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Message from SaLuSa for 2 December 2011

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    There is no doubt that matters on Earth are now coming to a head, and it should eventually lead to many of the changes that we have been telling you about for quite some time. By and large your faith has stayed strong, and now you will begin to see some positive action taken. There is after all a divine date that still stands as the final one beyond which we shall no longer tolerate delay. If need be we shall take direct action, but one way or another we will soon commence our plan for your final release from the dark Ones. The European crisis could yet see a number of countries default on the payment of their loans, and that has put other countries in the European Group at risk. It is also putting other countries outside of Europe at risk, so you have not seen anything yet compared to what the outcome is likely to be. If you continue

    to see these as exciting times, you will not be pulled into the panic that is likely to occur.

    It is obvious that whatever happens now no particular adverse situation will last for too long, as time speeds by and you are almost in the magical year of 2012. See events as a means to an end, and it will be one that is totally satisfactory and bringing the welcome changes that will alter your lives forever. It has been a testing journey, and that was the object of it so that you could evolve out of conditions that were liable to pull you down. As we see it, you have done exceptionally well particularly since the turn of the century. It was expected because as time passed more Light was being beamed to Earth. It has been grounded through those of Light, who in many instances came to Earth especially for that purpose. It is not just the dark Ones who planned their goals well in advance, as we of the Light have done so for millennia of time. Our advantage has come from the backing and support from great sources of Light Beings, who have even been prepared to send an aspect of themselves to Earth. Perhaps even more important to the outcome, this cycle was always planned to ensure victory for the Light.

    The Galactic Federation is ready to act at very short notice, and in the meantime continues to closely monitor all activities on Earth. We have no hesitation in showing our superiority where technologies are concerned, and make it clear to the dark Ones that opposition to us is futile. Yet they stubbornly refuse to give in, knowing that any engagement with them requires us to obey the rules. We respect all life, whereas they have none at all even when it comes to fellow humans. Life to them is expendable, and they will use it to gain over anyone who gets in their way. We on the other hand will remove our “enemies” to safety rather than kill or wound them. You may therefore be assured that we removed all personnel prior to destroying underground military bases. Anyone who says otherwise is untruthly reporting events, and out to paint a false picture of us.

    Some of you will wonder why in view of what we have said about ourselves, why we do not save lives in any other circumstances such as catastrophes. That is an expected re-action and the answer is one we have given previously, and relates to a souls life plan. The souls that leave in such circumstances have desired to leave, and chosen a situation that fulfils their needs. Understand that there no such thing as an accidental death, and what you call natural deaths are also planned. If you think upon it, there would be little purpose in planning a life to expand your spiritual understanding, if you could accidentally be prevented from experiencing it in full. It is however true that because of your freewill, you can shorten your life expectancy. However, that would only be after you carefully considered the implications of it.

    There will be others amongst you who will pick up on lives shortened by suicide, and even these souls are given a last minute opportunity to change their minds. They are met by their Guides who are aware of their original life plan and shown the outcome, and how it would affect their family and friends. We can assure that because of it many souls are grateful to have had the chance to change their minds. Generally speaking in any one lifetime you do not undertake anymore than you can handle. In these end times there are however many souls who are anxious to clear their karma, and have packed their life full of experiences.

    Of course when you rise up into the higher levels, you have a simple transition from one life to another without going through death. You do it through your own choosing, as you decide when it is your time to move on. You can literally step out of your old body into a new one as you desire. Along with the changes in your body cells that keep you young and healthy, you have none of the illnesses or disabling features experienced on Earth. Whatever you are called upon to do to achieve Ascension is obviously very worthwhile, as it might be a long time before it comes around again. It is up to you, and it is certainly not impossible to ascend from any one lifetime, but you would have to achieve it through your own endeavours. That is why your Ascension now is considered to unique, as it is on offer to every soul and endless help is being given to those who decide to take it.

    If you are one who is just awakening to who you really are and beginning to understand the purpose of life, be assured that you are already surrounded by loving souls who are eager to help you. There is still time and once you set your sights on ascending, you are halfway there and you will find your consciousness levels rising. To be on the Earth and not of it, is very useful advice as it allows you to concentrate on the future and allow the old ways to pass you by. It is those who cannot release their hold onto earthly things that are struggling to break free, and as we often point out it is usually fear that is at the root of it. Come from fearing the changes to welcoming them, and see their necessity if the Human Race is to progress from the old cycle to the new one. However slow changes may take place where some of the massive cycles are concerned, everything is on the move even if it appears undetectable.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and thank all of you who are sending us your love and invitation to join you. We could not come without it, and we now know that the time is right for our open contact with you. We love you all.

    Thank you SaLuSa.

    Mike Quinsey.

  1. #1 DTRANCE
    December 2, 2011 am31 10:18 am

    Alan Watts Higher Self
    Ancient Aliens – Aliens And The Creation Of Man [S03E16]
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDA_8yNX7JI&feature=player_embeddedRequiem for a dream: Life on the Cambodian Rubbish Dumps
    The Four Elements ~ Water
    Beyond Infinity
    Matrix the movie – end monologue scene
    A Time of Hope
    BOLE: Murder in Black And White
    AVATAR- Enigma-temple of love
    Galactic DNA 6.11 (3/3)
    Elemental Forces of Toroidal Vortices ( Dolphins , Nassim Haramein ! )
    Is There Anybody Out There
    ELOHEIM: Living an INFINITY SQUARED Life 11-23-2011
    David Icke – Bloodlines of the ‘GODS’ (Reptilian)
    David Icke – Secrets Of The Matrix [Part 1] – Full Version
    Ancient STARGATE Artifacts & Mayan 2012 (MUST SEE ALL & MAKE VIRAL)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=NblufMmZaxEDeepak Chopra speak at OccupyLA 11 25 11 5 55pm
    Damon Horowitz: Philosophy in prison
    VBlog 10-31-11
    Kia Optima 2011 Funny Car Commercial “One Epic Ride” – Carjam Radio
    Sivan Garr Presents – I Love You
    4 laughing babies
    Annie Murphy Paul: What we learn before we’re born

    22 keys to the universal field
    UFO Sighting Denver (Lakewood), Colorado 11/28/11
    Merkaba journey
    Are You One Of The People Who Heard The Call?
    US Senate – Terror Detainee Polic
    Ho’o pono pono
    UFO Sightings Experimental Aircraft Spotted Gulf Breeze Florida! Nov 24, 2011
    UFO Sightings Investigation Three Top UFO Sightings This Week!
    UFO Sightings Best Caught on Tape in Hawaii Today!
    Abraham – He wants to know if life is about more than just our beliefs? (Part 2 of 2)
    Near Death Experience of a Neurosurgeon: A must watch!
    Jesus Saves: Exposing The International Bankers
    Aaron Russo on The Federal Reserve & How to Shut it Down
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAYGWp8V9II&feature=player_embedded Dazed Heart Heart Heart Peace Heart Sun Rainbow

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  2. #2 whodwellswithin
    December 2, 2011 am31 10:40 am

    This was a “Comment” i left in the Blossom Goodchild Blogspot. I was regarding HER decision to abandon the “channelings” because of the constant offers and promises being done by the FORCES OF LIGHT, but to no completion.
    IF this GALACTIC GUIDANCE is in fact true. I think they need to hear it as well.


    When i first heard of you, it was because of the 14 October incident. I always BELIEVED in the GREATER TRUTH of the Guardians out there. I did my research for over 7 years now, reading books, watching interviews, correlating info. And I found out the Alien Presence to be truth.
    Nevertheless I´ve read not ONLY your blog updates, but some other “channelings” like the GALACTIC FEDERATION updates, and I always kept my spirit high, trying to do my best to be a better person, working diligently with my own “issues” and smiling to the world around me. I´m Happy and grateful for that.
    I also felt there would come a time when all this Prophecies or Offers by the FORCES OF LIGHT would come true. Not only YOUR channelings have expressed the probabily of future “gamechanging” events, but many others as well.
    Im sick and tired of receiving so much negativity from everybody. And to be fooled again and again by our RESPECTED AND EVOLVED BROTHERS who, apparently, have decided to LIE and MANIPULATE US. I´ve spent 8 years doing the right thing and expecting for “intervention”. Im glad my personal life has improved, as well as my relationships with the people I love. BUt what difference does it make to believe this APPARENT greater truth if we never get to EXPERIENCE what was promised.
    It would have being the same to fall prey of the various RELIGIOUS GROUPS out there offering the same “emotional stability” in exchange for you BLIND BELIEF. I might as well have been brainwashed by Mormons or Catholics. I know many of them who actually life peacefull happy lives. But that doesnt change the fact that their theorys have been manipulated, and that certain events regarding the alien presence are in fact true (Rendlesham Forest incident, Roswell, Billy Meier).
    I think you did the right thing abandoning this blog.
    Im also withdrawing my attention from this channeling stuff, and the Ascension promise.
    Our “beloved and evolved” brothers have neglected us, have forgotten us, have deceived us. The have IMPOSED the “rules of the game”. Which in fact are only THEIRS.
    As you said, They dont have to interfere with Humanity. The just have to BE. Make themselves known, scout openly with their ships for a day over a mayor city. And then leave if they want to. THATS ALL. It would change everything, WE would change everything.
    They could have done it in “smart” ways as well, lets say use their technology to Clean the Seas after or during the tragic Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill, or the Fukushima incident.
    But they “wisely” choose to leave the mess as it is, and wait for a BETTER TIME.
    Im proud you stood up to them. Im happy beyond measure that you said what needed to be said, and in the way it had to be said.
    No more “alien guidance” for me anymore. Im happy just by having my house in order. It seems the world will never know, and we are helpless against Coporatocracy, Big Pharma, Terrorism, Ecomonic Crisis, Famine, War and many other things.
    We are the forgotten.

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  3. #3 steve112
    December 2, 2011 am31 11:51 am

    “coming to a head”
    “should eventually lead to”
    “you will begin to see”
    “the outcome is likely to be”

    No one knows what’s going on up there.

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  4. #4 Robin.
    December 2, 2011 am31 1:46 pm

    But we do know that ‘down here’, we each create our OWN individual Reality.

    This exemplifies the Divine Gift of Freewill here and also the unique ability of the Universe to cope with and co-create what we each CHOOSE to believe in, as a part of that greater Holographic Quantum Fractal!

    3D & 5D run only in parallel.. their ‘timetracks’ being Linear and Quantum respectively. As WE increase our frequency, so we start to access, understand, trust and work within, the higher manifested ‘version’ of what we percieve of here in 3D, as ‘time’.

    Perhaps it is simply ‘Unity’.

    We have therefore, perhaps not yet accessed the ‘now’ where for example, our ‘Light Pillars’ ARE visible to us?

    We are told we are doing very well however!

    No Surrender! Smile

    In Light!


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  5. #5 Robin.
    December 2, 2011 am31 2:11 pm

    Andrea’s post @ Beckow’s:

    Regarding Channellings and Levels of Awareness.




    To all,

    I would like to share my thoughts concerning the information, and teachings which we receive in this way. I am a relative newcomer here, only having been on to this for about a year now. Many have been following for much, much longer, and I concede that this must lend itself to a different experience of what is offered. Still, I wonder if my perspective on this is not shared by some of you.

    It is clear that more and more people are getting the idea that to endlessly follow the repetitive messages given is frustrating, and even counter-productive, as it feels like the words are starting to lack the vibrations and meanings that they once held. I am giving a nod to this as I too have felt it, much of this is review for me. However, perhaps the vibrational impact is now below the higher levels attained by some, especially since 11-11-11, and with the expansion of light-bearing information coming in.

    I came into this arena with rather fully developed life lessons, life skills, and experiences which match up and have proven out the very principles that these repetitive messages are giving. Perhaps this makes me a `graduate’ of sorts on some level, I can’t say, but I can say that the way I got to the place I am now in awareness was through repetition. The lessons repeated in different forms until I displayed the ability to `be’ the shift in consciousness which it was designed to teach me. Just how brutal the test depended on how stubbornly I held to whatever `errors’ in thought, emotion, attention, attitude, and etc. Since I am extremely hard-headed, (and also dramatic, lol), much of it was extremely dark, difficult, and nightmarish.

    Imagine my surprise to find these hard won lessons given freely, and without any head-knocking, right online for anyone to have. (Talk about doing it the hard way!) How great is that? I am even told here that those, like me, who have done the jungle-hacking, trail-blazing are making it possible for those who come after to find an easier path. If so, it would certainly make me feel better about it. I could complain about the fact that it would have been easier for me if I had had access to all this to begin with, but somehow I think we get what we need just how we need it. Beyond what any being says, both high and low, I know what I know because I have the proof of living it while immersed in illusion, and without any but a few, here and there, to point the way. Think how hard that must have been without any to convince me first, as so much of this works only after you believe it can, or at least can hold open the possibility.

    So, there are those who are feeling that the repetitions are monotonous and that they are put off by this, that this is making the message redundant or false because of it. I see it differently. I see it as truth presented in a loop for those who are coming into it at different levels. Blessings to those who are finding it now, may they achieve the integration of truths given without all the drama I went through. Just because I see it as review, does it mean I would tear up all textbooks from the lower grades? No. If anything, I am wondering how to give my personal take on it for the benefit of whoever might get something out of it. (I wouldn’t wish my life on anyone, sigh…)

    Rather than criticize any channel, I would like to say that it is a tedious task indeed to keep up this good work, repeating again and again what is obvious to begin with. What?? Oh, yea, it was, and is, obvious…all of it. Now, the veil thins, we see the mask slip, and we say, wtf? And yet, it ain’t over `til it’s over, and so many are just beginning to rub sleep from their eyes, like Rumplestilskin, they have lost out on what has been going on for the last 20 years (2,000 ????).

    What then is the next step, once you leave the `school of channels’, or are bored with lessons you feel are review? Once again, the answer is offered to any who will hear it and integrate it into their life. Know what you know, prove it out by embodying it, stand ready to help others who have yet to understand these principles. Be the love, be the light, create the world, as you go.

    Here is a far greater level of personal and social responsibility than we were ever programmed to believe was necessary or even possible! Each one will choose when, where, and how to do this, according to free will and their level of conscious awareness. The time is ripe for honoring whatever act of creation moves us, (in alignment with the energies of unification and integration), whether that be doing or just being.

    I would be interested to hear what others think of what I have shared here, as each one provides a greater vision to whatever we explore.




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  6. #6 Stick
    December 2, 2011 am31 6:39 pm

    #4: Star Star Star Star

    **The Sirian High Council ~ Just Up Ahead…and Right on Schedule**
    December 2, 2011 through Patricia Cori

    Well now. Much has transpired since first we opened the channels of light and the countless mind links enjoyed through our Vehicle and as you see, what may very well have seemed to be sitting on the edge of your reality has now entered full center, you can no longer deny it – if ever you did. For thirteen earth journeys around the central deity, we have spoken to you of many things – things that have come to pass and now seep into mainstream consciousness, past the walls of dogmatic resistance and into the hearts and minds of far greater numbers of human beings now residing upon the Great Blue Planet. We have spoken to you of life beyond your realm – not only of beings foreign to the Earth but of your own wanderings and settlements on other celestial stations in your solar realm: this now is being revealed through irrefutable proofs that come from those self-created authorities of space who run your own extraterrestrial show: Homo Sapiens Galacticus.

    You have been shown images of sphinxes and statues and underground transport systems, pyramids, bases and rivers and forests on the red planet – you know there is history there that reflects your own, mirroring back to the Earth the wisdom of ancient civilizations, while their contemporaries dwell and flourish primarily in (but not limited to) the underground of that planetary station. You have been shown and briefed (in accordance with imposed limitations on the knowledge) of moons in your system, including your own Luna, which contain water, the spring of biological life. Time ago, we have told you there is life on the moon and on Mars, and that your own species interacts with others there, in bases that have been established many many moons ago. This is being revealed to you now; it is all being revealed at this time of the Great Shift.

    We have warned and prepared you for the technologies that come from past worlds, foreign civilizations and your own future selves and they too are now being revealed: the great HAARP towers of the walk-in, Akkaeneset; manipulation of the gene codes of all life in your world; the deliberate obfuscation of the sun through the abusive proliferation of chemical and metal aerosol spraying…all manner of technological invasion in your lives. And of the secrets that are secret no more – we have attempted to gently nudge you from the dormant states of passive awareness into full accountability, understanding and recognition of the forces that would rule you, believing (or so they did then) that they can possess you entirely. Their power is slipping away. Even though they go clutching with every possible trick they can muster, every tool in their belts … it isn’t working. Like the Walls of Jericho, their strongholds are falling …dare we say crashing down. We stand in our declaration, Let there be No More Secrets, No More Lies, and the awakened amongst you stand tall in that commitment, glorious and mighty, and we salute you.

    We have spoken to you of the DESERT DAYS, and how you will pass through them, and here you are, right on schedule, recognizing how the sands of illusion are truly crystalline windows that reflect into the matrix the New Dawn that lies, just ahead, sifting through the hourglass that you hold as the record keeper of your collective journey. You peer through them, inquisitive and bright in your hearts and souls, and you know how close you are now. Your pulse is quickening; time is slipping into immeasurable quanta, the Universe is opening and closing, breathing in … breathing out, in divine rhythm. We have told you the orphanage of your isolation is ending and so it is. You know you are being prepared to embrace the miracle that has titillated your fantasy for as long as you can remember: the time of reunion, when you would all finally look to the heavens and cry out “We Are Not Alone!” to your galactic reflections. Where am I really from? What are the stars … Really? Where is my true home? When will I return? These are the questions that stimulate your curiosity and wonder, taking you leaps and bounds up the stairway of your ascending evolutionary passage.

    Ra’s solar flares are currently rewiring the energy networks of Gaia. They are triggering your neural pathways, illuminating the conscious mind like lightening on the night sky. Remember, as we have told you before: trust the Sun. He knows what he is doing. Trust the universe … Trust yourselves. Trust each other too, employing discernment, however, to see through false faces and to hear past the lies and the ramblings of entities – in body, and hiding in astral shadows – oozing fantasies for the weak and the willing to embrace as the Wisdom … when it is not.

    The Great Whales and the Dolphin Beings soon take center stage, holding the frequencies of Gaia’s waters, weaving you into the higher dimensions. They, too, are shifting. They call out to you, that you hold the high notes of the human heart while they thread the light of the Cosmos through the cells of the ocean’s beings, imprinting the crystalline waters with the harmonies of the Music of the Spheres.

    Your true home is everywhere and nowhere. In the eternity of your existence, you have chosen so many forms, so many densities, so many stars. Right now, at this moment of glorious transition, you have chosen to be one of the Spirit Warriors of the Earth – and you have been honored with the right to be there. Whether you are carrying, as we say, the Lantern or the Spiritual Sword of Truth through the desert, you are all part of it – all equal in your dedication, provided you are pure in your hearts, free of the shadow the ego casts upon the soul, and grounded in truth – as you understand it.

    We are here with you … just a breath away
    We will not leave your side.
    We never have, from your inception.
    So, breathe deeply…
    Hold your ground
    Use your discernment to filter out the distorted images of the crowded and opaque lens
    And walk, noble and fearless as only you know how, into the New Dawn.
    Blessed be the Children of Gaia.
    Blessed Be.

    ~We are the Speakers of the Sirian High Council

    ~NoOneSaidItWouldBeEasy555———————– Yin Yang Thunder Peace Sun

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  7. #7 Stick
    December 2, 2011 am31 6:56 pm

    Frodo: I can’t do this, Sam.

    Sam: I know. It’s all wrong. By rights we shouldn’t even be here. But we are. It’s like in the great stories, Mr. Frodo. The ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger, they were. And sometimes you didn’t want to know the end. Because how could the end be happy? How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad had happened? But in the end, it’s only a passing thing, this shadow. Even darkness must pass. A new day will come. And when the sun shines it will shine out the clearer. Those were the stories that stayed with you. That meant something, even if you were too small to understand why. But I think, Mr. Frodo, I do understand. I know now. Folk in those stories had lots of chances of turning back, only they didn’t. They kept going. Because they were holding on to something.

    Frodo: What are we holding onto, Sam?

    Sam: That there’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo… and it’s worth fighting for.

    Star http://youtu.be/2xDD7egEN2k Star
    ~ManifestDestiny247———————— Thunder Heart Thunder

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  8. #8 BlueCube
    December 2, 2011 am31 9:44 pm

    Thanx Robin & Stick, for #s 4 & 5. Needed to hear it.

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  9. #9 Lightworker77
    December 3, 2011 am31 1:07 am

    SaLuSa worte: “The Galactic Federation is ready to act at very short notice”.

    Okay, make it so, engage!

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  10. #10 zoN
    December 3, 2011 am31 5:48 am


    Don’t give up. Have patience one more year, or at least a few more months. Patience plays an important role in this.
    I understand your frustration. I was also in the same point of giving up because I expected that the higher beings would’ve intervened to suddenly help me raise my frequency and let me take the next step in this ascension process. But you know what ? I realized that I have to also get myself involved into this. I have to meditate and never give up. Once I pass a certain frequency barrier I’m sure that I’ll be able to contact the higher beings. It’s hard to pass that frequency barrier, I know. But.. I want to change myself.. I want this world to change. Mankind is dominated by gluttony. Gluttony of power, of richness, of pride.. There’s simply too much hatred in this world we live in. It must change and the change should happen now. At the moment, we are destroying our own planet through pollution. In a few years we’ll pay for a glass of water. For many years, leaders have manipulated us from the shadows, to get this world going on by their will. Now they want to reduce the population number through wars, chemicals and other stuff. Why ? Because of their gluttony of resources. At the moment, on this Earth, it’s a war for resources. We’re killing each other. Humanity will cease to exist if we keep going like this.

    Have patience, but also hope that this world will change. Keep releasing positive energy and make this world a better one.
    Patience, will and hope are really important.

    I’m sure that the higher beings will soon intervene to help all of us. We are not forgotten.

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  11. #11 whodwellswithin
    December 3, 2011 am31 9:31 am

    Thanks for your Kind Words.

    Patience its been my motto for 8 years. I consider, however, that to check for you “mental health” you must at some point question the validity of your beliefs, and validate all the things that led you to your Faith in the first place.

    Having done this, i found myself very clear as to the reality of “Flying Saucers”, the reality of “A dark Cabal infiltrating Our Governments”, The reality of “Supressed Advanced Technologies” that would improve our lives tremendously.

    Nothing however validates the reality of this “channelings”. Nothing. Its just a question of FAITH. Even the Law of One Series, which had apparent truthful information, had one of their main Defenders dead of a Suicide. One must admit that being privileged to “sacred” wisdom and “guidance” would lead you to appreciate life and the magnificent experiences available for everyone.

    Im drawn to believe that though there is Evolved Beings out there in this Infinite Universe, and they might at some point made “contact”, they dont really care about us in the way we have thought. They might be just scientists learning from this Subspecie, and watching us descent to our own destruction (or any other destiny WE choose) . They dont want to interfere because they have no reason for it. A perfectly valid idea if you ask me.

    I´ve never felt so RESPONSIBLE for my actions and my Life as today.
    Me and my thoughts are the only thing that SHAPE my REALITY.
    That is the ONLY thing Im grateful to this “channelings” for. Psychology would have helped me in this regard as well. No need for “Ancestral Aliens ” making promises for years, just to back dawn for “their own reasons” at the last minute.


    May humanity receive the love and understanding that i´ve gained trough years of interaction with my fellow brothers and sisters. Nothing else. Cause i dont know anything else than what i´ve felt and experienced.
    Know my friends that if all this facade falls down and you all also feel disapointed and forgotten, at least you have ONE brother who will always smile to you and share unconditional love.

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  12. #12 jeff
    December 3, 2011 am31 10:13 am

    If I may chime in on this, I am sympathetic to those whose beliefs are now wavering due to the shortage of tangible evidence regarding so many promises that appear unfulfilled.

    I, too, have my moments of doubt about ancestral beings coming to intervene.

    Meanwhile, the weeds in my own garden need tending. I have come to observe these messages as stories of how some of us wish things to be. I remain open-minded and continue to consciously extend an invitation to those Beings of the Light who, if they so choose, will join us and help us to restore our Divine nature which we so trustingly surrendered to the manipulative, power thirsty Ones who have infiltrated our once trusted leaders.

    The work for me today is, literally and figuratively, in my own back yard. I am aware of the need for aligning myself with the highest good I am able to seek while working through the shortcomings of a human existence.

    If I am able to make small strides, then whatever may come of the great big world around me will only be slightly better for it. I welcome visitors from here or afar, as long as their intentions are pure.

    Love to All

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  13. #13 Chris
    December 3, 2011 am31 1:35 pm

    It seems this world is a living classroom and to me the channellings are like notes passed in class. As for the ones that make promises not kept. Shame on them and we should read their notes any more… lol

    For me I really FEEL things are “Moving Forward”
    Music Note http://youtu.be/cUTFqxG-ziI Music Note

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  14. #14 Robin.
    December 3, 2011 am31 2:46 pm

    LAUREN. Update:

    ‘The Arrival of Universal LOVE!’

    December 3rd. 2011.

    “As the new-human prototypes fully activate and physically embody the frequencies of universal LOVE, mother earth receives the nourishing scalar energies needed to ease her labor pains…as do each of you.” -Seven Sisters of Pleiades

    Post 11:11

    It’s been three weeks since the 11:11 when, yet again, our inner-world turned inside out and our outer-world turned upside down. It always takes a good chunk of time after a major portal to get our wigs on straight again, but there is so much going on in the cosmos during this very concentrated and sacred passage into a new year/era/world, that its difficult to impossible to wrap our brains around it or to figure out which end is up just yet.

    One thing is certain…we are still frolicking in the post-11:11 void (and soon to be vacuumed up into the 12:12)… enduring the usual excavation period that follows any major cosmic event, and integrating the motherload of all gateways that we just exploded thru. And even tho we are currently gaining access to an entirely new realm of (heart) intelligence, and coming into contact with some new-level awarenesses, this is certainly no time for making sense out of it all (compliments of mercury retrograde). We are still so thick in the haze of transmutation that we can’t really see a foot in front of our faces…and with all the shards of lingering 3D shrapnel still flying thru the air, it’s not even advisable to try.

    Also worth mentioning that we are in the midst of a powerful eclipse portal (there was a partial solar eclipse on 11/25 and another total lunar eclipse approaching on the full moon of 12/10)…and of course, right on the heels of the upcoming lunar eclipse is the 12:12 stargate, which will be soon followed by the winter solstice. Throw in a few solar flares and CME’s that I am sure will grace us this month as they so unapologetically did right around Thanksgiving, and we have quite a cosmic cocktail to nurse for our holiday parties.

    So yes, even tho the pains aren’t quite as intense as they used to be, and we are able to ride the waves with more confidence, we are still heaving thru the labor of rebirth and need to surrender ourselves fully thru these remaining contractions of 2011.

    “From the winter solstice to the new moon you have the opportunity to glean a whole new perspective, one that incurs real change, breakthroughs and freedom”-Seven Sisters

    From what I am hearing, the hardest part is mostly over, and even tho we are all at a point where we feel we literally can’t go on a minute longer…how many times have we said that over the last 7 years?…we still have a bit more pushing to do. But we can gather our focus and pull strength from the first signs of life that are beginning to emerge as the windows of universal LOVE crack open, replete with a fresh supply of restorative adamantine particles which are blowing into our lives & bodies on the winds of change.

    This the first time we (a large portion of humanity) are being reborn in this way…fully conscious…and this (re)birth moment is THE return to zero-point consciousness, a total reset & recalibration, where the feminine and masculine energies are perfectly in balance to enable us to physically ascend beyond polarity (karmic) consciousness…and in so many ways, things still suck, but the miracle in all of this is that we are being supported thru this transition in literally every.way.possible. There is no bowing out now.

    Thru the last few weeks, we have all been swept out to sea by an aggressive, but purifying cosmic riptide of transformation. We are far from “business as usual”, and instead of flowing with the universal current, we have been disconnected from life and are bouncing around uncontrollably in the choppy surf of the unknown. Being thrown around like this can be unsettling if we let it, but those who remain calmly centered in faith of where the heart is leading us will notice that tho we have been cast out deep into the sea yet again, this time we are not alone here.

    As the swells of the ocean temporarily lift our sights to new heights, we begin to see not only the horizon of the new world that each of us has courageously dreamed into existence, but we also notice that bobbing all around us, in the same cleansing waters, are the members of our resonant soul family joining us now in the discovery and creation of a new earth.

    Once we recognize each other, all we have to do is extend a hand to regain our fortitude, resilience and strength in numbers so that together, we can swim to the shore of our brand new lives.

    A sense of completion fills the air and we are refueled for the remaining miles….


    “There is a new order rising and the souls at the forefront of these changes are beginning to come together to create group resonances that will influence earth and humanity in magnanimous ways.” Seven Sisters

    Not much is crystal clear about our next steps, its true, but there is one element of this recent stargate that has already begun to solidify on the other side, and in preparation for 2012…the reconnection to our soul families, our brothers & sisters from home.

    You may be noticing the emergence of these soul clusters popping up around you now as either romantic/spiritual/kindred partnerships…business/purpose-driven connections that are just forming and will fortify in the new year… new opportunities to work with others of shared-interest/like-mind…the final pieces (people) to complete your collective contribution to humanity, etc.

    In some cases, these connections are forming over the internet, or they may (finally) be in your physical world…either way, the coming together of these soul groups is a required step to procure the many manifestations of our heart-felt desires for the new earth. We are officially starting to come together in heart-resonance, as the new earth guardians for phase II of ascension…what the unseens refer to as the “physicalization phase”.

    Like everything else, this coming together will likely be an ongoing unfolding process throughout 2012, so if your not sensing these connections yet you have plenty of “time”…whatever time means now. The sisters say that there will be a blossoming of new relationships and openings to expand beyond what is currently known, as well as a deepening of existing soul-relationships. If I am understanding this correctly, the physicalization phase and embodiment phase are simultaneous happenings…the overall period of time allotted for our ascension to become physically realized…a process that has already begun and includes the physical manifestations and applications of our wildest dreams & deepest desires…desires which stem from achieving our highest potential in LOVE.

    In other words, for those capable of embodying the frequency of universal LOVE, 2012 will be about mastery of the physical domain, of physical matter…including our biology. We will be learning all kinds of new things including how to co-create with the forces of the universe thru the gateway of our magnetic (high) heart. (much more on this to come in the new year)

    *NOTE: Feels important to state here that contrary to what some be-lie-ve, biological ascension is not a one-time event…it is an ongoing series of purifying waves of Source energy that spur a succession of genetic activations and advancements that lead to the embodiment of divine LOVE…a frequency that those at the forefront have been tuning into, aligning with & integrating for many, many years. We are beginning to embody our divinity, yes, and we are learning how to harness/direct our physical energy like masters, sure…but keep in mind that every-single-cell of our biology, and the DNA contained within those cells, is changing in radical ways to adapt to our new level programming…which is just a long way of saying that time and space are required for transfiguration in the physical world. Just physics.

    The physics of the 3D physic-al realm governs the world of form and is by far the most dense, the least malleable, and therefore the slowest and last to change. Unfortunately, this incremental process is what it means to “bring our bodies with us” thru our ascension into 5D. Granted, physical death may be the faster route, but its not the one we signed up for. We’re on the slow train to heaven…and with lots of local stops.

    I know I say this often, but there is a lot of misconception about what is physic-ally taking place within our bodies and what we should expect. This evolutionary process that we call ascension is a VERY biological one, which is why I continually draw the focus to our physical bodies in these updates. The Pleiadians add that these misconceptions are perpetuated by those who think that ascension is merely a spiritual quest…which is not only inaccurate, it’s barely scratching the surface of what’s actually entailed to truly morph our flesh into christed-beings.

    Because we feel unwell does not mean that we failed at our ascension, it means that we are mutating, kicking up emotional & cellular debris, dropping density, and become more refined. Again, a p r o c e s s. It’s all leading somewhere…the destination is embodied LOVE…but we don’t just wake up this way one day on the other side of a stargate portal…we eeeeease into it. The stargates are ongoing and consecutive for a reason, each one opens us up to the “potential” to take the next, deeper step into LOVE. How could it be any other way?

    {For those finding it a challenge to surrender to the embodiment process, my recent Pleiadian-guided handbook (From Suffering to Spiritual Ecstasy: simple integration techniques for sacred embodiment) will be available until 2012 as a donation-based offering and can be acquired thru paypal HERE}

    “There is a period of global restructuring up ahead, one that will require some patience, but as each of you step into position as new earth guardians, these changes will speed up and gather momentum around the planet. For this reason, it is vital now that those who are being called to planetary missions of service step up and say YES to those opportunities that arise, for these are opening the doors to reunite with your resonant soul families. It is your soul family that carries the group resonance of a new humanity and the time is now to join forces, to co-create your long-held visions of heaven on earth.” -Seven Sisters

    Radiance of LOVE

    “There is a new understanding that is permeating your sphere with regard to LOVE, and this new understanding is the basis for all of life on the new-earth to grow, to flourish.” -Seven Sisters

    As we embody the full radiance of LOVE, we are, in fact, adapting to the biological changes required for ascended mastery. The sisters have shared with me that one of the most impacting, life-altering changes initiated thru the 11:11 is that our individual cells, which make up our entire human body, are beginning to take on the resonance of the 528 Hz…one of the six core frequencies of creation, that of universal LOVE and miracles.

    This radiance can be experienced in the body as a sensation-based bliss…more like waves of love-ecstasy that undulate thru the cells, releasing endorphins to create a heightened sensation of being alive…where everything around us, including the air we breathe, is charged with LOVE. This LOVE energy is a subtle, but vital intelligence that permeates everything to the point where the world just feels better and seems more, well…colorful. This may sound trippy, and honestly, it does feel to me like a very mild version of the street drug ecstasy…namely called “The Love Drug”…but sans the panicky/paranoia side effects that can accompany any psychoactive artificial high.

    I now understand this feeling to be the “transference” process that the Pleiadian High Council referred to in the last update… which they define as the transfer of Source intelligence (the frequency of LOVE) to our cells…a feeling that is ultimately generated from the (high) heart center. According to the PHC, this is this feeling sensation that is actually transforming the body into light.

    “Your biology will take on this resonance in waves that will permeate every cell of your bodies. This is what is meant by the term, rapture. This process results in a full-body release from density.” –Seven Sisters

    We are not all able to uphold or sustain this frequency full-time yet, but some are close. Right now it is difficult to tap into these subtle sensations since we are undergoing such deep cellular restructuring, but overall the unseens say that the amount of time it takes for each of us to settle into our new biology and maintain the 528 Hz vibration of LOVE in our bodies varies for each individual and is contingent on numerous elements including soul path, the timing of incarnation, genetic/karmic clearing, cell damage and planetary missions of service. In other words, the process is perfect for each of us.

    The sisters also make it clear to me that this love quotient, the 528 Hz that is taking up residence in our physical bodies, is also very present in our dwelling spaces, our homes, our work places, our communities and in our connections with others. This resonance is a palpable force of energy that others feel, see and appreciate as a sense of home now.

    “You are beginning to be seen in all your glory as the radiance of divine love emanates from your heart-core.” –Seven Sisters

    This radiance of love, and the path of the high-heart that will lead the way for us and humanity, is also showing up in how we are suddenly able to express ourselves as bearers of truth in that it is becoming nearly impossible to dim our lights, to hold back our inner knowing, or anything that highlights inauthenticity or provides a guiding light for others.

    The truth is coming out so strongly now that it can appear to be ruthless, but this only happens where ruthless is required….and sometimes it just is. I have never been one to mince words, so for me personally, this new level of truth-telling has been really hard to tame. What I noticed thru many failed attempts is that we can apply our spiritual mastery and utilize the art of compassion by doing our best to beautify, or soften the truth & deliver it with love…but the truth is that some truth is just not soft or beautiful or graceful…even when it is delivered with love. No matter, time to tell the truth anyway. The good news is that in the past, we may have shuttered at the venomous backlash of holding a mirror up to others, but somehow, its not so scary anymore. And besides, holding back the truth is starting to feel way worse than any stink-eye ever could.

    “To this we way, the time is now to unwaveringly speak your truth, to flow with your cultivated wisdoms and to allow others in to see the glimmer of hope for a new way.” -Seven Sisters

    The front runners of new humanity are about to come out into the open to provide a path of choice for those who are ready and willing to embrace the radiance of LOVE. Not in the sense that we will have to summons these souls, propagate our knowledge or convince anyone of our truth, but that we will have the gift of home, of fulfillment, of purpose, of joy, of creative passion, of LOVE to share with all those who are ready to receive it.

    “From our perspective, many changes will be in place by the next new moon so that you will be in a position of greater clarity and preparedness for the immensely anticipated year of 2012″ -Seven Sisters

    See you thru the next gateway!




    In Light!


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  15. #15 Wonnapoo
    December 3, 2011 am31 3:15 pm


    There is a countdown clock someone found online….What do you guys think about this?

    This website has a countdown clock hidden behind the black screen with the message:

    All of us are the brothers and the sisters. We have the power to finish all of the wars and the darkness. If we do not wake up, we will be too late and the darkness will arise…

    Press (ctrl a)




    On this one, really weird. Click the one on the right hand side for English…You have to know the answer to get onto the site….just really wierd.

    Anyway….I just thought this was interesting.
    Illuminati Rising – Inscription of ..

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  16. #16 Robin.
    December 3, 2011 am31 5:06 pm


    Deadline 3 days?

    Looks really creepy to me! We ARE awake and the darkness is NOT rising.. it is crushed! Smile

    NOT ‘Interesting’ therefore!

    Aahh! I know.. ‘The End of The World’ of course!


    In Light!


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  17. #17 snapdragon
    December 3, 2011 am31 5:17 pm

    I always love Laurens posts, thanks Robin.
    that one was really close with what ive been feeking and receiving too Smile

    3 days???
    Sped was told to tell us Tuesday at 10:05….

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  18. #18 snapdragon
    December 3, 2011 am31 5:20 pm

    hmm my other favorite denise lefay posted today too
    interesting day today for sure

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  19. #19 snapdragon
    December 3, 2011 am31 5:44 pm

    it seems to be taken down but here it is:
    Interesting ET Connections & Updates
    by Denise
    Due to our completing the past Evolutionary Cycle/Mayan calendar (Oct. 28, 2011), we’re now in a volatile transitional cusp period between the collapsing past and the manifesting new. Having been a performer (dancer) for nearly twenty years, I always enjoyed that short, hectic, rushed period between performances where you quickly did your costume change, freshened up, cooled down, went to the bathroom, repaired your hair and makeup, had some water and got yourself ready for the next show. This grand finale transition period (late 2011 through all of 2012) feels much like that to me in many ways; so much new potential and creativity just around the corner, but a short and hectic costume, lighting and music change needed first.

    Notice I did not call this a rest or break period but a short, hectic, and volatile transition period. In so many ways 2011 and 2012 is a much higher octave of the 1960′s, and if you lived through that time as I did as a teen, then you know how crazy, volatile, potentially violent, intense and transformational 2012 is going to be. (Please connect this with the quote and stories below about the “Asshole Hippies From Outer Space”.) I’m sorry to all of us that are so exhausted we can barely brush our teeth or hold a thought (or write an article!), but we’ve got more important transitional Work to do now and through 2012. In Barbara Marciniak’s fall Pleiadian TIMES issue her channeled Pleiadians referred to 2012 as that period that’s “the darkest before the da wn.” As much as I hate to admit it I know this is true and we’ve got to push through our exhaustion and this volatile and hectic transitional period and embody like we always have.

    This transitional period from October 29, 2011 through the end of December 2012 is, I’m discovering, packed just as full of strange goodies as the past twelve years have been. So far I’ve sensed that this transitional period will be dealing with removing the negative patriarchal mess and trash as we simultaneously rush towards the December 2012 Cosmic, Galactic, and Super Galactic conjunctions and subsequent Energy Imprinting of the new Evolutionary Cycles. Lots of ground to cover between today and the end of December 2012, but thankfully it’s going to pass very quickly.

    Maybe this had something to do with the partial Solar eclipse on Nov. 24, 2011. Maybe it’s combined with the amplified and increased solar energies that have started because we’ve completed the Mayan calendar/Evolutionary Cycle. Whatever it was, something fairly potent energetically arrived around that time and there’s been positive and negative reactions to it ever since. In the end it’s all good, just rather intense because these events are multidimensional so we’re affected across the multi-D board and not only physically.

    I recently wrote about my Nov. 28, 2011 grocery shopping adventure witnessing nearly everyone displaying very familiar old Ascension symptoms of zombie-like brain fog, mental confusion, inability to focus and remain focused, ungroundedness, and that embarrassing inability to simply be effective within physical reality…while in public! How do I know this? Because my physical Ascension Process started on Feb. 1, 1999 and I’ve struggled with all of these symptoms and much more every minute of every day/night ever since. I bring this up again only because it’s another aspect of the recent energy changes and why many more people have suddenly been activated or more deeply affected by these Ascension Energies.

    The next clue I had that something positive and important happened energetically around the last week of November 2011, was that on December 1, 2011 I awoke at 3:13 A.M. due to another dislodging of dug-in negative energies. It was a very mild negative psychic “attack” and nothing as severe as I’ve experienced many times during these Ascension years. When the Dark is suddenly loosed and angrily flying around like this, it’s because another large blast of Light energies have arrived in this physical dimension and unseated, dislodged, exploded, broken apart and exposed another large chunk of the Dark Ones/Darkness both human and non-human, both physical and non-physical. What at first appears like a negative event or attack is actually a reaction to increasing Light energies within the field and everyone everywhere having to adjust, adapt, or leave because of it.

    As I lay there in bed in the dark A.M. hours watching and feeling this latest tantrum from the Dark, I became aware that something had happened from up in space that was directed down at Earth with the intention of dislodging some negative Darkness that had been living, working, and hiding below the Earth’s surface. I automatically assumed this meant a solar flare or CME energies were the trigger that caused this negativity hiding below ground to suddenly be blasted to pieces and brought up to the surface and exposed. I’m still not sure if some recent solar activity was not the cause of this, it may be, but it may be working in tandem with some Unseen Others also. It’s common for both the Light and the Dark to take advantage of the available cosmic, solar and astrological energies and us them in tandem with what they’re doing.

    A few short hours later I got up and went about my usual morning activities. After I’d gone online to check my emails and the Comments here at TRANSITIONS, I was unexpectedly impulsed to go to a website I rarely ever go to. Because I recognized I was being impulsed to consciously connect with some very specific information right then, I willingly followed this invisible nudging and surprisingly found myself at David Wilcock’s website Divine Cosmos, reading his Oct. 13, 2011 article Disclosure Imminent? Part II: Many More Bases Destroyed.


    There I am the morning of Dec. 1, 2011 only hours after my 3:13 A.M. negative jolt awake and perceptions about something coming from up in space, reading only this particular article of David’s, fully aware that I’d been led there to connect with some specific information. It didn’t take long either, and to make a long story short, David Wilcock was talking about some positive ET Beings who, evidently, are responsible for destroying some man-made underground bases here in the US and elsewhere recently. Sorry, but I’m laughing over this; thank you my beloved ET kinsfolk for leading me to this information. I know you knew I’d thoroughly enjoy it so thanks for leading me to it only hours after my 3 A.M. negative repercussion experience.

    There are two parts of information I needed to connect with that morning at David Wilcock’s; the first part was titled—and I thoroughly enjoy this—”Asshole Hippies From Outer Space”. Aah gawd, no one could have described these positive ET’s/Starbeings better than the patriarchal human male jerk/jerks that perceives these advanced Starbeings in this way! Too funny, and as always, very revealing of these people’s level of awareness.

    The second bit of information was a few paragraphs further into David’s article and was “from a key staff member” and it was titled “The Prophetic Dream”. I’m going to quote it first and then follow it with some quotes from my book A Lightworker’s Mission (2010) and let you fellow Starseeds in on the multidimension ET/Starbeing connections and messages. From David Wilcock’s article:


    Here is what I read — and this is only one of a variety of extremely powerful dreams that have been coming in, suggesting that we are on the threshold of an extremely positive shift:


    “We were out in a beautiful natural setting. I saw a little silver thing spinning in the air. At first I thought it was a top, but I then realized it was a weird little UFO. It flew towards me. About 200 of them came. They were spinning and they were small — about six to ten inches across. They were spinning and glowing and I realized they were little tiny spaceships.

    They were pretty – they seemed to have liquid mercury on their skin, and looked like they were somehow alive.
    Then there was a big ball that came that was maybe six feet in diameter. It was spinning. It went into the middle of the smaller objects.
    It was amazing that none of them ran into each other because there were so many of them. They all started moving together like a school of fish.
    “The big one started whirling and turned into a while light. Then the image of a person emerged from the light.
    This person was not standing on the land — and he was obviously and ET. He was really tall. Taller than most people by a foot or two. Maybe seven and a half feet tall.
    He had a mane of really wild black hair with fluorescent green feathers sewn into it.
    He was wearing this highly futuristic-looking outfit with many small spikes coming off of it, almost like a porcupine. It had fluorescent green and blue colors, tribal style.
    He was smiling and standing there. Everyone else was shocked, but I was happy about it. He said hi to me. I ran up to him and hugged him and he smiled at me.
    Then, everyone else realized he was safe… and they all started hugging him.
    Then he was making weird faces with his face – such as the ability to stretch his skin sideways off of his face. It was kind of gross. I didn’t look at him while he was doing it. He was laughing the whole time.
    He wanted to tell people about all kinds of different things – whatever they wanted to know, he answered. How things really worked in the Universe.”
    I’ve left out some of this story due to room only, but here’s the highlights of the quote from A Lightworker’s Mission about my yearlong (1982–1983) inter-dimensional lucid dream relationship and project with a non-physical ET/Starbeing. You’ll easily recognize the similarities between this ET being I worked with decades ago and the ET being described above by one of David Wilcock’s staff members. Here’s my story with what I believe is probably the same ET being. Part Two page 60–66:
    “One of the first things I remember happening at this new upstairs apartment was the beginning of a series of unusual lucid dream meetings with a male who I called my crazy twin brother. He didn’t look like me at all as he had rich brown skin and I’m Caucasian. My very first impression of him was that he was a Mayan. I did not know anything about the Mayans or the Mayan calendar at that time in early 1982 however. Nothing had happened at that point concerning the Mayan calendar and all that it entails (that I was consciously aware of), so these recurring dreams with my Mayan crazy twin brother were yet another unusual interdimensional connection.
    The first lucid dream I had with him he came rushing in excitedly wanting to ask me something deeply important. I instantly viewed him up and down and was highly intrigued. He had beautiful light brown skin, brown eyes, a very angular face, and long straight black hair. He wore clothes I was not familiar with as they weren’t anything I had seen before. I didn’t pay all that much attention to his clothes actually, only because he was so exuberant, playful, so energized and excited that he easily pulled you right into him and what he was doing.
    Back in the mid-Seventies I dyed my hair black. It is naturally straight and was very long back then. The fact that our hair looked so much alike made me really happy because I had remembered many of my past lives when I had beautiful brown, cinnamon, red, or yellow skin and all of them with long black hair. I dyed my straight brown hair black because of the remembered past lives. A few years later when I started Belly Dancing, having very dark hair was a plus, so I kept it that way for many years.
    My etheric Mayan crazy twin brother told me in this first dream that he desperately need my help. He claimed he needed me to help him build a bridge. He said he would work building it from his side but that he needed me to help build the other end of it here from my side. In other words, he asked me to help him build an energy bridge that would connect his higher dimensional world with the physical third dimension and timeline I was living in.
    For some reason his dream request sounded to me like the most normal thing I had heard in a long time. The proposed nonphysical bridge building project make perfect sense to me the second the words fell from his lips in this first dream meeting. I somehow instantly knew exactly what he meant and why this energy bridge was so critically important at that time in late 1982. I knew and yet I did not know all the complex reasons for it.
    I told him I did not know what I could do here in physicality, but that I would happily do whatever I could to help build his inter-dimensional energy bridge from my side of the Veil. He was so happy, so relieved, so excited that I had instantly agreed to help him build this bridge, that he started running in circles, jumping, and howling like a ..crazy person. I just stood watching and deeply loving him and feeling very happy for him that his inter-dimensional bridge building project was not officially a GO. I grinned warmly and lovingly at him acting like a handsome nutcase as he ran around doing flips and yelling weird yelps and foreign words. It was all somehow perfectly normal and happily wonderful to me…
    “…Four more months would pass before he returned in another dream to let me know where we stood with our inter-dimensional bridge building project. Every time he showed up in a dream, he was always so energetic and full of joy and wonderful silliness. He always make me feel such hope and strength with my seemingly being stranded here in polarized physicality. He knew far more than I remembered at that time, and I now believe that was why he was so proud of what I was able to do working from this much denser side of the dimensional Veil or border.
    The next dream arrived a few months later and he did a lot of running around, jumping, twirling and singing like a crazy fool—and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. In this dream meeting, he was wearing numerous brightly colored tropical bird feathers in his long black hair. He wore a scant leather loincloth, but it was his red, blue, yellow, purple and teal colored feathers that had him wild with joy it seemed. I remember just watching the show and loving my crazy twin brother more than I even did before. He yelped, jumped, danced, flipped and howled with total abandon and I relished every delightful gesture he made and happy emotion he radiated. He seemed to be celebrating something special for us both. There wasn’t much dialogue between us in this dream meeting, just this Mayan celebration party, or whatever it was. He frolicked, I watched, and I fell in love with him totally.
    It was another four months before or so after this dream meeting before he showed up again. In this next dream, he had shaved his long beautiful black hair all off and looked so different I was shocked. He acted very differently too which emotionally shook me considerably. I remember thinking in my lucid dream that he possibly was “crazy” after all. I yelled angrily at him for cutting off all his gorgeous long hair and demanded to know why he had done such a seemingly crazy thing. He was literally bouncing all over the place with his high energy and did not acknowledge me much at all. He never responded to my questions about why he had cut his very long beautiful hair all off. It seemed to be a silly non-issue to him.
    As I watched him, I slowly realized that our inter-dimensional bridge building project must be very close to being finished. That realization was terribly bittersweet. I was extremely happy we had completed our inter-dimensional project, but I was also deeply saddened to have my beloved Mayan crazy twin brother leave me on Earth alone again. I sensed that once this bridge building project was finished, we would not see each other in dreamtime meetings like this ever again…
    This was the last dream meeting I had with him in late 1983, which told me our invisible multidimensional energy bridge had indeed been completed. i was very happy and proud about that, but did miss him terribly for quite a while. I wondered if some of his actions in those last two dreams were his way of trying to make our upcoming disconnection a bit easier for me emotionally in physicality. I believe that was the case at any rate.”

    Fig. 3.5 Ancient ET Bird Beings from A Lightworker’s Mission, artist Yasmeen Harper
    So now we attempt to put all these interesting inter-dimensional ET and Starseed interactions and potent energy happenings together to get a slightly better overview of what’s been happening recently. This time it’s fairly easy thanks to my being impulsed to discover some unknown to me information written by someone else that was also a personal message to me now. Thanks my crazy twin brother for reconnecting with me again after so many years. I see you’re still as colorful and wonderfully crazy as ever. Glad you’ve got your beautiful hair back too. LOL We Starseeds can’t wait to have the big Family Reunion with the rest of you out there. Soon now.
    Obviously it was a special treat for me to be led to this other persons dream experience with an eccentric ET friend I built an inter-dimensional bridge with back in 1982–1983! It was also highly interesting to read what David Wilcock had to say about these positive ETs—those miserable “Asshole Hippies from Outer Space”—ETs who’ve evidently been energetically blasting or vaporizing (from up in space) certain physical man-made underground bases in the US and elsewhere. This doesn’t surprise me at all either because, if you’ve read A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution, then you know I’ve astrally been to a few of these physical man-made underground bases (and meeting places) while lucid dreaming during the 1970′s and 1980′s and saw human military and human civilians walking and talking with different non-human, non-physical ET beings in these underground bases.
    This information I was led to on the morning of Dec. 1, 2011 covered two related and very similar experiences I had decades ago, plus connected into and possibly further explained what jolted me awake at 3:13 A.M. on Dec. 1st. and more importantly why. Like I said, I became aware while laying there in bed feeling the pissed off dark energies flying around in the space in my house, that something from up in space had caused these negative energies to be dislodged from below the surface of the physical Earth, so it was great reading David Wilcock’s higher sensory perceptions about these particular events.
    This complex, intertwined, usually humorous and rather weird coincidences and multidimensional twists n’ turns are typical of certain positive ET/Starbeings and how they enjoy playing and communicating with us Starseeds down here in meat suits, especially when we’re bitching and whining about how crappy and horrible it is here. Rolls Eyes I’m certain many of us insisted that during those times when I/you/all of us Starseeds become depressed, overwhelmed, exhausted, too serious, too fixated on our individual Starseed Missions on Earth now, that some of our ET/Starbeing kinsfolk from Home would show up to specifically do asinine things like howl, flip around the room, stretch the skin on their face, or chop their long gorgeous hair off, or anything else they could think to do to knock and shock us out of our sticky, dense, heavy physical groove down here. I know Master Hotei would do seemingly crazy things like this to me sometimes too only to shock me into or out of some consciousness and/or emotional stupor so he could insert higher energy and consciousness into me! This is an old tactic that many Masters and ET/Starbeings use when needed to shake someone out of a 3D trance.
    Anyway…it’s been a busy and intense ten days or so and I do not expect this to slow down at all but increase in both the number of physical events, solar activity, and inter-dimensional weirdness. Happy holiday in other words! Thanks again to all of the multidimensional players. ♥
    December 3, 2011
    Copyright © 2011–2013 Denise Le Fay. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way and the content remains complete, credit is given to the author, and you include this copyright notice and link. http://deniselefay.wordpress.com/

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  20. #20 Stick
    December 3, 2011 am31 11:36 pm

    **The Mythic Call, The Mayan Prophecy**
    ~Author Unknown

    The mythic call has been sounded, the great quest has begun.

    Awaken rainbow warriors, sun runners, luminous beings from the galactic alliances, federations and councils. Awaken ancient sky-walkers, newly formed in this moment. Stand in the beauty and power of your true identity as loves gift to gaia. Set aside self-doubt. You are a divine child of the sun. Go to where your heart draws you to share your great gifts. Surrender to the magic and the light. Remember, we sing and dance here for the one heart.

    Once upon a time a galactic council was called and a mythic call was sent out to countless lightbeings:

    The children of the sun, the angel winged ones, the sun runners, the rainbow warriors and other luminous ones from many star systems. The great circle of light beings gathered from far and wide. At the appointed nexus, the love of the spinning galaxies, the great spirit, entered, gracing them all with celestial light and the following words:

    ” you are invited to incarnate upon a world where a great transformation will take

    began the love of the spinning galaxies “…you who respond to this call will go to a place of planetary evolution where the illusions of fear and separation are strong teachers. I am calling those with the needed talents and gifts to act as my emissaries there. To lift and transform the frequencies of planet earth, simply by anchoring and embodying loves presence there. With this myth you will be the creators of a new reality, the reality of the golden octave.

    On other journeys each of you has proven to be a feeling navigator able to awaken your consciousness and align your heart to the promptings of pure love and compassionate service. As sun runners and torch bearers you have already demonstrated that you will hold the light high, and so i invite you to incarnate en masse among the tribes of earth. To assist gaia and all her children in their transformation. It is part of the plan that you will be veiled in forgetting.

    However, as you remember the childlike innocence and trust, you will become the harmonic leavening in this cycle of initiation on earth. You will incarnate strategically, often in some of the most vibrationally dense areas of the planet. To some this illusion of separation from love may create feelings of hopelessness, lack of support and alienation. But, by embracing your humaness, your love will transform the depths of duality and your light will quicken the many.

    Your participation in this quest is purely voluntary. However, this transformational shift on earth is very rare and precious. Should you choose to accept this mission, you will have the opportunity to catalyze and synthesize all that you have been through many incarnations, receiving a rarely offered quantum leap in consciousness. It is up to you how you will dance with terra-gaia and her children, as she completes her ceremony of light.

    O spoke the creator, the light of the spinning galaxies. and so it was that luminous beings who formed the countless alliances, federations and councils of the faithful of the stars, chose to incarnate on planet earth to assist in this critical event, the awakening of the planetary dream. There was even a fail-safe process built into the plan to awaken these beings from the illusion of separation and the veil of forgetfulness that is so rife upon the earth.

    The luminous who would journey to gaia’s assistance, agreed to spark each others remembrance. Thus these star-seeded ones were encoded in many ways, with
    sounds,colors, lights, images,words and symbols, a vibrational resonance that would assist them in remembering their commitment to the Light.

    It was agreed that these coded clues would appear everywhere, in visionary art, in music, in penetrating looks, in speech and feelings, all creating a deep yearning to awaken and become the embodiment of Light and Love.

    So it is that you the children of the sun are being bathed in the waters of remembrance. Prepared as rainbow warriors of the new and ancient myth. By slowly anchoring love’s presence on the earth, you lovingly draw down the mantle of the gods, sending waves of love throughout Gaia’s energy receptive body. As you emerge in this time, your gifts awaken and empower others.

    Utilizing the tools of laughter,song, dance, humor, joy, trust and love, you are creating the powerful surge of transformation that will transform the limitations of the old myth of futility and separation, birthing the miracle of Love and Unity on earth.

    Utilize your gifts on behalf of Gaia and her children will ascend in robes of Light, forming a luminous Light Body of Love, to be reborn among the stars. The mythic call has been sounded. The great quest has begun.

    ~FinalCall121—————————— Handcuffs Thunder Star

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  21. #21 Stick
    December 4, 2011 am31 12:08 am

    **Awakening from the illusion will enable all your faculties**
    12/04/2011 by John Smallman

    Remember that by holding the Light and demonstrating love, gentleness, kindness, forgiveness, and compassion at all times, or just whenever you can spend even a moment expressing and sharing the intent to do so, you change yourselves and, as a result, you change the world. That is why you are on Earth in human form at this moment in her history – to help all to awaken into Reality. The moment for that awakening is drawing ever closer, and so the effect of your efforts strengthens and intensifies with that of the divine energy field enveloping all on Earth. This is a time of enormous and unprecedented significance for all of humanity.

    Awakening from the illusion will enable all your faculties, allowing you to know and understand experientially what it means to be one with God. When that happens it will be as though a dark and enshrouding cloak had been removed, or a thick, gray mist had evaporated, disclosing the brilliance of Reality in all its glory. The exhilaration of that moment will be stupendous. You are all dearly loved, so open your hearts in acceptance, and focus on releasing the burdensome fog of personal issues that is obstructing your vision – and the improvement in how you feel will amaze you.

    You are destined to return to your true, divine state where you are utterly Yourselves, living in perfect harmony with one another and with God. There is Reality, there is where you are eternally, and there is here – where you are now and in every moment – you just cannot sense it at present because your belief in and attachment to the illusion is so strong. And that is going to change!

    As you wait, poised to awaken, know that you are being inundated with Love, guidance, and spiritual assistance on a scale that in your human state you cannot possibly imagine. God’s Intent, and yours, is that you awaken, and so you will; it is inevitable. There are signs showing up in innumerable places throughout the illusory reality which demonstrate this very clearly. Every time you become aware of something kind and loving occurring anywhere, in your own personal lives, or on the other side of the world – give thanks. Giving thanks is a powerful and effective way to extend and share the divine energy field, thus assisting everyone in their move towards awakening.

    Whenever you become aware of pain or suffering in someone you know, or in anyone anywhere, immediately intend to send them love and compassion to ease their situation. It really is very effective. As you well know, you each have a personal energy field that envelops you at all times, and when you intend to send love to anyone, not only is it effective but it also strengthens that energy field.

    And when you send love to those suffering, also – and this is very important – send forgiveness to the perpetrators who are also suffering greatly. They are in denial of their suffering, and imagine that what they are doing brings them satisfaction, and even joy. However, any of you who have observed someone operating out of hate or vindictiveness must have been aware of the intense sense of bitterness and even unadmitted self-loathing that they were experiencing. So they need your love just as desperately as those they are abusing. Many find it hard to accept that the abusers have this intense need for love, but that is because they themselves are still nursing and clinging to painful grievances.

    You are all on the path to becoming fully-conscious beings, and on that path enormous healings are occurring – healings that are an essential part of your awakening process. Forgiveness is the medication, the treatment that will heal you all, indiscriminately and without exception. It is a human virtue that you must embrace. Start by forgiving small pains or offenses that have seemingly been inflicted upon you – someone cutting you out in traffic, someone being rude to you at work or in the shops – because it is not difficult for you in these kinds of situations to see that the one involved is feeling stressed and is reacting without awareness. As you allow yourselves to become aware that their action is not personally directed at you, you will find that you can forgive them quite easily. When you have done that you will notice that the stress that that event caused you has dissolved, and you will feel more at peace, and indeed you may well experience a warm glow of love for yourselves for being forgiving. Forgiveness, wherever it is directed – self, family, associates, leaders – is incredibly healing and creates and shares love, which is what everyone is seeking.

    So many feel within themselves an unworthiness, a sense that they do not deserve to be loved, and when someone treats them in a kindly or loving way they feel uplifted. Therefore, realize that your kind or loving treatment of another is very honoring and healing. So, be kind, be loving, be forgiving, and help to awaken all into their natural fully- conscious state. It is going to happen, so pull your weight, smile lovingly, and bring it on.

    With so very much love, Saul.

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  22. #22 Robin.
    December 4, 2011 am31 8:16 am

    Wanderer of the Skies.

    December 4, 2011

    Greetings from the Federation:

    We have been in council of late discussing your human condition. You know that we are not perfect, as you are not. We are not gods. We have trouble from time to time understanding your human thoughts and emotions. We feel them nonetheless. We know your frustrations for they are ours. We have discussed how best to approach your turning away and the anger and frustration that has driven you to this precipice. We have come to no easy solutions. We therefore have agreed that the best approach is to simply allow you to work out for yourselves where you want to be now and in the future. Your mind set is your own and there is nothing we can or will do that would change this. Your decisions must be your own.

    We will come regardless of your thoughts, your emotions or your feelings towards us. That is part of our contract not with you, but with the divine. We have an agreement from which we cannot walk away. Unlike you, we cannot exercise a free will choice on our calling. It is what we have given up in exchange for connection to the divine source. It is part of a higher order of being. We will come, regardless. That much is so.

    There are many among you who have decided to mock and turn away from all that we have been discussing for so long. Some of you do this to “hedge a bet” against that which you feel would be peer “shame” over what you have chosen to believe as compared to those who exist in the “real world” of everyday life–paying bills, earning a living, eating, drinking and socializing. In contrast to that, we are “out on limb” and everything we stand for puts you in a category of being crazy. We recognize this stigma and have admired you for a very long time in your willingness to undertake this burden for what to you is only belief. The vast majority of you have had no contact with us, have not seen our ships, have no way of knowing if this true, but for your belief. You have only recently been awakening to your ability to discern from your heart instead of your head.

    We now have come to our own crossroads as well. Our divine mission stands on the precipice of reality. And while we are not of your time, we know your time. We understand the terms you have become frustrated with that we have used for so long. We tell you these have been used to raise your vibrational frequencies because it is that much easier for us to communicate with you personally in this mode. Your density otherwise is too difficult for us to accept. It is not so much that we cannot “get through” to you as it is painful for us to be in the presence of this level of unfocused thoughts and negativity, even on a small scale. Such is the likes of higher dimensional existence. We have tried to explain this to you, but you have chosen to interpret it in third dimensional terms and this cannot give you a true picture of the level of this difficulty.

    The problem exists for you in expecting massive shifts in consciousness, in the way your reality is, and in all aspects of your life, as if we will “swoop down” and wave a magic wand. The changes are gradual, and sometimes difficult to see, but they are going on around you all the time, even as you read these words. What we intend are the changes we have been talking to you about. Look for them in smaller doses and you may not find yourselves so disappointed.

    Our time together is coming, we assure you. Stand fast in your principles and your convictions. And know that we are with you in love and gratitude for our mutual alliance.

    Be at peace.


    In Light!


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  23. #23 Robin.
    December 4, 2011 am31 8:41 am


    Here we have this great divide between 3D and 5D ‘consciousness’ becoming apparent at last, so it seems, also to those ‘in’ 5D!

    We HAVE been told that the GF can ‘handle all situations’.. and will do so lovingly, effectively and highly efficiently (ie. rapidly!), but we have also been fed SO much ‘BS’ by our own ‘leaders’ over millenia, that it becomes innately harder for us to TRUST in that which we are told, without any accompanying and living 3D ‘Proofs’.

    Perhaps this ‘turning away’ referred to here (and probably linked to Blossom’s recent & understandable re-action) will now prompt the GF to ACTUALLY do something highly ‘noteable’ IN 3D for us to SEE with our own 3D eyes?

    Anyhow, the ‘Divine Deadline’ apparently approaches fast.. so it now seems more like a case of ‘Ready or not, here we come!’

    As to the issue of Us having Freewill and they not, because theirs is tied to Divine Will.. that is the most pathetic excuse I have ever heard for not understanding how we ‘work’ here! We are ALL tied to ‘Divine Will’ surely! It is perhaps that ALL (INcluding they of the GF), are also now subject to greater learnings therefore! Yes! Wake up yourselves, Guys.. this IS 3D you are dealing with here!

    Well, about frigging time, I say!


    In Light!


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  24. #24 Chris
    December 4, 2011 am31 9:31 am

    We should have a problem with any entity of any realm who uses an ideology of “Blame The Victim”. They are right, they have a duty, they can not ignore it any longer.

    (On a personal note, I feel that is how things got this way in the first place. They did nothing untilll it began to affect them somehow. It is all part of a bigger plan and we are a part of that. Not sure how big of a part… )

    Upper Management is now involved and I know inside we are Moving Forward.

    And It’s A Count Down To “Get It Started”
    Music Note http://youtu.be/IKqV7DB8Iwg Music Note

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  25. #25 Robin.
    December 4, 2011 am31 12:20 pm


    I reckon we an an enormous part of that ‘Plan’!
    It has been hinted that not only are we potentially co-Creator Gods ourselves, but also that ‘evolution’ in this Universe has essentially been WAITING for us to make this move (Ascension), so that everything else in it’s turn may also Ascend.. thus allowing this to be a Universe in which there IS only Love.. the frequency of fear being too low to even exist within it!

    SO, logically (as Spock would say), those at present ‘in’ 5D are also being asked to lift their game! Perhaps this is what ‘they’ are experiencing at the moment.. and not finding it quite as easy as they had assumed it would be, perched as they are upon the ‘precipice of reality’?


    In Light!


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  26. #26 Robin.
    December 4, 2011 am31 1:12 pm

    Hilarion’s Weekly Message:

    Chaneller: Marlene Swetlishoff.

    December 4th-11th. 2011.

    Beloved Ones,

    The energies of Cosmic Love gather in intensity as you move into a new phase of integrating the newest aspects of yourselves that are re-uniting their essence with your energetic field.

    As you embody more of your Divine Christ Self, your physical body is adapting and going through a metamorphosis in order to accommodate this greater energy and frequency level. All is in a state of motion, even when you are feeling as though you are stuck in a static position. In reality, the new reality, there is much preparation and movement occurring.

    These greater influxes of higher frequency energy continue to bring out all that is not of matching frequency from within each person. All recycling energy and patterns of expression that have still not been transmuted into a higher order of manifestation will come forth yet again for release.

    Allow this by willing to let it go now as it comes forth and bless the situation, person or event that was a part of it. This will help you to release and let it go and be filled in return with the higher frequency energies of Divine Love. As you open your heart to this possibility, much healing within will take place.

    Allow yourselves to feel the grace of the Creator to permeate your Beings and your World. Accept that you are worthy of the love of God and the love of others, and that you have the capability of loving all and in this love, you are secure.

    This is the time of year where it is much easier to feel the energies of altruism, goodness, loving kindness, generosity, peace, goodwill, happiness and joy. Use this time to cement the vision you have for the New Earth reality to take root in the fertile soil that you have cultivated and made ready for most of your lifetime and plant your seeds of new beginnings with faith and hope.

    Continue in your work to raise your frequency levels as high each day as you can possibly go and give your physical vehicles time to adjust and adapt by being good to yourselves and loving yourselves. Transformation of your four lower bodies will result in you having the ability to bring in your Divine aspects in grace, ease and protection.

    This process is an ongoing one and proceeds according to the needs, requirements and intentions of each individual. From our perspective you are all evolving and transforming with flying colors, literally. You would not need to string your colored lights if you could but see yourselves.

    Each of you is in varying degrees of completion with many people, places and things and the most important thing to remember is that in every completion comes a new beginning. Always, there is more to learn, to accomplish, to discover and to manifest and this is the area we are now moving into, the manifestation phase. Be of strong heart, mind and spirit, Beloved Ones, and be in gratitude. The new way of Being is to be in Joy.

    Until next week….

    I AM Hilarion


    In Light!


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  27. #27 Chris
    December 4, 2011 am31 3:19 pm

    @25- As I see it, If we are that big of a part then the excuses are even less accepted. If something is important then you do what is needed. There is so much we don’t know and I don’t buy the, you 3d’ers aren’t pulling you weight explanation. The pain of being is way out of control and maybe it is time for them to move on, because they seem to be completely out of touch. I look at this situation knowing full well we’ve made it. Passed the tests, multiple times, the delays are about something else, of that I am sure.


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  28. #28 snapdragon
    December 4, 2011 am31 4:13 pm

    so ive lost what this discussion began about, what part are we dissapointed about not happening?
    personal ascension?
    new world?
    global ascension?

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  29. #29 Stick
    December 4, 2011 am31 5:33 pm

    That ALL depends on your POV… in the end ‘one’s’ perspective is inextricably tied to ‘one’s’ take on what we call reality. This of course also connects to any emotional reaction we might have to the current state of affairs… positive or negative. Whatever choice one makes, the veils of Maya continue to fall. And each one of us agreed to be here to take part in this Divine process. So disappointed or not… fasten your seat belts! Lion

    ~NewDayDawning555———————– Rain Cloudy Sun Star

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  30. #30 LetsAskQuestions
    December 4, 2011 am31 6:30 pm


    Who told sped to say tuesday at 10:05?

    & where did he say this?

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  31. #31 LetsAskQuestions
    December 4, 2011 am31 6:31 pm

    What’s so significant about the 7th of december?

    I broke down the numbers every way possible and nothing adds up to 11, 22, or 33.

    So it’s not the illuminati up to something…unless they’re flanking us with an “awkward” day on the timeline?

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  32. #32 LetsAskQuestions
    December 4, 2011 am31 6:34 pm


    Numerology is really weird…

    look at the number 236.

    2 is in front of 3, and 2 three’s would make “33.”
    3 is in front of 6, three sixes would make “666″
    2+3+6 is “11″. all 3 are illuminati relevant numbers.
    I was told this number in a dream…I have no clue why.

    Also, ggg is just an inversed, upside-down “666″
    g is the 11th letter of the alphabet.
    3 “11″‘s (G’s) 11+11+11=33.

    The illuminati love matching numbers with dates for a very special reason…So December 7th shows no significance?

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  33. #33 snapdragon
    December 4, 2011 am31 6:52 pm

    lets ask questions, sped posted it on the last salusa thread i think post #19, he was told by Ashtar with no further explanaition
    and Tuesday is Dec. 6
    12/6/11 = 11 Wink

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  34. #34 Wonnapoo
    December 4, 2011 am31 7:06 pm

    @30,31 and 32…
    I have done some more research on this date. I have been seeing some things online to take out ALL of our monies from our personal bank accounts on this day. Also….

    Strong possibilities [ 1 ]  GLOBAL ECONOMIC CRASH/ COLLAPSE/MELTDOWN {happening now } [ 2 ] START OF WORLD WAR 3 { about to happen } [ 3 ] START OF GREAT DEPRESSION { will follow after the above 1 and 2 happen } Also, on Dec 7th, wasn’t Pearl Harbor hit a long time ago.

    Who knows…or….it could be nothing. I’m hoping for NOTHING Smile

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  35. #35 Robin.
    December 4, 2011 am31 7:41 pm

    MONTY. Update:

    December 4th. 2011.

    My Dear,

    You never expected to have to do so much research, to delve into the past to unravel the truth. Had I understood all this when I was on Earth, I would most certainly have done so myself. I had no idea, then, the enormity of the corruption and how it affected everyone on your planet. You are aware of the many hours I spent looking into what we were led to believe was the one and only Bible and that it was a true and honest version of events. Though I found many flaws and serious questions that needed answers when I studied all the so-called ”holy books”, I did not find the answers until I passed to Spirit. I can now say that even the cleverest forgers and falsifiers are not safe from exposure.

    Though replacing IESA for the wholly fictitious Jesus has brought great riches for the Roman Church, it required tremendous effort to make it appear to the world that he had actually existed. Many millions died in the carrying out of this terrible plan. It required changing place names for these fictitious characters to have lived. They falsified the world’s history. They substituted it for a tissue of lies and inventions. This deception – the suppression of truth – is a crime against humanity. Truth is progressing in spite of the oppressors. It will open the eyes of mankind to this great fraud.

    “The Irish race has suffered humiliation even to this day, through the willful traduction and carefully directed perversion of their history.” It is time to unlearn what you have been taught. Open your minds to the truth. It is almost beyond belief that A FRAUD SO STUPENDOUS COULD ESCAPE SO LONG WITHOUT DISCOVERY. The thoroughness and extent to which this plot was carried out, the magnitude of the forces employed in the work, the propaganda, systematically spread abroad to create a false impression of everything pertaining to the history of Ireland and her people. This secret is jealously guarded. The IRISH HOLOCAUST was carried out to reduce the numbers, to destroy her people. The Irish are the ARYAN RACE, people of the Light. Despite all that they have suffered they have never lost their humanity. Ireland is the cradle of humanity. There is a lot to learn from studying this beautiful island.

    When you understand the truth, the real history of your world, then you can go forward into the light. Your oppressors will no longer have control over everything in your lives. It’s time to know real freedom. We constantly tell you that the truth will set you free. It’s time to step out of the nightmare you call life. It is only when you pass to Spirit that you can see clearly just how oppressed you were from cradle to grave.

    We continue to obstruct the paths of your oppressors though they would never admit to this. They control everything you read, hear, and see. Their claims become more ridiculous each day. They insult your intelligence when they produce “reasons and evidence” why they must go to war. I ask you, is there anyone out there who is foolish enough to believe them? How many times do they use the same old formula before you wake-up and say, “NO. The killing must stop”.

    It is heartening for us to see more of you opening up to the truth each day. When you awaken, your heart fills with love. You see everything in a different light. It is life-changing. You cease to be the robot your oppressors want you to be. You open up to your fellow man and you see life in a very different way. Your family and friends plus your greater family world-wide become more real to you as you realise that you are all one. When you learn who you are, all will become clear to you. You will reconnect with the universe. You have so much to discover about yourselves. The secrets of the universe will no longer be secret, only to be known to those at the top of the pyramid. All that was kept from you will be yours. Free energy will be one of the first things to become available to everyone. The Vatican has kept this and so much more from you, all for gain and control, while pretending to preach love and tolerance.

    Their plans are falling apart. Desperation is what you are seeing, where once, there was arrogance and confidence.

    We are seeing a thirst for enlightenment. People are searching for truth. There are many for you to look to, who have done the research, found the answers, and want to share them with you. It has never been easier to find the truth. Help each other. Share what you know. Remember it is hard to accept that what you have believed and lived by, is in fact, not true and that it was used to control you. So please be gentle and understanding at all times. Appreciate the brave souls who have stepped forward to share their truth with you. They quickly become the victims of ridicule and attack.

    Look at those who attack. What are they hiding? Why do they need to destroy another who speaks truth? It is the ones who attack the fiercest that have the most to hide, otherwise they would ignore it. They are certainly on the attack, using all means at their disposal to destroy those who dare to question.

    Everything should be open to scrutiny. Truth can no longer be hidden. The destruction of man can no longer be tolerated. Man’s inhumanity to man must stop.

    I know, my dear, that at times it’s very painful for you to be separated from me. We had so much. I show you all the time that I am still beside you, that I will never leave you. We continue to work together. This is our mission. Love is the most precious experience.

    Treasure it always.

    Your adoring Monty.


    In Light!


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  36. #36 Raven
    December 4, 2011 am31 9:40 pm

    “They did nothing untill it began to affect them somehow.”

    I feel that is true. You know anything about the “Philadelphia Experiment”? Apparently that has done some amount of damage. Not only in this timeline (our reality), but also other parallel timelines as well. They said it was “fixable”, but there was a hint that it… has been/will be/was complicated.

    “In contrast to that (how us humans act and think), we are “out on limb” and everything we stand for puts you in a category of being crazy.”


    “…as if we will “swoop down” and wave a magic wand.”

    Judge much??? For beings that don’t understand 3D thinking, that sure pins the tail on that 3D donkey. And if they don’t understand us, how do they know about and why are they using metaphors? Are they just like “Spock” from that Star Trek film, who uses those “colorful metaphors”? I’m just trying to get a personality visual of the GF. I hope they are not like robots with no sense of humor and what-not.


    “…We therefore have agreed that the best approach is to simply allow you to work out for yourselves where you want to be now and in the future. Your mind set is your own and there is nothing we can or will do that would change this. Your decisions must be your own.”

    Has this not been the way all along all these years? The inevitable collapse of society they all talk about? Isn’t that common sense though…? An unavoidable fall? The system was made to fail from birth…just give it time. We never needed them to tell us for us to know it will come to pass.

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  37. #37 seekinganswers
    December 4, 2011 am31 11:24 pm

    dec 7 2011
    12/7/11 1+2+7+1+1 = 12
    12 ruling bloodlines
    12 months
    12 zodiac
    12 hours * 2
    also 14 days before solstice
    correlations i see when looking at this date

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  38. #38 Chris
    December 4, 2011 am31 11:29 pm

    No, we don’t need them to tell us this system of ours is unsustainable. ROTFL I’m not sure of the time line but when they speak of a divine date, I feel that is truth. Let’s face it, if disclosure doesn’t happen in 2012 (early) then these channels are done. It will get real hard to sell any books also. Shock

    I have no doubt there are many who have come here from the higher realms to lift the heavy load. To go where angels fear to tread. Is it possible they thought we would fail?

    I don’t know. What I do know is I have conscience and it informs me of everything I need to know to be the best entity I can be. We don’t need channels, priests, profits or ET’s for that matter to get back home. As for this “Lost World” it has been retrieved and it will be lifted, of that I am positive. Not sure who will finish the job but it will get done.

    Some other thoughts: 1-We are not the only ones learning here, as the 5d’s admit to not being perfect. 2-They can’t allow this thing to fail at this point. (How would that look on their 6d application?)

    The bottom line is it will get done when it gets done. Most of what I hear is, “Wa wa, wawa wa, wa wa…”


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  39. #39 Stick
    December 5, 2011 am31 12:03 am

    Yeah… and the eleventh letter of the alphabet is K. Hence three elevens equals ‘KKK’… on and on it goes, where it stops nobody knows. -Numerology is an interesting rabbit hole and a favorite of the Illuminati. Nonetheless, the more esoteric significance of many of these permutations transcend the surface discoveries. The truth is we are working with concepts more akin to a multidimensional Rubik’s Cube. Many of the darker culdesacs in numerology merely serve as a distraction to the masses uncovering the deeper mysteries behind the mathematics. Thankfully that’s ALL about to change.

    ~VeilsFalling247—————————– Handcuffs Thunder Star

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  40. #40 Stick
    December 5, 2011 am31 12:46 am

    SaLuSa ~ 05-December-2011

    Our allies continue to make progress in their efforts to bring an end to the activities of the dark Ones. Resistance is pushed aside as we are the ones in ascendancy, and some major coups could well open Pandora’s box and reveal those who have been behind the plan for world control. We are certainly closing in on those responsible, and for once money will not buy them a way out of it. So much has been revealed about the goings on that have taken away your rights, and bribery has played a big part in achieving it. Honest politics disappeared a long time ago, but that does not mean that there are not any honest politicians. Unfortunately their voices are often stifled and regularly ignored, but their day is coming very soon and be assured that we know each one by name.

    Each day now offers the possibility of exciting news, and Disclosure is being energised by your focus upon it. It means that it will soon burst upon the scene, as it cannot be held back much longer. It will once and for all prove our existence, and remove suggestions that we have ulterior motives where you and your Earth are concerned. Once our true motives have been confirmed, we hope to have satisfied those who had doubts that we come in peace. You do need us, and in any event it is decreed that we come together in the Brotherhood of Light. Your future is going to take you into the realms of the Cosmos, that is your true abode and where you will once more achieve your true status. So as you can see, there is a lot to do and Ascension will be the first big step that will lift you up. It will be a great leap forward in your levels of consciousness.

    Everyone will at some stage be offered the same opportunity to rise up, but it comes with conditions as you have to apply yourself to lifting up your vibrations. You cannot just walk straight into Ascension, unless you are compatible to the new levels. We have already told you that initially all you need is a firm intent to ascend, but you have to change your life to one that mirrors the new vibrations. It means gradually leaving behind those attachments that will no longer serve you. Ones that are perhaps habitual such as taking drugs, or indulging in practises that are of a low vibration. If you choose to pass over the chance to ascend, that is your choice and you will be directed onto a path that allows you to continue in your present way.

    Some followers of religion expect the wrath of God to descend upon Earth, but we wish to make it clear that your true God Is All Love. That scenario is biblical in origin and comes from false teachings, or old predictions that are no longer relevant. Naturally there will be physical changes, as that is the nature of Mother Earth who is responsible for carrying them out. However, they are not intended to destroy the Earth but part of the necessary cleansing to prepare it for Ascension. In fact the more Light that is brought to Earth the easier it will be, and furthermore people warned where they are in danger. Some will heed them, but others will stay according to their intuitive feelings.

    Dear Ones, you have come far to arrive at this pivotal point in your lives, so please take note of what is happening around you. Some information will be deliberately circulated to cause fear, and you should know by now that it is the very energy that feeds the dark Ones. Without lifting a finger you can help to keep them down, by denying them the energy they live off. Keep your Light shining bright all of the time, and never let your focus move from your goal. The year 2012 will see a speeding up of the level of Light being sent to Earth, that means you will rapidly leave the old vibrations behind. When you shed them you will notice a much lighter feeling takes over, and a beautiful peace descends upon you. If that is already you, we say well done and that you are doing everything possible to prepare yourself for Ascension.

    We of the Galactic Federation continue to draw closer to you, and we have established direct contact on Earth with numerous Beings of Light who are to play a major role in Disclosure. If necessary, we can learn all there is to know about any individual, so you may be sure that whosoever speaks on our behalf is genuine. Where anyone else tries to intrude with disinformation, you will feel the difference because of the energies their words carry. Be discerning and remember that the dark Ones are easy to spot, and out to create fear laden messages. Understand that until this cycle is drawn to an end, the dark Ones still have freewill choice to do as they wish. Our hope is that they will soon see that the Light is about to take charge of the Earth, and they have nothing to gain by trying to create more confusion or chaos.

    For many the time of goodwill approaches, and people look to the New Year to discuss their aspirations and what they wish to bring into their lives. Lightworkers who express their confidence that the future is going to bring peace to Earth, will immensely help still the fears that may otherwise arise considering the instability that is around you. An encouraging word here and there, can help lift the gloom and pessimism that many people feel right now. Your Light is a radiance that reaches far, and wherever you are will bring about a feeling of calmness. When numbers of you get together for the purpose of sending out your Light, its power is increased tenfold and you will be doing a great service for Humanity. Believe us, you are far more powerful than you give yourselves credit for.

    We know that conditions are very difficult for many people, but please do not let them get you down as there is not far to go before it will all change. In fact, you will end up far better off than any previous period in your lives. You will be given peace on Earth, and your worries and problems eased until they no longer exist. In a matter of months you will see astonishing changes take place, and we are your guarantee that all we have promised will come to fruition. When we talk of “we” that includes all of the Beings that work with us from the highest realms of Light. The end times have been divinely planned, and there are no mistakes where the Creator is concerned.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and bid you well and all that your dreams are made of and the love you seek.

    Thank you SaLuSa.
    Mike Quinsey.

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  41. #41 Laurinda
    December 5, 2011 am31 7:47 am

    Hmm, if the GF knows the honest politicians “by name” I would like to see them work their magic and give these honest folks fair and even “air” time. The dark puppets are enjoying the spotlight as always by their controlled media. So what has changed? Question

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  42. #42 seekinganswers
    December 5, 2011 am31 7:49 am

    the eleventh letter of greek is lambda, and 12th is Mu
    in latin it is the same letters L and M
    the books they use arent in english, probably arent in latin or greek either, something much older.

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  43. #43 Laurinda
    December 5, 2011 am31 8:12 am

    seekinganswers: so are you interested in numerology, or is your interest mainly in the dark hearts’ interest in that artform? (Inquiring minds want to know lol). Question

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  44. #44 Laurinda
    December 5, 2011 am31 9:09 am

    Disclosure/being truthful has been the topic of discussion on this site for years. Take a closer look at what is really going on here Braveheart Clan. Look at your own reasons for using fake names here on this very site. Privacy you say? Protection you say? Well, names carry frequencies and are you aware of that?!!! A handful of folks here actually use their real names. Yes, you have the right NOT to use your own names here, but you are also asking the GFL to reveal themselves fully when you still are not comfortable (for whatever reasons), in doing so. Is this a lesson for all of us in integrity? Standing in our own power and NOT feeling the need to be so self-protective? If we are one sex, and let others believe we are in fact something else, then isn’t that a lie from the get-go? I am confused how that is congruent with attempting to live a spiritual path in a 3D world. Your thoughts on all of this?

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  45. #45 Laurinda
    December 5, 2011 am31 9:53 am
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  46. #46 Robin.
    December 6, 2011 am31 2:14 pm

    AA Metatron.

    Channeler: James Tyberonn.

    Final Part (3) The Law of Attraction:

    ‘The Law of Belief & Law of Conscious Creation’

    Greetings Masters !

    Dear Ones,
    There is the science behind the Law of Attraction, and that science is the Law of Belief. The Law of Belief governs what you create in your lives. Within the Law of Belief are the addendums of the life ‘set ups’ you plan and contract to yourself for growth. Indeed the lessons you self arrange are met through your confrontation and disciplined effort.

    It is therefore essential that you fully realize that you are never at the mercy of events, you are not helplessly fated to face the unexplainable like a ship lost at sea. Masters, neither psychological events nor physical events have control over you.

    When you humans fully comprehend the vast capacity of your brain to hold a diversity of conclusive beliefs associated with your experiences, you will see that you have an infinite array of choices.

    But for those of you stuck in old patterns and limiting beliefs, you are mired in a repetitive cycle of predetermined responses, including the propensity to block new solutions through denial of better thinking. In that sense if you do not learn from past errors, you are self- fated to repeat them. Indeed you will repeat the cycle until you learn how the process of achieving Divine Mind functions. That is true for all humans.

    You must challenge yourself to break free.

    Three Laws

    There are three separately governed processes under the Law of Attraction. The three have succinctly different criteria for achievement. Let us define the primary aspect of each Law:

    ** The Law of Attraction – Thoughts have a frequency and attract like frequencies

    ** The Law of Belief : Knowing beyond doubt. You can only manifest what you believe is possible

    ** The Law of Conscious Creation: The conscious ability to focally manifest objectives & events via multidimensional mind in Mer-Ka-Na.

    Soul Contract Set-Ups

    And so we again stress emphatically that it is your beliefs that are projected to form your individual and group reality.

    As we have discussed in the previous messages on this topic, there are scenarios planned by your higher self, your Divine Mind aspect, that may be termed ‘set-ups’ or soul-contracts that you yourself have chosen as growth lessons to assist you in moving into greater wisdom.

    With that reminder in hand, we also tell you that ‘karma’ in your terms, is not a debt owed to one from another, in the higher sense. Rather it is ever to the Self, it is balancing the Divine Self.

    Let us also assert that if you have a goal or objective in 3d that would conflict with higher self, it will not in most cases be manifest, unless it is chosen as a growth lesson. For example if a human desires wealth, and that wealth would either be misused or stop the growth process, the higher self may reject such a desire from manifesting. In some cases, humans who have all of their 3d material ‘needs’ met, are less compelled to search for expansion.

    Dear Ones, when you find yourself in the confines of any experience that is uncomfortable or not to your liking, you must understand that YOU created that seeming conundrum. Within this axiom, there are indeed, within duality, scenarios in linear time that you must face. Whether one accepts it or not, every circumstance and every resulting action, however dire, was absolutely self created.

    If, for example, in an extreme circumstance a crime is actually committed, and an individual is duly sentenced to prison, those actions will be faced and experienced. The sentenced prisoner cannot, in most duality circumstances, simply wish it away. Rather they must face the duality they have themselves created in linear time. There are Laws of Cause and Effect in 3d that will play themselves out.

    Responsibility for not only your actions, but indeed for your beliefs is a key part of your growing process on the planet of lesson. Owning both is essential. But by facing them, you can change the landscape around you.

    Dear Human, you must understand whenever you seek to avoid the responsibility for your own actions, you generally do so by attempting to give that responsibility, the ‘blame’, to some other individual, group or cause. But in that process of shifting blame, you unconsciously give away your power, and take away the ownership that allows you to ‘re-create’.

    In kind, as we have already explained in the second segment of this discussion, the difficulty most of you have in accepting self responsibility for your behavior lies in the desire to avoid the pain and guilt of the consequences of the very actions that resulted. You don’t like to admit your errors.

    But in less obvious circumstances of abundance lack and untoward relationships, you must not only change the nature of your conscious thoughts, but also the belief in those very expectations….and then act on those beliefs.

    Unconscious Programming

    You create our own reality from what you choose to believe about yourselves, and the world around you. Period. If you do not deliberately & consciously choose your own beliefs, you are unconsciously programmed. You will mindlessly absorb them from your 3d culture, schooling and surroundings. If you are accountable and responsible for your actions, how can you afford NOT to question your beliefs? How you define yourself, and the world around you, forms your belief, which, in turn, forms your reality.

    Once you fully comprehend that your beliefs form reality, then and only then are you no longer a captive of the events you experience. You simply have to learn the mechanics & methods.

    It is only when you believe, and program that belief to fully override and replace previous erroneous beliefs, that the integral field of the triad of the 3 step function of own, change, action is completed.

    In the process, thoughts must harmonize with beliefs and be followed by ACTION !

    So we devote the remainder of this discourse to conscious creation. Keeping in mind that you are advanced on the path in order to consciously create.

    You Are Not at the Mercy of Circumstance

    You are NOT at the mercy of your circumstances, but that belief is, interestingly, the reason you erroneously think you are. Take a moment to consider that. It is the Law of Belief.

    If you believe that circumstances have you trapped, then they do, and will until you change that core belief. You are creators learning how to co-create. You are here to learn that you can and do create. One of your key reasons for being in duality Earth is to learn how to create responsibly, and consciously. The principle professor is often Dr.Cause & Effect, and this doctor makes house calls!

    You reap what you sow and however uncomfortable, the untoward harvest is the very means for consideration of what got you there.

    To break out of circumstances that are caused by our psychology, requires conscious disciplined effort for change to occur.

    The key again is your belief. There is little difference if you believe that your present life is caused by incidents in your early childhood or by past lives over which you equally feel you have no control. Your events, your lives, your experiences, are caused by your present beliefs. Change the present beliefs and your life changes, not only in the present, but in the past and future in kind. That is the creative power of belief.

    Masters, regardless of your level of Light Quotient, whether you are unconsciously creating or consciously manifesting, you cannot escape your beliefs. They are the enzymes through which you create your experience.

    Processes of Brain and Mind

    Masters, the reason that most of the books and commercialized teachings on manifestation do not work, is because they do not have the understanding of deeper mind versus 3d brain. Most are about manifesting monetary wealth, and in most cases the only one truly manifesting is the publisher from book sales.

    There are many nuances, many aspects unexplained in the texts. Even when you expand the mind, you must optimize and balance the auric field for the Crystalline aspect that allows creation to function.

    The Key Evolvement Principles for Accessing the Law of Creation are:

    1) Expanded Programming of the Brain – Knowledge into Belief

    2) Release of Ego-Personality Control to Divine-Mind Aspect of Higher Consciousness

    3) Maintain EMF Balance

    4) Activate the Mer-Ka-Na Crystalline aspect of Pituitary, Pineal, & Thymus

    5) Maintain Balance & Clarity

    It is essential that you understand that the 3d brain, the ego-personality aspect incorporated in your physical 3d biology is programmed for ‘survival’ in a primary coding. It is the ‘survival’ code that brings in the warning signals that involve cautions often experienced as fear and doubt. The frontal mind, the ego-personality aspect, is engineered to dominate your 3d consciousness, in order to allow linear time flow and survival within the physical plane. The challenge is that to arise above 3d consciousness you must rise out of ego consciousness and flow into Divine Mind within the Seat of the Soul, the gateway into Divine Mind.

    The brain is in 3d, the mind is of higher dimension, and within higher mind is your Divinity. The brain operates in 3d and in a manner of speaking, its 3d programming is somewhat dominant in the field of duality.

    It operates in a more confined paradigm, and to expand into mind, you must operate ‘outside the box’ to engage your true creativity.

    Clarity in Your Objectives

    The importance of defined clarity is important in creation. You humans only partially engage your wishes through ‘Someday I will ‘ dreamscapes. That is like partially programming a computer program. Is it any surprise that it doesn’t happen?

    Someday I will travel, One day I will be rich, some day I will realize my dreams… these then become merely ‘maybes’, spaced in a distance. So what you are attempting to create always stays at the distance, the someday you programmed. You did not put it in the present. Yes, the dream is the first part, but it must be clear, concise and followed by definite actions.

    Your brain has two hemispheres, one dealing with intellect, one with feeling. The brain works through bio chemical activations and stimulus. The intensity & clarity of a thought program is extremely important for it to become a belief.

    You see your brain is a 3d living computer. It must be dealt with in defined terms. It will not work with ‘maybe’ or ‘can I?’

    For example, if one were taken into a deep hypnotic state, and asked , “Can the mind heal the dis-ease in this body?” the answer would be “Yes”. But it is the empirical answer to whether it is possible for the mind to heal the body. It is not the healing.

    The Noble Path

    Every thought produces a bio-chemical enzyme. That enzyme works with the physical and nonphysical, in sync with the programming. One of the exceptions to the concept of ‘Ask and it Shall be given’, is that unless the asking is channeled from within, in sync with higher mind, it may have little effect.

    So a human on the path, in a relatively advanced state of consciousness, may well neutralize from a higher stance desires that would impede progress. There is then, a natural filtering for those in a state of grace. Goals must be worthy.

    The most noble goal is to learn the mysteries of life. To gain wisdom and Mastery. But to achieve these goals you will have to take on certain pressures and stresses that are taxing. It requires discipline and will.

    If you are lazy, you will not get there. You must take on the task to achieve it. So attempts to create a challenge free life may be in stark conflict with a life intent on learning. Goals have challenges. Masters do not plan challenge free lifetimes.

    Mind is the Builder

    Mind is the builder, and focused will-power is the activator. The more responsibility you appropriately take on, the more your frequency will increase.

    Learning to program the brain is essential. The brain is a biological computer with 3d filters and 3d programs that are ingrained from birth. Unless you were born in a Tibetan Monastery, your programming has come from what we will term socio-cultural indoctrinations. Most social programming teaches you to accept a very limited view of human existence, and human ability.

    You are taught to believe only what you can sensually detect through sight, hearing, taste, smell or touch.

    Dear Ones, know that the physical world of matter you see around you is imagery that you sensually interpret and project. It is received in the eye, transferred via the optic nerve to the brain. What is received stimulates neurons, and a response occurs through a bio chemical reaction that is thermal in nature.

    Because you generally believe what you see, smell , taste or hear you accept it, you believe it as real. You then decide if it is pleasing or not. The brain then releases neurons based on like or dislike. This is how your reality and attraction works. You are initially attracted to people who are attractive, have a melodious voice and smell good ! Your physical sensual body says yes or no.

    In kind, the brain takes ideas and either accepts them or deflects them, according to program parameters. In truth the brain is unable to differentiate between an actual event or a psychological one, such as a dream. In multidimensional mind the two are the same.

    And although the human brain is capable of receiving information and frequencies from well above 3d, most humans program it to reject anything above 3d frequencies of sensory conformity. The brain computer thus receives only what you allow it to receive.

    In such limiting paradigmic programming, the only parts of your brain that are activated are the right and left hemispheres of the upper cerebrum and portions of the lower cerebellum, composing and imposing an activity level of only about 10-12 percent of the brain. The brain activity and processes in the neocortex of the cerebral hemispheres conduct the primary activity in the physical realm.

    The 90% majority of your brain remains unused, un-activated, programmed into dormancy.

    That is because any thought that does not fit in with the limited thinking programs of your cultural programming or dogma, you auto-deflect.

    Expanding Your Belief Horizons

    Herein is one of the great reasons the ‘Law of Attraction’ does not work for you: limited belief from limited thinking programs. To be so narrow-minded is to be closed to the grand possibility of anything existing beyond the small band of frequency that can be perceived through the five senses of your physical 3d body.

    So how do you expand the brain. How do you open to mind? How do you reprogram the computer?

    The answer is simple but seemingly a difficult hurdle for many of you to accomplish. It is by doing. It is by examination and study, and willing self to open.

    Accordingly the very desire to expand attracts powerful thought frequencies that will allow for expansion. And then every Occasion in which you openly accept an idea that is beyond your accepted parameters, that idea activates yet another part of your brain into purposeful use.

    Each time you do that, the expansive idea will offer itself as a carrier to expand your field of belief, and allow greater Cosmic reasoning. That process, sincerely repeated,will attract new ideas with study and meditation. In kind, this cycle will activate other portions of your brain for more expansion, new programming and new reception, by accepting in clear mind Mer-Ka-Na.

    When you have no doubt, when you know and it is absolute….it is Belief. It is through expanded mind that you begin the steps of creating your destiny.

    How do you functionally expand the brain and open the doors to Divine Mind ?

    It is not done in one illuminating flash realization. It is not a one step Divine Anointing. The sacred pathway to what you may term ‘Enlightenment ‘ is achieved in deliberate steps.

    There are many in metaphysics that want to open the book of knowledge and skip over to the final chapter. It doesn’t work that way.

    It begins by self exploration. By carefully auditing what works and does not work for you. In this method you allow fresh and expansive ideas to enter the brain from the Divine Mind as high frequency thought. Then you process and contemplate it, experience the new concept by embracing it. Acting it out. Evolve it and drive it with emotion , and live the new information into knowledge and wisdom.

    The Static in the Field

    The issue most humans have in not changing their beliefs is blind acceptance of mental 3d programming. You can think positive thoughts, think positive change, but if in your deeper mind you doubt they will occur, then they will not.

    .Doubt is one blockage that prevents manifestation of your desires. If you doubt, you do not believe. Doubt in the brain creates a bio-chemical reaction. It activates a neuron carrier in the brain that flows from the Pituitary gland to the Pineal and blocks the ‘gateway’ from opening. The doubt is there because you do not believe.

    As we have mentioned, the survival aspect programming of the Personality Ego brain utilizes ‘fear’ in duality as a warning system. However, the duality aspect, the double edge of that sword, is that fear out of context can reach into many negative emotions including depression,doubt, hatred, jealousy and self contempt. These are at their root, negative aspects of fear, and fear creates static in the auric field, and can lead to auric bleeding. As taught in the Metatronic Keys, the human Aura must be integral to amplify into Mer-Ka-Na. A fissured or disrupted energy field is unable to optimally operate in the Law of Creation.

    Bio-Chemical Process

    The belief thought-images that surround you are co-created in mass fields by all of humanity in agreement in the macro. Individually they are projected according to your light quotient. These manifest into physical reality.

    This involves a physical process. Thought frequencies are digitally received and are immediately propelled bio-chemically within the brain.

    Mental enzymes are connected with the pineal gland. The Pineal gland receives them as geo-coded light transmissions. Each image, each thought, being interpreted and sorted according to its energetic signature. They must pass through the program parameter of belief after reception at the pineal. Your brain screens what is determined as real or unreal. Believable or unbelievable according to the light quotient programmed into the brain. The bio-chemicals produced are produced with acceptance ingredient or rejection ingredient. These open or close the gate to higher mind accordingly.

    These bio chemicals are sent as coded neurons, and are the delivery mechanism of this thought-energy, containing all the codified data necessary for translating any thought or image into physical actuality, or not.

    Thoughts that are congruent with belief move to reproduce the inner image within the brain and through each nerve fiber of the body physical. These then are the initial fires of gestation for forming the new reality. The pineal receives through light frequency, each thought, each image having a light coded frequency according to its vibratory wave pattern.

    The next step is through clear mind intent, the force of will, will driven by the acceleration of emotion and feeling.

    This done, the physical body releases the objective in a digital code to the sublime body, the intact Auric Field in a semi solid, congealed light code, projected and accelerated from the chakric system.

    The Aura must be intact, and optimal in 13-20-33 cycle and reach. It then passes through the Mer-Ki-Va to Mer-Ka-Va to Mer-Ka-Na field. All propelled by will. The clarity and intensity you insert behind the thought-desire or goal determines to a great degree the immediacy of its materialization. Once you learn the mechanics of conscious creation it is essential then to utilize the engine of genuine desire with image visualization and emotion to complete the process of physical manifestation..

    The Law of Conscious Creation

    There is no physical object about you, nor any experience in your life that you have not created. This includes your physical form, your body . Masters, there is nothing about your own physical image that you have not made. In fact if you were able to view self in other life sojourns, you would be surprised at how many similar physical characteristics you create in what would be termed sequential lifetimes.

    When you have Divine Wisdom, you can create kingdoms unlimited. When you have knowledge, there is nothing to fear, for then there is no thing, no element, no principality, no understanding that can ever threaten or enslave or intimidate you. When fear is given knowledge, it is called enlightenment.

    You have a natural rhythm of existing in the physical and non physical. It is your waking and sleep state. Dreams are one of your greatest natural therapies and assets as connectors between the interior and exterior realities and universes.

    Your normal consciousness benefits by excursions and rest in those other fields of nonphysical actuality that are entered when you sleep, and the so-called sleeping consciousness will also benefit by frequent excursions into the physical matter waking state.

    But let us tell you that the imagery you see in both is at its base, mental interpretations of digital frequential fields of core consciousness units. The frequency that your brain receives is actually a digital code, a crystalline pattern of symbols ( akin to what you may term as X’s and O’s), that you interpret and translate into images and feelings.

    It is not so difficult for you to accept that you create your dreams, as it is to accept that you also create your physical reality, but you do both. You also determine if both or either are real…or not.

    Re-Emphasizing the Blockage of Doubt

    The issue most humans have in not changing their beliefs is blind acceptance of mental 3d programming. You can think positive thoughts, think positive change, but if in your deeper mind you doubt they will occur, then they will not.

    So we return to programming and its effect on manifestation within the Law of Attraction. Doubt is one blockage that prevents manifestation of your desires. If you doubt, you do not believe. Doubt in the brain creates a bio-chemical reaction. It activates a neuron carrier in the brain that flows from the Pituitary gland to the Pineal and blocks the ‘gateway’ from opening. The doubt is there because you do not believe. The same process occurs in belief acceptance, hormones are released that have an as yet unrecognized function in opening doors to higher mind when the thought-light code is within the acceptance parameter in your programming. Do you understand?

    The Pineal

    Through the ages it has been known that the Pineal is the interface between the higher dimensions and the physical realm. It can be said then to be the gateway between the ego personality, brain and the Divine Mind. It has been termed by metaphysicians such as Descartes and Edgar Cayce as being the ‘Seat of the Soul’.

    The pineal is roughly the shape of an acorn with the textured ridge pattern of a pine cone. It was recognized and understood by many ancient wisdom schools. The pineal is in fact depicted in many hieroglyphs in Egypt and ancient Babylonia, placed atop the staff of knowledge carried by Osiris. Indeed the staff of Osiris is revealed as two cobras entwined in helix and meeting at the top of the staff crowned by the ‘pinecone’ of the pineal. The kundalini ‘serpent ‘ energy representation then rises to the pineal. The heads of many of your Buddha & Shiva statues show the ridged headcap in roughly the form of the pineal. Even the flag crest of the Vatican depicts the pineal as the pine cone. Indeed its importance is recognized, and we tell you in the Ascension the crystalline pineal becomes amplified.

    The pineal is the agent of advancing knowing into reality manifestation. The pineal works with the pituitary to open the bridge, the gateway between the physical and nonphysical, between brain and mind. Whatever knowledge you allow yourself to believe can only become a reality by the pineal first opening the gate to the Divine. It does this by interpreting the frequency of thought into a thermal bio chemical electrical current throughout your body and opening to mind.

    Your human brain transforms the thoughts you generate into thousands of bio-chemicals every second. Not every thought of the ordinary brain reaches into Higher Mind, as we have explained.

    We tell you again that the endocrine system is activating into the crystalline energy of the Ascension. The pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus in particular act as receiving and transmitting crystals and interface into the Mer-Ka-Na field, in both matter and antimatter, physical and nonphysical in the Harmonic Cycle of Divine interface. Well to study the activation process, as an intricate aspect of Mer-Ka-Na state wisdom.

    Divine Mind

    Divine Wisdom comes from Divine Mind, and when you allow mind to take the reins over ego personality you achieve the wisdom of Divine Creativity. It is this wisdom distilled from knowledge that gives you the ability to enter the Law of Creation. Once entered, then know what you want to create and take action toward it.

    The human body is an instrument that can be used to access the amazing and extraordinary energies of the Divine. But there are dedicated principles for accessing the Divine. When the body is fine tuned, wisdom is achieved, the aura is maintained in balance to achieve Mer-Ka-Na, and the doors to the Law of Creation through the Law of Belief and Attraction are opened.

    For that to occur, all systems must work in balanced synchronicity. If you use your body for physical gratification rather than as an instrument to achieve the divine…you will reap what you sow.


    You are ever the Master of each experience. Even in your most abandoned states of seeming helplessness, you are the scripter of each iota of that experience.

    Yet if you will utilize determination and wisdom by owning the responsibility to reflect upon your situation, and to search diligently for the Law upon which being is established, you then become the wise master, directing your energies with intelligence, and fashioning thoughts to worthy focus and realization.

    One thought attracts another. Positive energy attracts more positive energy. One intelligent thought attracts another. Likewise when you dwell in self pity, depression and issues of poor self esteem, you draw more of these to you. That is the Law of Attraction.

    Such is the conscious human, the Master, and you can only thus evolve by discovering within Self the Laws of Conscious Creating ; the discovery of which is totally a regulated science. It is a matter of application, self-analysis, and experience.

    Masters, as has been said, you are powerful spiritual beings having a human experience. You are truly magnificent Beings of Power, Intelligence, and Love. When you discover that, you become the manager of your own thoughts and you thus have the key to every situation. In Mer-Ka-Na, you are optimizing the Law of Attraction, Law of Belief and Law of Creation, which are the abilities of the Divine, within each of YOU, the transforming and regenerative agencies by which you may make what you will.

    You can indeed intentionally manifest your world, and in doing so experience what is termed the Kingdom of Heaven. Conscious Creation is your destiny, and you can all make your lives the golden experience you responsibly desire.

    I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths.

    You are Beloved.

    And so it is.. And it is So..


    In Light!


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