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Message from SaLuSa for 3 October 2011

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    Our craft are seen in your skies so frequently now, that Disclosure is hardly necessary where proof of our existence is required. The days of covering up our presence are pointless, and when some of your astronauts are prepared to acknowledge it we wonder what more the sceptics want as proof. However, that does not really cause us any concern, as those in doubt must find their own truth. But you may nevertheless wonder why your authorities still stick their heads in the sand. It is Dear Ones, the prospect of having to answer for all of the lies that have been told, and their ultimate admission that they have their own Space Craft for many years. Furthermore, they do not want you to know that they have not only had contact with the Grays but have worked with them for almost 80 years, a long time of deception whilst allowing “abductions” and cattle mutilations. The “truth” does not stand very well on their shoulders, and there is also a little matter of bases on the Moon and Mars.

    For the dark Ones the truth opens Pandora’s box, and not least of all shows where trillions of dollars of your money have been spent on black operations. We could go further, but suffice to say that there will be no hiding place for those who are the guilty of the biggest criminal acts ever perpetrated against their own people. They have so much to answer for that what we have told you is just the tip of the iceberg. We know you will question how it could happen under your very noses with you having little or no knowledge about it. The answer is that the Illuminati have wielded great power and influence, and they have worked towards this time for thousands of years. In spite of all that their days are numbered, and they will reflect on the fact that they have failed at the last hurdle. Your next question will be “why were they not stopped” and that is because it is not anyone else’s place to interfere with the evolution of another species. Yes, we have been allowed to guide you and advance your understanding, but the final choice has been yours as the creators of your own evolution.

    Coming up to date, you are experiencing the result of your own desires and intentions where you have given away your authority to others. It is your creation and why you will see it through to the end. As ever, the only exception is where the Higher Beings who oversee it, act for the Creator and allow intervention. Since the dark Ones should have conceded their power over you some time ago, it has now reached a point where it will be taken away from them. Even the dark Ones have to obey some rules and cannot run riot as they wish. The over-riding factor in this cycle has been the Creator’s decree that it will be completed with Ascension. Therefore, it has been supported by the Galactic Federation and other bodies of Light, with the promise that it would be concluded as intended. There was not going to be a repeat of the last catastrophe when the Atlantean’s destroyed Atlantis some 10,000 years ago.

    Your history is another area that requires much correction, as again it bears little resemblance to the truth. Each country has written it according to how they would like it to be remembered. Naturally, they write their annals about the glory of war, and hide their atrocities and crimes against conquered people. Greed and power have accompanied most campaigns, and wars have been deliberately started for that purpose. The whole scenario is one that reflects the actions of those who have lost touch with their godself. That was not unexpected, as once you dropped down into the lower vibrations you forgot who you really were. To err is not considered as much a sin as failing to learn from them.

    To ensure that you did not remain trapped in the 3rd. dimension, a plan was conceived that would see a gradual influx of souls that could still rise above such a low vibration. The result has been that for over a hundred years the Light has been re-established on Earth. Now you have powerful grids that encircle it from which you can draw the Light to yourselves. We are pleased to say that having helped supply the impetus for growth over thousands of years, it is gratifying for us to at last see such wonderful results. It means that regardless of what you see in the outer world, everything is going according to plan. Ascension is assured, and before very long the positive proof will be before you. Dramatic times lay ahead, but all point towards the end of the cycle and your opportunity to leave duality in its present form. Wherever you progress to, you will still carry the responsibility for your actions. However, in the higher vibrations of the dimensions you are moving into, you have a level of consciousness that does not carry dark thoughts or allow such actions.

    You have all come to Earth to increase your spiritual understanding, and overcome the challenge of the lower vibrations by returning to the Light. If you look at your experiences as all being of value, and remember that you came from the higher dimensions to do so, you cannot and should not really view yourself as a failure. However, if a soul has been overcome by the lower energies, it is necessary to climb your way back to the higher ones before you can fully return to the Light. Since you have all infinity in which to do so, there is no great cause for concern as you will be helped all of the way back. God is All Love and has never deserted or condemned a single soul, but instead surrounded them in the Love and Light that will lift them up.

    You will find that as the souls of Light put themselves in places of authority, the dark Ones will try to block them, but to no avail. This is the time that the changes must commence, and disinformation is already circulating. You should however by now be sufficiently discerning to be able to seek out the truth. If it does not bear the feel of truthfulness then you may conclude that it is false. As always trust your intuition, and if in doubt set it aside until you know one way or the other. You are not easily fooled but sometimes prone to re-act differently to fear laden predictions. We are here to ensure that your passage is as trouble free as possible. There will be casualties, but with Mother Earth needing to proceed with her own cleansing that is unavoidable.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and pass on the love and greetings from the Galactic Federation. It will not be long now before we meet some of you.

    Thank you SaLuSa.
    Mike Quinsey.

  1. #1 dreamwalker
    October 3, 2011 am31 8:23 am

    Let It Be -The Beatles

    When I find myself in times of trouble
    Mother Mary comes to me
    Speaking words of wisdom, let it be

    And in my hour of darkness
    She is standing right in front of me
    Speaking words of wisdom, let it be

    Let it be, let it be
    Let it be, let it be
    Whisper words of wisdom
    Let it be

    And when the brokenhearted people
    Living in the world agree
    There will be an answer, let it be

    For though they may be parted
    There is still a chance that they will see
    There will be an answer, let it be

    Let it be, let it be
    Let it be, let it be
    Yeah, there will be an answer let it be

    Let it be, let it be
    Let it be, let it be
    Whisper words of wisdom
    Let it be

    Let it be, let it be
    Let it be, yeah, let it be
    Whisper words of wisdom
    Let it be

    And when the night is cloudy
    There is still a light that shines on me
    Shine on until tomorrow, let it be

    I wake up to the sound of music
    Mother Mary comes to me
    Speaking words of wisdom, let it be

    Yeah, let it be, let it be
    Let it be, yeah, let it be
    There will be an answer, let it be

    Let it be, let it be
    Let it be, yeah, let it be
    Whisper words of wisdom
    Let it be

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  2. #2 Admiral2012here
    October 3, 2011 am31 8:44 am


    JACKAL NEWS – A Florida woman faces a charge of battery causing bodily harm after breaking the eleventh commandment: Thou shalt not throw thy Bible at thy son’s girlfriend.

    She is literally a Bible beater.

    And also a bauble beater, because the fight erupted once she suspected the girlfriend of breaking the seventh commandment—”thou shall not steal my boyfriend’s mother’s jewelry.” The Northwest Florida Daily News reports that she used the Bible to smite the girlfriend in the eye, causing a bleeding wound. The son, who witnessed the conflict, seemingly did nothing to stop it. Perhaps he was being attacked by locusts and got distracted.

    The Bible seems to address situations like these in Exodus 21:26, which says: “If a man strikes his servant’s eye, or his maid’s eye, and destroys it, he shall let him go free for his eye’s sake.” Because the girlfriend’s eye was only injured and not destroyed, she should still be on the hook for the missing jewelry.


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  3. #3 Gunner
    October 3, 2011 am31 8:45 am

    SM- you actually had me beat on 2 of your points. The Obama point and the galactic one but not fair because I dont have a home computer.
    The rich NY mayor seems on the verge of doing something extreme and all his rich buddies on wall street are probably putting the pressure on him.How the hell did NY’ers even vote for this guy by NY’ERS are not the birghtest stars in the sky and now all they do is complain about him in the papers.
    Well almost lunch and it seems that I have just arrived at the office, wow, time is accelerating more faster than ever.

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  4. #4 Robin.
    October 3, 2011 am31 9:04 am

    Thanks Sal & Mike.. an interesting and full message.

    A Divine Deadline is past.. and the Cabals are pretty damned s**n to be deposed! OK.

    As for:

    ‘..Our craft are seen in your skies so frequently now, that Disclosure is hardly necessary..’

    That’s a bit ‘rich’ Sal.. coming from you!
    Does this mean that ‘focus’ need no longer be upon Disclosure, but now instead upon Ascension?

    Show me steady, decent, quality, Globally Televised, daylight footage of an f-off great DEcloaked Mothership, hanging out over a major City for a few hours.. and I’ll believe you! Endless wobbly out of focus Mobile Phone footage is NOT quite the same thing!

    ‘Disclosure is hardly necessary!’.. In my opinion that’s verging on the ridiculous! How many times have we been told that Disclosure is the one single greatest ‘caveat’ to the GFL’s very ALLOWANCE openly here on Earth.. for the reason that ‘Disclosure’ constitutes a LEGAL PUBLIC ‘invitation’, by Universal Law, that discerns the difference between an Invasion.. and a Permission by acceptance?


    Get RID of the fake politicians who fear for their miserable hides through the bringing to Light of Truth.. and Disclosure-delay will no longer BE a problem! Smile

    Just a couple of cents worth!

    In Light!



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  5. #5 Space Muffin
    October 3, 2011 am31 9:05 am

    …more starriders….



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  6. #6 Space Muffin
    October 3, 2011 am31 9:15 am

    …these two videos, part 1 and part 2, were taken at around 615 this morning, don’t know where….



    …second link is part two, really only good until about 1:20 seconds in…

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  7. #7 Space Muffin
    October 3, 2011 am31 9:23 am

    Robin….the above is more fake and wobbly UFO footage for you…hehehe…faith before proof… Alien Alien Alien BTW…I thought you were a Female robin and found out on the weekend you were a Male robin…cyber land can be so deceiving Bunny

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  8. #8 bateleur
    October 3, 2011 am31 9:29 am

    #4 Robin, fully agree with you there. Here in southern Africa there have been maybe one sighting a month, and virtually nothing on film. I saw a cloaked mothership the other day when I raised my vibrations enough to see it. I did not know it at the time though as it did not look anything like a UFO as we know it. It looked like a fishing trawler in the sky as it was moving away and climbing and I saw mostly the back end of it.

    There are a few “Ascension websites” that are of the opinion that there is not going to be disclosure and first contact with ET’s before Ascension. Apparently they are not to interfere directly with us?!

    So, I have decided a while ago to stop looking up in the sky and expecting them to arrive or disclose themselves.
    I think it is better for us to concentrate on our own readiness for Ascension.

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  9. #9 Space Muffin
    October 3, 2011 am31 9:29 am

    ‘Our craft are seen in your skies so frequently now, that Disclosure is hardly necessary where proof of our existence is required.’

    Think about what that means all you smart cookies!!! The whole world already knows!! We don’t need disclosure announcements anymore!! We can skip right to first contact and mass landings!!!! That’s what he means alright… Rainbow Liquor Star Alien Cake Moon US Flag Alien

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  10. #10 Robin.
    October 3, 2011 am31 9:30 am

    No Space Cake #7.. I didn’t say ‘fake’.. I implied UNconvincing as a substitute for Disclosure!

    I’ve SEEN utterly convincing proof with my own eyes, 25 years ago! I’m talking about many of the other 6 Billion beings on Earth.. and the ‘fact’ that Prior Disclosure is necessary to Legalise mass landings/contact here!

    In Light!


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  11. #11 Space Muffin
    October 3, 2011 am31 9:34 am

    Robin….I meant cyberland can be so deceiving cause all along I thought you were female….my apologies…lol Female Male

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  12. #12 Robin.
    October 3, 2011 am31 9:36 am

    Spoace Cake #9.

    No, you’re not getting my point quite yet, clearly!

    We have been told many, many times in the last 30 years that Prior Public Disclosure Announcement is an essential legal requirement by Universal Law preceeding any MASS landings or Contact protocols by the GFL.
    Otherwise any such ‘action’ is considered, again by Universal Law as constituting an interference or even an invasion/violation of the Freewill of the concerned ‘civilisation’.. in this case US!


    If GOD has changed the rules on us again.. then ‘OK’.. but equally so WE deserve to be told of this Now.
    “It’s OK kids.. we aren’t ‘doing’ Disclosure any more.. we are going straight to Mass Landings and Mass First Contact because God said so!’ etc.

    I rest my case!

    In Light!


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  13. #13 Robin.
    October 3, 2011 am31 9:42 am

    Space Cake #11.

    I don’t mind what gender you thought I was.. it shouldn’t in theory make any difference anyway.. this would be about the 6th time on this site alone that people have made that ‘assumption’ about me.. and as dear Laurinda will vouch for.. I have even ‘played along’ with it on occaision.. entirely for my own amusement you understand!

    FYI: In Aus: ROBIN = Male and ROBYN = Female.

    Apologies not required, although graciously accepted!


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  14. #14 Space Muffin
    October 3, 2011 am31 9:46 am

    …of course Robin….I’m a peaceful rabbit…I’ll go along with that…I usually don’t ‘get the point’ real quick anyway….I just think that now, disclosure that alien activity is on our planet will not really be that surprising anymore…and I believe that Salusa and the rest of our starriders know that formal disclosure will not be earth-shattering…and they know the minds of all of us around the world, cause they’re everywhere, and we are seeing them everywhere…I for one don’t need disclosure and I know many 3D sleepy people, who have the higher awareness of a mushroom (no disrespect to mushrooms or the sleepy people), who don’t even react at the suggestion of alien existence now, because they’re everywhere, and our consciousness in this regard, has been extensively penetrated….it’s just not a surprise anymore and I think this is what Salusa meant about disclosure hardly being necessary. However, there probably will be one, as you said, hardly being the operative word.

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  15. #15 Admiral2012here
    October 3, 2011 am31 9:48 am

    …could this be more underground basis being destroyed that Wilcock mentioned


    October 1, 2011 – TENNESSEE – The Lashbrooke subdivision in Louisville enjoyed a quiet and sun-bathed afternoon on Thursday. The peaceful surroundings of the affluent neighborhood along the Tennessee River lend no hint that its residents suffer from shell-shock. “It’s scary-loud. It’s loud enough that it makes your heart stop for a second,” said Andy Wombold. ”It sounds like a shotgun or an explosion of some kind.” Wombold and dozens of other residents in the neighborhood are unable to say exactly what “it” is. All they know is the mysterious booms have provided several rude awakenings that sent residents scrambling in fear. “Last Monday, about a week and a half ago, it was around 3 a.m. and it was, ‘Pow!’ All the sudden we heard a loud explosion. It sounded like it came from inside our house. It shook the walls. It shook the floor. It shook the ceiling,” said Wombold. “We thought maybe a gas line had exploded and maybe our house was going to blow up. We thought it was really serious,” said Wombold. “It was like lightning struck directly beside the house,” said neighbor Dwayne Jones. ”I jumped out of bed and ran outside. Then I saw a clear sky full of stars and knew it wasn’t lightning. The ground was still shaking for a little bit. It was like a big sonic boom. Just the whole house shakes. I never heard anything like it.” Several residents called emergency dispatchers and Blount County deputies responded to the scene. However, they were unable to find any problems in the neighborhood. Marian O’Briant with the Blount County Sheriff’s Office said deputies also checked with local rock quarries and confirmed there were no blasting operations. Residents said the booms continued for several days. “It would happen in the middle of the night, in the morning, at all different times,” said Jones. ”It was like they would get a little weaker as the days went by, but it was still really jarring. You generally heard one big boom and then a bunch of aftershocks in quick succession



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  16. #16 Admiral2012here
    October 3, 2011 am31 9:53 am

    …Tennessee is on the list


    Becarefull if you do go investigating. Some people don’t come back


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  17. #17 Jon M.
    October 3, 2011 am31 9:56 am

    @Robin., #4: HEAR HEAR!!! Yes

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  18. #18 Robin.
    October 3, 2011 am31 10:20 am

    Space Cake #14.

    Sure.. and this Dragon desires that the Law of the Universe be Imperiously adhered to!

    Surveys in the USA carried out 25 years ago indicated that 80% of the population BELIEVED in UFO’s even then.. I doubt that the percentage has since DROPPED!! Smile

    The point I make is that FORMAL Announcement is still required as Acceptance of ‘Proof of Existence’.. also there are probably enough Sleepy Sheeple (try saying that fast!), who still sit on the ‘conspiracy-theory’ fence, but whom would be like: “OMG.. the PRESIDENT just said there ARE UFO’s.. so therefore there MUST be!” etc!

    Likewise the ‘churches’.. if the Pope stood up and admitted it publicly, there then would be a few more Billion instantly ‘on side’ with it.

    I also just ‘almost’ feel that SaLuSa is jivvying up the ‘ante’ here.. simply because they (the GFL) haven’t managed to get their sh*t together over the dark Cabals quite as fast and as seamlessly as they have for so long professed to be able to!

    Basically I believe they grossly underestimated the Human capability for sheer Will Power.. and apply that to dark souls/mentality and you have a ‘problem’ that isn’t.. and in fact hasn’t, just ‘melted’ away under the duress of Truth and Light!
    Those guys are hanging on in, grimly, until PAST the very bitter end of their ever shortening tethers!

    I’ve been saying it for 5 years.
    Now it IS high time to finally “Get RID of them!”.

    In Light!


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  19. #19 Admiral2012here
    October 3, 2011 am31 10:21 am


    SANTA CRUZ, CALIF- Wednesday afternoon the floor at the Santa Cruz County jail started bulging and tiles started to pop off, said Deputy April Skalland.

    The front lobby of the jail was evacuated and the prisoners were placed on lockdown as the mystery was investigated. According to Deputy Skalland, neither a gas leak nor a water leak caused the floor tiles to start moving.

    COMMENTOR >>> My friend was in there she said it was like she was in a movie The officer was funny!!!!!! we all have to c the inside video is a BIG must




    At this time it is still unknown what caused the floor to start moving. According to the United States Geological Survey no earthquakes were recorded during this time

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  20. #20 Admiral2012here
    October 3, 2011 am31 10:47 am

    …this is funny

    SMACK THAT – ORIGINAL! (Little brother video bombs sister)

    well my mom was going to video me practicing my drill team dance.. but I had to wait for the song “funkytown” to come on. While waiting, the song “smack that” played and I started acting silly. (smack that was NOT the drill team dance song) I thought mom was laughing at how awkward I was being… obviously I was mistaken


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  21. #21 Deneb
    October 3, 2011 am31 11:40 am

    #14 That’s interesting Space Muffin but I really think a formal disclosure is necessary. I for one never saw with my own eyes a single mother ship, let alone a small “flying saucer”, not once in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I believe with all my cells that we’re not alone in our universe… but still I think the world deserves a disclosure event that is big, irrefutable, undeniable and formal. Something a lot more convincing than those blurry&shaky videos on YouTube. An event so huge in proportions that even our lying&deceiving medias are not able to bury the story.

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  22. #22 Laurinda
    October 3, 2011 am31 12:06 pm

    Addie#15: George Noory on Coast to Coast am interviewed Linda Moulton Howe just a couple of nights ago on this booming sound….very interesting indeed. They even spoke of 40 ft long fans being used in re-tooled and recent retro-fits in steel manufacturers… who knows????

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  23. #23 Laurinda
    October 3, 2011 am31 12:16 pm

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcNmcw76H0w here is an underground base video Addie, and I even like the music! lol

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  24. #24 Laurinda
    October 3, 2011 am31 12:30 pm

    Addie #15: I am all for the neutralization of the underground bases. The US taxpayers have paid for these, and many were used for DARK and extremely horrific purposes in partnership with the negative ET’S. And as for the idiots who think they have a space reserved for them—many were just told this—they were out and out used, “SOON” to be abandoned by the dark ones. Remember what I said about they were already compromised? The are the first to get the ol heave ho!!! They have since lived out their usefulness to the dark agenda, and they don’t even know it YET~! Selling one’s soul to the dark side, never works out… for the seller that is! No

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  25. #25 Space Muffin
    October 3, 2011 am31 12:56 pm
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  26. #26 st54tr2
    October 3, 2011 am31 1:10 pm

    To the GFL,

    These messages get more confusing and frustrating as they go. I’m thinking along the lines of either we wait till earth runs her course or “we” have to oust the dark out ourselves. Oust as in physically. If they (GFL) have done what they claimed in regards to base destroyment, wouldn’t it be safe to say that they can collect the key dark figures and physically oust them out of power? It is not…”We cannot interfere…oh, we can just this one time (bases)”….and then just stop helping.

    Yes, we can try to figure out all this focusing of the light, but as you (GFL) well know, for 99% of us it is physically impossible givin our limitations —> 3D! Whether we have started this karma or not…we need specifics on “what to do”. You have said it’s against universal law to interfere. Is it against universal law to “play fair”?? Sure humans took the help of the dark ET’s back then. Now it’s time for YOU to help us out…because we ask you. Humans right now, and apparently for all of time so far, have been at a disadvantage from outside forces…uh, which of course is against universal law…but from what I take it as we cancelled that law due to accepting their help??

    So i’m calling the GFL out. I DARE you to help humanity. The dark showed up to screw it up, I ask that you fix it. As you know, we are “aware” of outside life, but isn’t that the limitations of our 3D power, Just knowing? We ask a lawyer to help us and various other people in their specific expertise in knowledge if we need help. I help if I know how to fix something when someone else doesn’t. So I ask you for help. Thank you.


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  27. #27 Kellia
    October 3, 2011 am31 1:31 pm

    Robin # 4

    I agree absolutely!

    GFL: The proofs that would shut up all the skeptics can be easily brought forth. If the Dark has overstayed its permission to do what it does, then take them to the other 3D world where they can play their games. Those of us who don’t want to play anymore wish to exercise our free will to be free of them!

    And we would like to be free of them nonviolently. Are you going to help us or are you just going to watch. Your open presence at the rally planned in Washington DC for Oct 6 would be helpful.

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  28. #28 st54tr2
    October 3, 2011 am31 2:09 pm

    Not sure if this was posted here…

    #OccupyWallStreet – ‘The Marines are Coming to PROTECT the Protestors’


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  29. #29 Kellia
    October 3, 2011 am31 2:37 pm

    Gunner # 81 from Sheldan’s last.
    I think putting the link to lengthy channeled messages in the comments would be a great solution to not clogging the comments with them but at the same time giving people easy access to them if they don’t know to go to other parts of this site.

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  30. #30 Kellia
    October 3, 2011 am31 2:42 pm

    GM Dudettes or anyone else in the know:

    I would like to post something in community contributions> How do I do that?

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  31. #31 Laurinda
    October 3, 2011 am31 3:51 pm

    http://www.infowars.com/where-is-the-ows-demand-to-end-the-fed/ How can they forget the FED RESERVE now, when they started protesting it first???? Question Question Question

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  32. #32 Admiral2012here
    October 3, 2011 am31 3:59 pm


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  33. #33 John
    October 3, 2011 am31 4:09 pm

    A bit of a break… a blast from the past…

    Styx Grand Illusion

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  34. #34 Admiral2012here
    October 3, 2011 am31 4:39 pm


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  35. #35 Laurinda
    October 3, 2011 am31 4:44 pm

    Addie: What do you mean infiltrators–agents provacateur, anarchists, “plants” to start violence?? Question

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  36. #36 Admiral2012here
    October 3, 2011 am31 4:46 pm

    …YEP!…Laurinda…that’s what I’m talk’n about

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  37. #37 John
    October 3, 2011 am31 4:50 pm

    I would be totally surprised if there weren’t. You really think that the PTW are not going to try to take advantage of this?

    One of the problems I can see coming is an excuse to start killing folks for “public safety”. I was informed that military chem weapon trucks are standing by. Haven’t been able to confirm.

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  38. #38 Deneb
    October 3, 2011 am31 4:52 pm

    Kellia #30

    Once logged in, look at the gray bar at the top of your screen and put your mouse over “Add New” then select “post”.

    Then, check the “community contribution” category at the right (I’m not sure if this step is necessary though). Save your post often with the “Save Draft” button and when you are satisfied with it click the “Submit for review” button. That’s about all there is to it.

    Hope this helps!

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  39. #39 Admiral2012here
    October 3, 2011 am31 5:07 pm

    …here’s the Occupy Wall Street’s Live Stream…if you want to peek in and see what’s happen’n…Assembly go’n on right now…they are not allowed to use bull horns…so they work around it…that’s that echo you hear


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  40. #40 Space Muffin
    October 3, 2011 am31 5:38 pm

    …John 33 …nice one with Grand Illusion…

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  41. #41 Admiral2012here
    October 3, 2011 am31 6:07 pm

    …WE ARE THE 99% Cool

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  42. #42 Admiral2012here
    October 3, 2011 am31 6:10 pm
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  43. #43 Space Muffin
    October 3, 2011 am31 6:19 pm


    Through you the world IS! beloved brothers and sisters, The expression that you ARE, IS alive in the world, it is the I Am that expresses itself through the energy of everything, Everything is you, and you are everything. You are the angels of the future sent Now to bless the Earth with your presence. Holy is your spirit, connected to source through heart. Now is your future, Now is your past, you are all being divinely guided by your spirit friends, both on the Earth and beyond, from elementals to star people, you are never alone, many of you proclaim to be alone, to not hear them, us, but I assure you dear ones, you are not alone.

    The Earth may tremble, but you dear ones will always stand on solid ground so long as you remain heart centered, for fear is the only distraction. In this moment you are all feeling the great power of unity, as I have told you dear ones in previous channelings, before moving out of a system of such magnitude, you must first move to one another, to unity, and do you see brothers and sisters of Earth? it is manifesting! see for yourselves! YOU dear ones are creating the change that you wish to see, it is YOU, who are breaking down the barriers and being this change you wish so much for. We of the higher dimensions have spoken to you, many times, on personal levels, we have told you, the power is in your hands, there may be the illusion of separation in your world but you are anything but separated, it is now that many are starting to resonate with the energies of the power of unity.

    It is not through us that change comes, we are not your saviors, we are simply your brothers and sisters who are here to support you, we are you and you are us, and consciousness is united as one, all that we can do dear ones, you too are able to do, this too was spoken by your master Christ. It is true! now you are all seeing the evidence of your great power, and it will continue to increase, as the illusion of separation decreases upon your planet, the power of unity will INCREASE more and more, it will build along side the momentum that has been building and building for a very long time, this momentum dear ones works along side you, through and with you, this momentum is the energy of all things, it is the ascension itself which drives this united consciousness, slowly dismantling the veil! did I not say it was you who held all the power? know that we are and always will be here to make sure that nothing will interfere with your planets ascension, we will see to it that your people are protected in all ways possible, you will notice brothers and sisters that we are HERE, we are assisting, as we always have but more now then ever, assisting in ways that can not be seen by the physical eye, but can be felt through the heart, through the spirit, We appear to stand idly by as your world moves from duality to unity but we too are doing our part.

    Brothers and sisters of Earth, you are supported by countless star nations, as they say on your Earth, we have your back, the governments of your Earth have been notified that you are to be allowed your ascension with out interference, that the people of planet Earth are protected at all times. Reclaim your divinity and sovereignty with out fear dear ones, their demonstrations will be simply that, demonstrations, you are freed brothers and sisters, freed by your own power, your own will to ascend, to move forward with the spirit of Gaia towards a new Earth of love, peace and abundance for all. I will say it again as I have said in previous messages, you have the power to transform your world! The kingdom of God is within dear ones! Have faith brothers and sisters, and when you begin to loose it, open your eyes, look around, there is much negativity in your world but there is even more positive change occurring, fellow humans are awakening, your world is changing, and know that God the source loves you unconditionally, in the eyes of God you can not fail, you are fragments of God consciousness, and you can not become what you already are dear ones, all you can do is be the expression of it by being heart centered and in this way, you come together, united, and this manifests outwardly, the power has always been in your hands, you simply needed to believe. With all the energies that have come to your Earth, you have remembered.

    Previously, it was told to your Earth that some negative aspects in your world were removed from your planet in order to allow your civilization to rise and that once all were removed, the rise of the human race would increase, and so you can see the evidence of this now dear ones, rejoice in your freedom! it will continue until there is only love, until there are no wars, until there are no borders or boundaries, until there is no suffering, no hunger and no poverty and it’s all because of you dear ones! we of the higher dimensions would like to take this moment to express how proud we are of you, of how far you have come, of how brave you have all been, we are amazed at how much you have endured, at your courage, and at your ever increasing strength, we salute you people of Earth, we will meet again soon, until then brothers and sisters, continue uniting, and don’t be afraid, we are one people, one universe, one love! Remember dear ones, you are the light, you are here.

    I Am Cmdr Sheron Of The Ashtar Fleets

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  44. #44 Stick
    October 3, 2011 am31 6:28 pm

    Admiral#19: Interesting indeed… I actually did over a month in Santa Cruz County jail Shock

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  45. #45 Space Muffin
    October 3, 2011 am31 6:29 pm



    Alien Alien Alien

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  46. #46 Space Muffin
    October 3, 2011 am31 6:34 pm


    …shot by somebody else, with close-ups of the crafts, could be the same ones as above…probably are… but there’s more crafts…


    Alien Alien Alien

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  47. #47 Admiral2012here
    October 3, 2011 am31 6:35 pm

    …I think Ashtar is talk’n about the Protests…keep it up guys!!!


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  48. #48 Space Muffin
    October 3, 2011 am31 6:37 pm



    Alien Alien Alien

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  49. #49 Space Muffin
    October 3, 2011 am31 6:41 pm

    …Admy 47…that’s exactly what I thought….

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  50. #50 Kellia
    October 3, 2011 am31 6:50 pm

    Deneb # 31

    Thank you. I put up my post and it is awaiting preview.

    I will add the link here once that’s done. It’s the text of the speech I gave 9/29.

    BTW re: Disclosure. I think we need disclosure as well to end all controversy on this issue, including knowing how much of what we have been seeing that defies conventional explanations (about 5% of all sightings) is ET and how much is black ops.

    I saw a UFO in 1987 but I don’t know its source.

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  51. #51 Admiral2012here
    October 3, 2011 am31 6:56 pm
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  52. #52 Stick
    October 3, 2011 am31 7:00 pm

    I completely agree with what Robin wrote in #4. The ebb and flow of energy has always been quite interesting with Mike and Sheldan. Not just relating to content, but perhaps more importantly to ‘frequency’. The general vibe of the new message just feels off to me. I also sense a kind of frustration in SaLuSa’s words… but perhaps that’s a good thing. When faced with the havoc wreaked by the Dark Cabal in this dimension, frustration and anger can serve as a powerful motivating tool for breaking the chains of complacency. The time for Humanity and our Galactic Brethren and Sistren to manifest ‘First Contact’ is well past due. It’s time to lay it all on the line Lion

    Morning Blessing: 10.03.11
    **Your Multidimensional Reality** Rev. Angela Peregoff

    A Taoist priest taught a group of students that our souls are like a little boat on the river of life. “Life,” he said, “is not the boat or the river, but the place where they come together and flow seamlessly between the worlds.” – unknown.

    The universe is shining along a vast spectrum of wavelengths right now, so indulge – dive in to recognize all the hints, clues, and revelations are providing you direction for defining yourself at the latest, Newest levels. The goal this week is to take the initiative and be the cause for your own creations. It’s a time to remake yourself, find new solutions and projects, even if it ends up not working out it’s ok, what matters is you make an effort. It’s real important to have an experimental attitude right now because the New 5D reality is still a work in progress even though it will be well anchored by the Cosmic Convergence on October 28th. Just keep on plugging – listening to that Inner Voice and watching the invisible field of assistance that is emerging here. October can layer you with a harmonic, nature-based ability to be let go and rearrange into your new form of human expression.

    During September you recalibrated your DNA to the magnetic upgrade in the 5D crystalline grid that encircles Gaia (the planet). In recent years it has been difficult to perceive the higher dimensions, as you had to shut down over 90% of your brain capabilities and turn off 97% of your DNA to limit your reality to the third dimension. Over the past few weeks you began to reverse that process. Discovering the wisdom and purpose of a new multidimensionality will be profound. Although I caution you to remember, the boundaries between dimensions are beginning to blur NOW. For brief moments you may begin to perceive the third, fourth and fifth dimensions all at once.

    A 5D human differs greatly from a 3D human; often your physical senses will become confused with the multidimensional stimuli that is entering. If you have been experiencing bouts of dizziness, unsteadiness, vertigo, difficulty orienting yourself in space, blurred vision, inability to read or focus, burning/watery eyes, skull/eye pressure, ringing in the ears, pressure over/in the ears, headaches and migraines or out-of-body estrangement then you are working with the trouble-maker symptoms of the magnified upgrade. When the 5D/3D parallel becomes too much take a moment and focus solely on your third dimensional world until you feel grounded and balanced. Take long, slow, deep breaths and keep your eyes open. Within minutes you will regain your equilibrium.

    Looking ahead October will definitely add more pizzazz to your earth life because the illusions that separate the third dimension from the higher worlds are thinning now, and your inner clock is chiming that it is time to be your SELF in your life and see reality through the eyes of Soul. It is this perception that allows you to see the new world that being unveiled. If your process becomes overwhelming, again slow down — take a moment to limit your awareness to one dimension at a time. The dimensions have a hierarchy structure, and you have been programmed to easily perceive the lower dimensions but not the higher ones. With the grounding of the latest sacred forces of energy (multidimensional consciousness) in your earth vessel, you are learning to perceive many dimensions at once.

    Multidimensional perception can be confusing until your brain is re-programmed to organize all the information into an understandable manner. Your pineal and pituitary glands have been constantly stimulated over the last couple of months with various light codes generated by the intense solar activity in the Milky Way. While this has been encouraging you to make forward progress in the unification of matter and Spirit it can also create emotional, physical and psychological correspondences. Again, breathe into your experience, then simply release the dissonance of the lower worlds and embrace the joy and unconditional love of the higher realities. You are grounding your expanded SELF in your daily life and learning to function with a new type of perception, which will take some practice to master.

    As you intend and allow your multidimensional SELF to embody your earth vessel, the Soul re-calibrates your vessel to be fully multidimensional. It is this change in operating systems (third dimensional to multidimensional) that is will cause your perceptual confusion. However, just as you are able to perceive the second and first dimensions from your third dimensional self, when your primary essence, or point of focus is in your fifth dimensional self, you will easily perceive the fifth, fourth, third, second and first dimensions. When your multidimensional perceptions are fully activated, you will easily see the “big picture” and know how you are to proceed in your new life.

    As we incline, as a planetary species, toward the Ascension portal of 2012, a grand phenomenon is occurring that only those who are metaphysically based can sense. We need to be able to imagine and inquire about the supernatural side of reality in order to entertain the reality of the unseen worlds. Then the resulting balanced action is to actually experience and live in the unseen spiritual world. As frequencies escalate, your re-calibrated earth vessel will be able to perceive wider and wider spectrums of light and sound. These expanded perceptions will activate whole brain thinking and bring many latent abilities on line. Whole brain thinking is the ability to process simultaneously with both your right and left hemispheres. This thinking will allow you conscious access to your entire brain, as well “turn on” that 97% of unused DNA.

    As each of us activates the powers of our multidimensional self in daily life, we will contribute those experiences to the collective (with a capital “C” ) consciousness. Then when another has expanded their consciousness enough to connect to the collective and planetary consciousness, they will be able to access 5D as easily as logging on to a website. As each of us shares your experiences of awakening, it makes it easier for the whole to edit out the old, third dimensional beliefs of limitation and separation. It is those old beliefs that give power to the third dimensional frequency. When the release of those patterns reaches critical mass, the transition will greatly accelerate and perceptions will begin to easily encompass higher dimensional experiences.

    As each of us awakens to the Soulful Self, we make it easier for others to awaken as well. We must all cooperate in this recalibration. Be sure to “save” your work to the program for this galaxy. Just as you must save your work before you exit a file on your computer, save the experience of recalibration in your mind/computer before you return to your mundane world. If you do not save it, you can forget it like it never happened. Grounding your efforts with a third dimensional creative form or action and sharing that creative expression with others can best accomplish this “saving” process. To do that you might have to make a conscious note to allow your Spirit mind to ebb and flow with the seamless rhythms of the universe.

    Realize too that you have a great allied force on the other side of the human veil. I have written previously about the importance of establishing a bridge to the world of your spirit guides. We are in the earth era when each of us has hundreds of helpers waiting to respond to our calls. There are fluctuating dark and light ages throughout history for planet Earth and we just need to remember that we have signed on to experience the galactic midnight breaking through to the dawn of a bazillion Lights. And during such transitory times in history there are a plethora of extra astral and spiritual beings doing universal community service. I say again – do not forego the healing counsel that travels with you this lifetime.

    Gaze into this week and join me in seeing that it stands for sacred reorganization and perhaps sacred time out; it is a time of prayer and retreat to attain our own healing knowledge. Take some time to gather your imagination within the masterworks of Mother Nature in order to trek into the living light of your highest potential. Release your worries and frustrations knowing the medicine of cosmic precision will heal all concerns. Immerse yourself in the Light of who you are now and who you were always meant to be. Travel out under an eternal canopy of stars to ponder all that you are destined to discover at this time. Don’t waste one minute of this magical bridging time between the spiritual and material realms.

    To say we will live to see monumental change is an exaggerated understatement. The human spirit is the strongest stuff on Earth, and the lessons we carry with us on a Soul level, born of love and long-suffering are the underpinnings of our Earth school. In the coming months, we will start to see realities more and more from the broadened lucidity of our Spiritual nature. ~Rev Angela

    ~ManifestDestiny888————————— Handcuffs Thunder Star

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  53. #53 Kellia
    October 3, 2011 am31 7:03 pm

    st54tr2 # 26

    I agree! What happens if the agents provocateurs start the violence? You know from what Bloomberg has been saying and what Fox has been saying e,g, protesters are dirty, uneducated, have nothing to do, etc. something somewhere is going to get bloody.

    Do the ETs stop it because they are service to others types who are against violence and the Dark Side has overstayed its mandate? Or do they sit back and watch because they can’t interfere with our karma, free will choice, life plan/contract, experiences we chose to have?

    Assuming they are real at all. I know it makes absolutely no sense that we are alone in the universe, but that does not mean that ETs are here now.

    Have any of you met an ET in the flesh, someone who proved to you that she or he was ET, or are we all just hoping they are here and mean us well?

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  54. #54 Admiral2012here
    October 3, 2011 am31 7:11 pm

    …ya know what I do; I read the channeled messages and take what resonates with me and then blend it in with “3D Reality”…it seems to work…I got my survival kit jammin…and yes!…I have 2 cans of SPAM…but that’s the last resort…I FEEL LIKE I’M MAK’N A SALAD!

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  55. #55 Kellia
    October 3, 2011 am31 7:16 pm

    Stick #52

    Yes, things are off! The Dark has stayed too long. Heaven has given permission to take additional steps. They have superior technology. Why no action? Why still “minor delays”? They aren’t minor down here. We are at the point where the credibility of channeling is rightfully under question.

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  56. #56 Space Muffin
    October 3, 2011 am31 7:39 pm

    Story break….I went to a party once and brought a new deck of tarot cards with me, just bonding with them. A loud bully walked up to the group of us, saying what a bunch of nonsense the cards were (to use nice words) and he was determined to make a fool out of me and said he wanted to ask the cards a question. He somehow got his way, now there was a large crowd. He shuffled and pulled out ‘the Sun’ card. He got quiet, because he had asked the dumbest question he could come up with – would the Sun come up in the morning?

    He eventually discredited his ‘proof’ and continued to say that it was all nonsense. I realized that day that some people never develop faith and never believe anything unless it’s standing right in front of them, and even then, they don’t believe it. The illusion and 3D covers up everything that’s real and faith, up until the end, is the one and only greatest lesson to be learned. The proof will come, but then it’s too late to develop faith. Then another chance will come, and another test of faith. I think it’s inevitable.

    I hope this does not offend anyone.

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  57. #57 Space Muffin
    October 3, 2011 am31 8:00 pm

    night all…over and out… Moon Star

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  58. #58 Laurinda
    October 3, 2011 am31 8:31 pm
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  59. #59 John
    October 3, 2011 am31 9:05 pm

    Muffie #56
    That is basically what is mentioned in the film “The Quickening”. There will be some that will require (sad as that is) some very testing occurrences to shake them awake, right down to facing death (3D shell death).

    I would rather it not be this way, but it is one of the difficulties of having the human tenacity that has served us well for a very long time. Every beneficial trait we can think of can be used in a myriad of ways and some ways are not really useful, when you get to the end of the situation.

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  60. #60 Kellia
    October 3, 2011 am31 11:43 pm

    SM # 56

    Sometimes it is appropriate to have faith, such as when you need to take step 1 in a process without knowing how steps 2 and 3 will turn out. Sometimes it is the act of taking step one that creates steps 2 and 3.

    But there are times when the demand for good old 3D hard evidence is called for, especially when there are a number of likely possible explanations for something. e.g. are the UFOs of extraterrestrial origin or terrestrial black ops origin?

    The demand for proof is heightened when other factors come into play, e,g, the number of dates and deadlines that have been missed. We all remember Blossom Goodchild’s predictions for Oct 14, 2008, and SaLuSa’s claim that there would be disclosure one way or another by the end of the first quarter of this year.

    “Going within” does not work for most people in this case because of what Carl from Canada said a while back: Our personal desires relative to the outcome would bias the meditation. It takes a tremendous amount of neutrality to get a reliable answer from “going within” in this case. I know I am not capable of that neutrality and I doubt anyone here is.

    Also, some hard and fast evidence that a reasonable person on Earth today could accept is a matter of respect. Having to accept some disembodied being’s word for it, despite the delays and missed dates and the continued prosperity and impunity of the Dark Side makes us children who believe their parents no matter what.

    For beings who talk a big game about our freedom and sovereignty, they are just leading us down the garden path and we have nothing but faith, which is precious little to hold onto in times like these. True respect for our freedom and sovereignty means giving us something real to hang our hats on as we live life in the 3D. What is the difference now between SaLuSa’s and others’ continual promises of soon™ and any politician in the 3D who promised things that in the long run were never delivered?

    At this point it is not unreasonable to think the channels themselves are taking themselves and us for a ride, not because they are evil people, but because they want this picture of the future so much that they have convinced themselves and us that the voices in their heads are something other than wishful thinking or schizophrenia.

    Hard evidence would eliminate that possibility.

    We are past the time when they need to wait for a government to Disclose. They are free to do it themselves. Why haven’t they?

    It is high time bastards like Cheney has to face justice. Why haven’t the ET’s forced him to take a perp walk?

    New governments? Sure there have been a few changes of governments in the world recently, but nothing out of the ordinary. Nobody surprising has taken over any government. Where are the “Earth Allies?”

    People keep losing their jobs and their homes. Meanwhile Wall St execs laugh and drink champagne as protests go on in the street below. Where are the prosperity funds?

    There is time for faith and a time for proof. We are at the time for proof.

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  61. #61 Stick
    October 3, 2011 am31 11:52 pm

    Kellia#55: You made me smile when you wrote “We are at the point where the credibility of channeling is rightfully under question.” First and foremost, ‘channeling’ has been alive and well since the ancient world. Make no mistake about it though, discernment has always been a critical part of the equation. So having doubts about this type of material is nothing new. Can’t it also be said that questioning the credibility of ‘anything’ we hold as true in this thing we call reality is valid? I’m not trying to be sarcastic here… really think about it. If you had trusted what you ‘believed’ about your own story ten months ago would you be where you are right now? Would you be married? I think you see what I’m getting at. Each and every ‘one’ of us is here to create a dialogue with Life… to tap into the mysteries that surround us. We’re all ‘channeling’ in one form or another. Whether you root yourself in the questions or the answers has little bearing on the profound nature of our Universe. Just try to enjoy the ride. Things are about to get even crazier than you think Lion


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  62. #62 Stick
    October 4, 2011 am31 12:02 am

    *Choosing Ascension, Again ~Saint Germain*
    Channeler: Aruna Byers

    When the ascension dates arrive, a call to all who chose to ascend will be made. Those who answer that call will know whether they are able to ascend or not, because they will once again be choosing to be the angel they incarnated to be. Are they willing to disappear to the world they know to ascend? Those who cannot are the ones who are not ready. Fear, doubt or desire for more of Earth’s challenges will decide which mandate they will follow. Clear uncluttered minds will be the first to leave. Choice will not be a challenge for these, but it will be for those who are not yet able to agree.

    My predictions are the advance call. When the call actually comes, those who are able to determine its content and its meaning will have an advantage over those who are not aware of what I have said about the next days and ascension. Can this prediction discredit my messages? Of course, because no ascension can occur without man’s full agreement. When the call comes we will need that agreement once again. Saying “yes” will give us permission to activate the dematerialization of bodies. No number is required. Those not hesitating are going to ascend.

    What will happen to you is your choice. Can you decide now and then alter that decision? Yes, and any one who does this can get on the next wave. But, are you going to give up an opportunity to live the best life you can make for others as well as yourself? You are the ones that can alter the fate of those not ascending. Only this big drama can get an absolute change in direction for all who need more awareness. Are they the reason to ascend? Yes. One of you ascending can deepen the light for them. Many ascending can manifest a new drama in their lives. We do not ask you to leave those you love. We want them to make the ascension with you.

    All of my messages are my words, not those of my channel. She has no desires or concerns about any of these messages or their content and cannot determine their accuracy. We of the Great White Brotherhood are grateful to her for giving an unattached delivery of our words.

    Can we have others deliver messages when we don’t have this blog? Yes. Please do, but do so from an unafraid and unbiased clarity. No messages of this kind are to be delivered to those who are not clear. Channeling is not difficult for those with an open mind.

    Can the comet destroy this planet? Yes. Will it? No, it will only make things more challenging. Will an asteroid deliver a final mass destruction? No, Earth will continue to exist with an opportunity to be energized again. When this energizing is complete there will be a New Earth.

    Will you accept the offer to ascend when it comes? No details are missing from these messages. All countries have ascension candidates, even those with negative dictators. This choice is not the country’s determination, it is yours alone.

    Follow the lead of your heart. Making the choice to ascend is the heart’s choice. An awakened one will not be led by an active ego. Count the days now. Enjoy all of your moments. Get ready. Put your affairs in order. Get a master plan to those who are going to assist with the next day’s tasks. Place no one above the call of your heart, and depend on no one to answer for you. Be with the angels and claim the destiny you chose to have. Make this call the one you aspire to.

    Ascended Master Saint Germain

    ~FinalCall2012——————————-Phone Peace Star

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  63. #63 Robin.
    October 4, 2011 am31 1:01 am

    Thanks Stick #62.

    I still always find Byers ‘version’ of our beloved St. Germain difficult to swallow and digest.. just the continued use of the words like ‘drama’ for starters.. just doesn’t feel ‘true’! At least the previous, persistent and relentless mention of his ‘Chelas’ appears to have ceased! Smile

    Even ‘talk’ of Comets and Asteroids destroying the Earth, even asking the question “CAN Comets destroy the Earth?” and then self-answering with “Yes” and then ‘Will it?” then “No .. just more ‘challenging’..” can none the less subtly and invasively ‘Sow the Seeds’ of negativity and doubt associated with such potential (Human-thought created) events! This is why I still do not trust ‘her/him’ one iota!

    Let us always remember anyway, that our own Creator’s Love wishes for us ALL to Ascend.. I sense this is also why the present continued ‘delays’.

    The ‘Hundredth Monkey’ syndrome must indeed eventually come into play as a critical mass is reached and ensure that those choosing Ascension consciously now, in turn then ‘opens the door’ and ‘paves the way’ for yet more etc etc..

    Exponential growth in a collapsing time field will combine to allow ‘events’ to proceed at an incredible speed methinks! 24 days to go!

    The Tidal Wave!

    In Light!


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  64. #64 Stick
    October 4, 2011 am31 1:22 am

    Robin: I also ultimately embrace the notion that Humanity will face Ascension as biophysical extensions of the Gaian Mind… as ‘One’

    The Morning Blessing
    10.04.11 ~ Rev Angela Peregoff

    *Truth is like a field of a thousand stones,
    the unwise picks up a stone and says,
    “I’ve found the truth”.
    The wise will turn over all one thousand stones.*

    It is interesting to work with students who are coming to the Science of Mind teachings for the first time. Their questions are penetrating as they try to wrap their rational minds around the concepts of infinity, eternality, and states of consciousness which are beyond the dualities of good and evil. It is a fruitful exercise as it makes us turn within and dig deep for helpful ways to answer them, even if the Reality they are seeking lies beyond all words.

    Ultimately, Spirit reveals Itself to every person in the perfect time and in the perfect way, for it is the very nature of the Divine to express and reveal Itself in the visible world of effects. It may be through an extraordinarily beautiful sunset; a mystical, visionary experience in the desert; through the eyes of a loved one; or in supernatural calm and guidance in the midst of a personal crisis. But once we catch that convincing glimpse of the Divinity of our own soul and of our union with the One, there comes a certain willingness to suspend the endless analysis and peeling the layers of the onion in favor of the stillness which deepens into service. As our inner comprehension of Truth unfolds outwardly into the visible realm of transformed actions, we begin to embody the a-a-ah answer to the big and practical question of how then should I live?

    This is the way of Beginner’s Mind. The path that each of us is walking is so unique that there can be no masters, no experts here. There is only the camaraderie and prayerful support of others, the occasional signs along the way, and the peaceful assurance that the one Power that creates all things is unfolding perfectly as us. ~Rev Angela

    ~FreedomCalling247—————————– Clock Yin Yang Sun

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  65. #65 Robin.
    October 4, 2011 am31 3:09 am

    Yes Bro.. We go WITH our Gaia on this elevatory trip.. not the mind-machinations of any dodgy channellers!

    The Heart-mind of Each One, is the truest Guide.. indeed!

    In Light!


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  66. #66 Robin.
    October 4, 2011 am31 3:15 am

    Activation of the Sacral-Plexus as We Sail into 2012:

    3 October 2011.

    Channeler: Lisa Gawlas.

    There is no doubt we hit a whole new octave as we entered October! It took me close to a day and a half to be able to adjust my own inner vision to the amazing vibrancy of your new octaves! Finding my footing in readings these days is not always easy, especially when the frequency moves a bit higher. The first thing that happens is I must internally adjust to these frequencies so I end up in a sort of “void” area. (And please, I am sharing this, because if it is happening to me, it is equally happening to you.) I say a “sort of void,” because it is not a true disconnection, but rather a full and deep inner connection to mySelf. I am finding when I am going thru my own frequency change, I cannot read for anyone at all. I am deep within myself…. feeling… expanding. I tend to go into seclusion to be there with Me.

    I woke up to this deep inner plane Oct 1st and into the late morning of October 2nd… and then finally, after rescheduling 5 readings… I found my footing. A place within another more vibrant than anything I have read to date. The details, once they started to fluidly unfold let me know I am seeing clearly, but the depth and detail of the grandness of what I was bearing witness to, I needed a good nights sleep to fully understand!

    The connection opened with a beautiful stream a golden flakes of energy pouring down into her right side (spiritual side) and starting to impregnate her energy field. There was a new field to these golden, shimmering particles moving steadily into her and as I started to ask her team: Where are they going and what will they do” I was shifted into a few weeks from now and could see the golden particles activating her “sacral-plexus” area (an area between your rib cage and belly button.) I could see it sending out sound waves outward into the field of matter, calling all that she needs towards her. Each day brought this signal emitting chakra into a deeper resonance, a frequency so clear, nothing could miss it. Of course, I was following it down her timeline thru this year. (this too… is our story as well)

    Please be really really clear on this part of the understanding of this high frequency chakra do not think for a single second you have to “program” it. It is emitting a frequency from your soul that is designed to gather all that you need in this manifested reality for your soul agenda. NOT your ego agenda. If you start doing Mantra’s, or intention settings (all of which, really comes from the mind… sorry to those who take that statement offensively) you are changing the programming within the frequency.

    If we are to allow our soul to lead us to where we need to go, we must truly let go and just walk forward! Deep inner trust without direction (that is clear to the mind… it is crystal clear to the heart Smile

    And then I watched as another octave was hit after the 23rd of Oct (that next power node I keep seeing). All I could see from it was landing on the other side of November 11th. I have no clue where in the month I was, I just knew it was on the other side of this profound dateline in our walk forward. And even now, detailing what it means… not so easy… but you know me, I will do my best! (smile)

    The first thing I seen was a glowing white box looking thing on the other side of 11:11 it felt… real. That is to say, made out of matter. Solid, yet flowing white and pure in its form. From what spirit is sharing right now, it choose to look like a box for the expression of a “gift.” A gift of yourSelf unto yourself.

    This gave way into the next humbling visual that just simply left me in awe (still does really.) I had seen her physical image in a ship. The ship was golden and bronze, solid, detailed and yet… I only seen from the center to the very front. It was as if the middle to back was tore off… there was no back. She was at the helm, steering upward. Her body decked out in full protection of her soul energy. With all my heart, I wish I could draw the detail of this ship. Holy cow it was just amazing to look at and feel with (minus the fact it had to back.)

    As I pondered the purposeful image of the back of this ship being ripped off, as if someone took a piece of paper and ripped it in two… I understood, there is no looking back. There is no turning back. We hit the point of no return and the only way to go is forward. For her (and us) upwards!

    She asked a question that I do need to share here as well. She asked about her spouse. I instantly seen him like a dark smokey slinky (yes, the toy slinky.) There was nothing he could do to penetrate her energy field, nor go with her on the ship to 2012. He was set for recycling (and please let me be clear here, recycled doesn’t mean dead, it means going thru major lessons again, condensed, so you can choose again.)…

    Then she asked about a few of her friends and I felt this… hmmmm… I really don’t know what it was… a vibrational earthquake (not on the ground but within the air itself?) and I heard a chaotic node is coming up. This is going to catapult those still in-between the ground of 2011 and the new fields of 2012 into choosing which way they want to go. I tried to hone in on when this chaotic node will happen and it was funny to watch her team move the point around. Imagine it is written on a piece of paper, very small…and you try and focus your vision on that paper and only on that paper, and the hand that wrote it starts to wiggle that paper all over the place so you cannot see the small print at all! That’s what it was like.

    There are two thing I want to close this sharing with. One was my last connection for the day… and the big information that came from her energy field was “tie up all your loose ends” NOW! So many people got to here thru other peoples teachings and understandings (which is good… whatever it took to get one here is all that matters)…. but now, it is time to go deep inside yourself, with yourself and tighten up your energy fields so there are no loose ends moving forward.

    And the most confusing thing of all… as I asked where this incredible ship is going to land, I suddenly felt a point in January and spirit repeating this phrase over and over again (mostly because I kept trying to change the word lol) “We will land at a platitude”. Mostly that seems like a strange word to use for where the ship will be landing… and I scoured the internet for all the meanings and the only one I can come up with that may fit is “a commonplace.” Don’t know for sure that it is it… do you have any ideas what that word could mean??

    Just when you think it couldn’t get any more exciting… it does!!
    And we Are!!
    ((((((HUGZ))))) filled with sailing adventures!

    Lisa Gawlas.


    In Light!


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  67. #67 Space Muffin
    October 4, 2011 am31 3:39 am


    Marilyn Raffaele

    Greetings dear ones. We come again to wish you a happy ascension process. Even though it does not always seem an occasion for rejoicing, it actually is. You are beginning to differentiate between the dark and the light. Mankind is starting discern that which is old and finished and this discernment is manifesting in the world as a dissatisfaction with the status quo. Many are taking a stand on issues that before now they would not of even thought of as needing change. It is because those who always believed everything they were told, are now experiencing the higher frequency energies which are allowing them to feel the difference between that which is true and that which is false. You are becoming more sensitive to energy and Light. The veil is thinning, and is causing dissatisfaction with so much that you previously took for granted. You see dear ones, the old (duality and separation) is not based in Divine law and truth, it simply reflects your venture into the experience of separation in order to remember who you were while within this energy of separation. This is why the school of earth is so difficult and why graduation from the earth school is such an achievement. You are doing it! You are awakening in spite of appearances which means that you are hearing and following your inner guidance. By this we do not mean the many wonderful channels giving you information at this time. We mean your inner guidance, that part of you that is the spark of the Divine, that part of you that is the manifestation of Source Consciousness and embodies all that is. You are starting to trust and allow this completeness to manifest in your life as what you need–information, money, food, whatever. Source is within you and it is your awareness of this truth (your attained state of consciousness) that determines how much of this truth you manifest in the outer.

    We say to you all that you are doing a fine job of this ascension but it is vital for you to stay centered and focused. That is, not to believe yourselves to be three dimensional beings occasionally coming into the higher, but to see yourselves always as Higher dimensional beings having to occasionally be in the lower. You see, most are still doing it in the old and beginner way; that is, reserving truth for special occasions and those times of meditation and quiet. Try now to live, move, and have your being in truth at all times for you are ready. Many continue to work from the belief that they are still beginners, but you are no longer beginners. It is not meant that you stay forever in books, classes, and groups that tell you how to be and what you must do. Many still feel that if they read a book, go to a class, or discuss truth with the like minded, that they are very evolved. Truth must be lived, you are able now to get your guidance from within; the Within that is Divine Consciousness– omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. You! Once you know the Kingdom is within, you must not continue to look outside of yourselves or you create a bigger gap.

    Over lifetimes you have played the third dimensional game of hide and seek and have learned who and what you are– the game is over should you choose. If you choose ascension, you must live ascension. This does not mean living out from a state of consciousness not yet attained, for that in itself is very “human”, however, it does mean knowing the truth at all times in spite of appearances, and then taking whatever human footsteps may be necessary at the time. It means sitting in the midst of chaos knowing; “God alone is power”. Then proceeding to do what needs to be done.

    Through experience, mankind has become comfortable with third dimensional games and finds them hard to give it up. Much that you have come to accept as life and much that you enjoy, is dissolving before your very eyes, but know that anything real cannot dissolve. It is only the concept of it that dissolves, whereas the reality behind it will again appear on higher and better levels. We give you the example of relationships. Many relationships are breaking apart as the result of energy changes. In order for a relationship to work, there must be a resonating of the energy between those involved. This is true for all relationships and not just romantic ones. When an individual evolves and thus moves to a new level of light resonance but the other in the relationship has not moved, you see they no longer resonate with the same frequency. This is happening within many marriages right now because one partner is still in the old energy of; “I am half of a couple, I need you to give me the masculine or feminine aspect that I don’t have, and together we are whole.” At the same time, the other partner is realizing that he or she is a whole and complete and embodies both aspects already. You see what this will do to a marriage or partner relationship–each are viewing the situation from different states of consciousness.
    The new and higher sense of relationship is based in an awareness of self-completeness. That is; “I choose to share my completeness with you but I do not need you in order to be complete.

    All things are going to change, but everything real and imbued with truth, will simply manifest on a higher level.

    Those protesting all over the world, are experiencing urges flowing from a deeper sense of truth and connection with their reality even though most do not understand this yet. Divine Freedom-(a law)- is coming alive within them and they are expressing this in a way that makes sense to them, by protesting.

    Stop looking so much to others for your answers. Let them help you; the books, the channels, the informational sources, but always allow the final word rest in how it resonates within you. You have all that is real within your Divine self, it is only the dream that has made you believe that you were separate from it. Practice going within for everything , and as you do, you will gain spiritual strength. You are awakening from the dream. You are finished with the games of living behind a veil of forgetfulness in order to see if you can find God in the darkness.

    You have done it, now accept, embrace, and live out from that which you are, always have been and always will be.

    We are the Arcturian Group

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  68. #68 Space Muffin
    October 4, 2011 am31 3:50 am

    ‘Those protesting all over the world, are experiencing urges flowing from a deeper sense of truth and connection with their reality even though most do not understand this yet. Divine Freedom-(a law)- is coming alive within them and they are expressing this in a way that makes sense to them, by protesting.’

    This is a quote from above. It will just get bigger and better now. It’s like Thomas Paine’s Clarion Call for Freedom….The protest is the physical sign of the beginning of the end.

    Stick, thanks for posting 62 again.

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  69. #69 Gunner
    October 4, 2011 am31 3:53 am

    believe this is an especially important message for the protesters, as we all work towards a solution:


    “Occupy Wall Street protesters can fight back by filing criminal charges against the Federal Reserve Bankers”.

    Please try to relay this article to as many protesters as possible. It may help put things in perspective.


    Best Regards,


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  70. #70 Gunner
    October 4, 2011 am31 4:04 am

    Admiral, this happens at so many protests where the PTB hire fake protesters to cause havoc and violence thus giving the true protersters a bad name and hurting their cause. They did it at the g7 summit in Canada.
    I am an Obama man but I am thinking , where is he during all this. I mean his whole campaign was for change now and this is the kind of changes people want, so I am really surprised how quiet he is on this issue.

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  71. #71 Space Muffin
    October 4, 2011 am31 4:58 am

    Gunner70….a valid observation…

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  72. #72 Admiral2012here
    October 4, 2011 am31 5:16 am


    Angry New Yorkers organized an initiative called “Occupy Wall Street.” Beginning September 17, they called for “tak(ing) the bull by the horns,” referring to the familiar New York financial district symbol.

    Its web site statement said:

    “The one thing we all have in common is that We Are The 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%.” Saying “I am sick and tired of being sick and tired,” civil rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer’s epitaph said it her way.

    Today, we’re all sick and tired of corrupted officials letting Wall Street crooks steal public wealth at the expense of millions ripped off to enrich them lavishly.

    Occupy Wall Street activists are angry about “profit over and above all else.” Because of political Washington collusion, it dominates public policy in America.

    Comparing their initiative to Arab Spring uprisings, they said:

    “On the 17th of September, we want to see 20,000 people flood into lower Manhattan, set up beds, kitchens, peaceful barricades and occupy Wall Street for a few months.”

    “Like our brothers and sisters in Egypt, Greece, Spain, and Iceland, we plan to use the revolutionary Arab Spring tactic of mass occupation to restore democracy in America. We also encourage the use of nonviolence to achieve our ends and maximize the safety of all participants.”

    One of many protester signs read:

    “The corrupt fear us. The honest support us. The heroic join us.”

    Adbusters organized the protests. On September 16, ahead of its September 17 inaugural, it published an “Orientation Guide,” saying:

    “Saturday’s occupation begins at noon in Bowling Green Park….See you at the bull….The first people’s assembly will start at 3pm at One Chase Manhattan Plaza and continue until our one demand is agreed by all.”

    Suggested ideas include:

    revoking corporate personhood;

    reinstating Glass-Steagall, decoupling commercial from investment banks and insurers, among other provisions to curb speculation;

    imposing a Tobin tax on large financial transactions; making corporations and rich Americans pay their fair share;

    demanding Obama establish an “American Democracy Reform Commission” to end “monied corruption in Washington;” in other words, get money out of politics;

    creating a similar commission for banking to assure for starters too-big-to-fail banks don’t exist;

    perhaps an “END THE MONIED CORRUPTION OF AMERICA MANIFESTO” or all of the above and more to create a level playing field.

    Most important is returning money power to Congress as the Constitution’s Article 1, Section 8 demands, saying:

    “The Congress shall have Power….(t)o coin Money, (and) regulate the Value thereof….”

    It didn’t say bankers have a divine right to control the most important of all powers. More on that below.

    “Agree to be bold (and) decisive against the financial corruption of America,” say Occupy Wall Street organizers.

    Kick it off there, then spread it nationally. Tough tasks take time, impossible ones a little longer. Anything is possible with enough sustained commitment. Survival depends on generating it.

    On September 17, “our Tahrir moment beg(an)….strength, courage, nonviolence!”

    Web sites, social networks, and one-on-one contacts spread the word to fight corrupt politics, corporate power, and Wall Street crooks.

    Adbusters editor-in-chief Kalle Lasn said:

    “We need to shake up the corporate-driven capitalist system were in. To do that, we need something radical.”

    Media Reaction

    Major media scoundrels first said nothing, then dismissively gave it short shrift. As America’s lead wealth and power voice, The New York Times barely noticed. Then it did offensively in Ginia Bellafante’s September 23 article headlined, “Gunning for Wall Street, With Faulty Aim,” saying:

    Occupy Wall Street is “a noble but fractured and airy movement of rightly frustrated young people….”

    “(A) default ambassador (is) a half-naked woman who called herself Zuni Tikka….Ms. Tikka had taken off all but her cotton underwear and was dancing on the north side of Zuccotti Park, facing Liberty Street, just west of Broadway.”

    Bellafante arrogantly called real grievances “street theater.” She mocked social injustice, calling protesters “a diffuse and leaderless convocation of activists….”

    She scorned their “lack of cohesion and….apparent wish to pantomime progressivism rather than practice it knowledgeably….”

    She downplayed crowd size, grit, anger and nonviolence. She mentioned scores of arrests but ignored police brutality.

    Cops always do it, especially defending social injustice. Trends analyst Gerald Celente calls them “enforcers for crime bosses.” They serve and protect America’s super-rich, not ordinary Americans they attack for demanding their rights.

    Since September 17, they’ve been out in force in New York, practicing their stock and trade (no pun intended), beating up on nonviolent protesters instead of supporting them.

    They were pepper sprayed, maced, thrown to the ground, beaten, handcuffed, dragged off, and locked up. Even though hundreds, not thousands, turned out, they were committed, spreading the word, and urging others to join them.

    Nonetheless, on September 26, Wall Street Journal writer Gordon Crovitz called last week’s protests “a bust,” saying “over-educated and under-employed” participants “learned a lesson: Just because it’s on social media doesn’t make it true.”

    Mocking social grievances, he added:

    Most in Zuccotti Park “were typical left-wing critics of markets, Zionism and people who wear fur….”

    “A tabloid headline, ‘Violence Erupts at Wall St. Protest,’ proved overstated.”

    Billionaire mayor Michael Bloomberg said nothing about arrests and gratuitous abuse.

    Police brutality victims were outspoken. On September 25, New York Daily News writers Matt Deluca and Christina Boyle expressed them, headlining: “Wall Street protesters cuffed, pepper-sprayed during ‘inequality’ march,” saying:

    “Scores of protesters were arrested in Manhattan Saturday as a march against social inequality turned violent.”

    “Witnesses said they saw three stunned women collapse on the ground screaming after they were sprayed in the face.”

    “I saw a girl get slammed on the ground. I turned around and started screaming,” said a young Brooklyn woman who said she was sprayed.

    Another woman said:

    “I was shocked because it seemed like one person after another was being brutally tackled, and it wasn’t clear why. I was deeply disturbed to see (police) throw a man (down) and immediately they were pounding on him. Their arms were going back in the air. I couldn’t believe how violent five people needed to be against one unarmed man.”

    Video images showed NYPD commander Anthony Bologna using pepper spray. In fact, he and other New York cops were sued for police violence during the 2004 Republican National Convention.

    At the time, 1,800 were arrested. Many were held incommunicado under appalling conditions. The case will go to trial next year. Abused nonviolent protesters want justice.

    Crovitz mocked Wall Street demonstrators, saying:

    “Wall Street has survived much worse than some ragged protesters trying to occupy it….(S)ome ideas deserve to be sold short.”

    So do media scoundrels, making pimps, prostitutes and dope peddlers look good by comparison.

    Wall Street Protest Spirit Going Viral

    On September 27, Occupy Wall Street began going national. In Chicago, protesters camped out in front of the Federal Reserve. Others rallied outside the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce.

    On September 26, Michael Moore and Susan Sarandon joined New York protesters. They and others stressed that change never comes top down, only bottom up.

    In early October, rallies are planned across America in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, San Diego, Washington, Lexington, KY, Seattle, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Dallas, Boston, Tampa, New Orleans, and dozens more communities including Canadian ones, hoping they’ll show up everywhere committed for long denied social justice.

    America’s First Amendment guarantees free expression and assembly rights. Thuggish police across America attack them. Peaceful protesters are treated like criminals.

    Police indeed are “enforcers for crime bosses,” and not just in New York.

    Money Power: The Root of All Evil in Private Hands

    This writer’s new book explains, titled “How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War.”

    It discusses how Wall Street crooks transformed America into an unprecedented money making racket, facilitated by government collusion at the highest federal, state and local levels.

    As a result, working Americans got scammed. For years, they’ve lost their savings, jobs, homes and futures to let privileged elites get richer and more powerful. The book explains, pulling no punches in exposing their criminality and duplicity.

    At issue is powerful bankers having control over money, credit and debt for private enrichment. They’ve used it illegitimately to bankroll and collude with political Washington to implement laws favoring them and turn a blind eye to their criminal fraud and abuse.

    As a result, decades of deregulation, outsourcing, economic financialization, and casino capitalism followed, producing asset bubbles, record budget and national debt levels, as well as depression-sized unemployment, depravation and anger.

    Today’s contagion is global. Billions suffer. Economies are wrecked to save banks. Washington is Wall Street occupied territory. They’ve gotten trillions of dollars to socialize losses, private profits, and run their printing press overtime for as much more as they want.

    Whatever Wall Street wants, it gets. Powerful banks run America. Speculative fraud is their stock and trade. In their hands, corruption became an art form. Markets are manipulated to serve them. Politicians are used like handmaidens.

    For decades, war on working Americans raged, transferring wealth to Wall Street, other corporate favorites, and super-rich elites already with too much.

    Moreover, high-paying/good benefit jobs went overseas to cheap labor markets. Fewer low-pay/low or no benefit temporary or part-time ones replaced them. Essential social services eroded en route to eliminating them altogether, including Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and public pensions.

    Worse still, corporate/government collusion conspires to end all worker rights, return America to 19th century harshness, and enforce it by police state brutality.

    America’s well along toward the worst of all possible worlds, a hellish dystopia no one should tolerate.

    Occupy Wall Street protesters know it. So do others across America. Everyone needs to!

    Join the struggle for what’s possible no other way!

    It’s high time to fight back, putting bodies on the line for long denied social justice!

    There’s no other way to get it!

    Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.

    Also visit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.


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  73. #73 Space Muffin
    October 4, 2011 am31 5:19 am



    ….unaltered footage only goes to 2:30 minutes in….stabilized footage is non-existent after that time… Alien Alien Alien

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  74. #74 Space Muffin
    October 4, 2011 am31 5:26 am

    ….more starriders….October 1, 2011…London England


    ….this thing is moving fast Alien Alien Alien

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  75. #75 Space Muffin
    October 4, 2011 am31 5:30 am



    …this guy must have not been able to catch up to it, but freezes the frame at the time when the UFO flashes a blue bubble… Alien Alien Alien

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  76. #76 Space Muffin
    October 4, 2011 am31 5:33 am



    …poor footage, but they’re out there, and peeps are doing their best… Alien Alien Alien

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  77. #77 Space Muffin
    October 4, 2011 am31 5:45 am



    …the caption says in brackets (T-35Pillan) but I researched these planes and they fly in precise formation….these lights are all over the place and this is an awesome display…it really gets spectacular at 2 minutes in….enjoy it! Alien Alien Alien

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  78. #78 Robin.
    October 4, 2011 am31 5:49 am

    Gunner #70.

    You mean ‘Agents Provocateurs’.
    Yep.. Bad news!

    Maybe it is OK that Obama is ‘quiet’ (whilst he observes the PEOPLE making the ‘Changes’ ).. better than: “You useless scum.. get a proper Job”, anyway!


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  79. #79 Space Muffin
    October 4, 2011 am31 5:52 am

    ….very cool vid…starting to notice a very similar appearance with some of the crafts sighted…no idea where this is, I think it says UFO over my house in Spanish…October 1, 2011 Alien Alien Alien


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  80. #80 Space Muffin
    October 4, 2011 am31 5:56 am



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  81. #81 Robin.
    October 4, 2011 am31 5:59 am

    CME’s & Solar Flare activity – Akashic Wisdom Keepers.

    3 October 2011.

    Channeler: Rev.Irma Kaye Sawyer.

    Part of the explanation why so many are feeling a great fatigue and others are feeling anxious and even depressed is due to the great vibratory movement that is made in periods of high level solar storm activity; such as you experienced last week in your weather. All that is considered dross or mis-qualified energy will be simply “vibrated out” of your experience. You do not have to concern yourself with energy, thoughts or creations of value being removed; only that which is false or out of alignment with Love will not remain. Again, the extent in which you resist or attempt to control the process will determine the ease of your experience. There is nothing to fear as the avatar of perfect health and balance exists within all of you.

    Also on the subject of CME/Solar Flare activity: You may find that during periods of high CME activity, the routines in your daily life change. Since your sleeping patterns may be disrupted, the flow of your day must be adapted accordingly. Another thing to note about this and their correspondence to key dates in the Mayan Calendar, is that you are being moved from linear time to circular time, especially during these weather periods. This is why your the timing of your days may seem very strange as if they are moving very quickly; while on other days may seem to be moving slower. The best way to adapt to these changes is to be flexible and centered in the NOW moment as much as possible.

    Shanti. ~ The Keepers, 10.3.11

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  82. #82 Space Muffin
    October 4, 2011 am31 6:02 am

    ….my apologies, the above sighting in Chile is from 2009…somebody re-posted it on oct 1

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  83. #83 Laurinda
    October 4, 2011 am31 6:02 am

    Do any of you out there know if the Marines who were not on active duty showed up at the demo yet, as they said that they would be in uniform? Question

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  84. #84 Robin.
    October 4, 2011 am31 6:04 am

    Check In Within!

    4 October 2011.

    Channeler: Rebecca Couch.

    What if there was nothing more to do outside yourself and the remainder of the effort is now totally and completely, on the inside? There is nothing outside yourself. Nothing.

    And so it is for you to continue to develop your own deep, inner world that is rich in connection to the greater realms, clear in your relationship to higher wisdom, inspired by abundant creative insights, a sound knowing of truth found in the real world, and above all else – be the peace that passeth understanding that can be found only in this place. There is only one place that is the fertile ground for the heart-wrenching yearning you seek outside, and that is within. Nothing else works; haven’t you found that is the great pain of the world? The external heartache is debilitating. The inner heart nourishment is fuel. Once this inner, boundaryless universe is “locked in” as your primary relationship, only then can you bring the same connection, wisdom, insight, reality and peace outside in your experience. This is the path to transforming our world: each must turn outside in and inside out.

    Haven’t you noticed that your external seductions have been slowly – one by one – no longer working? It is time to go within to find what really works. And with that, your external needs diminish. Your external world becomes rich by your inner depth and nourishment. You can discern truth in the sea of lies, you are no longer (unknowingly!) seduced or controlled by the myriad of trappings outside yourself and you have finally become free. Chocolate and sex and consumerism and drama and politics and, and, and, continue to bring you some form of temporal entertainment or distraction or pleasure, but you know where the real truth lies. The primary human experience is to know freedom, growth and joy, and this is found many ways! But most continue to seek outside themselves, which creates a roller coaster of external dependence and tumultuous experience going from one life raft to another. It is time to know where the real life raft is so that you can become it, and hold it, so that all others may do the same. They will want what you are having…they will look to you and say that is my heart’s desire to know that peace, wisdom, creativity and knowingness.

    It is from this place that the fertile gifts of how to transform your external world are found. You already know you can’t create new from the old consciousness, you have to separate from it and go within to find your rich garden, and then when the inspiration rises, you will know exactly what to do and what your contribution shall be to the new world. But first, the greatest gift you can give is in the discovery and nurturance of your inner world. Then you carry it with you – this hologram – this living crystal of light – this emanence – to the grocery store, to work, the bank, on line, on the phone, in the bathtub, and to the next family reunion. Holding that degree of Presence transforms. It is contagious, inspiring, expansive. It makes a profound difference. And that is just the beginning!

    Then you are watching your thoughts. Your actions begin to change because they are inspired by your deeper Presence. Your heart continues to expand and consequently so does your reach. Because of the depth of your inner world, you are safe to reach out. Your need is filled and so you have more to give. You have changed from a conditional expression to an unconditional one. When you need less, you no longer expect anything in return because you have enough. You are enough. The whole thing is enough and so your cup runneth over and that is when true unconditional love and giving takes place. As long as you are in need yourself and seek your external world to give it to you, you are trapped in condition: the old eye for an eye, negotiating, trapped, painful world that doesn’t work for anyone or thing. So stop it. You are the All That Is already, so there is no need to look outside yourself. You are it!

    There is nothing more than this to say today. If you truly stop right now and check in within, you will realize that all is well and all is always well here. So return here so often that this true world becomes your external experience. From the inside we created the outside so that we seek the real world inside in order to create the real outside. This is how God knows and experiences Herself.

    Shakespeare was right: all the world’s a stage and we are only the players. A play within a play within a play, we slowly and surely free ourselves!

    All is well,
    as The Council of Light is Within.


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  85. #85 Space Muffin
    October 4, 2011 am31 6:09 am



    ….I would skip right to 6:00 minutes in, where the guy stabilizes the camera so you can get a closeup of the 6 orange lights… Alien Alien Alien

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  86. #86 Space Muffin
    October 4, 2011 am31 6:15 am

    Laurinda 83…I’ve been watching for the marines too…no sighting yet…

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  87. #87 Laurinda
    October 4, 2011 am31 6:20 am

    Thanks Sanjin! Geez, did I spell that correctly? Heart You mentioned that your name is pronounced like Sonya.

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  88. #88 Space Muffin
    October 4, 2011 am31 6:21 am

    I think they’re coming Laurinda, I think they’re organizing themselves now…


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  89. #89 Space Muffin
    October 4, 2011 am31 6:21 am

    …Sanja…no worries Heart Rose

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  90. #90 Laurinda
    October 4, 2011 am31 6:26 am

    http://seattle.cbslocal.com/2011/10/03/starbucks-to-begin-collecting-donations-to-stimulate-u-s-job-growth/ let’s hope that this is legit and the wristbands they give out to doners are made in the US, not China. Oh wait, they can’t be that stupid, or are they? lol Question US Flag

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  91. #91 Laurinda
    October 4, 2011 am31 6:29 am

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2045082/Starbucks-CEO-Howard-Schultz-launches-5m-US-jobs-fund.html Well I did a bit of research and it looks like the Starbucks “Indivisible” wrist bands ARE made here in the States. WHEW! This article also provides a photo…

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  92. #92 Laurinda
    October 4, 2011 am31 6:35 am

    Sanja: Thanks so much for the update and the link! In Love You’re ON IT girl!!! Rose

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  93. #93 Space Muffin
    October 4, 2011 am31 6:37 am

    Stick: thank you for the link to ‘peaceful warrior.’ I never heard of that movie, but I’ll try to download it.

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  94. #94 Admiral2012here
    October 4, 2011 am31 6:40 am

    …Starbucks is an illuminati Corporation


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  95. #95 Laurinda
    October 4, 2011 am31 6:42 am

    Admiral: YUP!!! What did ya expect? –And they wrap themselves in the flag, cuz that’s how they roll!

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  96. #96 Admiral2012here
    October 4, 2011 am31 6:55 am


    Jesse LaGraca from Occupy Wall Street talks to Fox News…this clip never made it to air, via Kyle Christopher of Occupy Wall St.’s media team


    There is no time left to be complacent. The world is changing now. Not tomorrow. Be part of the change for good. The love. Not the fear. Let go your attachment to the old world and embrace the new

    “Before this victory is won, some will have to get thrown in jail some more, but we shall overcome. Don’t worry about us before the victory is won, some of us will lose jobs, but we shall overcome. Before the victory is won, some will be misunderstood and called bad names and dismissed as rebel-rousers and agitators But we shall overcome.

    And I’ll tell you why.
    We shall overcome because the arch of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” – Martin Luther King

    Join Us in Solidarity! http://www.facebook.com/OccupyCanada
    Revolution 2.0 always starts on the internet. It will be tweeted, facebooked, YouTubed liked and shared. If your government shuts down the internet. Shut down your government

    BE THE CHANGE – Join Occupy WallStreet


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  97. #97 snapdragon
    October 4, 2011 am31 7:02 am
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  98. #98 Laurinda
    October 4, 2011 am31 7:21 am

    Tracy: One way these “plants” have been previously identified is that they wear something over their faces and/or they wear black boots that match the same boots as the cops in their riot gear.

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  99. #99 Space Muffin
    October 4, 2011 am31 7:26 am

    Re: Starbucks

    As info….I specialized in mental health and addictions when I worked in 3D, and coffee triggers the pleasure centers of our brain by flooding the circuits with a neurotransmitter called Dopamine. Coffee is the number one drug of choice worldwide with the highest number of addicts, globally. Dopamine makes us feel good, and our brains, when directly stimulated by drugs (caffeine), enable us to feel rewarded temporarily, and this is followed by ‘lows’ where we feel anxious, sad, down depressed, and unworthy. Caffeine is also found in many pharmaceuticals, which is evidence of the way they want to create addicts, because caffeiene has no medicinal value.

    Parkinsons results from lowered dopamine levels; schizophrenia from increased….thus the world lives in a perpetual state of dopamine dysregulation and the illuminati have constructed it that way. It’s worse now, in the history of man, than it ever has been. Due to the genetically modified foods they sell us, natural sources of dopamine triggering agents are no longer found, so we don’t feel good anymore, but we want to feel good, so we become addicted to caffeine.

    Believe me when I tell you this is global mind control that renders the general population in a constant state of dopamine overdose or insufficiency. I wrote about this in my second book.

    …but damn, that morning coffee and ciggybutt taste good together…. Angel

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  100. #100 Laurinda
    October 4, 2011 am31 7:32 am

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGvZh-qRQYw this one goes out for snapdragon!

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  101. #101 Admiral2012here
    October 4, 2011 am31 7:36 am

    …I stopped drinking coffee several years ago Smile

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  102. #102 Space Muffin
    October 4, 2011 am31 8:15 am

    …good for you Admy…it’s a hard drug to give up and withdrawal is prolonged and potentially severe…the phony studies indicate it has health benefits, but that’s a big lie…because the pharmaceuticals have caffeine in them, we get addicted to the pharmaceuticals…it’s a really raw deal…

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  103. #103 Gunner
    October 4, 2011 am31 8:42 am

    Admiral, starbucks is the worst coffee I ever tasted in my life and dont forget, i tasted jail house coffe that was better. The thing that gets me is they charge un-believble prices for their coffee. I get my coffee from the mom and pop deli I go to in the mourning and man it is great and cheap.
    SM I did hear it prevents some types of cancers but I am not sure who you can believe in these final days of our 3d world.

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  104. #104 Gunner
    October 4, 2011 am31 8:45 am

    SM, do you know of any dopamine triggering agents that are found in food or supplements? I find it so funny that they named something that makes you feel good, Dopamine.

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  105. #105 Admiral2012here
    October 4, 2011 am31 8:52 am

    …Dopamine = Dope-A-Mind!!!

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  106. #106 Space Muffin
    October 4, 2011 am31 9:02 am

    Hey Gunner. The natural functions of our bodies rely on naturally harvested, organic foods, especially fruits and veggies. We also need exercise, sleep and sunlight. That old saying ‘ an apple a day…’ apples and bananas are both wonder foods. I do not believe in supplements. Supplements are particles that are removed from their natural environment and are thus ‘dead,’ producing only more toxins for the body to eliminate. Without it’s natural environment, a vitamin, mineral, enzyme, etc., either cannot remain alive, or cannot be absorbed by the human body.

    Currently, humanity uses 3 legal drugs to increase dopamine levels unnaturally: caffeiene, nicotine, and cocoa (chocolate). These drugs alter brain chemistry and become highly addictive. Low dopamine levels also create anxiety and we are a fearful, anxious planet, aren’t we?

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  107. #107 Space Muffin
    October 4, 2011 am31 9:03 am

    ….hehehe…that’s cute Admy…..

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  108. #108 Space Muffin
    October 4, 2011 am31 9:16 am

    ….geez I really got going today, too many big words….I just wanna be Space Muffin again…. Peace

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  109. #109 Admiral2012here
    October 4, 2011 am31 9:56 am


    Watch it happen in front of your eyes. The Occupy Wall Street phenom is going viral, diversifying like a stock portfolio and popping up all over the US and in other countries as well.

    Look at the media not covering it. Look at the media giving out false information concerning the motivation, even to the extent of saying the protestors are protesting against people making 40 to 50 thousand dollars a year, as well as global warming. Understand that the media is owned and operated by the same people who operate at and influence Wall Street.

    Look at the important names that are appearing in the mix and the American Marines showing up on behalf of the protest as well. In its genesis and presentations, it is about as authentic and threatening to go nova as it can get. This is the real deal.

    The traders and bankers are celebrating their imagined invulnerability. In the delusion of their fevered hubris, they are drinking champagne and talking about pouring it on the protestors, in emulation of the bankers and traders at The City of London, who waved banknotes out of their windows as they jeered the protestors.

    Does this look like they may and should have their heads chopped off and put on display? Does this give you the impression that Hang a Banker Day might be coming to a neighborhood near you soon? This is not an argument in favor or against this. This is an observation of the anger of the vast majority coming up against the defiance, indifference and ridicule of the minority of those causing the conditions for the anger in the first place.

    None of those responsible for, the all too quick emergence of difficult conditions for the world at large, have been charged or brought to trial for their crimes, yet.

    Meanwhile, Americans and others, continue to be herded into for profit prisons, for feeding their heads, at the command of alcoholic lawmakers, who also legitimize and profit from the illegal drug industry in the first place. They are making it illegal for the people to grow their own food. They are arresting children who are selling lemonade. They are permitting sex change operations for pre-pubescent children. They are selling automatic weapons to Mexican drug lords, who are dumping heads and bodies in the public thoroughfare.

    They are out of their freaking minds and they are going down. Lloyd Blankfein and Steven Schwartzman are going down, sooner or later. Will the Federal Reserve, J.P. Morgan and The Rothschilds follow? We can only watch and wait and hope to see it.

    Ah, my friends. We are on the brink. Nothing is going the way of TPTW, even though they are engineering so much of it as it goes. There is no motivation on the part of those who created this mess, to fix it to the advantage of those, who are coming to get them. As a result, the process in progress can only get worse and as it gets worse the noose will tighten, the pitchforks will rattle and the flaming brands will light the way to the castle gates.

    There can only be some immense and horrible act, on the part of TPTW, looming on the event horizon. They can try to toss some of the members of their cabal to the crowd, as a peace offering but they cannot fix the conditions that have brought them to this pass, because that is not how they operate. The dynamics of the arriving age demand a complete house cleaning and no matter where they run to hide, the conditions they have set in place exist among the residents of the locales they seek to flee to.

    The ironic landing of the marines on the other side of the fence indicates an awakening in the ranks of the military, which presently exists to serve and defend their interests, which operate contrary to the interests of military personnel and their families. Their treatment of the military and their sacrifice of the military to the machinations of bankers are becoming known to the rank and file.

    The suicides and the atrocities, as well as the gay agenda, are killing morale all through the services. The one thing that military personnel expect is respect and acknowledgement of their efforts. The one thing they do not desire or expect is to die for the wrong reasons and to be treated like shit on their return.

    How long will it be before the domestic police tire of what they are being asked to do; given their own suffering in terms of the economy in their own lives? How long can they continue to live with the bad publicity of the behavior of some of the members in their ranks?

    On the natural, terrestrial level, Nature is aroused and sending strange armies of ants into the living spaces, as well as all manners of ground trembling, along with fire and rain upon the landscape.

    In the governments, the lawmakers wonder, as they bend the knee to Israel at every turn. Meanwhile, the world turns its sympathy and their backs away from Israel. It is a ‘consummation devoutly to be wished’ that this accelerates and the groundswell of Israeli residents also rises up again the powers in place. The time frame shrinks incrementally between now and the last decanate of October, as it comes upon the doorstep of the winter of our extreme discontent; to paraphrase The Bard, who I just quoted already a moment before.

    What a wild time is rocking the house and promising to swell its ranks by the day. How many millions in distress are about to wake up and join the party? The basic principle of The Apocalypse insists upon the awakening and the awakening is coming to each of us, in its own way, depending on what we are engaged in or suffering from. Kiss my ass and call me Cupid. Heh, heh, now that’s a strange something to say; probably should be a bumper sticker (grin). What storeroom hamper of bon mots did I get that one out of? Thank god for the internet and all those newsgathering websites that brings the information to our minds, so that we can be proactively involved in the truth of the thing in the first place.

    You can get your red string Kabala wrist ornaments and Banker rope on special at Target all this week. Come on down! There’s a blue light special going on, up in the ass of this K-mart store closing culture, of the great American wet dream that’s been ridden hard and put away wet, under those paint rags in the basement. Come on down! Come on down to the burial ground of the rainmakers. Come on down to the cheap seats in the back of the theater and, keep in mind, that makes you the first people in a position to leave. Remember if you are poor and don’t have very much that you are the people least likely to be inconvenienced, given how inconvenienced you already are.

    Readers have been quoting one of my favorite all time authors to me on a regular basis lately, giving me those excerpts from Gandalf and company about how no one wants to live in the times when the shadow has come into power on the land and how we have to rise to the call. I don’t consider the appearance of the tales of the Lord of the Rings to be any kind of a coincidence for the world we find ourselves having to live in. The parallels are spot on.

    Pull up a chair, or pick up a marching sign or standard, whatever it is you are called upon to do and let us meet at the river, once the dust has settled and gone.

    End Transmission…….


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  110. #110 Gunner
    October 4, 2011 am31 10:21 am

    SM Crystal meth raises the dopamine in humans.
    I have to take supplemental vitamins because I am such a pciky eater and have not had a veggie in a long time, unless you consider pickles as a veggie.

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  111. #111 Gunner
    October 4, 2011 am31 10:26 am

    Has anyone here ever been in the US military. Then you know, there wont be uniformed marines to protect the protestesters from the police. I am not trying to be negative, only realistic. If they did, they would be ordered to cease and clear the area and if they did not comply, they would be court martialed..
    When you join the Military, half of your civilian rights go right down the drain.
    Now , it is possible for them to join the protests and I am not sure if they can do it in uniform or not but in no way will they go there to protect the protesters from the police.

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  112. #112 Space Muffin
    October 4, 2011 am31 10:37 am

    Gunner….pickles are good….

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  113. #113 Admiral2012here
    October 4, 2011 am31 10:39 am

    …well Gunner, it’s different now, it’s time for everyone to stand up. The Marines are gonna protect the protesters cause in the end…we all win!!! …and the powers that be will no longer have the power to court martial any Marine or harm anyone for that matter…all arrested protesters will be cleared of a crime they were falsy arrested for

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  114. #114 Gunner
    October 4, 2011 am31 10:52 am

    Oh man, our govenor of Jersey was thinking of running for president. DOGHOUSE!!!! WHAT!!!! Check out the size of this guy. Run???????????? He could barely walk.
    Then he has a nerve to take a state trooper copter to his sons little league game. The madness in politics continues.

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  115. #115 Gunner
    October 4, 2011 am31 10:55 am

    I hope so Admiral, I waxzs just stating the rules they have in the Military according to my experience.
    You know I often think of the military and how easy it is to get them to actually kill people. That has got to be rough and the ones that order these murders, really dont have any of their children on the battle field.
    I gotta shut down my brain because the more I think of the insane world we live in the more I say ,, how could we have been led for so many years like this. But, time is now for all and as you see the all in the all is indeed finally waking up, one sou. at a time.

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  116. #116 Robin.
    October 4, 2011 am31 11:04 am

    Space Cake #108.

    Probably too much Coffee!! Smile

    I haven’t drunk a single coffee for at least 30 years.. but give me a decent cup of TEA anytime of day!
    Is Tea bad for one?

    Slurp! Ahhh! Coffee


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  117. #117 Robin.
    October 4, 2011 am31 11:19 am

    ‘Anon’ to take out NYSE Oct. 10th?



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  118. #118 Laurinda
    October 4, 2011 am31 11:21 am

    Gunner #111: The article said that the Marines were NO LONGER on active duty, but would show up in uniform.

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  119. #119 Robin.
    October 4, 2011 am31 11:28 am

    El Morya’s Weekly Message:

    4 October 2011.

    Channeller: Julie Miller.

    ‘Forthrightness with Love and Compassion’

    Ah, a beautiful Tuesday it is dearest ones!
    It is always a joy to speak to all of you.

    Today dear ones I would like to discuss how to be forthright, and still speak of love and compassion without causing harm or discord among peers or other social groups you may belong to. To speak forthright, you speak clearly and frankly; you get to the point very quickly. There are many children that do this too well and hurt people along the way. Your ability to speak your mind is a Godly asset as long as you can do this with compassion and with love. Your purest of INTENT is in every word spoken.

    A person who is forthright, often becomes misunderstood, and at times feels dejected. They do not realize how their ability to speak openly can hurt others to react negatively in return. We of the Divine wish for ALL to love and to get along, to show respect, love and compassion for one another. But we also know these are areas of improvement, self-correcting, tolerance and a lot of spiritual growth can be achieved.

    The life path you are on is incredible with many twists and turns, and the fact that you are reaching for enlightenment is an amazing goal indeed. And such a goal is achievable; it is within your grasp. Focus precious ones on the tasks at hand. Don’t allow someone’s tactless words bring you down. BE strong; continue forward with your FAITH in God’s love and the Love you have for God. Everyone is at a different place of awareness and achievement dear ones. Give your pure unconditional love when faced with hurtful words. Look at the words also and see why they hurt you. Is there truth to the words? Is there something within the words, which you have not uncovered of yourself yet? Do you still need to clear past events? You will develop TOLERANCE towards outspoken peers, loved ones, other light workers, etc., it will take time, PATIENCE, love and understanding. ALL is not impossible, but very possible.

    Your tolerance of others and their views will strengthen as you learn more about yourself dear ones. And you learn and trust who you are becoming. Nothing is accomplished overnight, but in TIME. It is okay also dear ones when you are frustrated to cry, or find a private place to be alone and think about the situation and the possible causes and solutions. After you have cried this is usually the next stage. This problem solving is done both sub-consciously and consciously. You will receive ideas and insights on what to do next; they will come suddenly, as you have noticed this before. Believe with your heart dear ones that you will do the right thing for YOU at the time of your decision and choices. As you follow your guides and your heart always maintain this pure faith of yourself.

    The Mighty God above loves you dear ones. This love is deeply embedded in your heart. Some of you are revealing this love, finally for the first time, and some have been enraptured in it for quite some time. Open yourself to the Love of God, allow this love into your heart and GLOW dear ones with the CERTAINTY of this love and of yourself. God loves ALL of you equally; this pure love knows no bounds and will never leave you. Be confident when you call upon God to protect you during one of your darker days that LIGHT of the purest and brightest will guide you through and you will find a stronger YOU. Find your peace with this dear ones.

    As we begin to close our discussion regarding forthrightness and all that it includes, believe in that beautiful heart of yours, that I, El Morya loves you completely and unconditionally. I will not leave you when you call upon me when you are in need of a little more courage and support. I will love you and I will guide you gently at your side. Find the peace that is within you, and set yourself free dear ones in God’s love.

    And so it is,

    Ascended Master, El-Morya.


    In Light!

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  120. #120 Admiral2012here
    October 4, 2011 am31 11:43 am


    Sheldon Nidle is scheduled to appear on “In Discussion” with David Gibbons today, Tuesday, October 4th at 3:00 PM Pacific (6:00 PM Eastern).



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  121. #121 Gunner
    October 4, 2011 am31 12:24 pm

    UGH!!!! Next time you order s steak, make sure you smell it especially if it comes from A Japanes restaurant. If you have a weak stomache, I would advise you to skip this post now.

    I have discovered the Highest Rating YET on the “EEOUUUUWWW” Factor!!!

    Just When I thought I had seen and heard it all…..

    Remember Soylent Green? The “Human Cracker”?” Protein Substitute for a Starving Populace?

    Well? What you think about A TURD BURGER? mmmm….Yummy! So you think your Integrity has been stretched to the Limits? This Little Clip brings a Whole New Meaning to the Phrase “Eat Sh t and Die”

    I’m Not Even Kidding…This is SICK!!! Scientist in Japan have been taking “Raw Sewerage Mud” and converting it into “Protein Steaks”….

    They actually think they can Market this Crap?


    Tags: Stinks, This

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  122. #122 Gunner
    October 4, 2011 am31 1:04 pm

    Robin, chinese OOlung tea is great and healthy but it makes you hyper.
    Green tea is another one but I am sure you are up on your teas.
    What tea is good for high blood pressure?

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  123. #123 Gunner
    October 4, 2011 am31 1:08 pm

    OK Laurinda, so that means the marines are civilians and the cops would give them a beat down. Hey, I am not trying to be negative, like I said before, only realistic but if they try to block the police, you know the Mayor, who is one of the 1 percenters, would have them violently removed even if it meant bringing in the National guard.
    you can put some of those Japanese turd burgers in your survival kit right next to the 2 cans of spam.
    Question- which would you eat first if you had no choice, turd burger or spam UGH either way haha

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  124. #124 Gunner
    October 4, 2011 am31 1:23 pm

    Have a great night everyone, 10 minutes to go and time to pack my bags . I am goi8ng out to one of those Japanese restaurant and having me a turd burger. I wonder if I used my own, would I then get a discount.
    I hope I did not ruin anyones dinner tonight.

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  125. #125 John
    October 4, 2011 am31 1:28 pm

    Good Tuesday all… What a ride the last few days. I’ve been experiencing such a change that I am having a hard time keeping up. I guess it was a bit much to tell the Galactics to “bring it on”. I’m not complaining. Actually I’m heartened that I have been kicked to the curb by the energies these last two days. It’s good for me to get knocked down a peg or two and have to sleep more than I have for a week.

    It’s been nuts. Yesterday I slept for almost the whole day. I only remember a few hours of the day. When I dragged my ASS soaked butt out of bed last night at about 8 I was so hot that I thought I was getting sick. Even this morning I am still feeling like my furnace is on full blast. I feel differently too, inside. Calmer, less aware of having little to do and less importance on seeking things to do. What is coming into my eyes looks more and more like a cartoon, a projection if you will. This is something I experienced about 30 years ago but sluffed it off as side effects of the Cannabis. Not any more. Haven’t had any for quite some time, so I can’t blame the weed.

    I had a bit of a start while traveling into town about an hour ago. Viewing the outside “reality” as a cartoon makes controlling my car a bit of a challenge. Nothing really dangerous happened, but for a moment I really didn’t care about what was going on around me. I guess it’s a good thing I live in the rural areas where there are few folks on the roads.

    Stuff is really happening now. More so than before. More intense, more immediate and “in your face”.

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  126. #126 John
    October 4, 2011 am31 2:13 pm

    Man, the utter unreality of what I am seeing is unnerving. It’s cool too. I wonder what’s next???

    Bridging the gap is a bit of a task. This 3D stuff dissolving causes a bit of concern that I might do some damage unintentionally. I have faith that I will be ok and not really hurt anyone, but it is a concern.

    I guess I’ll just stay home and let it occur. Not a lot else I can do.

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  127. #127 Space Muffin
    October 4, 2011 am31 2:38 pm

    Robin 116 lol….no, I drink this fake coffee stuff, roasted chicory or barley or something like that, occasionally I drink chai (yummy) but unfortunately tea, black tea has caffeine too…..boo hoo…oh well, we do our best right? Now where are my ciggybutts… Angel

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  128. #128 John
    October 4, 2011 am31 2:45 pm

    I generally don’t have a much problem walking away from coffee, just get a headache for a day or two. Tobacco, on the other hand is not quite so nice. Been addicted to tobacco since before I was born. My mother smoked all through the pregnancy and constantly around all us kids as we were growing up.
    I did give it up for about 5 years some time ago, but I went to visit a friend and we were smoking hash spliffs and POW… back to the addiction.

    I am of the belief that it will fall away when it has passed its purpose, whatever that is.

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  129. #129 John
    October 4, 2011 am31 2:58 pm

    Well I think I’ll head home and spend the evening playing my guitar for the Galactics that wish to listen. Any of you can tune in too if you want. No guarantees as to quality or content though.

    I’ll check in a few times later this evening.
    Namaste’ Y’all…

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  130. #130 Admiral2012here
    October 4, 2011 am31 3:04 pm




    …WOW!…that was one Great Interview!

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  131. #131 snapdragon
    October 4, 2011 am31 3:10 pm

    thankyou for the link laurinda <3
    listening now Smile

    today i was guided to a chanelling i did awhile ago, just as i was posting it i realized that the date i channelled this is a week before one of my biggest steps to ascension and towards the fulfillment of my mission here <3

    Beings of light stand up and be counted, message from the Arcturian high council

    You are a being of light, and you are here, incarnated on this planet for a very specific purpose, to bring your light into this world.
    The time for you to do this is now.
    We have arrived at a critical moment in our plans for ascension and for you to reclaim your positions and identities as multidimensional beings of light.
    We are asking you now to gather the light within you, as much as your physical bodies can bear and shine it out to the world.
    This is your divine mission, the one you have chosen, embrace it now.
    As you shine this light into the world, not only are you fulfilling the mission you have chosen, you are reaching new levels of your own personal growth and ascension.
    This amount of light will change the earth as never seen before.
    Join with the other light bearers, for when your light joins with that of another, it forms a new source of light.
    When you join as a group, this light forms a grid, that at this moment has the potential to saturate the earth.
    This will mean not only the ascension of the planet and of the light beings inhabiting it, but also a new world and new life for those who wish to remain experiencing this unique experience of duality and separation.
    Join together as you never have before and shine the light at levels you never have before and see the new earth emerging as never before.
    This is the moment you are here for, the duties you have chosen and the rewards are endless.

    In Love

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  132. #132 Kellia
    October 4, 2011 am31 3:10 pm

    Robin #116

    I have not drunk a cup of coffee since I was a junior in college. I was about 20-21 at the time. I OD’d on caffeine during finals that year, which is why I gave up coffee. I’m now 56. My favorite drink is milk. I will also drink tea. Hot chocolate is a favorite during cold weather.

    My husband is not mentally competent until he’s had his morning coffee.

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  133. #133 snapdragon
    October 4, 2011 am31 3:22 pm

    hmm interesting…http://tomkenyon.com/jumping-time-lines

    If we were to use a metaphor, we would say that you, as humanity, are on a great ocean vessel. But many of you are asleep, and there is someone at the helm directing this vessel that should not be there. For many historical and trans-historical reasons, which we won’t go into here, various beings have commandeered your ship.

    But, ah, how the tides are turning. More and more of you are waking up, though some, still half-asleep, stagger across the deck as they watch the tempestuous storm of their world changing before them. The Controllers know that many of you are waking up—too many for their comfort.

    It is, indeed, an interesting time to be alive!

    For the record, there are technological means to jump timelines, but our information here deals with human consciousness, and how you, through the power of your own awareness and intention, can jump timelines. For this endeavor, you already possess two of the greatest treasures in your very own nature—your sovereign will (to make choices) and your capacity to feel. These two, when combined properly will allow you to jump timelines as you so desire, as co-creators of your reality rather than being mere pawns on a chessboard.

    The fundamental principle, for jumping timelines, involves the coordination of a few significant fields of intentionality.

    1) You identify the timeline you wish to move into.

    2) You shift your vibrational state to match the timeline.

    3) You lock in the vibrational state so it does not waver.

    4) You take an action that is an expression of the new timeline.

    5) Persevere.

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  134. #134 snapdragon
    October 4, 2011 am31 3:34 pm

    again from the above article :

    How we navigate the realities of a transforming (some would say dying) civilization, while keeping our hearts and minds on the timeline we wish to live in, will undoubtedly become an art form.

    i love that Smile

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  135. #135 Kellia
    October 4, 2011 am31 3:36 pm
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  136. #136 Admiral2012here
    October 4, 2011 am31 4:09 pm


    Two time-stamped screen shots. Two different stories. Why did it change?


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  137. #137 Admiral2012here
    October 4, 2011 am31 4:13 pm


    Think this Fox News employee wants to change careers after interviewing Occupy Wall Street activist Jesse LaGreca? Watch! Grin


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  138. #138 Admiral2012here
    October 4, 2011 am31 4:24 pm


    Join the thousands of people heading to Wall Street this coming Wednesday to show them what democracy looks like


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  139. #139 Admiral2012here
    October 4, 2011 am31 4:35 pm



    …remember, they are not allowed to use Bull Horns…so they echo

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  140. #140 Admiral2012here
    October 4, 2011 am31 4:55 pm



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  141. #141 Space Muffin
    October 4, 2011 am31 5:03 pm


    Greg Giles
    All follow, or will follow the path. Before one incarnates, a blueprint is mapped out for one’s journey through the challenges and triumphs of duality. Never before has so many accepted such a rigorous test, and the results are nothing short of spectacular. Keep in mind that all have agreed to experience just what they have experienced, and nothing anyone has encountered was not agreed to beforehand. All is as it should be, and all has been designed to test and strengthen one’s character and resolve. You all are doing so marvelously. Soon you will all graduate to a higher area to learn and to grow. That is what it is all about, that is why you chose to come here in the first place. Although at times it seems that all makes no sense, and that all the hardships and sadness is for naught, we tell you everything has its purpose.

    In every area you needed to grow were events and challenges that were designed specifically for you to learn from. Accept these challenges with grace and understanding that they are precisely what you wished to experience at that exact moment in time. We, the souls who have remained for now beyond the veil, and you, the souls who have journeyed down through the dimensions, have carefully worked together in all the areas agreed upon before your earthly incarnation. Understand this truth and your difficult journey and the load you are carrying will lighten considerably, don’t you agree? We at times watch you decide which path you choose to take when a fork of decision presents itself to you. We marvel at your choice sometimes, and we respect and understand when your decision leads you down a path that is rocky and dark. All roads lead to enlightenment.

    That is the grand design of the labyrinth of choices you all have before you. Some may take more time to reach the lighted doorway to the next higher dimension, but be assured always to know all will arrive at the same door eventually, according to personal preference and choice. We have all reached these doorways, and we tell you your individual journeys are worth every part of it. Through loss, struggle, and hardship, your journeys were escalated through ‘time’ to hasten your arrival at the gates you so wanted to reach. That is the answer to a question so many of your world for so long have pondered. ‘If there is a God, why is there such sadness in the world?’ So many have asked this question, but so few have reached its understanding. Do you now understand? It is through these difficult challenges that the door you have only dreamed of for so many lifetimes is finally before you.

    You today stand at the threshold of something so glorious, so beautiful, do you sense it? Can you feel it? You are so very close. Be joyous you have all made it together. You are right beyond the doorway as we await you so excitedly on our side. Can you feel us? We can already feel you. It will not be long now. So many of your world are allowing confusion and sadness or fear to consume them at this time as they are feeling the new energies that accompany all the changes awaiting you, but we tell you, enjoy these energies, cherish them, for they are the keys to your door that will open into a world so magical, so absolutely beautiful that if you knew this today you would be singing and skipping everywhere you went.

    So rejoice, smile, paradise is at hand. You have but so few days to wait for events to get underway. Spread this knowledge, spread your light. All will happen as we have planned. Nothing can stop your return to full consciousness and the higher dimensions from which you came, and we, the Galactic Federation of Light and the Ascended Masters of the spiritual hierarchies have been given the honor to see that this decree is accomplished and all our carefully designed plans are followed to the letter. We will not fail, you will not fail.

    All is unfolding precisely according to plan. Rejoice, and know that so very soon you will cross the threshold into a living dream, where everything you have ever wished for will be yours forever and ever. So it has been written.
    We are your Star Family. We await just beyond the door before you.

    See you soon.

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  142. #142 Space Muffin
    October 4, 2011 am31 5:27 pm

    Admiral…I clicked on the link, but there was no discussion with Sheldan Nidle. Where is the weekly message??

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  143. #143 snapdragon
    October 4, 2011 am31 5:32 pm
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  144. #144 Stick
    October 4, 2011 am31 5:34 pm

    Check this out GM Massive… the symbolism behind this structure is compelling Lion

    **The EarthScraper: An Inverted Pyramid 65 Storeys Deep**
    10 03 2011 ~ By Kevin Hall

    The folks over at Mexican architecture group BNKR Arquitectura call this thing an “earthscraper,” and the reason why should be obvious: it’s a monstrous, beautiful, 65-story inverted skyscraper that hides a mini city underground.

    Designed to be built smack-dab in the center of Mexico City, BNKR’s Earthscraper wouldn’t ruin the skyline there (though, really, who would object to something that looks like this?) and is designed in such a way that it would incorporate Mexico’s history in its design. The top ten floors — which, here, would be the “bottom” ten — is a museum and cultural center dedicated to the Aztecs. Below that you’ve got retail space, then apartments and finally, deep underground, businesses. Because, you know, that’s where business do their best work. It all terminates some 300 meters below the surface.

    Our favorite detail: the interior of the structure is actually hollowed out, and there are bridges that extend out into the center of it so you can look down. Think the Grand Canyon’s Skywalk.

    Note: So, if we take a look at the usual symbolism of a pyramid, the base represents the supporting structure, and as you travel to the top, or the apex, there rests the most important point or aspect. So in this inverted scenario, the human culture and history of Mexico (least important?) are at the ’base’, and then much further down, the apex of this is “business” (most important?) What is that apex eye peering at so deeply underground?

    Also note: In The Da Vinci Code, Robert Langdon reads esoteric symbolism into the two pyramids: The Inverted Pyramid is perceived as a Chalice, a feminine symbol, whereas the stone pyramid below is interpreted as a Blade, a masculine symbol: the whole structure could thus express the union of the genders.

    Another writer on Masonic architecture, Dominique Stezepfandt, sees the two pyramids as suggesting “the compass and square that together form the Seal of Solomon”.

    Image of Earthscraper:


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  145. #145 Stick
    October 4, 2011 am31 5:39 pm

    ———————–RED ICE RADIO Listening to Music—————————-

    **John Lash – The Archons**
    October 2, 2011

    Comparative mythologist, author and teacher John Lash returns to the program to discuss the Archons, from the Nag Hammadi perspective. He’ll discuss the alien intrusion of the mind parasite and the predatory species. John tells us the origins of the Archons and how they existed before the Earth. According to the Nag Hammadi, the Archons envy us and wanted to breed with us. This idea is quite different than Sitchin’s work. John says the Archons did not succeed and moved to plan B: “we’ll get them to become like us.” This takes us into the transhumanist agenda, an agenda that the Archons desire. We’ll talk about why as well as their tactics using the false show of magic and virtual reality. Also, how the Archon predatory species intrudes though other means such as religion and belief systems. Then, John talks about Sophia’s gift to us to protect ourselves from the Archontic forces. Lash brings up the new age religion of ET as manipulation by Archons. We’ll talk about knowing the enemy, knowing the mission and the defense. Later, we discuss the transhumanist’s fear of death, denial of humanity and insanity.

    Hour One: http://www.redicecreations.com/radio/2011/10/RIR-111002-jlash.mp3

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  146. #146 Admiral2012here
    October 4, 2011 am31 6:45 pm

    …SM, the reason Sheldan’s Link didn’t work for you because you missed it…you were too late…IT WAS A GREAT INTERVIEW!

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  147. #147 Admiral2012here
    October 4, 2011 am31 6:51 pm


    Dratzo! We return! Your world is moving swiftly to the magic point where those in power discover that truly “The center will not hold” (to quote one of your poets), and their relentless defiance of the Earth allies has reached the much-awaited breaking-point. Their next move has to involve how best to negotiate a surrender. The past few weeks have seen the dark cabal’s associates pulling money seemingly out of thin air. Now, these unbelievable theatrics are about to crash as there is practically no wriggle-room left to them. Those regimes that either openly or surreptitiously supported them are dwindling, and several of their key personnel are secretly angling for a way to give up, and have been shown how to do this. Our goal is to have those individuals in hand who constitute the central governing board of this global organization that we call the dark cabal. Getting them into custody, which enables the setting-up of new governance, is also a main goal of our Earth allies. Happily, this is now ready to become a blessed reality! Only a few steps remain before we can at last put this whole matter to bed.

    As our forces close in on the dark cabal, this slippery organization is, as ever, cooking up some last-minute mischief, the purpose of which is to foment a serious international incident intended to cause still further delay to the inevitable. The dark ones know deep down that to squirm their way out of their present dilemma is no longer an option, and that all they can do now is try to keep their massive ventures from going belly up. Brinkmanship is their final desperate ploy and this realpolitik is their forte. We monitor them as they manufacture all sorts of incidents and issues to cause a rumpus in the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America. All this posturing is ultimately doomed; nevertheless, they are going all out to create some means to defer the unavoidable outcome. Despite all its twists and turns, the moment the dark dreads is upon it. The ‘games’ are winding down, and it is time for the dark to give up and let our Earth allies assume the reins of authority.

    This takedown of the dark cabal is at present our primary objective. The dark and its many associates have for far too long stood in the way of both the distribution of the prosperity funds and the transfers of governance. Our liaison teams, together with selected personnel from Agartha, are leading the charge to get this done, and done quickly. We have damaged beyond repair most of their important North American underground bases and the adjacent interconnected tunnel system. We have sabotaged a series of plans intended to ravage North America and thus prevent your legal accession to power. The next step is not only to isolate them and deny them the use of their exotic weapons, but to arrest enough of their subordinates to leave no doubt in their minds that the end has come. All now hinges on their surrender, as do the deliveries that lead to the rise of new governance. Announcements will then signal a new beginning for your world!

    This new reality permits disclosure and your return to full consciousness. You are in the midst of an unstoppable spiritual revolution that is spawning new governance, a new financial system, and a limitless prosperity. It is essentially ending your millennia-old global xenophobia and permitting disclosure. The ability of the powers that be to dictate how your world works has effectively been busted. A new way of doing things will be implemented and will reflect your growing determination for unity and a free and open exchange of new ideas and concepts. These will be the first exploratory steps toward the wonders and sovereignty of galactic society. Your mentors will guide you in consonance with the advice of your heavenly spiritual guardians. You are to return to a state of being that you were forced to abandon in ancient Atlantean times by means of a rebirth into full consciousness. It is time to welcome you home to who you really are, and to the realm where you truly belong. Balik kasi da! (Sirian for Welcome home, Traveler!)

    Blessings, we are your Ascended Masters! Presently, your world is preparing for a truly grand event! Human society has, for millennia, been under the merciless hand either of the Anunnaki or their earth minions. Humanity has never tasted the personnel sovereignty and inner freedom that was enjoyed in Atlantis. This is now about to change! Incidents have happened in many parts of the globe that are setting the stage for a huge leap for humanity. Shortly, events will occur which will loosen, at long last, the millennia-long dominance of the dark. These developments are the direct result of special agreements first signed in Europe last spring and subsequently agreed to by over 180 nations. Then there was a flurry of bold maneuvers this summer which terminated the existence of many dark-run underground facilities and their access tunnels. These actions led to the arrest of tens of thousands of dark subordinates.

    The arrests are now moving quickly up the chain of command toward those who have long led the dark cabal on a tight rein. Their coming detainment will launch a new era for humanity, in which the legions of Light lead you and your world back to full consciousness. The primary mission of the divine orders of the Ascended Masters and their human associates has been to lead the way for a mass Ascension. In other words, a triumphal return for all of you, to what you truly are meant to be: physical Angels, carrying out the Creator’s divine plan in physicality. We have watched and worked diligently to achieve our sacred purpose, and the time for this to happen has been reached. In a series of huge leaps, devised by Heaven and assisted by our heavenly and space families, you are to become once again the magnificent Beings that you really are!

    Heaven has planned this glorious metamorphosis for quite some time. Your plunge into the dark realm was meant to happen, but with a specific goal in mind which has now been reached. During your murky odyssey you have learned much, and this wisdom is to be used to complete the conversion of this galaxy from the dark to the Light! In many ways, our work together has just begun. Eons ago, we the Ascended masters began a journey to lead humanity back to the Light and to a mission of Love for this entire galaxy. At first, progress was slow. The obstacles were numerous and the way to the Light seemed near impossible. Nevertheless, Love and its corollary, divine grace, have empowered us to achieve a truly magnificent triumph! What remains now is simply to enable first contact and carry out the final necessary steps before full consciousness becomes our common reality.

    Today, we explained more of what is happening on your world. You are now very close to seeing a new reality manifest. This means not only new governance, new financial, monetary, and economic systems, but also a bountiful prosperity for all. And this is just for starters! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


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  148. #148 John
    October 4, 2011 am31 7:17 pm

    The dawn of the seventh day has been calculated to start in ONE WEEK!!! Seven little days. No idea what is going to happen or if the calculations are accurate. But I can tell you that there is something inside me that is absolutely giddy with excitement.

    I know that there are those here that will object (poor word, I know) with my excitement and will try to bring me down, but it would be a waste. Even if nothing happens outwardly, that we all can see and touch and smell and…
    I know that this will be a turning point of some description. What will be turning is yet to be seen, and it may be a while before we see it.
    The synchronicities of the Callaman revelations concerning the timelines of the Mayan calendar are something that cannot be ignored. There are just too many alignments that make too much sense.

    Either way, it’s gonna be an interesting week with all the events occurring all at the same time.

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  149. #149 Laurinda
    October 4, 2011 am31 7:27 pm
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  150. #150 John
    October 4, 2011 am31 7:29 pm

    Ya know, of all the cool things we have been speculating about receiving, like personal ships, replicators, crystal communicators… the first thing I want to get my hands on is a disintegrator to deal with all the trash and left over cars, tires, fridges, landfills and other man-made CRAP that is littering our beautiful landscape… After that I’ll take on the task of removing the power lines and cell phone towers.. Should only take a few weeks if I have some help.

    Wanna help?

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  151. #151 spedman
    October 4, 2011 am31 7:49 pm
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  152. #152 spedman
    October 4, 2011 am31 7:58 pm

    Tracy #131 “This is the moment you are here for, the duties you have chosen and the rewards are endless.” yesssssssssssssssssssssssss SmileSmileSmileSmileSmile your channelings rock Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool

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  153. #153 Kellia
    October 4, 2011 am31 8:11 pm

    John #150

    That sounds like a good idea. Put me on the list and I think my husband will go for it, too.

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  154. #154 spedman
    October 4, 2011 am31 8:33 pm

    john…. with ya all the way on 148 and 150 Yes been feeling the excitement myself along with a few others Smile everyday my energies are ramping up and i say “BRING IT” lol i love the energies and soaking them alllll in Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart

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  155. #155 Robin.
    October 4, 2011 am31 9:00 pm

    Space Cake // Gunner : Coffee // Tea.

    I OD’d on coffee once too.. that’s what stopped me drinking it!

    Drink too-strong coffe.
    Stagger to Supermarket.
    Get trolly.
    Fall over in aisle with heart pounding.
    Caffene poisoning! Frown

    I like Earl Grey & Irish Breakfast teas blended! + Extra Milk & Honey! (& ‘Ciggybutts’! )

    There’s more tannin in Tea than Coffee isn’t there?



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  156. #156 John
    October 4, 2011 am31 9:35 pm

    I found the coolest site for meditation…
    My problem is that the sounds I like dont last long enough… I just get started and it’s over…

    Try this. Just made this track. You can even make your own.

    made another that I call johnsbeach, it is even better

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  157. #157 Stick
    October 4, 2011 am31 10:11 pm

    Star You will begin to get glimpses and premonitions of the wonders that await you Star
    10/05/2011 by John Smallman

    The density of physicality is diminishing as your frequencies rise in preparation for your move into full consciousness. This is demonstrated by the sense of impermanence that many are feeling as they move through relationships, jobs, places that they call home, and as contact with old friends and family is lost or much reduced. Everyone and everything seems to be on the move, and in a way that is the case, as you move into position to take on and fulfill the new roles awaiting you when you awaken.

    You are not going to be sitting around in awe and wonder! You have planned very creative and satisfying roles for yourselves that will keep you very busy – and most enjoyably so. You all have huge creative potential of which you are basically unaware as you plod on through the illusory environment in what may well seem to be a rather meaningless and, perhaps, boring fashion. And this is because, as you have lost your memories of Reality, your search for meaning – the significance of life on Earth – often seems quite misguided or pointless.

    This will change when the veils fall from your eyes and the stunning vistas they have hidden from you come into view. It is a little like being on an extremely long ocean voyage with nothing in sight but the sea – sometimes calm and leaden, sometimes in a raging storm – and it has been going on so long that you can hardly remember what it is like to be on land. Then, you start to get new and enticing smells, maybe there is pollen in the air, an occasional butterfly. Your excitement mounts: you must be nearing the end of your voyage! Then on the horizon, growing larger every moment, you can see land bathed in sunshine, green hills, brilliant sandy beaches. Your spirits rise as you imagine the joy of touching the earth and the trees, of smelling the flowers and tasting the marvelous fruit that will be available, and joyful anticipation fills your hearts.

    So as your journey Home approaches its end, allow your hearts to fill with joy in the absolute knowledge that what awaits you will most certainly not disappoint you. Truly your imminent arrival is to be a magnificent occasion, overwhelming you with honors for your steadfast determination and courage in competently and successfully completing your long and arduous journey.

    To awaken, as you will, is your divine destiny, guaranteed since the moment of apparent separation from Reality. At that point you fell into the illusion and began to experience the misery of that separation from God as suffering, pain, conflict, and the terror of other horrors, unknown but vividly imagined, along with seemingly endless periods of time in which to ponder on it all. Many are still holding firmly to their belief in that illusory state, so make a point of carrying your Light on high, and sharing your love with all, to help them on their path to awakening.

    It is to be a mass event bringing intense happiness, which, in your present state, is quite inconceivable to you while the illusion still seems so real. So holding your Light high and sharing your love unconditionally and indiscriminately also helps you in the final stages of this arduous journey. As you continue to move ahead toward your heavenly destination, the divine energy field enveloping you is intensifying, and you will begin to get glimpses, intuitive sensations, and premonitions of the wonders that await you. You know that you are almost Home. Focus on that knowing and allow time to speed up and whisk you Home to a tumultuous welcome. ~With so very much love, Saul.

    JubileesOfZion777——————————- Thunder Heart Thunder

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  158. #158 John
    October 4, 2011 am31 11:10 pm

    A tumultuous welcome will be most welcome…
    And all Galactics of the light will be welcome too…
    At least, welcome by me.
    I’ll be most happy to get off this “tilt-a-whirl”.
    I think I had too much cotton candy
    it’s not sitting well….

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  159. #159 John
    October 4, 2011 am31 11:13 pm

    Wow. an hour and a half of uninterrupted meditation…

    Now that feels nice.

    Got another there for those that missed the previous post called Johnsbeach


    Going back for round 2.


    Happy communing.

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  160. #160 bateleur
    October 4, 2011 am31 11:28 pm

    #155 Robin: I read somewhere that coffee was brought to this planet by the Annunaki or some other controlling ET’s a long time ago to be used to subdue the humans.

    I started drinking coffee about a year ago and stopped again last week (it gave me a nice kick) – only had one cup in the middle of the day as it was messing with my intestines otherwise.
    When the latest energies were starting to hit us, I started feeling dizzy after drinking coffee, so quit.

    Now I drink about 4 cups of green tea and some bush tea during the day. It’s a good antioxidant. At the first sign of a cold/flu I drink Olive leaf tea, it is a very effective
    antibiotic – just pick leaves of an olive tea, brew for 5 minutes and drink with honey.

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  161. #161 spedman
    October 5, 2011 am31 12:01 am

    SaLuSa 5-October-2011

    In next to no time you will be reaching that magical 11.11.11, when each soul will be lifted up whether they are aware of it or not. It will help calm situations that are causing concern, as we do not wish to see the Middle East conflicts accelerated. What has been happening is the result of people waking up, to how they have been manipulated and used to support the lives of those who rule over them. That energy for change is sweeping the world and with the intent of the people, it is going to be like a tidal wave washing away everything in its path. In the West such movements are gradually gathering pace, and the authorities are trying to stem their impact. They cannot be ignored for long and the people will win this battle.

    Not everyone likes the idea of demonstrating, but it is the type of energy that is found with the younger generations who are fearless where it is concerned. They are the ones who understand that the old ways are no longer acceptable, and will continue their protests until they achieve success. Many are those souls who have incarnated for this purpose, but also carry the answers to the problems having higher levels of consciousness than most people. It is all part of the greater plan for your release from the dark Ones and their hold on you. For some time you have been learning of what the future will bring, and it will change the face of your societies beyond recognition. How ever much some prefer to remain in the 3rd. dimension, once they become aware of how much they will benefit from the changes, they will realize that they have so much more to gain rather than lose.

    Everyone desires to live a happy, joyful and peaceful life, and that is what lies ahead for you, as eventually those souls who are not ready for Ascension will leave the Earth. There will be an unavoidable parting of the ways based on a souls vibration, and that will allow those of a higher vibration and consciousness level to come together. They will be the ones who have rightly moved out of duality because its lessons have been learnt. As we have informed you quite often, it is you who determine which level you reside in whether you are directly aware of it or not. You will understand from this that you will be following a path that is absolutely right for you. There would be no gain if you were to find yourself at a level that you could not cope with.

    We know that some of you who are kind decent souls, are worried that for some reason you may not be ready for Ascension. Our answer for you is that if you are living a life where you avoid being judgmental, and can find it in your heart to be loving to all souls you have nothing to be concerned about. It is not about being religious, taking courses or buying your way into heaven. What counts is what you are inside, and if you are living your truth as far as possible you are well on the path to Ascension. Remember that your Guides know the real you, and if it is your aspiration to ascend they will be helping you to do so. Heaven rejoices each time a soul turns to the Light, and there is no turning back once you reach that decision.

    It is hard to understand that life on Earth is an illusion, but if you can view it that way and see it as only a passing phase of experience it will have less impact upon you. It really is like the Holographic Deck on Star Trek, except that very few of you realize the truth. Before you entered your present life, you knew what your objectives would be as does everyone else who is part of it with you. Freewill is still yours, but you are unlikely to avoid opportunities that come to you that are part of your life contract. Your aim is to experience in a way that speeds up your evolution, therefore they are carefully chosen for maximum benefit to you. When it is a family karmic situation you can help each other through your experiences, and that helps create a strong bond between you all. You travel through life with little awareness of it, but your lives are carefully planned so that you gain the most out of them.

    After such a long time in duality you are feeling the mental tiredness, and drag of the lower vibrations. To us it is extremely heavy and cloying, and we understand the effects upon you. That is why we have so much admiration for those of you who are able to lift yourselves up out of it. You have an astonishing degree of intent, and your resilience against all of the odds is well known. You are truly the heroes of the hour and your rewards for such a powerful stance are soon to manifest. You are wonderful souls, and we kneel at your feet in recognition of your Light and Love.

    Regardless of your beliefs, there is no doubt that the changes are being felt by virtually everyone. There is also an anticipation of what lies immediately ahead, and as time speeds by you know that it will not be much longer before a major event occurs. Then you shall experience a whole series of events that will quickly carry you forward into the “promised land”. By now you have a good idea of what to expect, but even so it will pleasantly surprise you by its scope. We talk of world wide changes as every soul together with Mother Earth is involved.

    You will undoubtedly note that unlike the predictions of the gloom and doom merchants, Mother Earth has been relatively quiet and there has not been the worldwide destruction of catastrophic proportions. However, there are physical changes necessary and when they occur we will monitor them with a view to keeping their affect to a minimum. For those of you in areas that are noted for earthquake or volcanic activity, follow your intuition as to when and if necessary you feel you should move. The first signs are often noticeable in Nature and animals have a more sensitive re-action to changing energies. They will leave in advance of the actual event, so their actions are worth noting.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius and can tell you that the Galactic Federation are poised to back our allies on Earth when they push ahead with removing the Illuminati and their minions. We all need to know that they along with their power have been removed, before we can work openly with you. The critical period approaches and we look to make our move without further delay. Stay firmly on course for Ascension and you will have nothing to worry about – all is as well as ever, and we are with you all of the way.

    Thank you SaLuSa.
    Mike Quinsey.

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  162. #162 spedman
    October 5, 2011 am31 12:08 am

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BABY YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! loving the new message Grin Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart

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  163. #163 John
    October 5, 2011 am31 12:24 am

    No need to kneel at my feet, SaLuSa my friend. Much credit goes to you and all the Galactic family.

    How about a hug instead?
    I’m not really comfortable with accolades.

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  164. #164 John
    October 5, 2011 am31 1:52 am

    note to self…

    no deep meditation before bed.

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  165. #165 Robin.
    October 5, 2011 am31 2:07 am

    Amazing Pic of ‘Migaloo’ the Only known Albino Humpback Whale:



    In Light!

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  166. #166 Robin.
    October 5, 2011 am31 2:47 am

    WoW! – Definitely! Smile

    Tie together SaLuSa, Nidle and Smallman’s messages of today, and I believe we at last have the most accurate ‘picture’ to date, of what is actually ‘going down’ behind the Veils of Illusion! Or more bluntly, behind the vile web of greed and deception, emplaced and fostered by the dark in their own interests here.

    This Rocks! AT LAST the GFL have ‘been allowed’ to pull their fingers out and start Acting ON a dense physical plane against what also remains of the Illuminati.. IN a dense physical plane! Smile

    Let us have Compassion.. but also remain Sovereign! Star

    As the Bunker$ implode, so The People Expand!

    The Accolades.. well, actually they brought tears of gratitude to my eyes.. a knowing that all we have been through IS ‘recognised’ and honoured.. by ‘someone’ at least! It is a respectful (and mutual indeed), recognition.. rather than any ‘over-humbling’, on the behalf of the other! We are simply being patted on the proverbial back.. and seen as the Co-Creator Gods that we truly are ‘re-becoming’!

    I feel like a million years just got left behind somewhere! Smile

    Forward & Upward – In Light!

    Star Smile Star

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  167. #167 bateleur
    October 5, 2011 am31 2:55 am

    Yes, I share that feeling. By the end of this month a few things here will have changed.

    Nice pic of the Humpback whale Robin. We have the humpbacks and southern rights coming in close to our coast to breed at this time. Many tourists are here too now to soak up the energy of those wonderful beings.

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  168. #168 Admiral2012here
    October 5, 2011 am31 5:04 am



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  169. #169 Robin.
    October 5, 2011 am31 5:04 am

    Yo bateleur.. cruise through Oct 28th to 11:11 and beyond! U_N_I_T_Y!

    They are amazing aren’t they! And ‘Migaloo’ is totally into all the PR exposure too!
    He’s a bit of a ‘show-off’. Smile

    Likewise here.. The Great Southern Ocean, Eh! Smile

    I watched ‘Pods’ of them migrating slowly with their offspring up the East Coast last year. You could ‘feel’ them indeed! Smile

    Beautiful, majestic, peaceful and highly advanced creatures!
    Singing out the Higher Frequencies across Our Oceans!


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  170. #170 Admiral2012here
    October 5, 2011 am31 5:10 am


    COMMENTOR: Sen. Dick Durbin Calls for a Run on Bank of America.

    If a Senator is suggesting you get your money out of Bank of America there is something about to happen with the bank.


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  171. #171 Robin.
    October 5, 2011 am31 5:15 am

    ‘Turn The Dial to Accessing, Allowing and Releasing’

    Archangel Michael.

    Channeled By Carolyn Ann O’Riley.

    Salutations! & Welcome!

    My Beautiful Beings of Light. The moments have whizzed by and again it is time for the monthly message.

    The Creator is sending each of you a mighty Celestial Cyber Hug. Close your eyes and just allow yourself permission to feel the love wave as it washes over your Essence. Perhaps your physical body may feel warm and tingly but your Celestial Bodies will know without a doubt that you have been given the
    most glorious Creator Hug that you will ever remember receiving.

    Physical time may feel like it is whizzing out of control within most of your moments now. It is best to work with your inner self to help stabilize the overwhelm that this sensation may be sending to your body, pushing it into overdrive.

    You can help yourself come back into center and balance if you place your hands on your Solar Plexus and close your eyes. Simply bring your mind to your Solar Plexus, breathing deeply and mentally ask it to calm down. Just keep your eyes closed for another minute or two and feel the peace descend upon your physical body.

    You may be feeling as though this is a tiny lull before the storm or next drama event within the Earth Plane, My Beloveds. Take these small breather moments and learn to turn the dial to accessing, allowing and releasing to provide you with the information that you need to move forward on your Spiritual path.

    My Beloveds you will constantly be clearing and releasing all those things that no longer serve your highest good. Do your clearing work daily as you lay your head down at night, right before falling asleep. Don’t take the debris that has accumulated during the day into your dream state or allow it to be kept in your physical body tissues.

    If something major occurs in your day you can release it right then and there, no need to even drag those doom and gloom moments another second further. All that is required is for you to quiet your mind, give sincere intent to clear it and for a moment close your eyes, place your hands on your Solar Plexus. Through a small prayer mentally say to your Angels, Spirit Guides or The Creator, ” I am releasing to you now, I am releasing to you now, I am releasing to you now, and so it is.” Let it go My Beloveds and
    hand it off to those that truly can help you the most.

    It is the moment in NOW where it is of utmost importance, My Divine Beings of Grace, to Access your Spiritual Support Staff, Allow your Spiritual Support Staff to assist you and Release your concerns or issues to your Spiritual Support Staff.

    It is nice to also share your gratitude and the tender beautiful moments as well with your Spiritual Support Staff. This is part your Spiritual family and they provide Unconditional Unwavering Love for you and they are always there to help you walk through your life from moment to moment.

    Allow this Messenger to take you on a mediation journey to help you dial in and learn to access, allow and release.

    Arrange yourself in seated position or lie down so that you are comfortable. Keep your legs and arms from crossing if at all possible, as this blocks the flow of energy. Cover yourself with a light blanket if you chill easily. We want you comfortable and undisturbed for a while as you journey within yourself through meditation.

    Close your eyes and take a comfortable deep breath, then comfortably exhale as hard as is possible. With each in breath, you are breathing in love and renewal. With each out breath, you are breathing out fear, frustration and doubt. Take another comfortable deep breath in and comfortably exhale just
    letting all the stress go. Take another comfortable deep breath in and then just exhaling letting it all go with a sigh as you are breathing out all frustrations of the day.

    Feel your body relaxing from the top of your head down to your toes. Give yourself permission to feel the calm and peace. Your muscles are feeling loose and limp, so relaxed, so deliciously serene, so wonderfully lazy.

    Direct your ego self to perch on your left shoulder. Instruct your ego self that it is only to be an observer on this journey, it is not to participate. If it helps you to visualize your ego self by identifying it as a symbol or as an object please do so.

    In your imagination ask through prayer for The Creator to send you down a protective Ray of White Light by praying mentally something like this “My Creator I AM asking for a protective Ray of White Light to enfold me and lift me up so that I am experiencing the very highest of vibrations during
    this journey into my inner most depths of understanding and Being. I am protecting myself My Creator from anything that is not for my highest good on this journey. I am thanking you in advance My Creator for assisting me by sending this Ray. I am visualizing the ray in my imagination now coming down
    through the corner of the area where I am meditating. It is entering into my physical form, permeating all that is within my I AM presence.”

    The Creator has responded to your prayer and has gifted you with an Iridescent White Ray plus a Brilliant Gold Ray and Two Luminous Rose Rays for this journey. The Rays are entering into your body through the soles of your feet and moving up through your physical vessel; permeating throughout all of your etheric energy fields & physical vessel and into all corners of the actual area that you are meditating in. The rays then are exiting
    through your Crown Chakra. The Rays then are returning to The Creator and cycling back down through you again and back to The Creator in a continuous circular loop. These protective therapeutic rays are in a continuous circular motion while you are in meditation.

    You are now divinely protected at this moment and nothing can even communicate with you, that is not for your highest good, without your permission.

    My Divine Beings of Light. You are breathing very slowly and evenly now; you are feeling secure and safe.

    Breathe in deeply My Beautiful Beings of Light and feel the lighter relaxed feelings of being protected & divinely guided into this meditation. Breathe in deeply and know that you are breathing to the Pulse of The Creator. Listen to The Creator’s spiritual heart beat and feel the unconditional love that courses through you each time you think about this moment.

    Breathe in deeply allowing and seeing within your spiritual imagination your Guardian Angels and invited Spirit Guides as they join you now. The Angels take your etheric essence hands and guide you out of your physical body. The Angels then direct you into your Etheric Spiritual Heart Chakra. An Angel has been stationed to stay with your physical essence until you return from
    your meditation journey.

    You are seeing, feeling and sensing this within your imagination, Your Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides and special invited guests are with you now within your Spiritual Heart Chakra. Your Angels and Guides are helping you locate the Golden Door that says “To My Highest Guidance Within”. You have located the Golden Door and now you turn the etheric spiritual door knob, opening the door as you cross over the threshold knowing that you are on a
    spiritual growth adventure.

    You find yourself in a White Marble Corridor your Angels whisk you down the hall to the third door on your left. The label on the door says “Class Room” you turn the doorknob and step over the threshold. You see this large soft yellow room with black broads, chalk and erasers and bulletin boards with all types of class projects pinned up.

    You smile to yourself because you instantly remember some of these projects of yours that are now being displayed on these boards. You think to yourself how did the Angels get these I throw these away years ago right after class concluded.

    The Angels are just bending over with laughter. They tell you that nothing really of major genius, as these are, could ever be thrown away. The Angels explain to you that at the time of those works you were actually accessing the Universal Mind for information and you didn’t even realize that you were doing it.

    The Angels sit you down in a comfortable old leather brown chair in the center of the class room. They then slide a writing table in front of you. You notice that the table has a writing tablet and pen along with a laptop computer.

    The laptop is off to the side because they want you first to work with the writing tablet and pen.

    They begin asking you to write down these questions:

    1. I AM A Being of:
    2. I AM Doing:
    3. I AM Enfolding:
    4. I AM Giving:
    5. I AM Learning:
    6. I AM Teaching:
    7. I AM Graced with Special Gifts of:
    8. I AM Praying for Mother Earth and All Her Occupants To:
    9. I AM Blessed by walking on the Path that Leads To:
    10. I AM Affirming that:
    11. I AM Walking with:
    12. I AM The Eyes for:
    13. I AM Blessed with the Mission of:
    14. I AM in Service to:

    Now the Angels instruct you to go back to the question list and as you read the question to yourself, write down the first response that pops into your awareness. They tell you not to analyze the response, don’t doubt it or question it in any way. Simply jot down the answer that you were given.

    You do as directed just continuing on with the exercise jotting down the first response that you are aware of right after reading every question. Oh, that was easy you say to yourself.

    You now go back and really look at the answers that you were given. Amazing you say to yourself, I didn’t realize I could do this on my own. You understand that now you have accessed the answers and allowed them to be written and you released any need to doubt or critique their validity. WOW! this is huge you tell the Angels. You had forgotten that guidance could be this simply to obtain.

    The Angels are clapping and telling you that guidance is really much less complicated than the human consciousness makes it seem. Your Angels continue explaining that the human consciousness is really nothing more than chattering self-talk usually filled with judgments and criticizing and mindless decision making. Your Higher consciousness needs to be accessed in order to receive your personal inner guidance. Your Angels tell you that you came with all your most perfect personal answers inside, you just need to remember how to access the data.

    The Angels give you a visual to help you remember the steps necessary to tune into your Higher Consciousness. Just imagine yourself sitting down in a chair, your Angels tell you, you are holding a card in your hand that has a personal question written on it that you want answered. Next imagine that there is a table beside you with an old radio sitting on it. You simply lean over to the table and turn the radio knob to “on”. Then you use the station dial to tune into your Higher Consciousness, perhaps the Angels smile it would be 111.1 on your radio station dial. Once you have the station locked in on the radio look at your question on the card you are holding in your hand and listen to Higher Consciousness response being broadcast on the old

    This mental picture that the Angels have just painted for you is a wonderful tool to help you remember that you actually have all of your own most perfect information. The interesting part is that no third party human can access your guidance. So other physical beings on the Earth Plane trying to help you really don’t have the key to open that data base that belongs only to you.

    The Angels now tell you that you can put the pen and paper to the side and pull the laptop computer over in front of you. Now the Angels instruct you to type in a personal question that you want answered. Then the Angels remind you to tune into the first response that pops into your awareness when you are typing in the question. Your answer the Angel continues may even come before you have finished typing the last words into the laptop.
    They tell you that the minute you formed that question in your own awareness the guidance answer was already in the works of responding to your query.

    This is how simple it is the Angels respond. They also preface this with one more comment. Your Higher Guidance works on a need to know basis, if this question is not within your own Divine Timing to have answered within those moments, understand that you must release this to your Spiritual Guidance to bring to you when you are to have the information.

    Your face looks pensive for a moment but you realize after contemplating what the Angels have stated that not everything that you want to know is for your Highest Good within the moments that you decide you want the information.

    Your Angel provides some direction for you to consider, the Angel suggests to ask your Higher Guidance to either provide the answer if the timing is right or to provide a mental word message like “wait” if the answer is not to be provided at that time.

    Okay, you tell the Angels that will certainly work, that is something that you feel really good about doing. You can practice asking questions which starts the Divine Access ball rolling, Allowing your Higher Guidance to respond with the first thoughts that pop into your awareness and then Releasing your judgment on the answer that has been provided. Exactly your
    Angels nod in agreement.

    You tell the Angels that you would like to practice a bit more on the laptop and they nod their heads that this would be a good time.

    After working with this for a while you feel comfortable with the process and let the Angels know. Your Angels tell you that it is time to return anyway and they help you move the table in front of your chair that you have been sitting in.

    You get up from your chair and walk over to the walls to refresh your memory on the things that you did in the past that are pinned up on the bulletin boards. This remembrance takes you down memory lane and you can’t help but smile to yourself rereading some of your papers that you’ve done for assignments. You remember this one in particular that you are reading now.
    You remember that that assignment just seem to have a life of its own. You remember vividly sitting down at your work area and that paper just seemed to write itself. It was so effortless and flowed so beautifully. You smile laughing to yourself, you realize now that you were accessing your Higher Consciousness to obtain that wonderful wisdom that showed up in that school
    assignment. You are now laughing realizing that this was a true channeled project. You are a channel you tell yourself, how amazing is that?

    Nodding agreement and laughing your Angels tell you that it is time to go, they remind you that you can always return anytime you choose now that you have remembered the way.

    You follow the Angels out of the room back through the door and you instantly find yourself back in the White Marble Corridor.

    You catch a glimpse of your glowing Essence in the mirror. Your Angels lead you back across the threshold of the Golden Door Within, back into your Spiritual Heart Chakra and then they assist the return of your spiritual Essence back into your physical form.

    Take a deep breath to help you reorient as you wiggle your fingers and toes. When you are ready open your eyes. Go about your day remembering that your Inner Higher Wisdom and Angelic support staff are always at your service working with you to help you reach your highest most appropriate potential.
    Listen for those first thoughts that pop into your awareness and know without a shadow of a doubt that you are receiving daily spiritual guidance.

    Beloveds you are blessed beyond words and loved beyond measure, more than any Earth Plane language can ever express.

    I Am Archangel Michael, The Creator’s Messenger, of Love, Joy, Wisdom, Light, Peace and Grace.


    In Light!


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  172. #172 Laurinda
    October 5, 2011 am31 5:56 am

    Spedie: Your energies are ramping up you say? DUDE, you moved to a powerful Gaian vortex area AND an Ascension Reservation, WHAT DID YOU EXPECT??? lol Chic Sun Rainbow

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  173. #173 Gunner
    October 5, 2011 am31 5:58 am

    Robin, I am LMAO at the aboriginals word for white fellow= MIGALOO Hey man, whats up my migas!

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  174. #174 Laurinda
    October 5, 2011 am31 5:59 am

    Robin #171: Gorgeous info, just gorgeous. Many thanks my dearest “C”. Sending wave upon wave of Raven Love out to you today… Heart Rose Heart

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  175. #175 Laurinda
    October 5, 2011 am31 6:18 am

    Robin #171: I was taken aback at some of my own answers to the questions posed by the angelics. There was NOT ONE inkling of R warrior energy in even one of my answers to those questions. Many thanks to you once again dearest soul friend and teacher…. Answering these questions is a powerful exercise in looking within… and re-affirming one’s purpose. Heart Sun Rose

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  176. #176 Admiral2012here
    October 5, 2011 am31 6:31 am


    A new Anonymous statement to the media regarding a DDOS attack set forth to take place October 10th. Please send to all media sources. DDOS information is annotated



    Greetings, Institutions of the Media. We are Anonymous.

    The events transpiring within Wall Street have caught our eye.

    It seems that the government and Federal agencies enjoy enforcing the law a little bit too much. They instate unjust laws as mindless automatons, blindly following orders with soulless precision.

    We witness the Government enforcing the laws that punish the 99% while allowing the 1% to escape justice, unharmed, for their crimes against the people.

    We have observed this same Government failing to enforce even the minimal legal restraints of Wall Street’s abuses. This Government who has willingly ignored the greed at Wall Street has even bailed out the perpetrators that have caused our crisis.

    Yes We will not stand by and watch the system take over our way of life.

    Yes We the people shall stand against the government’s inaction.

    Yes We the people will not be witnesses to your corruption and ill gotten profits.

    Yes We will not labor for your leisure.

    Yes We will not assist you in any way.

    This is why we choose to declare our war against the New York Stock Exchange. We can no longer stay silent as the population is being exploited and forced to make sacrifices in the name of profit.

    We will show the world that we are true to our word. On October 10th, NYSE shall be erased from the Internet. On October 10th, expect a day that will never, ever, be forgotten.

    Vox Populi, Vox Anon.
    The Voice of The People is The Voice of Anonymous.
    We are Legion. We are the 99%.
    We do not forgive. We do not forget.
    Wall Street: Expect us

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  177. #177 Laurinda
    October 5, 2011 am31 6:33 am

    Addie #176: Holy Moley!!!! Cool

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  178. #178 Laurinda
    October 5, 2011 am31 6:34 am

    Stick: The Michaelic Age is upon us!!! Yes Sun Yin Yang Peace Rose Heart

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  179. #179 Gunner
    October 5, 2011 am31 7:36 am

    Wow Admiral 176, very powerful indeed.

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  180. #180 Admiral2012here
    October 5, 2011 am31 7:44 am

    …yeah Gunner, we’ll wait and see if it actually takes place Yes

    …Oh, SaLuSa’s New Message is up, see ya over there Smile

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