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Effects of recreational drugs on spiritual development

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    Here it is, the whole chapter about the effects of recreational drugs on spiritual development… taken right from “Telos Volume 2: Messages for the Enlightenment of a Humanity in Transformation”.

    The original sacred plants assisted the spiritual evolution of mankind in the beginning of life on this planet for millions of years, until the fourth golden age. During a very long period of Earth evolution, people would occasionally draw on the energies of these plants with much reverence, sacredness and intention. They ate a small portion of a leaf, usually directly from live plants, according to the experience that was desired. There were quite a variety of those plants, and each one offered its own specific spiritual gift. At no time were these plants ever misused, nor was any addiction engendered from their use.

    [...] People did not smoke to inhale these substances through their lungs like it is done with the present-day counterparts of the original plants, which by the way, are not the same plants at all. [...]

    The so called “weeds” that this generation smokes or uses today with the hope of a connection with a higher aspect of themselves, or an experience of other dimensional realities, are not in any way the same plants that were originally used for spiritual purposes. The original plants no longer exist today in your third dimensional reality, although several species have been preserved inside the Earth.

    To understand what happened with this gift that mankind used so freely for avery long time, it is necessary to go back in history at the beginning of the dark ages, when people gave their powers away to lesser vibrations and powers other than their Divine Presence. One by one, the civilizations of this planet gradually forgot their original state of oneness with the divine and opened themselves to the manipulating and controlling energies of the shadow.

    Incarnated beings of the black arts, that had attained a lot of knowledge on other spheres of existence prior to coming to the Earth, became the black magicians of ancient times. They are the ones who first genetically altered the original plants at their roots in order to exercise greater control over the people by dimming their spiritual powers and perceptions. This took place over a long period of time, and the original plants were gradually destroyed or altered to an increasingly reduced vibrational rate. The plants available today as “recreational plants” carry a negatively altered vibration that is a far cry from the original plants.

    What the youth, as well as many adults, on this planet are addicted to are substances that take their users into the lower levels of the astral plane. In the lower astral realms, users get hooked and corded by astral entities needing their energies in order to survive, thus creating the major cause of addictions. Those indulging in these substances endlessly create these distorted energies in the emotional body and other subtle bodies. These entities exist with a consciousness of their own. They are real and alive, living in a low energy consciousness that becomes more and more aggressive in its attempt to gain control of the energies of the user. Over time and with continued usage, the entities grow in number and in power in the energetic field of their hosts.

    These entities of such low vibrational consciousness have so little light and energies of their own that they “have to get hooked” on “willing” human beings and produce cravings in their emotional bodies in order to survive. The cravings are the fundamental roots of addictions created by entities of the astral plane that need to suck your light and your energies whenever they can as a means of assuring their own survival. One can say that your addictions are also “their fix.” This concept of how so many types and levels of addiction are formed is not well understood. If it were, very few of you would be interested in partaking of addictive substances, not even plain commercial cigarettes or alcohol.

    Over time, the vibrations of the remaining plants were altered until what you have left today is a handful of low vibration, consciousness altering plants. Instead of taking people in consciousness to the realms of Light in their multidimensional travels, the negative qualities of the plants you have today take their users into the lower vibration of the astral plane, where light is very dim and consciousness very distorted. The black magicians brilliantly altered the vibrations of the original plants to create a tearing effect in the soul and a greater separation from Source.

    Recreational drugs users are, for most part, people who perceive consciously or unconsciously that they have lost their connection with their Higher Self. They are seeking a form of union at the emotional level with a greater part of themselves. Addictions arise from this natural desire of the soul, which can never be fulfilled by engaging in this kind of activities. Drug users keep inhaling or ingesting more and more of the consciousness altering substances in a desperate desire to reconnect with a part of themselves that would hopefully fill the void and the emptiness they feel in their gut.

    Drug usage illustrates an attempt to find externally the Jewels, the Love that can only be found within the Self, through the Love of Self that beats through your heart.

    I repeat again, mind and soul altering substances that you generally find on the surface can only amplify the void, the emptiness, the loneliness of the soul who seeks fulfillment outside of Self.

    When one relies on a low vibration substance to create an altered state or to reconnect with the divine, the result is only greater illusion and self-deception. Do you understand that?

    The grasses that are grown and the chemical substances that are produced today for mind-altering purposes are totally unnatural to the soul, the physical body, the mind and the emotional body. These substances create distortions in these bodies that can take a very long time to correct, even several lifetimes.

    When there was once love, innocence and purity, when the sacred plants were in their original genetic creation, there is now negativity in the form of a huge group consciousness of drug entities that are destructive to the very fabric of life and consciousness itself. There is hardly any place you can go now that is free from the vibration of these entities. This is another plot of the dark brothers whose agenda is to stop or slow down the evolution of this entire generation. You find very large groups of entities waiting for their “willing prey,” clustered in areas where people gather to inhale or partake of these substances.

    If you could observe from our perspective, you would know without a doubt that anyone indulging in these substances invites legions of these entities in. They cling to you and almost torture you emotionally to incite you to indulge more. They are like hungry vampires competing for their “fix.” The addiction comes not so much from the plant itself, but from the entities who attach themselves to those using these substances. This is the main cause of the torment of addiction.

    Aurelia: What do these entities look like?


    I’m going to describe these entities to you. They look like thick smoke and can be six, ten, twelve or twenty feet long, and a bit like a snake in shape. They row and get bigger as the energy wraps itself around all the different bodies – the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – of those who partake of these substances. It is mainly the emotional body that is affected, as it gets imprinted with the constant craving for more and more drug by the astral entities who embody that vibration.

    This usage and addiction leads most of the time to personality changes and character damage. The soul becomes more and more disconnected from the purpose of its incarnation and from the “real self.” Those who spend their lifetime in this altered state of consciousness may have to experience several more incarnations in order to return to the state of consciousness they engendered before the drug use. They will almost certainly suffer a setback in their personal evolution. No matter how spiritual drug users think they have become with their addiction, we say that they are embracing a great illusion.

    Aurelia: Can you be more specific about how each of our four bodies — emotional, physical, mental and spiritual – as well as the auric field, are affected by drug use?
    On the emotional body

    Adama: We will start with the four bodies. The one most affected is the emotional body. The entities lure people into addictions mainly by creating a sensation of starvation or craving for the addictive substance primarily in the emotional body and the solar plexus. It is well documented that those who take these substances retard the growth and maturing of their emotional bodies. In general, they can remain quite unbalanced or immature emotionally for many years, or even the remainder of their incarnation. When you see men or women in their thirties and forties with the maturity of a 15 or 20-year-old, you’ll know that there is something that has stunted the growth of their emotional body. The emotional body usually stops maturing at the age one starts ingesting these substances. So often you hear people say about someone: he is 43 years of age going on 16 in maturity. Do you get the picture?

    This emotional immaturity creates deficiencies in the character building of the drug users. Instead of developing the qualities of their divinity, the addiction causes many to resort to all sorts of manipulations, treachery and distorted ways of acquiring money in order to get another fix. There are those who will even kill or resort to prostitution to get the funds to feed their addiction. Drug dependency often destroys or diminishes the qualities of the soul, and the goals of the incarnation are not met.

    Everyone has a certain desire to evolve and become the divine being that they are. This is your very nature, your birthright. Those who use drugs or similar addictive substances are looking outside themselves for what can be found only within the depth of the soul. Drug abuse demonstrates an unwillingness to go through the normal channels of learning, through the daily lessons of life that help you evolve. In all truthfulnness, there are no external shortcuts to enlightenment. It is all within you.

    As the vibration on the planet increases, the youth of the world and the users of recreational drugs will have to make a serious choice and commitment to their life, to their evolution and to the predetermined purposes of their incarnation. They will soon be faced with the choice to either “get off pot” or potentially leave their present incarnation to spend time in the astral plane with the energies they have flirted with. Basically, at some point, this is the choice all will have to make if they wish to ride the wave of ascension with those who have made the choice to be united with their Divine Selves.

    On the mental body

    In the mental body, drug use affects the character and levels of integrity, and the motives for living become very distorted. Instead of living for the development and integration of noble purposes, life often becomes a race and obsession to find more money, through any possible means, in order to buy more of these substances. The user’s mind becomes dulled and cloudy while entertaining this kind of consciousness. Genetically, drug use can often create repercussions in the progeny for two to three generations, which could manifest as various kinds of physical, emotional or mental weaknesses. Children born into families who genetically inherit sch problems may be souls who chose to be born into this type of situation to resolve unfinished karma from when they themselves indulged in drugs or other types of addictions in a past incarnation.

    On the physical body

    On the physical level, drugs and any addiction lower all the vibrations of the body. There are those who are genetically very strong and don’t seem to be physically affected. For many, the brain and the emotional body are most affected. Nevertheless, one must be aware that the person who indulges in recreational drugs for a very long time and fails to fulfill their present life contract, will most likely lose the privilege to have a strong healthy body in the next incarnation. And you all know how painful and agonizing this can be!

    You can never consciously or carelessly abuse your body in one incarnation and have the privilege of a healthy and strong body again in the next one. Divine las requires that if you are given a strong healthy body and you misuse it, the karma returns the very next life. That is why you have children born with all sorts of health problems and you wonder why is that? What did they do to deserve it? Well, on the human level, you can never judge because you don’t know the whole story. Even if you were to look at astrological or akashic records, the human consciousness can only perceive a small portion of the whole picture.

    In general, people trapped in addictive tendencies tend to not feed their bodies what they need to remain in balance and vitality. These types of imbalances creawted in the body are not conducive to motivating addicts to change their ways. Thy are malnourished, to say the least. Not feeding the body properly and regularly is part of the self-hatred and denial syndromes of those engaging in addictions. This means that they do not value themselves as divine beings, and do not value their opportunity for this life either. The body needs to be replenished several times a day with natural and nutritious foods that still carry as much life force as possible. Junk food diets in the form of fast foods that are completely devoid of nutrients have been the main diets of the great majority of drug users.

    On the etheric body

    Etherically, drugs tear down much of the protective sheets of the soul, known as subtle bodies. It could take a person who has indulged severely in one lifetime in the constant use of marijuana, LSD or other similar recreational drugs, up to three to five lifetimes or longer to get back to where they were in the first place. Addictions can cause tremendous damage to the etheric bodies. It is never obvious how much the non-visible bodies can e harmed from a physical perspective. We are not talking about someone who has simply tried drugs as an experiment a few times and never continued. That’s not going to hurt you deeply. We are talking about regular usage over a long period of time.

    Many of you have been using drugs for five to ten years or longer. At this time, because of the Divine Grace being offered to all of humanity by your heavenly Father, there is still time for all to let go of the addictions, and begin a spiritual, emotional and physical cleansing. By divine grace, all can receive a great healing. But if the soul happens to leave this incarnation before the healing takes place, many may take damage back with them into the next incarnation, with the consequences and without the full awareness of why they have the problems that manifest in their physical bodies.

    Aurelia: How is the auric field affected?


    From our perspective, when we look at a person who is a child of love, light and innocence, the auric field demonstrates a beautiful emanation of all the colors of love, the seven rainbow rays and the golden light. It radiates out in different intensities of tone, and the auric field shows beautiful geometric patterns of colors of high vibration. And it is so because the beautiful colors of God have their counterparts in the full spectrum of the rainbow.

    When you look at the auric field of a user of marijuana or other drugs, you see very distorted patterns of the red tone of anger and vile green tones not representing harmony and love. There are also a lot of black and brown splashy spots all around the aura. More often than not, the beautiful original geometric auric pattern can no longer be seen.

    It is muddy in tone as the colors are very distorted. And you would also see clusters of entities almost like a coiling serpent of smoke that wraps itself around every part of the body. The solar plexus and the heart become congested with these entities and their low frequency energy. The etheric body and the auric field of the usrs of recreational drugs is not a very pretty sight to see. If we could show drug users their auric field as compared to the one we described above, they would be so shocked that probably 90% or more would quit drug use on the spot.

    Aurelia: Our DNA is now mutating back to its original 12 strand light-body and beyond as the earth prepares to go into her ascension frequency. How does this new stage of human evolution we are entering into affect people who are using these drugs?


    Unfortunately, they are not mutating in a positive way. The use of drugs prevents a completely positive mutation because the main factor in the cellular mutation is the love vibration and the effort the person makes in raising their vibration. How do you expect to raise your vibrations while you are creating, feeding and entertaining legions of negative entities?

    Drug users constantly lower their vibrations in order to maintain the cycle of feeding their entities, which when one thinks about it, is really an act of self-hatred. The low level of vibration users maintain is not conducive to the raising of their love and light frequencies, thus inhibiting the mutation of their DNA into a higher state of evolution.

    Your sustained love and light quotient is the determining factor of your DNA’s natural and automatic activation. This activation has little to do with paying someone to do DNA activations, which very often represent ceremonies of intention. Unless the love and light frequency is increased and maintained by the receiver, not much can be accomplished.

    The activation of your light-body is determined and accelerated by the amount of love and light you are able to maintain on a day-to-day basis. This inclueds the love of Self, the love of your body and the love for your incarnation’s purposes, as well as all other types of love.

    Aurelia: Does the illegality of marijuana in certain places affect its vibration? For example, is there a fear consciousness associated with its illegality?


    Yes, definitely. Marijuana, the plant itself, possesses some positive applications if and when properly utilized. It is a questions of letting go of fear and addictions and putting each thing in its right perspective. The marijuana is what you call a variety of the hemp plant. Your authorities have made it illegal, and it is also a fear thing for them. The hemp plant could be used in many positive ways for the benefit of mankind. Instead, it is used in negative ways in an attempt to regress the soul evolution of an entire generation.

    The fact that it is illegal is creating a greater interest or special attraction with the youth and with many adults as well. Although the illegality is creating fear, it is also feeding the fear consciousness/entities within self and on the planet. For many who live with a lot of fear issues in their unconscious, doing something fearful creates stimulus in the energy centers of the body, thus stimulating the energy of the fear entities within self, and creating a false illusion of mental and emotional thrill.

    Understand that the drug entities feed themselves by the vibration of teh altered plants, and the fear entities are also fed and energized by the fear energy. Being in fear and creating the fear vibration has also become a form of addiction for a great percentage of people. Why do you think so many people enjoy horror films or violent movies? Why do you think these types of attractions are so popular? The main reason is that the emotions created by watching those scenes feed the fear entities that are running the internal programming of those watching and enjoying the stimulating sensations. Those who have not made peace with their heart and their Divine Presence have not yet understood the true meaning of Love and Peace.

    On this planet, the great majority of people are programmed to be emotionally activated by fear. This is part of an old, old programming that now needs to be resolved by everyone committed to enlightenment. In the new world that the planet and humanity are traveling to at this time in consciousness and evolution, there will be no room for such vibrations. Those still choosing to carry these vibrations within themselves will be held back and denied entrance until their lessons are learned. The fifth dimensional consciousness will not accept this kind of baggage from anyone.

    So making drugs illegal doesn’t resolve the problem much; those determined to use a drug find a way of getting it anyway because it is so easily available. The clandestine way recreational drugs are marketed, and the fact that they are illegal encourages users to become deceitful and dishonest towards themselves and others. This is not said in criticism or judgment of the authorities. They tackle the drug problem the best they know how. Drug users form a habit of being secretive and suspicious, and living a double life. This behavior is certainly not conducive for building the type of soul personality and human character that are needed for ascension and evolution into higher consciousness.

    The child of Light, the child of love and innocence, cannot find anything to hide.

    Life on this planet is moving towards the consciousness of total knowingness and openness, when everything will be known and nothing will be hidden. Do you know that in the higher realms no one can hide anything from anyone else because everything can be seen and known at all times through the auric field, through your tone, your vibration and the colors that you emanate? We can see everything in the auric field of all the people on the surface of the earth we choose to gaze upon, and in our own community of Light as well. Very soon, there will be no more secrets anywhere on this planet.

    Come on, my friends, children of my heart, do you really think that in your attempt for secrecy you can really hide? Well, the truth is that you can’t. Perhaps you can hide some things for a while from other fellow humans; but you simply cannot hide any secrets, thoughts, feelings or intentions from any one of us of the Light Realm, anywhere above the third dimensional consciousness.

    Even the trees, the nature spirits and the animals can easily read your heart, your intentions, your past and your future. If you were telepathic enough or if they could speak to you in a language you understand, you would be quite surprised at their wisdom and knowledge. This will soon change for most of you as you evolve. As humanity opens their hearts to unconditional love and acceptance of others, this type of communication with all of life, that all beings of enlightened civilizations enjoy constantly, will open up for you as well. And you will enjoy tremendously this new magic. Never will you be afraid of anything anymore. You will know that peace was always there beneath your fears.

    My words may appear harsh for some of you or even exaggerated. But believe me, all I have described has become a reality for too many precious souls. For sure, not all those using marijuana will experience all the symptoms I have just described, But I did my best to show you the path that drug use is leading you to eventually, when alignment with the incarnation’s purposes continues to be ignored.

    Aurelia: Is there anything that people can do to heal themselves from the abuse of marijuana or similar types of substances? What healing tools can you recommend?


    Well, sweet one, we wish we had a magic potion or miracle answer for that. There are vibrational healing tools that are emerging that will be of significant use to healers and counselors in the coming years. These devices, some of which are already in limited use, accelerate the clearing and rebuilding of the etheric bodies. In the hands of a practitioner who is aligned with the Divine, they will assist greatly all who desire to process and purify all old distorted energies. They will also provide great assistance to all of the children incarnating who are experiencing tremendous stress in your surface societies. These children are not only relying on mind-altering substances that are illegal, but are also being fed such substances by doctors under the guise of treatment for ADD syndromes and other mental diseases.

    It is unfortunate to witness that in so many countries the dark forces have swayed children born as the indigo and the violet souls into an attraction to or addiction to these habit-forming substances. This sinister plan is designed to bind their souls and stop the wondrous contribution and wisdom they are meant to bring to this planet, and for the enhancement of their own evolution as well. This is a trap too many of the youth of this world are falling into. Nearly all of those precious souls came here at this time of Earth transition with the goals of accomplishing great missions. We know that a great percentage of these precious children will wake up in time, but for those who will not, the drug abuse and addition will mark a descent of consciousness in their evolution and a major set-back.

    What will begin to make the greatest difference though is the right information and knowledge of the truth. Peer pressure has played a very negative influence in your society. It is the giving up of one’s powers and values in order to avoid appearing “different,” or to feel “accepted” by others. I say to you, “Dare to be different! It is a sign of maturity and sovereignty.”

    Realize that there is no one as efficient as an ex-drug user to convince others to stay clean.

    Without a doubt, the time is now at hand when incarnated souls on this planet are left to face the choice of “getting off pot” or leaving their present incarnation for another sphere of evolution, less evolved than here, where they will continue to learn their lessons. We hope that many, when faced with a final choice, will make the right choice. You live in a society evolving on a planet of “free choice,” yes, where people can freely experience and experiment with their choices. Remember that all the choices you make from day to day, and what intentions you hold in your heart and mind, have significant consequences for you now and for your future.

    We ask you to pray for these precious children, for grace and divine intervention. We ask those who will be reading this material or hearing about it to enfold the youth of the world in a whirlwind of love, of blue flame and violet flame for their protection. We ask you also to ask for their protection by the Archangels. These are spiritual tools that are very, very important. If you know someone using drugs, or teachers open to concepts of higher consciousness, give them this information or give them as much as you think they can understand. Share your wisdom with them. Information and knowledge are some of the best tools to transform consciousness. You may not interfere with anyone’s free will, but you may offer someone the gift of knowledge. It will allow that person to make an “enlightened” choice, perhaps for the first time.

    A lot of people falsely believe they are on a high spiritual path by taking drugs.

    Those who think they are on a high spiritual path by taking drugs because they have experiences of altered realities do not realize that their experiences take them to lower levels of the astral plane. What they experience is always a far cry from the joy and ecstasy of the etheric planes, the dwelling place of higher consciousness. There is a very distinctive difference between the astral plane and the realms of light. The etheric plane or the realms of Light begin to be experienced, to some extent, at the higher levels of the fourth dimension, and much more fully in the fifth dimension and beyond.

    The astral plane is rightly called the plane of duality, relativity and spiritual unconsciousness where there is little or no light and all that one sees and perceives is distorted and fragmented compared to the realms of light. In the astral plane, truth and divinity are no longer understood. It is also considered an emotional plane, a giant pool for all the unfulfilled desires and negative emotions of mankind that have been created in separation from God. Consider it also a place of great illusion, because that plane has the ability to mimic in a deceptive manner those unfulfilled desires and emotions. More often than not, it presents the illusion of a world containing levels of beauty and pleasures that can become very seductive to souls, but not aligned with their soul path. It projects all the deceptions of the human consciousness, at times very well camouflaged, creating illusions of something that appears much better than it actually is. The astral plane is always devious, distorted, alluring and deceitful.

    There are different levels of the astral plane from the higher levels of that illusion to the lowers, what you call the “bottom of the pit.” Until the astral plane becomes totally clear of human negativity, desires and emotions, the vibrations there will not carry anyone very high on the waves o light, not even near the etheric plane. Thus, drug use can never bring an experience of light unless the right substances carrying the right vibrations are used “appropriately.” But in your present world, you no longer have access to those former plants. And those, children of my heart, are just about extinct and very rare to come by on the surface.

    The younger children of this generation are very brilliant and psychic. They know when they are told the truth and when they are deceived. They are born with different levels of perception than most of you were. Many of them who will read our information through this writing will be able to recognize the truth of it, and embrace it fully. Unfortunately, there has been very little written about the spiritual consequence of drug abuse. Some enlightening writings have been published about the subject, but most information has eluded you or been suppressed.

    The children of the world, young and older, need this information. Please spread the word; it is of utmost importance. Many parents are too complacent with their children and not well prepared for their parenting roles. Very often, they are too busy with themselves and the daily demands of their lives. The children in general do not receive from their parents the spiritual wisdom that they need at a young age in order to grow and mature as divine beings in incarnated experience.

    The right teachings of true wisdom have been totally destroyed on this planet. This is why so much new information is now pouring out to many channels from many dimensions and star systems as well as from the Earth and many kingdoms in order to assist humanity to find their way back again to Source and Oneness. Those who destroyed the library of Alexandria in the early time of Christianity played an important role in keeping humanity in ignorance. This library contained well over 400,000 books holding much of the real knowledge of wisdom accumulated over eons of time and kept there in sacredness to enlighten humanity. After this beautiful library was burned to the ground, humanity began to experience another very “dark age” that lasted for many centuries.

    Those who orchestrated the destruction of such a precious collection of spiritual wisdom and knowledge for the planet were very proud and happy with themselves at first. In their thirst for power and control, they convinced themselves that they had performed an act of mercy for humanity. They sought to dim the light on the planet again by depriving humanity of the very teachings that would show them the way to a life of love, grace, and to the very salvation of their souls. The destruction of those precious records has been a very great loss and setback for the surface evolution of this planet, and certainly not an act of God. Those responsible for the obliteration of such treasures were instruments of the sinister force. To this day there are still reaping the karma of their actions.

    Aurelia: Please comment on the effects of drug use on the chakras. Do they get “blown” open when drugs are used?


    That is not exactly what happens. Actually the chakras close down to the light, as they are being ripped apart. It is more like a grudual weakening and a tearing or a misalignment of the chakra system that prolonged drug use gradually creates. The chakras can no longer carry as much light and begin to be imprinted with negativity. That is why I mentioned that as many as five to ten lifetimes could be required to heal the imbalances. I do not mean ten lifetimes for everyone, but it could take that long for many. When the chakra system becomes imprinted with great negativity from the astral plane and the light becomes very dim, the healing forces are no longer present in the chakras for healing the imbalances.

    The soul involved is often born with severe physical or emotional imbalances in the next few incarnations. With right action, self-love and willingness to improve oneself with each succeeding incarnation, the light will start to rebuild again in the chakras and healing will eventually take place. The soul will eventually find itself back again where it started in its evolution in this very incarnation. It is like taking many steps backwards in evolution and then returning once again to your original starting place. This is a rather unnecessary delay that can be avoided.

    When a soul is born with as much Light as the children of today, and they choose to vluntarily dim their light and forsake their purpose and destiny for the sake of indulging in any type of addiction, the same level of grace is not accorded to them in the next incarnation. For several lifetimes, these souls will have to experience life without the comfort of the beautiful light then now carry and until they learn their lessons. That is why it has been said that souls engaging in drug use are embarking on a painful journey for many lifetimes to come.

    Aurelia: Adama, this is a time of great grace for everyone on Earth. What opportunities are there for people who turn away from this type of distortion now and desire to move into the light more rapidly?


    You know that addiction and drug use were created on your planet as a plot of the dark forces. They are determined more than ever before to stop the expansion of the light and to prevent as many souls as possible from making it easily to the ascension door in this life. The precious children could make it so easily and painlessly! They were born with all the tools they need to attain their enlightenment and spiritual freedom with much ease and grace.

    So many of the children addicted to drugs now need unprecedented assistance from enlightened adults who have the greater wisdom to understand that a whole generation of enlightened beings is at stake here.

    The new energy that now floods the Earth will not support that dark consciousness. The children will be granted an opportunity and a period of grace to align and heal completely so that they can come into the new world togeter with the rest of humanity. But the children need to understand and be instructed by adults, who know better, that they are responsible to make that ultimate choice for themselves, and that no one can make it for them. Those who choose to leave will become aware, when they cross to the other side of the veil, that they have forsaken a wondrous opportunity. They are not only going to miss the grand celebrations prepared for 2012 for all of ascending humanity, but they will miss much more.

    Knowledge, my sweet ones, knowledge and understanding are the greatest tools at this time. Offering these gifts to those who have not had the opportunity to receive this wisdom from those involved in their upbringing is indeed a great act of love and compassion.

    Aurelia: Do you have some of the original plants in Telos, and do you have use for them?

    In Telos, many of the original plants have been preserved, and yes, we have plants that can assist spiritual development. We don’t smoke them of course. We also don’t need them. Our present level of spiritual consciousness far exceeds any benefit that any of these plants would offer to any of us. We have them as decoration, as some of them present outstanding beauty. We cultivate them only for their beauty and grace as we do so many other species. Don’t forget, these plants have also graduated to become fifth dimensional species!

    At some point in the future, we might consider assisting some of you with your openings with the “right use” of one or two of the plants we have preserved. Be assured that it will not be for many; they will not be for sale in your markets either, and certainly not for those who are now indulging in the use of these plants’ altered counterparts.

    It is certainly a very sad state of affairs on the planet that a whole generation is being swallowed up by this drug consciousness. Be aware that it is the ultimate plan of the dark forces to wipe out this generation “spiritually” and enslave them as much as they can. Will you allow this to happen or will you wake up to the truth of who you are and why you are here?

    Aurelia: There is also currently another use for marijuana and that is for medical prescriptive use. Does it matter how it is used? Will it always create this type of damage?

    For medical purposes and when used with wisdom, it is not the same thing. There are people in hospitals in severe pain who already have a lot of damage in their body. They take sedatives such as morphine or Demerol, which are other types of substances to stop or reduce pain. These substances are also habit-forming, mind-altering and lower the people’s vibrations to those of the astral plane as well. Marijuana is not any more damaging, perhaps even less damaging than those mentioned above, an can be used effectively for pain for a while.

    Now, as they evolve, every incarnated soul has to eventually learn how to heal themselves. This is part of the “mastery curriculum” you came here to gain. Many souls have made the choice to leave their embodiment in the next few years without having any clue about healing themselves. They will most likely go to another planet to continue their evolution and stay there until they learn to heal all of their imbalances. There are several other planets now willing to host those souls, where they will be taught in a different way what they did not want to learn at this time. This is perfect for them, as they also have eternity to evolve as they wish. Their free choice is always honored.

    Marijuana used for a short time as a medical prescription for pain, let’s say after surgery for two weeks, is not going to do the damage I have explained above. We’re talking about many years of unnecessary drug use chosen as a way of life, as a way of escaping the lessons, responsibilities and challenges chosen for the incarnation. There are those in incarnation who have been on drugs for many years and who have stopped; and now, they are healing themselves. Much grace is granted to them and they will make it.

    Aurelia: Can you comment on how they can heal themselves?

    There are those who have given up their addictions, some “cold turkey,” who did it with a firm will and determination to heal themselves. They are receiving much grace and assistance from Above. It is important for them to invoke daily the healing light of their souls and reconnect with their Eternal Self, as the great “I AM.” Going back to a healthy and natural diet will keep them in greater balance and ease the process to a great extent. Active meditation and the use of the seven sacred healing flames will bring great mercy and grace to their life stream.

    At this time, grace on this planet is distributed in a very extraordinary way to everyone sincerely and wholeheartedly committed to healing themselves at all levels of their being. Once a person who has been a drug user for many years makes a firm commitment to life and remains clean, the angels of divine grace are at their side assisting.

    On Earth, at this time, you are literally “running out” of time. The question you need to ask for yourself is: “Do I really want to extend my third dimensional challenges and lessons for another ten or more lifetimes somewhere else, living in pain and separation from my true Self? Or do I want to ascend now with the planet and the rest of humanity to experience the glory of spiritual freedom with all the joy and magic that will change my life experience forever?”

    Do you want to do it now, in the next few years, or wait for the next round of ascension, perhaps in 10,000 years on another planet, with the possibility of doing it in much dimmer circumstances?

    Aurelia: What about those who are not smoking?


    Those who are not inhaling this energy through their lungs, but choose to hang out in that vibration with those engaging in the drug rituals, because of association will also lower their own levels of vibration, at least temporarily.

    You have been facing your shadow side; you have invested so much effort in your own healing, and you know how difficult and strenuous it has been. You’ve worked very hard to heal your issues and imbalances and you know the difficulties you have encountered. And your baggage was small compared to most. You are also increasing your vibration in a wondrous way. You are opening your heart and your strands of DNA are evolving because your intentions are pure and focused.

    What does this tell you about what kind of self-healing work will be required for those who choose to remain in complete denial of what is required of them to fulfill the purposes and destiny for their present incarnation?

    Aurelia: Can you comment on the importance of being in divine alignment for the current ascension energies that we are entering now and the effects of the use of marijuana on alignment with the I AM?


    Those believing that they will open up faster or make greater spiritual progress with the assistance of drug use linger in total illusion. There are those who have had partial third eye openings with the use of drugs. But it does not represent the true clairvoyance acquired by the discipline of the soul on the path of ascension and enlightenment. There are no shortcuts, dear sister. Everyone, and there is no exception, has to engage in their spiritual homework in the vibrations of love and light, and clear all their emotional issues and karmic baggage.

    Also those who have opened themselves to a certain level of psychic perceptions because of drug usage will have to be willing to accept a closing down of their faculties, because the openings were not in alignment with true clairvoyance, but rather a discovery into lower vibrations. All legitimate openings must come about from the grace of your Divine Self when you are ready or when it is part of your pre-ordained pathway. Let me share that almost 50% of people who have developed clairvoyant abilities do not own these  gifts by divine appointment, and for many, their skills create a greater separation and illusion. I ask all of you reading this material to be careful and to use your discernment. Do not be deceived by that trap. When external means to reach spiritual alignment are uniquely relied upon, be assured that what comes is not true spiritual brilliancy, but a shadow of the “real truth” that remains hidden within the confines of the sacred heart.

    Aurelia: Is there anything else you want to share?


    If it were not for the intervention, and the glorious and beautiful new light so generously flooding your planet now by our Creator, the Earth and humanity would soon be facing a different scenario. Your present generation could be totally wiped out spiritually and the Earth would again experience much destruction and a major setback in her ultimate destiny. This is why there is so much new writing, through channeling, being disseminated everywhere it can be received. It is all over the Internet where many willing and dedicated Lightworkers share much free information from the heart to assist others.

    There are still those who believe that everyone will ascend, no question asked, and with all their human baggage unresolved.

    Allow me to say that this will certainly not be the case. It is true that everyone will eventually ascend, but it may not be in this lifetime or from this planet. The important message right now for the youth of the world, and those not young in age as well, I repeat once more: “Get off pot or you may have to get off the planet. The time for indulgences is now over.”

    Accountability cannot be escaped for those forsaking their destiny, tearing their chakras, and diminishing their health and their beautiful light through drug use as well as other addictive substances like alcohol, cigarettes, etc. There is still time right now to heal yourself if you choose. Divine Grace is now offering a most awesome window of opportunity at this time.

    The essence of what we all seek is divine love and freedom from pain and suffering. The path to wholeness becomes much easier when you have self-love as your companion. Thank you for your concern and for your love. It was my great pleasure to commun with you this day. I love you all so very much.

    I am Adama, offering you comfort and support.

  1. #1 Karuppasamy
    August 10, 2011 am31 9:39 am

    Very interesting article. Would this apply to all medicinal plants or just marijuana? The peruvian shamans have been using ayahuasca in sacred ceremony for a long time, and the native americans have been using Peyote.

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  2. #2 rawanderer
    August 13, 2011 am31 2:51 pm

    I think the same thing can be applied with aya and peyote. Just like marijuana, if aya and peyote are not used the right way or with the correct intentions, they can be damaging and destructive to our many bodies (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) But if used the right way they can produce benificial spiritual results, moreso than the marijuana.

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  3. #3 TechnoBuddha
    January 26, 2013 am31 6:52 am

    A lot that is said here has fundamental truth. A recent channeling by the lovingly famous channeler BASHAR:


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