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Message from SaLuSa for 20 January 2012

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    The word of the year 2012 being an important one is spreading, but unfortunately because the Mayan Calendar ends on the 21st. December, it is being taken by some people as the end of the world. That of course naturally evokes fear amongst you, but with the coverage given by the Internet we feel that it will soon be understood that the “end” is but the beginning of a new cycle. It is certainly an event that will continue to attract much attention, but will be clearly explained when we have open contact with you. In the meantime, Lightworkers can explain the process of Ascension to those who have been misinformed, or have misunderstood its significance. As you might imagine, as events materialize and it is seen that the media has been freed from censorship and control, freedom of speech will return and be reported truthfully by the media.

    Surprisingly, the subject of UFO’s although widely discussed and backed by masses of proof, has still not been accepted by many people. Disclosure will put an end to all doubts and it will make our contact with you almost a mere formality. We have done our best to create the right image of the Galactic Federation without pushing too hard, and believe it has in fact been extremely successful. Whatever is done to prove the existence of UFO’s and the intelligence behind them, there will always be some people who will remain reluctant to accept it. However, when our existence amongst you is taken as normal, we doubt that many if any at all will still carry their disbelief.

    Much is happening right now and we wait for the European financial crisis to play itself out, before we can implement the new system that has largely been accepted by most countries. Our presence will ensure that our allies get the support they will need to carry out the changes involved. At the same time the dark Ones are being driven into a corner, that will enable us to finally put paid to their activities. The removal of the Illuminati will be a monumental achievement and take away their ability to cause any further trouble, and that is high on our list. We can only add that patience is called for all round, as some of these tasks are very delicate and finely balanced. As always keep your sights on the outcome that you desire, and do not let your focus waver.

    Already you approach the end of the month, and many of you will realize that time is still speeding up. It is a strange experience for you, and means it will feel as if there is insufficient time to get all of your work done. There will also be odd symptoms to deal with that arise from your bodily changes, including emotional ups and downs. They should however be short lived particularly for those of you who are already aware of what to expect. Tiredness will probably catch up with many of you, and adequate rest is very important if you are to function normally. You may also have noticed how your taste in various things has also changed, and if you ponder the reason you may well find that you are attracted to food, music, literature and so forth that satisfies your higher vibrations. When they were lower it did not matter, but you are now seeking all that is more refined and pure.

    All experiences will feed your desire for progress and you are more in charge of what they may be, and also more in control of them. There was a time when you had little purpose in your lives, and were simply going along with the flow in no particular direction. Now you have taken charge and have distinct ideas of where you want to go and how to get there. We and your Guides will back you up and if you need it help is never far away. You cannot however have everything you want, and it must fit in with your life plan that has first priority. You should know by the feel of how your life is progressing, as to whether you are experiencing fulfilment. Just bear in mind that sometimes you will have chosen to go through traumatic experiences, and these are equally as important as any others.

    Even if you took a life that was planned to give you wealth and all the comforts that it could provide, it would still carry lessons for your evolution. Sometimes wealth can be a burden and a heavy responsibility, and even create greed and selfishness. It also carries power, and it has been successfully used by the dark Forces to control people to do their bidding, and also fund their covert operations. That wealth has been tracked down, and since most of it was illegally gained it will be returned to the people. It will not be much longer before you learn of changes that are to be made in this connection. It will be the same where a countries wealth was taken from them, and it will be returned to its rightful owners. You will find that once these operations are completed, that there will be more than sufficient to make everyone prosperous. It will be one step further along the path to equality, and the sharing of wealth so that all benefit.

    This year will quickly pass and move you on quite rapidly, so that you are raised to that level you should have already reached but for the deliberate interference of the Illuminati. Then you will progress just as quickly to even higher levels that will see you settle in the 5th. dimension. The changes will be most welcome and prepare you to be the Galactic Being that are your destiny. The difference between what you are now to the new Being you will be, is going to be fantastic. At present it is difficult for you to imagine what it is like to have an a greater level of consciousness. Even now you are somewhat more aware than you were just 20 years or so previously. Many of you can vouch for such changes and they will continue, helped by the more powerful energies that are being beamed to Earth.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and Dear Ones I have to say that regardless of how you may think the changes are brought about, much is down to you and the levels of Light that you project around you. It is also due to your powerful intent to claim your rights, and ensure that those who represent you are honest and work for your interests and wellbeing. Has it not been stated, that we preferred it was you who achieved the goals leading you to Ascension. It does not mean that our loving help would be withheld, and we are always ready to assist when needed, and are an integral part of the work to be done.

    We are One in our service to you and God, and our Love is ever with you.

    Thank you SaLuSa.

    Mike Quinsey.

  1. #1 Stick
    January 20, 2012 am31 2:28 am

    ———————((( *One Love Revolution* )))————————

    ~ApotheosisNow101———————— Yin Yang Thunder Peace Lion

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  2. #2 viedoklis_lv
    January 20, 2012 am31 3:53 am

    Speaking about food, I can not say that there is any changes about food – I eat as I did before – too much meat but – that is what people living in North is used to, especially in winter. But what I have noticed that I don’t drink beer or any other alcohol – my body is like saying – I don’t need that , I don’t wanted – get it out of my sight. Last week I bought a beer just from inertia like I did before – but at home when I opened and take a small sip – my body was telling – what are you doing? I don’t want that! And from only just than one sip I was starting to feel down. Like I was loosing very good feeling and turning to something bad – so I didn’t drink it and have not bought anything like that anymore.

    Just simply I don’t want it anymore. I want be in full control of everything I think and feel.

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  3. #3 DTRANCE
    January 20, 2012 am31 6:27 am

    David Icke – We think we are Humans.
    Alex Collier – The Unicus Radio Hour Interview 01-05-12
    Ron Paul: The Only One We Can Trust
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohKz9OeiI0g DEFEATING MONSANTO’S FOOD TERRORISM IN 2012

    MUST SEE Government Secrets – Part 1
    David Icke – Beyond Visible Light
    Michael Jackson – ‘Planet Earth’
    SOPA Dead on Arrival – Obama Pulls the plug
    Crow roof tubing (Ворона катается с крыши)
    Kelly Clarkson – Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)
    Bosnian Pyramids – Megalithomania 2011 – Semir Sam Osmanagich
    Awakening Message | Teachings from the Pleiadians Full
    Urgent Message & Call/Decree from the Ascended Masters to assist the Earth Changes 2012-2013
    The Hollow Earth
    P Taah transmissions from the pleiades the Ra channelings pt 1
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=2grMwKcNZjc Film Film Film Film Heart Peace Sun Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow

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  4. #4 Laurinda
    January 20, 2012 am31 7:06 am

    Hmmm, this message says that the removal of the Illuminati is “high” on their list of priorities, I’d say that it needs to be freakin’ number one/EL NUMERO UNO on their list!!! I mean WTH anyhow! Come on GFL let’s “get to steppin’” as SunRaymond always says! Smile And if some folks want to ignore or disbelieve what is in plain sight in the skies overhead, who cares?! That kind of HU-MAN mentality wouldn’t know a miracle if they tripped over it! Those folks are on their own, as far as I am concerned. My job is to work with the awakening ones, and believe it or not, I am doing just that in public education here in the States! Miracles never cease these days, as far as I am concerned! Keep up the good work Braveheart Clan, and remember that your work here really does matter! Yes

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  5. #5 Laurinda
    January 20, 2012 am31 7:14 am

    http://tdarkcabal.blogspot.com/2012/01/january-18-2012-white-hats-report-34.html This link is for you new posting Bravehearts out there, that may not be aware of these “White Hat Reports”. This is a group of people who are part of the earth “allies” that the GFL always refers to in their messages. You also might want to check our Kerry Lynn Cassidy’s projectcamelot.org site today for more interesting info. She says the IRS is now auditing project camelot… I like her comment back to them! Send her lots of light folks, infowarriors like her can use it no doubt!!!! And while you are at it, don’t forget to send lots of positive energy to our own resident infowarrior, Kellia and her husband!!! She is out there on the front lines with her steadfast lightwarrior spirit… Yes

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  6. #6 viedoklis_lv
    January 20, 2012 am31 7:25 am

    Priority is:
    1.) Remove reptilians,grays and their basis from this planet – so that it’s clean from them and can’t send fear frequencies what are making bad impact for humans on this planet.
    2.) Make contacts with earth people without government – just in simple plain view for everyone to get to know them better – they will land all around the world – country by country. It won’t be massive landing.
    3.) Drive into the corner Illuminati and corrupt system by providing necessary truth information for alternative force that could expose Illuminati and bring down their system
    4.) Give consultation about how to develop & implement new economic transitional system for the people of this world
    5.) Prepare us for ascending to 4D – the biggest choice of your life. Either you stay on this planet and go to 4D or you will choose to live in different 3D planet. It will be much better than earth – much easier to live – but still 3D. Or accept the new era of this planet and stay on it till 2014 of 1st/2nd January when earth and everyone on it will be transformed to 4D.

    Remember they can not directly intervene in decision we have to make. It’s our job to do final push to get rid of corrupt system and implement new one. Of course by showing their self’s it will be much easier – but still we will have to do it.
    Only direct action they are doing right now is working to remove reptilians and greys because they did not played by rules – they was attacking 3D species when they are 4D species. So this is what will be eliminated.

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  7. #7 viedoklis_lv
    January 20, 2012 am31 7:51 am

    If they would not intervene than this is what would happened:
    1.) WW3 would be started ( U.S. & Israel VS Iran, China, Russia)
    2.) Total economic collapse which would cause starvation, looting, murder, rape, torture, etc. – everything that creates massive wave of fear would spread all around earth
    3.) Launch deadly disease viruses what would kill everyone on planet.
    4.) They – reptilians and grays – would feed from this fear as celebration is coming – soon their company will be joined by Illuminati humans which will transfer in 4D in 2014 1st/2nd of January to 4D negative.
    5.) After evil Illuminati humans ascending in 4D negative grays & reptilians will have new tool/companions to infiltrate in other worlds and enslave them.

    So – light workers will remove grays and reptilians in first place.

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  8. #8 bjboucher74
    January 20, 2012 am31 9:05 am

    I am very new to my awakened state. I recently met a group of 6 men…we were drawn together from all over the country and we sat down at a table for dinner…only knowing one person at the table. The bond that was created is one that was instant and palpable, we are one and always have been. Piece of the one that were sent on our own missions…coming together as one again. These men are now and forever my brothers, souls bound together over time and space, who are forever linked. This feeling is very new to me, and a little scary…but it feels VERY right. My single biggest question is what is my mission? I know I am from Sirius and I know that I am a protector…I have been my whole life. What more can I do?

    With Love and Honor

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  9. #9 Chris
    January 20, 2012 am31 9:07 am

    I’m going to start calling Sal “The Trixter” bla-bla-bla. The jiggy is up in March one way or the other. This last 2 weeks, at least for me, has seen some really bad energy moving, but it is getting better. Thank the Creator…

    As for “Lessons Learned” Sal, How about, “If you want it done right, do it yourself” ROTFL

    I know I’m here to do, not to learn, as I feel most are also. This is a tough world, a battle field, that is sent warriors not students. I do feel we have a mess of hich-hikers though. In all we will get it done, with or without “Sal & The GFL” ROTFL ROTFL Sounds like the name of a band… Peace Oh, I post some photos of the Sun on FB. Clik on my link and check out the last couple. Cool

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    Worldwide Visualization for a Better World: Saturday, January 21, 2012

    http://the2012scenario.com/2012/01/worldwide-visualization-for-a-better-world-saturday-january-21-2012/ & http://www.facebook.com/events/268556119875975/

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  10. #10 spedman
    January 20, 2012 am31 9:20 am

    brandon… welcome aboard Smile your mission?? well some suggestions are. take what talents you do have and apply them to doing good things… for example i’m a musician so i took that talent and started making music that is uplifting spiritually. not for money not for ego, i did it just because i was drawn to. now i have 10 songs on you tube for the world to hear. it’s not a huge thing but it is a contribution. also i have learned reiki and am soon going to be doing healing work with it. what ever it is you do you will be shown and it could be in a really subtle way. so look for signs as they will come Smile hope that helps some

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  11. #11 bjboucher74
    January 20, 2012 am31 9:42 am

    This helps more then you realize at this moment. These little “meetings” no longer surprise me. I’m an Artist Developer in the music industry. I have access to over 12 million customers that access our platform to move music to the masses. Its my burning desire to change the world and music is my chosen medium, because of its universal appeal. People always questioned why I got into the music industry…its for reasons like this. We should talk. Smile

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  12. #12 viedoklis_lv
    January 20, 2012 am31 10:26 am

    I love what my musical neighbors have done:
    Very positive music, it’s in latvian

    “Not only children
    us further, our breath will breath futher -
    we shall be continuing
    in our selfs.

    Years does not leave any signs, because there is no fault in years and,
    of course (many times)
    I again don’t say goodbye.

    With the presence with which you get close to your self
    I will always manage to address you (call you)”

    These are poems what has been created in music track by various musicians – popular in Latvia.

    I like their honesty in their concerts – they can create a small concert for 30 people (or what ever see them) in a forest at river – I accidentally found out their concert in such place. And after hour I was singing with them with my foots in the water – so magical and positive! Least to say there was no tickets.

    My advice for musicians – just be honest to your self and positive – bring light and unconditional love.

    P.S. We love to sing in Latvia http://youtu.be/EdT7NOsvDXY

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  13. #13 Mrs. Spedman
    January 20, 2012 am31 11:03 am

    If you are interested, here are some links to the spedmans music:



    merging and the two of us are my favorites Smile
    He is right the signs always come.

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  14. #14 Admiral2012here
    January 20, 2012 am31 11:29 am

    …this is a good vid Smile



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  15. #15 Raven
    January 20, 2012 am31 11:48 am
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  16. #16 Raven
    January 20, 2012 am31 12:04 pm

    Those are nice spedman. I used to play around with fruityloops about 10+ years ago…when it was only a couple years old. Found I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked with it. I play drums and guitar though. I still get the 8 and 12 string acoustic out once in awhile when I do have the time. I wear my mp3 player in my ears while sleeping and listen to some space/trance stuff. I try to meditate, but I just fall asleep…heh.

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  17. #17 Mrs. Spedman
    January 20, 2012 am31 12:06 pm

    The spedman and I had been wondering why when we go to the new earth cities we see things like roads and ships


    Why do you need spaceships in 5D?

    This is one of the many questions I have gotten since I have been writing about New Earth and inter-dimensional travel. Therefore, I want to answer it for everyone. Just as we have different layers, or octaves, of the third dimension, we have different octaves of the fifth dimension. New Earth is actually just past the threshold to the fifth dimension and the “half-way house,” that many of us will “live in” to adapt to a totally different way of being.

    On New Earth there is still the illusion of separate bodies and some illusion of time, but much less so than on the third/fourth dimension. We still travel in vehicles, both on the ground, in the atmosphere, and in outer space, but they are vastly different. Our social structure is much like that which has long been established in Inner Earth, by the Lamurians and Atlantians living there. It is much based on Unity, Sharing and Unconditional Love.

    Many of us, including myself, will want to have the experience of New Earth, because it is what we have longed for our entire life in this plane. Fortunately, since the fifth dimension is not bound by time, we can experience more than one reality at a time. Hence, we can have the adventures of establishing a new society on New Earth, traveling on Star Ships into the multidimensional multiverse, assisting the still awakening ones on Matrix Earth (the fourth dimensional remnants of 3D Earth), and living in the higher octaves of the fifth dimension. Here, all of our thoughts and emotions are instantly manifested.

    In fact, one of the main reasons we may need to experience the half-way house of New Earth is to learn to be the Master of our EVERY thought and emotion. When we go into the higher octaves of the fifth dimension, every thought and emotion will become instantly manifested. However, if we have a selfish or service-to-self thought, our resonance will drop. Then, we will instantly find ourselves on fourth dimensional illusionary earth or back on New Earth, which resonates to a lower octave of the fifth dimension.

    In other words, once we have graduated from our childhood 3D Earth, we may need to go to “college” on New Earth to learn how to be contributing adults. Also, many of us, including myself, want the experience of seeing a higher expression of life on Earth, and help those who are still not quite ready to fully awaken to the fifth dimension. However, as I have said, we will not be limited to New Earth. In fact, once a planet “grows up,” much of its population takes to the Star Ships to explore other worlds (This is what occurred when the many Galactics who lived on Schoolroom Earth “grew up.” They “took to space” and found new worlds to establish in other areas of the Universe.).

    All of these Star Ships are biologically based and controlled by thoughts and emotions. Therefore, we need our experiences of New Earth to completely Master our Energy and to fully embrace multidimensional thinking. Once we are the Master of our every thought and emotion, we can raise our consciousness at will. Then we can travel inter-dimensionally with or without a Star Ship. Just as physical, 3D Earth, and earth bound vehicles are necessary on the lower worlds and New Earth, so are Star Ships. We will cloak our consciousness in form and travel by vehicles until we can calibrate our consciousness to the eighth dimension. From the eighth dimension and beyond, form is no longer needed, and all Beings live as pure consciousness.

    What is important for us to remember is that we do not have to achieve any of these experiences, because we are ALREADY and have ALWAYS been multidimensional. Therefore, we do not need to learn to be a “better” person or learn to go “somewhere else.” We are ALL NOW resonating to every dimension within the ONE of our Multidimensional SELF. As we become Masters of our Energy, we will realize this fact. We do NOT have to learn anything. We only need to REMEMBER.

    Question to the Arcturians from Suzan Caroll,

    Dear Arcturians, I wish to ask you about the blending of the two realities, the reality on the Starship and the reality on Earth. Whenever I visit the Ship, I become very reflective, almost sad, afterwards. If the day or time after a visit is very busy, then I am distracted from those feelings. However, if I have a quiet time, even if it is the day after, I am very tired, or lonely, maybe even sad. Can you help me to understand this?

    Arcturians: We have had similar questions from other grounded ones who visit their Home on the Starship. Returning to us is such a natural experience for them, and you, that when you return to your physical life you feel like something, or someone, is missing. The someone who is missing is your SELF. You miss the YOU who is no longer bound by the challenges, rules and polarities of the third dimension.

    We appreciate that our grounded ones are eager to return to their true vibration. On the other hand, because you have worked so hard to prepare for your ascension, you have cleared much of your own darkness and fear. Because of that, your lives on third dimensional Earth are better than they have been for most of your life, or even for most of your many earthly lives. Wanting to leave that which you have finally learned to love unconditionally, creates a unique emotion that is unfamiliar to your earth-bound thinking.

    Those of you who travel inter-dimensionally are beginning to recall many of the myriad realities you have visited and/or live. You are regaining these memories because your fifth dimensional excursions are jarring you OUT of Time. Everything that you have ever experienced in all of your realities is stored in the ONE of your multidimensional Group Mind. Soon, you will have access to all of your multidimensional memories. In fact, many of our ascending ones can access many of them already.

    Connecting with these memories is pleasurable, but may often leave you with an unusual feeling. What you are actually experiencing is a mix of grief and love. You have grief about leaving that which you have learned to love, but you are, also, more than ready to return to your full expression of SELF. You have had a long adventure on physical Earth and are ready to come Home. However, you already miss your third dimensional life even though your tour there is not quite over. When you try to make sense of these feelings via your third dimensional thinking, you become exhausted from the mental effort of trying to compute emotions that appear to be in opposition.

    Furthermore, your third dimensional thinking cannot understand the concept of living in two worlds. Hence, you must call upon your multidimensional thinking to allow the concept of simultaneously living in two realities. When you relax into the flow of multidimensional thinking, you will find that your third dimensional thoughts and emotions resonate to a lower frequency than your fifth dimensional experiences. Therefore, these thoughts and emotions cannot effectively perceive and understand a reality of the fifth dimension and beyond. You will also discover that the higher dimensions can easily perceive the lower dimensions, but not the other way around. Your third dimensional form can only perceive the frequencies of reality that are of the same resonance of your consciousness.

    You can only access the third dimensional reality while traveling through your physical life, but you also access your higher realities when you are able to access your multidimensional consciousness. However, when you call upon unconditional love, which is abundant in the higher worlds, you are free of ALL thinking. Unconditional love allows you to hold multiple realities in your High Heart, as it is the binding force of the Universe, and holds all realities as the myriad expressions of the ONE. Hence, unconditional love allows you to free your thinking from the separation and limitations of third dimensional time and space.

    Your tour into the third dimension has been so difficult that the thought of adding yet another reality seems overwhelming. For this reason, the healing force of unconditional love is needed so that you can find your Center and remember your Multidimensional SELF who has been overseeing you through your myriad incarnations. Once you expand your consciousness to embrace your Multidimensional SELF, having more than one reality feels “normal” and gives you assurance that you are on your Path of Ascension.

    We send unconditional love and compassion to our grounded ones who are experiencing multiple realities, and are happy to see that you can also maintain your base on ascending Earth. You are, indeed, returning to your Multidimensional SELF. You are all such wonderful, brave warriors! Soon, enjoying multiple realities will be natural and normal. We know that to be true because we share that reality with you NOW.

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  18. #18 Chris
    January 20, 2012 am31 4:00 pm

    Thought So- I’m getting ready for the Light Show
    M 3.2 Flare + FULL HALO CME / Solar Watch Jan 20, 2012
    Sun http://youtu.be/YJoehhYZXjA Sun

    EARTH-DIRECTED CME: Active Region 11402 erupted between 15:15 and 16:30 UT on Jan 19th . The long-duration blast produced an M2.6 & M3.2-class solar flares and a Full Halo CME that appears to be heading toward Earth. Geomagnetic storms will be possible within 60 hours. Further significant solar flare activity around Active Regions 11401 & 11402 are possible in the coming days as they are growing and changing shape rapidly.

    Search http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2012/01/20/massive-solar-flare-headed-toward-earth-may-spark-celestial-light-show/

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  19. #19 Stick
    January 20, 2012 am31 4:20 pm

    Stand Strong GM… The Clock Is Now

    **Message from the Galactic Federation**
    1/20/12 ~ As channeled through Greg Giles

    The forward to today’s message is a personal message to Greg from the Galactic Federation.

    It is clear you see that unwanted and uninvited ETs did enter your sphere again, to hamper our communications with you. We are winning the battle. The other team knows this, and are making desperate attempts to slow our progress, even trying to slow the rate of channeled information reaching the public. We have now cleared these negative ETs from your sphere as you have commanded. They may try to return in the future, but we shall be here for you to protect you and your family, and to eradicate their influence in your affairs. Please be advised all is now well and we are once again free to communicate. We will resume our shared communications at once.

    Today is a great day. Today we, the Galactic Federation of Light, have made great advancements against the dark and we see now their end clearly in sight. No longer do they possess powerful weaponry to be used against humanity in any way. They are now out of options, and clearly understand all is hopeless for them. It is time for them to surrender, and even the most stubborn and blinkered of them now see and admit to themselves and to others that their end is at hand. They now seek a way out of the punishments that surely will be administered in the days ahead. They now seek straw men to offer up as scapegoats to take the blame and the retribution that they earned.

    We wish to further clear these beings from Earth’s sphere, and purify your world from their darkness for good. We are now set to commence our final stage of this purification, and this move will pave the way for the further action of disclosure announcements. These announcements are the next major step in our many faceted campaign to assist humanity raise up from the depths of a limited 3rd dimensional world to a virtually unlimited 5th dimensional world. Our assistance is needed in many vital areas and only when we are free to make open contact with you can we begin these projects. Again, see to your affairs at home. Prepare for a few days or even weeks of outages such as utilities and the temporary closures of food stores. Our announcements will surely disrupt the flow somewhat of your communities, but these disruptions shall be short-lived and all will return to normal, only that you will all finally know for certain that you are not alone and that we are here.

    We are so very excited about these inevitable events that are about to unfold. We have waited even longer than you have as we have begun preparations many of your lifetimes ago. As we have said, we have enjoyed the benefits of an uninterrupted stream of consciousness while you followed the rules of physical incarnation by being birthed into new lives free of all conscious memory of your past and of your one true multidimensional identity. All your memories are soon to return to you, and many of you will be quite surprised and delighted to learn of your true names and your universal heritage. You all have a great history. You all are so much more than you see today. You are all immortal beings of light who have journeyed here for an exercise in duality, to experience the limitations and the challenges of a world divided in separation on so many fronts, and to report back to your people as well as many other races and civilizations throughout this universe what you have learned here from all of this.

    You are all very important explorers who will soon be teachers sharing their exploits and adventures at lectures and in classrooms throughout this universe. This is why we suggest now you take this time not to count the days until our open contact with you. This will happen, you will see this day, but it is important not to allow this to consume all of your energy. Instead, try to find quiet time and look back in careful reflection of your lives here. What have you seen? What have you felt? What did you experience around you as well as inside of you? What could you have done differently? Try to categorize your many emotions that you felt and try to draw a roadmap of where these emotions have led you. What effect did fear have on you? What about love? All your emotions are important and you will be asked to share all of your experiences here. Take this time to review some of them, always being very careful to examine these through distant eyes, safely in the state of emotional detachment.

    There is no reason to emotionally experience these events again, as this would not be good for you. An unemotional review of your life is what you are being asked to do, that is all. Remember, all has been designed as a lesson for you. Experiences catered to bring about trauma and turmoil, and you were required to find a solution to these problems and situations. Knowing this, do not allow these scripted episodes to effect you mentally and emotionally like they have done in the past. You are beyond these experiences now, and are only being asked to review them for educational purposes, just as you would review your history books in school for a final exam. This exam will be soon. It is time to ‘burn the midnight oil’ in careful and unattached review.

    And remember, in removing negative entities from your sphere, simply state out loud your command. Your command can be your own tailored statement, and you can base it on these words. ‘I command at this time that all negative entities, extraterrestrials and terrestrial’s leave my sphere at once and forever, immediately vacating my home and my surrounding area.’ We will immediately see to it that these negative beings are quickly and efficiently rounded up and removed from your sphere just as you have commanded. This is how this service is performed, and we invite any and all of our family members of light to state this or a similar command and we shall act immediately to assist you in this manner.

    We, the Galactic Federation, have performed this task on many occasions for many of you, especially for those of you who have put yourselves in the spotlight for the Cabal and their minions to see. There is no reason to fear, as we are your protectors at this time as you continue your service as Lightworkers, restoring love and light to this darkened world that gets so much brighter each and every day. This is our mission, and together nothing will stop us or slow our progress in this regard.

    Take the time to state this command regularly, and your surroundings will be patrolled by us and cleared of any and all negative beings. Many of us are experts in this precise field, and we relish the opportunity to assist you in this way. All we require is for you to state this command and we will immediately spring into action. Remember, all here in the 3D world of the physical is choice, and we require your permission to respond to your aid. We will then do everything we can to come to your assistance. This is our promise to you, our family members of light. Today we have come to the aid of our channel Greg, and we have also come to the aid of many others as well. Simply state your command that you demand your personal sphere cleared of any negative entities, and we will do all we can to assist you in this way.

    We will continue to make great strides in clearing the way for our reunion. Hold fast to your convictions and continue to spread the news of our imminent introductions. You will not be left ‘holding the bag’, as it were. We will not let you down. Your words and efforts will not be in vain. We will honor our convictions and our promises. We will be with you soon.

    We are your Family of Light from the Stars.

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  20. #20 Laurinda
    January 20, 2012 am31 4:42 pm

    bjboucher74: Welcome to the Braveheart Clan/Soul Family! Your story is touching and I will be interested in hearing more of your journey. Thank you. Blessings Be, Laurinda

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  21. #21 Laurinda
    January 20, 2012 am31 4:45 pm

    I would be remiss in not welcoming Raven, viedoklis_lv to the Braveheart Clan also. Hey Chris, you too! I know you have been here awhile, but we have not spoken to each other yet. Blessings to all of you! Laurinda

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  22. #22 viedoklis_lv
    January 21, 2012 am31 5:59 am

    “Nākotne nāks un aizies. Tagadne – ir. Ir vienmēr. Tā ir tā pat kā maize – Tikai, kad ēd, tā der.”
    Imants Ziedonis (Latvian poet)

    “Future will come and go. Present – is. Is always. It is like bread – only when you are eating it’s useful.”

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  23. #23 Laurinda
    January 21, 2012 am31 9:08 am

    http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/the-global-elite-are-hiding-18-trillion-dollars-in-offshore-banks yeah, I think the rest of the planet has had enough of these shenanigans alright! No

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  24. #24 spedman
    January 21, 2012 am31 9:52 am

    goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood morning peoples Smile Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart or evening or afternoon or whatever it is where you is all be is Smile

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  25. #25 Laurinda
    January 21, 2012 am31 9:55 am

    Gee Speddie, you are in a great mood, having been out on a ladder, removing dead branches in the dang snow! Thanks! Big Smile

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  26. #26 viedoklis_lv
    January 21, 2012 am31 10:25 am

    It’s 19:25 in Latvia – so good evening to you too Wink

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  27. #27 Kellia
    January 21, 2012 am31 10:31 am

    Self-Immolation Is on the Rise in the Arab World


    How much more of this until it is the divine right time for disclosure? I don’t want to hear that these people agreed before birth to end their lives this way. That is such a cop out.

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  28. #28 Diana
    January 21, 2012 am31 11:12 am

    lol I like you Spedman…you’re always in a good mood Laugh

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  29. #29 spedman
    January 21, 2012 am31 1:25 pm

    you can thank Mr’s spedman for that diana sighhhhhhhhhhhhhh In Love In Love In Love In Love In Love In Love In Love In Love In Love In Love In Love

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  30. #30 steve112
    January 21, 2012 am31 4:49 pm

    That last message from the GFL, where we command that negative ETs be removed, shouldn’t that go without saying?

    I, at all times, would like protection from negative energies. Do I have to consistently command this? How can I do this?

    On a lighter note, I noticed a few of us were sharing our own creative side.

    Please, check out my latest work on soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/stillmatic07/dancing-with-fire

    The melody should sound familiar (adele), I tweaked it.. other than that it’s a completely original piece that took me a few weeks to create. I’m no professional either.

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  31. #31 Laurinda
    January 21, 2012 am31 7:48 pm

    Diana: Spedie is the BEST and he is a good friend to both Bill and me. He is a shining example of the fine folks you will find up here on the GM site… Heart

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  32. #32 spedman
    January 21, 2012 am31 9:12 pm

    nice work steve112 Yes Yes Yes

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  33. #33 spedman
    January 21, 2012 am31 9:20 pm

    viedoklis_lv dziesma ir ļoti jauki liels, lai būtu jums uz vietas pie mums savu gaismu ir ļoti spilgti dārgais brāli Smile

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  34. #34 spedman
    January 21, 2012 am31 9:28 pm

    raven.. fruity loops is pretty nice alright haven’t used it but a couple times myself… used to play drums myself wayyyyyyyyyyyyy long ago. then got into bass and then 6 string guitar. it’s still fun now and then but really more into doing new age now. working with loops and things. so cool that we have so many musicians here at the site.. maybe in 5d we could all start a band….. Galactic Federation of Musicians… channeled music from our galaxy and beyonddddddddddddddddddddddddd ROTFL Silly ROTFL Silly ROTFL Silly ROTFL

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  35. #35 Laurinda
    January 21, 2012 am31 10:08 pm

    steve112: Nice work indeed! I loved all the different movements of the music. Please continue to share your creations with us here! Yes Your title of the song set me to thinking, is not dancing with fire the same as playing with fire?! Ah, methinks so. Thank you again. Rose

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  36. #36 viedoklis_lv
    January 22, 2012 am31 4:48 am

    Thanks – we shall shine so bright so that it would reach you on other side of this planet Smile

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  37. #37 Jon M.
    January 22, 2012 am31 6:00 am

    @steve112, #30: Nice mix! Definitely sounds like something I’d hear on either Area or its sister channel.

    @spedman, #34: I don’t know if you know, but, Kellogg’s sued the makers of “Fruity Loops” over that name – claiming it was too close to “Fruit Loops” and all that whiney BS that goes with such a claim. The makers settled with Kellogg’s and have simply renamed the product to “FL.” Which, I believe, stands for “Future Loops.” It is a great program/DAW, I’ve messed with it a little. While not necessarily featured in the same way as Logic or Cubase, etc., it is a really, really slick DAW. It’s on my wish list. Smile

    While we’re all sharing our talents (and I encourage everyone to do so), you can hear my music at http://www.his.com/~jmunson/jcmii/lightquest/lightquest.html.

    I also have a deviantArt account jmunson dot deviantart dot com (sorry, I did the “dot” thing to avoid the moderation issue with too many links). I just added two simple kaleidoscope images.

    I hope you enjoy!

    Peace, Love, and Light!!!

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  38. #38 Jon M.
    January 22, 2012 am31 6:02 am

    @spedman, #34: I’m with ya on the band thing… but it will take me a bit to transition from playing by myself to playing well with others – an exercise I look forward to! Smile

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  39. #39 Jon M.
    January 22, 2012 am31 6:11 am

    @spedman: What are you using for musical tools?

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  40. #40 Raven
    January 22, 2012 am31 7:50 am

    Just passing some news about the strange noises…this is one explanation…contradicts with what the GF says it is (natural frequencies)… With so many reasons…what to believe??

    from David Wilcock site….people comments
    Does anyone know the legitimacy regarding this?


    These types of videos are all over youtube, with more and more new ones appearing every day.

    I’d love to hear David’s, or anyone elses, take on this.

    [Moderator: David is going to explain this Tuesday night on Kerry Cassidy's radio show.

    Every underground base has emergency ventilation shafts. They are large and metallic.

    When air rushes out of them it's just like blowing a trumpet. Same process, only a lot deeper sounding.

    The purpose for them doing this seems to be to create mass panic and fear. It is a powerful sign of how close they are to being defeated.]
    Which makes me wonder “how” they come about those exact sounds that they use in movies…ie…war of the worlds. Did they record them from a real source..?


    P.S. is there a way to add an avatar (gravatar..?) to my profile? I do not see an option to add one Frown

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  41. #41 Jon M.
    January 22, 2012 am31 8:21 am

    @Raven: go to http://en.gravatar.com/ and take it from there.

    My belief on the noises is that recordings are made of real-world items (such as a toilet flushing, yes, that one is true), and then are heavily manipulated (sometimes not of course) to produce the desired sound.

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  42. #42 Jon M.
    January 22, 2012 am31 8:21 am

    @Raven, #40: clarification on what I meant by noises: those needed for movies… I’m not refuting what others are hearing out in the “wild.”

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  43. #43 jacob
    January 22, 2012 am31 8:31 am

    tibetan monks have meditated in a secluded cave for “spiritual guidance” many times in their lives but are starting to hear the noise everyone is hearing also there. since its in a cave and closer to the source of the noise it sounds alot more un-distorted and to me it sounds exactly like a frequency youtube video. also charts were shown to prove that whenever the sound is recorded with scientific instruments the data shows the different locations are identical to each other(data).

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  44. #44 jacob
    January 22, 2012 am31 8:39 am
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  45. #45 spedman
    January 22, 2012 am31 9:29 am

    jon i used Magix Music Maker 14 pro for everything i have done..although they are up to version 18 i think now lol…always reinventing the wheel Smile really user friendly software. they have trial versions at their website. http://www.magix.com/us/free-download/

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  46. #46 Raven
    January 22, 2012 am31 9:47 am

    Yes Cheers Jon on the avatar problem….Yes, I am aware they do use use real sounds with manipulation, but I spose I didn’t clarify one point…strange they would use that sound in a fear based movie…coincidental or not..?…seems funny/strange/surprizing how things just happen to intertwine together….just enough to get a human thinking again…as if we don’t have enough to think about…talk about a multi-tasking brain…lol

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  47. #47 spedman
    January 22, 2012 am31 10:05 am

    ty jacob for the vid link Smile i still say it’s earth birthing the new earth and like any mom she’s gonna make a lot of sound doing that Smile. a scientific explanation of it to me is the magnetic poles shifting and since the magnetic poles are basically spinning vortexes (kinda like tornadoes) coming from the earths black hole center, then as their shifting these sounds are finding their way out of new holes through the earth. like someone playing a flute or whatever. energy has to be released as it’s being produced and well no one here can say whether or not that this energy can’t create soundwaves. Music Note Music Note Music Note

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  48. #48 Jon M.
    January 22, 2012 am31 10:21 am

    @spedman: What made you choose Magix vs. anything else out there?

    I have Logic Express, but only have the stock instruments that came with that and GarageBand. No bad instruments there, just a slight dearth of them.

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  49. #49 steve112
    January 22, 2012 am31 10:39 am

    Laurinda, Spedman, and Jon,
    Thank you! I used FL(Fruity Loops) studio 9 to produce it. Self taught, can’t afford any music lessons Frown

    But I am very glad you enjoyed it and I’ll definitely try to continue to create original music like so, but I’m not sure if it’s my calling… not sure of my career path and I’ve almost finished college.

    I’ve been asking my guides, praying in every which direction to whomever will just answer my question: What am I destined to be?

    I’ll continue to meditate on it I guess, unless someone knows any good psychics I could call up Smile

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  50. #50 spedman
    January 22, 2012 am31 10:48 am

    jon my friend had a copy of it so he let me put it on my computer. it sounded so good i never bothered looking for anything else. i suppose all of them have their pros and cons. also i got a lot of sound loops for free… just had to do some googling to find some. Yes Yes Yes

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  51. #51 viedoklis_lv
    January 22, 2012 am31 11:13 am

    Today I posted in my blog new article: http://www.truth.lv/2012/01/new-global-monetary-system-green.html

    Also tried to post it here – let’s see will it be approved.

    New global monetary system with global currencey – Green economic.

    Almost everyone is aware about how current monetary system is unstable, unfair, not economic at all and very dangerous for every country in the world and actually to planet earth it’s self. For those who are not aware of current monetary system and how money is created – there are plenty of materials to look at – you could start with this one – click here.
    But is there any other monetary system out there that could be used instead that would create stable harmony between economic growth, social stability, state and good welfare for everyone, logical and economical processes and of course protect planet earth from pollution? Well, I offer you – Green economic – my opinion how to get all that good stuff for every country and every human being.
    I now will describe what should be done to achieve this.

    New global currency

    Every country (or at transition period – those countries that are members of Green economy union) should be using only one currency – let’s call them „GREENS”. This doesn’t mean that there will be one central bank for this union but that every central bank of each country will be able to create money – GREENS. It’s not that they will be able to create it as much as they like – no.
    The amount of GREENS created, reserved and used by each country central bank is calculated and allowed by taking in account of these factors:

    1.) How much amount oil, gas and it’s materials (petrochemicals, etc.) are created, reserved, imported, exported, used;
    2.) How much amount of green energy and it’s bio materials are created, reserved, imported, exported, used.

    So the more country is going away from oil & gas (or using it less) and is going to green energy and bio materials/services – the more money they are allowed to create and have to use for their (and others) economy.

    What would be consequences

    1.) There would not be any economic bubbles anymore – because money is not created out of thin air – debt. Money would be backed by real material resources that every country and everyone needs. It would be also more fair for every union member because every country can work to create green energy and bio materials – so it would not matter so much (and in time absolutely) does country has oil & gas resources or it doesn’t. This means that of course there is no need to go on war just for the resources as it’s now.
    2.) Pollution reduction would be significant and in years it would be eliminated almost completely. No country would be economically interested in pollution by using oil & gas and it’s raw materials – because then they would have less money in their economy. So pollution reduction and using green energy make your country richer.
    3.) Every country will invest to develop new tehnology (or use those who where kept as secret by oil industry) that would make more effective green energy and it’s products/services. This would be major tehnology advancement for all countries in this new monetary union (which should be world wilde).
    4.) There would be new Banks – as they would not be able to create money out of debt – Banks would be only allowed to loan money using funds from depositors. So this means that they would have to think how to earn more money from projects that creates more money in economy. Because as more money is there in economy – the more money banks will have from depositors and so more will they have in revenue. This eventually means that these new Banks are interested in giving loans and financing project that either create green energy or creates products from green energy and/or creates bio products/services (as you remember than central bank will be allowed to create more money). So Banks would be in direct intrest and action to speed up green projects which creates actual jobs for people and so creates more consumption for green products and energy and so country central bank is allowed to create more money… and so on and on by spiral up way till we can go to next point.
    5.) All created money – GREEN is created by country central bank and given to country government to decide where to use it and invest it. So as now governments has money they don’t have to tax people. So in time as more and more there are GREENS in country economic – at some point governments will stop Tax at all, because there will be enough GREENS to supply all necessary government services. Only small amount would be necessary to support those that doesn’t have necessary money to buy services.

    Is in this great – more tehnology advancement, more jobs, no taxes and more money and more bio products/services and green energy and clean earth?

    This new monetary system would be stable, logical, economical and make everyone much richer and increase people of the world welfare many times making this a golden age for humans. It would make us think how to spend less resources from the planet and to create re-usable materials using green energy. It would remove all the taxes and lower the prices just to accumulate more green products so that there would be more money to work for more tehnology advancement.

    It’s all possible and after such monetary system implementation no-one will want to go back to this nonsense we have now.
    So – let’s go for this!

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  52. #52 Jon M.
    January 22, 2012 am31 11:24 am

    @steve112, #49: Truly, the only person who can answer that is you. Best approach is to consider what makes your heart “sing.” Music might be your path, however, I didn’t mean “sing” literally. Wink

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  53. #53 Laurinda
    January 22, 2012 am31 12:50 pm

    steve 112: YOU are your own best psychic! Quiet time alone thinking about what it is you truly LOVE to do, will most likely bring you the most accurate info about your earthly career/Service….

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  54. #54 Laurinda
    January 22, 2012 am31 1:12 pm

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2DJp-rM09g This beauty is for steve112. I posted this a couple of months or so ago, and you may not have seen it. Just makes the heart and soul feel GOOD. I hope you enjoy it Steve! Peace

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  55. #55 Chris
    January 22, 2012 am31 7:36 pm

    Announce From: Poofness – off KP’s blog
    “Be ready to act on your freedom and fear not. Become the observer and listen and see what happens.” … Ya I’m Ready!


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  56. #56 Mrs. Spedman
    January 22, 2012 am31 8:44 pm

    I was reading the motague keen message today and one paragraph caught my attention

    The Centres we have planned will take shape. They will become active. Our two worlds will come together as never before. We will supply Natural Medicine that will restore health, no matter what was diagnosed. You will drink pure unadulterated water. You will have food that is not contaminated in any way.

    has anyone heard mention of these “centers” before or know what this is refering to???

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  57. #57 jacob
    January 22, 2012 am31 8:51 pm

    could someone ask these 2 questions for me next time they channel the gfol? 1.I want to know what these floaty high speed spheres of transparent lights are in the sky i always see.Iv seen them for ever since i was kid. 2.Today i had a strong urge to hug this pretty tree i walked by. So i did and i had this overwhelming sense of love and safety. I stayed like this for 5min. The question is for them to tell me anything about that tree experience.

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  58. #58 jacob
    January 22, 2012 am31 8:53 pm

    ^^^^^^thank to anyone who actually does that for me. espically the sphere questions. also mention i see so many at once all the time that the clouds are sometimes hard to see clearly!^^^^^^^^ also this channeling near the end says the sounds are hoaxes but i trust the gfol more than this random channler so yeah http://lightworkers.org/channeling/151184/isis-carbon-based-crystalline-based-structure

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  59. #59 andrew09211
    January 22, 2012 am31 10:18 pm


    i bet the dark ones did everything they could to blow those ships, a false flag to go to war but nothing happened…

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  60. #60 Norris
    January 23, 2012 am31 4:52 am

    its wicked that theres so many other musicians on here! I learnt to produce on the ‘Music’ playstation game years ago, then used Fruityloops for a few years, I then moved onto Reason cos Fruity was very limited back then (its awseome now though), I use Sony Acid Pro now as its so quick and easy.

    I make Hard House, Techno, Trance and all sort of stuff.

    Ive DJ’ed for about 15 years now as well, playing the same styles I makes as well as house and hardcore! The music s not everyones cuppa tea but it gets me shaking my tush! Smile

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  61. #61 Admiral2012here
    January 23, 2012 am31 5:34 am


    Our observations are that you are doing so well in bringing Light to the Earth, that it is continuing to increase exponentially and rapidly taking you forward to Ascension. So you are on course for a great victory over the dark Ones and there was never any doubt about it, and you have the strong will and intent to do so. After all, as Lightworkers it was the reason you came to Earth at such an important time, knowing fully well what your task was and faith in your ability to carry it out. As you can see, there are two main schools of thought that people follow, one supposes that life will carry on as usual and somehow get past the present problems, and the other sees immense change and the restoration of people’s rights. Both will to a large extent continue to follow their own path, and it will determine which one that they step upon when this cycle ends. The fact remains that you are all creating your own reality, using your freewill as a God given right to determine your own future.

    Those who have awakened will naturally wish to announce to the world the truth they have discovered, and we encourage the distribution of such information. However it must not be forced upon anyone as in the ultimate they must be allowed to make their own decision, without feeling that they are under any pressure to accept. Those of the Light appreciate that each soul follows its own dictates, and that no two are necessarily at exactly the same point in their evolution. It is therefore far better that the truth is found through personal experience that creates a lasting impression. By all means sow the seeds of truth, and one day they will grow and becomes the flowers of understanding.

    Naturally in short time there will come an avalanche of information and advice about Ascension, and for those who are open to the truth it will give the opportunity to take a quantum leap forward. It is a matter of whether people are ready to see beyond their existing beliefs, and become part of the new paradigm. If not there is no problem and they will be able to stay on their own path and continue to experience in the lower dimensions. It cannot be fairer than that by allowing you your choice, and all will be treated as any other soul with loving care and given every help possible. No one is beyond help and it is always there ready to be given at the slightest indication that it is requested.

    Various desired changes are moving along together, and we can see that there may well be a quick series of revelations that will carry you forward very quickly. It will be sensational to many people and cause shock to those who are unprepared, but through our allies we shall ensure that the necessity for them is understood. Once the advantages are announced it will result in much support, and an eagerness on many peoples part to play an active role in it. There will be opportunities to take part and we will certainly need the support of all of you who are ready to play your part with us. Community work will be required to convey the nature of the changes, and how they can be implemented with the least inconvenience. Be assured we know you all and what your particular talents are, and what you came into this life to do.

    We see a great Love and Light expanding over the Earth and it carries the energy that will lift many up out of the darkness. In the poorer countries of the world, many have lost hope as they see their plights largely ignored. They need sustenance and their basic needs covered, just so that they can survive the harsh conditions they exist in. Talk of Ascension has hardly any meaning to them and their faith in God and humanity is at a low ebb. There are people and organizations that care, but the task is so great it needs a coming together of those countries who are affluent and can afford to act. Humanity cannot in future stand by and allow such conditions to exist, and must grasp the truth that All Are One. Having said that, we know many of you are very compassionate and greatly desire that help is given to the worlds poorest people.

    You will be pleased to know that the means to remedy the hunger and desperation, is ready to be put in hand but for the moment cannot be done without permission of those who are in authority. There are also karmic reasons that stop direct intervention, but we will address the whole situation once we are officially recognized. We know that you are sometimes puzzled by these problems in giving aid, but please bear in mind that we cannot take actions that would deny any soul commitment to their life plan. All will work out well in the end, but for the time being you could say that our hands are partly tied. There is of course a divine date after which we shall go ahead regardless of any other situation. We are ready for all possibilities having planned for all likely scenarios.

    It must seem quite astonishing to you that the Universe waits for the civilization of your little Earth to complete the cycle of duality, so that they may ascend themselves. That is how extremely important your progress is to the future of other life, that like you is on a path back to the Source. The in-breath of God is drawing everything back, but it is only the first stage of many, many cycles that will eventually complete your “home coming”. Meanwhile keep at your task to see out this life as one who can go through to Ascension. Live according to your best understanding of what it is like to be an ascended Being. That will see you sail through the remaining days and months, and be assured of success. Nothing else really matters and it will be a very satisfying experience that will end with a joyful and happy conclusion.

    I am SaLuSa, from Sirius and I feel privileged to be one of those appointed by the Galactic Federation to deal directly with you. The prospect of being amongst those who are to be the first to contact with you is quite thrilling. Even to one who has had so many experiences and adventures in the Universe, it is the magnitude of what is taking place, and the Ascension of both soul and body that makes it such a unique occasion. You can rest easy as to what it will be like, as any upliftment into the higher vibrations is something to be desired and looked forward to. We shall be there with you, and Love and Light will surround you on your journey.

    Thank you SaLuSa
    Mike Quinsey

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  62. #62 Laurinda
    January 23, 2012 am31 7:36 am

    Mrs. Spedman: I have heard of these great healing centers that have been foretold by the galactics, most especially the Pleiadians, since the 1980′s. One of them is here where we live, and that is why we are staying. For a town as small as ours, it has an inordinate amount of folks in the healing arts!!! Yes

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  63. #63 Laurinda
    January 23, 2012 am31 7:47 am

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Btca1VvOwg here is some old school techno for you Norris, from one of my favorite movies, “Triple X”. Enjoy! Yes Music Note Yes

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  64. #64 Laurinda
    January 23, 2012 am31 7:50 am

    Jacob #58: Ain’t no way those sounds are hoaxes! Follow your intuition on these sorts of things! Yes

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  65. #65 Admiral2012here
    January 23, 2012 am31 7:51 am

    …man, it sure is nice see’n new posters on here…this place rocks! Grin

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  66. #66 Admiral2012here
    January 23, 2012 am31 8:24 am

    …the new Salusa Thread is up…see you guys there!

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