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Message from SaLuSa for 24 February 2012

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    You hunger for the truth as you come to realize that for eons of time it has been kept from you, and that much you view as your history has been fabricated to suit the aims of those involved. Perhaps the most important omission is evidence of our visitations to Earth, and the contacts we have made. However, through archeology for those who eyes to see, there is evidence going back thousands of years. Some of it is undeniable, even to the point of showing that craft were in your skies long before you took to the air. If it had already been accepted that we were constant visitors to your Earth, and had meaningful contacts when we imparted knowledge to you, it would have been so much easier to make Disclosure. In fact, in some ways it might not have even been necessary to do it at all, as our link to you would have been understood, and our visits would have already been openly taking place.

    So it is now left to our Allies to create such pressure on your Government, that they will ultimately have to give in to your request for the truth to be acknowledged where we are concerned. Both your Government and Military are well aware that in one way or another, our presence will soon be made known if only because we are in conflict with those who refuse to make peace, and instead create war. It can commence as soon as the media decide to allow the truth to be put into print, and that outright lies and false information are rejected. There are some moves towards such changes but it is not fast enough for us, so strong pressure will be applied until the breakthrough occurs. We along with you have waited patiently for a long time to see the dark Ones move aside and allow the New Age to begin. The Galactic Federation will consider direct action if the impasse remains much longer. They know that we have already done where their underground bases are concerned, and that we mean business when we decide to act. Furthermore, they do not have the means to thwart our plans any longer, as the Light is formidable when used for the good of all.

    Like you, we want to see quick progress and not continual delays, and we intend to make sure things begin to happen that everyone will be aware of. There is much in progress and it is creating openings for our allies, and we are encouraging them to step in and take them. Be assured that results are going to come to your notice, and it will be the time when you will absolutely know the countdown to Ascension has started. That you have a date for the completion of this cycle is wonderful, as it means you have something to set your sights upon as you count the days that remain. The people that front the freedom movements that press for release from the old ways of dictatorship, are really the pioneers that have set the scene for even greater achievements. All changes have to commence somewhere and sometime, and from small beginnings the Light shall take over from the dark and deliver the promises made to you.

    Sit tight yet not in tension as all is well and you will find that all of a sudden a whole series of events will take place, clearly showing you that your expectations are being fulfilled. We protect you and Mother Earth and have done so for millennia of time, and shall continue to do so. It will be more obvious when we can finally meet with you openly, and when we can it should be a most enjoyable change of direction for you. To know that you are finally safe from the attentions of the last cabal will bring a rush of joy and excitement, and a great time acting out the final plan for your Ascension. For some time now whether or not you have personally realized it, your consciousness levels have grown and that process is speeding up until you acquire full consciousness. It is another area of development that we shall help you with as soon as it is possible.

    When you think of what is planned for you, we hope it lifts up your hearts and you spread the feeling of happiness it should bring you. Naturally those souls that have remained with closed eyes and ears where Ascension is concerned, will be the ones confused and even frightened of the changes for which they have not made preparations. They deserve the same attention and help as anyone else, so that they may also leave duality on Earth in the knowledge of where their future lies. This experience will achieve much in time, as it will remain in their subconscious memory until it can serve them again. They certainly will not have to start at the bottom of the ladder again. Like any other soul they will progress because it is impossible to stand still, as even if it is not perceptible, everything is in state of change and is the one constant in the Universe.

    In the future you will have much more knowledge and understanding of the Universal Laws, and with full consciousness you will have no problem in adhering to them. It can all be summed up by living from a point of Unconditional Love, and although a great challenge in your present circumstances it will become easier as you ascend. Dear Ones try to live to your highest understanding of what it is to be an ascended being, and you will soon find out how far you have progressed. Bear in mind that All Is One and that should help you overcome most difficulties you are likely to encounter. We say that because many you of you have been brought up to think of people, in little boxes that have labels on them rather than see one complete Human Family. You are not expected to reach perfection now, indeed that would be extremely difficult until you reach a much higher level of consciousness.

    For those of you who like to keep abreast of what the different sources are reporting, you might have noticed that there is slowly a convergence of information taking place. That is a sure sign that the time lines are beginning to come together, but you will still find some that are more extreme than others. Those who uphold religious beliefs tend to be on their own, as they feel bound by the apocalyptic prophesies of their ancient teachings. Many are no longer applicable as they were given at a time when they seemed possible, but events since have changed the outcome. This year will sorely test their beliefs, but obviously like anyone else they have a future of their own creation.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and give you my Love to help you on your way.

    Thank you SaLuSa.
    Mike Quinsey.

  1. #1 spedman
    February 24, 2012 am29 9:19 am

    Blossom FEB 24th. 2012.

    Hello up there, or over there, or through there …. Wherever you actually are … Hello!

    We welcome you into the space that is known to you as your heart space. We are excited to be speaking with you in this heightened form as it requires less manoeuvres.

    (I am on day 10 of a 10day watermelon fast!)

    Yes, I have to say I certainly feel Lighter!! Wondering what you would care to share? There appears to be much going on with banking resignations and lots of things that are not yet in the mainstream media … what would you like to speak of?

    We are concerned first and foremost with your well being. This is our department with you. We would jokingly say that although at times you consider us to be up front we are a bit behind in sharing certain things.

    If that’s a joke, you seriously need to get some lessons from me! Continue … sorry …

    In order for one to fully appreciate that which is to come, it would be most advisable for those of your race to concede to lifting the bar a little. In that … so many of you are awake and aware … so many of you are following messages and turning that which was once negative into the positive.

    Yet we would suggest that the one important thing you are not doing is accepting the Truth of who you are . In that you are all so much more than who you consider yourself to be. When you recognize how much LIGHTER you are from that which you consider yourself to be … then so much more can be accomplished in a shorter space of time … due to the High Vibrational spark that would be emanating from each one of you.

    Ok … when I walk down a street, I might ‘recognize’ someone I know … I know I have seen them before and so I ‘recognize’ them. HOW DO WE DO WHAT YOU ARE ASKING? HOW DO WE RECOGNISE OURSELVES FOR WHO WE TRULY ARE? We are working our way further into our own inner Light … in the best way we know how … and the going is good , we are getting somewhere. Yet HOW do we TRULY do this? How do we step ourselves up a few notches?

    By listening. By listening to that still inner voice.

    Which is what? Because it’s so still … I can’t hear it. We’ve talked about this before … is it more so the FEELING we are to FEEL as opposed to listen to?

    In one way it is of Highest benefit to always follow your feeling … and yet we say to you … that there is the ‘still inner voice within’. It guides you … it uplifts you …

    Yep … I don’t wish to cut in … we could go on and on about all the things it does … we need to know HOW WE DO IT?

    We are overjoyed with your forthrightness these days.

    Well, it’s 2012 chaps! We need to get a move on do we not? No more mollycoddling about. If you are asking us to recognize ourselves in a much Lighter way … then please feel free to give us a few pointers.

    Then let us do so. Close your eyes.

    (I did )

    What did you see?

    I saw myself sitting here, but I was not me, I was the form of human being yet I was not physical … I was just WHITE/SILVER LIGHT … and I was ‘broadcasting’ that LIGHT OUT … just by BEING THAT LIGHT.

    And there you have your answer. If each one of you accepts that this is who you TRULY are … not just imagines it … but KNOWS it … ACCEPTS it as TRUTH … then you cannot be anything else other than that. And when you TRUST in that acceptance and FEEL from within you … all the time … that you are THAT LIGHT shimmering out … on a level that you KNOW , but you do not have to think about … then … as life brings itself to you … you will say … ‘NOW I RECOGNISE WHO I AM!’.

    You are underestimating yourselves and your capabilities. You are able to resonate on a much Higher Vibration than you ‘believe’. What if we explained that you will only resonate on a level you think you are worthy of? And you are all so much more worthy to BATHE IN THIS LIGHT than you allow yourself to take note of. You are OF THIS LIGHT.

    Turn up your dimmer switch! We say to you that when you do so … when you shine as the brightest stars that you are … you will recognize too the power that is within. The power to change all that requires to be transformed into that which is worthy of being a part of you. You are all One, yet on many levels you do not like to accept that you are part of that which is not so very bright. You can … by BEING your LIGHT in its finest glory … change that which needs to be uplifted. JUST BY BEING YOU. You do not have to ‘crusade’ … you do not have to prove points … you just have to emanate LOVE … all the time.

    When you said about proving points … isn’t that how we can make change? By making things get noticed and proving the point that we won’t undergo further ‘imprisonment’? Isn’t that what a part of 2012 is about? Standing up for what we believe in … and making the change happen by forging together to indeed ‘prove points’. I am of course thinking of ‘Occupy’ movements etc.

    We ask of you to be understanding in that which are to say. If there are souls of your world that choose to do this … to take a stand … then this is what they are being driven to do. We are not making judgment on that … for much is ‘happening’ within and throughout the episodes involved in this and everything has its rightful place. So be it. Yet we are separating that which is of physical positioning to that which is of pure ‘Giving out of Light’.

    In the days ahead , when more and more souls evaluate that which is of service to themselves and others and that which is not … there will be so much that will have this ‘Ah Ha’ factor. SO much will make sense to you that simply does not now. Yet … to brighten yourselves up … by degrees much further than you even imagine yourselves to be … will manifest these ‘Ah Ha’ moments much more quickly.

    It is time for you to step up. With Love we say … do not be complacent about your position upon Earth. You came here to assist in its movement into a Higher place. You came to be part of its uprising. What you consider yourselves NOW to be of joy and Love and all being ‘jolly splendid’ …

    Jolly splendid???? What ho! Chocks away and all that!!!

    … is just the preschool excitement. That which you are to become involves so much more of yourselves …

    And yet … am I correct in saying that you mean ‘Do not be complacent about ‘just BEING’? Which in effect is simply being Love.

    Yes yes. It is indeed simple TO BE … yet … how do we put it to you? It would be valuable to you to JUST BE in a much Higher Vibration than you are allowing for yourself.

    If you continue … without breakage … to FEEL and visualize yourselves as this bright White Light … pouring from you … ever flowing from the stream of life/Love … Never pausing, never ceasing … simply BEING this WHITE LIGHT at all times … you will come to discover a pulse that beats the same rhythm amongst you . Your heart beats will sing the same song. Your breath will hum the same tune. There will be a unification when you realize that you are resonating the same melody and we say that when the full orchestra is ‘in tune’ … you will be playing THE DIVINE SYMPHONY. It was written long long ago … and now it is for it to be played. To be heard. TO BE.

    We are aware that much of all that we say can only be ‘hoped for’ by you. Under the circumstances in which you have undertaken … much seems ‘pie in the sky’

    Oh please, don’t mention pies … watermelons yes … pies … no!

    To digress for a short while … is it not so that although one has had to be disciplined … there has been much benefit from such fasting … physically and spiritually?

    Oh yes indeed … but 10 days is more than enough for me! I have noticed though how much ‘Lighter’ I am … and to do healings, meditations, readings etc during this time … I have gone ‘so much deeper’. (Higher , Lighter)

    Therefore we would suggest that the importance of treating the physical body with the respect it deserves as well as the spiritual one … can complement beautifully . They then are able to dance along with the ‘music being played’

    One is ‘slightly’ aware of the physical and spiritual. When one is ‘fully’ aware of the capabilities of both … there shall be celebration and awe.

    Let go dearest souls of Earth … of all the heaviness that has become part of you, yet never belonged to you. Treat your minds and your bodies and your souls with the utmost treasured discipline … you shall gain so much incite should you make that choice. Prepare your bodies and your spirits for what is to come. You are on the way … shedding all that is no longer of value as you walk. Feed your beings with the nourishment that allows full function. You are certainly not firing on all cylinders … yet when you do … how you will look back and smile at your ignorance.

    Thanks. We’ll try! … Back to ‘watermelons in the sky’ …

    That which you hear about from ‘us’ … that which you choose to ‘take on board’ … is from our hearts. We come to assist you in ways that will assist you to assist your selves … This we consider to be of most value.

    That which we can offer you in ways of wisdom is our purpose . To share and dream with you. To bring about the TRUTH of WHO YOU ARE and WHAT IS.








    I know that’s it … thank you. Until next time … In Love and Thanks.

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  2. #2 spedman
    February 24, 2012 am29 9:20 am

    thank you again Salusa and mike Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart

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  3. #3 spedman
    February 24, 2012 am29 9:22 am

    new one is up and i posted blossom for you there ad man Yes (EDIT) omg lol i meant to post that on the last one lolololol

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  4. #4 Admiral2012here
    February 24, 2012 am29 9:33 am

    …lol Sped, you crack me up bro

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  5. #5 Norris
    February 24, 2012 am29 10:36 am

    Admiral – thanks for the link a couple of messages ago, Ive signed up to Gravatar and think Ive set it all up correctly, it doesnt seem to be displaying on here yet but might take a little while…

    Laurinda – Thank you very much for your wonderful comments as well, Im glad to be on here with some like minded individuals as its quite difficult to find a good bunch of people like you find on this site! Smile

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  6. #6 Admiral2012here
    February 24, 2012 am29 10:44 am

    …your welcome Norris Smile…but I would think your Avatar should be showing up by now; you might want to try it again

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  7. #7 spedman
    February 24, 2012 am29 11:32 am

    sometimes you have to clean out your internet browsing history as well and the cache deal before it will show up Yes

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  8. #8 Valtor
    February 24, 2012 am29 11:40 am

    Alpha version 1 is ready to play with: http://rbeportal.com/


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  9. #9 Norris
    February 24, 2012 am29 11:43 am

    hmmmm, not sure whats going on here, Ive followed all the instructions, I have cleared my cache, iv uploaded another photo to try again…….

    I presume gravatar links in with the email address ive used for this site….

    seems an overly difficult way to just get a picture displayed I have to say lol!

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  10. #10 Admiral2012here
    February 24, 2012 am29 11:46 am


    Last week, when I posted the story here on the site that World Bank head Robert Zoellick was about to take his banking president’s hat off and had suddenly tendered his resignation, I thought to myself: “Ah, at last! ‘they’ are starting to fall like dominoes – just as SaLuSa and Matthew Ward and others have been telling us they would”.

    But little did I know at the time that, in fact, ‘they’ weren’t just “starting” to fall; ‘they’ had been literally tumbling down, like a giant deck of dominoes – all around the world, and for several weeks now.

    Zoellick may have appeared to be the first big banker (at one of the really BIG banks) to make me sit up and take note. But he wasn’t the first, or the last, by a long stretch. As we are all coming to see.

    Yet, if – like millions of our fellow humans around the world – you were only reading, watching or hearing things from the mainstream media within your own country, you quite possibly wouldn’t have realised that anything important was happening globally at all. Only after a few online searches using ‘banker quits’, ‘bank head resigns’, ‘bank chief steps down’, ‘bank arrest’ and others does the worldwide picture start to come in to view.

    Bingo! Just as our Galactic friends have been telling us things would “soon” be underway and that we had better hold on to our hats, it is obvious that the financial world is really beginning to shake apart right now. And shake from the very, very, very top. All over the world.
    CEOs, Chairmen, Presidents, Directors, CFOs, MDs and more…

    In Switzerland, Japan, Australia, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, the USA, Pakistan, Spain, Russia and China….

    In France, New Zealand, Venezuela, India, Korea, Iran, Kuwait, Nicaragua, Slovenia and even the Vatican… and many other countries.

    Yes, the heads, henchmen and board rulers of the world’s central banks, private banks, financial advisory firms, national banks, the Vatican bank, construction banks, agricultural banks, co-operative banks, investment banks, a charity bank and other financial institutions have all been “miraculously” rolling – resigning, stepping aside, being asked to step aside, retiring, being arrested, becoming the subject of inquiry or about to be charged with fraud.

    One by one. Two by two. Or, in the case of the Beeds District Central Cooperative Bank in India – where a group of 10 directors on that bank’s board quit last October, followed three days later by another 12, out of a total of 25 directors – in very large numbers, indeed. All told, dozens and dozens. And each day, lately, there are more.

    And here’s the good news (well, not for the departees and their friends still clinging to power): this game of dominoes called Accountability hasn’t just simply started, it is well and truly ON.

    SaLuSa even told us so, this Wednesday, February 22. “With an ear to the ground, many of you are aware that banking fraternity are answering for their corrupt financial dealings. It is the commencement of more far reaching actions, that shall ultimately remove the cancer that they have brought into your society.

    “In trying to control the world’s wealth, they have unwittingly brought about their own demise. It has also led back to political persons who have benefitted from their crimes, and they also will be removed. Have no doubt that they will pay the price for what they have done, and coming governmental changes will ensure that your future representatives are above such acts, and are true and honest.”

    Well, that must Include the former German President, Christian Wulff, who was toppled from his perch just last week following his involvement in a home loan scandal that he then tried to silence the press from writing about.

    And based on everything we are hearing, seeing, feeling and consciously seeking, my strong hunch is that he is very unlikely to be the last national head we will be hearing has handed in his presidential cap.

    SaLuSa even suggested that this is exactly the scenario unfolding before us now, in his message of just last Monday, February 20.

    “Nothing escapes our notice, and there are no hiding places that the Illuminati and their minions can use to avoid their fate. They have been offered a way out if they resign, but that does not mean they can get away with their crimes against Humanity.”

    Matthew Ward also told us, back on April 26, 2010 that “the Illuminati is not an organization of card-carrying members, but rather the ‘umbrella’ name of disparate groups and a large number of powerful individuals who have been controlling or heavily influencing the most important aspects of life throughout your world for centuries.

    “In recent years, they also have become known by other designations, such as the secret government, New World Order, dark cabal or the elitists; and they include the top figures in financial institutions, investment markets, multinational corporations, religions, education, media, military forces, judicial systems, entertainment, the medical ‘establishment,’ regulatory and advisory bodies, royal families, Zionists.”

    We can obviously expect more – especially now that these “early dominoes” are falling.

    Even Benjamin Fulford has regularly reported that the writing has been on the wall for the Cabal – and their banker minions – for quite some time. More recently, his February 13 blog post opened with: “The controlled implosion of the Federal Reserve Board and the European Central Bank is continuing and must be completed before a new financial system can go online, according to Pentagon and other sources.”

    David Wilcock has also covered almost every base in his recent major Financial Tyranny expose.

    While in the UK Parliament, on February 16, Lord James of Blackheath, once a banking man himself, went very, very public with his call for a full parliamentary inquiry into a massive US$15 Trillion money-laundering fraud and corruption scandal. In presenting his case, Lord James stated that he had, in his possession, incriminating documentation with the signatures of former Federal Reserve Bank Chair Alan Greenspan and the man who is current US Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner on them – as well as evidence of massive transfers of funds to virtually every mega-bank in the U.S. and UK. Big stuff!

    (Incidentally, Tim Geithner – a former President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, who is described as “an economist, central banker and civil servant” – has been muted as a possible replacement for Zoellick at the World Bank. Hmmmmm, why is it that something tells me that that particular “civil” service ain’t gonna happen now?)

    So, with all this banking turmoil having been tipped off and tipped out, why should we be surprised at all.

    There is simply no reason to be surprised to hear that the head of operations at Spain’s biggest bank, Santander – the Eurozone’s biggest bank by market capitalisation – Francisco Luzon, suddenly announced his voluntary resignation as an executive board member. (Amazingly, still hoping to receive his accumulated pension of nearly 60 million Euros ($77million) plus 9.9 million Euros in bonuses!)

    Or that the Swiss National Bank chairman, Philipp Hildebrand, who also once worked at the World Bank, resigned abruptly following great public uproar over dollar swaps he did that earned him and his wife, a former currency trader, tens of thousands of dollars in profits – at the same time that he was working to lower the value of the soaring Swiss franc.

    There’s also no reason for us to be surprised to hear that scores of other international banking heads have rolled. Or that a director, a senior equities trader and a senior trader all involved with the Royal Bank of Scotland were arrested in a series of raids resulting from a HM (Her Majesty’s?) Revenue and Customs investigation into claims of tax fraud.

    And there’s certainly no reason to even lift an eyebrow on hearing the news that four Catholic priests have been charged with money laundering hundreds of thousands of dollars out of the Vatican’s official bank, the Institute for the Works of Religion.

    No. We should not be surprised at all. For our Galactic friends have been telling us this was all going to happen and that, when change came, it would come quicker than any of us could ever imagine.

    Matthew Ward predicted that big things were going to happen, as far back as May 21, 2008, when he said that truth-telling will result in a thorough “’housecleansing’ within governments, religions, banking corporations, education, commerce, medicine, and health care – every source that has been instrumental in forming your beliefs and conscripting your activities” and that it will continue “until all those sources of deception and corruption have been purged”.

    Then, on September 28, 2009, SaLuSa told us: “Come the time very soon when positive action is going to be taken against them, they will be shocked at the speed with which their destiny will change. There is no one who shall escape the net that draws ever more tightly around them.”

    Now, if this past month alone is anything to go by, that net is only going to get tighter and tighter and many more “dominoes” are set to come crashing down.

    So, sit back and watch them fall, knowing it’s all part of the Divine Plan.

    Hold onto your hat!


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  11. #11 Norris
    February 24, 2012 am29 1:02 pm

    nope, dont have a clue why its not working…. works OK when I test it in Gravatar…. Struggle IDK

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  12. #12 Kellia
    February 24, 2012 am29 3:43 pm

    Admiral, add Haiti to your list!

    Haiti’s prime minister quits after just a few months

    Haitian Prime Minister Garry Conille submitted his resignation Friday, President Michel Joseph Martelly announced.

    Conille just assumed the position in October after being ratified by the country’s Senate. His reasons for stepping down were not immediately clear.

    Martelly’s two previous prime ministerial nominees– businessman Daniel Rouzier and lawyer Bernard Gousse — had been rejected by the Haitian Senate. The inability to form a working government raised concerns about Haiti’s ability to move forward after a devastating earthquake in January 2010.

    Conille, a former United Nations development specialist, served as chief of staff for former President Bill Clinton when the latter served as special U.N. envoy in Haiti.

    In that role, he was involved in international aid delivery to Haiti following the earthquake.

    Haiti has has gotten hardly any aid that was promised after the quake, including from the US. So we know that this Clinton aide is crooked.

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  13. #13 Laurinda
    February 24, 2012 am29 4:32 pm

    Yeah, and I read awhile back that a huge portion of that Haitian relief money ended up in Bush Sr.’s bank account! Once a dirt bag, always a dirt bag! No That really p-ed me off cuz I donated to that fund….to help those poor devastated Haitians.

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  14. #14 Stick
    February 24, 2012 am29 5:52 pm

    I Love the Intensity… dare I say ‘Frustration’ in the new SaLuSa. Bring it!!!
    Here’s some more multidimensional food for thought:

    **Message from the Galactic Federation of Light**
    2/24/12 ~ As channeled through Greg Giles

    Of what numbers are the factors of 33? Our answer is 1, 3, 11, and 33. These numbers hold a special place within the structure of your world, and these numbers have been used by the light as well as the dark for many ages, not just in recent times. As you as a collective reach certain points along your journey, you will find you will begin to recognize many signs and symbols that have been placed before you either by the light or the dark. Just because a symbol has been inserted into your environment by agents of the dark, it does not necessarily denote an evil attempt to control you or manipulate you.

    Take for example the many signs and symbols utilized by those of your secret societies, including the Illuminati and the Freemasons. You will find many of their signs and symbols are not of their construct at all, but are in fact ancient symbols denoting many different sacred powers and structural aspects of your reality. Many symbols possess within them activation codes and the ability to awaken once dormant powers or memories within a being. Many of these symbols are being used at this time to do just that; awaken many souls who are yet asleep as we quickly approach the time when all souls will be awakened.

    The awakening process all of you are currently experiencing, or will soon experience, has been planned meticulously to be as smooth and gentle a process for you as is possible. We wish not to shake you violently out of your dreamlike states, as this sudden awakening can be quite damaging to your energy systems. Those of you who are awakened today are leaders of your fellow man. You have demonstrated that it is you that are suited for and prepared to begin to receive your activations that will return your memories to you of who it is you truly are and all the memories that have been stored within your memory banks before your current incarnation into the physical.

    All your cherished memories have been safely preserved for you and will be returned to you at the appropriate time. This time is approaching rapidly and we see many of you making great strides towards this day by clearing your no longer needed and burdensome lower dimensional thought forms, habits and tendencies. We would be very pleased to see many more of you begin to do this, and we of the Galactic Federation of Light will continue to display the signs and symbols of ancient design that will assist you in these processes.

    You may wish to not always assume that if a symbol is of an esoteric nature that it is being used by the dark for evil purposes. Most of these esoteric symbols are birthed from the higher realms, and it is here in the higher realms where the polarity of good and evil, light and dark, does not exist. There are those symbols displayed by the dark at this time and all throughout their reign; however, this hidden language is not of their own manifestation and has only been borrowed by them.

    What these symbols stand for and what powers of creation they possess is up to you to learn and understand for yourself, and today this information is readily available to all throughout the Internet and bookstores and libraries as well. We suggest to you not to be afraid or shun these symbols, but to learn about them and discover their true meanings and origins. You will find many of them possess no ill intent or dark powers of any kind.

    Looking ahead now to our plans to return you to full consciousness, we see many of you rather excited for this day. We will proceed as slowly and cautiously as is possible, and as such will attempt to give you clues along the way to help better ease you back to this remembrance and not to rush you in any way. The realization of who you are and what lives you have left behind may be rather startling for many of you, and we will do our best to make this as gentle and fun a process for you as we can. We feel many of you already have come to the firm realization that your present incarnation is not your first incarnation. We are very pleased to see this, as this milestone is surely the most important as we begin the process of returning you to full consciousness. We would even say that this step is essential to your memories being returned you.

    We see that it would be quite a shock to many of you if your memories of your prior existence were returned to you when you had no idea they existed in the first place. Preparing yourself with the understanding that many of you not only have a prior history but a lengthy history going back many thousands of years is a very healthy start to these necessary proceedings.

    Another valuable understanding at this time is that we of the higher realms are not strangers to you at all, as all of you have connections, friends and family, that have remained within the higher dimensions while you journeyed ‘down’ into the physical realm of the third dimension. Understanding this will alleviate much of the fear and anxiety some of you are feeling and many more of you will succumb to in the days ahead. To believe that your loved ones who have been guiding you and protecting you throughout all your physical incarnations would sit idly by as negative beings interfered with your journey at any point is without reason or sound conception, and we see this belief as entirely fear-based due to uninformed opinion.

    Please assist us as we assist you spread this information far and wide. There are many channels and sources of this type of liberating information and we wish to see this information at least available to all who may, or may not, choose to at least familiarize themselves with it. This is all we ask as we cannot force anyone to read our words or to believe them upon reading. This is the sacred right of all souls, and all must be permitted to choose their own path and awaken according to their own schedule.

    Although we would very much like to move ahead with our many plans and projects, we cannot rush those who are not yet ready for such revelations that have the power to do damage to certain individuals. There are so very many of you who have achieved very different levels of consciousness and we must cater to those who have yet awakened as it is these souls who are susceptible to damage caused by the sudden shock of such information. All is proceeding very well however, and our plans are proceeding on schedule thanks to our many Lightworkers in the field who are helping spread the word of all that is transpiring in your world. Each of you have your own areas of expertise and knowledge, and we are quite pleased at the coverage of so many different areas of these many different processes and subjects that all deserve their recognition as they each hold a place of relevance at this point in your collective, as well as individual journey. Please keep up the fine work you are all doing, and soon you will reap the benefits of all your labors.

    We continue to see the removal of the fighting forces of the Cabal and their destructive machines, and we are also pleased to share with you that the plans to eradicate them from your reality are also proceeding perfectly according to our prearranged schedule. We see no delays or problems in this regard, and it will not be much longer until they have not one space fighter left available to them.

    The Cabal had amassed quite a force of space fighters and other space travel related crafts as their financial resources were virtually limitless due to their pilfering of the people of your world for centuries. This is the kind of wealth that will soon be returned to you, the people of Earth, upon the initiation of your new financial system in the days ahead.

    We understand that many of you are struggling today as your world economy crumbles under its own bloated weight, and say to you your new system will be yours; there will be no denying this. At this time, many men and women of your world work tirelessly on this new system based on abundance and equality, and we do see the many obstacles standing in the way of its implementation being removed on a daily basis. Upon the arrest of many members of the criminal Cabal, we see the biggest obstacle being removed, and we then see your new system coming online soon afterwards.

    As we have said, much counts on the removal of your criminal Cabal, and much of our efforts are geared towards this process. They will be removed, and much is also transpiring behind the scenes on this front as well. We again ask you to monitor your news outlets and share all relevant information with your brothers and sisters. The news of these mass arrests will come sudden and come hard, and we wish you to be prepared for this inevitability and to share this event with everyone you can reach. This event will surely be the most important event in the history of your planet up to this point, and we wish very much for as many of your world to take part in the celebrations that will be quite appropriate upon these announcements.

    These announcements will come soon, be assured of this. We do not mince our words or paint pictures of false hope for you. Our word is sound, and we tell you these things for very good reason. You may expect to begin to see the arrests of these men and women of the Cabal begin to be reported by certain of your news media very shortly, that is all we can share with you at this present time due to several reasons, one of which is to ensure the safe and successful conclusion to this operation. We have many allies in the line of fire, and we must take all precautions for their safety. All will be explained to you at the proper time, and we again ask you today for patience.

    All that has been assured will be at the appropriate time; this can be no sooner or later as well. All will proceed according to our meticulous schedule, and your ascension into the higher realms will not be stopped or delayed one moment longer than is planned for you as you have waited long enough. We are here to make sure this event transpires according to the timetable set by your Creator, and we will not fail in our task, you can be assured of this.

    We have been behind many of the events of your world for many eons, and we have always adhered to a meticulously kept schedule. All has been designed to bring you to this point that you stand at today, and all plans today have been designed to see you ascend into the higher realms together as one. We have never before let you down in any way, and we certainly will not let you down and allow ourselves to fall behind schedule at this point as you stand so near to your shining moment, what all your difficult incarnations have been for, your ascension as one into the higher realms of this universe.

    We have spoken often of the many projects that must get underway in order to see your ascension event take place as smoothly as is possible and allow as many as possible to experience this event as comfortable as possible. That is the reason behind these many necessary projects, and we will be enlisting many of your planet to carry out these many projects. You will be doing your planet and people a great service through your efforts, and we must get underway very soon in order to stay on schedule. Please remain alert for this next phase of the operation as it will commence immediately upon the arrests of many members of the criminal Cabal. Further details will be given at the appropriate time, and all that are interested in such positions will be briefed on what is expected of you and what you can expect working with us, as well as all the details of your new career opportunities.

    We feel many of you will be very happy with your new careers, and we look so forward to the opportunity to explain more to you when it is the time for this. Until then, please begin to think about a career change and maybe even a change of your current location as our projects will be implemented all across this world, and you may have an opportunity to relocate if this is what you wish. Many of you currently live not where you would like, but where you have had to settle for one reason or another, and we wish to make it known that relocating may be a viable option for you in the days ahead. We see many of you jumping at the chance to live somewhere else, and we see many of you to take advantage of such an opportunity.

    Many of you will soon become new members of the Galactic Federation of Light, and many of you are already members of our organization. We say to you that your careers with us are of a very mobile nature as our great ships possess the ability to travel to the far ends of this universe and back, and we have done so on many occasions and will continue to traverse this universe on a mission of service to other peoples and planets throughout the galaxies.

    We have invested many long years of planning and many in the implementation of the operation, and we will never let anything jeopardize our mission and our success in any way. Many of you are our crew members in the field, and we assure you at this time that we are watching over you and protecting you as to the very best of our abilities. Please do not let the thought of any retaliation at the hands of the dark dismay you in any way from your assignments to spread our messages and your light for as far as you can. This is what you came here to do, and we ask you at this time to complete your mission as you have trained so hard for. We see many of you doing just that, and we thank you again for your courage and your tremendous efforts to persevere in the face of perceived danger and ridicule.

    All your efforts will pay off for all of your world to benefit greatly, and none of this could have been accomplished without your assistance. We again thank you at this time for your sincere efforts, and say to you that the completion of this difficult stage of the overall operation is close at hand and the next phase of the operation will surely be far more enjoyable and rewarding for you.

    We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

    (The remainder of today’s message was of a personal nature; however, I will share it here as I feel many may find the discussion very insightful.)

    We of the Galactic Federation of Light are asking at this time your cooperation to assist us better understand the thought processes of those of your world as we continue on in the days towards your ascension into the higher dimensions. This we will accomplish through our work together as we read the thought processes of those who read our messages shared through our channels. This is one way we can achieve our goals, and at this time this is the most effective means to reach our desired goal to better understand the human mind and the nature of humanity’s collective, as well as individual behavior.

    Much available information has been and continues to be collected throughout this process, and we ask for your continued cooperation in this regard. Please allow us to continue to share our words through you, as we have much yet to accomplish. Our messages as of late are growing in length, but we see this as very necessary to reach our goals. Please cooperate a little while longer as we draw nearer to the day when we can safely interact more personally with humanity and the services of our channels will eventually become unnecessary.

    We of the Galactic Commands thank you for your assistance throughout this process and say to you that your work is greatly appreciated.

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  15. #15 Kellia
    February 24, 2012 am29 6:21 pm

    Laurinda #13

    Bush Sr and Clinton go around together “fundraising” for these relief efforts.

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  16. #16 Laurinda
    February 24, 2012 am29 7:34 pm

    Yes and Clinton also profited from from the Haitian funds I read… Those two, shamelessly fundraising for their own benefit. Man oh man, I wouldn’t want THEIR karma… No

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  17. #17 Stick
    February 24, 2012 am29 11:54 pm

    THE Clock IS NOW ! ! ! . . .


    ~ApotheosisRising247———————– Handcuffs Thunder Shock Star

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  18. #18 Admiral2012here
    February 25, 2012 am29 9:20 am


    I’m here in Hawaii and am about to start a 16-hour CONVERGENCE lecture weekend — my most ambitious ever, with 1175 slides in total, meaning I have to do 73 slides an hour to stay on schedule. I’m very excited about it — there is a lot to talk about!

    The Internet is exploding with lists of major financial industry CEOs who are resigning, mostly just within the last month. The silence from the mainstream media about this is deafening.

    I have heard there are 10 different cases in the US, on a very high level, and they’ve already fled to Brazil and Paraguay. These are NOT in the lists circulating on the internet — at least not yet.

    This only adds further evidence to support the idea that “Something Big Is About to Happen” — namely the mass arrests of so many conspirators.

    I have heard leaks from the inside that the “Next 9/11″ is being planned for February 26th. The negative elite are hoping to bring America to its knees by doing something that will turn the power off so it can never come back on.

    I consider it very highly unlikely that these plans will succeed, due to the remarkable number of “Divine Interventions” that have been happening lately to throw off any and all attempts to start World War III.

    I do believe ETs / Angelic humans are real, and apparently the rules have changed radically.

    John Kettler has recently stepped forward and is giving incredible testimony that supports what I’ve been tracking for the last year and a half on this website with the “China’s October Surprise” story. Kerry Cassidy’s recent interview with him is fascinating.

    Over 40 different attempts to start World War III have been thwarted in the last 2 months by “impossible” means.

    For example: three different times the Israelis and Palestinians have tried to have an all-out shooting war, but their guns jammed on the battlefield. Then when they took them back to the gunnery range, they worked just fine.

    Why do you guys think you will be allowed to destroy the United States power grid on February 26th with all the other signs that this is Game Over?

    Anyway, I hope you all have a nice weekend. Meditate on the positive and stay peaceful and centered to help offset any possibility that this nefarious plan will succeed. I highly doubt it has even the slightest chance of doing anything.

    I thank you again for your continuing support!

    Oh, by the way… I had to laugh as I logged in to write this update and AGAIN got a synchronicity. This time the hit counter was at 218555. I have to be timed down to the second for this to work, but consciously I have no idea!


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  19. #19 Laurinda
    February 25, 2012 am29 10:20 am

    Interesting how all the rats are fleeing to South America, just like they did after WWII. No doubt they are bribing these poorer nations for sanctuary there. Hah, these countries ought to take their money, then offer these traitors to humanity — so they can be prosecuted to the fullest degree. We are always held accountable according to Lizard Law, and they should be held fully responsible too! Maybe then they will finally get it!!!

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  20. #20 Laurinda
    February 25, 2012 am29 10:50 am

    I hope Sir Norris makes an appearance here today, and Sir Robin too!!!! Now they are a couple of bonafide Lightwarriors if you ask me! Yes Yes Yes Peace

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  21. #21 Kellia
    February 25, 2012 am29 12:05 pm

    A black hat gets away…for now

    Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Saturday, February 25, 2012 — 9:38 AM EST

    Bribery Case Against Berlusconi Is Thrown Out

    A court in Milan threw out the bribery case against the former prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, on Saturday, saying that the statute of limitations had expired, according to media reports.

    Mr. Berlusconi, who had denied wrongdoing, had been accused of bribing a British tax lawyer to withhold testimony to protect him.

    The Associated Press reported that Mr. Berlusconi was not in court Saturday afternoon when the court read out its verdict at the trial after about two hours of deliberation.

    In the trial, which began in March 2007, Mr. Berlusconi’s lawyer had argued that the statute of limitations on the crime had expired.

    Prosecutors, however, said say they believed the statute of limitations on the crime will not run out until May at the earliest and they had asked that Mr. Berlusconi be sentenced to five years in prison.
    Read More:

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  22. #22 Kellia
    February 25, 2012 am29 12:22 pm

    The United States power grid is diverse and decentralized. The only way it could be destroyed is from space, if a CME hit the earth dead on, facing North America.

    So I think Wilcock’s “sources” are grossly exaggerating.
    However, an attempt could be made to shut down the grid of a city or state.

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  23. #23 Norris
    February 25, 2012 am29 12:57 pm

    Dont worry Kellia, Berlusconi is named in the trillion dollar Keenan and Scott case as a defendant, so he’s gonna get his come uppance in the end.

    As for this stuff Wilcocks talking about happening tommorrow, I came across this the other day


    So based on David Wilcocks information too methinks they are up to something, I believe they will not be able to do anything though, this is the kind of thing our galactic friends are supposed to be helping us with, and I for one sure do appreciate that!

    All you guys in the USA take care tommorrow anyway Peace Heart US Flag

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  24. #24 Longtime Lurker
    February 25, 2012 am29 2:48 pm
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  25. #25 Laurinda
    February 25, 2012 am29 4:00 pm
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  26. #26 Stick
    February 25, 2012 am29 6:51 pm

    Big Up to *ALL* the ‘Ground Crew’ here at GM… make no mistake about it, each & everyone of you has incarnated at this Clock to play a crucial role in the ‘Shift of the Ages’. Love, Light & Respect to *ALL* Spiritual Warriors… your works echo in Eternity Lion

    **Archangel Michael, I am here to offer my Sword of Truth**
    Channeler: Petra Margolis

    I am here today to offer my sword of fire to release you from any contracts you have ever made.

    My sword is not to destroy, but to bring the truth to the surface.

    My words cannot explain alone what I see within each of you as you are using the words to protect you.

    I live within the oneness, where I do not judge your actions, I merely come to your side as you call me in to bring within you the release of that what is not clear.

    The secrets you are hiding will come to the surface as you release all that held you captive within those secrets.

    Do not use me to hide behind me as the sword I carry is the sword of truth.

    I will come as you call me and the sword of truth I carry cannot help you if you are only using me to fight against others.

    I will assist all, as each person has their own fight within and is asking to be released from the untruth that has held you captive all this time.

    When you see me, see my sword.

    As I carry my sword in front of me, completely balanced, ready to strike and release you from anything that is holding you captive in your human reality, to unleash upon you the truth of what you really are.

    Prepare yourself to be one, one within, one with the world around you.

    Knowing that all secrets can only be held for so long, knowing that all the untruths that you have held onto will have to come to the surface and free up the space within you to receive the truth of what you are.

    I am not the one to hide behind if you want to keep your secrets.

    As I can only be truth.

    I will not judge, as it is not up to me to judge you.

    I can only lift up your veil to the remembrance of what you really are.

    This is why I say, I will assist all that are asking for the veil of the earth to be released from the human mind and heart to receive the freedom within.

    The sword of truth is yours to carry from then on.

    ~Archangel Michael


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  27. #27 Admiral2012here
    February 26, 2012 am29 7:23 am


    Oh boy what a day, even we get them! Dearly beloveds of AH, this is primarily for our dark readers so do NOT read too much into it personally.

    First I am addressing this to the Head of the Federal Reserve System. Yes straight to you Mr. Bernanke. You do know that China IS going to depose you, right? Why not just cooperate, because our on the ground troops are going to assist them at this late date.

    To those who read here on behalf of the Queen, you know you have already had some difficulty getting in contact with her, yes? That should be a big clue.

    Now you ones know we ARE assisting China. We were none to crazy about their acquiring the Federal Reserve, and the games played when they created the stealing of the wealth of the Filipinos, via a fake King ASM, but we have to work with what we have, and with a lot of secret meetings and some giving of carrots they seem to be now in our pocket satisfactorily enough.

    Your new attempts at various “bird flu” against the yellow man will not work so well. And may in fact backfire in like kind and more. YOU KNOW THEY HAVE THAT TECHNOLOGY that caused you all to sign over the Federal Reserve to them. And they have yet to use it, and I suggest you highly consider that they CAN USE IT. WE shall not disclose the nature of that here, for it is not necessary to frighten people. But I suggest you consider they WILL if you do not put down your own “guns” NOW.

    That will not be pretty IF YOU DON’T

    We ARE prepared and as the former message said, we are not necessarily waiting until March 31. We are MOVING FORWARD. That is enough for now. Have a good nights sleep gentlemen and ladies, or maybe we need to return to BBB & G’s to describe you, because ladies and gentlemen is not any to accurate.



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  28. #28 Laurinda
    February 26, 2012 am29 10:17 am

    The above message reads like it was written by a real fake dumb-ass. I mean think about: Plenty of warning has been given to the dark hats, and plenty of opportunities were afforded them to actually do the right thing! When the time is right, I think the white hats will just lower the boom, so to speak. The rats will have nowhere to run. Let’s hope justice will prevail, and all that has been stolen from humanity will be returned.

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  29. #29 Norris
    February 26, 2012 am29 11:24 am

    You’re absolutely right Laurinda, I came across the ‘abundant hope’ website a while back, and realised after a very short while that I was wasting my time with it, theres loads of stuff on there like the above message, not to mention the incredible overwhelming feeling I got saying ‘get off this website!!’ It seems to me it likes to spread fear.

    ‘big cheese of nebadon’ eh, talk to the hand cos the face aint listening. Grin

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  30. #30 Kellia
    February 26, 2012 am29 12:02 pm

    Albert Stanley, Former Halliburton Exec, Sentenced In Bribery Scheme


    A former top Halliburton executive will serve 2 1/2 years in prison after pleading guilty in Houston federal court to orchestrating a $180 million bribery scheme to secure $6 billion in natural gas deals in Nigeria, the Justice Department announced Thursday.

    Albert “Jack” Stanley is the former CEO of KBR, a Halliburton subsidiary at the time of the bribes; he was tapped to run the company in 1998 by future Vice President Dick Cheney, who ran Halliburton between 1996 and 2000. Cheney was not charged in the case.

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  31. #31 Norris
    February 26, 2012 am29 1:22 pm

    OK, so Im sat here listening to the latest ‘wolf spirit radio’ with eva, bill wood etc, and they mention the artwork on display at Denver International Airport, Id never heard anything about it before so thought Id check them out on google images, all I can say is ‘WHAT THE F***!!!’

    Eek! Eek! Eek!

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  32. #32 Laurinda
    February 26, 2012 am29 1:54 pm

    Norris, the “artwork” is appalling and serves as the illuminati’s way of letting Americans know what is in store for them. Disgusting. No No No

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  33. #33 Norris
    February 26, 2012 am29 2:07 pm

    Im actually really shocked! I really dont understand how the ‘skeptics’ can argue with things like that!! Especially with the widespread rumours about whats apparently under there…

    Disgusting indeed No No No

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  34. #34 Stick
    February 26, 2012 am29 4:13 pm

    **New Artifacts Proves Alien Contact With The Mayas**

    Star http://youtu.be/1OfBvcCAfXo Star

    Artifacts are Revealed! by Nassim Haramein & Klaus DonaMayan Secrets to Be Revealed by

    Mexican Government in ’2012′ – Documentary – “Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond,”
    Original by SosickGraphics

    The Mexican government is releasing state-held secrets about the end of the Mayan calendar to the makers of a documentary, “Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond,” TheWrap has learned.

    The information — protected for 80 years — is expected to reveal Mayan beliefs in future catastrophes and wisdom characterized as “shocking,” producer Raul Julia-Levy, son of actor Raul Julia, told TheWrap.

    The end of the Mayan calendar in December 2012 has long given rise to theories and speculation about the end of the world.

    The agreement will allow Julia-Levy to film in never-before-seen locations.

    “The Mayans used to construct one pyramid over another,” tourism minister for the Mexican state of Campeche Luis Augusto Garcia Rosado told TheWrap. “In the site at Calakmul (pictured below right), workers for INAH [the National Institute of Anthropology and History] have discovered rooms inside the pyramid that have never been seen or explored before.

    “And we’re letting this documentary film there, to see what has been discovered inside the pyramid.”

    Julia-Levy (above) said he’d been made aware of the secret Mayan information by former Mexican president Vicente Fox — a friend of his family — and that it took four years of phone calls to finally get the OK from current president Felipe Calderon.

    “This is very important for humanity, not just for Mexico,” said Julia-Levy. “This information has been protected for 80 years, and now it’s important for people to understand the series of events that are coming, and the consequences for all of us.”

    The English-language documentary will be directed by Juan Carlos Ruflo (whose other films include the 2006 Sundance winner “In the Pit”), and will begin shooting later this year. Elbert said the filmmakers are talking to investors and waiting for the government to give them their first look at the material and the site.

    One big condition from the Mexican government was that the film get an initial theatrical release, which is planned for next fall, said Ed Elbert who is co-producing along with Julia-Levy and Sheila M. McCarthy and executive producer Eduardo Vertiz.

    “It has to be released before the end of the Mayan calendar, which is Dec. 21, 2012,” said Julia-Levy.

    That’s the date that the Mayan calendar — which some believe predicts a worldwide cataclysm — comes to the end of a 5,126-year cycle, and resets for another cycle.

    Julia-Levy has been specifically ordered not to talk about any of the more mystical possibilities that might strain credulity as Mexico prepares to launch the far-reaching (and tourism-inducing) 2012 Mayan World Program.

    At one point, Rosado was quoted in a press release talking about contact between the Mayans and extraterrestrials. That statement has been recalled, and Rosado now paints this as a simpler, more archaeological-oriented documentary.

    “At the moment, talk of the Mayans is a big thing,” Rosado said. “We’ve counted over 3 million websites talking about the end of the Mayan calendar, and we have been contacted by a lot of producers who want to come and film on our sites.”

    The project is similar in some ways to a novel Julia-Levy was writing, variously entitled “Chronicles of the Mayan Tunnel” and “Secrets of the Mayan Time Machine.” He and co-producer Elbert were also going to make a 3D movie from that novel starring him and Wesley Snipes, he said in the summer of 2010.

    Several reports from that time said the novel was being written with the help of “secret information” never before released by the Mexican government. But in their conversations with TheWrap, Julia-Levy and Elbert dismissed that project as a “Harry Potter”-style piece of fiction with no connection to the current documentary.

    That film has been set aside, they said, because Snipes is serving a prison sentence for tax evasion. “We put that film on hold,” said Elbert. “Dollar-wise, this documentary might be smaller, but it is based on the release of new and important knowledge from the Mayans.”

    Asked if the movie will involve aliens, mystical elements or doomsday scenarios that have fueled the popular imagination, Julia-Levy declined to elaborate.

    “I’m not allowed to speak about that,” he said. “Everything is going to come out in time, but I can’t comment on aliens or on 2012.

    “I can just say that the Mexican government is preparing to tell humanity and the world things that are critical for us, for the way we live, for the way we’ve been handling the planet.”

    ~VeilsFallinf247———————– Question Shock Star Lion

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  35. #35 Jon M.
    February 26, 2012 am29 6:21 pm

    @Stick, #34: Thanks for the re-link. The original link had been made “private” and I hadn’t seen it since. Smile

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  36. #36 Stick
    February 27, 2012 am29 1:23 am

    SaLuSa ~ 27-February-2012

    You are witnessing the beginning of the end of all that has held you back, so that you can take the quantum leap forward that comes with Ascension. It has taken a long time to get to this exact moment, to enjoy the success of all ours and your endeavours. It was inevitable regardless of what the dark Ones did to stop our progress, and in the end they laid themselves open to defeat because of their immense greed and arrogance. Not even money can buy them their way out of the collapse of their empire, which is now about to come apart. It obviously has not gone unnoticed, and it is giving confidence to people who have stories to tell that will reveal the truth. Changes have suddenly started to speed up, and you can expect them to continue from hereon. Sometimes you might pinch yourself to make sure it is really happening, as they will take your breath away. Always look for the positive aspects of change, which are often more in the way of “clearing the decks” ready for the new to come in.

    Now that the sorting out of people who are not fit to serve you has begun, it will extend to all areas of life. Politicians are by and large unreliable and prone to break their oath to serve you the people. They are already under scrutiny and will soon be subject to removal where they have committed criminal acts. Provisional governments will be put in place where necessary, and control will be given to those who have proved worthy of such responsibility. We do not expect much resistance to the changes, as we have the absolute proof we need to go ahead and there can be no argument about it. If necessary, we can go back in time to prove a point, so you will realise why we can be so confident. It means that we do not have to resort to force to accomplish our gaols.

    The financial situation is still very fluid, but lurches from one problem to another. Whatever is done there will no way of returning to the old ways, and certain currencies will collapse forcing changes that will be welcomed. It will all be part of the end of old systems that allowed much fraudulent activity, and obscene profits made. Profit is not as you might say “a dirty word”, but it should reflect a fair reward for services given. A small number of people have acquired most of the wealth of the world, leaving millions poor and many on less than survival wages. Do not doubt for one moment that it will remain as such because abundance is coming, and the standards of living will be greatly increased. Sharing will be the order of the day, and with ever increasing levels of consciousness people will easily change their approach to one another. Deep within you are loving Beings, that will quickly sweep away the present dogmas, and false differences that have been keeping you apart.

    See everyone as like yourself and accept that it should not be any different, as you all originally came from the Source of All That Is. Each of you have had many lives living according to different creeds and religious orders. You have moved between many different cultures, and that has been part of your necessary experience to bring you back into the Light. It is best to acknowledge the beauty that lies in the differences, that lead to so many varied experiences that are the building bricks of your consciousness. Indeed, you might consider that there would be no point in living with duality unless it presented you with all manner of challenges for your growth.

    Over millennia of time Humans have created so much anger and hatred amongst themselves, that subconsciousness memories of the reasons are still very much held by them. This has led to racial tension and the cabal have played upon it to keep you at one another’s throats. Often the black man has been looked upon as a lesser Being and as illiterate, yet that was intended by the dark Ones as they deliberately denied him real educational opportunities. They knew that it would make them more easier to take into slavery, and for hundreds of years exploited that situation. Your enthusiasm for sports has however partly overcome the problem, as you have what you call “an equal playing field” where the black man has excelled in them. It has helped people to accept the rights of all races to be treated equally.

    Even in this closing period of duality everyone can still learn a lot, as the circumstances will still throw up challenges to test your resolve to be as one who is living the Light. With so many revelations coming out you need to be on your guard, as it would be only too easy to be judgmental. By all means speak about matters, but do it from an impersonal angle without empowering it with your emotional energy. Remember as we have informed you on a number of times, you do not know another souls life plan or why they have chosen their experiences. In the higher Spirit worlds souls are of a vibration that gives no energy to judgement or condemnation, they hold the love vibration and it is not in their way of thinking.

    Dear Ones, you gone through a lot throughout the cycle of duality, and it is now time to rise above it and dissolve any links you have with it. Move firmly into the Light and live it by being compassionate and loving where all life is concerned. It is not as difficult as you may think, and many of you do it without really giving it any thought. When it becomes second nature to you, you will know you are well on the way to completion and Ascension. You will become more like the Being you were, before you stepped down into the lower vibrations. That should feel natural to you as it is your true state of being, as a spiritual Being. As such you may find that you experience a lightness as though you are walking on air, and a peace and calmness that is bliss.

    The Galactic Federation draws closer and is in readiness to allow more sightings of their craft. Certain events indicate that you are rapidly growing more accepting of our presence, and are encouraged by seeing our craft. Before very long, we will be everywhere and sightings will become commonplace. We will be coming and going with the business of helping you with the advent of new technologies, that will lift your standard of life and remove long lasting problems. We wish you to be happy and at peace before you reach the important point and wonderful conclusion to duality this year.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius bidding you every happiness and joy.

    Thank you SaLuSa.
    Mike Quinsey.

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