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World-Bridger’s Message: Impactful!

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    You are the One you have been waiting for!


    Greetings all, You are the one you have been waiting for! How many times have you heard this? I think that maybe we need to hear it more, ponder it’s meaning and act accordingly. It seems to be all to easy for us to hope someone will come make everything better, to easy to look to others to give us understanding and tell us whats happening or going to happen that we lose touch as to what it truly means to ascend and the work that needs to be done to be able to.

    This is an inner work that will have a profound effect on the consciousness of all, but none the less is an inner work. This is not something in which we can look to others to do for us, this is a painstaking task that each must do for themselves. I feel too many have become reliant on others that they forget that they have a Master within and neglect to seek out it’s council, forget that this Master within knows all we need and always has our best interests in mind period!

    This Master within is YOU! The real you, not the fake ego you, not the ignorant you, not the limited you. It is the limitless you that is One with God, it is the you that has no confusion, the you that is Love. This master does not need the ego mind to understand anything but surrender to Love. This is it! Full and complete surrender in Love to Love which is you the Master within! You don’t need to teach your mind any complex tech’s to be able to ascend, any and all will be taken care of by the real you.

    We all know this! If we didn’t we would not be here reading this. Nothing is instant in this consciousness, the clearing of the limitations of the mortal mind from even the cellular level is not fun, it is not easy, it is not our job to have others do this for us. This is our task to become the Love we are, it is our task to be the wayshowers by our action! Not those who are not even incarnate in this program on this planet! It is ours! we took on this task, we choose to do this, why? because we can do this!!!!

    I urge all to daily affirm your commitment to the innerwork, to becoming Love, surrender in Love to Love, seek out the council of the master within and ask for it’s guidance, protection then surrender and allow the Master within to do it’s job! We all have a big support team and we are loved. Please allow the Master within to be about it’s business and stop thinking you need to do anything else… All else will be provided, after all Love takes care of it’s own… Please be still, you are Loved and Love!

    In Loving service, World-Bridger