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Message from SaLuSa for 10 October 2011

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    You have a saying that many roads lead to Rome, and clearly many paths lead to Ascension. as few if any individuals have travelled exactly the same one, and that has been the result of your own choice. You will have been advised which ones are best to ensure your continued evolution, but in the end it is your decision as to the direction you take. It follows that it is you who has brought you to this particular point in time. The fact that you are even here right now has been your choice, and you should therefore look for what this lifetime is teaching you. Certainly you will have brought karma with you, and that in part will have determined the course of your life. If you are reading this message the odds are that you are one who has chosen to ascend, and you will have a busier life than usual clearing it away. How much Karma you take on is normally approved by you, so regardless of how you perceive your life it has been your choice in that respect. Many believe that have had a raw deal, but that is not the case and it should be understood from a higher level.

    Sometimes the toughest tests are kept until you have progressed sufficiently in your understanding to handle them. So as you might imagine, this period in people’s lives can be one that is action packed, with one thing after another. In the course of them you may consider that you have been a failure, but bear in mind that from a spiritual aspect there is no such thing. It is all experience, and what you learn from it is the most important thing. You will instinctively know that it is true, so do not waste your time and energy worrying over what you could have done differently. Raising your self up is not meant to be difficult and no one deliberately makes life harder than it needs to be. You can of course make it easier by understanding why you are going through a certain phase, and that comes with not making the same mistakes over and over again. As we often point out, you have may souls helping you, and in truth you never tackle anything alone and advice is there if only you will listen.

    As your consciousness levels rise so you draw closer to your Guides, and they find it easier to influence you. Some problems particularly with other family members or close friends, are sorted out in the time you are out of the body during the sleep state. You do not normally bring waking knowledge of it back with you, but subconsciously the answers are held by you and others who are involved. Have you not slept on a problem, and in the morning found the answer is with you? That is how it works so again we remind you that you are always given help when you seek it.

    We of the Galactic Federation are also your Guides in more general terms, and our influence is directed to those who are in positions of power and authority. As now, we are helping those who aspire to lead you out of the present period of chaos. It is not easy for such souls as the dark cabal still has its minions all over the world, and they are obstacles to getting things done. One who has experienced it is President Obama, the Lighted One who is for the time being outnumbered by those who oppose what he tries to do. However, we are taking actions that are rapidly diminishing the power that they have held for millennia of time. Already their ability to stop our progress has been stemmed, and our allies are ready to strike the fatal blow. We are fully prepared for our next moves that will work towards finally seeing the dark Ones removed.

    Take everything in your stride because as Lightworkers you have the advantage of understanding what is taking place. You can see well beyond the immediate occurrences, and the purpose for them. By focusing on the future you are helping create a firm path towards it. After all you are breaking your links with what no longer serves you and will not remain after the shift takes place. The signs are clearly in front of you that indicate where your future lies. Once we can address you through the media, there will be no doubt in people’s minds as to exactly what it is. We want you to be clear as to what we are here for, and it will bring a sigh of relief to those presently unaware that we are to work with you where the changes are concerned.

    Some people ask whether they should alter their plans, knowing that massive changes to your lives will occur. We will answer that by suggesting you carry on as normal until of necessity you need to plan otherwise. The financial changes will simply move you to another method, that will be by far more satisfactory and ensure that you are protected from the many unfair and sometimes illegal charges you now pay. Your money will have real value and you will have less taken from you in taxes, and nothing should be taken from you at source. With prosperity removing the problems resulting from lack, life will become less stressful and more satisfying.

    The wrongs perpetrated against you in Law will be reversed, and where necessary the Law also changed. As you progress through the higher dimensions less Laws are required, because the levels of consciousness move a souls mind beyond contemplating anything that is against them. On Earth poverty is a great cause of criminal activity, and the stress of daily living also builds up to a breakdown of self control. Lightworkers who are by nature more calm and in control of their emotions, are unlikely to be affected in this way.

    You are to be commended for creating the conditions that will allow us to push on with our assistance, in preventing the dark Ones from continuing to interfere with your Ascension. Is it not a strange feeling that this year will be the last traditional Christmas that you will celebrate. Next year there will be a totally different concept where celebrations are concerned, and they will take on a more spiritual approach, and the commercial interest will change to one of a more serious nature. Celebrate by all means, but let the focus be on the real reason for them taking place.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and get a little more excited as each week passes by, as we in turn get a nearer to open contact with you. The preliminary approaches have been made already, and most governments are prepared to officially meet us. That will indeed be a great occasion for your civilization, and appropriate celebrations.

    Thank you SaLuSa.
    Mike Quinsey.

  1. #1 Gunner
    October 10, 2011 am31 8:37 am

    OK This is my last Jobs post and frankly I could not care for him at all. Even is he was not born, all ideas come from the same source so if it was not him playing that part, there would have been another actor to fill in for him. I just think he had a great opportunity to bring the exploitation of poor coutries to light.
    My hope for all who support him is in their next life they are born in one of these countries and forced to work at these slave labor camp and then I would lo9ve to ask you then, What do you feel about Steve now. I say next life in the 3rd dimension because supporting him you support the camp and I dont think there will be slave labor camps in the new world.

    Thursday, October 06, 2011
    Steve Jobs was No Good Man, Used Slave Labor

    Apple’s Steve Jobs was No Good Man, Used Slave Labor to make IPads & IPhones

    October 5, 2011

    Written by Alberta Parish

    In the wake of Steve Jobs’ death, stories of how great a man he was is the current headline across the nation. His accomplishments speak to his genius as one of the world’s leading innovators of the IPhone and IPad. This guy even painted himself as a spiritual person. But even in the midst of his own genius, Steve Jobs had a dark soul.

    #4 | Posted by DaveMore
    As owner of Apple, he was directly responsible for the production of the IPhone and IPad at factories in China where there had been a countless number of suicides among discontented workers during the months of March and April of this year. At several Foxxconn plants where Apple products are made, there have been horrendous policies in place such as workers being forced to work between 80 and 100 hours of overtime, workers being forced to stand on their feet for 14 hours a day, and workers being forced to sign No-Suicide Pacts as a condition of employment. According to the pact, the families of employees have to promise not to sue the company, cause any trouble that would interrupt operations in case an employee commits suicide, or bring any negative attention to the practices of the company. In addition, employees are literally crammed into company-owned dormitories. Employees living in a single dormitory room range from six to twenty-two. “Some of my roommates weep in the dormitory. I want to cry as well but my tears have not come out,” one worker told SACOM, a Hong Kong-based advocacy group, which contends that many of the practices that led to more than a dozen workers committing suicide in the months of March and April of this year continues to be perpetuated at Foxxconn factories.

    As the world sings the praises of Steve Jobs and compares his life to that of a great and noble leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who stood for human rights and freedom, Jobs did the opposite of King, and placed wealth and power over human rights and freedom. The last Martin Luther King, Jr. died in 1968, and there will never be another like him. Like the great Africans of our past, there was always someone in every generation that stood against human rights violations and tyranny, and they fought the powers that threatened their very existence as free men and free women.

    Admin’s note: Participants in the discussion of this weblog entry should note the site’s moderation policy.

    I saw a bio on Jobs where Wozniak mentions being cheated by Jobs by a few hundred dollars when they were young and doing contract work. Wozniak just kind of laughed it off like “That’s Steve….”.

    The guy was a innovative genius and if that is your definition of a great man then that is what he is. But I’ve never been led to believe he was a nice guy.

    #1 | Posted by Sully at 2011-10-06 02:51 PM | Reply | Flag: Flag: (Choose)FunnyNewsworthyOffensiveAbusive

    You can’t take it with you.

    #2 | Posted by JeffnDenmark at 2011-10-06 03:01 PM | Reply | Flag: Flag: (Choose)FunnyNewsworthyOffensiveAbusive

    Boaz works for Apple?

    #3 | Posted by Corky at 2011-10-06 03:11 PM | Reply | Flag: Flag: (Choose)FunnyNewsworthyOffensiveAbusive

    Alberta Parish, like skidmark, is an idiot.


    #4 | Posted by Dave

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  2. #2 Laurinda
    October 10, 2011 am31 8:49 am

    Braveheart Soul Clan: NOW is the time we must stand together, shoulder to shoulder to hold the light for those who may be faltering. Stand Strong, Light Warriors, Rainbow Warriors, Healers of men and women, healers of earth…those of you that volunteered to be here at this most sacred time on our beloved Gaia. When you are asked, “Who do you serve?”, your answer will come swiftly… You ALL have my deepest respect and love my fellow Bravehearts… Sun Peace Sun Heart Yin Yang

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  3. #3 Space Muffin
    October 10, 2011 am31 8:56 am


    SaLuSa tells us that paths to Ascension are individual but all lead to the same place. The klarma we have to clear determines in part what path we may be inclined to take. He reminds us that people attracted to reading this message have in all likelihood chosen to ascend. Those who have not done so would probably not be interested in it and quickly put it down.

    He reminds us that the toughest lessons and tests may be reserved for the time when we have the most wisdom and strength, which may explain why we are facing such tough tests now. He reminds us that our guides are constantly advising us if we will listen. Many of these answers are given us in the sleep state. Though we may not remember them, they will exist at a subconscious level.

    He again tells us that President Obama is a lighted one who is meeting stiff resistance. So many lightworkers have abandoned the President but I congratulate those who have not. Consistently the Company of Light has expressed its support for him. He says that the Company of Light is ready to strike the final blow against the Illuminati.

    He reminds us that as lightworkers we know what is coming and so have the responsibility to focus on that future and draw it toward us. He describes how our financial and social situation will change with NESARA and reminds us that this Christmas will be the last one we celebrate in the old way. He ends by telling us that most governments have officially agreed to Disclosure.

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  4. #4 Laurinda
    October 10, 2011 am31 9:31 am

    Matthew’s message was greatly heartening for me today! Sun Peace Sun

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  5. #5 Laurinda
    October 10, 2011 am31 9:45 am
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  6. #6 Wonnapoo
    October 10, 2011 am31 10:07 am

    I like the message when it said this will be the last Christmas…thank goodness for that! I think it has gotten out of hand!

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  7. #7 Wonnapoo
    October 10, 2011 am31 10:11 am

    Am I crazy for wanting to cash out my 401k and just live….? Is there anything wrong with that? What’s the point of holding on to it IF the system is changing?

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  8. #8 spedman
    October 10, 2011 am31 10:25 am


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  9. #9 spedman
    October 10, 2011 am31 10:36 am

    what does that mean i was just asked????? “i feel everything at once”? it means i got a jump on day 7 Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart

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  10. #10 Lindiana
    October 10, 2011 am31 10:37 am

    We’ve got top retired generals whistle blowing and top retired Nasa people doing the same. Seems we have a change of heart for once. Maybe we will have disclosure?
    Still haven’t seen any real arrest yet! But it just makes me work all the more, at manifesting my new world. It truly helps with frustration, if it should arise.
    The statment of the last Christmas celebration, caught my eye. First thing it told me was, there may not be anything going on out of the ordenary other than the usual celebrating. But I had a great feeling that I was going to be celebrating for a whole different reason and then I wanted to do a party dance. It was a great feeling, whether it stemmed from my thoughts or came from somewhere else.

    Peace and joy be with you!

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  11. #11 Wonnapoo
    October 10, 2011 am31 10:44 am

    What’s day 7?

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  12. #12 John
    October 10, 2011 am31 10:48 am

    Wonnapoo look up Carl Calleman / Mayan Calander. That will give you about the best explanation there is.

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  13. #13 John
    October 10, 2011 am31 10:50 am

    Another good one is the video “The Quickening” on youtube.

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  14. #14 Wonnapoo
    October 10, 2011 am31 10:50 am

    okay..doing it now! thanks!

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  15. #15 Space Muffin
    October 10, 2011 am31 10:50 am

    Wonapoo – Re: 401K

    In America we have the 401K – in Canada, it’s called the RRSP. Money is called currency for a reason – it must flow. In the last 10 years, Americans have given large corporations trillions of dollars towards this 401K and have in effect, removed it from circulation and removed it from each other. This has contributed to the recession, immensely. Money is in the hands of the few, not the many. But Canadians and Americans both still believe that it’s a good idea to give other people their money, and they do so willingly, like gullible children. Peeps wake up…why do you think they want it so bad? Why do you think they want to ‘hold on to it for you?’

    I don’t get it, never have never will. My father always bought gold and taught me to never to give my money to anybody. He was right. But Canadians and Americans alike think that it’s good for their future. It’s like taking candy from a baby. You gotta hang on to what’s yours – you can invest your money just like they can – why should they earn the interest, when you can? The tax benefits are non-exsistent, I’ve researched this and 401K theft is rampant. You truly don’t know how much money will be available to you when you retire, or if others will have spent it.

    Not good to give your money to other people making you promises – making you believe that this is beneficial for you is public brainwashing.

    But of course this is only my opinion and all are free to act of their own accord. I only advocate for the people.

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  16. #16 Wonnapoo
    October 10, 2011 am31 10:50 am

    oh yeah…i saw the “The Quickening” but i didn’t get to finish it!

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  17. #17 John
    October 10, 2011 am31 10:51 am

    Well Sped… it’s the 11th west of Hawaii… I always wondered how the Galactics deal with our notion of time zones. LOL

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  18. #18 Wonnapoo
    October 10, 2011 am31 10:54 am

    @ Space Muffin,Your right though. I stopped my contributions a few weeks ago! i just think its silly….how can you tell me when I can take my money out! i guess you can say thatI have had enough.

    I also closed my account with Bank of America and US bank..WHOOP WHOOP!

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  19. #19 John
    October 10, 2011 am31 10:54 am

    I suggest you cash it in and build a really big greenhouse… Grow food for the homeless.

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  20. #20 Space Muffin
    October 10, 2011 am31 10:57 am

    …JohhnyO….what a brilliant idea!!!!

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  21. #21 Gordon
    October 10, 2011 am31 11:01 am

    @Wonnapoo, keep the 401k for now. I like the old adage, “Trust in God, but tie up your camel.” Yes, the Galactics have promised change, but the promises of the Galactics have not always come to pass exactly as we expect them. For now we have one foot in both worlds…

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  22. #22 John
    October 10, 2011 am31 11:01 am


    I can do this in any size you want (except micro, small is really unstable)…

    After it’s running, food production is NO-COST

    Very cool system. Have researched and have the tech.

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  23. #23 Space Muffin
    October 10, 2011 am31 11:05 am

    Gordon…the 401K has nothing to do with God or the Galactics. It’s just time to wake up to the fact that it’s NEVER a good idea to give others your money – not in any world. Gullability does not serve anyone but the one taking advantage. And God only helps those who help themselves.

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  24. #24 John
    October 10, 2011 am31 11:05 am

    I have even figured out a pump that will run on a big clockwork, like a coo-coo clock. Just pull the buckets of rocks up every morning like winding a clock. No electricity.

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  25. #25 spedman
    October 10, 2011 am31 11:06 am

    i wonder that a lot too john lol i even made jokes about installing clocks and calenders on all the ships after ascension. Silly Silly Silly i suppose its such a huge wave that im feeling it already. i sure hope it catches on for everyone else. i feel source love lifting me up so high it truly is wonderful Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart im having my own movement. “OCCUPY THE WORLD WITH LOVE”

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  26. #26 John
    October 10, 2011 am31 11:08 am

    I so want to build one of these… or thirty… All I need to find is about $20,000 and the space. That will build a really nice greenhouse and a system that should feed 200 in perpetuity.

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  27. #27 John
    October 10, 2011 am31 11:09 am

    Oh, Sped, the clock isn’t for timekeeping, but motive force to turn the pump.

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  28. #28 John
    October 10, 2011 am31 11:11 am

    It’s simply using a few hundred pounds of rocks in a bucket on a rope falling slowly, regulated by an escapement to control the fall… Ridiculously simple really.

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  29. #29 John
    October 10, 2011 am31 11:12 am

    I guess my time in Luxor, building monuments and working laborers to death does have it’s purpose. Perhaps this is my karmic payment to humanity.

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  30. #30 John
    October 10, 2011 am31 11:16 am

    So what is the record for consecutive posts without interruption on here???

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  31. #31 John
    October 10, 2011 am31 11:18 am

    I’m working on a system that winds itself too… using water instead of rocks… A bit more complicated, but not really.

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  32. #32 Space Muffin
    October 10, 2011 am31 11:18 am

    …..how bout an interruption?

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  33. #33 Space Muffin
    October 10, 2011 am31 11:20 am

    …I see from this Salusa message, that my sentimental musings from the previous thread about Christmas and Thanksgiving and all that stuff may have been a premonition on my part. I’m going to enjoy all I can of this one final 3D Christmas – and Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadians out there!

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  34. #34 John
    October 10, 2011 am31 11:20 am


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  35. #35 Admiral2012here
    October 10, 2011 am31 11:22 am

    …don’t forget the Enron Employees who lost their 401K’s. I never got into the 401K thing. I hated the idea, that there is a date you can withdraw it and if you are in bad time and need to withdraw it sooner you get penalized…I never understood why you have to pay to get your own money out. Funny, you have to pay to get your money out of ATM’s, lol, it’s a machine giving you money, not a teller doing hard labor to give it to ya…and I don’t use ATM’s…Ugh!…don’t get me started Razz

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  36. #36 Space Muffin
    October 10, 2011 am31 11:24 am



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  37. #37 Robin.
    October 10, 2011 am31 11:26 am

    Thanks Sal & Mike..

    Good upbeat message! If SaLuSa himself is ‘getting excited’.. then there must be fair reason for us also to continue to head that way!

    Sounds like Obama is ‘surrounded’ for the time being!

    ‘Occupy the Whitehouse’?

    In Light!


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  38. #38 Space Muffin
    October 10, 2011 am31 11:29 am



    …starriders hammin it up again…they know where there’s a watcher with a cell phone alright… Alien Alien Alien

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  39. #39 Robin.
    October 10, 2011 am31 11:48 am

    Oh Gunner! #1.

    You’ll believe anything I think!

    You can bet that exactly the same Chinese Factories will continue to have exactly the same Chinese issues with flogging their exact same Chinese workforce to death, WHOMSOEVER orders the next exactly the same 5 Million units, of exactly the same digital hardware off them, from WHEREVER else in the World!

    You trying to blame Steve Jobs for THAT?
    Dude.. really!

    According to that logic several Chinese workers probably died putting that TV you keep watching together too? Is that then YOUR fault? I doubt it! Smile

    I’m glad that’s your last post on the issue anyway!



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  40. #40 rawanderer
    October 10, 2011 am31 11:48 am

    Hope Chest Update

    Four weeks ago Steve (Beckow)threw out the idea of a lightworkers fund to give temporary assistance to our friends. A few days later Steve asked me to direct the fund and the little did we know how successful it would be. But it shouldn’t a surprise as Archangel Michael told us in a reading it would be more than we’d expect.

    So what’s happened in a little less than four weeks? Here are the facts: Approximately $10,000 has been donated and $3300 has been disbursed. We’ve had 87 total donations and we’ve made 11 disbursements. The largest donation has been $1000 and the smallest $5. Most are in the $50 to $100 range. Donations have come from all over the world. We’ve had donations from Great Britain, Holland, Australia, Singapore, Canada and the United States. From the U.S. we’ve had 21 different states represented. It truly shows the broad base of what’s happening.

    If you know of someone who has an immediate need, please let us know. While we can’t do everything and supply the full amount needed, our intent is to give hope to someone in a tough spot. That’s why we call it The Hope chest. The fund has grown to the point where we want to take the next step in expanding our assistance.

    Of course your donations are always appreciated. Paypal is the easiest way to give. If you’d like to donate with a check, send me an email at the Hope Chest address and I’ll return with our snail mail address.

    Thanks again,

    Dave Schmidt, Director

    The Hope Chest: thehopechest44@hotmail.com

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  41. #41 Gunner
    October 10, 2011 am31 11:49 am

    Wonapoo, I have been taking out my 401k money now for the last 2 years. The way I do it is I make a letter from the owners of my house saying I am months behind rent and I will be evicted. I get a hardship withdrawl, in which I dont have to pay back. I dont even have my company withdraw from my check anymore.

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  42. #42 Robin.
    October 10, 2011 am31 11:59 am

    RW #40.

    Sure.. I really hope to recieve $400 from the fund asap.. that’d be GREAT!

    It’ll have to be cash though.. I’m afraid I don’t do the ‘Paypal’ ‘Cards’ thing.

    Thank you.. Thanks Steve! Smile



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  43. #43 Robin.
    October 10, 2011 am31 12:01 pm

    Gunner @#Deleted(1).

    Please.. I think it best that we just continue to ignore each other then.. because I clearly don’t NEED to understand WTF (as you put it) ever You are on about in your ‘comments’ either!!

    Phew! Thanks!


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  44. #44 Gunner
    October 10, 2011 am31 12:20 pm

    BTW John, In Amerika, they wont let me take out my 401k at all. I would even agree to the penaly and the taxes but for some reason they wont allow this. That is why I have had to scheme and lie and make fake letters to get at my 401k money.

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  45. #45 Robin.
    October 10, 2011 am31 12:24 pm

    High Council of Orion.

    10th October 2011.

    Channeler: Karen Doonan

    Welcome beloveds we are here to guide and support ALL at this time of tremendous change and opportunity. Many are now beginning to feel the easing of past emotions that have surfaced and we guide ALL to rest and recover as necessary. Much is changing at ever deepening levels within ALL humans across the planet. As we have previously guided the changes will be felt deeper and deeper, with many moving into the heart centred life experience.

    Fear is still the challenge for many across the planet and we acknowledge that illusion has taught very well around fear. Many are not being able to move through the fears that they hold within and now face chaos and confusion as they try to work out what is happening around them and within them. We guide for ALL who hold a higher vibration and who can step outside of the illusion to hold the space for these humans. For many across the planet the cycle into and back out of illusion will begin to slow down as the illusion begins to dissolve.

    Many are now becoming aware of other messages that are filtering through to show the changes that are happening energetically. The mention of various BEings in the media will increase as more and more awaken. That which was the discussion of what is termed a lightworker will be seen to spill out into society in general. This is needed dear ones for the new as it unfolds will see humans be able to connect at ever increasing levels to the realms which guide and support at ALL times. To enable the smooth transition into harmony and UNITY it is essential that barriers are dissolved. That which seems “strange” or “out there” is more acceptable and is talked about in general. Do you understand our analogy dear ones? Do you see how once it may have seemed strange to say that the angels were standing next to you it will seem perfectly normal and the done thing to say?

    This will of course not happen overnight, a settling in period which is this transition will see much more revealed in the general population. The term lightworker will soon dissolve as there will be no use for it. In a society where ALL humans are able, and can accept they are able, to communicate with others realms there will be no need for the term. ALL are moving to UNITY consciousness. Those who term themselves “lightworkers” and do this out of ego, of being somehow different and “exotic” will find this move a challenging one. We are aware of many across the planet who have started out with the intention of helping others but have let ego step in. These humans work from illusion and do not empower or help in the way that they state. This is to be addressed and we guide strongly that this sort of working is based on fear. This will not be supported by the new energies and the dissolving of illusion will see many stand in their true colours.

    We do not guide this from a judgement point of view, that is not our role, we guide this for ALL to be aware and to hold the space for these humans when it is revealed. ALL act out what they perceive as best at any one time but the teachings of illusion across the planet earth were strong and many fell to it. Do not berate them dear ones for many were fooled by the illusion and many still walk in illusion. It is not the easiest thing to work out illusion when the illusion is being taught through so many. This transitionary period will open the eyes and ears of ALL across the planet.

    More and more humans will be able to discern TRUTH and illusion and many will make a stance. We guide ALL to have love and compassion for their fellow human Beings when the dissolving of illusion starts. Each one of YOU is here on the planet earth for a reason, to find that reason go within, it cannot be found by looking outside of SELF. We guide ALL who work from fear to go within, to release the fear and to find the LOVE that IS. If YOU feel that all is moving away from YOU, that all is being taken away it was never TRUTH dear ones.

    The vibration of the new energies is such that TRUTH is always upheld. This will move many humans into spaces they are unfamiliar with. Holding on to that which must be released will cause more pain and suffering as the energies do not blend or resonate with the new. The new is what ALL have been looking for dear ones, it is the ascension process. Many are under the illusion that all pain and suffering will evaporate and that little work is to be done by the individual human and we guide this is the teachings of illusion. Illusion teaches no responsibility, it teaches that all are at the mercy of external events and should be detached from.

    If YOU have lived this YOUr human life experience closed down and separate from the heart then the process will take longer to assimilate within YOU. It stands to reason that those with closed hearts will experience more intense energy that those who have done the work to open the heart. It can be no other way dear ones, YOU are in control of this YOUr human life experience and how open and connected to the LOVE that IS YOU are is down to YOU. We can guide and we can support but we cannot do the work for YOU.

    Each human BEing across the planet has the ability within to BE that which they came here to BE. The step into power is down to YOU dear ones. It will not magically come to YOU without YOU acknowledging who YOU are and doing the work to balance and clear the energies. Many humans now work through ancestral pain and that we guide will take longer. If YOU are experiencing an overflowing of grief and trauma that YOU cannot relate to this human life experience then YOU may be in the process of healing ancestral pain. Stay with this dear ones, YOU chose this human life experience, if part of that journey was to heal the ancestral pain then YOU have the strength to do this. Illusion will try to guide YOU do not and we guide YOU to detach from illusion.

    YOU are all more than YOU can ever from this vantage point understand. As YOU move through the veils of illusion this TRUTH will become clearer for YOU. Do not rush or try to rush this process dear one for YOU risk falling deeper into the illusion YOU seek to step out of. This is the new and it is here to stay dear ones, the movement into the new will be at the pace that YOU can handle, it serves none to rush this process.

    Much will be unveiled to YOU as YOU go through this process, each of YOU has a different experience for each are separate yet ONE. Do YOU understand our analogy? No two life paths can ever be the same. If YOU strive to follow then dear ones YOU are in illusion for this journey is YOUrs alone to make. Many may guide, many may support but the journey itself is YOUrs alone.

    We are the High Council of Orion and we come to support and guide ALL at will. Simply hold the intention to connect with us and we will answer YOU. For ALL are able to communicate with ALL realms, illusion will try to teach YOU otherwise. ALL ARE ONE dear ones and that time of reconnection is NOW. Reach inside and find the spark of the LOVE that IS, as YOU work through the levels of grief and trauma YOU will find that spark ignite and begin to glow as YOU begin to see and hear properly. We leave YOU now to digest our guidance.



    In Light!

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  46. #46 SunRaymond
    October 10, 2011 am31 12:24 pm


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  47. #47 Wonnapoo
    October 10, 2011 am31 12:25 pm

    Hey Gunner…sometimes you got to do…what you got to do!!!!!!!!! lol! Hey…Im not mad at cha!!!!!! I need to think of something myself!!!! Smile

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  48. #48 Galactic Messages
    October 10, 2011 am31 12:28 pm

    Oy. I can’t imagine how much clearer “PLEASE DON’T CALL PEOPLE NAMES” can be.

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  49. #49 Robin.
    October 10, 2011 am31 12:30 pm

    Gunner @#Deleted(2).

    And one thing I don’t easily tolerate is people who talk out of their own ‘a-holes’, as you just put it..
    SO.. please.. let us agree to continue to peacefully and blissfully ignore each other, as I first suggested!

    Thank You!


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  50. #50 Gunner
    October 10, 2011 am31 1:09 pm

    Wonnapoo, Do you own your house? Are you presently working for the company that you had your 401k deducted from? I am pretty good a scheming, however, not to rob any persons or deceive anyone at all but to take back what is rightfully mine.
    I have over 70 thousand in my 401 k anual profit sharing account and they wont let me touch it. I have been milking my regular 401-k account as we have 2 accounts in my company.
    They say that each company makes its own rules when it comes to that money but I sure do wish I could get my hands on the 70 thousand right now, they could even take half because in the future half of nothing equals nothing.

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  51. #51 Gunner
    October 10, 2011 am31 1:11 pm

    Sorry to the GM dudettes but as you can see, when someone talks dwon to me like that, I lose it, sorry again. i have calmed myself down now.
    LOL sunray with that face you posted on # 48

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  52. #52 Robin.
    October 10, 2011 am31 1:14 pm

    #46? Smile

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  53. #53 dreamwalker
    October 10, 2011 am31 1:19 pm

    Just dropping in quickly to say hi guys, wow did I miss a doozy!

    I’ve been incubating a few interesting things… More to come when I can use a keyboard and not this ipood hehe

    Much love all around and all that eh wot?

    John, I wanted to say that I have some info about those entities you asked about. They are powerful trickster guardians, I met them, they are ancient. Twin flames who often incarnate together. Your friend will not be able to communicate with them via channeling himself, but may communicate with them again in dream state. Word to the wise though they communicate with chaos. So, he shouldn’t expect any easy answers, and may find himself chewed up and spat out the other side.

    My advice would be for him to get acquainted with some of his other guides first.

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  54. #54 Gunner
    October 10, 2011 am31 1:23 pm

    BTW, I seen a post here from George Kavassalis. Does anyone know about this guy. The only thing I knew about him was a year ago and he said that the messages through Nidle and Quinsey were from negative ET’s.
    I really dont follw any of his messages but since seeing him posted here, I think Stick posted it, I wanted to see more of the feelings about this guy and what reasons he had to dis-credit Mike and Sheldan.
    Time to go, have a great night everyone.

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  55. #55 dreamwalker
    October 10, 2011 am31 1:24 pm

    I should clarify that doozy equals last christmas… Oops!

    Things have been more…. Magical lately. No other way to describe it.

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  56. #56 Robin.
    October 10, 2011 am31 1:32 pm

    Thanks Gunner.. same to you! Heart

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  57. #57 Robin.
    October 10, 2011 am31 1:36 pm

    DW #55. No.. that’s ‘Boozy’ isn’t it? Smile

    Bring on the Majik indeed!

    Rainbow Umbrella Rainbow

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  58. #58 spedman
    October 10, 2011 am31 1:37 pm

    @john i was referring to your post #17 about time zones in my post about installing the clocks & calendars lol….sorry about that Smile i need to put what number i’m talking about up more often lolololol. love your ideas though Yes Yes Yes …………. way to go duddetes Yes Yes Yes you rock woooooooo hoooooooo

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  59. #59 Laurinda
    October 10, 2011 am31 1:39 pm

    http://www.infowars.com/head-of-security-at-san-antonio-fed-admits-institution-is-private/ Notice that these Federal Reserve banks actually look like fortresses complete with “Federal-looking” insignias, symbols, etc….folks are finally waking up to what these institutions REALLY ARE!

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  60. #60 Robin.
    October 10, 2011 am31 1:51 pm

    Laurinda #59.. YES!

    Years ago, some friends had an acid-trash Band in London called ‘World Domination Enterprises’. Smile

    They made a video of themselves performing (as a protest!) live outside all the major Banks in the City of London CBD.

    Outside the Midland Bank branch, the bank security staff started actually freaking out a little.. and activated this giant concealed hydraulic PORTCULLIS that came UP, out of the pavement (sidewalk) behind them and sealed of the entrance to the bank totally! WOT?

    They ARE Fortresses!

    And we got it all on camera!


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  61. #61 Laurinda
    October 10, 2011 am31 2:05 pm

    Robin: And did they use everyone else’s money to build that London fortress-style bank??? Good for you gents to get that all on camera!!! That’s my “C”, always in deep with the movers and shakers of this world!!! Yes Yes Yes

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  62. #62 dreamwalker
    October 10, 2011 am31 2:06 pm

    #60 I would love to see the clip of that portcullis… And I would looooooove to take a crack at it with some SEIGE weaponry… LOL…. Trebuchet? Arbalest? Catapult? Droool!

    Lemme at em!


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  63. #63 Laurinda
    October 10, 2011 am31 2:16 pm

    http://www.infowars.com/federal-reserve-is-a-cache-of-stolen-assets/ Wait’ll the average US citizen learns this info…methinks things could get real ugly here in the good ol US of A….. Search Clock

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  64. #64 Kellia
    October 10, 2011 am31 2:16 pm

    Admiral #35

    My father in law never worked for Enron but a lot of his 401K was invested in Enron and World Com and when they went bust there went most of his retirement savings. He is now 71, working for 11 dollars an hour as security in a job that may disappear at year;s end. So much for working hard and playing by the rules. It is a bunch of BS.

    Why must we pay to live on the planet we’re born on?

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  65. #65 Robin.
    October 10, 2011 am31 2:17 pm

    #61 // #62

    Yeah.. crazy days.. I just found this Youtube of the boys actually.. but the Portcullis scene AINT still in this version! Damn it!

    “Lead Asbestos”.. be warned.. tongue in cheek London Punk Acid Trash – late 80′s style! Smile


    SEIGE.. I like it! Smile

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  66. #66 Wonnapoo
    October 10, 2011 am31 2:24 pm

    @ KELLIA.. I totally agree when you ask “Why must we pay to live on the planet we’re born on?” I forgot what I was reading about a year ago, but this man had contact with an Alien civilization, and they wanted to know why we used money, he tried and tried to explain to them why we used money, then they asked him the same question “Why do we pay to live on the planet we’re born on?” From what I have read, other civilizations don’t have the same system that Planet Earth has. I long to wait for that to happen here!

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  67. #67 spedman
    October 10, 2011 am31 2:31 pm
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  68. #68 spedman
    October 10, 2011 am31 2:33 pm
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  69. #69 Space Muffin
    October 10, 2011 am31 2:46 pm

    Hey Gunner. I am an American Citizen as well and my soon to be ex-husband was able to withdraw his 401K due to the fact that it was going to be used to buy a house – apparently they must return the money for this reason – but they held back $5000.00, saying he could NEVER get it back unless he quit his job? Nice, eh?

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  70. #70 Laurinda
    October 10, 2011 am31 2:52 pm

    Dudettes: Great new GM site posting guidelines section—well thought out and well written! Thank you ladies!!! Yes

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  71. #71 Laurinda
    October 10, 2011 am31 2:57 pm
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  72. #72 Laurinda
    October 10, 2011 am31 2:59 pm
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  73. #73 Robin.
    October 10, 2011 am31 3:07 pm

    Laurinda #72..

    Hhmmm.. how things have exponentially ‘escalated’ in the last 20 years!! Smile



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  74. #74 John
    October 10, 2011 am31 3:15 pm

    Thanks Troy #53

    I have passed it on.

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  75. #75 Laurinda
    October 10, 2011 am31 3:17 pm

    Robin: please Search Mail Heart

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  76. #76 Laurinda
    October 10, 2011 am31 3:18 pm

    Sir Addington: Please Search Mail Rose

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  77. #77 Admiral2012here
    October 10, 2011 am31 3:19 pm

    …what’s Happen’n On Wall Street…there was an Anti-”Columbus Day” March (Columbus killed all the tribes on America by genocide – that was mass murder)

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  78. #78 Laurinda
    October 10, 2011 am31 3:21 pm

    Bravehearts: Did you know that the four largest private prisons in the US are owned by the Federal Reserve Bank?

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  79. #79 Laurinda
    October 10, 2011 am31 3:36 pm

    http://www.infowars.com/bpa-levels-in-humans-far-higher-than-previously-thought/ those plastic bottles are a part of everyone’s life!!! Well as the Pleiadians said over 20 years ago, the dark ones had all the bases covered. All possible scenarios were worked out in advance. I marvel at their warnings so long ago. They were/are dead-on accurate! I hope that Matthew’s latest message today is also dead-on accurate in how things/natural world will be cleared out, including our bodies! HAH!

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  80. #80 Laurinda
    October 10, 2011 am31 3:45 pm

    http://www.infowars.com/bpa-levels-in-humans-far-higher-than-previously-thought/ there is no hiding the TRUTH any longer!!! When the scum rises to the surface, there is only one thing to do, hold the guilty accountable, then transmute the energies, right?!

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  81. #81 Admiral2012here
    October 10, 2011 am31 3:59 pm


    If you really want to know why folks are joining #OccupyEverywhere events worldwide, then listen to this…


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  82. #82 Admiral2012here
    October 10, 2011 am31 4:04 pm

    …it’s not a vid…just a few words of enlightenment



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  83. #83 Laurinda
    October 10, 2011 am31 4:05 pm

    http://www.infowars.com/the-night-umbrellas-became-illegal-in-seattle/ this is currently going on down at the Seattle protests and is a BAD sign concerning the law enforcement there!!! Seattle is known for its amount of rainfall each year…this one could escalate and FAST… You must be actually holding your umbrella at all times for it to be legal, and if you let go of it or use it as shelter, it is considered a “Structure”. What will they think of next?

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  84. #84 Admiral2012here
    October 10, 2011 am31 4:08 pm


    On Friday’s ‘Real Time With Bill Maher,’ former Rep. Alan Grayson (D–FL) sums it up so well, the crowd ends up on their feet. Watch…


    …you should watch it Smile

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  85. #85 Robin.
    October 10, 2011 am31 4:11 pm

    Laurinda #75.

    Search Mail Heart

    Gotcha.. but in future you don’t really need tell me HERE that I have an email from you.. for the simple reason that it will automatically come up as a ‘new email’ notification from Mozilla, on the same screen that I’m looking at this site on anyway!

    Thanks though!


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  86. #86 Laurinda
    October 10, 2011 am31 4:14 pm

    Bravehearts: I saw the coolest and most inspiring video today: Geraldo Rivera showed up at the NY protest representing Fox News. He was chanted out. No one was rude to him, but they chanted how “FOX NEWS LIES!” He left that particular group of protesters without a Lamestream News Media interview, period. Yes Yes Yes

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  87. #87 Laurinda
    October 10, 2011 am31 4:16 pm

    Robin #85: Gotcha “C”! I did not know how often you check your email. Nice feature on your Mozilla though! Will do.

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  88. #88 Laurinda
    October 10, 2011 am31 4:24 pm

    http://www.infowars.com/sausage-the-riot-dog-coming-to-america/ here is an endearing dog that the media found in Greece. This short vid and the article that follows I believe will be of interest to our Braveheart GM Family all over the world. TV

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  89. #89 Admiral2012here
    October 10, 2011 am31 4:25 pm

    ROTFL Laurinda 86…I never liked Geraldo Rivera Yes …he tucked his tail in and walked away without Mainstream Media coverage…the ENERGY OF LIGHT…must have been too much for him Shock

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  90. #90 CarlFromCanada
    October 10, 2011 am31 4:31 pm

    Wonnapoo please do NOT withdraw your 401K. Its not long now until we know if the GFL is showing up. Why take the risk there is not a delay?

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  91. #91 Robin.
    October 10, 2011 am31 4:32 pm

    Laurinda #87.

    Cool.. ‘R’.. when the Puters on line.. it’s on line to ‘the lot’!
    Mozilla used to make this silly little anonymous ‘Bleeep’ when an email arrived, so I changed the audio file to a voice recording saying “New Email”.. so at least I now get ‘told’ exactly what IS happening.. when it happens!


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  92. #92 Admiral2012here
    October 10, 2011 am31 4:36 pm

    …the vid speaks for itself



    …you should watch it Smile

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  93. #93 Admiral2012here
    October 10, 2011 am31 4:51 pm


    Since when did you have to have a photo ID on file to obtain this?


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  94. #94 Laurinda
    October 10, 2011 am31 5:12 pm

    Addie: The hay days of the Geraldo Rivera-type reporters are numbered, thank God. By the looks of him, he ought to go into retirement…slink silently into the background…

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  95. #95 Admiral2012here
    October 10, 2011 am31 5:15 pm

    …oh wow…I’m out on my patio and I see a storm brew’n…gonna check the Radar…brb Grin

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  96. #96 dreamwalker
    October 10, 2011 am31 6:12 pm

    #77 Happy First Nations Holocaust Day everyone!

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  97. #97 Admiral2012here
    October 10, 2011 am31 6:16 pm

    …well DW…I don’t think it’s actually a Happy day

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  98. #98 snapdragon
    October 10, 2011 am31 6:29 pm

    well its Happy Thanksgiving up here Big Smile Yes

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  99. #99 Admiral2012here
    October 10, 2011 am31 6:31 pm

    …here ya go Snap Pumpkin …it’s not the Largest one in the World…or Universe

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  100. #100 snapdragon
    October 10, 2011 am31 6:34 pm

    Im thankful the show is getting started here on this planet and im thankful the next part of my mission will kick in any day now and I am thankful for so much love in my life and for Source and all the comfort, guidance, support and love she brings me everyday phewwww lol In Love

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  101. #101 Space Muffin
    October 10, 2011 am31 6:39 pm

    ….we had our Chicken 2 and Pumpkin pie yesterday…

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  102. #102 Admiral2012here
    October 10, 2011 am31 6:55 pm


    Edgar talks about the nutrients and benefits of pumpkin seeds


    …viewers descrcetion is advised…I just noticed this came from FOX NEWS…and that was last year’s News

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  103. #103 dreamwalker
    October 10, 2011 am31 7:08 pm

    #97 I totally feel your perspective, but I suppose it would be a happy day for the survivors now wouldn’t it? Wink

    I think the best thing that can be said for Columbus Day is that he’s pretty much relegated to the forgetfulness of history. He’s some european guy that sailed across the Atlantic to “discover” America, even though those living there already knew where it was looong before he found it!

    And in fact he wasn’t even the first european to discover it, since many of the First Nations living in North America are Basque in origin!

    So in all honesty I have no idea what the purpose of “Columbus Day” really is!

    Well we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving here in DC, my mom made our family cranberry recipe, and some yummy pumpkin pie. It was AWESOME! (and despite the fact that fresh turkeys aren’t sold down here yet) Heart

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  104. #104 Space Muffin
    October 10, 2011 am31 7:08 pm


    October 9 2011

    We are aware that there is much discussion in the lightworker cadre having to do with this or that interpretation of prophecies, predictions and what may come. There is no reason for anyone to be alarmed by the disparity of messages. There is an infinite number of possible outcomes and scenarios, and many of these outcomes will manifest because each person’s reality is different. So the answer to “Is this an accurate prediction?” is Yes! Maybe. For you, or if not for you, then for someone else.

    But we would like to suggest that that is not necessarily the best question. A better one would be “What do I want to see?” Or, “If I had my way, what sort of world would I live in?” Because whatever that answer is, you can have it! You can have it in spades, as the saying goes. Do you want peace, happiness, intergalactic contact, free energy, a society without money, a society with a lot of money? Lots of interesting work, no work? Design your life in your imagination and then energize the vision.

    What we are trying to tell you is that you needn’t wait for the events known as ascension, first contact, the US election, or any other external happening that’s somewhere in another reality called the future. What we have been trying to say is that the power for light, love, happiness and all the creativity you could wish for is already in you. The great religions of the world have all told you this before they were corrupted by people of ill intent. The message, the essential pure message of Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, and many other faiths is that you and creation are one. Make it so! Stop playing peek-a-boo with your own enlightenment. We know you all want a different world. You’re just confused about the means to get there.

    We’ll tell you this:
    The recent demonstrations are a very good indication that humanity is waking up. And these demonstrations are planet-wide. The USA is actually a bit late to the party, owing to the prevalence of disinformation in your media. And the anger we see is actually a manifestation of anger toward the self. “Hey, I’ve been sleeping. And while I’ve been sleeping, my rights have been stolen.” There’s a definite whiff of exasperation with the self, but on a mass scale, that will translate into big changes for humanity. So all to the good. There is value in properly directed anger. And now it’s time to stand up and take back the world. We are watching you with much anticipation, friends. We have confidence in you. Your time has come. And we couldn’t be happier about that.

    Do us a favor. Do yourselves a favor: That world you want to see? Do one thing today that gets you closer. And then do one thing the day after that. And soon you’ll be living your dream. The struggles of the past will fade like morning mist and you’ll be in the glorious now. We love you all. The Council.

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  105. #105 dreamwalker
    October 10, 2011 am31 7:14 pm

    #65 Robin that was a nice video, very much ahead of their time. Was that you with the bullhorn? LOL just kidding ah those were the days

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  106. #106 dreamwalker
    October 10, 2011 am31 7:19 pm

    #74 John, when I met those two entities all I can say is that the dream I had was really F*ed up. I can’t really even remember it but it was quite terrifying. I do however remember their names. Even though it was just a dream, I still had the impression I had barely escaped with my life (and that’s saying something). So they may be on good terms with your friend if he wants to reconnect with them. It is actually surprising to hear about them again… I too would be interested in further information if your friend would be willing to share.

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  107. #107 dreamwalker
    October 10, 2011 am31 7:22 pm

    I figured out who the “caretaker governments” are mentioned in Salusa’s messages. It’s NOT the US government.

    It’s the protesters of the Occupy Wall Street movement (and others globally) who are conducting the General Assemblies.

    True Democracy, with or without any direction…


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  108. #108 Stick
    October 10, 2011 am31 7:44 pm

    #54: Yeah Gunner, I posted the George Kavassilas interview. I don’t happen to be a big fan of his… but like Ashayana Deane, I do find much of his information to be quite compelling. The way I see it, we’re all in the process of trying to solve a multidimensional ‘Rubik’s Cube’. Unfortunately Gunner, the best way to get a sense of Kavassilas’s trip is through YouTube, which I know you don’t have access to. He is definitely among a group who believe the GFL are here for more nefarious reasons. The way I see it, the conflicting information about how ‘First Contact’ will unfold is simply a shadow of Duality… like choosing to root oneself in ‘fear’ or ‘Love’. When all is said and done, our ‘Intuition’ will be our greatest ally when we face our Galactic Brethren & Sistren eye to eye Hug Left Alien Shock Yin Yang

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  109. #109 Kellia
    October 10, 2011 am31 7:54 pm

    DW 107

    I really don’t see any of these protest movements announcing an ET presence or anyone believing them if they did. Fox Spews and the rest of the right is already calling them everything but a child of God. They;d really have a field day with that one.

    Now if motherships would appear simultaneously over each of the demonstrations around the world and expressed a message of support in the language of the nation involved, then you’d have something.

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  110. #110 dreamwalker
    October 10, 2011 am31 8:08 pm

    #109 Understood Kellia, but I do not recall a direct connection being mentioned between “caretaker governments” and “decloaking”. Only that, from my understanding, the first event would eventually (i.e. “soon”) lead to the second event.

    Perhaps this is as yet the initial stages of the process, and too premature to refer to them using the term mentioned in the messages. But wouldn’t you say there does seem to be some similarity?

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  111. #111 dreamwalker
    October 10, 2011 am31 8:36 pm

    Flight Training 101 (A Dream)

    I had this dream a few days ago, the strangest thing was instinctively slowing down time so I wouldn’t hurt myself.

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  112. #112 Robin.
    October 10, 2011 am31 10:01 pm

    DW #105.

    Yay.. those guys rocked on!
    No, it was not I on the Bullhorn.. but I WAS driving the stripey Volvo in this ‘Destruction Derby’, that WDE used to create the video track for their single ‘Hotsy Girl’!


    Mad times indeed!


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  113. #113 spedman
    October 10, 2011 am31 10:24 pm
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  114. #114 John
    October 10, 2011 am31 11:12 pm

    DW #106

    My friend Pat is a very wonderful fellow and has helped me more than he will ever know. I’d like to do more, but Universal Law says to wait till he asks…
    Anyway, here is his response…

    My proof of this is that anyone who can talk to them can ask them who my other 5 family members were who went out to meet them. If that was done, I would more trust the person giving the info.

    Now I DO NOT ask, nor does he, that anyone contact these folks again, without some assurance that they have mended their ways and returned to the light. I simply CANNOT put anyone in that position, even the position to refuse the request.

    Pat and I were chatting like we often do about differing perspectives and it came up. I think, for him to heal some of his past, or perhaps for me to see a little more of this fellow that is a large part of my life. Anyway, a little further down the conversation he posted this…

    I have no interest in talking to them again. I made a vow to God I wouldn’t. That is not my point. Many people say they talk to spirits. Thousands. 40 years ago there were thousands as well. I found them 99% to be deluded people that thought they were really on to something. As a person who could see spirits I knew they were basically full of it. Today I don’t look at spirits unless they get right into my face and I have no choice. I still feel strongly that the majority of spirit quides on the net are deceived. I don’t know, I haven’t checked but I am suspicious. I gave 2 names. They are my contacts from away back. They could be a figmant of my imagingation or real. If a channeler knows those names it is because either they know or are saying they know to be found wise or whatever. My suggestion is anyone who channels and talks to them say hello. Saying they talked to them isn’t good enough. Getting them to say Hi from me and get the names of my family then who were all intimates of those two. These guys were the most powerfull beings in the whole part of the universe we visited. If their wars against evil was just a setup for us, there was no way we could tell because they were so far above us we couldn’t judge. I coulld in those days take anyone out of their body and visit anyone out there. It was such that we would come back to our bodies and talk about the experience. We all saw the same things, that was my proof.I know about those who lie and feel quite strongly that they are shown the truth. I am not going back out. Sometimes it happens but I don’t try any more. I truly hope you find for yourself the proof of what you are doing. It is real and it happens all the time. I hope the age we are in hasn’t gone viral because of the internet. A biblical tennant is Test The Spirits.

    And I totally respect his position. It is his path and not mine. Mine has different rocks and nasties with teeth, as well as vistas of unimaginable beauty.

    There are wonderful moments of silliness too..
    I love silliness…

    Not really sure what I’m talking about here, sort of just rambling… I’m sure that there will be someone out there that will benefit from my lack of direction… LOL

    Thank you again Troy.

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  115. #115 Stick
    October 10, 2011 am31 11:23 pm

    Entheogens have changed our reality in more ways than we can imagine Lion

    **Steve Jobs: LSD Was One of The Best Things I’ve Done in My Life**
    10/11/2011 ~ From: thefix.com

    The legacy of the legendary Apple genius is quickly being drafted by a worshipful worldwide media. But most obituaries omit his longtime love for LSD.

    The death of Steve Jobs, the legendary co-founder and CEO of Apple, appears to have touched people around the world in a deeply personal way. Photos of memorials —from the makeshift to the high-tech; from Palo Alto, Calif., where he lived, to Pakistan and Peru—are circulating on millions of MacBooks and iPads and iPhones and other revolutionary products that he designed and retailed with such genius. Today his face is everywhere, his rags-to-riches saga retold, his entrepreneurial impact on the tech industry classed with the likes of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. The media is already drafting his legacy, tossing out wise and witty things he said over the four fearless decades of his career. One of the most meaningful to us at The Fix was what he said in a commencement address at Stanford University in 2005, a year after his cancer diagnosis: “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma—which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.…Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.”

    But equally suggestive, at least to us, is a quote from Steve Jobs to New York Times reporter John Markoff, who interviewed him for his 2005 book What the Doormouse Said: How the Sixties Counterculture Shaped the Personal Computer. Speaking about his youthful experiments with psychedelics, Jobs said, “Doing LSD was one of the two or three most important things I have done in my life.” He was hardly alone among computer scientists in his appreciation of hallucinogenics and their capacity to liberate human thought from the prison of the mind. Jobs even let drop that Microsoft’s Bill Gates would “be a broader guy if he had dropped acid once.” Apple’s mantra was”Think different.” Jobs did. And he credited his use of LSD as a major reason for his success.

    The Origin of the Apple Logo (Video): http://youtu.be/EYdXnDGibw4

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  116. #116 Robin.
    October 11, 2011 am31 12:18 am

    Stick #115.

    Yes.. I have recently wondered what the ‘difference’ in Microsoft’s thinking, approach and evolution would have been, had Bill Gates also actually dropped himself an Acid Trip or two?

    I suppose the ‘Windows’ may have looked rather more enticing.. and more ‘open’? Wink

    TV Rainbow Umbrella Rainbow TV

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  117. #117 Robin.
    October 11, 2011 am31 12:25 am

    Commentary on the 11-11-11 Stargate.

    The Akashic Wisdom Keepers.

    11 October 2011.

    Channeler: Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer.

    Beloveds, we are in agreement with your other communication channels that this will be a potent energetic time. This Stargate will have a unique feel to it as it carries both an intensity of the Scorpio vibration and also the frequency of the triple “11,” which is a Master number of cosmic illumination. The “11″ frequency can also carry a certain level of irritation if it is not properly grounded, and it is wise to be mindful of this. Grounding, time in natural surroundings and so forth will be beneficial. Keeping in mind that though 11-11-11 is only one day, the effects of a powerful gateway such as this can be felt for several days or even longer.

    For this Stargate especially, it will be important for you to be aware of “reality selection” and to set your intentions accordingly. To find a balance between self-care and selfless service will be key. Another way to receive the most positive benefit from this time is to be mindful of what shows up in your personal environment for observation and/or healing. Between today (10.10,) and 11.11. is a potent time for healing, releasing and goal-setting of all kinds.

    Most importantly it is a time to be mindful of Gaia and all sentient beings upon her. Holding the space that no matter what is out-picturing in the moment, a higher plan and purpose is unfolding and in this you can rest assured. We have spoken recently about a subtle, but powerful “current” that is beginning to build along side and as part of your planetary Grid. Set your intentions to experience these energies in their highest aspect, and align with the great potential for illumination and expansion that they offer. There is great love here for you.

    Shanti. ~ The Keepers, 10.10


    In Light!

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  118. #118 Gunner
    October 11, 2011 am31 4:15 am

    Thanks Stick and you woke up something in me, to just let go , release. I get too crazy comparing all the discrepencies in the messages but I am now just letting go and following my own intuition. I know the shift is on, I know there will be major changes for the good of all and I know I am well protected and I need not worry about how things will pan out. I mean, we all left the oneness of god and agreed to go into the forgetful zone and we trusted God 100 percent that no matter what happened he/she would always be with us. So, I trust god about the future and my part in it.
    BTW, the other night I had a dream of these ships. It was funny as the ships were maybe the size of a pizza. They just seened to be playing with me. they came, 2 of them, one foot from me, hovered and then would go verticle and then horizontal and then circle around me. At one point, I was like, is someone trying to play with me.
    It was so cool to be that close th the ship, regardless of its size.

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  119. #119 Gunner
    October 11, 2011 am31 4:18 am

    Kellia 111, so frustrating and not a day goes by where i dont wonder or hope for the same thing. They could even do that shape shifting thing with the shapes of Love, Peace and Joy. Wow, what a wake up call that would be and a profound message to the whole world. It would also force the disclosure hand of the governments.

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  120. #120 Admiral2012here
    October 11, 2011 am31 4:54 am


    When the Asians decided to wage financial war against the criminal cabal that has taken over the West and was plotting unprecedented genocide, the cabalists were warned that it would just be a matter of time before they faced lynch mobs in their own countries. That time is fast approaching.

    The non-stop protests against the cabalists in the US and the impending doom of the Euro are just the visible part of a global movement to remove these parasitic scum from the body politic of the West.

    The invisible part involves control of codes and high tech “black screens,” that are used to manage the international financial system. Here multiple sources say that bank accounts meant for the use of humanity as a whole but taken over by private interests will be seized.

    As a part of this move, the control of the US dollar will be taken away from the privately owned Washington D.C. Corporation and moved to Switzerland. There it will be managed by the nations of the earth. Given these circumstances, the United States would be well advised to create a new greenback for their own use.


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  121. #121 Admiral2012here
    October 11, 2011 am31 5:10 am


    CHICAGO — About 100 people were arrested early Friday after Occupy Boston protesters refused to leave a park in the city, police reportedly said.

    The Boston Globe reported that riot police officers arrived near the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway park at about 1:20 a.m. ET with dozens of sheriff vans and police wagons arriving minutes later.

    The paper said more than 200 officers surrounded the Greenway and Police Superintendent William Evans gave the protesters two minutes to leave or be thrown in jail.

    ‘”The people united will never be defeated,” “this is a peaceful protest,” “the whole world is watching,” the crowd chanted, according to the Globe.

    The paper said officers went into the park about 10 minutes later with another warning given over loudspeaker. Protesters were then made to lie down, cable-tied and taken away. Tents were torn down.



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  122. #122 Space Muffin
    October 11, 2011 am31 5:43 am

    …I hope it’s now becoming transparent to people who notice zero media coverage on the news of the protests, that many other things are hidden as well, and how much of a puppet show our media really is.

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  123. #123 John
    October 11, 2011 am31 6:08 am

    Pleiadian Message / Great changes between now and November

    Tuesday, October 11, 2011, 12:25 AM

    Pleiadian Message, Days to Come

    “You are going to see great changes between now and November”

    There have been many meetings; which were multidimensional in nature in a consortium of advanced beings addressing the disturbance in the force called Earth. There is a unified field in which we all reside and express and Earth due to its millions of souls crying out for justice, the end of tyranny and deception has been addressed. There are councils and consortiums all discussing this matter. In ancient times the last major colonies, Atlantis and Mu or Lemuria were Pleiadian in origin. If you talk with Native American Elders, South American Elders, Indonesian Elders, Hawaiian Elders and many others they all mention the Pleiadies as their ancient origins. Pleiadians have the greatest genetic stock or investment in Gaia not just human but plant and animal. They were the teraformers from long ago. There were other Star Nations that have come and gone to join in on this experiment some of which were lesser souls who hijacked the experiment.

    There are also unseen entities often referred to as Archons who also played a role in hijacking and derailing the evolution of Humanity and the Earth. These are low 4th density beings referred to as many names. Not just this galaxy but other galaxies have been dealing with these seen and unseen negative influences. The Elite call upon these influences in their rituals for power over others yet in doing so have lost their souls and have become possessed by these entities. What we are not aware of is these unseen negative influences are being cleaned up as above so below. The very grid and power base the global elite depend upon is diminishing and collapsing. Gods work in ways unseen. Now before you ask why is God plural did you know Elohim is plural and the correct translation of Genesis is, “In the beginning the Father of all Fathers created the Gods who created the heavens and the Earth.” The correct understanding is God is neither male nor female in its most unlimited understanding it is a frequency and a force, divine intelligence; which is omnipresent on all planes and dimensions throughout the multiverse. The image of the bearded male God came from the Annunaki, those who came to Earth from Heaven of the skies, technologically advanced God like beings. Some were benevolent serving the Creator in all Creation others were malevolent self-serving which is where the divisions of religion often occur. In the most ancient understandings God was female, the center of this galaxy is the black hole from which everything emerged, all life is related and family. This is more aligned with the creation process and what scientists call the big bang which was a lot of bangs.

    The many male images of God separate from Humanity and the Earth, diminishing and suppressing the feminine along with unseen negative influences have created the severe imbalances and misdirection of evolution. This is in the process of being corrected. All of the councils and consortiums to the highest level have agreed that the Pleiadians have the most human and genetic stock as well as a responsibility to correct this imbalance and redirect Humanity’s and the Earth’s evolution back on its original course. This is a multidimensional effort from the highest levels including the source itself to correct and redirect. The Andromedans, Sirians, Arturians, Orion Council of Light, Pleiadians, and a host of others to numerous to mention have dealt with the controllers on high and are now dealing with them on Earth. How we are going to see it on this level often depends on how entrenched we are in the negative system and how far away we are from living in harmony with each other and the Earth. The Pleiadians say we are here to release the past, healing is coming to the Earth. They are doing it spiritually and energetically all the way down to the physical. The consciousness and energy grids of tyranny and separation are coming to a close. The negative support systems for the elite who have chosen to invoke and work with unseen negative influences is also coming to an end. What once was hidden shall be revealed for all to see and once seen the masses will be quick to awaken and act due to the increased awakening and healing energies coming to the Earth. Your ancient ancestors are returning, they are benevolent and are here to set a new course. The wars, disease, unbridled greed and profit at the expense of humanity and the Earth are also coming to a close along with the war and disease profiteers. They are being exposed on every front. This does not mean they will go quietly which would be in their highest and best good. It means they will go, they have no choice neither Earth or the Universe support their reality. Direct knowing, telepathy, sensitivity to vibration will isolate them from the awakening masses who will no longer participate with their agendas. Because they have no respect for humanity, nature and the body of Earth their own bodies will fail. No drug, machine, or negative influence will keep them erect.

    You are going to see great changes between now and November, time to create a new world, one which lives in harmony with all the facets of humanity and nature. The old world is fast diminishing in a time compression spoken of in the Mayan Calendar. Yet that same quickening will support the manifestation of a new world of peace and prosperity for all. Unity consciousness is the future. Ride the wave. Release the past and trust in the future as well as the God within to guide your journey. Do not participate in the old world or act in any way that is harmful to humanity and the Earth. The future of Earth is set, how you choose to flow with this future or against it is up to you. Your choices will determine your tomorrow.

    Permission to pass and share far and wide;
    James Gilliland

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  124. #124 Space Muffin
    October 11, 2011 am31 6:22 am

    ….wow John….cool message…thanks…

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  125. #125 Space Muffin
    October 11, 2011 am31 6:28 am

    UFO OVER LONDON, POSTED OCTOBER 6 2011 Alien Alien Alien


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  126. #126 Space Muffin
    October 11, 2011 am31 6:39 am



    …spectacular show, I believe it was in August 2011…might want to turn your volume down, the music is weird… Alien Alien Alien

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  127. #127 dreamwalker
    October 11, 2011 am31 6:52 am

    #112 DAAAAANG! Cool

    #114 I understand where Pat is coming from. I’ve been able to see spirits too but like him I haven’t seen any for awhile. I agree with him 100%, but I feel much of this personal telepathic communication (white noise) is being shared for our benefit but is typically not intended directly for us. It has less usefulness to us than communication intended directly for us.

    I think there’s a misunderstanding here though – this was a dream I had roughly 20 years ago rather than a communication with them recently (I do not remember many of the details of the dream). This is an important distinction to make since it could provide the means to connect a few more dots for him. For example, he could be asking his question to someone who was actually there… thereby at least in part answering his question (I can still ask my contacts if that’s what he’d like).

    Dangit I wish my memory was better. Not sure if this helps Pat but thunderbird has recently made himself known as one of my guardians. Raven is another.

    Regarding fear of these beings (and I am saying this more generally than to Pat directly), this is simply something we are being asked at this time to overcome. The story of Sisuitl may be helpful here. It is similar energy.


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  128. #128 Admiral2012here
    October 11, 2011 am31 6:53 am

    …Turkey Protests Thanksgiving


    SACRAMENTO, CA – After hearing neighbors’ stories of wild turkeys chasing down joggers and other residents in an Arden- area neighborhood, News10 producer Duffy Kelly went out for a firsthand look.

    Duffy said she “didn’t want to take the ‘Terrible Tom’ stories at face value,” so she went to the neighborhood and tried to walk past one of the birds.

    Duffy had her camera rolling for her unexpected turkey run


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  129. #129 dreamwalker
    October 11, 2011 am31 7:00 am

    #117 reminds me of this post from Diane Robbins

    We Trees are Record Keepers

    We are the Trees. We, too, are Record Keepers. Our branches are layered with information. Our leaves are recording plates that capture your words and actions as you walk by. You can talk to us and we will record your words, even your nuances of speech. It is like turning a dial on a recording device and you talk into it. We are better than that, since we don’t run on technology – it is built into us. Our leaves look thin to your eyes, yet hold volumes of information that appears automatically to you in vision and sound when you “switch on” to us. We are self-contained books holding the records of the Earth. As our leaves sway to and fro in the wind we are sweeping the ethers and picking up pertinent information that is necessary to sustain life. It is all encoded and you can easily break the code. We can answer any question you ask if you just learn to hear us. We speak loud and clear to your heart – not your ear.

    We Trees comprise a vast underground communications network that records all events and is privy to all that is about to occur. If you want to know what is going to happen anywhere on Earth, just stand next to one of us and put your hand on our trunk and ask your question. We will answer.

    We trees are guardians- sentinels stationed on Earth to serve here along with you in partnership as caretakers. We are encoded with cosmic intelligence and graced by the Divine just as you are – only we are aware of our gifts and use them to create only harmony.

    You can read us as we read you – you are a Living Library and can turn the pages within your soul to access all there is to know. It is built into you…it is you. This is why your DNA is so sought after and you have been so tampered with. You are a prize worth capturing but no one can duplicate you. With all their technology they still cannot figure you out. Only the Creator knows the code.

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  130. #130 Space Muffin
    October 11, 2011 am31 7:18 am



    …they seem to like hanging around fireworks displays…cause I guess they know they will be seen by many…there’s another clip I’m going to try to find, where they were hanging around the fireworks, I think it was the 4th of July 2011…not sure if I posted it before… Alien Alien Alien …or maybe they just like fireworks?

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  131. #131 Laurinda
    October 11, 2011 am31 7:35 am

    Kellia: Right on sister—as I wrote earlier, I agree wholeheartedly! GFL show up NOW—as lots of folks are already out in the streets. IN FACT I have a great idea: Maybe I could just man-up and do a few fly-bys with my own small battle cruiser. It it gorgeous with an R scale design “painted” all over the exterior of the ship. That would really shake the cages of those HU-MANS, skittering all around with their little signs. I could blast some familiar tunes for their enjoyment, oh, and Mel Gibson’s battle cry in the movie “Braveheart” would also be inspiring! Ah, but that would maybe stir the pot just a tad too much methinks…hehehehehehe Heh

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  132. #132 Laurinda
    October 11, 2011 am31 7:38 am

    Robin: No worries my “C”. I was just teasin’ Kellia in my #131 posting! lol Peace

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  133. #133 Space Muffin
    October 11, 2011 am31 7:44 am

    UFO OVER BOSTON, NEW YEARS EVE 2011 Alien Alien Alien


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  134. #134 Space Muffin
    October 11, 2011 am31 7:48 am



    …apparently, they were seen all over the world on New Years Eve of this year…

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  135. #135 Laurinda
    October 11, 2011 am31 7:51 am

    Ok, time to role play . . . . imagine for just a few moments that you ARE the one creator . . you know, the mind of God that created all things. . . breathe this feeling in. . . take a mental moment to slip into the shoes of the One that wanted to experience its essence outside of itself. . . So you set about the joy of creating a new reality with the intention that you are going to hang out there, in every imaginable form, for trillions and trillions of years.

    Do you think, just for kicks, you’d set it up in such a way that you might get hurt, become less, or not matter?

    Or, as the All That Is, the Alpha and the Omega, the bringer of the dawn and each new day, would you be pretty confident that you could craft the most spectacular paradise imaginable, flawless in every way? Yet at the time have it possess the odd illusions of pain, loss and your own irrelevance, . . . to heighten suspense, enhance the unknown, and make it one unforgettable, spine-tingling, nonstop adventure, that will mean even more to you when you master it again, but from the inside out?

    How bout settling into Tuesday like you knew exactly what you were doing? If you were the master putting his hand to this day would you bless it and “be” with it every minute, or would you wring your hands in desperation and moan, “I hope this is gonna work,” all the while staying as separate and as distant as you could?

    From within the scheme of enlightenment and the love of God, (This is from Rev. Angela Peregoff)

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  136. #136 Space Muffin
    October 11, 2011 am31 7:54 am



    …this one is sooooooo obvious….yup, they’re attention seeking alright…. Alien Alien Alien

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  137. #137 Admiral2012here
    October 11, 2011 am31 8:08 am


    (CBS/AP) NEW YORK – Protesters are taking their anti-Wall Street demonstration uptown, to the doorsteps of some of the city’s wealthiest.

    Occupy Wall Street is planning a “Millionaire’s March” Tuesday, which will wind past the Upper East Side apartments of News Corp. Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch; JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon; and billionaire and Tea Party-funder David Koch, among others, CBS Station WCBS reports.

    The march begins at 12:30 p.m. at 59th Street and 5th Avenue and will head north.

    The march comes a day after Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the demonstrators can continue their protest indefinitely as long as they continue to obey the law.

    “The bottom line is people want to express themselves, and as long as they obey the laws, we’ll allow them to,” Bloomberg said.

    The protesters continue to gather support, with sympathy demonstrations underway across the country, and some unions joining their rallies, which were not without incident:

    Sun Boston: More than 50 protesters from the Occupy Boston movement were arrested early Tuesday after they ignored warnings to move from a downtown greenway near where they have been camped out for more than a week, police said.

    Boston resident Matt Hollander, 25, said a group of veterans carrying American flags were standing in between police and the protesters when officers advanced on them. One veteran, he said, was pushed to the ground and a group of protesters fell in a heap.

    “If they wanted to arrest us they could have done that without pushing us…without tramping the flag,” Hollander said.

    Sun Chicago: Thousands of protesters – consisting of Occupy Chicago demonstrators and members of labor groups, the Chicago Teachers Union and other organizations – flooded downtown Chicago at five different locations Monday to participate in simultaneous marches to “Take Back Chicago.”

    At least one arrest was reported and several participants were ticketed, CBS Station WBBM reported, but overall the demonstrations were orderly.

    The march converged on the sites of two banking conferences – the Mortgage Bankers Association Convention and Expo, and the Futures and Options Expo.

    Chicago-Kent law student Dan Massoglia told WBBM correspondent Vince Gerasole that the Occupy Chicago message resonated with him. “Did I ever see myself being here? It’s like, no – you didn’t see the civil rights movements coming for the most part … but now we have another civil rights movement, an economic civil rights movement,” he said.

    Sun Cincinnati: For a second night, Occupy Cincinnati protesters have accepted citations and fines rather than leave a downtown park. About two dozen demonstrators lined up late Monday at Piatt Park to receive their tickets from police. Citations that come with $105 fines were given to roughly the same number Sunday night.

    Sun Des Moines: A day after 32 Occupy Iowa protesters (including two juveniles) were arrested for camping out on the grounds of the Iowa Statehouse, demonstrators have moved their encampment across the street, and will request a permit to stay (grounds must be cleared of visitors by 11 p.m.) rather than face further trespassing arrests.

    Sun Atlanta: At least 100 protestors are defying city ordinances that prohibit camping in downtown’s Woodruff Park. As of Tuesday morning, police have made no arrests.

    “Occupy Atlanta” organizer Tim Franzen told CBS Affiliate WGCL that he met with Atlanta Police Chief George Turner late Monday night and is worried officers will arrest anybody left camping in the park.

    The group is planning a march Tuesday to the Bank of America building.

    Sun Colorado: Tent camps of protesters have appeared near the State Capitol in Denver and in Colorado Springs.

    Sun San Diego: A man jumped to his death from a multi-story parking structure at Civic Center Plaza, near the site of an Occupy San Diego demonstration. Police ruled the man’s death a suicide and said he was not part of the protest. One protester who witnessed the man’s fall told CBS Affiliate KFMB it was “just horrible.”

    Sun Seattle: Participants in the Occupy Seattle protest in downtown Westlake Park have been warned by police that the park is closed and that they face arrest if they do not leave. Last week police arrested about two dozen demonstrators.

    Sun Washington, D.C.: A coalition of anti-war and anti-corporate greed protesters – who were facing arrest yesterday when their permit to camp out in Freedom Plaza expired – have accepted an offer by U.S. Park Police to extend their permit by four months. The offer was made and accepted last night, organizers said.

    NYSE: The New York Stock Exchange’s website was apparently hobbled twice Monday, possibly the result of computer attacks as part of the anti-Wall Street protests, according to a company that monitors website response times. San Mateo-based Keynote Systems Inc. said the NYSE website experienced a one-minute outage around 3:30 p.m. Eastern, then a half-hour outage about two hours later.

    But NYSE spokesman Ray Pellecchia said an investigation by the stock exchange showed no disruptions to its website.


    What began as a protest in lower Manhattan’s Financial District has morphed into a self-operating mini-community, with a complimentary breakfast buffet of fresh fruits and bagels.

    CBS News correspondent Bigad Shaban got an inside look at the protesters’ camp in Zuccotti Park and found, this isn’t your average protest.

    At the tent village set up by the demonstrators, yoga classes are taught in “off” hours. A makeshift library has at least 1,500 books. The camp even has a medical tent, and its own newspaper, The Occupy Wall Street Journal.

    Occupy Wall Street “isn’t your average protest”

    WCBS reports that the protest – now in its fourth week – has divided businesses in the Wall Street area. Some are deeply frustrated by the steady stream of protesters who come in to use their facilities.

    “They want to take showers, want to wash up and use the toilet paper to dry up. It becomes… you gotta have one person assigned just to clean the bathrooms,” said Steve Zamfotis, manager of Charley’s Restaurant. “They expect everything, everything for free, nothing to pay.”

    Other area businesses take a different view: “Oh, no problem,” said Alfonso Alfi, manager of Pronto Pizza. “We let them use the bathroom because all the fancy places close the bathrooms for them.”


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  138. #138 Laurinda
    October 11, 2011 am31 8:17 am

    Addie: The March on Millionaires is a good idea, BUT with the tense situation the way it is here in the States, maybe many of them and their families have boosted out of the US now anyhow, as they have multiple homes all over the world…Why would they stay here and get hassled in their limos, coming and going from their homes?! I mean if it was you, wouldn’t you scoot out of the US about now? lol

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  139. #139 Admiral2012here
    October 11, 2011 am31 8:33 am

    …well if the Wall Street Gurus can perch up on Wall Street’s balcany’s drinking champaigne watching and laughing at the protesters, I would think the Millionaires would probably do the same…but who knows at this point what they would do

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  140. #140 CarlFromCanada
    October 11, 2011 am31 8:41 am

    Marching on their homes is a horrible idea. They wil lose support of people sympathic to the movement.

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  141. #141 Laurinda
    October 11, 2011 am31 8:57 am

    CarlFromCanada: Maybe so. No doubt the elitists will bail out or have already bailed out on their rooftop helipad. I think the protest focus should be on the Federal Reserve! Going “Uptown” only dilutes the protest and scatters them across town.

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  142. #142 Admiral2012here
    October 11, 2011 am31 9:01 am


    (CBS) – Most people would agree that “The Matrix” was a pretty phenomenal movie. The sequels are definitely open for debate, but the original was just cinematic gold. But did you realize that a lot of the action and fighting had happened scene-for-scene in other movies before? Check out the fascinating video above that matches up scenes between “The Matrix” and other films to see exactly what I mean.

    It’s so interesting to literally see how exact the duplication of certain scenes are when they’re right next to each other. Though this doesn’t take anything away from what a masterpiece “The Matrix” is, in my opinion, it definitely goes to show that almost anything and everything under the sun “has probably been done before” in some fashion.

    The Vimeo video is entitled “Everything Is A Remix: The Matrix” and was posted by Rob Wilson. If you’d like to check out more of his work, you can go to his website by clicking here


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  143. #143 CarlFromCanada
    October 11, 2011 am31 9:16 am

    I remember here in Ottawa one time some group decided to protest at some politicians house instead of at parliament. All the news video showed was the pissed off innocent neighbors complaining. BOOM protest lost all support.

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  144. #144 Space Muffin
    October 11, 2011 am31 9:20 am

    …I have total faith in these protests….everything that happens is meant to happen….we have already won…if the police do something stupid, it will have repercussions…eventually the police will join in and then it will be all over….it just has to take it’s destined course and it’s all good as far as I’m concerned….

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  145. #145 Space Muffin
    October 11, 2011 am31 9:38 am

    Crosby, 1968

    It’s been a long time comin’
    It’s goin’ to be a long time gone.
    Appears to be a long time,
    Yes, a long, long, long time
    Before the dawn.
    Turn, turn any corner.
    Hear, you must hear what the people say,
    You know there’s something that’s goin’ on here,
    That surely, surely, surely won’t stand the light of day.
    And it appears to be a long,
    Such a long, long, long time before the dawn.
    Speak out, you got to speak out against
    The madness, you got to speak your mind,
    If you dare.
    But don’t try to get yourself elected.
    If you do you had better cut your hair.
    ‘Cause it appears to be a long time,
    Before the dawn.
    It’s been a long time comin’,
    It’s been a long time gone.
    But you know, the darkest hour,
    Is always just before the dawn.
    And it appears to be a long time,
    Such a long, long, long time before the dawn.


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  146. #146 CarlFromCanada
    October 11, 2011 am31 9:50 am

    I am thinking of going to the protest to support the wall street protest here in Ottawa on Saturday.

    But reading their Facebook wall makes me nervous. I am fairly moderate politically and it might be too far left for me. Lol I still believe in capitalism, I just do not like how much power corporations and the rich have. I might go and hang off by the side to check it out first.

    Has anyone else gone to a protest?

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  147. #147 Laurinda
    October 11, 2011 am31 9:58 am

    CarlFromCanada: Jeff went to a protest and posted photos in Florida. Vee went to the Houston protest and was in an infowars.com video. Bill, Ian, and I will go when there is one closer to where we live. Seattle is the closest and it is 7 hours away, and it costs a lot to stay there. No doubt they will have something in Spokane, WA. sooner or later. Unfortunately the nearest Federal Reserve bank to us is clear down in San Francisco…. I think these protests will come in waves and for different causes. I distribute infowars.com bumper stickers that I order, wear our infowars.com and “YOU are the resistance” t-shirts. Getting the word out is so important, whether we go to protests or talk to folks about all of this. I think the protests will be in even smaller communities very soon. If you do go Carl, can you take photos and post them here?

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  148. #148 Wonnapoo
    October 11, 2011 am31 10:03 am

    Hey CarlFromCanada
    I was thinking about it here in Little Rock. I went to the meeting last night, they were trying to get everything in order. But once I slept on it last night…I have changed my mind this morning.Maybe i had a convo on the other side while I was sleep.Then the Pleiadian Message, Days to Come where is said “Unity consciousness is the future. Ride the wave. Release the past and trust in the future as well as the God within to guide your journey. Do not participate in the old world or act in any way that is harmful to humanity and the Earth. The future of Earth is set, how you choose to flow with this future or against it is up to you. Your choices will determine your tomorrow.” when I read that…I knew it was right decision. I can support them in other ways! Smile

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  149. #149 Space Muffin
    October 11, 2011 am31 10:05 am



    ….hope they make it to Wall Street…. Alien Alien Alien

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  150. #150 Space Muffin
    October 11, 2011 am31 10:17 am



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  151. #151 jeff
    October 11, 2011 am31 10:23 am

    Hey Carl from Canada, RE: 146,

    I encourage you to participate in whatever way feels correct for you, it may spark some passion for the movement. This is not really about left or right, up or down. I see this is a representation of Humanity from every walk of life.

    When I went to the Occupy Tampa demonstration, there were young and old, people of modest means, and even retired politicos who are aligned with the principles of fairness and equal distribution of resources. Many different agendas fall under the umbrella of corporate hubris and control of the resources. From the imbalance in distribution of food, health care, and shelter for every person on Earth, to unjust w a r s, and the the control of technology to attempt to keep the population slaves to the fossil fuel industry – it all originates from the same defect of character at the top of the economic chain: Greed, plain and simple.

    Perhaps there is something that you feel strongly enough about to offer your participation, not as an observer, but as an active member.

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  152. #152 Space Muffin
    October 11, 2011 am31 10:24 am

    ….I must note that Wanderer of the Skies is keeping true to his word….in my most recent UFO searches, I notice they are not over third world countries anymore….

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  153. #153 Admiral2012here
    October 11, 2011 am31 10:33 am


    Sen. Sanders talks with Ed Schultz on the Ed Show about the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protests


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  154. #154 Space Muffin
    October 11, 2011 am31 10:34 am

    SUPER COOL VIDEO Alien Alien Alien



    …this guy was doing a vid of double rainbows when the craft went by…our starriders are taking advantage of every opportunity to be ‘seen’….nice….

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  155. #155 Space Muffin
    October 11, 2011 am31 10:37 am

    …as info…I only post ‘lights’ because hardcore vids of daylight crafts kinda makes me wonder….however, that having been said….hardcore vids of daylight craft sightings are increasing on youtube big time….they make up about 50% of my findings….but I’m still skeptical so I can’t post something that doesn’t ‘feel right’…

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  156. #156 Wonnapoo
    October 11, 2011 am31 10:42 am

    11 October 2011 – 3:23pm | Ridoar
    Remark: When I received this message today from the Arcturians I felt an urgency which I never felt before. Usually I am not comfortable to publish content which is able to provoke concern, however the pressure I felt was so strong that I decided to do so. But please use your own discernment.

    Dear Ones,
    Today we come to you because we have an urgent message for you.
    As you know we care very much about you. We are your mentors concerning the ascension process of earth and humanity. We have cared for your race since many millenniums, because this task has been given to us by heaven, and now is the time where great things begin to happen.

    Your earth will experience very very soon major changes and we want you to know that all of you will be safe.
    What we are saying is, that each single one of you is being taken care of. Meaning, according to your karmas, you will each of you experience the most auspicious outcome. This is so because great waves of light are pressing down on your world.

    So in case you live in one of the areas where the earth will shake, we will be there for you and make sure, that nothing unforeseen will happen to you. Even in case of you having to leave your body — what you usually call “death” — we will make this transition for you very easy and you will be safe, as there is in reality no death. With our help you will simply and easily transition to a state that gives you a chance to ascend. If you don’t leave your body we will make sure that whatever difficult situation you will have to face that your experience will be still calmness and a joy deep inside you, so that the outer happenings will not touch you. You will be equipped with unswerving trust and faith and you will be protected and wrapped by waves of love so that you will subjectively not experience any real hardship.

    Others who will not have a direct connection to earth changes because they live in places at that time which are not affected, will find themselves in increasing states of bliss, and if they are able to allow them then this will be the beginning of their ascension process.

    In whatever situation you will find yourself, know that each one of you will be optimally protected and cared for so that your experiences will shift you each into a place of inner security, joy and faith, and we repeat: each single one of you.

    Therefore we can assure you, that whatever will happen on earth and whatever earth will do in the next few days, — and weeks — that all is fine. Don’t consider your physical body to be the most important possession at this time, but rather the emergence of your very soul, the Gift of God, in each one of you, is the most important event now. If you accept this, you will follow earth on her ascending path.

    You need to understand that there are still some tests for some of you necessary to make you fit for this great upcoming shift of your world and your race.
    It is of most importance that you allow the opening of your heart which occurs easily and by default if you don’t resist this process. With this opening your future is safe and you will walk the path of ascension without doubt.

    Know that this heart opening and emergence of your Divine Soul in your being and experience is granted to each and all of you, without exception. However it is up to you whether you are willing and happily prepared to receive this gift.

    We love you so much, dear ones. You are closer to our hearts than you know. And we promise your success. Divine protection is with you all! Be prepared and be happy!

    We are the Arcturians

    Message received by Ute

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  157. #157 Admiral2012here
    October 11, 2011 am31 10:42 am


    The collective voices of American dissent has manifested into a movement impossible to ignore. “Occupy Wall Street” began in the world’s financial capital, but this week protests have blazed through dozens of cities nationwide


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  158. #158 Admiral2012here
    October 11, 2011 am31 10:50 am

    …here is the scene Laurinda was talk’n about yesterday


    Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera attempted to report from the Occupy Wall Street protests in Lower Manhattan today but was forced to abort the broadcast after a throng of demonstrators led a rally of anti-Fox jeers. The incident was caught on camera by RT’s Lucy Kafanov.


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  159. #159 Space Muffin
    October 11, 2011 am31 11:09 am



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  160. #160 Space Muffin
    October 11, 2011 am31 11:10 am

    ….if anybody has a copy of Hilarions book ‘Nations’ channeled by Marcus B Cooke, it says that the North American continent, inclusive of Canada and the United States, is scheduled to survive and stay intact into the New Age….

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  161. #161 CarlFromCanada
    October 11, 2011 am31 11:11 am


    I think I will take your advice and think about it. I just want to make sure I am not being lazy about having to go downtown on a weekend. Lol


    Thank you for posting your comments about your experience. Right now I am leaning towards wait and see. I am hoping it will be focussed on the issue at hand..

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  162. #162 Space Muffin
    October 11, 2011 am31 11:14 am



    ….beautiful…one comet-like appearance breaks into multipls lights….not sure if I posted this one yet, my apologies if I did so…. Alien Alien Alien

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  163. #163 Space Muffin
    October 11, 2011 am31 11:18 am

    ….more starriders over Kansis City September 30 2011


    ….there’s multiple Kansas City sightings on different days…whats up with that?… Alien Alien Alien Alien

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  164. #164 Wonnapoo
    October 11, 2011 am31 11:24 am

    @ CarlFromCanada…Im still going to do my part! I’m handing out flyers to people at the job and out in public. some people at the job don’t even know about it. I work in a call center with about 500 people.

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  165. #165 Gunner
    October 11, 2011 am31 11:29 am

    Wonnapoo. you know what i have said, cash it in, YES!!!!! Might as well put it to good use and imagine the survival kit you could buy, the lap of luxury, 2012 survival kit, comes with champagne, a jacuzzi, queen size bed, steak in a can , a grill, a masseus, and all the spam you could stand.
    BTW Carl from Canacda, did you reak the latest blossom message? It seems they are now back tracking on that pillars of light event.
    It seems their excuse for the no show will be about blossom and how she lost faith in them. Time will tell though.

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  166. #166 Wonnapoo
    October 11, 2011 am31 11:34 am

    @ gunner…Spam…yuck!!! LOL Smile

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  167. #167 Vee
    October 11, 2011 am31 11:43 am

    Dreamwalker #129 – you all might find this strange but I talk to trees, the plants in my home, flowers and birds. This past weekend in Houston we got sooooo much needed rain. I talked to the trees and told them how happy I was that they finally got the rain that they needed. Some of my plants have names and when I care for them I am ever so tender. I recently found a baby salamander in my bed. I was able to capture him and released him outdoors. As he scurried off, I wished him luck, poor baby.

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  168. #168 Wonnapoo
    October 11, 2011 am31 11:47 am

    @ Vee, I saw a t.v documentry about 2 or 3 years ago. This little girl could talk to trees. One time, they were cutting down the trees near her home her mother had to drive the little girl jfor miles and miles so she could not feel their pain. It was an amazing story!

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  169. #169 dreamwalker
    October 11, 2011 am31 11:48 am

    The World’s First Solar Plant to Generate Electricity Even at Night


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  170. #170 dreamwalker
    October 11, 2011 am31 11:51 am

    #167 Not strange at all… I would call it a lovely gift Smile

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  171. #171 snapdragon
    October 11, 2011 am31 11:55 am

    Hi everyone,
    Today is quite an energetic day, according to calleman it is the first day of the 7th (last) day of the mayan calendar, a full moon and and 11-11 day portal. the two elevens numerologically are very power as two master numbers.
    What will you do with all of this energy?
    i am using it Smile accepting into my being to power up my ascension super powers lol
    ask for the energies to come into you and to be used however they best serve you and your path but mostly just be open to them all light energy helps us and humanity and gaia herself so soak em up Smile

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  172. #172 Vee
    October 11, 2011 am31 11:55 am

    Wonnapoo #168 – that must have been an awful feeling for her. I have strong feelings for animals also. I have a beautiful Bechon Frise, her name is Sugar Plum, I love her soooo much.

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  173. #173 jeff
    October 11, 2011 am31 11:59 am


    I love to talk with my trees and plants too. We are blessed with so many wonderful plant friends at our home.
    Being in Florida has its magic also. We are neighbors to many large, old trees. I consider them wise souls, indeed.

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  174. #174 Vee
    October 11, 2011 am31 12:00 pm

    Admiral #158 – thank you for the link, love it.

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  175. #175 Vee
    October 11, 2011 am31 12:05 pm

    Jeff you understand what I am talking about! When I look at some of these trees, I wonder what have they witnessed. Some are over 100 years old. There is one tree that I am concerned about because his trunk is breaking apart (for lack of water) and I put my hand on him because I feel he is hurting. One day he is going to fall over.

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  176. #176 Vee
    October 11, 2011 am31 12:06 pm

    Thank you Dreamwalker.

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  177. #177 Vee
    October 11, 2011 am31 12:29 pm

    Carl #146 – I recently attended a protest here in Houston and I was proud to be a part of it. The turn out wasn’t very large, about 130 to 150 people. I tell you since I’ve gotten my feet wet, I will go again. Power to the people!

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  178. #178 Vee
    October 11, 2011 am31 12:33 pm

    Laurinda #147 – I have a few photos of the protest. I just need to figure out how to post them. Remember, I did not have my reading glasses with me but I got a few good pics. LOL

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  179. #179 Gunner
    October 11, 2011 am31 12:38 pm

    Wonnapoo, I dont know anyone who actually likes spam and I dont know anyone who has solved the mystery to the ingredients of spam. I hear if you take it out of the can and throw it, it will bounce. The Admiral saids he dont like it but I got a feeling he is a closet spam lover. He even got some in his surivial kit, LOL Did you ever see the Monty Python comedy skit about spam. It is hilarious and you can watch it on YOUTUBE. Spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam lovely spam wonderful spam!!!!

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  180. #180 Gunner
    October 11, 2011 am31 12:45 pm

    Vee, this is not the site that anyone would use the strange word on you. I am actually all pumped up for you talking to all of nature. I do it all the time. I have this huge spruce tree in my yard that I named Bruce the Spruce.
    I feel the fairy kingdom and am still trying to have the visualizations of those fairies.
    BTW, Since I was a child, over 45 years ago, I had heard that plants grow so much better with the people that actually talked with them. My aunt always talked to hers and her house was filled with them and they all grew so vivid and lusch.
    Oh yeah, great for all you Texans with the much needed rain, I hope it continues.

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  181. #181 Gunner
    October 11, 2011 am31 12:47 pm

    Snapdragon, I will use these energies to win the 22 million dollar lottery tonight, YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  182. #182 Gunner
    October 11, 2011 am31 12:50 pm

    Vee, I dont think trees experience physical pain as they donot have a nervous system. It is possible they have emotional pain, but I get the feeling they pretty much go with the flow.

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  183. #183 Gunner
    October 11, 2011 am31 12:55 pm

    Vee this is for you and anyone else interested but I have posted this in the past. It is through Natalie Glasson. She is awesome and also an ET. I guess she came to earth in human form to help the earth and all upon her with their spiritual paths.

    Tree Consciousness

    Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 12/04/10

    We stand in your presence, so peaceful and strong, no words pass between us, very few acknowledgements are made and yet we
    stand as a supportive energy for all on the Earth. We are the energy of the Creator in manifestation on the Earth; we are the aspects,
    consciousness and qualities of the Creator, standing tall, ever growing and evolving, holding all that is sacred and holy from the
    Creator’s soul. We are akin to pillars of light nurturing and maintaining the vibration of Mother Earth but we are also here to assist
    humanity and hold a wealth of wisdom and knowledge to share with you. We are the tree consciousness with the prominent presence
    of the mighty oak consciousness. We honour you dear friends of the Earth and ask that you devote a small amount of your time to
    listen to us now as we share with you our energy and love.

    Within every manifestation of a tree on a physical level you will discover different vibrations and consciousness of the Creator’s
    soul. In different areas on the Earth you will notice our energies vary in order to support our surroundings and maintain a balance in
    the Earth’s energy. If you were to hold in your hands a branch, leaf or touch our trunks or roots you would feel a current of Creator
    energy flowing into your being from our manifestation. By learning to notice and sense our current of energy you will then be able to
    access the consciousness and wisdom that we each hold, linking directly into the energy of the Creator. You may discover that our
    energy feels rich in wisdom as if it is from a period on the Earth that was long before you placed your feet on the soil of the Earth. The
    tree consciousness which is integrated with the Creator’s light holds wisdom and insights which extend from the birth of the Earth and
    hold the numerous truths of the universe and the mighty Creator’s soul. By connecting with our energies you can grasp and accept
    these truths in order to expand your awareness and develop your understanding of the larger picture of the Earth, your soul and the
    Creator’s soul. You will discover within our energy and light a map of the Creator’s universe and that we are able to transport you to
    different realities, dimensions and civilisations. We have so much to share with you and yet we feel that although each person
    understands this deep within them they do not have the courage to step forward and connect with our energies. We must explain that
    in order to connect with the pure and truthful consciousness of our energy you must come to us with an open heart and mind that is
    filled with love and a radiant peace. We have many levels to our energy as do you, this is because we are in physical form; the lowest
    or slowest vibration of our manifestation can be noticeable as the lower or sometimes negative qualities of the Earth. This is not our
    truth nor is it yours, we are each high vibrational pure beings of love but when energy is slowed it can become stagnant and so create
    the appearance of negative qualities, but these are simply extreme or exaggerated energies. When one is able to find their centre then
    they are able to connect with the truth of their being and the truth of the Creator, bringing forth peace, love and joy.

    We are asking you to come to us with your truth so that we may share our truth with you, come to us in a state of peace and love
    and we will open our peaceful, loving and wise energies to you. Let us link on a level that allows us to unite our Creator’s energies,
    heightening our vibration and ascending to greater states of freedom, expansiveness and bliss. We are here to assist you in any way
    that we can and to share with you the ways and methods that you can help in the positive development of the Earth and ascension of
    humanity. There are many methods that can be placed into action by humanity in order to bring peace, harmony, balance and love to
    the Earth and this can be accessed from our energy, because in truth these ideas have been in the consciousness of the Earth for
    much time, it is just that humanity is choosing to ignore what is essential and needed on the Earth. We, the tree consciousness are
    calling you to connect with our energy either in meditation in your own space or to go forth and connect with us physically by touching
    or linking with a tree of your choice. We wish to prepare you for the changes that will and need to occur within you and on the Earth.
    We wish to enhance your connection with the Earth and the Creator so that you may exist in a similar way to us; as holders, beacons
    and anchors of the sacred light manifestations that exist on the Earth and the Creator’s universe. We wish to act as a support network,
    as anchors of the Creator’s light and as healers to all.

    All that we ask of you is that you take time to link with our energies and allow yourself to experience our light, sensing its influence
    on your being. Below is an invocation that can be stated if you wish to connect with the tree consciousness while not in nature.

    ‘I call upon the protection, light and love of my personal guides and the Creator; I ask that you assist me in gaining a state of love
    within my mind and heart while adopting an existence of peace. I am love, I am peace.

    I now invoke the light, love and wisdom of the tree consciousness of the Earth and the Creator’s soul to anchor into my being
    allowing the most appropriate vibration and level of energy to flow through me. I ask that as I open my truth and love to the tree
    consciousness, that I am able to sense and experience the trust and love held within the tree consciousness. Allow me to receive the
    wisdom and energy that I need and is essential to my growth now on the Earth. Thank you and let it be.’

    Then allow yourself to sit peacefully in a state of acceptance and peace.

    If you wish to connect with our consciousness in nature then we ask that you first allow yourself to activate from within you a state
    of peace and love, radiating this abundantly from your being. Allow yourself to be drawn to a tree as each tree holds different
    vibrations and so you will feel a greater bond with some rather than others. Sit or stand near the tree sending your energy of peace
    and love and notice if you feel a bond or blending of energies building. You may find that the tree, experiencing your energies, extends
    its light to you. When you feel ready move forward and place a hand on the tree or lean up against it. Ask for your senses to be open
    to experiencing the light, energy, love and consciousness of the tree. It is important to follow your own guidance and to also be alert to
    any thoughts or insights that you gain from the tree. You may speak with the tree; trees are naturally receptive to the sound or
    vibration of your voice. Ask the tree to allow the united consciousness of the trees to flow through you or you can ask the tree to align
    you on a deeper level with the soul of the Creator. You may even ask the tree to assist you in connecting with the energies of your
    soul deep within you. With practice and dedication a connection will build and as a trust develops so you will receive needed wisdom
    and enlightenment to aid your connection with the Earth and the Creator and to assist you in supporting the ascension of the Earth
    and humanity.

    We also wish to remind you that even when you hold within your hands a branch or leaf, dead or alive you will be able to access a
    certain level of consciousness during meditation.

    We hope that we have inspired you to hold the courage to connect with our energies and to honour our presence as we stand
    alongside you.

    With deep Creator love,

    The Tree Consciousness

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  184. #184 Laurinda
    October 11, 2011 am31 12:58 pm

    Gordon: You have stepped- up, and I greatly appreciate your generosity and kind Spirit!!! You’re the bomb my dear Braveheart brother!!! Sun Peace Rose

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  185. #185 Laurinda
    October 11, 2011 am31 1:04 pm

    Gunner: The trees I have worked with at the clear cuts in Oregon sure as hell felt something!!! A great groan would ring out in the forest as the chainsaws were cutting them down. It was torture for me to be there, but I had a job to do with those trees. I would warn them, thank the tree spirits for their presence, then plant clear quartz crystals all over the new clear cuts in our area of Oregon. My yellow lab Molly and I went all over there and then did the same here in Idaho on the big clear cut near us 20 miles south of Sandpoint out in Sagle. My dog Tasha would accompany me there…. I can tell you that it is not easy hearing those groans—they sound like agony to me. All one can do is release them into the light….

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  186. #186 Laurinda
    October 11, 2011 am31 1:12 pm

    Gunner: There are two beings that I especially love here on this planet—trees and birds and the R in me rises up when people try to f*** with either of them!!!!!!!!!

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  187. #187 jeff
    October 11, 2011 am31 1:16 pm


    I really get your connection to the trees and birds….they are among my faves also….have to say, that Dolphins are right up there with them.

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  188. #188 Gunner
    October 11, 2011 am31 1:21 pm

    My dear friends, we love you so very much.

    Never give up on your dreams dear friends. They are always closer than you think. In the mind of God all things already exist, waiting to be made manifest in your physical world. In the heart of God all possibilities are there for you to explore. And what you cannot achieve by sheer hard work, brilliance, and dedication, God can deliver with seemingly miraculous ease.

    It sounds easy and yet the human mind is the single biggest culprit in sabotaging your own dreams. Your doubts, dear ones put the brakes on your manifestations. If you haven’t see anything like what you desire in your life you may find your dreams hard to believe or imagine. Seek out role models. Seek you examples of what you desire. And instead of justifying why these role models have what you want, and you do not, say instead, “If it is possible for anyone, it is possible for me as well.” Do what you know to do by all means to get your dreams going, but then dear ones, trust in God to partner with you and create what you cannot yet figure out.

    God, dear ones is the love that gives you life. God’s love is who you really are. It is only your mind, your beliefs, your conditioning, and all that you call your ego that forgets this. Can you take time to imagine every day the life you desire? Can you imagine it in such detail that it begins to seem real. Can you be grateful for your present circumstances and all they have taught you, while still imagining more? Make this a habit dear friends! Make it a habit to think of the best that can happen to you, the most joyful outcome, the thing that you desire the most. And by all means, get going! Do what you know. And then when you have done everything you know to do, everything your heart has guided you to do, trust in God. Relax into God. Surrender your concerns, and release your dreams unto the heavens, where in reality, they already exist, just waiting for you to believe.

    God bless you! We love you so very much.
    – The Angels

    I love these angel messages and this is what I was talking about in relation to Steve. “In the mind of god, everything already exists, waiting to be made manifest in your physical world” God stated this same thing in the Conversation with God books. Not to rub steve into the gorund again but this is what I meant when i said if steveve didnot invent whatever he invented, then someone else would.
    Have a great night everyone, I am getting a ride home tonight, YES!!!! Cant wait to watch the Kardashians wedding of Kim.I kind of feel for Kris, as the Kardashians are pretty making this to be all about them, especially the mother, and they dont seem to involve kris in the decisons and they dont seem to involve Krises family. He is not that materialistic as they are. Gotta really love the guy and he is not afraid to speak his mind.

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  189. #189 Gunner
    October 11, 2011 am31 1:23 pm

    I hear you Laurinda and i remember your story of the neighbor who cut down that beautiful tree in your neighborhood.
    Reading that message for the 10 time, I could feel the energy and love pouring through.
    Well , off to the races, chris will be here in 5 minutes.
    Tomorrow, I got to post Natalies message from the fairie kingdom.

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  190. #190 Gunner
    October 11, 2011 am31 1:26 pm

    Wow laurind, just read 187. I also wonder if some trees dont mind being cut down for use in our world. Maybe some even volunteered for this such as the animals do for our food chain. Very interesting to ponder this Laurinda, catch you tomorrow.

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  191. #191 Laurinda
    October 11, 2011 am31 1:43 pm

    Jeff: I have never had the pleasure of visiting Florida. I think that I would miss the mountains though as it looks pretty darned flat there hah! Oh but you have those sexy “go fast cigarette boats” there…and lots of thunder storms—sounds like my kinda place actually! And looks like the night life scene there would immerse one fully in 3D. Maybe I could sample a Mojito there…. Drink

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  192. #192 Kellia
    October 11, 2011 am31 1:53 pm

    As some of you may know, I feel my mission is to get people to go beyond the dualistic thinking of capitalism or socialism that dominates economic thinking in the world today. On September 29, I gave a speech in Berkeley to this effect and put the text on the community contributions area of this site.

    Since then I have been looking for other opportunities to spread the message and also to make some money speaking because there is nothing for either David or me in the conventional job market. He has applied to 10 jobs in the last four weeks and has lost track of the large number of jobs he has applied to since the middle of May, I have fewer possibilities as I have not worked in an office setting in over 10 years. Today we called a food bank to find out how to get on the program and we called Comcast to cancel our Internet service before the price doubles.

    Last night I woke up to use the bathroom and could not get back to sleep for a couple of hours because I was thinking of ways to get my message out. So guess my guides were giving me information.

    Please read the speech if you haven’t done so already. If it resonates with you and you would like to help me get the word out please email me at theendofmoney@gmail.com so that I can share an idea with you. Anyone who lives in an English-speaking part of the world can help. If you would rather listen to the speech than read it can be downloaded as an mp3 here http://www.sendspace.com/file/11mvp3


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  193. #193 Space Muffin
    October 11, 2011 am31 1:57 pm


    Channeled by: Julie Miller

    Welcome beloveds to another fine Tuesday. We speak today of dissolving all negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, despair and all that this can include with the use of the Violet Flame. The Violet Flame, beloveds has a tremendous healing effect that is BENEFICIAL both body and spirit. The Violet Flame, once directed as to what you wish from it, will assist you with dissolving these negative thought patterns.

    You only need to use your own thought, be that of PURE thought from your purest of intent that is filled and fuelled by unconditional love. Invoke this wonderful healing flame, envision its violet colour, for some of you it might be holding inside a sconce, or a torch or flowing freely. See it for the magnificent colour that it is. Instruct this FLAME where you need the healing and how the healing from this flame will be helpful to you. You can say this aloud or to yourself, it makes not the difference as your INTENTION being that it is pure will also be heard. When you do this you are calling to me and to other Masters that work within the Violet Flame to help heal away those negative thought forms and the residual effects that may linger. You may not see us, just know we are there helping as you requested and directed.

    Dissolving your negative thought patterns is ESSENTIAL not just for your ascension but for your overall spiritual health which also effects your physical health to various degrees. The more you practice using the flame the more understanding you become of the sensations you will experience. Your own self-awareness will rise as well, that will assist you to connecting to your higher self and other light beings such as me.

    Working at dissolving your old thought patterns and removing discord is essential to your spiritual growth. You move forward each and every time you manage to do this beloveds. Some of you that are in-tune with their chakras will feel different chakras expand during different spiritual growth cycles. It takes paying close attention to feel each one beloveds and not to worry if you do not. Just know that the good work you are doing within yourself to improve yourself and to learn newer thought patterns and developing new beliefs is aiding to your chakra growth. Remember to cleanse your chakras as often as you can. When they become bogged down from spent energy, they can assist to your “blue’ or ‘low’ feelings. Learn to pin point which chakras are out of balance. You will learn this as you learn more of chakras beloveds. I work within the Throat Chakra. I can assist you with vocalizing positive speech, which is necessary when you are among others regardless of the same frame of mind or belief system. I will guide you towards creating more effective and positive thought forms; yes you will have to do the work, have faith and believe in yourself beloveds.

    Working within the Violet Flame will benefit you with more than healing your spirit after you have dissolved warn out beliefs and ways of thinking. You can find strength and courage within the Violet Flame that will help move you forward during the times you are CREATING new beliefs and newer ways of thinking that is positive. During all the changes that are happening around you, your community and the world, it is not the time to bury your head in the sand. It is time to stand tall, feel the warmth of the sun even on cloudy days, feel the warmth that it there. This warmth will invigorate and energize you and your spirit.

    When you call upon the Violet Flame you are asking it to REMOVE all negative thoughts and discord that are from the past, present, the future, and from this reality and from all other realities. You will find moments beloveds when you WILL need to do this again and the Violet Flame will be there when you are in need of its healing. Just as you will find moments when you need to clear and cut cords. Use the Violet Flame during such times as well; your spirit will heal that much faster with its aid.

    Find COMFORT knowing you have the ability of healing yourself from clearing yourself from negative situations that have caused your spirit to have a loss of energy. That alone is very empowering beloveds. You have so much POWER inside of you, and you will reach various parts of your INNER-POWER over time. You will find more reasons to love YOURSELF, which allow you to love others just as much. My love for you beloveds is beyond measure. Always know that God’s Love and Light lives within your beautiful heart.

    And so it is.

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  194. #194 Laurinda
    October 11, 2011 am31 1:57 pm

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zOiZaFMgio looking for America….land of the free and home of the brave. Now let’s take this and ramp it up to the planetary level. Yes

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  195. #195 Laurinda
    October 11, 2011 am31 2:03 pm

    #193: Working with the Violet Flame Energies is not for the faint of heart. It suits the warrior types well I think. They call amethyst the “Transformational Stone”. Its a great stone to wear nowadays in these fast times. If a color can be “kick ass”, then it is violet, and the same goes for the violet energy color, stone, and flower essence tinctures. Yup, its time for some real ass kickin’ Bravehearts! lol Yes Yin Yang Heart Sun

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  196. #196 Admiral2012here
    October 11, 2011 am31 2:06 pm


    Peter King (R – NY) knows what people are capable of when we unite and confront power


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  197. #197 Laurinda
    October 11, 2011 am31 2:06 pm

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSQDFMC1o9g this is a short invocation to the Violet Flame to work with Spacey Muffin!!! Heart

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  198. #198 Space Muffin
    October 11, 2011 am31 2:08 pm




    …first link is part 1, second link is part 2… Alien Alien Alien

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  199. #199 Space Muffin
    October 11, 2011 am31 2:14 pm



    …apparently comet Elenin is the blue kachina…I believe it’s closest contact with earth is sometime around October 17?…cool vid…

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  200. #200 Space Muffin
    October 11, 2011 am31 2:15 pm

    ….thanks Laurinda!!!!! Heart Heart to you!!!

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  201. #201 jeff
    October 11, 2011 am31 2:21 pm


    You made me laugh. People seem to think of Florida as Miami, just like New York State gets grouped with NYC.

    My part of Florida is a place where there are sacred Native Tribal shell mounds, quartz crystal sand beaches and ancient trees with Spanish Moss cascading off their limbs…Roseate Spoonbills and Doves, Bald Eagles and Red-shouldered Hawks, Osprey, Dolphin and Manatee. There are five different trees that bear edible fruit in my back yard.

    I love the west also, I spent much time in the High Desert in Washington State, and all over Oregon. Would love to visit there again.

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  202. #202 John
    October 11, 2011 am31 2:28 pm

    From Steve Beckow….

    Gabe: The Angelic Realm

    “Gabe” is the pseudonym of an incarnated angel who has from time to time shared with us his experiences from behind the veil that all of us wear. I’m always glad to receive an article from him.

    The Angelic Realm
    by Gabe

    Hi All! It’s me, Gabe. I am feeling inspired to write and asked Steve what he wanted an article on. These were his questions: “I’ll tell you one subject that must be explored at some point and that is the whole subject of the Angelic Kingdom. How many orders? What are the orders? What does it mean to say that the Seraphim ‘stand in the face of God’? What orders are there that are knowable beyond the Angelic Kingdom? What is the relationship between the human realm and the Angelic realm? What are the relationships between one realm of the Angelic Kingdom and another? Do angels have bodies? They are represented as being individuals (Michael, Raphael, Uriel, etc.) but in what way are they individuals and in what way group soul, monadic, etc.?”

    I’m going to be up front right from the get go and say I don’t know the answer definitively to ANY of these questions because while I am here I operate under the veil just like everyone else. This information is not readily available to me. Just think about it for a minute, if I had active full memories of home I would not be able to function from the sheer agony of homesickness. I have some very fleeting memories and it is very difficult to stay connected/grounded here because the homesickness becomes so awful.

    I will share what I do know and hopefully this will be helpful. The “Orders” were never meant to be viewed as a hierarchical system. The descriptions of the Orders are job descriptions. Remember, as above so below, as below so above. Like here on earth, everyone has a job. Some have “cooler” jobs than others. Some become famous. (YEA, Michael!!) As far as the number of Orders, obviously infinite. Each angel is unique, and has their own special job/role in creation. Think about it, how do you categorize any single person that is/was incarnate or come up with a hierarchy for the categories regarding their role/contribution? Remember, categorization is a function of the linear. The Divine operates in a nonlinear paradigm.

    The relationship between the human realm and the angelic realm/orders of the angelic realm is one of Divine Interconnection through the Divine Matrix. We are all creations of God, and in turn, work interactively/cooperatively with each other to achieve the will of God. As you know, we are all whole and we are all part of the whole. It is a symbiotic/synergistic relationship, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Do not try to analyze this statement with your mind. Rather, FEEL this in your soul. This is a topic that cannot be intellectualized by the mind. It must be discerned/felt with the soul.

    When you try to “think” this through you diminish the information into blocks of data. When you feel this information, you catch a glimpse of the vastly infinite wonder and beauty of God’s creation. This cannot be conceptualized.

    Steve, if you review the transcript of your last reading with Michael, you will see he is gently telling you what you need to know for now. We are all still learning, including him. Even he does not know definitive timelines, details, etc. He has a better idea because he is less veiled than us humans, but even he is veiled. We are ALL, including the angels, are ascending. We, meaning NONE of us, will ever finish the process of ascending and know 100% of the truth until we fully merge back to Source/God. In the meantime, my advice is when trying to “understand” the Divine or aspects of the Divine, FEEL it in your soul, don’t even try to think about it. Remember! You ALL have this information within you.

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  203. #203 Space Muffin
    October 11, 2011 am31 2:51 pm

    Inspirational quote for the day:

    ‘The wise man sees more from the bottom of a well, than the fool from a mountain top’ ~ unknown author

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  204. #204 Laurinda
    October 11, 2011 am31 2:57 pm

    Jeff #201: Sounds like you are up in Northern Florida. OMG, what you described sounds Heavenly—much like Northern Idaho where I live. I don’t like the snow we get in the Winter however. To me, snow belongs in the calendar photos! hah!

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  205. #205 Admiral2012here
    October 11, 2011 am31 2:57 pm


    Dratzo! We return! Your world is moving swiftly to a resolution of the struggle between our Earth allies and the dark cabal. At present, the Agarthans are assisting a number of your nations’ military divisions to dismantle the vast global network of underground tunnels and bases occupied by the dark cabal since the early 1950s. It is from these bases that the dark had intended to launch the final assaults that were to turn your precious home into a horrendous prison planet presided over by the upper echelons of this cabal. We are pleased to report that this heinous goal has been torpedoed by these joint operations. What remains is to complete a few more sorties and a great many more arrests, leaving only the final acts of this triumphant enterprise to the secret, sacred societies that operate under the supervision of your Ascended Masters, and those nations and other groups that have joined in formal agreements with our Earth allies. These final acts are the legal investitures of many new caretaker governments as well as the disbursement of the prosperity programs.

    The new financial system is in place and awaiting the formal surrender of this cabal. This will happen once the military and diplomatic maneuvers of our Earth allies are completed. All the while, the dark continues to search frantically for a way to escape its rapidly encroaching downfall. Its prime base of operations remains the U.S. Corporation, headquartered in Washington D.C., and we are in negotiations with several groups that wish to join us in taking down this illegal regime. Strategies are being applied, as we speak, to achieve this goal. Meanwhile, the old financial system continues to implode across the globe. Our heavenly advisors are presently reviewing a series of options that will allow us to increase our degree of intervention in your world affairs, thus enabling a swifter resolution to the goals described above. With the dark cabal still on the loose, we are ever mindful of possible harm coming to you. Every one of you is precious and cannot be interfered with unless your heavenly guardians approve such changes in your life contract.

    As we await our new instructions, we watch our Agarthan cousins set the stage for disclosure. Every day, new groups of nations join the movement to defeat the US Federal Reserve and its ally, the dark secret government. Together, these two organizations have run roughshod over your world for the past few decades. This is now to cease, and the takedown of the Federal Reserve is imminent. The recent deterioration of the global economy is due in large part to the actions of the Federal Reserve and its myriad financial allies; a rebellion, both public and private, is squeezing the last resources available to it. As this institution wanes in influence, a new financial system starts to come online. This new system has already charged most banks to adopt the so-called Basel III rules on transparency and is beginning to redirect the way funds are transferred from bank to bank. The next step is to remove the Federal Reserve dollar from its pre-eminent position.

    On another front, pressure is being applied to the US Corporate state and its closest allies to resign from power. New governments founded on basic constitutional and common-law principles are ready to take over. This is an ongoing process that will ensure a far-ranging series of regime changes by forcing mass resignations of all those who have been long-term participants in the many illegal governments of your world. As part of this, the regime in America is under enormous pressure to resign and hand over the reins to a new group committed to restoring the many constitutional rights that it and its predecessors so treasonously ‘papered over.’ The time has also come to return America to its common-law and people-oriented roots and to end the epoch of illegal military and diplomatic adventurism. The new governance is primed to restore diplomatic and international cooperation and allow a universal prosperity to spread around your globe.

    Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! The realm you inhabit is built upon a swamp of fear! Your new one is founded on divine Love! Look into your heart, dear Ones, and feel the growing Love that is being sent to you by the continuing decrees of Heaven. The dark sees the increasing levels of Love and reacts by stoking the hate and strife and separation that has powered this reality until recently. We call upon you all to use your Love and your growing intuitive discernment to see through the dark’s latest mischief making and to empower the divine Love that is transforming your world. Together we can use this sacred energy to help Heaven in creating your new reality. Never forget, dear Ones, that you are co-creators of this new reality. Empower yourselves and manifest with Heaven the glorious new realm that is now taking shape. You are grand magicians and your conjoined abilities can fashion a most heavenly world!

    The Agarthans and our secret, sacred societies have increased the rate of destruction of the labyrinthine underground network of tunnels and bases. The dark ones intended to use this network to carry out a series of massive attacks upon your societies with the aim of creating a prison world that they could rule with an iron fist. This scheme is now history. In its stead is a fast-growing movement that is sweeping away the dark and its twisted thinking. As the dark’s grip loosens its hold, the still-controlled mainstream media continues to belittle the upwelling of the people. Many events will happen shortly and we are busy clearing up the raft of small details prior to our well-earned victory. Despite the increasing numbers of arrests, the dark persists in fruitless scheming that can only work against them in the end. It is best to put these viperous ones out of commission before the last steps are taken.

    Our associates are now preparing to launch the new governance. The first step is the mass worldwide deliveries of St. Germaine’s prosperity funds. The content of the first announcements has been completed, and we are preparing to announce and institute the new financial system. All is ready to go. What remains is the final mop-up operation to ensure the demise of the dark cabal. Disclosure will be a major item on these new governments’ busy schedules, but remember that all of this is simply a step, albeit a big one, on the highway to ascension. Heaven is deeply committed to your success and the return of Gaia to her former pristine state. This is all to be accomplished swiftly once you are relocated to your safe havens, either aboard ships or in the crystal cities of Inner Earth. Everything is geared toward your Ascension!

    Today, we discussed how your world is being prepared for Ascension. Since your trek into limited consciousness, your Ascended Masters have shepherded you surely toward these present times. Now you are to learn that you are not alone, and that a vast and loving spiritual and space family are here to guide and mentor you back to full consciousness. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


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  206. #206 jeff
    October 11, 2011 am31 3:13 pm


    Actually we are not up that far north, but in the Tampa Bay area, on the west side, in Pinellas County on the Gulf of MX, known as the Suncoast area…it’s populated, but the Earth Spirit here is blessed and very much alive and well.

    Luckily, we found a special place to live here. The energy and the light is wonderful, and the breezes blow through our place, as we are at the dizzying altitude of 35 ft. SmileRainbow Cloudy Cloudy Sun Sun

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  207. #207 Laurinda
    October 11, 2011 am31 3:19 pm

    Jeff: Well it sounds like you live in a blessed location indeed! Cool

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  208. #208 Laurinda
    October 11, 2011 am31 3:42 pm

    Sheldon Nidle always loses me on the “Prosperity Funds” that St. Germaine has supposedly squirreled away over the past few centuries…that sounds to me like a big load of Poop

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  209. #209 Laurinda
    October 11, 2011 am31 3:45 pm
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  210. #210 Laurinda
    October 11, 2011 am31 3:49 pm

    http://www.suntimes.com/news/washington/8087427-452/the-allure-of-an-obama-hillary-ticket.html if this goes down we are all gonna be in deep Poop Great, a Bilderberg member as VP with her husband on the Trilateral Commission. If that happens, I won’t be the only one here in the US spelling America with the letter “K”… EEKS!!!

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  211. #211 Admiral2012here
    October 11, 2011 am31 4:09 pm


    NEW YORK — Hundreds of protesters, emboldened by the growing national outcry against what they see as the greed of Wall Street, streamed past the homes of some of the country’s richest residents Tuesday in a “Millionaires March.”

    Members of the Occupy Wall Street movement walked up the sidewalks of Manhattan’s East Side, along world-famous streets like Fifth Avenue and Park Avenue, stopping to jeer “Tax the rich!” and “Where’s my bailout?”

    They paused outside buildings where they said media mogul Rupert Murdoch, banker Jamie Dimon and oil tycoon David Koch had homes and expressed concern about how much less the wealthy will pay — and who would be harmed because of those lowered tax revenues — when New York’s 2 percent “millionaires’ tax” expires in December.



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  212. #212 Admiral2012here
    October 11, 2011 am31 4:37 pm


    A red alert was issued for the southern part of El Hierro island. The coastal village of El Restinga has been evacuated for fears that the undersea eruption will move nearer the island. Seismograms have shown a steady increase in intensity of the harmonic tremors since they resumed over the weekend.

    Residents Evacuated from El Hierro Town:


    Continuing updates:


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  213. #213 Gordon
    October 11, 2011 am31 4:46 pm

    Speaking of 401ks and OWS and the whole question of investing in the system vs. cashing out and not playing the game.

    Demonizing the financial system is understandable. The banks, the cabal, the Illuminati, and all of that have a lot to answer for. But, the Wall Street investment firms are only a small part of the stock market and most good 401k programs allow you to invest in various kinds of companies, as well as bonds such as municipal bonds that local governments need to continue to function.

    As a head of household I have an obligation to make sure that my family’s needs are taken care of and that means saving for retirement. It’s just not a responsible thing to do to assume that social security is going to be enough to take care of my family when I retire. The 401k is designed as a retirement savings tool, and so the laws around 401ks don’t allow you to take the money out. That would defeat the purpose of the program. The theory is that if people save enough of their own money, they won’t be as dependent on social security when they retire. I have seen what happens when you live in fear and distrust of the society’s systems. My wife’s mother didn’t plan for her retirement and is now not able to work, so we have to take care of her because her social security check barely covers anything. On the other hand, my parents saved a small amount for many years and retired comfortably with money to spare, and are not a burden to their children at all. In fact, they helped me out when I was going through a tight spot this last year.

    It may not be perfect, but the free market, capitalist system known as the stock exchange itself is neutral. At its best, the stock market makes things possible for entrepreneurs and businesses that need money to grow and develop. What is wrong is how the system became unbalanced and started working only for the very wealthy. But the system itself could function just fine and could work FOR the people, rather than against them as it is now. We need reform in the system. Imagine a situation where anyone could get funding from a collective pool in order to go manifest their dreams. That sounds almost like St. Germaine’s World Trust Fund, but it also sounds like a well-functioning stock market and venture capital system.

    The problem now is that the cabal have rigged the system and trust has eroded. But I don’t agree that the only smart thing to do is to stuff your money under your mattress where it will only lose value due to inflation. That seems to me like a 3D idea to separate your money from a collective fund that drives other’s ambitions in order to protect yourself. If the Galactics come and bail us all out, that’s all well and good. But if that doesn’t pan out the way they say it will, then do you want your children to have to take care of you when you’re too old to work, or do you want to be independent and maybe even able to help them out a bit?

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  214. #214 Laurinda
    October 11, 2011 am31 4:55 pm

    Why do the protesters spend their time on Millionaire’s Row, when they could be in front of the REAL EVIL—the Federal Reserve!!!

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  215. #215 Laurinda
    October 11, 2011 am31 4:56 pm

    Gordon: You make some very intelligent and well thought out points there!!!

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  216. #216 Admiral2012here
    October 11, 2011 am31 5:04 pm

    …well Laurinda 214, I think the Protesters are just experimenting with their Marches…there are all kinds of directions they can go; but I’m sure all the directions they go make some kind of impact Smile …this Movement is new to everyone

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  217. #217 Laurinda
    October 11, 2011 am31 5:07 pm

    Admiral: Maybe so…

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  218. #218 Stick
    October 11, 2011 am31 5:14 pm

    The Spiritual Revolution is in full swing GM Massive!!! Lion

    **The Uranus-Pluto Square and Occupy Wall Street**
    by VerDarLuz

    Full Moon: The Peaceful Warrior’s Call

    Tuesday’s Full Moon occurs in the evening at 19 degrees Aries, asking, “Are you fulfilled in how you assert and initiate yourself in the world, in activating your fearless warrior? Have you been unwilling to risk your pioneering mission in the world? This Full Moon includes a challenging aspect from Saturn, who is conjunct the Sun all week, asking us to be practical, realistic, and strategic with our goals. With the Sun-Saturn conjunction, the heaviness or extra responsibilities we may feel are best supported by directing ourselves towards projects we know we can accomplish and teaming up with those who can help us achieve our goals.

    This Full Moon’s motifs of the disciplined warrior of sincere effort echo much of the recent rebellious, but grounded fervor in the United States since the Sun’s entry into the sign of Lady Justice, Libra. A massive movement, whose fire first smoldered in New York, has now ignited citizens across the country. During the first week of October, the group of protestors of Occupy New York released a searing declaration, listing in very specific and acute language all of the many problems and issues demanding attention now, from joblessness, housing foreclosures, insane student loans, bailouts, and much more.

    The statement began, “As we gather together in solidarity to express a feeling of mass injustice, we must not lose sight of what brought us together. We write so that all people who feel wronged by the corporate forces of the world can know that we are your allies.” To read the full transcript of the Declaration of the Occupation of Wall Street, click here: http://nycga.cc/2011/09/30/declaration-of-the-occupation-of-new-york-city/
    and to view a well-made video of the event click here: http://www.vimeo.com/30081785

    The Sabian Symbol, an oracular image for each degree of the zodiac, for this Full Moon at 19 Aries is “A magic carpet hovers over the depressing reality of everyday life of an industrial area.” Wow. Does this not reflect the thousands of angry Aries protestors marching the streets of New York, and other U.S. cities?! The fact that the Full Moon is on the U.S. Chiron in the area of the home, the 4th house, marks the revelation of the major wounds of this country’s inequities, especially regarding the banking and elite’s decimation of the average global citizen, making life indeed depressing for others. But Chiron is a mentor and guide who understands the greater purpose from his enhanced “magic carpet perspective.” The collective frustration and gathering motivates not only a group empathy and solidarity, but it can awaken the creative potential in individuals to move beyond their governmental structures, towards a more empowered society of free individuals (Aries).

    In many of my lectures and newsletters over the last year, I have addressed this major aspect in the sky for the 2010′s, the Uranus-Pluto square, the tense friction of the revolutionary seeking to cathartically rebirth all the structures of society towards the creation of the truly liberated human. The Uranus-Pluto contact of the 60′s delivered the chaotic confusion of the conjunction. The 2010′s square between the two archetypal forces, in contrast, asks us to be more strategic, foundational, and calculated with our approaches to structural overhaul. So far in the U.S., protestors seem to be gathering in a sustainable and peaceful way, highlighting the positive potential of the square to affect long-range change, especially through dialogues and idea-swapping amongst the participants.

    I have just edited a new video which paints a portrait of the energies unfolding in 2012 and beyond. It is from my August lecture in Colorado Springs, entitled The Emerging Aquarian Age: The Trance-formations of the 2010s. A twelve minute clip about the Uranus-Pluto square is posted below, with information about the nature and invitation of the two planets as well as previous historical cycles when they met.

    Uranus square Pluto ~ Revolution and Regeneration Video: http://youtu.be/IP4_d0Swit4

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  219. #219 Admiral2012here
    October 11, 2011 am31 5:33 pm


    Danny Glover joins OCCUPY LA to launch our second week of occupation at L.A. City Hall


    24/7 WARRIORS! Smile

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  220. #220 Space Muffin
    October 11, 2011 am31 6:01 pm

    Pleiadian Messages October 11 2011

    Channeled by: Greg Giles

    Once the place in the heart is found, all can proceed. The necessary changes are scheduled and will take place, nothing can, or will stop this from happening. The heart is where all these changes derive from, and this must always be remembered. For what good are the changes if the heart is forgotten and the corruption of your society is allowed to transpire once again? We ask of you at this time to take a moment and stand atop all that is and all that shall topple and all that will come, and ask yourself where everything went so wrong, and what is turning everything around at this point in your collective journey. It is your intentions, pure or impure, that are the catalyst for changes either positive or negative in nature to occur. Try to see things from a higher perspective always, and your journey can and will be so much easier without all the need for collapse and rebuilding from the ground up.

    We, the Galactic Federation fleet, in conjunction with the Ascended Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchies look at your beautiful world in wonder. How beautiful it once was, and how badly it was destroyed when so many strayed waywardly from the lighted path. We ask you to always be mindful of your footsteps and where you trample, as your world is so vital to the universe in so many ways you cannot possibly understand this at this time. Much is connected throughout the vastness of space, and your planet and all its multitudes of different species is a lynchpin of this great universe. You are appointed stewards of this great world, Sheppard’s to see the flock safely delivered home. Many beings from many different galaxies and star systems have sent representatives here.

    Earth has been a great experiment in cultural refinement and structuring. If you had any idea how many worlds took note and careful study of everything you all do here, you assuredly would all act and treat each other so very differently. We love you all, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking part in the grand endeavor, and we wish you to know that all has been a great success. You all deserve such gratitude for all you have done and been through, and you shall be greatly rewarded for your efforts. Try to always remember that you are all in it together. You are all family, members of the great universal families of light. You are representatives of many and great worlds who have also grown so much through trials and tribulation. You all should be proud of your accomplishment; we understand full well your journey here has been quite arduous at times.

    Today marks a turning point in your collective reality. So much has been transpiring behind the scenes, and most has been kept from you by your current world controllers and the media outlets they have kept in their pockets for so long. That day is over now, as media outlets around the world have agreed in principle to now begin to speak the truth and accurately and fully begin to report the real goings on in and off your world. You will begin to see many things that will shock many people. Be there for your friends and family as they are souls who have not advanced as quickly as you have. Comfort them, answer all the questions they might have, remembering your own truth that there is nothing to be afraid of. All has been decreed by the creator.

    Earth is not alone in the universe, and you have never been unaffected by numerous civilizations throughout space. The archeological evidence is surely overwhelming, and could never be denied. You are about to be reunited with the architects of many of your greatest archeological mysteries, and we are prepared and excited to answer any and all of your questions concerning all your planet’s long held secrets. There will be no more secrets kept from you. Knowledge is light, and your world is now readied to fully return to the light where it has always belonged. We stand in this light today, and it will not be long now until you stand with us in reunion, bathed in the eternal light of the Creator’s divine love for us all. Prepare for this magical moment. See you all so very soon.

    We are your Star family.

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  221. #221 dreamwalker
    October 11, 2011 am31 6:11 pm

    #209 Sorry Laurinda but Jones just lost all cred with me. This doesn’t mean I don’t respect your views. The terms socialism and marxism have been used against the American public to erode their way of life for many years, and what’s shocking is that people rarely stand up to this kind of nonsense. Saying this, he stands against all social programs. Saying this, he is telling me he is bought and paid for by the corporations who find social programs a competition to their profits. Saying this, he is telling me he hails from a specific branch of the Republican party, which used to be administered out of Leesbrg, VA.

    Ironically, skull and bones repubicans once plastered posters all over Northern Virginia with Obama as Hitler. Really??? Ironically, skull and bones refers to a specific insignia worn on the cap of the SS.

    Swing kids: Swing Heil!

    God bless them all for their courage, and many thanks to you Laurinda for bringing this to light! Heart

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  222. #222 dreamwalker
    October 11, 2011 am31 6:17 pm

    #218 LOL stick there you go #221 sigh… Sun

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  223. #223 kathy
    October 11, 2011 am31 6:21 pm

    A Nasara message From the Galactic Round Table Scroll down to the bottom to What is Nasara Law


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  224. #224 Admiral2012here
    October 11, 2011 am31 6:22 pm



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  225. #225 Space Muffin
    October 11, 2011 am31 6:48 pm


    Well I came upon a child of God, he was walking along the road
    And I asked him tell me where are you going, this he told me:
    (He) said, I’m going down to Yasgur’s farm, going to join in a rock and roll band.
    Got to get back to the land, and set my soul free.
    We are stardust, we are golden, we are billion year old carbon,
    And we got to get ourselves back to the garden.

    Well, then can I roam beside you? I have come to lose the smog.
    And I feel myself a cog in something turning.
    And maybe it’s the time of year, yes, said maybe it’s the time of man.
    And I don’t know who I am but life is for learning.
    We are stardust, we are golden, we are billion year old carbon,
    And we got to get ourselves back to the garden.

    By the time we got to Woodstock, we were half a million strong,
    And everywhere was song and celebration.
    And I dreamed I saw the bomber jet planes riding shotgun in the sky,
    Turning into butterflies above our nation.

    We are stardust, we are golden, we are caught in the devil’s bargain,
    And we got to get ourselves back to the garden


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  226. #226 dreamwalker
    October 11, 2011 am31 6:49 pm

    #224 Heeyyyy… I happen to like mermaids! Wink

    … and COFFEE… Smile

    Starb$cks? Over roasted over priced over hyped IMHO! (so go get em Adman! Cool )

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  227. #227 snapdragon
    October 11, 2011 am31 6:55 pm
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  228. #228 starbeing
    October 11, 2011 am31 7:03 pm

    In regard to the question of taking $ out of 401K plans or continuing to feed them – each person has to look into their own heart and decide what belief system they are going to support through their actions or non-actions. The system we have now is broken. It was developed in 3D and has been manipulated and corrupted in many ways. It is based on a system that believes as people age they get sick and need medications, doctors, etc., etc., and that they are no longer able to contribute to the whole.

    If we are truly embracing the ideas of moving into 5D and beyond, and believe that our bodies are being healed and recalibrated, and we are becoming more & more light filled beings, then it is time for us to create a system that supports these beliefs. We have an opportunity to break out of our conditioned ways of thinking and create something new as the old system crumbles.

    Occupy Wall Street et. al, is a vehicle for bringing awareness of the issues to more people. We must maintain the courage and willingness to persevere and not just fall back on what is familiar or may have worked for some in the past. Creativity, prosperity for all, and thinking/feeling outside the box are the building blocks. Let’s get to it!!!

    Love to all Heart Heart Heart

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  229. #229 Admiral2012here
    October 11, 2011 am31 7:11 pm

    …here is “Occupy Wall Street’s” Headquarters website…keep informed


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  230. #230 CarlFromCanada
    October 11, 2011 am31 7:38 pm

    Well said Gordon! Until they show up it’s best to hedge our bets, and pay into our 401k! Or RRSP up here Wink

    I no longer believe anything Sheldon has to say. One too many final final FINALs!!!

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  231. #231 CarlFromCanada
    October 11, 2011 am31 7:43 pm

    That Alex jones site is kinda strange Laurinda Smile

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  232. #232 Laurinda
    October 11, 2011 am31 7:54 pm

    dreamwalker #221: The rabbit hole goes much deeper than you may even think possible. Search

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  233. #233 dreamwalker
    October 11, 2011 am31 8:14 pm

    #232 ooooooookaaaaaaaay…… Got me specs on….. Do tell!

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  234. #234 Robin.
    October 11, 2011 am31 8:54 pm

    Laurinda #147.

    ‘..Bill, Ian, and I will go when there is one (protest) closer to where we live..’

    Why don’t you START one ‘closer to where you live’??


    Actions speak louder then words!



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  235. #235 Robin.
    October 11, 2011 am31 9:18 pm

    Laurinda #208.

    APPARENTLY.. whilst incarnated as an enigmatic Mid-European Aristocrat some 2-300 years ago, St.Germain convinced the other young kids of Euro-Royalty at the time, to invest significantly in a ‘Global Trust Fund’ for the future of Humankind on Earth. Smile

    This Fund was to be on a roll-over compound interest ‘scheme’ and only ever ‘open’ for 3 months of the year (Jan-March I believe?).

    It is now reputed to be worth a figure having fouteen zero’s after it.. a deci-quadzillion or some such ENORMOUSLY unimaginable amount accrued – that has thus far remained OUTside the reach of the grasping claws of the Reptilian Cabals.

    He ‘saw’ what was bound to occur with the inevitable collapse of a self-inflatory and ‘Fiat’ monetary $ystem, he saw that ‘equality for all’ was NOT a part of that equation and so set up this fund to legally ‘kick-start’ (as it turns out) the likely ‘NESARA’ Abundance Initiatives.

    It is also rumoured that the GFL have provided enough Gold from ‘off Planet’ to back this fund $ for $. Thus it will be stable and incorruptable as a banking system (Basel 3+) via electronic encryption codes also ‘gifted’ to us by the GFL. (So, no more possibility of George Bushes sitting at mainframe computers in their Crawford Ranches, shifting their illgotten gains to ‘safety’ in Dubai etc etc!).

    None the less, this new system is really only still to be a transitionary one.. as we transit from being a finacially handcuffed ‘minority’ to that of being a truly Galactic Society and capable of supporting 100% Abundance in all it’s aspects!

    So, if YOU get gifted some extra $’s within the next months.. you might want to think twice about just how much Poop St.Germain’s ‘Squirrel’ has actually just ‘dumped’ on you!

    Just some further ‘possibility’ thoughts!! Smile

    After all it is our thoughts that help create our OWN reality!

    In Light!


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  236. #236 SunRaymond
    October 11, 2011 am31 9:41 pm

    Sun Yes Correct! Yes Sun

    @ #235

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  237. #237 Robin.
    October 11, 2011 am31 9:57 pm

    HONK = TICKET— ??

    Police experimented with a new tactic Friday night as they responded to a weeklong Occupy Seattle demonstration at Westlake Park — ticketing drivers who honked in support of protesters.

    Starting at 11 p.m. Friday, police started pulling over and ticketing drivers who honked as they drove past protesters.

    When the first car – a taxi – was pulled over, the protesters followed and shouted at police who then formed a blockade around the driver’s cab.

    The cab driver was then given a $144 ticket — and protesters ended up handing him money afterwards to help pay for his fine! Smile

    “I’m really sorry this happened to you tonight, man,” one protester said to the cab driver.

    The protesters also encouraged the driver to go to court and challenge the ticket.

    The driver, Ayad Agila, later said he was only trying to show his support for the protest and was shocked when he got the ticket.

    “That’s no good,” he said. “I was surprised. I’ve never seen it before in my life.. I’m not happy with it, but I’m happy to show support.”

    A few minutes later, officers pulled over and ticketed another cab driver, with the same result.

    Now ‘Occupy Seattle’ protesters say they’re trying to warn drivers not to honk.

    They quickly put up an impromptu sign that said “Don’t honk! After 10 p.m. you will be ticketed.”


    Read more: http://www.seattlepi.com/local/komo/article/Police-to-protest-supporters-Honk-if-you-d-like-2209430.php#ixzz1aXYQxxVu


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  238. #238 Robin.
    October 11, 2011 am31 9:59 pm



    So: Yes

    Not: Poop ?

    Smile Good! Smile


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  239. #239 Stick
    October 11, 2011 am31 10:10 pm

    —————Star ONE LOVE REVOLUTION GM MASSIVE Star ——————-

    **This explosion of love among humans worldwide is remarkable**
    10/12/2011 by John Smallman

    Your progress toward awakening is accelerating as you approach that momentous event, and almost everyone is feeling restless while at the same time experiencing a strong sense of expectation. You are feeling the approach of the moment of your awakening. It does feel strange, uncertain, even uncomfortable, and yet you cannot truly express or understand what it is that you are feeling because it is unfamiliar. To be moving from the unaware state that has sustained you for eons in the illusion into full conscious awareness is disconcerting because it is unfamiliar. But that sensation will not last because you are to awaken, and then all doubt, all uncertainty, all discomfiture, and all unfamiliarity will dissipate as you find yourselves once more in your joyous and familiar Home. It is a state which you have forgotten, and yet, from which you have never departed.

    You are divinely loved – as your guides, your angels, and all in the heavenly realms keep reminding you – and to re-experience that state you have only to release your hold, which for many of you is quite tenacious, on the illusions of sin, judgment, and punishment, and to open your hearts, as God’s is always open to you, to accept the divine inflowing that that allows. Focus on the divine truth that you are eternally beloved children of God, created perfect like God Himself, and that nothing you have thought, said, done, or left undone can ever change that. You are all utterly and completely accepted by God, always, just as you are. “Just as you are” is your magnificent and eternal state, at One with God, not the illusory and severely limited state that you experience while you continue to identify yourselves with your human bodies.

    All that God creates is perfect, sublime, supreme, and limitless; so what you chose to experience by taking human form in the illusion is far, far removed from what you truly are, and the time for that unreal and painful form of obsession is drawing rapidly to a close. You have “been there and done that!” It is time to awaken and come Home. Your homecoming is inevitable; it has always been inevitable, and the end of your times of suffering and struggling for survival in a hostile environment are almost upon you.

    Within the illusion you have been playing many games, most of which end in tears, because you have convinced yourselves that you are separate from one another and are therefore necessarily competing for a limited number of prizes that are essential for your continued survival. Consequently, the environment in which you find yourselves seems inhospitable and threatening, leading you to believe that life is a constant battle in which either you or your enemy (anyone else!) is going to be defeated. With beliefs like that, fear, deceit, and betrayal have been your ever-present companions.

    That is all changing, as Love from the heavenly realms inundates the planet as ever-increasing numbers of you open your hearts to accept it. The growing awareness, in the last five or six decades, of the total incompatibility of desiring peace while maintaining military might have brought about the realization of the absolute necessity for a worldwide attitudinal change in perspectives, and this has been occurring. Now, as is necessary to prepare you for your awakening, these attitudinal changes are accelerating and intensifying, largely due to your own efforts in prayer and meditation, along with the enormous effect that your determined examples of living peacefully in the world, without getting caught up in the hostility occurring around you, are having.

    This explosion of love among humans worldwide is a remarkable and beautiful display of your ability to arise out of the darkness of your fear and loneliness into the brightness of compassion and cooperation, and of your strengthening intent to resolve all issues that could divide and alienate you from each other through intelligent, respectful, and honest discussion. God created you as powerful and brilliant beings, and now you are beginning to understand this once more, as you work together lovingly to bring in the New Age of peace, joy, and abundance for all.
    ~With so very much love, Saul.

    ~VeilsFalling247—————————— Yin Yang Peace Sun Star

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  240. #240 Gordon
    October 12, 2011 am31 1:12 am

    SaLuSa 12-October-2011

    There is no doubt that your creative powers are opening up paths to Ascension that are extremely powerful, and that is speeding up the changes. It is happening on more than one level, and bringing forth the first of many preliminary changes that will set things up for the more important ones to go ahead. All is proceeding well and the dark Ones have got the message, that we are no longer prepared to wait for them to move aside. We will remove any person obstructing our efforts, to move the people of Earth into positions where they can start the whole process of Ascension. Much has already been done to lay down the foundation to success, and we are now building upon it.

    Every individual can also help at this time, by concentrating upon the Light and all that is positive. You may not know exactly what is going to happen, but you do know sufficient to be able to project whatever you visualize that will bring the Golden Age into being. See the happiness created by your release from the bonds that have held you back, and your return to Sovereign Beings. Feel the new freedom and removal of anything that has hitherto restricted your movements. Know that in time you will be able to travel anywhere in the world, by a new technology that makes distance of no consequence. Speed will be of the essence, and achieved by using free energy that abounds in the Universe.

    Somewhere along the way, there will be periods of uncertainty as the old is replaced by the new, and that is because some matters such as the financial changes cannot be implemented overnight. Similarly there may be some distribution problems where the supply of foodstuffs are concerned, and shortages could occur in some areas. However, do not panic as we will be using our facilities to overcome them, so that things return to normal as soon as possible. If you live in isolated or distant areas you may be more prone to the problems, but you will intuitively know when you should prepare yourselves for them. We mention such possibilities so that you give some thought to them well in advance.

    Naturally when we have free access to the media we will ensure you are well informed of what is happening around you. At present we are hoping to have assisted you to make the first changes before the year is out. However, it must be already evident to many of you, that we must get things underway soon as there is much to do in an ever shorter period of time. We can cope, but we think of the impact upon you, as so many people are still unaware as to what is about to enter their lives. It will be wonderful news, but nevertheless is something of a shock to find your life suddenly turned upside down. This is where the Lightworkers can be of great help by explaining what is taking place. It is important that people understand that the cycle has to end, but that it is the means of moving onto another path that lifts you up into the higher dimensions.

    Dear Ones, we really are so proud of your efforts to work with us, and together we have achieved great strides in spite of the resistance. We know even more of you are anxious to offer your services to us and Mother Earth, and your chance will eventually come. Be assured that all along the plan has been to enlist you in our projects, and in fact we have always encouraged you to do so. Our role was never intended to be such that we did all of the work ourselves, and we could put it to you that it is your Earth and your responsibility to make all things good once more. However, we were always going to assist because the task is beyond your present capabilities.

    We could almost take time out and allow you to enjoy the coming weeks, when it will become apparent that matters are undeniably moving towards some form of announcement. Those of you that have reliable sources of information such as David Wilcock on the Internet just to mention one of a number, can follow developments virtually as they take place. However, you must exercise your own discretion as to what you accept, as disinformation is still mingled amongst the truthful reports. Either way you are on the verge of exciting times and the fulfillment of your expectations. The year 2012 speedily approaches and we would venture to suggest it will go off with a flurry of events, that will clearly see the beginning of the end of duality, and the beginning of another era dedicated to the Light.

    This is the time to enjoy what is happening by seeing beyond the immediate changes to the expected outcome. You know that the “clearing out” is vitally necessary to make way for the new to take its place. Of course the experience will have unpleasant consequences for some people, who are going to be unavoidably involved. For some it will be for karmic reasons and if you believe that to be the case, accept that there must be a lesson to be learnt from it. It is often nothing directly to do with your present life, but carried forward from an earlier one. There is a tendency to question what it is you have done to deserve it, but do not look at it as some kind of punishment. All life is a continual experience and remember that there is “good” karma that is also attracted to you by your thoughts and actions.

    Never lose your perspective about what is going on around you, as you are not necessarily aware of the reasons. However, understanding the process of Ascension you will be able to allow for the necessary changes, that will herald the coming of all that is going to lift you up. Whilst you cannot “see” the levels of consciousness growing, you can sense the higher levels of energy around you. With the coming of 11.11.11. an even greater shift will be felt, and you will truly know that a great leap forward has taken place.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and our activities around Earth are increasing with our intent to bring the dark Ones under our control. There abilities to cause trouble are being curtailed, and they are learning that we do not intend to tolerate any more nonsense from them. They are in shock, because they thought they were invincible, and their arrogance has led them into a dead-end. The Light is supreme and continues to spread across the Earth. We have won the battle and look to help you establish a new governance across the world, one based on Light and Love for all Beings.

    Thank you SaLuSa.

    Mike Quinsey.

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  241. #241 Gordon
    October 12, 2011 am31 1:56 am

    I find it amusing that I’m now seeing an investment advertisement on the top of the page. “4 Ways to Avoid Running Out of Money During Retirement” I guess some computer out there is reading our posts.

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  242. #242 Gordon
    October 12, 2011 am31 2:37 am

    Extraterrestrial human contact in the 1950s
    David Wilcock


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  243. #243 Robin.
    October 12, 2011 am31 3:04 am

    Thanks Sal & Mike.. (& Gordon!).

    This message rocks.. further delays.. and yet not further delays!

    Soon, but later!

    Just so long as: ‘.. we will be using our facilities to overcome them, so that things return to normal as soon as possible..’
    doesn’t mean the ‘normal’ we have become so accustomed to! Do we not deserve better then this ‘normal’ now?

    Jeez I hope so; let us therefore Envisage so too! Smile

    In Light!


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  244. #244 Admiral2012here
    October 12, 2011 am31 5:05 am


    When the Asians decided to wage financial war against the criminal cabal that has taken over the West and was plotting unprecedented genocide, the cabalists were warned that it would just be a matter of time before they faced lynch mobs in their own countries. That time is fast approaching. The non-stop protests against the cabalists in the US and the impending doom of the Euro are just the visible part of a global movement to remove these parasitic scum from the body politic of the West. The invisible part involves control of codes and high tech “black screens,” that are used to manage the international financial system. Here multiple sources say that bank accounts meant for the use of humanity as a whole but taken over by private interests will be seized. As a part of this move, the control of the US dollar will be taken away from the privately owned Washington D.C. Corporation and moved to Switzerland. There it will be managed by the nations of the earth. Given these circumstances, the United States would be well advised to create a new greenback for their own use.

    The latest twist in this financial war is the news that David Eisenhower, the son of president Eisenhower, has been a key front man for the cabal within the Bank of International Settlements.

    Eisenhower has illegally placed 10 Kennedy bonds he does not own into something known as a “trading program.” “Trading programs” are an esoteric financial scam set up by Henry Kissinger. They basically are fake “mirror accounts” of real funds that are used to recycle public money into private hands. The private individuals accessing money this way have no legal right to it. Thus Eisenhower is using bonds issued in the name of the US government for private purposes even though he has no legal right to do so. Another word for such activity is fraud.

    Through these “programs,” money that was meant to be used for humanity as a whole was thus instead hijacked by private interests such as the Rothschilds, the Bushes etc.

    The people in on this scam include the Bushes, the Clintons, the Obamas, Alan Greenspan and the other usual suspects.

    The nations of the world have now been notified about this scam. One consequence of this is that the government of Ireland has been asking bankers who are trying to force the Irish to pay huge amounts of “debt,” to prove the bankers had the legal right to create this debt in the first place. They do not.

    Greece is now contemplating a similar move. This same legal maneuver would eliminate much of the US private and public debt as well.

    Legal action against these high level fraudsters may begin late this week or early next week. At stake in one lawsuit is control of funds worth $371 trillion. This money was pooled after World War 2 by the non-aligned nations and meant to be spent on the development of Africa and Asia but was instead hijacked by the above-mentioned gangsters.

    The Rothschilds have already contacted the White Dragon Society and are suing for peace. A WDS representative has been repeatedly invited to Geneva to meet with Rothschild family leaders to work out a deal. So far, no meeting has been agreed to.

    Japanese power brokers under Rockefeller/Bush proxy former Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone have also contacted the WDS and are trying to make a deal via the head of one of Japan’s public security agencies.

    The White Dragon Society is no longer in a position to make a deal with these people. The situation is now being handled by various national police and security agencies. That means a lot of people who might have earlier been able to get away with appearing before a South African style truth and reconciliation committee will instead end up in jail. That is unless the mobs get them first.

    The exposure of this high level financial crime will fundamentally change how the planet is run. The flow of money will used for the development of the planet instead of the enrichment of oligarchs.

    The IMF no longer has money because they no longer have permission to access the pooled funds of the nations of the world. In fact, any treaty rights they had expired in 1994 and were not renewed.

    Since the IMF no longer has access to most of the world’s pooled money, they will no longer be able to subject nations to their brutal and destructive “structural adjustment programs.”

    Instead, existing global agencies like the IMF, the UN, the World Bank, the BIS etc. will either be abolished or revamped. Some new agencies may also appear.

    A Russian contact has told the WDS they now support their proposal for an international economic planning agency. The US agency and pentagon patriots have also given qualified support to this proposal. So have the Japanese and other national authorities.

    This yet to be created agency is now expected to get initial funding of $11 trillion to use to finance a campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction. It will be meritocratically staffed and open to full media scrutiny.

    Victory for humanity is close at hand.


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  245. #245 CarlFromCanada
    October 12, 2011 am31 6:21 am

    as someone into economics post 235 makes me barf. Sorry Robin

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  246. #246 Laurinda
    October 12, 2011 am31 6:51 am

    Good morning Robin! I don’t buy the St Germain story about $$$ gold. If the Privately owned Federal Reserve is abolished America can use THOSE funds. There would be enough to share with other nations as well. And for doing something in my community, I am starting small to gain attention and gather momentum…its a start! How about you?

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  247. #247 Laurinda
    October 12, 2011 am31 7:12 am

    Robin: I have to leave for school now, but I have a new plan that may inspire others here too. Will share when I get home later this afternoon. Lots of love to you for inspiring me once again dearheart!!!

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  248. #248 Robin.
    October 12, 2011 am31 7:35 am

    CFC #245.

    No need to apologise Bro.. we are each fully entitled to our own beliefs and intuitions, as to what is the feasable Truth, or not! Smile

    Laurinda #246.

    The St.Germain story isn’t for sale!
    So it’s OK.. you don’t have to ‘buy it’! Smile

    However the new $y$tem MUST be backed by equivalent mineral wealth.. or the same thing (inflatory collapse) only happens all over again! The World Trust Fund is doubtless just more ‘numbers in a account’, UNTIL it is matched by equivalent mineral (Gold/Platinum) value.. in this case that sourced from off Planet in order to retain it’s security until required.

    Fort Knox is empty! Gold plated Titanium bars aren’t quite the same thing.. even if they do look and feel and wiegh the same!

    There has been a massive heist!

    The FRB is BROKE.. they don’t HAVE any money!
    They are just yet another (yes.. privately owned) Corporation that owe too much.
    Hence Ron Paul’s call to finally AUDIT them!

    Glad to hear you are ‘thinking local’!
    I am thinking ‘Earthdream2012′ in/for Aus.
    The issues aren’t quite as extreme here, though there is a local ‘Occupy’ set for the 15th Oct.. yes! Smile

    Looking 4ward to hearing of your local plans anyway..

    In Light!


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  249. #249 Gunner
    October 12, 2011 am31 7:48 am

    Ben Fulofshitford really cracks me up.The cabal must be ROTFL at his articles.

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  250. #250 Robin.
    October 12, 2011 am31 7:56 am

    ‘Ben Fulofshitford’.. HA! That really cracked ME up!! Smile

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  251. #251 Admiral2012here
    October 12, 2011 am31 8:49 am

    …the New SaLuSa Message is up…see ya’ll over there Smile

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