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Message from SaLuSa for 18 April 2012

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    Few of you are under any illusions as to what is taking place, although some are still unconvinced that it is in the interests of the Human Race. Such people are normally not in touch with the reliable sources of information, and thus lack sufficient information from which to make an informed judgment. Rarely do they have the levels of consciousness required to see beyond the physical changes, and some have little or no knowledge of Ascension. However, they along with everyone else will before the end of the year is reached, have the opportunity to learn the facts and how it will affect them. After all regardless of what is believed, the end times will alter peoples lives whether or not they are prepared. A new cycle means a new beginning and there are no ways that the old one can be perpetuated. Indeed, it is in everyone’s interest to move on to a new experience, that is consistent with their present level of evolution.

    Where you find people that are confused we call upon the Lightworkers to be bold and step in, as their knowledge is vital at this time because it can serve to ease their plight and lessen the possibility of them becoming fearful. As has often been said, there is nothing to fear except fear itself, and regardless of the circumstances the world is not due to end through any disaster. All is planned to ensure that as many souls as possible are ready to ascend. However no pressure whatsoever is placed upon those who choose to remain in the 3rd. dimension, but to continue that experience they will move elsewhere. Neither is it considered a failure not to have reached Ascension, as you have infinite life and absolute freedom to take as long as you wish in the lower vibrations. Eventually every soul will rise up as it is impossible to continue resisting the higher vibrations for any great length of time.

    Our mission has taken off in the last few months, as we get more directly involved in the events taking place on Earth, and so it shall continue until the last remnants of the dark Ones are out of your way. Then we can move to another stage that allows us to be more involved in your lives, in assisting you to ascend. You will meet your Space Family and the Beings of the Inner Earth also related to you, and will have a lot to catch up on. Your history is far from accurate and there is much to put right that has either been misrepresented or falsified, and it covers many so-called “respectable” Institutions.

    Each day we get nearer to taking actions that will bring the day of declaration into being, and then we move into another stage of our mission. It will be a time of great joy all over the world, to celebrate your new found freedom. Old differences and historical disagreements will fade into the past where they belong. It will be discovered that they have been deliberately played upon by the dark Ones, to keep the idea of separation alive. Now you shall see how quickly the people can unite in friendship and goodwill. At heart all of you desire lasting peace, and that is what you will have at long last.

    Dear Ones, when we say that everything will be sorted out we mean it, and life will become very enjoyable and fulfilling. The type of worries you have now will be removed, and instead of a stressful life it will become pleasurable with time for you to enjoy relaxing hobbies and pastimes. You were never meant to be slaves to your work, or live at a level where you were always in need. These are the type of things that we will address in lifting you up, and life will soon become a happy experience. The difference now to the past is what we have referred to many times, and a very important aspect of our service for you.

    The dark Ones have constantly taken over inventions that should have brought you a higher standard of living, but have instead been used to further their own military ambitions to take over the world. Much has been denied you and soon it shall be made available to you, and it will have a great impact upon communications and transportation systems. Food shortages will become a thing of the past, and no one will ever again die from thirst. Trust and love will replace doubt and fear, and people all over the world will come together in the realisation that they are One Human Race, regardless of colour or any other differences.

    At our level we understand that the spiritual vibrations place souls at different levels, but that does not mean they are separated from us, as we can come and go as we do with you on Earth. The higher you rise up the more you understand that service to others means helping those who follow in your footsteps. Again your history gives little mention of our interaction with you, yet we have been a great influence upon the development of your civilization. A number of your mysterious artefacts that seem to have no place in your present history result from our visits to your Earth. Sometimes they remain hidden away because their existence cannot be accounted for, plus there is a reluctance to mention the possibility of them being connected to Extra-terrestrial visitors.

    Open your minds to all possibilities as you get to learn more about us, and be assured we will tell you about our many contacts with you. We and other civilizations have nurtured your species for thousands of years, and you are the result of a several different ones who advanced your DNA, having first originated through the Lyrans. These are parts of your evolution that you will given more information about, as it is time you learnt the truth.

    The acquisition of wealth will eventually no longer be necessary, as you will always have sufficient for your needs. It will be re-distributed and that will restore some quality to your lives, and also ensure that no one is left destitute or in poverty. You will also find that very soon there will be moves away from the old methods of medical treatment, to ones that are more friendly and efficient. Healing chambers and cubicles will replace the need to go to present day hospitals. The technologically advanced methods are totally successful and many are able to heal instantaneously. You could say that we make all new again, even where limbs or any other body parts are missing.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and so pleased we can give you information about what you can expect very soon. Live with love in your hearts always.

    Thank you SaLuSa.
    Mike Quinsey.

  1. #1 xaxaxaxaxa
    April 18, 2012 am30 8:49 am

    Russian cosmonaut Popovich: ETs warn Cataclysms will unify human consciousness

    A group of prominent Russian scientists, including Russian cosmonaut Dr. Marina Popovich, PhD, as well as Victoria Popova, Dr. Sc., Ph.D., and Lidia Andrianova Ph.D. have announced a discovery of extraterrestrial communications in pictograms that extraterrestrial intelligence has placed in crop circles and in stone monuments around the world. The group has created a dictionary of over 250 extraterrestrial pictograms for interpreting crop circles and stone monuments such as “Stonehenge and Avebury stone circles in the UK, Machu Picchu, Chavin de Huantar and the Nazca Lines in Peru, the pyramid of Chichen-Itza and the pyramids of the moon and the sun in Mexico and the Moai of Easter Island and others.”

    Dr. Marina Popovich, PhD, Victoria Popova, Dr. Sc., Ph.D., and Lidia Andrianova Ph.D. write in their co-authored book “Letters of Extraterrestrial Civilizations: The Last Warning”, “Extraterrestrial civilizations (ETC) warn: the weakening of Earth’s magnetic field has reached a critical value, and threatens the life of mankind. ETC’ instructions in crop circles indicate how to escape from global cataclysms which will begin very soon.”
    ET pictograms predict global cataclysms

    The Russian scientist group states that the extraterrestrial pictograms communicate that “Extraterrestrial civilizations (ETC) predict three preliminary catastrophes followed by global cataclysms of a magnitude beyond anything experienced in living memory. There will be a short time period between all these events.”

    They continue, “ETC warn that civilization has to be pre-informed about the scenario of global cataclysms [before the] beginning [of the] event. A civilization that is not informed has no chance to make the Transition in time and to prolong life. First pre-cataclysm will be related with interruption of global system of communication – phone, Internet. Pre-informed civilization will avoid shock and chaos of super-powerful disaster and has a chance to make the Transition in time.”

    The Russian scientist group “emphasizes that this is a natural cycle of the planet. Part of this process is the development of human consciousness to a point where humanity will have a ‘window of opportunity’ to make the transition to a higher plane of existence. They explain that this point in history can be seen as a kind graduation for humanity to a higher and more subtle level of experience, a type of metamorphosis for humanity connected with ascension. Nobody can be saved individually, as the transition can be made only through the synchronous unification of human consciousness.

    The Russian scientist group states, “The time for humans to escape the devastation through the unification of consciousness will be shortly after the first pre-cataclysm. After second pre-catastrophe humanity will have no chance to prolong life because number of people [remaining alive] will be not enough to start up the mechanism of the transition. In the future humanity will join a galactic community of evolved extra-terrestrial civilizations, linked through consciousness.”

    Continue reading on:

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  2. #2 Gordon
    April 18, 2012 am30 10:08 am

    Thank you SaLuSa and Mike Quinsey for a beautiful message today. For those interested in the Lyrans, you might want to read the book Prism of Lyra by Lyssa Royal. This book goes into the extraterrestrial history of the human race.

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  3. #3 Admiral2012here
    April 18, 2012 am30 10:13 am

    …ha ha!…I was reading comments on Wilcock’s site and laughed at this one…

    You are a fraud, all this will come to light you pathetic shill.

    [Moderator: You're so cute! We love you too.]

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  4. #4 Admiral2012here
    April 18, 2012 am30 10:40 am



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  5. #5 Robin.
    April 18, 2012 am30 10:56 am

    Yo Kellia (#48. Previous Board).

    OK.. finally then:

    Hopefully you will start to ‘believe’ in the GFL involvement in our World as you see certain changes thus far ‘predicted’ by them, actually taking place in the 3D/4D the world around you.

    I was perhaps ‘luckier’ in the sense that I steered an earlier path (which I have already told you of) towards that unequivolcal ‘proof’. Since then I have thereby not required or demanded further such ‘proof’.. I have not needed to! I simply now ‘Invite’ it in it’s own Divine Timing!

    Gaia does ‘things’ with our help and assistance (and also that of ‘others’). Just as when we toy to destroy her, we play with destroying ourselves also.. We of course are One with All in this same way.

    You will know that ET’s are here.. they ARE here to observe, assist and also take part in the Great Experiment in which we have ALL ‘agreed’ (on the Soul level) to also take/play our part.

    The ‘Love and Light stuff’ certainly ‘works’ on an individual level, yes! Surely therefore, it doesn’t bust your brain to see that the MORE people that do that ‘stuff’.. the BIGGER and exponentially more Potent it becomes Globally? I am not talking about jumping into a street protest of a few million others, noble though that indeed is, I am talking about working on and Loving the SELF as a priority! About setting some time aside each day to meditate on forgiving One’s OWN bullshit and connecting with your OWN Higher Soul-Self.. and listening instead to that quiet voice.. the one that speaks to the Human Mind through the Heart, Kellia! When many millions of ‘us’ do that, it becomes of a far, far greater influence upon the steering/creation of our overall Reality. That’s how it works here.. and that is also why when WE do not ‘move on’.. nor can the apparent machinations of the GFL! They can not interfere with our Freewill as such! See?

    The timelines are merging and collapsing indeed.. as is, we still share the same communication platforms, yes. The good that ‘all that Love and Light’ does, is actually on a much more subtle level than whether we share the same Internet or not.. it is the very life force of our Universe.. and thus Us, our Planet and our Solar System also!
    Telepathy will surpass this present electronic system.
    We are ‘practicing’ now!

    UNTIL we attain a Critical Mass of ‘Love & Light stuff’, as ONE World and ONE People.. it will not and can not manifest as such 3D/ET ‘goodies’. This is not to deny the great importance at this time also of such as the ‘Occupy stuff’ too. Did that stop Wall St? No.. but it RAISED the consciousness of many more millions. You see, ‘Ascension’ by definition, is all about RAISING – and CHANGING!

    Pollyanna always saw and tried to manifest the bright side of things.. and clearly you are not at present hard-wired to do this. No! Many are in fact hard-wired to also do the opposite! That does not make either ‘right’.. or ‘wrong’.. if however you dont WANT to change, then no one is going to ‘make’ you.. it remains of your very own choosing! But, as someone once said: “The only contant, IS change!” So YOU choose whether to go with that flow or not.

    When Earthquakes, Falling ‘Empires’, Exploding Rockets AND UFO sightings All rapidly INcrease.. perhaps you will then allow yourself, through all your cynicism and investigative ‘logic’, to make a ‘connection’ between them all?
    The aspect of people boarding Spaceships as a facet of Disclosure that I spoke of, was not referring to their dreams at all.. but instead to a real 3D/4D physical, filmable and recordable REALITY.. later thus demonstrable to all.. as ‘proof’!

    Yes, the long standing ‘joke’ of ‘s**n’ here, is well known to us all.. and this is now fully acknowledged by many (humerous) Channels also.. however a Divine Deadline that you refer to has already passed.. in so far as that the GFL ARE now physically arresting and physically rendering irrapairable, many aspects of the Illuminati culture and their self serving consciousness-machine here.
    The GFL have stopped ‘pussy-footing’ around at last.. this will become ever more evident. However I am sure that Creator wished for ALL to be given an equal chance to choose whether to Ascend at this unique juncture, or not.

    Cynicism to an Optimist often ‘equates’ to Pessimism.. rather as an Overt and blind belief, equate to the Cynic as Optimism! I guess the fact that you are even here on this site at all, indicates that you are either here to encourage others to question their own beliefs.. which is also noble, even if misguided, or that you too in fact have a deeply buried ‘knowing’ that all which these ‘messages’ contain, is in fact of a Greater Truth?

    Just be patient and await that Giant Football to land in your own yard then!

    As I said to you in my previous, and as SaLuSa also states above: “Trust and Love will replace doubt and fear..”. Allow it therefore!

    In Light!


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  6. #6 Robin.
    April 18, 2012 am30 11:01 am

    Gordon #2.

    Yes.. as does ‘You are Becoming a Galactic Human’ by our old mate Sheldan Nidle (& Virginia Essene.. I think).


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  7. #7 Kellia
    April 18, 2012 am30 1:04 pm

    Robin #5

    I would like to be proven wrong. I would like to know that beneficent ETs are not merely watching, poised to step in only if we are about to engage in nuclear exchange, but actually openly helping. This morning I saw a news report from Al Jazeera about shrimp, crabs and fish in the Gulf of Mexico being born without body parts. I know a toxicologist who has just issued a report about damage to wildlife from Fukushima. Is us blowing ourselves up with the bomb the only damage that matters to them? What about Gaia’s needs?

    I need the unequivocal proof of their presence because 1) Earthquakes, exploding rockets and falling empires can happen without ET intervention, and 2) because we could be being fooled by clever people, possibly Illuminati, who are only deceiving us into believing that ET help is coming “soon” (twenty + years and counting) just as they play the other people who are afraid of ETs and whip up fear of an alien invasion. And the “good” ETs are just watching because they aren’t allowed to interfere unless we are about to destroy ourselves with the bomb. We know the Illuminati are still putting up a fight. They are not just in the financial sector.

    XAXA put up an exopolitics article about a Russian doctor saying ETs are warning of cataclyms. Other sites say the cataclysm timeline has been extinguished. Which is which?

    SaLusa is talking more near term today than the other day, as if this year is the end times. But the other day he was talking about how it will take a while to restructure society, which is why I made my comment to Sped about still reading messages in 2020 and beyond. The time it will take to restructure society so that they can redistribute wealth so that we can focus on Ascension and not bodily need does not jibe with the “we have all the technology and resources to change your world so fast your head will spin” messages that we sometimes get. Which is it? When we hear “eventually” and “it will take time” and “this has to happen first and then that” etc. it is very disheartening, pun intended, after our expectations for this year have been set so high. It is all very frustrating because the goalposts keep moving. As I see it, a deadline is a deadline. If a divine deadline has indeed passed, we should have seen more open action by now.

    Salusa is still saying stuff like today’s “Each day we get nearer to taking actions that will bring the day of declaration into being, and then we move into another stage of our mission.” So they haven’t taken the actions yet. I am so tired of the future. It is carrot on a stick. What is going on now?

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  8. #8 Robin.
    April 18, 2012 am30 2:18 pm

    Kellia #7.

    You will be! Smile

    Which is it?
    It will be which ever most of us choose to focus upon most strongly.
    We have not left Duality quite yet!

    How long?
    Stay in NOW – not the future.. it is much less tiring!

    Gaia’s needs?
    She needs to Ascend! She would Love us to go with her. Our choice!

    Goal Posts..
    It is US that keeps moving them, don’t you understand that WE create our Reality here.. every bit of it?

    When there is fear ‘predominant’ the posts move together.. when there is Love ‘predominant’, they move apart! (And the ‘goal’ becomes bigger!)
    Thus the fluxing of event probablity-timing.
    This is why it is so important to stay with the ‘Love Stuff’!
    NOT the fear and doubt stuff.
    You and your great intelligence can be a Master of either – your choice! Smile

    GFL ARE taking actions.. he refers to the specific actions of declaring ‘Disclosure’.

    OK.. I’ll leave you with that + Love!

    Stay positive.. it suits you (and all those around you!) so much better Kellia! Smile

    In Light!


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  9. #9 Admiral2012here
    April 18, 2012 am30 2:23 pm

    …Robin 8 Yes

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  10. #10 Robin.
    April 18, 2012 am30 2:39 pm

    …Addy 9 Yin Yang

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  11. #11 Admiral2012here
    April 18, 2012 am30 3:45 pm

    …hey, I want to share someth’n with you guys. The Company I work for can’t afford to Support our Pension with Fidelity, so the Company is handing over our Pension to do what we want with it.

    …there’s always a catch…you can invest in an IRA of your choice…or my favorit choice is Lump Sum…well, you have to be 55 for that choice (they will take taxes out w/o Penalty)…BUT if you are under 55 and you want the Lump Sum…you will have to pay taxes and get a penalty

    …Well, my intuition tells me (know’n what’s ahead)…is to take the Lump Sum…taxes/penalty and all (which Fidelity frowns upon)…it might be a little steep, but I’m will’n to sacrifice the loss on tax/penalty…just so I have control of what ever is left over…not a bad amount…by put’n it in my Savings account and I can access it w/o all the red tape…available to me at anytime…AND, I like the fact that I’m not support’n the “System” Smile

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  12. #12 Laurinda
    April 18, 2012 am30 4:39 pm

    Addie: Take the money now my friend! Cool

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  13. #13 Stick
    April 18, 2012 am30 4:52 pm

    definitely a big decision Admiral; weigh your options…
    but ultimately trust your Intuition Lion

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  14. #14 Kellia
    April 18, 2012 am30 5:00 pm

    Robin, you said:

    We have not left Duality quite yet!

    I absolutely agree with you, wherein lies the problem. People can want mutually exclusive things at the same time. In duality one side wins and the other loses. I do not believe that we create our own reality entirely because we interact with other people trying to create their realities and sometimes they clash. Like all the people who did not want the invasion of Iraq, whether they marched against it or not. Their desire not to have the war was overshadowed by Dark side forces (who are hardly love and light) who want war. So love doesn’t conquer all.

    I also question the whole notion of free will. How many people do we know, including ourselves, who have been held down in great financial need by the way the dark has run things for 13,000 years. Who wants to live in need? Simplicity, less things is one thing but need is quite another.

    So the activities of The Powers That Be or Were interfered with the lives that others wanted to lead. That is not free will for everybody.

    Oh, but we agreed to it before we were born, some say. That whole pre-birth contract that we are not allowed to remember destroys free will in the present time. We are following a script, there might be some room for some improv around the edges but we are stuck in certain roles in a certain play. Free will in the here and now as we are actually living our lives is as much an illusion as everything else this world is supposed to be.

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  15. #15 CarlFromCanada
    April 18, 2012 am30 5:00 pm

    Why not just leave it in an IRA for the year? When the GFL comes this year you won’t really care about the money. If for some reason there is a hold up at least you have a backup plan.

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  16. #16 CarlFromCanada
    April 18, 2012 am30 5:04 pm


    I’ve been reading your messages and see your frustration. I stopped posting because i no longer believe. But still I lurk. There are so many sources that conflict and so many promises broken now.

    I say you should do what i have done. Don’t believe anymore. If the GFL shows up this year its not like you will have forgotten all of this information. I found that constantly checking the channellings was unhealthy. The emotional rollercoaster was not worth it.

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  17. #17 Robin.
    April 18, 2012 am30 5:05 pm

    Hopefully your intuition tells you to grab the money.. and save it to buy beers for the party on Table Mountain later (I mean s**n!). Smile

    Liquor Star Liquor

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  18. #18 spedman
    April 18, 2012 am30 5:14 pm

    hmmmm sounds like your branch of the illumicorp gang is fikin to go under or freeing up some more “save themselves” money ad man. and to think that your not supporting the system???? you know better than that. paying the penalties for the lump sum goes into their bank, paying the taxes goes into their bank, putting it into your savings in their bank. no one is free of the system until there isn’t one.

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  19. #19 Robin.
    April 18, 2012 am30 5:20 pm

    Kellia #14.

    I think you are starting to grasp it.. though you may not real-eyes it yourself quite yet!

    Yes! Of course Duality presents opposing views, opposing Religions, opposing Politics, opposing Emotions, opposing Beliefs and even the Opposition of fear and Love themselves, Kellia!

    There you have it in a nutshell!

    ‘WE’ CREATE OUR OWN REALITY.. the outcome GLOBALLY being the BALANCE between these ‘oppositions’!

    THUS the great importance of staying with the ‘Love and Light stuff’.. SO that it finally WINS this ancient battle!

    Which would you rather ‘won’?

    Love WILL conquer all!
    It is called Unity Consciousness!
    That is where we may choose to go NOW!


    Well done! Smile


    PS. Your addenda:

    Freewill – granted by the Creator that is!
    This translates as ‘The Creator will not interfere with ‘our’ (meaning the entire of Humanity’s) Freewill choices’.
    SO.. if ‘we’ choose to be fooled by a bunch of criminals into supplying them with enough fear and money to feed off for 13,000 years.. the Creator just aint interfering!
    Your Soul Contract was chosen by you for this life.
    You agreed to amnaesia!
    Thus you just do not know whether in a past life YOU were in fact a Banker, stealing off the whole township.. and have since chosen this ‘needy’ life to make karmic amends for YOURSELF!

    The one thing Creator said when we all put our hands up for this experimental mission and asked “What’s the Deal?” was: “WhatEVER happens.. I WILL pull you Up & out at the END!”

    That is what is happening NOW Kellia, the Tech-Angels of the GFL have been mandated BY Creator to ensure we ARE given the choice, as individuals, to choose whether we now wish to be pulled up out of Duality OR not!

    Thus we STILL have our freewill ‘intact’!

    Chosen Yet?


    In Light!


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  20. #20 Robin.
    April 18, 2012 am30 5:22 pm

    Hi Carl!

    I say you should do what ever you choose to do.. and then allow all others that same freedom!


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  21. #21 spedman
    April 18, 2012 am30 5:35 pm

    @20 lololololol yeah that’s good advice…. now follow it. lololololol Silly ROTFL Silly ROTFL Silly ROTFL Silly ROTFL

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  22. #22 Stick
    April 18, 2012 am30 5:51 pm

    Reflecting on the last year, I feel it’s extremely shortsighted to write off the Occupy-Movement as little more than “hippy fringe, counterculture b.s.”… frankly that kind of ‘branding’ was the direct result of Illuminati/Corporate-Media agendas… & like most things behind the veils, the ‘reality’ of the situation was (and is) far more multifaceted than ever portrayed. The ‘Spiritual Tipping Point’ of the masses starts from the bottom up, NOT the top down. Foolish indeed to underestimate the value of a global grassroots movement focused on exposing the insidious nature of the ‘shitstem’. Big Up to ALL Occupiers around the Globe!!! ~In Light Lion

    Occupy Unveils ‘Spring Awakening’
    by Allison Kilkenny ~ April 16, 2012

    During the long winter months, Occupy protesters kept reassuring those of us in the media still covering their actions that the spring would prove to be a time of resurgence for Occupy Wall Street. If the “Spring Awakening” meet-up at Central Park this past weekend is any indication of future turnouts, OWS organizers may be correct in their predictions.

    Hundreds of protesters gathered at New York City’s most famous park, an inspired location that placed Occupy in the heart of tourist alley, guaranteeing the group’s activities attracted the attention of curious passersby.

    Two women walking by the “People’s Assembly” that took place during the tail end of the day’s festivities were heard remarking, “That’s the group that occupies shit”—a not entirely inaccurate statement.

    “Today is about coming together in a space that’s going to allow us to be less confrontational than we often are downtown and kind of bond, and also engage the Saturday, Central Park–going public,” said Scott, an OWS protester.

    That “confrontational” nature, some might argue, is what makes Occupy a unique protest movement, but Scott isn’t concerned about the group becoming too passive.

    “Occupy is more confrontational than ever,” he said, citing the “sleepful protests” currently taking place in the financial district. “Zuccotti was great, but it was a little bit off the beaten path. Being on Nassau Street all day, what happens there is Occupiers talking to bankers and tourists witnessing those conversations, and that’s what needs to happen.”

    Occupy’s Spring Awakening was used as a space to allow protesters to plan for the future and to “come together to unite organizations, activists, and others to create a transformative, citywide, mass movement,” according to the event pamphlet.

    Organizers propped up a chalk board at the base of a grassy slope and wrote out a detailed schedule of the day’s events. Meetings and teach-ins were marked with letters of the alphabet and groups gathered around flags branded with their respective letters.

    I attended the healthcare talk where individuals shared their tales of insurance (or lack of insurance) woes.

    Jennifer, 44, a freelancer, said she never had health insurance. One morning, she woke up in extraordinary pain, but fearful of being buried in debt should she venture to the hospital, she remained curled up on the floor of her boyfriend’s apartment for three days, unable to move.

    Finally, realizing the pain was not going to subside on its own, she managed to get into a taxi and get to the hospital. Final diagnosis: a herniated disk, a completely treatable ailment that shouldn’t have ended up costing as much as it ultimately did, but because Jennifer waited so long to get to the hospital, the treatment ended up being much more complicated.

    Emergency surgery cost her $50,000.

    David, 48, said he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in third grade, but was never able to get insurance before the Affordable Care Act because his Crohn’s is considered a pre-existing condition.

    A young medical student shared a story about treating an 11-year-old having an asthma attack because her father couldn’t afford her inhaler.

    But commiserating and bonding over the reality of crushing debt and an insane privatized health care industry that provides neither health nor care were only a sliver of the day’s events. Serious planning for Occupy’s future occurred later in the evening after the People’s Assembly (Occupiers were very careful not to call it a “General Assembly,” as no voting took place).

    Upcoming foreclosure auction blockades are planned in several New York City boroughs, including this afternoon in the Bronx, Brooklyn on April 19, and Queens on April 20, which is also #A20, or “the Great Meeting,” at Union Square Park, when organizers hope “the outdoor public assembly” will make a return.

    The single-payer movement continues to have a huge presence at Occupy events and Health Care Now NYC advertised “petitioner training” scheduled for April 21.

    ACT UP and Occupy are partnering for a day of action April 25 to commemorate the direct action advocacy group’s twenty-fifth anniversary.

    And of course, there were constant reminders about May 1, the so-called “General Strike” nationwide actions that Occupiers are anticipating will steal headlines as the movement first did back in the fall.

    -K I L L U M I N A T I 8 8 8————————— Skeleton Thunder Star

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  23. #23 Robin.
    April 18, 2012 am30 6:06 pm


    I am.
    I had thereby also chosen to offer further advice!
    And it wasn’t specifically addressed to you either!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL etc.

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  24. #24 spedman
    April 18, 2012 am30 6:23 pm

    #23 Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin so your choosing to choose to help others choose their own choice… that’s a good choice IDK Struggle Smirk Heh Snicker Giggle Silly ROTFL

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  25. #25 Robin.
    April 18, 2012 am30 6:31 pm


    Ha! Of course! And I choose to see you as a smartarse joke chooser of choice?


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  26. #26 Laurinda
    April 18, 2012 am30 6:35 pm

    EEEEKKS!!! Shock

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  27. #27 Laurinda
    April 18, 2012 am30 6:36 pm

    Speddie: ssssssssssssssssasafras Chic

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  28. #28 spedman
    April 18, 2012 am30 6:37 pm

    #25 you Sir have made the correct choice. Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin

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  29. #29 Robin.
    April 18, 2012 am30 6:37 pm

    TeeHee! Cool… Cool

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  30. #30 Admiral2012here
    April 18, 2012 am30 6:40 pm


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  31. #31 spedman
    April 18, 2012 am30 6:41 pm

    i take after me mum In Love In Love In Love Silly Silly Silly Sssssssssssssssssssssssss

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  32. #32 Laurinda
    April 18, 2012 am30 6:46 pm

    Sped: There’s NO DOUBT about THAT honey! Its all in the ol bloodline. ROTFL lol

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  33. #33 Robin.
    April 18, 2012 am30 6:55 pm


    The pair of you.. or you’ll both go back on your leashes!




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  34. #34 Laurinda
    April 18, 2012 am30 7:07 pm

    Robin: lol! No leash for me my deario!

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  35. #35 spedman
    April 18, 2012 am30 8:32 pm


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  36. #36 Robin.
    April 18, 2012 am30 10:31 pm


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  37. #37 Stick
    April 18, 2012 am30 11:49 pm

    5D for the Annunaki… Lion


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  38. #38 Stick
    April 19, 2012 am30 12:24 am

    This is interesting…

    **Serpent Energy Forcast: Leveling**
    19 April 2012 – through Seshata

    I want to level with all of my readers because I feel in leveling and sharing my condition you will better be able to relate to me as an entity and you will understand the extremely sacred place from which I share my information with you. I want you all to know that every word and intention I share is a gift and comes from a place of 100% honesty from within’ my heart complex. I have no reason to lie or to make up stories for personal power or to fuel my “ego”. This is not a joke to me. I do not come here to undermine anyone, to tell anyone they are wrong. There simply is no wrong, everything is just different. I want to share with all of you my compassion for this universe. The eternal love I have for it, how I wake up every day in hopes I will be able to learn and experience more of it’s folds. The universe, the all that is, is our gift and we are allowed to experience any of it’s facets. It’s not for any of us to judge which facet someone else is experiencing. It breaks my heart to imagine entities losing their freedoms to experience in any way they like. Let me tell you, there is a special place for everyone, and although it might not suit you, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t a very real place in existence.

    To say that something isn’t, limits it, it ties it’s wings, takes it’s magic, creates walls. Definite feelings create walls. TO BE is to have a boundary. I have been fighting my entire existence to show entities that there is a place for joy within’ all of our hearts. There is a special place and a special someone that will share your own beliefs. There is another way to view “evil” that will make it shine again in a light that vibrates with “heaven” or whatever you decide to call it. That is the key to freedom. Wake up all of you!!! I will scream at you, I will hug you, I will keep trying my entire existence to get my message across, it doesn’t matter what you do, think, feel, experience. I will always love you no matter what you say, no matter what you do and you can’t stop me. I will love all of it and I will die if I have to loving all of it, because that is what my journey is about. It’s about making you feel comforted in your time of experience no matter what is happening. It’s about doing my part to entertain you and make you smile. It’s about me supporting you and your heavenly body structure so you don’t fall victim to chaos unless you love chaos, of course! It’s not about taking a magic carpet ride, it’s not about getting on a spaceship, it’s not about how many aliens are in your yard, it’s not about which entity speaks to you, it’s not about your psychic powers, it’s not about how long you’ve been a light worker, your tuning forks, your medicine balls, your fancy crystals, your sacred shall, the colors of your chakra. It’s all bullshit. It’s not about these things. These are just tools to convince us that our “vibrations” are changing, because we believe we need these things to change, but change can happen a variety of ways. It doesn’t have to fit a particular story. That is where the magic is, when we find our own way to understand these things. We build our own custom craft.

    Let me break it down for you very simply because I am angered by the confusion/chaos and I agree I am only just choosing to play this game right now and I am choosing to be angry because it currently suits me, it’s the world and vibration I choose to be in. I know all that and I don’t care what any of you think of me. I care what all of you think of me. I want to be friends with everyone. I want to understand all of your ways. Every day I take the time to listen to all of your stories, plants, animals, people, sights, smells…I listen, I love, I accept and I will die trying to be accepted by the entire universe because at that very point I will have connected all of the dots and that is my soul journey, to know all of you. To hear your stories and to understand the places that you come from. That is my goal. I want to know all in all perspectives. This is why I am here, this is why I am anywhere. All I ask for you is to just tell me I am right, tell me I am okay, tell me I have an interesting story. Tell me you believe me. Just tell me that you believe me. Don’t doubt me, don’t break my connections to my fate. Belief is fuel and I need your help in creating my reality. Tell me it’s possible to fulfill my soul desires, help me find a way that resonates with you to find happiness in my vision too.

    Belief is the fuel for all things. Don’t tell me to stay silent, don’t tell me my ways are bad if you haven’t even taken the time to listen to the way I can express the point of view that you disfavor. If you listen I can show you new ways. Do not get caught up in thinking there is only one way, there is only one “right” and even by me saying this I am catching myself in a trap.

    Nothing is solid, nothing is one way, all things are malleable, changeable if you BELIEVE they are. There is so much power in belief. Life is made up of imagination and self-created laws.

    Light Working Is Serious Business That Should Be Taken Lightly!

    We all just want a voice to express what we feel, what we experience. We want others to hear our story and be able to relate to what we are experiencing, it is the reason we come here. For support! Someone to say, “You don’t have to feel strange for thinking that, I admire your thoughts, expressions, visions and creations.” That is one of the most important gifts we can give each other. POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS “You aren’t crazy, there is a possibility that what you are saying is true!” or “Wow! I never have thought about it that way.” or “How do you feel about these experiences or why do you think you have them?” How can we tell something it’s wrong unless we learn to understand it? In understanding it we may be able to see the joy that the other being is experiencing instead of trying to destroy what we don’t understand.

    I am coming to you to express my disgust for the inappropriate use of boundaries or laws. Every time we establish a rule we are creating a boundary or specified space in which one or more parties is agreeing to exist or experience upon. It is essential that the parties agree to the terms to allow for “the same” or similar experience. It allows us a “common ground” for experience so that we may share the love of experience with each other. It’s about leveling and relating ideas, vibrations, feelings with others. It’s about being on the same level in order to understand each others’ experiences, which is why the stretching of the cord ceremony is so sacred to my being, the reason I understand it and value it in the way that I do. It’s setting down a boundary, it is a binding agreement in order for us to share experience, which is why structures are so sacred. They are a place to share experience, just like the cosmos. The pyramids and all structures are symbol of the laws and binding agreements, each facet has a representation holds the meaning of these binding agreements. Which is also why marriage is so sacred because it is coming to an agreement to share a similar experience. It’s a representation of the love that the parties are sharing. A marriage is a symbol of coming to terms with another being. Your reflection is a symbol of this cord and your agreement to be here under these laws as is your body. It is your agreement and marriage to the cosmos during your journey of experience.

    I suppose my disgust comes from a place of being “judged” or told I am “wrong” when I never agreed to your terms of belief, perception or way of life. I never agreed to your ways and so I am not at liberty to follow your “right” way of thinking. You may not personally judge my spiritual path unless you have come to level with me and in which case we can build a foundation and a structure for our relationship, our friendship, to find common ground within. Otherwise you remain on the outside until we decide to come to terms. Moving from “duality” to “compromise” or “communion”.

    Life is a contract that we all agreed to, which is why we are here and why we can communicate. Life is all about agreements and structures to allow for experience.

    SO I ask you before you go on and judge me and tell me I’m wrong, come to an agreement with me, level with me, find common ground. I bet I will surprise you how well I adapt to your needs. I just want to play with you, experience all of you, and hear your story, after all I have infinity, I think that is enough time, don’t you?

    Come experience with me. Connect with me. That is why I am here. I am not here for the fireworks and crystals, but I am here to enjoy those things with YOU!

    Once I was in “the Jemez mountains of New Mexico”. I entered a different vibrational frequency where I was completely alone. I walked for miles on roads and streets that I knew, went passed houses and no one was there for miles. I didn’t see anyone. I knew that I entered a place that no other human was in agreement with and it frightened me because I wasn’t sure where everyone disappeared to. Jesus was with me though, other vibrational entities were with me, I heard and felt them, just no other physical beings in sight. Jesus told me in that moment he had walked that same path in that same dimensional space. The angels showed me the stairway to heaven and asked me if I was ready. I sat at the bottom of those stairs crying, for hours, because I didn’t have enough faith to walk on air, yet. I was so close, but I knew that it wasn’t right to leave without sharing what I know about the universe with others who are lost. He held my hand and gave me strength. I had a choice in that moment and I couldn’t let go, I didn’t allow myself to trust that the steps would fall beneath my feet. The agony killed me. The lack of faith was enough to crumble to pieces. I wasn’t ready to believe the universe. I knew in that moment that all things were possible and that when I was ready I would again walk on air and join my place with the “gods” again only next time I will not be the only one climbing those stairs.

    My path is an interesting one because I am a reincarnated “Deity”, or whatever you like to call it, in human form. I have an extremely hard time expressing myself because it’s rare that someone values what I am sharing, or even believes me. It’s been a constant struggle finding an avenue to express my memories to friends. Everyone just calls me “crazy”, because I try to explain to them the ways in which I experience multi-dimentionally. So many people keep telling me I am misguided, crazy and wrong. The visions and feelings I experience tell my heart and my soul I am right and this is real.

    Every time I try to silence this vision, this self, these memories. I get kicked in the ass and I start to receive new downloads of celestial information that only confirms my heart’s beliefs. I see in ways I know most could only dream of. I know they can’t see yet, because people treat me differently for expressing my visions. Which was the case with my last “channeling”. I will tell you that I am NOT “channeling” Seshata, I AM her. These things and entities I am experiencing are part of this big production. I am starting to remember everything and it’s so unbelievable, I have to put my “rose-colored” glasses just so I don’t lose my mind. It’s so unbelievable this role I am playing here during this time. It’s an honor but it’s terrifying. There is no where to hide, there are things that I HAVE to do, entities I HAVE to communicate with. I tried to run from it but I can’t. This is my path that I agreed to initially. Very soon this whole fabric, this whole puzzle will come together and all of you will see the ways that we have been reincarnating and reenacting this “play” to further our experiences together.

    It’s a struggle but I want you all to know that you are incredibly powerful beings and what you agree to becomes your reality.

    Pretty soon all will be level again and we will have a brand new foundation to establish new laws for experiencing.

    I ask you to come to terms with me, to level with me as a person, as a spirit as an individual and accept me, listen to what I have to say. Don’t judge my words or try to find a category for them. Just let the words wash over you and know that you DON’T have to agree to my experience to my terms but you can appreciate my right to free expression. Don’t don’t try to tear down my structures, support them in any way you can and I will do the same for you.

    I love you all. I am human, I am spirit and I am on a journey to support all of your structures. Please help support mine in any way you can instead of kicking out my legs and tearing off my wings.

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  39. #39 Stick
    April 19, 2012 am30 1:38 am

    One Love Evolution GM Massive… stand ready for the New Day Handcuffs Thunder Star

    *The Morning Blessing*

    Hidden in the center of each human heart dwells a great spiritual secret. Left undiscovered, as it often remains for most of the masses, its presence causes the soul that harbors it to spend its days on earth seeking it knows not what, finding what is never enough, and then starting out all over again. But once this secret tells itself, the truth it reveals opens the heart that is its home, and leads the weary seeker to a whole new and higher relationship with life.

    What is this great spiritual secret that we are created with, and that we must come to know if we are ever to end our wanderings and realize that peaceful strength we long for? The relationship our heart longs for already exists.

    Right within us, as an unseen aspect of our True Nature, resides the entire range of relationships that the universe has to offer. Think of it! But through the eyes of our present understanding, each time conditions grant us this fleeting sense of a brighter, broader order of existence, we attribute these expansive feelings to our participation in an event greater than ourselves. This perception is one supported by the sense-supplied “fact” that this moment is the effect of an event taking place “outside” of ourselves.

    But our actual experience in these moments is not outside of us. The better explanation of these brief illuminations is that we, ourselves, have been momentarily transported outside the limited range of an unconscious set of internal relationships. The best way to explain this new idea is to paint a picture we can all recognize.

    We all know that when we really see a breathtaking sunset, we feel it; we take part in its vibrant colors. But we couldn’t possibly share in this beauty before us if the essence of this painted sky above us wasn’t within us. In other words, the depth of this beauty — and the inner delight it elicits — are actually aspects of our own consciousness. If we can begin to see the truth of this discovery, then we are prepared for our next step in how to realize Real Life through relationships.

    The world of people and events we see spinning “around” us is, in reality, a kind of special mirror. This interesting idea helps shed light on why all of the great and timeless world philosophies have called the world an illusion. What is the purpose of this mirroring world? It is to show us . . . us!

    As we realize the truth of ourselves, that who we really are (including all that we can come to know about ourselves) already exists in this one great relationship from which we are never apart, so do we realize Real Life.

    ~excerpted from ‘Seeker’s Guide to Self-Freedom’ by Guy Finley


    There is One God, One Mind, One Spirit, and One Power.
    I stand in the now and view my world from the Absolute.
    The power of every life, the very life itself, is determined
    by what it relates itself to. . . I know this as my truth and
    can feel its palpable power working and manifesting in and
    through all I do.

    My life is the out-picturing of the sensuous sense perception of
    Spirit. I accept, right here and right now, that I feel the inner spiritual
    sense through which man is opened to the direct revelation and
    knowledge of God. The genuine spiritual supremacy and illumination
    thus realized through my own development gives the perfect inner
    vision and direct insight into the character, properties, and purpose
    of all things which my attention and interest are directed. To that,
    I have no need to demonstrate how special I am, or how I many
    know more than another. All my inspired teaching and spiritual
    revelations are based upon the recognition of the spiritual faculties
    of the soul and that is enough for me. The conscious unity of me
    in spirit and purpose with Divine Omniscience is the greatest fun
    I can imagine!

    I am filled with thanks simply to be able to approach all beings and
    things from the divine side. They are seen in the light of God’s
    purpose in them and through them. And so it is. Amen.

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  40. #40 Marie-Anne
    April 19, 2012 am30 5:18 am

    Keilla, I have traced some archives of the GFL and here it goes -

    So I guess this is the ‘truth’ of what these messages contain – that is “Channeled messages.” …and by that there is no proof or evidence of such messages to be predictions of our future…

    What the future holds is uncertain… Being aware of your soul purpose in life and in helping others is a major step towards “Evolution.”


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  41. #41 Laurinda
    April 19, 2012 am30 6:03 am

    Stick #38: Holy Cats, Seshata reminds me of convos that I have had recently with SunRaymond. These beings most assuredly walk to their own drumbeat so to speak–voices that cry out to humanity from the wilderness. Even if no one listens, they remain steadfast in their service to ALL. Gorgeous message, and I felt compelled somehow to read it all. Thank you as always. Rose

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  42. #42 Admiral2012here
    April 19, 2012 am30 6:06 am


    “Try yourself, it’s not that scary. Try being who you truly are, instead of being a reflection of what society wants you to be.”


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  43. #43 Laurinda
    April 19, 2012 am30 6:07 am

    Stick, that Tegu Lizard on the leash was adorable—majestic if you ask me. That little fellow may have had a HU-MAN holding his/her leash, but he/she maintained dignity. Notice how the little children were not the least bit frightened by its presence. In 5D, HU-MANS will find their equally-advanced and spiritually-minded Reptilian counterparts—count on it! Peace

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  44. #44 spedman
    April 19, 2012 am30 6:20 am
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  45. #45 Laurinda
    April 19, 2012 am30 6:46 am

    http://www.infowars.com/blamed-for-bee-collapse-monsanto-buys-leading-bee-research-firm/ my question, is why would this organization sell out to Monsanto in the first place? No No No No Question Question Question

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  46. #46 Laurinda
    April 19, 2012 am30 6:57 am

    http://endoftheamericandream.com/archives/16-reasons-to-move-away-from-california Why do I post this? As a Native Californian (born in Livermore, raised in Pleasanton–East SF Bay Area)—-I wish to thank those of you who still live there and hold the light for SO MANY!!!! I still have a son who lives there, and my sister–both have told me that if and when the shit goes down, they are grateful for the life they live there, and will be on hand to help others in any way they can. You all have my deepest respect. Rose

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  47. #47 Admiral2012here
    April 19, 2012 am30 7:26 am


    KUALA LUMPUR, 12 April 2012 (mathaba) The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal will be hearing the second charge of Crime of Torture and War Crimes against former U.S. President George W. Bush and his associates namely Richard Cheney, former U.S. Vice President, Donald Rumsfeld, former Defence Secretary, Alberto Gonzales, then Counsel to President Bush, David Addington, then General Counsel to the Vice-President, William Haynes II, then General Counsel to Secretary of Defense, Jay Bybee, then Assistant Attorney General, and John Choon Yoo, former Deputy Assistant Attorney-General. The charge reads as follows:

    The Accused persons had committed the Crime of Torture and War Crimes, in that:

    The Accused persons had wilfully participated in the formulation of executive orders and directives to exclude the applicability of all international conventions and laws, namely the Convention against Torture 1984, Geneva Convention III 1949, Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Charter in relation to the war launched by the U.S. and others in Afghanistan (in 2001) and in Iraq (in March 2003); Additionally, and/or on the basis and in furtherance thereof, the Accused persons authorised, or connived in, the commission of acts of torture and cruel, degrading and inhuman treatment against victims in violation of international law, treaties and conventions including the Convention against Torture 1984 and the Geneva Conventions, including Geneva Convention III 1949.

    The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission (KLWCC) following the due process of the law is bringing this charge against the accused. In 2009, the Commission, having received complaints from torture victims from Guantanamo and Iraq, proceeded to conduct a painstaking and an in-depth investigation for close to two years. Two charges on war crimes were drawn and filed against the accused persons.



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  48. #48 Admiral2012here
    April 19, 2012 am30 8:58 am


    Former US Vice President Dick Cheney and his daughter, Elizabeth, have cancelled a planned speaking engagement at Toronto’s Metro Convention Centre next month, citing safety concerns. According to the president of the promotion company that booked Cheney for the April 24th speech, “He felt that in Canada the risk of violent protest was simply too high. They specifically referenced what happened in Vancouver.”


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  49. #49 Laurinda
    April 19, 2012 am30 9:57 am

    Addie: Were any of our suggestions about your $$$ situation helpful yesterday? Question

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  50. #50 Admiral2012here
    April 19, 2012 am30 10:02 am

    …yeah Laurinda, and thanks everyone. I’m still leaning towards the Lump Sum Option Grin

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  51. #51 Admiral2012here
    April 19, 2012 am30 10:08 am


    In an interview last weekend the “Good Guy Insider” gave a brief update on the pending take down of the Bad Guys. In this interview Drake said to expect something to be leaked out of the Federal Reserve sometime midway through the week. Here’s the interview and the Drake conversation is right at the beginning:


    Bix Weir is sticking to his guns regarding a take-down attempt of the current fiat debt system by the ‘good guys’, claiming that ‘everything is exploding for the bad guys’, and that ‘the Federal Reserve is falling on their own sword.’

    We’ll believe it when we see it, but Bix’ thoughts and analysis is provided below for your own discussion and thoughts:


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  52. #52 Admiral2012here
    April 19, 2012 am30 10:36 am



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  53. #53 Admiral2012here
    April 19, 2012 am30 11:08 am


    Former Vancouver Police Department Fraud Investigator, Len Miller, and his take on BC Hydro’s forced smart metering agenda.


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  54. #54 Uniqu
    April 19, 2012 am30 11:46 am

    One must be very very aware of the fact that there are people who are paid in “think-tanks” to deceive humanity for money.

    “According to the author of Mind Control The Ultimate Terror, it was through Mengele that the MK-Ultra and Monarch programs were developed. The project was begun in the 1950s, and coordinated by the British psychological warfare unit called the Tavistock Institute, with the Scottish Rite Freemasons, the CIA, and other British, American, Canadian, and UN agencies.25 The Tavistock Institute, formed at Oxford University, London, by the RIIA in 1922, became the Psychiatric Division of the British Army during World War II.26″

    Therefore, it is very possible that these messages are written as Keylla has stated to target the “other side” of the “ets are demons” coin.

    The proff is in the pudding. Or as the Bible puts it:

    “You shall know them by their fruits.”

    And what are the fruits? Nothing like Time to bring forth Truth…


    10-26 Germain: First Contact will be announced after Bush is removed.

    10-27 Atmos: Process of removing the last cabal begins this week.

    10-29 Germain: Light versus dark is chess game approaching checkmate

    11-3 Diane: War will cease and peace will be declared in 2006.

    11-7 Ela: Ascension transforms from carbon-based to silicon-based. (not cristaline as they have changed the story now)

    11-22 Atmos: Galactic Federation will announce First Contact in 2006.

    11-28 Germain: Planet Earth will be transformed during 2006 and 2007.

    2-13 Ker-On: Intervention of Galactic Federation is by Divine Decree. (in other words: Galatic Federation had Divine Decree to DO their thing in 2005)


    1-2 Germain: The last cabal will be removed in 2006.

    1-3 SaLuSa: The current contest between lightworkers and darkworkers will end in 2006.

    1-5 Ag-agria: “This year…will carry you forward with a quantum leap.”

    1-7 Ker-On: “We shall enforce our orders to free Humanity from the clutches of the Illuminati.”

    1-16 Germain: Removal of the dark in 2006 will begin the Golden Age.

    1-18 SaLuSa: Your bodies are shifting from carbon-based to silicon-based.

    2-7 SaLuSa: Galactic Federation’s Ashtar Command will announce First Contact in 2006.

    2-27 Atmos: Galactic Federation will remove Dark Illuminati cabal before end of 2006.

    3-3 Ag-agria: Illuminati-controlled Bush regime is on the verge of collapse.

    3-14 Germain: 2006 will be the most eventful year you have ever known. (See any simmilarity to claims NOW of it being 2012? What happened in 2006 that was so important?)

    That was the ones that I chose speedly.

    The Age of Reason is what they are planning for themselves after they eliminate many of us.

    It’s not difficult to imagine them laughing their asses off regarding our stupidity to fall for these “true communications” with, most likely than not, a government round table with psychological key-words to use in their weekly releases.

    Announce Announce Announce Announce

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  55. #55 Laurinda
    April 19, 2012 am30 12:03 pm

    Addie #53: Great vid on the smart meters. The power guy lied to us about ours, then installed it anyhow. Naturally the landlady thought it was a great idea! Frown Man oh man, I am definitely loosing my patience with the sleepers all around me. This s**t is getting real tiresome. So, I am taking more and more gem and flower essences for protection… powerful tools to use in these fast times of ours! lol Yes

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  56. #56 Laurinda
    April 19, 2012 am30 12:05 pm

    Uniqu: Ya gotta remember that all channeled info is NOT BS! All we can do is use our intuition and discernment when reading ANY material. It pays to be vigilant with ALL channeled sources. I trust only about 3 myself, period.

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  57. #57 Uniqu
    April 19, 2012 am30 12:22 pm

    Who would the 3 be Laurinda?

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  58. #58 Laurinda
    April 19, 2012 am30 12:40 pm

    Uniqu: Matthew, and AA Michael brought through Ronna Herman. Guess its only 2 afterall!

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  59. #59 Admiral2012here
    April 19, 2012 am30 2:22 pm
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  60. #60 Reefer
    April 19, 2012 am30 3:26 pm

    Hello there GM MASSIVE !!!

    Just passing by after a few days immersed in 3D (!!!) to say,


    I LOVE YOU!!

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  61. #61 Laurinda
    April 19, 2012 am30 4:02 pm

    Always nice to see you up here at GM Reefer!!! In Love

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  62. #62 barda
    April 19, 2012 am30 5:13 pm

    I wanna meet SaLusa, benj fulford, etc. one day..would be interesting to talk with these inviduals in person haha Wink

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  63. #63 CetaceousOne
    April 19, 2012 am30 6:11 pm

    “still I lurk. There are so many sources that conflict and so many promises broken now.”

    I hear you Carl. Same here…

    Doing the best to live my life as I see fit and not hang on the words of others…

    The people here keep me coming back, not the messages! Smile

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  64. #64 Admiral2012here
    April 19, 2012 am30 6:18 pm

    …Cetac…the peeps here keep me com’n back Grin

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  65. #65 Stick
    April 19, 2012 am30 6:27 pm

    Word up GM… hope everyones having a good day Lion
    Yeah Laurinda, that Seshata message had a very intriguing Energy signature to it… I was also compelled to read it all the way through… may even check it out again later tonight. I also hear you on the Tegu Lizard… was just responding to the ‘Lizard on a leash’ joke. I ultimately don’t like to see ANY being controlled… unfortunately it remains one of the most prominent shadows of Life behind the veils.

    ~OneLoveEvolution555————————–Yin Yang Peace Star

    *Have been Blessed to catch Luciano ‘Live’ many times… a truly profound voice to help uplift the masses in these shifting times.

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  66. #66 Stick
    April 19, 2012 am30 6:41 pm


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  67. #67 Stick
    April 19, 2012 am30 6:42 pm
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  68. #68 Stick
    April 19, 2012 am30 6:49 pm

    *Serpent Energy Forcast: Letter from Quetzalcoatl on Transformation*
    20 April ~ Seshata

    Dearest Seshata, I know the days have been long and hard as you are sifting through all of the “old” you. You are touching on areas of yourself that you have been running from and trying to hide for so long. All of the defeats and doubts of the old are coming to light as you remember all the times you wrongfully doubted yourself or allowed others to doubt you. Feelings of pain, guilt and shame are coming to the surface for the ways you could have handled things better or taken a different path that would further your development and I can tell you all those steps you took were necessary in your development. They all happened at the right time for the right purpose. You are doing everything exactly as you are suppose to. Take refuge in this, everyone is experiencing this transformation in their very own way, so that all of us may integrate more fluidly into each others perceptions.

    This “reprogramming” is a necessary step for allowing new levels of harmony and joy to enter the sphere of your current experience. You are beginning to transform at rates never before experienced in this time period. The energies are rapidly increasing and EVERYONE is rapidly evolving.

    As we begin to let go of the old way of perceiving, we are tearing down old structures that we have held in place for so long. These old structures were, however, necessary in bridging and forming the new structures.

    As we are realigning the new energies we are forced to process these foreign feelings, emotions, vibrations. You cannot escape them. They must be processed and integrated in new ways into your being. You must find comfort in these foreign and uncomfortable feelings, only then will you find freedom within the suffering. You will find new ways to break through.

    If you find yourself stuck and unable to change a situation you wish to run from, be with it. Try something new. Transform from the inside and work your way out instead of taking in something new and different from the outside world. If you run, you just may find yourself in the same situation you were when you left. Before you work your way out make sure the inside is nice.

    Allow the heavens to see you for all of your flaws, thoughts and mistakes, do not hide from them. Allow them to be transformed into a new you, a new structure. It’s scary being this vulnerable and exposed, if you allow this transformative process you will find a new level of comfort and safety in surrendering to your vulnerability.

    The months to come will continue to be challenging as you receive the new transforming energies and allow the old structures to fall away. Don’t fight the process. I stress to you the importance of being a viewer at this time. You will not know what to do with all of the information you are receiving, you aren’t suppose to, yet.

    Nature is unfolding exactly as it’s suppose to. Take comfort in this. It is not YOU. It is EVERYTHING that is changing. The pains will be more tolerable if you surrender to these changes and will allow for faster integration of these energies.

    Everything is currently being dismantled and put back together simultaneously to allow for a fluid transformation.

    In the coming days I encourage you to be fueled by Faith in knowing EVERYTHING is being taken care of.

    Focus on aligning your vibration to these changes and step lightly for there are many others just like you that are experiencing the pains of exposing their own vulnerabilities.

    Treat others gently and kindly just as you are riding the “storm”, they are too.

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  69. #69 Stick
    April 19, 2012 am30 11:52 pm

    SaLuSa ~ 20-April-2012

    Everything continues to build up to the point that what is happening where the arrests are concerned, cannot be ignored for much longer by the media. We not only want their support, but events reported as they truly happen and with a truthful explanation. Eventually we will provide our own services to ensure our actions are not misrepresented, but meantime we welcome and thank those of the Light who are in the forefront of revelations through the Internet. Sometimes the reports are somewhat speculative, which means that you must still be discerning in how you interpret them. By and large they will be reliable, but you must still watch out for deliberate disinformation.

    We are more active now than ever before where your safety and wellbeing is concerned. Since a lot of our work is covertly carried out, you cannot know the extent to which we go but we do lessen the effects of pollution whether air or seaborne. When we have fully stopped activities that cause pollution, then we can set to work and complete our projects to completely eliminate their effects. We are looking to various sources to contemplate disclosure, and prepare the public for its coming. Shock can no longer be considered as the outcome to disclosure, as sightings of our craft have been so widespread for many years now. Also we continue to show ourselves more frequently than ever, and even over more densely inhabited areas.

    Levels of consciousness continue to increase, and that has been expected in view of the amount of Light that has been directed to Earth in more recent years. It touches the heart strings of many people, who have noticed changes within themselves. Some fight it and are set in their ways, but when the truth comes out regarding the purpose of life we expect many to open up. Another important aspect is the acceptance that life is ongoing, and that there is no such thing as death where the soul is concerned. That should release people who live in fear of it, and do not understand that you are not just your body.

    You are wonderful spiritual beings who have so much more potential than you realise, and when you ascend you will be at a level where you can exercise it. There will be few restrictions on your freedom to travel where you like, and you can undertake almost any challenge that will further your spiritual evolution. Naturally, wiser heads than yours are at your call, and the Masters will give you the benefit of their experience. Many of you already serve under one of them and belong to their groups. Group work is a feature of your service to others when you reach the higher realms. Even on Earth you will no doubt agree that you find yourselves attracted to like kinds.

    We of the Galactic Federation are also drawn to work together, and with our different experiences the group energy is very powerful. Because of the number of new civilizations joining us we can enjoy learning of their ways of life. There is also the sharing of new technologies, and it is amazing how different ideas are developed, as for example the many types of craft you see in your skies. Believe us Dear Ones, life is far from boring or lacking excitement when you rise up. Indeed, it is very satisfying and enjoyable, and carried out with love for the many forms of life we meet. Your future may not necessarily lay with us, but as you are members of our Federation you can join us if that is your desire.

    We want to see our allies mount a massive drive to once and for all clear out all of the dark Ones, so that those of you who serve the Light can lead the people through the last days of this cycle. The White Brotherhood has long arranged for the right souls to be on Earth, and be ready to take up their posts and ensure a rightful ending to duality as you know it. The dark Ones are not the only ones that can organize themselves for maximum affect, and the Light has also long planned for this time. There was always going to be a victory for the Light, but with your granted freewill the future was not always predictable. Until the Millennium passed by it was not clear how you would progress, and although the darkness thickened you rose up magnificently to pursue the path of Light. The dark Ones would seem to have taken over, but you stood up to them and against the odds have come out of it victorious. It only remains to clear up the mess after the Illuminati have been removed, and in that we are totally with you.

    We know that with Ascension approaching some parents express concern about their children, and that is understandable. Let us explain that they are as every other soul at this time, following their life plan. They chose who to be with and they would have known about their future as well as yours. Look upon them as souls simply becoming acclimatised to Earth life, with as much potential if not more than yours. Certainly over the last 30 years or more, many souls have been chosen to join you at this special time because of their highly evolved state. They are needed to bring out their Light, and help the awakening of other souls whose consciousness levels need lifting up. The whole process of Ascension has required an army of Lightworkers to put it on a firm footing.

    There is in reality no need to worry about any other soul whether they be young or old, and about their place in Ascension. All of you came to Earth knowing fully well what the challenges would be, and what your karmic lessons would entail. You are all fully equipped to deal with your life plan, and you have a number of Guides who help ensure it all works out successfully for you. Even some souls adventures with the dark energies would have been known beforehand, and that is also a karmic situation. Experience comes very hard at times, but that is how you learn and progress spiritually. If in this life time you have erred, recognise your mistakes and forgive yourself and you can still step on the path to Ascension. Put mistakes behind you, and be sure that given the same circumstances you would not make them again.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and see how the ripple of excitement travels around the world with the anticipation of your rights being restored. For too long you have been oppressed by the dark Ones, and that time is over as their means of controlling you have been taken away. Love is growing, and a great sense of relief being felt everywhere.

    Thank you SaLuSa.
    Mike Quinsey.

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  70. #70 Admiral2012here
    April 20, 2012 am30 7:01 am



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  71. #71 Laurinda
    April 20, 2012 am30 7:36 am

    Wow Addie! Talk about loud and this is one of the best recordings to date in my opinion! Thanks! Yes OBTW, I withdraw my email request to you dated yesterday. What in the H was I thinking anyhow?!!!! lol Laugh Shock

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  72. #72 Laurinda
    April 20, 2012 am30 7:49 am

    In the SaLuSa message dated April 20th “he” talks about lessening the effects of sea and land pollution. Look at the photos of wildlife in the gulf this week– mutated and sick birds and fish. The Gulf Oil Spill’s deadly and sickly effects have taken a strong hold there. The GF needs to step-up their efforts, or they are no more skilled than 3D HU-MANS in the clean up effort. Sad, but true folks. Big Frown

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