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    By on May 1, 2013 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments
    “THE ESSENCE OF WHO YOU ARE” Transmitted Through Ronna Herman, LM-05-2013 Beloved masters, we have told you that “You are the Inbreath of the Creator.” These are unprecedented times whereby you have the potential to resolve all past karmic issues, to move into harmony with your vaster Being and to be an integral part of our Father/Mother God’s plan for the expansion of this Sub-universe. Are you ready, once and for all, to let go of all the old restrictions, beliefs...
  • You are each a master of what you choose to pay attention to
    By on May 1, 2013 | No Comments  Comments
    Well, as I have told you before, humanity is on a roll! The awakening process for you all is proceeding very rapidly indeed, and the loving energy that you Light-bearers and wayshowers are demonstrating and sharing is proving extremely effective in helping this process along. Keep it up, because you are doing great work — work that no one else can do — and that is why you chose to be here at this time. You are to awaken to a great honoring of your most noble and compassionate roles in hum...
  • Galactic Federation Update for 30 April 2013 by Sheldan Nidle
    By on April 30, 2013 | No Comments  Comments
    1 Oc, 18 Kank’in, 9 Eb Selamat Balik! We come again! Everywhere, your world is shifting quietly toward its divine transformation. Heaven continues to prepare for the sacred moment when a new reality is to be proclaimed, officially. Agartha is also preparing for this moment by reminding its numerous surface operatives to get ready to reveal publicly who they truly are. Our many liaison teams, as well, are preparing to disclose the work they are doing to bring your new reality into existence...
  • A sea change in the way information is released into the public domain is underway
    By on April 26, 2013 | No Comments  Comments
    We are watching with joy from here in the spiritual realms as the divine energies surrounding you all start to really take effect, so much so that even in your mainstream news media some “good news” is being reported, albeit with a certain lack of the overarching enthusiasm that they show when disasters strike! Nevertheless, it is a sign of things to come. The Good News can no longer be ignored, dismissed, or go unreported. A sea change in the way information is released into the public do...
  • You have every reason to be in high spirits
    By on April 24, 2013 | No Comments  Comments
    Humanity’s awakening from the illusion into Reality is a done deal — it always has been, ever since the moment of creation. Reality is where you reside permanently, and you are presently returning home there, from a seemingly long and arduous journey to a most glorious welcome. You have every reason to be in high spirits. Nevertheless, at the moment it is difficult for the majority of you to perceive this because the length of time that you have spent away from home has severely dulled yo...
  • Galactic Federation Update for 23 April 2013 by Sheldan Nidle
    By on April 24, 2013 | No Comments  Comments
    7 Akbal, 11 Kank’in, 9 Eb Dratzo! This moment in your history is a truly precious one! You stand on the edge of a cascade of events which will quite suddenly change your world forever. Mother Earth is now at that watershed which we have mentioned to you before and she is about to merge her two now-separated realms into one. This great and sacred shift is to happen very shortly. The dark cabal that runs your dark surface world still cannot believe that its reign over your world is coming to...
  • The Arcturian Group ~ 21 April 2013
    By on April 21, 2013 | No Comments  Comments
    Hello dear ones. We come today to wish you a happy spring although it has been a very different spring for many parts of your world this year. Gaia is adjusting to the new energies pouring in, as well as opening herself to more of her own Divine energies for she too is a conscious being. Gaia is making the adjustments necessary as best she can in order to allow her own ascension to proceed with the least amount of discord to the beings living on earth. Much of that which you see as chao...
  • Spring is in the air, and so is change of a most magnificent kind
    By on April 21, 2013 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments
    The Oneness that is God has all of creation enfolded within It; It is the infinite field of divine Love where all Wisdom, all Knowledge, all Consciousness has its eternal existence. It is a state of utter joy, peace, and contentment, where no one is, or can ever be in any way, bereft. It is Reality, where all are free to create abundantly with the skills and abilities that God has bestowed upon them, and delight in the results. It is into this sublime state that humanity is to awaken. Your pr...
  • How could you possibly be unworthy of the substance of your being?
    By on April 20, 2013 | No Comments  Comments
    Hello this is John with Jesus’ message for Friday April 19th 2013. Since early April I have felt blocked and tired, and so channeling just has not happened. In order to give you a picture of what I have been experiencing I have printed up my complete communication with Jesus from April 12th through the 18th just as it occurred, because I thought some of you might find it of interest. Jesus’ main message starts after the line across the page. John. Jesus Channeled Friday April 12th 2013 13...
  • Galactic Federation Update for 16 April 2013 by Sheldan Nidle
    By on April 16, 2013 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments
    13 Cib, 4 Kank’in, 9 Eb Selamat Jarin! We return! Let us begin today by reviewing what has transpired so far. As you know, our Earth allies have set up the basis for a new monetary and financial system and the Agarthans have used their diplomatic skills to establish the nucleus of the new governance that is to be run by a coalition under the auspices of your Ascended Masters. The Ascended Masters under the guidance of Quan Yin in the East and Count Saint Germaine in the West have ensured t...