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Message from SaLuSa for 21 March 2012

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    There is no doubt that of recent times, your consciousness levels have grown quite considerably where we are concerned. There is much more interest in us and our craft, in part due to the frequency in which we are now seen in your skies. Unless as an act of disinformation, there has never been a report associated with the Galactic Federation where we have been hostile without reason. Even so we do not cause death and where we are forced to take protective measures, occupants of your craft are first removed before they are destroyed. Often we are forced into such a position when our orders are ignored, and we only give them where we are authorized to intervene. On most occasions it is when nuclear weapons are about to be used, and all of your governments have been warned that we will not allow it to happen. Believe us Dear Ones, some of your military commanders are still intent on using them to start another war. The path to Ascension is protected by us and it is not our place to save you, but ensure the opportunity is there for you to take. In fact, neither you or Mother Earth would be here today but for our actions. God has spoken on this matter, and we are upholding the edict that this cycle will end with Ascension.

    The Earth is the jewel in the crown, and long sought after by other civilizations. Attempts have been made to take you over and we have prevented them, but the biggest threat to your lives has come from within. Very soon you will get to learn all about your history, and in detail where recent times are concerned. You have fought a battle without actually realizing what you were up against, and much of it has taken place on the higher levels. All along the real one has been between the Light and the dark, and you have only won through in recent times. You have come so close to defeat, and it is a remarkable achievement to have overcome the dark Ones. It only remains to completely cut their links, and remove them to where they are no longer a danger to you.

    Much at present depends on the governmental changes that are being arranged. Naturally there will be opposition, but for those whose fate is decided there is no argument that will save them. We know the truth, and more importantly the motive behind their intentions. Bribery and corruption are rampant in some areas but that will be changed, and once it is we can go ahead by establishing the new Governments. Then and only then will you see the days for celebration become your reality, and peace quickly declared all over the world. At a stroke that will put your feet firmly on the path to Ascension, and no longer will your future be under threat.

    Bide your time while the cleansing goes on, and be assured there will be no delays or interference allowed in our dealings with you. Your needs will be provided for including healing with methods generally new to you, that require no use of drugs or the surgeons knife. It will be a time to move on and firmly step into the 21st. Century with all of its new technologies. The impossible will be proved possible and speed and efficiency our byword. Yes, time speeds on but we can adjust to any needs placed upon us, and it is the extent of our resources that will ensure completion as required by you.

    We hear your cries and know of your despair as your patience wears thin, but as we often mention – the wait will have been worthwhile. There is so much to look forward to and more than most people appreciate or would imagine. Your comfort and happiness are high on our list, and that includes all that eradicates poverty and hunger. There is an answer waiting to sort out every problem that presently exists, and in comparatively short time all will be addressed. Your willing offers to help have been noted, and we know where you all are so many of you will be called upon to help out. Some training and preparations will be carried out on our craft beforehand, but you will not need much in that way, as we know you are very adaptable and keen to learn.

    Just keep on with your daily routine, and keep your sight on the happenings around you from which you may learn the truth of what is happening. It will not be too long before some members of the media will have no option but to report on important events. The idea of deliberate concealment or a distortion of the facts will disappear, with a new resolution to allow proper journalism that has the freedom of truthful reporting. There are few if any big organizations that have not contrived to present only that which keeps you in their control, and regretfully religion is one of those culprits. Most religions have been based on a distortion of the facts, wrapped around outright falsities. As with everything else they will be purged until only the truth remains, and if one wishes to survive in any form whatsoever it will have to acknowledge the truth and abide by it.

    As you now realize the changes will be far reaching, so that you no longer live the lie that has passed as the truth. Have you not often thought that there must be something better than what you have experienced. That there must some purpose in life rather than the aimless routine, that kept you tied to the dictates of the Illuminati. The mere fact that you are now being helped to lift the veil that has prevented you from seeing the truth, should encourage you to stand tall and claim the freedom that has been denied to you. Each individual soul is loved no matter what role they are currently playing, and you all have an equal opportunity to move towards Ascension. You can help each other in this respect by supporting those who are awakening, and sometimes confused by what they are understanding. It is indeed a shock to find that you have been deliberately misled about the true purpose of life.

    We must not forget the creatures of the Earth, as with the physical changes many species are at risk. Man has not always been kind to them and yet they are here to evolve as you are. Domestic pets are generally well treated, but along with those you call wild, they all need kindness and love. Some souls dedicate themselves to such work, but in the near future much more help will be required.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and will tell you that we have creatures on our planet, and that our relationship is one of respect and love for each other.

    Thank you SaLuSa.
    Mike Quinsey.

  1. #1 Laurinda
    March 21, 2012 am31 4:28 pm
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  2. #2 Stick
    March 21, 2012 am31 4:55 pm

    **Hindsight from the Head of the Highway**
    21 March 2012 ~ Pleiadian Renegades

    Masters have no need for followers, for they are aware of the totality of all within their own being.

    January, February, March and finally we have something more to say to you. Your world has something to say to you, too, if you can hear the message in her rumblings. What is the core message? It is the same, from us and from your mothership planet: Nearly here is the opening of the portal that leads conscious understanding to see what it means to be human. What you see now falling at your feet is the rubble of yesterday’s empire. Let the dust settle. From the one source of vibration, reverberations shake and put the pieces out of order into chaos and from there it all falls into place. No master of doom will have anything to say when the time comes for another day to become arranged. There is not the inevitability of control imposed upon you from within the demonically minded keepers of present power. Because they possess a kind of power that cannot stand in the face of Love’s advancing ranks. They can do little when their plans need a new focus. That’s where we come in. We, you and us, together.

    The power of your collective preference to end your enslavement is kicking into higher gear, and friends and family are here, just around the next bend, to help you make the ending chapter of the power-hungry so-called leaders of the planet into the kind of story that will be talked about for generations to come.

    Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the people of an awakened Earth are raising their power to say how they feel about what has been going on behind the scenes, to say what they think about the need for endless streams of corruption to come to a halt, and for justice to unfurl her legacy and blindless see the truth for what it is, for the benefit of each and every soul that has embodied on the planet. It’s not about the minutiae of interdimensional physics that we are speaking, nor of the drama finally stepping out from behind the curtain and into full view. It is about the need for, and the ability of, human beings to recognize who and what they are and claim their rightful place within the cosmic reality of freely living citizens of their own best world. Do you see the difference? It’s up to you to open your eyes. Now would be a good time to see the truth before you.

    It isn’t the time to let fear have another fraction of your attention, for its reign is at an end. In whatever form that takes, does it matter? Just tell yourself that it’s all working out the way it needs to, that sinister plots are in the works and that the power of fear is nothing but a whisper compared to the bold, wild entirety of knowing blasting its cleansing vibration through the rubble of yesterday’s solidity. In the dust of the aftermath, as a new wind brings new life, gain the strength of solidarity of mind, community of mind, and give the demons no more of your time.


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  3. #3 spedman
    March 21, 2012 am31 5:54 pm

    sooooooooooooooooo who’s this Salusa person and why aint they landed yet??? Silly ROTFL Silly ROTFL Silly ROTFL

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  4. #4 Kellia
    March 21, 2012 am31 9:20 pm


    Good Question. How much more of stuff like #1 are they going to watch us put up with till they decide it is the divine right time to intervene?

    People put into desperate straits react violently. Is that what the GFL wants? For us to show we are working to “save ourselves” by turning violent? Because if they really knew anything about human history they would know that this would be the reaction.

    You have to wonder about a Heaven that lets people suffer while waiting for divine right time.

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  5. #5 Reefer
    March 22, 2012 am31 3:15 am

    “hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies!”

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  6. #6 Reefer
    March 22, 2012 am31 4:36 am

    Iranians, we will never bomb your country, we love you!


    I’ve been in Iran a few times years ago, my father worked there for some time building power stations. It was a period of high tension on the streets, there was an ongoing war with Iraq. We’ve had many Iranian friends, great friends!

    My father had an Iranian bodyguard. His wife made nice, warm socks for me and my brother. Iranians, I LOVE YOU!

    Heart & Sun

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  7. #7 Reefer
    March 22, 2012 am31 4:57 am

    Beijing on edge amid coup rumours

    The Chinese capital is awash with speculation, innuendo and rumours of a coup following the most important political purge in decades, with even some of the most well-informed officials in the dark about what comes next.

    Since Bo Xilai, one of China’s most powerful leaders, was removed from his job last Thursday, the bureaucracy and the public have been on tenterhooks, awaiting the next twist in the gripping political saga.

    Besides a one-line statement on Mr Bo’s dismissal published late last week, China’s heavily censored media have not mentioned his name, let alone provided any clues about what will happen to him.

    But the country’s netizens, in particular those using hard-to-censor Twitter-like microblogs, have been flooding the internet with information ranging from highly implausible to apparently authentic.

    In one rumour that spread rapidly on Monday night, a military coup had been launched by Zhou Yongkang, an ally of Mr Bo’s and the man in charge of China’s state security apparatus, and gun battles had erupted in Zhongnanhai, the top leadership compound in the heart of Beijing.

    But when the Financial Times drove past the compound late on Monday night, all appeared calm and by Wednesday evening there was no indication that anything was out of the ordinary.

    However, one person with close ties to China’s security apparatus said Mr Zhou had been ordered not to make any public appearances or take any high-level meetings and was “already under some degree of control”.

    The same person said Mr Bo, who was Communist Party chief of Chongqing until last week, was under house arrest while his wife had been taken away for investigation into suspected corruption, a common charge levelled at senior officials who have lost out in power struggles.


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  8. #8 Reefer
    March 22, 2012 am31 5:53 am

    “Look up! Look up! The clouds are lifting, the sun is breaking through. We are coming out of the darkness into the light. We are coming into a new world. A kind new world where men will rise above their hate and brutality.

    The soul of man has been given wings, and at last he is beginning to fly. He is flying into the rainbow, into the light of hope, into the future, that glorious future that belongs to you, to me and to all of us. Look up. Look up.”

    TRUST & THRUST !!!

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  9. #9 rrachaell71
    March 22, 2012 am31 5:54 am

    What about this March 22, 2012 Megaquake prediction?? Anyone here believe this??? Would our Galactic friends tell us please???

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  10. #10 Laurinda
    March 22, 2012 am31 6:28 am

    rrachaell71: WHO talked about a “Mega Quake?” Kerry Lynn Cassidy up on projectcamelot.org spoke of a quake, but who else did? Question Do you know where the quake was predicted for?

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  11. #11 Laurinda
    March 22, 2012 am31 6:54 am

    Reefer #5: What movie is your quote from dear Braveheart?!

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  12. #12 Laurinda
    March 22, 2012 am31 6:55 am

    Kellia #4: Using my #1 post as my example, I reckon the folks up here on GM are awake, I post “alerts” the way I do, as I reckon they will be passed along to others by the Braveheart Clan here…

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  13. #13 Laurinda
    March 22, 2012 am31 6:57 am

    Addie: ARE YOU OUT THERE TODAY???? Question

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  14. #14 Reefer
    March 22, 2012 am31 7:13 am

    Hi there Laurinda!

    Sorry, #5 is from “The Shawshank Redemption”, and #8 is from Charlie Chaplin’s speech in “The Great Dictator”


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  15. #15 Laurinda
    March 22, 2012 am31 7:17 am

    Hi Reefer! Great quotes indeed! I own the movie “Shawshank Redemption” and there is a lot to that movie on different levels. I have always considered it a film for the soul. In Love

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  16. #16 Reefer
    March 22, 2012 am31 7:22 am

    Absolutely! Shawshank Redemption is for me one of the greatest movies of all times! Wink Yes

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  17. #17 Admiral2012here
    March 22, 2012 am31 7:31 am

    …hey Laurinda, I’m around. I have my boys this week for Spring Break…and just got back tak’n my sister to the airport…now I need to go scan some headlines Smile

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  18. #18 Laurinda
    March 22, 2012 am31 7:37 am

    Hey Addie, there YOU are dearheart!!!!! Nice to see you here, and enjoy those boys!!! Off school today as it is closed due to snow and dangerous driving conditions for the rural school bus routes. Man, you would think it was the dead of Winter up here in Northern Idaho! lol Oh well, JonM sends me Cherry Blossom photos of the Maryland/DC area. And I watch Mama Eagle on the decoraheagles livestream, and it is greening-up in Iowa too! She has three eggs, and they are due to hatch tomorrow through the weekend! WHooo Hooo, I am majorly stoked about THAT!!! Good GODDESS, those eaglets are so adorable when they hatch. Many folks tune in to this livestream, and it is also used as a teaching aide in the classroom! My kids at school loved watching those little babies in that gigantic nest—80 feet up in a huge Cottonwood tree.

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  19. #19 Admiral2012here
    March 22, 2012 am31 8:03 am

    …man, I’m scanning Headlines and it seems the entire world is fall’n apart…it’s gett’n worse Shock…it’s crazy…but I KNOW we have to ride the storm and wait for the dust to settle to see the LIGHT ahead.

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  20. #20 Admiral2012here
    March 22, 2012 am31 8:13 am


    …check this out!


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  21. #21 Admiral2012here
    March 22, 2012 am31 8:23 am


    Bill Maher nailed this one. A no nonsense commentary on the wealth gap. People should start paying attention to these comments.


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  22. #22 Reefer
    March 22, 2012 am31 8:23 am

    I know what you mean Adman… and I HOPE it’s truly the last of the storms.

    Here’s something you probably haven’t heard yet – The portuguese attorney general opened today a criminal inquiry to 14 ministers of the prior government, in a day of general strike. Lets see where this leads…

    Time to stand strong in our truth, no doubt about it! I’m witnessing some hope around me but also a great deal of fear settling in… and I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to hold my strength.
    Things really looked like they’re starting to kick during this first quarter of 2012, but I would guess we all need some “real” results and we need them fast.
    I think a nice sweep of prominent arrests would definitely do the trick. The time is NOW! it has to be…

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  23. #23 Admiral2012here
    March 22, 2012 am31 8:33 am



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  24. #24 Laurinda
    March 22, 2012 am31 8:42 am

    Reefer: I remind you to STAND STRONG WITH OTHER LIGHTWARRIORS ON THE PLANET NOW!!! In fact, stand strong with us here at GM! As others begin to fall by the wayside, it is our solemn duty to remain ever-vigilant, to take up the slack… The Light MUST remain fully-anchored both within our blessed Gaia, and within our hearts—NO SURRENDER, UNLESS IT BE TO THE HIGHER LOVE FREQUENCIES !!! Sun Peace Star Rainbow Heart

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  25. #25 Admiral2012here
    March 22, 2012 am31 8:42 am



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  26. #26 Reefer
    March 22, 2012 am31 9:13 am

    HOOAH Laurinda! I’m with you guys all the way, for GAIA!

    But I won’t lie to you, this spring had a crazy way to greet at least to some of us. The last couple of days were much “heavier” energywise. I’d bet I’m not the only one to have felt it this way.

    Standing fast!

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  27. #27 xaxaxaxaxa
    March 22, 2012 am31 9:30 am
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  28. #28 Laurinda
    March 22, 2012 am31 9:31 am

    Reefer: Excellent then! We are all stronger when we stand together for the Light!!! Interesting, I have seen the children at school acting whackier and way more “spacey” at school lately. Its almost like they are only partly here, and somewhere else too. It is not comfortable to be around, so I am glad for a “snow day” and to have the schools closed today. I tell you Reefer, it is almost impossible to instruct under these conditions….Happily our Spring Break starts on March 30th.

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  29. #29 Laurinda
    March 22, 2012 am31 9:32 am

    Addie #25: Great vids indeed, and thanks for posting them for all of us. The Plasma Ships and the ship over Russia were of particular interest to me… Yes

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  30. #30 Laurinda
    March 22, 2012 am31 9:51 am

    xaxaxaxaxa: WELCOME TO GM! The vid you just posted is awesome!!!! The ET’s are getting more and more blatant now, aren’t they?! Thank you. Yes

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  31. #31 xaxaxaxaxa
    March 22, 2012 am31 11:16 am

    thanks Grin

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  32. #32 starbeing
    March 22, 2012 am31 12:01 pm

    # 24 Well said Laurinda! Rose Yes Yes This is why we chose to be here now! Stay strong and keep sharing the light Star Star Star

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  33. #33 Admiral2012here
    March 22, 2012 am31 12:18 pm


    Notice: 03.21.12 The completion of the next actionable event taken by the people of Procyon w/in the Andromeda Council is likely to be marked by a very large energy ball, a lighted sphere…which many people call an “orb”… within the next few days. It should be visible from a coastline. For those people who are interested in or aware of such things – it can be considered a “marker”, an “indicator”, or a “sign”.


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  34. #34 Norris
    March 22, 2012 am31 12:19 pm

    I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! Heart Heart Heart Heart

    Just thought Id let ya know Grin

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  35. #35 Admiral2012here
    March 22, 2012 am31 12:21 pm


    **IMPORTANT** Please listen to new, live Tolec interview with Mark Snider of – Ohio Exopolitics Radio – Sunday, 9:00PM (EDT), March 25, 2012. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ohioexopolitics Callers may call in at: 917.889.7099.

    This is guaranteed to be a ‘watershed moment ‘ – breaking news story & interview.


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  36. #36 Admiral2012here
    March 22, 2012 am31 12:22 pm

    …back to you Norris Heart

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  37. #37 Reefer
    March 22, 2012 am31 12:28 pm

    #34 Likewise my friend, likewise!

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  38. #38 Reefer
    March 22, 2012 am31 12:29 pm
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  39. #39 Admiral2012here
    March 22, 2012 am31 12:31 pm


    As soon as it is absolutely safe for humans on Earth – for our star brothers, sisters, and cousins to finally be able to visit with us, they will do so. They will keep their promise regarding this commitment they have made.

    But right now, their number one priority is to eliminate from Earth the remaining less critical, but still dangerous, reptilian underground & undersea bases. Securing the safety & freedom of Earth’s people must come first…

    especially given the extensive process the people from Procyon currently face in the final clean up & removal of the underground and undersea Reptilian bases located around the globe. Completing this process is a priority to ensure everyone’s safety from this point forward. It is imperative. Therefore, please continue to be patient.

    However, you can be sure, once the people from the planets – Ventra, Nikotae, Toleka & Ritol start to visit us here on Earth… it will be a fun experience for many of us.

    note: please look for the new report, in the .pdf section on reports, upper left hand side of this page, of a complete description of all four (4) ET races listed above who will be having continual, ongoing contact & very informally visiting with the people of Earth.

    And it should be an enjoyable education for virtually everyone. The question of whether we are alone or not – will finally be answered.​


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  40. #40 Kellia
    March 22, 2012 am31 12:42 pm

    JPMorgan Chase Closes Vatican account on suspicion of money laundering


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  41. #41 Laurinda
    March 22, 2012 am31 1:13 pm

    Sending lots of love right back to ya dear Norris! Heart

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  42. #42 rrachaell71
    March 22, 2012 am31 1:19 pm

    For Lauralinda:here is one to look at..also look up 322 and megaquake march 22,2012. there is a lot of blogs and vids.
    188 day theory…and the planets alignment along with an axis shift.

    MegaQuake predicted for today…
    Im not trying to spread fear, only curious..Im not afraid, im excited. I see changes and feel the light has started overcoming the dark. so i believe our friends in the sky would not allow such a thing. however it may have to be in order for the earth to evolve and change. anyone have anything for me??

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  43. #43 Laurinda
    March 22, 2012 am31 1:20 pm

    Remember why we came here in the first place…To remember who we are, and TO STAND AS ONE—UNITED IN THE LIGHT OF LOVE! Yes, 2012 is humanity’s wake-up call… Sun Heart

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  44. #44 Laurinda
    March 22, 2012 am31 1:26 pm
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  45. #45 Admiral2012here
    March 22, 2012 am31 1:34 pm



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  46. #46 Reefer
    March 22, 2012 am31 2:02 pm

    Policeman striking a photojournalist in Lisbon earlier today:


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  47. #47 Admiral2012here
    March 22, 2012 am31 2:06 pm



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  48. #48 Admiral2012here
    March 22, 2012 am31 2:09 pm


    There is a clear pattern in the MegaQuake/Axis Shifts of 2010 and 2011. Every 188-9 days, we have a quake above 7.0, and every 377 days the axis of the Earth shifts. In my opinion something external is causing this, possibly our binary solar system’s twin sun, or a circumbinary planet in our system, that is getting closer.


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  49. #49 Admiral2012here
    March 22, 2012 am31 2:19 pm



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  50. #50 Reefer
    March 22, 2012 am31 2:44 pm

    Singh under fire over new India scandal

    India’s coalition government was rocked by a fresh corruption scandal on Thursday after it was accused of forgoing $210bn in potential revenues by selling coal assets too cheaply to some of the country’s top industrialists.

    The accusations – contained in a leaked 110-page draft report by India’s comptroller and auditor general – prompted an uproar from the opposition Bharatiya Janata party, which attacked the government led by Manmohan Singh, prime minister, for mounting a “very serious scam”.

    The government “is looting the country”, said Prakash Javadekar, a BJP spokesman. “We can’t allow this to happen.”

    The scandal is the latest in a series that has undermined the Congress-led coalition government, brought parliament to a virtual standstill and deterred foreign investment. The new allegations are particularly damaging because they concern a time when Mr Singh’s office oversaw the mining ministry.


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  51. #51 Laurinda
    March 22, 2012 am31 2:52 pm

    Addie #45: I must have missed something in this video, as this just looks like another far-off lit up dot in the sky. Why is it called a Mother Ship?

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  52. #52 Admiral2012here
    March 22, 2012 am31 3:04 pm

    …I don’t know Laurinda…I was think’n maybe it was partially cloaked only show’n the outer ring and the light in the middle

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  53. #53 Laurinda
    March 22, 2012 am31 3:21 pm

    Addie: Oh, okay. Lots goin’ on now, and more and more dramatic displays of ships out there—awesome, just awesome!

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  54. #54 Valtor
    March 22, 2012 am31 3:31 pm

    Yes Smile

    Love and light to ALL of you my friends !

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  55. #55 Reefer
    March 22, 2012 am31 4:31 pm

    Thank you Valtor, to you as well! Wink

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  56. #56 Stick
    March 22, 2012 am31 4:38 pm

    ( ( ( Love, Light & Respect GM Massive ) ) ) Temet Nosce 247!!!

    **Message from Yeshua ~ Let Go**
    As channeled through Fran Zepeda ~ 3.22.12

    The ways of the world are changing, dear ones. Hold on to your hats. You are about to experience what you have never experienced in all your lifetimes, since the inception of your souls into this 3D experience.

    What have you learned through all these 3D experiences? That is indeed the question to ponder, for as soon as you know, you will be free to let go and move on with the richness you have gained through living these experiences. Take the gift and move on. What a glorious day awaits you as you enter into this New Earth armed with an armload of these gifts, leaving behind the pain and suffering that came with the learning.

    There is beautiful Light, luminescent Light coming from those jewels you carry with you forward into this new age. You have transmuted many, many experiences into fodder for your happiness, dear ones. Hold and behold these gifts. They are yours forever, and you will be sharing them with so many others as you gather around and share your love and knowledge with every waiting ear and heart.

    Time to roll up your sleeves, dear friends, and venture into this new Land of Plenty, with plenty of Love, plenty of Forgiveness, plenty of Light, plenty of Compassion, plenty of Prosperity, and plenty of meaningful Now moments. Embrace, dear ones ~ Embrace and Enjoy!

    You all have come so far. You all should be commended for your strength and courage in traversing this treacherous pathway to the 5th Dimension, to the Gates of All That Is. Pat yourselves on the back and keep going. You have a ways to go, more to let go of. The phrase of the day is “Let Go”, dear ones. Let Go!

    Let Go of any remaining hurts, grudges, regrets, and pain that are holding you back from true Bliss. Examine what it is in your life that you still need to let go. What is needed to complete the experiences so that they just yield the gift of the lesson? What do you still need to let go of?

    Ponder this and put your glorious Light around this and you will emerge victorious into the New Earth and into the 5th Dimension clean and clear and ready for glorious expansion and Joy. We promise you this!

    Your loving brother, Yeshua

    ~OneLoveEvolution777—————————- Yin Yang Thunder Peace Star

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  57. #57 Freedome
    March 22, 2012 am31 7:03 pm

    Long time follower first time poster here.

    Just thought I’d add my 2 cents about the UFO sightings as of late. I’ve been watching the skies at night for quite some time now, almost anytime I can catch a clear night. It’s been mostly what you’d expect where I live; stars and planes that come and go from the same parts of the sky, the usual. But over the last month or so I’ve been seeing many moving lights high up in the atmosphere. They aren’t planes or helicopters, and they’re certainly not flares or weather balloons. They look like stars from the ground (they blend in well unless you really look) and they move unlike any existing aircraft I’ve ever heard of.

    At first I was seeing maybe one or two in a sitting, but more recently I’ve been seeing anywhere up to eight in one night! And this is only within a period of 30 minutes or so of watching. Last night when I went out I saw none of the usual ones, but I did catch an amber colored light-form streak quickly on the horizon, appearing for a couple of seconds and then vanishing into thin air again.

    Now I’m a pretty hard skeptic (albeit a fairly open minded one) but even I now believe for sure that we have an ET presence on earth. And a benevolent one at that! It’s going to be an interesting year indeed.

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  58. #58 Valtor
    March 22, 2012 am31 7:09 pm


    Yes Grin

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  59. #59 barda
    March 22, 2012 am31 7:47 pm

    @Freedome # 56….thats awesome! Yea today there is just too much evidence to cover up/deny ET presence. Its funny because most of the people who are hardcore skeptics (closed minded ones) claim ETs dont exist yet they havent looked at one piece of evidence. Agreed also, this year is gonna be wild! Smile

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  60. #60 Admiral2012here
    March 22, 2012 am31 7:51 pm

    …awh!…it’s happen’n, they’re out there…just keep an open mind Smile…and ride the storm to a better world

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  61. #61 Laurinda
    March 22, 2012 am31 7:52 pm

    Freedome: Welcome to GM!!! Rose

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  62. #62 Laurinda
    March 22, 2012 am31 7:53 pm

    barda: Welcome to GM!!! Rainbow

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  63. #63 Laurinda
    March 22, 2012 am31 7:54 pm

    Nice to see you back up here at GM Valtor! Sun

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  64. #64 Valtor
    March 22, 2012 am31 8:00 pm

    Rose Heart Rose

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  65. #65 barda
    March 22, 2012 am31 8:23 pm

    Thx Laurinda! I been reading these post for about 7 months now, I just dont post much lol! Wink Wink

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  66. #66 Raven
    March 22, 2012 am31 11:45 pm

    Still waiting to see my grand UFO. Did see a very huge shooting star at sunset earlier in the week…it was green and lasted quite a long distance…pretty neato.

    Also about these “new” vids coming out about the Anunnaki saving the world from the N(OLD)WO. That is PURE dis-info started from the cabal. They are desperate and going to use these stories to make the BAD ET’s seem like the good guys….and vice versa. Remember, whenever a cabal or a cabal puppet says something or someone is good, you can pretty much guaranty that it’s a lie.

    What I have found out about youtube poster/uploaders…if they have comments turned off, it usually means fake or just plain dis-info propaganda.

    Peace, Love, Light and Cake

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  67. #67 Kellia
    March 23, 2012 am31 12:25 am

    As Occupy Arrestees Arraigned, Iris Scans Affect Bail

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  68. #68 Stick
    March 23, 2012 am31 12:33 am

    Just not sure why #56 went into moderation??? Pain

    SaLuSa ~ 23-March-2012.

    In some respects the world is passing through a quieter period than normal, and that is partly due to our activities and those of our allies. A point has been reached where we are able to exert more authority over the dark Ones, who are rapidly losing their power. More people are standing up against them, having acquired a great deal of confidence from seeing others successfully doing the same. It shall continue and help us to achieve our aims to go ahead with our plans, for your total release from the shackles of the past. Many aspects of them are well advanced, and you are entering a rather odd time. You will clearly see the old values and things that you relied upon falling out of sight, but not the new that will replace it. A thorough sweeping away is needed before matters are sufficiently ready for us to take charge. Even so we desire that the reigns of power are passed over to you, and our role is to help you achieve those ends.

    A most pleasing development in very recent times is that your consciousness levels continue to grow, and the awakening amongst you is going to make the coming period a lot easier to handle. It is important that we soon commence direct contact with you, as their are so many important issues that we must address. The scene must be set for the major changes waiting to come out, particularly where the financial position is concerned. It is imperative that it is established correctly, and coordinated throughout the many countries involved. Our allies are aware of these needs, and together we are confident of success. Once finance and governance are established in accordance with your destined future, then we know that the basis will exist for the remaining changes to go ahead.

    Achieving peace after thousands of years of continual wars will cause a dramatic change in people’s lives, and their outlook will suddenly brighten up. The realization will set in that life was meant to be happy, joyful and rewarding, and a unity will take place that would not have been possible previously. Slowly the people will come to understand the Oneness of everything and how it is all part of the whole. The falseness of beliefs in separatism and the deliberate distortion of the truth about the purpose of life, will be seen as no more than the attempts of the dark Ones to maintain a division amongst the people. The coming of peace will change all of that, and a wave of relief and joy will sweep across the Earth. Old differences will be set aside and it will be seen that a wonderful future lies ahead. By then people will have become more informed of what the changes were leading to, and helped to understand the process of Ascension.

    Clearly there is a lot of work to do but as we have often informed you, we have no problems in being equal to the task. Be assured that whatever needs to be done to ensure completion as planned, it will be carried out with full efficiency. The size of some tasks are enormous, but we have all the necessary equipment and personnel to do it. The Galactic Federation is of an immense size and quite used to handling complex and gigantic tasks. It is growing all of the time, as more civilizations reach the required level of consciousness that enables them to become members. You Dear Ones of Earth who are ascending will have reached that level, and can also take your place with us.

    What a fitting end you are about to experience, after having battled your way through some of the darkest periods in your lives. Now you are playing out the last acts and clearing any remaining karma, and moving into the higher vibrations and releasing yourself from the lower ones. It is still up to you how you experience the final period, but one thing that will remain unchanged will be Ascension. You can all take much credit for the fact that you have brought so much Light to Earth, that up to now there has been little signs of the apocalyptic end times expected in some quarters. Of course physical changes must occur, but they do not need to be catastrophic and we will lessen their affects.

    Sometimes we feel that many of you do not fully understand the implications of what is happening. Make no mistake, all that you thought was permanently on Earth as a natural consequence of your creations, is largely the work of those who enslaved you. You have had little say if any at all in what has passed as your life experiences. It is however true that you have made the most of them by accepting the challenge to overcome them. The dark Ones have unwittingly helped you evolve, and you have not only survived but brought the Light to Earth so that it has stopped their plans from preventing Ascension. You have proved more than equal to the task, and have shown the extent of your good faith in the higher powers that have guided you. Furthermore, you have achieved it without knowing the full facts, and until fairly recently that your victory was to lead you directly to Ascension. You can rightly feel proud of yourselves, and we have endless admiration for you all. You are truly Warriors of the Light that have earnt all of the accolades that will come your way.

    You no longer have anything to fear, although you will hear reports of confrontations where countries play the old game of pretence. They may harbor thoughts of war but it will go no further, and we will see to it that it comes to nothing. They will soon have to put away all weapons of war, and we will ensure that there is no skullduggery or deceit. We mean business when we talk of these things, and in no uncertain manner shall address all nations when our peace talks begin. We will not be asking them to accept peace, but demanding it on your behalf and at the request of higher powers than Man. It will come very soon and allow you the opportunity to live in safety, and without fear of the loss of life, your belongings or your home.

    Dear Ones, all that has been promised will be fulfilled, and we are here to see that the changes are in accordance with the Divine Plan. Be cheerful and enjoy the thoughts that Ascension evokes, and allow your consciousness free range to do so. Think changes and how wonderful life is going to be, and if possible share your thoughts with those who also sense what is coming. Love every soul as yourself and that will be of great service to them.

    Thank you SaLuSa,
    Mike Quinsey.

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  69. #69 Norris
    March 23, 2012 am31 3:07 am

    Freedome #56 – I know exactly what you mean, Ive been seeing the exact same lights you descibed for the last 3-4 years at least. Like you say they just look like stars but move in a sort of ‘wobble’ across the sky, and a lot of time even completely change direction. I see them every single time I go outside on a clear night, I also see a shooting star every single time without fail, some people never see a shooting star in their life, I see one every single time. Ive made sure other people can see them too so I I knew I wasnt imagining things. Grin Grin Grin

    In fact not long ago I was posting like a mad man one night on here cos more and more of them were appearing above my house, I weas very excited lol!

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  70. #70 Gordon
    March 23, 2012 am31 5:13 am

    Freedome, welcome, and thanks for your thoughts. I have also seen lights like the ones you describe, moving or moving and flashing high up in the atmosphere. CSETI, an organization created by Stephen Greer, is a group that is dedicated to grassroots sky observation and contact. Groups of people get together and sit in a circle, observing the sky. My wife and I have been doing this occasionally over the last 10 years or so. Around 2001, when we started, it was rare to see anything that could not be easily explained as a satellite, plane, meteor, etc, but in more recent times, in the last 2-3 years, we have seen quite a few more lights high up in the atmosphere, just pinpoints of light, moving, or flashing at different locations. The weather is so bad this time of year here in Washington state to do skywatching– too many clouds, too much wind, cold, and rain– but your post is inspiring and as the weather improves, we’ll definitely be getting a group together and watching the sky.

    The next step beyond watching the sky is attempting to communicate with the beings. In the CSETI work, the premise is that these beings monitor thought and consciousness, and so meditation and directed thought is really the next step in reaching out to them. We have methods of inviting them to come closer and attempting to show them where we are. We also use laser pointers to indicate our position. The potential is there for the ships to come closer. I haven’t experienced it, but who knows what could happen.


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  71. #71 Norris
    March 23, 2012 am31 6:28 am

    Gordon – I too used to point a laser pointer into the sky, there were many times when it looked like they were ‘playing’ with me, and would follow the laser pointer or change directions to avoid the laser pointer, it was a lot of fun!

    Cool Cool Cool

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  72. #72 Admiral2012here
    March 23, 2012 am31 7:26 am


    The United States has held the presidency since the bank’s inception after World War Two, and a European has always headed its sister organization, the International Monetary Fund.

    While the Obama administration has said it would nominate someone to replace Robert Zoellick when he steps down in June, its choice remains shrouded in mystery.

    Nancy Birdsall, president of the Center for Global Development in Washington, said the delay in naming a U.S. candidate had opened the door for others.

    “For the first time there is a competition, or there is at least the initial perception of a serious competition. And, the only way to get open, merit-based and transparent is when there is competition,” she said.

    The rise of emerging economies such as China, India and Brazil has put pressure on the United States and Europe to throw open the selection process for both the bank and the IMF.

    Last year, all of the bank’s 187 member countries agreed on a transparent, merit-based process to select a president.



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  73. #73 Admiral2012here
    March 23, 2012 am31 7:47 am


    Researchers have found skeletal remains of a previously unknown human species in southern China that possess an unusual mix of bygone and modern human features.

    The bones, dating back to between 11,500 and 14,500 years ago, belong to at least five individuals, researchers say.

    Some of the skeletons have been excavated in Maludong (or Red Deer Cave) located in Yunnan Province, and the others in Longlin of the neighboring Guangxi Province.

    The skulls and teeth from the two locations are very similar to each other, suggesting that they are from the same population.

    Although the newly unearthed features are completely different from a fully modern human they have a mix of archaic and modern characteristics.

    The excavated individuals had rounded brain cases with prominent brow ridges and their skull bones were quite thick. Their faces were quite short and flat and tucked under the brain, and they had broad noses, scientists described.

    “Their jaws jutted forward but they lacked a modern-human-like chin. Computed tomography or X-ray scans of their brain cavities indicate they had modern-looking frontal lobes but quite archaic-looking anterior or parietal, lobes. They also had large molar teeth,” they explained.



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  74. #74 Stick
    March 24, 2012 am31 4:50 pm

    **Shifting Paradigms: Toward Divine Wisdom and Understanding**
    By WingMakers

    The wisdom and understanding of our own divine essence is like a beacon that invites us inward toward ever deeper connection with all around us. Yet rather than look within, most in this world prefer to look outward for divine wisdom, thus sustaining a dependence upon a vast hierarchy that stretches between the individual and the Divine. In all our wanderings away from the Divine, humankind has obscured its most compelling features through a persistent belief in limitations arising out of the controlling mechanisms of this hierarchy.

    The Divine dances outside of the confines of any hierarchical structures.

    It is complete within itself, and has a singular purpose of demonstrating the collective potential of all life within the universe. It is the archetype of perfection. It is the standard bearer of each soul’s innate design and ultimate destiny. The essence of the Divine is far beyond mental conception, yet humanity’s tendency is to resort to the limiting language of the hierarchical paradigm to define and understand it.

    -The Hierarchical Paradigm: Searching for Connection and Wholeness

    When people are unaware of their inner wisdom and wholeness, they tend to search for order and security outside themselves. Uncertain of their place within the hierarchical order of the world, they define themselves based upon their insecurities. Individuals thus become only pieces of their wholeness and like shards of glass from a beautiful vase, they bear little resemblance to their aggregate beauty. Within the hierarchy, many in high positions of power have taken advantage of our collective insecurities in attempting to guide the development of all humankind. They have obscured the direct connection between the individual and the Divine through a variety of means designed to intercede between our inner essence and our divine source.

    Each individual can come to know themselves to be free of all forms of hierarchical control. This is not to imply that we should not trust others or join together in bonds of friendship and community. It is simply a reminder that relative truth is constantly shifting in the hands of those who desire to control. And even when the motive for their controlling behaviors may be of good will, it is still a form of control. When the revealers of “truth” within the hierarchy withhold and suppress information, they are usually positioning themselves to maintain or acquire more power rather than to disseminate empowerment to all.

    The desire for connection and wholeness is a fuel that drives us to seek out and explore the hierarchical paradigm. This inner longing provides us with the motivation to seek help and guidance from a specific group within the hierarchy, and in so doing, cultivate a sense of belonging and connection. Furthermore, the hierarchical paradigm is a stage whereby we develop a sense of connection to some grand, encompassing vision. This is why the hierarchy nurtures prophets who point toward a greater vision.

    Spiritual leaders are able to peer deeply beneath the surface reality of life and experience how intricately connected every life form is, and how the composite of all life is intelligent far beyond measure. These visionary leaders can thus interpret reality through their personal abilities to perceive and express life’s dimensional depth and limitless intelligence. Yet no one is able to articulate life’s full dimensional depth and breadth with the tools of language. They can only, at best, describe their interpretation or their impressions.

    In actuality, all of us are able to peer beneath the surface reality of life and perceive a unique vision of the universe. We require only time and intention to develop our own interpretations. And this is precisely what many great spiritual leaders have taught. Life’s deeper essence is not an absolute to be experienced by the chosen few, but an evolving, dynamic intelligence that wears as many faces as there are life forms. No group or people has the exclusive portal into the universe by which the Divine expresses itself in all its majesty. The portal is open and available to all, because the Divine is within all things.

    Those recognized as great prophets each produced a vision of the universe beyond what was currently defined by the hierarchy. Because their interpretations were articulated with authority and depth of insight, they became a target of debate among various groups in the hierarchy. This debate then created a polarity of belief. A sympathetic constituency emerged to defend and embellish their leader’s interpretation, while established groups held it in contempt of previously held beliefs. Invariably, the leader’s vision became confined and shaped into dogma by followers who desired to create a new religion or sect. Thus, this infusion of fresh insight quietly receded into the hands of the hierarchy, where its deeper meaning was obscured by the very fact that it was incorporated into a rigid structure that both protected and promoted it.

    -The Transformation Paradigm: Inner Wisdom and Understanding

    A new paradigm is emerging that promotes a clear connection of individual consciousness to the compelling features of the Divine without the intervention of a hierarchy. This is when the fables and myths of history step into the light and become known as they were originally intended. This is the time when language will be transformed into a new form of communication that breaks down all barriers of control. Personal transformation, through the awakening of inner wisdom and understanding, is the pathway into wholeness.

    The transformation paradigm is initiated simply by the recognition that rather than the dependency-inducing ways of the hierarchical paradigm, there are accelerated, independent pathways that bypass the hierarchy and lead to self-mastery. These new pathways lead to the divine wisdom and understanding that is present within all of us. This wisdom can be accessed through the practice of three principles of transformation: seeing the Divine in all, nurturance of life, and gratitude. The application of these life principles disengages individuals from the controlling elements of the hierarchy, thus initiating the transformation experience.

    As there are relative truths, there are relative freedoms. As individuals evolve through the hierarchical process, an ever-increasing sense of freedom is gained, yet external forces continue to exert control through limiting language, confining belief systems, and more. These controlling influences lead to continued reliance upon the hierarchy as it unceasingly attempts to impose a sense of inequality between us. The underlying equation of the hierarchical paradigm is: individual + hierarchy = God connection. In the case of personal transformation it is: individual + inner wisdom and understanding = divine equality with all.

    -The Synthesis Paradigm: Integration

    The time has come to integrate the dominant paradigm of the hierarchy with the liberating transformation paradigm. This integration occurs naturally once we have fully explored the two paradigms and develop a synthesis paradigm whereby transformation is attained by searching for connection and wholeness through our own inner wisdom and understanding. It is this combination of release from dependency on the hierarchy and transformation from within that initiates the synthesis paradigm.

    Once we take responsibility for our own transformation and integration, it does not mean that the hierarchy is to be shunned or avoided. The hierarchy is quite benign as a manipulative force and merely represents one important stage in the journey toward wholeness. What is being set in motion now is the initial preparation for these paradigm shifts. More specifically, these paradigms will be simultaneously played out over the coming years. As always, it will be the choice of each one of us as to which paradigm we embrace in our journey.

    All of the highest imaginings of humanity are yet unaware of our deepest foundation. We have sought the upper reaches of the building, yet remain unaware of the foundation’s design. It is here, at the very core of existence that the Divine is bursting forth with its creative energy while simultaneously reintegrating with its invitation to wholeness. It is here that equality is realized, not in the lofty places of relative truth lodged in the hierarchy, but rather in the deepest part of the foundational plan of life’s original source and ultimate destiny. The origin and destiny of existence is the tone of equality in life. Listen for this tone – this frequency of vibration – and follow it back into the very foundation from whence all things arise and return.

    Consider these words as symbols only. Feel the truth that stands behind these words, and tap into this empowering energy force that reaches out for you. Know it as a tone or vibration – a resonance that waits for you around every corner in which your life will turn. It is a beacon of the Divine gathering itself into the form of language in order to usher you to a place from which you can experience the formless tone of equality – the bypass of limitation. It is the primal language of our divine source that bestows to you the freedom to generate your own deepest beauty in the expression of your highest truth.

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  75. #75 Stick
    March 25, 2012 am31 7:08 pm

    **Wanderer of the Skies** ~ March 25, 2012

    Greetings from the Federation: Let us begin by saying that your world will shortly be undergoing changes that will bring it into alignment with the Ascension process. Gaia has sent her message to the Creator that she is ready. She, and all of us, are anxiously awaiting the response. It is no small matter. The response from the Creator could be the “green light” which allows us to move forward with disclosure. Therefore, our hearts are turned towards the Creator at this time as we await word of how and when to proceed.

    This message from Gaia is her assurance that she is prepared for the next step and is willing to proceed. It is also her “assessment” that all living beings which take sustenance from her are reasonably prepared for the next phase. This assessment is very important, for without it Creator would not consider such a position viable. Therefore, we have moved collectively into a very important phase of the process and one which brings us no end to the excitement of the prospects before us.

    There has been a turning away of many who see this process dragging on and use this as proof that is was never meant to be in the first place. This will change upon the Creator’s response and we are reasonably excited to believe that the time has come. The call has gone out from the Federation to all systems in the cosmos and an even greater number of visitors are now heading this way to observe this next phase in activities. In that respect, you can expect that another “Norway spiral” will occur as more dimensional beings arrive over the next several weeks.

    Many exciting things are now planned in the days and weeks ahead. As changes continue with your world governments and your media, with emphasis on your financial institutions, you will see more and more a willingness to openly discuss what has, until now, been the 800 pound gorilla in the room. You will hear statements as politicians and media personality begin to openly talk about the Illuminati and their role in your world and what must be done to take back the world for your people.

    A new “discovery” about to be revealed to the masses concerning the deepest underground cave yet found is a leak of information on one of the doorways to a world containing beings who you have called the Agarthans. It will set the stage, if necessary, for future revelations about these beings and their role here.

    Keep in mind that as these matters develop, they are done so in a specific order for a specific reason that is interconnected to a much grander plan than we cannot reveal to you now. But as these pieces come into place, they will be self-executing. And when the dominoes fall, they will fall quickly and without any doubt on your part. There will be no guess work involved at that time.

    Quiet your mind so that we may speak to you. Open your hearts so that you can hear each other. Stay in the moment and stay courageous in your calling. We are with you and we are you.

    Be at peace.

    ~OneLoveEvolution333———————— Thunder Heart Thunder

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  76. #76 Stick
    March 26, 2012 am31 12:51 am

    SaLuSa ~ 26-March-2012

    In some ways we would say that our mission nears completion, as we approach a time when all of the work put in to release you from the control of the Illuminati is showing results. It is for you the end of the cycle of duality, and for us simply the means of clearing the way for the commencement of a new cycle. It will be a new beginning and follow a continuation of the raising up of your consciousness levels, to allow you to ascend to even higher levels. We too will be sharing those times with you and are very much a part of your future. We are assisting you to eventually become Galactic Beings, and that will be by you rightfully reclaiming your place with us.

    What you have now is not your true reality, but one you have created over millennia of time since you dropped down from the higher dimensions. Not a single soul was forced to do so, and each and every one of you freely volunteered for the experience. You did so with complete faith knowing that however much you strayed from the Light, there would be a time when you would be called back and helped to do so. That time is of course now, and in a short time you will know for certainty that you are firmly on the path to Ascension, and that nothing can stand in its way or delay it. Can you not sense the difference already in the energies around you, as they have become more of the Light and so uplifting. Those of fear have been subdued, and when you obtain confirmation of the extent of the arrests and resignations of the dark Ones, that will also help you to live more peacefully.

    The freedom that has been denied you for so long is returning, and you will be in no doubt that the old paradigm has been destroyed. The new one is already taking its place and bringing you a new hope and belief in a wonderful future. Some of you have glimpsed it and it has inspired you and changed your outlook on life. It is so different to what you have now that words seem inadequate to describe it, and one notable aspect is the feeling of love that comes at you from all directions. If you have ever experienced such an energy it is likely to have only been a momentary experience, whereas in the higher dimensions it is continually present. You have an expression that “it is love that makes the world go around” and you do not realize how true it is. Indeed it is the lack of love that has torn your Earth apart and made you feel detached from your godself. Love energy is the most powerful one of all, and could change your circumstances in a flash if you were all able to come together in this way. Many of you have experienced what love can do, particularly where it is used to heal. It can transmute the lower vibrations, and that is why you are often asked to send love to those who are of the dark Cabal.

    Think upon these things and when you feel that you want to help Mankind, send out love to those who are clearly in need. The results may not be instantaneous but be assured that it helps even if they take time to be seen. The Light can be built upon such as when you use it to protect yourself. If you are not already a beacon of Light, practice seeing yourself as one and you will surely create it around you. You will also find that you will attract other souls of a like kind, as they will sense your higher vibrations. Imagine if everyone around you was of the Light, and you will begin to get a feel of what it is like to be in the higher dimensions. Do not limit your expectations as to what Ascension means to you, as it will set you free from all of the conflicts and problems that beset you now on Earth. In the future you will want for absolutely nothing, and you will find that the Creator has provided for you in every conceivable way.

    So Dear Ones, be determined to ride out whatever comes your way between now and Ascension. Do not let anything get you down as whatever happens it will be short lived. If you suffer losses they will be more than made up to you, and remember that you cannot take anything with you into the higher vibrations unless it is compatible with them. That is why no soul can force its way into them, and will automatically find itself at its correct and corresponding level. Understand that you all progress at your own speed, and have had equal opportunities to choose the path to Ascension. So please do not upset yourself should a near loved one choose differently to you, and honor their freewill choice. Loved ones are never far away, and you will always be able to meet again.

    Get ready to enjoy yourselves and feel free to express your feelings, as once the changes come out and you see the benefits you will be ecstatic. Celebrations will be the order of the day, and believe us when we say that we shall organize some memorable events and take part in them. Joy and happiness are getting nearer and will carry you all of the way to Ascension. There are difficult periods still to go through, but nothing will last very long and if it creates new needs we will be on hand to help you. We already work behind the scenes and will be pleased when our activities can be more open. Our priority at present is stopping the warring factions from coming to blows, and we have no doubt that we can prevent any attempts at starting another war. You will be appalled and no doubt angry, when you learn of how many times the dark Ones have tried to start another one in the Middle East. We will not dwell upon such unpleasant things, but you need to know who has worked against you over many, many years, often in the guise of working for you.

    We continue to closely monitor Mother Earth as there are physical changes happening, and some areas are more prone to them than others. We are not allowed to stop those that are necessary, but will do all we can to alleviate any harm to you and keep extensive damage to a minimum. Conditions could well have been horrendous if the dark Ones had their way, but we have stopped their plans to induce catastrophes to reduce the population of Earth. We know many of you cannot comprehend that anyone could fall to that extent, but with the almost total loss of Light such souls have lost any feelings of compassion.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and thank all of you who have given a hand in spreading not just these, but many messages from sources of Light. They have uplifted so many people, and prepared them for Ascension. God bless you all.

    Thank you SaLuSa,
    Mike Quinsey.

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