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Message from SaLuSa for 2 April 2012

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    If we said that the ball is rolling where the changes are concerned, it would be an understatement as it is thundering forward, and all the work to bring out the results is about to bear fruit. The dark Ones are overwhelmed at the speed that our allies have moved, and it has taken them by surprise. In their arrogance they thought they were invincible and now in a -state of panic. We have cut off their escape routes, and they face having to answer for their crimes against you. The net has closed in on the Illuminati top members, and for once they cannot corrupt people into letting them go. Such developments can hardly be kept out of the main media for much longer, and the fears of repercussions for printing the truth are losing their power. So you may rest assured that a series of events are fast lining up for disclosure, and once it commences there will be no holding back any longer.

    All we ask of you is further patience which most of you have exhibited for many years now, as we put the final touches to our work. Then you shall see an explosion of events that will be hard to keep up with. However, for those who have little prior knowledge of what has been happening, we hope to be able to make broadcasts that will be enlightening. Certainly they will be arranged once disclosure has been made, and all of our activities will be carried out as openly as possible. The flyovers will be spectacular and lift your spirits, as we are to accompany you for the rest of your journey to Ascension. Whatever you need to know will be given, unlike now when your scientists have kept knowledge from you. They know that the solar system is changing, and that your Sun is a main focal point for what is occurring. N.A.S.A. has been the biggest culprit at hiding the facts, and issuing false information. All of this will rapidly change in the coming months.

    The truth is going to be the top of our list of changes, so that in future you will know that you can trust the information that you are given. For too long you have been forced to live the lie about you own place in the world. You have been totally misled about your rights, that have been slowly taken from you to remove your independence. Your enslavement was been very carefully planned, and you were nearly under the total control of the Illuminati. However, the Light forces were not idle and with support from Beings in the higher realms, have stopped their progress and are about to release you from their hold for once and all. To be free is to experience a wonderful feeling of happiness and joy, and not to have to keep looking over your shoulder. The threats to your liberty will be totally removed, so that you can live your lives in peace.

    You have come a long way to reach this stage in your evolution, and to be present in the closing days of duality is indeed a special privilege. Can you really understand what an extra special time it is, to finally close your cycle of many, many lives responding to the challenges that the lower vibrations have placed before you. If you all did but know what you have gone through already, you would feel uncontrollable joy that the journey was over. It will be a time for celebration and we shall ensure that it is one to remember for a long, long time. Your joy will grow the more you learn as to what waits for you.

    We continue to monitor what is happening between the different countries, that are constantly provoking each other to near warlike responses. That Dear Ones is what has been wrong for as long as your history has been recorded. It is nearly always because of greed, and it has been prompted by the dark Ones who took control of different countries to rob them of their resources. Wars have created a constant condition of fear, and you were never intended to permanently live that way. At last we can tell you that the basis for world wide peace has been established, and quickly shall the weapons of war be withdrawn and immobilized. However, that will come when we join you and use our technology to ensure that once an agreement has been reached, that all countries obey it.

    The Galactic Federation are a mighty force for good within the Universe. There are other organizations of a very similar nature, but ours is of an immense size to which more civilizations are being added. Outside of your Universe there are other forms of life, that travel through the wormholes to enter other Universes, mainly for expeditionary reasons. They are checked out by us and only allowed to stay as long as they present no threat to other life. Many times advanced civilizations from within your own Universe, have set out to conquer other planets, but you have been protected by us as the Earth has been quarantined and out of bounds to them. Otherwise you would not have had any means of preventing a takeover, and being enslaved. Life in the lower vibrations has been quite an experience fraught with all kind of dangers, which is why you learnt very quickly how to survive.

    In the future other civilizations will call upon you to help them with their own experiences. What you know from first hand experience is invaluable, and you will be sought after for that reason. That is how all progress by sharing and helping each other, as all are on the same journey back to the Source from whence all life originated. So from experiencing the depths of separation you are going to move into Oneness with all other ascended life forms. It is for example going from individualism where the emphasis was on Self, to Oneness where all serve each other. When the Masters return you shall learn a lot more about the higher dimensions, and how you will need to adapt to the requirements necessary to live within them.

    Mother Earth continues to take her own actions to cleanse the planet, and we are active on her behalf. It is fortunate that you have raised the vibrations, so that the levels of negativity have been substantially reduced. It has meant that the dark energies have been cleansed from many areas, making Mother Earth’s work less liable to cause any major problems to the population. Also, we have the means to accurately predict when events may endanger you, and can act accordingly. You will not be left to cope with such happenings by yourselves.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and send my love to all of you, to help your upliftment and progress towards Ascension.

    Thank you SaLuSa.
    Mike Quinsey.

  1. #1 DTRANCE
    April 2, 2012 am30 7:53 am

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    Film Film Film Film Heart Peace Sun Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow In Love

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  2. #2 Edward
    April 2, 2012 am30 8:11 am

    In first half of March, I stated to our organization’s Board of Directors the mass arrests would be in second or third week of April. I had been sweating it. Today’s message provided needed confidence we are on schedule!!


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  3. #3 music_speaks_
    April 2, 2012 am30 8:25 am

    box car racer
    watch the world

    I watched the smoke
    as it grew darker
    and blew up through the roof
    I watched the fed
    and saw them panic
    as the fire grew
    I saw Virginia
    get rid of Langley
    and its secrets too
    I held your hand
    and sat there knowing
    that we’d make it through

    I saw this man
    disposed of hunger
    and soap operas too
    I saw this field
    that grew perfection
    full of things you do
    I saw this box
    get rid of heartache
    and cure cancer too
    When I awoke
    I sat there hoping
    this is what we’ll do

    If we can
    we will leave a letter and this song for you
    And we’ll write
    once a day
    and float it through the sea to you
    We’ll regret all those things we thought of but didn’t ever do

    If we can we will leave a letter and this song for you
    And we’ll write once a day and float it through the sea to you
    We’ll regret all those things we thought of but didn’t ever do
    When the sky seems to clear who will then be left, but a few, me and you


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  4. #4 music_speaks_
    April 2, 2012 am30 8:35 am

    angels and airwaves
    secret crowds


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  5. #5 Admiral2012here
    April 2, 2012 am30 8:49 am

    …Edward Yes …that took courage to tell the Board of Directors that. How did they respond Question

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  6. #6 xaxaxaxaxa
    April 2, 2012 am30 9:04 am
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  7. #7 Reefer
    April 2, 2012 am30 9:24 am

    By the way,

    I’ve listened to another interview with Drake with freedomizer radio today (posted in Kauilapele’s blog), and they say that the alert posted on the website freedomreigns.us, where it is stated that the arrests will happen in April, was not written by them. Someone else did it, they liked it and posted it, but they cannot confirm or deny that it will happen in April.

    They already updated that alert.


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  8. #8 Kellia
    April 2, 2012 am30 10:18 am

    The Feds are riding the cannabis dispensary in downtown Oakland this morning (and closing down the major thoroghfare in that area in the process) Thanks to our out of control DEA and cowardly worthless excuse of a President and Attorney General. The first Obama Administration raid happened one week after Obama announced that the Feds would NOT bother places that were operating properly under state law, but they have kept raiding. the IRS is down there too, They forbid these places from taking standard business deductions.

    BTW the Supreme Court this morning ruled against a man who was strip searched twice in county jail after being arrested for allegedly failing to pay a traffic fine. If you ever needed proof that the 4th Amendment is dead, this is it.

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  9. #9 Reefer
    April 2, 2012 am30 10:59 am

    Kellia, I’m listening to the interview now!

    GO GO Kellia! impeach them all already!! Yes Yes Yes

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  10. #10 Edward
    April 2, 2012 am30 11:23 am


    Our Board is made up of individuals from Europe and North America, with supporting leadership covering every corner of the planet. The perspective at the table is truly global in scope. The ages of the Board range from 46 to 73, with an average of 59. Both male and female, with a mix of religious backgrounds.

    To my surprise the oldest was very comfortable with “the package” of coming events presented for this year, and into 2013. Even more surprising was that it was the youngest who had fears about openly talking about such subjects!

    In January, I presented, at the request of the Chairman-Elect, a “5D version” of a Business Summary. It included the arrests, the new currency, debt-forgiveness/distribution of wealth, disclosure, and first contact. It then went on to talk about the new abilities humans would have, the new technologies ahead, removal of the language barrier, abundance of food and energy for all, astral travel, regular visitors from the universe, etc. His reply was “GREAT. Well Done!!”. The Board has since unanimously adopted two major strategies to prepare and adapt to the new world.

    Lady Master Nada (who I ‘believe’ is the current head of the Galactic Federation), sent a message that “This will be a lead product for the new world”, and later affirmed, “You have our encouragement”. We are in the final stages to start freely distributing several million of Ownership Units, equally, to our industry’s stakeholders. The understood objective of the Board is to have it released/in place before the (temporary) distraction of the Mass Arrests!

    This is a Board that shares the core values that a business can do Well & Good at the same time. Our shared Planet is #1.


    ~ Admiral. Enjoy your posts. Thanks.

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  11. #11 Admiral2012here
    April 2, 2012 am30 11:44 am

    …oh wow Edward, great info you provided there…you are definitely involved in part of the process and can provide the GM Massives some of the things go’n on behind the scenes Yes

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  12. #12 Kellia
    April 2, 2012 am30 1:25 pm


    Board of what, are you a company? For profit or non-profit?
    What is your industry?


    That interview with Boyle re: impeachment was 2003. If impeachment really was a judicial rather than political process, every president in our lifetimes could have been impeached for something!

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  13. #13 Kellia
    April 2, 2012 am30 1:34 pm


    Another story about Pacifica related media entities. When MoveOn started its censure campaign, I wanted to do a story for Free Speech Radio News, which had replaced the Pacifica Network News as the national newscast, about the difference between censure and impeachment. I wanted to get a local professor to explain the differences, someone from Move On to explain why they wanted censure, which would not have removed Bush from office,) instead of impeachment,which would have kicked him out if he had been convicted. Them I wanted to have Francis Boyle on to talk about how the move for censure was affecting his impeachment campaign. FSRN kept wanting me to change the story, to soften it somehow. I later found out it was because they did not want to be seen as a lefty institution slamming another lefty institution (Moveon). I killed the story rather than give in to that crap.

    A lot of alleged progressive media isn’t.

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  14. #14 Admiral2012here
    April 2, 2012 am30 3:28 pm

    …Kellia, I don’t think Edward should give out the identity of his organization…he’s talk’n about the Board of Directors of the organization he works for

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  15. #15 barda
    April 2, 2012 am30 3:43 pm

    Here we are guys the month of april…just went on a nature swimming/hiking adventure this weekend, beautiful weather. Lets see what happens this month in terms of more news about mass arrests n such…I dont know about anyone else but i’ve felt a lot of energy in the air of late Cool Chic

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  16. #16 Kellia
    April 2, 2012 am30 3:52 pm


    Cabal energy here in Oakland, where the Feds, including IRS agents, raided the cannabis dispensary downtown this morning.

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  17. #17 Admiral2012here
    April 2, 2012 am30 4:01 pm

    …yep barda, I know what you mean. We took the bass boat to the Lake this Sunday…felt good to be out on the water and the day was sunny and warm…gett’n away from the PC for a while does wonders. I’m keep’n an open mind and observing from the outside look’n in…just go’n with the flow to see what happens. Our Planet/civilization has hit rock bottom…and the only way to go is UP…this is what it’s ALL about Cool

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  18. #18 barda
    April 2, 2012 am30 4:02 pm


    Sounds like you should send light and love for the people of oakland and replace the cabal energies with light energies! Wink Wink Remember, a higher energy/vibration can transform lower ones! Dont give in; dont give up! The cabal is going to try any final cards they can deal(which are all minor), but they wont be around for very much longer. Namaste!

    Cool Razz Grin

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  19. #19 Stick
    April 2, 2012 am30 4:05 pm

    Star ( ( ( One Love Evolution GM Massive!!! ) ) ) Star
    & Robin, I caught the 12:41 SaLuSA sync… n i c e Lion
    Here’s some more info on Drake…

    “Drake” on Himself
    From Freedom Reigns

    It has come to my attention that a lot of people want to know who I am. I will offer a part of the base of what I know without endangering myself or others. The basis of the knowledge I hold is extraordinary in its scope (content and reach) and those whom I am in contact with.

    Not being willing to take anyone’s word for it, I went behind the scenes and found who ‘they’ were talking to. This involves most of the ‘news’ web sites many are familiar with, credible or not.

    My military service includes nuclear weapons, very high security clearances, and Vietnam. Most of the “incidents” from this time forward, I was involved in at some level, major, minor, and local. I started in the field of information in the late nineties and progressed from that time forward. I use a portion of the old cold war spy network, people in several sensitive positions, and those who agree to pass along info no one else gets. There are several contact avenues that also offer info, military, political and citizen eyes. In all, an extreme information highway.

    The validity of what I’ve sent out has been the best at the time, almost all of which was verifiable. And yes, I was called on to prove a lot of it at first. This was not an easy task and caused me to be able to protect and out the info at the same time, I learned how.

    Forces in the main stream media took most of what I offered and called it everything but true, and I was a nightmare head case trying to cause problems through the use of my imagination, and the internet…

    Those who own the media control its content, most of which is questionable at best…I know, because I was directly involved in a few of those ‘international and local incidents’ that were reported as something else altogether…So I have first hand knowledge of this.

    I have been a patriot since taking my oath of service in the 60′s. I had always been raised to be a patriot, but that oath haunted me all the time…until I decided I would start taking action.

    The present information I have shared comes from a plan I was privileged to read some years ago. To date it has been in the works well over twenty (20) years. Many old fashioned old timers knew better than the direction our country was headed, even way back then, so they started writing the plan. It deals with offering the basic freedoms our country was founded on, and how to return to that freedom.

    My research extends into a lot of law, application, and the origin of law itself. The offerings used in the manner in which I stated them to be used, when used correctly, I never lost. This includes local, state, federal, and international applications.

    A group of individual people in individual states, has completed the paperwork that sets our nation free.

    It is my hope that we all can keep our freedom this time…that is up to We The People.

    The extent of the information offered on the recording is, at this time, the limit I use to protect the many who are involved in our efforts. If anyone who reads this believes that freedom can still be available, then I urge all those to play the recording to others of a like mind.

    A qualified person does not have to be a rocket scientist. Try finding someone who is so honest it hurts to be around them. A person who knows the meaning of right and wrong according to their conscience…and who listens to it. In order to start to turn things around, it will take as many people as possible to stand up in any way they can. Put together groups all over our country at the local level. Get everyone to know each other and look into using your group to put the right kind of people in office.

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  20. #20 Admiral2012here
    April 2, 2012 am30 4:31 pm

    …Stick Yes

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  21. #21 Stick
    April 2, 2012 am30 4:36 pm

    yeah Admiral… the plot thickens… keep up the good works Brotha Lion Yes

    **Mira of the Pleiadian High Council: A Message of Ascension Assurance**
    Valerie Donner ~ April 1, 2012

    Greetings, I am Mira… I am still from the Pleiadian High Council. However due to the urgency of the times on Earth I am now fully focused with you. I have an alternate who will fill my position until it is time for me to return to the Pleiadian High Council.

    This change is not about fear. It is about the needs of your planet and life on the Earth. As I have previously shared with you, we are experts in the ascension process. It is what we do. We go to various planets and assist them with this process.

    The Earth is well on her way to higher consciousness. We are not the only other planetary system that is a part of the Earth Council. We join with others to bring forth a new way of living; a dimensional jump.

    As progress continues there will not be a need for many of the current third dimensional ways of living on the Earth. Scarcity will become passé. Greed, deceit, hatred, fear, competition, service to self, war, control, and many other negative ways of being will shift. This will allow the energies of love, service to others, co-operation, unity, abundance, peace and great blessings to prevail in your lives.

    To some of you the fifth dimensional ways of being might sound like your fairy tales. I assure you this is not the case. However, when a planet moves from the lower third dimensional frequencies there are some, especially those who have been in control, who go to extraordinary means to maintain control. This is what is happening now.

    These beings thrive on your fear. It becomes their ultimate goal to have a [stranglehold] on you. They do not want to see the Earth or you ascend.

    It is because of these schemes that I am fully attentive to the process at hand on Earth. We have experts of all kinds to assist you in rising above the current challenges. We understand that these dark strategies can seem overwhelming but we want to assure you that this is not the case.

    We are here to provide love and support. We will help usher you and the Earth into the higher energies. This is a flowing and complicated process that is fully in place.

    We are also monitoring the Earth’s progress. She is doing well yet she still has a lot of purging and cleansing to do. Imagine how the ruthless lack of reverence for the Earth has created imbalances. She deserves all of the love and attention that we can give her.

    I am also here due to potential emergent as well as non-emergent situations. These potentials require quick action at times. As part of the ground crew, you may be required to step into action. Most of humanity is still distracted and asleep. Our fleets surround you. Our Creator has accounted for all possibilities. You will know what to do when the time arrives.

    Towards this end many events will occur for the rest of the year 2012 and for several years after this year. You will be busy. This can be a time of sorrow and loss because many are choosing to make their ascension on this side. Some simply do no have healthy bodies, are in fear of the higher energies, or feel complete in other ways, so they will be transitioning.

    Whatever choices are made we assure you that you will be seeing your loved ones again. They will be with you. They will be well cared for and loved whether they are in physical form or not.

    Our Creator is a loving and compassionate being. Although a lot will be asked of you, even more will be given. There are many great beings with you and the Earth right now. We are simply a breath away. Watch what happens in the sky. Pay attention to the needs of others. Focus on love not fear. Know that I am here to serve you and the Earth in love and peace.

    ~AscensionCalling247——————– Yin Yang Thunder Peace Star

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  22. #22 Stick
    April 2, 2012 am30 5:26 pm

    ———————–—–( ( ( RED ICE RADIO Listening to Music ) ) )—–————————

    **Håkan Blomqvist ~ Richard Höglund’s Strange Alien Encounter**
    April 1, 2012

    Håkan Blomqvist discusses the strange alien encounter of Richard Höglund, one of Sweden’s few reported contact cases. Håkan works as a librarian at the Norrköping City Library. He spends much of his free time at the Archive for UFO Research (AFU), which he co-founded in 1973. Today he is president of AFU and also vice chairman of the national organization UFO-Sweden. Equipped with an imaginative temperament and an existential curiosity, he is fascinated with both literature and life’s mysterious aspects. For many years he’s also been interested in the theosophical/esoteric tradition. Håkan is the author of three books (written in Swedish): “UFO – in myth and reality”, “Strangers on our earth” and “A trip through time – UFO-Sweden’s history: 1970 – 2010″. Richard Höglund (1913-1977) was a rock-blaster by profession who claimed to have encountered aliens from another world for the first time in December 1965, while taking his dog for a walk at Grind Hult lake near the town of Uddevalla in Sweden. Richard was given a metal plaque with hieroglyph symbols on it from space people, which cured his kidney stone. Höglund was told by them to go to the Bahamas on a number of occasions to help the aliens work on a peace project. This led to a series of strange events, including Richard’s involvement with Mafia kingpin Lou Chesler in Bahamas. Many eyewitnesses were interviewed about this case and circumstantial evidence seems to support Richard’s Story. We’ll discuss this case in detail with Håkan.

    Listen to Hour One: http://rediceradio.net/radio/2012/RIR-120401-hblomqvist-hr1.mp3

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  23. #23 Admiral2012here
    April 2, 2012 am30 6:39 pm


    Certain vibrations of fear and hate can not coexist on 5-D Earth. Now is the time to reprogram our minds to the vibration of love because this window of opportunity will not last long.

    Why will people get left behind?


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  24. #24 Laurinda
    April 2, 2012 am30 7:59 pm
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  25. #25 AjZ
    April 2, 2012 am30 9:15 pm

    with north korea launcing the missile between ap 12-16 and rumos of pope resinging and mass arrest between the second or third week of apr, i think something might really happen in 2 weeks.

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  26. #26 AjZ
    April 2, 2012 am30 9:35 pm

    to 23#

    admiral , many things have happend between today and the date that video was made (2008) the circumstances have changed no one is left behind, everybody will make a choce.

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  27. #27 Marie-Anne
    April 2, 2012 am30 11:42 pm

    There is no Galactic Federation as such – these are all just mind games & ‘figments’ of the imagination… In the end the earth shall be no more & simply just that…

    In time a new world will begin again… That is the nature of All things: Evolution, Revolution, War, Famine & Environmental
    Destruction due to mans greed for hunger and power and religious intolerance…

    Karma has the final say – that is we are each involved in a school of learning here on earth. We choose to live and learn these lessons.

    We cannot escape the essence of the karmic evolution of our soul imprint. We must live and learn unto which we will grow and evolve and continue our development of the soul in higher planes of existence…

    This is the reality of our universal connection into the realms of the great spirit and ‘oneness’ of All Creation.

    Time is simultaneous we are ‘multidimensional beings’ – that simply forms an intricate web of consciousness that is interconnected within the universal stream of life… Worlds of universes within universes exist within this multi-dimensional universe. Parallel time lines do exist as well as past and future. Energy is matter vs time and space… It is within thought and energy that we create matter into form/existence. Awareness creates the ability of transmutation.

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  28. #28 Raven
    April 3, 2012 am30 12:09 am

    Quantum Leap Alchemy with Theresa Bullard, Ph.D.

    Quantum Leap Alchemy offers trainings, information, and programs that deliver a deeper understanding as to how to transform and successfully bring about the shift in consciousness that is upon us……


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  29. #29 Admiral2012here
    April 3, 2012 am30 4:35 am


    HAPPY EASTER!…A new channelling just up.


    This is the link to the documentary about chemtrails that I mention in the channelling. (97 mins)


    Truly people … I cannot seem to think of anything inspiring to say right now. ( I have also had three attempts to write a new blog post … clearly got writers block!!) … so I’ll leave it be and just get this off to you.

    All is well in my world , don’t get me wrong … and I TRUST it is in yours also.

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  30. #30 Admiral2012here
    April 3, 2012 am30 4:36 am

    …can someone post Blossom’s new message; her site is blocked here at my work

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  31. #31 spedman
    April 3, 2012 am30 5:47 am

    April 3rd. 2012. Blossom Smile

    Hello there. Me here. I have a question in mind, which I may have asked before. It is to do with all the discrepancies between different channellings and different information that is offered to us. I Know you have said ‘to follow your hearts Truth’ but can you explain why it is that there is such vast differences? Each of the people bringing these messages through seem to be of good intention, and coming from their heart so why is this? It causes great alarm for many. Can you enlighten us on this matter if you would be so kind?

    What we would choose to offer regarding such discrepancies is that some of which is passed on is misinterpreted through force of will. In other words there maybe those who appear to be willing to bring forth Truth and yet those energies that are relaying a message to an Earthly soul have not the best intentions at heart.

    Yes I can understand this. Many have said this about us! It would be insulting to say this to one who feels that those that they channell are of Light and Truth. To me … we can’t all be right … because so much is different. I really feel this situation needs to be cleared up . Many folk put themselves on the line in Trust to ‘give out’ information they receive … So, how is one to Know that which to follow and which not?

    Again we would say ‘which puts you in a place of fear and which puts you in a place of Love?”. That is all there is to know .

    So basically you are saying that all that puts you in a place of Love is True and that which makes you fearful is untrue?

    That is what we are saying exactly. When you follow the path of Love there is nothing to fear. We do not come to you with messages of ‘Beware … you are doomed’. To us there would be little sense in doing so. We come … as we have said before to assist you in recognizing who you are and why you are here . We come to help you find YOU.

    YOU ARE LOVE and from Love and only Love … no matter what takes place there is absolutely NOTHING to fear . Those that fear … have not yet found the depth of Love that resides within them.

    I get what you are saying on that count … but it still doesn’t change the fact that channelled messages differ. Surely if they are coming from the source of Love they would all say the same?

    The fact being that what is to come … will come. You will experience it when it does. The messages coming through are doing so to help prepare you.

    Got to interupt sorry … How can we be sure which scenario to prepare for?

    In ALL scenarios there is no finer preparation for the soul than LOVE and joy AT THIS TIME NOW. That should be the main message. There is only NOW. So many of you are planning for a future that is not NOW. We come to ask you to LIVE IN THE MOMENT OF NOW.

    And yet YOU also tell us of a time when we shall join together again as a family … in the time ahead … which is not NOW. Which can only have us thinking about the future that you speculate. I am not purposefully being awkward … I just feel these matters need sorting from our Earthy perspective.

    We understand of your plight . We expect there to be questions for we cannot be in control of all that is sent through from others to others.

    Yet why the differences in the story of what lies ahead?. Is it like the movie ‘sliding doors’ … where a split second can change how things pan out … perhaps in a parallel life? Struth Blossom!!! Why don’t you make it more complicated … !

    No … this is not the case.

    Then what is?? If you are following a Divine Plan … then what is the TRUTH about what is in store for us within this year?

    We have given you the TRUTH as we see it. We cannot be responsible for how others see it and choose to behave because of it.

    Dearest Lady … We appreciate the fact that your task is not an easy one. We appreciate also that we are not of Earth and therefore do not always see things from an ‘earthlings’ perspective. We understand that you are speaking for many and needing questions answered. We understand that many of you are confused. We accept that for all those living in a place of fear within themselves … they are unable to ‘let go’ of EVERYTHING!

    Have you thought that although what you see and hear maybe of conflicting views … that it allows you also to THINK FOR YOURSELVES? If you were to blindly follow all that was said … would you run of the edge of a cliff if you were asked? If you were told that in future days a Light Vessel would come and hover over the edge of a cliff and ask you to leap off that cliff and you would be caught in its beam and lifted up … Would you just do it without asking your heart if this was a sensible thing to do? We ask for your answer Blossom.

    Nope. I wouldn’t … not without a parachute anyway!! But then … what about TRUSTING?

    TRUSTING IN WHOM? Unless you TRUST yourselves … Your inner knowing … how could you expect to Trust an outside source? What would be the point of Trusting US if you didn’t first of all TRUST yourself? This to US would seem of a ridiculous procedure … having everything back to front.

    You are asking US for answers to questions that need to be answered by TRUSTING YOURSELF!

    What if we can’t find the answer or simply … don’t know?

    Then you do not Trust yourself … so why would you TRUST anything you hear or read that comes from another?

    SO … from your perspective … how would you suggest we further TRUST ourselves?

    By following your heart. It is interesting to us that this seems a little difficult for you. When you FEEL joyous and full of LOVE and you are happy with the way your day is going … would you not agree that you TRUST yourself in your decisions … because look how you are FEELING? This is how you learn to TRUST yourself.

    What if one is feeling ‘off track’ … that can’t be that we don’t TRUST ourselves?

    Why not?

    Because we haven’t necessarily misplaced TRUST , we just maybe having a bad day .

    Yet all that is required there is to change attitude … no matter what is transpiring. If you TRUST in the fact that no matter what … an outcome is for your Highest good then you put the TRUST in yourself that ‘to TRUST yourself and your FEELINGS is the requirement of the day. All days.

    If you feel uncomfortable about that which another is saying … then why would you TRUST it? HOW can you TRUST it? You are being told by YOU not to trust it … because of how it makes you feel! FEELINGS! FEELINGS ! FEELINGS!

    Ok … Lets go further. I recently watched a documentary about chemtrails. I have known for quite a while about this . This documentary is of TRUTH for me . I TRUST it … yet it did not make me FEEL good. Do you see what I am trying to say?

    Yes we accept this premise. Yet … was there not a large part of you that was filled with courage that the TRUTH is now being told? Did you not feel stronger in a united front that the souls who have followed their Truth … to make this TRUTH available to many … have done what they did? You have known for a long time about such matters … now you are happy that something is being done. Did it scare you? NO. Because your heart tells you that such an atrocity shall not prevail. It cannot prevail. You Trust your instinct on this. BECAUSE IT IS TRUTH.

    Yep. Good answer.

    We ask you to KNOW YOURSELVES. That is all you need do. If any one of you were to stop reading and gathering information from those of us that are not residing upon your planet at this time …. Do you think this would make a difference to how you may react when those of us from ‘elsewhere’ communicate in an undeniable fashion for all to witness?

    What if your communication systems were to fail today and not be revived? Would you survive? Of course you would! What if in three months time we were to remain in your skies for all to see? Would you run inside and hide? Of course not! You would TRUST that which your heart and FEELINGS are speaking to you of at that given moment of time. You would Trust in that feeling for there would be no networking from others to tell you … or suggest to you how to feel in that moment.


    This is what you must come to realize … THIS IS ALL ABOUT YOU.

    It is not about US and who we are and what we stand for .

    It is about YOU and WHO YOU ARE … and WHAT YOU STAND FOR.

    STAND UP AND BE COUNTED! Let yourselves see who you are. Look around you NOW and notice the changes that are taking place.

    You are the strong ones. You are breaking FREE! ALL BY YOURSELVES.

    You are waking up to the fact that YOU …. AND ONLY YOU can do this.


    You are marching forth and you are a force of LOVE that cannot be defeated!!

    You understand this NOW! You ‘GET THIS’ NOW.

    You came here to do this … to change your planet into its former glory.

    YOU! YOU! YOU! And you are doing it … Look around … You are doing it .

    We will happily assist in ways that will benefit greatly by means of advanced technology … yet as is happening … it is YOU that is allowing the position to be opened in order for us to do so.


    OUR Trust is within ourselves to Trust in you to do so!

    We shall. We are! Thanking you as always. From all of us down here … to all of you space bunnies up there … Happy Easter.

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  32. #32 Laurinda
    April 3, 2012 am30 5:56 am

    http://www.infowars.com/obama-may-make-unelected-supreme-court-a-campaign-issue/ hmmm, getting to 5D or 4D, or whatever will be quite a stretch for some, eh?! Question

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  33. #33 Laurinda
    April 3, 2012 am30 6:01 am

    http://www.naturalnews.com/035453_FDA_BPA_chemicals.html this one is interesting folks….Like I said before the stretch to even 4D will be more than these minds will probably be able to make. Oh and when the karmic scales begin to balance, they will wah wah and say they were only doing their jobs! Where does having a conscience or standing up to what one KNOWS is WRONG come into play HERE? Shock

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  34. #34 Laurinda
    April 3, 2012 am30 6:05 am
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  35. #35 spedman
    April 3, 2012 am30 6:16 am
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  36. #36 spedman
    April 3, 2012 am30 6:17 am
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  37. #37 Laurinda
    April 3, 2012 am30 6:28 am

    #’s 35, 36: Yup, there are more good folks out there than cold-hearted ones, when push comes to shove. As for the cold-hearted and souless ones, their time is greatly limited here, and its almost time for them to say sayonara! lol Nope, and I don’t think anyone will even miss them. But I reckon on a free will planet like Earth, anything goes, but some forget that sooner or later they will be held fully accountable for their brazen and heartless deeds… Shock

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  38. #38 spedman
    April 3, 2012 am30 6:29 am

    #33 “products of their environment”??? programmed maybe??? or it could be that some people are just no damn good at all lolololol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9V7zbWNznbs&feature=related Silly ROTFL Silly ROTFL Silly ROTFL

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  39. #39 Laurinda
    April 3, 2012 am30 6:37 am

    Sped: Bill wants me to remind you of the Holy Hand Grenade at the end of this same movie! lol Laugh

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  40. #40 spedman
    April 3, 2012 am30 6:48 am

    the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch that brother manard carries. dont forget to count to 3 and lob it at thy enemies blowing them to tiny bits Silly ROTFL Silly ROTFL Silly ROTFL

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  41. #41 Admiral2012here
    April 3, 2012 am30 7:42 am


    This week’s newsletter was delayed for a day because of sensitive ongoing negotiations involving the Japanese, Chinese, Russian and US governments among others. The negotiations are still going on as of this writing and there is much we still cannot report. However, we can confirm that the Japanese government has agreed in principle to set up a 1000 trillion yen (12 trillion dollar) fund to be used to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and roll out previously forbidden technology in a responsible manner. The problem now is how to sort out the massive geopolitical repercussions this fund will create.

    In what may be a related development, there appears to have been a regime change in China because Xi Xinping, the man widely assumed to be the next president of China has not appeared on the official Chinese Xinhua news site since March 31st, while his erstwhile rival, Li Keqiang, is being given massive coverage. This is only one of many signs of massive changes in planetary governance.


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  42. #42 Laurinda
    April 3, 2012 am30 7:43 am

    We have had lots of cold, gray, cloudy, rainy days here in North Idaho. We see the sun around the time of sunset only. Today it was clear, around 34 degrees. We are supposed to get up to a high of 54 degrees and lots of folks will be out and about. No leaves open yet, lawns are greening up though. Flowers are coming up, but not flowering yet. Why do I tell you all of this? It is an example: to see the brilliant blue morning spoiled by the criss-crossing of chemtrails. As I type this, there is little blue sky left, as the white of the chemtrails has quickly spoiled the blue sky above and in only about one hour of time! Shock Now here, is yet another perfect example of how some will have to answer for their actions, and the lame excuse of “I was only following orders!”—will NOT cut it with SPIRIT!!!!

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  43. #43 Laurinda
    April 3, 2012 am30 7:55 am

    #41: Yeah, now all we need is the resignation of the Pope, and the dismantling of that monstrous entity known as the Mother Church. Let’s see them free up all THOSE funds, and the vast art collection returned to the nations it has been plundered from. That ought to free-up some $$$$$$$$$! Yes

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  44. #44 Uniqu
    April 3, 2012 am30 8:20 am

    ” That outta free-up some $$$$$$$$$! ”

    The new reality is not about money my dear!

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  45. #45 Laurinda
    April 3, 2012 am30 8:34 am

    Uniqu: Tell that to all the folks that blather on about St. Germaine’s “Prosperity Funds” my deario! And I already know that the “new reality” isn’t about money, but thanks for the great reminder! If you haven’t noticed–most folks aren’t living in the new reality yet! lol

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  46. #46 Laurinda
    April 3, 2012 am30 8:35 am

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=_nEPWShAohk Here is one for you Addie, in case you haven’t seen it yet!

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  47. #47 xaxaxaxaxa
    April 3, 2012 am30 8:50 am

    ETI, because of this deplorable cognitive state of humanity, find virtually all human beings of the planet Earth to be incredibly boring and pathetic. Intellectually and psychically, human beings are regarded as dull and undeveloped, lacking higher psychic functions, and hardly worthy of being called “human”. Humanity is on average subhuman from the standpoint of ETI. When human beings from Earth are occasionally brought to other star-systems or taken on space voyages, they are treated more as pets or retarded imbeciles.
    ETI sees human beings of Earth as lacking genuine Free Will. Though human beings pride themselves on “thinking for themselves”, “not belonging to cults”, “making their own choices” and so on, it is hard to find an authentic human being who does real thinking, is free from prejudice and possessing an individual decision-system that acts with a freedom to act beyond mere habit, conditioning, routine or clinging to familiar things, people and ideas.

    Human beings are seen as something more like helpless robots running in programmed ruts than actual free spirits who can understand or do something unusual or “out of character” for them. Human beings, like herd animals, cling to conditioned norms and pseudo-moralities (like the “War on Terror”) even when the norms and pseudo-moralities are destructive to their health and sanity. They tend to hate anyone who is “different”, so various cultures, subcultures, nations, languages and peoples are all treated as virtual enemies. In fact, anyone who is “different” or “foreign” is even called “alien”, as if they might as well be Extraterrestrials, who they also call Aliens.

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  48. #48 Norris
    April 3, 2012 am30 8:52 am

    Full Benjamin Fulford update 2nd April 2012

    This week’s newsletter was delayed for a day because of sensitive ongoing negotiations involving the Japanese, Chinese, Russian and US governments among others. The negotiations are still going on as of this writing and there is much we still cannot report. However, we can confirm that the Japanese government has agreed in principle to set up a 1000 trillion yen (12 trillion dollar) fund to be used to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and roll out previously forbidden technology in a responsible manner. The problem now is how to sort out the massive geopolitical repercussions this fund will create.

    In what may be a related development, there appears to have been a regime change in China because Xi Xinping, the man widely assumed to be the next president of China has not appeared on the official Chinese Xinhua news site since March 31st, while his erstwhile rival, Li Keqiang, is being given massive coverage. This is only one of many signs of massive changes in planetary governance.

    In the US, the Pentagon has begun asking citizens to stock up with 72 hours’ worth of food because of possible disruptions associated with the imminent replacement of the US dollar with a new Treasury dollar, according to CIA sources in California. This move is also expected to be accompanied by a massive clean up operation aimed at draining the corruption out of Wall Street and Washington D.C. in order to restore the US to its former moral and economic greatness.

    Any new treasury dollar will initially have much lower international purchasing power than the US dollar now being used. This will make Americans buy made in USA products and will make US exports competitive again. It might be a good time now to go out and buy Chinese stuff at Wal-Mart before it suddenly becomes more expensive. Also, do take the Pentagon’s advice and stock up on food to tide you over the transition.

    Another sign that something big is about to happen is that a European CIA source asked the White Dragon Society for the names and addresses of members of the following organizations: the committee of 300, the Bilderberg group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Club of Rome, the Trilateral Commission and the European Commission. These have been forwarded. Here, by the way, is a link to what appears to be a credible list of the current members of the Committee of 300.

    Message to the members of this group: “please do not get in our way.”

    In any case, the most concrete and detailed intelligence available to this writer comes from Japan where government officials say that for technical administrative reasons, it will take a couple of weeks to set up the 1000 trillion yen fund. These reasons include maintaining payrolls, pensions, tax revenues and other administrative nitty gritty. However, there are no goons available now the Kissinger, Nakasone, Bush, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Koizumi old world order people so their removal from power in Japan is a given.

    The big question to be solved now is how to set up mechanisms to handle the disbursement of the 1000 trillion yen to the countries of the world. The only thing decided for sure on this issue is that it must no longer be a secret, centralized system held in private hands. There is also an agreement in principle that the Japanese government will administer 500 trillion yen while the new international economic planning agency will get the other 500 trillion.

    This agency, tentatively named LIFE (Long Term Investments for Everyone) will finance European and US economic restructuring as well as promote massive development projects in the rest of the world. However, before it can be started, a small planning staff will begin the process of selecting international talent to run the agency. Exactly when this will happen is subject to ongoing negotiations but hopefully the first usable cash will be delivered as early as the middle of this month.

    The BRICs nations will, for their part, set up their own, independent fund as announced at the BRICs summit last week. This fund will be run by China, Russia, India, Brazil and South Africa and will presumably use a basket of currencies dominated by the Renminbi and the Ruble. This group will work in close tandem with the G20 nations, according to their declaration:

    Getting back to China, a look at who is appearing on the Xinhua news site indicates that Premier Wen Jiabao, President Hu Jintao and Le Keqiang are being prominently featured. The text of Le Keqiang’s speech at the Boao forum reveal him to be a moderate centrist and thus likely a compromise candidate between powerful behind the scenes factions. We also know from various sources that the Chongqing party boss Bo Xilai was backed by Henry Kissinger and the old world order cabal he represents. No doubt he was promised the job of dictator of China and the world in exchange for his cooperation. Memo to Kissinger and the committee of 300: the world does not want a dictator.

    When the dust settles, the world will have harmonious collective leadership.

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  49. #49 Laurinda
    April 3, 2012 am30 8:55 am

    xaxaxaxa: Who are you quoting from?

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  50. #50 xaxaxaxaxa
    April 3, 2012 am30 9:11 am

    I have copy paste this article from a forum where theme was; what aliens think about us humans, i posted this because, how do we really know that this galactic messagess are true in nature, how possibly could we know that they GFL have a good intensions with our species and our planet if they think that we are so primitive to them. I remember watching disclousure project documentary where one man said that earth is visited by ET from other dimensions and universes, and these beings are very smart and if they would invade some planet they wouldnt use guns but it would manipulate with domestic inteligent species like us, and looking what is happening in a world it sure have a sense.

    Please watch this documentary, all of it, and you will know what i am talking about !!!!!! Yes Smile


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  51. #51 Laurinda
    April 3, 2012 am30 9:22 am

    xaxaxa: I have seen this video this past weekend. It offers no hope and suggests a very dark otherworldly intent toward humanity. — Hopefully most humans will use their discernment in the matter of “aliens” and their “agendas”. Who isn’t without some sort of agenda anyhow? Even so-called “light beings” have an agenda of sorts. Doesn’t it all come down to the internal feelings/intuitions we get in dealing with this matter? Keeping an open heart is imperative, but so is using one’s higher mind. Walking the middle path in these matters seems prudent….

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  52. #52 xaxaxaxaxa
    April 3, 2012 am30 9:36 am

    Laurinda, you cant expect from ordinary people to discernment in the matter of “aliens” and their “agendas” or to belive in aliens good agenda. In referring that there is no hope in a video, where do you see a hope in today s world ????!you need to be on drugs to se a hope, all what i see is huge turmoil on world wide scale that is going nowhere, thats reallistic.

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  53. #53 Admiral2012here
    April 3, 2012 am30 9:51 am


    The Cabal Members and their 6,000 or so minions are now quitting their banking positions in the hundreds and soon to be thousands, because the individual states filed the proper paperwork to become independent of the US Corporation (own by the Federal Reverse Bank, who’s controlled by the Cabal)… which means that the US Military must obey what the states want, and not what the cabal wants!

    This is HUGE! The military is sick and tired of following the orders of the Cabal as they know it’s totally wrong… but they were forced to because it’s the law. They must follow what the governing body tells them to do, and that governing body has been the United States Corporation which is controlled by the Elite Illuminati Gangsters. They have put the US Corporation in debt Trillions of Dollars through fraudulent actions of passing the losses on it, while stealing the profits through companies like Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase.




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  54. #54 Laurinda
    April 3, 2012 am30 9:52 am

    xaxax: Where do I see hope? I see hope in the daily kind acts of others. I see hope in many of the children I work with in public school, and the public school setting ain’t no picnic either! When push comes to shove, I think many will wake up and FAST!!! For the ones that don’t, well that is their path, not mine. Yes, I have days when even I feel there is almost no hope left, then I force my way out of that negative way of thinking. I refuse to give into the lower energies of despair. I am a firm believer in the fact that a benevolent force watches over ALL! xaxaxa: I need to take off now for part of the day, but I will look forward to your reply…Keep the faith Braveheart! Many stand firmly together, and I ask you now to remember the presence of the Lightwarriors who reside on our blessed planet–HERE AND NOW!!!

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  55. #55 Deneb
    April 3, 2012 am30 10:44 am

    I want to thank the person who posted the Billy Corgan interview on InfoWars.com… I think it was Addy, or Laurinda?

    When I was a teenager, this guy was my idol. As I watched this one hour interview, my heart started beating faster and I remembered why I always loved and respected Billy Corgan. Hearing him speaking about the current state of the world and about the awakening and spiritual evolution of humanity was incredible.

    This was a wonderful interview and I also respect the work of Alex Jones a lot more after watching it.

    I would even say that this interview gave me one more proof that our world IS transforming. Billy Corgan is a huge public figure and now he is talking openly and intelligently about very profound matters during more than one hour with Alex Jones. I think this is simply thrilling!

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  56. #56 Kellia
    April 3, 2012 am30 11:14 am
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  57. #57 xaxaxaxaxa
    April 3, 2012 am30 11:15 am

    here you go, new world order is behing the corner, britain plans to end privacy for their citizens to “protect” them from terorist.


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  58. #58 Admiral2012here
    April 3, 2012 am30 11:45 am


    Here people and organizations from every nation are invited to record their support for a World Disclosure Day as a new component within a growing international truth movement.

    In this instance Disclosure refers to the formal acknowledgement by world governments of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race, but could well refer to a long list of concerns the truths of which still lie behind walls of secrecy. The purpose of World Disclosure Day is to provide a focal point for people and organizations to come together to assert their right to know and demand cosmic truths being withheld from them by their governments. World Disclosure Day will also help broaden public awareness of the Disclosure process and those organizations advocating for the truth on behalf of all citizens. In time various relevant events will come to be scheduled on this day.



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  59. #59 xaxaxaxaxa
    April 3, 2012 am30 12:11 pm
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  60. #60 Admiral2012here
    April 3, 2012 am30 12:45 pm


    On Tuesday 27th March Ben Gilroy, John Squires and ‘People for Economic Justice’ served a summons on the Irish government to answer charges of illegal activity over the bank bailout. The bailout is illegal under Bunreacht Na hEireann, the Irish Constitution.

    It is also illegal under international law.

    An injunction was applied for to prevent the payment of a €3.1 billion euro Anglo bond due to be paid this Saturday 31st March 2012.

    The judge has given two weeks for the State to respond.

    Please support Ben and John and People for Economic Justice in any way you can. The economic situation in Ireland has been caused by illegal activity. Those responsible must be held responsible, and the payments must be stopped.
    Fine Gael were elected on the promise of stopping this madness but have not done so.


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  61. #61 spedman
    April 3, 2012 am30 1:49 pm
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  62. #62 spedman
    April 3, 2012 am30 1:58 pm
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  63. #63 Admiral2012here
    April 3, 2012 am30 2:40 pm


    “Starting today, The National Weather Service will implement an experimental tornado warning policy change to offices that serve Missouri and Kansas.

    The new policy will apply three distinct sub-categories of tornado warnings, as follows: an “ordinary” tornado warning, a warning of a “particularly dangerous situation,” stating that a tornado has been sighted on the ground and a “Tornado Emergency”, which will explicitly state that there is a tornado on the ground and will include words such as “mass devastation and “un-survivable” when necessary.


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  64. #64 Reefer
    April 3, 2012 am30 3:05 pm

    Mystery surrounds silencing of key al Qaeda websites

    Key al Qaeda online forums have fallen silent in the past two weeks, leaving terrorism experts to wonder the cause and whether a key communications mode of the terror group and its affiliates has been purposely undermined.

    The sites, where al Qaeda posts messages and jihadists and wannabe jihadists post messages and discussions regarding their ideology and loyalty, started disappearing on March 23, said Aaron Y. Zelin, a researcher in the Department of Politics at Brandeis University. Zelin also maintains the website Jihadology.net.

    The outages were first reported by the Washington Post. No entity has claimed responsibility and U.S. officials contacted by CNN would not comment.


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  65. #65 Kellia
    April 3, 2012 am30 3:30 pm

    Sped #61

    My in-laws live in Wiley, which is a Dallas suburb. But when David called, just before he left for a job interview, his mom reported they were OK. His father;s workplace has a tornado shelter do people there should be OK.

    One tornado was reported to be a half mile wide.

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  66. #66 spedman
    April 3, 2012 am30 3:39 pm

    sweeeeeet glad their ok Smile

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  67. #67 Admiral2012here
    April 3, 2012 am30 4:15 pm


    Dratzo! We return! Your world continues her shift to a new reality. The planet has moved nearly 2.0 degrees toward the ecliptic as a result of the increasing energies passing through your Sun from the galactic core. These energies are putting mounting pressure on the planetary grids, which also continue to shift. The same galactic core energies are creating conditions on the other water-worlds, which are moving them closer to the solar system’s sacred shift point. This is when your solar system aligns with the rest of your galaxy, allowing the galaxy to significantly alter its basic spiral shape, and permitting our galaxy’s reality grids to come into rhythmic alignment with the 350,000 or so galaxies that form this sector of physicality. We have been instructed by Heaven to increase our level of participation with the galactic Elohim in seeing that these adjustments proceed as decreed by the Creator and by the sacred Seraphim of AEON. This project coincides with the divine intervention now happening on your world.

    This divine intervention is approaching a magical point! Currently, we are watching the final steps wherein your world’s reality is transformed from dark to Light. Heaven’s representatives, working in concert with a number of secret sacred societies and many of your Ascended Masters, are ready to roll out a great abundance. This universal prosperity kick-starts great changes in the way your global financial and political systems operate. It is truly to be a year marked by unprecedented and unique change! The most important aspect for us is, of course, a full disclosure by various major governments of our benevolent presence and of our mission here. We are very ready to proceed with the many activities on our agenda, which conclude with those that return you to your natural state of full consciousness. As we speak, certain prerequisite actions are being carried out by designated contingents of the world’s military and associated police groups. They are implementing the final stages of a mass global arrest process which will change your world forever. These arrests herald new governance and new prosperity for all!

    This first extraordinary flurry of changes will lead to a series of ever more exciting events. We are working closely with the Agarthans to set up for you an optimum route to galactic society, beginning with many secret technologies which will be introduced to you by your new governments. These same governments will also deliver you from debt and disburse your new abundance. Then it will be time to face, globally, the very real fact of climate change, and this will necessitate totally changing your approach to your precious living planet. The continuing, massive destruction of your home world has to be stopped. New technologies will be made available immediately to sustain your planet and begin the restitution of millennia-long depredations. Our role as mentor includes adding our technologies to yours, and counseling you on ways to address your most pressing global needs. All this you have heard many times before; now the time has come to actually discuss how to carry it all out.

    The Agarthans are very well acquainted with you; in fact, they have secretly lived among you for nearly 13 millennia, and therefore their wisdom is most important to us. The Ascended Masters have the sacred task of redressing the many falsehoods and innuendos woven into your religious philosophies by the dark. The truth needs to be voiced frankly yet in such a way that you can perceive the subtlety used by the Anunnaki to distort your religious works. The Masters can set the record straight, providing a basis for a complete recasting of your ancient histories and your myths about humanity’s origins. Also of prime importance is a massive readjustment in how you relate to the magnificent Being you reside upon. Your fall into limited consciousness veiled many things from you, and the road back to full consciousness can transform these mysteries into concepts that will quickly become part of your everyday knowledge of this world and of physicality itself. All of this begins with disclosure.

    Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! This week we have been assisting our many associates to prepare several special projects for immediate activation. We have complied in every way with the sacred decrees of Heaven, and it is now accepted that your reality is fully prepared to shift. This shift will begin with a series of arrests and ‘resignations’ of major figures who serve the dark in government, finance, and international banking. This action leads straight away to two others: the deliveries of your prosperity funds by designated personnel, simultaneous with the transfer of political power in several major world governments to new caretaker governments. These two actions lead to a third: the series of official announcements explaining the new banking and financial system, full debt forgiveness, and the restoration of your sovereign rights.

    These activities will signal that disclosure is next and is imminent. Regarding this latter issue, another major consideration is to be taken into account: our dear blessed world requires an urgent end to war as threats now exist that are jeopardizing her health. We have asked our Agarthan and galactic families to join us in restoring Gaia to health, but this activity necessitates a large amount of direct, open intervention on our part. Happily, this visible activity is to be authorized by the new caretaker governments, and so the need for the disclosure announcement has been brought forward on the agenda, from an issue to be handled in the second week of the interim governments taking office to one that is fully addressed along with our first announcements. The skullduggery of the dark can and will no longer be allowed. A new epoch for humanity has arrived!

    The gist of this message is to assure you that a great deal of work has been accomplished by our associates to replace the dark governance and to distribute an immense global prosperity program. These are only some of the activities that have been planned in order to move you to full consciousness. The coming preliminaries will irrevocably change your world and provide a point of entrance for the Galactic Federation’s first-contact mission. We and our Agarthan sisters and brothers also intend to introduce ourselves to you at that time. While what is to happen can be shocking to you, it is in reality a beginning that will lead you to the blessed joys of full consciousness. Here, you will assist all of Heaven and us in unfolding the divine plan of physicality. These are indeed exiting times that you are witnessing and living through!

    Today, we continued our discussion of what is happening on your world. A new golden age for humanity has dawned. The announcements of disclosure by your new governments will permit us to do a number of things that are vital for setting the stage for our mass landings. We await with joy the chance to formally meet with each one of you. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)


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  68. #68 Stick
    April 3, 2012 am30 4:56 pm

    Deneb#55: I posted the Billy Corgan interview… glad you enjoyed it.
    Definitely worth the Clock Here it is again for those that may have missed it:


    ~ApotheosisNow555———————— Yin Yang Sun Star

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  69. #69 spedman
    April 3, 2012 am30 5:19 pm

    “These are only some of the activities that have been planned in order to move you to full consciousness”. sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… how about taking the time to tell us of the other ones then??? kinda been dragging these out for a long time eh?? Silly ROTFL Silly ROTFL Silly ROTFL Silly ROTFL

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  70. #70 Stick
    April 3, 2012 am30 5:26 pm

    & some multidimensional food for thought…

    Matthew’s Calming Visit in the Midst of the Storm
    4 3 2012 ~ by Steve Beckow

    It must be a sign of the times that a monthly message comes out from Matthew and risks just sitting there as one among many. But so busy is it, with so many competing events of high importance, such as the revelations from Drake, the arrests and resignations themselves, the investigations of others as empires fall apart, the crumbling of dictatorships, the approach of NESARA and many other movements afoot, that it is hard to keep up.

    Nonetheless Matthew offers us some bird’s eye views that only he can and does. In the first place he offers us another of his categorical reminders that disaster will not strike us:

    “During these waning days of duality, individuals are rushing to complete third density karmic experiences and attain the balance necessary for soul evolvement.

    “This balance does NOT include military action against Iran or a new field of combat in any other country. It doesn’t include damage to the planet so devastating that ETs will evacuate everyone and when you are returned, you will have to live in Inner Earth because the planet’s surface will be uninhabitable.

    “ETs will not undertake lifesaving relocations of people from some places on the planet to others prior to massive destruction because such destruction will not occur. Nor will some within our universal family who are posing as benevolent betray your trust and enslave you. There will be no filled detention camps or application of ominous new or proposed laws, and none of the other fearful-sounding possibilities or claims will come to pass either. Those kinds of old or new reports keep popping up and circulated by individuals who feel they are being responsible by alerting others.”

    He then goes on to remind us that this is something he does on a regular basis but tells us that some of our deep-seated fears are coming up at this time. Interestingly this is something that Archangel Michael also said in April 2′s An Hour with an Angel.

    “Yes, we have given similar assurances in previous messages, so why are we doing it again? Because even in the most dedicated lightworkers, fear streamers arise whenever it is perceived that the physical safety of persons dear to you may be in jeopardy. That perception and the abhorrent situations still plaguing your world arouse feelings of discouragement and anxiety instead of the joyfulness we wish you could consistently feel about the onset of Earth’s Golden Age within only months.”

    Evidently some of our deep-seated fears stem from our lifetimes in Atlantis and Lemuria and we may need to go easy on each other at this time. Added to that, so many of our commentators have said that, when things start, they will move exceedingly quickly and we can see that we are entering a time when it may be impossible to keep up. We may find that what occupies our attention most importantly is what is being said more and more these days: how to we remain balanced and centered during such fast-moving times.

    Usually tornadoes tear a town apart. But this tornado is putting the town back together again. So, while we are entering a fast-moving time, we are moving not towards grief but towards celebration and this may be the era’s saving grace.

    Matthew reminds us of something which points up the basic difference between an action by the cabal and one by the Company of Light – and I want to emphasize it so we remember it:

    “After a flurry of activity—the forcible removal of numerous individuals from top level positions in major world banks and the closure of some of the Illuminati’s underground bases—it may seem that progress has come to a standstill. Oh no, dear family, it has not. Follow-up steps to the bankers’ arrest are grinding through your legal systems so this matter is handled legally and ethically; other arrests are imminent; technology aboard spacecrafts is rendering nuclear warheads dysfunctional; and remnants in the Illuminati ranks are running away or running scared.”

    The cabal blows things up, kills people and then covers it up. The Company of Light, when they move, do so in accordance with the universal laws, does it in a way that does not harm anyone, and does it with the backing of carefully-gathered, foolproof evidence for submission to a court of law. Thus things they do take longer but leave no residue or charges of unfairness.

    Matthew then delivers a hard teaching. He tells us that the monstrous killings we have recently seen teach lessons and are in the perpetrators’ soul contracts. A tough, tough message to hear – or probably deliver.

    “Let us speak about some incidents during the past few weeks that are receiving significant international attention. While these are seen as tragedies, which indeed they are to the affected families, all the occurrences we shall mention happened for a higher purpose.

    “The shooting in France of seven Jews, including children, by a young non-Jewish Frenchman has touched hearts around the world, and it is a poignant example of how religious prejudice has caused agony and death to countless souls throughout your history.

    “In the United States, a black teenager was fatally shot by an older man of a different race. It is not for us to say if racial prejudice was the motivating factor in either the shooter or the police who didn’t arrest him, but the boy’s death has brought the world’s attention to the pervasive harm inherent in “racial profiling.”

    “That incident also is highlighting the ‘stand your ground’ law, which could substantiate that the killing was legal so the shooter cannot be held accountable. This controversy is coming in tandem with airing the plight of individuals released from prison after proof of their innocence came to light, yet laws are preventing just compensation to them for their years of unjust incarceration. Both of these legal situations are increasing the awareness that unfair and cruel laws anywhere in your world must be struck down.

    “The shooting rampage by a US soldier resulted in the death of 17 Afghani civilians, and again, children were among them. What underlies the sergeant’s action is by no means an isolated reaction to the psychological effects of war—the stress of causing death and seeing comrades and strangers dying runs deep. Killing when preservation of self or the life of loved ones is not at stake is not the make-up of humankind. It is the opposite—the composition of every soul is love-light.”

    He reveals that all participants agreed to do so in their soul contracts, as hard as that is to hear. Moreover they did so for a constructive reason, perhaps even harder to hear.

    “Everyone who was directly affected by all of those happenings we mentioned agreed to participate as they did. This doesn’t mean that prior to birth they all knew exactly what they would encounter and when, but each had chosen to be a ‘perpetrator’ or a ‘victim’ or one within a sorrowing family to fulfill third-density karma.

    “Soul contracts provide for flexibility in circumstances and timing when the same results will be accomplished, and in all those cases, the participants wanted to exemplify to your world the horrors of war or the tragic effects of racial, ethnic or religious prejudice, or the cruelty of unfair laws. Many, many others chose the same kinds of roles in generations long before these recent incidents, but the succession of dark ones in power kept the peoples living and dying in situations born of intimidation and ignorance born of deception.”

    It will be a measure of how much we’ve grown whether or not we can accept what he says here. Just as some elements of society have become degraded and dehumanized, other elements have become accustomed to superficial reflection and snap judgments. Understanding these events looks like it takes much deeper reflection and refraining from responding with judgment. That Matthew should spend so much time on it suggests that he knows we are in fact deepening. Otherwise I would have expected him simply to mention it in passing.

    Matthew then paints a picture for us of how deeply we’ve been inured to killing.

    “Killing has to be thoroughly taught, and it has been. Some countries’ citizenry have been conditioned by their leaders to regard war as patriotic, the defense of democracy and freedom, and this orientation has been relentlessly reinforced not only by the media and entertainment venues, but even children’s games. Some segments of the populace are taught from childhood that it is their responsibility to avenge the genocidal massacres of their ancestors, and in some countries, children are forced into soldiering.

    “Troops have to bypass soul make-up and suppress survival instinct to achieve the mindset that lets them willingly surge onto battlefields where they may die themselves while ending the lives of others. However, the psyche cannot reconcile mental pummeling in preparation for combat with the innate being, and as the troops follow orders to kill ‘the enemy,’ their psyches incur profound damage. A situation as dramatic as the one we cited forces international attention on the immediate and residual effects of warring, effects that have permeated your entire society.”

    This article is long enough and still we have not reached the end of Matthew’s monthly banquet. So let me mention only one more item here. He reminds us that there are several factors behind the postponement of Disclosure.

    “On another international front, some of your leaders and members of high universal councils still are discussing how to announce to your world the presence of other civilizations. We know the delay is frustrating to you, and it is as well to our family members on and off-planet who have been waiting for years to work alongside you openly. But they know that every aspect must be carefully planned so they will be warmly greeted rather than feared.

    “Although the Illuminati’s capability to threaten your safety and that of your space brotherhood has been greatly weakened, public reaction to strangers showing up with astounding technologies remains a sensitive consideration. It is essential that they not be perceived as taking matters into their own hands so the masses will welcome their assistance rather than panic about invaders from outer space, the way aliens are portrayed ad nauseam in films and games. Please remember, you have knowledge and discernment that most others in your world do not.”

    It’s easy to forget that, just because we’ve accepted the galactic presence and even line up to go aboard their craft, others in society may not take things the way we do. It can sometimes come as a shock when we suddenly see people break out in panic and look upon us as traitors to the human race for opening our arms to the galactic presence. Are we ready for that reaction from society? The galactics are moving warily at least partly to lessen the probability of that happening.

    Let me leave his discussion of the events of year’s end to another article because his view of what occurs is not necessarily the same as that of others and deserves more than a brief end-of-article mention.

    Now back into the maelstrom.

    What service has Matthew performed for us? He has calmed our fears that we are somehow headed for a planetary catastrophe. He has given us another of his blanket reassurances which seem to have the desired effect (but wear off after a time of fresh buffeting and attacks!). He has interpreted for us some of the behind-the-scenes action regarding the fall of the Illuminati and the arrival of Disclosure. And he has explained some tragic events in our world from a much higher and broader perspective than we have available to us at the present time.

    Matthew’s counsel has always stood out among our sources. Balanced, wise, and modest, he is reputedly well-loved in the cosmic circles in which he travels and which often ask him to advise them. Here in our hardest times he reappears each month to restore us to our Selves and revive our commitment to carry on in the face of events that seem too disturbing to struggle through with calmness. I think his messages will occupy an honored place in the history of these times.

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  71. #71 Deneb
    April 3, 2012 am30 6:38 pm

    Stick #68

    Thanks! Seems like I was too lazy to check who posted that interview.

    I am very grateful to the GM community for all the information shared. It is here on this site that I first learned about David Wilcock, the Thrive Movement, Blossom Goodchild and many others. Thank you my friends Yes

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  72. #72 Admiral2012here
    April 3, 2012 am30 6:42 pm



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  73. #73 Laurinda
    April 3, 2012 am30 8:59 pm

    I agree, Matthew’s messages always leave me with a sense of relief in these chaotic times. Now HE is a being I would LOVE to meet someday!!! Rose Sun Rose

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  74. #74 Chris
    April 3, 2012 am30 10:06 pm

    ROTFL Grin Laugh ROTFL @#69 sped, you crack me up. I’d just like the Poop coming out the Airplane making all the fake Cloudy to stop… Sick Sick Sick

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  75. #75 Stick
    April 3, 2012 am30 11:54 pm

    SaLuSa ~ 4-April-2012

    You wanted action, you wanted results, and you now have them if you follow certain people who have acquired a reputation for successfully discovering the truth. An enormous set up of hundreds of different personnel, are poised ready to apprehend the criminals who have been behind the most cynical and profitable crimes against you in recent times. The size of this project will ensure that it makes the media sit up and take notice, as it will be impossible to ignore it. That will be the start of more open reporting which shall be truthfully stated, and not dressed up purely for shock affects. At last the breakthrough will have been made, as it has long been overdue. It is important to keep calm and not allow the revelations to create a false impression of what is involved. Time will prove that those involved in bringing the culprits to justice, have acted on behalf of the people and that no ulterior motive is at the root of it.

    The cleansing covers many different areas of life, and making way for the interim government is an essential number one requirement if the changes are to flow smoothly. Be assured we have a total understanding of the way you think and work, and it means that we can anticipate how things are going to proceed. Our allies are well rehearsed in their different responsibilities, and we do anticipate that these opening events will be successful. The most difficult challenge is the first one we are meeting, and it will be a real eye opener for everyone. Whatever you know now, will be far from the whole truth of what has been going on. There is hardly any part of your society or business that has not been tainted by the dealings of the dark Ones. Sometimes even honest people have been unwittingly caught up in their activities, but they shall not be a target for us.

    Dear Ones, the battle royal has begun but since we are in the ascendancy, we have every reason to anticipate a great victory. You too may take your share of the plaudits as without you and your determination to bring the necessary changes in, we would not be where we are today. The number of Lightworkers is at a new high and paving the way towards Ascension. Levels of consciousness continue to rise, and that is also another sign of how well you have taken to the task of preparing for Ascension. In the little time that remains before the end of the year closes in on you, you will find it to be action filled and much given in the way of guidance.

    Already the different countries and their governments have been made to understand that aggression must stop, and that we are authorized to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure there is peace. Hitherto, our intervention on your behalf was curtailed for karmic reasons, but now by Divine decree we are able to enforce the plan for your spiritual evolution. You will find that suddenly progress has leapt forward, and that has taken the dark Ones by surprise who never allowed for such a turn around. We are pressing ahead and know that it is now the turn of the Light to take charge, and commence to set up a society that can express its freedom to create a new peaceful way forward. Naturally, not all laws need to be reviewed but many are illegal or have been framed in false circumstances. Events such a 9/11 resulted in many unfair and unjust changes, directed at alleged terrorists that were not the ones responsible. Similar incidents have also taken place, and each time used to tighten the controls over you.

    From this time onwards, you will become more aware of what is happening and kept informed through various sources of information, until we can provide you with a regular and reliable one. We intend to open our own channel, and thus be sure that you are provided with all that is needed to have a wonderful remainder to your year. Do not worry about any small confrontations as they will not escalate to anything more dangerous. So after looking for some signs that things were moving forward, there is an abundance of evidence to show it is. There are still some sources that are set up to give out disinformation, so use your discretion and intuition to determine which of them are reliable.

    You will ask “what should we do whilst the changes are taking place”, and we suggest as far as possible live your lives as before. However be aware that if as expected there will be a short spell very soon where your lives are disrupted, cover yourself by ensuring you have food and other necessities for just a few days. Whatever happens we along with our allies will make certain that operations are efficiently completed, with as little inconvenience to you as possible. As you would expect, we have everything in hand and that includes your safety. The dark Ones will fight until the last and even now plan atrocities, but since we are aware of them we shall prevent them from happening.

    You are entering the final phases of Ascension, and it should not be forgotten that the changes are part of the preparations that have been going on for a very long time. As always it is important that until we can open up a free media, that you do not fall for false reports that will be expected to create fear. Some chaos is inevitable, but at the same time will not be lasting. Know that military activity will not be directed at the people, but in support of them. Our operations are being carried out to propel you as fast as possible towards Ascension. As we often tell you, we of the Galactic Federation are of the Light, and carrying out the orders of the Higher Beings that carve out your destiny.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and so pleased that matters can now be placed into public view. Information can now be released knowing that it will reach you, and in future there will be a direct line to you. We have nothing to hide but for obvious reasons do not reveal our hand to the dark Ones. Whatever information they are able to pick up, they will be unable to hack our systems as they are technically beyond them. It is in fact quite the opposite, as we have access to their communications and nothing is kept secret or beyond our reach. We are normally a step ahead of them, which is why we are confident of the outcome of our activities. Victory is ours, and we share the joy with you.

    Thank you SaLuSa.
    Mike Quinsey.

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  76. #76 Reefer
    April 4, 2012 am30 1:20 am

    Thank you Sal! I hope it all starts SOOOON !!!

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  77. #77 Reefer
    April 4, 2012 am30 4:41 am

    Regulator to penalize JPMorgan over Lehman demise: NYT

    Reuters) – A U.S. regulator is set to penalize JPMorgan (JPM.N) for actions linked to the demise of investment bank Lehman Brothers at the height of the financial crisis in 2008, the New York Times said, citing people briefed on the matter.

    The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is expected this week to file a civil case against JPMorgan. The bank is expected to settle the Lehman matter and pay a fine of about $20 million, the paper said.

    Such a move will be the first federal enforcement case resulting from Lehman’s downfall, the New York Times said.

    The CFTC is expected to accuse JPMorgan of overextending credit to Lehman for two years leading up to its bankruptcy in 2008, according to the newspaper.


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  78. #78 Reefer
    April 4, 2012 am30 4:42 am

    Rousseff Orders $35 Billion Stimulus to Aid Brazil Industry

    Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff ordered tax cuts and other stimulus measures worth about 65 billion reais ($35 billion) to protect the country’s struggling industry from what she said were “predatory” trade practices by rich nations.


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  79. #79 Uniqu
    April 4, 2012 am30 7:30 am

    xaxaxa… said: “I remember watching disclousure project documentary where one man said that earth is visited by ET from other dimensions and universes, and these beings are very smart and if they would invade some planet they wouldnt use guns but it would manipulate with domestic inteligent species like us, and looking what is happening in a world it sure have a sense.”

    Really, why would they not invade? What has stopped them?

    If you study Human History you will see that all conquerors had no qualms whatsoever to chop people off in order to get what they wanted.

    I don’t think thse beings, if they exist, would wait until the American military got all the highly technological arms they posess now.

    They would have invaded long ago.

    But I also wonder why they took so long to “destroy the deep underground military bases” to “help us to ascend”.

    Why to wait for so long, with more difficult obstacles to make the “imminent” sound like “forever waiting you gullible monkeys”…

    But as they almost beg us to do – like a dream come true of TPTB – “be a little patient”…

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  80. #80 Laurinda
    April 4, 2012 am30 8:05 am

    Uniqu: I just read your last post, and you seem very disgruntled by the channelings. So why do you bother with this site at all? Don’t get me wrong, of course you are welcome here, I just don’t see how this site serves you, unless its the folks here that draw you to GM. We have a lot of really nice people who post here. Its nice to have this “support system”!!! Yes

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  81. #81 Robin.
    April 4, 2012 am30 8:34 am

    Thanks Sal & Mike..

    Key Phrase: ‘..Hitherto, our intervention on your behalf was curtailed for karmic reasons, but now by Divine Decree we are able to enforce the plan for your Spiritual Evolution. You will find that suddenly progress has leapt forward.. and that has taken the dark Ones by surprise, who never allowed for such a turn around..’

    YES!! Smile About bloody time too! No more ‘pussy-footing’!

    In Light!

    Star Star Star

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  82. #82 Laurinda
    April 4, 2012 am30 8:59 am

    Robin: Dear One, it would appear that “SOON” is finally upon us! Clock Sun Star Star Star Sun

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  83. #83 Laurinda
    April 4, 2012 am30 9:12 am

    http://www.businessinsider.com/top-nsa-general-says-this-new-2-billion-spy-center-will-definitely-not-snoop-on-americans-2012-4 this one is for Kellia…this freaking place is HUGE!!! Shock I have heard about it for the past couple of years… No

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  84. #84 Uniqu
    April 4, 2012 am30 10:35 am

    I like to study things.

    And to voice my opinion.

    Just being my usual old black sheep.


    There was once a god who was not a god – who was not a god, for you are dealing with legends. There was a god in ancient Egypt, and his name was Seth, and he was disreputable. And he threw aside establishments, and whenever other gods rose up and said ‘We are the truth, we are pure and we are holy’, this disreputable god stood up and, with a voice like thunder, said ‘You are nincompoops!’

    And the other gods did not like him, and whenever they set up their altars, he came like thunder, but playfully, and tossed the altars asunder, and he said ‘Storms are natural, and good, and a part of the earth, even as placid skies are. Winds are good. Questions are good. Males and females are good. Even gods and demons are good, if you must believe in demons. But, structures are limited.

    And so this god, who was not a god, went about kicking apart the structures, and he gathered about him others who kicked apart the structures. And they were themselves, whether they were male or female. Whether they thought of themselves as good or bad, or summer or winter, or as old or as young, they were creators. They were questioners.

    And whenever another personality set itself up and said, ‘I am the god before you and my word is law’, then Seth went about saying ‘You are a nincompoop’ and began again to kick apart the structures. And so you are yourselves, in your way, all Seths, for you kick apart the structures, and you are the black sheep of the physicians, and the black sheep of your mothers and fathers, and your sisters and brothers.

    And yet, the mother and the fathers and the sisters and the brothers listen, for they do not have the courage to be the black sheep, and they quale in the voice of the thunder that is so playful, though they do not understand it, for they equate loudness with violence, and they think that female is passive and the male is aggressive; and that war and violence must always erupt from the reality of mankind.

    And you are indeed all black sheep of the universe, and Sethites have always been the black sheep of the universe.

    Now to be a Sethite, you do not have to follow this Seth. You simply follow the Seth in yourself, and that Seth in you is a questioner, and an explorer, and a creator. And the Seth in yourself knows when to passively flow with the wind that blows through the window above a summer town, and when to go against the force of your environment. You were Sethites before you met me, and there was a Seth before I was Seth, and the spirit follows through the ages as you know them.

    Seth – Jane Roberts


    From THE single most influencial channel of all these channelers.

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  85. #85 Robin.
    April 4, 2012 am30 11:28 am

    Laurinda #82.

    Yes.. that’s the dreaded word OK!
    With ‘Time’ collapsing as fast as it is.. ‘s**n’ may now be even ‘s**ner’!!




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