not sure I quite understand the motivations of someone who comes into a forum like that already in full attack mode, or what they expect to gain from it. I can understand someone going on the defensive, but all I can think is that perhaps that lone “warrior” is trying to remind the gardeners who they really are. Waking them up, as it were.

    It is perhaps the chaos – love – light gambit I’ve talked about in the past. It seems to have many different incarnations.

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  106. #106 dreamwalker
    July 14, 2011 am31 2:22 pm

    Free Ebook: The Importance of Disclosure
    by Steve Beckow


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  107. #107 Admiral2012here
    July 14, 2011 am31 2:42 pm


    Greetings from the Federation:

    We are back to discuss developments with you. First, we wish to point out that we feel the slip in faith by many of you who have dealt with these issues for so long. It is easy to lose faith and quite understandable. It is very difficult for you sometimes to determine what is the truth and what is not especially those who have not had the advantage of communicating directly with us. Use your heart to discern the Truth, to determine whether we are here, and if what we have spoken about to you will come to pass. Only you alone can discern the Truth about what is happening. Only you can make the choice to continue on your path. We are with you nonetheless and these processes will occur regardless.

    There is most definitely a calmer energy that has settled over your world in the past several days and the Illuminati’s attempts at disruption are fewer and farther between. We have seen countless minions of the Illuminati turn toward the Light, either out of a true understanding of the process or because of a recognition that retribution will come. This attitude is not unlike the Nazis at the end of World War II when they realized that they would be held accountable for their atrocities. This same feeling is now pervasive among the minions of the Illuminati and more and more are refusing to do their bidding, hoping for some mercy when the inevitable trials occur.

    Your planet is literally surrounded with craft from all corners of the universe as all beings vie for ringside seats to the greatest show in the galaxy. Your world has long been highly regarded as one of the finest spiritual schools in the universe and entry into this University has been highly sought after. Now, you are on the precipice of a school-wide graduation, and you are center stage for the family that has come from all parts of the universe to attend the graduation ceremonies.

    Know that if your leaders do not shortly come to terms with a Disclosure announcement, we will do so on their behalf since the time within which to acclimatize you to the changes necessary for Ascension grows shorter by the day. You will be brought the Truth and see it for yourselves. Your job, as Lght workers, will be to spread the message as far and wide as possible so that all may know the Truth and dispel the fear that will inevitably arise from our unveiling.

    In the overall framework of time as you know it, this is but a short wait before the process can begin. Continue to keep your faith in us as we have in you. Continue your dedication to the Light, to Love, and to each other. You are truly great and powerful spiritual beings.

    Be at peace.


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  108. #108 Admiral2012here
    July 14, 2011 am31 3:06 pm


    …explains ascension symptoms


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  109. #109 rawanderer
    July 14, 2011 am31 3:20 pm


    Lol! They’re turning the debt ceiling talks into a reality show..just more distractions

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  110. #110 Admiral2012here
    July 14, 2011 am31 3:26 pm


    By Bronnie Ware (who worked for years nursing the dying)

    1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

    This was the most common regret of all. When people realise that their life is almost over and look back clearly on it, it is easy to see how many dreams have gone unfulfilled. Most people have had not honoured even a half of their dreams and had to die knowing that it was due to choices they had made, or not made.

    It is very important to try and honour at least some of your dreams along the way. From the moment that you lose your health, it is too late. Health brings a freedom very few realise, until they no longer have it.

    2. I wish I didn’t work so hard.

    This came from every male patient that I nursed. They missed their children’s youth and their partner’s companionship. Women also spoke of this regret. But as most were from an older generation, many of the female patients had not been breadwinners. All of the men I nursed deeply regretted spending so much of their lives on the treadmill of a work existence.

    By simplifying your lifestyle and making conscious choices along the way, it is possible to not need the income that you think you do. And by creating more space in your life, you become happier and more open to new opportunities, ones more suited to your new lifestyle.

    3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.

    Many people suppressed their feelings in order to keep peace with others. As a result, they settled for a mediocre existence and never became who they were truly capable of becoming. Many developed illnesses relating to the bitterness and resentment they carried as a result.

    We cannot control the reactions of others. However, although people may initially react when you change the way you are by speaking honestly, in the end it raises the relationship to a whole new and healthier level. Either that or it releases the unhealthy relationship from your life. Either way, you win

    4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.

    Often they would not truly realise the full benefits of old friends until their dying weeks and it was not always possible to track them down. Many had become so caught up in their own lives that they had let golden friendships slip by over the years. There were many deep regrets about not giving friendships the time and effort that they deserved. Everyone misses their friends when they are dying.

    It is common for anyone in a busy lifestyle to let friendships slip. But when you are faced with your approaching death, the physical details of life fall away. People do want to get their financial affairs in order if possible. But it is not money or status that holds the true importance for them. They want to get things in order more for the benefit of those they love. Usually though, they are too ill and weary to ever manage this task. It is all comes down to love and relationships in the end. That is all that remains in the final weeks,love and relationships.

    5. I wish that I had let myself be happier.

    This is a surprisingly common one. Many did not realise until the end that happiness is a choice. They had stayed stuck in old patterns and habits. The so-called ‘comfort’ of familiarity overflowed into their emotions, as well as their physical lives. Fear of change had them pretending to others, and to their selves, that they were content. When deep within, they longed to laugh properly and have sillyness in their life again.

    When you are on your deathbed, what others think of you is a long way from your mind. How wonderful to be able to let go and smile again, long before you are dying


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  111. #111 Admiral2012here
    July 14, 2011 am31 5:09 pm

    …Stick should be around soon Smile

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  112. #112 Willow
    July 14, 2011 am31 5:14 pm

    Thanks, Gunner and Dreamwalker, I don’t write often but I do come here everyday and read your comments. Heart

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  113. #113 Robin.
    July 14, 2011 am31 5:16 pm

    # 105.

    But, we aint still IN ‘Roman Times’.. thank God!

    To clarify therefore.. Steve may not have yet decided within himself whether to ‘let go’ of weed-bashing (as a ‘Warrior’ ) OR, to allow (as a ‘Gardener’ ) ‘his’ garden to grow, weeds and all.. thus allowing instead, an NATURAL balance between the ‘species’ there, to occur?

    Difficult for him no doubt.. and any remnants of his ‘ego’, to thus order and reconcile with, internally.

    Unfortunately perhaps the apparent ‘attacker-type’ may be doing so for any number of reasons.. to simply gain ‘attention’.. to try to generate discord and ‘fear’.. perhaps even as being a puppet to another greater or more sinister entity.. who knows.. probably they themselves fully do not, either!

    But balance will doubtless prevail! Smile

    In Light!


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  114. #114 Robin.
    July 14, 2011 am31 5:38 pm

    Stick ROCKS! Smile

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  115. #115 Admiral2012here
    July 14, 2011 am31 5:50 pm



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  116. #116 Admiral2012here
    July 14, 2011 am31 5:58 pm

    …HEY!…where’s the Sped Man anways

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  117. #117 Admiral2012here
    July 14, 2011 am31 6:01 pm

    …I can’t edit…so put a “y” between the “n” and “w” in “anways” Smile

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  118. #118 Admiral2012here
    July 14, 2011 am31 6:24 pm



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  119. #119 Admiral2012here
    July 14, 2011 am31 6:59 pm
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  120. #120 Admiral2012here
    July 14, 2011 am31 7:24 pm



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  121. #121 Admiral2012here
    July 14, 2011 am31 7:46 pm

    …well, it’s get’n late and I ran out of COMMERCIAL Ideas…gotta go air up my mattress…it’s a “Sleep Number”…I know exactly the amount of air that needs to go in. Meanwhile ABC isn’t ready for “kick-out” for the night…he know’s my schedule…he’s been around 3 years

    …I tell him I have 3D work 2morrow to make $$$ so I can buy you more cat food Cool

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  122. #122 Love Reborn
    July 14, 2011 am31 8:28 pm

    Did anyone else have problems with clear communications this past 24 hours? I have found myself stumbling over words and all the conversations around me (not just my own) have been awkward and sluggish and choppy.

    Also, I got a tarot card reading that is amazingly apropos of everything here. The first line: “There is part of you that may have been considering leaving a situation or even relationship … but the time for that might not be quite yet.”

    My higher thinking has been centered on thoughts of ascension lately. How I am ready to go. I am done here. I don’t see any more work I can do. Yet again that word comes up: “the reason for this patience will become apparent very S**N and then you will be in the right position for progress to be made”

    I thought if anyone might appreciate this it would be the family here. It’s not enough we get the soon mantra from the galactics, but now I’m getting it from the tarot card reader. Laugh Laugh Laugh

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  123. #123 Stick
    July 14, 2011 am31 8:48 pm

    A little late to the ‘Conscious Party’ tonight guys… but this quote from Admirals #107 ‘Wanderer of the Skies’ post blasted me with positive vibrations:

    Star “Your planet is literally surrounded with craft from all corners of the universe as all beings vie for ringside seats to the greatest show in the galaxy. Your world has long been highly regarded as one of the finest spiritual schools in the universe and entry into this University has been highly sought after. Now, you are on the precipice of a school-wide graduation, and you are center stage for the family that has come from all parts of the universe to attend the graduation ceremonies.”

    Star Big Up to ALL Children of the Light!!! Ascension Calling 247!!!

    ~Simplicity101————————— Yin Yang Peace Sun

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  124. #124 Stick
    July 15, 2011 am31 12:16 am

    Gunner & Laurinda: Hollywood is another system… nothing more, nothing less. At it’s best, producing ‘high-grade’ Art; at it’s worst, fear based, mind numbing bullshit. The ‘rabbit-hole’ that is the ‘Film Industry’ goes much deeper than most even dare to imagine… but make no mistake about it, despite the shadows it produces, there are in fact many amazing Artists who are doing their part to help awaken the masses. -And yeah Gunner, my story does include interacting with a number of so-called ‘celebrities’… some on set, and many throughout my life in the Music scene etc. Of course the experiences and ‘consciousness’ range radically from person to person. They cross the spectrum from Stevie Wonder and Bono… all the way to Mike Tyson. All of them powerful teachers in their own right. Just like everyone here at GM. Lion

    ~The World Is A Stage… We Are All Actors Yin Yang

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  125. #125 Stick
    July 15, 2011 am31 12:17 am

    SaLuSa 15-July-2011

    We would suggest you pay extra attention to your Press and other news outlets, as within their daily outpourings there is a change of approach taking place, and the real truth is beginning to emerge. You will need to use your discretion as there is still going to be half-truths for quite a time yet. What is happening is that the higher vibrations are raising your consciousness levels, and it is strengthening your resolve to get the truth out. Brave souls with something to tell are gaining the wrath of the dark Ones, as they stand tall and are prepared to withstand the consequences. We have their karma to consider, but where we can you may be assured they will get our protection. Sometimes they would appear to fail in their attempts to bring matters into the public arena, but often sufficient is done by airing the evidence of malpractice and outright criminal activity. Too much has been taking place that the Illuminati seem to have got away with. Yet that has made them careless and feel untouchable, when in fact they are being revealed for what they are with firm evidence of their crimes. We need you to keep probing and constantly pushing for the truth to come out, and you will gather support until people power is so strong that it can no longer be ignored.

    Naturally within the construct of duality you would expect situations to offer opportunity to those who exploit other people. It runs from the petty criminal to the highly organised gangs that have almost unlimited power. However with the growth of Light and the awakening that is taking place that is continually increasing, the dark energies are being diluted and not as effective as they were. This gives you of the Light greater opportunities to forge ahead with your important work, and you will be boosted by other Lightworkers from the unseen realms. We sometimes arrange help by what you often call those useful coincidences, and you would not know that we have been involved. Of course for us these are relatively minor matters, and we do focus on much more important events.

    We can inspire people, or plant ideas or information into their subconscious mind which when they surface seem to be their own. The dark also try to affect your minds, but it is not normally direct unless they are dealing with you in person. Mind altering drugs and mind control are used to take you over, and only the most strong-minded can resist or overcome them. They use subliminal methods of which you are unaware, and you are primed to think and act in a certain way that benefits their plans. The answer is to lift up your consciousness levels as quick as you can, and hold firm to your beliefs so that your Light becomes your protection. Chemtrails are more an attack on your health but are not without their affect on your mind. As we recently mentioned, these are being cleared away so that now they have little affect upon you.

    From beyond Earth there are greater powers than any upon it, and they constantly beam Light to you as part of your upliftment. So you can see that in spite of what the dark Ones direct at you, our response is more than adequate to lessen the affect. One day in the future your vibrations will have reached such a high level, that the lower energies will have absolutely no affect upon you. Already your body cells are changing and when they become crystalline you will untouchable. That time will come when you ascend, and nothing such as disease will be able to make any difference to you. Come on board our ships and you will find no evidence of doctors or hospitals as such. We have healing chambers, but at our level they are for balancing our energies. Be assured every aspect of your lives is taken care of when you live in the higher dimensions. All around you are wonderful energies that are uplifting, and bring you joy and happiness. Shall we jest a little, and say that you will never see sad or depressed Space Being. Our lives are one continual expression of the love that permeates our very being. On Earth your minds are cluttered with so many concerns and problems, that you have little opportunity for those quite moments that are so important to you. Do try to rest, especially now when there are so many pressures upon you, as even the high energies that you are taking in can produce tiredness.

    Naturally we already know what you will require to finally lift yourself up to be prepared for Ascension. You will be a different person by then and more godlike, and you will truly have become a Being of Light. All of the changes you will experience will be quite exhilarating and leave you in a blissful happy state. It will be the real you, as you were eons of time ago and therefore not feel strange at all. You will be like us which is why we can come together as One, and we will be no different to each other. You will return to your status as Masters, with all of the command and attributes that go with it. We know you cannot imagine such changes yet but they will come as you might say, fast and furious. There is no time to be lost, but then we are fully prepared for the tasks that lay ahead. They will commence with a whole flurry of activity, with one quickly following another.

    Can you sense how near things are to coming to head, as some major changes are near to fruition. When they commence we want them to be free flowing and without problems. We will have time to explain what we are doing, but so to say cannot spend over long with those who are unable to grasp the significance of it all. We will have educational programs to enlighten them, and opportunities given to cover any questions that may arise. Our plan has covered all possible situations, so we expect things to run smoothly and to everyone’s satisfaction. As you may recall, we are far from new to such occasions having handled the process of Ascension many times in the past.

    Over a period of time we have just about covered most subjects that will have some bearing on your immediate future. You should therefore be well prepared for the remaining period up to the end of this cycle. The hardships are soon to end, but bear in mind there are many people that need urgent attention and they will be our first targets. We will move quickly and the massive size of the Galactic Federation will cope without any problem. They will be exciting times, and you will be kept well informed of our activities.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and send you love on behalf of all of us involved in your great upliftment.

    Thank you SaLuSa.
    Mike Quinsey.

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  126. #126 John
    July 15, 2011 am31 2:17 am

    Love Reborne…. #122

    We all go through much the same thing. We seem to be at somewhat different timelines. I, for one, went through most of my ASS (assention symptom syndrome) about 3 years ago. There was many nights of insomnia, days of upheavals and hour upon hour of self reflection and seeming self judgment. It is totally normal and in many circles, expected.
    You will find a lot of compassion here for your personal issues (sounds a bit stoggy, I know… but it’s accurate) but don’t be surprised if you receive some responses that seem a little cold. We all have been through it and some have yet to experience what seems to be your body and mind rejecting itself. It’s something that you need to come to grips with.
    Once you have the inner issues basically dealt with, things will start to stabilize and they WILL find a level ground within what you can deal with. Think of it like a challenge… One that is really cool and there is no pressure other than what you place upon yourself to get in your way. There are some things that you are going to be learning about yourself, coming up in the next few months. Don’t resist this expansion of your world. It is a very wonderful thing coming into your life, and will culminate in your awakening to your true nature and purpose. Agreed, it sucks when you are in the throws of full blown ASS, but I tell you now, I tell you truthfully, that if you persevere and take it to the end, willingly and happily, that the rewards of that courage is beyond anything you could imagine or recognize right away. I dare say that some of the “old timers” here, still don’t realize their full benefit of the things they had to endure to get where they are now, myself included.

    It does get a lot easier, once the bulk of the “old life” crap is purged, and the concept of living in a totally different way, with different thoughts and feelings is on it’s way to be normal.
    Accept and bless these things that are happening to you, for they are happening for your benefit and the greater good of all.

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  127. #127 Admiral2012here
    July 15, 2011 am31 5:01 am


    Brad sets up a microphone through which kids can talk to aliens


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  128. #128 Gunner
    July 15, 2011 am31 5:45 am

    Thsi Neil young song going through my head
    “Long may you run, long may you run, although these changes have come, with your chrome horse shining , in the sun, long may you run”
    And long may you all run right to the 5th dimensoion YES!!!!
    i am so souped today and the energy again is un believable, TGIF to everyone.
    i checked my pick 3 and pick 4 lotteries this mourning and missed them both by only one number. In the past I would get angry and frustrated, but not today, I simply let it pass and was thankful for all I have. Then I go to the bank (payday) and notice for some reason I got paid an extra 120 and just at the time I need it. DOGHOUSE!!!! WHAT!!!! This is my lucky day.

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  129. #129 Admiral2012here
    July 15, 2011 am31 5:55 am

    …Gunner $120 extra?…awh!…the Universe provides Big Smile

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  130. #130 Admiral2012here
    July 15, 2011 am31 6:11 am

    GLOBAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE (4th Night Of The 9th Wave Of The Mayan Calendar)

    Today on the Gregorian date July 13, 2011 begins the Fourth night of the Ninth wave. To me this night really seems like the last time period available for us to prepare for the relatively dramatic scenario that will lead up to the culmination of the Mayan calendar on October 28, 2011. I have outlined some of my basic views of what This transformation towards unity consciousness brought by the Ninth wave, with simultaneous consequences on many levels of the universe, I have described in a series of articles available on http://www.calleman.com and http://www.mayanninthwave.com. In this fourth night it is thus high time that we ask our instincts if we are in the right place to participate in this culmination scenario. It is also important to ask ourselves if what we are doing now is preparing us for what we are to do in the “post-end time world” (quite a paradoxical concept). Unfortunately, because so many people have been deluded by New Age “researchers” to believe that the Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012 it seems clear that only a small minority of people in the world will realize the urgency of the matter.

    A couple of months ago I expressed my expectation that the Fifth day, beginning on July 31, 2011, will bring a global economic collapse, which would be the start of this end time scenario. What is going on now in this regard is that the European banks is still trying to find a solution for the Greek debt crisis by the end of July and a few days later, August 2, the decision will be made in the US whether to raise the lending ceiling or not. Meanwhile, increasing focus is placed on Italy, whose national debt in relationship to its GDP is almost as high (120%) as that of Greece (140%), but whose economy is seven times larger with correspondingly much larger potential consequences of a default on debt payments. A very delicate situation is thus already arising at the beginning of the fifth day and it remains to be seen if more money can be printed to avert a collapse.

    Because it could be so painful a global financial collapse would seem to many to be a destructive event and hence not likely to occur in a period of light, a day. The economic system of the world is however probably the greatest obstacle to the development of unity consciousness that exists on our planet. I think it can even be said that a collapse of the world’s financial structure is a pre-requisite for us to be able to craft relationships of oneness between ourselves. For this reason it is not unlikely that such a collapse would occur in a day and then especially in the fifth day, which is the particular day that in the waves brings the breakthrough energy to the new frame of consciousness. Unity consciousness is thus likely to be perceived as a threat to many persons in economically dominant positions and this is part of the reason that so powerful media interests have sought to delude people about the Mayan calendar and postpone its true end date, October 28, 2011



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  131. #131 Gunner
    July 15, 2011 am31 6:25 am

    HEAVEN #3885 You are Brave to be a Human Being, July 15, 2011

    God said:

    You are brave to be a human being. It takes courage. It takes willingness, and it takes heart. Courage means heart. No one would have courage without heart.
    Sometimes you feel like a vagrant on Earth, as if you have no home anywhere on this vast Earth. On Earth, you have to make decisions oftentimes in the dark. On Earth, you are learning to make decisions from your heart and not so much from your intellect. Intellect may size up what you should want or should have, but does your heart want it?
    At the same time, I have to emphasize the difference between whim and heart. Discern the difference between what your heart wants and what ego urges. Just because you want something doesn’t mean that your want comes from your heart. To be good to yourself does not mean to indulge.
    Do you see what I mean when I say how brave you are to visit Earth? Ego is ready to pounce on you at any moment. Ego needs are great, and yet they are false.
    You may deeply desire another piece of pie. Is that heart or whim? Or is it ego? Now who is to decide or judge what is true heart or true whim or ravaging ego. It is all fuzzy.
    You want that beautiful dress you saw in the store window. You crave it. To have that dress means a lot to you. You don’t have the money for it, yet you have a tremendous yen for it. You may convince yourself that you need that dress, that your happiness depends on it. You buy the dress on a credit card. And then you may never wear it. It may not fit you, and yet you had to have it. You may have no occasion to wear it, and yet you had to have it. The dress represented a dream you wanted fulfilled, and, yet, the purchase of the dress did not make your dream come true. There was perhaps a masked ego need for that dress. Ego will never satisfy you. Ego is a false prophet.
    Probably everyone on Earth has bought dreams only to be disappointed. All the advertisements urge you to buy a dream. Sellers urge you to buy their wares and they make promises that no purchase, no matter how wonderful, can fulfill. Your longing is always for something deeper than what any product can give you.
    I do not say that you never fulfill a whim. Just don’t make it your way of life. Don’t always buy your own stories.
    The dream may be to be Homecoming Queen, and you become Homecoming Queen. The actuality does not have the substance you hoped it would. There is something more fulfilling to long for.
    Self-centered needs are often ego needs. You carry a dissatisfaction and you are looking to have that dissatisfaction assuaged. You are sure that your happiness depends upon filling an ego need covered up in glowing colors.
    You have misled yourself. Just don’t mislead yourself all the time. Be an advocate for knowing more clearly what’s what.
    Once in a while, misleading is a good thing, for it tells you what is folly. Learn from the experience then, and do not repeat it. Ah, but how repetitive you have been in life. How many times, beloved? You may not even have had a moment’s joy from a folly.
    When all your clothes do not fit in your closet, you may think the only solution is to have a bigger closet! It may not occur to you to give away some of what is bulging in your closet. You paid good money for those clothes you collect and can’t seem to let go of.
    Let go of old ways of thinking. Make way for new thinking.
    Add Comment || Printer friendly version

    Permanent Link: http://www.heavenletters.org/you-are-brave-to-be-a-human-being.html

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  132. #132 Gunner
    July 15, 2011 am31 6:28 am

    Yes it does Admiral. The great part s now every 2 weeks I will get an extra 120 ah I think I will order some pizza tonight , extra cheese extra sauce YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Man gotta read this God message today, so awesome.
    Btw,you feel the energy today, wow so strong as it has been all week.

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  133. #133 dreamwalker
    July 15, 2011 am31 6:45 am

    #122 Love Reborn for whatever reason your description of ASS made me think of this:



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  134. #134 Love Reborn
    July 15, 2011 am31 7:12 am

    Dreamwalker, thank you for that! Wink That was my day yesterday. Laugh I needed that laugh this morning!

    John, I also appreciate your words of guidance. Yes

    The reason I even mentioned the communications difficulty was that it seemed to be effecting people all around me, as well myself. Random strangers I spoke to and family members alike. Oh well, just one of those things. Razz

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  135. #135 dreamwalker
    July 15, 2011 am31 7:44 am

    #131 That Heaven message was really relevant to me today, Gunner. Thank you for posting it. Not to me personally, but to those around me.

    You have this habit of finding stuff that end up on my fridge. Yes, a shrine to Gunner! Kudos to you my friend! Grin

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  136. #136 Laurinda
    July 15, 2011 am31 7:53 am


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