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Message from SaLuSa for 11 January 2012

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    Dear Ones bear in mind that it is your beliefs that can hold you back, so it is particularly important this year you have an open mind. As it progresses so greater truths will come out, and depending on the source you will be wise to carefully consider what is being given. Certainly the final decision is up to you alone and no on else can take responsibility, but this is a time to be honest with yourself and follow your hearts prompting. As your consciousness levels increase, so you will be able to discern the truth more easily, and slowly build up your understanding. You have had many lives and opportunities to push on with your spiritual evolution, and now you have reached the very last chance to join all of those who have already prepared for Ascension. Of course some will continue to have little or no interest, having made their decision to have further experience in the 3rd. dimension. Allow for such souls who are entitled as much as anyone else to follow their own path.

    Much activity still takes place and we have every expectation of a major breakthrough very soon. We are helped quite considerably by those of you who are not just standing up for the truth, but getting out and about to spread it far and wide. It has the affect of changing the energies to a much higher vibration, and along with other efforts to bring more Light to Earth is helping transmute the lower energies. We could force the changes but that is not the way we work and it is best that we do so together, as it is important that you create your own pace of progress. There are of course matters that are directly our own responsibility, and we are absolutely on course as planned. Have no fears whatsoever, as the Galactic Federation is a formidable player in the game that is being played. Victory is already ours and that also means that you your path to Ascension has been cleared, and nothing can prevent a grand completion that shall be celebrated throughout the Universe.

    When you are informed that you are Human Angels we know it is hard to comprehend and many find it hard to accept. However, we would not mislead you and it is time that you learnt the truth about yourselves. Part of your problem is that you have been made to feel worthless and not given the respect you deserve. Indeed, it has affected relationships between you all and you have also failed to respect each other. Your problems as a Human Race go back thousands of years, when you fell further and further into the pit of darkness. Getting out of has resulted in a scramble where your instinct has meant that only the fittest and strongest have survived, and it has been like that ever since. However, in recent times the Light has penetrated that hard outer skin and lit up your hearts, so that love and compassion have grown. Now you have considerable forces of Lightworkers who are standing up and speaking their piece, and it is helping others to realize their special place in the Universe. You are all great souls remembering who you really are and preparing to take your place with us.

    By the end of the year those of you who chose to ascend will be ready, and will have changed quite considerably to what you are now. The main difference will be in your levels of consciousness which are going to greatly expand in the very near future. In that you will have our help including technologies that can speed up the whole process. This is quite in order and in general terms all knowledge will be programmed into you, as there is no need to spend considerable time studying as you are used to doing. In time you will directly tap into the Universal Consciousness, and acquire levels of Christ Consciousness that will take you anywhere that you desire. You will have overcome the limitations that are holding you back at present.

    Many leaders cannot yet think in terms of peaceful co-existence, and still find it difficult to trust each other. That is something that we shall involve ourselves in as you the people are demanding it, together with an end to all wars. We shall provide the backcloth that will prevent any country taking up arms against another, and ensure that it is not violated. We have simple peaceful means of doing so by making war impossible, and making all weapons of war unusable. The money and energy spent on arming for war over millennia of time could have given you all good standards of living. The destruction and loss of life has been in direct disobedience of God’s Laws, which is why you have created such severe karma. However, many have moved beyond such levels of darkness and evil. The battle between the Light and Dark is all but over, and the Light is about to take a momentous step forward so that all shall see the direction that Humanity is going in.

    As we have often stated of late, the dark Ones are making their final attempts to cause fear but it will no longer have the affects they hope for, and that will deny them the energy they feed off. Stay calm and know what is happening without giving any of your energy to them. We would rather you saw them as lost souls and as such give of your love to them, so that they may one day return to the Light, as they surely will. No soul is ever lost for all time, and God with great compassion surrounds them with love that will ignite their Godsparks once again. In their own way they have served a great purpose, by showing you what can happen when you lose your way and are engulfed by darkness.

    Many of you have achieved remarkable progress over the last few years in lifting your vibrations, and are carrying the Light for Humanity. It is what you came to do, and you are part of a wonderful assembly that incarnated especially to help others and see Ascension take place. So much of your work has gone on quietly behind the scenes, but now it is reaching the time when you should be able to step forward and complete your life plan. Disclosure moves ever nearer and that will release many people who can openly speak of their truth through personal experience. What exciting times are just around the corner and we await our own opportunity to speak with you through your media systems. We have much to tell you about, and are already fully prepared for that occasion.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and bless you on behalf of our teams who feel so pleased and privileged to take part in such a great event as your Ascension.

    Thank you SaLuSa.

    Mike Quinsey.

  1. #1 Admiral2012here
    January 11, 2012 am31 8:30 am


    We are posting channeled messages from various sources.

    Allendale is the Anonymous caller from the recent David Wilcock interview on American Freedom Radio. He’s tasked with protecting some key players in the ascension process. We are four people channeling him in support of the global awakening: Tots, Hobad, Aninadzija, and Spike.

    If you wish to read the transcript of the interview click here.

    If you wish to listen to the audio of Project Camelot interview with Anonymous caller / Allendale, Kerry Cassidy and David Wilcock, click here.

    Our mission is to expose the cabal’s tactics and spread daylight, not fear. There is to fear, as the Light has already won. We have Divine approval for our Ascension.

    We feel our messages could benefit the collective global awakening, and we hope to speed the process.

    Please enjoy yourselves here, in the company of Light that watches over us all.

    The channelers prefer to be anonymous. Please click on the links below to read each of our respective channelings


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  2. #2 spedman
    January 11, 2012 am31 9:06 am

    FEMA to Katrina Victims: Give the Money Back

    Last week, more than six years after Hurricane Katrina, the Federal Emergency Management Agency began mailing out notices to victims of the storm that ripped through the Gulf region. The message: Give us our money back.

    FEMA is asking more than 83,000 recipients of aid to reimburse the government an average of $4,622 each, BlackAmericaWeb reports. The agency says that clerical or employee errors may have resulted in some victims receiving more compensation than what may now be allocated.

    David Bellinger, a 63-year-old legally blind former New Orleans resident who moved to Atlanta after his home was leveled by the storm, said he “nearly had a stroke” when he received his $3,200 bill, with 30 days to pay. “I’m totally blind; I subsist entirely on a Social Security disability check. If I have to pay this money back, it would pretty much wipe out all the savings I have.”

    We’re sure he’s not the only one in that situation. At least one elected official agrees. “Disaster victims shouldn’t be punished because FEMA is dysfunctional,” said Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu, rejecting a claim made by the agency that it is required by law to recover all improper payments, even if the recipient was not at fault. “Most of these families facing recoupment are honest survivors facing incredible challenges who used the funds for legitimate and urgent disaster-related needs.”

    She has recently introduced and sponsored a bill since signed into law by President Obama that would allow FEMA to waive many of the debts now burdening the already afflicted. Hopefully it will do so.

    Instead of chasing down money from people who had no role in whatever errors were made, and almost certainly aren’t in a position to repay, FEMA would be much better off preparing to avoid repeating the errors it made in its response to Katrina. Big Frown Big Frown Big Frown

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  3. #3 Jon M.
    January 11, 2012 am31 9:21 am

    @Admiral2012here, #1: I’ve been following them since they’ve come out. We shall see is all I can say.

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  4. #4 Jon M.
    January 11, 2012 am31 9:24 am
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  5. #5 Jon M.
    January 11, 2012 am31 9:27 am

    @spedman, #2: Whatever happened to “Wait, you gave me more money than you should have? Tough beans bucko!” Hopefully there ISN’T a clause in the “benefit” that states “…if we made a mistake, we expect you to pay it back…”

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  6. #6 spedman
    January 11, 2012 am31 10:55 am

    well i pretty much figure that since they mentioned the part about obama and if this story gets any more attention…. then most likely they will let everyone slide on it since it’s an election year Wink

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  7. #7 Robin.
    January 11, 2012 am31 12:40 pm

    Addy #1.

    Yes.. checked them out a couple of weeks ago.

    ‘Whatever’ !


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  8. #8 Robin.
    January 11, 2012 am31 12:42 pm


    ‘A Momentous Event of Unprecedented Significance’

    11th January 2012.

    Channeler: John Smallman.

    Your expectations continue to rise as the moment for your awakening approaches, and this is good because interested and enthusiastic expectation of this magnificent event raises your spirits, encouraging you to maintain and further the loving attitudes that are so essential to bringing it to fruition. Focus on loving thoughts, words, and actions to align yourselves with the divine Will. This enables the conduits through which God’s Love flows ceaselessly to strengthen and expand, intensifying that energetic flow. Do not forget that every one of you is a divine conduit. Attitudes that are not utterly loving cause kinks and restrictions in the conduits, so continue to hold the intent to release them. Doing this also brings you to a more peaceful state within yourselves, reducing your stress levels and making it easier for you to become totally self-accepting. Acceptance of yourselves just as you are, without judgment or self-criticism, opens the way for you to accept others just as they are, and helps you to catch glimpses or inklings of the truth of the statement “All are one.” You will find these glimpses extremely uplifting.

    It is the One that you all are that is to awaken, and that is why it is such a momentous event of unprecedented significance which will be met with the most fantastic celebrations. You are moving relentlessly forwards towards the completion of an extremely important stage in the divine plan for creation which will effectively raise the level of consciousness, the level of awareness of all sentient beings to undreamt-of heights, and there is not one among you who will not be stunned with amazement and joy when you come into the knowing, the realization of the wonder that has occurred.

    You will not just be moving to a new level of existence where all fears, all doubts, and all anxieties have dissolved and all that you could possibly ever need or desire is abundantly and freely available, but to a level where peace, harmony, perfection and beauty of such an intense nature preside that not even a thought of a need or a desire could ever occur to you. You will be creating with your Father a state of endlessly uplifting wonder as you uncover within yourselves new skills, new talents, and new abilities to extend Reality continuously for your ever-increasing delight.

    It is God’s Will and yours that you awaken to enjoy the infinite divine wonders with which your talents and abilities constantly present you. You were created solely for the joy, the happiness, the ecstasy, and the bliss that existence at One with God provides for you eternally. Your diversion into the dream of separation has demonstrated very convincingly for you the insanity of attempting to separate yourselves from God, and that dream, that nightmare of horror, suffering, privation, and, yes, at times, despair is to evaporate or fade away like a wraith that you were not even sure you saw. Not the slightest fragment of that horrendous illusion will ever again unsettle or disturb you once you awaken into the glorious wonder of your Father’s loving Presence. All are saved, all will awaken, because all are already at Home in God, and the impetus to become awake and experience that state is irresistible.

    With so very much love,



    In Light!


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  9. #9 Kellia
    January 11, 2012 am31 1:43 pm


    There probably is a recoupment statement on the benefit. Which is why FEMA is going for it, Also the government is trying to raise money from every source it can except the ones that it should the very rich to whom they have been giving away to store.

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  10. #10 Gordon
    January 11, 2012 am31 3:41 pm

    Bridge to Earth: Waiting for our Cosmic Family (part 2 of 3)

    There has been heightened buzz in the past 2-3 years on the Internet about the imminence of disclosure and the complicated negotiations going on among the different nations behind the scenes to make it happen. Several dates for disclosure, as well as open contact, have been predicted and have passed, with much anticipation and disappointment.

    For many people to whom it matters, especially those who are advocating disclosure, there have been extremes of emotion— from the pinnacles of joy plunging to the deepest of heartaches— associated with the ups and downs of the disclosure progress. Why are disclosure and contact desired so badly? Indeed, why are we waiting for our cosmic family? I can understand how those who are deeply entrenched in the affairs of our earthly lives—feeling the impacts of the falling economy, watching the civil unrest all around the world, looking at the pollution, deforestation, poverty, and suffering— are puzzled as to why some people are looking toward the skies and “chasing UFOs” when so much needs to be addressed right here on Earth.


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  11. #11 Stick
    January 11, 2012 am31 4:41 pm

    **Message from the Galactic Federation**
    1/11/12 ~ As channeled by Greg Giles

    Divorce proceedings are soon to begin. Many of you will be separating from the illusion that you have been married to for many long years. In any separation there may be those partners who wish for the split, understanding that their lives will prosper now that the partner who was holding them back will fade into their past, and also those within the marriage who want for the relationship to continue just as it is. Your split from the 3D illusion is no different, and it is the illusion who understands they will be losing out, and it is the illusion that today seeks desperately to lull you back into this dysfunctional relationship. It is the wise soul who understands and recognizes when a relationship no longer bears fruit, and it is the strong that are able to make the split and move on.
    There will be those who will remain with their abusive partner who drains them of their youth, their joy, and their exuberance for life. These souls are caught in the clutches of a codependent relationship and will have to continue with the experience until they too have learned all they can from it and move on. You are the ones today who seek a separation, and it is this that you shall receive. A new life and a new relationship awaits you, and again, your partner will match perfectly your energetic frequency. This is how your universe has been designed, and these are the parameters you have agreed upon. You will always find the perfect match for yourself.

    Expanding upon some of the new attributes of your fresh start, we see for you many upgrades to your day-to-day existence. The way you produce and prepare foods is one change you will immediately encounter that you may feel is quite remarkable. In time, your mother planet will no longer have to be used, and harmed, to supply you with nutrients to survive. You may compare this to when a newborn no longer needs to survive on his or her mother’s nutrients.

    It is understood how humans have grown so dependent on their automobiles, and it is also understood how many of you will miss these soon-to-be relics of your past. New, more efficient ways to travel your cities, your world, and even universes will be immediately shared with you as gifts from the Creator to help you more easily and comfortably explore his wonderful creation.

    The way you take care of your bodies will also change radically, and no longer will you rely on medicines and others to heal you when you suffer illness or disease. No one can understand your body better than yourself, and in time you will all learn how to monitor and maintain your bodies to sustain optimal health, performance, and beauty. What a delight this will be for you, and this will be one of the first courses you will undertake in the days ahead. With all these upgrades to your experience also comes greater responsibility. We see how far so many of you have come, and we are very confident you will see to your new responsibilities diligently.

    Turning now to matters concerning today, the cabal continues to run short of time, money, and soldiers willing to do their dirty work. You may see quite many advertisements on television and in your print media paid for by your Armed Forces, and these are very last minute and desperate attempts to lure new recruits into the dark’s web and fill newly vacated positions within their ranks. As we have made clear on many occasions, we make every effort possible to safely remove these soldiers and their weapons of destruction from your reality and relocate them to safe surroundings where they can begin to reflect on their choices made, and begin to more clearly understand who they were sacrificing themselves for. Many of them are quite shocked, and for a time, in great disbelief at the true identities, and the motives behind, these military campaigns. It is safe to say that many of these men and women will not fall for such a con ever again.

    We will continue to keep you updated as to the demise of the cabal and their minions, and we will have very good news for you in the not too distant future. The necessary procedures are falling like perfectly aligned dominoes, and soon our efforts as well as yours will pay off in grand display for everyone on your planet to see for themselves. You are now in your last days of your current position. Humanity will be free from their captors very shortly. Until then, keep up the tremendous job so many of you are doing for the light. Continue to spread the news of our existence, our honorable mission, and our imminent introduction to you, our brothers and sisters of Earth. Be well. We shall be with you again soon.

    We are your Family of Light from the stars.

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  12. #12 Robin.
    January 11, 2012 am31 5:09 pm

    Hmm.. I’m looking forward to the ‘Grand (Planet-wide) Display’.. before then getting down to the serious business!

    YaY! What a Party this is gonna be!


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  13. #13 Laurinda
    January 11, 2012 am31 5:23 pm

    Yeah, ya can’t get blood out of a turnip. FEMA trying to collect money from poor folks who were displaced outta their neighborhoods. Oh wait, I get it! Pose a problem: FEMA demands money back. Solution: Obama tries to look like the hero in an election year and fires back “Not on my watch” or words to that effect. Oh yeah, problem, solution–yeah the same old tired “trick” of the Cabal/Elite/Globalists. Hell, I am still trying to think of one GOOD thing Obama will be remembered for in his term of office….

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  14. #14 Jon M.
    January 11, 2012 am31 5:30 pm

    @Laurinda, #13: The one good thing: screwing everything up so badly that we all “wake up”… Wink

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  15. #15 Jon M.
    January 11, 2012 am31 5:33 pm

    Did anyone notice on MSN’s home page, under Editor’s Picks, the title “January called ‘divorce month’?”

    I just find that interesting given Giles’ message… Wink

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  16. #16 Kellia
    January 11, 2012 am31 6:18 pm


    The Lily Ledbetter Act which changed the interpretation of the statute of limitations relative to multiple acts of discrimination, making it easier for the aggrieved to sue. Then he lifted the so called global gag rule on abortion. Both were done very early in his first year and it’s been downhill ever since. Yes, he has withdrawn troops from Iraq. He needs them in other war zones and in the US.

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  17. #17 Admiral2012here
    January 11, 2012 am31 6:18 pm

    …yeah Jon, I noticed MSN’s “January’s DIVORCE month”…my EX is gett’n a DIVORCE…and I just hooked up with my high school sweetheart thru fb…it’s a Sweet Thing! Grin

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  18. #18 starbeing
    January 11, 2012 am31 6:35 pm

    just saw this……….LOL
    “Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the Universe is that none of it has tried to contact us.”
    ~ Calvin to Hobbes

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  19. #19 Admiral2012here
    January 11, 2012 am31 7:08 pm

    …well, Star, the GF tried to contact us thru TV back in 1977


    Listen until the end, because it’s important!

    I don’t think this is a hoax because back in 1977 few people could jam a national TV station. The equipment would have been very hard to find and very expensive.

    Finally, I don’t think that many people would be up for such a foolish trick.

    The event happened ONE TIME, so if this was a hoax it was not repeated (is highly improbable that someone who did it once with success, not to try it at least one more time).

    I will put together a complete article about this event on: http://www.HumansAreFree.com
    Stay tunned!
    Love! ♥

    This really happened


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  20. #20 Robin.
    January 11, 2012 am31 7:09 pm


    Smile Smile Smile

    Also from Beckow/AA. Mike:

    ‘..And understand what is happening is that it (Disclosure) is coming forth in bits and pieces and in little ways. So look for Disclosure right now, not as one big announcement, one big recognition – for many of the politicians are very involved in their own concerns.

    But also know that in many ways, your President – or your American President – Barack Obama, is being regritted and filled up. So you may look to him in the future for more support as well..’


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  21. #21 Admiral2012here
    January 11, 2012 am31 7:15 pm


    “Be the change you want to see in the world” – Together we can change ANYTHING!


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  22. #22 starbeing
    January 11, 2012 am31 7:16 pm

    Yes, we have been contacted throughout history. Indeed we interact with our star brothers & sisters regularly. Smile Yes Yes Star Star Star

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  23. #23 Admiral2012here
    January 11, 2012 am31 7:30 pm
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  24. #24 Admiral2012here
    January 11, 2012 am31 7:40 pm
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  25. #25 Admiral2012here
    January 11, 2012 am31 7:45 pm



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  26. #26 Admiral2012here
    January 11, 2012 am31 8:00 pm
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  27. #27 Admiral2012here
    January 11, 2012 am31 8:07 pm

    BREAK’n NEWS – MEDIA/JOURNALIST’s…these days


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  28. #28 GateKeeper
    January 12, 2012 am31 3:16 am

    Greetings to all

    Its been a while that I have visited here, its good to see alot of old and wise people also a few new key players.

    4 months ago I left Greece and moved to the land of down under.

    new start

    my warmest regards to all

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  29. #29 Robin.
    January 12, 2012 am31 3:37 am

    Welcome to Oz ‘Gatekeeper’!
    Where are Ya? Me in Melbs.

    New Cycle – New Start – Old Country! Smile

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  30. #30 Robin.
    January 12, 2012 am31 3:38 am

    Wanderer of the Skies – January 12, 2012

    Greetings from the Federation:

    What must come to pass is presently being discussed at the highest levels of your world governments, behind closed doors and through emissaries to the various other governments around the world. As time draws closer to the inevitable, your leaders are aware that they cannot stop the tide of disclosure sweeping over your planet. They know that they will either be swept away by this tide or they must decide to take the reins and make disclosure their own. Their ability to waffle on this topic amazes even us as we see them fight among themselves for a common ground. Once reached, someone inevitably backs off and the process starts all over again. We wait in the background for what must be done, if not done so by your own people.

    News will reach you shortly about a “new” scientific development in the field of what you have termed zero point energy systems. It will be touted as theoretical, but in reality it is a functioning model of a real energy device created a long time ago and only now being released. There will be interesting developments in your legal field over patent protections. The “news” of this breakthrough will be carefully monitored by those in power to determine what type of impact such a disclosure makes upon the people as a whole.

    The Queen of England has ceded control over a faction of the Illuminati to a group over which our allies have “consulting” privileges. This means, in the longer term, that this faction will be more amenable to the changes necessary to effect disclosure and the release of the cabal’s hold over the people. This was a negotiated “peace” that came about after many, many months of positioning on all sides. We are confident that this is another roadblock successfully removed towards the inevitable.

    You will have noticed a slight decrease in the sightings of late although those sighting that have made it to your news have been of a more spectacular nature. This is about to change. We are now in another stage of the disclosure process wherein the revealing of our craft to you will become more pronounced.

    A major meeting of all factions of the Federation has recently been held. This was a very big event, not only in numbers but also in importance. It was the final preparation meeting of all involved to go over every detail of the coming events, including the political, social, religious, emotional, mental, and physical ramifications of disclosure. This meeting was held aboard one of our great spacers, a living machine so large as to dwarf your understanding of construction. Although the physical space was not really necessary to this process as we have telepathically discussed much of these issues, from time to time, we convene physically to resolve issues better dealt with in that fashion. Among those represented were earth humans, who voiced their opinions about coming events and whose opinions were held in the highest regard.

    Although you have been beset with many setbacks over the years, we are excited by the prospects of the coming months and what this has in store for all of us. Bring yourselves to feel once again your excitement for the times in which you have chosen to live and the manner in which you have awoken to the truth. Your thoughts will create waves which will act as beacons for the truth and this truth will return to you powerfully.

    Be at peace.


    In Light!

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  31. #31 Robin.
    January 12, 2012 am31 3:42 am

    ‘..Their ability to waffle on this topic amazes even us as we see them fight among themselves for a common ground..’


    The Cabal amazes the GFL!
    That waffle must be first class!

    Smile Smile Smile

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  32. #32 Admiral2012here
    January 12, 2012 am31 5:41 am


    …Look in the background… I’ll bet they’re man-made pyramids too

    A pyramid far older and larger than the Great Pyramid of Giza, has been discovered in Indonesia.

    Mount Sadahurip in Garut, West Java, dubbed the “Garut Pyramid,” has been undergoing verification tests by the Ancient Catastrophic Disaster Team to see if the mount was indeed formed by the existence of a man-made structure.

    By using Superstring geo-electric instruments, surveyors are measuring the resistivity of the geological layers, with additional funding being approved from Germany to undergo excavations. The initial survey has concluded that the structure is highly unlikely to be of natural formation.

    A 3D contour plot of topographical digital data supports the followint hypothesis, “There exists an anomaly formation made of sinder cone located on a horizontal unconformity intrusion base.” Carbon-14 dating showed the age of the ancient top soil dated back to at least 6000 BC, and the age of the hard soil in the lower strat to be of 7500 BC.

    Prior to testing, a series of excavations were carried out claiming, “that a number of covert rock inscriptions were spotted,” and that the pyramid buried within the hill would be larger than that of the Great Pyramid of Giza. “The height is estimated to reach 200 meters,” and “it was figured to have been constructed around 10,000 years ago.”

    The Deutsche Orient-Gesellscaaft (DOG), with research Prof. Bonatz, will meet with another interested researcher, Stephen Oppenheimer of Oxford University, and author of Eden in the East, in Bali to discuss a way to fast-track excavation


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  33. #33 Admiral2012here
    January 12, 2012 am31 5:59 am


    Please note: Many changes take place as circumstances on Earth change. Current events often require modifications and they are fluid and subject to changes as they occur. In addition, some things have already changed since this was written

    Selamat Jarin! We arrive with more to tell you. Many of you may wonder how we have set up our various fleets in your solar system. You may also have asked yourselves how each fleet’s functions interrelate. To begin with, our fleets are positioned in three rings.

    The first ring surrounds Mother Earth and her artificial companion, your Moon. This fleet contains over one million ships, most of which are small, unarmed scout and transport vehicles. Their task is to observe you and your world, to oversee fleet operations and to transport certain types of supplies that cannot be teleported to our bases. Our bases, located beneath all of your continents, oceans and seas, are linked to a vast array of crystal cities and communities that comprise Inner Earth.

    Yet another group of bases is to be found on your Moon, which contains a huge network of command and research facilities. These stations provide the means for us to monitor your secret government’s collection of space, time and inter-dimensional weaponry. They pose no potential threat to us.

    Surrounding this first, or inner ring are several spokes that consist of a number of special liaison and defense fleets. Their purpose is, first, to supervise and, then, to take effective countermeasures whenever necessary. Our purpose is to refuse your secret government continued use of any weaponry that may pose a threat to our earthly allies.

    We have set up interplanetary ‘stations’ to close any inter-dimensional star-gates and to carefully monitor any artificially created distortions in time’s natural waves



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  34. #34 Admiral2012here
    January 12, 2012 am31 6:05 am


    Finally, after trillions in fraudulent activity, trillions in bailouts, trillions in printed money, billions in political bribing and billions in bonuses, the criminal cartel members on Wall Street are beginning to get what they deserve. As the Eurozone is coming apart at the seams and as the US economy grinds to a halt, the financial elite are starting to turn on each other. The lawsuits are piling up fast. Here’s an extensive roundup:

    Time to put your Big Bank shorts on! Get ready for a run… The chickens are coming home to roost… The Global Banking Cartel’s crimes are being exposed left & right… Prepare for Shock & Awe…

    Well, well… here’s your Shock & Awe:

    First up, this shockingly huge $196 billion lawsuit just filed against 17 major banks on behalf of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Bank of America is severely exposed in this lawsuit. As the parent company of Countrywide and Merrill Lynch they are on the hook for $57.4 billion. JP Morgan is next in the line of fire with $33 billion. And many death spiraling European banks are facing billions in losses as well.

    FHA Files a $196 Billion Lawsuit Against 17 Banks

    The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), as conservator for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (the Enterprises), today filed lawsuits against 17 financial institutions, certain of their officers and various unaffiliated lead underwriters. The suits allege violations of federal securities laws and common law in the sale of residential private-label mortgage-backed securities (PLS) to the Enterprises.

    Complaints have been filed against the following lead defendants, in alphabetical order:

    1. Ally Financial Inc. f/k/a GMAC, LLC – $6 billion
    2. Bank of America Corporation – $6 billion
    3. Barclays Bank PLC – $4.9 billion
    4. Citigroup, Inc. – $3.5 billion
    5. Countrywide Financial Corporation -$26.6 billion
    6. Credit Suisse Holdings (USA), Inc. – $14.1 billion
    7. Deutsche Bank AG – $14.2 billion
    8. First Horizon National Corporation – $883 million
    9. General Electric Company – $549 million
    10. Goldman Sachs & Co. – $11.1 billion
    11. HSBC North America Holdings, Inc. – $6.2 billion
    12. JPMorgan Chase & Co. – $33 billion
    13. Merrill Lynch & Co. / First Franklin Financial Corp. – $24.8 billion
    14. Morgan Stanley – $10.6 billion
    15. Nomura Holding America Inc. – $2 billion
    16. The Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC – $30.4 billion
    17. Société Générale – $1.3 billion



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  35. #35 Admiral2012here
    January 12, 2012 am31 6:44 am


    In the past several weeks (end of 2011 beginning of 2012) .. there has been MUCH talk in the main stream media about the quote “warm / mild winter” that is occurring in the United States.

    I think the satellite shots tell the tale much better than I can — but summed up in a nutshell — confirmed reports of the “pole shift” towards Siberia accelerating


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  36. #36 Laurinda
    January 12, 2012 am31 7:00 am

    Robin #20: In reference to Obama, want the hell does …”regritted and filled up mean”????? Question

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  37. #37 Admiral2012here
    January 12, 2012 am31 7:04 am


    …Just a short video you really should and must see…a real eye opener! If you seldom watch a forwarded video, I urge you to watch this one. I did not realize that the numbers were this large and was very shocked. It’s rather short so does not take long to view it…If this doesn’t open your eyes nothing will


    SHOCKING statistics exposing the biggest special interest of all!


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  38. #38 Laurinda
    January 12, 2012 am31 7:08 am
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  39. #39 DTRANCE
    January 12, 2012 am31 7:21 am

    The Indigo Evolution-Full Length Documentary
    ~Twin Flame Soul Songs~ by Liora
    Earth’s Dream
    Lakota – The Star People ( 2012 ) * A Message For All Of Humanity *
    Cloud People
    A Space Journey (HD)
    Coming Home
    Life Is Love – Seal Birth – Relaxation by Enya.wmv
    Coldplay – Paradise (Peponi) African Style (Piano/Cello) Cover – The Piano Guys ft. Alex Boye
    BOLE: Don’t look away it could be you and yours
    Awesome People and Amazing Animals
    Praying for a Billion

    Little Grandmother “We Create Our World” EN_RUS

    New Year’s Eve with Mooji — 2012

    Truth or Disinformation? The message as a creation tool.

    “Eating for Light” Magenta Pixie interviews her brother Kroaky (part one)


    The Ancient One Channeling. The creation 1.8.2012

    When I grow up: a 6 year old’s vision of a Gift Community – share and live this message!
    2012 Our Time
    What is the self? – Peter Russell
    A Vision of A Beautiful New World
    2012: Year of Power – Lee Harris
    Film Film Film Film Heart Heart Heart Rainbow In Love

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    January 12, 2012 am31 7:22 am

    The Photon Belt & Becoming A Galactic Human – 3 Days of Darkness?
    Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Rainbow

    You Are Becoming A Galactic Human: The Photon Belt
    Excerpted from “You Are Becoming a Galactic Human” by Virginia Essene and Sheldon Nidle channeling Sirian Council members
    ( http://www.paoweb.com )

    You will first enter through what is called the null zone. This procedure will take roughly five to six days to complete including three days of total darkness.

    Following this action, you will move into the main part of the belt itself and experience unending daylight (24 hours a day). This journey normally lasts around 2,000 years and ends when your solar system exit at the other end of the belt by going through the null zone exit for the same five to six day period.

    However, in this cycle, the Supreme Creator Force (God) has arranged for your solar system to enter an interdimensional rescue bubble that will thrust it out of the photon belt through the 5th dimension and into a position about three light years from the Sirius star system (at present Sirius is approximately 8.3 light years from Earth). This bubble will be reached around the years 2012-2013 AD. At the end of that period of approximately 17 years (1996-2013) will mark the end of your 24-hour daylight experience and bring the return of an approximate 12-hour daylight/12-hour nighttime schedule.

    When the photon belt is fully manifested, it will not allow any electrical device to function. Such a development will mean that neither batteries nor electrical circuits will operate when Earth is in the photon belt [17 years]. You will require a new form of energy–photon energy–to operate your former and soon- to-be altered electrical devices.
    Another major development that is expected to occur as you approach the null zone is an increase in pressure on the planet’s atmosphere and upon its surface. This aspect is also beginning to happen as noted by the increase in seismic activities that stretch from the 1960s to the present time. Earth is presently in a period in which seismic activities across the planet have increased. The same thing can be said for volcanism. There has also been a dramatic change in your planetary weather patterns that put pressure on the tradition water cycle.

    You on Earth will be entering the photon belt and losing the electromagnetic fields when they are nullified. And as we have explained, this means that when you enter the photon belt you won’t be able to utilize electrical equipment anymore. There fore, you must being to prepare for this major change in your lives as new forms of gravitational and electrical fields are established. What appears to you as a loss will actually be a benefit that allows photon energy fields to be altered at the subatomic level and become the basic energy drivers of your solar system. AS all atoms and molecules are changed, you Earth humans will be vastly modified in your very nature. You will become something quite different–excitingly improved–from what you presently are.

    Therefore, let’s go over the entire scenario of the photon belt experience and get an idea of what is about to happen. As mentioned it will likely occur sometime between March of 1995 and December of 1996. Your planet will experience a great field of darkness as it approaches the null zone and your solar system becomes immersed in the zone. Suddenly, the twilight level of darkness will be replaced by complete darkness. It will be as though the entire planet has been thrown into an incredibly huge closet and the door closed behind you. The sun will have disappeared from view and you will be unable to see stars in the pitch black sky. Day will have suddenly turned to night as the null zone’s compression of solar and stellar light will blot out the sun and even the stars.

    You will know by the total darkness that you have no entered the null zone and begun the transformation process. As you begin to accept the shock of this utter darkness, you will find that something else has happened. Not only are you in the dark but none of your electrical devices will work anymore. Once the pumps quit and water tanks are empty, water will not run and toilets will not flush. Lights cannot be turned on. Cars will not start. Hence, you are now in a whole new world. Despite these incredible difficulties, something has happened to your bodies, something wonderful.

    When the collapse of the planet’s electrical and magnetic fields occurs, it will also allow all atoms on Earth to be changed. The atoms in your body will be modified to form a new body–a body that is semi-etheric–and the veil of consciousness around you will be removed. You will no longer be living in the limited 3rd-dimensional reality. You will now have physical and psychic gifts that you were meant to have ever since the time you humans first left the Lyran constellation to spread your knowledge and guardianship throughout this galaxy. You will have begun the process of “coming home” to the 5th dimension.

    When the atmosphere begins to compress by the second day, you will experience the sensation of being compacted by the pressures from the null zone on Earth’s gravitational field and you will fell bloated. This bloating will only last for about two days, however.

    As your atmosphere is compressed and all materials become denser, the big danger will be from nuclear materials since there is the possibility for either nuclear chain-reactions or huge and deadly radioactive explosions of fissionable materials. This compression of nuclear energy could possibly cause massive fire storms in addition to explosions around the planet, or nuclear chain reactions. Therefore, to avoid these dangers, the Galactic Federation will allow a special landing of technical ships and personnel so that these potential nuclear dangers can be alleviated.

    The next change that you will feel is coldness caused by the complete absence of the sun. (This temperature drop will be profound–like an Ice Age type of cold). This will occur because the Sun will be undergoing a change in its interdimensional polarity which will prevent the sun’s heat from reaching planet Earth’s surface.

    By the third day of change, however, you will begin to see a dawn-like glimmer surrounding your planet. You will then have the beginnings of the “photon effect.” This photon effect is very important because it will allow you to have a new energy source. This new energy source will permit the end of your planet’s fossil fuel dependency. It will also allow the capability for space travel since photon drive technology is the power system for all starships operated by the Galactic Federation. By the third and fourth day, then, you will have reached the time for your first introduction to photon energy, weak though it may be.

    As the fourth day quickly draws to an end and the fifth day now begins, the climate will begin to warm and bright light will return. The photon effect which began toward the end of the third day will now be in full effect. You will now be able to use photon-beam power equipment. Every living thing will now be invigorated by the photons streaming in from the main part of the photon belt. You will have entered a new age with a new body. You will now be ready for the next phase in which your psychic abilities will be heightened by the photon effect. These photon energies will not only provide your bodies with maximum efficiency of energy use, but they will also be used for energizing your homes and your industries. You will have entered the photon age! Space travel will now become quite simple and a preferred mode of transportation.

    One you begin living in the photon belt you will be in a fully realized space age. With the power provided by photon beam energy, the stars and other planets will soon seem to be as near as a trip across town. With this new energy, it will be as easy to travel to Sirius, or any other nearby star, as it is now to travel from California to New York. In addition you will now have in your midst those you have long called the extraterrestrials who are your elder brothers and sisters and your counselors and guides during the transitional period.

    The new wondrous times that you are about to enter will allow the reclamation of your fully consciousness potential. This fact is forecast in the biblical revelations, and it is an age when you will talk and walk with all who have lived on your planet. It is a time when you will be one with the Earth’s spiritual hierarchy. It is also a time when you will return to work cooperatively with your planet’s cetaceans to be co- guardians of Earth, and eventually with your rehabilitated solar system as well.


    The photon belt was first discovered by scientists (Paul Otto Hesse) in 1961 near the vicinity of the Pleiades by satellite instrumentation. The photon belt is a huge torroid shaped object composed of photon light particles

    • The solar system and the photon belt are moving toward each other
    • Our solar system and the photon belt will merge sometime between March, 1995, and the end of 1996
    • The thickness is approximately 2,000 solar years or 759,864 billion miles
    • Earth is now completing a 24,000-26,000-year cycle with this photon belt
    • Before the photon belt arrives, the Sirians will be making ‘mass landings’ on Earth to help us through the experience of the photon belt (the mass landings will occur ’2-6 months before the photon belt reaches us’).


    • Enter the null zone
    • Alter body type of all living things
    • Non-operation of any electrical device . Once the pumps quit and water tanks are empty, water will not run and toilets will not flush. Lights cannot be turned on. Cars will not start. When the collapse of the planet’s electrical and magnetic fields occurs, it will also allow all atoms on Earth to be changed. The atoms in our bodies will be modified to form a new body—a body that is semi-etheric—and the veil of consciousness around us will be removed. We will no longer be living in the limited 3rd-dimensional reality. We will now have physical and psychic gifts that we were meant to have
    • Total darkness (for 2-3 days). The sun will have disappeared from view and we will be unable to see stars in the pitch black sky a* Atmosphere is compressed and everyone will feel bloated . This aspect is also beginning to happen now as noted by the increase in seismic activities that stretch from the 1960s to the present time. This can also be seen by the dramatic change in our planetary weather patterns.
    • The big danger will be from nuclear materials since there is the possibility for either nuclear chain-reactions or huge and deadly radioactive explosions of fissionable materials. Therefore, to avoid these dangers, the Galactic Federation will allow a special landing of technical ships and personnel so that these potential nuclear dangers can be alleviated.
    • Sun cools down
    • Earth climate cools (‘ice age type of climate’). This will occur because the sun will be undergoing a change in its interdimensional polarity which will prevent the sun’s heat from reaching planet Earth’s surface.

    Day 3-4

    • Atmosphere dimly lit (like dawn)
    • Start photon effect. This photon effect is very important because it will allow us to have a new energy source. This new energy source will permit the end of our planet’s fossil fuel dependency. It will also allow the capability for space travel since photon drive technology is the power system for all starships operated by the Galactic Federation
    • Photon energy devices are operable
    • Stars will reappear in the sky

    Day 5-6

    • Exit the null zone, enter the main photon belt zone
    • Transition into a 24-hour daylight period
    • Every living thing is invigorated (Humans will go back to having 12 strands of DNA)
    • Earth climate warms
    • Photon beam-powered ships can travel in space
    • Incredible psychic abilities are reclaimed (eg telepathy, telekinesis, etc)
    • We will now be living with what we have called “Extraterrestrials”

    17 years later (2012-2013)

    • Normally going through the photon belt would take 2000 years
    • However at this time our solar system will enter an interdimensional rescue bubble that will thrust it out of the photon belt
    • Our solar system will be put into a position about 3 light years from the Sirius star system (at present Sirius is approximately 8.3 light years from Earth)
    • Then this will be the end of our 24-hour daylight experience and bring the return of an approximate 12-hour daylight/12-hour nighttime schedule

    * We will now be fully 5th dimensional beings

    It is a time when you will be one with the earth’s spiritual hierarchy. It is also a time when you will return to work cooperatively with your planet’s cetaceans to be co-guardians of earth, and eventually with your rehabilitated solar system as well. You will as a planet go through a minimalized three days of darkness and cold and then three days of light and mellow warmth, for this is necessary to bringing awareness to everyone, but there will be no fear. Rest assured: all consideration has been taken under extreme advisement. No part of life will be upset.

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  41. #41 DTRANCE
    January 12, 2012 am31 7:23 am


    01/23/2012 – 02/09/2013 (Water)
    According to the Chinese Zodiac, the Year of 2012 is the Year of the Dragon, which begins on January 23, 2012 and ends on February 9, 2013. The Dragon is the fifth sign of the Chinese Zodiac, which consists of 12 Animal signs. The Dragon is a creature of myth and legend. In ancient China, the celestial Dragon represents an emperor and power. Today, it is the ultimate auspicious symbol signifying success and happiness. May the celestial Dragon bring great good luck to everyone.

    In Sung Dynasty (a Chinese imperial dynasty lasting from AD 960 – 1279) texts, the dragon is described as having the head of an ox, muzzle of a donkey, eyes of a shrimp, horns of a deer, body of a serpent covered with fish scales, and feet of a phoenix. The dragon usually clutches a pearl symbolic of its super-natural powers. Invariably accompanied by thunder and rain, dragons move like lightning and whirlwinds – - all powerful yet totally unpredictable.

    The Sign of the Dragon

    People born in the Year of the Dragon share certain characteristics: Innovative, enterprising, self-assured, brave, passionate, conceited, and quick-tempered. The Dragons are the free spirits of the Chinese Zodiac. Restrictions blow out their creative spark that is ready to flame into life. So, they must be free and uninhibited. The Dragon is a beautiful creature, colorful and flamboyant. An extroverted bundle of energy, gifted and irrepressible, everything Dragons do is on a grand scale – big ideas and extreme ambitions. However, this behavior is natural and isn’t meant for show. Because they are confident, fearless in the face of challenge, they are almost inevitably successful.

    People born in the Year of the Dragon usually make it to the top. But, they must be aware of that too much enthusiasm can leave them tired and unfulfilled. They find pleasure in helping others, and you can always count on their help. Even though they are willing to assist when necessary, their pride can often impede them from accepting the same kind of help from others. Their generous personalities give them the ability to attract friends, but they can be rather solitary people at heart. Their self-sufficiency can mean that they have no need for close bonds with other people.

    Dragon people tend to take thrilling risks, and burn the candle at both ends so they are fortunate to be blessed with good health. However, they can suffer bad health as a result of excess stress. Symtoms of their personalities often stem from emotional outbursts and can range from tension headaches to depression to hypertension. They can remedy these problems by maintaining their cool, implementing a routine in their daily lives, and practice meditation, Tai Chi or Yoga that soothe the mind and spirit as well as tone the body.

    The Dragon is not the most domesticated of the Animal signs. So, people born in the Year of the Dragon prefer enjoying outdoor activities rather than staying at home. They are extroverts who have a deep love for nature. Their homes should be as large and majestic as their personalities, providing space for the fiery temperament or emotional eruptions that accompany their character. They have true and sincere love, which comes from the depths of their hearts.

    Dragon people are quite imaginative, always able to see new paths and will take a radical approach. They have innate explorative spirit and try to succeed at one stroke. They are very adaptable and are fit for various occupations, especially if those occupations allow them to take the limelight. They work hard, but would rather give orders than receive them. They should avoid jobs that encompass too much routine, and should move toward jobs in which their self-reliance can be an asset.

    People born in the Year of the Dragon like to spend money and are charitable themselves as well as with others. Many Dragon people will take big chances with their finances. It is very rare that they remain poor for long. They will always be straightforward in financial dealings and can always be trusted.

    Dragon Years: 02/19/1904 to 02/03/1905 (Wood), 02/03/1916 to 01/22/1917 (Fire), 01/23/1928 to 02/09/1929 (Earth), 02/08/1940 to 01/26/1941 (Metal), 01/27/1952 to 02/13/1953 (Water), 02/13/1964 to 02/01/1965 (Wood), 01/31/1976 to 02/17/1977 (Fire), 02/17/1988 to 02/05/1989 (Earth), 02/05/2000 to 01/23/2001 (Metal), 01/23/2012 to 02/09/2013 (Water).

    Yin Yang Yin Yang Yin Yang Yin Yang Heart Sun Rainbow

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    January 12, 2012 am31 7:25 am

    The Command Ships of The Ashtar Command
    Star Star Star Star Star Heart

    In the 1980’s there was a group called Cloverleaf Connections who had contact with the Ashtar Command. On the 8th February 1989 the following reply was given, in response to questions regarding details of what were referred to as Secondary Ships.
    “There are many, many ships of many sizes working within the Ashtar Command. At this time, we will speak only of the Command ships, and not of those from other Commands who offer and give assistance.
    Starting with the midway stations. I will endeavour to set out a listing of space ships and their purposes. This will only be relative to the effort which is known as ‘Operation Victory’ in other words, moving the Earth’s vibration up into higher dimensions.
    The greatest of all Mother Ships in the Command is known as “The New Jerusalem” consisting of a square space station in constant orbit around the Earth, with orbit distances varying from approximately 500 miles to 1,500 miles. This Station has thousands upon thousands of entities, who live there all the time. It also has monitoring equipment of great sophistication to assist in the mission of uplifting Earth’s frequencies.
    This is a true midway Station also orbiting the Earth, it is not square but circular and of a smaller stature. It is in permanent orbit at this time, from where ships all over the Universe check in and receive their orders. This is a vast Station, also housing thousands of volunteers and permanent workers. It could easily house 20 enormous sized Mother Ships at the one time.
    These space ships were described in ‘On Earth Assignment’ as being round, about 100 miles in diameter, and 12 storeys high. These are available and ready at any time, to accept third dimensional Beings and able to adjust their frequency level to that of the ship. The facilities are sufficient to house them for several years if necessary.
    These space ships can house up to 100 scout or shuttle ships, but have no facilities for housing third dimensional Beings. They are the ‘workhorses’ of the Ashtar Command. They are nevertheless very comfortable and Beings live on them for long periods at the time.
    Can be quite small and also up to 20 miles in diameter. They are conditioned for fast work in the evacuation of people from danger zones in any dimension, including yours the third dimension. They have temporary facilities that are comfortable for all types of Beings. For their safety, those in physical bodies are usually carried in their sleep state, to Mother Ships for rejuvenation.
    As their name implies, these are ships which check out conditions of interest or where problems exist, and report back their findings. They are circular and relatively small.
    Generally speaking that is the categories. Although depending on their need, different uses are made of some ships. You know that your space friends are out there; you have seen the evidence and some of you have visited many of the ships. When you have had the pleasure of watching and enjoying the skies on a beautiful night, if a star turns out to be a space ship, you may never know it. The chances are you will never be able to visit it, except perhaps in your etheric body, and coming back to your physical body it is doubtful that you will have any recollection. Therefore why worry, enjoy the stars, enjoy the colours of those that might be ships, and know that your home is amongst the stars, as is the home of all Lightworkers on Earth.
    We of ‘Operation Victory’ welcome all of you home. You are Beings of great Light and Love and we appreciate your doing the work of the Creator.”
    From Littlejohn, 8th February 1989.
    The above messages were then matched to others that were the subject of two channelled books by Tuella – “Ashtar a Tribute” and “On Earth Assignment” – Copyright 1988 by Guardian Action International.
    This is the earth-child satellite, and has been orbiting your earth now for almost two thousand years since the appearance of Jesus the Master upon your surface. Fifteen hundred miles square, it is a complex assemblage of instrumentation which permits constant surveillance of your surface and the Beings on it. The present altitude is five hundred miles and varies considerably from time to time.
    Our headquarters is on one of the largest of the Mother Craft, and orders and instructions come from this craft, and it is a city in itself. Most of the people are natives of one or another of the planets in this solar system, but also we do have those working with us from other solar systems. Our workers do visit their home planets, at various times on what you may call vacations. Most of us have worked together for a very long time; we are a well knit Confederation and feel that we are an effective one.
    The largest “Inn of Heaven” a floating etheric world, houses the headquarters of Lord Jesus Sananda, Lord Ashtar and the Ashtar Command.
    This is different to Shan Chea in that it is a Quadra Station. It is not square, but what you call spheroid. Its purposes are also different in our system.
    Some Mother Ships anchored high up in your atmosphere are 100 miles across. They contain entire cities with gardens, grass, trees and accommodations for literally millions of people. There are many, many smaller craft coming and going from other ships. There is a great deal of activity in what earthlings think of as empty space. We are capable of invisibility and when our craft are travelling beyond the speed of light, we do become invisible to the physical eye.
    Seven of these great Pearly White Space Cities are said to be in readiness as “Inns of Heaven”, which vary in size around 100 miles in diameter.
    These ships have twelve levels in most cases:
    Bottom – the entry and exit portal for trafficking craft. Includes disembarking platforms, parking docks, garages, maintenance departments, storage areas and Registration Headquarters.
    A colossal stockroom, the Quartermaster Deck, containing all manner of supplies. It is an immaculate city of warehouses.
    A vast zoo, including animal husbandry research and a birdland, with creatures from many worlds.
    Agricultural research. It is like a vast farmland of well kept vegetables, gardens and fruit orchards. Much of the growth is blue instead of green.
    Housing Center for all those technicians and persons who serve on the four levels below.
    Recreational level and lushly landscaped park areas for residents of all ages.
    Medical Complex. Patient facilities, dental care, biological research, ship’s laboratories and quarters for all medical personnel.
    Housing prepared for Earth’s evacuees. It contains staterooms for individuals and apartments for families. There are countless joint dining areas, social halls, nursery care sections, laundry facilities and information offices.
    University Compound. The Halls of Wisdom, vast libraries, endless concert halls and cultural interests, halls of learning for all ages, music rooms and computer classrooms.
    Special apartments for visiting dignitaries from all dimensions, barracks for the ET’s, staterooms and apartments with multiple scattered conference rooms and beautiful sprawling dining and lounge areas.
    Ashtar Command Headquarters and the Great Rotunda Meeting Hall. Earth evacuees are brought to this Great Hall for any necessary group gatherings. The Command Communication Center is located here.
    Officers Observation Deck and pilot control center, which can be visited by appointment.
    There are millions of craft operating in this solar system at all times, and many of these belong to the Ashtar Command. Some are stationed far above your planet and are more or less stationary for long periods of time, keeping track of the Earth on their monitoring systems. Others move about, discharging their various duties. We have small craft doing surveying activities, and we have larger craft with extended range that are capable of operating in space and which visit planets in other solar systems.
    Each base or Earth unit does, at all times have its personal craft hovering within its vortex, for personal immediate relay of messages to or from that unit. This Station or platform never changes, although the persons involved might be removed temporarily for rest and relaxation, to return later. All of our signals, beams and contact are relayed to our messengers through the medium of these individual platforms of contact. In the atmosphere above a base unit, there is an invisible identifying beam that projects incredibly high above it for identification purposes. This beam projection identifies the particular command sponsoring the base unit. Those of you who serve in your places, be assured that all who participate in this program know you are there!
    The true interplanetary craft, the Ventlas of our forces, will appear to your optics with a manifestation of colored lights, usually green, red and white. They will sometimes appear constantly red and green, other times they will appear to be flashing.
    Questions have been asked why there are not more space ships seen in the skies. We would like to answer that by saying that they are there. It is not necessary for them to be seen in such great numbers at this time for their work. The time will come when great fleets of them, vast armadas will be seen in the skies, and that will tell you, who are drawn so close to our hearts, that another phase of our work has begun. At the moment we expect the conditions to be propitious for the taking of those who are inwardly prepared, on shorter or longer journeys. We know you are all longing for this. We hesitate ever to cause disappointment in any heart, and yet we must say that in some cases, the physical body could not take such a flight. It must be a body in perfect physical health, in a certain type of spiritual attunement, in a certain degree of soul evolvement and in a state of mental alertness and readiness.
    It has to be remembered that at the time these messages were given, in the years leading up to the end of the last century, it was expected that there would be a great cleansing upon Earth. That cataclysmic events would occur, such as an axis tilt, massive earth upheavals and that in some areas it would be necessary to take people off the Earth for their safety. This period passed without these happenings taking place, and it was put down to an increase in the mass consciousness of the people upon Earth. It alleviated the need for such dramatic action, through so much negative energy having become transmuted. This continues right up to this present time and with the coming of an open First Contact, the Earth will be cleansed with the help, of our friends from outer space. It is anticipated that it will have been completed by the end of this cycle, in the year 2012.
    With these messages it shows the willingness of our space friends to help us through our Earth changes. Although their mission will have altered, current messages do nevertheless indicate how they have adjusted to our requirements, and are prepared to put their vast resources at our disposal.
    Mike Quinsey

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  43. #43 DTRANCE
    January 12, 2012 am31 7:27 am

    Five Practical Ways to Raise Your Consciousness in 2012 (and Beyond)

    There are many, many ways to raise our consciousness, ways that you are already practicing, or maybe new ways that you read about here in some of the channeled writings or articles written by Steve and others.

    In his article, Mark Adams, a health editor at Natural News, highlights five practical, down-to-earth (literally), concrete ways to raise our consciousness.

    Five Practical Ways to Raise Your Consciousness in 2012 (and Beyond)
    Mike Adams, Natural News, 01-10-2012


    (NaturalNews) Last week, I declared 2012 the “Year of Consciousness” for NaturalNews (http://www.naturalnews.com/034554_c…) and pointed out that the ultimate solution to ending tyranny, wars, corporate deception and environmental destruction is to upgrade our consciousness rather than “killing our enemies.” This announcement was greatly appreciated by NaturalNews readers, who for the most part have a very positive outlook on 2012 and beyond.

    But there was something missing from the announcement: How do we achieve higher consciousness?

    And I don’t mean burning a roomful of candles, chanting mantras for seven years and mastering the art of transcendental meditation (which takes a lifetime or more). That’s not practical for most people in the real world today. What we need is a practical way to upgrade our consciousness right now, here in 2012, in our own living rooms.

    That’s what this article is about: Five practical ways to raise your level of consciousness starting right now. (I’m also publishing a follow-up article listing things to avoid that crush your consciousness.) For this article, by the way, “raising your consciousness” means expanding your awareness of reality, expanding your connection with other human beings and living systems, and deepening your sense of free will, liberty and being the master of your own destiny through applied decisions and actions. It is not just a “sense of self” but also a heightened sense of how your actions impact the world around you.

    Here are the five steps:

    #1 – Spend more time in direct contact with nature
    Want to boost your conscious awareness? Turn off the TV, ditch the X-Box, and go hiking in a state park somewhere. Go trail running. Plant a garden. Or just take your dog for a walk!

    Spending time in nature heightens your senses, opens your heart and expands your sense of connection with who you are and the miracle of creation. So make an effort to spend more time in nature, and if you can manage it, move to a farm or ranch where you can actually live in nature.

    #2 – Eat more high-vibration living foods and superfoods
    Raising your consciousness means raising your nutritional standards, too. You’re never going to attain a high level of self awareness if your brain is running on junk food, chemical preservatives and artificial colors. Those are things, in fact, that destroy awareness and cognitive function.

    The highest-vibration foods you can get for awareness expansion are wild-crafted foods you go out and find yourself (in a forest, a field, etc.). The second highest foods are those you grow yourself, usually in a home garden or a sprouting machine.

    After years of studying and teaching nutrition, the pattern is obvious: People who live on low-vibration foods (junk foods, fast foods and processed foods) have diminished consciousness and impaired cognitive function. They tend to have narrow, selfish minds and are incapable of assessing information from a wide perspective. They live on microwaveable dinners, they drink diet soda, and they vote for whatever political candidate the media tells them to. They are, in essence, “zombies” who operate more as brainwashed consumers than conscious human beings.

    The junk food poisoning of our modern world is one of the most astonishing un-reported stories of our generation. I plan to cover it more here on NaturalNews, by the way, to reveal the links between the junk food supply and the downfall of complex civilization. For now, focus your effort on increasing your consumption of high-vibration foods, meaning living foods, sprouted foods, wild-crafted foods and home-grown foods.

    #3 – Clean your clutter to clear your mind
    Is your house a jumble of clutter? Do you have so much junk stacked up everywhere that you only have a narrow pathway through it all from your bedroom to your kitchen? The more clutter you have in your home or office, the more cluttered your mind tends to be. Eliminating that clutter is key to finding some peace in your own home.

    I’ve struggled with this, by the way. The situation becomes even more complex when you practice preparedness food storage like I do. As the boxes, cans and other gear stacks up, it’s not easy to get it all put away in an organized manner. The thing I’ve found that works best is a heavy-duty steel shelving unit (purchased at a local hardware store) combined with high-quality storage bins like these made by Akro-Mills: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0…

    I use Post-It tape (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0…) and a permanent marker to write labels on these bins. The tape is sticky enough to stay put, but easy to pull off if you ever want to change the label. My bins are labeled with titles like: Flashlights, Batteries, Compass & Navigation, First Aid and so on.

    #4 – Observe your decisions as if you were your own life coach
    Instead of just making decisions and taking actions from your own first-person point of view — I want a cookie, I feel happy, I feel angry, I need a job — zoom out and take the greater perspective of being your own life coach.

    In other words, view your actions and decisions as if you were your own consultant. If you have a particular outcome you would like to achieve in life, ask your inner consultant how that might be reasonably achieved.

    For example, if you want to lose 50 pounds of body weight, improve your skin and experience a better sex life, your consultant might give you a reasonable course of action involving dietary strategies, daily exercise, and a reduction of stress. But when you view your life from your own (first-person) eyes, it’s tempting to say, “I want to eat a pizza,” or “I don’t feel like exercising.” That’s why letting your consultant have a say in your life is a wise strategy.

    In terms of consciousness, the mere act of invoking your inner consultant is, all by itself, a meta-level advancement in your perspective (and therefore, consciousness). To be able to observe your own actions from the perspective of an outside consultant is a necessary step to grokking the world through the eyes and hearts of other living creatures. It is the gateway to empathy, in other words, and empathy is the gateway to lasting peace.

    War can only be waged from the perspective of “I” that lacks the greater awareness of connectedness among all living things. “I shoot you” is the mantra of modern warfare, and yet all by itself, the statement is illogical from a higher perspective because “you” and “I” are bound together in non-material ways that transcend our material bodies. Read more in my article on consciousness:

    #5 – Increase your commitment to spiritual practice
    No matter what your particular spiritual practices, deepening your commitment to spiritual awakening will automatically raise your level of consciousness. Whether you go to an organized church or simply practice your own personal form of spirituality, enhancing your commitment to that practice will reap rewards beyond the material.

    Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you have to go to church to be considered spiritual, by the way. If God is everywhere, then he’s also in your living room. A church may be beneficial in many ways, but it does not have a monopoly on connecting with the spiritual realm.

    For some people, a “spiritual practice” may consist solely of meditation or even taking a vow of silence. The point of such exercises is to turn your attention inward, to better know your inner self as a step toward connecting with your “higher self” (or spirit or soul or even God), which is both divine and non-material. Regardless of the particular terminology or spiritual practices you prefer, deepening them will have a profound impact on your level of consciousness awareness in day-to-day living.

    Remember, we are more than material beings. And there is much more out there than the crude matter into which we typically find ourselves entwined. If you are not spending some time each week exploring the bigger questions of consciousness, philosophy, life and the after-life, then you are missing out on the most important part of having a conscious mind in the first place.

    In summary
    Got all that? Here are the five practical steps again:

    #1) Spend more time in nature.
    #2) Consume more high-vibration foods.
    #3) Clean your clutter.
    #4) View your life as if you were your own life coach.
    #5) Deepen your commitment to spiritual practice (even if it’s just a few minutes a week).

    These five steps are simple but powerful, and they will dramatically alter (and improve) your experience of life. Coming up next here on NaturalNews.com, I’m working on an article about five things that destroy consciousness — things to avoid, in other words, as you work to enhance your conscious awareness. Watch for that article in a few days
    Pizza Watermelon Pizza Watermelon Pizza Drink Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun Island Heart

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  44. #44 Laurinda
    January 12, 2012 am31 7:28 am

    Some very interesting things up on projectcamelot.org on Kerry Lynn Cassidy’s blog section…especially the quote from the toddler…it sent a chill down my spine…enough so that I will do a Violet Flame med, to release the fear….yuck…I will be in the classroom again all day, and I don’t need to go in like that!….. Shock

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  45. #45 Laurinda
    January 12, 2012 am31 7:37 am

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSQDFMC1o9g Having said what I just did, here is the youtube address for the Violet Flame short meditation/release video that I use often. It is short (3 mins. 16 sec.) and VERY EFFECTIVE!!! I hope it will prove useful for many of you out there. I think the toddler’s quote that I referred to in my last post, triggered old Atlantean memories within me….up for release no doubt, so then all of this turns out to be a good experience afterall. Blessings to all of you old Atlanteans out there. I call you Bravehearts for very good reason… Yes

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  46. #46 Norris
    January 12, 2012 am31 8:33 am

    Thanks Laurinda, I need to find more ‘handy’ meditations like that Smile

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  47. #47 Raven
    January 12, 2012 am31 9:47 am

    “News will reach you shortly about a “new” scientific development in the field of what you have termed zero point energy systems. It will be touted as theoretical, but in reality it is a functioning model of a real energy device created a long time ago and only now being released. There will be interesting developments in your legal field over patent protections. The “news” of this breakthrough will be carefully monitored by those in power to determine what type of impact such a disclosure makes upon the people as a whole.”

    This sounds more like insider news than a GF report. What is to gain from stating this? Does the GF feel like they are watching a comedy…”As Humanoid Life Unfolds”….if this is indeed from them. It is apparent this is not one of their gifts, as there will be fighting over patents. More greedy ego.

    But I know it wouldn’t be one of their gifts, as the tech has been around probably for a whole generation at least. I have a feeling we will have to fight our way to get the “respect” of the GF. Which I don’t blame them….it is up to us to fight our own battles. They can show up at anytime, but we have to be worthy first.

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  48. #48 Robin.
    January 12, 2012 am31 12:55 pm


    Not my words Laurinda, but I personally read them to mean that Obama’s spiritual/physical energy fields were now re-charged, re-stored, re-fueled and re-filled.. that he is once again full of a robust inspiration and confidence in the future. Maybe he has been using ‘Essences’ !

    Isn’t ‘regritting’ what they do to the surface of Tarmac Roads when they are full of pot-holes and are essentially worn out?

    Otherwise, just some more ‘Americanisms’ that niether of us understand! Smile

    You are a teacher – what’s your take?

    In Light!


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  49. #49 Kellia
    January 12, 2012 am31 1:08 pm


    But I know it wouldn’t be one of their gifts, as the tech has been around probably for a whole generation at least. I have a feeling we will have to fight our way to get the “respect” of the GF. Which I don’t blame them….it is up to us to fight our own battles. They can show up at anytime, but we have to be worthy first

    The GF claims to be here out of unconditional love for us.
    If we have to be “worthy” of their presence, that is a condition. And who the hell makes the decision that we are or are not worthy, and what gives them the right to decide?

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  50. #50 Robin.
    January 12, 2012 am31 1:12 pm

    Raven #47.

    It is likely that the GFL can not physically ‘gift’ us with their own versions of zer0=p0int energy systems, until after disclosure – when they are physically ‘allowed’ to openly be here on Earth.

    For all we know the GFL may have originally ‘inspired’ the existing systems referred to anyway!

    I suppose that what is to be gained by stating this, is that those who are concerned about the depletion of Earth’s natural energy resources and the resultant pollutions, may now place hope in the possibility that previously suppressed energy systems are in fact ‘on the way’, despite the delays in disclosure etc etc? We have been told that Universal Law does not allow them to just rock up openly at any time, whether they ‘respect’ us or not! That would be construed as an ‘invasion’. The disclosure announcements will be seen in turn , as our ‘official invitation’ to them to openly land, interact and then choose to hand out groovy ‘space-tech’ to us!

    We have long known that there are already such systems developed here and that the Patents were likely bought up by the Big Oil Companies etc and their further development and commercialisation supressed. Perhaps that is why it will be so ‘interesting’!

    It seems like the GFL are interested also to observe our response to such ‘high-tech’ availability here too, as this will be a good indicator of how easily we will then accept their own ‘even-higher-Tech’ !

    In Light!


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  51. #51 Kellia
    January 12, 2012 am31 1:21 pm

    Robin and Laurinda

    Obama is regritted and filled up to appoint his third chief of staff who was director of the office of Management and Budget (OMB) and recommended by the outgoing chief of staff. The third, like the first two, was from the Wall Street elite.



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  52. #52 Robin.
    January 12, 2012 am31 1:40 pm

    Thanks Kellia.

    Change is Inevitable !


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  53. #53 Reefer
    January 12, 2012 am31 2:41 pm
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  54. #54 Reefer
    January 12, 2012 am31 2:44 pm

    UFO Sightings Skyrocket Into 2012

    During the first week of 2012, UFO reports streamed in from around the world as numerous eyewitnesses described and videotaped strange things in the sky.


    The Colorado-based Mutual UFO Network, the largest UFO investigative organization in the world, received many reports of UFOs during the first week of the year from eyewitnesses in 36 out of 50 states.


    “For the entire month of January 2011, MUFON recorded around 500 reports, and we’re already up to 233 after just the first week of 2012,” said MUFON international director Clifford Clift.

    Read more:


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  55. #55 Reefer
    January 12, 2012 am31 3:29 pm

    Message from the Galactic Federation 1/12/12

    The revelation soon to befall your world will alter your course of history, there is no doubt of this. The revelation that a world is not alone in the universe will have vast sweeping effects of change everywhere, and not a soul incarnate in your world will not be affected in one way or another by these changes. We see upheavals in the early stages after our disclosure announcements begin to reach the ears of your planet’s citizens, but we also see the calming effects our Lightworkers are already having on your people’s collective consciousness. This is our task today. There will be others when this task is complete, but today the most important work involves the taming of the fear that some already are experiencing as more and more once concealed information makes its way to the masses. Do your best to soften the blow of our announcements that will begin shortly. Your knowledge in this area will be much sought after, and many will seek the guidance of those friends and family who have taken the time to inform themselves of their world and universe around them. You are those that have done your homework. You are the ones who have made the effort to learn what was not forced upon you through your television sets.
    Your world is about to experience the greatest leap any world has ever experienced in such a short amount of time. To experience metamorphosis from a limited 3rd dimensional world to a virtually unlimited 5th dimensional world is an incredibly vast jump, and it takes the skills of men and women like you to see this grand endeavor succeed in the manner that it has so meticulously and carefully been planned. Again, we ask of you to be prepared at this time with enough household provisions to last a few days or even weeks until the dust begins to settle and your world sees a return to its normal functioning. After calm and order is restored, we will immediately proceed with the next phase of our plan which is a first contact with you, the citizens of Earth. Many changes will follow in rapid succession after that point, and this is the moment when those of your world will take notice and learn as a certainty that we come in peace and are here to help advance your world greatly as you are being prepared to be welcomed into the great Galactic community.
    Much work needs to be done to ready you for this moment, and we have trained extensively to assist you with these many tasks. Many of you will be working with us in the crucial days ahead, and we look forward to this prosperous partnership. Many of you have also trained extensively to be of service at this time either before your current incarnation, or even during this incarnation, either through training programs within your society or through your astral travels where the knowledge you have learned has been safely stored within your subconscious.
    Many surprises await you in the days ahead, and this will surely be a most exciting time for you on your continuing journey. Again, please be there for your brothers and sisters who will need your higher guidance. You have all gotten to this point together, and no one need suffer through lack of knowledge and guidance if enough of the Wayshowers make their presence felt. You are the souls chosen for this important assignment, and you were the ones thought best suited and prepared for the job. This is your time now to do what it is you do best. The spotlight is on you, it is time to take center stage.
    Our opposite numbers within the Cabal continue to encounter their fast-paced demise. They see no way out. All of their vast amounts of wealth now useless to them, they are beginning to see their many long years as slaves to their dark agenda meaningless and such a waste of opportunity. They were once so sure they could succeed cutting you off completely from your Source, but they were never able to completely sever the cord that connects you to your Divinity no matter where it is you journey, or what it is that you experience. Such is the bond between your Creator and you. This bond can never be broken, can never be bought, sold, bartered or stolen, and is as strong today as it has always been and always will be. This is the reason there is never anything to fear. You are eternally embraced within the protective and loving arms of your one true Source of all that is, and Source will never let go of you, even when you journey deep into the dark bowels of the 3rd dimension.
    It is time now for you to come back home. Follow the safety line that has always been secured around you tightly. Pull yourself back up into the light, it is the time for your homecoming, and your friends and family from many years past are here to help pull you up.

    We are your Family of Light from the stars

    As channeled through Greg Giles

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  56. #56 Laurinda
    January 12, 2012 am31 5:12 pm

    Robin: Uh, nope! Its afterall AN ELECTION YEAR!!! More empty promises are on their speedy way!!! Like Spedie says, he was good cop to get elected, then bad cop, during his “reign” and now good cop again hoping to get re-elected. Yup, that’s it in a nutshell. Fooled once and won’t be fooled again. Nope.

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  57. #57 Stick
    January 12, 2012 am31 5:37 pm

    **Archangel Michael Speaks to Steve Beckow
    About Greg Giles & John Smallman Channeling**


    In my private reading with Archangel Michael yesterday, I asked him about Greg Giles’ prediction of Disclosure and the dependability of Saul’s discussion of the time of clearing. Here are his comments.

    Steve: There was a Galactic Federation message through Greg Giles on the 8th of Jan. that said that Disclosure was happening almost any day. Was that an accurate transmission?

    Archangel Michael: Yes, it was an accurate transmission. And understand what is happening is that it is coming forth in bits and pieces and in little ways. So look for Disclosure right now not as one big announcement, one big recognition, for many of the politicians are very involved in their own concerns.
    But also know that in many ways, your President … or your American President … Barack Obama, is being regritted (refitted??) and filled up. So you may look to him in the future for more support as well.

    STeve: Alright. That’s good. Lord, Saul said the other day that a lot of people were cycling through negative emotion …

    AAM: Yes.

    Steve: … that is being brought up and released. Do you care to comment for our readers about the situation we’re facing right now and what we need to do to meet it, based on what Saul said.

    AAM: What Saul has said is absolutely correct and it’s what I was referring to with the release of emotion from those who are on your forum or in your chat rooms.
    What happens is that situations from this life, past lives, even some from the collective, although most [people] are not strong enough to really be dealing with collective release, but situations that have bothered them, negative situations, what you would call vasanas, are coming up for freedom, and they cannot be trapped in any field of the body.
    So for example, many people have what you would call the core of the personality, or what you see on the surface looks very clear, very bright, very shiny, but what they have done is that they have stored in their outer bodies many of these traumas, injuries, sabotages, programs.
    So what is happening is that everything is coming within and it is coming into the personal field, into the physical body. Some are exhibiting as illnesses or as what we would call a cosmic flu. So depression, abandonment, disillusionment – all of these are coming forward. Anger, angst – all the old paradigms that have been trapped in humanity for thousands and thousands of years are up for expelling.
    So, if you find yourself feeling out of sorts, to put it mildly, disillusioned, fed up, then take a moment. We have given you so many, many tools and when I say we, I do mean to the Council of Love, but each of you have many tools, because each of you has been on this path for a very long time. Use those tools to let out what is bothering you and if it means, yes, going to the desert to sing, (1) or screaming in a pillow, (2) or crying on your friend’s shoulder, or even shouting at me. (3) The best way this could be done is simply by taking it out of your heart and giving it to the Universal Mother and then replacing it with what you desire, what you have always desired.
    So for example, if you are giving away outrage, disillusionment, lack, then you have a tendency that, if you leave that empty space, to grab it back so, instead of doing that, fill yourself with light, fill yourself with courage, fill yourself with confidence, enthusiasm, and let it go.
    And simply understand, this is part of making peace with the Third Dimension, with the Third Reality, so that you can leave it in peace, so that there is no dust that is clinging to you as you go through your Ascension process.

    S: That’s very helpful, Lord. Thank you.

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  58. #58 SunRaymond
    January 12, 2012 am31 6:11 pm


    Hey good mom! If you sent me an email since December 9th…I did not get it because both SunRaymond dot com and my email address associated with it has been offline. But now my site and my email address is back online! I’m redesigning the site again to serve new purposes. And I have a lot of updates for You! Happy 2012!!
    Oh and another thing good mom. I have a new email address. It’s Live@SunRaymond.com Heart Rose
    Email me!

    …Hey GM! Happy 2012!

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  59. #59 Admiral2012here
    January 12, 2012 am31 7:26 pm

    …hey SunRay Sun…it’s been awhile Smile

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  60. #60 Mrs. Spedman
    January 12, 2012 am31 8:00 pm
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  61. #61 Kellia
    January 12, 2012 am31 8:16 pm

    “We see upheavals in the early stages after our disclosure announcements begin to reach the ears of your planet’s citizens, but we also see the calming effects our Lightworkers are already having on your people’s collective consciousness.”

    I am so fed up about the alleged upheavals that disclosure will bring and not only because I can’t afford to store several weeks of food. I see this as further excuse for delay, which makes me wonder if it is real at all. I know we are not alone in the Universe, but the Universe is a big place. I mean are all these people who claim to be communicating with us real?

    All they have to do is:

    A. Tell us when they’re coming. (Big announcements in multiple languages).

    B. Come at that time –soon after the announcements — in moderate numbers so we don’t get too overwhelmed and feel invaded. (Betcha warring factions will lay down their arms to look at the landings).

    C. Send the ET’s who look most human, trying if possible to match the ethnicities of where they land. It’s harder now with all the intermingling. But they can send dark skinned people to Africa and Nordics to Europe etc. No one-eyed, one horned, flying purple people-eaters at first.

    D. We get to maintain free will on whether we interact with them or not.

    The military would do best to stay out of the way of those of us who do want contact and indigenous leaders who understand about disclosure and people from the sky can appear in the media to help explain things.

    Considering so many other peoples outside the US already accept that we are not alone, worldwide it won’t be that big a deal.

    Even here, their actual appearance will be more calming than the buildup as 2012 rolls along. Fear of the unknown is only disspelled with knowledge. Show yourselves already!

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  62. #62 SunRaymond
    January 12, 2012 am31 9:46 pm

    Sup Admiral! Everything is all good on my end! …smiley face. Grin

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  63. #63 Moeshie147
    January 12, 2012 am31 9:49 pm

    You have a point there,Kelia! They should come and land already! it’s frustrating

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  64. #64 GateKeeper
    January 12, 2012 am31 10:44 pm

    # 29

    yep I’m living in Melbourne as well


    I find that the conscience levels are very high here in AUS every time I ask for something it appears very quick, alot of fun observing the miracles unfold…

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  65. #65 spedman
    January 12, 2012 am31 11:20 pm

    they can only land after we give them another shrubbery and cut down the mightiest tree in the forest with a herring. Silly Silly Silly

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  66. #66 Stick
    January 13, 2012 am31 12:37 am

    SaLuSa ~ 13-January-2012

    You have a saying that “there is no fool like an old fool” and that could be applied to the Illuminati because they are of the older generations. They have gone way beyond the time period given them to step down, and allow Humanity the chance to claim what is due to them and has been denied you for thousands of years. The Spiritual Hierarchy have offered them a way out that would guarantee their safety, so that they could be held in secure surroundings until they were called to account for their crimes against you. We simply want them out of the way so that the path to Ascension can be opened up and in doing so, know that it will go ahead without interference. Delaying tactics are not going to get them anywhere, as the Divine date for a leap forward looms nearer which will authorize us to use whatever methods we wish, to reign in the dark Ones. Their supporters carry little power but are spread far and wide and it is mainly of a nuisance value. They too are getting disenchanted with their responsibilities, as the golden egg will not be found in their nest and they will find that they will get little reward for what they have done for them.

    Our approach and that of our allies has almost disembodied the power structure that has held the dark Ones together. They counter more opposition as people are rapidly awakening as to how they have been hoodwinked, and tricked into believing that steps taken in their name were for their benefit. In fact, the dark Ones have never worked for anyone but themselves to achieve their aim of world domination. They caused the destruction of two great civilizations and were so very close to adding yours to the list. It is now too late for them to alter their plans, plus our presence has limited their actions to ensure their failure. So Dear Ones, whatever you hear or read about vague threats from them, realize that they have had much taken away from them. Their roar may be frightening, but in reality they are more like the toothless tiger.

    We have the answers to the worlds problems, but cannot thrust them upon you but we will be subtle and put ideas out so that you can find them yourselves. Indeed, some are known and openly discussed but it takes a lot of persuasion to go ahead. Humans have a natural propensity to hold onto what they have, and it takes time to convince them the merits of something different. For example the benefits of NESARA have been known for many years, but it has taken a long campaign to place it in front of those who could have sufficient influence to make it become a reality. Clearly debt forgiveness is the only answer to get out of the hole that many countries have fallen into, and have no realistic chance of getting out of by repaying their loans. Who will be brave enough to put that suggestion forward, well look around and you will find that one presidential candidate has mentioned it. Clearly there will be great opposition to it by those with vested interest in keeping the status quo, and their hands upon their wealth. You will find that once there are new governments and the old guard can no longer carry any authority, many benefits will start coming along. There are naturally priorities but even so there will be no undue delay once as you might say “the coast is clear”.

    We have to keep our plans secret even if our intentions are known, and that way we expect to progress more quickly. We do move with the times, and because we are very flexible is why generally speaking it is best that we do not commit ourselves to exact dates. However, there will be a time once the dark Ones are out of the way, when we shall be more forthcoming as we would like to keep you in the know and involve you in our activities. It is after all, your Earth, your cycle of Duality and your Ascension, and we want you to be every much involved right through to the end times. Some matters involve high technology and are presently too advanced for you to have much input, so there will be exceptions. In the future many of you are going to join the Galactic Federation in their work, so it is only right that you start to involve yourselves with us. We would go as far to say that is why you are here today, and have been prepared for such work. The dark Ones may have been very clever or should we say crafty in fooling you for so long, but as Beings of Light you will not be in the least affected by their actions anymore. As with any soul, you leave yourselves open to the lower vibrations when you focus too much on their fear laden activities, so yes be aware of what is going on but quickly move on and leave it in the past.

    The times you are in are so volatile and yet when you stand back they can be so interesting. They are showing you what happens when you lose your way, and forget that you are of the Light. Whilst it was known that you would drop down into the lower vibrations, the extent to which you would cut yourself off from your true selves was unknown. That was up to each individual and clearly some would fall further than others. What is amazing is your progress since Beings of Light were sent to Earth to help lift you up again. In a mere two centuries you have succeeded in creating a wonderful grid of Light around the Earth, and its presence has helped transmute much of the darkness that existed. This again has had the affect of reducing the power of the dark energies, and helped release people from their hold. It has been a great effort and success that is due to your bold intent to establish the Light once more on Earth.

    From where we are above you and looking down upon your beautiful Earth, we are saddened to see the extent of the damage that has taken place. Mother Earth was once the Garden of Eden and one of the most beautiful planets in the Universe. With your help, we can undo all of the damage and make good everything so that it is restored to how it was in the very beginning. From there we will go further and add whatever resonates with you to make it into a wondrous planet, that will be the jewel in the crown of God. Believe us Dear Ones, you will have no limitations placed upon you, and how happy and joyous we will all be.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and enjoying this period that has lifted you up to new heights because you can sense how near you are to Ascension. The hard work you have put in will now pay off, as your path to success opens up and your preparations are brought to a conclusion with God’s blessing.

    Thank you SaLuSa.
    Mike Quinsey.

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  67. #67 Kellia
    January 13, 2012 am31 1:49 am

    Spedman #65 “we give them another shrubbery…”

    That reminds me of the Sporeggar of Zangarmarsh. Do you play World of Warcraft?

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  68. #68 Admiral2012here
    January 13, 2012 am31 5:42 am


    The winter sport season is in full swing – but it’s not often you see a crow trying to get involved. This video which went viral on YouTube shows the thrill-seeker bird as comfortable on the slopes as it is in the air. The bird appeared to be using the lid of a jar as an improvised snowboard


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  69. #69 Laurinda
    January 13, 2012 am31 7:01 am

    Addie #68: Many thanks for the Crow-boarding video! As you well know, I especially LOVE the Crows and Ravens!!! Heart They are SO intelligent. I loved the part where the crow snowboards down one side of the roof, tries the other side that doesn’t quite work as well for him, then returns to the first side that DOES!!! What a little cutie. They provide me with endless entertainment where we live, and that is for sure!!! All with the lid of a jar—how ingenious. Crow toys, now that is a new one! lol Yes

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  70. #70 Norris
    January 13, 2012 am31 7:28 am

    Anyone else think this has something to do with the ‘announcement’ wanderer was talking about



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  71. #71 Deneb
    January 13, 2012 am31 7:46 am

    Yes Laurinda is right! Extremely refreshing and entertaining video. Thanks Admiral for #68 Smile

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  72. #72 Robin.
    January 13, 2012 am31 8:24 am

    Yo Gatekeeper #64.

    Welcome to The Zone! Smile
    Glad to hear you feel comfortable in Melbs/Oz!
    I guess we are local GM ‘crew’ then!

    Yes.. I got sucked in here about 20 years ago and haven’t regretted a moment!

    The Dreamtime is still alive here.. and the Spirit is strong.

    You going to ‘Rainbow Serpent Festival’ in a coupla wks. time? (Recomended Smile !!

    In Light!


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  73. #73 Norris
    January 13, 2012 am31 8:26 am

    Theres loads and loads of crows gathering right now on a barn I can see out of my kitchen window! It looks quite mad! They dont usually gather over there, maybe they know Ive just watched their snowboarding chum and are wanting to show off themselves! Smile

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  74. #74 Robin.
    January 13, 2012 am31 8:38 am

    Laurinda #56.

    Well, I guess that’s your same old ‘take’ on it alright! Thank You. Smile

    However, this is actually I suspect, a damn-site more than just an ‘ELECTION’ Year! So let’s see how the purported Obama ‘re-gritting’ definition turns out for him!

    Time will ultimately tell the difference between those who are ‘fooled’.. and those who are not!

    Sal: ‘..Who will be brave enough to put that suggestion (NESARA) forward, well look around and you will find that one presidential candidate has mentioned it..’
    Ron Paul?

    In Light!


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  75. #75 Robin.
    January 13, 2012 am31 8:55 am

    Crow makes useful ‘hook’ tool::




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  76. #76 Norris
    January 13, 2012 am31 9:01 am



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  77. #77 spedman
    January 13, 2012 am31 10:06 am

    never played World of Warcraft kellia. use to play AD&D when i was younger. far as those types of games on systems, i played a lot of the zelda adventures.

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  78. #78 Laurinda
    January 13, 2012 am31 10:07 am

    Interesting response Robin. I DO live here however, and I will admit I do not know much about Australia, as I don’t live there.

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  79. #79 Robin.
    January 13, 2012 am31 12:19 pm

    Thank you. Nearly as interesting as yours no doubt, Laurinda!


    Hey.. it’s ONE World.. where we ALL live!
    Knowledge/Intuition is now becoming Universally available.. and knows no ‘political’ or geographic boundaries!

    Living in one particular sector does not automatically disqualify anyone, thankfully, from having knowledge of another.

    In Light!


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