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Message from SaLuSa for 12 August 2011

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    SaLuSa 12-August-2011

    Progress may be slow, but nevertheless we are overcoming the last obstacles that stand between Disclosure and us. At the same time the means to go ahead with governmental changes are in place, and it is the timing that remains an issue. Having come so far we are not going to rush into action, as there are going to be many repercussions after we have acted. It is no mean task to put peoples minds at rest, but we are quite confident of our ability to do so. Over a long period we have closely studied the human psyche, and we understand what we are likely to have to contend with. As you may be aware, there are some who do not want us to arrive on Earth, for reasons of fear and what they see as a violation of their beliefs. However, we will soon gain confidence all round by showing a full understanding of your problems, and awareness of the future mapped out for you by the higher sources. It will become clear that we are to assist you in successfully completing your cycle of Duality.

    There is no doubt that psychics are picking up on the nearness of the Disclosure announcement, and you will find possible dates being given out. Ultimately there may be none given at all, but the event will simply come and go as a result of the immense planning that has been put in place. That would in fact be an exciting way to begin what will be a close relationship with us. When we arrive we will be with you to stay, and our presence in your skies will increase and become quite normal. In fact we will go out of our way to acquaint you with our craft, including opportunities to visit our Motherships. In next to no time you will become familiar with our fleet, and us and able to identify which civilisation they belong to. We want you to feel the friendship that we bring to you, as we are to become very close together. Bear in mind that many of you already have links with us.

    As you enjoy one revelation after another, your long “lost” ancestors are going to come of out of their home in the Inner Earth. They are already part of your history going back to the Atlantean and Lemurian times, when your civilisation was decimated by great catastrophes. It is not by chance that many of your archaeological discoveries that come from that period, are recognised as coming from an advanced civilisation. Your present cycle only started some 10,000 years ago, when you were forced to return to a cave like existence. These earlier experiences have been held in your subconscious memories, and some of you are still in fear of another world disaster. The end of Duality is a time to celebrate, as it is going to fulfil the promise of a happy ending and the opportunity to leave it behind you. You have spent hundreds if not thousands of lives living through it, and you are a far greater soul than when you first commenced such experiences.

    For many people the truth is going to be overwhelming, but it is your time to learn all about your history. Duality has dulled many minds, and a veil was drawn over your memories so that you could focus on the experience without being distracted. That veil is being rapidly removed as you awaken to Ascension, which is your wonderful opportunity to rise up into the higher levels that are really home to you. It is a lot to take on board, but we are going to gently awaken your subconscious memories so that you realise who you really are. None of you are simply Earth Beings, and have your homes away from Earth in the far reaches of Space. Do not lose sight of the fact that Duality is an experiment for which you volunteered. You did so knowing that in spite of the risks of totally losing your real identity, you would be awakened at the appropriate time. That time has long arrived, and we have to say that it has been very successful. If you look back just 60 years or so, we feel you will agree that your spiritual awareness has grown quite substantially, and particularly since the millennium. Soon it will increase by leaps and bounds and you shall know who you truly are.

    Only you can release yourself from the darkness that has held you in bondage to the dark Ones. You have been manipulated and kept down so that you would not question your leaders, and have been subjected to false doctrines and beliefs for your reason for being on Earth. At the very least, try to keep an open mind, as there is no judgment on those who are still unable to release themselves from the lower vibrations that dull your mind. Indeed, everything is being done to help them open up their consciousness to new ideas, and comprehend what they see happening around them. Our help will become more pronounced once we can openly work with you. Without using any form of mind control we will place before you the facts concerning some of your beliefs that are holding you back.

    Our desire and that of the Masters is that every soul is given all possible opportunities to lift up, and if that fails it will be because their freewill choice has taken them onto another path. We honour and respect that choice, as only the individuals Higher Self will know where their experiences will take them. If you sense that someone dear to you is such a soul, the best you can do for them is to give of your love knowing that it will always keep a link with them. Inasmuch that you would feel capable of making your own decision about Ascension, clearly you must allow others to do the same. Freewill is priceless, and not every civilisation in the Universe has that divine privilege.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and leave you with love and blessings from the members of the Galactic Federation. We will continue to give you information a little at the time, and gradually you will find it all coming together and you will grasp the full picture. Hitherto, people were too embedded in the old paradigm to understand or accept many of the truths given to you. Today you are open to new ideas and have taken responsibility for your awakening, and there are now so many sources of Light that you can find. If you are still searching, please remember that you have your personal Guides who only need you to ask them for help. They are most anxious to please you, and in so doing are fulfilling their own purpose and wish to help you fulfil your life plan. Allow your Guides to find the best way to provide what you need, rather than lay down rigid instructions as to how it should happen. You would be surprised at the extent of their ability to organise events that can bring you what you want. Just be ready to recognise when it is given, and expect the unexpected.

    Thank you SaLuSa,

    Mike Quinsey.

  1. #1 Gunner
    August 12, 2011 am31 8:39 am

    Continue your journey joyously knowing that you are Oneness in the Christed Light, the infinite, eternal unconditional love essence of Creator wherein all souls have their Beginning.
    August 11, 2011
    This is Matthew, with loving greetings from all souls at this station. For several decades there was so little evidence that Earth’s very life was being saved that no one had any idea something that momentous and unprecedented was underway. The first decade of this millennium, however, was filled with occurrences that motivated thinking people to start connecting the dots, so to say, and by now the signs that significant changes are afoot are unmistakable.
    Stock markets’ two wild weeks is because the Illuminati no longer can control them, one means whereby they have amassed unimaginable fortunes. Their manipulations still have some impact on transactions as prices rebound in one country or another before plunging, then rising again, but it won’t be long before their former stranglehold is removed totally and a new basis for banking and commerce can begin operating.
    The exposure of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire’s influence in government circles and underhanded methods of obtaining information will lead to breaking the back of this kind of mass mind programming. Through lies, distortions and strategic omissions in mainstream media reporting, the Illuminati have been publishing or airing only the information they want you to know and think about—they, just as you, know the power of thoughts.
    The plight of millions of Somalis who are on the verge of starvation has been forcibly brought to the world’s attention by light-filled individuals. Other Lightworkers are assisting the refugee population, but governments that could alleviate this unconscionably grave situation are bogged down in bureaucracy or corruption and pledges of aid are not being honored.

    Rioting and large scale destruction in London and other cities in England is likely to spread as deep-seated anger and discouragement about conditions that are making the poor poorer so the rich can become richer. While looting and burning doesn’t touch the root of the problem, without the means to take necessary corrective measures, the participants are using available methods to express desperate feelings about their lives and future.
    It is that same desperation that led to the fierce battles in countries where dynastic or despotic regimes have long oppressed the peoples. The difference is, the freedom fighters have a semblance of organization, weapons, and official recognition from some other countries; and they are willing to give their lives to change intolerable conditions they no longer can abide.
    Recently the United States held the world’s attention as the members of Congress bickered until the eleventh hour about raising the debt ceiling, and now they are in recess instead of resolving the country’s critical problems. This government is beset with unyieldingly-partisan politicians who seem to be focusing on ideological differences instead of working in the country’s best interests; that they are, but many also are acting out of self-interest and egotism.
    As disparate as those situations may appear to be, they are closely related—all are prime examples of the duality in humankind. One side wants to maintain all systems and policies that are their power base, the other side wants changes to uplift their lives and offer a brighter future for their children. Duality prevents individuals from seeing a situation from others’ perspective, so instead of reasonable, rational discussion that results in a sensible conclusion to benefit everyone, blind stubbornness prevails.
    Another aspect of duality is blaming others for unsatisfactory circumstances instead of accepting responsibility for contributing to them and taking determined steps toward prudent, positive changes. People in the United States and other countries who are blaming President Barack Obama for the economic unrest in his country that affects other nations too aren’t recognizing that his essence is not of duality, but of unity. While most leaders who speak about wanting to unify opposing blocs within their countries mean everyone accepting whatever the leaders themselves want, President Obama’s vision and leadership is to unify hearts and minds to achieve harmonious cooperation for the betterment of all.

    It is far easier to choose or accept in pre-birth agreements a mission of major importance than it is to carry it out once in third density, where darkness abounds. President Obama has been up against the darkest of the dark ones ever since he took office, and even though his Light has not diminished one iota, the stress of relentless opposition to what he wants to accomplish for Earth and all of peoples has noticeably taken its toll.
    Although some members in this government and other country’s governing bodies also have retained their Light, they too are swimming against the formidable tide of the Illuminati and those they control through bribery, blackmail or death threats. The momentum of the Light is turning that pernicious tide, and both the dark backlash and the many souls who still are unaware of Earth’s Ascension are causing confusion and upheavals.

    When the populace can’t understand what is going on, they rely on political and financial analysts to make sense of it, and those “experts” unwittingly are adding to the confusion because they don’t know either why things are happening as they are. They can only base their various diagnoses and projections on the past, and history will not be repeating itself—the long era of duality has served its karmic purpose in your world and is coming to an end. What you are seeing is its last gasp, with “good” reaching best and “bad” reaching worst, and as Earth continues her journey into higher planes of vibrations, those extremes will be reconciled by the Light, wherein there is balance.
    We have alerted you that there would be bumps in the road in these last stages of world transformation as everything based in darkness is brought to Light, as systems immersed in corruption and deception fall irremediably and new systems devised by individuals with wisdom and spiritual and moral integrity are instituted. Also we have told you that the Illuminati have managed to keep hidden the truths that let them become so powerful, and this has prevented disclosing those truths and initiating reforms slowly so people can more easily assimilate them. The multitude of revelations and profound changes that will be emerging before Earth enters fourth density at the end of your year 2012 means that bumps are going to come faster than many people can easily handle.
    You can! Along with experience in overcoming obstacles in this lifetime, your innate wisdom and the readiness spiritually, emotionally and psychically of collective lifetimes have prepared you to successfully manage whatever upheavals you may encounter. The many who still have not awakened don’t know that they also have this fortification, perhaps to a lesser extent than you, but they wouldn’t be on Earth if they were not equipped to handle adversity—helping to triumph over adversity is why they chose to be there! But in their slumbering state, they are letting their intuition lie dormant too, and they won’t understand that the disclosures and reforms that will be coming rapidly are final steps leading to Earth’s Golden Age, and they will be fearful. Fear is what will make their road bumpy, but they won’t understand that either.
    When the highest universal council planned the Golden Age, it was anticipated that some souls that clamored to embody during the transitional period would succumb to third density limitations and forget their eagerness to be a part of it. Primarily the forgetful souls are those who wanted to complete third density karma so they could evolve with the planet into fourth density, if not physically, then in Nirvana, your spirit world that is ascending along with Earth. Knowing of that possibility, the council wisely included in the plan many volunteers from spiritually and intellectually advanced civilizations to be the vanguard and help the forgetful souls to the extent they are receptive.
    Your foremost assistance as Lightworkers is to lessen fear, so do not hide your Light under a bushel, so to say, but let it shine brilliantly. The energy of your calmness and confidence will emanate to those nearby and help them in that respect. Sharing your knowledge with whoever is willing to listen is important as well. Some will ponder it, those on the verge of awakening will embrace it, and others will react negatively, as close-minded persons do rather than consider that new information may be valid.
    Individuals whose rigid beliefs are founded on false religious dogma and flawed science will be the most resistant—their beliefs are the very foundation of their lives or their livelihoods. And when the facts about “9/11” and the reasons for wars in Afghanistan and Iran—ALL wars!—are revealed, families and friends of all who died may be disbelievers because knowing why their loved ones died could be overwhelming. All of these people need compassion and understanding—they will be able to accept the truth after they transition to Nirvana.
    Please do not feel sad if persons dearest to you are among the non-receptive. Spiritual evolvement comes at a pace that is as unique as each soul itself is—when the time is right for your beloved people to have conscious awareness of universal knowledge and grow spiritually, they will.
    The more evolved a soul is, the more inspired it is to help others evolve, and by doing so, it also keeps growing. The unified purpose of some civilizations in higher densities is beaming their intense lLght to lower-density populations to help them progress, and some of you came from those civilizations specifically to radiate your Light to benefit less evolved souls on Earth.
    While Lightworkers with many lifetimes of experience in vital fields are in positions of influence, most of you are fulfilling your missions to simply BE the Light you ARE. Let your life exemplify the peacefulness inherent in trusting your inner voice’s assurance that the Golden Age is on the near horizon, and in the continuum that Earth is fast approaching, you already are joyously living in that love-filled world. What a thrilling time to be on Earth!
    Now we shall address other issues being questioned, and for the many newcomers to these messages, we are happy to include brief comments on topics previously covered. [For more extensive information on topics of interest to you, use the index or type key words in the search feature at the top of “Matthew’s Messages” on http://www.matthewbooks.com, or scroll down the page to see the main topics under each message date.]
    Serious unrest in the world will ease as the planet continues its course into higher energy planes, where the Light is so intense that persons with dark proclivity cannot physically survive—the ones who are responsible for massive suffering no longer will be on Earth.
    Not only national economies, but the global economy is headed toward collapse; honorable individuals will take the helm and keep disruption to a minimum.
    Governments are not going to confiscate individuals’ gold—it is the multi-trillions of dollars in gold illegally accumulated by the Illuminati that will change hands.

    It isn’t within our province to give financial advice, as many of you have requested, but we can say that it is sensible to have some cash on hand as well as the kinds of supplies you would need in case of a power outage.
    During the months ahead, all unjust laws will be stricken and proposed laws with dark intent will not go into effect.
    No mysterious Planet X or any other celestial body is going to collide with Earth or come close enough to have any effect, and the photon belt is so far distant from your planet that its meanderings are inconsequential.
    The bombing and massacre in Norway was not a “false flag.” The perpetrator is an example of what we said about “bad” in humankind being its worst.
    The Illuminati’s long-time suppression of free energy developments will end within months and so will their use of HAARP to the detriment of humankind and the planet.
    Current wireless communication instruments that are harmful to brains will not operate in higher vibratory planes, and harmless instruments with the same capabilities and more will become available.
    The elimination of pollutants in your soil, water and atmosphere will include depleted uranium and radioactive nuclear waste. Nuclear facilities will be dismantled.
    All warring will end incrementally and troops in foreign countries, whether in combat, occupation forces or simply because military bases exist, will return to their own countries.
    Unemployment and poverty will cease being of concern when money and the planet’s natural resources are fairly distributed; doing so is a paramount goal of the light beings who lead the way into Earth’s Golden Age.
    Animals in the food chain agree to this at soul level, and the brutality they now are subjected to in life and death will change to kindly treatment and gratitude for their service to humans. All animals will be honored and respected as the souls they are.
    Neither Light absorption nor life in the Golden Age requires a vegan diet; however, as you move into lighter density planes, your bodies will become correspondingly lighter and many no longer will find animal flesh palatable.
    If we knew when our universal family will land en masse, it would be a grand delight to tell you! We cannot give a specific date for that or any other major event because of all the variables involved, most notably free will choices, that can change a time projection in the twinkling of an eye.
    Fourth density is not a single “condition” or soul evolvement station separated from third density by an immutable barrier—no density is. Everything in this universe is energy ebbing and flowing, or more scientifically, expanding and contracting, and energy has no confined compartments. Densities have been numbered only for your understanding that as souls progress, they move forward to vibratory levels that offer new opportunities to learn and evolve, and each density holds many such levels. Furthermore, a fourth density soul can regress to third or lower, depending on the lifetimes of its personages. [“The Cumulative Soul” chapter in Revelations for a New Era comprehensively explains a soul’s many personages.]
    Third density is especially arduous experiencing because it encompasses so many levels, and the difference between its lowest and the first level of fourth density is as dramatic as night and day. The evolutionary process from third to fourth could be likened to countless similar objects—let us say dominoes for your picturing—some at the foot of a mountain and others climbing it. Observing closer in, you can see that not only are the dominoes moving at different speeds, but some are going straight up, others keep moving a tad to the left then the right as they climb, and some are falling behind the dominoes they used to be in front of.

    Using that analogy, when this era of spiritual renewal and world transformation started some seventy years ago, the vast majority of Earth’s residents was huddled at the bottom of the mountain. Since then, many have done so much side-stepping that they’re barely halfway up, some souls have fallen so far behind that they can only see the mountain in the distance, and many others have climbed so fast and steadily that they’ve almost reached the mountain peak—and to this last group, we say, “Hooray for you!”
    You will be able to communicate telepathically in the Golden Age, but speaking aloud still will be important and pleasurable. When telepathic conversations are commonplace again, you will be able to communicate telepathically with people whose languages are different because a translation process is an inherent aspect of telepathy.

    Karma is not necessarily different for each lifetime. At the evolvement level where karma exists, most often reincarnating is for another try to successfully complete the very same lesson that in other lifetimes, the soul’s personages chose to do but failed.
    All souls have free will regardless of their evolvement status, whether living in spirit worlds or physical civilizations, or their location in the universe. The free will choices of all who live in Earth’s Golden Age will be in the Light because no darkness can exist in those high vibrations.

    The Golden Age has been so named because life in that world is such a phenomenal contrast to the past many millennia of life on Earth. Not all the glories of that Age will be heaped on its threshold. Everything based in darkness will be gone, but as you and your planet keep journeying, you will keep discovering wondrous “new” knowledge and capabilities. “New” is in quotation marks because your souls have all knowledge and capabilities, you just need to get in touch with them consciously—and you shall!
    In addition to the Light steadfastly beamed from lighted souls in spirit worlds and physical civilizations, technological help from crews in thousands of ships in your skies, and the beneficial influence of your universal family members who are living among you, you are surrounded by unseen helpers: your guardian angels or gatekeepers and the angels who reinforce their efforts when needed; angels in lower realms who embody briefly to guide and protect; spirit guides, whose specialized experience often is the difference between your being stumped about something and later, suddenly “getting it”; and the Nature people—the various kinds of souls that you call the Devic kingdom—who may help you find misplaced car keys or earrings—that they mischievously hide things is a fallacy!—or nudge a reminder about something you had meant to do, but forgot. These myriad souls, all emissaries of God, are ever-present helpers.
    Continue your journey joyously knowing that you are Oneness in the Christed ight, the infinite, eternal unconditional love essence of Creator wherein all souls have their Beginning.
    LOVE and PEACE
    Suzanne Ward
    [Note from Suzy: Heartfelt thanks to all who have written appreciation for the books and these messages and/or sent wishes for my well being. I am doing well and so is my fur family (three very old dogs, like me, and an exhuberant young three-legged German shepherd). I’m grateful for your understanding that there’s no time to answer most emails and why my few replies may be appallingly belated.]

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  2. #2 Vee
    August 12, 2011 am31 9:28 am

    Thanks Gunner for the message, love it. Did you read on the internet today the article regarding errors in the bible that scholars are addressing? The s#*&*& is about to hit the fan now. LOL! Where is everybody? Peace and blessings.

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  3. #3 manta12
    August 12, 2011 am31 10:04 am

    Sweet! new Mathew messages. I gotta go read it. Hey Gunner where can I find the AAM message you were speaking of from yesterday? is it here on GM?

    I am pretty pumped today about our planet and what’s going on. Happy Friday!

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  4. #4 Robin.
    August 12, 2011 am31 10:13 am

    Thanks Sal & Mike..

    I feel that this:

    ‘..Our help will become more pronounced once we can openly work with you. Without using any form of mind control we will place before you the facts concerning some of your beliefs that are holding you back..’

    also kind of addresses the ‘implant’ question fairly squarely?

    In Light!


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  5. #5 Gunner
    August 12, 2011 am31 10:17 am

    I really got to say, I just love this guy Monty.

    Montague’s Message for Sunday, 7th August 2011
    by Reena on August 11, 2011 · 0 comments

    ~~ Start ~~

    Endings are never easy, my dear, so it is understandable that those who have controlled your Earth and who have believed that they alone should be in control, will fight to the bitter end to try to keep what they believe to be rightfully theirs. That they do not belong on Earth is becoming more obvious everyday as people wake up. Remember, one always has to clear out the rubbish to make ready for the New. Believe me, everything is in place, we have positioned people all over the Earth in readiness. When we give them the word, they will reveal themselves. We, too, have planned this moment with the utmost care. We owe a great deal to those brave souls who have been prepared to stand up and speak the truth.

    Nothing goes unnoticed on this side of life. We are well prepared. I am not saying that it will be easy — it will be very painful for some. But you undertook to transform your planet, to rescue it from the grasp of the Evil Ones. You ask, should they expect mercy? Will they repent? Many will see the error of their ways and seek forgiveness. We have given them time to step back from their evil plans and to exercise their free will.

    The right people are being brought together so that they are prepared for our coming. We do not wish to shock anyone, so we ask that you are prepared to receive us, along with those from other planets who have been assisting us to thwart the evil plans of the Cabal. Their off-planet banking system is falling apart; they cannot hide from us. We observe their thoughts as well as their actions. We do not need language to do this. There are many advantages to being Spirit: we are unobserved. Locks and keys do not prevent us from getting to what we need to see. There is no hiding place.

    You know of the many Centres that are being set up, so that those who believed the Illusion will receive the help needed to move forward. As all the seats of power crumble and fall apart — finally exposed to the world for what they truly are — it will be a time of great confusion and fear for some. Healing will be necessary. This will be available to all who need it. For many of you, this will be an exciting realisation of all you believed would happen. We owe much to you for your support. Without you, this would not be possible. In the midst of darkness, you have stood up for truth and integrity.

    We are twelve in the Network. You have met us, my dear, you know that we come in peace to rescue your planet. There are nine also, who are a major part of this Transition. Some are already on Earth, carrying out our plans; some have taken on human form, they move among you unnoticed. They are recognised only by those who know on a soul level who they are.

    There are those also, who take on human form for evil reasons. They try to prevent the move to the Light. You, my dear, have come into contact with them, you have seen them shape-shift. I know that even though it’s happening before your eyes, it’s hard to get your head around it. They appear to be friendly but they have another agenda completely. Your world is such a mixture of Good and Evil. There are those who portray themselves as pure and good, whose whole purpose in life is to destroy your souls and to lead you into the depths of darkness, while all the time preaching love and peace. Their double lives are being exposed. The fear that they instilled in the innocent will be removed and replaced with love and acceptance. This month of August is important. Much will happen: some good, some alarming and sad. Never lose sight of the end result. You are many, they are few! Together, we will triumph. Let love be your guiding light.

    Veronica and I would like to thank all of you who sent their love and best wishes to her from so many parts of the world. It is a difficult time, dealing with illness and coping with the many bodily changes that are necessary before full consciousness is completed. You are all part of our team on Earth. Every thought has energy, so sending good wishes to those less fortunate is important. Our work will remove poverty. All men will be equal. Countries will no longer be plundered and kept in poverty. The gun and tank will no longer figure in the great scheme of things and the killing will stop forever.

    I look forward to making your acquaintance when I return. I want to thank you personally for your trust and faith in me. Veronica trusted me from the moment we met. Though she has been attacked and ridiculed, she has never, even for one moment, doubted that our project would achieve its ends. The love and trust that we shared in life and continue to share, is important and necessary to enable us to continue to work together.

    A New Beginning awaits all on Earth. Be brave! Sweep away all traces of the Dark Cabal forever.

    My dear, I am with you always. Your adoring, Monty.
    © The Montague Keen Foundation 2011.


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  6. #6 Gunner
    August 12, 2011 am31 10:25 am

    Vee, most likely at least 80 percent of the bible and other written scriptures are written by man to control the people through fear. The book the Messengers gives a good account of the life of Jesus through Paul the Apostle who walks amoungst us today as Nick Bunick.
    BTW Some days over here Vee are slow. People dont have the time or they are out doing something.Sometimes they are just getting some major ASS so they dont feel like commenting. I know it will pick up tonight but I cant post because I have no home computer.
    Manta, before reading this AA Michael message, call out to Michael in your mind and you will feel his presence big time. I did this on the train yesterday and BAM it was like he was sitting right next to me.My whole body was vibrating so high and tears were comi9ng down my face as they are now just by thinking of this. The protections works great and the Channeller, Natalie Glasson, I could vouch for 100 percent with no doubts. She is an ET helping the earth and life on earth to evolve to the next grandest vision we have ever had of ourselves.
    Wisdom of the Light
    Archangel Michael’s New Energy of Protection By Archangel Michael
    Channelled through Natalie Glasson 15-08-11
    I send waves of beloved angelic love, like a shimmering magic dust to shower over your being. I
    am Archangel Michael and it is such a tremendous delight to bring my love, energy, light and
    wisdom forward to connect with your energy.
    So many changes of a positive nature are occurring on the Earth now. We, on the inner planes
    can see that the light upon the Earth is becoming brighter with each day; this is due to your focus
    and devotion. We honour you for this and send our thanks. We are noticing that the angelic
    presence upon the Earth is also increasing; this is because more and more people are becoming
    aware of the energy of angelic beings and how we are willing and able to assist their reality. We
    have always been selfless beings of light, guiding and assisting humanity, but it is far more difficult
    to guide people when they are not conscious of our presence. The conscious awareness of angelic
    guides has amplified and we are being called to be of assistance in vast numbers by humanity at
    this time. It brings such love and delight to our soul and means that we can work with humanity in a
    new integrated way where our presence allows humanity and the angelic kingdom to become closer
    to the Creator’s light. It is so important to invite angelic beings into your reality to be of assistance
    and guidance, as well as invoking angels to support the Earth; the mere presence of more angelic
    beings on the Earth invited by humanity increases the light quotient of the Earth. We are all one
    after all and there is so much energy and love that we can share with you. We are described as
    beings of selfless service but we see your souls in this way also, we are all working to become truly
    united with the Creator’s soul.
    I encourage you to invite the angels and archangels to be a constant presence in your life,
    allowing yourself to be consciously aware of their influence.
    There is a very special purpose for my communication today; to me it is a celebration of
    humanity’s growth and awakening. In the past I have shared with you a shield of protection which
    has been created by my energy and which you can ask me to place around your auric field to
    ensure your safety on all levels. This shield of protection was composed of an electric blue bubble
    of light surrounding your auric field, then a platinum bubble of light. The electric blue bubble
    protected you against negativity from the Earth such as electrical appliance, negative thoughts and
    chemicals. The platinum bubble of light protected you from any negative energy from beings that
    may not be focused on love or the purity of the Creator. The platinum bubble ensured you created
    appropriate light vibration connections for you and protected you during your spiritual practices. I
    would then, if needs be, place a shielded bubble of light around you which would ensure that only
    vibrations and energy of love where allowed to penetrate your energy or being. This was a very
    secure and strong protection which was needed while people were awakening and exploring
    energies. This protective triple bubble of light can be used or called upon whenever you wish; it is
    particularly effective in physically dangerous situations or to block the fear of others in entering into
    your consciousness and energy.
    At this time of humanity’s ascension I have been advised by the Creator and feel it in my soul
    that a new protective bubble is needed, one that isn’t so strong and also protects by aligning the
    person with the light of the Creator, Angels or Ascended Masters. The previous protection was
    almost like a metal shield surrounding you, where the new protection will allow your energies to
    breathe, be free and requires you to hold a greater sense of mastery over your being and
    responsibility over your actions.
    The new triple bubble of protection will consist of a pure white bubble at the very edge of the
    person’s auric field. The pure white light almost acts as a filter dissolving negative thoughts and
    emotions that are sent to the person or created by the individual. It also has a radiance which aids
    connection with the Creator and guides as well as drawing positive energies and soul energies
    from within the person’s being. Therefore when the person feels like they need protection, they will
    not so much be shielded but their own inner power and light will be activated to be of service to
    them in the most appropriate way.
    The second bubble of protection remains the same electric blue light due to the harmful
    energies of the Earth still remaining present with the power of weakening the auric field and energy
    of the soul. It is due to this that the electric blue light must remain present in my protection. The
    electric blue light will protect you from electrical energies, chemicals and the negative
    consciousness that is created when humanity focuses upon similar thoughts, fears or outcomes.
    The electric blue light can appear almost as a barrier of light in order to ensure protection.
    The third bubble of protection that completes Archangel Michael’s triple bubble of protection is of a
    golden light. This is actually the Christ Consciousness light which has been sourced at this time
    from the angelic kingdom, it is an active love energy that will create and attract the energy of love.
    The power of love is becoming well known now on the Earth and so it is the appropriate time to
    allow the energy of love to act as a protection for all. The energy of love will dissolve negativity of
    all kinds and will also bring situations about to allow negativity, chaos or fear to be resolved in a
    harmonious way. The golden bubble of protection also hold wisdom which will be appropriate for
    the individual and will inspire the individual to work in a more loving way, to radiate love from their
    heart and soul therefore increasing their level of protection.
    The new triple bubble of protection of a white, electric blue and golden colour is far lighter in its
    vibration and charged with such sacred light, it is akin to a cocoon of light that supports the
    individual’s process of spiritual growth. The bubble is a radiant light and so protects the person by
    enhancing their light rather than shielding their light. You can see that the new triple bubble of
    protection requires for the individual to be more aware of themselves, the energy around them and
    what they are creating. This protection has been bought forward now to enhance the light of
    humanity but also because humanity has reached a stage where they are more responsible and in
    control of their reality and spiritual development on the Earth. The more humanity and lightworkers
    master their being, the protection that we offer you will alter to be appropriate for the growth that
    has occurred.
    You will notice that the shielded bubble has been removed as this would almost make your
    energies invisible and felt very solid, if you find the need to aid the shielded bubble for the time
    being to the new triple protection you may ask me to achieve this for you, it is appropriate in times
    where you feel in danger. I feel that the shielded protection is not needed in most cases as souls
    realise that they can resolve all negative situations with the power of their thoughts and radiant
    Many of you may ask why you need to ask for protection when you believe that you are always
    safe and protected. My answer to you is that if you ask for protection you are increasing the
    vibration of light around your auric field which naturally allows you to move with greater ease
    through your reality, it also ensures that your auric field isn’t torn by negative thoughts that you or
    others create. Another reason is that most people are not yet consciously aware twenty four hours
    a day and therefore the mind and energy field can be susceptible to negative influences, thoughts
    emotions or fears without the person being consciously aware. If you were to go for a walk on a
    windy and rainy day, it is most likely that you would put a coat on to protect your body and skin,
    allowing you to feel more comfortable. If you are travelling through your daily routine where you are
    meeting people, hearing sounds and music, seeing adverts and picture, entering into different
    building where numerous different energies may have been collected and eating food that may
    have the consciousness of another embedded into it then it seems to be appropriate that you place
    a coat of protection over you to ensure that you remain balanced and in your energies or power at
    all times. My triple bubble of protection is simply an added energy, like a coat, that will safeguard
    and protect your energies wherever you are whatever you are doing. This doesn’t mean that you
    can put your life or energy in dangerous situations you must always be conscious of your actions
    and thoughts and there implications in your life, my bubble of protection is simply a thin coat to
    ensure your protection and boost your light.
    It is my wish for you to practice using my triple bubble of protection in the morning or before
    meditation. Allow yourself to then sit in the energy to see if it is appropriate for you. I will offer you
    an invocation to assist you in anchoring this new triple bubble of protection into your energy.
    ‘Beloved Archangel Michael, I call upon your energy, light, guidance and protection now. Please
    surround me in love and place around my auric field and being your new triple light bubble of
    protection. Surround me in a pure white bubble of protection, a vibrant electric blue bubble of light
    and a sacred golden bubble of light to ensure my protection on all levels of my being at all times.
    Ensure that I only experience the love of the Creator in my reality and energy. I am safe and
    protected always.
    Thank you.’
    I hope that you will enjoy experiencing the magnificent energy of this new bubble of protection, you
    are truly deserving of this protection because it is a celebration of your growth and devotion.
    I am Archangel Michael, I will always be here to protect and love you.
    With the blessings of the Creator,
    I am Archangel Michael
    In Light!

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  7. #7 babajij
    August 12, 2011 am31 10:28 am

    …DREAMWALKER…!!!…ca va…?!?… Wink

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  8. #8 Gunner
    August 12, 2011 am31 10:30 am

    Oh man I am so souped after reading Salusa’s message and I had a thought. I know, i can hear you, oh no gunner got a thought, well I was thinking to take Salusa up on his invitation to vist a mother ship ( oh man that would be so wild) and all of us here can do it together. I hear these ships have animals, parks, and are so huge it could feel like home. Now i wonder if there are rivers or lakes on those ships, so dont forget to bring your snorkeling equipment .

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  9. #9 Gunner
    August 12, 2011 am31 10:34 am

    Can someone help me. I want to send a donation to the people of somalia but i dont trust charitable organizations at all. I heard only a small amount of money actuall goes to the people. I dont want to donate to some fat cat making a lot of money and using so much of the donated money for their own expenses. i just need to know a trusted organization for the people there, one that gives most of the money to the people.,

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  10. #10 manta12
    August 12, 2011 am31 11:05 am

    Gunner #9 – yeah tough one, I google around and geesh! it would take me days if not weeks to research whick organization would be the best for donations. Do you know any Somali-Americans that have family over there? maybe there ar more personalised methods to help? I feel your trepidation about who to donate to though……Tough to know who is crooked and who is not.

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  11. #11 Gunner
    August 12, 2011 am31 11:45 am

    No I dont know any Somolians. I was there once when I was in the navy. We had a 2 day relief mission for them and we set up a medical clinic also. Their hospital looked horrible, so dirty with broken windows. Man with all the money the world spends on the wars, if we used that money for things like this, no one would go hungry.
    I just may go with the red cross who seem to always be anywhere there is a need.

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  12. #12 Gunner
    August 12, 2011 am31 11:45 am

    See what I mean Vee, quiet day over here but that is normal.

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  13. #13 Admiral2012here
    August 12, 2011 am31 12:15 pm

    …oh this is sad Gunner


    A man who won $5million on the lottery has died just two months after receiving his prize money.

    Phillip Withem from Logan, Ohio, had hoped to use the lottery millions he won in June to pay for treatment for kidney failure. But the 54-year-old died at home on Tuesday. He had been receiving kidney dialysis while he waited for a matched donor, but the cause of his death is not yet known.

    Mr Withem’s untimely death did not leave him long to enjoy his newfound wealth – won from a lottery ticked he held on to for five years. He was entered into the state’s Top Prize Drawing contest after he won $2,500 from a $20 scratchcard he bought at a Speedway gas station in Logan in 2006.

    Winning Ohio instant lottery tickets on games that sell for $5 or more are entered into a further lottery draw after the game ends. Five years later, Mr Withem’s ticket matched the draw and he won $5million in the Top Prize Drawing.

    After he won the money, Mr Withem announced that he intended to give much of it to worthy causes including children’s charities and friends who helped him out when he became sick.

    He told NBC4 at the time: ‘I’m going to help people because I love it. It makes me feel good and I think that’s what God put us here for.’

    But his riches were unable to bring him the one thing he needed most: a new kidney. He leaves behind a widow


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  14. #14 Melissa
    August 12, 2011 am31 12:52 pm

    @ Gunner # 9
    A friend of mine sent me this link- I find the monies used by UNICEF to be authentic. A good friend of mine is doing missionary work over there now and gave me the thumbs up on this link.
    UNICEF is seeking assistance from around the world – here is a link to their website if you are able to help financially:

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  15. #15 Gunner
    August 12, 2011 am31 12:54 pm

    Admiral very ironic. Reminds me of the song Ironic by alanis Morisette. ” He won the lottery, and he died the next day” Oh man now I am phyched to listen to alanis, especially that album (did I say album, you know I am old) as all the songs on it kick ass.
    At least his wife will be set for life. Any plans for the weekend? Tonight I am just going to watch my mindless TV big brother and Jersey Shore. If you think the doghouse is wild, you gotta watch the jersey shore. If you watch it, we can then discuss it here and really piss off Robin LOL (Only kidding Robin)
    Any rain heading your way soon? If we could use HARRP, there
    would not be any droughts anywhere.

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  16. #16 SunRaymond
    August 12, 2011 am31 1:12 pm

    Gunner, you said…

    “Sunray, I could not give a sh*t where you get your money and don’t need any advice from you. All your advice is so shallow. I have funding . RW just asked you so he could get some ideas. You are the last person I would go to for any advice so please, stop trying to make yourself all holier than thou.”

    Gunner don’t you talk to me like that. And I did not say you needed advice from me. Did I tell you that? No I did not because you are correct…the last thing you need is advise from me. You say my advice is shallow? Well, good. Just how I wanted it. I make it too deep and one may not be able to reach it. It is shallow because it is very simple…it doesn’t have to be deep. You do not know my intentions. Rawanderer doesn’t need any ideas. Rawanderer has ALL the ideas inside of him. I see Rawanderer so you don’t need to tell me about Rawanderer. I say what I need to say and that’s it. If I left something out then there is a reason I did it. But I know I specifically said that abundance comes in an infinite amount of ways besides money. One must be creative. So don’t curse to me…no Sir…don’t do that. If you think I’m trying to be “Holier than Thou” then you don’t know me at ALL. And you won’t know me ever…until you know who you are and what you are capable of. That is my message. Can you not see that the main theme of my messages here is that ‘you can do it’. “Yes You Can!!” You sure can. And I speak the way I do because it’s that simple. Alright? Not coming to me for advice…Good. Then don’t come to me for advice. But I see you…and I never give you advice in a sense of “giving you advice” in the first place. I can say that you really misunderstand my presence here. And fine you can do that…but I suggest you don’t ever curse to me. That is not cool. I come here in peace with pure mind and pure heart…and in my messages I tell you how powerful you are and just a little of what you are capable of while using me as an example. I am living proof that life can be as you please. It does not have to be a struggle…at all. My message is simply to let ALL on GM know that the same can apply to them easily if it doesn’t already. There are no excuses. I Promise. Trust me I really am not trying to be or seem holy. I can care less about how I look to anyone. I just express myself as I am with pure intentions. Now I can see you becoming mad or upset with me…but don’t curse to me. I’m not telling you to respect me. Disrespect me all you like. Just know that I can feel the energies and intentions and the person behind everything I read…and sometimes it does not feel good. Alright? Can you not feel the presence behind words? Do that with my messages and you might come to understand them in a way that is positive. ‘Cause if you knew me personally than you would have never spoke to me the way you did. It’s all good.

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  17. #17 Gunner
    August 12, 2011 am31 1:23 pm

    Yeah Sunray, I gotta admit i did go overboard but it is all good, sorry dont take offense, I was just so irritated all mourning , maybe some major ASS, but that is no excuse to lash out at anyone. i just get frustrated with spiritual advice sometimes. I mean would we say to a mom who lost he child that it is alright because you both planned it before you incarnated. That would not be good. So, I am sorry for my over reaction. I really did ant some advice for rw to made some money. I mean fixing houses, construction, I did everything in life for money, shoveling snow, cutting grass you name it.
    Well time to go and yes, I am getting a ride home from Ashley and chris today, awesome, have a great weekend everyone.

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  18. #18 Robin.
    August 12, 2011 am31 1:27 pm

    Gunner #15.

    OK.. I’ll believe you! (That you’re only kidding when you suggest talkin’ local TV here!)


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  19. #19 rawanderer
    August 12, 2011 am31 1:28 pm

    …..Woah! Glad I stopped posting yesterday, guess things got heated. Sunray, I never went back and read your answer to me. SaLuSa answered me today:

    “Allow your Guides to find the best way to provide what you need, rather than lay down rigid instructions as to how it should happen. You would be surprised at the extent of their ability to organise events that can bring you what you want. Just be ready to recognise when it is given, and expect the unexpected.”

    I was trying to get my guides to create abundance for me in the specific form of getting money, when I simply need to let them provide said abundance for me in their own unique ways!!

    Let’s not fight brothers! I can tell ASS has been manifesting the last couple days in a number of ways..i’m feeling quite a headcold today and others seem to be on edge.

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  20. #20 SunRaymond
    August 12, 2011 am31 2:14 pm

    Oh Alright. Struggle

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  21. #21 Admiral2012here
    August 12, 2011 am31 2:52 pm


    E.T., the phone line is open and SETI is waiting for your call. And apparently Jodie Foster, too.

    The nonprofit Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Institute, which was forced earlier this year to shutter its Allen Telescope Array, used to listen for alien signals, due to budget issues, has raised enough money to resume the search for life beyond planet Earth.

    The institute reached its goal last week of raising $200,000 to operate the telescope through the end of this year. The funds came from over 2,000 private donors, including the actress Jodie Foster, who played fictional SETI scientist Ellie Arroway in the 1997 movie “Contact.”

    “Just like Ellie Arroway, the ATA is ‘good to go’ and we need to return it to the task of searching newly discovered planetary worlds for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence,” Foster wrote in a note accompanying her donation. “The Allen Telescope Array could turn science fiction into science fact, but only if it is actively searching the skies.”





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  22. #22 Kellia
    August 12, 2011 am31 3:04 pm

    For the first time an a long while, there were lots of chemtrails over Oakland, CA today. WTF???

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  23. #23 Admiral2012here
    August 12, 2011 am31 3:10 pm

    …yeah, Kellia, they were spraying today over Houston, TX too Razz

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  24. #24 Lux Aeterna
    August 12, 2011 am31 3:15 pm

    Hey sorry, I didnt post that dream. I’ll post it in a little while. im going to my friends now.

    SunRay, I read yesterday you were going to New Orleans. Whaaaa. I live around 50 miles from New Orleans. Highly doubt I could go to N.O. though.

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  25. #25 Admiral2012here
    August 12, 2011 am31 3:49 pm

    …the Air Force has talent…man can she sing


    Staff Sgt. Angie Johnson and Sidewinder, the 571st Air Force Band, 131st Bomb Wing, Air National Guard. They are deployed as the U.S. Air Forces Central Command Band


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  26. #26 Admiral2012here
    August 12, 2011 am31 4:03 pm


    Are the galactics responsible for the troubles plaguing the Raptor program? Expensive troubles

    In past few decades, the U.S. Air Force has spent untold billions researching and developing a family of stealth fighter jets that are supposed to be generations ahead of any dogfighters in the sky.

    But after building more than 170 F-22 Raptors and a handful of F-35 Joint Strike Fighters, not a single one is available for service. The Air Force currently has zero flyable stealth fighters. None.

    The vaunted F-22 has been grounded with a possible faulty oxygen system since May. Production of the last few Raptors is even on hold, because the jets can’t fly from the factory.

    Last week, test flights for the newer F-35 were suspended, too, because of a valve problem in the plane’s integrated power package. It’s the third time this year that JSFs have been forbidden to fly. Ground tests have resumed, and flight tests may resume as early as next week. Then again, they may not



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  27. #27 Admiral2012here
    August 12, 2011 am31 4:08 pm


    I did notice Matthew saying that the Norway bombing and massacre was not a “false-flag” operation.

    Matthew gives a specific meaning to “false flag” which I’ll have to put up later. If an operation is a false-flag, the galactics are authorized to prevent it, but they cannot intervene where a lone gunman or suicide bomber acts. I’d imagine he’s saying that this was the act of a lone individual.

    He discusses the relentless Illuminati tide against which President Obama has to swim and how it is taking its toll on the President. More comments later.


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  28. #28 Admiral2012here
    August 12, 2011 am31 4:12 pm


    SaLuSa says that both Disclosure and governmental change are close to occurring. On the latter, the Company of Light simply awaits the right timing. They are winning the confidence of those who remain afraid and see their beliefs as being violated.

    He tells us that psychics are picking up on the nearness of Disclosure and may be giving out various dates. After Disclosure the galactics will introduce us to their craft. In my last reading with Archangel Michael, I asked him if we need worry about boarding ET craft and he replied: “Absolutely not.” I consider the warnings of some lightworkers that we will be taken away to slavery to be untrue. (1)

    He tells us that the Agarthans also will be joining us and have been part of our history going back to Atlantean and Lemurian times. He tells us that our veils are being rapidly removed as we awaken to Ascension. He tells us that none of us are simply Earth beings but volunteers in an experiment which is now drawing to a close and from which we will soon awaken.

    He reminds us that we all have free will and that others have a right to choose not to ascend, which we must respect. He discusses how we might want to work with our guides. He assures us that the galactics are giving us a manageable amount of information at any one time and soon we will grasp the full picture


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  29. #29 dreamwalker
    August 12, 2011 am31 4:19 pm

    Hey Babajij, je suis tres bien mon frere! Ca va? Where ya been buddy?!?

    Gunner from previous that would be the new smart FOAM.. Comes with data plan and extra foamy bubbles for that shiny coat and extra long whiskers. Washes your dishes for you too! LOL

    Hey GM family chin up you guys soon will be now before you know it!!!

    Fyi some places on the planet are already beginning their transition.

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  30. #30 rawanderer
    August 12, 2011 am31 4:25 pm

    dreamwalker, where? Smile

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  31. #31 Admiral2012here
    August 12, 2011 am31 4:29 pm

    …lol RW

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  32. #32 Admiral2012here
    August 12, 2011 am31 4:41 pm


    LOS ANGELES — Investigators searched for clues Friday as to what killed Jani Lane, the former lead singer of the metal rock band Warrant, who was found dead a day earlier in a hotel room.

    Police said Lane, 47, was found around 5:30 p.m. in a hotel room in the San Fernando Valley, which is north of Los Angeles.

    An autopsy is scheduled for Friday, Los Angeles County coroner’s spokesman Craig Harvey said.

    Lane’s death is being treated as a possible accident as opposed to one resulting from natural causes, but Harvey said weeks of toxicology and tissue testing may be needed before any conclusions can be drawn




    Down boys, there are no answers yet.

    An autopsy performed Friday on late Warrant singer Jani Lane proved inconclusive pending the results of toxicology tests, according to the Los Angeles County coroner’s office.

    Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter says it may take seven or eight weeks to finalize the cause of death.

    In the meantime, it only took hours for Lane’s former bandmates to start tuning up for a tribute


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  33. #33 rawanderer
    August 12, 2011 am31 4:42 pm

    I wanna know! Grin

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  34. #34 Admiral2012here
    August 12, 2011 am31 5:01 pm


    A while back I moved into a new office at work. When I looked in the desk, I found 162 pennies in one of the drawers. I can only assume that the previous owner used the desk as his chosen repository for all the pennies he received in change whenever he went out for lunch.

    I can’t really blame the guy who did that. In fact, I think pennies are an anachronism and need to be removed from circulation. Here are several reasons, some admittedly better than others:

    Inflation has made the penny irrelevant. In 1857, the U.S. Congress stopped production of the half-cent piece. In 1857, a half-cent had the purchasing power of 11 cents in 2007 dollars. In essence, when the half-cent was finally discontinued, the penny had more than 20 times the purchasing power it does today. If the Congress of 1857 were still in power today, not only would the penny be discontinued, but so would the nickel.

    Pennies are expensive to produce. By the end of 2010, it cost the U.S. Mint almost 1.79 cents to make a penny. That means that the U.S. Mint is increasing the national debt with every penny it produces. Post continues after video



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  35. #35 Admiral2012here
    August 12, 2011 am31 5:10 pm

    …yeah, it would be nice to see an item for $20 vs. $19.99 Smile

    …and what would happen to the 99 Cent Store


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  36. #36 Admiral2012here
    August 12, 2011 am31 5:49 pm



    After a brief flight, the aircraft takes a nose dive into the sea near Kwajalein Atoll in the Pacific Ocean. In all, the Falcon HTV-2 will have flown 4,000 miles from its original take off at Vandenberg Air Force Base.


    …it failed, I wonder why…Galactics? They quoted >>> The goal of the project is to eventually enable the U.S. military to strike anywhere in the world in less than an hour…a Space Based Weapon as Dr. Carol Rosin talks about…gotta get that “Treaty” signed


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  37. #37 Space Muffin
    August 12, 2011 am31 5:53 pm

    Admiral: Re: #146 post from Salusa’s last message.

    Thank you for that link to Maxwell Igan’s ‘The Awakening.’ I thought this video was extremely well done. Although the information was not new to me, it was so incredibly well put together that I realized we truly have some masterminds out there. Now if we can only get through this full Moon energy. I believe when Mercury goes direct again, we will all feel better and this would further the opportunity for disclosure.

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  38. #38 Admiral2012here
    August 12, 2011 am31 6:05 pm

    …hey Space Muffin…have you ever heard of David Cammegh the astrologer?

    This is Part 1 – Politics, aliens, religions and the individual are all part of today’s bulletin – with an aim to understanding the holistic approach to how things should be as we enter into the next level


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  39. #39 SunRaymond
    August 12, 2011 am31 6:07 pm

    WusSup Lux, you said…

    “SunRay, I read yesterday you were going to New Orleans. Whaaaa. I live around 50 miles from New Orleans. Highly doubt I could go to N.O. though.”

    Yea I was born there. You doubt you could go? Why not man!!!??

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  40. #40 Space Muffin
    August 12, 2011 am31 6:07 pm

    It has become so obvious to me, in relation to some of the posts, that life is not easy for many of us, myself included. We are indeed in ‘the waiting place.’ The biggest challenge for me these days, in my personal life: ego. Especially when around me creep heeps and heeps of negativity and sleepyheads. It remains difficult to stay in the wake world. It remains difficult to not fall back into illusion. It is difficult to stay centered, and every slip and fall back into 3D land, feels exhausting and more difficult to recover from. Then it takes so long to get back up to that high ‘plateau.’ But today I realized that my greatest challenge, is also my greatest teacher.

    But isn’t it sometimes the most difficult thing, to just trust that you are in the right place? That you are exactly where the universe/God wants you to be. I’m always plagued by thoughts of ‘maybe this is not where I should be.’ Yet I know that anywhere I am, is the right place to be. But maybe tomorrow I should be somewhere else? Because everything seems to be hanging in the balance now. And I know we are stragetically placed, right? In this place called the waiting place…

    More prayers, more prayers. To every Angel/Star brother and Sister/God/Ascended Master/Archangel/Spirit Guide/Unemployed Angels…..there’s lots of us unemployed down here as well….

    Let the Divine Right Moment be here when we open our eyes in the morning.

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  41. #41 Space Muffin
    August 12, 2011 am31 6:09 pm

    thank you again Admiral – I havent heard about him, but I will look forward to watching it!

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  42. #42 Admiral2012here
    August 12, 2011 am31 6:32 pm

    …David also uses Tarot cards with astrology

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  43. #43 Admiral2012here
    August 12, 2011 am31 6:56 pm

    …actually, I Know Tarot cards relate to astrology…I bought a deck “Hanson-Roberts” (Rider-Waite tradition) and figured it out…so Tarot cards give you a little more detail

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  44. #44 Lux Aeterna
    August 12, 2011 am31 7:08 pm

    if I did go, it would mean my parents had to go for something important.Thinking no trip to N.O. anywhere in sight

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  45. #45 Admiral2012here
    August 12, 2011 am31 7:12 pm

    …okay Lux…You’r DREAM!…we’re waiting! Smile

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  46. #46 Admiral2012here
    August 12, 2011 am31 7:17 pm

    …I’ll share one of my dreams

    …wow, I had an awesome dream last night. I was at the bay on a dock, and three large UFO’s (different shapes) appeared…wow! I pointed them out to other people around. I stood there a while watch’n them, then I said to myself, man, I need to let the GM Massives know about this. So, I went to my laptop and for some reason, I kept gett’n blocked from the GM site; it was frustrating.

    So I ran back outside; the UFO’s were still there and then they left. Then over a period of time, they came back, but this time there were a lot of them, amazing, this time I noticed some people were sad; they didn’t want them coming. I sensed their sadness as being they didn’t want their lives to change and with the UFO’s arriving, they knew that their lives will be changed.

    I tried cheering them up. I went back to my laptop to see if anyone at GM was seeing the UFO’s, but again, couldn’t get to the GM site, plus the electricity was out. I went back outside to watch the UFO’s, they started dropping lots of these white bubbles onto the bay water and I said to everyone “Hey, this is Gulf Coast water, they must be treating it”, this went on for awhile….my dream faded out…THE END!

    …maybe I was see’n this


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  47. #47 dreamwalker
    August 12, 2011 am31 7:40 pm

    #33 In my recent travels in Appalachia I drove through several towns, two of which felt like home. I felt as if I could go into that town blindfolded, and just from the positive energy I’d know where I was. Other towns felt heavy and dark; it made me realize that the process of ascension for earth is the same as it is for us… But it is happening.

    I’d be curious to know what others feel of their own towns. It’s just a feeling you get from the town. Do you feel weighed down and heavy, or does it make you feel good to be alive? For example DC still makes me feel heavy. I don’t want to be there longer than I have to.

    The only criteria I can offer is a feeling.

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  48. #48 Lux Aeterna
    August 12, 2011 am31 7:43 pm

    I was outside, and a whole bunch of UFO’s were descending from the sky. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I went back inside and I looked around. My house was flipped. Not upside down, but like a mirror. I said, “I think I’m dreaming.” I went to the kitchen, got a knife, and tried to slice my hand… nothing happened. I yelled “YES! I am Lucid dreaming!” My dad looked at me with a blank expression. I then forgot about the UFO’s and became more concentrated on my dream. I tried to feel my body on the bed and I got dizzy a little. I woke up just a tiny bit. But I was still dreaming. I went back to my Lucid Dream and soon lost Lucidity. I remember seeing A UFO descend in my back yard. It stopped over this silvery pond that was never in my back yard before. I remember people being in the yard. Many were screaming. Others were gathered around the UFO in amazement. I started to get a little frightened. Not because of the UFO’s, but the chaotic way the situation seemed with everyone running and screaming like —

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  49. #49 Lux Aeterna
    August 12, 2011 am31 7:48 pm

    —continued— like they were gona die. Next i remember being on my hands and knees in the silvery pond and i was cring saying something like “please take me” or ”why didnt you take me?”


    but next morning I was so proud of myself for Lucid dreaming. The last time I did it, I was like 6 or 7. Hope they occur more often though, I wanna control my dreams.

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  50. #50 Lux Aeterna
    August 12, 2011 am31 7:50 pm

    Oh and when I was on my hands and knees, everyone watching the UFO around me was gone. And it was quiet

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  51. #51 Admiral2012here
    August 12, 2011 am31 7:52 pm

    …DW, I feel I’m in my “Right” place…thought about moving several times, but I found out that my prob was clutter; once I got rid of the clutter…everything became efficient and a nice livable Space…gett’n rid of clutter frees up your life of extra responsibilities or just hav’n to move your “Junk” around to make space for things you use ALL THE TIME!



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  52. #52 dreamwalker
    August 12, 2011 am31 8:06 pm

    #51 I get what you’re saying Admiral, I feel the same way too. It’s not where I WANT to be but it’s where I NEED to be at this point in time… It is the “right” place to be. And by us being where we are, all of us, that is enough.

    But it was neat for me to witness these different energies in different places. Slowly but surely… It IS happening!

    You know I’d love to walk into any town and not get the heebie-jeebies like I’m not welcome there.

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  53. #53 Admiral2012here
    August 12, 2011 am31 8:11 pm

    …WOW Lux, that was a great Lucid dream…thanks for sharing…connecting the dots Cool

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  54. #54 dreamwalker
    August 12, 2011 am31 8:12 pm

    46, 48 Admiral and Lux I see there’s a water element in both your dreams. Cleansing of some form perhaps?

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  55. #55 Stick
    August 13, 2011 am31 12:56 am


    ~LovelyMorning555——————– Cloudy Sun Cloudy

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  56. #56 dreamwalker
    August 13, 2011 am31 7:04 am

    Wake Up in the Land of Dreams

    Wake up in a land of dreams;

    Enchanted with mountains hollows and streams;

    Where morning sun becomes your friend;

    And the gentle breezes of the four winds whisper for the day to begin;

    An eagle and a hawk soon soar above;

    While well below are the calls of robins and doves;

    A whitetail deer heads home on an early morning trail;

    While young squirrels spend the day hiding behind trees as they chase each others tails;

    On a lazy afternoon in the mountains a black bear takes a nap;

    After a delicious meal of ants and termites and a dessert of honey sap;

    For a moment evening sun sits on a mountain top before he descends down;

    And pretty soon native night creatures will be the only sounds;

    Then the mountains become covered with a smoky mist;

    As nature gives the land a good-night kiss;

    Every star is lit as they sparkle throughout the night;

    And treetops dance in the water with shadows by the moon light;

    And soon the land of Cherokee becomes quiet;

    Until morning, nature says goodnight.
    Frank Goss, 2006

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  57. #57 Admiral2012here
    August 13, 2011 am31 9:05 am


    55 ducks cross a the street in single file line…drivers had to wait lol


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  58. #58 Space Muffin
    August 13, 2011 am31 9:36 am

    Re: Number 56

    Thank you Dreamwalker for sharing that lovely poem with us!

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  59. #59 Admiral2012here
    August 13, 2011 am31 9:47 am


    Do you believe this is a Divine occurrence or a demonic occurrence?


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  60. #60 Lux Aeterna
    August 13, 2011 am31 10:53 am

    I was walking past someones house. I told the old lady checking her mail hello. She turned around to a little girl in her yard and yelled “HEY! Your boyfriend is here!” The little girl said “Ugh! Never.” WTF. I don’t even know these people

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  61. #61 Admiral2012here
    August 13, 2011 am31 10:59 am

    …lol Lux, that was probably a funny grandma who likes mess’n with her grandaughter and you happended to give grandma the perfect opportunity to do so Laugh

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  62. #62 Admiral2012here
    August 13, 2011 am31 11:10 am

    …Oh boy, here we go with the “Alien Invasion” crap…never liked Kaku (kookoo)…he’s full of fear mongering BS Razz


    What would happen if Aliens Attack?


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  63. #63 Robin.
    August 13, 2011 am31 11:59 am

    DW #47.

    Where I grew up is on the other side of the Planet to where I am now!

    So where is my ‘Home Town’?
    Where I live NOW, I guess!

    Melbourne was recently voted ‘The World’s most Livable City’.. well, I don’t know if that’s true, but it certainly has a lot going for it.

    On Port Philip Bay (with Dolphins), considered Arts Centre of Australia, multicultural communities, City with a small-town feel to it, a Port, Beaches, Mountains nearby. It feels like the right pace to have ‘landed’ indeed! Dalai Lama always stops in for a chat here when he’s in Oz! Maybe there’s a few too many Coffee shops.. but I don’t drink the stuff anyway! And they say if you don’t like the weather in Melbourne, just wait 10 minutes.. because it’s gonna change! And it does!

    Feels right to me!

    In Light!


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  64. #64 Robin.
    August 13, 2011 am31 12:11 pm

    Message from the Pleiadians.

    Aug. 13th 2011.

    When one looks into the right direction for answers, a feeling can be recognized, for it is intuition that knocks upon the door. Your senses add a long lost member to their family, allowing answers to come naturally. There will be no more secrets, all will be revealed in the end times. Duality saw you lose so much in order to gain wisdom that came through your many years of suffering and strife. Many have gained great wisdom and attempt to lead others onto the path that has taken them great distances into the light. For these souls, you are to act as a beacon of light to all the souls who wish to follow your footsteps out of the darkness just as you have followed the path taken by the shining ones before you. Lead them through doubt; shield them as best you can through the fear that may arise in these last few days of your shared experience through duality. Doors will open soon. Step through them confidently. You have earned your pass into the higher realms of experience and wonder. Be at the ready as time accelerates. Soon you will reach the threshold that you have journeyed towards for so long. Open is the door to those who ask the questions. We await just beyond. We are your Star Family.

    As channeled through Greg Giles.


    In Light!


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  65. #65 Admiral2012here
    August 13, 2011 am31 2:37 pm


    50 years after the assassination of John F Kennedy, a series of tapes released by his wife are said to reveal that the first lady did not accept the official explanation any more than many other members of the United States. The family finally released the tapes in retaliation to a documentary miniseries in production about the family and the agreement by ABC that it would not run. And those who have heard it claim it says a lot more than they had originally expected about life in the White House



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  66. #66 Robin.
    August 13, 2011 am31 2:38 pm

    This could all be pure BS.. but then again.. Smile


    I am In The US Navy Space Command And I Have Been To Elenin — Ask Me A Question!

    Saturday, 13 August 2011.

    Written by Agus Judistira.

    Captain S
    User ID: 1488297
    United States
    7/30/2011 10:58 AM
    Due to all the internet hype the Navy actually sent a recon mission to elenin. Let’s just say it won’t cause the excitement some think. But it may present a few surprises that no one expected.
    I’ll be here for about 20 minutes to answer questions and then I’m off. Just trying to be nice because I know there is a lot of buzz about it.

    How long does it take to get there?
    From the moment the crew steps in the craft, preps, clears port, about 60 minutes. Actual travel time, about 20.

    Go into detail about a few of these surprises
    No doom from elenin. its not a comet, or not totally just a comet.

    What type of craft are you using (TR-B)?

    Ok, what exactly is it
    check into the properties of E-type asteroids. very similar. however if you connect the dots you ‘ll know that E types are codeword for something more interesting

    What effect does this elenin have on our earth, and what risks does it pose for us?
    it won’t have any effects on earth. But it may be of interest to ham radio operators

    X-37, NOTE, Tin Can?
    sorry, can’t go there

    is elenin artificial? Is anything riding it so to speak?

    Well if you aren’t so cryptic, maybe someone would take you seriously. Explain further.
    Remember I don’t want to lose my clearance buddy. Look at my response to captain (question directly above). Anyway my twenty minutes are up. Gotta go. I’ll check back in 45 minutes or so for one more session of questions. Have a nice weekend all.

    whats your opinion op on the all the ex nasa employee’s spilling the beens on everything they know since they are all getting canned?
    NASA is just a front for the public. their budget is miniscule. not enough money to really do anything but put a few probes in our solar system. The real space program falls in the military’s domain, mainly airforce and navy. but the nice chemical rockets sure are fun to watch. as far as NASA spilling any beans. very few people from nasa are actually in the loop. they don’t know anything to spill

    Lets just say if something or someone is riding it, would we have to worry as far as death and destruction go, or would it be more of a eye opener ? I personally don’t have a opinion about Elenin, just asking questions….
    as I said before, there is no doom with it. so no need to worry

    Might there be a lot of vehicles? Say 7000?
    What do you mean by ‘a lot of vehicles’? that’s all classified and i am not privy to the overall actual numbers other than the area i work in

    Might the “Item(s)” in question be able to carry a lot. Say 7000?
    ok now I see what you are getting at. i really don’t know, sorry. i know there are at least 2 more missions planned and after the next someone will have that answer, maybe. but i probably won’t be a part of it.

    Did the US space command bring down the twin tower on 9/11 using some kind of powerful weapon?
    I don’t know anything about that

    So why are you telling us this? What can we benefit from what you know? Just tell us what you obviously want to tell, but are afraid to
    go look up e class asteroids. also look up the ESA’s rosetta mission to steins. where magically the high res cameras just happened to fail. and there is your answer. sorry i can’t be more direct. but this one is a bit more operational and is talking. someone savvy will be able to ‘hear’ it pretty soon. there will be no denying that history isn’t what we’ve been told. but much more interesting. no doom. just something pretty neat coming. i have said enough.

    If i were in the navy space command and wanted to talk to the public i would use a conspiracy forum such as glp… why? because no one will believe it lol. Are you using gravitational wave propulsion ships.? and is it true that the navy space command has stations on mars. and is there a collaboration with the grays?

    pisses me off that we have been putting astronauts lives in jeopardy with chemical rockets. when in fact we have been hiding a much more advanced safer spaced program all this time..
    i have complained about this exact same thing. all in the name of national security. whatever. now you know why there is no replacement for the shuttle. but times are ah changin. and what we do may become a bit more open very soon. we are bankrupt. can you imagine what giving the commercial sector some of this would do for the economy! they are considering it as we speak. instead of taking 5 1/2 hours for a coast to coast flight it would take a matter of minutes. interesting times. its hard to bite my tongue. but keep the faith. soon, very soon

    E Class Asteroids –
    A fairly rare, very reflective asteroid that is slightly red in color, probably due to the presence of some surface organic chemicals. E-class asteroids dominate the Hungaria family of the main belt, though some, including the two largest, (44) Nysa (see Nysa-Polana family) and (64) Angelina, are found scattered farther out. Their flat reflectance spectra in the 0.3 to 1.0 micron region and high albedos (usually above 0.3) suggest a connection with the aubrite (otherwise known as enstatite achondrite, hence the “E”) category of meteorite. However, this link is problematic because aubrites are clearly of igneous origin, whereas some E-class asteroids (including Nysa) show an absorption feature at 3 microns that points to water-and/or hydroxyl-bearing minerals and a nonigneous history.
    basically that means its highly reflective, metallic

    Do you fly your vehicles fairly low at night and change direction at nano second speed?
    not me. my CO is a hard ass. but i’ve heard stories, some funny ones. if i did it i’d probably be court martialed

    op what can you tell us about the program besides the fact that you went to elenin?
    that they know they gotta tell everyone soon, because the gap between what we have and what we admit is increasing to a point that they can’t keep it all a secret forever. think 50 lightyears for a one or two day trip is easy. listen to what ben rich said. its all coming out soon or else i wouldn’t be posting. we live in the most interesting times ever. and the next 5 years will be the most amazing starting with this year. the the old farts running things realize this and hate change, but its inevitable. thanks for participating guys. i’ll check back later tonight.

    I’d say one would have to be one bad mofo to drive one of those. Can they see me watching them? Are their eye pieces able to see the fly I swat?
    actually its easier than flying a jet. most of it is automated. but they still pick the elite of the elite for this stuff. and yes they can see the fly you are swatting, your facial expression, and who exactly you are via facial recognition.

    Does the US Navy Space Command always send recon missions to comets and neo’s? Or was this unique? Does something concern them about this Elenin or is this more SOP?
    if something is out of the ordinary than they will look at it using a wide variety of sensors. if there is still questions then yes they go out there and check it out.

    one thing that I must point out that you just don’t get from watching on a tv is the absolute beauty out there.
    the earth and other planets are simply magnificent and awe inspiring. i have even suggested to take various world leaders out there to take a look at the earth and see its beauty from space. when you see how amazing it is you wonder what all these wars are about and wonder why we can’t concentrate directing our efforts towards lifting mankind up.
    saturn close up, mind boggling. a few planets in other star systems would absolutely blow your mind. its too bad they can make an IMAX movie showing some of this stuff. it is so sad the universe is hidden and most are stuck on a rock and can’t see the universe in all its beauty and wonder.
    and the sheer number of stars you can see without any interference from the atmosphere. WOW!!!!! its absolute paradise this universe.

    OP have you or your fellow officers traveled to Niburu/Planet X? If can say, will it come near to earth in a year or two?
    i have never heard anything about nibiru.

    Your welcome OP. Don’t abandon us like so many do.
    no i’m back can’t stay here forever but it really feels great letting curious folks in on a bit. like a weight off my chest. i admit i don’t know everything about this stuff, not even close. but i feel happy sharing what i can.
    all that taxpayer money going to stuff like this and normally you aren’t even told it exists! but change is right around the corner. i’ve never seen so much activity/excitement among the brass and civilians than i have the last 6 months. some just don’t want to change and keep it all to themselves. but they are finding themselves to slowly be in the minority on that viewpoint.
    i think we may be heading in the right direction as far as the secrecy. these guys are paranoid by nature and rightly so. but even they realize this is too big to keep secret. humanity deserves to know.

    I have read that space is really blue not dark like NASA has fed is. Is this accurate?
    it is pitch black

    Did you go to flight school in Corpus Christi or Pensacola?
    i understand your curiosity. i don’t want to talk about personal stuff though.

    I was just asking because I want to be a Navy Pilot and have been looking it up online.
    From what I understand if I join and pass basic I would probably go to Pensacola. Which is fine with me.
    The way I see it if you can land a plane on an Air Craft Carrier, then you are one of the best pilots in the world.
    you are 100% correct. carrier landings are insane. good luck kid.

    OP can you say what the furthest distance from earth you’ve traveled is? Another star system?
    about 250 ly, others much much further, and still heading out

    OP do other nations of earth have a Space Command, or is US alone in this ability?
    ok i’m not privy to all of this, but obviously from working in this field i will tell you what I have seen.
    yes and yes. some other guys are up there, the usual suspects, but so far we see they are only sporting conventional or just a bit more advanced than conventional NASA type tech. they mainly stay in L.E.O. and don’t cause much interference with our operations. they are just a nuisance at this time

    so what are you talking about happening like first contact or something like that?
    as far as elenin, i just hope we have some ham radio operators out there who can listen to to it. we need to learn about ourselves and our heritage. elenin may help with this.

    OP thanks!!! for answering. You’re point of view of the depth and beauty of space is uplifting for us earth bound ones. A final question about Elenin…. will it be so bright that it might light up the night sky like a double full moon or similar?
    you’d have to ask an astronomer. i’d guess its too small to be any sort of visual spectacle UNLESS, it becomes active that way also. that would be amazing. anything is possible.
    and yes, my first trip out there was a God smack in my face with the sheer beauty and awe. quite a humbling experience any one of us would benefit from. i hope one day everyone can.

    Hey OP, Can you tell us what hidden technology, in your opinion, would be the most valuable to humanity if released to all?
    Do we have the technology to end most of the suffering on this planet?
    we have a whole bunch of amazing stuff. yes we could end suffering and turn the planet into a total paradise. nothing makes my blood boil more than this. but there is hope. there are some men, a few with vision that are in the right positions now that maybe you’ll start to see some of it. i really think we are heading that way.
    i guess i didn’t answer you question. this is why i think this stuff has been kept in secrecy. they use nat.sec. as an excuse but its really to protect the oil profits. however fukushima has really rattled them.
    i am just a peon when it comes to this kind of policy, but there seems to be an internal struggle with one side wanting to get this stuff out and the other side being paid off to keep it secret. this is where i better shut the heck up. but you get the idea.

    Have you observed other civilized planets?
    yes, city lights from space, very similar if not identical in some cases to our cities

    Thanks. Still didn’t even throw us a bone with a specific heretofore unknown tech., but that’s OK. We don’t want you to get into trouble. ;-`)
    So give us a name. Who is paying whom to keep humanity suffering and dying? Be a Patriot, give us a name. Thanks.
    this is a VERY sketchy area. if I gave you names i’d probably have a visit sometime in the next few days that i’d rather not. but really i can only speculate. maybe some of them really do have the view that this is better left to the military for now. or maybe they are getting paid to keep this view. i would really know. but i’m sure there are those that know very well in intelligence circles.
    these guys can be very short sighted. why not be the ones responsible for bringing heaven to earth? sad really, but the good guys are gaining ground, trust me.
    yes zpe is real. space is actually more energetic than matter. the trick is figuring out how to get it because there is very little to no energy gradient. but they have figured it out long ago.
    no need to ever pay another electric bill again or fill your tank up.
    they could desalinize all the ocean water they wanted for almost free and irrigate the deserts. the possibilities are unlimited. greed can only hold out and suppress this for so long.

    OP do you know what this is:
    [link to img253.imageshack.us]
    And does your propulsion system for traveling l.y. away has anything to do with a bogey owned by Ra and orbiting the Sun:
    [link to img167.imageshack.us]
    Haven’t seen Ra out there yet, lol.
    If you really want to see some neat stuff, buy a pair of 3rd or later gen night vision goggles and spend some time looking up with them.

    OP, this crop circle represents the interception of Elenin by an antimatter weapon orbiting the Sun. It will depolarise Elenin’s EM field represented by the small rocked thunderbolt at the tip of Apophis head and render the asteroid benin against Earth’s EM field. I doubt the Navy Space Command has such a powerfull device to fulfill the work.
    [link to http://www.cropcircleconnector.com
    [link to http://www.cropcircleconnector.com
    if it is destroyed, that would be a travesty. there are some out there who could do this. i just hope whoever is making the crop circles is wrong about this one. elenin has been given a lot of doom and gloom press.
    it is quite the opposite. a beacon of hope and a glimpse into the past. a glimpse into who we really are perhaps, from all the clues that have been gathered. our guys are going wild like school children on xmas eve when it comes to this thing. i'd love to go back myself.

    David Wilcock got an anonymous tip that Air Force Space command was mining Element 115 somewhere in the Hercules constellation. Could this be correct?
    mining element 115? sounds like science fiction. is David Wilcock a science fiction writer?

    OK... OP... Appreciate that you can't share the actual vehicle designation...
    Can you give some idea of the technology involved?
    There are various advanced methods of propulsion. one time the discovery channel of all places aired a show about 5 years ago that spoke about some of these techs, at least the early days of it and i almost spit my coffee out watching. it had 'advanced aircraft' in the title. i really which i would have dvr-ed that show as I can't remember the whole title and i have searched for it and never found it. i couldn't believe my eyes when i saw what they were talking about. almost 100% accurate with nice graphics and visualizations. someone spilled the beans. i'm sure its been yanked but that show would have really wet your whistle. perhaps it wasn't yanked and i can't find it. i suggest looking for this and see if you can find it.
    as much as i'd like to share. i really can't go there. i'm sorry.
    but i will share this small tidbit. there are those that create their own sort of wave and ride it like a surfer.
    think about Einstein, when they drop a ball in a sheet to demonstrate how timespace gets warped by matter.
    they jokingly say we have front wheel drive. we are pushed not pulled and it certainly feels that way even though they say the inertia is canceled i swear i feel the 'pull'
    that's all i will say on this. sorry to be vague.

    So you have no information on the Nemesis Dwarf Star. Dr Bill Deagle and company claims it will be visible from the Southern Hemisphere with a high power telescope in about a month. And will start wrecking havic on earth in about 5-9 months?
    Never heard of it.

    OP: To your knowledge, what year did mankind (our current society) successfully breach the Van Allen Belt? TIA.
    i guess i should know this. the apollo missions?

    Op - have you seen any angels out there in your travels?
    Also, have you seen the so-called approaching "ribbon" or cloud of energy that Sickscent has done so much research on, and that the Boeing and NASA insiders have spoken of as threatening our planet?
    you can't see the ribbon but its funny you bring that up. that has been a HUGE concern for the scientists. they put out a cover story that it was the solar wind being reflected back, but that is baloney. its hard to tell. another poster just mentioned the van allen belt, which we don't even think about because we are protected from it. i wouldn't say it was a force field but all EM and radioactive particles cannot penetrate our craft. the system is so good that there is less radiation inside our craft then on the surface of the earth, including going through the ribbon.
    but there are experiments going on in the ribbon to see what kind of effects it will have when it reached the inner solar system. good question. so far they just don't know. the ribbon has some odd qualities to it

    Well I hope Dr. Deagle is wrong, but the guy is one of the most intelligent people I have ever listened to. Although he does seem prone to flights of fancy!! If the Nemesis Dwarf Star is as close as people are indicating then no doubt its been visited by advanced Space Command craft. He also confirms we have hyper light speed spacecraft, so he knows something concerning black programs! Please if possible ask something about this problem. Although I know that things are very compartmentalized, so its hard to find stuff out!!!!
    i would think something so epic i would have heard of. i will surely ask around. thanks for the heads up. I think I've heard Deagle on the internet a long time ago. From what I remember he did sound intelligent, but I can't remember him talking about this nemesis dwarf star. i'd wager it doesn't exists or I would probably have known. but this business is all about compartmentalization and secrecy. a need to know basis. so you never know! i'll ask around.

    You guys are the pilots of the huge black isosceles triangle mother ships, right?
    [link to http://www.soupmedianetwork.com
    [link to x40.xanga.com]
    [link to http://www.ambergristoday.com
    no, but the black triangles are ours. that is an airforce asset. they are mainly used below 150k ft. they aren’t designed for interstellar travel.

    hi guys. i just wanted to get the word out that you should start listening with your radios, point them towards elenin. you should start picking up a signal soon if not already.
    thanks for the questions, this has actually been very fun.
    can’t really go into anymore detail, but i must say, you are a fine lot here. thank you and i really mean that.

    one more thing. i’m not saying I won’t be back. i have just told you as much as i can right now and duty calls. so i won’t be able to post until i’m back on August 11th.
    when I get back I will post an update. i look forward to it. because 10 years ago i was on the net searching myself, i know what it’s like.
    take care all. and i will catch up with you soon.





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  67. #67 Admiral2012here
    August 13, 2011 am31 3:08 pm


    So, what governments are researching these types of websites? Most of them. There are think tanks, secret governments behind the governments, scientists and others that are dedicated to this task alone. They do it in an effort to find any weak spots, any information being revealed to the public that is in direct contradiction to what the governments want the people to believe. When governments first started researching these websites years ago there was an air of arrogance, an air of impunity about their browsing the websites, almost as if it was a bad joke. Today there is a distinct air of desperation that permeates these men and women while they are intent in their quest of scrutinizing these information sites. They have discovered that they cannot hurl false accusations against these peoples’ websites; they cannot ridicule, badger or destroy these peoples’ truths because the people just keep going and going and refuse to give up. In a Spiritual sense, these same Souls who have been reincarnating here over and over again trying to make a difference are no longer standing alone. It is a cumulative effort that is part of the collective consciousness that is defeating the beast at its own game.

    Governments also are aware of the plethora of ships in the air, especially those ships that are intentionally allowing themselves to be seen. World leaders are more afraid than ever before about what will happen to they, themselves, once the ships actually land and begin the process of reformatting a new infrastructure on this planet with the true people of the planet. At that time there will be no room left, no place to hide, where the dark rulers will not be found. So the governments keep on reading and researching. There is irony here though, so many men and women assigned to this investigation are in turn realizing the truth and sharing what they know. At this time they are doing so in secret; only speaking with others who will listen. Many of these people we are speaking about who are learning the truth in their investigations are now fighting the battle from the inside.

    All governments keep stats on people who are aware, who are ready and willing to break the backbone of deceit. So who are the clear channels of information? The governments? Religious leaders? No. Most of those in politics and religion are as deluded today as the original progenitors of the Illuminati wanted them to be. In attempts to continue debunking air ship sightings etc., they scan websites to learn more about public sentiment concerning these events, because their tried and true methodology is to seek out the people who follow the path of least resistance. These people have always been the easiest marks for governmental bodies to control. This will not last much longer; the people are coming to their senses

    The incongruity here is that those who were peering out through the looking glass at the people are now having the tables turned on them. The people are looking back.

    Salude… Celest and David


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  68. #68 Admiral2012here
    August 13, 2011 am31 3:32 pm


    It’s difficult in times of uncertainty to truly grasp the big picture, but one of the strangest elements to it all is it’s unfolding precisely as some had already predicted. Just as so many predicted, the world seems to be going through a massive transition. And while the mainstream media panics, not all of the changes have been exclusively bad with no possibility for positive change in the future. And amid it all, the Schumann Resonance – the force that has been often referred to as the “heart beat of the Earth” by scientists, has also started exhibiting some strange behaviors.

    So is it any coincidence that the sun and Earth are changing in such similar ways? With the periods of intense solar activity we are seeing spontaneous riots, fear in the marketplace, people generally acting strange and an intense but general feeling that something is about to change in a big way. And it is doing so long before 2012, when so many say it will. Why?

    The idea that we could one day soon see an incredible transformation occurring on our planet has gone from unlikely to almost inevitable in recent years.



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  69. #69 Stick
    August 13, 2011 am31 3:55 pm

    **Competition Will Be Consigned to History Books in the Light Age**
    by Drekx Omega ~ August 13

    Dear Lightbearers, This article looks into how human mindsets change and a new world forms around those altered minds, which will no longer be in lack of resources…because humanity will be utilising the technology of LIGHT…and replacing the pardigm of competition, within a fossil fuels economy. Replacing the profit motive with higher aspirations and putting aside the survival impulse and that of greed for ever more limited planetary resources…

    How is the mindset that supports this profit and competition impulse ended…??

    Well I suggest that what really changes lives are the technologies used and these can change societies and cultures too…For example, look how the world has become such a smaller closer place, thanks to the internet and satellite TV…and PCs linking households on one continent, with households on another…Of course, with the exception of commerce, the PTB feel threatened by this and now their entire system is on the verge of ruin and transition into something better…

    Why do people use money at the moment…?? Because they have no choice in the matter…unless they are living within isolated tribes with bushcraft skills, in isolated areas….so this would exclude the majority…
    With aetheric energy devices, power need never be paid for again, as it is virtually limitess and on tap, without the need for a mains power supply or electricity grid, which can currently be regulated by energy supply companies…and customers charged ever increasing amounts to keep warm in winter and cool in summer…
    So the dominance of banking, corporations and monetarist governments are coming to an end.

    Free energy is a cornerstone we are going to reach….FREE ENERGY ALLOWS A GOLDEN AGE…it allows freedom for the individual from slavery to banks, corporations and governments.

    How about food, must we grow our own to be independent from supermarkets…?? To some degree, yes, yet we would still need to purchase seeds…and farming is a full time commitment during the seasons…..Of course, the state likes to license all activities, so unless you live in an isolated area, the state will try to tax your profits…

    BUT, technology again makes this concept of payment and taxes redundant….Federation duplicators can create matter of identical molecular structure to a sample provided…the template retained for future duplications….
    Apply this technology to foodstuffs, clothing, equipment, spare parts, water, homes and appliances and you see the potential freedoms offered..
    If a juicy steak were duplicated, the duplication would be molecularly identical to the original, under the microscope, yet would not be sourced from a living animal…something that a vegitarian could consider…
    Although, the GFL ETs have no need to duplicate prime cuts of steak, as they are vegetarian on principle, the starving peoples of Africa may benefit from the free gifting of such devices, under our abundance programmes, along with the necessary training in their operation and application…..supported by armies of volunteers and lightworkers, who will all be free to devote time to such work…As each will be free of debt and wage slavery…

    So now, we see a world in which technology and freedom from the profit motive, dominates thoughtforms and behaviours….Now we are beginning to see in this vision, a world in which money would loose it’s allure and status…as “things” can be created technologically…which is a case of mimicry of the 5th density state of being, in which natural abilities to manifest anything required, are commonplace…Clothing, food, water, habitation, transport, energy, etc…And then if we add holographic technology and natural telepathic skills, we can also see why telecomms suppliers will no longer play a role, and also the predatory banks and stockmarkets will be consigned to history books…How life once was on Earth, before we collectively and individually, entered the LIGHT AGE……and put the financial imperative behind us.

    Selamat majon dramu kas….!
    Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew

    Behold… TheDawningLight777——————– Yin Yang Thunder Peace Sun

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  70. #70 Admiral2012here
    August 13, 2011 am31 3:59 pm


    Tunnels, which reach through a large part of the landmass of Europe are being studied, and the results are simply staggering. Not only are the tunnels for the most part older than previously thought, they are considerably larger – with some network tunnels carved with stone tools spanning incredible distances. The discovery, published in a recent book by Dr. Heinrich Kusch may change how we perceive the ancient world and the ground beneath our feet forever. And it may give second wind to the theory that the Earth may not be as solid beneath our feet as we once thought.

    The hollow Earth theory is often discredited along very specific avenues, and in response to older legends and lore surrounding the possibility that a massive network of cities could be located deep beneath the Earth. But the discovery of 12,000 year old tunnels fashioned for the most part using stone tools are only the beginning


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  71. #71 Stick
    August 13, 2011 am31 4:06 pm

    More tales from the Time-Loop… check this out GM Massive Lion

    **Ufo’s Are Here (1977)**

    Featuring Steven Spielberg, Stan Deyo, Jacques Vallee, Prof. Allen Hynek, Stanton Friedman, Margaret Mead, Ken Arnold, Betty Hill, Rev. William Gill, Klaus Nobel, RAAF Sqdn Ldr White, Ray Palmer and Colin Cameron. This amazing UFO documentary film was produced in 1977. It was way ahead of its time. Sadly, the master copies of this film and the two which followed it have been lost to the ravages of time. Only one VHS copy of it survived; so Channel 9 gave us permission to convert it to digital video in an effort to preserve it as an archive for the use of posterity.

    This film inspired Stan Deyo to write “The Cosmic Conspiracy” book which is the sequel to the shows. The man-made, flying saucer programs are exposed in the book and the film.

    Star Full Documentary: http://youtu.be/gwv_OB9I4Sg Star

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  72. #72 Stick
    August 13, 2011 am31 4:24 pm

    Looks like we’re the one’s holding it down on a quiet Saturday Admiral…
    Carpe Diem Brother Lion

    ~ApotheosisRising333——————— Hug Left Alien Shock Star

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  73. #73 Stick
    August 13, 2011 am31 4:30 pm

    More multidimensional food for thought… Quad might enjoy this one:

    **The Field: The Reality of Things**
    BY Massimo Citro M.D.

    Mechanistic thought conceptualized solid particles moving in a vacuum. Then came field physics, and prevailing notions were shattered once again. In the mid-nineteenth century, Michael Faraday introduced the idea of a field as “a space around a source of electromagnetic energy.” Opposing the concept of “full and void” from atomism, Faraday suggested the idea of “matter and force diffused in space,” according to precise lines of force. His was a nonmaterial vision of physical phenomena! It is with Faraday that fields became defined as physical dimensions in zones of temporal space. In the following century, Einstein extended the field principle with the inclusion of gravity: the universe is thus considered held in a single gravitational field that curves in proximity to matter.

    Of the four elements of Pannaria, the field is the least studied but the most interesting. Mass could be matter combined with energy, which is an expression of the field. In that case mass would be the formation through which the senses perceive the field, the reality that the “veil of Maya” hides, as some insightful sages of India, along with some Western philosophers, have put it. Plato contrasted the truth (alètheia) with fiction, opinion, illusion (doxa). The senses fall under the category of doxa, projection, the shadow of the alètheia. The senses enable us to perceive only impressions, while the truth of the universe is unknowable. “Nature loves to hide” (ϕύσις κρύπτεσθαι φιλεῖ), writes Heraclitus of Ephesus.* But a philosopher must try to reach it somehow, because truth is very sublime.

    Plato used the “myth of the cave,” in which he describes a scene of slaves chained in a cave, who are forced to watch a strange “film” of speaking shadows on a wall. They believe what they see is real until one slave escapes and discovers an unexpected world: what the prisoners think are people are only the shadows of statues of humans and animals being carried on the shoulders of real men and women passing by; the slaves were hearing only their voices.5 The freed slave met the other side of things. Centuries later, the neo-Platonist Giordano Bruno of the Renaissance wrote De Umbris Idearum (The Shadows of Ideas), and indeed Platonic thought has also been revalued by some quantum physicists. The physical bodies that we can touch, see, and hear are only the shadows in the cave. Their fields, though they elude our senses, are in fact the true reality of the bodies. A researcher has to leave the cave in order to explore the other side of things.

    Every physical body can be seen as an event that is constantly changing on the world stage, and the director of the changes is precisely the field, which the ancient sages identified with fire, a great natural alchemist. The quantum field is everywhere. The particles are not corpuscular, but local condensations of the field. Solid? No. They are quanta, but they are packets of energy of the field’s vibrations. The protons are vibrations in the field of the protons, electrons in that of the electrons, and so on. It is revolutionary in the history of human thinking to imagine that the world is not built with solid bricks, but rather with vibration, energy. Matter is a particular vibration of its own field, which overturns everything so far studied in school.

    Since our childhood we have wanted to humanize the world, and we imagine even the microscopic driving energies of life as solid objects. But things are not like that. The Italian doctor and physicist Massimo Corbucci writes that the atom is an abyss filled with electrons and the particles of the nucleus.6 The harder you search the abyss, the more you realize that mass itself does not exist. What exists is a game of attraction and repulsion (therefore a balance) between different polarities of charge, between “breathing emptiness.”

    The field is pulsation in the emptiness, that is, vibrating emptiness, a pulsating vacuum. The particles that make up mass might actually be disturbances of the field, ripples in the vacuum. We are not far from the discourse of the strings. Now consider that the first description of matter, as being like “the crest of a wave, curling like the sea,” was written as early as the hermetic treatises of the second century C.E.! It is only these disturbances that are perceived by the senses, which then turn them into perceptions-visual, tactile, auditory-namely feelings from forms, bodies, heat, sound, light.

    What appear to us as particles are probably field fluctuations, in which some of a field’s regions oppose one another (for example, the protons and the electrons). In physics’ “double slit” experiment, an electron sent toward a plate with two parallel slits close to each other passes through both simultaneously, suggesting that the electron is traveling more like a wave than a particle. Actually, an electron can be in either wave or particle form, a variation of field fluctuation.

    During our journey, we will discover further that the fields of physical bodies have extraordinary properties, that they are “organized masses” and that to date nobody has been able to uncover what organizes them and how. The physical, chemical, and biological sciences continue to largely ignore these questions. In fact, the field may not only be the result of what happens to mass, but rather the director of what happens to mass. To begin to understand how this can be, we are aided by the concept of morphogenetic fields, which offer us insight into fields with organizing disposition.

    The existence of morphogenetic fields was postulated by a group of botanical embryologists in the past century in order to explain the growth processes of plants and animals, and the differentiation of their individual parts. According to their concept, the morphogenetic field may have informational characteristics that contribute to invisible planning, which gives form to the organisms as they develop. They may also help explain the ordering functions responsible for group actions and behaviors in many animal species. The raw building material remains the same; what changes is the design itself: it is this that “decides” shape, proportions, and limits with respect to growth. Only the morphogenetic field can explain why a person’s arms and legs are different, despite the fact that they contain the same proteins encoded in the same genes.

    One of the first to describe ordering fields was Harold Saxton Burr, who taught anatomy and neuroanatomy at the Yale School of Medicine. For at least two decades, Burr conducted research into the shapes of plants and animals, and also on hypothetical living fields that he called vital fields (V-fields). Each organism follows a pattern of planned growth, led by its electromagnetic field. Burr discovered, for example, that the electric field of a sprout has the shape of the adult plant. In an unfertilized egg, he discovered an electrical axis corresponding to the future orientation of the adult brain, serving as a guide to place the cell in the right place.7 According to Richard Gerber, “It is highly likely that the spatial organization of cells is intended to be a three-dimensional map of the finished version: this map or matrix is a function of the energy field that accompanies the physical body.”8

    Burr was convinced that the fields could dominate and control the growth and development of every living form. He writes, “The molecules and cells of the human body are constantly being demolished and rebuilt with fresh substances from the food we eat. But thanks to the controlling V-field, new molecules and cells are rebuilt as before and are arranged in the same way as the old ones. When we meet a friend whom we haven’t seen for six months, there is not one molecule in his face that is the same as it was at the last meeting. But, thanks to the controlling field, the new molecules are placed exactly in the old familiar layout and so we can recognize his face.”9

    Biologists are struggling to explain how our bodies maintain their shape despite the continuous replacement of substances. The particle affects the field, but it in turn is conditioned, points out Burr. “The design and the organization of each biological system are determined by a complex electrodynamic field which dictates the behavior and the ordering of components. It has correlations with growth and development, degeneration and regeneration and orientation of the component parts of the entire system. It can control the movement and the position of all particles within the entire system . . . Science believes that the electrical variations in living systems are the consequence of their biological activity, but I believe that there is a primary electrical field in the living system that is responsible.”10

    When Burr talks about forces, he imagines “superregulatory systems” governing physiology. According to him the condition of the mind influences the state of the field. These words sound like Buddha’s: we become what we think. For Burr life does not happen by chance, but is rather the result of an organization delivered through electrodynamic fields that rule the positions and movements of all particles: “Vital fields impose a plan and organization of the material components, throughout the constant changing of all the living forms, forcing an acorn to grow until it becomes an oak, and only an oak. . . . Vital fields are influenced by larger fields in which our world is included (solar spots, for example), subject to a higher authority that forces them to change in various ways.”11

    The experiments conducted by our research group (see chapters 5 and 6) also suggest the existence of informed structures, which are able to build and organize physical bodies and put them in communication. But these structures are invisible, not perceivable with the naked eye or with equipment. And there we run into the limitation of current science, which is almost a certainty of knowledge. Almost because the senses are subjective and fail to capture dimensions different from our own: parallel universes are perhaps only one step away from us, but they may as well not exist. What exists for us is all that exists, at least as far as the logic of senses. Reality for us is all that we imagine.

    Imagination draws the limits of our world. Ancients depicted the earth as flat, as was suggested by the senses. Today we can think of the earth in its roundness because we have seen the curvature of Earth from space. However, it is with difficulty that we imagine the solar system, especially the farthest planets. The galaxy is unimaginable, even more so, the universe. Distant galaxies are billions of light years away from our understanding. How can we imagine billions and billions of miles? Consider how the ancients thought of a fixed Earth at the center of rotating spheres. It took Galileo’s telescope, the Copernican revolution, and satellites to replace this picture of reality. And we still don’t know if our new images are the right ones . . . but this is another matter.

    Under the microscopic lens, we have the same dilemma. Where does the world end? In quarks?* Beyond? The limit has been moved so many times! Research into the components of matter has involved generations of physicists who always review the previous theories. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, experiments carried out by Dalton† suggested that everything was made up of atoms and nothing else. But before the century ended, Thomson‡ discovered the electron; from there on, during the early twentieth century, physicists described all the components of the atom. The particles seemed to be the new frontier, but then came Paul Dirac, who proposed the idea of antimatter. He was mocked for thirty years until antiparticles were discovered, and the scientific community tried to correct its mistake and the insult it caused by awarding Dirac the Nobel Prize. Fortunately for him, Dirac was still alive. Then quarks were discovered, and once again the frontier was moved forward. Physicists constantly change the image of the universe, and sometimes they discard it completely to start all over again.

    The progression of numbers is an example of how the world has only limited representation on the mental screen. If I read 0.1, it is easy to imagine a tenth part of something, one of ten slices of a cake. But with 0.0000001 the mental effort is enormous. Imagine if there are tens of zeros after the decimal point! The most famous irrational number is π, academically approximated to 3.14: an understandable number that in reality would be 3.14159265358979323846. I wonder how many people even read all the numbers one by one; this confirms how useless it is to try to imagine something beyond our limits.

    We are dealing with a world of representations suggested by the senses and the imagination, not a sound foundation on which to base dogmas and doctrines. Nothing is certain. Objective reality is unattainable. What shall we do? Stop searching and abandon this powerful passion? No. We should extend the research field to regions forbidden to the senses, into the void, and redefine what our senses declare to be “empty.”

    (excerpted from The Basic Code of the Universe: The Science of the Invisible in Physics, Medicine and Spirituality)

    ~BreatheInTheLight247————————- Star Star Star

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  74. #74 Admiral2012here
    August 13, 2011 am31 5:25 pm



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  75. #75 Lux Aeterna
    August 13, 2011 am31 6:05 pm

    Maybe going to Florida tomorrow! But I’m just wondering if I should stay and go to school, and then hang with my friends. I like the idea of being on my own for a day or 2. My parents are giving me the choice Grin

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  76. #76 Admiral2012here
    August 13, 2011 am31 6:08 pm


    …stop the vid at 6:23 and what do ya see


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  77. #77 Admiral2012here
    August 13, 2011 am31 6:19 pm

    …wow Lux, glad you have a choice of go’n to Florida or not…just listen to that voice inside…maybe it’s your chance to experience the responsibility of be’n “home alone” or that voice says; GO!…there’s someth’n there for you to experience…oh heck, that’s just my point of view, but you get my drift…you still have time to think about it Question

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  78. #78 Lux Aeterna
    August 13, 2011 am31 6:41 pm

    Yeah I like the idea of staying. Even though I haven’t been to Florida since I was 2. Its seems like it’d be the same as going to mississippi. Rent a motel. Stay inside for a while. Go to the beach. Parents say not to go deep. Time to go. Mom says not to get sand in her car. Goes to sleep. Get up. Goes to the beach for a last time. Parents announce the heart dropping words “Time to go” Leaves. Stuch on road for hours. Done.

    I know the routine. I’d like to experience the “single” life. Lol.

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  79. #79 Admiral2012here
    August 13, 2011 am31 6:53 pm

    …LOL Lux…you’re too funny…YOU KNOW THE DRILL, lol

    …sounds like go’n to Florida would be a waste of your time…maybe you should stay home and guard the house…If you’re Think’n about throw’n a “Party”…don’t invite the destructive peeps as they will trash the house and you will have some explain’n to do

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  80. #80 Admiral2012here
    August 13, 2011 am31 7:21 pm



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  81. #81 Admiral2012here
    August 13, 2011 am31 7:23 pm
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  82. #82 Admiral2012here
    August 13, 2011 am31 7:38 pm

    …okay, it’s dark outside and I don’t see any Black Widows com’n out…which might mean they are no longer here…maybe the BW’s became victims of a preditor…like a Mud-Dobber or a Pray’n Mantis…however, the night is still young…let me observe a little longer before I get too tired. BTW, ABC is lay’n next to me like he wouldn’t do anything about BW’s if they were to show themself’s…haha! I made a noise and ABC Jumped…he must be on Edge

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  83. #83 Lux Aeterna
    August 13, 2011 am31 9:23 pm

    wow. there was no conflict in my life today. I couldn’t ask for better friends. everyone is nice to me today! Ahhh, you know how when you go to sleep, the days problems pop up in your head. Not tonight! Nuh uh. Good night everyone. Hope everyone is doing well Smile

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  84. #84 Melissa
    August 14, 2011 am31 7:38 am

    Good morning all…hope everyone had a restful night. I have a question regarding emergency supply kits. I have noticed that Gunner has posted on this in the past. Is it recommended that we have this in place by this year? I keep hearing the date 11-11-11, not only on this site, but it is in my dreams, and I will randomly look at the clock and other items and see this number. My intuition is telling me to pay attention. Yet I also know the significance of 12/21/12. Is there a site that gives a good list of what we should have on hand. I know the updates on water, but what about the type of food that should be on hand. I can’t afford the survival, frozen food that many are selling on the internet, and it kind of reminds me of the Y2K where everyone was trying to make a profit off of fear and hype.
    Thanks all…may your day be filled with positive energy and peace.

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  85. #85 Admiral2012here
    August 14, 2011 am31 8:08 am

    …hey Melissa, in Matthew’s latest message this was his advice as far as “Survivor Kit”

    >>> 25. It isn’t within our province to give financial advice, as many of you have requested, but we can say that it is sensible to have some cash on hand as well as the kinds of supplies you would need in case of a power outage

    I’m guessing a 2 week supply

    1. Cash
    2. Canned goods, bottled water, charcoal, lighter fluid, etc
    3. Generator
    4. Batteries
    5. Flashlights
    6. Emergency Radio (batteries)

    …heck, maybe stock up like you would for a Hurricane threat. Get your shop’n done early cause when things heat up the stores will be crowded and supplies will be gone

    …start now put’n extra cash away in case banks close for a period of time

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  86. #86 Laurinda
    August 14, 2011 am31 8:21 am

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SHrgYkzrFM This is for my brother Stick.

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  87. #87 Admiral2012here
    August 14, 2011 am31 8:30 am

    …awh, there you are Laurinda, where have you been?

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  88. #88 Laurinda
    August 14, 2011 am31 8:38 am

    Hey Addie; Just popped in for a moment to post that song for Stick and to say, Search Mail please

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  89. #89 Admiral2012here
    August 14, 2011 am31 8:44 am


    As the moment of humanity’s awakening approaches, many of you are feeling stressed, wiped out, exhausted, doubtful, and anxious. This is partly due to the conflicting energy frequencies that you are experiencing: the old negative and defensive ones that have been with you for eons, and the new ones of love, compassion, and acceptance. One moment it seems that you are completely enveloped by a dark cloud of the negative ones, and the next, they are swept away by the new ones. It is very unsettling and tiring for you. When you feel the old ones enveloping you, remind yourselves that they are coming to the end of their reign, and soon their influence will fade away. Intend to be embraced by the new ones and open your hearts in loving acceptance.

    The other reason for your stress and anxiety is that lots of old, painful issues, to which you have been clinging and which have given you a strange sense of comfort (which is purely due to their familiarity), are coming up into your awareness to be recognized and released. They are mainly old hurts whose perpetrators you have been unable to forgive. Just remind yourselves that they, like you, have often reacted in unkind or unloving ways because of the pain they are suffering. So forgive them now, and forgive yourselves for any pain you may have caused others; and forgive yourselves for not forgiving sooner.

    You cannot forgive until you are ready, and you will not be ready until you cease nursing the wounds to which you have been clinging as though they were your own abused children. You may well have been abused as children, but you are now adults capable of understanding that those who did the abusing were themselves suffering extreme torments that drove them to behave so horribly, and you are capable of understanding that you need to forgive them and send them love in order to open your own hearts to receive the abundance of love that is constantly offered to you.

    You have enormous amounts of loving assistance available to you if you will call on those in the spiritual realms for help. They are aware of your pain and long to help you come to terms with it and release it, because they delight in seeing you jump for joy when the burden of it is released. If you could be aware of the great number of spiritual beings watching over you and eager to assist you at all times you would be amazed. So ask for help, surrender into the present moment, and release all judgment. When you do that, the sense of peace and well-being that you experience will truly delight you. After you have done it for the first time it will be very much easier the second and subsequent times. Then, as you start to make a habit of it, you will begin to wonder why you hung on to your seeming need to judge for so long. But of course judgment was constantly demonstrated to the vast majority of you during your formative years, and so it seemed normal, essential, and totally appropriate.

    Once you release it you will feel as though a great burden has been lifted from your shoulders, as indeed it has, as you chose to lay it down and relinquish the sense of responsibility and righteousness that are its constant and inseparable companions. Now you can interact lovingly and compassionately in every situation involving others – or indeed just yourselves – and the anger you used to experience in difficult situations will decrease and then fade away. To do this is to evolve spiritually, and it is an essential part of the process through which you must pass on your way to awakening. You cannot move into full consciousness while holding on to anger, judgment, blame, or resentment because those attitudes are completely incompatible with your natural state of full consciousness.

    As an analogy: life in the illusion is like living in the depths of a murky lake or ocean where you have heavy weights attached to you to keep you submerged. In order to rise to the surface, into the brilliant light of Reality, you have to detach yourselves from all those weights. It has to be a gradual process, because if you released them all at once you would rocket explosively upwards, and that would place you in a state of great shock.

    For eons you have been detaching those weights and moving gradually towards the surface, but you have mainly remained unaware of what you were doing except that you were feeling lighter as you rose up from the depths. Now, not only are you feeling lighter, but the light at the surface is reaching down to you and encouraging you up towards the surface, and it is extremely alluring.

    To reach the surface and awaken into divine Reality you need to release those last few weights – anger, judgment, blame, and resentment – which are still holding you down. Because you have been carrying them for so long they often feel as though they are essential parts of you, and that without them you would no longer be you. This is not the case. When you release the last of them, the brilliance that is who you truly are will be revealed in all its divine glory. Release those weights, those blocks, and awaken into the glory of your natural divine state.

    With so very much love, Saul


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  90. #90 Admiral2012here
    August 14, 2011 am31 8:59 am

    …hey, if anyone is interested, over at Project Camelot projectcamelot.org in Kerry’s blog section, there is a fascinating whisleblower account of Elenin and WAY more, but use your discretion as Matthew stated this in a recent message

    17. As an example, the celestial body your scientists named Elenin doesn’t pose an iota of danger to your planet! This is another attempt to promote widespread fear by disseminating “leaked” information under the guise of “governments withholding information.” Although that does imply that you cannot rely upon your leaders to tell you about impending danger, the intent is insidious: Be fearful!


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  91. #91 Steffie
    August 14, 2011 am31 9:38 am

    Robin #66 is AWESOME!!! thanks for sharing. Any update come thru from this guy??

    Lux, I reckon you’re gonna stay home!! sounds way more
    exciting than the predictable trip Smile Whatever you do decide, enjoy!

    DW – I printed out the story of that woman’s visit inside mt Shasta… WOW!!! don’t know how she managed to not say anything to anyone for so many years…?

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  92. #92 Admiral2012here
    August 14, 2011 am31 9:45 am


    Dharamshala: – On September 7, 2011, at Montreal’s Uniprix Stadium, Canada, the spiritual leader of Tibet, His Holiness the Dalai Lama will open the Second Global Conference on World’s Religions after 9/11 and that same day, he will speak on Global citizenship through universal responsibility to honour the Canadian government’s strong supports for Tibetan refugees



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  93. #93 Robin.
    August 14, 2011 am31 9:48 am

    Hilarion’s Weekly Message.

    14 August 2011.

    Channeler: Marlene Swetlishoff.

    Beloved Ones,

    In this now time, it is important for all to focus on the bringing in of greater Light upon this Planet. Try to make some time each day to affirm your willingness to be a transducer of the powerful and intense energies that are now about to manifest within your daily lives and within the hearts of all Humankind. By aligning with the Divine Plan for the Earth, all of Humanity and all the kingdoms upon, within and around the Earth, you are creating a momentum for greater activity to occur in the unified field of consciousness that encircles the Planet which will continue to benefit the Highest Good of all.

    Maintain and radiate your Light and your love to all within the radius of your sphere of influence. Intend peace to prevail within yourselves and within all hearts as the one rising consciousness that connects us all. Call upon your Holy Christ Self to encompass more of your four lower bodies so that the density of your bodies is rarified to an even greater state of crystalline being. Shine your Light, Beloved Ones! Let your hearts be opened to the Creator’s song of Love and Unity. All is well, all is perfect. The shadows upon this Planet and upon all of her inhabitants are receding at a more accelerated pace than was ever anticipated and the glory that is Humanity in each expression of the Divine is creating ever greater changes for the ultimate betterment for all.

    Hold fast to your desire for greater peace, goodness and sanity to prevail upon your World and in the hearts and minds of the Awakening masses. Your willingness to do this enables your Family of Light to create more inroads to the accomplishment of the Divine Plan. We are One and we work together for the upliftment of everyone and everything on the Earth. The Earth is already in her position and it now falls upon Humanity to Awaken to the grand opportunity that is given to ALL in these fast moving times of rapid changes and accelerated soul growth and evolvement. It is a glorious time in the Universe, for untold legions have worked tirelessly throughout the Ages in anticipation of these changes that have been coming forth with incredible rapidity.

    Each of you have done this task many times before and so you have taken your stand in the Light, holding it steady as a Beacon for those who are waking up and demanding greater equality and peace for all. What was once accepted as the way things were is no longer the case. All that was is no more. There is a better way that is coming and although it seems chaotic and unruly at the moment, in the bigger picture it means that greater Light is being integrated by those who have been unaware and who are now Awakening to what really IS upon this Planet.

    Do not partake of the ego illusions that beset you through previous avenues of the mainstream media and what is now manifesting within those around you. Remember constantly that you are not your body, you are not your mind, you are not your ego – you are in fact, the Christ consciousness, the God/Goddess within and you are using your power wisely for the Highest Good of yourselves, your loved ones, your World and everyone and everything upon it. You are change makers, doers and enablers and you are creating positive and loving changes by your dedication to BE the Light that you truly are! Make any course corrections in your thinking and actions that seem necessary within yourselves so that you are always in alignment with the Higher Plan for your lives at all times. Intend this, live this, BE this.

    Until next week….

    I AM Hilarion.


    In Light!

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  94. #94 WisdomDome.com
    August 14, 2011 am31 11:26 am

    GalacticMessages is always so full of motivational content. It’s almost unbelievable at the length of their posts and how frequent they are.

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  95. #95 Robin.
    August 14, 2011 am31 11:33 am

    Pleiadian Council of Nine.

    14 August 2011.

    Channeler:Karen Doonan.

    We come to guide and support you at this time and we guide that many of you are now beginning to realise that there is more than just “meets the eye” across the planet earth. We give much love and blessings to those who are now unveiling truth to their very BEing and we hold those who are still in effect blind to this in the LOVE that IS. Sorrow and suffering is illusion dear ones and many are falling deeply into this illusion. Each one of you alive across the planet earth has the ability and the power to create the human life experience that YOU dream. It is possible only through living within the heart and once more we guide you to be aware of the need to be in the heart at all times. Many of you would disagree with our words and state that YOU are in your heart yet nothing changes for YOU and to you we guide you to stay with it and continue to unveil the levels of fear. For EVERYTHING changes dear ones, to view the world as ever the same is to be in illusion.

    For many the journey into the heart is painful and slow. This is down to the levels of veils that have been placed their under the teachings of illusion. It is not enough to start to FEELing the world , the work is needed to weed out the seeds of fear. If you FEEL then that is a step forward for many across the planet earth are detached, they do not FEEL in the proper sense of the word, they merely exist, theirs is state of BEing that is not alive and not dead, it is akin to sleepwalking through their existence. For many the start of living in the heart is more chaos as those beliefs that were borne out of illusion will come rushing to the forefront and we guide you to be aware of this. Many have stepped into their hearts, been overwhelmed by what results and stepped back out again.

    There is no timescale for the moving into the heart dear ones, if you find it too overwhelming then we guide you to go into the silence within. Find the peace that is your birthright in the silence. Whether you meditate or go out into nature, find somewhere that calms your BEing and then listen. Many of you live in big towns and cities and the background noise is intense, after a while of living like this you will cease to notice it until you venture into nature and then you begin to realise what silence is. It is this very reason that many humans do not like to listen to silence. It fills them with fear and we ask why? Why would illusion seek to make you afraid of silence? For it is only within silence that you can listen to the guidance and listen to YOU. It is not possible to meditate with noise, it is not possible to listen to YOU if you are surrounded by noise yet many try to do just this.

    The silence is the creation of YOUr dreams. When you can focus and clearly fill in all the dream entails then you are CREATING. If you blindly follow illusion and the teachings of illusion you will not dream for you will be taught there is not time to dream. We guide you to detach from this teaching, dreaming is the START of the creation, there can be no creation of the dream without the dreaming. Why would illusion seek to pull you away from rest, dreaming and silence? Humans across the planet earth rush from one thing to another, always eager to get faster and DO more, we ask who this serves? Why are you called human BEings if you continually run forward?

    The human life experience is just that an experience yet many humans do not take time to sit down and eat their lunch, many try to “multi task” in an effort to get even more done so they can then do more things, faster. We guide you to look at this way of living and once more ask who does this serve? Why the rush? If life is for living then why has it become so fast and so competitive? Why the rush? Why the competitiveness if it was not to serve illusion. Whilst you are sidetracked with trying to be faster and better than your neighbour you are not taking time to find out who YOU are and what YOU are. You take no time to experience anything as you rush about at a hundred miles an hour and fall into bed at night time exhausted. Many humans across the planet are so drained of energy that they do not dream, they literally pass out from exhaustion and then get up the next morning and repeat the same exercise again. Who does this serve? How is this experiencing life? We acknowledge that many may respond to our questions with the answer “we have to work to pay the bills”. This is illusion dear ones. To chase the money is to lose YOUrself. Each one of you is capable of creating the life of your dreams yet you do not dream. Each one of you is capable of experiencing abundance but you do not slow down enough to realise that the universe is abundant. If you rush through your life experience at a hundred miles an hour you cannot see the gifts the universe tries to give you and you blindly walk past them.

    The universe is abundant but your thoughts will either draw this abundance to you or push it away. If you do not actively think and passively react to all that is around you then you do not focus any energy into the life experience. The new age is all about creation and the power that is within each and every one of you across the planet. Many are asleep and in the rush to stay asleep. For those who have awakened we guide you to slow down and become aware of your life experience. Begin to experience all that is around you, begin to look at each part of your life and ask if it still serves you. The pieces of your life experience that no longer serve will be obvious dear ones for they will not resonate with you. Where you feel disharmony you will find seeds of fear or that which no longer serves you.

    The ascension process is ongoing, it will not start nor end in 2012, it is happening now to each and every one of you alive across the planet earth. How deeply you have fallen into illusion before waking will determine how much work you may have to do to weed out the fear and to bring yourself back into balance. Disharmony is not balance and it is up to each one of you individually to bring the balance back into your life experience. At many times this will see you walk in faith and trust but that also is part of the ascension process. Faith and trust in YOU will see you follow your TRUTH and lead to the balance and harmony that is your birthright. There are no shortcuts or quicker ways to get to this balance, what has been out of balance must be brought back into balance. That is down to each one of you individually.

    We are here to support ALL at this time and to help those who choose to connect to us on an individual basis. Know this can be done easily and simply, where humans have invented rules we guide you to ask who this serves. ALL ARE ONE. ALL are energy, we are you and you are we so who decides who may contact and who does not? NO one sits in judgement, for there is no judgement to be made. It is a matter of vibration, as you begin to expand and grow your vibration will increase, as this increases you will have access to different realms. If you vibration resonates at the same level as the realm you connect to then you are connected. There are no ceremonies that need to be followed, there are no “attunements” to be made. We guide you in asking why you would need to be “attuned” to something that in essence you already ARE? Who does this serve?

    There is much fear across the planet earth around other realms and the connection process to these realms. Many humans walk in the illusion of power and state that only they can “attune” to the different realms, we guide you strongly to detach from this teaching, for it is born out of fear and illusion. EACH ONE OF YOU can connect to us at will, there are no rules about the connection to other realms for ALL ARE ONE. If you are unable to connect to the realm that you wish to connect to then we guide you to go within and ask the questions in the silence. It may be that seeds of fear prevent the connection as you hold fear within your BEing. If that is the case then work is needed to weed out the fear.

    Each one of you embarked on this life journey with lessons and life paths already in place, once more we guide that if it is part of your life purpose to work with other realms then you cannot fail to connect to those realms, worry, fear, lower vibrational thoughts will slow down this process as your vibration will not be high enough to connect. Many follow “rules” that state various processes to be done at various stages and we guide you this is also illusion. Illusion makes the simple complex to further engage the human mind and to lead said human away from TRUTH. Be aware of this dear ones. Many lightworkers are now working through the confusion that arises from doing work they love but feelings of guilt abound within them. If you are working in a role that you LOVE then you are in the correct role, illusion teaches fear and “not doing enough”, we guide you to remember that you are a human BEing, that role was never to be hard and thankless. Illusion teaches that “work” has to be strenuous and ever ongoing”. Know that in the role of lightworker you “work” but not in the definition of illusion.

    If you have not found the “work” that makes your heart sing then we guide you to go within and to listen. Each one of you alive across the planet has skills that you bring to this planet. It is that which you find the most joyful that is your “work”, all else is illusion. Many look outwith themselves for that which is most obvious right in front of them. Many do not acknowledge or see the very skills that make them unique and powerful as they are deep in the illusion of the definition of “work”.

    We are the Pleiadian Council of Nine and we guide at this time of mass change across the planet earth.



    In light!

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  96. #96 Robin.
    August 14, 2011 am31 11:37 am

    Whizdome #94.

    Thanks.. spread the word!

    In Light!


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  97. #97 rawanderer
    August 14, 2011 am31 11:51 am

    Aww man! No more dreamwalker/rawanderer/sunraymond section! Darn!

    And wisdom dome, you are so very correct. This is hands down my favorite place to connect with likeminded souls, I Love GM!!! Smile Heart Heart Heart

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  98. #98 Robin.
    August 14, 2011 am31 11:52 am
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  99. #99 Wendy
    August 14, 2011 am31 12:08 pm

    I love this site, I can’t get enough of it Heart Fingers Crossed In Love

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  100. #100 Admiral2012here
    August 14, 2011 am31 12:43 pm


    A 125-year-old woman, said to be one of the oldest women in India, died at her home in Orissa, her family said Sunday. Fulla Nayak claimed that smoking cannabis every day was her secret to long life.

    Fulla Nayak, a resident of Kanarpur village in the coastal district of Kendrapada, died of old age complications Saturday

    According to her 72-year-old grandson, Fulla was 125. But as per a voter photo identity card issued by the government in 1995 she was 120 years.

    The grand old woman lived in a small mud-walled thatched house in Kanarpur, about 25 km from the district headquarters. She is survived by two of her four daughters and around two dozen relatives.

    Her eldest daughter, Jamuna, 92, lives in the same village. Her husband died at the age of 50.

    Fulla was in the news when her grandson Narayan Nayak claimed last week that she could be the oldest woman living in the world. He had said that he would write to the Guinness book authorities to record the claim.

    Fulla was known for her love of smoking ganja and cigars and palm juice. She also loved steaming hot tea.

    She had never suffered any debilitating ailment throughout her life. Except for her weak eyesight, Fulla maintained good health and used to walk without support


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  101. #101 moonchild
    August 14, 2011 am31 1:12 pm

    Hello everybody,

    I had a very strange experience last night. I guess it was a lucid dream. I was awake until after 3:00. I closed my eyes and started to see bright indigo light behind my Third Eye. That was not unusual, because I’ve seen that before. But what was unusual was the size of the light. It was the size of the whole room!! And besides the Indigo Light, there was a vision of a cave, very clear. It was not a cave from here, probably from Inner Earth. It was very vibrantly colored. I felt very happy and then I fell asleep. Has anyone experienced something similar?
    Love and Light

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  102. #102 Wendy
    August 14, 2011 am31 1:13 pm

    My husband will probably live forever Drunken Razz Dog Dog Moon Star

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  103. #103 Wendy
    August 14, 2011 am31 1:18 pm

    my big day tommorrow, WORK, o well i am grateful for it, and I love it. Doing some work, but its better than nothing which has been the case the last coupla years.

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  104. #104 Robin.
    August 14, 2011 am31 1:39 pm

    Wendy #102.

    Haha! Don’t forget to get him onto the Palm Juice too then!



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  105. #105 Robin.
    August 14, 2011 am31 1:52 pm

    Steffie #91.

    Yes I found it interesting as a possibility too! If it’s TRUE.. it’s certainly Awesome!!

    You could check in here for updates I suppose (which is where the original ‘discussion’ took place):



    In Light!

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  106. #106 Robin.
    August 14, 2011 am31 2:01 pm

    Addy #67.

    Nice one!

    ‘..They have discovered that they cannot hurl false accusations against these peoples’ websites; they cannot ridicule, badger or destroy these peoples’ truths because the people just keep going and going and refuse to give up..’


    Reminds me a bit of what ‘J*m’ must have gone through here!



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  107. #107 Wendy
    August 14, 2011 am31 2:06 pm

    Sushi and Sushime, for appitizers this afternoon. Man that stuff if good. But Baby is ready for din din now, so I will talk to ya’ll later. Love and Light and Peace coming at ya Cool In Love Rose Heart

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  108. #108 Admiral2012here
    August 14, 2011 am31 2:21 pm

    …yes Robin, and every website I go to and read Comments, I’m noticing the “Lighter” comments are outliving the “Darker” Comments. Also, I Notice News websites have slowed down tremendously because it was the “Darker” Headlines be’n posted and they seem to be fading away

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  109. #109 Robin.
    August 14, 2011 am31 3:09 pm

    Good and encouraging observations Addy.. Yes!
    You must plough your way through a plethora of sites and news finding NEW material.. so you’ve got a good handle on what’s actually happening on that subtle level..

    I’ve noticed public debates, like over the British Riots etc, are actually presenting more then ONE ‘side’ to the story now as well!


    In Light!


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  110. #110 Stick
    August 14, 2011 am31 3:18 pm

    #86: Thanx for the Icke/Mutwa video Laurinda… your energy has been missed here in the halls of Galactic Messages. As always, sending Love, Light & Respect Lion

    ~TheDreamLives555————————- Rain Cloudy Sun Peace

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  111. #111 Stick
    August 14, 2011 am31 3:26 pm

    **Ascension Alert, The Galactic Federation of Light** 14 August 2011
    Sharon-Ann Riley: Galactic Ambassador

    Dear Ones, Mercury Retrograde leaves no room for outdated modes of thinking, coping mechanisms and fear based thoughts. All those that have chosen need to ride the cleansing wave. The energies of unconditional love cannot co-exist in a world of illusion. We know that you feel like a camel trying to fit though the eye of a needle, but dear ones the eye of your divine authentic self is infinite. All of you are ready to release what is no longer relevant and embrace your new unknown creations.

    Take time out during this collective detox to retreat within yourself; to find yourself. One can get caught up in all the hype however the existence of spirit is uncomplicated. Simplify the process by breathing deeply from your diaphragm, addressing the thoughts of unworthiness and doubt and then releasing all through meditation. You know what to do. Be still and you will come back to your centre.

    Remember that for thousands of years man has felt comfort in the changes of the external world but has accepted that all must remain the same in the unseen world. Those that have chosen have known for many lifetimes that the time of liberation was coming, and “Now” is that time.

    Many have gifted their bodies as portals to remove poverty codes and ancient secret societies from governments. This will continue until the 26 August 2011. More uprisings are to be expected in Asia, Europe and South America. The Ninth wave must reach every continent in order to restore balance. We hear the prayers for intervention; they have been heard however the veils of control and manipulation must be released. Unconditional love cannot fully take root if the source is poisoned; be patient….the new world is close.

    Your light bodies are experiencing continuous shifts and changes. The old human nervous system cannot cope with the higher dimension downloads, over the next few months many on the path with experience astral surgeries to replace the old nervous system to a hybrid crystalline system. This organic intelligent system is able adapt in the higher dimensions allowing an easier integration for future ascensions. Symptoms may include out of blue stomach upsets, nausea, fatigue and migraines. Bear in mind that the pineal gland is working overtime to compensate the creation of crystalline until the shift takes full effect.

    The human skeletal molecular structure is vibrating at a dense vibration. Ascension is transmuting the dense bone mass to that of crystalline. The lighter physical constitution is in alignment with your light-bodies thus allowing the instant inter-dimensional manifestation. Gentle Yoga stretches can assist to release musco-skeletal tension.

    As many start connecting to source from the lower cerebellum the shift may cause outbursts and mood swings. Let the flow of emotions run through your being….let go and release in meditation. This is an important exercise as you are training your mind to relinquish of the concept of time and prediction. A zero point state of being needs to be daily disciplined meditation practice.

    We stress the fact that not all physical symptoms you experience are due to ascension and we recommend the assistance of a qualified physician in such cases.

    In closing we send you love and blessings and remember we see ourselves in your reflection. ~Until the next time

    ~OneLoveRevolution777———————— Handcuffs Thunder Star

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  112. #112 Robin.
    August 14, 2011 am31 3:31 pm


    14 AUGUST 2011


    As you go through the darkness, you must remove all fear and doubts. See the illusion for what it is. Then you will be ready to step into the Light, to embrace a freedom that was denied you. They control your thoughts by using sound waves. So when they want you to riot, it’s easy to create a situation and then manipulate the masses, while they stand by and watch the destruction. The unenlightened fear the consequences and so will agree to almost anything that their Government then proposes to ensure their safety. It works every time. The propaganda machine is prepared in advance to create as much fear as possible in the population. Those who rioted need to understand that they were used. They served the Government’s purpose. Now they can introduce even more control, to prevent you from waking up to reality. SILENT, PEACEFUL PROTEST is what those in power fear, because that shows real people power. That the Police stood by and watched the riots, should have told you it was being used for a purpose. Your taxes pay for police protection, yet they watched as homes and businesses were burned down. Protect each other, you are all prisoners of the Dark Cabal. Until this thought registers with you, it will not be possible for you to step into the Light. See the rioters as victims of the Cabal: they are made to feel worthless. They live in overcrowded conditions. The education system failed them. They have no jobs and no future. They are mind-controlled through music and TV. They feel hopeless and helpless in the materialistic world deliberately created by the Cabal to keep you wanting what they ensure you cannot afford.

    Veronica, there were tears in your eyes today as you opened your emails and found on the EXTRATERRESTRIALS website[ http://www.extraterrestrials.ning.com ] information on the HILL OF TARA, the centre of your Universe, a sacred place of great importance. They have done a great service to humanity by placing this information there for all to see and research for themselves. Though you grew up in Ireland, the schools there were run by the Roman Catholic Church. So you were never told of your great heritage. All the history you were taught was completely untrue. There is a need to remove the control of the Vatican and for Ireland to open up to its past. The future starts there, when Ireland links with Spirit. Then the Universe will be restored. No country in the world was more controlled by outside forces than Ireland. The Irish have suffered through the ages in an effort to prevent them from knowing who they are. It is time to set Ireland free from the yoke of Vatican domination and return to your Religion of Love.

    The Vatican knows its 1000 year rule is over. It is time for truth. It is time for them to return all that they have stolen and plundered around your world and for the God of Love to return. Now you see the importance of the speech made by Prime Minister, Enda Kenny. He opened the door to reconnection with who you are. He has done the planet a great service. For this he will be remembered. The Vatican controlled the schools, the hospitals, and the Governments. They ensured that there was no way you would ever learn the truth in Ireland. They hid it so well. The Vatican controlled your lives from birth until death, through fear of death and hell fire, which they invented to control you. Death is just the stepping from one state of existence to another – a beautiful experience. We in Spirit, say to the people of Ireland, reclaim your great heritage. Learn who you really are. All this had to happen before the world can move forward into real enlightenment.

    You are now living through The End Time. There is a real fight going on between Dark and Light. The Cabal cannot accept that their carefully crafted and planned take over will not happen. Such is their sheer arrogance that they think the Earth belongs to them and that they can remove human beings at will, whenever they like, through wars and laboratory-created illness. But they are being removed. This news is being kept from you.

    We, on this side of life, are on track. We are progressing in many areas. There is much that has either to be put in place or removed. It cannot happen overnight. We need your input on Earth. This is a joint operation. Together we will succeed. The time is now. It is your world, the usurpers must leave. Their control system is falling apart. By working together, we can make the Transition easier for everyone. To want to be free, is the most basic instinct in Man. It is worth striving for. You are almost there, there will be rejoicing on both sides of life when we once again come together in love and harmony.

    Our grateful thanks is extended to the Extraterrestrials website for assisting us to bring truth and enlightenment to so many about what was hidden from you regarding the importance of Ireland. This is a momentous step forward.

    Be kind to yourself, my dear. Yes, you are recovering but you still need care. By welcoming the truth as it emerges, it assists the Transition.

    My love is guiding you. Your adoring, Monty.



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  113. #113 Stick
    August 14, 2011 am31 3:46 pm

    As we draw closer to the inevitable reunion with our Higher Selves & Ascension, it is critically important not to loose sight of the lengths the Dark Cabal have gone to keep us in mental bondage. Yes, the ‘game’ nears it’s conclusion… but we are not there yet.


    Star http://youtu.be/BK_0YkcYYOM Star

    “…Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery;
    None but ourselves can free our minds.
    Have no fear for atomic energy,
    ‘Cause none of them can stop the time.
    How long shall they kill our prophets,
    While we stand aside and look? Ooh!
    Some say it’s just a part of it:
    We’ve got to fulfill the Book.” ~Bob Marley Yin Yang

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  114. #114 Admiral2012here
    August 14, 2011 am31 3:50 pm

    …Someth’n BIG must be get’n Ready to happen…seems all Channeled Messesages that I resonate with “highly” emphasizes to stay “Grounded”, “Balanced” and “Detached” from the “Illusions” around you in order to have the Energy to bring Light to the sleepers…that’s just how I feel about it all

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  115. #115 Stick
    August 14, 2011 am31 3:55 pm

    **UFOs, Aliens, and the Question of Contact**

    This video explores the secrecy surrounding the greatest cover-up of all time, presenting an overview of the UFO phenomenon, aliens, abductions, disclosure, and hyperdimensional realities. Based on “UFOs, Aliens and the Question of Contact“

    Part 1: http://youtu.be/UqoMNnVDH3k

    Part 2: http://youtu.be/KGFswoHN-m8

    Part 3: http://youtu.be/LOLQvYukqi0

    Part 4: http://youtu.be/p3axiX6JliQ

    Part 5: http://youtu.be/C8eEGZB_wNs

    Part 6: http://youtu.be/RBR8jCBLndM

    Part 7: http://youtu.be/Qr-D6oR2GZI

    Part 8: http://youtu.be/6cbL2qJBpvo

    ——————-Star !ApotheosisRising247! Star———————-

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  116. #116 Wendy
    August 14, 2011 am31 4:45 pm

    Yes I think so as well, I just kinda feel something is on the horizon. Love ya’ll going to bed. goood dreams and angels on your pillows.. nite nite.

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  117. #117 Laurinda
    August 14, 2011 am31 5:08 pm

    SonRaymond: Thanks for mentioning me in your latest Video today. You, in fact, ARE THE BOMB any old day!!! I love you! Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart

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  118. #118 Robin.
    August 14, 2011 am31 5:30 pm

    Yay.. Icke is speaking in Melbourne in Oct.. I’ll go along.. Any questions for him?


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  119. #119 SunRaymond
    August 14, 2011 am31 6:20 pm

    You’re Welcome Laurinda!! You tha bomb!!! Cool Rose
    Everyone else you can check out the video and post here:
    You Gotta Be…Musical

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  120. #120 rawanderer
    August 14, 2011 am31 7:06 pm

    Hey Deneb, are you around? I was having a conversation with our Ascended friends about what Adama said in that book pertaining to drugs getting in the way of spiritual progress and wouldn’t ‘ya know it, Adama stepped in and began talking with me. I would like to post here what he said, it is a bit of a further elaboration on what he said before. Much Love!


    Wes: Ok, I was reading words from Adama pertaining to drugs and the lower astral planes. Now, there were some statements made that made perfect sense, and that were kind of an ‘aha!’ moment, and there were some statements that I felt were a little exaggerated. Now, is it true that souls who get (mentally) dependant on pot and similar substances will actually have to spend lifetimes undoing the damage? Because that statement seemed a little too bold.

    AMs (Adama): Hello Wesley, this is Adama. I have been waiting for you to ask me of this, as there are a few things that I wish to clear up. As I told you before, I meant every word of what I said and still do. The harshest aspects of my words were directed towards those who have been partaking of these substances for years, for decades, and also to those who use these substances to find spiritual, mental and emotional happiness, as what they are actually doing is draining themselves of these emotions and then further creating a need for the very substance that is draining them. You see, as said substance drains them more and more, it also puts up the illusion that it is actually helping them feel the feelings they should have never lost in the first place.

    When somebody first tries these substances, they usually still have plenty of emotional and mental positive energy, and the substance helps them to feel a perceived ‘boost’ of this energy. Really what this substance is doing is overloading their senses by giving them ‘too much’ at one time and as a result they end up drained. Now, you all have very resilient bodies that usually restore this energy, but if one continues to use the substance that is draining them daily, this substance becomes the new source for them feeling the energies that their bodies were already great sources of. So basically what you have, is these substances initially overloading their senses, which causes their senses to be drained, and regular use of the substance makes their bodies ‘decide’ not to replenish the senses, as their bodies have now become ‘hooked’ to the outside source. Am I making any sense Dear One?

    Wes: Yes Adama, you certainly are. But still, I feel that marijuana can be a beneficial substance if used correctly. I mean, there are plenty of spiritual people that partake in marijuana, and it seems to help them feel a connection to Source, to the higher dimensions. Also, there are certainly plenty of these souls who can use marijuana without letting it ‘use them’ and produce the results you spoke of above. Would you care to comment on this inquiry?

    Adama: Dear one, as I said in those books, what I say does not apply to every soul partaking in cannabis use. As you have read, cannabis is but one variation of the Divine hemp plant, and the hemp plant used to produce a variety of herbs and leaves that were so much stronger and so much more spiritually ‘pure’ than marijuana. Marijuana was and is actually the ‘dimmest’ of these herbs, and was considered back in Atlantean times as more of a way to travel to lower astral levels than higher planes of existence. Even still, as you said there are plenty of souls that use this marijuana to reach higher places of spirit, and many of the users do. What I said about addictions draining souls and leaving them wanting more, apply more to the souls whom have not found a greater truth, a greater Divinity, and are still for the most part unawakened. Many of these unawakened souls discover cannabis at an early age, and ‘hook’ themselves to it as, them being unawakened have not found any other source of pleasure that make them feel as good and as spiritually ‘aware’ as the marijuana. It is very sad to watch these souls do this harm to themselves, as they really are simply trying to find a connection to spirit in their own ways. The ‘permissive seventies’ were quite focused on feeding lower astral beings through drugs and alcohol. This will all be adressed in the announcements mentioned before.

    Thanks Adama!! Heart Heart Peace Peace

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  121. #121 Admiral2012here
    August 14, 2011 am31 8:32 pm

    …ya know; the best thing you can do is be yourself and live the way you are most comfortable…get rid of “Tradition” be yourself…you don’t need anybody tell’n you otherwise…works for me! Smile

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  122. #122 Stick
    August 14, 2011 am31 8:46 pm

    Amen Admiral Lion


    ‘Babylon a fight the Herb’… even calling Cannabis a ‘drug’ is nothing more than a manifestation of Illuminati propaganda.

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  123. #123 Robin.
    August 14, 2011 am31 8:47 pm

    LAUREN. Update. Aug. 14th 2011.

    Wheel of Fortune: The Turning Point.

    To The Light-Bearers:

    “You are currently undergoing the transition into spiritual-galactic adulthood as you venture beyond the leg of the journey that we refer to as the embodiment phase. This phase is nearing completion and there will be so much to share with you in the coming weeks…

    For now, realize that you are the brigade by which all evolutionary change will be based. You to whom we speak are the true light-bearers…for you brought light where there was none…into every corner, every facet of human life…and every industry, every nation, every culture of the world is changing because of your silent triumphs. It is because of each of you that the new paradigm is anchored firmly in place, and it is because of you, the ground & grid-workers, that the new era of human consciousness shall begin and prevail.” – Seven Sisters of Pleiades

    Reconnection Completion

    According to the Pleiadians, the reconnection completion of our dormant DNA (known by conventional scientists as ‘junk’ DNA)…which includes 12 strands of the double-helix and 24 light, or acceleration-codes of the matching pairs (12 magnetic/female & 12 electric/male)…commences on the 11:11, the universal gateway they are calling “the portal to living in full 5th dimensional consciousness.” This is the activation of the full silicate matrix, or divine blueprint, which contains the original 12-Strand DNA code structure of the original spiritual-human prototype.

    From what I understand, this completion also marks the beginning of the physical journey into oneness for all those who have activated these codes within…the part where we actually become the living examples of a new-humanity.

    “Now, we say this with great care, for we understand that you are tired, and you are prostrate from exertion, and that you may feel as though rest is needed after all the work you’ve accomplished…but we assure you that the invigoration that you will feel from a fully-fired system (kundalini), an activated sacred template, will replace any feelings of fatigue you are enduring. We also say this so that you are reminded that there is great work to be done in this phase of the global process, and lovingly we add that there will be ‘no rest for the weary’.” – Seven Sisters

    There is more information on this to come in subsequent updates, but for now we are being urged to continue to nurture ourselves thru the remaining days of the embodiment process, and allow our physical selves to come into complete alignment with the rest of us, in our own perfect timing.

    Prophesy Fulfilled?

    “There is a significant cosmic event that is soon to take place that will herald the beginning of the new phase. This, of course, will not be understood by many, but will be regarded as the signal to begin the implementation phase by those with eyes to see…the awakened ones, those of indigenous cultures and self-run systems of governance. We also want to make it clear that this event is not to create a cataclysmic scenario as so many are predicting, but more of a recollection, an impression, an awareness by those who “rule” the world that there is MUCH more than meets the eye.” – Seven Sisters

    I am hearing that this one event..and apparently there are few out-of-this-world discoveries on the way…but this one in particular is directly related to the DNA reconnection completion and the “firing” of our new human system. I imagine that this event is intimately connected to the well-known (and sensationalized) “comets” headed our way this month and next, but what’s interesting is that when I ask the Pleiadians about this they say that:

    “There is a comet referenced that is actually not a comet at all, but a celestial body that houses a very advanced civilization. There is also that which many are calling ‘the comet of destruction’ but we assure you it is not in the way that most think. This comet is the prophesied “harbinger of peace”, and toward that end it will create changes and upheaval, but not in a way that will destroy the earth.”

    What’s also interesting….besides the fact that no one has any solid idea of how all this will unfold…is that back in February, I received a message from a group of archangels who talked, in no uncertain terms, of the return of a 12th planet that they refer to as “Nibiru” (another target of sensationalism, so please refrain from hitting the panic-button) and how this directly impacts our 12th dimensional consciousness. They mentioned that:

    …”in the coming days, there will be even greater awareness of the implications of Nibiru’s presence in your solar system, and those who have fully reconnected and activated their 12th dimensional human-galactic genetics will be brought into alignment with the energies and beings from this celestial body.”

    They also mentioned that:

    “… the yet-to-be-officially-discovered-planet is, in large part, responsible for setting the new consciousness course for humanity, and will enable the 12th dimensional field of perceptual reality to be projected into form…a dimension which they refer to as the field of mind-body connection.

    Like all planets, this ‘new’ planet on its way to our awareness is the macrocosmic expression of our microcosmic experience on earth….the 12th dimensional cosmic interplay required for the full integration of spirit into physical form.”

    And from their perspective, that all connects thru the understanding that:

    …”there are 12 fundamental spiritual energies in our universe which seek a physical expression. This expression (where a planetary energy operates or is released in our lives) is accomplished thru 12 zodiac signs, 12 astrological houses and 12 planets. And just as each of the 12 astrological houses has its own ruling planet, meaning and associated zodiac sign… each of our chakras have their own ruling planet, meaning and associated zodiac sign. These 12 cosmic/celestial energies…the vital forces of existence… are expressed thru the human body via 12 chakras which connect to the 12 strands of activated DNA in the new-human template, or the original divine-human blueprint…and each of the 12 strands of our DNA correlates to one of the twelve aspects of multi-dimensional consciousness, or perceptual fields of awareness.”

    In other words, I am told that these (prophesied) events…however they unfold and whatever they are called…herald the the beginning of cosmic consciousness, the entrance into spiritual adulthood/galactic citizenship both for the planet and for those who are leading the planet to this destination, and all “happen” to take place right around the end of the 9th wave and the completion of the Mayan Calendar (10/28/11).

    And just to stretch you a bit further, this cosmic event that they refer to will supposedly have “a major impact on the magnetic grid, so much so that a reversal of polarity will take place…but not in the way that has been aggrandized.” My feeling is that this is not necessarily an electromagnetic pole shift as some believe, but a shift in the polarity of consciousness.

    Again, no one (myself included) has any solid idea of exactly what or how this will come to pass…which is mostly the fun of it all. The point is to simply remain a witness to the unfolding while maintaining a sense of calm, wonder and awe as many more people awaken and hook into the global resonance required for this new world to operate.

    On Global Changes

    “The time has come for great change in your outer world.” – Seven Sisters

    There is already so much taking place both within us and around the planet that the unseens want to harness the opportunity to reinforce the message of joy and hope during the increasingly more dramatic changes that will continue to take place all around us…and to remind us that all is well, regardless of outside appearances.

    The message is as it always is…for us to view change for what it is: the switch from a separation-based societal mindset, to a society based in unity-consciousness and love. We are being reminded that this is all we need to understand with regard to the dismantling and upheaval that will continue to take place in the outside world…that the details are merely symptoms of this changing process and at the core, all movement is leading to the outcome that we desire, both individually and collectively.

    Having said that, they are also making it clear that great transformation is indeed upon us…big changes in the world as we know it…and that this change is ultimately for the good of all, yet may be immediately perceived as a threat to those who carry fear in their hearts and separation in their minds. Whatever unfolds, it will be for those of us who are centered in truth…with the inner-knowing that ALL is perfect and well…. to remain in our hearts, thereby quelling the fears of those around us with our unwavering optimism toward any global restructuring.

    “Ignore the fears & protests and stay anchored in your heart-center…neutral to chaos and while maintaining a sense of trust in the overall plan. Switch your focus to the undeniable feelings of optimism rising within you instead. These feelings that are emerging are a true indication of whats around the next bend…not what it appears to be, but what it feels to be.” -Seven Sisters

    Clicking into Place

    The sisters are also wanting to point out that those who have consciously been working toward the goal of ascension with the understanding that there is something specific for you to contribute, that there will be a “clicking into position” as a result of these nebulous cosmic events. Not necessarily because of them, but because of the timing of them…that there is a great plan at play and all is perfectly and divinely orchestrated to the end result of achieving heaven on earth.

    Those souls, who the unseens refer to as the ‘second wave initiates’… the visionaries, new-earth program planners, cosmic correspondents, blueprint architects/builders, musicians, artists and new-paradigm healers,etc.…will in some cases be joining forces with the wisdom keepers, elders, seers, grid-layers activators, etc…all those needed to bring forth the information from the unseen realms for the first phase of planetary ascension… to begin the ground-level phase of implementation that we have been bursting at the seams to create.

    Those who are drawn to work within the blueprint of new earth will be brought together in soul clusters, or pods, to begin the community level organizing that is required to bring the bigger (divine) plan into form. We will be brought into alignment with those who share our particular vision/plan/contribution/aspect of the new earth to begin the next phase where we unite with our soul-community to share our greater visions with the outside world. These creations will be the proverbial Phoenix, rising from the ashes of the intensive global purification process.

    This phase will apparently begin around the equinox and will be brought into greater concentration at the solstice…and this is also the time when many soul partnerships will be brought together for the purposes of reuniting in sacred union and under new earth guardianship.

    “These unions are the merging of God-dess, the outward manifestation of the sacred marriage of the divine feminine and masculine energies within. Some of these couples are sacred counterparts in disguise, not visible under the cloak of separation, but these relationships will reveal their true purpose in the days to come. Be steadfast on your quest to inner-completion, for the gifts that you seek in the outside world are merely the reflection of your wholeness within.” -Seven Sisters

    I am told that these sacred partnerships will be the ‘new earth keepers’… many of which will be bringing forth new rainbow souls to assist in the unfolding of earths evolutionary plan. Others will be the caretakers & stewards of the grid, protecting sacred portals with force-fields of (community) unity consciousness. Those stepping into these roles are already well aware of their soul’s plan, even if only by desire. The next few months will be bringing these plans to fruition.

    A Message For “The Strays”

    Lastly, the unseens mention that those who are aligned with the ascension timeline but who are not teachers of new-humanity, or who are still unsure of their participation in the divine plan, that there is much unfolding in your lives that is leading you to your “promised land”. They refer to these star-souls as “strays”, because they have, as part of their soul’s plan, left their birth-families behind in search of their soul-families as part of the “path” to finding their true home within their sacred inner-domicile.

    “We say this not as an indication that you are to simply arrive in paradise, but that you are being guided by your inner-knowing to create it….to the places by which you belong for the next phase of the journey. You may not, as yet, have a conscious understanding of what that means, but we assure you that you are exactly where you need to be in this and every moment.” -Seven Sisters

    When this particular group of souls come together, they will remember each other from long ago and will begin to form an important part of the population of awakened/awakening ones who will work together, grow together, and resolve any inner-healing still required for purification. This group is apparently in great need of support right now and this message is to let you know that you will be reunited with your true family soon.

    You will know this to be true if you have recently moved to a new geographic location, joined a new organization…spiritual or otherwise…or simply found a new group of souls to commune with via the Internet. Either way, these new connections will fulfill you and bring you into rapid inner-alignment with your unique part of the divine plan, and the collective soul plan for your particular group consciousness.

    Wheel of Fortune

    Things are starting to really speed up (save for our weary bods) and many are diligently preparing their lives take off in unknown directions. This mercury retrograde couldn’t have come at a better time as it is enhancing our preparation by serving to pull us back, like a sling-shot, to go over the many details necessary and capture some final, albeit perspective-changing pieces of our personal and creative puzzles…before we are hurled into greater action this autumn.

    This time is serving a very important purpose for any unfinished business/projects/relationships/situations, etc. that we need to bring to completion, and in some cases, this new information may mean some massive restructuring to align our selves/visions/creations fully with the cosmic pulse…which is beating so loudly now. On a personal level, anything that we have not faced squarely, dealt with in an honest manner, or put on the back burner will continue to be brought to the surface until resolved. In most cases, these are the little things that we didn’t think mattered, but we are finding that EVERYthing matters here.

    Our long-held desires are beginning to push through the illusion we have been living for so very long, and that means many things that we have been waiting for/working toward are/will be effortlessly falling into place. We are beginning to see all the threads of our long journey weave together into the tapestry of a brand new life, and as a result, a new found confidence is emerging, an assuredness that is so deeply rooted in the calm center of our authentic selves. We are becoming even more deeply attuned to the inter-connectivity of it all and discovering our new/true roles and divine purpose for being here.

    Spirit is showing me the major arcana “Wheel of Fortune” tarot card as an indication that we approaching our “destiny”. We are beginning to feel the tempo of life speed up as we are swept away by new opportunities in a series of developments that will support us in rejoining the world of activity again.

    There are moments where this powerful, fast moving wheel of energy can feel chaotic, ungrounded and dizzying…but only if we hang on in an attempt to control the outcome. And if we hold on too tight (to what we know) we may risk repeating the same cycles again.

    The purpose of this part of the ride is to gain enough momentum to be thrown off the (karmic) wheel in absolute trust that we will land exactly where we unexpectedly belong.

    And we will.

    To the unexpected!



    In Light!

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  124. #124 rawanderer
    August 14, 2011 am31 8:55 pm

    I agree Admiral, take what works for you and makes you happy! I enjoy cannabis quite a bit and it helps me gain a deeper understanding, it works for me so I will take it.

    Much Love Smile

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  125. #125 Admiral2012here
    August 14, 2011 am31 9:01 pm

    …Good Night Everyone…the Weekend went by fast…3D work tomorrow and I have to shut things down and call it a night…well ABC didn’t want to leave, so my arms got shredded Again!…What the HELL is he think’n ripp’n me up like that

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  126. #126 Robin.
    August 14, 2011 am31 11:14 pm

    You are on an Inspired Path Home.

    15 August 2011.

    Channeler: John Smallman.

    You – all of humanity – are on an inspired path Home. You have been following it for eons, but with many unnecessary diversions…and a concept of the destination toward which you have been progressing is growing in your minds. It truly bears practically no resemblance to the divine destination that you are actually approaching, which is way beyond the farthest reaches of your human powers of imagination. But it is serving to encourage you onward, by buoying up your enthusiasm, as it presents the ideal of a future in which all forms of privation are eliminated and where all can live in peace and abundance to follow their creative dreams.

    And, indeed, when you return Home you will create abundantly and magnificently, in ways that at present you cannot possibly imagine. To return Home is, of itself, a most wonderful creative achievement, and the moment for it to occur is drawing ever closer. So many of you are now holding aloft the Light that you have always carried that no longer can anyone claim that it is not visible or does not exist. Many refuse to see it, but invisible it is not! And seeing others hold their Light aloft is uplifting and inspiring for all. And as more and more of you join the Light-bearers, the brilliance of the divine energy field that enfolds you all intensifies. Do not waste time focusing your attention on the dark; just shine your Light and it will be dispersed. It is on the Light of God’s Love for you that you need to focus so that you can follow it safely Home.

    All of you have seen the Light being held fearlessly on high by those who offer love and compassion as they lead their daily lives, and when you do likewise you will find it uplifting and inspiring. And you can all do it because it burns constantly within you, longing to be held up high for all to see, as you too offer loving kindness to all with whom you interact. Showing and sharing love is the only way to overcome your fears and anxieties, and doing so dissolves the fear that others feel. It is what you came here to do in order to help your sisters and brothers to awaken into the divine Reality that is your eternal Home. Love is the power, the energy, the life force in all sentient beings. It can never be overcome or destroyed because it is divine, but you can choose not to show it even though it flows through you always, keeping you eternally alive and vibrant. If you do not feel it, then you are either denying it or repressing it – but it will break out because love’s nature is to expand and encompass, and your efforts to prevent it from doing so are to no avail.

    God created you in Love because It extends and shares Itself infinitely and indiscriminately in endless joy, and because that is the state He wants you to share with Him eternally, and with all your sisters and brothers. Sharing and offering to others the Love that dwells constantly within each one of you brings you peace and satisfaction, and accelerates your progress on the path to awakening. So focus on making all your thoughts, words, and actions extensions of that Love, and enjoy the peace that that behavior brings. Making your lives a journey of Love is to follow your path and bring joy to all.

    Your loving brother, Jesus.


    In Light!

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  127. #127 Robin.
    August 14, 2011 am31 11:17 pm

    Addy #125.

    “”DINNER”" probably!

    Mouse Cat Cat 2 Mouse

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  128. #128 Robin.
    August 15, 2011 am31 12:09 am

    SaLuSa 15 -August-2011

    In the heavy vibrations of Duality your physical bodies easily tire, and as each day ends you need to recuperate by taking a period of sleep. Everything is very conveniently arranged so that you have night and day, that fits in with your needs to re-energies yourselves. Consequently you spend around a third of your lifetime sleeping, and you know that it is necessary; as if you are deprived of sleep you become ill. As you rise up so that all changes as you begin to absorb the energy that is around you. Eventually you need little but a short rest period, and no longer require your present intake of solid food to re-fuel your body. In fact your life is no longer ruled by night and day, as you will be in a dimension that has constant light. With your new bodies of crystalline cells, you will find that the conditions in which you live are exactly right for your needs. Be assured that when you do not have a heavy physical body, there are no pangs of hunger or tiredness as you experience now.

    Many aspects of your lives will change with Ascension, and all to the good. Life will no longer be a chore or a burden. The most noticeable changes will be where your freedom to travel is concerned. In your less dense body you will be able to move instantaneously to wherever you desire, and that means you are always able to contact your loved ones whenever you wish. There is however a provision that requires each souls privacy be protected, and you would first make telepathic contact to gain permission. So in fact, in the higher dimensions you have far greater freedom, and your loved ones and friends are always within contact.

    Life on Earth has its high points, but it will never match the advantages of living in the higher dimensions. Perhaps you will find that the most acceptable change is in respect of your use of your time. Where on Earth you often find it difficult to fit everything in, you will experience the exact opposite having all the time you need to follow your pursuits. More so, if you were keen to develop you artistic talent, you could for example “call back” Rembrandt and benefit from his experience. It has to be pointed out that with the higher vibrations you will use your increased powers of thought, and will tend to be more creative with them.

    Your lives will bear little resemblance to how they are now, and the benefits will be almost unimaginable. The path to these changes is about to start on Earth, by returning to you your sovereignty and freedom. With it shall come your release from being dependant on out dated methods of travel, medicine and food production. What you have been denied is being enjoyed by the selected few who are part of the covert operations of the Illuminati. You have been deliberately held back, to maintain the old system that feeds the bank balances of those families that are in power. The few control the masses but that is all about to change, and our allies have progressed to the point where the changes can begin. The realization that you can be lifted up and experience a far better quality of life, will re-invigorate people’s desires and interest in their future. That future is Ascension with all of the changes we have been regularly discussing.

    Most important is of course your spiritual upliftment, which is the key to whether you ascend. That is determined by your level of vibration and it must be similar to those of the higher dimensions, if you are to move out of your present one which is the third dimension. As we have often mentioned, there is the Law of Attraction that determines which souls rise up and that applies automatically. It is how your progress or otherwise takes place, and you cannot be in a level other than the one that is consistent with your vibrations. That alone ensures that the different dimensions are always in harmony and balance. On Earth you do have Higher Beings, but they have had to drop their vibrations to be on it. Usually that is for the purpose of serving the Light, and you do in fact have thousands of them with you now, working to raise your vibrations.

    We of the Galactic Federation are also part of the Light working teams, and like them we have a specific role to play. As you should know by now, it is to protect you and ensure that the path to Ascension is kept open for all of you that have chosen it. With our presence also comes knowledge of the higher states of being, and glimpses of what your future holds. We are One, and quite naturally there is a mutual attraction between us. You are also genetically connected with us, which is why you will see many humanlike Beings amongst us. We are so much like you that we could easily walk amongst you with hardly being noticed. Soon that will in fact become quite normal, and Disclosure is becoming much nearer to being announced.

    In the midst of escalating Earth changes, we pick up a more calming energy that seems to come from the general upliftment of your mass consciousness. We would expect it to continue to rise in view of the ever-increasing levels of Light being sent to you. It is welcomed as there is inevitably going to be a period of some confusion and uncertainty when major changes are thrust upon you. They will of course be understood by those of you who keep abreast of events, and you can do much to share your understanding with others. Fear of the unknown is still very much a problem, but we will quickly explain what is happening as soon as we can. Your support for us is clearly essential, as we desire to involve you in the activities that are our top priority.

    Once it is clear where everything is heading, we expect to have your full co-operation and indeed why not, as the plan is for your ultimate well-being. We have the answers to all of your problems, and the inconvenience to you while the changes occur will be minimal. We would say that they will be wide spread and you will be aware of the purpose through each stage of development.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and as ever pleased to confirm our willingness to work with you, and you will certainly not be excluded from any of our plans. Be patient now that events are coming to a head, as you must surely realize that we are so near to meeting you.

    Thank you SaLuSa.
    Mike Quinsey.


    In Light!

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  129. #129 Robin.
    August 15, 2011 am31 12:12 am

    Thanks Sal & Mike..

    Nice solid reassuring message, this one!

    I notice a new way of saying ‘S**N’..

    ‘..Disclosure is becoming much nearer to being announced..’!!

    But of course!




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  130. #130 Gordon
    August 15, 2011 am31 2:15 am

    Gordon checking in to GM Massive. I have returned from a week-long experience called a Human Relations Laboratory, and as usual for this annual experience, I am buzzing with energy. For one week, I and 40 or so other people cloistered ourselves away from the world and worked on each other, talking out our deepest inner issues, and working out our individual goals and plans for improving ourselves. Much magic is unfolding.

    It is wonderful to return to find this online community buzzing and looking forward to many exciting changes coming soon!

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  131. #131 Admiral2012here
    August 15, 2011 am31 8:04 am


    The financial cyber-warfare witnessed in US stock markets following S&P’s downgrading of US debt was clear proof deep division remain at the very top of the global financial system. One side was trying to bankrupt Bank of America and cause the market to tank, while the other wanted to keep their stock Wall Street cash cow pumped up with fake money in order to draw more suckers with real money into the market. The result was a bloody draw. It is now certain there will be increasing global turbulence heading into the autumn as this secret war intensifies

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  132. #132 Gunner
    August 15, 2011 am31 8:16 am

    Thats my bank Admiral,I better withdraw my money.
    man, saturday night into sunday we got 8 inches of rain. There was some local floding but ovreall it was not bad. I like a good rain like that and see it as mother nature flushing the old toilet bowl. This time she had a few extra flushes, maybe to many tampax down the bowl.. ” My toilet went crazy yesterday afternoon, the plumber he said, never flush a tampoon, this great information costs me half a weeks pay and the toilet blew up later on the next day” Frank Zappa

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  133. #133 Azzeylay
    August 15, 2011 am31 8:20 am

    Good morning everybody! I just popped in to share my 50th birthday with my friends here at GM!! I could not let this milestone go by without sharing it with you all! I appreciate you and love you so much!

    Thanks for always being insipriring to me and many others!

    Love always,
    The Birthday Girl ~~~ 50 and Nifty!! Cake

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  134. #134 Admiral2012here
    August 15, 2011 am31 8:24 am

    …lol Gunner, I didn’t know you used tampons

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  135. #135 Admiral2012here
    August 15, 2011 am31 8:25 am

    …HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Azzy Cake and how have you been?

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  136. #136 Azzeylay
    August 15, 2011 am31 8:28 am

    Hey Admiral, what’s up?! Been terrific! Officially transferred my life to Maryland…and loving it! I am now engaged, after the love of my life found me and my heart began to heal. Thanks for asking!!

    How have you been?! How are the boys?!

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  137. #137 Admiral2012here
    August 15, 2011 am31 8:33 am


    Firefighters had to race to rescue two construction workers on Staten Island, who became trapped in a fast-filling hotel elevator during a record downpour in New York.

    The men, who had been using the elevator while converting the Staten Island Hotel into senior housing, became trapped in the elevator yesterday after a fault with the doors forced them down into the basement level.

    Unbeknown to Ed Tyler, 26, and his 48-year-old colleague Wendell Amaker, the basement was flooded after a record eight inches of rain had fallen in a single day in New York

    Mr Tyler, of New Jersey, told the New York Daily News: ‘We thought we were dead. I literally thought I was going to die.’

    He said that the elevator doors had stopped working, and he and Mr Amaker, also of New Jersey, had taken it down to the basement in a bid to force the doors open and get out.



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  138. #138 Admiral2012here
    August 15, 2011 am31 8:36 am

    …wow Azzy, it’s your birthday, you’re engaged and moved to Maryland…you have been one busy gal. Congrats on your engagement and new life. You sound happy too.

    …anyway, my boys are do’n great…they are grow’n up fast

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  139. #139 Gunner
    August 15, 2011 am31 8:45 am

    I just use them once a month Admiral, LOL.
    I agree with Admiral, Azzey, I am just blown away. One day you should tell your own story over here. I remember you being so down in the dumps with no job, no money and barely getting by. That was only like a year or more ago. Now, I am so souped to see you are doing so great. I say to tell your story here because so many on this site are going through what you have already been through and maybe you can give them concrete advice to help them through.
    And a Happy 50th to you. I just had my 50 this past November. I hope you have a special day and your Angels must be rejoicing.

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  140. #140 dreamwalker
    August 15, 2011 am31 8:57 am

    Hey guys – I wanted to make my own report on my recent journey… to the Cherokee Nation of North Carolina.

    One thing that hit home to me was this:

    We do not feel pride. Pride is something that can be hurt. Instead we are honored. We are honored by the path that each of us walk, and the path you walk honors the Great Spirit.

    I knew this but had forgotten. Lesson learned!

    Several men of the Cherokee Nation are following the traditional ways. The interpreters of the village on the reservation are “real” Cherokee, in the sense that for every aspect of their physical appearance, they have endured a trial of some nature for it. For example, the hair is cut with a knife in a ceremony, the knife itself was earned in an ordeal. This is the traditional way they have followed for a very long time.

    Contrary to the “Bering Bridge” theory, they have always been there, and have been there for more than 10,000 years.

    Another thing contrary to how history portrays them as a handful of nomadic barbarians, they have always lived in permanent homes, and at one time had a thriving civilization, in some ways far advanced from what the Europeans had at that time.

    The physical appearance has nothing to do with vanity – it has to do with personal sacrifice for their community. They do this out of love. One observation I made during my visit is that they go through their ordeals and tell us about who they are not so that we can learn how they used to live, but so that we will remember what it is to be Cherokee.

    Their connection to the Great Spirit going back many generations is similar to the discoveries lightworkers are making now with regards to their own connections and abilities.

    On our return trip we saw a double rainbow. Absolutely stunning! Rainbow Rainbow

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  141. #141 dreamwalker
    August 15, 2011 am31 9:02 am

    Happy Birthday Azzey!!! Present Present Present Cake Cake Cake Sun Sun Sun

    Yay more light to add to the DC area!!!

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  142. #142 Admiral2012here
    August 15, 2011 am31 9:43 am


    The four UFOs that hovered over a residential neighborhood in Commerce City, Colorado on August 12, 2011 were recorded on video by a family who witnessed the unidentified flying objects through the window of their home. The objects appeared in the blue sky on a sunny day without explanation

    All four objects had the appearance of perfectly round or spherical orbs. They glowed brightly against the sky, and each one closely resembled a full moon. Of course, the UFOs were obviously not four full moons hanging in the sky, but something mysterious that remains unidentified.

    Of the four UFOs, two appeared to be lower in the sky and closer to the houses below them while the other two appeared more distant and at a higher altitude. The video of the event lasts one minute and 27 seconds during which the four bright orbs barely move.

    During the last few seconds that the Colorado family recorded a video of the event, one of the four UFOs slowly drifted below the houses in the distance until it was out of sight


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  143. #143 Laurinda
    August 15, 2011 am31 9:51 am

    See you over on the new message board!!!!

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  144. #144 Azzeylay
    August 15, 2011 am31 9:52 am

    #138 Admiral and #139 Gunner…Thank you so much…lots has been happening, manifesting at a rate that blows me away! Been trying to get back here to comment, but things have been moving so fast. Since this is my birth month, I have noticed a lot of heightented energy…the levels of which I find a little hard to place words too! You guys are incredible and I love you so much!

    Yes, Gunner, you remember when I first came to this site almost three years ago. I was so totally bummed out…down a spiral I went, but you all helped catch me. Laurinda, Stick, Admiral, Spedman, Ascening Robin, Robin, Gunner and Stick….many more too, you all kept me up, so I climbed ever higher out of darkness, towards the light…and now I am here! Today, Nifty at 50!!

    THANKS…THANKS…THANKS………Thank you so much to the Universe and to all of you!!!!

    Much love! In Love In Love In Love

    P.S. When I have more time, I will elaborate on the story; it’s a doozy!!! lol

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  145. #145 Azzeylay
    August 15, 2011 am31 9:53 am

    #141 Dreamwalker….thank you so much! I am also of the Cherokee Nation heritage…on my mother’s side! To feel honor instead of pride…a refinement of emotions…thanks for that!

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  146. #146 Robin.
    August 15, 2011 am31 12:06 pm

    Addy #134.

    I was wondering that too??

    Are you ‘OK’ Gunner? Smile

    Star HAPPY 50th B’DAY AZZY – Stay Nifty Star

    In Light!


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